I guess idiots don’t really learn, do they? That is why they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes every time. Or rather we should give a second chance to the ‘less fortunate’ in terms for those who are mentally challenged. That’s why it I anticipated so much with glee when the second sequel Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu Ni came out. The first season was exceptionally hilarious and the double OVA episodes that came up prior to the sequel did not disappoint either. So as expected, this season we are going to see lots more all-hell-breaks lose antics from the idiotic group that gave us so much laughs, so much hope (that idiots can be smart too. Smart ass, that is) and so much, well, much ado about nothing.

For the uninitiated, this series has a school named Fumizuki Academy in which classes are streamed based on the students’ exam results with Class A being the highest and Class F the lowest. It is best that you do well in your exams because the studying amenities and facilities depend on which class you are in. So it’s either you have high class facilities (like Class A) or you have dilapidated stuffs (Class F) which aren’t even considered as anything conducive for studying. Is it a wonder why nobody here is interested in studying? You can swap those amenities via Exam Wars through some complex avatar summoning system. And we have this ragtag bunch of wacky underdogs in Class F who are going all out to prove otherwise that they may be stupid but not dumb. Erm, well, I don’t even know what I’m saying. They have to confront with all sorts of dangers and obstacles especially those that are closer to the heart. Yup, all those teenage romance must be starting to kick in. Hope I’ll get to see more of that here… I’m always a sucker for love triangles…

Episode 1
Already in the first episode, Akihisa is already in a bind. He is supposed to go on a trip with his 7 friends and he clearly remembers Akira’s words that the trip with his friends must be girls-free. With all the lame excuses he gives and the seduction Akira tries to pass over him, she agrees to the outing seeing Akihisa wanted to thank the girls for helping him in his studies with this trip. So with Akira as the driver of the minivan, Akihisa, Yuuji, Kouta, Hideyoshi, Himeji, Minami, Shouko and Aiko make their way to the beach. I don’t remember this but it seems Aiko has a thing for Kouta and from time to time would cheekily act seductively to reduce that voyeur into a nose bleeding fountain. Hideyoshi thought it would be a perfect chance to show that he is not a girl but each time there will be something that prevents him from showing off his body. That’s because even the lifeguard thinks it is dangerous for a ‘girl’ like him to undress in public. And so we’ve got the guys in a fix as usual because of the uncalled comments (Minami) and wanted comments (Shouko) on their swimsuit. Yuuji and Akihisa try to whack each other during the blindfold watermelon game and they don’t even show a hint of worry when the girls claim a bunch of guys were trying to hit on them at the store Yuuji, better be careful with your actions because Shouko can cause you so much pain… And Akihisa is too dense to realize what Himeji and Minami are hinting about being hit on. Akihisa and Yuuji lament their own unpopularity of being unable to hit on girls when they see an incredible sight. Kouta being surrounded by girls!!! OMG!!! I can’t believe it either! Is this true? Or are they fascinated with his camera? They decide to learn from Kouta and hit on girls but end up trying to outdo each other. Because of that, the girl they tried to hit on called the cops. Yeah, they sounded like bad perverts trying to start a conversation by taking a photo shot, eh? Changing their approach, they feel they need to compliment first. They start off good and would have nailed it if they had not end their exaggerated compliments with, “… You look great like a porn star!”. Back to the drawing board. Arguing and blaming each other, that is. They even think that they’re unconsciously holding back as the girls aren’t their type. WTF?! Just losers talking. Suddenly they see a pair of beautiful (but awfully familiar) ladies at the beach and their tackling mechanism kicks in. Suddenly they realize it is Shouko and Kouta in drag (he was forced to do it or else they’d kill him). Yeah, they’re going to teach the guys a lesson or two about infidelity. Be prepared. Be scared. Be… RUN!!! Oh forget it. You can never escape from the clutches of girls who hold a grudge. A very deep grudge. Akihisa, if you’re lucky, it’ll just be your right hand… That is spared!!! Oh sh*t!!! Yuuji, hope you can hold your breath underwater for a very long time while you prostrate before Shouko in the middle of the sea.

Episode 2
Akihisa is being tempted to cross the River Styx. It’s amazing they didn’t die from whatever punishment they got. So did the girls really forgive them? I mean, they seem to be in their yukatas, getting ready to head to the festival. Aiko loves making Kouta nose bleed, Shouko forcing herself again on Yuuji and Akihisa wondering if the girls really did forgive them. I mean, Akira is being awfully nice to treat him. Even Himeji and Minami offer to share their food with him (Yuuji has no say whatsoever with Shouko). Then the girls point out the First Annual Miss Yukata Beauty Pageant. Hey, why don’t we all participate and make good summer memories. Oh dear. Did you read between the lines? Hell begins now for the boys. Yeah, the punishment did not end yet. So the guys are forced to participate and cross-dress. Yes, even Hideyoshi but he is a natural. Get what I mean? The guys plan to lose so they can get out of these clothes fast. Their manhood is on the line! Akihisa steps out first and tries to act shy and quiet to conceal his real identity. However he scores big points when ‘she’ answers ‘she’ has no boyfriend. The chief judge, Obata would even give ‘her’ pocket money to tell him ‘her’ handphone number! What’s more, Akihisa denies he is wearing any bra and panties beneath (because guys wear underwear, right?). Oh yeah, that totally earned him a high score. Kouta is next and glad of the outcome because all he has to do is give dud answers. However when he answers a question pertaining to ‘her’ favourite dress, he passionately named every cosplay dress there is! The crowd goes wild as he scores much higher. Yeah, he scored an own goal. Now it’ Yuuji’s turn. Obata instantly likes ‘her’ because he likes tall girls and wants to date ‘her’! Even if Yuuji admits he is a guy, Obata will accept anything! Unfortunately Yuuji got zapped because Shouko thought he was two-timing! It ends with the stage exploding due to the extreme voltage… So are the girls happy now? Will they forgive the guys now? So as the gang eat dinner, the girls think of doing a cooking competition in which the guys will be the judge. Better refuse if you know what’s good for you especially Himeji’s death cooking. The guys aren’t full yet as Himeji offers her madeleine cakes she made… Instantly the guys jump into the sea to get fresh seafood instant. If they only knew Himeji forgot to bring those cakes. Too young to die? I thought they faced death so many times they should have been numbed by now.

Episode 3
Something is wrong with Hideyoshi. Why is he acting more girly than usual? It’s actually his twin sister Yuuko. Well, this was what happened. She was tasked by Youko to sing the school’s anthem for the academy’s promotional video. Though she is a model student and excels in just about everything, there is an aspect she doesn’t have but Hideyoshi does: Singing. So this is where the ‘advantage’ of being twins comes in. Yeah, Hideyoshi is forced to help her out. So they’re going to cross-dress and swap classes. Yuuko gets freaked out when she sees Class F. Look at all those FFF Inquisition. They’ll kill anybody in class who has a girlfriend. Yuuko also needs to keep her twin in check and each time he says the wrong thing that would threaten to give away his identity, she has to rush back, pull him over and lecture him. Whether it’s the same gender love talk with Kubo (Yuuko is a fujoshi), telling Shouko about wearing panties and a love confession from Kouji Yokomizo (Hideyoshi rejects him and says he’s only interested in little cute boys – he thought he had analyzed her love preferences. Well, at least those are for fiction). Akihisa thought the FFF Inquisition stopped chasing Hideyoshi (he didn’t know it’s Yuuko) because they ran after Yokomizo now. He thought that guy confessed to his sister because he rejected him. Then they go see ‘Youko’ singing and are captivated. Till Akihisa mentions that he heard rumours ‘his’ sister is a lesbian paedophile who doesn’t wear panties. Do you think he deserves to get beaten up? So Hideyoshi and Yuuko at the end of the day blame each other that weird rumours have surfaced. But they decide not to worry about it since this school is filled with strange rumours anyway.

We go back one year in time when the gang are first years. Akihisa has recently lost lots of his personal stuffs the school forbid during a spot check. Akihisa has a summon training with Minami and since he didn’t mince his words, she’s going to give with one heck of a good pounding. Even Ironman gives the green light. On his way back, Akihisa stops by a toy shop and sees a young girl (Hazuki) trying to plead for a blue fox stuffed doll she has not enough money to buy. Hazuki wants to get that doll to cheer up her sister (Minami) who has been down. Akihisa promises he will do something about it. Perhaps something else than the price tag which is a whopping 25,000 Yen! Even if they pool their money, they only have 11,000 Yen. They think he’s an idiot since he can’t even do simple arithmetic. Akihisa gets an idea and wants Hazuki to meet back at this park tomorrow. His plan is to get back all his confiscated items and sell them but first he needs to get the key to the locker Ironman is keeping his stuffs. He roped in his buddies to help but in the end Akihisa is the one who did all the work and felt the wrath of Ironman. He manages to get the key and his stuffs but notices a pile of old books that would need to be thrown away anyway. When he manages to buy the doll, it seems Hazuki already has a smaller doll. A nice girl spoke to Hazuki before she got here and gave the doll to her. She can keep this doll if Akihisa returns with the other one. Hazuki requests Akihisa to bend down so that she can kiss him on the cheeks. Though she notes he is stupid, he is kind and that’s why when she grows up, she’ll make him her husband. So the other girl who bought that small doll for Hazuki turns out to be Himeji. Next day in class, Ironman knows who is the culprit who took the confiscated items because some idiot left his ID behind. Brace yourself Akihisa! He makes him the Punishment Inspector to reflect on his actions. Hazuki returns to give Minami the doll and she is pretty much cheered up. Minami also says she has found an interesting guy. He is in the same class with her but one hell of an idiot. I know who she is talking about.

Episode 4
The guys are playing a card game of Doubt. Full of lies, if you know what I mean. Akihisa being the true idiot is always the loser… When Himeji comes by to show them some box of chocolates she got as reward for helping a teacher, the guys are more interested in finishing their penalty game. Himeji thinks their penalty game of removing clothes is forbidden (even if it was a lie) so she starts eating the chocolates. Suddenly Himeji starts acting strange. She knocks out Hideyoshi just before he undresses and takes over his place. Akihisa realizes he is in sh*t seeing Himeji as consumed chocolates and wants to end the game. But he can’t back out now seeing Shouko too has joined the game after knocking out Kouta and taking his spot. So it’s boys versus girls and the guys think they can beat the girls and get over this game fast. Wrong! They’re slowly stripping… Akihisa thought Kubo was helping him behind the girls’ back but in fact he was lying. I guess he wants to see Akihisa’s naked body too, eh? By this time, the guys are in their underwear. And because they don’t want to be a net idol like the girls wish, they make a run for it. See them chase the guys with girls’ uniform in their hands? Heck, it’s worse than running down the hallway in their underwear, right?

Kaoru wants Class F (and some Class A students) to participate in a trial run of the Summoning Exam System. I guess it’s punishment for certain guys running around in their underwear. But in exchange, she’ll give them meal vouchers and library cards. So Minami, Hideyoshi and Kouta start by summoning their avatars first. However something is odd with their avatars. They are spouting their deepest secrets. Something they wouldn’t have said out loud in person. A boy confessing to Hideyoshi? Normal. Kouta wants to see what is underneath Aiko’s skirt? Normal. But the avatars are being stubborn too and not listening to their master’s order. Minami’s avatar wants to be with Akihisa and that poor boy receives the brute end of Minami each time her avatar is about to reveal her secrets. Himeji tricks Akihisa into summoning his avatar. Same case for Shouko towards Yuuji. Aiko’s seductive teasing led the guys to being reprimanded (read: beaten up) further by the girls. Himeji tries to get Akihisa to say who he likes so he tricks her into summoning her avatar. Now everyone is even. All’s fair in love and war. Kaoru returns only to see the mess everyone is in. Why did she even bothering asking those idiots. Because the system is still running, elsewhere Hiromi Nakabayashi tries to confess her feelings to Kubo. They accidentally summon their avatars, which confess their true confession. Nakabayashi didn’t like the way she was rejected in an insulting way when Kubo’s avatar praised his love for Akihisa. And it was her avatar that blurted out the confession.

Episode 5
Akihisa gets a letter. A blackmail letter. It tells him not to get closer to any girls around him. He thought it was someone who is jealous of Himeji or Hideyoshi. So Minami is a guy to him?! Worse, there are cross-dressing photos of Akihisa threatened to be circulated if he does not heed it. It doesn’t help when Himeji wants to share all those photos on the internet (no, she’s not the culprit). So the guys meet and Yuuji is also in a precarious position (as usual Shouko wants to marry him). They want Kouta to investigate and in return they’ll give him their ‘treasured collections’. It’s a deal! The school will be going on a training camp. During the train ride, Minami has the gang take some psychology test but because of Akihisa’s answer pissing her off (he thought it wouldn’t. Wrong. Did more damage than ever), each of the psychological answers she reads for him are verbal abuses. So for food, Akihisa thought he is screwed up seeing he is the only one who gets to eat Himeji’s poison cooking. He thought he is saved when Minami offered hers but it turns out too spicy. Just when he thought that was a blessing in disguise to numb his taste buds, he eats Himeji’s portion and instantly gets knocked out. Too strong, eh? By the time he regains consciousness, the guys are already in their room ready to carry out their operation to find out the blackmailing culprit. From Kouta’s investigation, a surveillance camera reveals the culprit doing a deal with Shouko to make another proposal for Yuuji. This leads to the only clue that the culprit, a female with a burn mark on her butt. Kouta’s infrared camera can’t capture the mark nor their plan for Hideyoshi to disguise as a girl and enter the girls’ bath to check out their butts would work because the teachers made sure Hideyoshi as his own separate bath. Yeah, he is the third gender. Suddenly the girls barge into the room and surround them. They think they are the culprits for installing a spy camera in the changing room which they have found. And thus the huge misunderstanding had the guys bear the heaviest punishment ever. Stones on their laps… Keep them piling! At the end, the guys feel they should do the crime since they’ve already done the time and couldn’t care less. They are going to barge straight in but are stopped by the science teacher, Fumihiro Fuse. Hideyoshi and Yuuji tackle him so the rest could pass. But next is the PE teacher, Ooshima. Kouta becomes his opponent to let Akihisa through. But he is confronted with the worse teacher of all: Ironman. Even if Ironman couldn’t summon his avatar as he ran out of points, his brute strength means he is still able to beat up Akihisa’s avatar (and send some direct pain to that idiot himself). So not only they failed to unveil the culprit on the first day, they have to sit for supplementary lessons.

Episode 6
As explained, the purpose of this camp is to make Class A students perform better for fear of becoming like Class F and in turn hope Class F will be motivated into studying like Class A. But it’s not always true for the latter. Aiko comes by to cause her seduction trouble again. It gets worse for Akihisa because Aiko has a recorder that edits his words and makes it as though that idiot is in love with her. Better make a run before the ladies come back with their torture gear. Yuuji thinks she might be the culprit when Miharu barges in to get some lovey-dovey hug from reluctant Minami. It is even worse when Kubo comes in to give his views on same sex love. Worse, Aiko and Kouta continue to edit Akihisa’s words… So the guys continue their plan to reveal the culprit. Since Aiko is wearing shorts underneath, it’ll be hard to ascertain if she has the mark so the only way left is to barge in straight into the girls’ bath. This time they’ll need the numbers. Yuuji calls in the Ryou Sugawa and other guys and reveals their plan to peep into the girls but will meet obstacles in the form of the guarding teachers. He manages to convince them to join him in their mission to view paradise as they split themselves into several groups. Hideyoshi’s group comes into contact with Fuse first. The rest encounter Miharu leading her group of girls. Miharu and Akihisa argue about peeping over Minami’s flat chest so much so Minami can’t stand it anymore and twists his elbow. With all the other girls coming by, Aiko tells Akihisa there is one hidden camera left in the changing room and it’s not hers. While Kouta and his group engage the girls, the rest charge through and meet Ironman. Sugawa gets owned but he is clinging on to Ironman with his last ounce of energy. The other guys willingly sacrifice themselves so Akihisa can move forward. However he won’t reach there because the PA system announces that he should come to the guidance office immediately. So after another horrifying round of supplementary lessons, next morning Akihisa ponders of Aiko’s words. Yuuji gets an idea that they need to get that camera just to find the culprit. However it might be too good to be true. Was this camera easily put in a way to be easily discovered? Well, the first one was already a diversion to make the guys as bait. So to get the camera, they’ll need to barge in again. Their lost was due to numbers and the girls intervening. Yuuji suggests of recruiting more guys. Because of the school’s high profile, they’ll either punish them or cover it up and with high number of perpetrators, punishing them all won’t be so easy. Akihisa is made to convince Kubo and his class to join the cause but he declines (because we know Kubo isn’t into girls). By the third day, they’ve only got Class D and E as help. Nemoto as Class B rep had a bad encounter with them and with his estranged girlfriend Yuuka in Class C, it’ll be hard to convince them. But before things can start, the other guys report that they have been ambushed. So the girls are already making their move. Yuuji and his team make a quick move but everywhere they go, the teachers and the girls block their path. Yeah, you want to fight Youko with 7,000 points?! Out of plans, out of strategies, Yuuji tells the guys to just do what they feel in your heart. Everybody except Yuuji and Akihisa bow down to ask for forgiveness. It’s not because their pride as a leader they do not prostrate themselves. It’s rather they know it will earn them no reprieve even if they did so. So another night, another failure…

Episode 7
The cinematic trailer how the guys revealed the culprit and was rewarded to peep all they want is just a distant dream. Very, very distant. In reality they are being punished with stones on their lap once more. But they aren’t going to give up yet. Sugawa SMS Akihisa because he wants to know why he is trying so hard to peep on girls. It’s love of course. But Akihisa emailed to the wrong person: Minami. He needs to clear this up but Yuuji accidentally slipped on a banana and broke his handphone. In retaliation, Akihisa SMS to Shouko using Yuuji’s handphone that wants to propose. Inner fighting isn’t going to get them anywhere. But they continue with their plan taking yukata photos of Himeji so that they can rope in the other guys to help. That night when Akihisa is asleep, he is rudely awakened by Minami (she almost broke his back to wake him up – he might sleep forever at this rate). He thought it was that weird SMS he sent and would gladly take her punishment. He thought she wanted to hear his last words in person! How dense can this guy get?! Hideyoshi is sleeping and Yuuji is in the midst of getting raped by Shouko so he can’t get any help. Suddenly Miharu barges in to take Minami away so they can have a steamy time together in their own love nest. Ironman is coming and if he finds the girls in the boys’ room, they’ll get reprimanded. Akihisa and Yuuji volunteer to be decoys while they escape. They are going to run to the girls’ dorm but end up fighting over the dresses they were made to wear. Ironman let them off the hook because he thought they were trying to do that sort of thing together since they have no luck with girls. With the much needed photos, the operation will commence tonight. The guys discuss the guarded routes and observe that one of the teachers’ avatar can interact with physical objects and conclude when the teachers’ fields overlap, the different objects cancel out each other due to interference.

So that night, Operation Peeping Tom commences as everyone puts up a good fight so that Akihisa can get to Ironman unscathed. Surprisingly Class B and Class C lend their support because they’ve been convinced by the yukata photos distributed by Kouta. All the boys are united because they have one goal in mind! Coming into Shouko and Himeji, Himeji is upset that Akihisa wants to peep on Minami instead of her! Akihisa gives his passionate speech about living his life to his true feelings. His words moved Kubo so all the boys in Class A agree to back Akihisa up. The rest charge through till Akihisa is left confronting Ironman. He is still no match for him. Akihisa is going to pinpoint all his attack on his crotch but this is just a decoy to catch him off guard to nail him on the head. Akihisa is almost zapped by Miharu’s taser as she warns him not to get close to Miharu or else she’ll circulate his photos. Akihisa realizes she is the blackmailer and the one who planted the cameras in the changing room. She can’t let him live seeing he knows too much but was knocked out by Yuuji seeing she wasn’t paying attention to her back. All the boys revel in their hard work and that they couldn’t have pulled it off without cooperating. As they march in to the bath for their paradise reward, all they see is Kaoru bathing. ARGH!!! Their eyes!!! It is not so worth it!!! With that, all 149 boys from Fumizuki get suspended for a week. Big time suspension! Yeah, it wasn’t worth it… Once when all the boys return, Himeji apologizes to Akihisa for treating him like a peeping Tom. Suddenly Minami waltzes pass Akihisa and kisses him on the lips!!! I’m not seeing things!!!

Episode 8
This is Minami’s flashback. When her father and sister were to be transferred to Japan, daddy offered to make arrangements for Minami to stay back in Germany. She tagged along because Hazuki wanted her so much to come along. On her first day as a transfer student at Fumizuki, she screwed up writing her kanji name and became a laughing stock. Her understanding of Japanese language was lacking as she notices the other weirdoes in her class from badass Yuuji to girl-like Hideyoshi. The last straw came when she saw Akihisa in a sailor shirt and feels daddy had deceived her about Japan being the world’s safest country. Minami struggles to understand Japanese and inadvertently told off those who wanted to be friends with her (she heard those words from Miharu and thought they were just harmless words for people to leave her alone). Because of that, nobody wanted to be friends with her save for Akihisa who tries to be friendly with her. But he gets into an idiotic argument with Yuuji. A week passed and she still continues to find it hard to cope with the language. Akihisa talks to her but his words seemed so foreign that she didn’t know whether he was teasing her or not. I wouldn’t say Minami lied to Hazuki that she was having a great time but the word ‘interesting’ can swing both ways, you know. Then one day Akihisa said to her, “Tu ne voudrais pas devenir mon amie”. She couldn’t understand and tells him off, “What a sh*t man”. Akihisa misinterpreted that she is a man (“Watashi man” – I am a man). Yuuji explains what she is saying so Akihisa apologizes despite flat chest was in his sentence. Well, Minami didn’t need to understand that to break his arm. Maybe that’s where the pain all began. As she leaves, Yuuji tells her that she needs to look up at what he is at least saying and though he is an idiot, he is an interesting guy. Minami takes up the challenge so she can get back at Akihisa. Pondering what language he was spouting, she remembers when she and her family was in France and she was puzzled why everyone was calling her “Monami (mon amie)” instead of “Minami”. Realizing the words are in French, she head to the library to translate French to English and then to German (because there aren’t any dictionaries directly translating French to German). She finally realizes what Akihisa wanted to say, “Could you become my friend”. She felt that he had a rough time trying to put that phrase together of a foreign language even though he could hardly grasp his own language in class. Tears started welling in her eyes. Next day when Akihisa thought he made her mad again, she smiled and said in Japanese that she wants to be his friend. It might take time for her to string that sentence together but at least she’s making the effort.

Episode 9
So it is definitely no joke what Himeji saw and the FFF Inquisition is really going to kill him. Now Shouko wants to kiss Yuuji too and since he isn’t going to agree to that, she frames him in a way that the FFF Inquisition also holds him guilty. Of course in the kangaroo court, they have no say and it’s the death sentence. Yuuji finds out about the mistaken love SMS Akihisa sent during the camp. Himeji is obviously gloomy while Minami sits closer to Akihisa. Till Miharu butts in. This time Minami tells her she needs to stop doing all this because she’s going out with Akihisa. Gasp! (See how Akihisa instinctively dodge all the ‘weapons’ thrown by FFF Inquisition!). If not for Ironman throwing Miharu out of class, it might have gotten worse. Later Yuuji tells the guys that Class D is going to start an Exam War with Class F. It’s not about swapping facilities. Miharu is from that class and you know what she wants. Plus, the guys have racked up a reputation during the camp so the girls will be supporting her. Since the guys were suspended for a week, they don’t have enough points to recover for the war. They need to avoid the battle at all cost. Yuuji needs to confirm if Akihisa is really going out with Minami. Not that he can remember. Now he needs to clear up the misunderstanding to end all this. Akihisa sees Minami and Himeji to clear up about the SMS. The girls first thought he has a thing for Sugawa! Though the misunderstanding is cleared up, Minami beats him up because she has given her first kiss to him. If it’s any consolation, it’s his first kiss too. Well, she’s okay with that. Akihisa asks about her telling Miharu that they’re going out. Of course she explains it was a ploy to make her give up on her. Everything seems okay till Akihisa makes an uncalled comment that he really thought she was in love with him then and that couldn’t be possible because she was never that sweet. Backbone breaker, here it comes. At least that clears up everything and thus avoiding the battle with Class D.

However another problem is brewing and this time Nemoto’s Class B is going to war with Class F. Ever since the camp incident, Nemoto has been losing authority over the boys so this is a distraction to reassert that authority. Thus Yuuji suggests they need to start an Exam War with another class before they do. He’s going to do battle with Class D. Didn’t they just averted that? They’ll be given time to replenish their scores once the battle starts. This way they can take their time to build up their scores and Class B will hesitate to attack when they are at full strength. Though they don’t have enough points to beat Class D, Yuuji has another plan but for now he wants to provoke them into the war and Akihisa must cling on to Minami to enrage Miharu. Of course Minami disagrees to be that idiot’s girlfriend. The rest persuade her with reasons to be part of the plan. For instance, using Himeji’s father as an excuse to transfer her out again. Reading from the script isn’t working so Hideyoshi puts up a very convincing play as demonstration. So much so Akihisa didn’t want to wake up from this ‘dream’. So the plan involves Akihisa and Minami having a lover’s rendezvous at the rooftop while being confronted by jealous Himeji. They are confident Miharu will eavesdrop and react the way they want. The act commences and Akihisa notices Himeji not saying the lines from her script. Is she adlibbing? She’s so convincing. Yeah, we would know better she’s not really acting when she’s talking about her feelings. But she won’t forgive him about the first kiss. Akihisa spots a surveillance bug behind Himeji’s collar and tries to get if off her back. But on the front, it looks like as though he is dumping Minami to chase after Himeji. It’s truly heartbreak for Minami. She is done with acting and resigns to the fact that Akihisa may like proper girls compared to her. Akihisa manages to catch up to Himeji and get the bug off her. Even if he can guessed she seemed lonely then and that she admitted it was just an act (really?), he was too dense to figure out Himeji’s question of which of them he would choose if the situation arises. Making him worse than an idiot, he thought Himeji’s act was so convincing that it wasn’t an act. He thought she had some acting experience. How disappointing! IDIOT!!! How can he screw up the feelings of both girls in the same day without realizing it?

Episode 10
Minami is so pissed that he doesn’t want to see Akihisa anymore. Because he’s always talking about Himeji and treating her like a princess. Back to the plan, Yuuji needs to disseminate false info to Class B to buy some time. If Class D initiates a war with Class B, Nemoto would want to avoid unnecessary battles and opt out of the battle with Class F seeing he is out to maintain his position and not after their facilities. Yuuji sends Hideyoshi to bring Miharu to the negotiation table and provoke her hostility (he can’t use Akihisa or Himeji considering what happened). Then he wants Akihisa to eat well so this means Himeji has to cook for him! Oh God!!! Akihisa has no say in what food he will get (jelly, that is). As Himeji rushes off to make them, Yuuji says this is just a ploy because they may need weapons for the mission. Though the danger of Akihisa eating it still looms. They peep to see what ingredients she put in and she puts in everything that has nothing to do with making jelly!!! Later they learn Nemoto has sent a messenger to Class D to ascertain if the battle is true. To avoid that, Kouta is ordered to take him out with Himeji’s poison cooking while distracting everyone with a photo of Akihisa’s cross-dressing. This in turn will also help fuel Nemoto’s suspicions on Class D. Kouta returns with an information that he is seen talking to Shouko. Shortly, Shouko barges in to take Yuuji with her to see his ailing mother. With Yuuji out, can they continue with the mission? But Kouta feels something is amiss because if Yuuji’s mom is really sick, why didn’t they contact him directly? Though his handphone is broken, the PA system would’ve been fine. It must be misinformation. Looks like Nemoto is not dumb enough to be a sitting duck. He too is planning to buy time to figure out what is happening.

Akihisa, Hideyoshi and Minami go meet Miharu for the negotiations. Miharu tells the idiot to lay off her beloved and that he is completely undeserving of her love. Akihisa tries to explain that he may be stupid with lesser desirable qualities but Miharu tells him back that this has nothing to do with about something trivial. She has observed them together and can tell he treats Minami and Himeji worlds apart. He treats Himeji like a girl, a princess but when it comes to Minami, he is completely oblivious to her charms and treats her like as though she is one of the guys. Even if they had been putting up an act, dumping her and going after Himeji is unthinkable. Minami couldn’t take it anymore and runs out of the room. So while Hideyoshi also leaves, Miharu continues chiding Akihisa that she no longer sees him as her love rival because it’ll be a waste of time to be jealous to a pig who doesn’t even notice Minami’s charms. But Akihisa still had something to say. He said something inaudible that enrages Miharu. Yuuji returns and confirms Nemoto’s misinformation. By this time, Class D has announced their fight against Class F. Since they don’t have enough to win, Yuuji suggests they lose all-out. Yeah, what have they got to lose? Even so, how bad can it get? It will be just the battle between the reps of each class. Miharu versus Akihisa. Miharu lets her emotions control her because she couldn’t believe all the words he said to Minami were lies. Akihisa denies and instead admits those were his true feelings. He may be dumb but he knows when not to lie. At least he is honest about it. Yuuji suddenly stops the match because he’ll have FFF Inquisition take over from now. Actually they’re not here to beat up Miharu but Akihisa! Yeah, all part of Yuuji’s bigger scheme. If you can’t win them, call for a truce. That is what Yuuji did with Miharu and wants them to bury the hatchet. She agrees and lets them off easily on because she felt Akihisa wasn’t lying. But for Akihisa, it’s more torment because it’s more supplement classes with Ironman. In the end, the plan is a success as Nemoto calls off the battle. But that would be the least of Akihisa’s worries because Kouta replays the recorder during his speech with Miharu. When Akihisa admitted treating Miharu casually like one of the guys, she is someone he can always talk freely and openly to. The things she does sometimes are cute and that she is a charming girl. The guys are in shock because they never expected to hear this. Embarrassing? But true. Minami overheard that and when she goes home, Hazuki thought something was wrong as her face is all red. Minami is troubled that she has fallen hard for someone. Next day in school, Akihisa laments how he should apologize when Minami in her cheerful mood greets him. He is puzzled with her good actions like as though every wrong doing had been forgiven.

Episode 11
This is Yuuji and Shouko’s flashback episode. When Yuuji was an elementary school kid, you can say he is a smart kid. Scoring exam marks that will put his seniors to shame. Naturally he also thinks he is intelligent and this gives him the right to look down on others as nothing but the top is on his mind. That’s right. He thought himself as a hero just because he is intellectually superior to others. Shouko though was a transfer student 2 years ago in his elementary school, she was always close to Yuuji’s side. He was the only one she felt comfortable talking with as he treated her fairly. Though Shouko is also smart, good in athletics and came from a wealthy family, the other kids shunned her because of that. The only reason why he talked to her was not out of pity. Rather, he treated everyone equally. But that’s just another way of saying he doesn’t give a damn about anyone. One day on his way home, a bunch of senior bullies confront him to teach him a lesson about respect. But Yuuji being cocky tells those ‘stupid’ people about respecting him instead seeing they had an extra year of study and still couldn’t best his score. The bullies can’t touch him because if the teachers find out, they’ll be in sh*t as top students are naturally the teacher’s pet, right? The bullies aren’t satisfied and plan to get him back indirectly. Yuuji isn’t going to sit back and let them have it their way. He is going to teach them a lesson too. Knowing they were going after his stuff, he plans to provoke them further. He waits at the library to kill time before the bullies move in. Then he will call the teacher to catch the bullies in the act. The bullies couldn’t find anything valuable belonging to Yuuji in his class and settle to doodle his t-shirt. Shouko happen to pass by and is shocked to see what they are doing and tells them to stop. She tries desperately hard to protect the shirt and accidentally scribbled over one of the bullies’ shirt instead.

Yuuji returns to the classroom, confident the bully had fallen for his trap. But to his horror realize Shouko got caught within it. He remembers Shouko’s detest for transferring schools because she just made friends. If word of this bully gets to her parents, they will immediately transfer her out. However Yuuji is in a dilemma to go save her or turn a blind eye. Yuuji has a ‘confrontation’ with his older self. The latter is telling him no matter which decision he choose, he will get hurt. Young Yuuji is not confident of fighting the bullies because of the numbers. Old Yuuji tells him the meaning of a true hero. One that saves people despite knowing he will lose. Young Yuuji scrambles for excuses to save his own ass that this sort of thing only happens in anime and manga. He thinks his other self is trying to tell him being an idiot is better. Well, an idiot who jumps into the fray without thinking is cooler than him right now. Yuuji still thinks it is not his fault and if Shouko would just shout for help, the teachers come in and she gets transferred, it won’t be his doing. But Shouko never screamed. She continued to get beaten up. Couldn’t stand anymore of this, Yuuji dives into the scene. He tells Shouko to go straight home instead of calling the teacher. Then it becomes a free-for-all brawl among the boys. That was when he realized he was a pitiful weakling. As Shouko runs home, she hated herself for being scared and not being able to do anything. Yuuji felt it was his fault to drag Shouko into this mess but she didn’t think so. When Yuuji comes back, he is messed up and of course his mother is worried. He shrugs it off and the reason why she wasn’t panicking was because Shouko (who is still at Yuuji’s place) told her about it. Shouko apologizes to his mom that he was protecting her and ended up like this. If this isn’t going to be cleared up, his chance of entering a prestigious school will be in tatters. But mommy isn’t worried. She doesn’t want him to only excel in studies. She is happy he stood up for someone else. That’s when Shouko promised that when she grows up, she will become his bride. She will always love him and till that day comes, mommy will support her. And yeah, something must have screwed up along the way to turn Shouko into a crazy possessive lover.

Episode 12
Akihisa is surprised that there is something wrong with his summoned avatar. It has become a headless knight? I’m sure everyone else loves kicking his head… But it’s not only his avatar but the rest too. The avatars transform into popular monster creatures like werewolf, Dracula and succubus based on their defining traits. But Minami’s one is the weirdest. A flat block? Akihisa tries to avoid laughing or saying the word flat but ends up ‘dead’ when he describes it as ‘sturdy’. Maybe he should just keep his mouth shut. Suddenly Tsunemura and Natsukawa barge into their class and have a bone to pick with them (the event that happened during the festival from the OVAs). However Miharu and Kubo come to defend them (with their ulterior motives of course) and will not let the seniors lay a hand on them. The seniors are easily taken out and would’ve been defeated if Kaoru had not interrupted. She is going to hold an official event for Fumizuki. A test of courage. Putting the third years as the ghosts who will be scaring the second year challengers, the rules will be simple. The second years will pair up and go through the creepy corridors. If their scream reaches a certain level, they are disqualified. There will also be 4 checkpoints in which the challengers will engage in a summon battle with the ‘ghosts’. The challengers win if they clear all checkpoints while it’s victory to the ‘ghosts’ if the challengers fail to clear it all. Yuuji is being put in charge for the second years as he tells the pair to consist of a boy and girl. Why? Because he wants everyone to suffer with him. Yeah, he is forced to pair with Shouko.

With the event starting, many of the second years are easily frightened and disqualified. And then there are those disqualified because guys who are paired together were arguing about not being popular enough to hit on girls. Yeah, their loud arguing voice just went off scale. Akihisa and the FFF Inquisition watch with utmost jealousy when a pair is being so close during the challenge. You know, the guy vows to protect the girl… Riles them up, doesn’t it? However they get scared by the scariest ghost ever. Actually it is Natsukawa with a hideous make-up and gothic dress. Yeah, scary alright. This tactic allows him to scare more people so when it is Kouta and Aiko’s turn, they throw a life size mirror in front of him. He got scared of seeing himself! Kouta starts taking pictures of him and threatens to put this all over the internet. Natsukawa retreats as the pair reaches the first checkpoint and easily defeats the lowly seniors (I think Aiko stripped for the moment there). But reaching the second checkpoint, Kouta may not be able to handle it as Aoi Kogure of the tea club takes off her kimono to reveal the gymnastic leotard she is wearing. I guess he’s out. Hideyoshi and Yuuko are next up. Since womanly charms won’t work on them, Aoi retreats to let her guys do battle. They win but before they could move on, Tsunemura confronts Hideyoshi and has something to say. He confesses he likes him!!! He even came up with some sunflower poem! That’s got to be real scary! For the first time, everyone heard Hideyoshi’s girly scream. Yeah, he screamed like a little girl. Natsukawa and Tsunemura mock the second years and challenge Yuuji and Akihisa to get their asses here to them.

Episode 13
But Yuuji has a secret weapon. Is it Akihisa-Minami pair? Well, Minami is so scared of Japanese ghosts that she is clinging on to him. More like squeezing him to death. So scared that Akihisa sees her in a different light that makes his heart skip. But that won’t be for long because there is another ‘ghost’ they have to put up with. Yes, that jealous Miharu. She is being paired up with Kubo as they chase Akihisa and Minami round the place. After giving them the slip, Akihisa thought it’s about time she got used to Japanese ghost but she replies she can return and live in Germany. He thought it will be lonely till Minami realizes it wasn’t her she wasn’t referring to, but him. So does he really care for her? Well, this is where the dense part comes in. I’m sure Minami is trying to lead him into assuring he’d stay by her side but she got knocked out of the appearance of several ghosts. So I guess they’re disqualified as Minami is sent to the infirmary. Yuuji thinks the operation is the success because the secret weapon is actually Miharu and Kubo. They both fight Tsunemura and Natsukawa but lost. It’s time for Yuuji and Shouko to go in but they need another pair if they are to stand a chance. Since Himeji hasn’t been disqualified, I guess they mean her and also Akihisa (maybe Minami was only out). Akihisa feels they shouldn’t force Himeji since she is afraid of ghosts but Himeji will do it. She has watched Minami and got inspired. However entering the field, she gets scared and all clingy on Akihisa. Same thing, eh? Akihisa tries to cheer her up with praises and that she is like a princess but Himeji isn’t happy and begs to differ. Citing she is full of faults and the reason he never noticed it was perhaps he was keeping a distance. It’s like he’s always trying to be nice and hold back and when she looks at her, he’s not seeing the real her. She wants to know how he feels about her. Suddenly the place blacks out. When it gets lighted again, Akihisa finds himself paired with Yuuji. He knows this is Tsunemura and Natsukawa’s plan to switch them. The guys spot the girls and Akihisa wanted to call out to them but was reminded about the pitch level. Akihisa then whispers but it sounded ghostly to Himeji! Better stop it. I thought Himeji had lost her voice when she encountered several ghosts because she was screaming but without the voice. I guess she’s really trying to hold it back. Shouko is just cool. Nothing scares her.

The girls reach Tsunemura and Natsukawa and the latter pair are upset it isn’t the guys. They continue to mock Yuuji and Akihisa about being afraid and their all-time low stupidity. However this causes Himeji to blow her top and chide back at them. At this moment, she has gone over the permitted level and is disqualified. However she does not stop rebuking them for badmouthing her friends. They may be idiots and cause trouble but they also have many good qualities. Qualities that cannot be measured by grades. Tsunemura and Natsukawa are still unfazed and tell them to scram, in which Shouko takes upset Himeji and leave. Akihisa and Yuuji overheard their kindness and get pumped up to face the bullies. Before the much anticipated grudge match begins, Yuuji wants to do a penalty game, in which the loser will do whatever the winner says. Fine with them. After summoning their avatars, Yuuji and Akihisa instantly run away. The seniors start chasing them all around the place. Didn’t they realize the wild goose chase is on purpose? Just when they thought they spot Yuuji and Akihisa hiding behind a grave, it is a trap set by Hideyoshi and Kouta (imitating their voices with the recorder devices). Because they are out of the field, Yuuji calls for a summon battle in this area. An area whereby their maths score triumphs over the seniors’ physics score. The seniors thought their maths grade were good too but they realized it is as low as a typical Class F grade. Seems it was all part of Yuuji’s plan when he sent Miharu and Kubo to fight them and reduce their scores in this area. Yuuji and Akihisa easily defeated the pair who can’t believe they lost to idiots. They are even given a lecture about the good of being idiots because they get to devote all their attention to something. And when others call them obsessed, it is actually a praise to them. As for the penalty game… Akihisa is looking for Himeji and finds her alone at the rooftop. She tells him 2 third years came to apologize to her and knows it is his doing. She apologizes for causing him trouble but he says she is certainly no princess because no princess would have been brave enough to snap at their seniors. Instead he thanks her for enabling them to do their best. The thing that Himeji wanted to ask him all the while is… When is he going to start calling her by her first name. Akihisa reasons that it’s embarrassing if he does so because it will be like when they went to elementary school together. Well, he did try to practice it but still find it embarrassing. In return, she tells him a secret: She hasn’t given up on her first love and pecks him on his cheek. Though stunned, things get messier when Minami comes into the picture to remind him about his promise of being with her together. Himeji wants an explanation. Start running! Just like Yuuji. Because Shouko is forcing him to sign an instant marriage contract since they failed to complete the challenge together. So while they make a mad dash to escape, slowly all the other characters join in the chase for the heck of it. Even the FFF Inquisition. Hey, they’re running in circles! Idiots to the core!

Smart Asses…
Well, this season was as fun and enjoyable as the first even if they still used the same recycled ingredients that made the first season memorable. The first half of the series felt like gender wars between the boys and girls. And of course it is the girls that always triumphs over the boys no matter what. They are usually at the receiving end. No matter how much they try to best over them, it is just not their luck for the males to prevail over their female counterparts. That’s what I felt. So whether it is a beach outing or the training camp, it never really works out in the guys’ favour. For the second half, it is good that we have a few episodes that explores the past of Minami, Yuuji and Shouko before descending into another summon battle with the seniors. Thus in this season, we don’t really get to see the Exam Wars of other classes calling for it to swap for higher and better classroom amenities. We’ve already seen that in the first season so I guess it would be a bore if Class F were to repeat their nearly-nearly feat again. I don’t want to sound arrogant or superior but because of the main characters providing their stupidity, there were many funny moments that could range from a simple smirk to laugh-out-loud. That’s why in a way, being idiotic isn’t such a bad thing after all… I’m the one to say… If a third season comes out, I’ll definitely want to watch it. Not because I’m under the influence of idiots, mind you.

Basically everyone is still the same character we know back in season one. Akihisa and Yuuji the biggest idiot pair ever and they are like hot and cold sometimes. At times they cooperate with each other to solve the big problem but other times, they are at each other’s throat, trying to blame and shove the responsibility to the other. Akihisa may not excel in grades but he still has great qualities that you don’t learn in textbooks. He is a nice kid who likes helping those in trouble. Just a problem that he is too dense not to realize the feelings of Minami and Himeji. Maybe that’s why he is still a big idiot. It’s just too bad that Yuuji and Akihisa always bear the brunt of the jealous Shouko, Minami and Himeji. Even if it is not their own fault or doing. Well, after 2 seasons, you thought Yuuji may have learnt a thing or two about avoiding or at least predicting Shouko’s movements to avoid getting that painful torture. Not. I have to respect her for being persistent over Yuuji. Till death do them part? Hell! She’ll even follow him to his grave! No peace of mind forever! At least get a hint whenever the girls start emitting dark evil auras when they flirt or making a pass at other girls. Minami and Himeji did come close in letting Akihisa know their feelings but since it didn’t turn out well (heartbreaks included), I suppose it’s like another of those a-bridge-too-far, yet-so-close-yet-so-far moments. Just keep trying. I never thought they would pull off kissing him even with Minami’s bold one on the lips and Himeji’s little one on his cheek. Is that enough convincing that they are more interested in you than just being friends. Hmm… Maybe he needs a lot more convincing than thought.

For Hideyoshi, I felt that a big part they are treating him like a guy instead of a girl. But it also felt his gender is ‘determined’ based on whoever’s convenience. If the guys need some girl to fantasize over their ideal woman, then he would be a girl. But him getting punished along with the other guys, I felt that his punishment is the ‘lightest’ among the guys. Of course Akihisa and Yuuji will bear the heaviest suffering. Kouta is still the perverted ninja voyeur and hasn’t lost his touch with using his spy cameras and other gadgets for his voyeurism. He is the kind of guy who suits being a double agent so long you pay him the right price. Noticed all those cross-dressing pictures of Akihisa in his collection? He could really fetch a high price for it. And with his massive nose bleeding, he could have donated a year’s worth of blood to the blood hospital. The surprise for me was Aiko’s behaviour on him. She likes teasing him and the way she acts and teases around him to arouse his nose bleed makes it as though she has a thing for him. Or maybe she’s just toying around. At first it seemed like they had potential to be a couple but nothing towards the end indicate that they would be one. Miharu is still the annoying lesbian, obsessed over Minami. Just like how it will never get to Akihisa’s head that there are a couple of girls who have a crush on him, it’ll never get to Miharu’s head that Minami isn’t homo. During Minami-focused episodes, Miharu may have got the perfect chance into ridding Akihisa as her love rival with that true-in-your-face pep talk about not realizing Minami’s feelings but I guess the way he says it now makes him an even greater rival. Though Kubo is still into Akihisa, he doesn’t really do anything as wild as Miharu. This guy too won’t ever get it into his head that Akihisa isn’t a homo. Well, the gay elements seemed toned down for this season.

Hazuki wasn’t prominently featured in this season and if so was only during Minami’s flashback. Even if she did, I’m sure she’ll still want to marry that baka onii-chan. It’ll make the equation even more complicated seeing Minami is truly more in love with Akihisa than before. Would that be sisterly fight if Hazuki knew? In the last season, Akira made her appearance at the end of the series. But in here, she is seen in the earlier episodes and after that, who knows where she went. It’s like as though the producers forgotten about her. But still, Akira is still the same seductive sister that Akihisa dreads. Maybe that is why he doesn’t recognize when a girl has a crush on him. He might think something akin to his sister’s horrible prank. Trauma, I guess. Yuuko too wasn’t that prominent though that twin-switching episode was just her only limelight. Not that she was a prominent character in the last season but I thought she would be featured more since she along with Shouko and Aiko are considered as Akihisa’s inner circle of friends. Ironman is still the teacher to fear because if your scores go down to zero in the summoning wars, it’s off to his hellish supplement class. Though we don’t really see much of this in this season, I’m sure those who went through it will definitely have a chilly shiver down their spine just thinking about it. The FFF Inquisition are still losers but deadly ones. So never get a girlfriend right before their eyes or else it’s kangaroo court for you. Still wondering who they are beneath those masks.

I still do not understand how the avatar summoning and battling system works. Because it was explained in the last season, you won’t hear them repeating the same mechanics all over again here. Therefore I am still at a loss at how students can use their test scores as life points to fight their opponents. I don’t really get it. How can people with lower scores triumph over their opponents with higher scores and using the subjects they are good at. Huh? Lots of big question mark for me. Maybe I am truly an idiot. Maybe if I go watch Pokemon, it’ll be easier to understand. Akihisa’s avatar remains the only one whereby if you give pain to the little chibi, Akihisa himself will feel the pain. It does both good and bad for that kid. Maybe that’s why he is a special idiot too. In the final couple of episodes, Kaoru must have been experimenting with the summoning system again, that’s why the avatars go haywire and we see all the students’ avatars turning into monsters instead of their cute chibi ones. Well, nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement. Okay, maybe there are some things that need more time to improve or never will. Like Himeji’s cooking. If you want to kill an entire enemy of a certain country, just send her poison cooking in. Guarantee to give you a one way trip to hell. So how did the guys actually survive her horrible cooking after cooking. Immune? There’s a simpler answer and it also begins with the letter ‘I’: Idiots.

The mid-intermission and next episode preview still maintain the amusing test questions. Not only there are questions that test your knowledge on certain subjects like science or history, there are some that serves as psychological tests too. I suppose EQ is as important as IQ. It is hilarious to read the kind of lazy and stupid answers, especially Akihisa and the guys write down and then the equally ‘tired’ and sarcastic short comments the teacher put down. Of course ace student Himeji’s answer is always what every teacher is looking for and you can see their praises reflected in the comment the teacher has given (it’s lengthier and even explains further to Himeji’s answer). And you wonder why she isn’t in Class A and still in the lowest Class F. Well, I can think of wanting to be with a certain idio-, whoops, boy I mean. But it is not Class F characters who give their answers during this test question segment. In some episodes, Shouko also has her answers but because her answers are based on her obsession over Yuuji, you can say that she’s equally as dumb as the guys in Class F. So how did she keep her place in Class A? I guess they don’t ask her this kind of questions in real exams.

The opening theme for this season is Kimi + Nazo + Watashi De JUMP!! by Larval Stage Planning. It feels like a cross between anime pop and a cheer song. The main ending theme is Eureka Baby by Natsuko Aso. If you are familiar with how the opening song in the first season sounded like, well this one felt somewhat similar to it with a hint of cheeky and mischievous bit in it. Also, the ending animation also feels like gender wars. Especially right at the end whereby we see the girls sticking out their tongue to us. I guess girls really have a field day in this series, eh? Except for the last episode, we see the guys also joining the girls doing that cheeky act. There are a couple of special ending themes. Milktub did the main ending theme in the first season and this time they only sing the one-off special ending themes. For instance episode 7’s ending piece entitled Baka To Koshitsu To Kodoku Meshi. It may be a slow rock but the lyrics sound funny (eating curry in the toilet?). Though it is mainly about eating food, but the lyrics soon turn into one that gives you hope and encouragement even when all seems lost. Then it’s back to their upbeat hard rock style like how we heard them back in the first season with episode 11’s ending song, Hi-Ho!

The underlying theme of course is to tell us that despite the need to study hard, grades are not everything in life. What is more important are the friends you have around you. Good grades can only take you so far but having good friends who support you all the way can last an entire lifetime. You don’t need any qualifications or degree to make friends. Just trust and believe. But sometimes you can’t help blame each other or make your buddy take the fall with you :). Hey, that’s what friends are for, right? A friend in need is a friend indeed. Test scores may be what separates between intellects and idiots but the content of your heart is what separates us from a real friend and a fool. Don’t worry if you find it hard to understand what I said because this won’t come out in the test. Maybe the test in life… To sign off with a proverb: Do not approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back and an idiot from any side.

When I first heard that there was going to be a sequel to this series, I was overjoyed. Then when I thought that the two episode OVA called Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu: Matsuri, is the second season, I got disappointed. But then my hopes were lifted again when I read that the OVA is just an ‘appetizer’ before the actual second season much later in the year. Silly me. See, that’s what I get for jumping to conclusions. So who is the real idiot here?

For those of you who do not know this whacky series, in a nutshell, Fumizuki Academy‘s streaming of classes is a unique one because top students get to enjoy luxurious facilities while students that don’t do so well would receive furniture so dilapidated, you’d think they’re in a prison and their crime is for not being smart. With the vast difference in amenities and polarisation, we have a bunch of ‘idiots’ in Class F trying to go against it all by doing the underdog thingy, beating top students with their highly unusual tactics (or even by pure luck) via summoning of avatars in Exam Wars using the marks they score in exams as their health points. Sounds complicating? Don’t let that spoil the all the laughs and fun.

Episode 1 – Me And Maids And The Start Of A New Journey
As the second title suggests, Fumizuki Academy is about to have its popular cultural festival called Seiryousai. Amidst all that hoolo-balla, our ‘idiotic hero’, Akihisa is trying to resuscitate that perverted shutterbug, Kouta or as many would simply know him as Ninja Pervert. This was what happened a few days ago. Akihisa and Yuuji are playing baseball with the latter giving him complicated hand signals. Ironman abruptly interrupts the game and wants them to decide on what to do for Seiryousai. With Yuuji asking his classmates for suggestions, Akihisa has the ‘honour’ of writing them down on the blackboard. I guess he got confused from the several suggestions of Kouta’s secret photography cafe, Himeji‘s wedding cafe and Minami’s Chinese-European cuisine cafe, so much so it sounded like some combo disaster. Ironman tells them to take this opportunity to buy new furniture for their class from the receipts of their Seiryousai. But when Akihisa finds out that Himeji’s dad may be transferring her to another school, he goes into an exaggerated envision that sees the apocalyptic end of the world! It’s not that bad lah. How the hell can it turn out something like Mad Max? Seems Himeji’s dad is worried that his daughter isn’t having the right environment to study so it’s understandable that he wants only the best for her even if it means going to another school. Thinking that if they’d do their best and buy better furniture, this might persuade her dad to change her mind and let her stay. Himeji and Kouta come back with homemade sesame dumplings. The rest have a try but only Akihisa starts ‘dying’ from the horrible ball. Seems Kouta has made several dumplings except for one which is made by Himeji. For those who don’t know, let’s say Himeji’s cooking can kill. Wow. Just like Russian Roulette, eh?

Seiryousai arrives and looks like our Class F buddies will be doing the Chinese-European cafe due to popular vote. Kouta experiences massive nose bleeding when he sees the girls dressed in cheongsam as waitresses. So this is the part why he needs to be given CPR. And why the heck is Hideyoshi in a cheongsam too?! Did he voluntarily wear it? I mean, it doesn’t make a difference, right? Everyone thinks he’s a girl. The cafe takes an unpleasant turn when a pair of third year delinquents, Yuusaku Tsunemura and Shunpei Natsukawa keep pestering the girls for service. They go as far as badmouthing them. It serves them right when they ate that ‘poisonous’ sesame dumpling and got knocked out. They were ‘brought back to life’ via electric shock but I guess they aren’t happy that the food here is trying to kill them and is going to make them pay. Cool Yuuji steps in with his negotiation tactic by using his fist and kick instead of his mouth. See, sometimes action do speak louder than words. He even did a German suplex on them! Here comes the pain! Negotiation over!

Over-genki Hazuki pays the cafe a visit (seems she found her way here using Yuuji’s idiocy as a landmark. Is that even possible?!) and her earnest and enthusiastic answer about having their first kiss together brings a deadly outcome. At least to Akihisa. He didn’t even know what hit him because the next thing he realized, he’s on the floor! Beware the wrath of angry women! To make things worse, Akihisa is being judged guilty by the FFF Inquisitors. He has no chance to even defend himself. With business slowing down, Hazuki thinks of helping them out because she too wants to don the cheongsam. Would Kouta have any objections to it? Apparently not. They realize that the Tokonatsu duo (that’s what Yuuji nicknames the delinquents based on their kanji name writing) are spreading lies about their cafe to get back at them. Since Hazuki heard this rumour from a place with lots of pretty onee-san, Akihisa and Yuuji decide to infiltrate the place, which turns out to be Class A. OMG! Shouko in a maid outfit trying to give her ‘future husband’ a special menu! Would he want that kind of limited offer?! True enough, the Tokonatsu duo are spreading bad rumours about Class F’s cafe. Akihisa wants to give them a piece of his mind but Yuuji has a better idea. He wants Shouko to lend them a maid outfit. I guess she purposely misinterpreted that and is going to strip naked in front of them!

Well, we all think that Hideyoshi is going to don the outfit, right? Wrong! Turns out Akihisa will be doing so. He gets close enough to serve the Tokonatsu duo and does a German suplex on Natsukawa. The duo realize it’s those idiots but with a large crowd watching, Yuuji and Akihisa perfectly make it like as though they’re harassing them like peeking up Akihisa’s skirt. Even better, Akihisa glued a bra onto Natsukawa’s head! Can’t come off! The Tokonatsu duo make a tactical retreat with Akihisa and Yuuji giving chase. In the haunted house, that bespectacled gay guy, Kubo is having a big yawn when the Tokonatsu duo comes barging in. He thinks he must be hallucinating things so he wishes to see something beautiful. Just then, Akihisa runs pass by which causes his heart to skip a beat. Well, Kubo can’t tell ‘she’ is Akihisa in disguise so his heart is in a dilemma and fighting within himself to either be true to this Akihisa guy or go with the new love at first sight. Either way, he’s a loser.

Tokonatsu duo barge into Class F’s cafe during their run and come into contact with the girls. Yuuji and Akihisa seem to have lost them when Kouta comes running with bad news that one of their waitress has been kidnapped. Akihisa soon gets a call from the duo saying that they have kidnapped one of their comrades and plans to ‘play a lot with her’. Oh dear. Nobody messes with Class F girls and gets away with it. With Kouta’s help, they try and locate their whereabouts. How? Kouta has surveillance cameras hidden all over the school! All to see underneath the girls’ skirt! Such low angle shots! WTF?! Then they switch to voice-only mode and I don’t know what kind of super ability Kouta has to pinpoint out their voice and locate their position in the gym’s store room. Akihisa goes into rescue mode as he rushes through the crowd, jumping and avoiding (though not totally) all obstacles that come his way. He’s still in that maid dress by the way. When he reaches the place, he surprises and sends the Tokonatsu duo flying with his fist full of rage! However, he sees Hideyoshi sitting there playing a board game. Seems that he was dragged by the duo and yeah, they played a lot apparently. Uhn…

At the end of the first day, Class F got enough money to buy the furniture needed. Mostly it’s because of the photo album that has Akihisa cross-dressed as a maid. A total sell out! And the vote is in for the most popular waitress goes to… Akihisa! WTF?! Oh, how disappointing for Himeji and Minami. Even in another popular vote, they both lost to Hideyoshi! However both of them win in their own respective voting area (Minami for being flat chest and Himeji being sexy). Himeji wants to celebrate and has made some leftover sesame dumplings. Guess who is going to eat it? Akihisa sure has lots of lives. Then Ironman comes in with good news that they are allowed to buy new furniture with their money but with 1 condition: They must win the Summoned Being Exam Tournament tomorrow. In short, it’s a two-member-team slugging out with each other in a random-seeded tournament. All they have to do is win. Sounds easy enough, right? Ah well, the good thing about being simple idiots. Lastly, Kubo is walking home and having lots on his mind about his newfound love. Kouta pops up and shows him a picture of Akihisa in that maid outfit. Then he sees Akihisa and starts to panic about the misunderstanding so much so he runs away in shame, leaving the duo in much confusion. I think he is the one greatly misunderstood.

Episode 2: Idiots And Fireworks And Summoned Being Tournament
Akihisa starts revising for the upcoming tournament so that he has a better chance at winning but he keeps getting distracted by the lousy food his sister Akira makes. You don’t want to know how she pulls off making such dishes. With the second day of Seiryousai, Yuuji makes his usual tactic on how to win. Himeji-Minami will be Class F’s main team while Yuuji-Akihisa will be the backup. He has Kouta and Hideyoshi doing other supporting roles. They’ve got enough cash to splash for the furniture (going into millions!) but Akihisa’s main aim is to keep Himeji from transferring out. He is confident that he is ready after studying Japanese history but unfortunately, that won’t be the subject in today’s battle. What a waste. In the first round, Yuuji-Akihisa is up against a pair of Class E team but suddenly a computer glitch has them face the Class B team of Ritsuko Iwashita and Mayumi Kikuiri. They too aren’t happy with the sudden change but what’s done is done. Theoretically on paper, it seems like it’s going to be a one-sided match. It gets even worse when Yuuji and Akihisa start bickering among themselves, leaving it to the other to finish the match. Yuuji’s score seem to be comparably high with his opponents. He has been studying a lot of late because he really wants to beat Class A. Actually the real reason is that he has been threatened by Shouko to marry her… Ah, that’s why. The match goes underway and with some weird combo and cooperation from Yuuji and Akihisa, they turn the tables on Ritsuko and Mayumi. Though they win the match, it ends up making them look like big bullies! All the girls are starting to hate this damn pair! How some people wish that they should’ve lost.

In the next round, Yuuji and Akihisa meet another pair of Class B team, this time Nemoto and his girlfriend Yuuka. However Yuuji’s score isn’t high this time. As low as Akihisa’s. So he turns to a sneaky tactic by revealing an album filled with pictures of Nemoto’s punishment cosplay (see last season if you want to know what happened to this bastard). Nemoto panics and withdraws from the tournament. With that, Yuuji and Akihisa are given a walkover. Nemoto desperately wants to talk with Yuuka but she coolly tells him that she wants to breakup and it’s over between them. Oh, that poor guy. He looks so tame now as compared to before. For the next round, Yuuji has a bad feeling and has Hideyoshi go into action. True enough, his predictions came true as they will be up against Class A of Shouko and Yuuko. Akihisa thought it was part of Yuuji’s plan to substitute Hideyoshi’s twin with theirs but it seems Yuuko has seen right true their plan and has Hideyoshi tied up for good. This time Akihisa comes up with a plan and wants Yuuji to say exactly the word whispered into his ear. Yuuji only realized he got himself into sh*t when he said he will propose to Shouko if he wins this tournament! Akihisa knocks Yuuji out and with Hideyoshi doing a perfect voice impersonation, Shouko is over the Moon and forfeits herself. As the match is about the start, Yuuko spots that they are doing something against the rules. To avoid them getting expelled, Akihisa did another dramatic move making as though Yuuji declaring his love for Shouko. She withdraws her team from this round and lets Yuuji-Akihisa advance. You don’t know the sh*t he’s into once this ends.

Though the baka combo end up arguing each other during the break, they have to save that for later since in the semi-finals, they will face Himeji-Minami. They are intending to lose out to them when Hazuki declares her love for Akihisa and even suggests doing suggestive things if they win! Now Himeji and Minami are sprouting deadly aura. Oh no. It won’t really matter if he dies, right? Even the FFF Inquisitors want him killed! As for Yuuji, he too is in big sh*t. Shouko threatens him that he’ll have to marry her right away if he loses on purpose! Isn’t that the same either way?! Really caught between a rock and a hard place! See Shouko’s scary face? Remember that Taser gun? Oh yeah… Yuuji and Akihisa have no choice but to go all out. Seems Himeji and Minami are having the edge but when the guys cooperate, they start to turn the tables. Akihisa’s avatar got stuck on Himeji’s boobs as Minami tries to get him off. This distraction was enough for Yuuji to blow them all away. Too bad it was part of his intention to let Akihisa feel the pain as well (Akihisa’s avatar is slightly special since what the little chibi avatar feels, he too can feel it). Yuuji and Akihisa advance to the final.

Guess who is the final team who made it? As Yuuji predicted, it is the Tokonatsu pair. He also knows that all the random match-ups they have faced have been their doing as they fixed the matches in hopes of humiliating them and eliminating them early. But surprising everyone, a Class F team actually got this far. Hey, Natsukawa still have that bra on his head!!! The match today is Tokonatsu pair’s strong subject: English. However, Yuuji also did a little dirty trick as he already sent Kouta to fix this match by changing the subject to Japanese history. The match begins and it seems Akihisa takes a sound beating at first. Then with a wakeup call from Yuuji to show his balls, Akihisa gets his determination and strength to make a comeback and defeat the delinquents. So the unexpected happened. Class F wins the tournament but the Tokonatsu pair refuses to acknowledge their win and threaten to expose the dirty tactics they did. As they rush to the intercom room, Yuuji and Akihisa think quickly and get an idea to send the firework cannon right into their direction. Good thing is that it hit them right on target. Bad thing is that the fireworks went out of control and the entire school is decimated. Ironman isn’t pleased with them going wild. In the aftermath, all their money for the new furniture is gone for to repair the damaged buildings. Ah, all the hard work… But at least they got the tea table… Like that would help. As for Himeji’s transfer, she tells them that her dad was watching her at the festival. He advises her that if she is going to attend this school, she should not only work on her studies but her physical strength. In short, he saw the wonderful friends around her and decides to let her stay. Hooray! Himeji’s not going anywhere. I guess this is the best prize after all. Lastly during the bonfire dance, Nemoto is still desperately trying to rescue his relationship with Yuuka. Too bad, she’s not interested. “YUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”. He can kiss his love goodbye. As for Yuuji, he gets electrocuted by the Taser gun after all since Shouko wants him to fulfil his promise. “AARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Feels like retribution, eh? One bad deed deserves another. No openings for any negotiations! Himeji and Minami are nervous trying to ask Akihisa’s hand in the bonfire dance but innocent Hazuki cuts between them and has the last dance with him instead. Ah well, try again next time.

‘Idiot’ Is An Infectious Disease
So once again, ends another great run for this short series. The laughs never fail to disappoint and to me they still do deliver the goods. The slight grouse that I have is that Shouko didn’t have enough screen time. Not to say that I’m a Shouko fan, but the only reason why I like her is because of her ‘undying’ love for Yuuji and the forceful tactics that makes Yuuji hers even if that guy is absolutely against it. It’s like he can never run away from her. Ever. His screams of agony are really convincing. But a little good thing I can take heart is that Minami’s self-proclaimed lesbian lover, Miharu didn’t make a single appearance in the OVA. Though it’s quite fun to see her hate towards Akihisa and doing anything to protect Minami from him, sometimes she is quite a tad annoying. And yeah, that principal Kaoru didn’t even make her appearance at all too. So is that a good thing? Not that she will have any impact with or without her presence. So it’s like we have the good (Minami’s absence), the bad (lack of Shouko’s screen time) and erm, the ugly (Kaoru – old principals like her are *suddenly zips mouth tightly shut*).

I remember that one of the funny points in this series was the hilarious gay jokes. Especially the misunderstood chemistry between Yuuji and Akihisa. However we have none of that and even Kubo’s one was just a short and mild one. Something that is forgettable. The first episode seems to be concentrated on Akihisa and his cross-dressing act (so I guess that’s why there’s no time for such gay jokes and also why Hideyoshi’s cross-dressing didn’t stand out or nobody making a fuss that he’s a girl when he’s actually a boy) and in the second episode it’s about Yuuji-Akihisa’s cooperation and interaction in the tournament. Speaking of Yuuji, that guy is still one good tactician. He may be an idiot overall but his tactics and foresight are not bad. Kouta is still an all-time pervert and it’s amazing and scary with the voyeurism fetish he’s got. With Yuuji-Akihisa being the main focus in the second OVA, seems like many of the other supporting characters felt like playing minor roles. Another good point of this OVA is that the CG effects of the Summon Being battles are quite good and nicely done, giving eye candy to viewers.

I remember reading from a comment somewhere over the internet, somebody said that after watching this OVA, it felt like it you will be able to ‘learn’ certain things such as cross-dressing, blackmail people into submission, backstab your best friend, find other uses for female underwear, hack and control a sophisticated machine and best of all, blow up the entire school, among others. Umm… Not very ‘educational’, doesn’t it? Sounds like a very bad influence in the first place. Besides, I think it won’t hurt if you take it with a pinch of salt. Okay, maybe not. Please do not imitate their actions anywhere, anytime or to anybody. You can learn a lot by not doing so.

So with this OVA, I’m really looking forward to more laughs when the second season comes. It goes to show that study grades aren’t everything and what matters is what you have on the inside and the friends around you. Therefore, sometimes being an idiot is a good thing because you get to do pretty normal stuff for kids at their age instead of locking themselves up, cramming all the knowledge into their head that you’ll never probably apply or use. Class F showed that if you have the determination and will (and of course all the other threatening stuff), you can pull off the impossible and set a precedent that being at the bottom doesn’t mean you’re never going to be tops even if it is just once. Even idiots need to be given their due respect. I’d rather be a happy idiot than a smart alec with no life. Oh wait, being an anime otaku means I don’t even have a life. Doh! Silly me.

Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

November 7, 2010

“Study hard so you can get good grades and enter a good college. And then get a good job with high pay”. I’m sure most of us have heard that nagging line from our parents to do so. Why not? At least from where I come from, due to the ‘awkward’ education policy, a great emphasis has been put on obtaining ‘A’s in a very exam-oriented society. What does this have to do with today’s blog? So for those role model students and near-dropouts, depending on your views, you’re going to have a little motivation when you watch Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu. Okay, maybe not. But it doesn’t hurt to watch this fantasy comedy romance genre using school and exam grades as a ‘fighting mechanism’. Say what?

The school is Fumizuki Academy and this is a unique school. Firstly, classes of a grade are strictly divided based on the students’ exam scores. With Class A being the highest to Class F the lowest. The ‘discrimination’ is obvious because if you’re Class A material, your classroom will have all the prestigious amenities needed to guide you in studying. Is this a classroom or a leisure hall?! So if you’re at the bottom like Class F, all you have is a pitiful state and rundown classroom where everything is rotting or a matter of time from breaking down. Is this a classroom or the slums?! So it pays to study, right?

However there is a system called Exam Wars which allows to ‘swap’ classes and hence better facilities. Using something like an RPG system and in a closed space with the permission of a teacher, students can summon their Avatars (fantasy and chibi versions of themselves) and battle it out. Depending on the subject used, that subject can be used as life points. However the mechanism on how one wins or reduces the other life points is still a mystery to me. So if you’re on the high end, that means you would have high scores which translate into high life points. So if you’re on the other low hand… Go figure. That’s why it pays to be smart, right? And thus once the battle is over (with the life points of the opposing side decreased to zero), the winner is hence declared and is allowed to swap class setups. Sounds like fun too, right? Not if you’re on the losing side.

Prior to the start of the series, there is a 4 minute webcast of the show called Christmas Special which gives viewers a peak on what’s to come. We have some the various characters of the series giving their answers on the meaning of Christmas. I’m sure they have different interpretations but it is odd to see a group of KKK people (FFF Inquisition as they’re called in this anime) a bunch of lonely losers that will ‘execute’ anyone who have lovers. Be careful.

Episode 1 proper beings with our main protagonist, Akihisa Yoshii. He is the ‘idiot’ of the series. That doesn’t necessarily mean he is a total loser (though most of the time he is) but a hero (seldom). As a freshman, the Placement Exam is necessary to see which of the class you’re going to end up in. It’s do or die. However, a busty air-head pink haired girl, Mizuki Himeji experiences difficulties and collapses. Akihisa goes to her aid but the strict invigilator takes this as a sign that he has abandoned the test and will get a zero. Test scores are more important than a person’s life? Bummer. No guess in which class he will end up in. No wonder his teacher, Shouichi Nishimura AKA Ironman, who has high hopes of him, is so disappointed. Does he know what happened? Akihisa, welcome to your new Class F. Even the teacher has no motivation to teach and puts the class in self study mode. What else better to do than to fix your broken table. We are introduced to the other characters of Class F. Minami Shimada, the tomboyish flat-chest. Good in maths but weak in kanji. The tsundere type who has a crush on Akihisa but ends up doing submission moves on him whenever he makes fun of her masculinity and bust size. Kouta Tsuchiya AKA Ninja Pervert who is a taciturn-cum-pervert-cum-shutterbug who gets his kicks by taking photos of girls and the more erotic, the more nose bleeds he’ll have. You get the idea when he always tries to snap a shot of Minami or some other girls’ underneath her skirt when they’re doing a submission move on Akihisa. Hideyoshi Kinoshita, the helpful guy but nobody seems to acknowledge he is a boy due to his feminine looks despite the numerous rebuffs. Yuuji Sakamoto, the cool class rep and schemer with high foresight but also another idiot that is on par with Akihisa’s level. And yes, Himeji is also in their class. Not to mention the FFF Inquisition. It’s going to be one hell of a class.

Yuuji is hyped up to declare war on higher ranked class. He is confident they have a secret ace up their sleeve: Akihisa. Why? Because he’s an idiot. Say what? Being an idiot is useful because they use him to go declare war on Class E. He gets beaten up. Teacher Youko Takahashi reports the request of the Exam Wars to the principal of the school, Kaoru Toudou. She is excited that the Exam Wars is already starting so early in the semester and gives her approval. We see Yuuji planning his strategy and sending his classmates to battle at various points. But he seems to be relaxing and not worrying? Is he that confident? Minami and Himeji take the Recovery Exam so that they can earn higher scores while the battle takes place in the background. During battles, if a person loses all his/her life points, Ironman will come rushing in to take them away for remedial classes. I don’t know what is in that class but from the screaming losers’ mouth, it has got to be hell on Earth. Class E defeats and advances to Yuuji and Akihisa’s last standing ground but Yuuji is still cool. He tells Akihisa to unleash his true powers as an idiot. Akihisa’s Avatar is unique unlike anyone else’s. How unique? Whenever his Avatar gets hit, Akihisa will also feel its pain and vice versa. That’s it?! Oh, did I mention his Avatar can help carry physical objects too? Yeah, I’m sure that’s useful. I’m sure that wasn’t the real plan because Himeji shows up in time to slice everyone else with her super high score marks. Seems the Recovery Exam isn’t limited to the number of questions but time and since Himeji could answer lots of them (because she’s supposed to be Class A material), her scores sky-rocketed. Class F wins but Yuuji decides that they not swap classes and remain their own. Just then, Hideyoshi’s twin sister, Yuuko from Class A, enters their room and declares war on them. Class A intends to crush them. Well, they caused an upset over Class E, right? Don’t rest on your laurels yet.

In episode 2, Akihisa continues fixing his table so much so he’s got his hand stuck to it after using a super glue. They then go survey Class A’s facilities. They are faced with Yuuko and the class rep, Shouko Kirishima. She announces a penalty game in a best-of-5 match. The losing side must comply with the orders of the winning side. While Class F is discussing their strategy, Akihisa thinks that Shouko is a lesbian and is targeting Himeji. He’s not going to let that happen. But we are also introduced to another lesbian. She is the energetic Miharu Shimizu and is totally in love with Minami though the latter always try to convince she is a hetero. Not that she’d listen anyway. Too bad Akihisa has made another enemy because Miharu would not hesitate to attack that idiot for the slightest misunderstanding that he is going to take away the purity of her beloved onee-sama. After that bone breaking torment, Akihisa learns that Himeji has a love letter she is embarrassed to give. But it turns out to be a chain letter. Class F vs Class A’s battle begins (Hideyoshi being made the Round Girl). The first match pits Minami against Yuuko and victory goes to the latter. Then it’s Akihisa vs Miho Satou. I guess it wasn’t Akihisa’s glued hand to the table cost him a victory but his idiocy. Next, Kouta up against athletic Aiko Kudou. Kouta shows he’s not a total pervert but with brains as well as he turns the table and defeats her to give a lifeline to his comrades. Then it’s Himeji and Toshimitsu Kubo, who happens to be the 2nd ranked student in school. Though he has a high score, so does Himeji. Himeji’s love for her class defeats the bespectacled guy.

Now the match decider has Yuuji against Shouko. Class rep vs class rep. Yuuji has a special request that their battle is in the form of a written exam, the subject is history restricted to elementary level. Why? Yuuji remembers well that Shouko remembered a date of an event wrongly (the Taika Reforms, that is) and is putting his bet that this question will come up. The battle begins and lady luck shines on Yuuji because that question pops up. When the results are announced, Shouko did not get full marks but only 98 marks and Class A is starting to panic that they may actually lose to Class F! They’re jumping in joy that victory is theirs but when it is announced that Yuuji only scored 53 marks (haha!), it’s too late to learn that never count your chickens before they hatch. The best part is that the broken tables in Class F have now become tangerine boxes! Oh sh*t!!! HAHAHA!!! They’re worse off than before! Yuuji is still cool about it and didn’t expect this ambush. What ambush?! It’s like they themselves got ambushed. Shouko comes in to claim her order. Good news: She isn’t after Himeji. Seems she is after Yuuji and wants him to go out with her. Shouko was eyeing Himeji because she sees any other girl close to Yuuji as a threat. Since she can’t take no, she forcefully takes him away. Bad news. What bad news? Yuuji deserves it, right? Oh yeah, maybe bad news to Akihisa because Himeji and Minami fight over him to take them both out during the weekend.

Already leading a poor life, Akihisa is going to be poorer now that he has to treat both girls in episode 3. But he has to count himself lucky because Shouko has got Yuuji chained up on their date and uses a stun gun if he acts unfavourable. Yikes! Watching a movie that lasts for hours for several runs?! Queen control! Next day, we see how Akihisa tried to divide his limited food so much so theoretically even though the pieces are small, they are infinite in amount! Idiotic. On his way to school, he bumps into Kubo, who dropped his bread. They both misinterpret each other so Kubo thinks Akihisa hints his love for him and yeah, he’s gay! Ironman takes over Class F’s teacher, Shin Fukuhara as their homeroom teacher. And Class F cannot declare another Exam War because based on the rules, the losing side cannot do so for 3 months. That’s a pretty long time. Minami and Himeji makes Akihisa them out on another outing. Due to circumstances, he can’t seem to get a bite of the yummy food the girls are having. So when an opportunity arises, Miharu is determined not to let her beloved Minami get corrupted by the idiot and chases after him. While hiding, I don’t know the rationale behind Hideyoshi’s idea to have Akihisa cross-dress in a maid outfit to turn Miharu away (but Himeji and Minami loves it?) but this upsets her even further. They run back to school and with the teacher’s permission, they summon their Avatars to fight Miharu. Miharu targets Minami and beats her before Himeji brings down Miharu’s life points to zero. Ironman then takes them away for remedial classes. Minami hates it but Miharu otherwise loves it because she gets to be with her. Akihisa and Himeji talk about their unluckiness to get zero in the Placement Exam and also the chain letter. She intends to hold on to it till she has the courage to give it to someone else. Eh? Later Akihisa is delighted when he receives a love letter in his shoe box. Unfortunately, he realizes it is from a guy. It hints to be Kubo…

Class F is having supplementary classes on a weekend in episode 4. Yeah, idiots need more studying. Suddenly a happy little girl, Hazuki barges in to be with her stupid onii-chan Akihisa (that’s what she really calls him). She is Minami’s little sister and has no qualms in telling everyone she and Akihisa will get married one day. FFF Inquisition interrogates and finds Akihisa guilty before he has a chance to defend himself. Wait, he has no chance! She is also here to give Minami the bentos she made but forgot to bring though the latter tries to hide this fact. Himeji also made bento especially for Akihisa but looks like that poor guy gets another round of interrogation by the hooded members. Akihisa is about to taste Himeji’s bento when the other guys invite themselves and have a taste. It was a good thing because they all collapsed! OMG! Whoever said Himeji was a good cook? Akihisa is in a dilemma whether to eat or reject but doesn’t want to break her heart. Yuuji tells her that even if the food is poison, love is the ultimate spice and antidote to it. Taking his words for it, Akihisa also collapses. I guess love isn’t the answer, haha. Minami too wishes to give Akihisa her bento but was chased around by Miharu (“Why are there so many screwed up students in this school?!”. Akihisa and Hazuki go around looking for Minami. When they finally find each other, Minami is going to give him her bento but I guess she was too slow so much so Kubo whisked Akihisa away for lunch. Too bad he can’t eat in peace because Fukuhara requests him to summon his Avatar to help open a can. Since he got hurt and his score reduced to zero, it’s the remedial classes for him. At the end of the day, Minami is going to throw away the bento but Akihisa lectures about not wasting food, etc. She happily gives it to him.

Akihisa tries to save a little toy strap accessory of Hazuki, Phi the Fox, from the road via summon but Kaoru’s car ran over it in episode 5. Hazuki is in tears but Kaoru continues to be harsh. Akihisa isn’t happy and was going to attack her but the closed space was removed. She challenges him and thus comes up with a treasure hunt competition for the entire school. Seems there are lots of prizes. From free meals and those limited editions of Phi the Fox and friends. To search for these treasures, they have to answer questions which will turn out into its coordinates. If different teams come into contact, they can summon their Avatars and do battle over it. Kouta, Minami and Himeji are a team whereby Akihisa, Yuuji and Hideyoshi the other. Akihisa tries several guessing tactics used to guess unsure answers in exams but it didn’t work out. Luck is on Shouko-Yuuko-Aiko team as they easily find treasures. During the search, one of the locations reveals to be Himeji’s chiffon cake. You know what that means. I don’t know why the guys have to eat it and since there are 3 pieces of them, only 1 will be able to live. In the end, all of them took each other out. While Miharu continues to pester Minami’s ‘treasure’, Yuuji’s team continue their search randomly through different levels to cover more ground. At the end of the day, the toy strap prize is at the rooftop but they encounter Shouko’s team and thus a summon battle begins. Thankfully, the time limit of the treasure hunt is over so this means Akihisa has the right to claim that prize. Akihisa, Yuuji and Hideyoshi then get a box of Iron Bracelets. They put them on and are able to call forth their Avatar without needing a teacher’s permission. However Yuuji and Hideyoshi’s bracelet explodes, leaving only Akihisa’s intact. They conclude that only idiots can use it. Kaoru notes it needs a little tweaking while Hazuki is thrilled to receive the full set of toy straps.

Yuuji is at Akihisa’s place in episode 6 and due to some argument over food, they waste food by having a food fight. Tsk tsk tsk. Since the shower heater is down, the duo sneak into the school’s pool to clean themselves but was caught by Ironman and reprimanded to clean it next week. So the rest also come including Hazuki and Shouko (Yuuji knows too well the repercussions if he doesn’t tell her!). So the swimsuits and nose bleeds and too bad for Yuuji because Shouko pokes his eyes to prevent him from seeing other girls. That poor soul. Another poor soul is Minami because Miharu is there too… More poor souls because it’s break time and Himeji have made waffles for the guys. Yeah, a swimming competition to see who doesn’t get to eat it! Akihisa thinks his only rival is Yuuji because Hideyoshi has low stamina and Kouta has weakened due to massive nose bleeds. Yuuji also thought the same thing so when the competition starts, they both fight each other! This means Kouta and Hideyoshi got a head start! When they realized, Yuuji tries to stop Kouta while Akihisa on Hideyoshi. He accidentally rips his top causing the pool to be filled with blood from the nose. It’s ironic he gets into the competition as a guy but everyone sees him as a girl. When it’s over, they go to the public bath. Guess which side Hideyoshi has to take? Don’t worry, there is one gender especially for his case. Called ‘Hideyoshi’. Seriously? So the usual frolicking from the girls’ side with Miharu trying to molest you-know-who’s assets and Minami trying to gauge the bust size of the other girls but eventually lost to Himeji’s ‘attack strength’ of… I don’t know how many digits are there but it’s off the scale! Akihisa and Kouta try to peep and got scalded by the hot water in their foolish attempts. Akihisa attempts a summon but gets beaten up by the girls. Since his score is down to zero, Ironman emerges from the bath to take him away! You can’t escape the remedial.

Yuuji’s hell with Shouko continues in episode 7. Since Shouko won a ticket prize to an amusement park during the treasure hunt, she forces Yuuji on a date with her. Failing which if he breaks the promise, they will get married immediately. Like between a hard place and a rock, eh? To make things worse, Akihisa, Kouta and Hideyoshi are dressed up as the park workers. As usual the pain for Yuuji if he doesn’t listen to her. Oh wait, it’s the same if he does too. They encounter an obnoxious couple who mocks Shouko-Yuuji of being losers. While the trio workers tend to them, they made them upset so they chased after them. Yuuji and Shouko continue their date but encounter Himeji and Minami in a Phi the Fox mascot. It’s so obvious… They suggest the haunted house attraction so Shouko forcefully brings Yuuji there while Himeji and Minami confront and beat up Yuuji for a misunderstanding that he’s dating a college girl. Inside the haunted house, voices imitating Yuuji that he likes other girls sends Shouko into Jigoku Shoujo mode. Ippen shinde miru! Okay, she didn’t say that but you get the idea. During lunch, the gang sets up Yuuji and Shouko to play a wedding couple on stage. The obnoxious couple is there too and wants the wedding experience. Thankfully the guy flopped. Yuuji and Shouko dress up and they look gorgeous. The obnoxious couple continue mocking them and Shouko’s dream of being a bride, hurting her feelings. Akihisa was going to give them a piece of his mind but was restrained. By that time, Shouko had already left the stage. The gang go in search of her. Yuuji meets the obnoxious couple on their way out and fights with the guy. Shouko on her way home bumps into beaten-up Yuuji. He tells her straight that her feelings for him are misplaced but he won’t laugh at her dream because it is admirable she stayed loyal to a person for a long time though he feels he is the wrong one. In a rare ‘unhostile’ atmosphere, they walk home together as Shouko confirms she didn’t misplace her feelings after all.

During a summon battle, Akihisa’s Avatar goes haywire as there are thousands of them flooding the school in episode 8. Seems there was a guy who was trying to get into a secured area. But when security detected him, he escaped and tripped on a plug that causes the summoning system near the core to go berserk. Everyone’s Avatar turns into a sexy and hot version of themselves. Since there was a gay version of Yuuji and Kouta’s, you know where the pain will be coming from, right? Since the access door to get inside it to fix it is jammed, Kaoru decides to use the idiots to work. And that is to have Akihisa use his bracelet to summon his Avatar and enter the area and repair it. With the guidance and directions from his pals, Akihisa’s Avatar makes headway into the system but is attacked by his other friends’ Avatars who have gone hostile. Ah well, it’s the remedial classes again. Thankfully Akihisa attains lots of scores by doing simple maths questions so with this high level, he can at least fend off the hostile Avatars. Akihisa emerges victorious but that means the losers, Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Kouta will have to undergo remedial classes. Then he’s up against Minami and Himeji’s Avatars but gets tortured in an S&M way. Miharu interrupts and due to a blunder, Himeji takes out Minami and the yuri girl. Akihisa is weakened but he tells Himeji to take a Recovery Exam. Won’t that increase her score? Not if she doesn’t answer any questions and get a zero score. Akihisa beats her and is able to plug back the system and return it to normal. But Akihisa too have to undergo remedial class when Kaoru knocks his Avatar’s head. Like she says, don’t cling on to that little score of his. He happily joins his pals. When Youko notes how Kaoru took a huge gamble using them, she replies that you just need to know how to get along with idiots.

Akihisa’s sister, Akira, returns in episode 9 to check on her little brother’s living habits. She’s not the kind who uses force or violence to make Akihisa submit to her, but her sexual charms and sisterly love. Yeah, the kind of sister who wants to marry her brother. Another sicko. Because of that, Akihisa clearly remembers the conditions that allowed him to live alone: Not playing video games for more than 30 minutes a day and have no impure relations with girls. Too bad she can’t give him her kiss penalty. Akira uses a weird points system to add or deduct (more of the latter) to determine if he should continue living alone. Akihisa can’t take this anymore and SMS Yuuji. So happen that unlucky guy was confronted by Shouko who is concerned he received more SMS from Yuuji than her. Then Akihisa’s SMS come in saying “Can I sleep at your house? I don’t want to go home tonight”. Oh sh*t!!! Akihisa’s pals learn he is different than usual, so they decide to follow him home. They see lots of lingerie hanging around and Himeji is so in denial that she thinks they’re Akihisa’s clothes! Akira comes back from buying lots of foodstuff. They learn she is his sister. To Hideyoshi’s happiness, Akira recognizes him as a boy because there is no way Akihisa would have a relationship with a girl. That means she sees Himeji and Minami as boys! She even notes she permits relations with the same sex and adds points to his score! Sicko! Himeji decides to help for dinner and knowing that Akira is a horrible cook too, Akihisa and Yuuji decide to take over. Akihisa’s life is so over when Akira exposes his fetishes and words of comfort which actually break his heart. “The dumber you are, the more loved you are”. He’s got to be the dumbest idiot in the world then. On another day because Akira wants him to focus on studying while she does the cooking, Akihisa blows his top and will show her what he is capable of. He burns the midnight oil and aces in his exams. Oops, my mistake. He could’ve scored high marks if he didn’t write the answers in the wrong spot. Yeah, zero marks. One night he finds lots of Akira’s failed cookings in the fridge in realized she was trying hard to make his favourite dish. So he thanks her and says he loves her, causing her to blush.

Himeji is summing up her courage to give Akihisa her love letter in episode 10. But when she finally does, she realizes she messed up and it’s pictures of him in a maid outfit. How did it… Akihisa’s morning will never be the same because he is now alert when he wakes up or risk being smooched by Akira’s sisterly love. And even breakfast she feeds him with lots of liquid. Still can’t cook, eh? Don’t you just feel bloated? In class, Kouta is gathering data on girls’ bust size while Minami does a submission move on Akihisa and Shouko her usual painful eye-poking moves on Yuuji. Yuuko comes in to chide her twin for being stupid. Meanwhile Himeji is reading a book on how to deliver a love letter. An advice has her asking his friends but the results aren’t desirable. Know what happens when she asks Yuuji? What would Shouko take that as? Yeah, stamp your mark on the marriage registration now. Akihisa has been tasked to carry mock exam questions to the vault but slips. Being the honest guy he is, he didn’t peep and puts them safely inside. Then his friends start to panic that they lost their precious items: A love letter, marriage registration form, info of girls’ bust size and a nurse uniform. Akihisa realized that they may have got mixed up and put inside the vault with the questions. They are bent on helping each other out to retrieve those items.

Since the vault is very secured, Kyouji Nemoto from Class B proposes to work with them to break in. Note that he was the guy who tripped on the wire and caused the summoning system to malfunction a few episodes back. The Class F members use Akihisa as distraction to get keys while Nemoto uses a video cam to record today’s vault code. They manage to get their belongings but Nemoto’s ulterior motive is to steal the question papers. To him getting good scores is everything. Plus, he is confident the idiots are in the same predicament as he is so exposing him would mean exposing themselves too. In worse case, they may get suspended. Nemoto mocks their stupidity so Himeji stands up for them and argues otherwise. But in the end Nemoto leaves and tells them that they never saw or met each other. Akihisa is upset that Himeji was ridiculed so Yuuji says their 3 month ban is almost over and wants him to have another go at the Exam Wars. Using the bracelet, they steal the questions and scatter them all over school. All the students scramble for it and this puts a damper on Nemoto plans. Even so, exposed questions won’t be featured in the next exams so all that scramble was for nothing. Ironman reprimands the duo for it but he noticed something amiss because they sincerely apologized though they can’t tell the reason. Even so, he has them undergo Satanic reviews. They have really suffered a lot, don’t they? Lastly, Nemoto spots a basket of cookies in his locker and thinks it’s from a girl admirer. But those cookies are from Himeji and were put in there by Yuuji and Akihisa. You know what that means… Who has the last laugh now?

In a psychological move, Akihisa is made to go declare war on Class D in episode 11. Yeah, he gets beaten up again. The class rep of Class D, Genji Hiraga accepts their challenge. Yuuji shows he is a true tactician by understanding his team, opponent and the surroundings as he strategizes schemes to their advantage to clear the way for Himeji to take out Genji. Though Class D has their tricks and ambush, but it is still Class F that has the final trick. Yup, Akihisa bears the brunt of it all again. Something about an announcement that Akihisa will go out on a date with some single middle age teacher that turned the tables. The ultimate sacrifice! Though Class D made a final push by ambushing Yuuji, he isn’t afraid because his low scores were purposely leaked to catch his enemies offguard. Plus, those scores are outdated and his new ones you can say consider him a prodigy. In the end, Class F wins and as usual, Yuuji doesn’t have their class swapped. Their next target is Class B. Nemoto talks to his girlfriend of Class C, Yuuka Koyama, and he is looking forward to payback those idiots. When Class F return to their classroom, they find it has been ransacked. Their precious belongings gone. Yuuji wants them to remain calm since they know this is Nemoto’s doing.

The vengeful battle begins and though their scores are obvious, Akihisa plays psychological game by announcing Nemoto has a girlfriend. This sends the FFF Inquisition into kamikaze mode, piercing through the Class B defence. Akihisa spots Himeji being confronted by Nemoto. He has her letter in his hands and mocks her he’ll give it back once it is over. Akihisa confronts Yuuji and wants him to pull Himeji out. He agrees but in return Akihisa has to stand in her place. He agrees. With determination, Akihisa breaks through Class B’s wall in a surprise attack. Though Nemoto has his backup plan, it’s a diversion so Kouta can bust in from the window with Ironman and defeat Nemoto in his best subject. Class F causes a major upset as they are declared the winner. Yuuji agrees not to swap class setup on a condition that Nemoto wears a girl uniform. He is against it but would his other classmate agree to it? It’s his shame and dignity as compared to their class facilities. No choice! Akihisa gives Himeji’s letter back. He learns that it is that chain letter. She now has the courage to rip it apart because she feels she shouldn’t rely on it and wants to express her feelings through her own voice. She decides to call Akihisa by his first name. Lastly Shouko confronts Yuuji and wonders if he wants to get Class A that bad. Yuuji disagrees as he couldn’t care less about the setups. His intention is to show the world that academics isn’t everything (damn right!) and wants Shouko to give her all she’s got and not hold back.

With the battle with Class A coming up in episode 12, Akira makes Akihisa a steak meal as motivation. Pictures of steak, that is. Haha! And even if that wasn’t bad enough, there is a video of her in a swimsuit eating it! WTF?! In class, the gang are discussing strategies when Hideyoshi brings in stuff supposedly to be Yuuko’s weaknesses. Yaoi and BL books?! Of course Yuuko isn’t happy they stooped this low and vows to make them regret. Class A has a mock Exam War with Class B. Part of Yuuji’s plan is to have Hideyoshi dress up as Yuuko (they’re splitting images of each other) and barge into Class C to badmouth them. This causes them to be upset so Yuuka confronts Yuuko to have a mock Exam Wars. But when Yuuka sees Nemoto still dressed in a girl’s uniform, she misinterprets his fetish and break-up. Looks like he has become an idiot in another way. Subsequently, Class D and Class E also request a mock war with Class A. Yuuji explains his strategy since Class A students spend most of their time indoors studying, this means they have less stamina and the mock wars should wear them out. Plus, the reason Yuuji never swapped classes was to gather allies in the long run. The real battle starts so Class F continue to use their strategy to stay advantageous like luring Class A students one by one into an area where they get beaten up by a bunch of Class F guys. Then there’s one part Kouta steal their pants to ‘paralyze’ them. We now know how sick this gay Kubo is because he drops his own pants and wants Akihisa to come at him!

The battle on the rooftop pits Shouko-Yuuko against Akihisa-Yuuji-Minami-Himeji. Thanks to the bracelet that allows them to summon and train, they swiftly avoid Shouko and Yuuko’s attacks. Even with their low scores, as long as they keep hitting bit by bit, it’s better than nothing. Class A reinforcements arrive so Akihisa expands the closed space to drop a bell and foil their advance. Akihisa’s bracelet goes haywire and explodes, causing the bell to damage the building. Yuuji grabs Shouko’s hands before she falls to her doom and the same case for Akihisa for Himeji. They would have been goners if Ironman didn’t pull them up. Himeji hugs Akihisa in her relief so he comforts her. Yuuji and Shoko are seen holding hands even after being pulled up so Yuuji quickly pulls back his own. Just when everyone is recovering from the near-disaster, Yuuko’s Avatar pops up and hits Yuuji’s. Youko declares Class A as the winner. WHAT?! So close yet so far.

Now Class F’s tables have turned into drawing boards in episode 13! OMG! Sure everybody seems to accept that they’ve lost but are they really happy deep down? Even Akira gives Akihisa her sisterly advice to get back up and move on. Till her seducing charms set in, that is. Akihisa barges into Kaoru’s office to request for a rematch. To his surprise, even Shouko and Yuuko are there to request the same as they feel such a victory is unbefitting for Class A. However Kaoru isn’t going to bend the rules. But because she’s responsible for letting him use the prototype bracelet, she will make an exception. It will be a one-to-one test battle between Akihisa and Shouko and though the winner won’t get his/her class setup exchanged, he/she will get a wish granted. If Shouko wins, she’s going to register her marriage with Yuuji straightaway. Doomed I tell you! His future is on the line and rests in the hands of an idiot! Oh Yuuji! Life has you screwed! Akihisa gets more motivation from Hazuki who baked cookies for him so he burns the midnight oil studying. Battle day arrives and the format is sudden death. Both are to answer simultaneously and the first one that answers wrongly will be declared the loser and the test ends. Though Akihisa makes a nervous start, he manages to drag the test to the 32nd question when that Taika Reform question pops up. Is this a make or break? However Akihisa is torn between which is the correct answer! Doomed! Oh Yuuji, it’s the end! In a dilemma to choose which year, Akihisa uses his trusty pencil-guessing tactic to choose which answer! In the end, Yuuji gets it correct while Shouko answers wrongly. OMG! An upset! Class F wins!

In the aftermath, Yuuji confronts Shouko and wants to know why she did that on purpose. Apparently she knew what the correct answer was but because of the promise she made with Yuuji when they were young that she promised to remember that date regardless whether it was right or wrong. Plus, Shouko has gotten her hands on the marriage registration (courtesy of Kouta). Yeah, Yuuji’s life is still screwed. Akihisa has his wish granted: He wants Himeji to resit the Placement Exam again. He mentions that the purpose he started all the Exam Wars was for this so that Himeji will have a better environment to study in. Himeji takes the test and things indicate she is well on her way to Class A. The next day, Shouko seems disappointed because when she dragged Yuuji to register their marriage, they were being told the legal marriage age in Japan is 18 years old. Haha! Didn’t she know that? Yuuji saved… But Akihisa gets a shock of his life. Himeji’s class will be Class F. Seems she scored all correct but forgot to write her name. This means automatic zero points. Akihisa is so pissed that he barges into Kaoru’s room and calls her and idiot. But she and the rest retaliate and call him the same. Didn’t he realize? Himeji wants to study with them all. It’s not the setups, it’s the friends no matter how crazy and weird they are.

Wow! I can’t believe it is already over. But do not fear as there will be a sequel. I’m so looking forward to it. This is one of the very few shows that could retain my interest and had me glued to the screen from start to finish. I must say that I love all the jokes (no matter how corny and weird they are) and I had to keep my laughter in check so as not to drop down hard rolling on the floor and make my family suspect that I’m experiencing some kind seizure. There are quite a number of gay gags and subtexts but it was so funny that it wasn’t a bother to me. One could easily misinterpret if you see Akihisa and Yuuji close together. Not a very good sign if they’re in front of Shouko, Himeji and/or Minami. Kubo may be from Class A but he is outright gay over Akihisa that it makes him a loser.

Each of the characters are likeable in their own way and it’s fun to see them interact among themselves. For instance, Yuuji and Shouko. He can never escape her clutches. For the rest of us, death and taxes are inevitable things in life. Yuuji has a third. At times he may spout cool foresight and guidance but at other times, he is at the same level with Akihisa. Yuuji and Shouko’s relationship makes Spice And Wolf’s Lawrence and Horo very mild, if you know what I mean. Poor guy has to stand all the abuse from the self proclaimed wife. I’m sure he’d find solace in all those marriage jokes circulating in the internet.

Akihisa may not excel in his studies but it shows that even if one puts in effort, one can succeed. And being in a lower ranked class doesn’t mean your kindness and values should reflect that of it. Just like Himeji. To her she probably knows best that she studies better with her friends and even if you are rich in knowledge but poor in friends, you’re not better off than the person who has it the other way round. Just hope she won’t turn into an idiot after staying too long with them. To get so many bone breaking punishment from Minami, Akihisa must have drank lots of calcium and have strong bones. Likewise, the amount of blood that Kouta gushed out from his nose could easily be donated and save many lives. Probably in the sequel, I’ll get to see more mixed up and screwed up love triangles. Will Himeji or Minami reach Akihisa’s heart first or will it be Hazuki? Or worse case it will be Hideyoshi since even Akihisa thinks ‘she’ has a better chance. Don’t dismiss Yuuji-Akihisa too? Oh, I just had to come back to this gay point. But I know that the girls won’t easily give up as in the case of Miharu over Minami and Shouko over Yuuji. Who says you need intelligence to be in love? I was hoping the FFF Inquisition would make an impact since I find it amusing that Class F had such a clan. Other than their suicide attack on Class B, they’re just losers in hoods, that’s all.

Some of the visuals in the series are pretty interesting. Especially during the Exam Wars. For example, viewers are treated to a map-like illustration and animation while the battle takes place. Other than that, if you look closer, the art and drawing of the background scenery has, how should I put it, polka dots in them. If you don’t pay attention and aren’t picky then it shouldn’t be too distracting. Seeing that tests are an essential part of the show, there are many scenes whereby test questions are thrown across the screen. Due to my lack of knowledge in Japanese and other areas, I just ignored them ;p. Even the mid-intermission and next episode preview is in the form of question, answer and comment. We have the correct answer and teacher’s comment to that and also Akihisa’s answer and version with the teacher’s comment to it. Definitely his answer is wrong and well, weird-cum-funny. So is he just joking around or he really thinks the answers to those questions are like that. There are also lots of trivia and parodies for viewers to spot. If you know them well, that is.

This series subtly hints that academics isn’t everything. If you pay heed, you’ll get to learn great lessons that everything isn’t about study, study and study. Take for example Kaoru’s words that no matter how high one’s individual’s ability is, there is always a limit. Those who only worry about their own strength will never excel. It’s always best to work together with everyone because you don’t gain much or go far working hard by yourself. So if you’re still thinking the discriminating setups between Class A and Class F and wonder how on Earth would Class F be motivated to study with all the ruined facilities, then again, the answer lies in that person itself. Equal opportunity, you say? That depends on how the person makes use of what is available to him/her. Sure, rewarding those who have put in lots of effort as compared to those who didn’t should at least serve as motivation and not doing so may send the wrong signal that why should one work so hard if I don’t get anything in return or that guy also gets it. Like I said, it’s all down to what the individual wants. It’s always an ideal to be an all rounder instead of succeeding in one area.

Watching this series, made me remember those memories when I was still schooling and I may not be one of those at the top but at least I’m not at the bottom either. I never liked studying. Besides, don’t you know the word “STUDYING” stems from “STUdents DYING”! Haha! If such summon battle systems are to take place in every school, I think we could see lots of students spending more time levelling up their character like RPG. Hey wait, isn’t that what most people do now online these days? It’s a sad thing to see the paper chase for A’s in today’s world. I think I’ve said this before somewhere in my blog but I’ll say it again here as it is appropriate. “If everybody else is in the world is smart, will it make a difference if there is just 1 stupid guy?”. So how do you define an idiot? Is it a term the ‘smart’ ones came up as an excuse to cover the confusing gibberish that only their kind could understand? Are all anime otakus idiots too? Anyhow, I just hope all this won’t be on the test.

Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

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