Astro Boy

November 19, 2005

This was the one that started it all, Tezuka Osamu’s Astro Boy. Without it, where would the development of Japanese manga and anime be right now. Currently, this version of Astro Boy is the more polished version. That is, in terms of the drawing, animation and sound. But the overall storyline still remains somewhat similar. You see, Astro is a super-ahead-of-its-time robot created by Dr Tenma as a replacement for his late son, but was later revived by Dr O’Shay to help the police fight against bad robots. As usual, not being a 100% robot, he also experiences some feelings and tries to go through life as a normal young lad. However, there’re some parties who look down upon him (not because of his size). So he tries his best to fit in. And like most super hero stories, battling with evil androids (I also noticed that the building structures are sure to get damaged during the fight), and protecting the good and innocent citizens from harm are all part of the ingredient. Isn’t it typical. But like I said, this was one of the pioneers, so I guess it wouldn’t be a bad thing after all reviving back a little nostalgia.

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