Baby Love

November 17, 2006

Amazingly, how much can one put into a series that has only 1 episode and spans approximately 30 minutes long. Well, that’s the case for the OVA, Baby Love. Yeah, you know me, the reason I wanted to watch this was because, it’s short. Really short. So in a way I got my wish and more than what I bargained for, huh?
So is there really much one can get from just 1 episode from a love-comedy genre? Well, also that depends. It’s kinda like watch-and-forget since there’re won’t be any serious or long term character developments. And since, it’s only 1 episode, everything that the producers wants has been cramped into 1 episode. Maybe.
Okay, the show starts off with that usual flashback when the protagonist, Seara Arisugawa and Shuhei Seto, when they’re much younger. Actually there’s some age difference between the 2. She’s only 3 years his junior (okay, maybe it’s not that bad). Seara looked like some elementary school kid while Shuhei probably some junior high student. We first see Seara, who’s watching Shuhei playing some lone-basketball, decided that she’d be Shuhei’s future bride. But Shuhei isn’t too amused, much to Seara’s disappointment at first. However, Shuhei told her that he might consider it if she grows up to be a beautiful lady. And you know what that means? Yup, she’s all determined to do grow up fast and win his heart. Ah… young innocent pure love.
Fast forward 4 years later, seems that Seara really did grow up fast and is no more that kiddie looking girl like before. As mentioned by her too, that Shuhei doesn’t remember her, was because of that. And she’s more determined than ever. She’s even moved into Shuhei’s household since her parents are moving to America and bunking in the same room as Shuhei’s little sister, Koharu (same age as Seara), much to her displeasure. At first I thought Koharu’s a boy, with that ambiguous look and voice. Then I thought, why would Seara share a room with a guy? And also, Koharu’s got a boy, Wataru Nikaido, whom she has a crush on. Plus, since I’m guessing it isn’t going to be yaoi type of relationship, therefore, she’s gotta be a girl, don’t you think?
Of course, there’ll be some quarrel between the 2 at first. Who wouldn’t if some stranger takes half of your room. Oh well, but I guess Koharu’s got no choice as Seara uses some blackmail tactics (a pic of Wataru) to keep her at bay. I guess she’s really into making Shuhei hers.
Later that night, Seara decides to ask Shuhei to bring her to some amusement park called Ribbon Land. Good news is, he agrees. Bad news is, he decides to bring others as well. So much for her date plan. Then there’s that funny part where Seara and Koharu had some ‘confrontation’ where they’re saying different things out loud (like Seara says how happy she’d let Koharu come along and Koharu said she couldn’t because she had something to do) but in their minds meant a totally different thing about going to the park (which Seara meant don’t interfere and Koharu’s I’m not afraid of you).
Next day, at the amusement park, the 2 had their fun here and there. Out of the blue while they’re resting, Shuhei asked her if he’s met her somewhere before. Though Seara gave him some subtle hints, she didn’t want him to remember her just yet. And Shuhei didn’t. Seara seems down with that reaction. Well, isn’t that what you wanted? So some talk here and there and we see how determined Seara is in her quest. As Seara goes off to get some juice, Shuhei bumps into his datinas-couple-friends, Kou Sekiue and Ayano Nishina, who couldn’t believe Shuhei’s going out on a date with a girl who’s only in elementary school. But Shuhei explains he’s just acting as a guardian.
Later when the 2 are having their meal, Seara comments how good looking the couple is and went on saying something like how heartbreaking it is for other people when they got together. Then Shuhei said jokingly that he was one of them. This made Seara a little worried and decided to confess. However, as she’s confessing she noticed Shuhei ogling at some ladies walking pass outside. *Smack*. Oh well, he isn’t listening, much to her frustration.
Later back at home, Koharu mockingly said to Seara that she knows the look of being rejected when she comes into her room. But Seara disagreed and said the confession is only being delayed. Thus, she came to conclusion that Shuhei may like women with large breasts and she has bought some breast enhancement device to turn her A-cup into an F-cup. I guess that’s a long way to go from A to F, but since she grew up so fast within the last 4 years, this might just work.
Next day as Seara and Koharu walks to school, Koharu caught a glimpse of Wataru and their eyes met. The usual blushing, but then the brush-off. Ah, the signs are there but they just couldn’t admit it. Later, Seara sneaks into Shuhei’s junior high school by dressing as one and goes about asking details and information about Ayano. Yeah, a lot of good comments like how she’s a good listener, smart pretty, bla bla bla. I guess Seara’s not too amused. Then she heard that the other girls at that time thought Shuhei and Ayano were in love with each other. Shock! I guess that’s it for today.
As Seara is leaving the school building, she caught a glimpse of Shuhei staring at Ayano from afar. Oh no. She must be thinking that what the girls said were true. Could it be that Shuhei still harbours some feelings for Ayano? As a teary Seara runs away, she bumped into Shuhei’s classmate, Rai Shido, but quickly ran off. And that Rai guy has pretty much fallen for her. Yeah, those blushes. So typical. And since Rai’s on cloud nine, when he bumps into Shuhei telling him how he’s fallen in love at first sight with some ‘angel’. Of course, Shuhei wouldn’t know what he’s talking about. Meanwhile Seara’s crying at some corner.
Later back at home that night, Seara just stayed in bed, not coming down for dinner. Even Shuhei’s parents noticed something wrong with her but didn’t take any action. Most probably they think it’s some normal teenage girly problem. But Koharu suspects something as she later goes to chat with her. Soon a gloomy Seara told her everything. She even told her that Ayano is a C-cup. Haih. Koharu thought that she may have given up. Suddenly, Seara became energetic and her gloominess lifted and strive to become a perfect person like Ayano. But Seara after looking at Koharu, decides to do something first.
Yup, the next day, she went to obtain information on Wataru’s background. And she seems like a stalker. Following everywhere Wataru goes, from P.E. class to his shoe locker. Must be getting on his nerves. Wataru friends are thinking that there might be a love triangle between him, Seara and Koharu, but Wataru denies it, saying he’s not even in love with Koharu. So obvious, you’re not good at lying, aren’t you? Also, why is Seara doing all this? As she explains to Koharu that she’s gonna play cupid for the both of them. Yeah, she felt a need to help Koharu out on her first love, even though it’s none of her business.
So Seara finally moves in for the ‘kill’ as she confronts Wataru and gets tough with him to tell her who he really likes. Well, I think he bowed to pressure and confessed out loud that he likes Koharu. And Koharu’s listening nearby. Oh this must be embarrassing. But the 2 manage to hit off, though the occassional shy-shy attitude. Aww… And now it’s Seara’s turn as she proclaimed.
Next day, Seara’s thinking that this was supposed to be a private date with Shuhei. Then we see how all of Shuhei’s friends together with them at some ice skating rink. Yeah, Seara’s also thinking how did it end up like this, so is Wataru. Haha. Skate skate skate. And during that Ayano bumped into Seara and said that she’s not good with sports. This made Seara think that Ayano may not be so perfect afterall, and then they both had some chat together.
We find out that Ayano had previously confessed to Shuhei but he rejected her by saying that he doesn’t see them both more than just friends. It was a huge shocker for Ayano as she liked him too. And then later it was Kou who confessed to her and lifted her out of her depression. Thus the 2 started dating. What a big relief it must be for Seara. But it seems that Ayano knows that Seara’s in love with Shuhei, giving her that wink and saying not to worry about her.
Rai arrives late and caught a glimpse of his dream girl. Yeah, he’s getting all excited and he’s decided to talk to her. Unfortunately, he slipped in his hurry and bumped Seara from behind. Some misunderstanding as Seara thought he’s a pervert. Just then Shuhei happened to notice them. He quickly went there and punched the guy, only realizing too late that is was Rai. And when he comes to, Rai and Shuhei came to know of each other’s circumstances and as Rai’s gonna tell Shuhei about the time where Seara sneaked in to Shuhei’s school, Seara kicked his sheen. She took him away and pretend to get some medical attention. She’s asking Rai to forget about that school incident. But it seems that Rai’s always saying "how cute, how cute". Is he listening? Yeah he is. And in exchange to keep it a secret, Rai wants her to date him. She must’ve agreed. No choice though. And Rai’s telling it to Shuhei the next day in school. And when he says that he might ‘get lucky’ on his first date, Shuhei got made and pulled his shirt. Is Shuhei? But he soon calmed down. And back home, Shuhei’s having some deep thoughts about Seara on the things she said on love. Looks like he’s getting closer to the truth… after so long. And he seems pretty concerned too about Seara but makes it as though he didn’t care. Another obvious case.
Next day, Rai and Seara are seemingly dating. Have some fun here and there. Then Rai started to notice that Seara may be in love with Shuhei afterall, since that talk about giving Shuhei some sweater for Christmas. But Rai’s still in denial. And what’s this? Shuhei coming downtown to look for them. Okay, this is downright obvious he has feelings for her. And while Rai and Seara were having lunch, Rai seems spaced out about Seara-Shuhei thing and wasn’t even listening to what Seara asked him. Actualy she’s asking him about Shuhei’s younger days. Since Rai wanted to make Seara like him, he decided to lie to her saying that Shuhei was popular among many girls when he’s young.
Then Rai even mentioned about some weird little girl who’s always following him. And Seara later realized and told Rai that that weird little girl was actually her. Talk about coincidence. Looks like his plan has backfired. Uh-huh, he heard how determined she was to be with Shuhei. Just then, Rai saw Shuhei watching them from across the road. He decides to make him jealous by hugging Seara from behind, much to her surprise. Is Rai’s plan gonna work? Well, Shuhei seems pretty cool about it. He wasn’t that angry. As Shuhei approaches, Seara pushes Rai off, bumping into somebody else’s table. As she went to apologize, Shuhei then told her to come back with him. Well, though reluctant to leave Rai like that, but I guess if Shuhei wants her to, then probably she has to. As they leave, everybody else thought that Rai’s being dumped and rejected, much to his embarrassment. Too bad. Well, serves you right, since it was his fault, right?
As Shuhei and Seara walked back together, Shuhei explained that he probably wasn’t himself was probably because of Seara. A long pause and stare from the both of them. Could this be a confession? Well, it isn’t a direct one. But I guess you could tell from his body language. This made Seara very happy, and that flashback when they’re young, how she asked for him to wait for her, how she’ll do anything for the one she love most, since then from now and for always. You know that kind of stuff. End of the story. But it’s just the beginning for them.
Overall, this one off OVA is rather okay. Staying true to the saying ‘love conquers all’ and ‘the power of love’, I’m glad that with all those obstacles, I felt that Shuhei and Seara managed to be together in the end. Though it wasn’t that obvious. And that ending theme tune reminded me of one of that Rocky theme songs. At least it sounded that close. Maybe it’s to indicate the ‘fight’ will go on? Hahaha. Just made that up. The comedy is straight-forward simple, enough to make me laugh at times.
Since this is quite an old production, the drawing and animation isn’t that high-tech. The colouring too seems old and worn out. Probably animes from that age looked like that. Must be lah. The few characters in the series manage to play a little important role in Seara’s development in her ultimate quest. Though, I felt it wasn’t that much, but I guess it’s enough if it’s gonna be just for 1 episode. Oh well, ganbatte ne, Seara-chan!

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