A group of fallen angels have been banished by heaven and are now residing in part of hell. Sorry if that synopsis seems misleading and if you get the wrong idea of fallen angels and demons trying to plot revenge against heaven or see the harsh life of the underworld. Because Beelzebub-jou No Okinimesu Mama is really none of that! Instead, we have these fallen angels working and living life like normal humans do in hell? Eh, what? And get this. The rulers and assistants of the governing side are into fluffy and cute things. Like… WTF???!!! WTF is this cutie sh*t?! ~Kyun!

Episode 1
Pandemonium is a place where fallen angels go. With Satan gone, the fallen angels are working hard to keep this place going and is currently the ruler is Beelzebub. Her head attendant, Mullin is distraught she isn’t even ready for an important meeting and goes to get her. Still frolicking naked in bed with those fuzzy Gossamers? Over the next few scenes we see her doing her work diligently but somehow she’ll drift back to her ditzy behaviour and hence a see-saw of emotions from Mullin as one moment he admires her and the next he feels disappointed with this kind of behaviour. It makes him a tsundere. Knowing she likes soft things, he gives her a dress made out of very soft alpaca fur. Instantly she wants to strip and wear it now! Beelzebub than has him kneel. Is he being knighted? Just a pat on his head. She always thought he hated her but is a good boy. All that admiration once more goes down the drain when the next morning as he goes to get her in high spirits, only to see her sleeping naked with Gossamers. Why does it look like she gave up halfway putting her clothes on? Next day as Mullin reads her schedule for today, she starts talking about the things they do as God’s will. This is just an excuse so that she could run back to bed and sleep because it’s God’s will! Too bad she has to go check town. It’s so Japanese-like. And peaceful. Sure this isn’t heaven? Mullin heard how she was a fearsome fighter and assassin but wonders if it was true as she gets owned by the town animals. He tries to remind her but she pouts and doesn’t him getting mad at her. Can’t get mad at her when she’s looking this cute? Mullin’s worst fears come true as Beelzebub gets lost. Yeah, now they’re in this shady part of town but I still can’t bring myself to envision this is hell. Anyway Mullin finds a couple of guys trying to harass her and beats them up promptly. He scolds Beelzebub for making him worry. Back at the palace, Mullin regrets saying harsh things then as Beelzebub ignores him. Actually her heart is still flustering from Mullin worrying about her. Is this love? And more fluffy Beelzebub dreams of candy, lamb and cotton! So nice that no wonder she wants to go back and continue sleeping.

Episode 2
Mullin gives Beelzebub cream puffs. It’s so cute that she can’t eat them. And 5 minutes of break suddenly turns into some fluffy Gossamer wonderland. When Mullin falls down the stairs, he is saved by this manly Azazel. However he finds him somewhat ‘shy’ as he only communicates via signboards. Mullin tries to be observe and follow him in a bid to become manly like him but in all cases it all turns out to be cute stuffs. It is confirmed that Azazel is indeed into cute things when Mullin enters his room. Not what you expect? Azazel explains he isn’t good at communicating and his fierce looks drives others away. Yeah, he is such a sensitive guy that if you say the wrong thing, he feels hurt and cries! Apparently Azazel also knows Beelzebub as he makes dolls for her. Mullin tries to get Azazel’s approval by saying he likes cute things. Azazel hugs him but Beelzebub doesn’t like it and breaks them apart. She keeps repeating Mullin is her assistant. Later Mullin sees an anxious girl outside Beelzebub’s room, Belphegor. He thinks something is wrong with her as she is very scared. Luckily Beelzebub ‘throws’ her into the toilet. As revealed, she has social anxiety and has the urge to urinate. You mean like all the time? Yeah, each time Mullin speaks to her, she runs to the toilet! Endless wave of urination! It gets worse when Azazel is here. In turn, Azazel thinks she is still scared of him. So they try to give Azazel a cute makeover but he looks ‘scarier’ this way. How about smiling? Can’t smile? Think of happy things. Like his cute dolls coming to life. Yeah, he is still frowning even in happiness. As Mullin thinks hard on how to be liked by girls, it turns into a topic of Mullin getting Valentine cookies from only his mom. Sad. Hence Azazel gives him his cookies. After Mullin leaves, Belphegor asks him if Azazel is still scared of her. To calm her down, he gives Azazel’s cookies. This causes her anxiety again. I have my suspicions why Belphegor is always anxious before Azazel and it’s something to do with the matters of the heart, am I right?

Episode 3
While eating at a café, Beelzebub wanted to share her parfait with Mullin but starts overthinking everything since this café is often patron by lovers. Do they look like one? Well, offer is over. Feel like a loser? Then they see a fallen angel attracting the ladies. He is Astaroth and he seems to know Beelzebub and wants her company. Though, Beelzebub is not so fond of him. Too bad she got ‘seduced’ by his fluffy fake wings. Astaroth thinks Mullin did something shady to be Beelzebub’s assistant. So why the flashback of how cute Beelzebub was when she was an angel? I guess it’s to tell some back story how he sided with Beelzebub during the heaven and hell war and got tossed to Pandemonium. With Beelzebub going away in a foul mood, Astaroth goes to find her. She fears she made Mullin sad since they had a fun time together. He hugs her to make her feel better. She returns but looks like she is swamped with paperwork. Astaroth seems to hang out in Beelzebub’s office recently. He analyses Mullin and is glad he is a boring person with no over the top personality. He also observes him serving Beelzebub which he thinks he is like her boyfriend or mother potential. When Astaroth is told to go back to his own office since he has his own female assistant, speaking of her, here she comes! And she fired a warning shot! Sargatanas is actually a sadist and often tortures Astaroth. No wonder he is seeking refuge here. So who is the master and the assistant? Asking if she could have just take him back peacefully, she admits she prefers this method. But she has a ‘weakness’: She likes fluffy things too! Don’t tell anybody. Or you’re dead! After she drags Astaroth away, we see her fluster for a while when Astaroth compliments her and says he likes her (are you referring to her torture?). But then she brushes it off. Is she now a tsundere?

Episode 4
The most important question for Beelzebub: An alpaca or rabbit… Which to hug first?! During a meeting, Mullin notices a beautiful and capable lady, Eurynome. However she gives him that disgusted look. Later when he bumps into her again, again it is that look but soon her face turns cherubic. Noticing she dropped her handkerchief, he goes to return it at the park only for her to tell him to keep his voice down. It seems she is here to spy on young boys on a field trip! OMG. Shotacon! She loves young boys and especially their feet?! But don’t worry, she assures she will not do anything that will harm them. Can we trust a pervert? We see her going back and forth of ‘dying’ from this pleasure but also being revived from it. As well as the angelic face and the devilish one that she has to put up with grown males. But thanks to her imagination, she can imagine any guys as a young boy to get her through the day. Astaroth is here and of course she is disgusted with his flirting. She tries to imagine him as a young boy when Sargatanas pops up to beat the crap out of him. Eurynome gets turned on visualizing an older woman tormenting a young boy? Later Mullin has movie tickets and invites Beelzebub to come with him. Though she is happy, soon he wonders if this is like dating. What has he gotten himself into? Because of that, Beelzebub is up all night and can’t sleep. But next morning, Mullin isn’t at work and she heard he has become sick (I guess he too got excited and ran around town all night). She visits him with Azazel. Since she is clueless how to cook, thank goodness for Azazel. She tries to help by cleaning his sweat but since he refuses, it turns and looks like a rape scene. Mullin decides to give the tickets to Azazel to go with Beelzebub so as not to waste. But she doesn’t look happy. After they leave, shortly after Beelzebub returns and she wants to stay with him a little longer. He agrees since it was getting a bit lonely. Meanwhile Azazel realizes the movie is a horror one! Zombie Guts! WTF?! As Beelzebub watches Mullin sleeps, she can’t help herself and kiss him. Actually, putting her forehead on his. So when she goes back, she is super embarrassed of what she did. She realized she used to easily touch him but now her heart beats fast each time or even getting close. Next day when Mullin is well, looks like Beelzebub is now out sick. I don’t think she caught it from him… Yeah, it’s that love sickness probably raising her temperature.

Episode 5
Azazel brings Mullin to meet the head librarian, Dantalion. But this young boy prefers to sleep and slacks on his job. If he isn’t sleeping, he is reading. He loves reading so much that he skips food! But the total opposite of Dantalion is Molech. This tall noisy guy is just really, uhm, noisy. It seems his only ‘useful’ is to serve as a stepladder so that Dantalion can get books that is high out of his reach. Dantalion is also smart and he could guess what kind of books interest Mullin. But beware if you’re too noisy, he’ll spoil this murder mystery novel for you… Later Eurynome confronts Mullin. She is mad that he is mixing well with this young boy that she is currently stalking. So why tell him not to tell Dantalion that she is here to see him? Shouldn’t she have kept this a secret to herself? Later Mullin discovers that Dantalion could be very old because he has read almost all the books here that could take centuries. Let’s just leave Eurynome in her fantasy… Since Belphegor still has trouble talking to Azazel, her assistant, Camio suggests baking. She enlists Beelzebub’s help but since she too isn’t good, she thinks of calling Azazel. Is this a joke? Thankfully she calls her personal chef, Nisroch. He cooks fast but at the expense of getting his clothes ripped! The girls eventually try making it on their own but you only learn something through trial and error. Why does it look like it is going the yuri way with them getting too close to each other, hugging and even saying I love you?! Once the brownies are done, the real problem emerges. Belphegor now has second thoughts if she could even hand it to him. She even fears he would hate her for it. Yeah, looks like she’ll be visiting the toilet many more times. You won’t know if you don’t try. So finally she sums up all her courage to hand it to him. Azazel is happy enough that his smile sends Belphegor unconscious! I think another visit to the toilet is necessary. Later Beelzebub gives hers to Mullin. He likes it and in return gives her a book he borrowed about fluffy stuffs. What a happy day.

Episode 6
While on her way to a meeting, Beelzebub’s heels got stuck in a gap. Mullin tries to get it out but in her embarrassment and struggle, the heel broke and she accidentally high kicked him! Unable to leave her like this, however Mullin is having a hard time carrying her like a princess or give her a piggyback ride. It’s embarrassing. Somehow he manages to get her back. We are introduced to Adrammelech who is in charge of Beelzebub’s clothing as he makes her new heels. When Mullin asks if she should wear shorter heels, she insists she must wear a taller one. Her secret is that so she would be closer to Mullin and talk to him. Beelzebub remembers God’s lightning struck her down and she found herself in ‘heaven’. A land with all the fluffy Gossamers? Heaven indeed. Beelzebub attends a photo shoot for a magazine and gets interviewed. At times the words she picked could almost reveal her slacking side but thankfully they still sound majestic. When asked about her dislikes, she says there are none. One stormy day when Beelzebub is not in her office, Azazel suggests Mullin to go find her. Although already soaking wet, why is she still cowering there? Mullin realizes she is afraid of the lightning although Beelzebub insists she isn’t. However it becomes more evident that she is really afraid as she huddles close to him the more the lightning flashes. She thinks he will find her disappointing and pathetic but he doesn’t find her so. She hopes this can be their little secret. Later Mullin learns that Azazel also knows of this since they know each other a long time. Mullin can’t help feel disappointed. The article on Beelzebub comes out and she’s quite happy with it. We take a detour to see prehistoric Beelzebub collecting chestnuts and shells with Mullin! This is actually her daydreaming. She might look focused and intense while working but this is all running through her head.

Episode 7
As suggested by the head doctor, Buer, not many are getting enough exercise so a gym is proposed to be installed in the building. However it turned out to be a bath instead. Apparently Astaroth abused his position as finance minister to get this installed. He thinks instead of making more sweaty people, a bath should be nicer! Oh well, what’s done is done. Might as well go in and enjoy. We see the guys getting in and Astaroth fantasizing about the girls talking about boobs. Too bad the other guys are being ‘gay’ with the muscular ones showing off their abs. Astaroth soon becomes desperate to peek at the women’s side. And when he really can’t find a way, he decides to peek at them changing. Mullin tries to stop him but this is what happened. Apparently the moment Astaroth opens the door to the women’s side, Sargatanas is waiting. She knew he would peep and thus the women didn’t get in yet. You mean they waited this entire time?! But this only disheartens Beelzebub as she thinks Mullin is in cohorts with Astaroth to be a pervert. Well, reflect on your crimes while the ladies now enjoy their bath. Later, Beelzebub discovers Mullin had a pet dog named Mitarashi. So cute that she could die? She also learns he has a younger pair of twin sisters. So she wants to call him onii-chan?! But this soon makes her sad as she realizes she knows little about Mullin. I’m sure she would like to know more about him but Astaroth being a busybody trying to practice talking to her as if Beelzebub was talking to Mullin? He asks all the normal questions until that question that made Sargatanas come torturing him (“What colour is your pantsu”). Beelzebub returns to Mullin and she would love to spam him with all sorts of questions that would make he sound like a stalker. So when she manages to eke out a question, it’s “What colour is your underwear”. Damn… Why does Mullin have to embarrassingly answer that?! And so the lesson learnt for Beelzebub is that she doesn’t need to know everything about him.

Episode 8
Sargatanas might look strict and all but deep inside she loves cute things. So when her subordinates mention about a new cute café opening, they think she is not interested but she’s dying to go there. In order not to give herself away, she dresses up suspiciously. Yeah, she stands out even more. Sargatanas is enjoying all the cuteness until Azazel comes by. Oh right. This guy loves cute things too. Awkwardly he shares a table with her. With Sargatanas worrying people will not perceive the way she is, Azazel looks at it from a different point of view. You can see he is all dressed up nicely because he wants to help improve the reputation of this store as the staffs here want them to be happy. Sargatanas is glad she came here today. Meanwhile Beelzebub and Mullin just arrived. She is so awed with everything cute that she bought all the merchandise on sale. Later Beelzebub tells Belphegor that they’ll be going to the beach and of course Mullin and Azazel are invited. As expected, Beelzebub goes into embarrassed pessimistic mode. Eventually she wants Azazel to look cute before Azazel. The first step is to buy a swimsuit and who else better than Adrammelech and his seductive assistant, Morrigan to help them choose. I guess most of the scenes here are about Belphegor being embarrassed at every suggested swimsuit since it shows too much skin. It is ironic since her midriff is always exposed. So she settles for a cute one. Still exposing lots of her skin if you ask me. As for Beelzebub, she thinks this one made out of strings will do but Adrammelech doesn’t even want to recommend it to her. And we have his fashion lesson of the day: Fashion isn’t just about what you look on the outside, but also improving one’s frame of mind. Beelzebub immediately calls Mullin over for his opinion. Of course he is shocked and covers his eyes, prompting Beelzebub to think the string version should be better. With Adrammelech telling the wuss to properly look at her, they’re starting to look like a couple in love. And then beach day… It’s stormy! Oh well, does seeing someone in their swimsuit beforehand jinxed it? Later at the café, Beelzebub finds the food too cute to eat and in turn, Mullin finds this reaction of hers too cute to stomach.

Episode 9
Mullin was gone for a while and when he comes back, he thought Beelzebub slacked and didn’t get any work done. She sulks that she was doing so since he was away. Because of that, Mullin threatens to transfer to the library since Dantalion requested his help. Beelzebub goes into shock mode as Mullin soon finds out Beelzebub has finished her work but was only trolling him. So now it’s his fault? Beelzebub seeks comfort talking to Belphegor. She wonders if Mullin hated her because of that incident putting her forehead on his. Meanwhile Mullin talks to Astaroth and Adrammelech for advice to make up. Perhaps the best way is to buy a gift and say it with flowers? Mullin goes back to talk to Beelzebub. Still sulking. Still putting up that tough act that she’ll be alright if he transferred. Mullin says he will never put in a transfer request and even if he is no longer working with her, they can still meet up. This might have made her feel a bit better but still they’re both feeling pretty awkward for now. Like a lover’s quarrel? Belphegor has a dream where she confessed to Azazel. Is this considered a nightmare? At the library, she thinks of the books he likes to read so she could share his passion. Thoughts of that frog kissing princess made her think if Azazel should always be a frog so she could always be with him?! While deep in her thoughts, she didn’t realize Azazel is there. A big shock has her being clumsy but Azazel protects her. Then a slip of her tongue, she gets embarrassed thinking she confessed that she liked him (suki) but he misinterpreted it as memorandum (shuki). Making it even weirder is that she runs away. To the toilet, I guess. We see our lovable demons on the brink of falling asleep due to working overtime. Like how Astaroth thinks he can get away after checking Sargatanas’ sleeping face. Failed again. Azazel sees Belphegor sleeping and is considerate not to wake her up knowing she will freak out and instead leaves his jacket behind on her. Molech ruins Eurynome’s admiration of Dantalion sleeping by being noisy. Mullin sees Beelzebub’s sleeping face close up and gets nervous thinking about things. As he gets closer, another aide comes in with refreshments, freaks the hell out of him and they go eat in the other room. Actual fact is that Beelzebub was already half awake and pretended to be asleep. Ruing she couldn’t open her eyes and see what Mullin was going to do?

Episode 10
Astaroth is missing from work and once more Sargatanas has to find and bring him back. Sorry to break your date with this cutie but it’s time to get back to work! Poor girl must be traumatized seeing Astaroth getting abused. However Astaroth complains he still wants a break so Sargatanas allows a coffee break by the bench. Because there are couples resting everywhere, this irks her but her mind keeps thinking if she really wants to be close to Astaroth. You know women like her. Mouth say one thing but the heart says another. Eventually she ‘rationalizes’ that she is just watching over this loser. Once it’s time to go back, Astaroth thanks her for always putting up with him and says he loves her. This doesn’t come to her as a surprise as he always says this in the past. It’s probably his pickup line. He then lies on her shoulder and since she didn’t react, he thinks she is always calm. Until he realizes that upset face she is making. Time to really get back to work. Back home, Sargatanas realizes how embarrassed she was just to think about that incident. So is the true answer of her heart? Next day, Astaroth didn’t learn his lesson and is missing from work. Time for Sargatanas to go fetch him back. But this time we can see her smiling. Yeah, she loves her job and her man? It’s a cold day in hell in Pandemonium. Literally. I can understand why Beelzebub is weak with it. Hell is supposed to be boiling hot, right? She can’t stand the cold and is barely functioning but with Mullin around, she gets by. Offering warm pocket patches isn’t enough and seeing her sneeze means her boobs bounce. Nice view? Hence Mullin suggests covering up but it still doesn’t work because those huge jugs are just too huge. Beelzebub didn’t like this either as this means she cannot feel the fluffiness of the Gossamers on her chest. On the way to the meeting room, they spot Molech as a snowman and Dantalion frozen in ice after reading too long in the open! With Beelzebub still cold, Mullin finally wraps his scarf around her. It makes her feel a lot better and perhaps such a cold day isn’t a bad thing. During the meeting she can’t concentrate as she is trying to sniff the scarf? Don’t get caught… Next day, the weather is back to nice and normal but Beelzebub still feels cold? Need something from him? Sorry, Mullin doesn’t get it.

Episode 11
Wow. Belphegor dating Azazel. Too good to be true. Yup. Just a dream. Damn. I guess she doesn’t need the umpteenth lecture from Camio to face her feelings. After a meeting with Beelzebub and as she is about to leave, Azazel enters the door. Immediately she gets freaked out and runs away. It’s that urinating feeling again. Sighs… Meanwhile Azazel thinks he has once again frightened her. Hence for their upcoming tea party, he is considerate to skip it. At the tea party, Mullin learns Adrammelech has got handsome male assistants while Morrigan is the manager of a popular succubus idol group. SCB39?! Mullin asks Adrammelech if he could help make a less scary clothes for Azazel but he isn’t interested. Morrigan wants to help but she is suggesting seducing lessons for Mullin. Adrammelech realizes somebody has drank his wine. The real culprit is Belphegor who thought it was some grape juice. Now she is rushing to toilet for yet another incontinence. However the wine soon overtakes her as she feels drowsy. When Azazel finds her, she thinks this is a dream. So when he wants to leave her, she will not allow it! At least stay by her side until she wakes up! We see Belphegor drunk, getting high and in wonderland. Best dream ever? Yeah, ironically it’s reality. This confuses the hell out of Azazel because she isn’t scared of him and when he wants to ask, she has fallen asleep. He hopes in the future they can be better friends. But for now he brings her back to the tea party where everybody else is shocked to see this. Next day when Azazel and Belphegor bump into each other again, Belphegor doesn’t remember much but was told what happened by the others. She is very embarrassed. But she feels the need to talk to him and clear things up. However in this panicky state, Azazel now assumes she will be even more afraid of him and needs to play it cool. He walks away. Too bad Belphegor misinterprets that as he is avoiding her. There goes her chance. Time to cry her heart out on Beelzebub’s shoulder. One step forward, two steps back. Better luck next time.

Episode 12
When Beelzebub heads to the toilet, she realizes that she almost has her butt exposed. A Gossamer was pulling on her sweater’s yarn and it almost became wardrobe malfunction and indecent exposure! But that is not the reason why she is down. However Mullin thinks he did something wrong. Because that sweater was from Mullin, panicky Beelzebub goes to see Adrammelech to get it fixed. And so he literally weaves his magic to knit them back. So the next day when Mullin wants to find out if he did something wrong, Beelzebub is all smiles and happy. Mullin thinks he might be too self-conscious. With spring here, we hear weird stories from other department on what they do during hanami. Like how Morrigan uses the chicken drumsticks as maracas! And she’s not even drunk! Amazingly, Beelzebub has never been to a hanami. Hence Mullin plans to invite everyone (AKA usual suspects) for this special occasion. The plan is for everyone to bring their own food for a pot luck. However 90% brought KFC just because Beelzebub says she has never had KFC before! Is this a KFC chicken party? And so Nisroch is called in to help cook some other foods. Mullin hands Belphegor cookies made by Azazel. Just holding it has her faint in happiness. She still got a long way to go. When Beelzebub chases a fluttering petal, she didn’t see ahead and crashes into the tree! Is this cute or what?! As Mullin joins her in catching sakura petals, he realizes how everything is ephemeral and everything could be gone in the next second. Suddenly he realizes Beelzebub is missing and panics. Luckily she is just hiding behind a tree. Phew. Is that embarrassing or what? Beelzebub gets embarrassed to hear about it so they start chasing each other around the tree? WTF?! Is this cute or what?! Eventually Beelzebub can’t catch a petal (what?!) so Mullin gives her his. Good for you. What is this feeling developing in her heart… But time to pack up and go back to work. A few days later, Beelzebub and Mullin have their own weird petal catching around a tree. This scene is either cute or WTF. Or both. Their other assistants watch but I guess they don’t say anything because they get to drink free and watch this adorable show.

Fluffy Wonderland Paradise
And so our characters continue to frolic and have happy days together in Pandemonium. Are you sure this is hell? Maybe this is some part of heaven that we don’t know. Or maybe this is Earth and the aftermath of some giant nuclear fallout. After millennia of dystopia, the beings have picked up the slack and slowly turned into utopia. No? Are you sure? Okay. Ironically for a great place like that to have such a name that is a total opposite of what it means.

If you don’t like animes with very confusing plot or the kind of storyline that you have to use your brains and think, I guess this one would really fir your taste. There is absolutely no real plot to follow as we just see the daily lives of our fallen angels and demons. All in a very cute and lovable manner. Aww, so cute. So adorable. So boring? Well, I suppose the intention is to make our hearts fluffy and go fuwafuwa with all the cuteness spamming in our face. Hence with the lack of any such plot, the only ‘plot’ that I find very interesting is during Beelzebub’s fear of lightning. It would have been a lot more interesting if this part of the story is fleshed out. Because I am really curious to see how everyone in Pandemonium got kicked out of heaven in the first place. I really wanted to see that war between heaven and hell that lead to all this. It is the only thing that I really wanted to see more. But I guess it would be to unbearable for a harmless series like this so it is back to more fluffy remedy. Damn, it would be too much and shocking if our characters suddenly turn out to be secretly planning to wage a revenge war against heaven! And all this having fun is just a ruse to bluff heaven and hide their ultimate plan! Gasp! Luckily it’s not like that, right? Yeah, I think forever fuwafuwa is the best then.

Hence the setting of this series is somewhat mind boggling. Because our perception of hell is such a horrible and terrifying place but yet when you see Pandemonium, it feels like one of the best places to live ever! Possibly even better than heaven! I guess heaven is no fun when God is so uptight and strict about his rules. Heh. It’s just mind boggling to think that when these fallen angels are casted down, it’s like God was considerate enough to give them a calm and peaceful land. Here, you fallen angels. This is some nice empty plot to live the rest of your lives. So take care, bye. Yeah, it somewhat felt like that and hence why Pandemonium is such a peaceful place. But I could be mistaken as the series is set mainly in the governing palace and not in the actual towns of Pandemonium. Yeah, there are shady parts of town that resembles a lot like the human world. Just reminds me of Soul Society in Bleach. Everybody who dies get to live their afterlife Japanese style. And I don’t know which country represents Pandemonium because I heard that they have another branch in France. FRANCE?! Like, WTF?!

And because of how Pandemonium resembles Earth so much, I was wondering if KFC actually bought hell. I thought it was f*cking obvious product placement since we have that logo and famous brand mentioned several times in the final episode even if it is just for a few seconds. Oh my. KFC has finally succeeded where other fast food brands like McDonalds and Pizza Hut fail. Yeah, you can say KFC conquered hell! And to answer my question in the previous paragraph, I am starting to believe Pandemonium takes after Japan because I noticed the currency they used is based on yen.

There are probably a few more questions that I would like to ask about all this here since you know, my normal perception of hell is just so different than this. And with animes throughout the years having their own interpretations of hell but mostly still a scary place even if the demons are the ‘good guys’, this fluffy underworld just seems so out of place and conflicting with my stereotypes. The more I continue to watch all the peaceful times in Pandemonium and all the frolicking the characters can afford to have, the more I feel that this isn’t really hell. I hope at the end of the day, this series isn’t going to make you think that hell is such a wonderful place to be and hence you want to really be here when you kick the bucket. And then I just realized this: If that is the case, could it be all the fluffy cuteness is just hell’s way of recruiting and drawing you to choose their side?! No way!

Series that lack any sort of story to tell will have to rely heavily on the characters to keep it fun and fresh. Yes, they are cute and amusing in their own ways. But as I have said that I have my own stereotypes on fallen angels and demons, the more I see them frolicking and having fun, the more I get conflicted if they are really fallen angels and demons. I mean, really? Names like Beelzebub, Azazel and Astaroth are from truly evil demons. And then you have this Beelzebub who is so into cute things and acting like a young girl falling in love, this Azazel who is a taciturn guy who likes cute things, and this Astaroth who is like a slacker and playboy, it really makes you raise an eyebrow or two. And these characters feel like ordinary people because they don’t have any sort of supernatural powers. Just ordinary plain citizens and denizens of Pandemonium. Did God strip them of it when he banished them from heaven?

Like Beelzebub and Mullin who are trying their best on a daily day to day basis to get things done. But Beelzebub just wants to slack, frolic around and do all the cute stuffs she enjoys and if not for Mullin who keeps constantly reminding her, I’m sure Pandemonium would have fell into a regressive state. So thank goodness, right? They aren’t perfect but they do complement each other after being with each other so long, you wonder if they really fall in love with each other, would it constitute to conflict of interest. Maybe they’ll get the job done faster, maybe love will get in the way of getting any work done. But we definitely would like to see them together. Because the way they blush with each other and hearing their own thoughts of how cute the other is, it’s just too cute and funny. At the end of the day, both give each other the motivation to face a day’s worth of work.

Then there is this odd pair of Azazel and Belphegor. Strangely, this pairing somewhat reminds me of another similar pair in Denki-gai No Honya-san. Remember Sommelier and Fu Girl? Yeah… I wonder if it is a coincidence. Big taciturn guy and a very shy petite girl. Only difference is that Azazel does a Gintama’s Elizabeth by communicating with signboards (does he prepare them beforehand or does he write super fast?) and Belphegor doesn’t get overly excited after watching zombie flicks but instead has the urge to go to the toilet. I somewhat feel this pairing won’t have a chance in advancing an inch compared to Beelzebub and Mullin. With Belphegor flustering just at the sight of him and Azazel just thinking of being friends and blaming himself to be scary, looks like this running joke will become annoying if it carries on without any decent progress. But I guess some of us like super flustering girls like Belphegor. Oh so kawaii.

The other third pairing is Astaroth and Sargatanas. You can tell that a strict woman like her who keeps beating up this idiot day in day out, there is bound to be some sort of romance, right? Yeah well, if this is the way they show their (twisted) love for each other, so be it. I mean, this is how this pair functions, right? It would be odd if one day Astaroth just stops his playboy ways and slacking and Sargatanas would then stop beating him up and bring him back. So I’m guessing that Astaroth purposely do all this so that Sargatanas could come fetch him. Because he subtly knows she likes him and this is the only way she could be justify to be with him. For that same reason why I can think this guy acts like as though he is interested in Beelzebub. So that it gives Sargatanas some sort of justification for her actions towards him. Or maybe he just likes to get beaten up by her.

The other characters are okay and add some spice but don’t really matter much. Like Dantalion who has this looks on his face that says he wished he wasn’t here doing this library job and would rather have his sleep. I guess geniuses need their sleep too. Then you have the complete opposite in Molech who seems to be the other idiot and offer some comic relief with his liveliness. And Eurynome being a shotacon feels more like a side running joke than anything significant. I think there is a missed opportunity to call her Shota-nome than Yuri-nome… Adrammelech and Morrigan aren’t significant too and feel like they could have been done without. But it is better than other nameless assistants serving under Beelzebub. Oh wait. They have names too. But I forgot because they’re so unimportant. Heh. And finally I wonder if those cute fluffy mascot Gossamers, where do they come from? Are they the natural creatures inhabiting Pandemonium? Because this place is full of them. Don’t you just want to hug and cuddle them and take a few home with you? It would be devastating if there is a plot twist that says they are actually some sort of soul sucking demons. Because you see all the fluffiness are just a hallucination they give out before they suck your life force dry! Horror! But can I still pet and hug one of those?

As you would have expect, the art and animation feels so fluffy and cute. All the characters look so cute and kawaii while maintaining their overall simplicity. The overall tone and hue of the series is quite light as well as colourful, hence making you really confused and wonder if this is really the hell you always thought it was. With its clean animation, the only thing ‘unclean’ are Beelzebub’s boobs and cleavage left exposed in the name and taste of a certain someone’s fashion. I’m confused. Can I call those boobs fluffy and cute? Animated by Lindenflims, the art style seems almost familiar like Koi to Uso but without the overly big bug-like eyes.

Voice acting I only recognized Kikuko Inoue as the narrator (she sounds like having fun with her dreamy voice doing the punch lines) and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Astaroth. I didn’t realize it was Aoi Yuuki as Dantalion as she is using a low voice. Yup, for the umpteenth time, hear me blame Aho Girl for the start of the trend for Aoi Yuuki to start voicing such young boys’ role now. One thing I would like to point out about Misaki Kuno who plays Belphegor. Because of her squeaky high pitched voice and because her character is constantly flustering and panicky, I can’t help think that she sounds like coming out from a porn shoot! It just rubs me the wrong way. It just feels weird. Sure, blame my perverted mind but that squealing sure makes her sound she belonged in some hentai. Well, I guess she specializes in loli roles like Momo in 3-gatsu No Lion, Elfnein in Senki Zesshou Symphogear series and Serara in Log Horizon. Oh, she is also the voice of a certain pig in Nanatsu No Taizai. Yeah, now the squealing sounds so familiar. The other casts are Saori Oonishi as Beelzebub (Eriri in Saekano), Rikuya Yasuda as Mullin (Taishi in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss), Satoshi Hino as Azazel (Gauche in Black Clover), Ai Kakuma as Sargatanas (Rossweisse in High School DxD), Chinatsu Akasaki as Eurynome (Alice in Shokugeki No Souma), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Molech (Hisui in K), Masaya Onosaka as Adrammelech (Momoshiro in Prince Of Tennis) and Aya Suzaki as Morrigan (titular character in Tamako Market).

The opening theme is Pink Lemonade by Sangatsu No Phantasia. A lively anime music. Nothing really special. Didn’t feel fluffy hearing this one until I heard the ending theme. Akuma De Koiwazurai by the trio behind Beelzebub, Belphegor and Sargatanas has all the fluffy cutie feel probably because this lively piece has the girls singing in their cute voices. There are a few cute BGMs as well but the one that really caught my attention is the main one that somehow reminds me of Bee Gees’ Melody Fair! It sounds really close to it but now I can’t get Melody Fair out of my head! Every time I watch this series and hear this BGM, I unconsciously hum this 1969 song in my head! Even after finishing watching the episode! The BGM isn’t all that bad but it’s not that I am obsessing over it either. And now I’m trapped with the Bee Gees’ piece in my head. Oh no… Here I go again… Who is that girl with the crying face looking at millions of signsMelody Fair won’t your comb your hairYou can be beautiful too

I don’t know if this is one of those series that helps to purify and cleanse your soul like Aria The Animation and Amanchu. Yeah, everything is so adorable and cute that the irony of your tainted soul being cleansed by these kawaii fallen angels and demons. You might be in danger of dying from overdose of fluffiness. This series is simple and relaxing, for those who want to get away from all the crappy quality anime series out there or those filled with controversial and cliché stuffs of excessive violence and cheesy fanservice. But with all the cuteness and fluffiness in every scene, this series isn’t entirely a fluff. It might not be your cup of tea but hey, it is how Miss Beelzebub likes it. Slow, easy and relaxing. And with lots of cute fluffiness.

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