Assassins Pride

March 8, 2020

There is honour among thieves. So goes the saying. So I suppose this means that even as an assassin, there must be some sort of faith and principle that separates them from just being bloodthirsty mercenaries. That’s what I thought when I heard about Assassins Pride. Apparently an assassin who is sent to assassinate the daughter of a noble, has a change of heart and decides to help her because he saw some sort of potential in her. There are very tight criteria in order to keep the status quo. You know, can’t let anybody find out about this, need to keep this and that a secret. Isn’t that outright just breaking the code? Like a fugitive? Well, technically you’re not breaking any codes if nobody knows or realizes you have broken them in the first place.

Episode 1
Kirito, uhm sorry, I mean Kufa Vampir from the assassin guild of White Night is despatching his targets. But only 1 got away and Lord Elsnes is dead. As he narrates, Flandore is the last standing city within the lantern. The never ending darkness outside lurks monsters known as lancanthropes. Alighting from his train, he helps a lady with her luggage before heading to a manor. Here, he will be the private tutor and attendant of Melida Angel. Cue for Melida to fall off the balcony she so nonchalantly dances on. Cue for Kufa to catch her. Is this the start of a beautiful relationship? Not really. At St Friedeswiede school, we can tell Nerva Martillo is a b*tch as she calls out to Melida to spar in which the latter loses. Kufa narrates that nobles are gifted with mana and they should manifest this power at age of 7. However Melida has displayed none and her House of Angel is one of the big aristocratic houses with the Paladin title. Nerva then mocks Melida’s dream to join an eminent guild, Crest Legion and everyone joins in laughing at her. More salt rubbed into wounds when she mentions Elise, Melida’s cousin who is primed to join Crest Legion soon. Flashback shows, Lord Mordrew, Melida’s grandpa had doubts if she is a legitimate child of House of Angel. It is believed Elsnes had an affair Lady Melinoa who is Melida’s mother. Hence Kufa’s job is to work from the inside to ascertain this. Kufa has observed Melida and notes she is useless. Seeing that she is not the biological child of Felgus, Kufa’s next mission is to kill her. This is the best for someone who works hard but the sad thing is that the day she will be rewarded for her hard work will never come. He is about to complete his job but Melida has fled her room. It seems she is trying to fight lancanthropes by herself. Is this her idea of force awakening her mana? Not going too well. Kufa observes and is stumped she doesn’t call for help. Melida is very particular about her hair. It is her only link to her mom. Seeing her pitiful state and somewhat admitting she isn’t a child of House of Angel, Kufa jumps in and easily slays the lancanthropes. Then he offers himself to help save her and will lend all his support. After they both entrust their lives to each other, she lets him drink a potion. It feels like drowning but soon after she is teeming with mana! With this, Kufa knows there is no turning back now. Melida cannot know about her mom’s illicit affair, his real job as an assassin must remain a secret, he must conceal her true lineage and support he is getting from Mordrew who is his client as well as White Night. He hopes the day won’t come where he will have to kill her.

Episode 2
Kufa scans Melida’s for any irregularities. After all, he shared his mana with her. This also means that her class isn’t a Paladin, but a Samurai like him. He wants her to keep this a secret since there might be those who would spread nasty rumours. This means she has to continue to be bullied by Nerva. Later Kufa and Melida stumble into Elise and Rosetti “Rose” Pricket (the lady from the train). Rose is Elise’s new private tutor and is quite famous as she is the youngest to ever join Crest Legion and granted a special title by the king. Rose would love to be Kufa’s friend but Kufa instead rejects her and finds her a bad influence on those around her. It’s no surprise she’s having bad blood with him. Melida is already nervous before the start of her school’s public tournament and Nerva comes to throw more insults. So much so, Kufa tells her straight to STFU. Obviously Nerva won’t have that and starts mouthing him as well only for Melida to push her away and tell her off not to pick on her instructor. Kufa notes Melida’s strength comes from not for her own sake but for others. As the tournament begins, Melida heads straight for Nerva. Everyone is in shock seeing Melida suddenly summoning mana. Surprise, mother*ckers! She uses a few tricks to rile up Nerva. Nerva even did some devastating move that looks like it devastated the arena but still to no avail. Melida is still superior. And then suddenly Melida runs out of mana! Time to run. Tables have turned. Now it’s Nerva’s turn to b*tch about being superior. Flashback shows Melida was ostracized just because she had no mana. And then Nerva came along and promised to be her friend. Yup, some friend she turned out to be. Before Nerva could deliver the final blow, suddenly Melida’s mana comes back?! Kufa is shocked to see her use his phantom skill that she had only seen once. Did she train in secret? After incapacitating Nerva, Melida goes on to win it for her team in this whatever capture the flag game. In the aftermath, Melida talks to father but apparently Felgus isn’t amused. Beginner’s luck? Prove yourself by winning against other schools first. Kufa is nevertheless happy for Melida. To show Nerva isn’t a total b*tch, she apologizes. Wow. So meek now. Melida’s next match is against Elise but the latter just wins it in 13 seconds!!!

Episode 3
Melida invites Kufa to the festival. Unfortunately he will be away for some duty but promises to return on the final day to dance with her. Meanwhile, Othello the head maid for Elise is praising for her win over Melida. Only if the match would last a little longer so she could make Melida kneel before everyone and prove she is the worthy successor of House of Angel. Othello sees the skimpy dress for the festival and disapproves. She’ll make another one that will make her stand out. Less skimpy but still skimpy nevertheless. This has everyone think Elise is trying to show off. Elise feels hurt and as Melida tries to console her, they are being kidnapped by Williams Gin from Guild Grimfice. He is part human and part lancanthrope. More precisely an artificial lancanthrope with transplanted genes inside him. Knowing Melida isn’t a Paladin, he wants to mix Elise’s genes into hers. Though, the success rate is pretty much low. With Elise having trauma of lancanthropes, Melida isn’t going to play damsel in distress in the first place so she improvises (thanks to Kufa’s teachings) to fight against those lowly lancanthropes. Williams gets weakened when something in Melida and Elise resonate that harms him. He believes they will become a threat to them in the future and orders them killed. Just in time for Kufa and Rose to barge in and rescue their students after getting word from their guild. Kufa faces off with Williams who then unleashes a totally manmade lancanthrope. Even with Williams trying to seal Kufa’s mana, he still can fight on par. Well, until he loses an arm! Williams mocks his goal in nurturing Melida till she one day surpasses him. Kufa shows his true nature as he powers up to destroy the lancanthrope. Guess what? Kufa is also part lancanthrope and is the strongest one of them all: A vampire! I would have guessed it from his name… Yeah, he attached his arm too. Williams is now scared but Kufa won’t kill him but relay a message for his client instead. Williams warns that he will become hunted when Melida surpasses him but Kufa is fine with it. Just in time to return to dance with Melida. Also a timely vow from Melida that she wants to be worthy of him and stand by his side.

Episode 4
Time for the Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament that is also conducted with their sister school, St d’Authriche. Chosen cadets from both schools are selected in this battle royale to earn the title of Luna Lumiere. The cadets are chosen based on everyone’s votes and so it is quite shocking that Melida and Elise’s name pops up. Each cadet also needs to choose their teammates and with Melida unsure who to pick, Nerva volunteers herself as well Shenfa Zwitoque who was last year’s queen. After the ceremony, Melida is disheartened she didn’t do this but Kufa assures her he will always believe her. Nerva and Shenfa train alongside Kufa and Melida. While they take a break, Kufa catches Othello wandering around suspiciously. He makes her reveal that she was the one who switched the names. With the cat out of the bag and the young ones hearing this, Othello discloses her intentions to make both ladies compete so that Elise can be seen as the much better girl than the incompetent one. She doesn’t view Melida as equal to her. Melida maintains that her bond with Elise is irreplaceable. If she manages to defeat Elise, she hopes Othello will acknowledge her and let them form a unit together. That night, Kufa goes out to meet Black Madia. It seems the superiors at White Night have suspected him of hiding something because his report seems lacking. Kufa asserts he reported the truth but Madia wants him to bring Melida’s blood as proof. Kufa can’t do that as he is under the employment of House of Angel and doesn’t want to arouse suspicion. In that case, Madia will do it herself. Both clash until Rose shows up to help. She has also called reinforcements so Madia is forced to retreat but warns Kufa she will always be watching him in his shadows. Kufa explains Madia’s class as a Clown. A class that can imitate all 7 classes (Fencer, Gladiator, Samurai, Maiden, Gunner, Wizard and Cleric – so Paladin isn’t a class?). And she’s the strongest Clown in town. Elise confronts Melida with a plan of her own. She will purposely lose to her so they can convince Othello. But this isn’t what Melida want because it’s like saying she can’t beat her and that she won’t be using her best abilities. But stubborn Elise has already set her mind on it. She wants to keep being her little sister forever.

Episode 5
Kufa and Rose try to get the tournament selection since Madia may be lurking around but apparently the school has made its decision. Yup, it’s going to go on. With Melida having troubled thoughts, Kufa talks to her and learns about Elise’s proposal to lose on purpose. He gives her some advice to let Elise know her true feelings and since she loves Elise a lot, he believes their relationship will not crumble. As the tournament gets underway, Melida and Elise quickly clash swords. During the midst, Kufa suspects Madia may be impersonating as a student so he goes to confront and attack this supposed student. He then realizes his mistake that she is not. She is Mule La More and is a member of one of the 3 big Knight-Duke Houses. Kufa realizes where Madia is now as he makes his way to the battlefield. Elise finally breaks her silence and thinks Melida is weak. The reason she held back is because she doesn’t want to know that Melida is weaker than her. She doesn’t want to be on equal footing with her and instead prefers to be second best below her where she stays out of the limelight. Can we return to those days where she was always her little sister? Melida makes her statement that she is not weak and overpowers her. She asserts that even if Elise becomes a strong Paladin, she will always be a step ahead of her. The cousins reconcile and this touching story is heard by Nerva who is actually Madia in disguise (real Nerva ambushed and left unconscious somewhere). Madia attacks them and even destroys the sentries guarding this place. This allows Kufa to enter the scene and take on Madia. I don’t know what happened because the next scene suddenly shows Madia being stripped to her true form. So she’s some meek girl? Kufa hands her a letter to be given to Father. Upon reading it, he will make his judgment on it and Madia will bear not be reprimanded. The tournament ends with Keira Espada winning. Kufa is puzzled because if Othello had no mana and cannot enter the place, who guided her in to switch the names? Mule is pleased because her mana recorder has recorded all the mana of the students here, including Melida. Melida tells Elise she is creating a new unit and hopes she could join. Of course. Madia is left to rue her fate because now she is made to be an instructor to this school…

Episode 6
What’s this? There is an unofficial closing ceremony for the tournament? Looks more like a girl’s slumber party to me. Mule and Salacha “Sala” Shicksal tell Melida and Elise about a sad love story that also serves as a horror one. A husband and wife came to Flandore but the husband unable to find work felt pressured and abused his wife until one day he killed her by ripping her heart out. Realizing the atrocity of what he had done, he ran away with her heart. However he heard the heart of his wife asking him if he is okay. He realized his wife loved him despite all he had done and drowned himself. But since the corpse of his wife was abandoned, it became a zombie and roamed around looking for its heart. She kills women and rips out their heart and is known as the Grey Witch! Speaking of which, there has been a spate of murders following this tale. Suddenly the lights go out and before them all is a witch figure. Is the legend true?! Keira is defeated easily as the girls run for their lives. Melida, Elise, Mule and Sala walk through the underground waterway and it becomes creepier when they step on something soft and squishy. Human entrails?! Then it turns out to be, uhm, pink slime? For some reason, their perversion got the better of them because all of them wants to take the slime off Sala’s boobs. Because of that, here comes the witch! Trying to use their own abilities is no use. What to do? Run some more. They manage to get out of the waterway and thankfully Kufa is here. However… He needs their help to look for his missing heart! Kufa has a hole in his body???!!! Scream fest! Of course this turns out to be, uhm, prank? Rose warned Kufa about the unofficial ceremony. I guess that’s why it’s unofficial. The right word should have been illegal but I guess that would be a dead giveaway. The girls get lectured by Kufa as he reveals the witch is played by Rose. That pink slime? It’s supposed to be some pixie gem toy. Now the girls get mad at him and calling him all sorts of perverted names. In the end, the girls are put to bed and looks like Kufa has to keep watch. Not because they’ll sneak out and do anything illegally. I think they’re scared to sleep alone…

Episode 7
As the school prepares itself for a school trip to Shangharta, suddenly Rose seeks Kufa’s help. She wants him to marry her! Of course Kufa deduces that her father, Blossom has got a fiancé for her. Not wanting to marry him, she cooked up an excuse that she already has a boyfriend. Spot on. Shockingly, he agrees to play her boyfriend. Well, this doesn’t sit very well with Melida. Looking very jealous, isn’t she? And because the ladies are tussling over him, this earns the ire of Ms Stachie who is one of the board of directors. But she quickly kisses up to Elise. It seems Blossom will also be joining on this trip since that is his hometown. Blossom relays the good news that their entire hometown will host Rose’s wedding. She disagrees to it and claims Kufa as her boyfriend. Father doesn’t like Kufa but gets scared thinking he recognized him somewhere. Apparently there was a serial killer many years back and he had Kufa’s face. Strange… With Kufa acting strange, this has Melida worried. And then an incident whereby a girl got attacked. Though she is not physically hurt, she is unconscious. Blossom uses his magic to find the culprit. From his magic flames, the only one who fits the description is Kufa. Kufa does not dismiss the fact he has no alibi to prove his innocence. And then upon arriving in the subterranean city of Shangharta, a commotion in the town square as some guy ravaged with some disease goes berserk. The only way left is to kill him. Wow. You mean killing him right in front of all the school girls? Blossom says this isn’t public execution but salvation. Because Kufa hangs out with Rose, when he gets back, Melida is acting like a jealous wife. Yeah… To shut her up from her incessant b*tching, he asks if she would like to go on a date with him now. Instantly all is forgiven. Women… In this beautiful underground cave, we see them dance gracefully in the air. Thanks to the rocks giving off some magnetic field that allows them to float. Kufa then puts Melida to bed and she hopes they can go on another date like this. Anywhere is fine. Melida dreams of a strange dream whereby somebody wants to suck her blood? She is awakened by Elise who comes running to inform her that there has been another victim. Oh dear. Kufa not by her side this time…

Episode 8
All the children in the church are dead now?! Kufa is nowhere to be seen so everybody suspects him. Melida skips training and bumps into Madia. Seems Kufa left instructions to take care of Melida should something happen to him. Disguising herself as a student, both of them interview with the locals about Blossom and the mysterious spots that Blossom prohibit others from entering. One of them is this crooked house. Madia investigates and believes the house was built this way to conceal something. Aha. A hidden passageway. An underground lab with dead corpses. She can tell they are failed loup-garous experiments, humans infected with night gene factor and can’t transform. Hence there is no mystery disease going around and it could be that Blossom is faking it all to cover up some experiment. A voice in Melida’s head has her feel another incident has happened. This time Elise is attacked. Although she is unhurt and unconscious, it was Rose who protected her and paid with her life! Oh no! Rose dead?! Now everyone is calling for Kufa’s head. Desperate Blossom heads off and believes he can bring his daughter back alive. As Melida puts Elise in bed, the angry mob is here. Luckily Shenfa was quick to warn her that they intend to kidnap her as bait to lure out Kufa. She holds them back as Melida runs. Another a boulder which is another mystery spot, Melida slices it open with her sword. Aha. A hidden passageway. Another underground lab. This time filled with notes from Blossom indicating he is experimenting with night gene factor on humans. Then that voice in her head speaks up. Melida introduces herself as a Paladin but the voice laughs and decides to test her. Out comes Rose. Because of the mana possessing her, Melida believes she is the real culprit behind the incidents. Before she could suck her blood, here comes Kufa to the rescue. He tries to tell her snap out of this possession. So thinking about her loved ones and human bonds is supposed to be the key? Maybe Rose isn’t that strong so she escapes. Kufa deems the Ice King is behind this but Melida is in shock to see Kufa’s changed appearance.

Episode 9
So Kufa is going to seal her memories and start anew? Wanna bet Melida can change his mind after kissing him and saying those nice words how she accepts him for who he is? Yup. Thought so. Flashback reveals a giant arachnid monster, Naqua attacked Shangharta and wounded many of the children including Kufa and Rose. Blossom wanted to end the failed loup-garous experiment but thanks to his wife continuing to emit some miasma, Naqua wants to experiment to continue since there will be supplies of new test subjects. Kufa saved Rose by biting and turning her into a vampire. He also sealed her memories so as not to awaken her blood sucking instinct. Together with Father’s help, they defeat Naqua. Kufa begged for Rose to be spared and in exchange, he will join his guild and will never remove Rose’s seal. Even if she will never see him again, he will always watch her from a distance and wants her to be happy. So Kufa makes a deal with Melida. She must bring this secret to her grave or it’s curtains for her. Knowing that Blossom is in cohorts with Naqua who somehow survived, the reason Rose was brought back here as to draw out her power. That is why Kufa cannot be seen in public, otherwise he would not have left Melida alone.

So this is how they’re going to deal with the situation: Melida barges in to interrupt Rose’s wedding, challenges her by declaring she kissed Kufa twice, obviously Rose got jealous and fights her (you mean nobody else run but continued to watch?), Melida attacks hit Blossom instead and snuffs out Naqua who has been hiding on him, Naqua escapes but Rose gives chase, flashback shows it is Naqua mind controlling Rose to attack others but when she attacked but refused to harm Elise, Naqua had her killed, Naqua almost kills Rose but is saved by Kufa who then unlocks her vampire powers, their combo allows them to defeat Naqua but because he can split into many tiny pieces (the reason how he can avoid death) and tries to escape but for some strange reason he runs back the same route and conveniently all the Friedeswiede girls have been waiting for him to pop up so they fire all they’ve got at every last bit of this damn spider to kill him forever, Kufa seals Rose’s memories again despite she wanting to be with him. Better this way, right? Kufa then confronts Blossom. He knows he made a deal with Naqua in exchange for using Naqua’s powers to slow down the process of his wife turning into a lancanthrope. To thin Blossom for taking him in as an orphan, here is an elixir that changes her back to human! Wow. So convenient. With his wife back, she takes over his church while he surrenders himself to the authorities. On the train back, Rose admits to Kufa that she joined Crest Legion because there was a boy whom she can’t remember that was always beside her. By becoming famous, she hopes that boy will find her. Nice goal but… Anyway, Melida comes to rub salt into Rose’s wounds because she snuggles up close to Kufa. Since Rose’s act to play Kufa’s lover has ended, time for the real lover to take her place. And about that kiss…

Episode 10
It’s that time of year where seniors will venture into the Vibria Goat Library for a certification exam to pass. It is huge maze consisting of hundred millions of texts. Melida and Elise despite being juniors are invited to participate since they were representatives for Luna Lumiere and they don’t need to go deep but just casually explore the first layer. Meanwhile Mule and Sala report back to some group of nobles about Melida’s mana being very different from a Paladin. This has everyone believing there is a scandal going on in the House of Angel. Serge who is Sala’s big brother suggests to expose her to public. Mule further suggests to use a text in Vibria Goat called Anders’ Codex. One day, a strange man comes to Friedeswiede to proclaim he is Melida’s father. Of course everyone is shocked. He escapes only because Kufa prevents him from getting any closer. In her room, they talk about her enemies making their move to bring her clan down. The only way to send a warning to them is to actually do the certification exam. Of course she is scared she will fail. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And of course for further motivation, she wants a reward from him if she passes. As the headmistress leads the students down into Vibria Goat, she warns them of ghosts of the place who might attack intruders, thinking they would steal their books. So Vibria Goat is just one big freaking haunted library?! And you don’t say because suddenly the elevator stops and they’re attacked by tentacles!!! Wow, was this part of the deal? Meanwhile a nun calls for Kufa. It seems Felgus is here. He wants Melida to stop taking this certification exam because she doesn’t need it. In fact, he is here to make arrangements to pull her out of this school. He believes he has made a mistake to put her in a public school that makes her a visible target. Kufa tries to plead for time and he can prove otherwise. Then a letter bearing the seal of Grimfice is received. It claims the girls in the certification exam will die. Melida and Elise are brought to some parts unknown of the library. Of course they are attacked by ghosts but remembering Kufa’s sword teachings, you bet those ghosts can’t even touch them. Haha. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Don’t rest yet. Because the ghosts now has reinforcements! Oh sh*t! Don’t despair. Here comes Mule and Sala to the rescue.

Episode 11
Mule has some ‘cheat’ books that serves as a map around the area. We take a detour as Mule uses a text that has them change outfits. This must be some conspiracy just to fondle Sala’s boobs, huh? I bet that is why no ghosts were attacking and simply watching this delicious scene. On to a serious note, they reach a level from what I understand, they need to clear and put away the books while fighting off mini cheeky imps. Some weird puzzle. They manage to do so and they earn some book that prints their name on it. But soon, Sala tries to steal Melida’s book. Though Mule confronts her, Sala warns Melida that this is a trap. Mule then steals Melida’s book just to peek at her class. Yup, it says Samurai. She then escapes to go report back to her brother. Meanwhile the headmistress and other students are fighting off, uhm, zombie mages? Led by Crodoll who is an artificial lancanthrope who specializes in necromancy and is a member of Grimfice. When the headmistress is wounded, cue for Kufa to drop in and save the day. If you’re wondering why he defeats Crodoll so easily, yeah, that old geezer returns as an undead now. How do you kill something that is dead? Not even Kufa can handle this. So how? Herald Williams’ turn. Kufa expected him to help out and he kept his promise by doing so. His bandages suppresses super human abilities so Crodoll dies again. Let’s hope he stays that for good. Williams reveals that the letter was just a distraction to keep him away from the enemy. Because the target this time isn’t Melida but the lives of the students of Friedeswiede. But thankfully, those dumb Grimfice members aren’t anything near the level of Nerva and the rest. Those guys really underestimate these girls, huh? Father is also here and he heard Williams wants to join their guild. Williams wants a way to be turned back into human. In exchange, he will become their spy. Father won’t agree now and will only do so after evaluating his performance. Father then tells Kufa about the opening of 2 unusual gates into Vibria Goat. One is managed by Mordrew Arms Association of Commerce and the other by the House of Shicksal, one of the 3 big Knight-Duke Houses. Looks like Kufa is the man for the job.

Episode 12
So we’re having an Alice In Wonderland themed court? Are they trying to make a fool of Alice AKA Melida? I bet she’ll make them look like a fool. Anyway with Serge as the judge, the trial is accusing her of not being Felgus’ real daughter. Though this Samurai class isn’t concrete evidence, however she can’t answer why her mana suddenly just materialized. Can’t she not just say it so happened to materialize just like that? Anyway, you can tell the jury are just out for her blood. Because they badmouth her parents, Melida snaps and tells them off. Serge then has her prove it by letting Sala fight her. I guess nobody is watching the lesser fight between Elise and Mule. To the untrained eye, it looked like Melida is just avoiding Sala’s attacks. Melida waits for the chance to strike back and does so. Now the unruly crowd thinks she is Felgus’ daughter. Yeah, this means this baseless accusation can amount to treason! Serge’s only way is to use some magic pen and rewrite everything. You mean turn everything into nothingness? Better run. Because it will really suck you into nothingness. Melida and Mule put aside their difference (was there any? Was Mule just pretending?) to help those jerks to escape. Once done, they are trapped as they face off against the imposter who claimed to be Melida’s father. Since Melida can’t handle him himself, cue for Kufa to jump in. Hence we see why the duo are a deadly combo as they take him down. Mule ‘accidentally’ drops Anders’ Codex into the nothingness. In reality, the imposter is reeling from the pain from ‘dying’ in the story. He seeks Serge’s help but is killed off. After all the girls return to safety, in the aftermath it is narrated that a few days later, many claim to be Melida’s true father. This was somewhat solved by Serge who revealed the culprit to be Bijou Niese, a member of Crest Legion who harbours doubts about the current state of affairs. However he has gone into hiding. To deal with this aftermath, Felgus stays with Melida for the time being. Before he departs, to appease her fears, he remembers that a relative of her great grandma was of the Samurai class. Gee, that’s so vague but thanks for connecting the dots anyway. And duh, Melida of course resembles her mom! WTF is that no-brainer statement? Maybe it’s his way to accept his daughter? Yeah, maybe it is. Because Melida starts crying like a baby. Later, Melida renews her vow to Kufa if she passes her certification exam. But this time instead of entrusting her life to him, she would prefer to risk her life for him. Uhm, isn’t that the same thing?

Assassin’s Creed: Pride & Prejudice
Theoretically, if this never gets another season, Melida’s secret will be forever safe! Hahaha! Oops. So apparently Melida is going to have a lot more tough time to convince the rest of the world that she is truly the daughter of Felgus but apparently with Kufa by her side and with her convictions stronger than before, it’ll be a breeze. Because detractors and naysayers are mostly just spineless cowards who hide behind the mask and accuse-cum-blame everything else. Just like the internet. Hahaha! Oops. So screw the initial mission to kill her if she is not the real child of Felgus. Anybody who accuses her otherwise, just cut through them and everything! Isn’t that the Samurai way? Or am I missing something?

The story seems to be all over the place and although I expected to be Kufa-Melida kind of trials and tribulations, what we mostly get are some weird tournament, a trip back to Rose’s hometown that turned into some pseudo detective work and then some weird certification exam. Lots of stuffs happen in between just to confuse us. Like, what the heck is going on? Perhaps they do not want to stray too much away from the Kufa-Melida pair but even so I don’t see anything significant. Because of that, the lore and setting of this world somewhat suffers. It would have been interesting had they take the time to explore the eternal darkness that engulfs this land instead of just briefly skimming through it. Like as though they just want to get all that out of the way (to satiate our curiosity why this world is always night time) and pay no more further attention. It would have also been nice if they could expand on the different types of classes instead of just gliding through and just to make us feel amazed that there are 7 classes. 7 CLASSES, BABY! Count ’em. What about Grimfice? Are they a threat or not? And what we get are lots of girly stuffs instead. From tournament battles to even that girls’ secret slumber party. WTF do we need this sort of f*cking filler?

Basically, whatever ‘misadventures’ are shown here in this series are supposed to put Melida or Kufa in some sort of predicament that would ultimately test their bond. Unfortunately I fail to see any significance of that. There are some private moments between them but it feels like Melida is just being an insecure kid who needs to get lots of assurance from the suave and charming Kufa. They grow close but you just don’t really feel it with all the weird distractions in the plot. Making it worse is how they don’t get any more back story like how Kufa is a vampire or what half lancanthrope or something. His revelation of being one didn’t really come as a surprise (I suppose being an assassin with special skills means he has somewhat a special origin?) and when it did, it felt more like a plot convenience. Heck, the final episode felt like the need to grow Melida’s character and Kufa was almost close to non-existent. I suppose we still need to see some Kufa-Melida combo, that’s why that final fight feels a bit forced.

Melida being prejudicially casted as some untalented noble leaves more room and excuses so that enemies could target her and do bad things and drag everybody else into this mess. Standings and class castes are probably important in this world but Melida has shown her worth so many times and yet they are still so sceptical. Just because she doesn’t display any Paladin traits. Like, WTF? Just say so you hate this girl! And perhaps she is just an excuse and stepping stone so that others who crave for power can disrupt the power balance whatsoever. Elise on the other hand feels more like a side character. What a mismatched pair. Elise doesn’t want to be in the spotlight and prefers hiding under Melida’s shadow and on the other hand Melida is fighting and trying to prove against all the discrimination and stands out more, for the right or wrong reasons. Sometimes I feel Elise is just like an excess baggage since she is useless most of the time and depends on Melida, clinging on to her cousin just because she can. And also the need to show and increase Melida’s reputation as such a reliable girl.

This series is also in danger of turning into some weird cheesy romance especially Rose and Melida subtly trying to win his heart. Sort of. My guts say Kufa will go with Melida because surprise Rose’s back story, they knew each other and he had to erase her memories just to keep her alive. Yup, he is find without ever her knowing the truth so I guess he made his peace with that. But for the ‘new’ Rose… Might be a different story. So don’t give up! If Kufa can erase her memories like that, can he just do it to everybody else? Save the trouble of keeping all this secret. Yeah, it would be a herculean task to turn everyone into his vampire slave but if it’s for Melida, why not? Yeah, that Shangharta arc felt like so plot convenience. Surprise! Kufa and Rose knew each other. Surprise! Kufa is not the perpetrator! Those who fall for this cliché move are total amateurs. And surprise! Big bad Naqua still lives. Naqua who? Surprise! Now he’s truly dead. Geez, get over with this arc already.

Other characters fail to live up to the intrigue. Like Madia who just feel so redundant and unnecessary. The most ‘downgraded’ character ever in the series. She started off as a reasonable threat. Then after her easy defeat, she became a teacher and what’s the point of that? Pointless role if you ask me. Same case for Shenfa. So how does last year’s tournament queen is relevant to what’s going on? At least Nerva’s role is to be Melida’s b*tch and get on her nerve (is that how and why they named her character?). Then she softens up and tones down a lot after her humiliating loss. I’m guessing Melida has to always step up her game and continue being superior or else I fear Nerva might that that opportunity to step all over her head again. Nerva does sound like she repented her bullying but you know such grudges are hard to quell. Especially when you’re the queen b*tch. But the irony is that Elise could be the new b*tch because it seems she is getting more and more jealous to others who are close to Melida. You can see her pout and close to throwing a tantrum. In that sense, Elise might have really fallen at the same time Nerva started to rise back up again.

Mule is like taking a huge roundabout way just to expose Melida’s truth. Does she prefer to see Melida’s shock when she betrays her as a friend? Keep your enemies close, but your friends closer. So I don’t really understand the final arc of her needing to do all this crap. Because it’s because she’s her friend that she does all this? Because she likes Melida a lot? Huh? I don’t get it? Unless it is just one big roundabout way to expose whoever that Bijou culprit is by using Melida as bait to lure him and his allies out. Thankfully it all worked out. After all, Mule is so calm and cool that I don’t really feel any sense of animosity coming from her unlike Nerva. Maybe that’s why I’m confused whether she is friend or foe.

The action bits are just passable and nothing exciting. It just feels forced and they needed something to show why Kufa is a great Samurai as well as Melida following his footsteps to become one. And when some of these characters power up, they’re like having some sort of weird glow all over their body. I suppose it is to help protect their delicate smooth skin because otherwise, don’t you think it is quite absurd for the female characters to be fighting in that sort of garb? Leave it to anime to make such clothes not even a factor in any sort of battles. Either they are too skimpy or too clumsy but somehow anime makes it work because the girls have great exceptional fighting skills!

Art and animation, I don’t find anything wrong but nothing special either. Of course the first thing to note is how Kufa is designed close enough to Sword Art Online’s Kirito that one might think this is another virtual game. Of course some characters look like they’re taken from other anime like Melida looking like a distant cousin of To Love-Ru’s Yami and Elise having that uncanny resemblance to Ryuuou No Oshigoto’s Ginko. Another weird thing I find is how Friedeswiede’s uniform, the boobs’ part looks like cat’s eyes! Huh? WTF?! Can’t… Stop… Staring… This series is done by EMT Squared who produced Renai Boukun, Ame-iro Cocoa, Nyanko Days and Hyakuren No Haou To Seiyaku No Valkyria.

Voice acting, I recognized Ayane Sakura as Nerva. All in familiar territory. That kind of bratty voice fits a bratty character like a glove. The other recognizable one is Houcuu Ohtsuka as Blossom. It could have been one step a bigger conspiracy had Kufa been voiced by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. Fortunately, not so and hence conspiracy put to rest of yet another swordsman voiced by this dude. Kufa is voiced by Yuuki Ono (Isami in Shokugeki No Souma). The other casts are Tomori Kusunoki as Melida (Hazuki in Marchen Madchen), Yui Ishikawa as Elise (Mikasa in Shingeki No Kyojin), Marina Yabuuchi as Rose, Sora Tokui as Madia (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Maaya Uchida as Mule (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Azumi Waki as Sala (Maika in Blend S), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Father (Naraku in Inu Yasha) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Williams (Ban in Nanatsu No Taizai). The opening theme, Share The Light by Run Girls Run, I just find it really weird. I mean, it really sounds like a bizarre one. Maybe it is just, amidst all that lively vocals, there is some ominous feel to it. Not sure if it fits the series but I don’t think so because of the lively pacing of the song. The ending theme despite being a slow ballad is much more bearable, Ijin-tachi No Jikan by Tomori Kusunoki.

Overall, this anime fails to be exciting despite I read the internet is split on this. Some really loving it while others calling this unnecessary hype some sort of deception. Of course for me, this is really one mediocre series and it could have been done better had they explored the setting of this world further. Even had they not, the development between the main characters also leaves a lot more to be desired. Therefore everything comes off as mostly uninspiring and boring. Many would have dropped this early on but as my pride as an otaku, it is a good thing I managed to stay and finish this. Thank goodness only a dozen episodes. And it is also that very same dumb otaku pride that I will continue to watch bad animes for a long time to come.

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