Ah… I thought I feel so refreshed after having skipped one season of pseudo porn. I thought I was going to be so over this deceiving low quality porn trap after they showed that gay BL porn sh*t last season but apparently it never went away. So you bet when they return back to hetero sex porn, I’ll be there ‘curious’ to check out what Araiya-san! Ore To Aitsu Ga Onnayu De would be. Oh yeah. Now we’re taking sex to another location: The public bathhouse. I guess it’s the only place where girls are allowed to get naked and walk around with their bare tits showing. You know the rest then. Porn logic always rules at the end of the day.

Episode 1
Aoi Yuzuki is a talented volleyball player. Souta Tsukishima… Not so much. But he does like to gawk at her in action. His daydreaming causes a ball to slam in his face and Yuzuki teases this nice block. During the break, Tsukishima’s grandpa’s public bath house is featured in the news. He claims the water has slimming effects. First time Tsukishima hear something like that. However the girls especially Yuzuki are eager to try. Tsukishima calls out to this nonsense because if they want to slim down, stop eating! No prizes to guess that he got beaten up by Yuzuki. Back home, looks like grandpa broke his back so he wants Tsukishima to take his place. Although it is just as a washer (araiya). Tsukishima goes into the women’s section thinking only old ladies will show up. WTF full of cute young chicks and from his volleyball club! WTF they don’t recognize him?! Yeah, the towel on his head makes all the difference. He spots Yuzuki and thinks of getting his payback and goes to wash her back. Wait a minute. Is this actually allowed?! Is this actually happening in real life?! Men allowed to wash a woman’s back in the women’s section?! Is this not just for porn logic?! I’m confused! Anyway, Tsukishima takes advantage of this by rubbing more than just her back. He continues to molest every part of her body, including fingering her pussy. WTF Yuzuki doesn’t scream rape and tries to hold it all in?! Was Tsukishima so good that she climax?! Her friend, Mei Sasakura teases her if the slimming is going well. If so, hurry up and slim down so she can confess to Tsukishima. Tsukishima is left in shock and wondering if Yuzuki likes him. He didn’t see this coming as Sasakura asks it’s her turn for a back scrub.

Episode 2
Tsukishima wonders why the volleyball captain and ace who is popular with all the guys wants his service. So as he gives his normal scrubbing, Sasakura then tells him to just lose the tower. She knows it’s him. That voice, that build and of course this place belongs to his family, right? This means she also know what he just did to Yuzuki and from what she heard, he must have been very good. So if he doesn’t want her to expose this, give her a better service than Yuzuki?! Gee, that’s literally saying, please f*ck me! So Tsukishima wastes no time as he starts groping and fingering her. Yeah, he is going into overdrive mode and why does Sasakura sound like she’s having sex???!!! Can’t it be that Tsukishima is that f*cking good?????!!!!! And then somebody is coming. Better hurry and climax. Sasakura throws herself on the floor and just in the nick of time when Yuzuki came in to look for her. She sees Tsukishima and realizes he was the one who washed her. Dismayed, she runs away. Meanwhile Sasakura is lying on the floor taking a breather. Best sex not sex ever, right? Yeah… This guy is so amazing…

Episode 3
Sasakura tells Yuzuki that she also got the special slimming massage from Tsukishima. You know, just to let you know. Yeah. He was good at it. Bye. This leaves Yuzuki worried. Does Sasakura have a thing for Tsukishima too? Anyhow, she blames Tsukishima for this. So during volleyball practice she lands her serve so hard on Tsukishima that he almost died. But she gets concerned when Sasakura rushes to his aid. After Tsukishima gets treated at the infirmary, he goes to the toilet. WTF Yuzuki is bathing there?! Apparently somebody switched the gender signs outside. WTF?! Instead of being mad at him here, she asks if he really did it to Sasakura. Tsukishima admits he did and prepares for the worse. Worse indeed. Because she wants him to do it to her again! And hence the usual treatment of groping and fingering. But this time more on the latter. Yeah Yuzuki, do you not know this is not part of the massage! In the end, she climaxes and Tsukishima is left to ponder because she didn’t resist, does she actually like him? No time to think because other girls are coming in.

Episode 4
Yuzuki takes Tsukishima to hide in the shower. The girls stream in and don’t suspect a thing although Yuzuki did make her presence known to them. With Tsukishima hiding, the problem is that his face is now close to her naked ass! He then hears the girls tease Yuzuki about liking Tsukishima since she constantly attacked him during the game. Yuzuki keeps denying although the rest know very well this open secret. Because of that, this turned Tsukishima on and now he can’t contain his horniness and starts f*cking her!!! WTF???!!! You mean he is willing to risk getting caught???!!! It’s not like Yuzuki doesn’t want to get f*cked by him, right? I wonder how she is going to get away with making all those weird noises. Strangely, all her friends aren’t even concerned how strange she sounds? Even if they never thought if she was having sex, did it not cross their minds that she might be in pain or discomfort or something?! Isn’t it weird that she hasn’t come out of the shower before them?! They just left like that! My, some friends. I guess it was the best sex (and several French kissing too) for them but clearly in the aftermath, Tsukishima knows he is screwed (despite screwing over Yuzuki). However Yuzuki starts acting like a tsundere. All that has happened was just a fluke and it’s not that she likes him or anything. Kawaii…

Episode 5
Tsukishima learns Yuzuki is sick. Sasakura suggests he goes see her on behalf of the club and right away he does so. That sly smile when Sasakura also tells Hidemoto Takasugi to do the same. Yuzuki’s sister is delighted that Tsukishima is here and quickly brings him to Yuzuki’s room. I guess it’s to catch her in the act of masturbating!!! Tsukishima’s slow reflexes means he got volleyball in his face. Sister leaves them alone as she attends to Takasugi at the door. For some odd reasons, Tsukishima hides under her blanket. With Takasugi sounding like a fake smooth gentleman that he cares for he, Tsukishima gets worried if Yuzuki likes him. Takasugi then takes his leave but because sister made tea for him, I guess he’ll stay longer. I guess Yuzuki isn’t the only one sick because Tsukishima is sicker! He is going to rape her?! Is it because he is jealous thinking she likes Takasugi!? WTF logic is that?! And so he starts f*cking her and since sister heard the ever louder humping noises, she turns up the volume of the TV channel. Max! Did Takasugi hear anything? Damn this guy is enthralled with sister’s beauty. But sorry folks. No second sex act here. So are Yuzuki and Tsukishima done and have satisfyingly cum? Good. Because sister barges in without knocking to announce Takasugi has gone home. I guess Yuzuki is feeling alright now that she can go back to school tomorrow.

Episode 6
Oddly, Yuzuki is avoiding Tsukishima. Is this over? The class has a field trip to the hotsprings and Tsukishima’s perverted friends drag him to go peep on the girls. They are put a stop by Takasugi and despite their lame attempts to get him to join them, Takasugi sounds like he has an ulterior motive of his own. Because he won’t let them see Yuzuki’s naked body and asks if it is alright with Tsukishima to begin with. Speak of the devil, here she comes. The guys ‘sacrifice’ Tsukishima so they could escape. With the girls coming in, Yuzuki has an idea to hide him. Yeah, dress him like the araiya and nobody could recognize him! Uh huh. They also believe this araiya works here! This means giving his special massage to the other girls. Something Yuzuki isn’t too fond. When she goes to the sauna, Sasakura invites Tsukishima to follow her there. She wants him to give Yuzuki his special massage. To motivate him, she start getting yuri on Yuzuki! WTF?! Any normal guy can’t resist this temptation so he starts going down on her pussy. Yeah, it becomes a weird threesome with Tsukishima and Sasakura pleasing overly sensitive Yuzuki. Sasakura admits she also loves Tsukishima and if Yuzuki doesn’t do anything about it, she might steal him. After the threesome, they hear the girls scream. There is a peeping tom around.

Episode 7
Sasakura admits that she also likes Tsukishima. So what she did there with him to Yuzuki was punishment for her. It’s for not being honest with herself. Yeah, you mean trying to force and hasten her feelings about this dude by outraging her modesty?! Okay. Fine with me! Haha! Sasakura will help the clear the area so the duo will have a chance to get out. I guess the wait got too long because Tsukishima now has weird ideas of his own. Uh huh. He is going to f*ck her! Extra special massage! Dick massaging your pussy is the best massage ever!!! Oh Yuzuki, you’re feeling so good, why you wanna have him wait for what?! Just cum already!!! So once they’re done achieving orgasm, I guess their heads and hearts are clearer and open to talk. Sort of. Yuzuki ekes out what Sasakura said was true and that she does like him. Change of mind as she feels embarrassed and ‘downgrades’ it as not hating him. Whatever. Sasakura comes to check on them since they are taking too long and sees them knocked out from the ‘heat’. The body can withstand all sorts of weird sex positions but a mere confession does not? That’s porn logic for you…

Episode 8
Yuzuki is letting Tsukishima rest on her lap back in their room. Sasakura leaves them alone and goes to reprimand those naughty peepers. You mean they really regretted it? Maybe they didn’t get to see any tits. Yuzuki thinks Tsukishima is still out so she narrates why she fell for him. He never gave up on his volleyball training and faced adversity alone. He even trained hard outside school hours by himself. At the same time, Yuzuki was at the crossroads in her volleyball passion. Thanks to Tsukishima’s effort, it helped her regain back her passion. So it’s that simple? She puts her face close to his but since Tsukishima heard all that, he takes her by surprise by kissing her. And hearing her true feelings makes him horny. Uh huh. F*ck time! Better still, they do it on the veranda in a lewd position. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they both had fun. After all that, Tsukishima is about to confess he likes her but interrupted by the cliché moment of the handphone ringing. Bummer. But this makes them laugh because it’s just so strange that despite all the hentai they did to each other, they are still shy in saying those magic words. That’s “I love you” for those who are thinking more of “I wanna f*ck you”. But not impossible too for this genre.

You Gotta Hand It To Him, He’s Got A Touch Of Class!
Instead of being washed clean and free from the filthy sins of the flesh, I was flooded with more corruption and depravity instead! You know there isn’t anything much when there are only 8 episodes. Even far less than that Joshi Ochi one (which had 9 episodes). Maybe f*cking in the toilet or bathhouse isn’t as exciting as other places… Just saying… So I guess the lesson of it all is that if you are not sure about your feelings of the person you love, just f*ck each other enough and then you will soon realize you love each other! Hey, got to remember porn logic weaving its magic here!

I know porn logic rules here but I am very baffled by the fact that there are male araiya in a female area! My guts tell me this is BS and that it doesn’t exist and it is only here that it does for the sake of porn. Because I did my ‘extensive research’ online and could not even find any article whatsoever that there are legally male araiya for females. Maybe I don’t know how to look properly online but that’s not the case. So for a bathhouse that actually provides araiya is one thing (because for the old and disabled who can’t reach their backs) but for the opposite gender? In this instance, young high school girls who aren’t freaking out to see a young male their age in their section? So Tsukishima isn’t so bad looking himself so what if the araiya looks like a perverted fat otaku slob? Yeah, that changes everything. Therefore it can only be truly porn logic with Tsukishima being allowed to wash the girls’ back like that without any sort of legal repercussion. Otherwise, don’t you think there would be a lot more (loser) guys trying to land this job? Uh huh. It’s like your legal molesting occupation whatever.

Unlike in previous of such pseudo porn series I have watched, although it is true that the more times you f*ck the girl, eventually she would come to love you, this is somewhat not the case here. Because you can’t go with that flow of logic when you already have the girl liking you from the start! That is why Yuzuki allows Tsukishima to have his way with her. Touching her body and other sensitive and personal areas without so much as to scream rape. Because she already secretly likes him. Ah, there’s the catch. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the other female characters in those other porn animes are any different since they didn’t call the cops or report for rape, allowing those main character men to continue doing whatever they want. Just as long as you can make her feel good, everything else doesn’t matter. Everything is acceptable. Viva porn logic!

The Tsukishima guy isn’t anything extraordinary either. Just some normal high school kid after all. The weirdest part is how he shows his love for Yuzuki by sexing her up. Hear a heart-warming and touching story from her? F*ck her! Oh yeah! Don’t think. Just do it! I just love it when girls don’t question this strange invasion and just let the guy do as he pleases. Hey, this guy might not be good in volleyball but at least he is good in making her feel good! If sex is an Olympic sport, this guy would win the gold medal and easily leave all his competitors in the dust! Also, Yuzuki must be an easy girl to please since she orgasms so easy. Can’t lie to us. Look at that ahegao face every time she gets f*cked. So yeah, girls always love a guy who makes them feel good.

But looks like this series has reduced the age of the characters having sex to high school students. In those other series, they were usually young working adults or at least one of them is. Now we have both high school students engaging in unholy activities. Yuzuki is your typical high school girl in love and the only difference is that she took a step further and got herself violated. Good thing she liked him. Now she has another reason to love him further. Wasn’t it a good thing that she was ‘mean’ to him so as to get his attention? And then he ‘got back hat her’ with just desserts? Look where this brought them now? Ah, I just love a good love story. *Sniff, sniff*. I want to note that the synopsis described Tsukishima as a clumsy guy. I guess so. So clumsy that his dick eventually slipped into her vagina!!! HAHAHA!!!

Also like in some of the previous porn titles, the other side supporting characters are a distraction and not totally required. I mean, if every episode is about Tsukishima and Yuzuki getting f*cked, how boing is that? Oh wait. That happens in every episode. What I meant to say is that with the inclusion of third wheels, it only serves to ‘intensify’ their feelings for each other. You get worried the other guy or girl likes you and what better way than to show that you love her/him even more is by f*cking her even more intensely. Hence Sasakura is like the backup pussy if Tsukishima and Yuzuki fail and how kind of Sasakura to really let Yuzuki keep Tsukishima. Doesn’t she want her for himself too? Damn, best friends are such best friends. Maybe Sasakura does love Tsukishima a lot more than she puts in words but with her pushing Yuzuki, it might be some sort of penance for her since her best friend has got the boy she likes, all it’s not lost. Acceptable. I think. So if Yuzuki loses her way, all she needs is to give some yuri fanservice to bring her back to the right path. Damn I really love porn logic at its finest. Then there’s the Takasugi guy who is just so irrelevant and his role is probably to make Tsukishima a bit jealous and realize his feelings for Yuzuki. I mean, she is the only one who lets him f*ck her so hell no some other guy is going to take that place away. Takasugi might look dependable but sometimes I feel his character comes off a bit as a retard. Doesn’t this guy like Yuzuki’s sister? That’s another story to tell.

On a trivial note, the ending theme Renai Sensation by Yuzuki and Sasakura feels weird. I don’t know if this pop song is infused with some kind of weird punk rock music or something because it sounds more like a piece of cacophony. It’s just chaotic. The tune especially the synthesizers felt like somebody just simply mashed the keyboard and they got lucky they come up with this ‘tune’ which is as equally chaotic and frenzied like the entire song. And there is one weird line in the lyrics that goes, “I would like to be impregnated by your smell”. WTF?! I know that verse is talking about bathing and shampoo with your love but this just really WTF.

Overall, nothing really new or exciting. The irony that washing and bathing are symbolized as something clean but this show makes it all so dirtier. Perhaps the mind is the hardest to clean. Haha! I guess I have watched quite a few of these every season in the past for almost 2 years to form some sort of immunity. Not sure whether it is a good or bad thing. Because I fear that it would take a kinkier porn to turn me on! Yikes. I hope that’s not true. But that will be something that only I will find out in the future… Anyhow, I can’t say that this would be the last pseudo anime porn I will watch and that I haven’t really washed my hands off such genres. I mean, it’s not that I love to watch anime porn and only doing so out of curiosity and listed as a ‘legitimate’ anime in the seasonal chart as the synopsis sounded ‘legitimate’ (hey, it didn’t say ‘sex’ anywhere, right?). Honest. I hope I didn’t rub that the wrong way.

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