This is one of those OVAs that I initially thought would span more than 1 episode. So I waited and waited and waited and waited for Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 Love to come out more episodes. Till I realized that there is only 1 damn episode! Well, that’s the thing with OVAs. Sometimes there is no fixed fixture of episode releases so it’s pretty hard to determine if there will be future episodes. Or maybe I wasn’t doing my homework. Sheesh… That’s why it took me a ‘long time’ to blog this episode.

So what is this single OVA about? Have you watched Sister Princess before? Yup. There is one very obvious similarity with this series. One brother, many sisters. Only difference is that instead of a dozen in Sister Princess, we have 19 sisters!!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! NINETEEN FREAKING SISTERS!!! One Nine!!! And you thought having a dozen was a handful already. The eldest being 18 years old and the youngest a newborn who isn’t even a year old!!! So you’re going to have all kinds of personalities, cliches, shapes and sizes of all the sisters you’re going to see. Nineteen sisters… I really can’t believe this. And if you add the young hot looking mama called, erm, let’s just call her Mama, that will be 20 girls living in this big house! It’s chaotic! I’m sure it is. Hey, wait a minute. Did I say a young hot mama? If every sister is blood related and Mama is their real mother, then she must be one hell of a baby making machine, right? So who the hell is this amorous husband f*cking his wife to even get 19 daughters?!

The single guy who is currently living with them as I figured out from watching the series, Youtarou is not blood related to them because he is somewhat the latest addition to the family. Good thing or bad thing? Well, either way it’s going to be tough and I suppose lots of people would start thinking you’re living in a pimp house. Nineteen darn sisters, I’d say… It’s going to be hard suppressing all those male hormones. How can you not when you have 19 gorgeous sisters by your side? A house filled with only girls, eh? I really don’t blame him if this house ever turns into a pimp house…

So the chaotic episode opener sees us being introduced to all the girls in the Amatsuka household. Their names and their seniority. I’m still so darn surprised by the number 19 that I have a hard time remembering their names even if they are as simple as Jane and Jill (okay, none of the girls have western names here). Youtarou returns home from school to see his sisters in various activities. Some love him, some hate him. Tall ones, short ones. Cheerful ones, quiet ones. Responsible ones, cheeky ones. Big ones, small ones. Busty ones, flat ones. Yeah, sisters do come in all shapes and sizes. If physical appearance wasn’t enough, we have one sister who can see ghosts and has a nine tail fox spirit as her pet! So Youtarou as usually has a hard time pleasing some of his onii-chan fetish sisters and ends up flat on the floor, accidentally and almost saw the panties of Tsurara, one of the sisters that doesn’t like him and calls him a manservant. She isn’t going to accept him as part of the family. Mama heard that and it breaks her heart to hear her daughter say that. She has an idea to make them grow closer to each other. She has Youtarou be the cameraman to film a promotional video of his sisters. Some love it, some don’t. I hope this isn’t a start of the awakening of a voyeurism journey.

When you have so many sisters and want to make a promotion film, what is the best location and setting? Swimsuits and a river outing! Oh yeah, all the fanservice you need and desires you dream of in the world are here. Get that camera rolling! Another onii-chan hater, Urara slaps Youtarou when he touches her butt. Is he starting off his sexual harassment starting with her? Causing a commotion and not ever going to forgive him, 18th daughter, Sora pokes Urara’s butt to reveal a hole in her swimsuit. Urara gets embarrassed for jumping the gun while the rest comments Youtarou’s ‘kindness’. I’m sure he’s a kind person. Am I surprised his horniness isn’t awakened yet? Youtarou continues to film the other sisters, including giving his ice cream to daughter number 16, Sakura; daughter number 14, Mari allowing Youtarou to like this princess’ foot; filming Kosame’s shyness. Some of the lolis need to use the bathroom so Youtarou starts carrying Mizuki in his arms. Once that is done, Urara confronts him outside to thank him tsundere style. He compliments her beautiful swimsuit so she turns into 100% tsundere but eventually thanking him.

Youtarou plays beach volleyball with the elder sisters. I guess there are certain parts more bouncy than the ball so he couldn’t focus or take his eyes off them. Please, there are some flat chests playing too. As punishment for not paying attention, he gets hit by the ball in the head and almost got knocked out. Continuing the game as Youtarou spikes, his force must be too strong so much so he dislodges Hikaru’s top. It got washed away by the current. Meanwhile Tsurara and Watayuki are on a raft but the strong current means they’re heading down the waterfall if they don’t get off. Youtarou and Mizore swim to the raft to try and pull it aside but it’s too strong (they can swim with the strong current?). Hikaru throws a rope to pull them to the side but she also sprains her ankle.

Youtarou walks into the hotspring and becomes embarrassed upon knowing it is mixed. But Hikaru doesn’t mind him seeing this is their family bath and that he is part of the family. Elsewhere Rikka, Hotaru and Haruka are talking about their boob’s size and this irks Tsurara because she’s flat. She quickly heads to the hotspring but to her surprise finds Youtarou there. Not wanting to let him see her body and the bodies of her other incoming sisters, she forces him to hide underwater. Because that guy is struggling for air, his hands accidentally strokes Tsurara and Hikaru’s butt, causing them to make weird noises and baffling the other sisters. When Youtarou tries escaping via swimming underwater (using a submarine metaphor?), it’s too late because the other sisters jump in, blocking his path. He runs out of air and surfaces. Thing is, he surfaced when Tsurara was right on top of him. So it’s like she’s sitting on his shoulders! Some sisters surprised, some amazed. Tsurara starts beating up Youtarou so he slips and knocks them both out.

I guess some of them couldn’t sleep at night but why are Haruka and Hikaru teasing him to put dripping lotion all over their body?! Haruka was serious but Hikaru stops everything and reveals her impulse to just tease him while she takes her other sister away. But this isn’t the end of his troubles. He is soon forced (tied up to be precise) to watch Rikka and Hotaru’s mini skirt idol costume. Rikka is serious in wanting to show she is not a little girl anymore and pins him to the floor. Before the unimaginable could happen, they are scared off by Tsurara. The duo chat and Tsurara displays her tsundere part. She’s thanking him but she’s not. Get what I mean? Then their faces got too close to each other and they kiss! Seriously, did you expect this especially coming from a tsundere? Mizore saw everything and teases Tsurara so the latter excuses herself. Soon after that, Mizore also kisses Youtarou. Later Youtarou sees Hikaru trying to search for her lost bikini at the river. Seriously, at this time? The fish in the ocean must be wearing it by now. He carries her like a princess but she feels embarrassed. From a distance, this scene may look quite ambiguous the way Hikaru is struggling. Eventually she gives in. As he carries her back to the sleeping quarters, she mentions that it is a miracle that of all the countless people in the world, he became part of their family. I agree. A miracle and not a fluke indeed. Then they kiss. Not once but twice.

Back home when they are ready to watch what has been recorded, to their surprise it starts off with the girls changing into their swimsuits with some of them pulling off their pranks and antics. Oh dear. So this is what was filmed? Some like it, some don’t. Some embarrassed some just cool. Tsurara stars beating up Youtarou for this immorality but as they found out, it was actually the camera in Asahi, the youngest daughter’s toy. So she was the one filming? The real filming (which serves as the end credits) sees the girls dancing and doing other activities during the trip. As eldest daughter Miharu asks Youtarou if everyone was trying to kiss him. She reveals before the trip, Mama told most of them to be nice to Youtarou during the trip since he is having trouble fitting in with a big family and to perhaps kiss him. Hikaru who wasn’t there that time didn’t know about it and realized the kiss she made with Youtarou. So I guess her kiss is the most genuine and from her heart, eh?

Sister Empire!
Hah. This OVA wasn’t anything special in particular. With so many sisters in the spotlight, it’s hard for them all to get a fair share of screen time. Seems the ‘important’ ones like Tsurara and Hikaru do get more screen time but even so I don’t feel that there is anything significant other than to provide a little amusement and drama for this one-shot OVA. It would be a headache for me if I were to try and recall which sister is which. Their faint presence was precariously hanging on to my memory and once the episode ended, there is a big possibility I have forgotten about them. Not just their name (did I remember them in the first place?) but their appearance or any unique traits. There are quite a number of seiyuus that I know lending their voice here such as Yuko Goto, Rina Satou, Haruka Tomatsu, Ao Yuuki, Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi and Kanae Itou. They are instantly recognizable upon hearing their voice. Except for Natsuko Kuwatani as Mama. No “~desu”, no recognize.

Watching a series with a bunch of cuties like them, you would expect fanservice at every corner. Well, I won’t say that the fanservice is that mind blowing but are scattered throughout the episode. Even when Hikaru went topless for quite a considerable stretch, there are these natural censors that conveniently cover her boobs. Only at one point you’d be able to see everything clearly. With the wide range of ladies, I’m sure they cater to those who are lolicons or into mature ones. That’s why you have the first half of the episode with the girls in swimsuits and then the second half in the inn.

It still boggles me why Mama would want to take in Youtarou seeing her already huge family of girls. Maybe she’s got tired of having all females in the house and a male would do some good. So far so good. He must be doing a good job holding in his horniness. The occasional gawking is natural since he is a healthy growing boy. He must be the envy of his friends if they ever know he is living with a bunch of sisters. Well, if there is ever a perverted version of Youtarou, I’m sure this anime would have been rated as an H-game for adults only. Yeah, so many sisters, so much things to do, so little time. Will Mama be willing to have more additions to the family? I’m sure she’s up to the task. The world’s population has already hit 7 billion people, you know… She’s doing a pretty good job adding to that statistic if it’s not the fact this is just an anime story. I just thought about this too. Maybe the sisters are also adopted… They may be calling each other like as though they are a blood related family but that is just to show respect and act like a family because well, they are family. So maybe having 19 sisters who aren’t really blood related would work in this way.

An aspect of this series using such an extended family is perhaps to convey the meaning of what it is like to live with a very big family. Everyone may be different in each of his or her own ways, there may be big arguments and small squabbles but it boils down to one very simple and important fact: Everyone is part of the family. This special bond and love whether blood related or not is essential to keep the family unit together. Even if sisters like Urara and Tsurara don’t like Youtarou, rest assured it’s just their tsundere style of love and deep down, they love him as much as any other sisters. How I know? I’ve seen lots of these types to know they do! Hah. So if you think having 19 sisters is just so wrong, then have you heard of a certain man in a remote village having 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren! No joke! Yeah, he doesn’t mind having more and have what it takes to keep it coming. Well like they say, the more the merrier.

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