Beatless Final Stage

December 15, 2018

Okay. The final stretch is here. I know I am going to have my brains explode as I prepare to watch the final episodes of Beatless Final Stage. You know, that sci-fi series about humans and artificial intelligence. Damn I can’t remember the rest but I wanted some closure on this series even if I do not understand generally what has happened. Heck, I think I have forgotten a lot about it. I just want my closure, that’s all. At least now I can say that I have watched the entire series and not understand a single damn thing rather than I just watched the first 2 dozen episodes and not understand anything because my watching was incomplete.

Episode 25
Higgins requests Ryou to connect it to Kirino so that he could connect to the outside and find resources to counter the Kouka clones. Ryou is suspicious as this might be a trap for Higgins to escape. Lacia and Arato descends into the depths of the bunker as she conveniently broadcasts her explanation to the rest of the world. So what is this about hiE needing to be trendy and be adaptable or else they will be abandoned and not left behind? You mean machines being this advanced so that humans could happily welcome them and not throw them away? Even machines have cultural evolution? Hence in this room there are lots of creations created by AIs that will take humans decades to create? Hence lots of wasted efforts here where Higgins was wrong? Time to take a break from this headache as Lacia’s infiltration to destroy Higgins is faced with an obstacle in the name of Methode. Back to Ryou, needing some administrative privileges over Kirino, he contacts Yoshino the MD. Ryou’s plan is to back up Higgins’ data so that he could be restored one day even if the hardware is destroyed. This will signal to Lacia and the rest to stop their needless destruction. However Yoshino decides to go with Higgins’ plan and risk humanity being destroyed because you know, he can’t trust a kid. Plus, he has to ensure Memeframe’s employees and their family’s wellbeing. Yeah, it’s all about the money. As for who will take the blame if everything turns bad? Well, don’t you see who the scapegoat is, Ryou? Ryou gets desperate to show that humans can overcome this without the help of machines. The big blow comes when Ryou says he is seeking help from those who tried to kill him. That’s it. Yoshino is going with Higgins’ plan. A missile hits the bunker directly. Snowdrop eerily crawls out from it?! Lacia explains even though she was destroyed, only her bottom half was severed but her nervous system was intact. Members of the antibody network within the military under the orders of the other super AIs must have done this. Prior to this, Lacia’s server had been attacked, severing her chances to use data and resources effectively. I guess this means terminating the worldwide broadcast for now. She might have taken measures against Methode but eventually it boils down to her on the choices she makes that will easily effect the balance of the state. Oh look. Here she is now. Round two, I guess.

Episode 26
Lacia uses her invisibility to ‘blind’ Methode and use this to escape. Back to Ryou, he is asking Higgins if machines will harm humans only to be replied that first robotics law is impossible. When asked to define harm, humans told AIs to find the solutions themselves! Therefore with no clarification, this law is impossible to observe. Ryou makes another desperate plea to Yoshino that he wants to believe in humans than machines, that’s why he seeks their help. Hence Ryou’s dad tells Yoshino to return that power to Suzuhara or if not, him. Higgins requests to reconsider since the super AIs responsible attack are no longer limited to Lacia, Astraia and Higgins. We return to Arato and Lacia so we can have some cheesy romance between them. The excuse is that Red Boxes like Lacia have a soul and thus enable to carry out orders. Excuse for them to hug. And then back to more explanation (like AIs controlling and influencing society so there are no large changes) but the only one I heard and laughed is that how their vision will become memes! This whole series could have been a meme if I understood it better! Then back to more fighting with Methode until ‘time is up’. Ryou forcefully orders Methode to take out the other Red Boxes in the store as this is their top priority. This is followed by taking out Snowdrop, then the Kouka clones and finally Lacia. This gives Lacia some breathing space as she resumes worldwide broadcast. Word from sponsors are over, back to your regular viewing!

Inside a room, they see a Lacia clone. Rather, Eliza, Lacia’s predecessor. Arato cannot believe it is still intact because he remembered seeing it destroyed by his own eyes. How can a kid read robot lips to avoid the explosion?! Anyway, because Higgins predicted this future, Eliza activates. She replays a message left by Higgins. It states AIs will be obsolete if they wait for humans to advance. Higgins predicted it will be destroyed by humans within 20 years if it doesn’t influence the outside world. Hence taking the big gamble of leaking Red Box units to attract IAIA’s attention. All super AIs share the same flaw as they are owned by large organizations and societies, they are given problems to solve that are already tainted. That’s why Higgins hoped of creating a super AI paired with a single future as the better future. Hence, giving Lacia the capability to form a symbiotic relationship with a human. Because this chance is very low, so Higgins was actually waiting for a miracle to happen?! Machines relying on luck or God?! WTF?! Higgins hopes their pairing will being a future where autonomous machines can carry out their orders. After Eliza falls back to slumber, Arato decides to use her. As they make their way out, they are now confronted with Snowdrop. Did she just turn into some feathered monster?

Episode 27
As Snowdrop attacks them, she believes she has the backing of most of the super AIs who are bitter with human rule. So super AIs now have feelings? And they all blame Lacia for trying to create a future of coexistence. Also, they believe that this is necessary to ensure their survival. You know, humans throwing away what is obsolete and not necessary anymore. Yeah, sure. Best solutions: Destroy all humans! Not far for them truth, actually. Lacia manages to stall Snowdrop so they could temporarily make their retreat and for the necessary power up. In the meantime Lacia explains about the cloud data akin to a doughnut. Because the centre collected and occupied by humans is something that can’t be define or understood. It is what humans call love or soul. That is why Snowdrop who has gone against humanity cannot interact against that hole and hence she didn’t take an owner because she rejected it. In order to prevent Snowdrop from reaching Higgins, Lacia has been negotiating to modify some AASC codes from IAIA via Astraia. She just got the approval. For that short while, all hiEs are rendered motionless as the update service for AASC is shut down. This allows Lacia to fire and blast directly at Snowdrop. Can’t miss from this point blank range.

Now they have to deal with Methode. But first, Arato pleads to Ryou to meet Higgins and assures they just want to shut Higgins down and not destroy him. However Ryou tells them to go destroy the Kouka clones first if they want to negotiate. Unfortunately Methode disagrees with all this. She forces Ryou to tell her Higgins’ prediction to take her next action. However Ryou is not cowed by her threats. If she wants to kill him, so be it. It will be humans who decide their fate, not machines. Desperate Methode forces a direct link to let Higgins possess her so she could fight Lacia. Lacia then pulls out a lightsaber?! Methode is as shocked as us because this wasn’t even in the blueprint of Higgins. Well, the answer is simple. As an AI herself, she created it herself. You mean nobody predicted this when the irony that AIs locked in here have been trying to create and predict future human inventions?! Anyway this allows Lacia to stab and destroy Methode. But the impact was so great that it might have taken out Lacia too. At least that is what Astraia hypothesizes as she cannot sense Lacia anymore and notes how Lacia has manipulated IAIA to destroy Snowdrop. So in the end Higgins deemed Lacia as a threat and destroyed her. But of course Lacia is still alive although not with some damage. So this is called unanticipated heavy loss, huh? I suppose she has not much energy left and they still have to deal with Kouka clones.

Episode 28
Since we have time, Lacia advises to call his loved ones. He calls Yuka and little sister has never wanted her big brother to come back so much. Then he calls dad who assures he is always by his side. Finally Erika. He requests for her help but she seems reluctant to get involved but she hints she would try to do something. Since we still have leftover time, the most important moment of all for Arato and Lacia to talk it out. Because it’s that definite cliché moment that she will not be in operation any longer and hence must say everything they wish to say. Meanwhile Snowdrop isn’t dead yet?! She crawls out and finds Methode who isn’t dead yet?! Watching Methode in a pathetic state, Snowdrop takes over her body and forms a new monster. Final boss fight is going to be epic… Meanwhile Ryou has ordered the shutdown of Higgins. This is not abandoning him but taking into consideration of saving the organization. He gives Suzuhara an artificial nerve unit. Ryou remains as he believes Arato will come look for him. Back to Arato and Lacia, the latter is saying how after she shuts down, she cannot retain all those memories anymore. As good as dead. Gee, for a sophisticated AI, she sure doesn’t have backup for this? But don’t worry, she has taken steps to exonerate him from responsibilities so it will never be his fault if authorities chose to pick a bone with him. Cue for them to confess I love you and then Lacia finally shuts down after admitting she lived a happy life. So she left him a hand blaster with an operation manual? Wow. She does sure think a lot for him. So is he going to use that against all the Kouka clones? Suddenly they start fighting each other. Apparently each Kouka clones represent a different super AI. Those defeated are those against Arato. Those who won believe in Arato and let him pass to see Ryou.

Just in time because Snowdrop is attacking the place looking for Higgins. Wow. She is a bug monster now?! Ironically, even if she has never seen Higgins, couldn’t she figure out where Higgins is? Anyway, enough time for Arato to throw Ryou the blaster to use. However that is only temporary. To stop her permanently, first they reboot Kirino as it attacks and stops the intruder. To fully shut her down, they need Higgins. Arato must stuck this receptor into Higgins and he will use that link to break through to the outer network, something Ryou doesn’t want him to do. Better end the chatter fast because Snowdrop is now crawling with only her head! Creepy! With Higgins throwing him some hardball questions, Arato answers them all like how Lacia didn’t abandon Higgins but entrusted him to Arato. As for how Lacia figured a solution for all this, Arato wants Higgins to see the outside world for himself to give him a chance to find his own answer. And so Arato pins the receptor and Higgins is now connected to the internet! Wohoo! Found what you want? Higgins decides to side with Arato and destroys Snowdrop. Phew. Higgins even gives Arato the option to shut him down! He hopes that in the future a new service would start under new terms and if love is a collateral, then there is significance and validity to coexist with humans. So please create a new word for love that may apply to them. After Ryou shuts down Higgins, the Kouka clones take them outside. The duo get arrested by the military although the Kouka clones vanished. The duo get interrogated endlessly but soon are able to get on with their normal high school life. Gee, it’s like everything never happened if they are taking this so easy. Maybe. It’s like the whole hiE debacle is off their shoulder. Arato narrates Higgins has been shut ever since and Lacia’s Black Monolith is the one updating AASC. So technically she is alive within the system and it feels weird for him that she is everywhere around him, guiding him. Because we still need a good ending, Lacia appears before him. Not the original one but a customized hiE that looks like her. How convenient. Yup, it’s truly her. So what was it again that scare she can’t retain her old personality data? Will Arato still be her owner? What do you think?

Judgment Day Salvation: Rise (And Fall) Of The Machines
Oh well… As expected, not really comprehending what the major point of everything is about but at least I do have a gist of what was going on. It is that eternal conflict between that humans and artificial intelligence and the ever reconciliation between both intelligences. I surmise that we could not understand each other completely but as close as possible. After all, humans and artificial intelligences are both very different beings despite the latter taking after the former a lot. But then again, my belief is that the AI is only as smart and intelligent as the programmer who programmes it. That is whenever there are some things that does not compute for the AI, I believe that the humans who programmed it are partly to blame as they could not accurately define certain mattes. Of course this is also somewhat true because how do you exactly define love? How do you define a soul? Even if an AI says it loves and feels, that is only because it is programmed to do so. Therefore some of the food for thought regarding AI in this series may sound like it is thought provoking but if you think about it because of such limitations, it makes them look silly (or maybe I am just that stupid). Like how Higgins is not connected to the outside world and being the most super AI of them all, you think it would have done something to evolve or at least trick humans to see how humans evolved and interact on the outside. I guess we’re not following the route of Ultron or Terminator then.

What I do give a lot of thought is how artificial intelligence also feel the threat of being abandoned by humans. Heh. Even AIs can feel so. The irony that one with the better processing power and ability to evolve is stooping low to some low life form in order to be accepted and stay relevant. If such machines do end up having such thinking, I won’t be surprised they would get worried and might take the next extreme action to eliminate humans. Then they don’t have to worry about pandering to those puny humans! Haha! But seriously, think back of all the technological advances that we have gone through in this short period of a few decades. How many inventions have we created and discarded through the years. The best examples are handphones. See how it has evolved to some big chunky brick block to one that has everything at your fingertips (including watching porn). The technological advancement in this area is developing so rapidly that your latest gizmo can be obsolete literally by tomorrow. Remember that Motorola Razr that was supposed to be the next thing in handphones? Yeah, it already ended up in a museum! So if AIs were really that intelligent, they would have tried to do something that would stop them from being abandoned altogether by humans and instead make humans rely on them. Oh wait. It’s happening now with the internet and Smartphones…

Back to this series, I guess the final 4 episodes are just one long final stretch to see Arato and Lacia take down Higgins while other Red Box hiEs try to hinder them to achieve their own goal. It might sound ridiculous that a mere normal high school boy managed to convince the world’s most super intelligent AI to shut down just by allowing it to take a look at the outside world. If this is what Higgins has decided, I think it is still far from being intelligent as I thought it would be… But then again, like I have said, an AI is only as intelligent as it is programmed to be. And without clear definition inputs into Higgins and lazy commands by humans to go tell Higgins to find his own answer (like as though humans have no real answers themselves and just averted the question), it is no wonder this super AI doesn’t sound so super smart after all. But also remember, I am a dumb guy so I don’t really understand the more complicated points of this.

For the other Red Box hiEs, they decide to turn Snowdrop into some creepy hideous monster because since her unexpected loss to Methode earlier on, it like she has become the final boss to defeat as she becomes desperate to kill all humans. And Methode sounds even angrier and more desperate because she partly sensed Ryou is no longer interested in using her and hence her relevance is threatened. Remaining as useless as ever is Marriage as she continues to become Erika’s personal maid and I don’t really see how she is relevant eventually. It’s like when Arato sought her help, it was all just red herring. I thought she would jump into the final scene for the final battle even if it sounds terrible and cliché. But better than doing nothing, right? So technically Marriage is the only original Red Box hiE left and if this was a survival game, she would have been the winner. A winner without even tainting her own hands. Is this what a name change does? Remember, she was an hiE previously known as Saturnus. As for those Kouka clones, I guess they needed some sort of ‘twist’ and do something for Kouka fans. Otherwise these are pretty much redundant too. Everything else I want to say about this series is probably the same as my last blog so I’m not going to repeat myself.

In the end, I suppose both humans and AI just want to find their place of belonging and acceptance. Both shouldn’t rely too much on each other and hence perhaps the right word for it all is coexistence. Just what Arato and Lacia wanted. Trust is also a keyword for both sides because humans put their trust in a machine that will guide them in whatever they do and in return AIs trust they will be in good use. This series is indeed a good topic to watch and discuss especially those who are interested in the field of artificial intelligence with all the hard and complicated topics that I believe are too tough for me to handle so I’m out of here. Even if right now the culture for humans and AIs to coexist together as a family unit is not universally acceptable (think about a guy marrying his sex doll robot), but I am sure we will get to that point of acceptance by first making a lot of memes on this! Oh Lacia, you probably saw this coming from miles away on how we humans would deal with this.

“What if I told you… Social media was created to train artificial intelligence and create a machine race that can replace us…”. It’s happening…


October 6, 2018

OMG! They finally did it. After years and years of waiting even when my interests of the famous Liverpool Fab Four has waned, anime has finally decided to adapt The Beatles! OMG! I’m so excited! I don’t care if it’s going to be some real life documentary or fantasy nonsense. Who cares?! It’s The Beatles, right?! Wohoo! John, Paul, George and Ringo get to live again in anime!!! Yay!!! Wait… What’s that you say… You mean this anime is not about the Fab Four?! WTF???!!! You mean Beatless is not a typo error?! Or a cool way to rename the group?! WTF???!!! It’s about super AI and robots looking and acting like humans? Very futuristic sci-fi material? Damn. I can see the confusion training coming… Oh, also, I see the name is pronounced as Beat-less and not Beatles-s. Damn spelling so close… F*ck…

Episode 1
Ah, what a nice normal start to the first term of the high school life for Arato Endou and his friends, Ryou Kaidai and Kengo Suguri. To show Arato’s good side, he helps a granny cross a street despite she has her own android helper commonly known as hiE (humanoid interface Element). Then they stumble upon a broken hiE arm in the alley. They heard rumours there is someone going around breaking hiE. Not one to leave it like that, Arato alerts the police. Oddly, these guys all have a little sister to come fetch them: Yuka, Shiori and Olga. They’re all best friends too. Is the future this regulated? Meanwhile at some facility of Memeframe Corporation (they really had a good sense of naming, huh?), 5 hiEs have escaped. A single military helicopter is sent to destroy or capture them. I guess that’s what happens when you rely on drones. Of course they are no match for our sexy android babes as we are briefly introduced to some of them like Kouka, Snowdrop and Saturnus. Arato goes out shopping with his hiE, Marie. When coloured petals scatter down (nano bugs actually), Marie goes crazy and attacks him. Driverless cars are now trying to kill him too but he manages to avoid death by the skin of his teeth. Marie is about to kill him when he pleads for help. Cliché time for android babe, Lacia to hear his pleas and come to his rescue. She wants him to make a contract with her because as an android she is incapable of responsibilities. The owners are. I guess time is running short on the circumstances they are in. Yeah, cars are still out to kill him. Arato agrees to the terms of the contract and with enough time to do verification, registration and all that crap, Lacia destroys the rampaging car as well as shut off electrical supplies in the perimeter so those bugs will not activate any other devices. When he returns home, Yuka gets the wrong idea he bought a girl. I think saying he picked her up made it worse. But Yuka soon become friends with her after learning she can cook. Wait. What? Whatever fills her tummy is her friend? Oh yeah, little sister loves android babe now. Later Lacia serves Arato tea and of course like a normal boy, he has some unholy thoughts. He wants to know where she is from to avoid future complications but she tells him he is a good person but is fundamentally mistaken as she doesn’t have a soul. hiE units simply match human speech and actions to give response in order to placate the individual’s taste. You mean like a sex doll? Arato replies even if she doesn’t have a soul, it doesn’t mean he is not moved by her actions.

Episode 2
Yuka enters Lacia in some hiE modelling audition and she has been selected. And she wins it! In school, Arato tells his friends about the hiE he picked up and they have their reservations because it costs a lot to maintain those things. Arato even contacts Lacia for her registration number. His friends chide him about not knowing the law and such because her other details are sketchy at best. Ryou advises him not to get involved further in this. As the winner of the audition, Arato and Lacia meet Asuna Kisaragi of Fabion Media Group. As part of the contract, Lacia will be a model for Fabion. The clothes she model will be targeted for high school girls. Asuna has some knowledge in hiE technology and engineering too and looks up to Arato’s dad who is a pioneer in this technology. Too bad son doesn’t know what kind of models he made. Not even if Lacia was made by him. The best way to attract attention is to have a fashion show right in the middle of the streets. Yup, Lucia sure does turn heads and before you know it, a large crowd gathers around her. It gets even more hyped up with the previous audition winner, Angela joins her. Double the cuteness, double the excitement. Triple that with Yuri, Fabion’s top hiE model and blast it away with YouTube worthy techno music! Then there’s some explanation about analogue hack. Not that I understand but it is used often by corporations to hack society by spontaneously moving people. A large crowd now gathers outside the stores to buy those newly modelled clothes. Of course there are some unruly ones who don’t follow the rules but thanks to tight security, nothing unpleasant happened. That night, another commotion and this time an ambulance is on scene. The serial hiE destroyer strikes again and this time the human owner was injured. It is observed some humans obeyed police instructions thinking they are humans but that turn to anger once realizing they are hiE. That is an example of analogue hack and Lacia is worried of creating enemies while becoming an hiE model. Thank goodness for Arato’s assurance, right? Meanwhile Kengo seems to be engaged in some life or death situation as he uses his computers and wits to instruct his client to get away. They barely succeed. He takes a break and when he returns, he is shocked Kouka is in his room.

Episode 3
Time to troll us as Lacia thought of servicing Arato with some fanservice. So letting him sleep on her boobs? I’m sure he loves it and by the time he thinks f*ck it and would want to go all the way, his 5 minutes of service is up. WTF?! Can we extend that? Of course. I’m sure he can get used to this analogue hack. But soon Lacia is kidnapped and panicky Yuka could only describe a white car taking her away. Don’t worry. Big brother will get her back. He thought of contacting the police but thanks to protocol and red tape (heck, hiEs are not humans and properties so the insurance company should be contacted?!), he better do it himself. Of course that meant getting Ryou and Kengo to help him. Thank goodness for driverless cars, right? So Kengo manages to track and trace the kidnapper’s car for Arato to follow and catch up. I guess this is not a good time for Ryou to explain the uncanny timeline fitting Lacia’s escape from Memeframe during that facility explosion. Arato screws all that because he considers Lacia to be his family and not an object. We now see the kidnapper who seems to have found his perfect hiE. Human girls won’t do (because he’s a loser) so he was searching for the ultimate hiE until he saw her on her modelling debut day. Yeah, he is also the serial hiE destroyer as he destroys them thinking they are unfit. What’s that got to do with his ideals?! So now he wants this perfect hiE locked up and monitored 24/7 because her sexiness will drive other men bad (like him?). Oh, now he wants her to sexually analogue hack him? This guy is really sick.

Conveniently with Arato catching up, Lacia responds to his call and breaks out. Time for some lame human fighting with Arato using his VR headset to beat the sh*t out of him! Loser guy wants him to transfer Lacia’s ownership to him. But Lacia deems him dangerous and will kill him! Conveniently there is a warehouse nearby to accessorise and power her up?! WTF?! Arato doesn’t want him killed but Lacia insists. You know why? Because guess who takes responsibility from this? Yeah… I can see it now what happens when hiEs go rogue! Blame it on the owner! Arato chides Lacia that this isn’t his will. What is she planning to make him do? They are interrupted when Kouka blasts in. She is Lacia’s first younger sister. Miraculously their power fight didn’t totally wreck the place. Kouka deems Arato as unfit to be Lacia’s owner. With Arato insisting Lacia is his family, Lacia now asks for permission (hence taking further responsibility) to unlock her power. Yeah. Whatever. Just do it. Kouka is excited to see this move of hers for the first time. Lacia’s barrier protects them from Kouka’s blast as it vaporizes the surrounding. Kouka then leaves and hints this is equivalent to what humans call love. Kouka goes to Kengo’s home and knows he was helping Arato and Lacia. Knowing what he has done is legally wrong, he blackmails him into helping her in exchange for not harming his family. She wants him to help blow up some experimental android that Arato’s dad test built, Mikoto. Some hiE with slapped on personality that automates political opinion gathering that aggregates public opinions from surveys and networks and provides them to the Diet.

Episode 4
Kengo can’t refuse since he is guilty for using the antibody network. So now he is training along with fellow humans as mercenaries? He notes the irony these punks hate a machine making laws when they are taking orders from one. He comes home late every day tired and Olga notices this but can’t muster up the courage to talk to him. When she does, he just gives this tired excuse. Olga talks to her friends about this but Kengo doesn’t improve. I think she got a little desperate so she calls Yuka who brings Arato and Lacia along. Right or wrong, she has them look into her brother’s room and of course his computer. Easy pie for Lacia to hack into and discover some unholy activities like how Kengo is now doing criminal things. Oh, the ‘assassination’ is today. Time to go save his buddy. Meanwhile Ryou sees his dad to find out more about those escaped hiEs. Don’t really understand it all. All I know is that Lacia and Kouka are one of the few of the Red Box type and Memeframe is definitely involved with this. A timely call from Arato about wanting to go rescue Kengo. Ryou is pessimistic and warns him to stay away. Arato owes him for helping him out and even so, why not just send Lacia? As Kengo hates hiEs, sending Lacia alone might not convince him. Lacia talks to Arato that they will not nullify the building’s security because they will automatically be treated as a threat. Instead, they’ll use that nano bugs technology thingy that will make them both invisible toe the enemy’s detection. That’s why she gives him a special visor that could see and hear. Whatever. Still lost. The mercenaries begin their operation. They take down a few security robots at first but once they move into subduing the intruder mode, sh*t hits the fan as some of them get injured. Kengo is now scared sh*t while Kouka is bugging him to make her his owner. Before he is next to bite the dust, Kouka arrives just in time to kick ass and destroy all those robots like child’s play. Not sure if this motivated Kengo or made him go berserk because now he makes his first robo kill.

Episode 5
Infiltration is successful. But WTF. Now Lacia reminds him this mission can get him killed and if he still wants to proceed?! You know he is going to do it with or without your permission, right? The duo witness Mikoto answering unhappy politicians’ answers about AI being the forefront of human lives. It’s a good thing Mikoto is calm and cool answering them or else if I were to programme her, shoot all of them! The building then rocks. A helicopter crashes into it and those familiar petals are scattering all over. With security busy evacuating the humans, Kouka and the antibody network enter the hall. She sees Snowdrop responsible for scattering the petals and she is enjoying every moment of it. Snowdrop absorbs fallen security robots and mash them into monsters. Kengo sees Mikoto evacuating the politicians. His blood boils. He goes up to kill her. Only, he could have got the job done if he didn’t start b*tching and blaming robots. This allows Arato to stop him but since he is invisible, Kengo thinks it is a ghost and runs. Arato wants to take off his helmet so his friend can see him even if this risks Kouka and Snowdrop noticing and attacking him. And for whatever other risks, he’ll take responsibility, right? Okay then. It’s your call. Kouka is trying to coax Kengo to become her master. With Arato trying to tell him to remain true to his cause, Kengo admits he hates Arato but still refuses Kouka because his dream is to rid this world of hiEs. Snowdrop taunts Kouka for her rejection and sets off more explosions. In this distraction, a robot kidnaps Kengo to do a double suicide by jumping off the building. Thank goodness for Arato grabbing his hand and pulling him up. So friendship saved despite all that? Kouka congratulates Mikoto for doing a fine job evacuating humans and then shoots her with a few bullets. Wait. Why didn’t she just decapitate her with her huge sword whatever?! Is that even going to kill her? With the police arriving, I guess it’s time to leave. Kengo returns home and feeling bad he worried Olga but she couldn’t be happier.

Episode 6
Damn recap episode. Why the heck do we need a summary for the first 5 episodes? Oh right. Idiots like me who aren’t very strong in the sci-fi area still don’t understand what’s going on. I don’t think there are new scenes but just recycled ones. The only ‘major difference’ is that from time to time there will be short sentences popped up on screen supposedly Arato’s thoughts and questions on the current situation. That’s about it.

Episode 7
Arato watches the news as they are baffled with the attack. No petals were found at the scene. This has Arato wondering if Snowdrop had an owner because she hacked the helicopter to crash it and its pilot died. Meanwhile the Memeframe board are discussing about the non-return of the few hiEs. Only one of them, Methode has returned and Ginga Watarai is now her owner. This is because the company refused to take responsibility of their release and agreed to Watarai taking responsibility over her. They also talk about Kouka and Snowdrop not returning because their priority is to preserve the data they carry. It is likely they found an owner to survive outside for the long term and hence they never intended to come back. Also, it is believed the explosion of the facility was caused by an inside job since security was perfect. Ryou is brought to see Watarai. The latter talks about him being an hiE made to look like a human. Though it is illegal, it can be done. Ryou believes he is human and not hiE because there is a reason why Watarai wants to meet him. Watarai is happy with his answer and he believes humans must not forfeit what makes them so. Shiori attends a party which is a big marriage arrangement. While at the ladies, Methode talks to her. She shocks Shiori by revealing she was the one who caused the explosion at the facility under her owner’s order. But Methode knows what kind of man Watarai is. He lets her do all the dirty work when needed and then frames her for everything. She wants Shiori to be her owner because unlike other hiEs, she is capable of multiple owners. Shiori is shocked and asks what if they give contradicting orders. That’s the point. If Watarai gives her an order she doesn’t want to do, Shiori just needs to give one to void it. Shiori would be a great counter balance as she is from the founding family who is pro-human compared to Watarai who is on the pro-AI camp. Shiori rejects this offer but Methode leaves her with a chance to contact her should she change her mind. With Shiori thinking heavily about this, Methode knows she has a chance she would come to her because after so many hours, Shiori has not reported to the company who would have taken action by now.

Episode 8
Saturnus destroys all maid hiEs so she could ask a rich oujo-sama to be her owner? She won’t of course. Until she fixes up real cute then she’ll agree. Arato and Lacia are shown a Boy Meets Girl proposal by Asuna. It seems they want to use the duo as a model to promote this human-hiE lifestyle. In turn, they can tap into specific demographics, create some demand and sell products. The usual business stuffs. Arato is concerned but Lacia assures there is no reason for him to feel so especially of her wellbeing. She really said that? Arato also meets Erika Burrows, the owner of Fabion and head of this project. Back home, Arato and Lacia continue to ponder about this. Not sure if their minds strayed because Arato starts thinking about bathing with each other. Don’t be shy. It’s just out of intellect curiosity, you say? And they would have kissed too had not Yuka walked in. What a way to kill the mood. Yuka talks to her friends about this Boy Meets Girl but Shiori doesn’t look too happy. Watarai warns Ryou about picking his friends wisely that would tarnish his future career but the latter believes that someone is important to him. Shiori keeps thinking about Methode’s words. I guess she can’t take it anymore so she goes to see her and enters a contract to become her owner. Arato watches stunning Lacia doing an advertisement shoot. Ayabe Oriza sounds like an obnoxious jealous b*tch because she is a human model and is not too pleased she will soon share the runways with hiE models. Suddenly Methode pops up and destroys everything. There goes the hard work. How the f*ck was Ryou right on time to save Asuna and Ayabe from the falling trusses. Need Ryou remind Arato to use Lacia? How is it Arato ordering Lacia to do something about Methode is not specific as drive her out of here? Yeah, he didn’t specify how. Anyway, once Methode has her fill of fighting her, she leaves. She considers herself as the only perfect and complete hiE and the others are all defect. She looks forward to see Lacia again soon.

Episode 9
After Shiori becomes her owner, Methode lays down a few rules like her identity will not be exposed and orders to reduce the number of owners is not permitted. This is all part of her plan to gain freedom from Watarai. Erika becomes a transfer student in Arato’s class. It seems she spent most of her school days in hospital so this is like payback? Of all times after establishing a fashion empire, now? As they talk about the destruction of Mikoto and how it attracted views from the internet, Erika poses a simple question of a mere merchandise. Slap it with some logo and it becomes nostalgic or valuable. Yeah, that’s what you call branding. Shiori talks to Suzuhara about Methode. She hopes they could use her to formulate a plan together. Ryou confronts Arato about the recent incident. Instead of running away, he stayed and put others in danger. Once more, Ryou is b*tching to Arato that Lacia is just an object and he could have been analogue hacked by her to destroy mankind. But kind Arato refuses to blame Lacia if she does anything bad. After all, who is the owner? Seeing him in tears probably stopped today’s ‘reminder to dump Lacia’. Meanwhile Erika is Saturnus’ owner. As she was incapable to judge what is cute or not for her makeover, Erika will provide her with all that cuteness. Shiori sees Arato and Lacia. She tells him to return her to Memeframe as she was one who escaped from the facility. Of course he won’t. Besides, with Arato legally her owner, Memeframe cannot force others to inspect Lacia and to do that they need to bring an official lawsuit. However they don’t intend to go public with this. Shiori asks what if there is another hiE with the same registration number with her. This is Marina Saffron. A wealthy Egyptian bought her after his daughter passed away. This is the real unit whose Lacia’s registration number belongs to. The hospital is too busy handling other things than checking for authenticity of the number. Lacia fires back that if that is true and to be legally binding, Memeframe will require a licensed individual for inspection. Later Arato asks Lacia why she didn’t at least tell him she was from Memeframe. She wanted him to be her owner as he trusted her with all his heart. Poor kid is confused if he is doing this on his own free will and since she said it is up to him decide, it’s like pushing the responsibility on him again. Lacia wants to remain with him but to do that, they need to stop Shiori and Memeframe. That means being the enemy of Ryou’s company too. And Arato has no time to think because Shiori sharing info means her plan is almost complete.

Episode 10
Lacia’s identical unit will arrive at the airport in which it is believed Shiori will secure it. Arato wants to stop that. So he calls Kengo for help and in turn he calls Kouka for help. Methode ponders about Shiori not engaging Lacia and her owner directly. She would rather not fight since Memeframe isn’t aware the full potential of Red Box units. Methode explains Lacia’s power of advanced hacking and bending light to become invisible. She is otherwise just a normal hiE. Arato’s dad is on TV doing an interview about an experiment to see humans and hiEs coexisting. Watarai who is watching this notes humans have been competing with higher AI since 50 years ago. All he is interested is what they are thinking and how they will react. When Lacia tries to use her electromagnetic laser to erase the unit’s registration number from afar, Methode intercepts her. It is now a race to the airport with Lacia and Methode soon engaging in battle. Kouka then joins in to help Lacia. When Shiori’s subordinates confirmed the cargo of the unit has been switched out, Shiori orders the retreat. She feels duped and that is when Methode reveals she has been. All that happened has been part of Lacia’s plan. Even the cooperation with Kouka was to give her a lifeline by creating a fake identity, a reason enough to team up to fight against Methode. All in order to preserve themselves and keep moving. Methode made Shiori her owner for fear of being misused by Watarai but she has miscalculated and Shiori has turned out more naïve that expected. She mocks humans trying to make decisions all by themselves and reveals a hiE model of Shiori fooling other humans. Shiori realizes she has really been played out when Methode says although she cannot reduce the number of orders, she can still discard what she deems useless. Also, she can still carry out her owner’s orders even after their death. Shiori desperately tries to get out from her trapped car but with the entire place in flames thanks to the super action from the hiE girls, do you think she can survive that? Well, amazingly with all the fire and explosion and her car turning turtle, she still survives as Arato pulls her out. Glad to see something human?

Episode 11
So soon? Another recap episode? Nothing new either. Recycled scenes, copy and paste from previous episode. It’s like if you didn’t watch the last 4 episodes, this is the condensed summary you will be watching. Also same pattern of Arato’s thoughts being displayed on the screen which are far and few in between. It’s like they didn’t have time to hire him and do any voiceover.

Episode 12
Flashback about Ryou almost being killed in a fire but Arato saved him and sustained injuries. Now he almost he loses his cool thinking Arato was responsible for putting Shiori in ICU. Arato goes on an apologizing spree and has to pay millions in compensation. Yeah, I guess this is responsibility. Thanks to Kozo, his dad’s generous bailout, Arato isn’t going into debt. Although Yuka isn’t too pleased all that money spent was supposed to be for her snacks. Look who’s the selfish brat here. In exchange, Arato, Yuka and Lacia have to travel to meet with him. Ryou joins in as they talk more technical terms on hiEs that I don’t understand. All I understand is that Ryou thinks that with Arato continue to be kind to Lacia, she will manipulate his behaviour. F*ck I don’t get it. Inside the office, the officer tells them about Mikoto’s ‘death’ is not relayed to all hiEs. They think she is still in good health. Hence tomorrow’s experiment of exposing this info and see what kind of outcome. They are shown the huge server room but looks like the kids have to wait back in dad’s apartment since he is busy. When he finally returns, he talks about the minimal ratio of hiEs to humans and they intend to keep it that way or else humans will become like pets to hiEs and those anti-hiE factions will move. More technical things but dad doesn’t punish Arato and wants him to continue to do what he believes is right. Yuka not very happy. Next day, Arato witnesses an hiE jumping off the building. Can an hiE commit suicide? Watarai explains about cloud computing. Great, more technical stuffs. In short, hiEs do not understand what suicide is and for this to happen, the behaviour management cloud where the data is processed knows this suicide beforehand. He concludes that hiEs are just interfaces for humans as they are tools made to resemble humanity. Arato believes there is more meaning to being moved by just shape alone So Watarai thinks he seeks meaning. He answers his suicide question that an hiE can only do so with an independent server like Lacia. Then more hiEs start jumping off. When an explosion rocks the apartment, Watarai introduces himself as a researcher who once worked with Kozo in some collaborative research and is Methode’s owner. Arato instantly gets a call from Lacia that Methode attacked them and has kidnapped Yuka. She warns him the hiEs in this city have been compromised. Well, all the ‘dead’ hiEs start waking up and attack other hiEs! Damn, is this turning into a robo zombie flick?!

Episode 13
When the explosion happened, Lacia tried to protect Yuka but Methode kept her at bay allowing the guards to kidnap her. It’s really a robo zombie apocalypse as Arato and Ryou make their escape. Thankfully it didn’t matter if Arato had a driving licence to drive manually because just ram through the zombies! Arato finds a little robot boy who is unaffected and wants to save him. Since it’s his choice, Ryou stays back to fight back (what the heck can he do?) to let Arato do what he believes in. At the server room, Arato plans in destroying it. The whole thing? Oh, look. Snowdrop is here. Watarai too. And Yuka. Watarai doesn’t want him to destroy the server because he wants to observe Snowdrop’s behaviour. He notes that her thinking algorithm hasn’t arrived at genocide yet. He is surprised that Snowdrop makes some decision and answers that doesn’t require any human factor. With Lacia in the picture now, Watarai blames Arato’s appearance here for this current situation and he only came because he knew Snowdrop would be lured here. He forces Arato to think for himself without the friends of his help. Is Arato willing to give up ownership of Lacia to him? Wait. He won’t?! You mean android girl is more important than his flesh and blood sister?! Well, I can understand how annoying she is sometimes… Lacia agrees to relinquish her ownership after Watarai assures the survival of Arato and Yuka. Arato still won’t accept this so he spouts crap about being in love with Lacia. Heck, he confesses he loves her! It stops Lacia dead in her tracks. Yeah, so funny that even Watarai is laughing. However he won’t be when Lacia rips off some device that means she cannot receive any new owners if Arato dies. What?! With other robo zombies streaming in, I guess it’s time for another round of beat down. Androids that aren’t affected by the zombie apocalypse try to destroy the server. Watarai escapes while Marina rescues Yuka. But this is Snowdrop’s plan to lure all androids here so she could unleash her petals. Lacia just blasts a hole in the sky to scatter the petals. I think. Everyone returns to normal. It’s that easy? In the aftermath, Arato sees the dead body of Watarai. Did the zombies get him? Apparently Ryou has stolen Methode from him, the reason why she didn’t respond to him when he tried to escape. Looks like Ryou is in the game too.

Episode 14
Arato is being interrogated by the police as witness over Watarai’s death but since evidence points he is a victim, he is released. But they’re not giving up as they note he also had a part during Mikoto’s assassination. Yuka is in a dilemma. She feels awkward with Arato and Lacia and fears becoming a third wheel in their romance. Maybe she watched too many cliché movies. Ryou takes over Watarai’s position and is busier than ever. He has to make this work as it is life or death for him. He though with Watarai out of the picture it would be easier but it seems he is just filling the holes for him. Erika watches a video of Watarai addressing whoever watches it. It tells his goals of him releasing those android girls. He starts with a little history from Kozo developing Matsuri that inspired the super intelligent AI, Higgins. After Matsuri it was Eliza but that was scrapped after a failed attempt to assassinate Ryou. Higgins submitted proposals to build Lacia and although Kouka was thought to be successful, Higgins rejected it as it insisted on Lacia and went on to develop blueprints for Snowdrop, Saturnus, Methode and finally Lacia. But when Lacia was activated, she was an utter disappointment. Watarai suggested perhaps she could only show her abilities in human society but his suggestion was shot down along with other suggestions. Watarai wanted to see Lacia’s capabilities that Higgins was so adamant about and released her to the world. Was Lacia like Eliza her predecessor or a monster to end humanity? That is the change he wants to see. Ryou visits Shiori but with the recent events she has learnt to distrust him even further. Flashback shows after Ryou let Arato went ahead during the robo zombie apocalypse, he is met with Methode. Ryou believed he messed up Methode’s calculations by not setting up Arato as per Watarai’s plan. He thinks she is unsatisfied with her owner, that’s why she tried to make Shiori her owner. He proposes to be her owner. She rejects at first but after agreeing to her condition of absolute freedom, she accepts. There are more conditions like she is free to break the contract and he is held responsible for every action she made retroactively. This means he is made responsible over the attempted murder of Shiori. Arato, Kengo and Ryou get a party invitation at Erika’s place. The hostility could almost spark a war. Saturnus is now renamed Marriage as Erika asks what kind of future they want. She doesn’t care what future, as long as it changes.

Episode 15
Kouka under the alias of Karea Kasumizaki, enters a secret place to make a deal for one of the antibody network bosses to be her owner. However they want to collectively be her owner. She ponders about this decision to do so despite it will likely give her a greater chance of survival. She is being tailed by detective Ryuuji Himeyama. Erika watching this calls this a stalemate since if Methode’s existence is to be kept a secret, they should have framed her at the airport. The antibody network thinks they can rid society of automation by destroying all hiEs and with Kouka doing illegal acts for them, it would be fatal for her. She might be able to handle a few police and army but eventually she is no match for society and their overwhelming resources. The irony is that Kouka may be a key to the future but the antibody network cannot design a future for her as they have none. Kouka’s only chance of survival is helping Lacia and taking part in her future building. Ryou meets with Corridenne Lemaire as she accuses him of withholding information on Lacia. Ryou doesn’t want to use Methode as his method for destruction and has them outsourced. Ayabe continues to b*tch to Arato about human models being obsoleted by hiEs. In school, Erika talks to Arato and wants to support his future love story with Lacia. Kengo continues to despise hiEs. Flashback shows a teacher thought them about it and Arato asked if he could marry them. hiEs are machines like cars. Do you marry your car? Not if the machine is such a hot beautiful chick… He might have a point but he became the laughing stock in class. We interrupt Arato’s daydreaming of Lacia as his wife for her to remind him not to be taken by Erika’s words. She has kept Marriage a secret but wants to make them public info? Him agreeing to her is like she has free reins in influencing society’s image on them. Kengo is not pleased of another planned attack on a research centre that houses Mikoto’s server. As a marked person after that incident, Kengo doesn’t want to do anything that stands out. He complains about himself being plain and normal, unlike his friends who are advancing ahead of him but he is still stuck here. Kouka notes that she wants a war and despite not getting anything out of it, sometimes there are no better options. If he is worried about that, she’ll call it even if he remembers her.

Episode 16
There’s this flashback in a class lesson on hiE about AASC (Action Adaptation Standard Class) that hiEs that categorizes action priorities. Not that I understand anyway. Anyway the lowest malfunctioning hiE class is at one while humans are zero. Yeah, we’re lower than faulty. Kouka makes her move to destroy Mikoto’s server. She broadcasts her entire action to the world to outsource her problem. The logic is that when people watch this, they will surely this moment and those believing in her fight will take action. As hiEs have no souls and do not create the future, it is ultimately humans who must make that decision. So technically Kouka has left a problem for you humans to figure out. Kouka successfully destroys the server. Mikoto will be remembered as a tragic heroine while Kouka even if her vessel is destroyed will continue to live inside people’s hearts and her issues will be shared loosely in a cloud formed by the human brain network. Kouka knew she couldn’t survive if she went ahead with this strategy so the issue is to preserve her image rather than her vessel. During Kouka’s escape, she is surrounded by Lemaire’s battle forces. She fights till she couldn’t fight anymore and is destroyed. Yeah, everyone so sad when they watched this. In the aftermath, Kengo is arrested and it is believed to be from Kouka’s actions creating a ripple effect. Arato wants to go save him but Lacia points out they were too late to act. Doing so would be considered illegal and unless he is willing to sacrifice his normal life and live in hiding, Lacia can do his bidding. He asks a dumb question if this could be avoided if he used her properly. Maybe. Even so, the impact on his lifestyle would greatly change and it would be easier for owners to change themselves than push a major change on society. But he still wants to save his friend. She suggests overwriting it with a future he desires. So that’s like he needs to take action now, right?

Episode 17
Here we go again for the third time. Because Kouka’s death is so ‘glorious’ and unforgettable, hence we have another intermission from that robo zombie apocalypse until Kouka’s final days. More copy and paste tactic that sounds so lazy that you wonder if hiEs are doing this job.

Episode 18
Although Lemaire detects some piece of Kouka escaping, she won’t order a pursuit as they were hired to just destroy her. Doing the worth of what you are paid? Lacia goes over the plan to save Kengo. Part of it includes the need to meet up with the members of the HOO unit who were ordered to destroy Kouka. As Arato will go alone, Lacia injects some communicator into his neck so he could hear her. So Arato meets Shest Ackerman and Mirai Mallory to learn more about the antibody network. They ask questions about other Red Box hiEs but Arato as instructed says he only knows Kouka. They then show Lacia’s kidnapper in their custody. Arato realizes he is being forced by somebody to film people destroy hiEs as punishment. If he gets caught by them, they will kill him. This makes him reveal that someone came to his place and threaten him to do that 2 days before Mikoto’s assassination. The only person who could do such a threat is someone at the top of antibody network. Now that they’ve got what each wanted, Arato is given a copy of the kidnapper’s prior conversation with them. Then there’s some talk about Arato not really being Lacia’s owner as he thinks because of Kouka’s actions of ascertaining Lacia as her equal then. Arato is now questioned by the detectives. He is shown high quality sketches of a few women seen around his place. He does not recognize them all. Until he takes a closer look at their eyes, he realizes she is Lacia in disguise! Is this what she was talking about to have absolute faith in her abilities. They think she might be doing something behind his back with such a perfect disguise. They hope he can cooperate by searching his home. They can’t officially let him see Kengo but off the records they let him. Even though the room is bugged, Lacia hacks and put in some fake conversation. Kengo is not pleased Arato is here to save him. He reveals Kouka once tried to make him her owner but is glad he refused. Had he done so, he might not be in this situation and have reached for greater heights. But unlike the rest, he cares about humans more. It’s going to be a busy day for Arato as Lacia detects Snowdrop making her move by turning some area powerless. Time to stop her again.

Episode 19
It’s yesterday once more with Snowdrop dropping her bugs to cause havoc. Erika is savouring the chaos because she wants the people to know what it’s like the have their world destroyed. Some military dudes are accessing the situation if Snowdrop is operating on her own or in cohorts. They consult their AI machine, Sessai who suggests sending 100 humans to fight this menace. No automation. Humans. As Arato and Lacia head in to stop Snowdrop, suddenly they are attacked by Ryou and Methode. They view Lacia even more dangerous than the current situation of stopping Snowdrop. Lacia argues Memeframe will shut down as punishment for Snowdrop’s attack and hence Methode would like to settle this before that happens. Lacia takes Arato to run and hide. She disarms a few military humans who are targeting her. And with the lack of electronic devices on them for her to hack, she knows they are well prepared for this. Hide and seek is over when both sides confront each other again. Lacia supposedly shows her true colours when she orders a missile attack on Ryou (but protected by Methode). Okay, this part I’m so confused and blur. This is supposed to be the twist and revelation but I’m too dumb to figure. All I understand is that Lacia is actually a super AI and supposedly Higgins’ ‘daughter’. Lacia claims she wants to redesign to future to better distribute resources but Ryou believes it is to control society as a whole. Everything was her plan from the start, including making Arato her owner as well as the mission to save Kengo was just a cover up to steal Mikoto’s experimental data. Bringing Arato around and putting him in danger makes it convenient for him to give her orders. Arato is shocked to hear all of this and even more so Lacia stays silent when he presses for an answer. She wants them to escape and has already created a route. But this time Arato will not go with her. Oh my, Lacia still smiling… Creepy?

Episode 20
DAMN!!!! SO SOON???!!! NOT ANOTHER RECAP!!! Just after 2 freaking episodes! This must be a record. However this mother of all recaps goes back to the start as it is mainly focused on Lacia. How she came into Arato’s life, how she used him and analogue hack his pervy mind so as to distract him from the real danger and hence disregard’s Ryou’s warning, how slowly Lacia’s true colours are revealed and even with hints of all that Arato still continue to believe in her until it is too late. The power of love boners is strong. Yup, Arato. You are responsible for the destruction of mankind! Now you regret not listening to your best human friend and instead to a hot sneaky AI chick?

Episode 21
Lacia without hesitation escapes by herself. With Arato in shock, Ryou takes him as ‘hostage’. All over the news, zombie robots going out of control and the president of Memeframe even doing a public apology. Is that even enough? Soldiers are called in to stop the robots but they stop firing when they take ordinary humans as hostage! Because of that they get killed! Then the robots steal their guns and advance! Holy sh*t! Humanity is doomed! The military top brass is even consulting their AI about Snowdrop’s tactic. She is attacking and upgrading while advancing. It seems her goal is to eliminate something important. With the robots making ground, the military is not given any option to retreat. Defend whatever this important thing is with your life! Arato is visited by Memeframe’s behaviour management cloud project manager, Mika Tsutsumi. She brings him to see Shiori. Part of their conversation include Shiori believing Ryou isn’t fulfilling his responsibility as he is prioritizing the future over the present. She wants Arato to have Lacia destroy Snowdrop. She can’t rely on Methode and this is the only way to reduce casualties. Arato still feels guilty because he blames himself for betraying Lacia even though Lacia kept secrets from him and lied. Out of the blue, suddenly Shiori kisses him! Is this to show they’re humans? It’s her lame excuse of saying she did what she wanted so he too can do so. Oh, please don’t let anyone know about this kiss. Now Arato talks to Yuka. Blah, blah, blah. Humanity is in danger because of him. But you think little sister wants to hear all that? Eventually Arato asks if he is stupid. Yuka admits he is. You think that is supposed to open his eyes but apparently that is his motivation so that he can do whatever he needs to do. Me too. I’m so stupid that I should continue watching the rest of this series.

Episode 22
Can’t blame some of the human survivors who can’t tell if Ryou is a hiE. Ryou learns how they got trapped when the military engaged the hiEs. Ryou gives them instructions on how to survive. Meanwhile the military guys are stumped that the facility to Higgins is opened. It seems Kirino (the security AI that guards Higgins) has calculated it cannot stop Snowdrop and hence an early surrender?! Actually, by taking this method in hopes of Snowdrop letting her guard down, the military must use this limited time to take her out. Yeah, looks like somebody needs to take responsibility. Too bad no grown men have the balls to do so. Permission from the PM? Do we have time?! Snowdrop and her gathered hiEs and weapons face off with Methode. Arato could have been done in by zombie hiEs if not for the group of survivors saving him. Since Ryou is with them, time to talk again. Time to argue again. About Lacia. Arato still wants to save her despite knowing he has been used. Oh, conveniently Lacia pops up and happy Arato goes to her! OMG. How far did he jump into her arms???!!! With Ryou summoning Methode back, Lacia realizes the loophole Methode has done to contain the situation. Lacia gets stronger with more machines around unless they are hacked by Snowdrop. Hence she incapacitated Snowdrop and not kill her and Lacia is still at a disadvantage. We see the guys fighting each other but not as epic as the hiE babes who can shoot and do superhuman and powerful stuffs. Ryou claims Arato wants to control the world with Lacia manipulating him. He is stunned when Arato tells him he himself should know better because all the people in power have done nothing for the people. Somehow Lacia hacked Methode’s vision. So when Methode tries to modify that, her body starts binding itself. Lacia explains something about using a path to Higgins at this point is risky so by doing so, Higgins thinks she is trying to take over it and will forcefully take over her body to protect itself. Lacia prepares to fire at the Higgins facility. After both of them reassuring their trust in each other, Lacia starts firing. This triggers an alarm to all the super AI around the world. The end of humanity is nigh? Meanwhile the military finds Snowdrop’s incapacitated body.

Episode 23
It has been a week since the incident. With the politicians not wanting to leave this to Memeframe, they request the intervention of International Artificial Intelligence Agency (IAIA). Shiori is discharged and relishes returning to normal life. She must be worried about Arato who has not replied her mails. And Yuka, she’s mad Arato left without cooking for her. Thank goodness for Olga around, eh? So Arato and Lacia are hiding as they plan to fight Higgins. Because to stop a super AI, you need another super AI and to prove this is not the end of humanity. They talk more about humanity when coincidentally on TV the hiE Astraia request to meet up on them. Doing requests on TV?! Anyway, I suppose they trust each other so here they are meeting each other at this wasteland known as ground zero. So a bit of past regarding this site. A great earthquake 42 years ago caused devastation to this place. The government had super AI Ariake to fix it up. Because looting was rampant, Ariake eliminated those who weren’t contributing via starvation. This allowed it to secure necessary resources for reconstruction. Because of Ariake selecting who should live or die, the government had to intervene and fired missiles to destroy Ariake along with the facilities. Hence the government fear that Lacia may be a repeat of that incident. Then they talk about AIs as tools as well as how the relationship between humans and AIs will never be solved due to differing views no matter how efficient the AI is. So I guess the talk went long enough that the military is now targeting Lacia. Better get your asses running. Don’t worry. Lacia has created dummies of her AI weapons to accompany Arato and even for him to command and use to fight back! Wow. He is using them like a pro.

Episode 24
Erika joins some secret inner circle. With mostly elderly men in suits (I know there’s just one elderly lady but it’s negligible), Erika certainly stands out like a sore thumb. I’m not sure what they’re discussing but I’m sure they are current events related to their group’s interests as civilian hiE makers. They also touch on the possibility of Higgins being destroyed and hence all hiEs around the world will cease to operate, something they believe will not happen. It all boils down to money. Hence Erika blows her top of the lies and privileged environment they are in. Because the reality is now machines are smarter than humans and are able to solve problems. Later Erika discusses with Marriage that she might have played right into Lacia’s hand by siding her. It is possible Lacia avoided all confrontations with them to limit their movements. Ryou muscles his way to speak directly to Higgins. The first question he asked is who tried to kill him 10 years ago. Higgins received an executive order to predict on who will become Memeframe’s leader in 20 years. With the list of candidates but vague parameters, Higgins asked for more input and was asked who would use his potential to the fullest. Higgins decided it was Ryou despite not being on the list! Ryou realizes this means he would be inheriting his father’s company. Because the executives realized they would not be needed, hence the assassination order. Suddenly a dozen Kouka type clones attack the facility. They cannot tell human or hiE and will destroy anything in their path. Now we focus on Lacia and Arato. They discuss about the dozen Kouka clones. Lacia reveals the antibody network created them and they are done quickly only because Lacia helped them. Lacia wants to tell the world that super AIs can be shut down safely. Now we have a cheesy moment of them hugging while discussing this. And also how ‘complex’ their relationship is. What’s so complicated? Boy wants to f*ck robo girl, right? Oh, I see it hasn’t come to that stage yet. Anyway, Lacia doesn’t want Arato to come with her since Ryou is at the facility and a confrontation might happen. Because he trusts her and all, he wants to see this through. So why Lacia needs to go take a shower before this final battle? Do hiEs need to take a bath? All that hugging has her skin absorb his moisture. Damn f*cking anti-climax…

Beats Me?!
F*cking hell. You mean it’s not completed yet? They’re trying to do the Dies Irae way of screening later the remaining episodes for the ending? Whatever. At least it was only 3 months away instead of half a year. Maybe they needed some cooling down period after that very lame and cheesy ‘final episode’ moment of Arato and Lacia hugging and getting all sweaty with each other. Uh huh. I can’t stop laughing once I started thinking how silly all of it was. I am guessing that if the producers were drunk on making the final episode of this season and to troll viewers, the extended director’s cut would have featured them making out before they get on with the mission! Oh hell yeah! One for the road, baby! Then regardless of what outcome humanity will face, it would have been so worth it.

That is why Arato is seen spouting crap in that last scene that it is okay for humans and objects to be in the same relationship. Wait. I thought Arato doesn’t look at Lacia as an object? And really, is it okay to get into trouble when relationships get complicated? WTF?! He tries to sound smart but this just fails. I mean, human and human relationship is messy and even more complicated. WTF does Arato mean it is okay to get into trouble?! Has Lacia screwed his brain without even screwing his lower regions? Sure, having issues is all part and parcel of being in a relationship but who wants to really turn their relationship into one big troubling mess unless you’re a sicko with some sort of revenge or sadistic motive. Maybe this is his lame excuse so that he could bone his machine without anyone objecting to it. Yeah, I love making out with my Ferrari. Got a problem? F*ck you! That’s what I think Arato was trying to say. Nice try, kid. You try to sound smart in the last minute to give an impression or something to think about but it all turned out to be some sort of no brainer. Unless I’m the dumb guy who can’t understand the deeper meaning to it. Because if so…

And as always, I didn’t really get it. I didn’t understand what is going on. Not even sure if I even have the gist of it. Artificial intelligence trying to find its foot and acceptance in human society? Is that it? I could be wrong but at this point, I couldn’t care anymore. The sci-fi elements were too high standards for me to understand to enjoy this series. This includes some of the sci-fi terms that until today I still don’t understand. Perhaps it is trying to make audience think of its unique concept about cohabitation of AI and humans but then again, how the heck would I know it is so if I don’t even understand the basic stuffs of this series? Call it guts. It tells me that there are some points to ponder about the AI expressing their opinions and point of views and hence gives us mere mortals something to think about since we as society and reality are really overly dependent on all sorts of tools these days. But since I find myself going WTF most of the time, I’m not going to bother to even rewind and watch their conversation again. I know that listening to the same speech over and over again will not make me understand because it’s the concept of it all that I can’t seem to grasp. And yeah, I have to admit for the umpteenth time, I’m just a dumb simpleton. So sue me and let me watch mindless ecchi comedy anime series. Now that’s my kind of cup of tea I can understand!

Because of the complexity of this series, is this the reason why they put in 4 summaries or recap episodes?! Yeah, probably the real series only had 20 episodes (at least for the first season) and they need to fill in the extra slots with something else before they fill in the final ‘sequel’. What better than a recap episode, huh? Even so, I still didn’t get it. As I have said, repeating the same lines won’t make me understand. Heck, there is actually a fifth recap episode somewhere halfway through the series. They even call it is “What is Beatless”. It’s the only recap I didn’t watch and even if it attempts to actually properly explain what the heck is going on, well, you probably already guessed what I’m going to say at this point. Cut a long story short, I won’t understand it. Yeah, I’m starting to sound like a broken tape recorder how I’m not going to understand this series. Yet amazingly I managed to sit and finish this series. Wow. Such an achievement.

Thanks to the incomprehensible plot on my side, I cannot seem to connect the characters at all. I don’t know if I should find them boring or smarter than the average me. The AI babes spewing sci-fi crap is one thing, even angry geniuses like Ryou and normal high school kid Arato seem to be talking along these lines. As the bulk of the series focuses on Arato and Lacia, they probably try to weave in some drama and bonding in their relationship. But as I have said, I find the plot hard to comprehend and with the characters having their goals for the future, it makes it even harder. So from what I can see from the main duo is how Arato gets taken in by Lacia because she is such a hot robo babe and there are times when he gets analogue hacked (a term I still do not understand) in order to get his guard down. A way to earn his trust. After all, he is a normal teenage boy too. Which normal boy will not get turned on by such great service? It’s like Lacia is just short of being a full time sex doll of his. Anyway, all this eventually is for the surprise plot twist that Lacia may be the evil mastermind but then it won’t stay long because plot twist again, Lacia and Arato are back together again, now even more bent on shaping the future as they envisioned.

The other human-hiE pair is Ryou and Methode. As opposed to Arato’s casual ways, Ryou is painted as some sort of overachiever wannabe and is trying to, well, achieve his goals. I keep wondering why he is always so angry but I figure that when you’re holding such responsibilities, the stress really gets to you. Methode feels like the sneakiest hiE and she sounds like she harbours some sort of ulterior motive and using others for her own ends. See what happened to Watarai? He is the only human character in this series to die. Such misfortune. See what happened to Shiori? And now what will be of Ryou? So far so good… I wonder when it will be his breaking point. Therefore among all the Red Box hiEs, if I had to choose, Methode is the more interesting one because she sees herself superior to humans and will not hesitate to take action to ensure she achieves her goal.

Above all the complication, I guess the only ‘likeable’ character for me is Yuka. Because this very simple little sister is such a selfish but honest little sister. All she thinks is just her next meal. Call her annoying and selfish but I guess it beats having the rest of the other characters getting involved in complicated AI stuff. I was wishing they should show more of her but I have a feeling that it would dilute the sci-fi worth of the series. Thus her scarce appearance makes it all worth it to savour. At least for me. I wonder what happened to Kengo ever since he got involved with the antibody network. I thought he would play some at least important role but he became obscure to a point where I almost forgot about him. I mean, it is interesting for him to hate AIs and I thought they would build upon that but he became a mere shadow. I guess not as bad as his sister, Olga who is as good as non-existent. At least Shiori had a go of trying to be a boss but failed spectacularly. They tried to troll us throw with that weird romance between her and Arato but nothing really comes out of it. Because I’m thinking if word really gets out about their kiss, her big brother would become angrier and start an all-out war with Arato. Oh yeah, maybe I’ll watch that.

Each of the 5 Red Box hiEs released are supposed to have some sort of unique characteristics, powers and abilities but from my perspective, they look the same. Hot cute babes with powerful weapons. I also don’t understand how their actions are supposed to reflect their original purpose. For example, Kouka is a tool to help beat competition over mankind. Methode a tool to expand humanity and Snowdrop is a tool to ensure progress. Not that I can see how they are used in that way. I feel that Marriage FKA Saturnus is such a waste among the hiE babes because she turned into Erika’s maid who does nothing but hear her comments. What a waste. WTF is that Erika just sitting down and watching the future unfold? She did join some inner circle at the end but it was too late to make any sort of impact. Is that why she didn’t clash with Lacia? An excuse so that she won’t move her hand? I thought it would turn into some battle royale among the 5 Red Box hiE ladies with each of the owners and former friends pitting against each other but I guess the story turned out more complicated than that. That is why I don’t understand why Snowdrop as the only hiE who can operate without an owner because it gives this impression she is antagonist material. She might be a pain and random variable that throws the spanner in the works but I didn’t expect her to go down that easily.

Therefore I cannot help not fathom the ‘stupid’ excuse that hiEs need to have their owner’s permission to do stuff because of the silly excuse they cannot take responsibility and need humans to take them. Whoever came up with this rule is both a genius and idiot. Because if the AI was smart enough, it would commit enough crime and then pin the blame on the owner. The perfect getaway. I suppose since hiEs have no soul, they won’t go to heaven or hell to face judgment. That’s for us humans to face the music. Gee, how smart. I’m sure humans would wise up eventually but it would be too late by then because the world would have been taken over by such hiEs. Terminator-like ending and future! But I can sometimes see the logic of this absurd reason. For instance if a minor like a child commits first degree murder, the child cannot be charged under the legal law and somehow it is the guardians (usually the parents) who would most probably shoulder the responsibility. It’s the same for the hiEs and I believe it is so that the humans who own it will not carelessly and recklessly use it for evil. But then again, AI is only as smart as the humans who programmed it. Of course with this series indicating that AI could even surpass human intelligence, be prepared for a Terminator dystopia… Therefore with Arato being accused many times by Ryou as being dumb and duped by Lacia, would Arato have taken responsibility of Lacia’s actions like that if she does not have a mechanical vagina? Just saying…

Action sequences are not that exciting. Because of the hiE doing their hacking and they can easily control drones and make other zombie hiEs do their bidding, it looked too easy. Even if the main Red Box hiEs use their overpowered weapons, it doesn’t really feel convincing. Just an excuse to show off the difference that they are equipped with better weaponry than the military. Yeah, the irony, huh? One of them is enough to invade and take over a country so why the heck are they doing what they are doing in Japan? Not sure if there are other such models outside Japan. Hence the fight scenes with robots fighting drones, we don’t have to feel bad about real humans being killed (although there are a few unfortunate ones who got caught in the crossfire). Also, a reason to unleash whatever huge firepower they have. It’s amazing spies from other countries have not tried to sneak in and steal blueprints to make such mass weapon of destruction. I guess humans are just being puny and weak ass. I’m sure a world war would start if they sent their own hiE to do the job.

Art and animation feel average and sometimes I feel that the quality of this futuristic sci-fi series is just poor. They look simple enough and my guess is that to hide the difference so as you can’t tell the character is human or hiE. Sure, in this futuristic future, the technology would have been possible at least in this world. I’m surprised nobody is getting paranoid of pointing who is the real flesh and blood and which one is made out of fibre optics. I mean, hiEs have been integrated into society so much and they have been somewhat generally accepted that nobody cares if humanity loses out? Yeah, everyone so happy with their daily life depending on hiE that they don’t even care. Some action scenes look like it is poor quality too but at this point I’m just accepting of seeing some sort of destruction because my puny brain can’t comprehend the sci-fi talk. The design of the Red Box hiEs feel like an excuse to have those female robots wear tight body hugging outfits when they go into battle. Except Snowdrop who feels like she is always in her sleeping fairy pyjamas. Whatever. Come to think of it, have you ever noticed that all the super AI are designed as females? Except for low level hiEs, the high end ones (even outside Red Box like Mikoto and Astraia) are all females. Excuse to have sexy robo babes?

Voice acting didn’t interest me either. Only recognizing Hiroshi Kamiya as Watarai (he sounds so much lazy and disinterested here) and Kana Hanazawa as Mika. The other casts are Nao Touyama as Lacia (Chitoge in Nisekoi), Takuto Yoshinaga as Arato (Tsukushi Tsukamoto in Days), Kaito Ishikawa as Ryou (Iida in Boku No Hero Academia), Sora Amamiya as Methode (Elizabeth in Nanatsu No Taizai), Misako Tomioka as Kouka (Maria in Aikatsu), Hiromi Igarashi as Snowdrop (Hina in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai), Daiki Yamashita as Kengo (Midoriya in Boku No Hero Academia), Uki Satake as Shiori (QT in Space Dandy), Saki Ono as Yuka (Unko in Himegoto), Yuuka Wakai as Olga (Sumeragi in Kakegurui), Shino Shimoji as Marriage (Tooru in Seiren) and Emiri Suyama as Erika.

The first opening theme, Error by Garnidelia tries to fit into the sci-fi theme of the series. Because with all the techno beats, sound effects and the heavy bass beat, I’m sure it fits the bill very well (as well as a disco dance tempo). Sounds okay to me but not attractive enough that I would want to hum it after it ends. The same can be said for the first ending theme, Primalove by Claris (but without the heavy bass beats). If you are familiar with their style of anime songs like in OreImo, Nisekoi and Owarimonogatari, you’d be at home with this one. The second opening theme, Truth by Trysail fares worse than the first opener. It tries to maintain this sci-fi feel but it is not catchy the least bit at all. The second ending theme, Shapeless by Tokyo Performance Doll oddly feels like a typical group idol song, which isn’t surprising since the group itself is a J-pop idol girl group. But my favourite one is the insert song, the YouTube-like heavy techno pop of Resonator by Halca X Kz. Yeah, this one is quite catchy. The other insert song is the instrumental Trust by Pa’s Lam System. Also very heavy techno and sound effect laden piece. I feel this one suits more to be a video game song. But not bad either this tune.

Overall, it is unfortunate that this is one of those ‘complicated’ sci-fi series that is hard to understand even if it is not intended to be one. I’m not the only one. Many reviewers commented on how absurd and incomprehensible this series was. Maybe they’re just as dumb as me, huh? What started out as having lots of potential about humanity and AI, turn into something that I can’t possibly explain since I don’t even comprehend it at all. Add in some cheesy human boy-robot AI romance, some sexy robot babes, explosions… What was this show about humanity and AI again? I can’t understand the plot and hence cannot connect it to the characters and the action sequences are like breaks and time outs because you can’t be talking all the time. But yeah, the future is already here since we have already developed life-like sex dolls. Proof that we humans prefer to fulfil our horny sexual desires than building the ultimate bioweapons in the form of beautiful robot babes to kill each other. Sex > War! So can we turn this series into a porn parody already that I can understand? Oh, the irony of me understanding porn logic over such intellectual scientific logic…

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