Purple Hair Anime Twins

February 6, 2010

I don’t know. One day suddenly out of nowhere and in an instant the thought of purple haired anime twins seem to generate in my mind. And not just one or two but half a dozen of them. All at the same time. So this got me thinking that if this hair colour is suitable for anime twins? Not that I know any scientific formulas or researches done on it. Seeing that my so called obsession on pink haired anime girls in my previous blogs, so I just said to myself what the heck, let’s just do one on purple haired anime twins. Girls of course…
Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star)
Tsukasa & Kagami 
In my opinion, has to be the most famous among the purple haired twins. Even if they are twins, both sisters are like day and night, a total contrast of each other. That is to be expected when they are fraternal twins. Kagami as the older twin is more responsible in her studies and does well in her exams as compared to her younger twin Tsukasa who is more of a stereotypical klutz as she is quite forgetful of her homework. But Tsukasa is not a total useless girl as she is quite good in cooking. Which translates to Kagami isn’t good in the kitchen. Kagami is prone to getting teased by Konata (which sometimes explains her intolerant behaviour) while Tsukasa herself is prone to well, misfortune due to her clumsiness. Telling them apart should be a breeze because Kagami has long hair and ties them up to make visible twin ponytails while Tsukasa spots shorter hair and wears a yellow ribbon-like head band.
Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi (Clannad)
Ryou & Kyou 
This pair of twins are often compared and sometimes associated with the Lucky Star pair. Well, in a way they do share some of their personality. Since they too are fraternal twins, this means their personalities are at total opposite ends of the polar. Older twin Kyou is your typical bad mouth and aggressive type while younger twin Ryou has a more timid nature. But don’t ever bully Ryou because Kyou will come throwing a thick book right in your face! I’m not sure if Kyou has a valid licence but she rides a scooter to school while Ryou as the class rep is more into fortune telling. In contrast, Ryou doesn’t cook well. See the certain similarities here? Telling them apart is also easy because Kyou has longer hair as compared to Ryou.
Yuuma and Yuuna Kashiwagi (Pani Poni Dash)
Yuuma & Yuuna 
Here is another example of twins who are also opposed in their behaviour. This time, Yuuma and Yuuna are identical twins and you thought they would share almost the same personality, right? Nope. Yuuma has a more outgoing personality as compared to Yuuna’s soft-spoken, introverted and easily getting embarrassed character. Because of that, Yuuna is always at the receiving end of Yuuma’s pranks. Even with difference in their character, the twins share the same passion in fashion and are members of the school’s drama club. Because they both look the same, it was difficult to tell which is which if you disregard their personality (even some of the characters in the series have a hard time telling them apart). Yuuma is the one with the ribbon tied on the left side of her head while Yuuna ties her ribbon on the right side of her head. Now, I just have to remember this simple distinguishing factor…
Imari and Sayoka (Inukami)
 Imari & Sayoka
Can’t have twins which are total different all the time, can’t they? Imari and Sayoka are an example of how twins act and think alike. Because they look the same, I had a tough time differentiating who is who. Thankfully, Imari is the one with the ponytail on the right side of her head while Sayoka has hers on the left hand side. Furthermore, since they usually stand (in the eyes of the viewer) from left to right, so I guess it is pretty easy to tell (assume rather) the left one is Imari and Sayoka on the right. How sync are they? Well, they have a habit of finishing each other sentences and are never seen apart or far from each other. Unless they’re fighting for Kaoru’s top spot, that is. In Kaoru’s pack of 10, I’m not sure which of the twins rank higher but they both occupy the 8th and 9th spot and the rest above them would hate to lose their ranking positions to the twins. Hey, who wants to go down the ‘ladder’?
Sango and Ruri Himeyuri (ToHeart2)
Sango & Ruri 
Another set of fraternal twins with opposing personalities. Sango the naive older twin and has no qualms showing her affections for Takaaki right in front of the public. Ruri the younger twin is highly protective of her sister and because of that she does not like Takaaki very much. So much so Ruri becomes jealous and very hostile towards him. You could just feel her anger towards him. Dangerous girl. Doesn’t Sango know that all that negative energy is bad for her? Perhaps Sango herself is an airhead. But I think even if they show both their different attitudes toward Takaaki, in a way that is their love for him, right? Even if the twins both look the same and wear the same hair accessories in the same style, telling them apart is easy. One looks meaner and the other one looks goofy. Sorry.
Kei and Chihiro Shindou (ef ~A Tale Of Memories & ef ~A Tale Of Melodies)
Kei & Chihiro 
Surprisingly even if both sisters are twins, in the first season of the ef series, they are never seen together! That’s because they are living apart from each other in different countries. It is only somewhere late in the second season that both of them finally are reunited. As usual, both sisters have a different set of personalities partly because of the environment that they are in. Kei is an athletic person while Chihiro is the shy one. Because of an accident in the past, Chihiro lost her left eye and her memories could only last no longer than 13 hours. It is with this distinguishing trademark which makes viewers to be able to tell them apart. Thankfully she meets Renji whom he manages to cure her memory loss problem and became a couple. On the other hand, Kei becomes jealous and involved in a love triangle against Miyako for childhood friend Hiro’s affection. She lost out to her and in the end, ends up being a pair with Kyousuke.
Seeing Double Shades Of Purple…
It’s a good thing that I could differentiate between the twins. Instead of their physical looks, the characters also have a different seiyuu cast for each twin (with the exception of the Kashiwagi twins as they are voiced by the same person). I have a feeling that there are some more purpled hair twins out there. So I’m thinking is the colour purple the colour for anime twins seeing there is a bunch of them. Heck, no. It’s just mere coincidence that I somehow thought of it for my blog. It doesn’t matter what hair colour they have because there are a lot more anime twins out there. Just to mention a few famous ones such as Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club), Sousei Seki and Suisei Seki (Rozen Maiden), Zero and Ichiru Kiryuu (Vampire Knight), Mion and Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni), Rai and Thor (Jyu Sei Oh), Suboshi and Amiboshi (Fushigi Yuugi), Ako and Riko Suminoe (KissxSis), Ren and Ai Nanao (Kanokon), Mina and Nami Kotobuki (Happy Seven) and that whole bunch in Futakoi (yup, an anime full of twins). Then there are those fraternal twins which consists of a boy and a girl but I’m not going into it since that will be double work and effort ;p. Whether they’re opposites or totally like one another, life is double to fun or havoc, depending on how you look at it. Now, if you’re talking about triplets…
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