Bakuto Sengen Daigunder

February 11, 2006

Perhaps I’ve watched one too many animes. After watching the first few episodes of Daigunder, somehow I felt that this anime reminded me of some other anime titles.
Like Medabots because they use and command robots in a tournament battle. Which also in turn is like Pokemon. Like Angelic Layer because of the weird flying chairs they sit in to control the robots and that stats screen which show the robot’s life points. Like Sonic X because there’s a young kid who has a scientist grandfather who creates many gizmos. Like Digimon because the robots look so fiercesome especially the evil one, Ginzan. Like Transformers because the robots can power-up and transform into more devastating robots which in turn can deliver more devastating blows. Like Voltron because the robots can combine into together to form 1 fighting machine. Like Gundam a little because Daigunder seems to resemble and is a miniature version of the Gundam robot. Well, there may be other animes which it ‘spoofed’ but I can’t seem to think of it now.
But here’s the plot. A young boy, Akira Akebono, and his 3 battle robots, Blion, Eagle Arrow and Drimog, plans to enter the Battle Robot Tournament and win the Titan Belt championship, which he has always dreamed of winning. Sounds simple enough. But you know, although he’s quite talented at such a tender young age, he has to go through many obstacles and battles, and along the way he makes new friends and also enemies.
Speaking of which, some evil professor wants to destroy Daigunder and sends his battle robot Ginzan to accomplish this task on several occasions. Yeah, you guessed it too. He fails but always promise to come back and beat him next time. What is it with Daigunder that he wants to eliminate him so badly? Plus, can’t Ginzan do another terror moves besides his Final Revolver?
Of course at first, they wouldn’t get along with each other, but in time, they’ll learn to co-operate and work together as a team. Plus, with Akira’s young and determined manager, Haruka, and his ‘crazy’ and innovative grandpa, Professor Hajime, I’m sure you people can already guess and predict the outcome of the series.
Plus, the opening song of this anime is quite lively and energetic. It makes you want to get up and dance. Also a good ‘motivational’ song for those moments where you make a come back. DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! Yeah, that’s how the beginning goes.

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