Blood Lad

January 11, 2014

When you think about vampires, there is this perception that they are blood sucking creatures that hate garlic, bright light and are weakened by the sunlight and can only be exterminated by holy water. Thanks to anime, now all vampires have this brooding, hot, handsome, dark past, dark hero sort of feel. And thanks to that Hollywood Twilight series, vampires are just so cooler than ever, no? Yeah well. Thanks for trying to ‘re-educate’ people in giving vampires a whole new image. But have you ever heard of a vampire that is an otaku?! The kind that is infatuated with the 3 best exports of Japan to the world? Namely, anime, manga and games! So people, meet Staz Charlie Blood, the ‘star’ of Blood Lad. He is a vampire. He is an otaku. Look at his home in the demon world that houses all sorts of such collection. Some otakus might just go green with envy seeing the extensive collection he has got. More of an otaku than a vampire?

However the storyline of this series isn’t about this vampire’s obsession with the otaku culture. When a human girl strays into the demon world by herself and gets killed, he takes responsibility in trying to get her back to life. Wait a minute. A vampire trying to take responsibility? It’s not like it is his fault that the girl died, right? Oh what the heck. So it isn’t just your ordinary adventure of trying to bring her back to life but filled with action, adventure, comedy, romance, drama and perhaps some other genres that you feel you want to toss in here. Well, if it was that easy to resurrect a human being, we wouldn’t have to really go through 10 episodes of this series, don’t we? Or maybe it is more complicating than we think…

Episode 1
Staz is a vampire and he is an otaku freak! Anime! Games! Manga! He loves them! Thus he loves humans and can’t stand that bull about vampire stereotypes that they are weak against the sun, etc. He gets a call from his underling, Deku that a human girl, Fuyumi Yanagi has wandered into their world. Of course this kid is eager to meet her and wants her to be brought to him. Yeah. Somewhat love at first sight. He is going to relish talking to her about the otaku stuff… So while Deku and the rest wait outside, they are confronted by a plant user demon who wants to kill Staz and take over his territory (there are many territories in this world, each headed by a boss and Staz is one of them). Staz is getting all the cool updates he needs on the otaku world when he is interrupted about the attack. What a letdown. He was having such a blast and now this sh*t. He doesn’t really give a damn about him but Fuyumi thought he should really attend to that matter. It’s like his manly thingy ignited so jumps out the window to confront the territory crasher and crush his heart like a balloon! The day is saved. Now can he get back to his business? Unfortunately, a stray plant has eaten up Fuyumi and spit out her bones! After destroying the plant, he sees Fuyumi naked nearby. Suddenly he doesn’t find her attractive anymore and realizes she is a ghost! With that, we see the obvious difference in treatment. Ignored. Fuyumi is not sure if she can rely on this useless unemployed kid since he did promise to bring her back to life. Reading manga in hopes of encountering a chapter about resurrection? Better do something yourself.

Fuyumi remembers how she came to this world and brings Staz to a black portal. Staz is amazed to see this Black Curtain because it is believed as a tool to travel between the human and demon world. You know what this means? He is hell bent on going to the human world! Why? Oh come on. You should guess it by now. Anime! Games! Manga! There’s so much he wants to get over there! Before they go, Staz brings Fuyumi to the Third Eye Cafe run by a lady with 3 eyes, Saty as well as her 3 eyed panda-ferret, Mamejiro (something that Fuyumi is fawning over due to its cuteness – the animal talks!). Staz wants to know if Fuyumi can endure it if she returns to the human world (since she is no longer human). Using their third eyes, they deduce there is no problem but do not recommend for long term stay. Deku brings in a new kid, Yoshida who wants to join his gang. He is not thrilled so Staz mentions his intention to head to the human world. How can a boss leave his territory? Simple. He resigns. His pals panic because if the other bosses find out their territory is without a boss, there’ll be a bloody death match to fight for that position. And little weak weasels like Mamejiro will get friend and eaten, no? Staz makes Yoshida the next boss. Because Yoshida’s power is to mimic, he perfectly imitates Staz’s face. Perfect. He can be his double while he is gone. As the gang throw a welcome party for Yoshida, Fuyumi wonders if Staz can bring her back to life seeing he is so irresponsible. He assures her once he puts his mind to it, he will see it through. Just like how adamant he is in going to the human world. Fuyumi is calmed down and eats her dinner but realizes it is tsuchinoko meat! Mmm… Tastes good…

Episode 2
Staz is not too thrilled when he reaches the human world. The other end of Black Curtain leads to Fuyumi’s room. He’s insulting her neat room looks like a prison. When Fuyumi’s dad is incensed that she skipped school yesterday, Staz sprays his vampire essence (read: his saliva) to turn that into his mind controlling object. Staz wants to go to her school. For the hell of it. You thought he would stay stealthy in the human world, no? Instead, he acts like a country bumpkin snapping pictures and attracting attention. But nothing like a little spray won’t do to fix it, right? Meanwhile Yoshida is trying to act more like Staz to pass off as the temporary boss. Needs a little more slacking… In school, Fuyumi is disheartened that she sees her friends talking to her. Problem is, that person before her might look like her but it isn’t her! Get it?! So she blames Staz because of his strange essence thingy and that if she had just told the truth, everything will be alright. Really? Tell everyone she died and turned into a ghost? She wants him to return things to normal because if it’s the same to others whether she is here or not, she would rather disappear. Staz points out she is slowly vanishing. Demons who have weak resilience can’t maintain their form in the human world. Suddenly don’t feel like disappearing, eh? He bites his finger so that she could lick his blood and maintain her form. He also assures her about bringing her back to life. He notes the lies he is willing to say to her face because all he wants to do is suck her blood till she turns into a mummy. Oddly there are so many humans here and yet he only feels the urge for her. There must be something special about her. He needs to find a way to resurrect her or he’ll turn into a mummy.

Fuyumi is surprised Staz wants to return to the demon world. To replenish his stamina? Before the big boss battle? The battle of visiting Akihabara!!! However they see this girl with a big backpack in her room, Bell Hydra. She is the owner of Black Curtain and Staz deduces it was purposely left out there to lure him in and take over his territory. After introducing herself as a treasure hunter that can go anywhere in between worlds and any time she wants, she wants them to pay 30 million yen as toll for using Black Curtain. Each. Is it their fault if she forgets to put it away? Pay up or she’ll sell info to other bosses about him being gone from his territory. He wants to give him a piece of his mind but she drops a frame and he ends up somewhere farther. She tells him she will make him work for it so Staz tries to get her like whack-a-mole but seriously, can you ever really hit those moles? By the way, she’s got Fuyumi hostage so better do what she says about getting some secret stuff in some secret location. So while Staz meets some transvestite demon to obtain some legendary ogre panties that will never break (WTF), Bell tells Fuyumi the truth. She didn’t put up Black Curtain. Some guy stole her magic and put it up. She wants to find this guy for making a fool out of guy. For someone who is able to do that must be really strong. Once she finds him, she’ll make him her husband!!! Staz needs to face off with the tranny for the panties and easily defeats him without any effort. Guess what? Bell doesn’t want it too! Just messing with him? Besides, Bell has become best friends with Fuyumi and believes what the latter says about Staz not being Black Curtain’s thief. She also heard that Staz is trying to resurrect her and remembers this Book of Human Resurrection. Well… She sold it to Wolf. Yeah. That werewolf kid ruling the werewolf area who is Staz’s old friend-cum-rival.

Episode 3
Wolf easily beats his enemies and expands his territory but he doesn’t feel satisfied winning over these weaklings. Because Bell refused to teleport Staz over to Wolf’s territory, he wanted to punch her but she deflected it back to his face with her frame. So he’s back at Third Eye Cafe in some sort of party with the rest. Mamejiro seems to be badmouthing they can do fine without Staz till she realizes it’s not Yoshida mimicking him. Oops. Weasel abuse! Staz decide to call the carriage to head to Wolf’s territory and brings Mamejiro along. Weasel not happy so she is chained to Fuyumi. The reason for her to tag along is because he needs her to use her third eye to scout for other territory bosses. The last thing he wants to do is bump into them. Suddenly she sees Wolf before them! Before the carriage can crash into them, Wolf slices it into half. So what happens when old buddies meet? Fight! Turns out to be just their style of greeting. Staz tells about the situation and of course Wolf says he doesn’t read such book. But of course. Do werewolves look like the bookworm type? Staz wants Wolf to use his authority to ask his underlings to search for it but because Wolf’s territory is vast, it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. No can do. I guess they’ll settle this the old fashioned way. If Staz wins, Wolf must find the book. If Wolf wins, he’ll have Fuyumi. Despite saying outright she is not his type, I think he really digs her. Was his face that scary that Fuyumi started vomiting? I don’t think she it was the motion sickness from the carriage. And so the match to settle it will be bowling. Because Wolf is close range combat fighter, Staz can use his magic to manipulate the ball and win easily. However the match turns out to be boxing! How the hell can he mix up bowling and boxing! Fuyumi is made the ring girl and so cute she is that Wolf is turned on and wants to protect her. He is going to win this match.

As the bout starts, Staz easily gets knocked out in a single punch! Before the count of then finishes, he gets up and the punches resume. Although Staz’s vampire blood has him recover quickly, at this rate he might not be able to withstand Wolf’s onslaught of punches till he runs out of magic. Suddenly Wolf runs out of energy. Seems Staz has embedded a tooth of his in his shoulder. The more Wolf hurts him, the more his magic decreases. Staz was healing on his stolen magic. Staz knocks him out in a punch but Wolf gets back up. He is furious and wants to know why the book is so important that he transforms into his werewolf form. Wolf doesn’t believe Staz’s answer that he wants to return Fuyumi to who she was because he knows well Staz is not that kind of guy. Wolf continues to berate him that despite hating himself as a vampire, he continued to use his vampire power at his convenience. Staz is ticked off and is going to give him a punch that will kill him but is slapped by Fuyumi! She starts crying that friends shouldn’t fight. Bell who has been watching the match drops in to give her verdict as the judge. They’re both losers. Make that pathetic losers. She whisks the trio out of the ring. The guys reconcile and realize Bell was the one who set them up especially how the bowling-turned-boxing match. And yeah. She had the spell book all along and gives it to Staz free of charge. She really loves messing with them, does she? However nobody can read what it is. Mamejiro deduces that this book might be a giant anagram and even if they know how to decipher it, getting the contents is going to be a big pain. In short and to save time, ask directly the author of this book. Staz is shocked to see his name. He knows this guy who lives in the high class demon world of Acropolis. Only elite and prestigious demons are allowed to live here. He is the vampire Braz D. Blood and Staz’s brother. Good right? Since it’s family and he can ask easily. Well… Not really. See Staz shaking? That’s not a good sign…

Episode 4
Wolf notes that Staz can return there easily because he has noble bloodline unlike commoners. Staz is still reluctant because he was the one who ran away from home. This makes Wolf mad over his half assed attitude. He was willing to kill him but now when his brother is involved, he’s going to turn tail and run away. Don’t give him that crap and get going! Then he threatens Bell to take Staz there. Wolf will stay here and guard Fuyumi. Is this his motive? Because Wolf kicked Staz into the portal while Bell was setting up, he ends up in Bell’s room. Fuyumi becomes emotional after hearing Wolf isn’t pure blooded and mixed with some other demon and thus abandoned from Acropolis.  After Bell takes a shower, she tries to seduce Staz. She reveals she was suspicious of him at first but confirmed it during his fight with Wolf. It’s his unnatural flow of magic and it’s like he is hiding something. She wants to see it badly, that leaking thing inside his locked chest. However Staz notes his brother has the key. He remembers Braz always subjects him to torture, giving reasons it will awaken him his dormant gift. Turns out he was trying to kill him and the reason why he took up magic was to do so. One day, he was relieved he doesn’t need to kill him anymore and shot a special bullet into his heart that sealed his magic. That bullet remains in his heart today. Bell wants Staz to go to Braz and remove that bullet but since that guy isn’t going to do that, they’ll settle it via fight. But she is not going to fight him and make him submit without doing so. In this grid room, Bell can vanish and appear anywhere she wants so Staz instantly gives up. That was quick. He knows he can be stubborn and not admit defeat but doing so will not get him anywhere. At least he is this smart.

Fuyumi and Mamejiro wait in one of Wolf’s exclusive club rooms. Fuyumi is dead tired (no pun intended) so she right away falls asleep. But when Wolf tries to carry her to bed, they are shocked to see her legs vanishing. Wolf quickly rushes her to see Dr Frankenstein. Despite being a mad scientist and can’t be fully trusted, he knows a lot about demon physiology. Bell drops Staz outside the gardens of his home as she can go no nearer. Staz quickly hides and tries to sneak in just to avoid that last person he wants to meet. And… Oops. Too late. There she is. His little sister Liz T. Blood. Almost got killed by her axe! No love lost. She continues attacking him and calls him a disgrace to the family for running away. She will never acknowledge him especially that they share the same blood. Liz then hands down her judgment on him. Since she is also prison warden, Staz is dropped into her biggest and worst prison in the demon world. It’s like her personal toy box. Inside his cell, he sees a strange button. Curiosity got the better of him and he pushes it. The wall behind opens and the path leads to a room where Liz is waiting. She mentions anyone can leave this place anytime. All he has to do is press the button, come to this room, defeat a pair of zombies and you’re scot free. However nobody is able to do that.

Episode 5
Guess what? Staz got defeated. However each time he gets tossed back into his cell, he presses the button for another challenge. This goes on and on and on and on and on… Always the same results. Give it up already! Braz talks to Liz and knows she is hiding something. She won’t say so he hints if it’s an intruder, she would have easily killed him instead of landing him in her play pen. She seems afraid of her respectable brother and doesn’t want to say a thing in fear he will be mad. Just then, the zombie comes in to tell the persistent problem about the new prisoner. Braz goes to see Staz who is freshly beaten up. He fires several magic bullets into him to allow his magic to recover. Staz tells it straight to him he wants to know how to resurrect a human so Braz teases him if it’s about a virgin girl. Seeing the brothers are so close and friendly, the zombies make an unnecessary comment so Liz burns them! Yeow! Liz still refuses to accept him but Braz points out Staz will always be a noble and pure blooded vampire no matter where he goes. It will not change the fact that he will always be her older brother. Liz is enraged that she is more useful and superior than him but Braz points out that is also a mistake on her part. Liz is sad that she thought Braz would look at her after Staz left but all Braz did was worry about Staz. Staz notes that since they’re acting on their own stupid reasons and the answer to it is just standing right next to them, Braz agrees to tell him how to resurrect a human but in exchange he does him a favour.

Frankenstein’s analysis concludes that Fuyumi besides being a ghost has some other demon mixed within her: A vampire. If you don’t get all that mumbo-jumbo he said, all you need to know it’s Staz’s fault. Basically a vampire’s magic is too overwhelming for her body to contain and thus the disappearing. Frankenstein says there is only one way to stop her from disappearing. She must devour Staz and become a new hybrid monster. Or let Staz devour her. Either way it must be one of them to be devoured. Bell drops in just to hint that there is another way to save her because she is not willing to lose Fuyumi’s huge racks. Wolf is enraged about Frankenstein’s lie and almost kills him. The other way as mentioned is to turn her back into a pure ghost. So why didn’t Frankenstein say this in the first place? His reasons and explanation as follows, the same as Braz’s details on the favour Staz needs to clear.

Frankenstein created something terrible. Something that could make the demon race extinct. His ancestor stitched together pieces of human corpses to create a monster and he stitched together pieces of demons to make it a greater demon. However this demon, Akim Papradon felt he needed higher quality parts worthy of his body. But Frankenstein would only allow parts he could control so Akim surprised him by using time spatial to escape so he could get those parts himself. Now he is terrorizing the demon world by killing demon for their body parts to upgrade himself. Frankenstein can easily fix Fuyumi but just so that Wolf keeps his end of the deal, he must defeat Akim. The most he can keep Fuyumi alive with his special potion is half a day. That’s his time limit. As for Staz, he doesn’t to go against Akim because it’s too big a responsibility! Of course at his current state he won’t be a match but what if that special bullet is taken out from his heart? He’ll get his powers back. Because Staz still holds bitter memories of trying to kill him, Braz shows him a little rock. Its actual size was 5 metres in diameter. Staz was the one who shrink it with his power. But after that he collapsed. Staz used to collapse frequently using that destructive power which he unconsciously released after that. If this continued, he will die so Braz had to lock it away. That’s the true story. Three days after he appeared, Staz came to see him and has fully grown into a vessel suitable for that power. Braz will gladly remove that bullet and has him show his true vampire powers. But still, Staz refuses since if he does, he will have to fight. He doesn’t want added responsibilities. Just want to know how to resurrect a human. Braz calls the negotiation off and orders Liz to summon her zombies and kill Staz. Refusing is not an option. While he runs for his life, Braz shoots into him and unlocks the seal. As he wakes up, the powerful force blasts the zombies into bones. Not again. Meanwhile Wolf is facing off with a territory boss while trying to find Akim. Suddenly Akim kills the pig boss. There, saved him time, didn’t it?

Episode 6
Staz has his full power back and he is not happy because now he has to go kill the monster. Of course for Braz this is the perfect chance to test his restored power. Wolf holds his ground against Akim and even though he manages to break some bones, Akim can still use his limbs like normal. Because all of them are moved by his magic power so what Wolf is seeing isn’t his real form. The true Akim is a phantom manipulating this dead flesh. Wolf transforms into his werewolf form to power up but only has 3 minutes limitation (due to his mix breed). Despite beating up Akim, that guy still revives. He is low on power and transforming back. That’s when Staz drops in. Both friends start arguing and ignoring Akim so that guy got impatient. In a single blow, Akim is sent flying through the buildings! Wow! Wolf tags out and lets Staz toy with him till he replenishes his magic. Staz greets Akim in the barren wasteland to finish their business. Akim is not pleased that only Staz came back because he really wanted to fight them both. He’ll soon learn that Staz is more than enough to handle. Staz is about to released his ultimate move from a certain Dragonball character. Before you could scream stolen copyright stuff, Akim pounds him. Staz gets mad when Akim insults that move. That does it. Nobody insults his anime. Because of that, he is going to finish him with an original move. Wow. I thought that yellow aura looked a bit like some 9 tail fox thingy… Akim is so moved that he wants to eat all of him. So powerful a move that Bell has to cut viewing time so the weaklings won’t get blown away. At the end game, we see Staz holding Akim’s head. However he won’t let that patch monster surrender so easily and die in satisfaction. The fight had just begun. Akim reassembles himself so bored Staz just finishes him off by crushing his heart. Staz walks away but is confronted by Wolf who has a favour to ask. He is told Fuyumi will disappear in a few hours because of him. That’s why Wolf is challenging Staz again over Fuyumi.

Meanwhile Bell takes Frankenstein to retrieve parts of Akim that is nicely stored in several spatial boxes. When Staz delivered the last blow, Akim thought he could escaped via spatial portal but Bell the master caught him. Akim always thought his spatial magic was his own but Bell points out she is the original user and his is just imitation. Bell now has Frankenstein tell the truth about the demon who used to make Akim. When Frankenstein is at his wits end trying to put parts for his monster together (because it just wouldn’t stick), he received a mysterious call that left him a present outside his door. A body that became Akim’s core. Frankenstein doesn’t know who this mysterious guy is but he might be powerful enough and the thief who stole Bell’s magic. Braz and Liz come into the scene and take Frankenstein and Akim in into custody for causing disturbance in the demon world. Elsewhere Wolf again has lost to Staz. Now is he satisfied? Wolf says he was never satisfied on the day he was born. Ever since he first met Staz (he dropped in from the sky), Wolf made a deal and fought with him. Staz will become his henchman if Wolf wins. Otherwise Wolf will give him money to visit Japan and see some famous anime director. However Staz never fought back and became his punching bag. Wolf didn’t like it and wanted to know why. Had he fought seriously, Wolf will die. Wolf always thought he was strong and even so not much difference. He realized he was so weak that the enemy had to pity him even with his powers sealed. So how can he ever be satisfied? He wants to fight him for real next time. Staz brushes that off. Because he can’t fight his friend. He is surprised when Braz and Liz drop in, teasing about his friendship. Now, about the human resurrection thingy…

Episode 7
Staz returns to Fuyumi but I guess he got thirsty from the fight that he drinks the last remaining special potion. Oops. He is also here so that Braz can analyse the kind of person he wants to resurrect. Staz demonstrates how he uses his blood to keep Fuyumi solid. Braz doesn’t approve of this method so he brings everyone to the place where Staz first met Fuyumi and then lost her as a human. That’s right. It’s back in his own territory. At Third Eye Cafe, Bell confronts Staz about Braz. It’s like that guy knows everything. Staz tells her not to worry too much about it because whatever he says or do will somehow in some ways always benefit him. Bell gives Staz a bell for Fuyumi. If she rings it 3 times, she’ll come to her. Going back to Braz, at first Staz was reluctant to strip Fuyumi as he was told. After hearing his explanation he needs to take sample and check her magic before proceeding with her resurrection, I hope Fuyumi doesn’t get the wrong idea he is a pervert. Braz will go back to Acropolis to do his research. Since Liz wants to stay, he hopes he can show her around. Braz also assures he can easily separate Staz’s magic mixed in Fuyumi’s sample and will keep his promise. Of course, that means using his magic as a complete vampire to good use. Fuyumi cooks for the gang and Liz gets somewhat emotional after hearing her little story as it reminded hers. Fuyumi had no mom so she does the cooking. The vampire siblings’ do not have parents anymore. Liz also remembers the reason why she wanted to stay here. More like she was ordered to stay. Braz forbid her to return to Acropolis till he says so. This is so nobody can interrupt his research and also to keep an eye on Staz. Of course Staz knows something is up and can tell by her actions. Liz just lies that she is here because she might get in the way of his work.

Since she has nowhere to go, Staz introduces her to his anime. So touched that she wants to see it again! Welcome to the otaku side… Later Fuyumi talks to Staz and she misjudges him. He’s quite a nice brother and person. Staz remembers the bell and passes it to her. Fuyumi takes Liz to the public bath and they naturally bond although the loli still needs time to open her heart. Then they sleep together in the same cramp bed but I wonder if they have space since Fuyumi’s boobs are taking lots of space. Next morning, Liz is frantic because Fuyumi is gone and a message from her saying not to look for her. As the gang discuss about this, Staz knows she is not doing this on her own will. I mean, she depends on his blood so she can’t be doing this stupid move. He laments he is never around when something happens to her. He was always obsessed with his goals and never paid much attention her. His underlings feel it is not like him to mope (because it’s his fault anyway) and the Staz they know would have told them to go look for her. Better still. He orders them to go look for her or else he will punish them like mad with his crazy power. That’s more like it. Liz thinks Staz will have an idea of her whereabouts. Because Braz put a tracking device on her. Of course, he also told her not to tell Staz. Staz wants her to return to Acropolis and find out where Fuyumi is. If this invokes Braz’s wrath, tell him that he threatened her when he lost Fuyumi and went berserk. He is willing to give all his collection to her but Liz just wants to plushie he got her earlier on. After Liz heads home, Deku calls his boss that he might have some information. They saw an unfamiliar face in the territory. Yoshida imitates his face and to Staz, he looks like some British rock. WTF? They heard this dude was heading south.

Episode 8
When Liz returns to Acropolis, the guards stop her because according to their log, Braz should be with her. The police officer of Acropolis, Beros allows her in. However this is just some excuse to go see and arrest him for illegal entry. She is to bring Braz to see the person he least wants to see: Wolf Daddy, the king of Acropolis. Liz doesn’t like that guy because he took their parents away from them. Braz welcomes them in and because he is acting so calm, Beros puts her cursed Underdog Choker on him that forbids him of using any magic. Braz agrees to go with her and although Liz is sad she broke her promise, he wants her to watch the house. Liz of course calls Staz about the situation but she will try to look for Fuyumi as well. Staz beats up some rapper demon who thinks he is tough. Thinking his boss knows the person he is looking for, Staz is brought to snowman Yuuki. He knows this guy, Knell but doesn’t know where he is right now. However he has his business card and its premise is located at one of the 7 wonders of the demon world: Dimensional Highway. No one has seen or been there so he isn’t confident Staz will get there. He realizes he can use spatial magic. As Fuyumi is locked in a grid room, Knell decides to order some ramen for her. Because the owner didn’t like him ‘disappearing’ his bowls, Knell is going to take it back but gets involved in a tug of war with her. Accidentally pulling her out a little, she manages to ring the bell 3 times. Bell and Liz detect her location. Knell tries to run but was knocked out in the crotch by Bell. Yup, she is his sister. Bell is shocked to learn that the one who requested for Fuyumi is their mom, Neyn. No time to think because Staz just entered the picture. Bell will stall Staz to allow Knell to escape. Switching sides? She then transports him to her grid room.

Bell tries to convince Staz that she is more than good enough than Fuyumi. Why is that girl so important to him? Guess what is his answer? She is his one of a kind collector’s item you can’t find anywhere else! Insulted? I guess this really pisses Bell off. Now he must fight her. Lose, not only Fuyumi is hers but he will become her slave. Meanwhile Knell brings Fuyumi to a place called Hydra. Despite using spatial magic and having the upper hand, Staz isn’t the least worried. So Bell got cocky and let her guard down. Staz has her in his grasp. She manages to escape back into her frame but at the price of losing everything she wears on her bottom. That includes her panties… Staz picks it up… He realizes something amiss. Bell could easily transport back to her room and get a new set of clothes but yet she is still stuck here. He thought of using the panties as bargaining tool but realized he would look stupid. He thinks this panties is her treasure. Actually it is the notebook that is causing Bell the tension. She wrote Staz’s name inside multiple times and all the thoughts of trying to make him hers. Imagine the embarrassment if he reads it. Then it’ll be goodbye Bell. Don’t want that, doesn’t she? She tries to get it but it hinted Staz so he knows the notebook is the real deal. He is about to read it so desperate Bell admits defeat. Bell is forced to help look for Fuyumi as she laments he should just forget about that ghost girl. Why does he always have to think about her? Despite not having enough blood himself, all he thinks about is giving it to her. Why is it always her when she is just standing right in front of him? Staz doesn’t know what’s going on so he admits whatever it is, it’s his fault. He feels more like a villain than a hero. So if she’s mad at him for something, it’s okay to take it out on him. Just that he won’t apologize. Because he’s the baddie. It made her feel a little better.

Episode 9
Braz still remembers how Wolf Daddy killed his dad and took the throne from him. Now he is back at this place again. He is greeted by Beros’ chief, Goyle who then brings him to Wolf Daddy. Talking privately with Braz, Wolf Daddy praises a good job he is doing observing the world below. Especially the recent case of Akim. The point? Taking out a photo of Pantomime, a top secret agent working on a top secret assignment for him, one day he went missing and notes the resemblance with Akim. Braz wastes no time in admitting that they’re the same person and that he was the one who turned Pantomime into so. (Meanwhile Frankenstein is working on an experiment for Braz, a new body for Akim. He notes Braz is crazier than his). Braz adds this is his war declaration to him but because he doesn’t have intention to be king, he will replace Wolf Daddy with somebody more worthy. Of course Wolf Daddy would love to see this guy. He also wants to give Braz his death punishment for his war declaration and could easily kill him now and secure his throne. But he gives him 3 days to bring this guy Braz has so much confidence in to him. He will pulverize both of them. Braz returns to Beros’ care. He then purposely injures himself so Underdog Choker will start devouring him (because his healing magic automatically kicks in). He puts up a convincing act that he needs help or else he will die by its magic. Beros panics and unlocks the choker. Next thing she know, he is out cold and Braz has escaped. Goyle gets mad when he finds his subordinate down so he hunts for Braz as revenge for his fallen comrade (I thought he was going to burst into some sort of musical here). Since Braz is still weakened, Goyle catches up and pounds him down to Acropolis below. Braz calls Liz to meet up in an emergency. She is the only one he can depend on. Those motivational words just lighted up her day. Braz continues to run from Goyle and despite in disguise, his imp can pick his scent. Cornered, Braz explains he only put Beros to sleep and the blood on scene is his. Not entirely convinced, Goyle attacks and wants him to cough up information (not blood) on his conversation with Wolf Daddy. However Braz controls his own blood to counter attack. He adds he can control them fully at his own will and can kill Beros at this moment. He understands Goyle’s power is fuelled when he is angry and upset. So let’s calmly talk this over ice cream, shall we?

Fuyumi is surprised to see the servant of the place looking very much like her dad. Although she is happy to be reunited with Staz and Bell, Staz doesn’t want her to get too friendly because he is madly in love with Bell. Eh? After beating up that guy, she explains they are acting as a couple in hopes not to raise their Neyn’s suspicion (since she doesn’t know him). If she knows Staz is here to take Fuyumi back, hell will break loose. Knell thought Bell is doing this because she likes him so he gets another crotch kick. Well, she did admit to herself that this is what she really wanted them to be. When Fuyumi is brought to see Neyn, she instantly hugs her. She then tells Staz to give up on resurrecting Fuyumi back to a human. If he needs blood to feed on, he can use her. Staz feels that same urge in her. Taking out a photo album when Bell was 2 or 3 years old, Fuyumi senses something amiss. She somewhat recognizes the places in the photo. Neyn used to work in one of those shops in the human world. Do you understand what a doppelganger is? Identical people. Fuyumi and Bell’s mom happen to meet outside that shop and their memories merge into one. This means Fuyumi and Bell are sisters! Staz tries to think what makes Fuyumi different that Neyn and he thought he figured it out. She’s a virgin! Suddenly he finds himself in a different world. Thank Bell’s frame for that. Fuyumi is still stunned over what she has learnt so Bell tells her to just relax and not think too much about it. But Fuyumi is still bothered because if she gets resurrected, will her memories be gone as well?

Episode 10
Staz meets the creator of this space, Heads who is also Bell’s dad. Because so, Bell got the spatial power from him. Knell was only born after the merger so he is a little weak in that area. Heads and Neyn have decided to adopt Fuyumi as their own and he knows Staz is here to take Fuyumi back and playing couple with Bell is just an act. He starts narrating that Mr Yanagi (Fuyumi’s dad) is the only man he feared. 14 years ago after their wives merge, they had a showdown to see who should get Neyn. She can’t decide as she likes both of them. Theoretically it would be a happy ending if they all lived together but Mr Yanagi pointed out it is impossible for humans and demons to live together due to the different worlds. He wants to properly raise Fuyumi as a human being. If they cannot do that, he will raise her himself. Those words hit Heads in the heart. In a world where everyone only cared about themselves, he was willing to put his daughter’s future ahead of his. Though Mr Yanagi didn’t want to give up his wife too, he told Heads that if he made her unhappy, he will never forgive him. That moment he never felt so afraid in his life. Heads then proceeds to beat Staz up and wants to know why he wants Fuyumi resurrected. Heads has heard this resurrection thingy from Braz. Staz is the only one who can resurrect her as he is told. Kill him now and there goes Fuyumi’s chance but let him leave, Staz wants to drink her blood. Thus he wants to know his true feelings. How does he feel about the real Fuyumi. He doesn’t know. What kind of vague answer is that? It can’t be help if he doesn’t know, right? As for drinking her blood, at first he felt it was the urge but you won’t know it till she is resurrected, right? At the same time, Bell asks Fuyumi how she feels about Staz. Guess what? She doesn’t know too. Heads destroys the headpiece that is sending visual and sound back to Neyn (secretly eavesdropping on the guys’ conversation). From now on it is just going to be them guys talking and a secret between them. Heads takes Staz to his cramp room. Staz becomes thrilled and wants to play his video game. Only if he listens first. Heads is willing to let Fuyumi go but on several conditions. The first is to eat some green dumpling. Looks like green turd with ‘curse’ written on it… Obviously… He makes him swear on the dumpling that he must obey Fuyumi on 2 instances. If they leave here, make sure she has only answered yes for permission. Second, if he is going to drink her blood, do so when she only gives her permission after asking. Heads forces the dumpling down his throat. So awesome that he sees the dumpling god (some Barbie doll) congratulating him on his pledge. Turns out the ‘curse’ is just sleeping dose. Staz’s eyes become heavy as Heads goes off to settle his own problem. He goes to see Neyn and wants her to respect this decision he has made. He wants Fuyumi to be the one who decides her future. After all, her parent is still Mr Yanagi.

Braz and Goyle talk. The former said he has no more quarrel with Wolf Daddy because if there is anything that needs to be rectified, it should be from that moment (when Wolf Daddy killed his dad). Now that Goyle’s anger has subsided, Braz can easily kill him but surprisingly Goyle freezes him. It is a move that he can only activate if his head is being touched. He thinks of working on this together so as to rectify the future and not the past. Suddenly Liz comes flying down to protect and free her brother. While Staz staves off Goyle, Liz prepares the transportation and in a blink of an eye, the vampire siblings disappear from Goyle’s grasp. Meanwhile a group of demons are outside Staz’s territory. They are going to war after hearing he is away. While Deku uses his strength to beat them up, Yoshida might seem like a pushover till he transforms into his giant ferocious T-Rex form! I don’t know how Mamejiro got by this. I hope nobody seriously abused this weasel.  Wolf continues to beat up other demons but he won’t use his werewolf form. He needs to overcome a hurdle that can’t be overcome by doings things halfway. So for the time being, he will not rely on his werewolf form. He then receives a letter from Acropolis. Staz wakes up with Fuyumi by his side. Staz mentions about the pledge he made and from now on it is up to her feelings. He is acting so nice to her that it is creeping her out. That smile is not very convincing… He goes on saying about vampire being portrayed as villains, if not the dark hero type. Staz doesn’t fit into this category. But someone told him such a story in the human world and that someone was Mr Yanagi. It was when he realized why he was the villain and what he was lacking. If Fuyumi wishes to be resurrected, he can be a hero just for her. But she’s still hesitating. Does she want to come back alive or not? Actually she is in a dilemma of doing so for fear she might lose her memories. Of course eventually she wants to be resurrected. Staz sings happy birthday to himself as sign of the birth of a new hero who will bring her back to life. He asks her they need to leave this place if he is going to do that. Is that okay with her? Yeah. Took her a little time before agreeing. Since the pledges have been kept, Heads is happy. Neyn tells him to do what he wants but she doesn’t intend on giving up on Fuyumi either. Staz and Fuyumi leave this place as Heads note that he will now face severe trials awaiting him. The kind that puts his life on the line. Braz returns to his lab and watches his experiment grow closer to completion. He welcomes his dad back… The ex-king is the worthy one?

Right after exiting through the door, Staz and Fuyumi end up in the southern part of the demon world. Their next destination is Acropolis. Unknown to them, they are watched by a vampire hunter group called Team Fearless. Led by Siam Kid (the boss – favourite word, “Baaaaad”), Sam (the oldest – one-eye samurai), Jasmine (the only female – big eyed Chinese jiang shi), Roi (the smartest – mad scientist) and Land (the strongest – speechless mummy). As you can tell with this bunch of ragtags, they look more like jokers and they admit they haven’t even got a single vampire. They are going to defeat Staz to propel themselves to fame. Don’t bet on it. It is western cowboy theme for Staz and Fuyumi. In such a town, they even dress the part. Staz puts a rope over Fuyumi so he won’t lose her. Doesn’t this make her look like a slave for sale? Siam watches them but is distracted by a local cat who gives him some drugs. Feeling so high… That night, Fuyumi wants to drink his blood buy he refuses. He explains that due to her capacity to hold blood, the more she drinks, the more heavy it will become and she might not handle it. But this is an emergency. She’s disappearing. Instantly he bites his thumb for her to suck. And she’s not letting it go! Finger licking good? Meanwhile Siam returns to his team and brags he has found their target. The rest take it he lost and returned home. But as a team, they’re going to move in for the kill. Staz and Fuyumi continue their journey but they see a cute cat. Fuyumi wants to pet it but Staz cautions her it’s a demon cat. Of course Siam transforms into his true form but the duo still think of him as a cat. Since he is just pissing him off, Staz attacks him but he is surprisingly fast to dodge the attack. That’s when his teammates drop down to enter the fray. A little late, aren’t they? Because Siam touched Staz and held a part of his body (his hair), he knows his next move and thus was able to dodge all his attacks. Roi now uses his power. Chat room? Yeah. He goes to sleep and Team Fearless can chat among each other like an internet chat room.

The rest go all out to attack Staz as he narrowly avoids them while carrying Fuyumi in his arms. Sam shoots a dart into his chest. Staz mocks that such tiny weapon won’t even have an effect on him. They note he hasn’t even realized he has lost. That’s when Staz notices the rope tying to Fuyumi is cut and she is missing. Team Fearless retreats and Staz starts to feel pain and bleeding further. It seems Sam shot a dart containing silver and it slows down Staz’s healing ability. Fuyumi is held hostage inside Land’s body and will be used as bait till Staz is eliminated. While Staz is weak, Sam and Jasmine go on a blitz attack. Suddenly Fuyumi manages to connect in the chat room to tell Staz where she is. Since she had that cowboy gun, she fires a shot and this knocks out Land. Now that Staz know where she is, he suddenly powers up and heads to where she is. Sam and Jasmine stab him but Staz purposely lets them. In order to recover his strength, he sucks their magic. Sucks their blood! He realizes his hands are not to destroy his enemies but to protect the ones dearest to him. So scary and badass this dude that Siam is cowed into revealing where Fuyumi is. Yeah. I think it’s for his good. He could only watch and do nothing as Staz and Fuyumi continue their mindless chatter. The duo then take a ride on Team Fearless’ airship to Acropolis. Siam shows them great hospitality. Don’t want to mess with him, eh? Roi mentions Sam and Jasmine are really out and need time to recover in ICU. He also says that as long Staz is onboard their ship, they still have a chance. Part of Staz’s plan to use this blimp to enter Acropolis is by trespassing because although Staz once entered there, Fuyumi may not be able to. They arrive outside Acropolis as Staz grabs Fuyumi and jumps down, vowing he won’t lose again. Their presence is detected and a bloodthirsty demon is going to ‘greet’ them. Siam wonders if it’s okay to let them go. Roi calculates it is over for them because if they jump, they can’t come back. Although they fall down, they will still find him. But he didn’t take this into calculation. Because when the bloodthirsty demon begins his attack, Staz uses his attacking weapon as a path to enter Acropolis and beat him up. Here comes Staz! Feel the power! He never thought the enemy would be more stupid than him, eh?

It’s Your Fault If Vampires Are Labelled As Otakus…
So the entire revive-Fuyumi-back-to-life adventure seems to be taking them from place to place. So much so from the adventures that they have undergone, it feels like the resurrection thing took a back seat until we are constantly reminded of it in the last episode. See how much trouble Staz went through, the places he goes and the people he meets just trying to find a way to resurrect. And yeah, Staz didn’t really manage to visit his Akihabara too. I guess that was the only short time he went to the human world. With so much potential building up, both the characters and the plot, just as I suspected (and feared) things will not be complete and the ending leaves us with pretty much speculation that there is going to be another season since things are going to get a lot more serious (and funnier too). I mean, don’t you feel that everything was really just left hanging and unresolved? Braz’s experiment, Goyle’s motive, Wolf’s redemption, Akim’s future fate, the showdown with Wolf Daddy and of course Fuyumi’s resurrection. With too many things going on, how do you expect things to end all in one episode? You don’t. It’s like the producers were just doing enough number of episodes with the same number of fingers you have on your hands so that they could gauge the market reaction. If there is a good response, they may consider continuing with another season. Otherwise, it will end up in the bin like many other has-been animes to never to have got a second season. Lived up to their hype for the moment before fading into memories for eternity.

But for this series, I guess everything is pretty okay and entertaining since they try to mash in lots of genres from action, adventure, comedy, romance and drama into it. Heck, they even put in some parody for the laughs despite having some typical shonen-like fights (the enemy becomes your friend – Wolf, Braz, Liz, need I go on?). I am not sure if I can list horror in here too because we almost got almost every western monster trooper appearing in this series. Vampire, werewolf, ghost, zombies, ogres, demons and monsters. Maybe you’ll see aliens next time ;p. With lots of genres mashed into one, sometimes it might be hard to tell what this anime is about or where it is going but I’m not that kind of deep evaluating kind of guy so I guess I’ll take everything I see at face value. It was fun. Just that the so called ‘ending’ and the unresolved stuffs took some of that fun/enthusiasm away.

The action is quite fun especially seeing Braz going no holds barred in his lethargic attitude. If there were more fights and episodes, I am sure you will see more parody moves that he will be willing to pull off and then abruptly halted before copyright and legal issues would surface. Yeah. Just borderline of that. Who knows? He may pull off some limb stretching move like a certain pirate or even breathe flames like a certain Dragon Slayer or even wind blades that are a trademark to a certain famous blonde ninja. And then maybe… Bankai! Staz like a typical main character whose true powers have been unlocked, leaves you in awe at the superb impact when he just punches in a single swing. Braz has his own unique abilities too but we won’t get to see much of it. Then there is the naming sense of certain moves which I find it quite amusing. For instance when Staz steals Wolf’s power during the boxing match, that move is called Chew-Chew Drain. I think they want to parody it to choo-choo train, no? What about Playback Payback which is some sort of downward uppercut in the form of a super ray of light. And don’t get me started on that Kamehame imitation move which he never got to finish…

The comical factor makes this series enjoyable with some funny and parodied moments. But it’s the romance part that it is left much to be desired. It’s like for this season, they are just trying to build up a potential love triangle between Staz, Fuyumi and Bell. As we have heard from Staz and Fuyumi’s mouth that they are not really sure about their true feelings for each other, but after seeing so much of such animes, what do you think are the chances? Heck, they might already be having it and not just knowing it. That is often the case in most animes. So in time, it will be not because of Fuyumi’s blood or unique urge that will have Staz falling for her and it will take a few more savings from this vampire kid before Fuyumi realizes that he is the one. So that leaves Bell. She seems pretty interested in Staz but is just hesitating. Embarrassing? I thought she really wanted to make the so called strongest guy her husband? How can she accomplish that if she is being shy? So is it true love for Bell that she harbours real feelings for him? Or is it just stalker lust (writing his name in her notebook and that elaborated operation to get him as well)? She can be honest in everything except love with that guy. She can beat him up, fight him, throw insults, all without batting an eyelid. But when it comes to the matter of the heart, she’s not very confident if she can win over him.

Staz as the main character, well, what else could I say. He says he doesn’t fit as a dark hero but the way I see it, he is already one. He may look like he doesn’t care or give a damn about others but there are many instances whereby you could see him having a heart like how he really feels responsible over Fuyumi. Don’t worry if he seems slacking, irresponsible, lethargic and letting his otaku obsession take over him. When the real time comes in deciding what is important, you can count on him in making the right decision and taking the right action. Well, maybe the word right is not accurate but you get the point. Now that he has got his power unsealed, you don’t really want to mess with this kid because he can easily wipe you out without putting in much effort. Now it seems he has better control of it as compared to before. But if there is anything that goes wrong, just pin the blame on him! His fault or not!

I think they’re trying to paint Fuyumi as a damsel in distress, a little airhead and the moe factor of the series (unless you are more into the Liz kind of type). If Fuyumi is that, then I suppose Mamejiro is the series’ mascot. Cute animals are a necessary recipe to attract viewers’ attention, no? Who wouldn’t love to hug and squeeze that weasel to death? Who wouldn’t find it amuse to see this fun loving ferret talk and even have a few punch lines of its own? Cute girls + cute animals = sure win! See what I mean when I said the series tried to throw in almost everything possible? Bell is sneaky and mischievous. She seems to have ulterior motives in her actions. The thing I find odd is that after losing her magic to summon Black Curtain and the fact that she has the ability to know everything (she can just make a monitor and watch anybody anywhere by making her fingers into a frame), it is mind boggling that she doesn’t know who stole her magic in the first place. Maybe I am missing something here but that’s what I find odd about miss-know-it-all. Otherwise, how could she have ‘warned’ Wolf about Frankenstein’s lie, right? Besides, I am guessing that mysterious magic thief is no other than Braz. There is one subtle hint (although not very conclusive) when Frankenstein greeted Braz as that ‘Santa Claus’ who left the Pantomime body present outside his doorstep.

The other characters are fun in their own right and many of them although they may seemingly look like antagonist and threatening at first, once you get to know them, they aren’t really bad guys. Like Wolf. You thought vampires and werewolves are naturally enemies, right? (Thanks to Twilight and Underworld for that). Turns out they are (almost) best buddies and even had a past together. You thought psycho jailer loli Liz hated Staz, right?  Turns out she just had some big brother complex and was just releasing her pent up frustration of never getting attention from her onii-chan. Braz? Sure, the things he does and says may sound like there is an enigma to it. But I’ll believe him that he sealed Staz power for his good and because he cares about his little brother instead of some ulterior motive that has him wanting to see what Staz’s true vampire power is after its awakening. With Heads popping up as another new character in the final episode, will he be the antagonist for Staz? Well, he just wants the best for his ‘daughter’. Knell may look intimidating in his debut (the angle shots, the ‘evil’ grin, etc) but after getting owned by Bell, you realize he is just a wuss. Since she loves kicking him in the crotch, I suppose he is in danger of losing his manhood. After Akim’s defeat at Staz’s hands, he looks pretty docile, doesn’t he? I’m not sure if he has been tamed because he is roaming freely with Frankenstein in Braz’s lab. Beros and Goyle were introduced as late as Wolf Daddy. Goyle sounds like she is all talk because when the real emergency situation arises, she panics and falters. Goyle proves to be a better officer than her and managing his anger better since he needs it as his power source. Wolf Daddy may or may not be the main antagonist because there are a bunch of silhouette characters that look more dangerous than anything else in the final TV episode.

For the art and drawing, I thought everything looked a bit simple. Besides, the art of the demon world sometimes looks cartoonish so almost makes everything a bit cartoonish but with mix of some Japanese anime feel. I’m not sure about the vampires in this anime but as far as I can see, all of them have bags under their eyes. Don’t they have enough sleep? Maybe not. Staz is obsessed with his otaku stuff, Braz engrossed in his research and experiment while Liz is always on call ready for whenever her big brother needs her service. Or maybe she spends too much time guarding her prison. Oh, vampires’ skin is paler so I suppose it is more visible as compared to the rest. On a trivial note, I thought it was pretty creative on how the episode titles appear. Whether the words make out as cloud casting their shadows on the ground, promotional poster, wall graffiti, an LED signboard, carved wordings on a tombstone or even 3D block letters that you can see its shadow casted below (if the words are high up in the air).

Another thing I realize is that many of the main characters, especially Bell and Fuyumi, after a few episodes they change their uniform or clothing (think Hatenkou Yuugi). Usually main characters do not often change their ‘trademark’ getup in short series unless you are those long running anime series like One Piece or Fairy Tail whereby after a (very) long arc, you can see the characters for the next arc in different clothing style. So the thought of watching Bell in her explorer outfit didn’t last long after a couple of episodes after her debut. And you thought this is how she would look like after that ‘fixed’ look in the opening and ending sequence. So in addition to her explorer clothes, we’ve got Bell in some sexy air stewardess and even a Chinese qipao. Fuyumi also doesn’t stay in her high school uniform and also dresses casually or seen in the gown. I wonder if that final scene with Staz whereby she is in her undies count as one. You might have guessed it. It’s the timely fanservice after giving all the action, romance and drama, I figure they needed to put that one in. Besides, with Fuyumi and Bell having racks that almost seem to defy gravity (well, one is a ghost and the other could manipulate time and space), if you haven’t notice them already, you must be gay. Or ‘washboard’ fans. That’s why there is Liz…

I haven’t heard Norio Wakamoto for quite a long time so it brings back happy memories to hear that this dude hasn’t lost his low sexy voice. However at first I doubted if he was right to be casted as Wolf Daddy because you know, that scar face looks so mean and badass that I thought a much evil, scarier, serious and lower tone should be used. Well, Norio Wakamoto’s low voice had this suave and little comical feel in it like how he does it as Onsokumaru in 2×2=Shinobuden. So the way he sounds doesn’t give the impact and feel that Wolf Daddy as the big bad wolf. But what the heck. All I needed to do was to get used to it and since I like his voice, he passes! Chiwa Saito feels like having fun and a blast voicing Mamejiro. It’s like Pani Poni Dash’s Rebecca or Linebarrel Of Iron’s Rachel going wild and with much more emotions. It is pretty amusing when this ferret starts ranting. Cute and hilarious. Even more when she gets freaked out or scared. Other casts include Ryota Ohsaka as Staz (Eita in OreShura), Iori Nomizu as Fuyumi (Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono), Emi Sarah Bridcut as Bell (Asuka in Mondaijitachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo Ne), Takuma Terashima as Wolf (Stone River in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Ryohei Kimura as Braz (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Yuuka Nanri as Liz (Nao in Mai-HiME), Yuuki Kaji as Knell (Haruyuki in Accel World), Tetsu Inada as Frankenstein (Gorobei in Samurai 7), Kouji Yusa as Akim (Ichimaru Gin in Bleach), Keiji Fujiwara as Heads (Sven in Black Cat), Kotono Mitsuishi as Neyn (Female Maze/Mei in Maze), Masumi Asano as Beros (Hakufu in Ikkitousen) and Daisuke Kishio as Goyle (Suginami in Da Capo).

Overall, if you really want a refreshing vampire lead character who is not into that kind of over-rated deep drama romance like Twilight, feel free to give this series a try. Life is already tough being an otaku. Now you have Staz as a vampire and a territory boss who is on a mission to bring back a girl from the dead. How ironic it is. An undead trying to revive the dead. Maybe instead of taking a long journey to find a way to resurrect, would it be easier to just ask and pray to God? Heck, does God even exist in this anime’s world? I wonder if Staz will have enough time to catch up all his favourite animes, mangas and games seeing he will be heavily shouldered with this new responsibility. Worse (or better), he may even give it all up! That’s why for now, I feel that it is better for me than to pandai-pandai help a girl in need and end up taking a responsibility more than I can handle. That would just suck. Worse than vampires suck blood XD.

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