OMG! Backstreet’s back alright! Wait a minute…. What is that you say? You mean this is not Japan giving Backstreet Boys their own anime? Even if they have broken up a long time ago and did some reunion stints over the past few years? You mean this is not an anime about Backstreet Boys teaming up with Goo Goo Dolls to create one of the weirdest gender bender music show?! Holy sh*t! You mean to say that Back Street Girls – Gokudolls is about a group of failed yakuza members who are forced to undergo a sex change surgery and become cute kawaii idols as repentance? I’ll say, bring it on! That works for me too!

Episode 1A
Looks like a group of yakuza guys fouled up big time. The big boss of the Inugane gang, Kimanjirou Inugane AKA Oyabun is not impressed with Kentarou “Aniki” Yamamoto, Ryou Tachibana and Kazuhiko “Kazu” Sugihara and wants them to go for sex reassignment in Thailand and become idols. You heard that right. Otherwise he will sell their organs. Or they could just die if they cannot decide in 5 seconds! Holy sh*t! And so a year later, the trio became the famous back street idols known as Gokdolls. Folks, meet Airi (Aniki), Mari (Ryou) and Chika (Kazu)! While male fans squeal in amazement of their cuteness, at the backstage they are still the tough and rough yakuza at heart, confused with what the f*ck they’re doing. They reminisce the harsh ‘retraining’ and mental reconditioning they had undergone a year ago that was scarily effective.

Episode 1B
When Aniki first joined the gang, Oyabun viewed him as having lots of prospective and they even exchanged wine cups. But now the irony of them singing about wine cups as idols feels like sh*t. Even more so when Oyabun acting as their producer is the one who wrote the lyrics! Airi asks if their wine cup is still valid. Oyabun writes it off because she is now an idol. Poor Airi goes into heavy drinking although the rest warns her about the photo shoot tomorrow. Oyabun then barges in to beat up Airi and tells them to go to bed. Because of their photo shoot tomorrow, their skin must be perfect! But didn’t Oyabun just messed up Airi’s face?!

Episode 1C
Mandarin Kinoshita is a renowned idol manager and has helped many idols become stars. Hence he is hired to do the same for Gokudolls. Assessing them the first time, he can tell they are just putting on a show like as though they’ve been controlled by someone. You don’t say, huh? Plus, he couldn’t sense their inner cuteness. Later when Gokudolls are alone with Kinoshita, they warn him to not say unnecessary stuffs before their boss. But he is not cowed with their threats and think they are former delinquents. As he is unaware of their yakuza background and circumstances, they are forced to tone down and not resort to violence. Their training begins with Kinoshita starting with some mental training. Too bad they have no good memories and come to think of it, Oyabun is looking more like a demon. He changes the topic to think of a senior they admire. Yeah, it’s their tough ass big brother chief, Okashira. Kinoshita wants them to act like they confess to him so they fess up some shady stuffs they did. Kinoshita so confused.

Episode 1D
Kinoshita doesn’t understand why Gokudolls like playing hanafuda and mahjong. Idols don’t play them! He tries to motivate them but his words are coincidentally similar to Okashira. As Kinoshita decides to give them individual themes based on their characters, again they sound coincidentally similar to Okashira’s. More accurately, the last time they visited him in prison before he got locked away. Because of that, now they think Kinoshita is their Okashira.

Episode 1E
Gokudolls are doing a handshake event. Yeah, creepy otaku guys saying creepy I-love-you stuffs. But Airi recognizes this next weirdo shaking her hand. It’s Tooru Ooguroda of the Ooguroda gang! This is the guy that got them in this sh*t! Flashback reveals the trio got captured after messing up. Ooguroda told them he didn’t want to fight Inugane and ignore it but with the trio acting on their own, he has no choice but to go to war. However this sneaky bastard has an even more devilish plan. Knowing they don’t want to be killed here, he sends them back to their boss ‘to die’. He wants to see what kind of punishment they will get. Airi tries hard to contain her anger not to whack this dude although the rest want her to calm down as there are other innocent bystanders. But other otaku guys see Airi crying and think it is Ooguroda’s fault. They all start assaulting him. In the aftermath, the news shows how the otaku fans’ assault led to the biggest catch of a wanted criminal. Gokudolls are feeling so confused. They finally got their ‘revenge and nationwide broadcast’. But with the otaku fans screaming how much they love them and will always protect them, damn it’s just hard to swallow it all down.

Episode 2A
Airi and Chika receive many branded gifts from their fans. But Mari… So little and so normal… Because of that, she can’t help feel jealous. They get into a heated argument for a while before they realize they are still yakuza bros. That night as they sleep, Mari has this weird inner battle between her idol and yakuza side. Do you want to become a popular idol or a manly yakuza? In the end, perhaps the idol side won but since it is ‘fused’ with the yakuza side, it sounds so cringe when Mari talks so cutely. The others heard and it becomes even more embarrassing.

Episode 2B
Kazu was a mentor to Kimura when he was a newbie. Because of that, he became his follower. But now Oyabun has hired Kimura to be their assistant. He better not be turned on by their cuteness or Oyabun will cut off his dick! So Chika and Kimura talk and drink like old times. Chika is glad he still hasn’t forgotten about many stuffs. Kimura ends up drunk and when he is in this state, he strips. Nothing wrong to a yakuza except he is wearing Chika brand underwear!!!! WTF???!!!! So this dude is a Chika fan now? Chika as Kazu is so disappointed…

Episode 2C
Gokudolls will appear on a live radio talk show alongside their rivals, Buongirls. It is clearly obvious that Buongirls look down on them and even setting the pace. Gokudolls know if they mess this up, Oyabun is going to bat their asses! No wonder he has been going to the batting centre recently. Desperate, they seek Kinoshita’s help to get trendier. So honesty is the best policy, eh? Sounds easy. When they return from the break, when asked if they have romantic problems, Mari replies something about her pubic hair. WTF????!!!! You bet Oyabun is going to whack their asses when they get back. Ironically, Mari’s fan base grew… Perverts.

Episode 2D
Kinoshita hopes Gokudolls can communicate with each other more sisterly and femininely instead of brotherly-like. They get massaged by their stylist, Karin Mizugochi and although shocked at first when she starts touching them in various places, Karin says it is normal for girls to have such skinship like how guys do when getting naked in the bath together. Hence they get this idea to communicate by rubbing each other’s boobs! HELL YEAH! But… It feels so f*cking awkward. Does it feel good? Does it feel bad? So confusing. Can’t tell. Maybe rub a little longer, something good may come up… Nothing…

Episode 2E
Aniki remembers his life. From a broken family and his mom had an affair with a punk and didn’t care for him. In school, he had no friends and got into fights he didn’t want to. As an adult, he couldn’t do anything right. So when he joined the yakuza, life just got edgier. He realized he had no family, friends, laughter or warmth. That’s why seeing Gokudolls having a blast with Kimura, he could feel that warmth. He visits a bar he used to frequent. He orders his usual but the bar master remembers only someone orders this drink. He heard he screwed up and is dead. Airi wants to know more about this ‘guy’ so master explains how a kind soul he is and came here to drink as repentance for beating up someone. He liked that guy although naturally he never liked the yakuza. Airi returns to her warmth and is glad Gokudolls is the best thing that happened because he doesn’t have to hurt anybody here. Until Oyabun barges in. Looks like he will be hurt instead because he is forcing them to do a 50 hour hugging event. 50 HOURS???!!!

Episode 3A
Kinoshita prides himself from the studies and data he researched, he practically knows everything there is to know about girls. He can handle any girl. Until Gokudolls. Because Mari is talking to him about her problems of constipation, haemorrhoids and sh*t. No data on that. Does not compute! Eventually he tells her to go see a doctor. For the first time Kinoshita has never felt so defeated. But he tries to shift the blame she is a weirdo and his data is still correct. He thinks he can regain his pride with Airi but with her drinking and screaming she wants her dick back, time to go back to school. Refreshers course?

Episode 3B
Kinoshita sets up Gokudolls for a movie audition. But the director and producer of course look down on them thinking they are one of those generic idols. They are made to adlib and be creative with the props. Coincidentally the scene is an injured yakuza lady boss! Gokudolls think they can do it. Drawing inspiration from Okashira, they go overboard with their acting. No, actually it’s for real! This of course shocks the staff with their real acting. In the end, they even decapitated the mannequin! Too bad they got rejected because they think their supporting role stood out more than the protagonist.

Episode 3C
Kazu (as Chika) goes back to see her father. Damn, daddy thinks this must be some elaborated scam! He proudly tells her off to get the gender right and is proud of his son as a yakuza! It took a while to convince him. The rest are worried about Mari if she should go see her father. She knows father will not accept her like this as he too was part of the yakuza but retired. Flashback shows father telling Ryou not to join the yakuza. Ryou was very confronting despite dad telling him he regretted joining one and would redo his life if he had the chance. That was 10 years ago. Mari calls him and they agree to meet. Guess what? Mari is the one with the biggest shock because dad is now a tranny!!! HOLY SH*T! Is this now a mother-daughter relationship?! Looks like she’ll be drinking harder tonight.

Episode 3D
Shinji Takemura is Inugane’s treasurer. Oyabun has found out about his embezzlement and as punishment, he is to become an idol like his bros in Gokudolls. Or sell his organs. Or die. He talks to Gokudolls about this but eventually decides he would rather die than become idols. Gokudolls are worried because if Takemura kills himself, others would start thinking how brave he is but his other brothers are just cowards. To protect their reputation, they try to scare him that Oyabun will not kill him so easily and the benefits of being an idol. He is convinced and goes to Thailand. When he returns, man, his transformation guy is just ugly! So ugly that Oyabun doesn’t want him to be an idol, forgive his embezzlement and just excommunicate him! Oh damn! And he wanted so much to be an idol! Now he has to go live in some gay district…

Episode 3E
Oyabun punishes Gokudolls after catching them sneaking out late to convenient stores. Yeah, he has got this sick impression of idols going to bed early by talking to their teddy bears until they sleep! Plus, they’re going to do some ‘bedroom work’ with some president. Can idols be dirtied? Oh, they are yakuzas now?! The trio has a photo shoot with Oilshock Yamakoshi AKA Oiyama. Despite being the biggest douche spewing profanities in every line, nobody could touch him because he is so damn good in his job. So when he abuses Airi, inside she is going to explode but manages to stay calm. The abuse still continues. During the break, they thought of giving up but can’t because they have gotten this far and have no friends. When they return, they see Oyabun and his men beating the sh*t out of this jerk. He gives him a choice to move to South America or 6 feet under!!!! They’re so glad he still values them. Until they realize he sees them as his toys and have to make him more money. Their boss, their hero, their devil… So true…

Episode 4A
Gokudolls are being interviewed about their training. However all they can think of is the hell training Oyabun gave them. Sorry, can’t go into details. Heck, there was one time they even had to cooperate and kill a bear! Are they really training to be idols or some jungle military survivor?!

Episode 4B
Kazu proposed to his girlfriend but told her he has a big job next month that could make or break him. If he succeeds, they’ll be set for life. But of course we all know that didn’t happen. So in another Gokudolls concert, Chika is shocked to see his girlfriend now hanging with another guy! WTF are they doing at this place. Because of that, Chika instead of singing starts ranting and complaining about a certain backstabbing woman and breaks down on stage. Damn, Oyabun is watching as he calls to make arrangements that Chika cannot arrive for the next photo shoot because she got involved in an accident and is hospitalized…

Episode 4C
Hiroshi is a NEET and an obsessed fan of Mari. Look at all his goods in his room on her. His mom tells him to get a job but of course he tells her off. Is protecting Mari a real job? At a Gokudolls concert, he gets into a fight with another fan. He goes home all bruised. Even more so when his room is cleaned out. No more Mari stuffs. He gets into a fight with his father in which his shirt got ripped. Hiroshi is shocked to see a rare Mari swimsuit he is wearing that he was unable to buy. Yeah, mother is so freaking shocked…

Episode 4D
Ryou broke up with his girlfriend simply because he hates sweet things and she baked him a really sweet cheesecake. Now Gokudolls are supposed to do a food interview and Mari must eat this cheesecake. On the first try, she curses this thing! After calming down and making his resolve, the second try sends him to heaven! Or at least some other dimension in which he sees his ex-girlfriend who is so happy he can eat cake. Mari is knocked out but not before giving some out of this world good comments that.

Episode 4E
Airi is being harassed by Tarou Iwamura. Apparently he is one of the top executives in Inugane. He doesn’t care they were men as he likes idols and boobs (I guess idol boobs are better than his wife’s boobs). To save their own skin, Mari and Chika give excuse to allow Iwamura to be alone with Airi. But after remembering how much Aniki has always helped them, they go back to help. Too bad their faces got beaten to a pulp. Of course Oyabun is not going to forgive this bastard and beats him up. Gokudolls will still face their punishment. They have to do some mental training to become better idols. Ah, this solitary confinement does bring back some nostalgic memories.

Episode 4F
A cook, Teppei Okamoto holds a grudge against Gokudolls. 3 months ago when they interviewed him on his cooking, they point out the obvious how everything is just normal. Furthermore, the producers didn’t have time and money to edit and aired it like that. Not that anyone cares, right? And so his shop went bankrupt. Thus he has gathered all victims of Gokudolls to plot their downfall. Too bad the only other person he got is Hiroshi’s mom, Yuko. Can the meeting still proceed? Everything looks so gloomy…

Episode 5A
One day, Chika is wearing a scarf supposedly from a gift and tries to show off. The others are unimpressed. Next day, it is Mari showing off her gloves. Then it’s Chika and her boots again. So the ‘competition’ goes on until Airi blows her top that if it is getting cold, just turn on the damn heater. She does so but it is also a ploy to show off her corset and brag about it. Revenge? However she felt this victory as bittersweet.

Episode 5B
Ryou always admired Jin Takemura as a manly actor. Now as Gokudolls, they get to act with him for a scene and Mari is thrilled. Even if he isn’t into idols, at least he still maintains his pride that respects them and this awes Mari even further. At the end of their recording, Mari wants his autograph and is ushered into his car. She continues praising him as he ‘warns’ he isn’t as he seems in real life. Suddenly she sees his perverted rape face. Fearing the worst, Mari starts thinking and even though she admires him, she is willing to give her body. However Jin reveals he is a fan of Chika and had been wanting to ask her to get her autograph. DAMN!!!!!! That angry face isn’t going to subside any time soon.

Episode 5C
Oyabun has got a brother in America. Is he that Don? As in that Godfather? Anyway he heard about this idol business and is interested. Hence he will send a lackey of his to train under him. Folks, meet our young American of the God Money mafia, George. Quite a chirpy guy. Doesn’t really understand why Oyabun is strict. So as he talks to Gokudolls, it seems he is unaware of why they ended up so. He doesn’t even understand what this ‘transformation’ means. Heck, he even suggests a foursome! But Gokudolls pity him so much that they allow him to grope their boobs! Next day, he is shocked to hear Oyabun forcing him to head to Thailand. Then it all starts to make sense now…

Episode 5D
George is now a girl. Hmm… Not bad looking. Of course he is sad that he is screwed and fears he cannot return to America. Gokudolls understands and sympathizes with him. When Don visits to check things out, the bosses are impressed and praise be on Thailand. But when Don hears how much work is to put into that, he loses interest. Yeah, he wants to leave Oyabun with a gift. Uh huh. George is your present. Bye. Folks, meet Rina. The American intern student of Gokudolls!

Episode 5E
Kinoshita talks to Rina for the first time. As he is unaware of her mafia background, he gets the wrong idea about the ‘family’ he is talking about. He thinks she comes from a poor family from the slums forced to become an idol. Oh, her ‘brothers’? Those are her mafia bros. Kinoshita is very touched by her story and views it as wonderful.

Episode 5F
Remember Takemura and Iwamura? You can say they are both victims of Gokudolls. At least they think they are. Iwamura might not have sex reassignment but he has now boobs! Both lament their lives going downhill ever since. Meanwhile at the other victim meeting, looks like they haven’t got any new members as Yuko laments her husband divorced her and can’t go on living anymore. Teppei will not allow her to be alone and will be alone with her (huh?). A new romance blossoming? They are joined by Takemura and Iwamura. They’re now a couple???!!!! This should be a meeting association of weird couples!

Episode 6A
Gokudolls are tired from their hectic schedule. Rina has an idea. Make Oyabun mad and he’ll punch their face. The injury will be so bad that they’ll be put out for 5 days or more. They can use it to rest. What a great idea! So when they summon their courage and confront Oyabun for more rest days, of course Oyabun changes their schedule that they will be in an accident. Gokudolls accept this fate but is unprepared for what comes next. 2 days later, they are on stage doing a ‘special cosplay’. The fans love them in bandages and casts!!! Damn…

Episode 6B
Gokudolls are in a radio interview with a famous enka singer, Natsuko Tanaka. However she has a toxic personality and hates young idols. We see how she pisses them off by telling them to sing and dance and then doesn’t want to watch them. She even runs her mouth about them being cute to bait rich men. With Oyabun and his men listening, one of them wants to kill that b*tch when suddenly Oyabun beats the sh*t out of him!!! 30 years ago, Oyabun proposed and married Natsuko despite knowing her nature to beat men into submission. He made a promise to not forgive anyone who speaks badly of her in this one sided relationship. Oh…

Episode 6C
We see Natsuko’s hatred of idols stemmed when they were rising in the industry and became more popular than her. Hence she hires a private detective not to snoop about her husband having idol materials in his room but to find out more about Gokudolls. She wants to get revenge on idols. Meanwhile, Kinoshita believes hip hop is the next in-thing. Showing a rapper video, everyone is puzzled why Oyabun calls it pigeon. Soon the detective returns with a picture. A very ambiguous one because from this angle it looks like Airi is giving Oyabun a blowjob!!! Actually Oyabun was trying to act like the rapper and Airi was forced to move her head back and forth like a pigeon. You know, that’s what rappers do, right?!

Episode 6D
Natsuko confronts Oyabun and has him explain everything. However they are not on the same page. While he is serious about going forward with his idol business (he knows she hates idols, that’s why he didn’t say anything), she thinks he wants to add to his sleazy immoral harem. She is holding back only because the detective advised her to understand each other. And then a message from Airi saying she is tired and will do her best tomorrow. Definitely getting the wrong picture now.

Episode 6E
Natsuko has the detective find anything on Gokudolls. He heard they want a pet to enhance their cuteness or something and hoping the fans would indirectly give them one. Natsuko wants to send them a pet that looks cute on the outside but vicious on the inside. A terrapin. Yeah, she’s going to send it to them. However they ate it!!! OMFG!!! They even used the knife sent by her as a warning to slice it up! Mmm… Tasty… Natsuko has no choice but to go to the next stage. Hence she bribes a newspaper editor to write dirt on them. This article might be fake and Kinoshita believes it will only serve to enhance their popularity. But why is Oyabun unhappy? And Natsuko too? Both have the same idea the article is so small that no one will notice!!!

Episode 6F
Last resort for Natsuko. She still hates idols. Meanwhile Oyabun is starting to feel scared. I mean, really scared! Wow. If the demon himself is scared, is it the end of the world? He has this vision that 5 demons will come after him. Gokudolls think it’s some rival group but Oyabun believes he can’t even tell if they are men or women. Natsuko arrives at the meeting of Gokudolls victims. Yeah, she sees them happily dancing. This is her last resort? Yeah, with trans people here, no wonder Oyabun can’t tell… But at least they manage to scare Oyabun’s gang.

Episode 7A
George remembers f*cking his sexy Angelina. Oh yeah, how he would love to f*ck her again. Unfortunately as Rina now, sex is a very much taboo word. Hence Oyabun is going to give him some mental training by having holed up in a room watching porn with a dog for a week. WTF. At first it all seems normal until Rina realizes she cannot masturbate! The dog’s erected dick looks tempting. It moves on to watching the dog f*ck his b*tch and on the final day, Rina is now cleansed of all earthly desires. She doesn’t even know the meaning of sex…

Episode 7B
When the underlings report that Tanimura has been caught, Oyabun has bigger problems to worry about: Writing lyrics for Gokudolls! He doesn’t care about this dude because if he did something wrong, he should get caught. Let’s make the world a peaceful place! He should just give up being a yakuza… Anyway, Oyabun draws inspiration from the previous boss. On his deathbed, he gave Oyabun an island as a final gift. (Note, it might mean turf in yakuza language). Hence Gokudolls sing a song on this and it brings tears to Oyabun’s eyes. At the grave, Oyabun prays for his gratefulness. Then he realizes ex-Oyabun’s final words to treasure those who support you. Oh no! Tanimura is gone! Yeah, you don’t realize what you have until you lose it.

Episode 7C
Yui Nakamura is a fan on Oyabun? At a Gokudolls handshake, she has Mari tell his whereabouts. So she barges into his room and starts singing and dancing. It seems she wants to be part of Gokudolls. Oyabun remembers how he came from America to join this gang and ex-Oyabun gave him that chance. Thus Oyabun is going to reciprocate his teachings and give her a chance. Meanwhile 72 hours straight into the 100 hours of Gokudolls handshake…

Episode 7D
Gokudolls is shocked that Oyabun decides to take Yui in. Can she live with them? If you haven’t realize by now, their room is actually a makeshift toilet. Yeah, that’s where they live. Mari tries to hint about others finding out but Oyabun isn’t interested and has a little talk with them. As Yui waits, Rina returns after handing out flyers. Shocked to see Yui and not knowing her background, she is confused of the things she says. Yeah, they’re not on the same page. Especially cutting ‘that’ off, Yui thinks it is appendix and says she did it since elementary school.

Episode 7E
Yui goes on stage for the first time and is nervous. After that, she fells so bad and useless. Gokudolls feel weird trying to console a high school girl. Yui tells all the cute and plus points of Gokudolls. Chika and Mari somewhat embarrassingly like it. Airi tries to set her straight by telling off she is not fit for this but Yui takes this as tough love and now gets motivated to do better.

Episode 7F
Rina finally learns Yui is a real girl. Gokudolls warn Rina that because Yui gets special training by Oyabun, she might become an official member before her. This prompts her to remember his mafia days. He was partnered with a newbie who seems promising and have the potential to usurp him. Rina is jealous and blows her top not to underestimate her. Then on stage as the duo battle it out as the opening performance, Yui is cute before the fans and once more Rina’s jealousy gets the better off her as she berates Yui at the top of her voice. Everyone in shock. This won’t end well…

Episode 8A
Looks like the producer wants to play a prank on Gokudolls like Candid Camera. So as they are interviewing a shop, yakuza dudes barge in demanding for money. It’s all part of the play but Gokudolls didn’t like this and tell them off yakuza style. The actors think they’re such good acting and play along too. Is this a reverse Candid Camera? In the end, I guess the producers ended up arguing if this was supposed to be it or not.

Episode 8B
Gokudolls are to interview a bar that has just gone bankrupt. This place brings back memories as they used to drink here. It isn’t surprising that the bartender is depressed. Since he has lost all hope and motivation, this irks Airi because he was the one who gave them advise and courage. It is role reversal as Airi scolds him for giving up. At least that motivated him to carry on. And they all have a great drinking reunion. However viewers have different opinions. They don’t think this shop is worth saving and soon enough it goes out of business. Forever.

Episode 8C
Natsuko has had it. This meeting feels nothing more like a social club! Yeah, so when is the next date to the beach? After reprimanding them for forgetting their original mission, it seems they are back on the right path. Their revenge plan involves creating their own idol group and crush them. Natsuko has the financial backing so don’t worry about funding. As she is famous, she cannot be seen holding the audition and leaves it to the rest. The qualities to qualify as idols are big tits, slender and motherly. All fetishes of her husband. Yeah, she is going to crush Oyabun too. So in the end, they create a recruitment poster. A social gathering for dancing! WTF.

Episode 8D
Natsuko is not impressed. Looks like they have found their idols with the required qualities. But they are separated instead of all in one. Like Watanabe who is ‘slender’ (frail and sick), Miyazki who is ‘motherly’ (unfulfilled idol dreams) and Ono who has big boobs (fat). While it brings the rest to tears with their sob stories, Natsuko blows her top that this place has turned into some consultation for troubled people. She tries to imagine them all on stage by idols but it isn’t going to cut it. Fail!

Episode 8E
Mari’s ass hurts. Thanks to haemorrhoids, anal fissure, etc. Yeah, it’s the grand slam of major anus diseases, she calls it. Kinoshita arranges her to see a doctor. Well, Mari doesn’t mind her ass getting checked by this pretty doctor. Yeah, feels so good… She then brags to the rest of this wonderful experience. Can this be considered getting anal? When Oyabun hears this, he will not waste money on her ass rehabilitation and stomps on her ass! WTF???!!! I don’t think that will make her better. Her ass just got worse…

Episode 8F
Yui complains to Mari she hates old men because they grope her again. Sure, there are some exceptions. Like Oyabun. That’s the worst! But to her, the worst is her dad as he is a drunkard, gambler and got traumatized when he used suppositories in front of her. She wishes he’d disappear. That is when Mari blows her top and snaps back for saying those things. Does she not know how hard her father works? He deserves to drink for that. Do you know how stressful society is? He deserves to play some games. And as for the suppository thingy, Mari is so mad that her ass explodes blood! OMFG!!! Are you okay? Too bad this just adds to the list of Yui’s trauma.

Episode 9A
Although Yui is decent, she doesn’t have enough fans to warrant a solo concert. Because of that, Yui thinks she isn’t fit to be part of Gokudolls and should quit. This has the yakuza guys remember how other gangs snatched their new members. Yui reveals a company scouted her and they tempted her with some good contract and money. This fires up Oyabun as he tells his Gokudolls they must investigate this and will not allow Yui to pull out. Flashback reveals it was Teppei and Yuko who approached her. They were very kind with the offer and gave her time to think. This was part of Natsuko’s plan to take away members of Gokudolls one by one instead of that failed audition.

Episode 9B
Airi shows Oyabun the business card from Teppei he gave to Yui. They wonder if this is some trick. Oyabun orders her to investigate this bastard. If Yui goes, Gokudolls will pay! Oh sh*t! Meanwhile Yui is still in a dilemma whether to stay or leave. Yes, she loves Gokudolls and wants to be part of it but because she realizes she has no talent, she doesn’t think she can stay. I guess with their support, Yui realizes she loves them as sisters and can’t quit. As she goes to the roof, she sees Chika and Mari trying to pee like a man! WTF?! Because doing it ‘squirrel’ style isn’t going to cut it?

Episode 9C
I’m sure this adds to the list of Yui’s trauma as the duo try to give lame excuses why they are peeing like that. Screw how lame it sounds. As long as you scream out you argument with passion, I’m sure it’ll pass. Like how excretion is part of men’s desires! Perhaps Yui got confused. Now she is interested to pee like a man to understand how they feel! Of course they try to stop her but this prompts her to want to take a sex change surgery! As they vehemently protest, Yui realizes they know a lot about this. You don’t say… Next day, Yui goes to see Natsuko and declines her offer to join her as she wants to be with Gokudolls. Yeah, Natsuko is pissed that sh*tty group has got more to offer than hers. When the subordinates relay the message that Natsuko is the one behind trying to steal Yui, Oyabun’s world is falling apart…

Episode 9D
Natsuko, Teppei and Yuko are captured by the Inugane gang and roughed up. This is when Natsuko realizes Gokudolls is managed by her husband. When Oyabun barges in, he beats the hell out of his underlings for laying their hands on his wife. And then he beats himself up for failing to live up to his promise. Natsuko is so f*cking touched! I’m sure the rest are so confused because the married couple apologize and reaffirm their love for each other.

Episode 9E
Wow. Oyabun and Natsuko so lovey-dovey again. Now that Natsuko knows the whole truth, Oyabun has Gokudolls dance and sing before her. Now she is receptive of them? Or is it because of their sh*tty lyrics dedicated to her? Either way, Gokudolls are trying real hard not to puke with his ultimate cringe fest… Later Oyabun ties up the guy who punched Natsuko. As he is not a demon, he isn’t going to take away his life since it is his arms who were at fault… Oh sh*… Oh, does he like boobs? Off to Thailand he goes. Now he has boobs on his arms. WTF…

Episode 9F
Gokudolls are in a radio show where they answer queries from fans. The first one was okay but the host notes it was boring and should answer more realistically. When they do so the next time (putting in some yakuza ideas), he tells them not that kind of realism but realistic. Huh???!!! And the next round, Mari went full blown with all the foul words on some relationship advice. She was referring to bad breath instead of his dick or something. And hence we see a metaphor of Ryou’s dick thanking him for not being forgotten. WTF…

Episode 9G
The shows that Gokudolls discover and taste food… There is this strange pattern they all shut down. It is no surprise nobody wants to be interviewed. Even the creator of this show doesn’t realized this fact and tries to shift the blame. Anyway he wants something to be done. Hence the crew surprises Gokudolls that they want to take a look at their daily life. This means raiding their rooms. I’m sure Gokudolls are having a hard time trying to give lame excuses why their room is like a toilet. Then there is that mental training room (that solitary confinement one) excused as some VR videogame room but I wonder how they’ll get away with this practice dance room. Because we see Rina tired to her ass after what it looks like a gym workout. Yeah, what the heck was that?

Episode 10A
Kouji Nagata or better known as Okashira is back! So of course he is curious about his underlings and it is no surprised he is shocked to learn they have become Gokudolls. But after hearing them out and remembering the yakuza soul they all still have, he views their job isn’t bad because it helps to group out. With Gokudolls motivated to do their best for the group, suddenly the next day Okashira spots a poster of Gokudolls in police uniform. The tagline seems to be down with gangsters! F*ck the yakuza! His trust in them suddenly vanished…

Episode 10B
Gokudolls are in the police station talking to the superintendent of organized crime, Hideki Tamura. He hints that their organizations have very deep relationships. Gokudolls think he is extorting money from the group and believe this is their chance to expose his wrongdoings to regain Okashira’s trust. They set him up to make him look like he raped them. With photo evidence, his colleagues then arrest him and he is now all over the news. Gokudolls return and elated to have done their best but Okashira is in shock. Flashback 27 years ago when Okashira and Tamura first joined the group. Oyabun had a long term special plan for them and planted one of them as a mole in the police force. All the work down the drain for nothing…

Episode 10C
Gokudolls hold a special private interview event in which participants can talk privately to them. We are focused on Chika but I think that is enough to see all the stupid sh*t fans will do and say. For example, a crazy fan wants her to look at his underwear for 5 minutes! WTF?! Even Jin is here and he wants a kiss! Otherwise he will use his influence to remove Gokudolls from the industry forever! Ultimate hell! Then a guy who wants to be punched. Chika doesn’t hesitate and sends him flying a few metres! Lastly, a crazed guy who loves her so much underwent surgery to look like her but failed. Now he wants her to take responsibility! WTF???!!!

Episode 10D
Don visits Oyabun again and since business is tough, Oyabun suggests doing the idol thingy because it’s profitable. Hence Don is interested to take back Rina to America. Rina is ecstatic as she says goodbye to her mates. On the way to the airport, Don asks about cutie Yui. Rina explains everything including how she is a real girl. Then it hit Don. He should have just used real girls as idols. So why the f*ck did George underwent a sex change surgery?! Don drops Rina back. Rina has rejoined the group. Drink hard, Rina. Drink hard…

Episode 10E
Kinoshita believes he has stagnated as Gokudolls has not improved much. He believes he needs to step up and tries his hands at writing lyrics. However it is so generic and boring that even Gokudolls scorn him as some sort of pervert. He shows it to Oyabun who finds it okay and points out the problem isn’t the lyrics but his attitude! Oyabun demonstrates as he screams his cheesy and corny (but much interesting) lyrics. He is not ashamed of it! With that confidence, Kinoshita tries to say his generic and boring lyrics to Gokudolls but unfortunately he said it to Okashira. Weird awakening?

Episode 10F
Oyabun barges in and wants to practice a prank show with Gokudolls since that idea got rejected by the TV. So they start off with this whoopee cushion. Because they fail in the timing, Oyabun beats the crap out of them! And then, wow. Suddenly Oyabun is so mad that he doesn’t want to be mad anymore. Knowing they cannot improve anymore, he gives them a chance to quit for good. Of course they will get excommunicated from the group but they’ll gain their freedom. He can work without them. Gokudolls is shocked upon hearing this. They have to make their decision fast as flashbacks of their past (mostly Oyabun’s violence) flash through their minds. Hence they have decided. They’re going to leave. Thank you for everything. But as they leave, a big sign in their face pops up. Everything was just a prank! Gotcha! And so our sad Gokudolls pray with all their might that this ‘prank’ would someday become a reality… Fight on, Gokudolls! Fight on…

Idol Jihen: Trans-Idols!
Hey wait a minute! It’s already over?! Why the heck only 10 episodes instead of the usual 12 or 13?! Hmm… I have this weird theory. You know how many yakuza members don’t have a full set of fingers because they have to cut them off for various reasons like penance? So if 12 or 13 episodes are the equivalent to the normal 10 fingers every normal humans should have, this means this series having only 10 episodes reflects that missing ‘fingers’ of this series?! Ouch! Don’t want to go deeper than that and open a can of worms. But seriously, I was really enjoying all the fun and suddenly it just ends like that?! Not that it had any plot to begin with nor I was hoping for some sort of closure but I was hoping it would go on a little more…

With each episode, dividing into short skits, the quirkiness and randomness are better to digest and laugh at. In this way, we get to see more hilarious antics in different various settings from the gang rather than in one long storyline. What storyline?! So with the last skit giving us that shock factor that Gokudolls might actually get their long awaited freedom, yeah Oyabun actually trolled us real good there. There is no way he is giving up his prized cash cow, right!

One of the biggest factors that divided the community loving and hating this series is the fact that those who hate it dislike its animation style. Mostly they view it as some slideshow animation. While it is true that this series lacks a lot of animation, it is not entirely some still picture animation and hence definitely not a slideshow. You want to know what slideshow atrocity animation is? Just take a look at the horrendous Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls. Now that is what you call slideshow atrocity. So if you love your anime with lots of smooth flowing animation where every frame you must see the character’s hair flowing through the wind and be so awed with that kind of animation, this series isn’t going to cut it for you then.

Some also say that the art style quality is also low because of how the sketchy the animation is. Yes, it is true that the art style looks sketch-like but personally I believe it works a lot on many levels for this anime. At first, as this is meant to be a funny series, it does not need to look very realistic. This way, the jokes are delivered in a more effective manner because when you see yakuza dudes getting loud and passionate, it will look and sound funnier compared to more realistic and conventional anime style. Besides, Gokudolls look freaking cute and kawaii (okay, more of passable) so what is there to complain? Oh. I see you are considered gay if you like them because they were once men… Who f*cking cares?! As long as they look cute and can sing and dance as well as their cuteness level, not forgetting how much they make me f*cking laugh, I’ll accept them! I’ll even let them do me a blowjob!!! Hell yeah!!! Wohoo!!! Oops, sorry. Got a little carried away there.

The characters themselves aren’t anything that much. But it is hard for me to sympathize with Gokudolls and the hell they go through seeing their torment is what brings in most of the laughs. The irony of once tough yakuza dudes are now being made to do cute girly stuffs sure clashes with a lot of their own ideals and sometimes you can see their manly yakuza inner side pulling off such comebacks which makes it hilarious to watch. Everything that Aniki, Ryou and Kazu had before their transformation has literally vanished. You begin to wonder if this is better than death, considering they are from an organization that has their own codes on life and death. Rather to be humiliated than die? I’m sure there is some hope message in there like what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but seeing where everything has been heading, it’s more like out of the frying pan and into the fire too. But their life seems to be more spiralling downwards… Sometimes I question their loyalty to Oyabun because they put up with all this sh*t just to save their own skin and stay alive. Even as Gokudolls, they still continue to do some slipups especially that police mole case. Everything unravelled and become undone in just seconds. Imagine the whole organization could be brought down just by idols.

Even if the main Gokudolls are basically revolved around Airi, Mari and Chika, I was hoping that Rina would play an equally important role and have as much screen time as the trio. But as of now despite some decent screen times of her here and there (to be fair, the character only popped up half way), Rina feels more like a side dish and supporting character. I suppose she isn’t going to shake off that intern tag for a while. Yui being the first real female to somewhat join the group, I guess it shows that the need to have sex change surgery is a mandatory prerequisite to be part of Gokudolls. But I wonder if Yui would still stay if she really knows the real truth behind the history of Gokudolls. Don’t be surprised if she gets super emotionally impressed and spurs the group to greater heights. There is no better emotional motivation than sisterly (or is it brotherly) love with lots of girly (or is it manly) tears and big group hugs. Yes, it is that kind of series. Expect the unexpected.

There might be some subtle hints that being in an idol business is no less different if you are a yakuza or in any other trade. Show business is a cutthroat business. A dog eat dog world out there. I am sure you have heard how idols train rigorously like a robot with some tragically ending up in death or suicide (remember that K-Pop suicide incident?) and their lives are so rigid that they are not allowed to have any romantic relationship at all (remember that J-Pop idol who was forced to shave her hair as apology after spending a night with her boyfriend?). Ah yes, such a cruel industry to be in. All that glitter is not gold. Fortunately for this anime, it doesn’t take itself too seriously as we see how our failed yakuza dudes trying to get through life the best they can in their new bodies. As long as horny otaku males keep bringing in the cash, they can scream and be perpetual fans of anyone and anything. Oh yeah. It all boils down to money. That’s show business, people.

Oyabun being one of the scariest slave drivers ever in history, possibly even Satan himself fears him should he die and go to hell. No, seriously. This kooky guy definitely has a screw loose in his head. But don’t tell him that. He’ll do a lot of stuffs that are worse than death. Even if he is merciless in training and beating up Gokudolls just to keep them in line, but let’s look on the positive side, Gokudolls are doing pretty well as an idol group, right? They had better. Because if they don’t, they’ll know what is good waiting for them. So don’t you see Oyabun’s ‘kindness’? No slacking allowed!

But I guess once in a while, Gokudolls would get really depressed about it and their old male instincts would start to kick in and reminiscence the good ol’ days. Ah, the good ol’ yakuza days… After all, be it the yakuza, idols or the transgendered, they are all still human underneath. But don’t tell that to Oyabun… Who knows what his sick and twisted perception of idols are… You’ll get a knuckle sandwich or some batting practice before you know it. Yes, prove that although violence may not entirely solve anything, at least it keeps your ass moving. On a trivial note, Oyabun’s brother in America has a very clever play on words. Inugane literally means dog money and for Don’s mafia organization to be called God Money, I think that’s pretty clever there.

But perhaps the more dangerous people are Gokudolls’ fans… As far as we have seen, none of them are decent and have their sick twisted issues! I know idol groups attract fans from all sorts of backgrounds but as we can see here for Gokudolls, they only have the worst kinds of fans. Is this what you get if you can’t get international fame and remain as back alley idols? Maybe it has got to do with the weird kind of yakuza-like lyrics they sing too…

Not sure how he got bit by the idol bug because he really seems passionate and interested in it. Well, at least it brings in the money. Probably better and more profitable than selling organs on the black market because dumb fans keep buying 100 of the same copies of your stuffs. Or having them do porn… At first it might look like a big excuse to torture his failed yakuza boys and take out his frustrations for ruining the group’s reputation. But then you see the way he really ‘tries his best’ to write songs and lyrics for the group, no matter how crappy and cheesy they are, at least he puts his dedication into writing them! This coming from a badass guy who often makes his entrance by kicking down the door? Can’t imagine it. Just like how we can’t imagine rowdy yakuza guys becoming cute lovely idols, eh? And all praise be on Thailand! The land that reigns supreme in sex change surgery and the queer. I know many big bad bosses will have failures be paid with lives but this one sends them on a plane to Thailand…

Perhaps the other hilarious bunch of people that needs more screen time are the so called victims of Gokudolls. They gather to plot their revenge and their downfall but ended up to become some sort of meek social club. Even if the mighty Natsuko joins it, well, it shows how screwed up this association has turned into. Even if they are ‘victims’, don’t you see that they end up happier paired together? Yeah, maybe all they want is a place to be accepted and be happy as they are. With Natsuko and Oyabun back on good terms, does this mean the association is done for? After all, it failed to get more members.

Voice acting is pretty good with Keiji Fujiwara really sounding like a cool badass demon as Oyabun. Such a low and sexy calm voice that makes you want to fall in love with him but at the same time feel shivers down your spine. Daisuke Ono as Aniki is recognizable and with him playing a ruffian role, I thought he almost sounded similar (but not) as that Nendou dude in Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan although the latter was pretty much unrecognizable for me that time. Same case for Jun Fukuyama as Takemura but as the transgendered, he now sounds so gay… Other recognizable casts are Junichi Suwabe as Kinoshita, Satoshi Hino as Ryuu and Natsuki Hanae as Kimura.

The other casts are Yuka Nukui as Airi (Sanae in Just Because), Kaori Maeda as Mari (Aria in Aikatsu Stars), Hikaru Akao as Chika (Kaos in Comic Girls), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Kazu (Andre in Prison School), Minami Takahashi as Rina (Quetzalcoatl in Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon), Shinji Kawada as George (Ian in MAR), Kimiko Saito as Natsuko (Gagaran in Overlord) and Ayumi Mano as Yui (Ayane in Tsuredzure Children). With lots of yakuza style loudmouth passionate screaming, it adds to the funny effect but some may find it noisy. I of course find it funny given the irony of the situation. Because it feels like as though the one shouting the loudest seems to be the most correct regardless of logic or who is right or wrong. Yeah…

If you like cute idol music, then you might love the opening theme, Gokudoll Music which is sung by our very Gokudolls themselves. Amidst the crazy psychedelic animation and seemingly cute idol dance moves, you’ll find the lyrics are equally weird. I guess when you leave it to a certain someone to write them… The same can be said for the ending theme, Hoshi No Katachi although this is a little toned down but it is still as weird. If you’re interested, there are lots of somewhat similarly weird and cheesy insert songs that would make you laugh and cringe at the same time after hearing the lyrics. But the funny and cringe factor notches up another level as there is a version of the opening and ending theme that is sung entirely in their male counterparts’ voice! OMFG! So manly! So macho! So gay! Makes me grateful of their sex change…

Overall, this is quite a funny anime that pokes fun of mashing the yakuza and idol industry together as well as running jokes for the transgendered (sorry offended people, this show is not for you then). It is definitely comical and enjoyable (at least by my standards) even with many of the cringe and ironies serving as its joke base and hence giving it its unique quirkiness. It might not seem possible now but there is a chance that Gokudolls would go on and conquer to become to best transgendered idol in the world. Because all you people can’t you see, can’t you see. How your political correctness has affected reality. Every time you think we’re wrong, they can make it right. And at that point, that is what makes them larger than life.

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