Binbougami Ga

April 7, 2013

Some people have all the luck. Mind sharing it with the rest of the world? Well yeah, typical human behaviour has it that when one has too much good luck and fortune, you might not want to share it with others for fear of being leechers and ingrates. Whether you believe it or not, to maintain the balance of harmony among all elements, there is this God of Poverty that takes away your fortune and gives it to the less fortunate. Well, at least that is what Binbougami Ga is.

Ichiko Sakura has it all. She is rich, popular among the boys and has the curves and body to flaunt it. The envy of every girl. In short, she is the most fortunate person in the world. At least in this anime. I’m sure it’s not her hormones because I don’t think science would sufficiently explain why she is lucky throughout most of her life. Not only her body produces excessive amount of fortune energy, but it turns out that she sucks fortune from others. To stem this problem and imbalance, Momiji the God of Misfortune/Poverty is dispatched to steal her excessive good luck to regain worldly balance. But can Momiji succeed in the battle between luck at ends of different poles? Theoretically the matches are already certain seeing that Momiji is the one representing misfortune and wouldn’t stand a chance against Ichiko’s extreme fortune, right? With them both at each other’s throats, it becomes more than a battle of balancing the harmony because both women are duking it out for their own pride. Will they learn a thing or two along the way? You bet. Let’s see how far they can ride their luck on this one.

Episode 1
Momiji’s boss, Yamabuki assigns her to take Ichiko’s fortune. She easily takes up the job because she got jealous of her cow tits compared to her own no tits. This is what misfortune is all about… In school, Ichiko’s popularity continues to soar among the guys. She’s enjoying her rosy life and has never had it this good. What a streak of good luck since birth. However despite being blessed, she still isn’t perfect. She has a flaw: Her f*cking attitude. She might be putting up goody-two-shoes face in front of her admirers but deep down, she looks down upon others. So that’s where Momiji comes in to give her the scare of her life (hanging herself in the toilet?) and put her back in her rightful place. She thought it’s a creepy pervert and calls the guys for help. By the time they arrive, Momiji is gone. Her imagination? Momiji continues to harass Ichiko back in her apartment and tells her the facts of how she is absorbing other people’s fortune. She gives a glimpse of Ichiko’s gloomy future if her fortune is taken away but the main problem is that if she continues to drain the fortune of others, she will ruin and ultimately put their lives in danger especially those she holds dear. Like Ichiko cares about all that crap. Momiji takes out a large needle from her horrible faced teddy bear, Kumagai and starts attacking Ichiko. Like hell she is going to get stabbed by that. Of course Ichiko’s luck means misfortune befalls on Momiji and the needle pierced her own head! Ichiko’s butler, Kikunoshin Suwano drives Momiji back (to wherever that is). He is happy that this is the first time Ichiko brought a friend home (weren’t they trying to kill each other?). As her butler, he has been by her side since young and is an important person to him. He hopes she can continue to be her friend.

Tomorrow comes and is Ichiko’s birthday. While her male classmates shower her with presents and cake, Momiji sees Suwano collapsed in the kitchen while trying to make a birthday cake for Ichiko. Ichiko gets word that Suwano is hospitalized and rushes over. Diagnosis reveals he suffered a heart attack and it is a good thing he was discovered earlier or else it would’ve been fatal. Ichiko is told to be prepared for the worst. Suwano has no other family members. His wife died 4 years ago and Ichiko is her only family. Ichiko eats the cake alone at home, thinking back how Suwano was always by her side instead of her busy parents who were always away on her important day. Ichiko blames Momiji for causing this but the latter reminds her it is her nature of taking luck from others. Suwano has finally run out of luck. She has to make a choice. Continue to live a blissful life and let others die or end up as a bum in the streets and let others be happy. Because happiness is to be shared. Ichiko is adamant that she still has no misfortune so Momiji jabs the needle into her chest. After taking the necessary amount of fortune, she warns she may experience a little bad luck at first and need some time to stabilize and become a normal person. However Ichiko isn’t done yet. She isn’t going to let her steal her fortune and knocks her out! Taking the container of luck while Momiji gives chase throughout the city, Ichiko arrives at the hospital and smashes the container. Suddenly everyone in the hospital feels so much better. Some even cured. Suwano survives the heart operation. As he recuperates, though Ichiko ‘blame’s him for ruining her birthday and fires him, her intentions is to let him enjoy the remaining years of his life. If he continues to stay near her, he’ll be constantly be put in danger. So living alone isn’t so bad. Till Momiji returns a week later. What is she doing here? Ichiko’s fortune is back up to its excessive level. The fortune that she spread around ended up coming back to her. I guess Momiji is here to stay. I guess it’s another round of b*tch fight! Ichiko gets a postcard from Suwano. He’s getting married! Man, that was fast!

Episode 2
If having Momiji bum around her apartment isn’t bad enough, here she is as a new transfer student in her class as Momiji Binbouda! Deadpan humour is her specialty? Let the b*tchy rival continue! Momiji continues to set up pranks for Ichiko but her luck has her evade them all at the skin of her teeth. Finally she blows her top with the blank paper prank. It causes the guys to be suspicious of Ichiko. She needs to get rid of the beggar b*tch before her reputation goes down the toilet bowl. She meets a bald monk, Bobby who begs her to shelter him. Unfortunately, he is a pervert and starts rubbing his face on her legs! Get away from this guy! Back home, Momiji messes up her place. She tries to be calm but the last straw came when Bobby starts rummaging through her undies. I guess she can make an exception to beat up this monk. After calming down, he introduces himself as a travelling monk banishing evil spirits. He came to this city upon seeing a great amount of energy and believes it to originate from Ichiko. Her breasts. Just kidding! Too bad it didn’t stop her from beating him up. He gives her a wooden sword called Soumin Shourai and from all that crap explanation, what I understand is that it increases her spiritual power to kick that Poverty God’s ass. Ichiko confronts Momiji but she doesn’t pay serious attention to her. She’s fooling around. Momiji even takes a snapshot of Ichiko in a ridiculous outfit and threatens to show it to the boys. Ichiko gets serious and the power from her Soumin Shourai materializes the 12 Chinese zodiac animals to aid her. Bobby is easily caught in the cross-fire while Momiji knows she is up against a formidable foe. Momiji summons the dead warriors to do her bidding but those lazy bums don’t feel like doing anything. Ichiko powers up and blasts Momiji out of her apartment. Yamabuki wants Momiji to return since she couldn’t beat Ichiko although she went all out. But Momiji’s pride is on the line and she won’t give up so easily yet. She is really going to ruin Ichiko for this disgrace. Meanwhile Ichiko is having a tough time putting up with Bobby, her zodiac animals and undead warriors bumming in her room…

Episode 3
Unfortunately Momiji is back bumming in Ichiko’s apartment and she’s brought a new gadget to repel misfortune when used by someone with high fortune. Too bad Ichiko’s perfect baseball swing means the gadget goes out flying through the window. Cocky Ichiko says she cares about no one else besides Suwano. Momiji loses to Ichiko in another round. In school, Ichiko ponders what is there left to her perfect life. Aha! A boyfriend. So the handsome hunk who has been seen asleep since the first episode, Keita Tsuwabuki wakes up and Ichiko feels this guy should be the perfect handsome prince on a white steed. He follows him and to her dismay, all that grand perception of him doesn’t turn out what he is supposed to be. A small cram house? Where the hell is that castle she imagined? On pretence to return his student ID he dropped, he invites her in as goodwill. Ichiko is disheartened he has 4 younger siblings to take care of (in order of seniority: Rika, Ryuuta, Mika and Sorata)! It’s time for Ichiko’s inner angels to do brainstorming. They decide to reject this because they don’t want to play ‘mommy’. Keita reveals their parents left them in debt after leaving them to find some treasure. They never came back. Keita takes on odd jobs to support his family (the reason he sleeps in class). Although they don’t have money, they are happy together. Ichiko becomes arrogant because she thinks money will solve their problem and throws down a few notes. It’s no surprise Keita’s siblings are at awe with this much. However Keita picks it up and throws it back at her! Ichiko leaves with bitter feelings but as Momiji points out, she might be rich but is morally bankrupt. But she doesn’t care about her personality issues since she’s here to do her job.

Ichiko meets Ryuuta and his friends at the convenience store. Thinking of getting back at Keita (earning his siblings’ affection and thus making him apologize), she buys Ryuuta a card and her luck means he gets a very rare card. Unfortunately Ryuuta thinks Keita will get mad if she tells him Ichiko bought it for her. His card is blown away by the wind into the drain. He goes to pick it up and gets lost in the sewer. Rika realizes Ryuuta isn’t home yet so Keita goes to find him in the storm. He goes to see Ichiko but learns she bought Ryuuta a card and pays her back. He admits what Ichiko said was true and probably they would take it for granted if they had money. He wants to set an example for his siblings and refuses to be in her debt. Ichiko takes it as if he wants help, he should just ask. Momiji lends Ichiko another of her gadget to pinpoint where Ryuuta is. Momiji thought she doesn’t care about anybody but Suwano. Her excuse is that she wants to wipe that prideful smirk of his face. Ichiko feels disturbed because Keita gets to eat together with his siblings while she always had her meals alone. Keita sees Ryuuta hanging on to his life at the edge of the sewer. The water is fast and furious. Keita couldn’t reach and Ryuuta slips off. Ichiko dives in to save him and of course her fortune means they both get out safely. Ichiko sees the brothers hugging and realizes the letter Suwano wrote to her that the kanji word for ‘person’ is derived when 2 humans lean on each other. Despite her reckless stunt, they thank her. She too starts feeling warm on the inside. Momiji had to ruin it when she tries to suck her fortune. Ichiko breaks her needle and the familiar argument could easily drown out the sound of the rain. Oh. It stopped raining…

Episode 4
While Bobby insults Momiji that anybody without breasts isn’t a woman, Momiji fishes out Momou Inugami from the river. Momou is a masochist and revels seeing Momiji again. Yeah, he likes her punishments. She hits an idea to steal Ichiko’s fortune. She tortures Momou and turns him into his true dog form. You’d think he’d turn into some ferocious form, eh? Instead, he shrank! Ooohhh… How cute! So the plan is to get close to Ichiko and steal her fortune. But the stray puppy in a box for adoption tactic didn’t work since Ichiko is suspicious and ignores it. But Momou follows her into her apartment and is freaking surprised that her room is filthy and messy! Just how much junk can she produce in 3 days?! Momou tries to grab her fortune but bears painful repercussions. Isn’t this heaven to him? Momou observes Ichiko over the next few days. Her stinking personality matches what Momiji told him but notices a happy expression he had never seen her put up before when she reads letters from Suwano. She keeps them all in a box. Momou thinks if she had only cared for others like the way she cared for Suwano. He prepares to take her fortune while she is sleeping but once more it backfires. The housekeeping arrives and cleans up anything that is on the floor. Because Momou accidentally kicked Ichiko’s precious box down the previous night, it means the cleaners accidentally mistook it for trash. Momou sees how upset Ichiko is and follows her to the dump site where she starts searching over the mountains of garbage. Momou is surprised that Ichiko continues to search for the box through the night and shows no signs of letting up. In a dilemma that Ichiko is the brutal and haughty woman she is, after seeing her tears, Momou uses his nose and sniffs out the box. Ichiko is so relived and hugs Momou. He wonders which is the real her. Back home as Ichiko baths with Momou, such pleasure means he turns back into his human form. So screwed! Ichiko uproots her bathtub and slams it on him! I think he enjoys it. Upon realizing he is Momiji’s ally, the God of Poverty also gets trashed. Bobby too. Nobody is spared… And she’s not letting Momou back in again.

Episode 5
Momiji is up to her tricks again. She’s making a deal with Urashimako. Yes, that turtle dude… Odd to see it slowly crawling through school while Momiji laughs like an idiot? Definitely Ichiko would suspect this beggar b*tch is up to something nasty again. She thinks this package is another gadget for Momiji and unwraps it to get rid of it before it could reach her. However it’s a trap as Momiji points out it is an aging box from the turtle guy. Turning her old means her reflexes will be slow and thus easy to steal her fortune. Too bad Ichiko turns into a kid! Even Soumin Shourai has shrunk and this means her powers too. I guess the box got missed up. Despite that, Ichiko is still quick enough to escape from Momiji’s clutches. You can thank her luck for that. She accidentally meets Mika and her friends at the park and after ‘blending’ so well with them, she realizes she needs a place to stay and can’t go back to hers. She persuades Mika to bring her back to her house but along the way sees Bobby and Momou trying to hit on some girls! But the perverts aren’t lolicons (which is a good thing) so they ignore her. Ichiko does a submission move on them to get them to listen. Learning that the aging box will turn her back to normal, she has them find it for her and in return they can get anything they want. Look at how the simpleton and perverts’ mind works. What she meant was money or food… They team up and get fired up to get the box. Momou throws her a dog whistle and in times she needs him, just blow it.

Ichiko arrives at Keita’s house. Again. Thankfully they don’t really recognize her so her identity’s safe. She calls herself Michiko and tries to cook up a story to stay. She can’t say she has no parents because Keita will call the police. Abusive parents? He’ll go over and beat them up! If Ichiko won’t say, Keita won’t force her. As they eat together, they remember they had a guest the last time. Rika snaps and goes into sister-in-law mode. Not happy thinking about that cow tits, no? Keita says he will bring them out for picnic tomorrow since it’s his day off. Despite the siblings having fun in their little house, Ichiko can’t help feel irritated. Meanwhile Momou and Bobby have lost themselves in the red light district… Momiji calls Urashimako and blames him for the mix up failure. He wants him to get 2 aging boxes and doesn’t care what kind of troubles he will get into. Or else he will be turtle soup in 3 days! Momiji finally finds Ichiko residing in Keita’s house. Ichiko is frustrated she wet the bed since her bladder has turn into of a child’s. She’s going to kill that freaking Poverty God for this humiliation. So the gang head to the hill slope for picnic. Keita praises Ichiko for being a tough girl because she didn’t cry when she tumbled. Ichiko didn’t like being treated like a kid and runs away into the forest. Suddenly she is ambushed and captured by Momiji and Kumagai waiting in the forest. It is evening and time to leave and Ichiko is not in sight. Keita goes to look for her and wants his siblings to wait at the bus stop below because Ichiko may have gone there. Keita finds a shoe belonging to Ichiko on the ground and fears the worst. Suddenly he loses his footing and falls down the chasm!

Episode 6
Keita is miraculously alive but has broken his leg. Ichiko tumbles out to where Ryuuta and his siblings are waiting at the bus stop. Seems when Momiji and Kumagai caught her, a real bear appeared. Ichiko used that chance to escape when they were handling the bear. The last bus comes and goes so they wait and believe Keita will come back. Soon all the siblings start crying that Keita may have run away and leave them like their parents. Ichiko also remembers such memories of her own. She goes off to find Keita. She blows the whistle to call Momou and make him smell Keita’s handkerchief. She finds her unconscious but Momiji zaps her from the back to take her fortune. Because Ichiko broke her needle the last time, she can only afford a smaller one. This little fortune will be enough to save his life. If Keita dies, she’ll be fired from her job and pulled away from the human world. But for Ichiko, if she lets him die, she’ll feel bad. So the little fortune is enough to heal Keita’s leg as he wakes up to find little Ichiko sleeping next to him. He thought he is lost but a path of yellow flowers guide him back to his siblings. A happy reunion. Momou and Bobby lament their failure (they have only themselves to blame). They see Urashimako being bullied (turned turtle by bullies?). Though they help him up, now they threaten him to hand over the aging box. Out of the pan and into the fire… Momou tells Ichiko about the aging box so she plans to ditch Keita’s family tonight. To her surprise, Rika allows her to stay as long as she wants. That night she ponders she might be jealous that this house has everything she doesn’t but if she wants to continue staying, she must stay in this form. That night Ichiko tries to leave but Keita is still up and spots her. She gives an excuse that she likes Ryuuta and wanted to be friends with him as she is moving to America soon. Though Keita isn’t sure about the details, he is still grateful to Ichiko for saving him. Momou and Bobby give Ichiko the aging box and it turns her back to normal. They can’t wait for their reward but she is in no mood to give it to them. Maybe next time. I guess she’s not shedding crocodile tears. Momiji notes Ichiko had the power to grant whatever she wants but didn’t realize what she really wanted until now. On the other hand, Momiji is going to make turtle soup out of Urashimako for failing!

Momiji, Kumagai, Bobby and Momou and partying away like hell in Ichiko’s apartment. Till the demon herself came back. They know they’re in for sh*t but realizes she’s not her usual self. They see her spacing out and sometimes not realizing the pranks they play on her (unless it is perverted). Bobby and Momou try shock therapies to bring her back but it backfires. Bobby gets blown into the sky when he groped her. Momou ‘kills’ himself when Ichiko gets nice with him. Momiji observes her and thinks that Ichiko is in love with Keita, the way she is acting all nervous around him. But Momiji falls into despair when Ichiko ignores her. Back to drowning out their sorrows via partying in her apartment. Momiji even gets warning from Yamabuki if she slacks off, she’ll be replaced. Surprisingly Momiji agrees to that. She feels things are not annoying as it used to be and that it’s just pointless. So she’s saying she loves all the mayhem? The real reason Ichiko is being nervous is because she doesn’t know how to properly return Keita’s handkerchief. Yeah, she’s cracking her head on how to do it. First she stalks him and then she stammers all the way like a nervous nut. She goes crazy knocking her head on the pole. He thanks her for returning his item once more so Ichiko returns to her arrogant self. Now that she is back to normal, she is f*cking shocked to see her apartment has turned into a pig sty. Why the hell is Bobby sitting around naked?! She blows her top!!! But the idiots didn’t freak out. They love the old Ichiko! She’s back!!! The familiar pain and chaos are back! Yeah, they won’t have it any other way. As for Momiji being replaced, hell she’s going to let that happen since her rivalry has been renewed. Ah, back to normal.

Episode 7
Ichiko has been suspected of stealing when a couple of girls (the real thieves) bump into her and all the evidence fall on her. The tomboyish Ranmaru Rindou steps in to lecture about justice but sly Ichiko shifts the blame onto her. She accuses Ranmaru as the mastermind so the police catch her while Ichiko slips free. It’s not the end yet because Ranmaru becomes a transfer student in her class! What goes around comes around. She tries to imitate a manly face to disguise herself (apparently the guys around her try to imitate this ‘trend’) but Ranmaru easily recognizes this b*tch. Ichiko easily feigns being hurt so all the boys start protecting her. Thanks to Momiji, she knows where Ichiko lives and pays a visit. She wants to teach her a lesson but bad luck means Ranmaru falls off the balcony. Don’t worry. She survived. That’s 13 floors down. Is she human? Soon an official duel between Ichiko and Ranmaru takes place at the gym. Ichiko’s shining lady luck means Ranmaru instantly loses. What a letdown. Everyone thought they’d see some fight. The only winners are Keita and Momiji as they made a killer from the bets. Yeah, they know how it would turn out. Keita helps Ranmaru up and she starts having feelings for him. As part of the agreement, Ranmaru is to leave school. However that didn’t stop her from returning as a new transfer student and her new purpose in life is to defeat Ichiko. Maybe Ichiko should have worded her to get out of her life.

While Ichiko have the boys are on her side, Ranmaru has the girls (because the b*tches are jealous about Ichiko’s popularity). But everyone won’t get to see another cat fight since Keita wants his peaceful sleep. Ranmaru’s crush on Keita is obvious so Momiji and Ichiko agree to help her out. Of course Ichiko’s ulterior motive is the defeat this tomboy once and for all while Momiji’s is to strike Ichiko when she least expected it. The girls go out shopping and Ranmaru can really look pretty as a woman when all dressed up. But she’s not confident because her dad won’t allow this. He wanted a son to inherit his dojo but got a daughter. Ranmaru was raised as a boy instead and vowed to turn her into the best female karate fighter. Despite all that, Ranmaru still respects her dad for raising her all alone. Next day, Ichiko sees Ranmaru back in her normal clothes and a bruise on her face. Knowing her dad did this, Ichiko pays a visit to Ranmaru’s home after this. She sees Ranmaru being beaten up as daddy tears up her skirt Ichiko bought her. He isn’t happy she has become this weak. Ichiko has had it and barges in (break down the fence, that is). She doesn’t like the way he doesn’t respect his child’s happiness and challenges him to a fight. Of course once more, shining lady luck means he loses quickly. Ichiko lectures him he doesn’t know Ranmaru’s happiness and has no right to steal it. She is about to land the final blow but Ranmaru blocks it. She doesn’t want her to hurt her dad as she knows nothing about him. Back home, Ichiko naturally feels bitter on how everything turned out. Ranmaru’s father notes how she has made a good friend because there aren’t many people who are willing to put themselves in danger for the sake of others. Ranmaru goes to thank Ichiko but she puts up her usual arrogant attitude that she’s never wrong. Bounced back so easily…

Episode 8
Though Ranmaru is making friends easily, the other girls don’t want Ichiko in their mix. Ranmaru sees Ichiko putting up a depressed expression despite telling she isn’t interested in joining them. Ranmaru tries to make friends with Ichiko and first she is really shocked that Momiji is right that she has nothing better to do but count tatami mat strands!!! Ichiko continues to be prideful so Ranmaru tries to rip her face! She thought she was putting on a mask or something. Ichiko can’t stand their annoyance anymore and throws them out of her apartment. Through the window. It’s the thirteenth floor, remember? Momiji gives Ranmaru a gadget that allows her to hear one’s deepest secret but she won’t use it since it’s useless if Ichiko doesn’t tell it herself. Ichiko tries to avoid Ranmaru so one of the bullies, Akane Tange knows what’s going on and ‘helps’ Ichiko get away. It’s a trap to knock her out and lure her to an old school building. She has prepared several guys to rape her and will upload this humiliation on the internet. Thanks to Momiji spotting this heinous act, Ranmaru barges into the building to beat up the guys and send them retreating with tails between their legs. As Ranmaru confronts Akane and the other bully girls, she realizes Ichiko has secretly escaped. Suddenly the building starts to collapse. Ranmaru holds up a pillar while he tells the bullies to run away. They did just that and couldn’t care less what happens next because they don’t want to take responsibility. Ichiko is in a dilemma to help Ranmaru out. If she saves her, she’ll always come back to annoy her. Momiji hits bull’s eye when she claims Ichiko is afraid of getting close to others.

Flashback reveals Ichiko was best friends with Kurumi Minowa. Ichiko wanted to give her chocolates to Yuusuke and Kurumi used the friendship excuse to give theirs together. However Yuusuke only gave Ichiko a cat hairpin and Kurumi got jealous. She confronted Ichiko and wanted her to give it to her or else their friendship is off. Ichiko gave in and Kurumi thought of confessing her feelings to Yuusuke. However he rejected her because he likes Ichiko better. Kurumi turns into a devil and tells him Ichiko doesn’t like him and gave away the hairpin to her. Since then, Yuusuke treated Ichiko coldly. Momiji beats up Ichiko to her senses to stop thinking about the past. But she fights back and returns to her normal self. Not before Momiji extracts a little fortune from her. She tosses it to Ichiko so that she could do whatever she wants. It’s her call. Ichiko gives her little luck to Ranmaru and they bust out of the collapsing building. In the aftermath, Ranmaru listens to Ichiko’s past. Ichiko is still bitter that everyone puts up a facade and that ‘friend’ is just a word. She knows Ranmaru will be like that one day and use her. Ranmaru assures she will never become like that. Yes she will. No she won’t. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Really? Believe it. Ichiko bursts into emotions. Ranmaru and Ichiko become friends and call each other by their first name.

Episode 9
If you’re wondering why Momou and Bobby aren’t going to be featured in this episode, it’s because they were chasing a group of girls jogging and the police caught them. Ichiko’s class will be playing tennis mixed doubles. I guess Ranmaru wants Keita to be his partner. For life. Can’t even take the heat of her own fantasy, eh? Lots of guys want Ichiko as their partner but the handsome Shion Adenokouji who is known as the Prince of Tennis becomes her partner. Meanwhile his rival, the gorilla-like Gorihara becomes Momiji’s partner and you can expect this is the start of an epic rivalry. They make a bet if Ichiko wins, Momiji will get out of her life forever. Otherwise she will have to hand over her fortune without resistance. Yeah, they even make the bets for the guys. Shion will lose his hair while Gorihara must make love to a real female gorilla in a cage. F*ck! They can’t lose! Ichiko puts fear into Gorihara while Shion is surprised by Momiji’s flexibility! She can take any serve from any angle. She’s like a rubber woman! With Shion taken out by Momiji’s phantom serve (all of them were real, by the way), Ichiko attaches Soumin Shourai to her racquet and hits away. The immense power creates a sandstorm as the ladies duke it out via power battle within the storm. Is this even tennis anymore?! I’m sure the others don’t even know what’s going on. In the end, there is a freaking huge crater on the court and the match ended in a draw. Yeah, the rivals think it isn’t over till one of them is dead. As for Shion and Gorihara, they develop fear for women and just the slight mention of Momiji and Ichiko’s name (in terms of food) will send traumatic shivers down their spine. Poor things…

Ichiko tries her hand at cooking. But it’s a wonder how all those delicious ingredients turn out into hideous poison 2 minutes later! Even her fingers are covered with band aids. Where the hell is her luck?! She gives up and orders pizza but Momiji hogs it. Till she spills it. Out she goes flying through the window. I guess instant noodles will do. So now does Ichiko know how to appreciate Suwano’s cooking? Momiji meets Kuroyuri, another God of Misfortune sent by Yamabuki to help her out. However her true goal is to upstage Momiji and steal all the glory and credits. Momiji knows her well and manages to rile her up as usual. So when the duo try to take out Ichiko together (she’s in yet another poison cooking), double misfortune means they end up getting the bad, right? Yeah, Kuroyuri has Momiji’s needle stuck in her forehead! Worse, the cake in the oven explodes! It’s a wonder how Ichiko can even make a cake do that. Momiji gets an idea to finish their challenge via cooking contest. Kuroyuri will be the judge and the better tasting dish will be the winner. They are to cook her favourite dish, nikujaga and though Momiji cooks like a pro master chef, it turns out to be a luxurious fancy steak. This isn’t nikujaga… As for Ichiko… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT DARK THING?! There’s a face crying out in agony if you look closer! Oh f*cking sh*t! Is that food?! Is she going to eat it?! Don’t judge it by its appearance but its content! Kuroyuri sucks up her courage to eat Ichiko’s dish. Though we don’t see the kind of expression she puts up, just the sound of her making those ghastly sounds is enough to imagine what hell and convulsion she is going through. As Momiji said… She vomited her guts out!!! Oh sh*t!!!! So is Ichiko going to eat her own food? Well, she doesn’t want to die yet. Did she know she was cooking poison? Kuroyuri reports back to Yamabuki about Momiji’s progress. She’s doing great and don’t worry!!! Yeah, so traumatic that she doesn’t want to go back there again, eh?

Episode 10
Ichiko finds an abandoned kitten in the rain and brings it back. So much different treatment from Momou, eh? She calls it Tama. When Ichiko uses the toilet, some guy with a sh*t head (no kidding!) appears from the toilet bowl! The sh*t just stood up and talked! Ibuki as he is called, claims is the Toilet God. Say what? Since he’s starting that fortune and misfortune balance thingy, Ichiko has heard it all before and flushes him down. What a deserving fate… Then at school, Ichiko gets a threatening letter from Momiji that she has kidnapped Tama. If she wants her back, get down to the gym. Momiji teases Ichiko about the bitter feeling of losing someone and notes that even if Ichiko wasn’t interested in rescuing Tama, she would’ve used Ranmaru instead. Ichiko is pissed and uses Soumin Shourai but Momiji pulls out a gadget that sucks all her fortune. After Momiji leaves, Ichiko tries to rescue Tama. However the building starts to catch fire. Prior on, Akane and her bullies were illegally cooking ramen in the store room and left in a hurry when Ichiko came in. Momiji realizes the gym is on fire and makes a u-turn because she knows she’ll be in sh*t if somebody dies. Ibuki appears before Ichiko. He continues his speech that Ichiko cut him off then. His duty is to look after childbirth and childcare. In short, he is here to save Tama and not her. Noting that misfortune befalls on all humans close to her, despite she saved them, Ibuki says enough is enough. She doesn’t have the right to take that little happiness away from others. Ibuki is about to transfer some of his fortune to Tama (I don’t want to know if it’s sh*t luck) but got a little distracted and injected too much. It turns Tama into a cat deity. Tama guides Ichiko to safety and Ibuki won’t interfere since it is Tama’s wish to save her. They dive out but crash into Momiji who is climbing in. With the fortune container breaking, luck is spread all over. Ichiko summons Soumin Shourai as it comes bursting from the ground instead. Natural hot water starts gushing out and douses the flames. Ibuki gives a round pendant to Ichiko. It will help prevent Ichiko from draining fortune from others. Later Ibuki meets up with Momiji and it seems they are in cohorts to teach Ichiko what is truly important. But they can’t let word get out that she’s behind this or else everything will be over.

Episode 11
Momou and Bobby are so happy because the fanservice episode has finally come. To celebrate this ‘milestone’, they even start singing a song on boobs! It all began when Ichiko returns home only to see Momiji running a mud bath for the God of Decay (some giant mud ball?). Yeah, she’s so poor that she has resorted into selling her body! Not to mention earlier on, Yamabuki did warn her about her failure and this time she is serious in punishing her if she brings back no results. Because the bathroom now stinks (plus, Momiji hasn’t bathed in years!), Ichiko decides to bathe at Ranmaru’s house but her dad is using the barrel, old style. I guess it’s more worth it to hit the public bath. Ranmaru wants to tag along too. Guess what? Keita and his siblings are there too. Sensing something bad? Yup. So are Momou and Bobby. Rika sees Momou and Tama turn into human form and gets freaked out but to Keita, the only thing on his mind is how to make money using them via magic performance. Ranmaru almost turned the water into bloodbath after fantasizing too much about Keita (“Deep emotion!”) while Ichiko teases Mika she can touch her boobs but it will cost her 5,000 Yen per touch and that Keita will work himself to death to pay that debt back. Mika starts crying and Rika tells off Ichiko not to bully her. Ichiko assures her body will grow like hers in time but she points out Rika is still as flat as a washboard. Momou and Bobby are going to peep and they’re encouraging Ryuuta too! Momiji thinks she can sneak up on Ichiko and beat her up with a sadistic gadget but somehow Momou got in the way. The girls beat him up and now he has to face Keita’s wrath. He is mad he might have seen his sisters. Good thing they already left but getting beaten up by a guy is a major turn off. Ichiko manages to pin Momiji down and with Ranmaru’s help, they scrub and wash Momiji clean. Kumagai isn’t spared too. How does it feel to wash away all the years of dirt? Suddenly Momiji has shrunk! WTF?! So putting her back in hot water will return her to normal?

Bobby will ‘avenge’ for Momou’s sake but Keita stops him. He tries to convince Keita he is still a guy and now that his brothers have left, there is no reason to hold back. But Keita only has good things to say about Ichiko and Ranmaru. Bobby dismisses Ranmaru because that woman is nothing but muscles and not cute. Obviously Ranmaru heard it all and kicks through the wall. Though it knocked Bobby out, she accidentally saw Keita’s abs. She gets dreamy and collapses. Too hot to handle? The bath water sure didn’t do her in. Keita tries to calm himself by reciting the pi formula (as told by grandma) when the wall collapses and he glimpses Ichiko’s full frontal nudity. Ichiko’s inner angels hold an emergency meeting to discuss the next step that should be taken but everybody is panicking that nothing gets done. I guess the ‘meeting’ took too long so Keita turns her around and walks away. Instead of coming to the bath to wash the stress away, now he is all gloomy. Momiji leaves the bath house wearing Ichiko’s clothes while Keita digs a hole in his garden. No, he’s not going to bury himself. I suppose he has had enough trauma bathing in public and is digging his own outdoor bath? Next day in school, Ichiko and Ranmaru as so embarrassed at yesterday’s events that they are wearing a mask as disguise. They’re going crazy just at the thought of that incident. Worse, Keita wears a paper bag over his face! But the most shocking one has got to be Momiji. Why, she is so kind and polite! Who the hell is this person?! Did all that washing wash away her poor attitude?

Episode 12
Momiji is popular at school and good at all the subjects! Even Kumagai is now a cute teddy and a hit with the ladies! What the hell is that teddy doing in school anyway?! Even when the guys are split over Ichiko and Momiji and end up fighting, Momiji politely lectures them to behave. She’s emitting Buddha’s light! Is this really the God of Misfortune? I guess the teacher was so touched that she is the first person ever to care about him and his class that he abandoned the class to go and cry. Momiji even lectures the girls about treating Ranmaru as a girl and transforms her into one. Ranmaru couldn’t take Keita’s compliments (he just woke up from slumber in class) and goes berserk. Ichiko is still not buying his nice act despite Momiji truly wants to be friends with her. She thinks this is a trap to let her guard down and when that happens, she’ll steal her fortune. Ichiko ropes in Momou and Bobby and the dog god is traumatized this isn’t the Momiji he knows. Ichiko wants Bobby to use his perverted moves to unmask Momiji but instead of groping her boobs, he covered her eyes and plays “Guess who”. No boobs to grope? Emitting to pure an aura? Even Momou can’t tolerate Momiji’s kindness. That’s like pain to a masochist. Ranmaru’s turn. All she can do is wait and pray. How long can she wait? 10 or 20 years? Not going to work for Ichiko. So I guess everybody is already accepting the new Momiji except for Ichiko who is still paranoid. Despite Momiji losing her powers, her mission still isn’t over and hopes Ichiko could share her fortune with those less fortunate. Ichiko still doesn’t buy that and spills her cooking. This causes Momiji to cry and run away. Now Ichiko looks like the villain. Ranmaru makes her go after her.

She manages to catch up and like a tsundere tells her she’s doing this because Ranmaru told her. Ichiko still can’t accept her change in character because she came into her life to steal her fortune and all of a sudden she wants to be friends? Momiji apologizes and doesn’t want her to be unhappy. After all the old Momiji had done? Ichiko still doesn’t want to share her fortune with others since she’s not a saint and doesn’t care about others besides Suwano and Ranmaru. Hey, before it was only Suwano, right? And besides, when she shared her fortune, she didn’t anything, right? Momiji feels she should make more friends and the fortune that she shares will come back to her as happiness. When they go back, Ranmaru has prepared the bath for them. Ichiko is dismayed she has to share with Momiji. Momiji hopes that Ichiko would call her by her name when she has made lots of friends but she’s still pessimistic that would ever happen. The days pass and it’s like Momiji really turned over a new leaf. Those ruthless attacks become a thing of the past and though Ichiko felt her days are much peaceful, she feels something is missing. I guess we know what it is. One day as Kumagai and Tama are playing at the park, Ryuuta’s football accidentally hits Kumagai away and into the garbage truck. Then out comes… The original horrible faced Kumagai! Momou is surprised to see this and as we learn, this happened because he is dirtied. Thus they band together to get Momiji back and get her dirty. Momou comes crashing through the window to kidnap Momiji while Kumagai ties down Ichiko and Tama. They’re going to turn Momiji back and won’t let her interfere. Yup. Kumagai extracts all the garbage from his stomach! So he is going to change Momiji right here in Ichiko’s apartment?! It’s going to stink. But Momiji wants to say her final farewell to Ichiko and promises she won’t run. She is glad that despite the short time they had, she had fun. She truly wanted to be her friend and with tears in her eyes, she hopes Ichiko won’t be too hard on the original Momiji.

Episode 13
Ichiko breaks free and trashes Kumagai and Momou. She won’t let Momiji return to her normal state having her this way is much better than that beggar b*tch that she can’t get along. Kumagai is serious in taking Momiji back and fires his bazooka filled with trash. Ichiko takes Momiji and dives through the window. Free fall! Thankfully Ranmaru was passing by and grabs them. Momiji tells them if they can just evade them till sunset tonight, everything will be okay. They chance upon Bobby driving a truck doing his delivery job. Ichiko wants him to give them a ride to another town but he’s not going to let her have her way. Till she mentions he can grope her boobs all he wants. Simpleton. I’m sure Ichiko must be lying when she told him that. So it’s pedal to the metal. All for the sake of pinching those tits. Ichiko tells Momiji she’s just doing this for herself so Momiji mentions people who think only of themselves will lead themselves to destruction. Yet Ichiko used to place Kurumi’s happiness over her own although she knew what would happen. That’s why if she truly wants, Momiji will always be with her. Kumagai and Momou are catching up fast. Ranmaru realizes all they need to do is keep them away from Momiji so she fights Momou to let the rest get away. How can she fight him when he has turned into a dog? Besides, he wants to be pummelled even more. Since Soumin Shourai is sealed, Ichiko asks Bobby for any other tools. He gives her Jazz The Hyper that increases strength and speed (Bobby used it for his own perverted ends to peek). Ichiko lets Bobby drive Momiji away while she and Tama face off with Kumagai. Kumagai easily rids of Tama by letting her chase a ball. Kumagai realizes Momiji hasn’t told Ichiko about the truth so he tells (writes actually) that if a God of Misfortune stays clean and loses her powers for a week, they’ll become human. So? Gods like them in order to communicate with humans, possess a human-like doll. This means Momiji will turn into a human-like doll if she isn’t returned back to normal by deadline and will never do so again. It is like death! Ichiko is stunned by the revelation as Kumagai knocks her out. He catches up with Bobby and intercepts the truck.

Ichiko wakes up surprised to see Keita by her side. Seems Keita had to cover for Bobby who went missing after a delivery (I guess they’re co-workers recently). Ichiko is still in a dilemma if she should go after Momiji so she asks Keita a hypothetical question if something annoying leaves but when she does it leaves the prickly feeling in your heart. Keita says she already knows the answer. Otherwise she wouldn’t be this upset. She goes ‘crazy’ just thinking about the original Momiji and Keita is glad that she is able to be her usual self. Ichiko calls it even for answering her question (he saw her naked, right?). Kumagai confronts Momiji on the bridge top and wants to know why she didn’t tell Ichiko the truth. She felt Ichiko had really changed. She has become kind to others. Though they can solve things by forcibly taking her fortune, it would leave her unhappy. If Ichiko chooses to shares her fortune, everyone will be happy. That’s why she wanted to stay by her side and support her in using that fortune for others even if it means losing her life. Besides, there are other God of Misfortunes around. Kumagai won’t have it this way but Momiji slips off the bridge. Just then, Ichiko speeds up and grabs her hand. She lectures her about thinking about others but not herself. Would that be happiness for her? Ichiko will decide what is best for herself. Also, this means she realizes she feels at peace whenever she is crazy. For the first time, Ichiko calls Momiji by her name and lets go of her hand. Momiji crashes down into the garbage tow boat. Behold! She’s back! Ichiko tells Kumagai this is what Momiji meant to be. If she disappeared like that and leave the score unsettled, she wouldn’t like it. I guess she prefers to do it the hard way to drive her out. And as expected, Ichiko and Momiji trade insults and the argument heats up. Ah, back to familiar territory. In the aftermath, life seemingly returns to normal. Suwano is reduced to tears when he learns Ichiko admitted she has made friends. As for the forgotten Bobby, he has been charged for possessing an illegal driving licence and causing destruction. Even being interrogated by police, all he could think about is touching tits. Somebody lock this monk in the asylum! He didn’t get to touch any boobs anyway…

Rich B*tch, Poor Bimbo…
Don’t be fooled by that tantalizing next episode preview at the end for a new shocking turn of development! It is definitely fake! Overall, I enjoyed this series very much with all the laugh out loud moments. They should really make another sequel no matter how absurd it is. Oh well. I guess my fortune isn’t really that great. In addition to the laughs, we could also learn a thing or two. Especially humility and counting one’s blessings. Ichiko is a very good example of a person who has almost everything but yet nothing. As I have mentioned, despite her great luck, this doesn’t necessarily translates to being perfect. Otherwise she wouldn’t have that stinking b*tching attitude to begin with. If her luck was really perfect, her childhood days would have been much happier with her parents around instead of just having her butler as company, right? What about her cooking? If she had really good luck, any ingredient she touches would’ve turned into a wonderful meal instead of deadly poison that would make Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka’s Seraphim’s horrendous cooking amateurish. She might have all the money in the world to buy anything she wants, the perfect body that every girl envies and desires, the popularity and the admiration from the boys that makes her a celebrity. But moral wise, as Momiji puts it, she’s a bankrupt. Having lots of money doesn’t necessarily get you true blue friends. You earn such friendship and respect.

It may be wrong to fully blame Ichiko on her snobbish attitude because of her past and the way society treats her. Would Ichiko have been a better angel if she had not been a victim of Kurumi’s jealousy? Would Ichiko have been a much politer person if all those jealous school girls would just shut up and treat her as a normal friend? If you don’t put up a tough exterior, it might have gotten worse. All the while, all she wanted was just a friend. She had been a lonely figure till a certain God of Poverty showed up. But as always, when somebody like Momiji turns up in Ichiko’s life, you can tell that despite she is still the same woman we know before, at least her humanity points fare much better than before. She learns that sometimes helping others gives that feel good factor that money can’t buy. And with Momiji back to her usual self, you can say the love-hate relationship will resume like before. Isn’t that Ichiko’s way of telling us that she cares for Momiji? Despite giving us all that excuse she wants to drive her out with her own hands, blah, blah, blah. What she truly wants deep down is her company that she treasures so much, right?

Momiji may have the attitude to match with Ichiko but I don’t think she is really a bad person. She’s just doing her job as a God of Poverty and sometimes Ichiko’s arrogance really gets to her so I suppose she needs to let loose some steam once in a while to teach her a lesson. Ironically, despite her title as the God of Poverty, I feel that Momiji is a blessing in disguise for Ichiko because without her, I don’t think Ichiko would have improved so much as a human being. Then comes Ranmaru, the second ‘angel’ for Ichiko. Every girl needs a best friend, right? Even if she’s the tomboyish type. Kumagai proves that he isn’t just some mascot that bums around writing comebacks. In the final episode he shows that even a ragged teddy bear has a human heart because he doesn’t want Momiji to sacrifice herself so that Ichiko could be a better person. Would a lose-win situation suffice? Nay. I say let Ichiko’s fortune do the job and make it a win-win situation! As for perverts Bobby and Momou, I feel their presence were just for comical relief. If Momiji isn’t enough to take in all that beating, this couple of guys would provide great extra trashing when needed.

As for some of the other minor side characters, I was hoping that some would play a more prominent role but I guess this series has Ichiko and Momiji hogging the spotlight. For instance when Kuroyuri made her debut, I was sure that she was either going to be sticking around for at least a few more episodes or be the turning point in the series that will affect the main duo. However she only lasted for one stinking episode. That’s it. Gone. Can’t stand the misery of Ichiko’s cooking, eh? Same case for Ibuki. So what after he gave Ichiko a pendant to prevent her from stealing other people’s fortune? Shouldn’t Momiji have done that in the beginning? Yeah well, if she did, we might not enjoy all the hilarious slapstick chaos. So what was the deal Ibuki and Momiji made? Did Momiji know beforehand about the consequences of being cleaned and setting up the events that led her to the public bath house to be washed spotless? Even if so, how did Ibuki fit into all this unless his appearance was just to make Ichiko the importance of life. After that, you won’t see the Toilet God anymore. Another one episode only character. Just like Shion and Gorihara. Can’t blame them for being traumatized, eh? What happened to Urashimako? I guess he became turtle soup for real. Haha! As for Keita, I felt after his arc that involves saving brother Ryuuta and the picnic incident, his role seems to become less significant. It felt like he is around just to remind us he is still there and his thoughts are mainly how to make a quick buck to earn for his impoverish family, which I don’t think he’ll hesitate to do. His poor life isn’t what everybody would love to go through but at least he makes an honest living, gets to sleep well at night and is happy to know that his siblings are happy. You can see the ultimate difference between Keita and Ichiko and what each clearly lacks. I’m sure you would know which is the better one.

I guess with all the comical slapsticks, exaggerated action and drama, there won’t be enough space for some love chemistry. Who am I kidding? Blossoming romance in this anime? Despite Ranmaru having a huge crush on Keita, it feels just for comical purpose. As if it becomes a natural reflex action for her to go berserk and crazy every time that guy pops up right before her eyes. Well, it’s good to know that despite years of being raised as a boy, deep down she is still a girl. I had this thought that Ichiko and Keita would end up being a couple but from the way things were heading, prospects look dim. Not even that incident whereby Keita accidentally saw her naked body would turn things around. I guess Ichiko didn’t really want to play mommy to a poor guy with younger siblings to support and looks like she ditched the idea of having a boyfriend for good. I suppose the only true love that occurred in this anime is Suwano and his new wife. And please, Bobby and Momou’s perversion isn’t considered true romance. That’s just sickening.

There are lots of trivia to spot if you keep your eyes open and though I won’t say that they are filled over to the brim but there are enough scattered and peppered around. If you know your animes well, that is. Many of them involve Momiji or Ichiko and sometimes even Kumagai dressed up or cosplaying as such characters for a short while. For example, Rosario To Vampire, Medaka Box, To Love-Ru Darkness, Dragonball, Lupin, One Piece and Bleach. From what I observed, Dragonball parody is often used like how it was used in an example that a certain hero from that anime always keep winning while a certain villain always keep losing. I guess now we know why that always happens, huh? Blame it all on Ichiko! There is even a Death Note parody scene whereby Ichiko and the other characters parodied characters of that psychological thriller series. The trivia are fun to watch and spot and it adds pleasure and increase the overall effect of funniness. So even without the perverted antics of Bobby and Momou, Momiji’s cheeky harassment to screw up Ichiko’s life or Ichiko’s annoying reaction to it all, the show is still a laughing riot thanks to this.

Right at the end of the series whereby there is an end card illustration, which is just chibi and comical sketches of Ichiko and Momiji. When I rewatch them again at one go, I notice there seems to be a short nonsensical story in each one. Feels like some little plant is sprouting out from Momiji’s head as it grows into a big tree. The ‘red apples’ it bears turns out to be Momiji clones, much to Ichiko’s horror. Then she wakes up from it as a bad dream but it seems the nightmare has come true as all the Momiji clones are partying away in her room. Huh? Oh, there’s a plant sprouting out on Ichiko’s head too in the end! Also together with the end card illustration is the second title. I’m not sure what this second title is for since I don’t see it appearing in the main episode proper (maybe just for laughs?) but I notice that some of them parody anime titles that would reflect the misadventure of the next episode like The Disappearance of Binbouda Momiji (parody of The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi – Suzumiya Haruhi No Shoushitsu), Gentiana In The Middle Of Somewhere (Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere – Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), My Classmate Have No Money (No Money – Okane Ga Nai) and There’s No Way I Have A Smaller Tits Than A Littler Girl (There’s No Way My Sister Can Be This Cute – Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai). Then there are some which doesn’t seem like anime titles like Washed And Knife Up, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Ibuki Seat and Get Whipped. The mid-intermission is also another funny section with the characters in random poses or silly antics/costumes.

Also another one of the more amusing sections is the Nadeshiko Ga segment (brought to you by Eromotion?) right before the next episode preview. In this segment, we have this bratty and arrogant oujo-sama-like girl, Nadeshiko hosting this short segment with her dialogue-less butler, Shinobu as she teases viewers to find her cameo appearances during the episode. This segment reveals her position in that episode if you care enough to do a Where’s Wally search. Then she’ll give out that arrogant laughter at the end. Of course it will be boring to just see her do the same thing in every episode so they did a little variety by cancelling this segment in one episode due to lack of time (hear her go “NooOOOOooOOOOooOOO…” in the background), fast forwarding it at 3x the speed and making her sound like a chipmunk and even superimposing her face as that sh*t dude when she didn’t really appear at all. So who is this girl, really? She doesn’t seem to have any impact in this series probably just to amuse us or screw with our heads wondering who the heck she is. In later episodes, there are very short comical skits called Extra Round. They have no impact to the actual story or the episode proper and the skits include Bobby in his twisted vision spots the words “BOOBS” when the kanji words coincidentally are lumped together, Momou getting into his bondage position in just a second, Yamabuki lecturing Momiji for her failure but will let it slide since she was easily ‘bribed’ by her favourite glam rock material, Bobby showing his obviously fake and made up driving licence to get a job and Momiji switching bodies with Ichiko and plans to run wild around town with her huge tits (and also ruin her reputation) but soon returns a minute later because she finds it tough walking around with big boobs as they can’t stop bouncing about.

Kana Hanazawa is perfectly casted as the role of Ichiko. Over the years she has played a myriad of characters from retarded lively ones to shy and soft-spoken girls. As Ichiko she displays lots of angst and frustration courtesy of the beggar b*tch. She sounds more like Mahiru from Kamisama Dolls. Only add more angst to it. Haruka Tomatsu as Ranmaru sounds more like her Beelzebub anime role as Yuuka Hanazawa because of her loud hoarser voice she is making. Kikuko Inoue as Yamabuki clearly didn’t sound like her dreamy voice roles like Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama or Kasumi in Ranma 1/2 so I couldn’t recognize her voice initially. Hiro Shimono as Momou sounds pretty familiar because that’s the same kind of voice he puts up when playing idiots (Akihisa in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu) or perverts (Ryousuke in Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai). Other casts include Yumi Uchiyama as Momiji (Nagi in A Channel), Kouki Uchiyama as Keita (Ichika in Inifinte Stratos, Midnight in Fairy Tail), Yoshihisa Kawahara as Bobby (Yasu in Nana), Koji Yusa as Ibuki (Ichimaru Gin in Bleach), Ryoko Shiraishi as Kuroyuri (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), Asami Shimoda as Ryuuta (Kotomi in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Shiho Kawaragi as Rika (Sekai in School Days) and Hiroshi Naka as Suwano (Naoyuki in Clannad). Rie Kugimiya made a cameo appearance as Kurumi and though she didn’t do her trademark tsundere loli voice, she is still recognizable with that cute high pitch voice and it was convincing enough to make her character almost turn into yandere mode.

The opening theme, Make My Day by Piko may start out sounding like a video game song but what I find amusing about this pop rock is the lyrics. Especially during the chorus when she starts singing one way, two way, three way, four way, bad day go away. It sounds cute that it rhymes like that in a row. But the ending theme is my favourite since this rock-like piece, Koi Boudou is quite a catchy tune despite the singer, Happy Birthday (yes, this is the name of the group that sung this song) doesn’t have one of the best voices around and isn’t likely to become idol or megastar material (in my opinion of course) as she sounded like she had a few rounds of drink and gotten drunk. If you know how the Japanese pop rock group, Nano Ripe sounds, you get the idea. Close to that. But I guess that kind of voice would suit the pace and feel of this song as I have imagined a high pitched, squeaky and cute one won’t really do. Neither would a mature one would make it work either.

It is true that when you share your fortune with others, your own fortune will grow and multiply itself. You become happier and more luck spreads around. Like that say, giving is better than receiving (unless you’re an ‘M’). Well, theoretically that should be okay but if you start thinking about world balance and yin-yang it may not be possible since if there are rich people, there must also be poor ones. Rich only exists because there are poor. Just like why there are beautiful people because there are ugly ones. Without darkness, light won’t exist. Maybe I shouldn’t get into too many details on this topic. We’ll save that for another day. Despite this series trying to tell us that sharing is caring, not everything in this world should be shared generously. I certainly don’t want to catch the illness you are having. For hygienic purposes, don’t share the same towel, handkerchief or even the same underwear… Even if you’re a pervert!

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