Bakuretsu Hunters

January 28, 2012

If you like old classic animes with magic and adventure, then you should try Bakuretsu Hunters or also known as Sorcerer Hunters. Well, not really your RPG type of game-turned-anime but you know how all animes are back in those days? A group of imperfect heroes setting out on a journey to rid the land of evil people who are abusing their powers at the expense of the innocent citizens. So how long ago is this series? Oh, not too long ago. 1995. Wow. I suddenly feel so old.

So okay. One of the main reasons that got me into trying this series was the synopsis. Apparently in this land known as the Spooner Continent, there are some sorcerers that can use magic. Some use it for their own gain and turn it into the land of the law and rule with an iron fist. Thus the people are at the mercy of these heartless sorcerers. But do not fear. There are secret groups called Sorcerer Hunters who go about punishing these evil blokes to keep the land safe. I mean, after many years of war and strife and with peace settling in, you’d want to maintain it as long as possible, if not forever. Is this the storyline that got me attracted? Well, no. This one was: “Under the guidance of Big Momma (their boss) Carrot (who turns into a giant monster every time he’s placed under a magic spell), Gateau (a bodybuilder), Marron (a mage), Chocolate and Tira (who can transform into dominatrix’s at will) must stop the evil sorcerers from picking on the weak. However, none of them (except maybe Marron) have a clue to what’s going on”. Ah. I thought this was going to be a funny show. Funny, yes. But not in the way that I thought it would be.

Episode 1
Carrot Glace meets a young girl, Lila. First thing he asked her is to go out with him! Her reply? Run away! But he gives her his umbrella and goes away. He returns to his mates, Marron Glace, Gateau Mocha and sisters Chocolate and Tira Misu (both whom are fighting over that perverted Carrot). An angel in a Chinese dress, Dotta appears to relay a message by Big Momma. They have to eliminate Viscount Regner as he is secretly raising a Gamuru, a fearsome dragon. Plus, he is abducting women to raise this dragon in which they must also destroy. Carrot rushes off to save the damsel in distress. Does he think nothing except pretty girls? Seems Big Momma has also sent someone to guide them. Turns out to be Lila. The gang learns that her sister Laura is missing and her parents died a long time ago. However it’s revealed that Lila is a spy for Regner. Carrot sneaks around the lair and sees Laura trapped in a cage. Just because a pretty lady asks to be rescued, doesn’t mean you have to rush in, right? See, now he falls into the pit. And Gamuru is supposedly to be in it… Lila and Tira talk about loving the same person. Lila knows it well because she too likes the man but her sister was the one that ‘won’. Suddenly Regner’s hands come out of Lila’s mirror to strangle and abduct Tira through it. Seems Lila is doing this because she hates her sister for stealing her only love and will do anything to make Regner happy even if he spells out what he is doing. He entrusts her to protect him since he knows those Sorcerer Hunters will come to kill him. True enough, Chocolate, Marron and Gateau arrive. Chocolate is surprise and upset that Lila is part of this and what she is doing. Chocolate transforms into a sexy babe (S&M style) to save Tira from being Gamuru’s first victim of the day. Regner hides himself behind his illusion mirrors. She warns Lila not to touch the lever that will send Laura into the pit. However she doesn’t listen so Chocolate shoots her wire string but is blocked by Tira and breaks her handcuffs. Marron uses his magic to light up the place so with Regner’s shadow visible, Chocolate strikes him and breaks all his mirrors. Regner drops the cage into the pit but Laura comes running out! Look at those toes running up the chains!!! Amazing! But it’s not Laura! It’s Carrot! How the heck did he perfectly disguise himself as a girl?! Anyway he had earlier saved her and Laura should be home by now. He tells Lila the value of her only sister because he too has an only brother (Marron, that is. Is he badmouthing him with all those stupid, perverted comments?). He even thinks that they should go on a double date! Tira throws Lila’s mirror into the pit so Regner dives in to grab it. Oops. Looks like he became dragon food. And they don’t need to take care of Gamuru since they’re confident it’ll get food poisoning. Do men taste that bad? Lila happily reunites with Laura.

Episode 2
Big Momma gives the Sorcerer Hunters another mission: To destroy a Metasenia Flower which uses prohibited magic by attaching itself to a person, sucks its life and its seed creating a living clone out of it. Arriving at town, Carrot rushes in. Because he spots a wagon filled with young and pretty girls! Actually, they’ve been shunned and forced to leave town by Lady Amore who is jealous of their youth and beauty. Seems she has taken all their boyfriends and is the one in possession of that Metasenia Flower to create an ideal male. Yeah, she is so bored that she doesn’t appreciate food! I don’t know why, perhaps Carrot doesn’t like long explanations so he swallowed a pebble! WTF?! As the guys roll into town (the girls in hiding to prevent suspicion), Amore spots the guys and takes interest. She envisions putting all their good features together to result in the ideal man she dreams. I thought it looked like nothing close to all 3 of them. That night she pays a visit by disguising herself as a flower seller. She is taken in by Gateau’s muscles, Marron’s politeness and Carrot’s, erm, energy? But in the end, the leaf she gave them turns out to be a seed of the flower as it stuck onto their face. It causes them to go into a vegetable state. Tira decides to settle this herself and wants Chocolate to be by Carrot’s side. Amore is eagerly awaiting her ideal man to be born from the flower when Tira sneaks up on her and attacks with a broom! Then she takes off her sunglasses and turns into another battle-ready sexy babe! Amore recognizes the Sorcerer Hunter but won’t give her ideal man to her. She throws a leaf bit Tira deflects it back to Amore’s face. While the guys return to normal, has Tira become the new Amore? I mean, she’s enjoying a luxurious life in her place. However she sets frees all the manservants and tells them to remove the Metasenia Flower, in which they happily obliged. She notes that men are much cuter when they’re imperfect. I can think of lots of reasons women would disagree on that.

Episode 3
13 years ago, Sacher Torte AKA Zaha (because that’s how you pronounce it and I feel it’s much cooler spelling it this way) left Big Momma because he believed her chosen path was wrong. He promised to return with his own ideal to create a new reality and then he will be closer to God. Carrot is being his lecherous self hitting on just about any woman in town! Eventually he is taken by the Oiblert’s family butler to see the mistress, Barbara to tell tales of his adventure. Yeah, Carrot just wants to have a passionate night with her and gets ahead of himself with his perverted fantasies. Just when he thinks he is going to get started for real, to his horror he spots his mates staring from outside the window! Don’t want to be caught dead in those sisters’ eyes, eh? He takes Barbara like a doll and runs away! His mates are puzzled how he ended up here first when they realize Barbara’s butler is a sorcerer. He’s not just an old geezer because he is one creepy dude who can bend his joints in all directions! Look at him standing on the ceiling! This is no horror show! He gives the gang a good fight. Meanwhile Carrot is being brought to a dark room and Barbara reveals her collection. They are handsome men turned into stone. So is Carrot going to be part of her collection? Heck no. Ugly men like him get abused! Say what?! Barbara is actually a sadistic S&M queen as she starts whipping Carrot. I think he’s enjoying it. Marron and Gateau fight the butler to give the girls time to find Carrot and will take a while to take down the butler. When they do, they didn’t like seeing another girl laying her fingers on him. Since when it’s their absolute right to step over him? Chocolate transforms to her S&M type and it’s a battle to see who has the right to abuse Carrot. As Barbara fires a shot at Carrot, she thinks she has the last laugh. However as mentioned, though Carrot is powerless and can’t use magic, he has an ability that allows him to absorb magic. This will turn him into a Minotaur called Zoantrophy. He squishes Barbara instantly! To turn him back, it is Tira’s turn to transform and start whipping Carrot back to normal. So who’s the real S&M queen here? In the aftermath, one of the girls that Carrot tried to hit on is seen crying near the stone body of her boyfriend in the mansion’s rubble. Carrot returns her flower hair accessory and she goes off on her way.
Episode 4
It’s the Sorcerer Hunters’ day off so they head to the beach. Oh no. Guess which pervert is on a rampage? It’s sad that the beach girls have to beat him up to keep him at bay. Lots of times. Somebody should lock this pervert up! However this attracts the attention of a woman named Bomber. She has a favour to ask and wants him to accompany her to tonight’s fireworks festival. He can’t turn her down, can’t he? She gives him a charm and puts it on his pinky as a promise. He remembers her as the woman who was arguing and broke up with her boyfriend earlier on. Tira and Chocolate aren’t happy he’s frolicking with another woman and has him go search for a non-existent beach ball. It’s a trap as he falls into a deep well. But they didn’t count on his power to climb out, eh? Yeah, it’s that promise that spurns him. That night as he makes his way to meet Bomber, the transformed sisters tie him up on a cross like a crucifix on a mini hill. I guess they didn’t calculate that with his perverted power, he manages to break the base of the cross in his struggle. With his legs free, he runs through the woods, across rivers and waterfalls like Jesus Christ with a cross tied to his back. Man? Where did he get so much energy? The fireworks start as Bomber gets worried. Tira and Chocolate approach her and apologize Carrot won’t make it. But speaking of the devil, he soon comes rushing in. What did I tell you about his energy? In his happiness, he leaps too far and comes crashing into the many fireworks cannons below. This sets off a chain reaction of all the other cannons. But the public can’t tell the difference if it’s messed up since it still looks pretty. When it’s over, Bomber comes rushing to Carrot and thanks him for the big success. Big what? Seems she is a fireworks artist and is part of tonight’s fireworks competition. Initially mistakenly placed the ignition on top of her fireworks. She thought Carrot was the right person to ignite it since she saw him taking all those hits and physical abuses well. I’m sure she got the wrong idea but it’s true. Then her boyfriend returns. He apologizes and wants to start anew. She forgives him and they happily reunite. Oh Carrot. The heartbreak. But he takes it like a gentleman and tells her never to let him go and walks off. But don’t despair, at least he has Chocolate and Tira who will always be with him.

Episode 5
Carrot’s ‘girl sensor’ must be working perfectly well because he rushes over to a large lake to see a young girl. Guess what’s her name? Lake. After learning she is alone and has no parents, Carrot plays with her. Nothing hentai lah. But he sounds so gay. Having the time of their lives, eh? When Carrot’s mates show up, Lake is nowhere to be seen. Oh, don’t tell me… Because of that, Carrot sinks into depression. That evening when Marron goes to look for food and the rest prepare fire, a grown up version of Lake appears beside him. Now he’s back to normal. They have a little chat before Tira catches him in the act of fooling around with another woman. However Lake again mysteriously disappears. That night, even though Carrot is tied up, he hears the voice of a woman calling him and I don’t know how he broke free, but he did. He follows the voice to see a middle aged woman. Carrot knows she is Lake. How? She never changed. Plus, he’ll always recognize a girl he loves no matter how much she’s changed. Oh, I’m sure he recognizes thousands of girls. Marron returns to his mates and warns that they have to leave this place by sunrise as he has been told a fearsome tale by the villagers. Lake tells Carrot that this lake existed before men and once every 100 years, it will test humans to see if they’re worthy to continue existing. The energy of the lake slowly changes the spirit of the lake into a human form but can only be outside the lake for a short while. Meanwhile Carrot’s mates are running to find him because they are worried about his fate. Whoever the spirit encounters is tested as a sample of the world. If that person has an evil heart, the lake will flood the village. Okay, besides Carrot’s pervertness, he’s a good guy, right? Nothing to worry. Well thing is, if that person has a good heart, he too will lose his life. The next time Carrot sees Lake, she is already an old woman. She collapses in his arms and he has a favour of her: To play with him again. She promises since she felt very happy to be with him despite a short while. He also promises he won’t forget about that. Soon Lake disappears down the lake as she thanks him. When Carrot’s mates arrive, they are relieved he hasn’t been turned into stone. They get a shock he suddenly drops like a rock into the lake! Nothing serious thankfully. Don’t scare us, man. He soon resurfaces and points out to the beautiful sunrise scenery.

Episode 6
Marron is attracted by the sad but pure grass whistle of Kou. Meanwhile Carrot tries to get a bunch of local girls to cooperate to help solve a case. By telling their underwear colour?! A ploy easily spotted by Tira as she ties that pervert up and drags him away. She reminds him of their mission to catch the culprit of using some Forbidden Curse that turns people and things into pure crystal. When she returns to the rest, Carrot must be one hell of an escape artist because he switched his place with a dog! How did he do it?! While frolicking along, he tries to flirt with a girl, Lin and she takes a liking for his quirkiness. Suddenly a bully interrupts. Carrot tries to stand up like a gentleman but gets beaten up! He gets rough on the girl. Kou is passing by and is upset over what he sees and aims his grass whistle at the bully. During the struggle, Carrot got in the way of Kou’s whistle so he absorbs the magic and turns into Zoantrophy. Tira, it’s your job. Later Kou confronts the bully at the outskirts and belts out his punishment. The Sorcerer Hunters hear the grass whistle and rush to the scene to see the bully totally crystallized. Marron starts to have suspicion so he talks to Lin and learns her parents are dead. She has a brother who vowed to protect her but left to become stronger. That night at the inn, Marron discusses this with the rest. Seems Kou may have got the power he needed but doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Marron thinks of talking to him first. That night, Carrot is being his pervert self again as he sneaks into the ladies’ room to confess his love for Lin. Turns out to be the wrong bed because he confessed to Tira! She punches him. Shouldn’t she be happy? Oh yeah, he said Lin’s name. Marron confronts Kou and wants to place seal on his powers but he wouldn’t allow that since he had obtained something to protect his sister. The ladies’ interrogation of Carrot has to be put on hold since they hear fighting outside. Part of the streets (and that poor dog) has turned into crystals during the fight. With the other Sorcerer Hunters arriving, Kou ups the ante and in his rage is consumed by the power, crystallizing everything. If not for Marron’s barrier, they could’ve been part of the cool solid rock. Then an attack that almost puts Carrot’s life in danger, Marron becomes upset and rages against Kou. He does love his bro that much? Marron is to deliver the final blow but Carrot comes in between. Can Marron stop in time? Well, let’s say Kou isn’t seriously hurt. Kou and Lin emotionally reunite and promise to stay with each other. In the aftermath, Big Momma praises Carrot for a job well done. Thinking he’ll get a big reward, she reminds him of all the past mistakes so they’re even. So he’s back to the starting line. Haha!

Episode 7
Saint Light River is a magic river that flows in mid-air. There’s this Flowing Spirit ritual whereby legend has it that a rock is thrown into the magic river upstream. Over time as the stone rolls down and is reshaped by the water, if it is shaped into a human, a saviour who will release the world of sadness will be born. The family responsible to throw the stone from the top is Rivertop while the family responsible to pluck it is Marineside. Sorcerer Hunters visit the Elder Chief of Rivertop and learn the ritual has been carried out 18,253 times. He believes a saviour will come. They see a picture of Marina Marineside, the girl in waiting who will devote her life to the saviour and must be purely free from the desires of the world. If the saviour is not born? She will die a virgin. Chocolate and Tira transform and is going to teach that old geezer a lesson for ruining the youth of a woman but is stopped by Gateau. Where’s Carrot? He’s rushing down the road going to seal his fate with Marina!!! Of course this means the sisters are hot on his heals to prevent that from happening. On his way, he bumps into Daniel Riverside and hides with him. Daniel mentions a certain girl he loves residing down the river but doesn’t have the courage due to their traditions and legends. Urm, Carrot not interested to hear it all. Carrot head butts him, Daniel strangles him, Carrot tells him to just do it! Carrot starts shivering when he realizes Chocolate and Tira show up. He pretends to be dead but as Chocolate notes, she is NOT a bear! They attack so he escapes down the magic river via a big wok. Daniel is seen arguing with the chief and then leaves in a huff. As Carrot flows downstream, he picks up the cat who earlier stole his fish. Then he falls off and nearly drowned but the cat saves him. Yeah, it performed CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Carrot! His first kiss went to a cat!!! But no time to rest because the sisters have catch up so it’s back down the magic river. Seeing him paddle so hard with so much energy, the sisters decide to give up. Meanwhile Daniel is on his way down too. When Carrot reaches the end, he is happy to see Marina but to his dismay, Daniel beat him to it and they’re both embracing. Heck. Even the cat found its own lover. Carrot, you’re just unlucky. Then Carrot spots a human shape rock under the river. He calls out to the lovers but starts thinking over the chief’s words how Marina have to devote her life to him. I guess it’s better to keep quiet, eh? And the chief isn’t such a stubborn old goat because he accepts the young generation to make their own legend.

Episode 8
Carrot wakes up from a nightmare but can’t remember it. So irritated Tira hits him on the head and tells him to sleep forever. They get a new mission from Big Momma. Their target is a mad professor named Lionia. She also leaves it to them how he is abusing innocent people. Big Momma notes that this mission may be Carrot’s awakening. In town, the gang sees Lionia recruiting the men to help fight evil spirits in the Ghost Town behind his castle in exchange for their children’s safety. Carrot got the guts to console some man’s wife by hugging her! It’s no wonder he got kicked out of her house when he became ‘too kind’. Marron and the rest ride Lionia’s wagon to Ghost Town but soon learns it’s a trap. The next thing they know, they’re in Ghost Town but their bodies have become kids! Seems Lionia loves playing with kids and with his magic diorama, all his tricks become real and terrifying in Ghost Town. It can be scary for kids, you know. He is playing with his candle trick when Carrot sneaks in, blows it out and sneaks out without Lionia realizing it! Must be the wind. Carrot heads to Ghost Town but is terrified with the skeletons and other beasts Lionia unleashed. As for the rest, with their kiddie bodies, their powers are not much use so their only hope is Carrot. Speaking of which, they are reunited with him. As the sisters are about to cry in relief in Carrot’s arms, it is Carrot who cries in theirs for being fear of those skeletons! I guess he never change. Some last hope he is. With Carrot telling what he saw, they realize Lionia is abusing innocent people by turning them into children and have to defeat him. As they head to the exit, Lionia burns his diorama. Then his room explodes. Play with fire lah… But the burning town starts to relive the terrifying trauma Carrot has. Something to do with Zaha. It is so great that he turns into a rampaging Zoantrophy. Though he has not been hit by any magic, Lionia’s diorama is a magic one so he must’ve slowly been absorbing it. Tira and Chocolate transform but Big Momma notes Carrot can’t bear his past and that fear has made him turn into Zoantrophy and his power is running wild. The sisters can’t stop him so she intervenes to calm him down. Carrot finds himself a kid and sleeping in the comfortable arms of Big Momma. When he wakes up, he wonders why everyone said he saved them but he doesn’t remember anything. Big Momma prays he must accept his dreaded past the next time for the sake of the future.

Episode 9
Lord Croissant is a rare sorcerer who uses his power for good so it’s no surprise that the people love him. However Big Momma receives a request for the Sorcerer Hunters to kill Croissant. Though they don’t accept requests from anonymous people, the requester mentions that Croissant had killed a Sorcerer Hunter named Opera. She is Gateau’s partner and he is visibly upset to know this. They go see Croissant and he allows them to do anything and even challenges to kill him if they can. Telling his story, Croissant built an opera stage and met with an opera singer Anna Pestori. He fell in love with her but was soon kidnapped by an evil sorcerer Bagel, whom Gateau and Opera was chasing after. Bagel had this obsession of turning those he kidnaps into animals and in Anna’s case, a cat. Though Croissant and Opera teamed up to rescue Anna, Opera stayed back to let him escape. Gateau is not convinced but Croissant knows Opera’s last words, “Open the door”. Croissant notes that Opera’s body was later found so he wonders it is Gateau who killed her. Later Bagel was killed by other Sorcerer Hunters. Anna appears and I guess that’s when bored Carrot decides to take interest and flirt around. Back in their room, Tira wonders if Croissant is the requester. Requesting his own death? Since he is invincible under the full moon, he is trying others to kill him. Gateau isn’t still convinced. And Carrot? He still hasn’t given up on Anna to sing for him! The sisters are going to give their punishment so Anna tells them the truth. Croissant teamed up with Bagel and betrayed Opera and killed her. Anna isn’t in love with Croissant and is merely a pet to him. Back to their room, Gateau thinks Anna is the requester since she is afraid of Croissant. As Chocolate goes out to search for that lecherous Carrot who slipped by her fingers again, she sees a cat transformed into Anna. Croissant won’t let her go since she has seen that. They fight but she is no match for him. At the stage, Anna tells Gateau that she wants him to take her away from here. She can’t be herself ever since she was rescued. Seems she is cursed to take on the form of a cat and the only time she’s human is on a night of a full moon. Gateau wonders why she lied because Opera would never turn her back on the enemy. Croissant appears and says his existence is only for Anna. Though it is Bagel who turned her into a cat, Anna is barely keeping herself in human form because of his love for her. Anna insists that she loves the stage instead of him and wants the applause and cheers of the audience and not his love. Carrot applauses at the moving stage performance so Croissant throws him a knife and wants him to kill Gateau or else he will kill Chocolate (all tied up). Croissant admits that he was the one who killed Opera to show his love for Opera. No choice, Carrot points the knife at Gateau’s neck (is he playing around?) and the latter doesn’t seem to be worried. Carrot eventually decides not to because he knows Chocolate will kill him later. Spot on! Marron and Tira bust in to save the day but Marron’s seal has no effect since it’s full moon. Anna goes up to Croissant and stabs him (I thought killing him was impossible). This shows that she doesn’t really love him. Well, I guess it was enough convincing for Croissant. With that, Croissant disappears along with his mansion (why must mansions collapse when their masters die?). In the end though they couldn’t figure out who the client is at least everyone is together for the moment. And Anna turned back into cat? Carrot makes an uncalled remark saying how he could’ve been a free man should Chocolate be killed. But she is not in a good mood and is going to kill him! “Open the door!”. Oh Carrot. You’re so dead.

Episode 10
In a gambling town, Sorcerer Hunters are to investigate the sorcerer-sponsored gambling murders that have been occurring here. But Carrot just wants to gamble and flirt with the girls! All they need to do is win big to lure the sorcerer out. How can they do that? As Big Momma explains, since their hearts are pure, God will be on their side! WTF?! Isn’t gambling bad? Gateau arrives as a drifting cowboy and makes his entrance by beating up Vegas‘ men. Though he only wants meals and not money, he will do anything. Vegas’ wife, Ruriko allows him and since she said so, Vegas permits it. Meanwhile Chocolate, Tira and Marron are winning big so much so they’ve been invited to a special gamble. I guess God really is on their side. Except for Carrot who is accumulating debts and acting like a desperate gambling addict! He is thrown into a prison as he witnesses Vegas kills another hopeless addict with the snap of his fingers. Carrot is amazed by his strength and will do anything to get out. Anything? Ruriko invites Gateau into her room but he soon leaves. In the special gambling area, Chocolate, Tira and Marron realize they’ve been set up when Vegas unleashes a monster to attack them. Everybody else bets on them. During the fight, Gateau who was sneaking around joins in. Then in the final push, the monster goes berserk and rams a pillar, causing Vegas to fall off his balcony and to his death. What?! That easy?! With his spell gone, the monster reverts into… Carrot?! Man, his face is all bruised up. As Gateau leaves town, Ruriko mentions how she just wanted him to have a pleasant memory as a memento of his trip. Gateau replies he is a Sorcerer Hunter before a man. As the Sorcerer Hunters leave, Carrot was let known he lost big at the casino to get inside among the enemy. But he got sealed inside that monster by Vegas’ magic. But everything ends well, so I guess it’s okay. Carrot makes an uncalled remark when he says Gateau kept the girl all for himself when everyone is having a hard time. He gets another punch in the face.

Episode 11
The gang haven’t eaten for 2 days and Carrot is so hungry he ate grass! YUCK! But that can wait since Big Momma gives them a mission to find out and put a stop to a sorcerer using forbidden magic of Mind Separation (separating one’s soul from one’s body) and Mind Harmonize (putting that soul into another body). Carrot tries to ‘steal’ an apple from a tree but was told by a villager not to touch his mother’s tree. The Sorcerer Hunters decide to back off since the villagers aren’t too happy about it. Suddenly Carrot smells something nice. Woman! Oh sh*t! Where the heck did he get so much energy?! He sees a hot babe in the flowerbed till he realized some hot guy is sleeping on her lap. Disappointed? The maid, Sanchu seems pretty concern with Yukke Namuru when he suddenly collapses as he’s about to shake hands with Tira. Marron notes how he doesn’t have long to live. Inside the mansion, they see his twin brother Kuppa. But they soon leave since they have no business here. Till they realize Carrot isn’t with them. Man, he hasn’t given up on Sanchu. Sneaking around inside the hallways, Carrot eavesdrop Sanchu and Yukke talking about the latter not wanting to be the devil and is worried about Kuppa. Kuppa suddenly emerges from the ground and he sees how lovely the both of them are. Comparing them like his parents, he uses Mind Separation on Sanchu and places into his parent’s portrait. His mom comes out of the portrait but it’s just Sanchu in the form of his mom. Carrot tries to stop him but was stopped and half his body stuck to the ground. The rest of the Sorcerer Hunters come in. Sanchu starts crying and wants to return to her original body. Flashback reveals how the twins lost their parents very young. They dabbled in this Forbidden Magic and used it on a random couple. However they could not touch them. Kuppa is disappointed and since they want to return to their original bodies, Kuppa stepped and crushed a materialized gem from the magic, killing them both. Yukke is shocked and felt guilty so he uses Soul Harmonize to turn them into apple seeds and planted them. Kuppa wants to turn Yukke into his father so they can live as a family like before. He also knows Yukke has spent his life turning all those gems into apple seeds and delivered them to the couple’s family. By doing so, he is using part of his life force. Kuppa then wonders if they have ever had their father put them on his shoulders or their mom to stroke their cheek with her hand. He is envious they had it all and God had to take important people away from him. He starts using Mind Separation but Marron uses his seal to backfire on him. In his last breath, Kuppa realizes how warm Sanchu’s hands were. Sanchu and Yukke declare their love for each other as Yukke says they’ll always be with her. He also wishes Sanchu raise both their trees so he uses Soul Harmonize on themselves. In the aftermath, Sanchu grows both the apple trees just fine.

Episode 12
A monster created for war via Forbidden Magic during when Spooner Continent was at war, Lord Chronodragon is about to be revived. Big Momma says they can’t kill it but can put it to sleep for another 50 years by destroying a gem at its tail. Man, this Chronodragon is so big that a village is situated right smack in the centre between its head and tail. At the village, grandpa Bread tells them that there is a way to kill Chronodragon for good and that is by destroying a crystal at its head. The Sorcerer Hunters are puzzled why Big Momma didn’t tell them of this. I guess Carrot is willing to do the job for Bread’s granddaughter, Butter. Don’t lay your hands on her! That night as Marron and Gateau go to scout the place, the sisters are worried that Carrot has escaped to flirt with Butter. Surprisingly, he went to speak with Bread and he breaks the ice with some Best-Playboy-in-Spooner-Continent talk. Yeah, guys will be guys. Bread mentions when he was young, he saw a legendary hero (Zaha) appeared and killed Chronodragon. Next day as they set off, Bread also wants to undertake this journey. Marron and Gateau come back from their journey and show a torn doll. They feel he has not told them the entire truth. Bread reveals the land built on Chronodragon is very fertile. Though the villagers reap its benefits, they were living in fear. When Chronodragon was about the revived, that hero appeared and killed it. When it died, it released all the energy in its body once, destroying his entire village (probably why Big Momma didn’t say a word on this). He feels that if Chronodragon is revived, Spooner Continent will be devastated and it’s better to sacrifice a few lives for the greater good and be free of their fear. But the gang do not agree with him and have decided they will put it to sleep. As Sorcerer Hunters get ready to climb the tail, they realize Bread has gone alone to the head. Carrot rushes off in hopes of stopping him in time. Age must have gotten to bread as he catches his breath while resting halfway. He sees a vision of the hero who lends him his power. Bread is at the top and is about to sink his dagger when Carrot calls out for him not to. Bread fights the hero’s will but this exhausts him greatly. He lies motionless in Carrot’s arms. Yeah, Carrot can even make a joke about ‘blossoming a few flowers’ so he can’t die at this place yet. Meanwhile the other Sorcerer Hunters destroy the tail’s gem and prevents Chronodragon’s revival. But they hear Carrot’s blunt incessant screams from across. Next day, Butter goes on a journey to bury grandpa at a place without Chronodragon. Carrot is obviously depressed as he wonders if Bread’s way was wrong.

Episode 13
Big Momma reprimands Sorcerer Hunters for not only failing to seal a Forbidden Magic book, Rouge Camera, but release it as well. Guess whose fault it was? All the more, Dotta was there so they’ve got to clean this mess up. In town, Dotta spots Carrot in old feudal clothes extremely popular with woman! She realizes she has lost her wings but isn’t worried since she never liked it anyway. Then she sees another Carrot, hurrying to finish this mission as he rushes off. Meanwhile Chocolate and Tira see Gateau an oil merchant and flocks of woman are coming over to see his muscles. WTF?! The sisters find feudal Carrot playing around with his harem. They’re going to whip him good. However this Carrot remains stubborn and doesn’t want to return to them but stay with his harem! They see Marron who is a little girly and is satisfied in just watching over his brother. The sisters are upset that they’re the only ones who didn’t get their wish like everybody else. They meet Dotta and are brought to their own house. They are greeted by Carrot with a bowtie and he is happy for all 3 of them to live together. Chocolate happily agrees but Tira so as not to lose out decides to stay as well. Several days pass and on a day Chocolate and bowtie Carrot leave for shopping, Tira spots the original Carrot. Inside the house, Carrot says he tried to get Rouge Camera inside the harem but the girls were very tough. Tira is confused of who he is and for once Carrot is spelling way the particulars of the mission! They are here to seal Rouge Camera that reads people’s wishes and desires and makes them come true. They failed to seal it and were swallowed by it. Tira can’t remember it because she is bewitched by the camera. So this world is a fake world created by that Forbidden Magic. Tira tells this to the rest but they don’t believe her. They wonder if that Carrot is making this up. Then they realize that Carrot isn’t around and must be on his way back to the harem to destroy this world, which will cause them who are part of this dream to disappear. At the harem, there are 3 Carrots now! Which is the real one?! Bowtie Carrot takes his sword out and is going to kill the fake ones. However the rest can tell he is the fake because he did not go after other girls. Chocolate cuts him as he is revealed to be Rouge Camera. He intends on sucking them in again because he can’t exist without a story since he is a book. He insists they are fictional characters in a made-up story and reality doesn’t exist. The other Carrots confront him and wonder what will happen if they combine back into the original one and see what if the original dreaming one disappears. They one to be the ones who will determine what is a dream or reality. He sounds like a real man trying to do it but soon they chickens out. Enough to piss those sisters off. Just do it!!! They are all thrown out of the book as Marron seals it. Everyone is glad that they’re alright as Tira wonders if Carrot is the real deal. But wait. Are they really out of the book or still in the dream world? Something for you viewers to figure out.

Episode 14
The Sorcerer Hunters are being hired by a rich dude, Londo to rid of a monster residing in the gold mines or else the villagers will starve since this land has no crops and depends on its gold. But that fat pig himself seems have more than enough to eat. However later Londo’s clerk tells them to stay away or else they will earn the wrath of their local God. Leina prays at a local God’s statue and is surprised to hear God’s voice saying how she’ll meet a wonderful man. Turns out to be Carrot. She isn’t amused and says he’ll be punished by God for doing so. What’s Carrot’s answer? God is his close friend! Oh God! He even pulls a prank that his hand got eaten by the statue but Leina runs away in embarrassment when Carrot points out in a way she was concern for him. Leina is a hard worker and does her work without complain. However the employers take her for granted and leave her do all the jobs while they relax themselves. Leina is saving to buy a butterfly hairpin but that dream is dashed when it was just sold. A little girl, Boro whom she is a friend of got it because her mama bought it for her. And Leina thought her mama had financial problems. As Leina trudge along, anger starts to build in her heart and she finds herself in posh restaurant. She also spots a girl who thought she was sick but is well and chatting happily. She realizes she has no money to pay and decides that she too can be dishonest and tries to walk out. However a waiter catches her. But she is saved by ‘God’. Yup. It’s Carrot who picks up her tab. She thanks him and will repay but he doesn’t need her money and just wants to go out on a date. Leina is not amused because she feels he is just like every other people seeking to take advantage of her. But she backs down upon seeing his silly funny face and apologizes for taking out on him. Though she won’t really date him, at least they can have tea together. And while Carrot is fooling around, his other mates are working their ass off. At the gold mine, they realize the sound of the monster is due to the wind blowing through the tunnel (thus the monster doesn’t exist) and the clerk may have been fooling his master to keep this secret all to himself. The clerk is watching them and doesn’t like this one bit that his secret his exposed but has a plan up his sleeve. Carrot is about to move in on Leina when he sees Marron. Looks like he has to excuse himself. Better hurry because he’s in a middle of a date. The clerk soon kidnaps Leina and hires her to bring Carrot to him. She is tempted by the gold at first but refuses since no matter how poor she is, she won’t sell her heart. At the mine, Marron shoots Carrot with a magic stone and turns him into Zoantrophy. He goes on a rampage. Everyone sees Zoantrophy and thinks it is God (since they both look alike). The clerk is going to use Leina as a hostage but when Zoantrophy closes in, he runs away. Yeah, his act backfired and came back to haunt him. Leina thought she was done for but Zoantrophy ignores her. She thanks ‘God’. Londo is trying to run away with as much gold he can carry but Zoantrophy destroys his mansion, much to the joy of the people. Now it’s time to bring the beast back. Yeah, a couple of women are the ones who could tame ‘God’. It is raining gold coins as the people starts picking them up and hails God for justice done. Boro wants to share some of the gold she got with Leina but she doesn’t need them because she has got something very precious from God. Big Momma praises the Sorcerer Hunters for a job well done but Carrot may have did a little mischief by stealing a piece of gold himself… Leina continue to work hard and she may be the first girl who really thinks Carrot is God and will always be thinking of him. Yeah, maybe the God of Pervert, that is.

Episode 15
There is no assignment this time so it’s a vacation for the Sorcerer Hunters. Somebody quickly restrain that Carrot! Big Momma discusses with one of her knights, Millefeuille along with Dotta about the time to Zaha has come. Zaha has sacrificed many during his journey in order to achieve his goals. He has been gathering souls that cursed him and absorbing them and transform them into his own power. At that moment, he is most vulnerable and they will use it to strike him down even if it’s a cowardly manner. Now he is at Soul Home, the summit where souls with hatred gather. A village girl is running scared from those souls and bumps into Carrot, seeking his protection. Time to show his manliness. But the souls go away. He meets her family who are grateful and tells him about Soul Summit. The girl also mentions that a hero (Zaha) went to the summit alone and hope he is fine. She wouldn’t mind giving her heart and body to him. Not to be outdone, Carrot also rushes to the summit to defeat the troubled souls and bring peace to the village. I guess his motivation is the girl, not saving the village. As Zaha starts the process of absorbing souls, Big Momma appears and is about to blast him. Suddenly Carrot shows up (fooling around in Zaha’s clothes?) so Big Momma abandons her plans since her powers will kill him too. Though alive, Zaha is hurt so Carrot help nurses him as he sets up a campfire. Both have a feeling of seeing each other before. Upon knowing Carrot saw his soul absorbing, Zaha picks up his sword and is going to kill him but his injury prevents him to go further. Meanwhile Big Momma informs the other Sorcerer Hunters to go save Carrot. Carrot continues to treat Zaha nicely. But he has a condition. Since Zaha is going back to the village as a hero and girls will flock around him, Carrot wants at least one girl. Plus, he will keep what he saw a secret. Zaha wonders why he came back knowing he still wants to kill him (that feeling is still there). His reply is that he is the messenger of love! Even though it’s silly, Zaha takes a liking for him since he looks very convincing. But when he learns Carrot’s name, he gets mad and is going to kill him. At that point, Big Momma interrupts by splitting the land and sends Zaha falling into the chasm. Big Momma laments how their failure to defeat Zaha was because of Carrot, though he won’t be punished for it. Millefeuille will continue on Zaha. The Sorcerer Hunters rescue Carrot, not knowing entirely what happened while Zaha still lives and is bent on making him realize his dream. What’s with that gorilla scream? Pain or just his way of letting things out?

Episode 16
I guess Chocolate and Tira stepped out of their line by punishing Zoantrophy too much that Carrot needs to see a doctor. But upon seeing the cute nurse Arama, his injuries instantly vanish and his flirt switch on! The sisters want to beat him up but Arama protects him since he is injured. Then Dr Iiwa steps out to see what’s happening so Carrot overacts his pain and wants her to admit him now! I know it’s fine for Carrot but Gateau saying how his heart is also hurt too?! He got whacked of course. Carrot isn’t pleased to see his mates paying him a visit. I don’t know why but Gateau starts stripping and showed him his stomach muscles as his present! He swings this way too?! Out! Chocolate fantasizes some dramatic ‘tear-jerking’ delusion with dying Carrot getting pervy on her. Since Carrot got hurt by her delusion, he kicks them all out. With the big obstacles gone, he can go flirting all he wants. Yeah, he wants Arama to cure him with her love! Oh, she has a needle for him. Oh, he’s feeling better now? However she has phobia of needles but will be okay if she uses a bigger one. Oh sh*t! Now who is going to get screwed?! Oww!!! Later he goes to see pensive Iiwa and offers to help her out. A rock suddenly drops on his head (from you-know-who) so clumsy Arama drops loads of ice on him to freeze the hell out of him, and then pour boiling hot water. He’s going to rack up more injuries at this rate. That night, Carrot still has so much energy to release and is not going to waste his youth. He sneaks into Arama’s bed but finds Tira waiting. He escapes but Chocolate is at the door. Let the punishment begin! You know, this is a hospital and they shouldn’t be making so much noise. As he escapes, he is pulled away by Arama and brought to Iiwa since the latter wanted to see him so much. Could this be it? Meanwhile Marron and Gateau see a villager with stomach pains and wonder why he didn’t go to the hospital nearby and everyone is just standing around. However they respond with that fearful look in their eyes. Carrot walks through a room filled with specimen jars till he sees Iiwa waiting next to a bed. She seems very inviting. She’s been thinking about him all day, her heart set on him and her heart crazy for him. He dives towards her but suddenly sees a scalpel in her hands. Marron and Gateau meet up with the sisters as they learn from the villagers Iiwa is a maniacal surgeon and performs any surgery regardless of one’s sickness. Carrot is tied up as Iiwa prepares her surgery while Arama starts up the chainsaw!!! Oh damn!!! And his mates… They’re not going to rescue him and just having tea since they really want him to be in better care and pray for a successful surgery. Yeah, this will be a good lesson… He’ll be alright. Hope this will cure his pervertness.

Episode 17
Perhaps that surgery didn’t cure him because Carrot continues to flirt. And gets rejected. But the Sorcerer Hunters get an emergency call from Big Momma and are transported to her castle, Sutera Church. Seems the revival of a Magic Fortress (by Zaha of course), a giant floating castle created during the war that will devastate everything in its path into ashes. How are they going to stop this fortress? They have to climb to the top and to its eye and defeat the enemy who is controlling it via his will. They have to do it fast because the fortress is on its way here. So the Sorcerer Hunters are thrust into action while Big Momma stalls for time by putting up a big barrier around the castle. It’s not going to be easy since the gang have to traverse various traps and undead skeleton army. As they reach the top, a creepy humanoid (its eyes and mouth switched places) emerges from the eye. He wonders why they are stopping him. Big Momma recognizes him as the boy from that time during the war, the boy who admired her and thought it would be worth his life if she recognized him. Carrot plans on turning into Zoantrophy but Marron thinks otherwise since it will be too much magic for him to handle. Eventually he becomes one and true enough he comes crashing. As the Sorcerer Hunters think it’s the end of the line, the Haz Knights, Millefeuille, Cinnamon Tea, Chiffon Cake and Kahlua Milk appear to dispose of the minions. Big Momma then reunites with the boy. Inside the fortress, they see his corpse as Big Momma realizes how lonely he must have been all these decades as he used his life to seal this fortress. She apologizes and accepts her heart since he has always been thinking of her. With that the fortress crumbles. The Sorcerer Hunters comment about love transcending time and the power of love. But it’s a different kind of love for that idiot Carrot because he tries to hit on Millefeuille! Till he finds out he’s a guy… Zaha notes the force of will becoming a great power. Since Big Momma has shown her Haz Knights’ power, he is going to realize his dream since the rest must be within the Sorcerer Hunters. Hey, I noticed something in this episode. No girls for Carrot to hit on!

Episode 18
Zaha is in a fight with Lord Tartlet but he gets stabbed and killed! Big Momma summons the Sorcerer Hunters for another important assignment. Their next target is Tartlet, a Magic Engineer (one who developed Forbidden Magic during the war). At the end of the war, all Magic Engineers were sealed to prevent them from creating new forms of Forbidden Magic. She sensed Tartlet’s seal has been broken and fears it will bring an era of war once again. Flashback reveals Zaha making a deal with Tartlet. In exchange for getting killed, Tartlet will absorb all his powers. But he must rid of the Sorcerer Hunters. Failing to do so within a period of time, Zaha will absorb his life. So it’s either one who will live or die. As Tartlet blazes a town with his newfound powers, you think a newly freed person is going to quietly get sealed back again? Yup. The Sorcerer Hunters will have a tough time caging this power-crazy guy back. As Tartlet unleashes his stone golems upon them, Zaha is watching the fight via a crow. He remembers how he was scaring young Carrot and co by wondering which one of them is the God of Destruction (yeah, his goal is to destroy the world). That’s because with great fear, it will bring back memories of the past and they will become aware of the other self. Zaha peeks into the souls of the fighting Sorcerer Hunters but sees them as reincarnated past heroes and not the power he seeks. Based on deduction, that means Carrot has got to be the God of Destruction, right? He peers into his soul and what does he see? Girls, girls and pretty girls everywhere! HAHAHA!!! Oh, you’re so screwed! A fool till the very end! He laments his death was all for nothing as Tartlet continues to absorb his powers till he can’t control them and goes out of control. Carrot absorbs his magic and turns into Zoantrophy. Zaha realizes his other form and peeks into his eyes and finds the God of Destruction. Zoantrophy smashes all the golems and eventually Tartlet himself. Tartlet realizes he got the short end of the stick because when he mentions he will be the new ruler and the one closest to God, Zaha comments that’s why he cannot win against God himself! Plus, a mere sorcerer like him couldn’t absorb and handle all the great powers like Zaha. With that, Zaha absorbs his life and revives.

Episode 19
Lord Wacky knows a famous painter, Julian Monet is in town and plans to make easy money by buying his paintings and selling it to collectors at a higher price. However he needs capital for that and this means unreasonable tax increase for the innocent citizens. Yes, it’s a job for Sorcerer Hunters once more but Carrot as usual prefers to be chasing skirts. Good thing, he got rejected but does this mean he’ll give up? Till he bumps into Julian painting. Suddenly Tira and Chocolate feel awkward for this painter guy. Let’s say they’re blushing around him. Julian realizes that he can complete his painting. Not because of the sisters but Carrot! Making him as the model, it’s like magic and with a stroke of the brush, Carrot forms onto the picture with doves around. Carrot gets bored and starts hitting on the girls but all he attracted was doves. Marron notes he isn’t an ordinary person since his picture is able to predict the future. But Julian says pictures must be drawn from the heart and the heart mirrors the truth. His pictures aren’t complete unless the heart of the subject is shown. He then invites them to stay with him at his rented cottage. The sisters realize his paintings are sceneries so he mentions he only draws people if it’s family, friends or lovers. He then invites them to be their model. The sisters tell Carrot that they’ve found a new love and wish him well. Carrot is supportive of their happiness. Looks like he finally got his freedom. Yippee!!! As he continues to flirt around, he still sees visions of the sisters reprimanding him. What is this lonely feeling? As Marron notes, there are some important things that can only be seen in the distance. That night before they leave for their mission, Marron tells Julian to leave them quietly. He knows that it’s concerning the girls. The Sorcerer Hunters ambush Wacky’s mansion as he attacks. The sisters seem bungling and not their usual self. When word that Julian has already left town is out, Marron explains that Julian was well aware of what’s going to happen and was planning to leave anyway. Wacky gets upset and is going to kill them. Firing at the sisters, Carrot uses his body to protect them. He says he prefers them to return to their original way and he won’t mind getting whipped many times. This proves it. He’s a masochist. He becomes Zoantrophy and stomps the greedy bastard. Now it’s the sisters’ job to bring him back and well, the whipping tonight seems more painful than usual. Back at the cottage, they see some of the paintings Julian left for them. A scenery of the wheat field to wish for peace, Carrot’s picture to show the life force of the earth and the one on the sisters which slowly transforms into their other selves and Zoantrophy in the background for courage.

Episode 20
Health freak Wacky is so into health that he has slaves moving his revolving gold statue. Let’s say it looks like the Oscar trophy giving a Furher salute. The Sorcerer Hunters move into town with the guys dressed as girls to elude Wacky’s capture. A little boy, Next mistakes Carrot as his dad. This attracted the attention of the guards who want prove that the quintet are sisters. Marron shows his pretty face (bloody convincing!) and the guards apologize and leave. The odd part was how Gateau was blushing! Man, he is dangerous. Next’s mom, Yesterday takes them in and reveals Next’s dad died 3 years ago and was murdered by that evil sorcerer. Plus, Carrot resembles him a lot. Carrot seems to be getting along fine with Next. Yeah, there’s a kid in every one of us. Just more in him. Or is it, he’s trying to win Yesterday’s heart? Better be safe than sorry and tie him up just in case! That night, the sisters talk to Yesterday about motherhood. Later they chat about their own real parents which they don’t know since they were raised by Carrot’s parents from young (this explains why they’re ‘close’ to him). Next day, Next goes up to the sisters and squeezes their boobs! OMG! Has Carrot thought him to be a pervert?! But thankfully, when he said he will play with them, it was just normal kiddie’s play. Carrot reads a diary of Next’s day and his happy days watching Next grow. Suddenly Yesterday is kidnapped. Carrot and Next stayed back but Next insists he wants to tag along to see his father’s murderer die. Yup, he knew dad was murdered all along. Carrot tries to be a man and tells him that even baddies are people. I don’t know, being honourable doesn’t suit him. Yeah, he’s better off being a pervert. As the Sorcerer Hunters barge in to attack Wacky and his macho men underlings to rescue Yesterday, suddenly Carrot and Next come in. Giving an excuse that the kid won’t listen isn’t going to cut it. Carrot turns into Zoantrophy and says he’ll avenge his dad and watch every bit of it. Zoantrophy tears the place up as Next watches everything without blinking. In the aftermath as they prepare to leave, Carrot hopes Next will take care of himself and for Yesterday, if there’s anything urgent, don’t hesitate to call him. But Next is the one who tells him to lay off his mom! He’s going to grow up to be a fine protector. Next asserts he’ll become a Sorcerer Hunter when he grows up so Carrot gives him his dad’s diary and says there are more important things than becoming strong. I knew it. Carrot is better suited as a pervert. Big Momma laments that the Sorcerer Hunters should have more time (to defeat Zaha) when Zaha pays her a ‘visit’. He is here to tell her that he is going to Platinum Mountain to harness the energy that will unleash the God of Destruction in Carrot. Tira and Chocolate wonder if their real dad is a pervert like Carrot. Better not think of the possibility. But he is nowhere near that because it’s revealed their real father is… Zaha!!!

Episode 21
Big Momma sees a fearful prediction that the God of Destruction has been awakened in Carrot. Haz Knights sets off to Platinum Mountain and faces off with Zaha. The blast is so powerful that it ripped a faraway bridge Carrot, Tira and Chocolate are crossing. The sisters thought Carrot is going to save them but he just saved himself by grabbing on to their plank. Idiot! No time to worry about that. There’s a waterfall ahead. They regain conscious later at the riverbed and no serious damage. Resting in the nearby cottage, Chocolate thinks of stripping to dry their clothes. Tira was hesitant but what choice do they have? As we know, Carrot isn’t interested in them and leaves giving excuse to find firewood. Firewood? Hey, has that guy ever lift a finger before? The sisters talk about being their true selves when being in love. That night as Carrot snores like a pig, the sisters thought the other was sleeping and snuggle close to him. Sleep talking Carrot hugs them and says he’ll make them the happiest people in the world, much to their happiness. I bet he was dreaming of some other girl. Chocolate knows of Tira’s feelings for him and says should anything happen to her while she’s on duty, she wants Tira to look after Carrot. Tira says the same for her. Carrot’s sleep talking topic is wide. Yeah, it includes food, getting punished for being lecherous (must be natural, eh?) and of course, going after more babes. The sisters decide to punish him for real by pecking him on his cheek each. Haz Knights’ assault continues well into the night but Zaha has the upper hand. The Haz Knights are getting beaten up while there is no scratch on Zaha. Finally it is between Zaha and a very worn out Millefeuille. No prizes to guess who will be the only one left standing. Morning comes, Marron and Gateau find their mates sleeping safe and sound. However Carrot wakes up in cold sweat as he sees vision of Zaha taking him away. But the rest do not see anything as Carrot struggles in pain. Hey, I noticed something in this episode. The second time there is no side character babe for Carrot to chase! That’s because it’s the start of the final arc…

Episode 22
The Haz Knights are being healed in Big Momma’s bubble. Though they failed their mission, she is glad they came back alive. Millefeuille knows they cannot beat Zaha and wants to know what her plans will be but she tells them to concentrate on getting healed. Dotta informs the Sorcerer Hunters to return to Sutera Church. For some reason, Big Momma didn’t straight away teleport them as she needs time to prepare something. Hmm… Carrot seems perfectly normal now. Yeah, he’s going to flirt around. What happened to that pain anyway? In a town, Carrot realizes he is in hell because the old guys are dressing like girls! Then he learns of a new sorcerer, Margo who is behind all this and plans to stop her. It’s going to be real hard because Margo looks like a trendy teenager. Oh, I can see why Carrot wants this mission so badly. However the rest mentions they have been ordered to return to Sutera Church and did not receive orders to rid of any evil sorcerers here. Plus, Margo’s harsh laws are pertaining to clothing and food and the lives of the citizens are not threatened. But Carrot will not accept that reasoning. He asks them what is Sorcerer Hunters. He can’t do anything he wants and just being ordered by Big Momma to go around killing baddies. Is that what being Sorcerer Hunters is about? NO! It’s to help those in need. Shock! Those words coming from this man?! He plans to stay back so the rest return without him. And I knew it was too good to be true because he’s going to spread his wings!!! THAT IDIOT!!! That night, he crashes into Margo’s place and is going to give her his sense of justice. More like fooling around. She isn’t interested and has her manservants beat him up. Yeah, he is really that useless. Tira and Chocolate sense something wrong and decide to turn back. Can’t leave that pervert all alone after all. Marron and Gateau come into a couple of Sorcerer Hunters who have been ordered by Big Momma to rid of Margo. Gateau borrows Carrot’s words about being Sorcerer Hunters but since the duo are stubborn, they fight. And lost. Carrot could’ve got beaten up further if not for the sisters. Yeah, they’re the only ones who are allowed to punish him. The sisters advice Margo to be a good girl and go home. But she refuses and shoots her magic. It hits Carrot. When he turns into Zoantrophy, Margo got scared, cried, reflected on her actions and will go home and be a good girl. The sisters tell her a good advice she can use when she grows up: Love. In the aftermath as things return to normal, well almost. Carrot is still trying to hit on Margo! But she rejects him thinking this old man has no money! The sisters realize this was Carrot’s true intention and beat him up. But still he doesn’t learn. After Margo reunite with her dad, he still asks her to date him when he’s rich. Margo isn’t going to buy that and tells him off that money can’t buy true love! Smart girl! Big Momma remarks how Carrot has become to understand the freedom to decide, act and the responsibility behind all that freedom. If he wishes to shatter this fragile moment, she may have to defeat him her own way. She wonders if Carrot will say her method is wrong like Zaha but notes he too must have his own way.

Episode 23
Though the gang returns to Sutera Church, Big Momma tells them to rest and have dinner. The all-important urgency was that she wanted to see them since she regards them like her own children? That can’t be just it, right? As they leave, Big Momma notes that what she said wasn’t a lie. She really wanted to see them. For one last time. Carrot pigs out during dinner but the rest have doubts since Big Momma is acting suspiciously strange. The sisters think Carrot is going to get fired and thus this is his last supper. They go meet her and plead for Carrot’s case. Going to the extent that they’ll do his workload or quit Sorcerer Hunters. Big Momma on the other hand says she is doing this for the sake of the continent but when she finds out about Carrot’s dismissal, she gives off a laugh. Marron and Gateau are also suspicious that Haz Knights aren’t around to protect Big Momma and ‘threatens’ Dotta to tell the truth. She brings them to where Millefeuille is being healed and they are surprised that the powerful Haz Knights are in this condition. They talk about the purpose of the establishment of Sorcerer Hunters, to keep evil sorcerers at bay who abuse innocent people. Giving an example with sorcerers as a wolf, the citizens as sheep, when you put them together, common sense has the wolf always eats the sheep, right? Unless you keep the wolf properly fed and in this case, sorcerers are given privileges. But some sorcerers abuse their powers and cause torment (just like how wolves sometimes kill sheep just for fun). Then they talk about Zaha. He is the former leader of Haz Knights and thought it would be best to destroy the world by looking for the God of Destruction and thus separated himself from Big Momma. Speaking of which, I don’t know how he got up to some lost city in space, stabs his sword into its rocky ground to unleash all the Platinum Energy to target down to the world. He doesn’t believe in Big Momma’s way of not shedding unnecessary blood because he firmly believes there will always be evil in a human’s heart. The weak and powerless will still be persecuted. By crushing this chaotic world, a new ideal world will be built. Big Momma doesn’t acknowledge his future of sacrificing innocent lives. Legend has it the God of Destruction once destroyed the world but the Four Peer Gods defeated him and the world was created. However the God of Destruction has been reincarnated in another form and is living in this world. Zaha knows who this God resides in and that is Carrot. Marron deduces that the only way left to save the world is to seal the God of Destruction. Thus their return to the church can only mean one thing: To kill Carrot since what Zaha fears most now is losing Carrot. Tira and Chocolate couldn’t believe their ears as they realize what Big Momma’s words meant now. Carrot is being called by Big Momma as he lies asleep on her lap. She asks his dreams. His reply? GIRLS!!! But he wishes for his dream to be the same as reality since he too would like his mates to be around. As Big Momma prepares to kill him, the first person to interrupt is Zaha. He is appalled by her way of doing this. If she is planning to take an innocent life, then her way is no different than his! However she says that instead of letting the Four Peer Gods (reincarnations of the other Sorcerer Hunters) do it, she will beat the burden herself. When the rest come in, Zaha disappears. The church starts rumbling as Carrot wakes up and sees Big Momma crying.

Episode 24
The lost city hovers over the church as Zaha unleashes the souls to wreak havoc. Carrot wants to confirm if Big Momma tried to kill him but she couldn’t answer. But for the rest, the solution is clear. If they get rid of Zaha, then Carrot will not be in any of this sh*t. Carrot wants to come along since they’ve always been together. Useless or not, that’s another matter. Big Momma just lets them go, believing they are the Four Peer Gods who will stop the God of Destruction. Riding up the flying rocks onto the lost city, they confront Zaha. No matter how much they fight, they couldn’t even land a scratch on him. Zaha tells them that he has met them all before and the reason they can’t remember because Big Momma sealed their memories. He has them remember them once more. During when they’re kids, they’ve always played together and Zaha was indeed on their side then. Though he isn’t Tira and Chocolate’s real dad, he plays a father figure to all those who do not have parents. Yeah, he was such a kind man showering them with simple gifts and sword lessons. Till that obsession to find the God of Destruction and scared those poor kids. This fear from his younger days has causing Carrot’s power to go berserk. He is in a daze and if left alone, he won’t ever return to being human again. He starts feeling the pain, brushing aside his mates as the God of Destruction within is close to awakening. Partially transformed, Marron tries to calm him and uses his life force to seal the God of Destruction and return Carrot to normal. Carrot is upset and mad as Marron lies motionless in his arms. Zaha mocks Marron that his love for his family killed him and thus a poor excuse for a comrade. He is going to awaken his awful power within Carrot. He summons a stalagmite that pierces and curses through Marron’s body.

Episode 25
Gateau steps in to take revenge for Marron since he is obviously stronger than Carrot. However Zaha is much stronger and sends the muscle man flying a few blocks. He mocks him that his concern for his friends is his weakness. Then he summons a stalagmite through his body. Now he tries to get it into Carrot’s head that his inner force was the one that destroyed this lost city. Hmm… Pretty much looked like our world, doesn’t it? People, cars, traffic jams, buildings. Then the God of Destruction. Poof! Everything goes up in smokes. Carrot understands why Big Momma wanted to kill him and was going to resign to his fate to let the sisters kill him. However they want him to live even though they know they can’t win. Though the sisters fight, it didn’t take long for them to get a stalagmite each. Dotta is saddened by their deaths but Big Momma says that since they’re the Four Peer Gods, they will continue to live forever although their flesh has been destroyed. Though their souls will go and live in another world, they will lose memories of this world and will never return here. And in that other world, it seems the quartet are living the life of high school students? Tira and Chocolate spot Carrot and have a feeling they’ve seen him before. They also instantly take a liking for him. But during the festival, they see him with another girl so they try to forget and give up on him. Carrot gets beaten up but he tries to remain cool despite his sadness of his dead peers. He even has time to wise crack that Zaha is taking out his frustrations on him because he can’t live the way he wants or fall in love. What about the difference between love and desire? There is no difference! Wow. Enough to make Zaha mad. Don’t try to understand fools. Zaha continues to use Carrot like a punching bag but Carrot can withstand all that pain better thanks to the hard training of a certain pair of sadistic sisters. Zaha tries to make him give up hope in order to bring out the God of Destruction. Carrot then dares him to kill him, knowing well if he does so, the God of Destruction in him will also die. Zaha throws down his sword and lets him decide to whether ruin the world or himself. Dotta lets loose a blood curling scream as she is devastated to see Big Momma killed herself.

Episode 26
I don’t know how they got time to put Big Momma nicely in a coffin when the end of the world is so close. But looks like Big Momma’s soul too has gone to the other world. She meets Tira and Chocolate and they recognize each other. As the sisters tell their problems about the guy they love, Big Momma gives them hope and encouragement to be true to their feelings. As they rush off to find Carrot and give him a Christmas present, they bump into Marron and Gateau. Both sides are trying to find a certain person but can’t remember who he is. Meanwhile Carrot takes the sword and stabs Zaha. I guess he missed all the vital parts since Zaha is still alive, shattering the sword from his own body. Zaha starts using his Platinum Energy so Carrot makes a run for it and falls into the sewer. He is cornered and Zaha starts firing the energy into him. Carrot tries to resist the God of Destruction from awakening so it might seem like he’s becoming a mad man trying to maintain his sanity. Screaming here, aimlessly swinging his sword there. Raging here, berserk there. Man, it’s tough. The lost city crashes onto the ground below as Carrot cannot withhold it any longer. He calls out to his mates’ name and they instantly remember who he is. I don’t know how, but suddenly their curse has been uplifted and they return to this world. Hey, the guys are going shirtless! Don’t hope for the same for the ladies but you can expect their clothes to be more revealing and sexy. Yeow! However everyone is surprised to see Carrot in the hands of the God of Destruction (his face looks calm and happy?). Instead of fighting Zaha, they rush to greet him who is barely conscious. The sisters confess their love to him. I guess Zaha is also at a lost of what to do. And yes, Big Momma revives much to Dotta and the Haz Knights’ relief. The lost city warps back through some portal. In the aftermath, Big Momma and Zaha confront each other. Big Momma says he has lost since he underestimated them but Zaha admits nothing and through time and space, it won’t be over. She notes how he never changed. Neither will she. Zaha leaves but it looks like he is in another world. Is he trying to start all over again? And in this world, somebody that sounds like Carrot is trying to hit on a girl. Going skydiving?

Eh? What the heck is this unsatisfying and rushed ending? Several months after the TV series ended, the OVAs of the series came out. I learn that there were complaints that the TV series wasn’t being faithful to the original manga works and thus the reason why 3 episodes of OVAs were released at the end of 1996 and early 1997 to appease fans who thought the TV series was ‘drastically’ changed to adapt it suitable for children. WHAT?! What do you mean suitable for children? How the heck should this kind of show be suitable for children? Carrot’s obsession in skirt flirting is already a bad point. Oh, what the heck. We’re all living in a screwed up world, whether it’s reality or fantasy. So I guess the OVAs are being much more true-r since there will be more characters that did not appear in the TV series that will show their familiar face and the character designs too will revert back as to the original works.

Some kid named Potato Chips or Potee for short is seen rampaging through the sets because he wasn’t featured in the TV series. What a way to start off the OVA by breaking the fourth wall. He is adamant that he will show his true powers here. But he is swallowed by the tsunami that Jii was riding on. On to the story proper, the Sorcerer Hunter ladies are soaking at the hotspring for a much deserved rest. Yes, fanservice and boobs galore. They meet Potee’s mom, Salad. Though she looks like a loli with a youthful body, she’s actually 35 years old. Things like that can only happen in anime. Tira has a bad feeling that perverts are watching them. True enough, it is Carrot along with Potee and Jii from atop a rock. Chocolate thinks of paying Carrot a naughty night visit so Salad too wants to join in. Why do the sisters look so surprised upon hearing that? But it’s happiness for the guys and they even talk back to the narrator! Since Carrot has angered the narrator, he makes the rock collapse and has them fall into the hotspring below. Hey! Why the heck is Marron in the middle of the hotspring?! During meal, Gateau introduces his little sister Eclair. Yeah, Carrot instantly wants to flirt but thankfully Tira and Chocolate’s hand slip, putting a stop to his lecherous ways. Carrot starts fantasizing doing a threesome with Salad and Eclair. Then Dotta appears. Her overly long speech makes you feel like you want to tell her off STFU! So long that you might even forget this is a delusion by that pervert. So when she’s done blabbing, she turns into some magical girl to punish Carrot but he turns into Zoantrophy and goes even wilder. Yeah, she got owned too. Even Chocolate has her own fantasy doing it with Carrot.

That night, Carrot kicks thing off by sneaking out of his room to go night visiting. Potee and Jii also follow, much to his dismay. The first room they visit is Eclair and they see the sexy body of… Gateau?! WTF?! He’s doing macho poses?! Don’t worry, Eclair is also there doing macho poses. WTF?! Gateau teaching her to master the macho poses for the sake of their late parents?! WTF?! Anyway it was enough for the perverted trio to lose interest and head to the next room. That would be Dotta. But she and her lover Sirius are gazing at each other nervously. Carrot can’t accept this ‘newcomer’ to be Dotta’s lover and tries to intercept. However they are so deep in gazing at each other that they are oblivious to noisy Carrot. Next room. Now Carrot is frustrated and is going to molest Salad cukup-cukup but Potee won’t allow that. Jii holds Carrot down while Potee rushes to Salad’s room to protect her. Meanwhile Chocolate begins her night visit to Carrot’s room with Tira following close behind. When Potee enters Salad’s room, Salad had just left to check on Potee. She enters Potee’s room but couldn’t find him. Suddenly the lights went out and Chocolate starts caressing her, thinking she is Carrot! With Tira turning on the switch, Chocolate is shocked to see herself over Salad but the latter doesn’t mind and notes it’s her first time doing it with a woman. Carrot breaks free from Jii and barges into Salad’s room and instantly kisses her lips! But… She is actually Potee! YUCK! Trying to get out of his nightmare, Carrot spots Salad in the hallway and rushes towards her while the ladies are groping in the dark. Oddly if it’s so dark, why doesn’t Tira take off her glasses? Carrot pounces on Salad and will be her partner this evening. But that won’t do because Chocolate and Tira saw what he’s doing. It gets worse when Salad says to do it gently with her. The sisters transform into their S&M costumes and get ready to whip and kill that unfaithful bastard. Looks like they won’t go gentle on him. Elsewhere, Potee thinks it’s his chance to hit on some girl in her room but to his dismay sees Jii underneath the blanket. The old geezer misinterprets Potee has feelings for him and starts chasing for his love. Yeah, the whole night’s screwed. Everyone is screwed. In the head or some other part. Even Big Momma loses her sense of seriousness when she indicates she might transform into a magical momma and punish them.

Marris Eden is running away from a pack of zombies trying to… Rape her? An insignia glows on her forehead as she clobbers one of them with a rock. She realizes she killed her dad. Bloody… Then she falls off the cliff to her bloody death. But… She wakes up and walks off. As narrated, a magic book called Necronomicon (not a necromancer version of otakon, mind you) was created by some evil group for immortality. Though it is currently sealed in a secret labyrinth, it has killed 200 million people during the war! Big Momma summons the Sorcerer Hunters for their next mission. The client this time is Marris. Yeah, Carrot already wants to flirt with her. But he realizes she’s rather emotionless and cold and even starts pressing her boobs! Hit him on the head, girls! Big Momma explains she was transformed along with her entire village into living zombies by a necromancer, Death Master. Originally necromancers have powers to turn dead bodies and make them do their bidding. But in Death Master’s case, he can turn a living person into a zombie doll. Marris somehow escaped that fate when the insignia on her forehead disappeared. Thus breaking Necronomicon is the key to saving Marris and the rest. Millefeuille will join them on this mission since he is guarding the seal of that book. Hmm… He looks like a cross between Bleach’s Yoruichi and Kuroshitsuji’s Prince Souma. Hey, he sounds more girly, acts more girly, more talkative, flirtier and ‘naughtier’! He’s clinging onto Carrot! Even if it’s not his fault, Carrot gets hammered by the sisters. As Millefeuille leads them to the place, he once again gets flirty with Carrot so the latter tells him off to act like a man! This is a cue for Gateau to show his manly muscles. Then Millefeuille starts fondling Chocolate’s boobs and Tira’s thigh. Yeah, they like it. With the gang in their silly antics, Marron talks to Marris and learns she has no feelings whatsoever and would rather die than live like this forever. But Carrot won’t allow it since she has to go on many dates with him! Somebody should continue to hammer him.

Walking inside the cave, Carrot wonders how to beat Death Master so Millefeuille thinks all he needs to do is absorb his magic and become Zoantrophy. Then he gets flirty with Carrot again, prompting the sisters to butcher him. But Millefeuille says that he isn’t only interested in Carrot but everyone else. So he’s a bi! As Millefeuille unseals Necronomicon, suddenly they are surrounded by zombies. Death Master thanks them for unsealing it as he will finally be the King of Death. The zombies attack while the heroes try to hold their ground (Carrot being useless running around as usual). When the book falls into Marris’ hands, Death Master controls her to make her give the book to him. He then turns all the zombies into stronger hideous demons. Then Death Master’s magic hits Carrot and he turns into Zoantrophy but Millefeuille thinks it’s not enough. Death Master absorbs the book and transforms into a strong skeleton monster and slams Zoantrophy away. Tira cuts off his head but it rejoins back. Death Master is giving the Sorcerer Hunters a hard time when suddenly Zoantrophy turns into a powerful dragon and disintegrates Death Master!!! Wow! A second transformation! Soon everyone in town returns back to normal. Carrot still wants to date Marris as celebration but the sisters won’t allow him. Uhm… It seems Death Master isn’t really dead yet because a part of his hand wasn’t disintegrated as he resurrects. He is confident that he is a zombie master and therefore can’t die. But his joy is short-lived as Millefeuille (in his Haz Knight armour) is there to kill him for good with his Phoenix Ascension. Big Momma praises him for a job well done and hopes he will continue to guide the rest. She also says those kids will become necessary things and Millefeuille will do anything as she commands. Oh, Carrot still not giving up on Marris. So is Tira and Chocolate. Always back to square one, eh?

Legend has it when this holy tree is in full bloom (the last time being 10 years ago), lovers who confess under it will forever live happily ever after. And for demonstration, we have Potee and Jii doing it! Disgusting but funny! When it comes to the kissing part, angry Chocolate throws them away for ‘insulting’ the legend. Then when she thought her darling was behind her, it turned out to be a drunkard old man. Oh! How the heck did this once quiet place turned into a popular crowded tourist hanami festival area?! Oh Chocolate, I can understand your pain. It gets more unsightly when Carrot is doing his skirt chasing. Stop it! You’re ruining the mood! Oh who cares? Nobody’s listening. Even Potee and Jii are chasing girls. Carrot gets involve in a brawl with a man over a soba stall girl. That guy turns out to be his father, Onion. But the girl ditches them both. Now we know why Carrot is so lecherous. Like father like son. Carrot is disappointed with all the ugly men doing their ugly performances. Yeah, at this rate he can’t find any pretty prey. Then he spots a pretty girl, Shiorina. He goes up to her and his speech is very poetic and romantic. Unfortunately he can’t maintain that momentum as he turns into pervert. Chocolate and Tira whip him up for good just before he could kiss her lips. And all the ugly men get a free show of the sadistic sisters whipping the perverted loser. Gateau doesn’t want to lose out as he strips and flexes his muscles and macho poses with Eclair. “Look at me!”. Oh! Big Momma is also there and she lets her hair down by belting out a song! Dotta lets Marron smell some alcohol so he becomes drunk and puts on a crazy fire show. It’s one crazy night. The narrator is so pissed that everyone is having fun so much so he threatens to quit the second half.

Well thankfully he didn’t because we continue with glimpses of young Carrot and co’s past playing on this tree. Tira is crying because she’s stuck up the tree so Carrot helps her down. Chocolate wakes up to see everyone snoozing but Tira is watching at the tree. Chocolate climbs up and sees the view and remembers how she caused trouble back then. She ran away and up this tree. Everyone went looking for her but only Carrot finds her and tried to persuade her to come down. Chocolate just sat there without saying anything so Carrot stayed at the bottom of the tree with her. Tira and Chocolate see Carrot running their way. Suddenly he is very manly and cool. He wants to say his feelings for her. Though he is surprised to be affected by the legend but he realized something. The legend is just a way to be honest with himself. He wants to put an end to this stubbornness. The sisters listen and could this be really it? The moment that Carrot finally wakes up to their love? Carrot confesses that he loves her. Oh, those words. Must be magic words to their ears. “I love you… Shiorina”. Eh? Shiorina is seen waiting at the opposite side of the tree and she is troubled on what to do as she meets up with another guy. Carrot realizes his blunder while the sisters are frustrated about this embarrassment as they slowly put on their S&M outfit. Hahaha! I knew it was too good to be true! He was just using the legend to seduce but it backfired! Now his speech sounds so perverted and desperate. As he tries to pound on Shiorina, he pounds into Tira and Chocolate. Let the whipping begin! It’s the end for you, boy. Feels good taking it out on him, eh? The sisters drag a ‘lifeless’ Carrot away. What’s with that fed-up-but-still-won’t-give-up look on their face. Disappointed? Of course. How long have you known Carrot? I think they purposely let his head bang into a pebble. Ah, a legend ruined by everything so unholy. If only they could turn back time and return to those innocent young days. Whereby everyone was just playing and having fun.

BAKA-retsu Hunters…
Everything was totally silly though it was pretty enjoyable in its own way. The only reason why I said that and what makes this series fun is Carrot! Without that lecherous flirting bastard, the show would have been passed on as something mediocre. Maybe in fact it is one seeing that a big chunk of the TV series sees the Sorcerer Hunters gang randomly going from one town to another doing the same mission. Get rid of the evil sorcerer abusing his/her powers and useless Carrot has nothing but girls on his mind. Though there are a couple of episodes following this formula but given a little twist like that Rouge Camera episode, I feel it’s just practically overall the same. The OVA may be true to the original works but I also feel that it didn’t serve as anything important for development. I mean, look at the first OVA filled with fanservice and comical hijinks moments, the second one to remind us what they do and the last one also a comical feature but with memories and flashback. I think if you really want to know what’s happening or appreciate the bigger picture, you still have to go read the manga. Besides, I browsed through Wikipedia and find that there are much more, yes, very much more of other characters that did not even appear in both the TV series and OVAs.

I have so many things to say about Carrot and mostly is about his flirting ways. But I think that will just be repeating myself over the same thing. At times he may say the right heroic words that make you go “Wah!”, but often it feels like there’s an ulterior motive behind it. There are times he also has the best comeback lines too. It’s ironic that he calls himself the messenger of love and it feels like an excuse to go pounding on poor girls. He just never learns. In each town he goes, it’s like his lessons of getting beaten up by the sisters resets. Maybe there are a handful of girls who like him simply not because he’s a lady killer but of what he indirectly did to save their circumstances. Otherwise a big majority would love to put this guy on their list of women’s number one enemy. Oddly he doesn’t want to flirt with Chocolate who is so ever ready to even give her own body (whether he wants it or not). I just wonder why Chocolate and Tira can never really get tired of putting Carrot in line. Their ‘tolerance’ really amazes me. I guess this saying is often true: Women always hope for the man to change but men always think the woman will stay the same. The opposite is often true. In a deeper sense, Carrot and the sisters are like a masochist and sadistic pair, don’t you think? Carrot is really annoying, disgusting but funny and rather convincing when he is chasing after girls. How often have you heard a hero or a leading character with such an undesirable trait? Probably turning into Zoantrophy and smashes around is the only time he is being useful. Heck, I even wonder why he carries around a sword and I’m sure he never uses it properly except randomly swinging around like a toy. Otherwise, he has to rely a lot on his mates to complete the mission. I don’t really know what Big Momma sees in him unless she beforehand knows the God of Destruction resides inside him and wants to show him the true path by treating him kindly. So if you’re wondering why Carrot doesn’t get punished because he likes giving other girls a hard time, it’s probably because he isn’t a sorcerer. So I guess that ‘loophole’ saves him, huh?

I noticed that there is a visible difference between the characters between the OVAs and TV series. Though Carrot is the useless skirt chaser in both, but in the OVAs, he is much noisier. Marron in the TV series seems to be the serious dude and the voice of reasoning in the group and his only expression comes when big brother is in trouble. But in the OVA, he shows more of his sad and concerned (in a disappointed way) looks. I know Gateau himself is a little oddball in the TV series but in the OVA, his character is totally like a stripper wanting to show off his abs anytime, anywhere! As for Tira and Chocolate, their dominatrix outfits in the OVAs are more dangerously revealing. Probably that’s what is toned down in the TV series. Big Momma is an obvious different one in the OVAs because she too has her funny side that we never see in the TV series. In the latter she always exudes an air of maturity and exceptional kindness (she never raises her voice even when she’s disappointed). In a way you could say that she is quite a respectable person. Then come the OVA, she’s like so laughable. Don’t even mention about Millefeuille. That guy is like a totally different character. If I didn’t get to know his name, I wouldn’t even probably know it’s him. Oh, I noticed his Haz Knight’s armour pretty much ‘toned down’ in the OVAs. What do I mean? In the TV series, the Haz Knights’ armour is so big and bulky it makes you wonder if they can fight in those outfits. Whereas in the OVAs, the armour is the right size and what all typical hero battle armours should be. Oh about Dotta? She’s still cheery in both versions. Just that she’s more talkative in the OVAs. So what I figured out is that the OVAs are more comical than the TV series and if this is so, does this mean this is how the mood and pace of the original works are? And then some new characters like Potee and Jii, I thought they would make an impact in the OVAs but unfortunately they were just as comic relief and nothing important. Salad, Eclair, Onion and Sirius make appearances so short that if you think about the plot and character development, you can even leave them out. What plot and character development?! I don’t think this series has strong points in these areas as well. Like I said, it’s a silly show so you’re here to see the comical stupidity of Carrot.

It’s hard to say if Big Momma’s way or Zaha’s way is the right one. After all it boils down to your own perception and believes. Looks like even after the big war on Spooner Continent, there is still a need for secret groups of Sorcerer Hunters to go around putting abusive people in power rightfully where they belong. It’s a never ending job and since we all know too well that humans don’t change. Give a little bit of power, they think it’s God given and their right to rule over others. Besides, I wonder what happens to all the bad sorcerers the heroes dealt with. Do they die for good? Or they get imprisoned somewhere? There are some mind boggling things for instance Zaha’s ambition of being closest to God. What does he mean by that? But it feels like he is playing God by wanting to destroy and recreate the world. Is that what he meant by being closest? So him going around gathering souls so that he can unleash some power to awaken the God of Destruction. I mean, he could’ve just head to Platinum Mountain in the first place since as far as I’m concerned, that was his desperation move to achieve his goals. Am I missing something here? Or is it he needs to find out where the God of Destruction lies? What about the final scenes whereby the God of Destruction awakens but did not destroy the Earth? What does that imply? Then how the heck did Big Momma revived herself in the end? It feels like she just killed herself to go to the other world to help bring back the Sorcerer Hunters. But in the event if she doesn’t do so, I’m sure Carrot’s voice will still reach the rest without her intervention.

There is something strange and peculiar about this series that has been bugging me ever since I watched the first episode. It’s the majority of the characters whom are named after desserts, snacks and food! I know in a fantasy genre, it’s nice not to have your typical Earthly Tom, Dick and Harry names or those hard-to-pronounced (thus hard-to-remember) tongue twisting names like as though you are reading a different alien language. But naming them after edibles is certainly an eyebrow raiser. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong but with the setting and pace of the show, having the characters named so cuts the enjoyment since there is a feel of inappropriateness. What do you think about bad guys named after delicious sweet desserts and characters after tasty edibles? Feels like I’ve just lost my appetite and don’t have room and stomach to savour any more treats. Like some weird aftertaste lingering in the mouth. But then again, this could be just me. If the characters are not named after food, they are named after some ordinary English words. Uhm… Yeah, it may just be me. The action and fight sequence aren’t anything to shout about and I feel the recycled bits and scenes are often too repetitious. For instance Chocolate and Tira’s full transformation scene is getting a little tad tiring because well, it’s the same thing over and over again. Do that for almost every episode and you can have that scene burnt into your cranium for the rest of your lives. As for the drawing and animation part, somehow I find the OVAs are a little sloppier than the TV series. Maybe in the latter’s case there are more comical moments but even so, it feels the animation isn’t as good as the former.

Surprisingly the TV series’ opening theme, What’s Up Guys, a duet performed by Shinnosuke Furumoto and Megumi Hayashibara (who are the voices of Carrot and Tira respectively) is a catchy funky piece of beat. At times I couldn’t help shuffle my feet each time I hear this song. The ending theme is Mask by Masami Okui and Kasumi Matsumura and feels like a song suitable for dancing at night clubs. I’m not saying that I frequent such joints but hearing those techno disco-like beats, that is the kind of expression that first conjures up in my mind. As for the opening theme for the OVAs, it is sung by Mari Sasaki entitled Shoot! Love Hunter. Not as appealing as the TV series’ but resembles a feel more towards anime pop. Just like the OVA’s ending theme too, Whip On Darling by Megumi Hayashibara and Yuko Mizutani (the voice of Chocolate). The lyrics are about their feelings for a certain good-for-nothing you-know-who. I can’t help smirk at the final lines of the lyrics which goes “~I will make him turn toward me, my darling. Until then be a good boy~”. I don’t that is ever going to happen. Surprisingly there are a few nice background music, some slow and sexy, some fast paced and adrenaline pumping, some comical to eerie and suspenseful. But it may just be me again since I often hear the same ones being played over and over again.

There is a sequel spin-off OVA called Sorcerer On The Rocks. Yeah, I think it’s named after that hard liquor. However I didn’t feel like watching it since I have had my share of this series so I’m rather ‘full’ at the moment. As I read, this sequel spin-off has an entirely different cast of characters and plot. Hmm… I think if there is no funny Carrot going around hitting on girls only to have his advances rejected and be at the painful receiving end of a certain bunch of sisters, I think I’ll pass. Hah! Please don’t think that I have taken inspiration from him and become Carrot version 2. Even if he really exists in this world, I don’t think all the sexual harassment lawsuits are going to put this guy down. Where else to lose all those energy of love? So how the heck can the God of Destruction reside in a guy who is so pervy? Should have been the God of Pervert instead. Well, some things are just hard to explain. But I guess the important lesson that we should all learn from this series and Carrot is that, to make love and peace, not war. Be cautioned though, there is still a limit of how much love you can show :).

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