Asobi Asobase

November 18, 2018

Here we go again. This season brings yet another of that cute girls doing cute things. So what is the so called ‘topic’ this time for this theme in Asobi Asobase? Hand games. Uhm. What? Hand games? At least that is what the very vague and weird synopsis stated. Three classmates loves playing hand games. One of them is good at games but hates it because of her sister forcing her to do stuff after every loss. The other is a halfie and despite looking like a foreigner, she is raised locally and pretends to be bad at Japanese. The last one observes them but also loses to others. WTF… Well, if they are saying that such simple games brings people of different backgrounds together like sports and the Olympics, but on a high school level, it could be just one big terrifying wacky comedy.

Episode 1A
Kasumi Nomura always hated challenges as her sister always beat her and made her do errands. Hence she tells classmates, Olivia and Hanako Honda to shut up for being noisily playing a penalty rock-scissors-paper game. Cheeky Olivia manages to convince Kasumi to play one game with her. Kasumi loses so Olivia smacks her boobs! Oh sh*t! The next time Kasumi wins, she pokes her fingers up in Olivia’s nose!!! Don’t mess with her! Later it is discovered that Kasumi is bad in English. She wants Olivia to teach her some. However Olivia is more panicky. This is her dark secret: Olivia doesn’t know English any better! Although her parents are foreigners, she is born and raised in Japan. Hence she can’t speak English well and is fluent in Japanese. She tricked Hanako since she is dumb but looks like she can’t get out of this one with Kasumi. She gives excuses she wants to learn pastimes of other cultures. Kasumi agrees to do so but in exchange to be taught English. Suddenly Olivia begs for Hanako to teach her English?!

Episode 1B
Sensei is stumped. Despite knowing Olivia can speak fluent Japanese, she spoke so brokenly in class. Kasumi continues to bug Olivia to teach English. She can’t weasel her way out since she is going to teach her some ‘fun’. Stab the pencil between your fingers fast. Kasumi does it fast like a pro! That desperate, huh? Luckily Olivia can do the same. But a few mistakes and cuts… They do it with a compass then. Kasumi is once more brutal. Olivia? She might seem fast be she is actually missing her fingers. Cheating. Forced to teach a casual conversation, Olivia lies how it is the norm for Americans to beg for chocolates. Every day. Sorry, Americans…

Episode 1C
Hanako is good in tennis but soon she quits the club. It seems she joined because she wants to be popular and not go on to win tournaments. Conveniently, Kasumi has created a club. Yeah, she has made the duo join in. It’s called the English Language Study Club. Olivia tries wiggle out of this one and claims she is not interested in English because ‘she is so good’. Okay. Name change. But Hanako doesn’t like it since she wants club to really live up to its namesake. Kasumi challenges Olivia to thumb wrestling. The winner names the club. Olivia thinks she has longer thumb than hers. But her arrogance soon costs her as Kasumi does some (illegal?) move to pin her down. The club is called Pastime Club but with Hanako’s suggestion, it is called Pastimers Club. Other students find the name weird and funny to begin with.

Episode 1D
The trio cram up in a small inflatable pool inside a classroom. With the question if foreign brand trunks float, Hanako calls to arrange one delivered. Is she a rich girl?! Of course, we can’t tell since it is too shallow. The conversation now takes a turn to boobs as they noticed Kasumi’s well-endowed body. How does she grow them? Genetics. Hanako tries to drown herself to be reborn in a busty family! Kasumi points out another way: Getting fat. But I don’t think becoming obese is a great idea. Sensei passes and notices water leaking from the classroom. The girls don’t want to be seen in their swimsuits so Hanako gives a reason that it is Olivia’s pee! But Sensei has a hunch and uses his detective intuitive to taste it! WTF?! It’s ordinary water. He says they lied to him so they are shocked he actually tasted it. So Hanako apologizes and comes clean as Sensei hopes they will always remain honest. Olivia thinks he is a nice guy but Hanako refutes she was only playing along to avoid trouble.

Episode 2A
It seems Pastimers Club is rejected and hence can’t get the required funds. So the trio confront the meek student council president, Kaichou. They explain their cause but she is only more confused to what their club is about. When all else fails, time to go desperate. Hanako grovels while Kasumi gives off that intimidating aura. Kaichou gives in but only if they beat her in a mini othello game. Olivia lost. Kasumi lost. It’s all down to you, Hanako. She sounds like a pro. But she too lost. That’s it. Kaichou sounds like an othello monster but remember Kaichou was pretty bad at speeches even during her own campaign. It was a girl (now her vice) who threatened nobody will have a good night’s sleep if they don’t vote for her. That’s how Kaichou won. She reveals she wanted this post to become popular but the job is a drab. The trio made it lively so she hopes they’ll come back.

Episode 2B
Guess what? Kasumi’s English scores has gotten worse! Come to think of it. Olivia has not taught her any and it was Hanako who pointed it out. She confronts them and learns Hanako scored 92 after a few careless mistakes. Is she a smart girl?! Olivia scored 25 after a few careless mistakes! WTF?! They start to suspect she cannot speak English. Olivia in a bind. Hanako theorizes she might not be American but from Europe. It would have been a great cover up but Olivia ditches that as she has a feeling it will become messy. Soon she admits she can’t speak but worries if she can hang out here if they aren’t buddies. Well, they are already club buddies. Hanako also knew about it and was playing dumb. Group hug! But nobody knows the deep grudge Hanako has. Especially Olivia owning her in that penalty rock-scissors-paper game…

Episode 2C
Amazon teacher confiscates makeup brought by girls in school. Hanako is confident she didn’t have any but her magazine is confiscated instead. As for Olivia, her bag was totally empty. Hmm, suspicious but no proof. Yeah, she hid it all behind her back! In the clubroom, Hanako spots Olivia’s makeup kit and quickly interrogates her. Olivia gives excuse she is secretly using makeup so that it is easier in the adult world later. With Hanako still b*tching about sluts, Olivia offers to teach her. With her suggestion, they put makeup on half her face. She looks she got punched! When Amazon teacher passes by, of course she got the wrong idea. She calls Olivia and Kasumi to see her right away. But they realize she doesn’t even know what makeup is because she thought those makeup tools in their hands are some food. Hanako is happy she got off scot free.

Episode 2D
Hanako gives her pals custom made traditional paddles. 3D prints of those weird guys? Her intention is to challenge and take down the tennis club. Tennis teacher thinks she is back as the club is having it tough without her. Yeah, those wimpy members are just wimpy. So they play a game but Hanako’s paddle punctures the tennis ball? BS?! Kasumi prides herself in physics but all that complicated calculation means she still fails spectacularly. Hanako is distraught when her pals make some adjustment to the paddle by ripping it off. By that time the tennis club girls voluntarily lose because they have got a date. Who is the biggest loser?

Episode 3A
Hanako lost to Olivia and is made to do errands. This kicks up Kasumi’s trauma as she tells her off. But it was okay when she was forced to teach English? With Olivia puffing and Kasumi realizing she is spoiling the fun, she relents. Olivia suggests the next game, the penalty is sniffing armpits! WTF?! She says it is the American culture???!!! Hanako losses in the thumb game. She smells Kasumi’s armpits. No smell. But when she smells Olivia’s, that kind of reaction makes you wonder if getting radioactive was better. Hanako conspires with Kasumi to take down Olivia. However Kasumi realizes Hanako betrays her and she lost. Now made to sniff the armpits of 2 eager girls, Kasumi says she’d rather go buy juice for them as penalty. Yeah, errands are better.

Episode 3B
The candy Hanako ate during recess hasn’t melted. The teacher, Chisato Higuchi calls her to read aloud and due to her strange mouth contours, she accidentally swallows it. Although the case is solved after she gets a slap on the wrist, Chisato learns she is from Pastimers Club and wonders if there is matchmaking. Yeah, she’s those teachers who has past her prime and trying to find a guy. She is introduced to the club in which the girls are shocked to hear what she wants but she in turn is disappointed to hear what the club is about. Anyway she rants her ideal guy which sounds more like some fantasy straight out from a shoujo manga. Because it is. Hanako helps her setting up her Twitter account but makes her look desperate and shady. However she soon realizes she has been duped to become their club advisor. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Episode 3C
Kaichou learns that Pastimers Club is occupying a classroom without her knowledge. So when she goes down to confront them, she tries to be nice but each time it sounds like she is threatening them! It is learnt that Kasumi forgot to hand in the form. They can’t do it now because another club has requested for a room. Come on in, shogi club girls. Yeah, why do they look and sound intimidating too? It is decided that a game will decide who to use the clubroom. The duel is whoever can launch their shoe the furthest wins. Hanako at the starting line… Her opponent just slightly further. Olivia ‘cheats’ as she uses a swing. Hey, nobody said about not using that, right? In that case, the shogi president uses a bicycle! Riding downhill, her shoe is flung 1km!!!! Lost by (metaphorically) a mile. But it has its price. She takes a nasty tumble and even lectures about risking your life for your pastimes. So cool. But in the end. The Pastimers Club maintain their room since she is hospitalized and her members hang out in her home since she is home schooled then.

Episode 4A
Hanako’s servant, Maeda has this policy of telling her what she wants and cannot say “I don’t know”. And when she asked what is shogi, a game he has no idea about, he lied by saying it is a sport where one fires laser beams from their butt! WTF?! He even demonstrated it to her! All the time! You mean this is easier than doing shogi?! Only recently she has begun to feel repulsive about it. Realizing she has forgotten her umbrella, he goes to her class to lend it. Too bad he freaks out her friends especially Kasumi who has fear of men. It is discovered that she fears men because of the misconception their crotch shoots lasers!!! Hanako corrects her it is their butts. WTF is wrong with these girls?! Don’t they have the internet as their information source?!

Episode 4B
Chisato meets up with her other female friends. Of course she learns many of them has married, setting off that worried feeling again. When they learn she is the advisor of Pastimers Club, one of them who taught in a school before said one of the four lords of Pastimers was at her school. Eh? Chisato asks Pastimers Club about this and naturally they don’t know. Conveniently her friend called that said lord to go over there now and everyone is shocked she is a gal. Apparently she screwed almost all the boys in the next school and earned that nickname. So it’s a different kind of pleasure seeking? They think this slut is stupid but she proves she is smarter than them. Oh Olivia, don’t you dare challenge her with the kendama because she’s damn good! Desperate Hanako has her friends do that makeup stint again as challenge. Why does The Joker look even better than this horrifying mess? In the end, the gal gives them her cleanser and leaves. They think she’s really a nice girl.

Episode 4C
Reality check for Olivia. She never knew sumo is only for men until her pals tell her. She thought the women’s were held secretly. Yeah, it’s her dream to become a sumo wrestler and be in that ‘paradise’. Hanako and Kasumi demonstrate for her. But Kasumi manages to provoke Hanako into attacking her. Kasumi then contorts her body and leaves Kasumi stuck. Not sure why Chisato suddenly passionately screams to root for Hanako but it scared the hell out of her. But at least Olivia has second thoughts about wanting to follow this path to ‘paradise’. Not thanks, Kasumi.

Episode 4D
Kasumi thought she is alone and is able to write her erotic BL novel. Uhm, gay Harry Potter?! Too bad Hanako drops in and discovers this. Kasumi feels so embarrassed that she wants to kill herself! Hanako trying to stop her only makes it look worse. Hence Olivia and Chisato don’t understand what’s going on when they see them. So they try to support her. But you wonder if they’re serious when Hanako suggests butt lasers! Oh, Maeda’s here. You called? He offers his suggestion but it gets worse. Because to him fantasy BL is goblin x dwarf making out???!!! WTF????!!! MY EYES!!!!! ARGH!!!! They thought Kasumi fears men so why is she doing this? Apparently 2D is okay. Maeda tries to give some ideas by telling his life experience. He was some hippy guy trying to take some exam that would determine the fate of the rest of his life. He was abducted by aliens and they implanted their weapon of mass destruction in his ass! Literally anal probing! When released, not only he missed and failed his exam, every time he takes a dump, the toilet breaks!!! He often gets fired and hence he becomes lost. Until an old man offers to help control his butt laser! That old man is Hanako’s grandpa!!! Now he is able to control his butt lasers unless diarrhoea. However this story only makes Kasumi sick and worsens her fear of men!

Episode 5A
Hanako meets up with her friends at the café to study. However she dresses up in a weird getup! Is it colourful villain of the week? WTF Harajuku fashion and haute couture is she talking about?! It is not a surprise that nobody can concentrate and other customers are laughing at them. Hanako notices Kasumi’s pen spinning skill and wants to learn them. She tries but sets off a chain of events that burns down the café!!! OMFG!!! With people accusing they saw it came from a ‘devil woman’, remorseful Hanako suddenly decides to quit this fashion sense of hers.

Episode 5B
Olivia tells her pals that there could be a guy cross-dressed in their school. The other night she heard some couple broke up outside her house. The reason was because the girl was actually a guy! Olivia thought this is right up Kasumi’s alley. Hey! Cross-dressing is not BL!!! Then Olivia recognized her uniform was from their school. So the girls freak out and try to analyse who the culprit is. They deduce the most suspicious of the lot is Tsugumi Aozora. You mean the cutest girl in school? As they ‘interrogate’ her, Aozora turns the tables back on them by interrogating them back. Smart girl knows what they are trying to look for so she revealed that she lied about that just to break up. As for why her most suspicious act is to always change her gym clothes alone and somewhere else, that’s because she is embarrassed to do so in front of everyone else.

Episode 5C
Oka from the occult club is the only member left and her club is in danger of being demoted into a circle. Just like Pastimers Club, eh? On the way back, she hears the trio playing Kokkuri. Her appearance freaks the trio out as she thinks they love the occult. Not a bit. She takes up their offer to play with them so she teaches them some really weird game. She teaches them to create some weird poo looking doll and then do some ritual to hide it. Then they return to their clubroom to hide. At this point the girls realize that they have made a cursed item and freak out when Oka explains if they don’t find the doll, the doll will forever find them!!! Yup, it is missing from the sink where they left it! The Pastimers Club girls break down real hard over this horror move. Chisato is sure confused what is going on. But Oka hears some girls talking how a plumber removed some poo left in the sink. Safe?

Episode 5D
After hearing a few girls brag about their boyfriends, now Hanako b*tches to Olivia she wants one! Unimpressed Kasumi tells her to talk something more meaningful. As they continue talking on this topic, naturally the question of how babies are made arises. You can tell they don’t watch porn so definitely it is not by kissing his dick, Olivia!!! Kasumi actually knows but when made to explain, is too embarrassed. Here, use these dolls then. What is this weird kama sutra position they are in? Oh good, Chisato is here. How do you make babies, sensei? She too is too embarrassed to say and has to answer she doesn’t know. Only serve to give the girls a reason to mock why she is unmarried! But maybe the dolls can help? Uh huh. WTF are those positions? Are we in some acrobatic circus? Thanks to that, Hanako doesn’t want to have kids anymore. You know how much it costs to raise a kid, right? And so Japan’s declining birth rate continues to slide…

Episode 6A
Oka talks to the girls what happened to her other club members and why she is the only one left. Apparently one of them got ‘teleported’. The rest think Aguri Mato AKA Agrippa just went away. But when they check with Chisato, she seems reluctant to say and just ekes out that she was sick. This shocks Oka because she was not told anything. Oka is obviously shaken. She relates how Agrippa was telling her about some teleporting spell she is doing. If she suddenly don’t see her one day, it means she has teleported. With the girls getting emotional over her story, they try to cheer her up and want to use magic to cure Agrippa! Oka knows those stuffs don’t work but Olivia believes it will! Hence to stay positive, Oka will do voodoo magic to help cure Agrippa. Not sure where she is sick, she pokes the needles all over the doll! Later Chisato sees this and gets to know what they’re doing. She asks if they also poked the ass. Turns out Agrippa went for haemorrhoids surgery and in a week later the friends reunite. Phew.

Episode 6B
Hanako thinks she can take top spot after putting in tremendous effort. However she got second spot and first place went to Misa. Hanako is extremely jealous of that b*tch. She is in the clubroom alone as Kasumi and Olivia failed and are taking remedial classes. Maeda pops up to cheer her up. It seems she talked to grandpa and they think she wants a boyfriend so they got this robot in the form of a handsome boy. Looks cool at first but soon Hanako realizes it is getting really annoying because the lines are recorded by grandpa and Maeda so the speeches are from their perspective. Can’t take it anymore, Hanako destroys it! Right at the moment her friends come in as they misinterpret she killed a man!

Episode 6C
It is so hot that Olivia wants to cut her hair. Hanako stops her thinking it will not stop her body odour. WTF. Olivia thinks of cutting a little bit by herself. If she messes up, she’ll go to a saloon to fix it up. But after cutting a short stretch, she starts reacting overdramatically and regrets it! Kasumi points out that no one will notice. Hanako then suggests cutting her bangs! Olivia does so. The messed up is obvious! Time to press the panic button. Obviously she has to go to the saloon but is too embarrassed to leave looking like that. Chisato comes by and hears the problem. She gives her a hairband. Would have solved the problem if not for that pimple… Chisato offers to cut her hair since she cuts hers herself. Olivia realizes too late the kind of hairstyle Chisato has… No going back now…

Episode 6D
A joke or an insult? Because Hanako and Kasumi are mistaking Olivia to be Chisato due to the same bangs. Hanako suggests playing a daikon pulling game. She demonstrates by trying to pull Kasumi as the daikon out of a circle. Not even budging. When they switch, it seems Kasumi could easily pull Hanako out! Olivia is in danger of being dragged out with her so she betrays Hanako by letting go! Not too sure what the end game is supposed to be. Later when Chisato joins in and is confident she is good in this game, she obviously become the first one to be ‘plucked out’.

Episode 7A
Aozora wants the Pastimers Club to steal a book called Banana Papers from Kaichou’s office. It supposedly contains shady information that could be used to blackmail students. But why them? Because they’re shady as well. Look how cheap they are when they accept the mission after Aozora bribes them with items they long for. As they start planning, Hanako’s brilliant plan is to use a stag beetle? Oh yeah. She starts training it too. On mission night, the beetle makes itself useful by unlocking the door and sniffing out Banana Papers! Suddenly Kaichou returns!!! OH NO!!!!!

Episode 7B
Actually Kaichou left some documents on her desk and returned to get it. Luckily the trio hide underneath her desk. When Kaichou thinks of putting the chair back nicely, it slowly starts moving so! Better take the documents and leave! Of course it is Hanako’s doing. At this point, her ass is in Olivia’s face and she can’t help fart… The trio decide to take a sneak peak at the book in their clubroom. Hmm… All scandalous events on the Pastimers Club from that shogi club president’s injury to that café fire! OMG! They want to burn it but Kasumi thinks they should read more and find out other stuffs. Yup, something about Olivia’s spicy armpit smell. Olivia gets mad thinking one of them ratted her out so they calm her down with that acceptable odour index thingy (say what?). They reconcile and decide to go for ice cream. At this hour? Because they left the book in their clubroom, Aozora sneaks in, opens to the page that has her scandal (if only the trio had read further), rips it out and burns them. And then that sneaky look on her face of photocopying the entire book and using some useful info to blackmail those stooges. Heh…

Episode 7C
As the rest are in remedial classes, Hanako is alone in the clubroom and starts doing crazy faces! Kasumi was done early so outside the room she saw all that but is too afraid to go in and stop her. Then Hanako decides to check out Kasumi’s laptop. Aha! No password! Time to check out her BL stories! I wonder why Kasumi still feel it isn’t appropriate to go in and stop her. Hanako reads the very weird story and knows she’ll regret reading further and stops. After putting the laptop back, Kasumi enters. You read it, right? Gulp. With Hanako admitting, both girls squirm in embarrassment. When Olivia arrives, she is shocked that both girls wants her to kill them!

Episode 7D
For home economics, the girls are supposed to make a shirt. However Kasumi made hers too tight around the chest area and her cleavage is showing. Hanako decides to help out with some modifications since wearing it as a skirt is embarrassing. I don’t know about her plans to close the cleavage but she turns the extra fabric to make it look like nipples! Redoing it again, now the extra fabric looks like huge tits! Okay. How about wearing it on the reverse side. Don’t think it will cut too. Anyway the shirt is ruined. Hanako then shows the yukata she did. Due to insufficient material, her sleeve area exposed a little her arms. Kasumi with that devilish looks wants to help modify it…

Episode 8A
Olivia seems to be playing a popular hit video game, Bacteri Go! You mean you catch bacteria?! Gotta catch ‘em all?! Yeah, you can even scan and ‘collect’ real bacteria like the one on Hanako’s table. But why doesn’t Kasumi have any? She sterilizes hers with alcohol. Olivia then scans Hanako’s magazine and finds to have faecal bacteria?! She remembers he cat wiped its butt on it! Hanako then scans Olivia and it seems her armpits have the most concentration of bacteria!

Episode 8B
Hanako realizes the clothes she bought now looks stupid. She blames shopping with her friends earlier today. She calls Kasumi to get the facts straight. Well, she remembered everything wrongly so Kasumi is forced to shift the blame onto Olivia and make it sound like she is the one who made Hanako made the bad purchase. So when Hanako calls Olivia, the latter sounds pretty thrilled. Olivia even shows it to her brother and they both laugh like mad. Because brother said about something how she looked like a virgin killer! This has Hanako start overthinking there is some sort of conspiracy and cover up by the government to kill virgins! The complication gets more complicated when Olivia hints it meant about stealing hearts. Hanako literally took that at face value and will now go get a knife to carve out hearts! She’s preparing for a Mad Max apocalyptic survival!

Episode 8C
Hanako didn’t think Olivia is good at a card memory game but she aces it in 1 go. In shock and wanting to test if it was luck, hence the trio play a board game called sugoroku made by Hanako herself. Too bad every panel is bad news. So if you land on a square, you must perform whatever deed as stated in the square. Yup, lots of embarrassing moments from peeing like a dog to crawling like a baby. Ever since Hanako’s punishment of getting her ass smacked by the duo, she has been constantly trying to humiliate them on their turn. There is one point where the girls have to act out an anime character in front of Sensei. Poor Sensei thought they wanted him to play with them and promises to react better next time. So when Kasumi does her Kamehameha, Sensei acts like he is blown away by it! I think he twisted some of his bones and joints… The game is won by Kasumi who isn’t thrilled anyway. In the end, Hanako wonders if Olivia had luck since she suffered equally as them. Then they realize could it be she has psychic powers? The truth is, Olivia actually used some magic trick card in that game and enjoyed seeing their reactions.

Episode 9A
It’s that time again. Other students still think Olivia is good in English and wants her help. Luckily she helps to deflect the problem to go ask the teacher. Olivia remembers how she pretended not to be fluent in Japanese and was seated next to Hanako thinking she could toy with her with this thought. Now she regrets it. Hanako intends to help her so in order not to make it so obvious, she writes a note to pass it around that says Olivia is fluent in English. After passing a few hands, it reaches Kasumi. As she is unaware of what is going on, she thinks there is somebody trying to smear and ruin her character. Hence she rewrites it and continues passing. However, Amazon teacher confiscates it. She reads the notes and asks Olivia if it is true. Is she fluent in, uhm, Lincos? WTF language is that? Shocked Olivia denies it and all those who read thinking it is English thinks it is a prank all along. Back to square one.

Episode 9B
This English thing comes back to haunt her as now Olivia is chosen to represent her class in an English speech contest next week. Because panicking Olivia doesn’t want to study, I guess this calls for desperate measures. Looks like Maeda has a robot doll that looks a bit like Olivia and speaks good English. It is actually a sex doll and speaks dirty! Thank goodness our Japanese ladies heard ‘six’ is pronounced as ‘sex’. When Chisato comes in and hears this, she tries to look for a way to programme decent language. Guess what? The doll strangles her and refuses to learn decent language! OMFG!!!! In the end, they change Olivia with the best English speaker in class who looks like the most traditional Japanese ever, Fujiwara. Should have done that from the start…

Episode 9C
Olivia’s magazine is confiscated by Amazon teacher for the umpteenth time. Her brother will soon come to school apologize. So as Olivia describes her brother, he really sounds decent and Hanako starts dreaming about their future. When he arrives, this dude looks like a hippy otaku! WTF?! Dreams crashing down… They wonder if they are even related since he isn’t blonde. He shows his blue eyes. He talks very nicely like some polite olden day samurai to Amazon teacher. But when she doesn’t give the magazine back, suddenly he prostrates himself and begs for its return because he really wants to read it. Your world crashing continues… Uhm, couldn’t he just buy another magazine if he was so desperate? In the end, she hands it back to him to avoid any incident. Hanako is unfortunate to change social media contacts with him (Kasumi ‘escaped’ since her handphone is of the old kind). That guy is already messaging Hanako that night. Nice flowery words as usual. She starts thinking he is not all that bad. Until she is shown a picture of him in super cringe cross-dressing outfit. MY EYES!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!

Episode 10A
Guess what? Fujiwara sucks in Japanese! She has to make excuses each time classmates think she can help them with classic Japanese. She thinks Olivia is her only ally but Olivia thinks she is on to her about her bad English. So when Fujiwara overhears that Olivia isn’t really good in English, she tries to confirm it with Kasumi. Kasumi seems forceful and pleading not to reveal this secret. Fujiwara feels excited by this and wants to date her in exchange to keep Olivia’s secret. Before Kasumi could decide, Aozora grabs her and says she already booked her. Fujiwara is heartbroken and suddenly could speak proper classic Japanese? Kasumi thanks Aozora for saving her. Aozora kisses her in exchange. Meanwhile Fujiwara decides to keep Olivia’s secret as negotiation leverage to ask Kasumi out again.

Episode 10B
Hanako wants to make her pals say poo and comes up with this game. They write a few words and randomly pick one they can’t see and place it over their head. Of course Hanako rigged the game by writing hers all poo. It will be hilarious to have that word on their head. They don’t have it this round but looks like Hanako herself has it… As Kasumi’s word is kiss, this prompts that hallway scene with Aozora. This makes Hanako furious as she ends the game and starts conducting a witch trial about her kiss. Wow. She’s serious. Seriously mad. What’s the problem girl? When it is hinted that they are all in a girl’s school, Hanako forgives her. So their friendship is back to normal just like that? Okay. Whatever.

Episode 10C
Kasumi has this strange dream Aozora shows her dick!!! WTF?! Because of that, Kasumi cannot stop inadvertently make dick puns. To get this off her chest, Kasumi tells her friends she wants to look underneath Aozora’s skirt. Has she become a pervert? Confused at first, I guess her friends relent. After discussing a few cliché ways, I suppose they finally decide to go with this trolley one. Hanako and Olivia will roll Kasumi lying on a trolley towards Aozora. She will spread her legs to let them pass through and Kasumi will see her pantsu. Only, Aozora moves aside. This shocking move has Hanako and Olivia trying to u-turn but they crash and end up in an impossible cliché pantsu viewing way.

Episode 10D
Kasumi must be really impressed with Star Trek and hence wants to do a sci-fi film with her friends. She has Olivia the sexy alien spy and Hanako the villain. Scenes include a minute of stare down in which all cannot blink as well as Kasumi’s lame suggestions that seems to be making a mockery out of the sci-fi genre. Chisato suggests using props from the club to help promote the club. Some skipping ropes and kewpie doll as weird interrogation tool… In the end, they make a poster that spoofs Star Wars as well as trolling us by announcing season 2 of the anime! For real?!

Episode 11A
That sci-fi film for the festival… Kaichou rejects it! Especially that ‘fake torture scene’. Displeased Hanako will be back. With a director’s cut! Kaichou is sad that her life is drab and is most jealous that her vice always goes across to the boys’ school by herself. So she tries to give excuses that she wants to go over once but her vice has excuses why she can’t. Desperate, Kaichou plays rock-scissors-paper with her and wins. Immediately she rushes out, so happy to be able to go over. Better tone it down, everyone is seeing your weird face. Then she stops by the occult club and discovers they are trying to make snacks for the festival. Weird snacks… She tries one of them and hopes she’ll be alright. As she leaves, she sees Pastimers Club returning. Hanako’s lips are all black because of the squid she ate but Kaichou thinks she ate the occult club’s snack in which Hanako doesn’t deny but that was yesterday. Kaichou gets the wrong idea she will be sick and goes to the hospital herself. Her vice upon learning this ditches her duty to go visit the boys.

Episode 11B
Oka and Agrippa discuss on what kind of cookies to bake as they draw motivation from Agrippa’s grandma who was probably an obsessed occult witch too. After that they let Sensei taste it. At first he freaked out because it looks like horror. I mean, rat’s ass sticking out of a wall cookie? But when he tastes it, it is so good. But in the aftermath as he walks home, he turns into an addicted zombie as he craves for those cookies!

Episode 11C
Amazon teacher disapproves the art club’s controversial poster. Boobs? Pantsu? Is this art? She wants Kaichou to tell them to redo it. Noticing the vice, why is she drenched in water? Oh. No reason. Actually it is to wash away her excessive makeup. Wow, she looks so plain… After Kaichou leaves and the vice redo her makeup, here comes Hanako to plead to review their request again. She even brought Maeda to prostrate on her behalf! As he does so, his butt laser shoots a hole in the door! Anyway, rejected. Next is Olivia and she brought her brother. Not sure about the deep complicated words he is using… Rejected. When the boys’ student council president comes over for an unannounced visit, he is shocked to see the vice since her makeup is messed up (due to Pastimers Club interrupting), she kicks him in the gut to knock him out! Damn, looking like a murder scene, she hides him. More trouble as all Pastimers Club and their guys return for another pleading session. Kasumi remembers the desk where they hide under and for nostalgia purposes looks under it. A ‘corpse’!!! Everybody freaks out. Because they touched the ‘corpse’, they have messed up the murder scene. So their solution is based on some manga whereby the murderer hides corpses in school walls? Yeah, this one just dropped out of the wall… Thinking the vice is murdered, they go look for her. Luckily the vice wore Kaichou’s ski mask. The girls think she is the culprit and go tackle her. Such lame tackling… With the vice screaming for Kaichou to help, good timing as Kaichou returns and she has a pretty good idea what has happened. That face of not-this-sh*t-again… In short, she will approve their film but to keep this a secret and never to return here. I guess it’s a win-win for everyone. Later when the guy wakes up, the vice tries to pain he just collapsed. But since he clearly remembered some makeup monster, she kicks him in the gut again. This is going to take a while…

Episode 12A
Chisato brings her friend’s baby to Pastimers Club since she is visiting her old club and doesn’t want the baby to get too ‘excited’. Hanako gets permission to hold it and loves the cuddliness. With the teacher calling for Chisato, she needs to go but the baby refuses to let go of Hanako. Okay then. After Chisato leaves, the baby starts crying. Not until Kasumi holds her he is happy. Is Hanako seeing things because the baby loves fondling boobs? When Hanako holds him again, she thinks she hears him insult her boobs! Letting him sit down, why does he look like some cocky mafia don? Thinking he is hot, they put a small table fan. That is when the baby goes into devil mode. Or at least that is what Hanako thinks because it makes her hair stuck in the fan! It’s pulling her head! The rest can’t do anything because the baby is over the switch! Even if Kasumi holds the baby, she can’t off the fan because her hand is full! Just when Hanako thinks her life is over, the fan stops. Yeah, all that struggling unplugged the fan. The baby’s mom returns. She is glad her baby is happy and it is rare he is happy to other people other than her. More paranoia as Hanako thinks she sees the baby reveal some deep coded words that he has found new toys to play…

Episode 12B
It’s that time again where Hanako gets jealous of Kasumi’s boobs. Hanako is back to her happy self when Kasumi explains how with her size she can choose from a lot of different designs. Hence they go check out over the website to see which bra she is interested. But first they must measure her bust size. Hanako gets worried thinking it is like maths. Funny. She’s a smart girl so why? Anyway, hearing bust size dimensions reminds Hanako of Maeda and grandpa doing those unholy hand movements and they could tell what kind of cup size. Once Hanako has her bust measured, she thinks she has grown into B cup. Unfortunately it is AA. So that is a transition between A and B, right? Nope. AA < A. Hanako becomes so sad and broken that she is trying to suck their boobs?! And then she starts coughing and fears she might have coughed out some boobs material. She fears the boobs god has punished her! Her friends are left to console her as Hanako promises never to be rude to the boobs god again.

Episode 12C
Olivia has her friends play a popular online game in her country. Fairytale Hell. Damn… After choosing their characters and items, you thought it is some innocent Animal Crossing spoof. Until Hanako gets sniped in the head!!! OMG!!! She bleeds until she dies!!! Kasumi panics and tries to run but gets a headshot too! At least her death was instant. No suffering. As Olivia tries to do a mission, she steps into the enemy’s trap. Dead. The enemy team then messages with all the toxic insults. Hence our girls who were so traumatized and about to give up are now angry as they revitalize to get their revenge. Hanako starts shooting randomly and doesn’t hit anything. She gets a headshot. The enemy turns out to be the shogi club members and they’re having fun trolling the Pastimers Club especially the president who holds a grudge on them for ruining her shogi career! Thought you’ve forgotten about them, eh? After another loss, Pastimers Club is done with the game. Uninstalling…

Episode 12D
Maeda is forced to join Pastimers Club in this paper story game. You’re supposed to draw something more powerful and convince your opponents why you don’t stand a chance and win. The girls can draw something decent but Maeda keeps drawing some creepy parasite… This causes a lot of argument with Hanako as the rest wonder how this game is going to end.

Special 1
On the way home, the girls stumble into Hanako’s brother, Kentarou. She calls out to him but he is not amused and tries to ignore. Too bad stubborn sister tries to get him to hang out with them. Kentarou notices Kasumi and Olivia are real. Yeah, he thought they were Hanako’s imaginary friends! Kentarou is made to hang out with them at the park. While they play, he reads his books. Until Olivia decides to play marbles with him. The girls are impressed the way he shoots the marbles. Nothing like a simple rocket science and maths to explain the projection and trajectory, right?! With the girls praising him and having fun with the marbles, Kentarou starts to feel that it isn’t bad to hang out with his sister once in a while. Yup, he feels a bit happy. And then of course you know how such lines becomes a jinx. Because Hanako ruins it by shooting a marble too strong that it smashes into some old guy’s house! Now you want to see how fast you can run? Oh well Kentarou, that’s Hanako for you.

Special 2
So Pastimers Club wants to have an arm wrestling contest to see who is the strongest? While the girls are dissing each other, Chisato claims she is the strongest and won a pro arm wrestling match. But when all the girls arm wrestle her, they beat her without effort! So she lied about being the strongest just to go with the flow?! Anyway the first match pits Hanako against Olivia. Hanako fears Olivia using only 40% of her power and does a ‘drastic’ move by telling her some sticky duct tape joke. Olivia lets her guard down, can’t stop laughing and Hanako wins. Kasumi is not impressed that Hanako leaked that secret about some yaoi of hers. Next is Olivia against Kasumi. If Olivia loses, she is considered the weakest so you bet she isn’t going to lose. However Kasumi is already twisting her hand! Oh man. Look at her contorted facial expression. Aozora then walks in to return some book. Desperate Olivia wants her to whisper motivation into Kasumi’s ears. She obliges as Kasumi weakens and Olivia wins. Finally it is Hanako and Kasumi. Hanako starts off aggressive but we see her being the weakest and easily defeated. Crying for mommy now? I wonder if her arm is done for. Even if she is clearly the weakest, with everyone having a win each, isn’t this a draw? Doesn’t this makes everyone jointly the strongest? Then they want to know if Aozora is strong and invite her to play. Oh… They don’t know what they’re getting into…

Playtime’s Over…
Sore kara dou shita no???!!! Owari da???!!! I guess one day you will have to stop fooling around. Because then another new fresh round of fooling around begins! Ah well, it was a fun and nonsensical ride and thankfully I didn’t get to pick up some of the weirdest ideas here. Are those really games? I feel if you do those in real life, you are more likely to end up as viral videos of the biggest fail armies of all time online. Yeah… Some games are not meant to be played publically and only in the dark recess of a selected few who are dumb and desperate enough to try…

Many of the skits are random and this way it helps enhance the comedic factor without the need to remember some sort of convoluted storyline or plot twist. But some may be annoyed at how many of the punch lines and funny moments come from the screaming comebacks our characters will often make (Hanako being the main offender). At first it was weird to hear the ‘surreal’ yelling but I came to forgive all that shrieking since the funny moments made me laugh. Yeah, as long as they make me chuckle, a lot of things I can forgive and let it slide…

Although the characters themselves are nothing too deep and fall into those clichés (the foreigner, the troublemaker, the androphobia, etc), thanks to their quirkiness, it is hard to hate them or find them boring. You’ll know the characters just enough for the jokes to be pulled off. For example, the running joke of Olivia cannot speak decent English despite looking like a well-bred foreigner. It becomes somewhat of a closely guarded secret among the friends while the rest of the school continues to think she is otherwise. It is amazing how they never suspected a pinch of it. Unless she is not the only foreigner in school because I bet that other girls would have gladly want to ask help for their English. One or two times being brushed off isn’t going to just stop them, right? Oh right. Let’s just ask the teacher instead.

Pastimers Club is made more interesting because of Hanako and her very weird tastes of fun. I am not sure if it runs in the family because her grandpa and Maeda from the looks of it, they are like perhaps the country’s biggest perverts. Maybe that is why Hanako turned out to be such a twisted girl too. The irony of her being very good in her studies but everything else from her social skills to her fashion sense are just off the charts. In a bad sense, that is. Kasumi looks like the most normal of the trio but I guess she too has her own quirks like being afraid of men and her English just sucks. Which is ironic because girls in glasses are often portrayed as the stereotype as being the smart kind. How can this megane girl not improve a bit in English?! Is this her running joke?!

Other characters are as quirky and lovable as our trio in Pastimers Club. They add a variety to the fun and havoc as well. Like Kaichou who is perhaps just wanting to seek some thrill in life but ends up in a mundane and drab job as the student council president. Then she has to put up sh*t from Pastimers Club who often come in to bug her with troublesome stuffs rather than anything exciting. Yeah, the kind of excitement she wouldn’t really want. And her promiscuous vice have all the fun and it’s like as though she has a free pass to go visit the boys’ school every day because it is even said she has relationships with all the members of their student council! I am just curious if they are shooting some amateur porn…

Chisato is one of those female characters who have past her expiry period of being in a marriageable age. Personally, she looks so tomboyish and at first look I thought she was some scrawny guy. Not sure if she tried dolling up herself before because with that kind of appearance and why she has never got the desired results, it is like as though her very plain appearance tells us, “Ah, f*ck it. Not gonna care about my appearances anymore”. The most dangerous character goes to Aozora. Even more dangerous than Pastimers Club because we all know they’re just idiots despite all the ‘dangerous’ stuffs they do. There is nothing much known about this girl and on the outside she might look the most beautiful and nice girl but there are times we see her scheming. Who knows what kind of dark secrets she has. Heck, do we even know if she is really a boy cross-dressed as a girl?! She could even be the demon lord himself or perhaps her dark secret of binging on midnight snacks. Either way, it will be ‘shocking’ for us when we see that secret of hers. If there was any. Damn, she is so trolling…

One of the interesting segments comes at the end of the episode. Japanese Pastimes on the surface serves to introduce us to what games children in Japan plays. But then it soon dawned to me never to believe everything I see or hear. Because in this puppet play, some of the explanations are actually leading you astray with its far-fetched descriptions. Common sense will tell you they are BS. But I suppose it is to enhance the weirdness and comedy factor as we see the puppet play being overly violent and exaggerative. Something that really fits the Pastimers Club like a glove. Too bad that this segment does not appear at the end of every episode. It does so in the first half but soon you’ll noticed that it feels like as though to fill in the extra time gap for the episode if that episode had ended a little bit too early. It’s a shame because I also really liked how funny and ‘creative’ this segment is.

Art and animation of this series looks a bit sketchy. If I should say, it is somewhat similar of another anime that aired in the same season that also has this looks, Back Street Girls – Gokudolls. But this series as compared to the latter certainly has more ‘animation’ put in. However it is not that very light coloured and simple sketching that the series sticks by always. Sometimes during punch lines or dramatic moments, the art takes a ‘drastic’ and very exaggerated turn with the characters being dolled up, flabbergasted or cliché horror visuals. Either way, they look ‘scary’. If you are a total wuss, you might end up having nightmares seeing those ‘scary’ faces. Especially Oka whom I want to note, I thought her eyes were just a mask or unique contacts. But it turns out as far as we know, they are real. Do you not think Oka’s weird eyes are just scary? No wonder she fits in the occult club. Even with the vice president have ‘stars’ for eyes feels a bit messed up. This series is animated by Lerche who brought to you Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Kuzu No Honkai and Danganronpa.

Hats off to Hina Kino as Hanako (Tiki in Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ). It is either you love her or loath her and find the series lovable or annoying. This is because for half of the time she is screaming her head off and when she is in this screaming mode, she really is screaming. This has become somewhat her ‘trademark’ as this screaming mode serves as the punch line of many of the comical moments in the series. I can only imagine if she was your real life girlfriend and when she really gets mad at you and blows her top. I think it will be more than your eardrums taking some damage. But she is really convincing and really, uhm, one kind when she starts to shriek all over due to her panic attacks. I just hope that she doesn’t suffer from voice damage like how I foolishly believe how it happened to Aoi Yuuki after her Aho Girl stint. Oh wait. Didn’t Hina Kino also voice as very soft spoken and emotionless character in Toji No Miko, Sayaka? Oh no. It has already begun… Speaking of Aoi Yuuki, she lends her voice here as the calm and composed but scheming Aozora. Again, not her trademark cute squeaky voice and yup, time to blame Aho Girl again. Looks like I am going to have to get used to this new kind of voice she makes.

Rika Nagae (Baselard in Frame Arms Girl) and Konomi Kohara (Akane in Tsuki Ga Kirei) as Olivia and Kasumi respectively are also quite good in their roles. They too have their share of screaming and panic attacks but none could top the ‘master of screaming’ who is Hanako. The other casts are Ryouko Maekawa as Chisato (Yumine in Stella No Mahou), Honoka Inouse as Kaichou (Phyr in Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka), Ryotaru Okiayu as Maeda (Berserker in Fate/Zero), Mai Kanazawa doubling as Oka and the vice president (Futaba in Sansha Sanyou), Megumi Toda as Agrippa (Hajime in New Game) and Shuu Uchida as Fujiwara (Hatori in Alice To Zouroku).

Well, the opening theme sung by the main trio of Hanako, Kasumi and Olivia, Suripisu sounds innocent and cute enough despite sounding a lot like a generic anime pop. But hearing this opener and comparing how the anime goes, you’ll find it is a little mismatched. But still decent to listen nevertheless. Now, the stranger one is the ending theme, Inkyainparusu by the same trio. No, I’m not just talking about the name of the song only but the entirety of the song itself. I thought the opening song was a bit out of place, this one sounds even more so. But then again, when you take into account the very crazy and chaotic pace of the series, perhaps this is all the more suitable. I can never imagine such a freaking hard rock piece would be used as this series’ song but for the craziness of everything, this should be the norm. Making it crazier is the animation of flickering neon lights of the girls doing some head banging rocking. Yeah, it will be super awesome if Pastimers Club form a band and give the ones in K-ON! a run for their money.

Overall, quite a funny and entertaining series for the season if you don’t mind the weird wacky moments and the habitual screaming from a certain someone. You’ll start to wonder if this series really falls under the cute girls doing cute things category because the things they do aren’t really that cute per se… Well, maybe cute in their own quirky way. Even though the so called games they play are not really attractive by today’s standards because kids these days certainly won’t play such simple hand games, but the good thing about this series is how none of the characters are too focused on their Smartphones! So if we could just put down our Smartphones for a while and take the time to play some of these really simple but weird games, I think our quality of life would improve. But seeing the how extreme and ‘serious’ our girls take their games here, maybe going back to your online mobile games sounds a lot better and safer. Better pay some money to unlock those sweet loot boxes rather than experience a lifetime of embarrassment.

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