Astarotte No Omocha

March 10, 2012

Wait a minute. A Succubus that hates men? It’s like a vampire that doesn’t like blood. Oh, we’ve heard that before and substitute it with tomato juice but seriously, a seductive sex-crazy creature that doesn’t even want men even if she knows this is essential to sustain her life, beautiful appearance and body? Well, seem like this is the case for a certain loli Succubus in Astarotte No Omocha (Astarotte’s Toy).

In this medieval fantasy world of Alfheim, the royal family of the Succubus who are also the rulers of the Ygvarland Kingdom must take on a male harem when they reach the tender age of 10. If this was a must for other races, you can label them as starting young to be groomed into a future pervert. At first I was having lots of trouble remembering the names of the characters and terms because majority of them are based on Norse mythology. I had a hard time trying to remember and spell their full names but it’s easier when you romanized it the Japanese style. But still, unless you have Scandinavian knowledge and background, how do you pronounce words like the tongue twisting Yggrasill? Yyyrrrgeeerrhhhdeeeraaassssiiilll… I think I may have bit my tongue too.

Episode 1
Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar is having tea and being attended by her servants, the very busty maid Elfleda “Effie” Mirjasdottir, head of security Griselda “Zelda” Reginhard and the only guy in Lotte’s staff, the old butler-in-waiting Olaf Friomar, when head of staff Judit Snorrvevik hounds Lotte to continue her studies. Lotte runs away and asserts she hates men. At the hotspring, Lotte is being reminded she is a member of the Succubus race that has a long history with Alfheim. Just like how vampires need blood to survive, Succubus needs to absorb life of others. How? Via sucking mouth to mouth? Suck what? Sauzfryma. What’s that? Must be a fancy term for sperm. Holy crap! Is that what it means?! Lotte still doesn’t want to do it and is further reminded her mom and current queen Mercelida has been doing it when she was her age. She has 3000 handsome men as part of her harem from all sorts of races!!! Even once she had the rare human species. I don’t know, they seem to have this perception that humans are furry creatures walking on fours. So rare that nobody has seen one for a thousand years. Upon hearing this, Lotte makes a statement that she wouldn’t mind a harem if there are human males, confident that there will be none and thus she doesn’t have to ‘suck it’. However the next day, she is disheartened to learn that Judit has been researching all night to open the World Tree to Midgard (that’s where humans live and what we call Earth). Yeah, she has an arsenal of tactics to try and open the gate that was never opened for a long time. In a race to stop Judit, Lotte falls off Zelda’s dragon from the top of the tree downwards. Though not hurt, the tree starts emitting a bright light. I guess it’s a sign that it’s activated, huh? Back in her palace, she has an emergency meeting with all her staff, including maid Cuthfleda AKA Kuu. Seems Judit has gone over to the other world and Lotte wants her staff to bring her back. Well, I know they’re concern about her safety but I’m sure that heavy armour would have tire her out even before she reach the tree. And what about all those S&M accessories found in Judit’s room? They think it can help open the gate? Judit indeed has gone to the other world and starts her quest for Lotte’s male harem. She instantly gets bumped into Asuha Touhara (no pantsu loli?!). Naoya Touhara hopes Judit is alright but when the latter finds out he is looking for a job, she offers to pay him 50,000 monthly wages. She didn’t say what currency, did she? Every attempt by Lotte and co to open the gate failed. Lotte’s tail touches the tree and since she thought she heard Judit’s voice, her earnest wish from the heart for her to return has somebody coming through the gate. So happy that Lotte rushes to hug her but unfortunately it is Naoya. She gets embarrassed upon realizing this unknown guy.

Episode 2
Lotte is left ruing to eat her words since Judit really did manage to bring back a human male. Now start sucking! Judit talks to Naoya and remembers making a negotiation for his wages at 60,000 (Asuha wanted another 20 grand!). After Asuha goes off to her Seaside School, that’s when Judit and Naoya return to the pine tree Judit came from and the next thing they know, they’re back at the World Tree of Ygvarland. Lotte temporarily sees this guy and demands his presence tonight. Sounds ambiguous, eh? Judit further explains his harem job and that sucking thing. If you’re a pervert, you’ll love it. Well, Naoya isn’t. Oddly, Naoya is able to receive reception from his handphone because he gets a message from Asuha about the fun she is having. Naoya asks Olaf the reason for Lotte’s hatred for men. Explaining when she was still living with the queen, she wanted to surprise her by sleeping with her (nothing hentai, mind you). However a male harem beat her to it although he was uninvited. Mercelida was unaware of Lotte’s presence and they ‘did it’. Ever since, you could say Lotte was traumatized by that event and lived on her own. Olaf notes that Lotte is a kind princess though she may be selfish at times. Warmth is what she needs, something her servants can’t give her. As Naoya is being escorted to Lotte’s room, Lotte pretends to bump into Naoya and blames him for spilling her milk. But she can’t fool Judit’s eyes. However Naoya apologizes and will take responsibility. Naoya tastes all kinds of milk with Effie but it doesn’t seem to taste like the one Lotte wanted. After hearing Naoya’s honest words that he wants to do anything to make Lotte happy rather than being sucked on as her servant, Effie can’t hold back the secret of the milk any longer (which she was told by Lotte not to reveal). Guess where that special milk comes from? Now do you know why her boobs are so big?! Holy cow! She’s like a milking cow! Naoya sees pictures of young Lotte and notices her favourite reindeer stuffed toy. Effie says that she lost it suddenly and was quite depressed. Naoya sees Lotte and gives to her a reindeer stuffed toy he made. Looks close enough. Acting all bratty, she doesn’t want it so he has her choose between him or the reindeer to accompany her tonight. Since she can’t spend a night with a guy, I guess the stuffed toy wins. But see Lotte’s surprised reaction when Naoya leaves? She thought he was trying to get into her good books. Next morning Naoya is being called by Judit. She reads out the benefits of him staying as Lotte’s harem candidate. The pay, the accommodation, the food. Oh yeah. It’s like he almost have everything covered. However there is a condition: He will be given an official rank as Lotte’s Toy. Naughty name for a servant? Sex toy? Hope not!

Episode 3
Naoya brings his daughter Asuha to Ygvarland. HIS DAUGHTER???!!! OMFG!!! He looks too young to have a daughter!!! Well, nobody said he was her brother and it was just Judit’s assumption. Since Naoya’s job requires him to live here, he thought of bringing Asuha along. Judit can’t back out now or else Lotte will find excuse to not get a harem. Now this is the mind boggling part. Asuha = 10 years old. Naoya = 23 years old. So if you do the maths, when did Naoya lose his virginity? Lotte is so shock about this pervert she doesn’t want to see his face again. However Asuha tells her off not to talk bad about her family and takes papa’s hand and leave. Lotte do feel regretful for her actions and admits she was harsh. Asuha also feels the same and after Naoya shows her Lotte’s pretty garden flower, Asuha feels she wants to be Lotte’s friend and will go talk to her. However Lotte has left for school. Even royalties must attend school to learn about civilian’s life, right? Judit has a wonderful idea. In class, Lotte gets another surprise: Asuha the new transfer student! Asuha gets friendly with Lotte (see how eager she is in wanting to talk to her?). During recess, Asuha makes more friends with Mistrune “Mist” Asgrim, Unnbjorg “Yuna” Signar and Lucca Austri. The trio show her around school. They are amazed that Asuha was able to make friends with Lotte so fast. Something they couldn’t do in 6 months because of their difference in social standing. Asuha also doesn’t mince her words in telling that daddy works as Lotte’s harem. Asuha later finds Lotte who insists on wanting to be alone. Asuha notes that she too has a family but she doesn’t seem too happy about it. Rumours that a male human is in school. The trio wonder how he looks like. Remember all those misperception on humans? Looking very monster-like, eh? They thought they could see how he looked like when it turned out to be a llama? Did Naoya become furry? Hey, that’s Asuha happily said. The llama attacks the girls but was calmed down when Naoya throws oranges to feed the hungry animal. He is here to give Asuha and Lotte their lunch when the llama started chasing him. Lotte has lunch with the rest and thanks them for saving her. However they feel they’re doing this because they’re friends not because of some political tendency. That’s when she realized the meaning of friendship as Asuha pecks Lotte on her cheek. This is her family’s way of saying “I’m not mad anymore”. With that, Asuha starts smiling and as for Naoya, he got an apology note from the princess for yesterday.

Episode 4
Ygvarland Academy will hold a compulsory party for students and their parents or guardian. However Lotte isn’t pleased because mommy the queen is always busy. Naoya learns Lotte’s dad, King Sear died when she was at a very young age. Mercelida doesn’t have much time to see her daughter. Lotte is hesitant to go see her mom to give her the invitation but after being assured by Naoya that no parent would feel troubled seeing their child, she confidently leaves for Mercelida’s palace the next day. Since Asuha will also be going to the party, she is being helped by Effie to choose a dress. Judit recognizes her hairpin that could only be of this world. Or perhaps it’s just a replica? Lotte waits in a room for Mercelida to show up. But as she goes to the toilet, she overhears Mercelida busy talking about her schedules with her ministers. Though Mercelida wants to delay an important meeting by 30 minutes to see Lotte, the minister wants her to reconsider. Then they note how troublesome that child is to come see her mom of all days, on a very busy day. This shatters Lotte’s heart as she immediately leaves. Once Mercelida is free to see Lotte, she sees no one in the room but the invitation card on the table. She realizes what this means. Lotte returns and tries to act normal. Come the day of the party, seems there are lots of citizens vying for Lotte’s attention to introduce their son to her. Lotte meets her prideful frenemy, the vampire Erika Dracul Draupnils. Erika thought Lotte is lying when she admitted she already has a harem and already did all that stuff. Either she really is making it up or she misconstrued what she meant. The party begins as Lotte keeps looking at her watch for mommy to turn up. In the end, Lotte was all alone. Actually Mercelida did show up. Way after the party ended. And she rushed for nothing. You can’t blame Lotte for feeling depressed because she was really expecting her. Naoya tries to cheer her up as Lotte admits she never handed the invitation card to Mercelida personally. She starts breaking down but Naoya is sure her feelings reached her. Mercelida on her way back feels guilty but decides to pay Lotte a visit to at least see her sleeping face. Following a familiar scent, she is surprised to see her daughter whom she recognizes as Asuhariet (Asuha). Get this: This little girl also recognizes her mom! Oh sh*t! To further cement this fact, Naoya and Mercelida instantly recognize each other. This is getting complicated.

Episode 5
Naoya has lots of things on his mind he wants to say to her. About her sudden appearance 10 years ago (oh sh*t! They really made love then!), her sudden disappearance soon after, the sudden reappearance 3 years later and suddenly leaving him with a child. All so sudden. Mercelida may be the queen but she’s still a woman. She takes flight because she doesn’t want to hear Naoya scolding her. Confirming this fact from Judit, she realizes Asuha’s hairpiece is indeed from this world. With Mercelida as the queen and mother of Lotte, this means Asuha is Lotte’s step sister! But Judit wonders why Mercelida went so far as to hide an illegitimate child in Earth when she could have just adopted her. She wants Naoya to keep this a secret from Lotte. Naoya feels there is something he needs to talk to Mercelida. As suggested by the staff, the other way to sneak in is via the harem Peach Rose route. Security there should be thinner than the palace. How? Dress up as a maid! Yes, even Naoya too. Say, he looks pretty convincing cross-dressed as one. Even those harem guys are convinced he’s a woman. Mercelida regrets not seeing Lotte that night and relishes a chance to talk to Naoya. Because her servant, Isold is asking about her partner for today’s ‘evening session’, she gives a description that resembles closely to Naoya. Isold thinks she’ll have a hard time fulfilling Mercelida’s request when she spots Naoya and Asuha sneaking around. She knows Naoya is a guy and has him see the queen. Mercelida is surprised to see Naoya and Asuha. He mentions the one thing he forgot to say then: Thank you for everything. For Asuha and leaving her in his care. Does he look like a guy who would keep grudges? After Asuha falls asleep, it’s adult talk time. No, nothing hentai, mind you. Naoya remembers 10 years ago she told him how she didn’t like the idea of sisters fighting to death over the throne and to prevent a struggle from happening, that’s why Asuha was sent to him and avoid any animosity. Naoya clarifies that Lotte doesn’t hate her and also has a request. In class, Lotte’s friends think she is still in bad mood because of the party. Then everyone gets a pleasant surprise. Mercelida coming in and announcing a special Parent’s Day today (since after much discussion that many parents couldn’t turn up for the party and some kids were left bitter after the event). All the children got excited and start calling their parents over. Everyone has a happy day and thanks Lotte but she insists that it is the queen they should be thanking. Lotte rides with Mercelida in her carriage on their way back. Both mother and daughter made up. Inside Mercelida’s baggage filled with clothes, Lotte spots her lost original reindeer stuffed toy. Mercelida had it all along and planned to give it back to her but couldn’t find the right time. Lotte wants her to keep it because they could sleep with it the next time she comes over. Mercelida hands back the invitation card and prefers her to give it to her in person next time. Back home, Asuha and Lotte happily go over today’s event. I guess Mercelida was in plain clothes the reason why Asuha didn’t recognize her own mom.

Episode 6
Lotte got tickets for the amusement park and thinks of having Naoya come but to her dismay he is busy with errands. Calling her staffs, she chides them for using Naoya as they please when he is supposed to be her toy! How can that guy refuse any help? Because Naoya took too long to return from his shopping errand (once again he stopped to help somebody in need), Lotte’s patience runs thin. When he returns that night, he doesn’t see Lotte in her room. Instead a message calling him a womanizer. Realizing she is missing, everyone goes in search for her. Naoya eventually finds her at the World Tree. She continues to be bratty and sulking, pointing out he doesn’t come when she wants him to. Her tail touches the tree and the gate starts activating. Next thing we know, she is waking up from bed in Naoya’s house?! There are little gnomes helping out with the chores? Well, they are Guardian Spirits left by Judit to take care of his house during his absence. Naoya calls his home but Lotte doesn’t want to answer. Not knowing how to reactivate the gate, Judit suggests seeing a great master sage known as Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims at the Ivory Tower. This 300 year old sage is known to have amassed vast amount of knowledge but is a little eccentric since you have to answer a riddle to meet. Outside the Ivory Tower, Naoya and Asuha ponder the riddle of needing to get rid of something to fly freely in the sky. Asuha gets an idea of taking off her panties! It’s that feeling of being released and freedom?! Is this the reason why she always go commando? Anyway her answer worked! WTF?! Inside, they meet the great sage: A bunny loli? WTF?! I guess old bald men only live in caves or mountain tops. Ini (nickname given by Asuha to the sage and she doesn’t mind it since she lives alone and hasn’t had visitors for a long time) tells them the magical power from the Succubus royal family gives them the power to open the gate. In other words, whatever Judit did or is doing now are useless. So it’s either Lotte herself opens the gate or the queen. Ini also notes that once Lotte realizes the difference of magical powers between the worlds, she will sense danger to her life and return. Since there is no magical powers (if not very low) on Earth, she will start to feel the drain and find it hard to continue living under such conditions. Naoya pleads for her help to go back to Earth as Asuha pecks Ini on her cheek. A gesture for asking favours? Where did she get all this ideas? Finding them interesting, Ini agrees to help. Back at the tree, Ini has equipment to view what Lotte is doing. Looks like she’s bored, bumming around and looking through a photo album of young Naoya that suddenly ‘ends’. Ini couldn’t detect any magical powers from Lotte and feels that she is unable to return home for she doesn’t have enough powers to open the gate.

Episode 7
But there is still a way. Naoya has to go over, bring this little World Tree seedling to her, which she needs to recharge her powers to open the gate. Maybe this method is the reason why nobody used it to go to the other world. Get swallowed by a giant frog. Slimy! When Naoya returns to his home, Lotte is surprised to see him and locks him out. However he has keys to his own place. I don’t know why but each time Lotte locks, Naoya unlocks. This amusing process goes on repetitively that you just wonder why Naoya didn’t jam his foot in the door. Till she latches the lock. Should’ve done that in the first place, eh? Then she challenges him to break through his own home and fight the Guardian Spirits to reach her. To her surprise, he is instantly in as the Guardian Spirits cannot go against the master of this house. Lotte is still being childish so I guess Naoya has to work his charm by promising never to let her be alone again, bla la bla to get her to agree to return home. Lotte nervously notes that they have made up so Naoya kisses her on the forehead (probably she was really expecting this) to power up the seedling and send them back. Ini notices that Lotte’s power has returned but not due to the seedling but the kiss. Judit feels it isn’t possible since in order for a Succubus to recover her magical power, exchange of fluids is necessary. So I guess this only means one thing… Erika wanted to ask Lotte out to the amusement park but was told she already went with Naoya. I have this feeling that deep down inside Erika, she may really like Lotte on a different meaning. Knowing that Asuha wants to go, she invites her. Lotte and Naoya had their fun at the park but the usual tsundere attitude from the princess. There is a ride that raised an eyebrow. The cow carousel. They’re upside-down and it’s like you’re riding on their udders! So Lotte-Naoya bump into Erika-Asuha. Then the frenemies talk and once more Erika couldn’t believe that they have gone that far. Maybe both of them are talking different things or Lotte was just bragging. However Erika tells her the ultimate feature that every adult has done: Enter the haunted house. Not wanting to lose out, Lotte takes Naoya into one but gets so scared that she wet her undies. She breaks down but cool Naoya takes her to the toilet to change into spare ones. Good thing or not, Asuha loves going commando, the reason Naoya always bring spare panties. Erika realizes the duo are fit for each other and doesn’t want to interrupt them anymore and goes off to play with Asuha. Naoya and Lotte take a ride on the Ferris wheel. Lotte thinks Naoya hates her for being childish and that it’s embarrassing she still wet her bed at this age. Naoya lets her in on a secret: He admits he wet his bed till he was 12 and Asuha by 5. Lotte feels better and with Naoya’s promise if she can stop wetting her bed before she turns 12, she can tell Asuha about this little secret. Seriously? Urinal secret for motivation? When they return home, they are shocked to see Ini’s Ivory Tower next to her palace. Seems she has moved closer because she can see her research subject any time. Plus, she kisses him on the lips and says Naoya is her lover!!! Grrr!!! Just when Lotte thought she had patched things up today, now comes this complication. See her burn in rage! And you thought it was Lotte who will be amassing her harem but looks like it is Naoya who will be getting one instead.

Episode 8
Princess Helga of the Schwartzheiss Kingdom visits Mercelida to improve relations and ties between both countries. Her brother, Prince Sigurd will be a new transfer student in Ygvarland Academy. You know what he is doing on his first day in this kingdom? He went out drinking and womanizing at a bar!!! What kind of prince is this?! Luckily he has Isadora “Dora” Finnsdottir to keep this pervert in line. Lotte is out shopping with Asuha and Naoya. She bumps into Sigurd and you can say it’s love at first sight for that prince. Maybe he saw her pantsu. He resolves to make Lotte his bride. Oh dear. However to his dismay, the academy separates both male and female. But that doesn’t stop him from sneaking in. Yeah, he’s putting his ex-military training to good use. He comes into Lucca and Asuha. Though he admits he is here to confess to his true love, Lucca remembers seeing a poster of him. A poster warning this pervert. All thanks to Dora… Run, Sigurd, run! With some guy running through the academy, don’t you think this will freak out the girls? There’s this gay teacher, Mina who thought Sigurd is cute and runs along with him!!! I don’t know how Sigurd manages to escape all that but he finally meets Lotte and her friends having tea. He spots Naoya and thought he is Lotte’s love rival and heads butt him! Then he gives Lotte a bouquet of flowers and proposes to her. The answer can wait because the security has found him. Time to run again. That night Mercelida is hosting a party and Lotte is upset that Naoya didn’t say anything when Sigurd proposed. Of course that playboy prince is trying to hit on other ladies but when he sees Lotte, he tries to approach her. Fortunately, Asuha is giving him her ‘death stare’ so he can’t get close. Heh. But still he isn’t giving up. Now he’s trying to sneak into Lotte’s room. I guess Lotte’s still mad at Naoya so she agrees to go walk with him on the shore. Just when Naoya felt something weird in his heart during Sigurd’s proposal (we call it love), he goes to see Lotte at her room but she’s not in. At the shore, Sigurd is quite the romantic considering he’s from the military school back in his kingdom. I guess it’s probably why Lotte is somewhat impressed by his words. However Sigurd needs an answer over his proposal because he really has fallen in love with her. In great timing, Naoya comes looking for Lotte and wishes for her to go back since everyone is worried (sure it’s not just you?). Sigurd tries his head butt tactic but this time Naoya has wised up and evades him and even knocking the idiot out. As Naoya take Lotte back, she is happy that he came to pick her up. As for Sigurd, his worst nightmare comes true. That Mina teacher thought he wrote him a love letter and to meet at this place. Actually it was a setup by Dora. Oh sh*t! He’s going to kiss him! SO SCREWED!!! SO GAY!!! SO ARGH!!!

Episode 9
Beach episode. Judit takes her princess, her friends and her staff to the royal private beach. As Naoya teaches Lotte to swim, idiotic Sigurd still isn’t going to give up. Dora is there to stall the pervert. Ultimately Sigurd got the best of her but has to run for his life when Zelda starts chasing him because some watermelon creature she was cutting ran away and landed on top of his head. She’s really bent on cracking it open. A distance away, Mercelida is relaxing with her bodyguard Ursula. Ursula was willing to ‘do’ it with Mercelida (I later found out Ursula is a hermaphrodite) but Mercelida was distracted by a ruckus. Thinking if there are any ‘light snacks’, she sees Lotte. Mother and daughter talk as Lotte describes her nice friends and ultimately Asuha who feels a lot like her sister. You don’t say. Plus, she loves her very much. Then mommy gives a parting hug and peck when Naoya comes looking for Lotte. However he is breathing hard. Then he collapses. He regains consciousness in the room with everyone around him very concerned. Looks like his body temperature is 38 degrees. Not good. Lotte and her friends decide to make a dish to help Naoya recover his strength. Judit notices Naoya fidgeting with something under the blanket (ahem, ahem?) so she has Effie and Zelda to strip and ‘extract’ it. Since they’re too shy and hesitating, Judit turns into a perverted demon and forces Naoya to do the unthinkable. She reminds him of why she hired him. He must do what is best for Lotte and even if she doesn’t want to do it, then he MUST make her do it. Judit isn’t all for hiring another man for the job. Of course Naoya also wouldn’t want that. Oh? You know what this mean, right? Judit also notices this and tells him to act quickly. Meanwhile the girls… They all fail in not making a single dish!!! How shameful! Herald Sigurd the saviour. Amazingly, he teaches them all how to do the basics! Shame on them! Plus, with Lotte looking so serious and concentrating, this is no time for silly revenge. Better to defeat the enemy at full strength, eh? Sigurd then meets Naoya to tell him straight what kind of relationship he is planning to develop with Lotte. Of course he has to flee when Dora is right on his tail. Lotte returns with a decent nutritious dish and a pudding that she made. Naoya finds it delicious as everyone happily watches with glee. That night, Lotte talks to Naoya that she met Mercelida. Naoya feels guilty for wasting her precious day off but Lotte is happy since she got a good experience in the kitchen.

Episode 10
Asuha writes in her picture diary of her happy days in Ygvarland. Judit explains to Naoya about the legend of the World Tree and how it allows their world and others to exist. Because of that, celebrations are held annually and it is customary that the princess of the Succubus royalty sing and dance to give thanks to it. Last year, Lotte did not participate but this year, she is. Why the sudden change? Naoya is too dense to realize that it is him that spurred Lotte to do so. Judit points this out and warns is he going to ignore Lotte’s feelings. But that guy excuses himself to go see how the rest is doing. Lotte sings in front of her friends. Honestly, she sucks. More accurately, very stiff. To help stem her nervousness, I don’t know why they strip her panties off (you build guts without wearing panties on stage?). Then Naoya comes by, the wind blows, he sees everything, Lotte not happy, somehow his fault, he has to cross-dress as punishment. After Lotte’s pals train her (whether the training itself has to do with singing or not is a different matter), they take a well-deserved hotspring bath. Lotte can’t help stare at Mist’s big boobs. You know the myth of drinking milk to increase your boob’s size? Well, they’re going to ‘rape’ Effie. Hope they had their fill. Then the girls don their yukata and head to town. Ironically, this kingdom takes on a particular Japanese culture for this festival. Also know the myth about not wearing underneath yukatas? Well, Lotte’s yukata is already so short… Very dangerous… They meet Naoya and Erika and the idiot prince. However he isn’t here to ruin Lotte’s day but to challenge Naoya over her. After playing all the stall games, it’s safe to say Sigurd sucks big time. He lost every single one to Naoya. Loser. It’s time for Lotte’s stage performance. Lotte is still nervous so Asuha gives her an identical hairpiece she bought at the stall as her charm. But when Lotte goes on stage and the music starts, it is still obvious she is very stiff and awkward. Till Asuha shows up that Lotte’s anxiety subsides as the duo do a lovely duet to captivate the audiences. Hey Sigurd, maybe you can become an idol fan of Lotte if you can’t be her bride. As Asuha writes in her diary, she notes how much fun she had while she has come here. But she wonders what they will do when summer vacation ends. Oh? She thinks all this is a fun vacation trip?

Episode 11
Lotte wakes up to find that her back is itchy. There seems to be a petal mark on it and Judit is excited upon knowing it because it marks the maturity and growth of wings as a Succubus. She is expecting Naoya to do her true job. That’s right. Let the sucking begin! Of course if you leave them alone, they’re still rather hesitant to do something like that so suddenly. Judit relays the good news to Mercelida. However the queen says that when both marks on the shoulders come together, it would form a heart. Judit senses something amiss and starts researching. Asuha is also feeling weird. Her chest is feeling uncomfortable. Odd things are starting to happen. The World Tree is glowing red, a colour never seen before. The words and pictures in Asuha’s diary start disappearing. Ini calls the gang and explains that the World Tree is displaying a huge amount of magical power. According to her research, the balance between the Word Tree and the worlds it connects has started to collapse. A thousand years ago when the World Tree was closed, the magical power circulating within it was stable. But due to the recent travel of humans through it has disrupted the flower of magical power. The distortion is causing the World Tree to begin rejecting foreign objects that entered this world. This means, Naoya and Asuha will be erased. Looks like the effect is starting because Naoya and Asuha’s words can’t even be heard by the rest. It’s like they’re just moving their lips. They try different solutions like solution or throat massage (Naoya always bearing the unfortunate brunt) but nothing works. Asuha tries to be cheery but Lotte is obviously depressed. Because of this, Naoya feels that it’s better for them to go home. They hold a farewell party for the duo and it’s odd that both sides continue to talk without able to hear what the other is saying. Maybe they have lived long enough together to know what they’re actually saying? So after all the thanks, the gratitude, the we’ll-be-friends-forever-even-if-words-cannot-reach, Asuha gives Lotte a box of stuffs to Lotte as memento but finds her panties missing. My theory is that she hardly wears them so I guess the World Tree erased that one first. Haha! Just joking. In turn, Lotte gives Asuha a hand-made little reindeer plushie. See all the cuts and bruises on her finger? She’s serious. Asuha is so touched that tears start streaming down her face even though she is smiling. And since Lotte didn’t have time to make a memento for Naoya, she wants him to go on a date with her instead. Can he actually hear that?

Episode 12
So as Naoya and Lotte have fun together at the amusement park, Mercelida pays Asuha a visit. I find it very odd because the way they are interacting feels like as though they can talk and hear each other. In the Ferris wheel, emotional Lotte calls out Naoya’s name many times and even confesses she loves him. What’s the point when he can’t hear? Then Naoya saw a reflection of his own face in the glass and realizes why Lotte was always looking at him with a face like that. He too realizes he is in love with her. Well, did she hear that? He makes a promise for them to go on another date (seriously, did she manage to listen to what he said before doing the yubikiri?). That’s when Lotte pulls him and pecks him on his forehead. Soon after, Naoya and Asuha return to their world and Asuha realizes the importance of a family. Previously she thought having daddy was all she need. But now, it’s the bigger the better. The World Tree returns to normal and life resumes for everyone on both sides. One morning, Naoya receives a surprise phone call from Lotte! WTF?! I don’t remember if the seedling was left back at his residence but it’s working something like a video conferencing. Yeah, they can see each other’s face. As they are surprised and happy to see each other (everybody trying to hog the space to see Naoya), Lotte explains that Judit’s conclusion of the mark was a misunderstanding. The flower petal was just a bug bite. Ouch. Currently Judit is having her punishment by being tied to a crazy llama. They also inform them how everything went back to normal after they left but looks like the conversation has to be cut short seeing the magical charge is running out. I wonder, if Ini had researched on trying to establish a connection between Alfheim and Earth, how the heck in the previous episode did they communicate when Lotte was stuck in Naoya’s house? But Ini’s research didn’t stop there. She has managed to find a way to establish a gate that remains connected from the World Tree with the other worlds. Everyone except Lotte is at the grand opening ceremony of the World Tree’s gate as Ini gives her speech. She got inspiration from Naoya to carry on this research and by connecting different worlds, they can understand each other’s hearts better. The world isn’t something inside our heads, but something that spans the ground under our feet. Mercelida cuts the ribbon to officially open the gate and zooming out, a dragon with Zelda, Judit, Naoya and Asuha. But it seems Naoya is being taken to the amusement park where Lotte is waiting. I guess she can’t be tsundere for ever so she is glad that Naoya is back. All the more Asuha. One big happy family again.

This is a series of 3 separate stories. In the first part, Asuha is flipping up skirts to see the different designs of panties because it’s her subject of her school assignment. WTF?! Ironically, for a girl who doesn’t wear panties, she takes great interest in them. If she was a boy, she’d definitely be called a pervert. See how Asuha takes down notes with great detail of the panties she sees? No one is spared. Not even the princess or her staff. And when Judit shows hers, I guess it is so ‘dangerous’ that it is left to our imagination. So risky that Kuu couldn’t take the heat and faints. Since discrimination is not in Asuha’s dictionary, she even goes to see the men’s, particularly Naoya and Olaf but saw the old bugger’s ‘little general’. Lotte’s assignment is a nest of a dragon’s egg on the World Tree. As they get closer to it, the nest drops. Though they are able to save the egg, the nest is a goner. Then Asuha gets an idea to have everyone contribute their panties to make a giant nest for the egg. So warm and fuzzy that the baby dragon hatches from it. I hope it doesn’t grow up to have perverted instincts. And you know what? Panty-chan. Nice name. I guess mummy dragon can keep the panty nest too, eh?

The second part sees Zelda waiting nervously. Lord Attley Reginhard is supposed to visit her today and he is not only a premier swordsman in the royal army but trained Zelda in using the sword. He’s like a father figure to her. At the age of 20, he was the very best in his field by mysteriously retired. Judit continues to explain how Zelda and Lotte met. When Judit was looking for someone with sword skills to her service, seems Lotte and Zelda didn’t like each other. Attley mentioned he already resigned and have a hard time training Zelda who doesn’t understand the concept of her sword. Though she may be lacking, Attley believes she will be a skilful dragon slayer in years to come. Judit talks to Attley alone and though he understands Judit’s intention, he cautions her that Zelda doesn’t understand what it means to protect a life. Zelda and Lotte continue to spend time together and slowly they become friends. Then a llama comes attacking. Zelda swiftly uses her wooden sword to protect Lotte and defeat the llama without the help of the adults. That’s when Zelda decided to become a knight and protect the princess. In present time, Attley blurts out several embarrassing stuff of Zelda but soon he experiences his chronic disease. Judit remembers now this was the reason for his early retirement. Yeah, a scandal with a young boy. Looks like he’s the yaoi kind and seeing Naoya’s pretty face has got his chronic disease working up…

The third part sees the important event of how Mercelida and Naoya met and thus how Asuha was conceived. When Mercelida was about to be crowned queen, she went missing. She didn’t like all this coronation stuff. Her bat chased after her at the World Tree and before they knew it, they fell through the gate. Mercelida and batty crash down into the pond and brought young Naoya who was reading a book on the pine with them. Naoya brings them back home to dry. Mercelida senses that Naoya has some insane magical power in which humans in this world do not. Plus, he’s cute. Looks like her horniness is starting to activate. So as Mercelida introduces herself, she mentions she is supposed to be the queen but ran away. She feels nobody will worry about her because she had 2 sisters who used to play with her when she was young. She felt either one of them should’ve been queen if not for a sad twist of fate that plunged everything into conflict. I don’t know what the real reason was (power struggle as once mentioned in the TV series?) but I guess they both died. Mercelida shed angry tears that if she knew this was going to happen, she wished she was never born into the royalty. Then Naoya hugs her because that’s what mommy does whenever he cried. So it took a kid to comfort her? Feeling much better that night, Mercelida decides to replenish her power and return to her own world. How? You guessed it. Sex! I don’t know, but did they have sex in a dream? Oh Naoya, welcome to manhood! Feels good, eh? Back home, Mercelida has become queen and she remembers something she forgot to do: To ask Naoya’s name.

Lotte’s Sex Toy…
Well, just not yet. It was nice on how things ended but it feels like it’s just the start. So Naoya and Asuha can continue living in Alfheim thanks to Ini’s research in maintaining the gates open at all time without the effects of unstable power again. At least for now. How she does it feels like lazy writing but I could not care less because I’m just glad that everybody gets to be together. It was already heartbreaking to see them part. Like as though it was very hard to get them to separate even if they have been living together for a while. There were a few cases that I find somewhat inconsistent. For instance if Asuha is Mercelida’s daughter, then shouldn’t she be also be considered as part of Alfheim? This means she is half Succubus and half human but the World Tree treats her like a foreign object and was attempting to erase her. See what I mean? And the odd part is that if Asuha only recently saw her mom, wasn’t she surprised to see her as a Succubus? I mean, for a normal girl, it’s normal to think that your mom is a cool busty pretty woman. But not a cool busty pretty Succubus. Unless she already knew it before Mercelida hand her over to Naoya. But then again, at that age you’d be too young to remember or understand lots of things. Then that communication thing between the worlds is another mind boggling thing. Just couldn’t comprehend how they could establish connection to a different world. Wave signals can go through other worlds without problems but not humans? And if Naoya and Asuha are at Alfheim, what about their friends or relatives back in Earth? Do they know where they have been during their absence? Do they even have any?

So looks like Naoya has been upgraded from Lotte’s personal toy to something even more? But one thing’s for sure, she looks to him more favourably now. So if he is not her toy, maybe a servant then? Sounds better right? His helpful nature can be a double-edged sword. He is so kind that sometimes it may hurt the ones around him, especially Lotte who is tsundere. I know princesses like her are stereotyped as spoilt brats but at least she too realizes the importance of others. She doesn’t mistreat people though she may be selfish and unfriendly at first, she too has conscious and would admit her mistake. Oddly if Lotte is a Succubus, one must wonder when she would develop humungous boobs. That is a must for every grown Succubus, right? So by staying flat-chested is like having a vampire without fangs. Saying a Succubus that doesn’t need sex is like saying a vampire doesn’t need blood. Eventually Lotte will have to grow up and go around that thinking. But that is completely another matter. Point to ponder: If Naoya and Lotte do have sex, would it be like incest? Well, Lotte and Naoya aren’t blood related. Asuha’s sunny disposition makes her the liveliest characters in the series. She is so sporting and is fine with everything that nothing dampens her except when you badmouth her family. She is even supportive when her daddy is supposed to ‘get sucked’. Does she understand what it means? It’s like she’s having fun all the way. But I guess it’s better to be positive than be afraid of the impact of society’s norms. Well, in Rome, do what the Romans do. But to think that she doesn’t like wearing panties, it’s like she has no modesty at all. No fear to bare all! Every lolicon’s dream loli.

I thought Sigurd’s appearance would signal the start of a serious love triangle battle between Naoya and Lotte but it wasn’t the case. That prince’s role just felt like he is just for comic relief in which he is because of his idiotic ways. You got to give him credit that he doesn’t give up easily too. The only one who can put a stop to his pranks is Dora who at times has foresight on what that pervert would do and puts her plan in motion before the idiot knew what hit him. And if Sigurd is still persistent and everybody else is okay, don’t you think he can be part of Lotte’s harem too? Think about it. She can start amassing her own harem already. Of course Naoya could be at the top of her list always. But sometimes it’s not the quantity but the quality. Something that alone Naoya can do to satisfy and bring a smile to Lotte. Speaking of love triangle, what happened to Ini’s love for Naoya? Unless the custom differs in Alfheim, kissing a guy on the lips and confessing that you love him means… You really like him, right? And you want him to be your lover too, no? Don’t tell me a sage is just saying that for fun without giving much thought? Unless she meant she loves Naoya as a research subject than that’s a different story. But the kiss… I wish the other characters would have their own screen time to flesh out their character more but given the short nature of this series, this isn’t so. Thus it is just amusing to know that Olaf writes the best haiku (at least to them) and really gets passionate about it, Effie gives the best milk in the land (I should try some too), Erika the best and understanding frenemy Lotte’s got and Judit’s dominatrix tools… Hmm… Something about that fetish makes me curious about her. Is that a reason why she didn’t get a man of her own? Nah. That’s totally unrelated.

Rie Kugimiya is once again at her best doing tsundere lolis. It is without doubt that I can picture nobody else doing this role other than her. Yukari Tamura was a surprise as Asuha. I still recognize that squeaky voice of hers and she sounds perfect and cute in voicing the cheerful Asuha. It’s not that I could recognize Rina Satou’s voice anyway but she plays Naoya here. I guess if she makes a voice like Misaki in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun, probably I would. A few of the other recognizable casts include Yui Horie as Effie (Kotori in Da Capo), Yuko Gotou as Erika (Abiru in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), Chiwa Saito as Ini (Rebecca in Pani Poni Dash) and Cho as Olaf (Brook in One Piece). At least when they open their mouth, I was able to go, “Aha! It’s that voice. I know who he/she is”. Others include Ayumi Fujimura as Zelda (Misaki in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Hitome Nabatame as Judit (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana), Yuko Minaguchi as Mercelida (Akiko in Kanon), Yuko Kaida as Ursula (Ryoumou in Ikkitousen), Hiroyuki Yoshino as Sigurd (Firo in Baccano), Kana Asumi as Dora (Yuno in Hidamari Sketch), Ryoko Shiraishi as Helga (Hayate of Hayate No Gotoku), Miyu Matsuki as Mist (Yoshinoya in Hidamari Sketch), Ryou Hirohashi as Yuna (Kyou in Clannad) and newbie Yui Hatano as Lucca.

The opening theme is Tenshi No Clover by Aimi and sounds like your pretty generic anime pop that suits this kind of anime genre. The ending theme is Manatsu No Photograph by Azusa. Surprisingly this slow and calm ballad is to my liking. On a trivial note, each of the title has a punctuation mark in it. No, not the symbol, but the words that is part of the title to partly describe the event. So I was left pondering on what does it mean when they say “The First Semicolon”, “Backslash Fever”, “Quotation of Crossing”, “Secret Apostrophe” or “The Asterisk Over The Air”. Well, many of the objects in Alfheim have this flowery and cute pattern so maybe putting those punctuation marks may also seem like it? For the mid-intermission, we have sketches of the characters in the series. Some cute and some… Oh heck, all of them are cute. As for the fanservice, I would consider them mild. Unless you’re a total lolicon.

In the past where Succubi were depicted as frightening creatures, I guess in today’s culture and especially animes like these, nobody is going to freak out seeing one if they turn out to be super busty (cup size that are seemingly out of this world) and ultra beautiful. No guy would stand a chance or hesitate to get down and dirty with them. It only takes a ‘special’ kind not to get turned on (ED?) and not be affected by their advances. So by having a Succubus ruling a kingdom, would it mean it’s sex every day? Well, better to make love and peace than war, right? But having someone who is your sex toy in this world just means S&M play.

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