At first, I wanted to pass up this anime. Because from first looks, Boku No Tonari Ni Ankoku Hakaishin Ga Imasu rings heavily that it might be some shota BL gay sh*t that I’m not really into. Even though it was comedy, I was still wary about it. And then further re-reading the synopsis, I thought that seeing how a normal high school kid’s life getting screwed up by delusional people around him overweighs the shota BL gay sh*t that I was worried about. Yeah, I’m such a sadist. And that was how I become the evil god of sadism and decided to give this anime a try. Heh.

Episode 1
Kabuto Hanadori enters class in his usual chuunibyou fashion. Nobody is impressed. Claiming he saved this cute dog that he took the liberty to name Cerberus, I guess everybody is trying to ignore him. Even more so for Seri Koyuki. Worse, Hanadori tries to confide in him. Who the f*ck is Gestober?! Even worse, Utsugi Tsukimiya seems to be a sadist and trying to egg on Hanadori. When his eye-patch comes off, there is this evil god of destruction called Miguel who will come forth. Luckily Sensei interrupts and order is restored. For now. Later, Koyuki’s friend, Aitsu comes by to rub it in but I guess Koyuki isn’t happy he is trying to show off he has got a girl to bring to the amusement park. Or is that girl his grandma? Subsequently, Koyuki sees a few guys trying to take off Hanadori’s eye-patch. They manage to do so (even Tsukimiya helping in) and is Miguel going to unleash his hell? He smashes the window! His hand is bleeding! And then he cries! Wimp! Because Koyuki goes to chastise him, Hanadori thinks he remembered him. He’s so dead. As they get reprimanded, Hanadori seems like giving Cerberus to stay with him since his place disallows pets. Turns out he was giving it to Tsukimiya. Can this day get any worse? Oh you bet. Sensei has grouped the class for the tests in which the highest scoring group will not have homework while the losers will plan their class trip. Koyuki beats up Sensei?! Why is he paired with Hanadori and Tsukimiya?! After considering the balance of the group, he thinks Koyuki has no other friends. So true… Koyuki tries to make this study group work but they’re already fooling around in the library. Maths equations become insignias and name of historians become whatever long ass name that is. Even Tsukimiya’s notes to memorize things turn out to be some lewd manga. Feeling insulted that Tsukimiya doesn’t want to do this, Koyuki rushes off to play his online game. Yeah. This is the real him. But wait. Tsukimiya and Hanadori also playing this game?! Oh sh*t. When Koyuki is about to destroy Hanadori’s data, some flashback how he worked hard and saved up to get this game. Turns out to be some weird movie Tsukimiya made. Oh, Sensei confiscated their games. In the end, Koyuki is glad he scored 67. Tsukimiya? 100! Hanadori? 85! So now you understand why Sensei put them in his group to boost up his score. ARGH! Koyuki is now officially broken.

Episode 2
Oh dear. Koyuki undergoing counselling from Sensei. But Sensei is more interested in eating than listening… However Sensei drives in a valid point. Hanadori is acting like that since first day of school because he wants to protect something. The same thing can be said about Koyuki because he wants to avoid Hanadori to protect something. This has him remember when Hanadori first talked to him about all that Gestober crap thingy. He tried to tell him off but Hanadori just loved his harsh talking ways. Of course, Koyuki also has to be wary of Tsukimiya since this guy can actually read minds! No kidding! The trio are in charge of doing moral disciplinary duties. They are checking out students coming into school if they are breaking school rules for their uniform. Here’s one. Suzuran Mogami definitely breaks all the rules with her gothic fashion. Koyuki hints to Hanadori to stop her but he feigns ignorance and then runs away! He bumps into this delinquent, Gorio who bullies him. Then when he threatens Cerberus, the last straw is when Hanadori tries to pay him off. Koyuki then beats up Hanadori! And now Koyuki is back into counselling. Regretting what he did in front of everybody? Worse, Tsukimiya rubs it in when Koyuki claims he wants to be normal. Is it because he sees himself as special that is why he wants to be normal? Koyuki so wants to die right now… Later Aitsu tries to show off about some dating sim and hinting about getting a girlfriend during summer vacation. But Koyuki tells him off and what’s this? This girl whom he admires, Kotoko Sumiso asks for his number? Not a dream! Is his fortunes changing? So as he waits, no texts from Sumiso. Only bugging a text from Aitsu and many from Tsukimiya. He tries to bug Koyuki to hang out with them. Koyuki can’t off his handphone. What if Sumiso calls? Can he just block this number? If he had only asked Sumiso’s number. On TV, Koyuki sees a reporter interviewing Hanadori at the new mall. Yeah, he gets shut down for his chuunibyou. With Tsukimiya continuing to bug Koyuki to join them, Koyuki realizes they are getting closer to his place. Oh sh*t. They’re right outside his place now. The doorbell! Mom, don’t get it! Too late! Koyuki rushes out as he tells off the jerks to stop stalking him! Uhm… Sumiso in her cute yukata… She starts crying as she thought she wanted to surprise him. So sorry to bother! Saite. OMFG!!! F*CK!!! FFFFUUUUUU!!!! Koyuki really wants to die now. He calls Tsukimiya. Please hang out with me. Sorry, we going home now. F*CK!!! FFFFUUUUUU!!!!

Episode 3
Hanadori fouls up while painting for the sports day. As he goes to wash it off, he is confronted by junior, Hibiki Kimiya. In short, this is also another weirdo who thinks he has found his Miguel-senpai. Normally, Koyuki doesn’t want to get involve but as he tries to escape, he gets caught up in the blooper. Finding himself at the infirmary, he hears more of that chuunibyou crap. Hibiki wants to reunite with Hanadori for world domination or something. Koyuki agrees because if Hanadori gets a friend, he’ll be free! Unfortunately Hanadori doesn’t know Hibiki and cowers behind Koyuki. Sh*t. Hibiki gets jealous thinking Koyuki is the source. Then we hear Hibiki rant about how bad luck always follows him. That’s why he has no friends. I’m sure he thought himself as different from the rest. It is then Hanadori tells him off to be what he wants. Is he is afraid of people laughing at him, better quit now. So I guess everybody reconciles. Even Tsukimiya pretending to be so he could insult and laugh at all the silliness. However Koyuki realizes that Hanadori was also lecturing him in some ways. Because now he has some motivation to fill in his future career survey form: He wants to be a teacher. When they all return to complete the paint, Hibiki’s entrance means all of them slip up and ruin everything again. Everybody stares at them like they’re garbage. Is this the last time Koyuki will have something to do with them? Well, not quite. Sports day is here as Koyuki witnesses Gorio bullying Hanadori. Or at least he is taking back his jacket. Then there’s the part where boys have to dance with girls. You bet Hanadori and Hibiki are nervous. Hibiki tries to be himself but as he extends his hand, bird poo on it! Oh sh*t. Hanadori summons up his chuunibyou courage but his sweat covered all over the girl’s hand. WTF is this dark god juice? Hibiki tries to cheer him up. Hey, his paired girl even gave him a handkerchief to clean the poo so it’s not so bad. Hanadori just died… Then he just screams. In a twisted fashion of events, he blurts out to the entire school how he will give hell for humanity. Everybody cheers?! Now that everybody is back, they’re egging for Koyuki to join them. All this embarrassing moment was record by Sensei and they’re watching it in Koyuki’s room. Poor guy is sick…

Episode 4
The class is taking a field trip. If only Hanadori can stop being scared sitting on an airplane… Damn, this field trip is to an amusement park?! Anyway, Koyuki’s plan is to talk to Sumiso and clear the misunderstanding. It won’t be easy since her friend, Yae is always with her and Koyuki looks like he is stalking Sumiso. He also needs to ditch Tsukimiya and Hanadori. Unfortunately they feel ‘responsible’ over the last time and want to help him make up. Hmm… So what’s this plan for Koyuki to shout out his heart during the roller coaster ride? Too bad Hanadori was louder all the way! In short, every plan is ruined thanks to Hanadori somewhat coming in between. Had your laugh, Tsukimiya? Then the haunted house. Everybody freaks out! Oh, turns out to be Hanadori. The most scared of them all! So he did this just to find some stone to give one courage to do something? Gee, thanks? This gives Koyuki to courage to tell Sumiso he wants to talk. Finally, in the Ferris Wheel, he tells her what really happened. Though she is relieved, but WTF is Hanadori doing here?! Hanadori now feels so bad that he thinks this is what Koyuki thinks of him. And with those ambiguous words, Sumiso gets the wrong idea thinking they have something gay going on! For the rest of the trip, Hanadori ignores Koyuki and sometimes they get into bad luck. Koyuki even prays to God to send them far away. Soon, Koyuki learns that Hanadori landed in some trouble with the earlier punks. Fearing this would traumatized his trip, he goes to the supposed place where he is being held. Seems Hanadori is being forced against his will by Shikimi Tokimune to… Sing?! So they’ve sung together at some festival and he wants to get together again like in the past? Of course Hanadori declines. Even worse, Koyuki finds out the reason Hanadori sticks to him is because of Tsukimiya. Yup. This guy’s fault. Tokimune is still not convinced why Hanadori is loyal to Koyuki. This is the ‘biggest revelation’. One day, Hanadori heard Koyuki crying. He wanted to have a stronger friend and blamed God for not being fair. And so Hanadori decided to become that. Koyuki then barges in to stop further embarrassment of his past. It seemed Koyuki got mocked just because he mispronounced Chopin’s name as Chopping. And the mother of all comebacks from Tsukimiya to him: God has been granting your wishes all along! Tokimune backs down for now but won’t give up on Hanadori. Speaking of Koyuki, he is the one who got traumatized from this trip. Poor guy…

Episode 5
Koyuki got rammed by a truck and died. The end. No way! This was what happened. Tsukimiya kidnapped him to his place. Koyuki learn that Cerberus escaped because the pet cat, Schrodinger was being mean. And since Hanadori is all sad, I guess they have to go out looking for it. And when Koyuki spotted the pooch, a truck was seen coming. Koyuki rushed to push Cerberus away and the rest is history. So now we see Koyuki having an out of body experience but Tsukimiya can see his soul and tease him. Attempts to bring his soul back fail. Until Tsukimiya notices Hanadori’s tear moved Koyuki’s body a little. So cry your sacred tears on this dude! Man, Koyuki doesn’t want to wake up anymore. Since this didn’t work, Tsukimiya suggests to give a princely kiss. Oh sh*t! Hanadori is close to doing so when Koyuki suddenly wakes up and beats him up! Phew. Saved. It is revealed the truck stopped in time and didn’t collide with him. It was Hanadori who came crashing into him that knocked him out. Koyuki thinks this is the last time he’ll be hanging out with them but seeing Hanadori real sorry and crying unstoppably, I guess he’ll be hanging around for some time. Later Koyuki gets a part time job at the café to earn money to buy Sumiso a present. And as you would’ve guessed it, here comes Hanadori and Tsukimiya as customers! So he dons a weird disguise to hide his identity. And Koyuki has to be a real patient waiter as he puts up with their weirdness. And there’s also Tokimune who is humping the glass barrier in the next seat, talking ambiguously that sounds like gay sex with Hanadori. Yeah, he’s scaring the customers away… Then there’s Hibiki. A young girl points out he is weird so he runs away crying. And Koyuki gets reprimanded by the manager for not being customer friendly? When Hanadori is messing up at the drinks bar, that girl accidentally knocks his coffee over. But Hanadori protects her. However her mom isn’t pleased that he is trying to corrupt her with his chuunibyou crap. She also berates Koyuki for some failed service. Because she’s the kind of b*tch who thinks customers are gods and money rules, here comes Tsukimiya to talk to her as on equal terms as gods. She blames her husband for leaving them but smooth talker Tsukimiya mentions how it is all love instead and in no time that woman gives in to the power of love! Koyuki can’t take this drama anymore… At the end of the day, his disguise fell off but it seems his pals already knew all along. Koyuki felt so insulted that he quit his job. So how is he going to get Sumiso a present? Don’t tell me this precious teddy of his! You bet he isn’t going to. Not after how Tsukimiya teases him.

Episode 6
Koyuki is in charge of the class’ cultural festival when Kimikage Mogami comes up to him and wants to be killed by him?! Oh God. Not another weird transfer student! It seems Mogami knew Koyuki since kindergarten before the latter transferred away. Koyuki doesn’t remember much but Mogami was a weak kid who often got bullied and Koyuki often helped him out. That fateful day that ‘sealed’ their friendship was one whereby they took a urine test. Elementary kids taking urine tests?! For what?! Drugs?! Anyway, Mogami didn’t know how to do it so Koyuki gave his. His own, he used dog pee. Because of that, the results came back weird for Koyuki and of course he felt devastated. Soon after he transfer away and Mogami thought he was mad at him. Clearly Koyuki had forgotten about this until now. Worse, Hanadori and Tsukimiya heard this! Hanadori tries to act tough but when Mogami really wants to kill him, he chickens out. That is when Koyuki jumps in to say he was never mad at him whatsoever. But then it turns out, Mogami wants to be punished more and that he is just some freaking masochist!!! Oh sh*t! Hanadori jealous? The stress is getting to Koyuki as he vows not to even make comebacks. But that damn Mogami keeps stalking him to hurt him. Then Hanadori’s angelic voice during music classic actually vowed everyone. Before he reverts into his chuunibyou mode and ruins everything. That is when Koyuki snaps. He’s had it. He’s going home. Even so, he gets ‘harassed’ by Hibiki sending some skull present and Mogami giving his voodoo doll! Worse, Tsukimiya reading his mind and replying!!! On the verge of breaking down, before he makes the same mistake that his friends are at the door, mom points out with Sumiso. Ah, the goddess… Koyuki calms down as she talks to him. She knows he is exhausted from fighting for something and wants to be his side. You bet that motivates him to work harder. Even more so when she says her class is doing cat ears maid café. I APPROVE!!! I ALSO WANT TO SEE!!! When Koyuki returns to class, everybody seems more cooperative. They apologize for dumping all the work on him and agree to help out. However with Hanadori now taking over as the rep, he has efficiently got a lot of things done. Oh no. Koyuki going to lose it again…

Episode 7
The class isn’t really thrilled for the festival. Until Sensei mentions the class with the highest sales will get extra funds for the after-party. You bet Tsukimiya is going to roll out his plans as he gets Hanadori and Mogami to work with him. So in this haunted café that they’re doing, Hanadori can’t stop sweating while serving girls, Hibiki getting traumatized with the high prices and Tokimune buying everything because Tsukimiya says it is all made by Hanadori. Then they got visit Suzuran’s fortune telling. Of course you can tell that she is the younger twin of Mogami. Tsukimiya ‘fights’ her by saying her fortune telling is fake unlike his eyes of the universe that sees everything. She thinks he wants her to close shop but all he wants is to come to their café. She ignores him so he grabs her hand. Then he opens his eyes and she sees the universe! OMFG! In the end, she went to the café as predicted and this has the class won top prize. Suzuran is now an admirer of Tsukimiya and wants to be with him?! Even Mogami agrees for him to be his brother in law! Koyuki thinks he has the last laugh since he got what’s coming for him. Koyuki didn’t want to attend the after-party karaoke but with Tsukimiya saying he’ll give him videos of Sumiso in a cat outfit, you bet he’s coming. And Suzuran is here? Giving creepy love advice? She wants Tsukimiya but oddly he is nowhere to be seen. Suzuran then forces Koyuki to come with her to look for Tsukimiya. Noticing that a meek Hanadori is tailing, she tells him off that Koyuki finds him a bother. Koyuki thinks she has gone too far but she tells more of the harsh truth how he spoils him despite not liking him. Hence the only person who has mistaken him as a good guy is himself. In that case, Koyuki gets frank with her that she is also bothering him. He leaves her to find Hanadori as his thoughts are jumbled. Why the heck is he doing this despite what Suzuran said is true? Then he finds Hanadori playing with Cerberus. All worried for nothing. But he hears him thank him for various reasons although mostly are just figment of his imagination. Koyuki then gets serious with him that he is not who he think he is. Just call him by his normal name and they can be normal friends. Hanadori sheepishly tries so but comes off as totally weird! So Koyuki punches him and prefers him to be called by as Gestober!!! WTF?! Did he just realize what that means?! And so returning to the after-party bowling, Koyuki regrets all that although Hanadori is a happy guy. They’ll always be together forever, right? Screwed. And Suzuran still thinks Koyuki is a failure as a man and Tsukimiya satisfied Koyuki will dance for him without him having to intervene at all.

Episode 8
So what else is new? Koyuki says he won’t retort anymore but ends up doing so again. Worst, Koyuki and his weirdoes all entered the student council presidency race? Of course Tsukimiya forced him in. Koyuki hides from Hanadori as the latter needs his help. Tsukimiya then tells the through to him that Koyuki doesn’t need his help anyway, breaking his heart. During the presidency speech, Hanadori starts off giving quite a normal speech. Until his chuunibyou kicks in. Because it ultimately ends with voting either one of his split personalities, Koyuki retorts and hits him real hard on the head. Oh dear. Hanadori dead? Oh sh*t. Thankfully, he is just asleep. But when he wakes up, he has no memories of himself or his friends. So he just needs to wear glasses over his eye-patch? Because of his amnesia, he is brutally honest with his ‘friends’. Who is the scary one? Not as scary as Tsukimiya, though? He is slapping him for the ‘insult’. Don’t think that would bring Hanadori back to his senses either. Hanadori then remembers of wanting to become a student council president and goes off to make his preparations. Wow. He looks pretty serious in achieving that. So as Koyuki is experiencing the usual dilemma, he hears a few guys mocking Hanadori. Hanadori doesn’t even mind giving up his eye-patch to them but he can’t understand why he still can’t let it go. The guys then drag Koyuki in and wants an explanation. They’re friends, right? Of course Koyuki tells them off that Hanadori is never his friend. Oh dear. Hanadori crying?! Oh sh*t. When he tries to make up for this, Hanadori then point blank says that Koyuki isn’t his friend either. They just met yesterday and he doesn’t want to be associated with weirdoes like him. Koyuki becomes so mad and beats him up! The ultimate retort. This has Hanadori return to acting like normal. Welcome back? Later Tsukimiya shows Koyuki Hanadori’s roadmap of what to do. So it is mostly some chart that eventually asks Koyuki’s help for everything that he is unsure of? But the last note says Koyuki is a kind person and that if something happens to Koyuki, he wants to help him out. Of course, Koyuki knows better that Hanadori is the source of his bother. Though relieved, he is also disappointed. Because he doesn’t want this Hanadori to just disappear like that. Then Tsukimiya suggests Koyuki losing his memories instead…

Episode 9
Hanadori sulking because Tsukimiya won a seat in the student council body? So basically he’s jealous… When that little girl from that restaurant comes looking for him and wants to tell her more about hell (?), Hanadori is now a lively happy chirpy bird. Apparently the gang are helping out a day care centre. WTF Hanadori is getting jealous towards anybody who does better than him?! Small kids fighting and crying are normal. But the biggest cry-baby is Hanadori. Oh, brother. Tsukimiya again, huh? Until the teacher tells them to be nice, blah, blah, blah, some weird flashback how Hanadori and Tsukimiya first became ‘friends’, oh well… So they make cake for the kids and Hanadori makes a special one for Tsukimiya since this is his birthday month. So they’re friends again? Okay. So tiring… On the way home, Tsukimiya hints that he intends to have a helper for his student council body and someone who got the second highest votes. Koyuki fears this would cause Hanadori to throw a tantrum again and as he is about to stop this, it is actually Hanadori whom Tsukimiya is asking! Hanadori is very happy but is bad at hiding it despite trying to play it off. Of course this pisses off Koyuki as he gives him a beat down. Koyuki is looking forward to the Christmas party because Sumiso is going to be there. But you know what they say about bad luck… There’s a storm raging on and he sees Mogami trying to bug a yakiniku seller for a black Santa outfit for Koyuki. Because Hibiki got his present destroyed to the snow blower, he is forced to give him his. And then seeing Suzuran out in the cold looking for Tsukimiya, Koyuki gives his scarf present meant for Sumiso. Then he gets stuck in a hole on his way to the party. Sighs… Before you can call this a tragedy, here comes a Santa to help him out and give him a present. Koyuki makes it to the party and looks like Sumiso got his present. This is a lovely rosary. Koyuki then realizes that Santa is Hanadori. Sumiso loves it but Koyuki apologizes that this present was meant for him. Sumiso gives it back and walks away without turning back! OMFG! You f*cked up this one yourself, Koyuki!!!! Later he chills outside with Hanadori and thanks him for the present but Sumiso comes to thank Koyuki for the scarf. Suzuran gave it to her after hearing the details. Hibiki gives them a gift voucher at a restaurant and my, they are the lucky 100th customer for today! Things are surely looking up now! Too bad it is Hanadori who takes Koyuki to that dinner! FFFFUUUUU!!!! Merry Christmas, everybody!

Episode 10
We understand why Koyuki won’t go out for the New Year. It’s bad luck to stumble into those weirdoes, right? Then he receives a stack of New Year cards. Does he have many friends? All from Hanadori! Man, the new year and he is already pissed off like that… Of course there are from others but they’re as expected to their typical weirdness. And yes, the biggest saviour of all is the one from Sumiso. Oh yeah. His year is saved. He then goes to the shrine to pray. Look who is there too? Hanadori and Tsukimiya! His year is doomed… With Koyuki wanting to pray to God about this, it’s like they can read his mind and tell him to do something about it himself instead of relying on God! Hanadori sneakily puts an academic charm in Koyuki’s pocket. Turns out it is to hide his own bad luck fortune. Also, Hanadori is acting weird as he is now drunk on amazake. I guess a drunk god is worse… His shenanigans has Gorio rein him in. So this dude lives and works here?! Hanadori tries to fool around to a point where Gorio accidentally smacks the broom in Koyuki’s face. No more nice guy. Koyuki beats him up. If you think that is all, wait till Hanadori vomits all over Koyuki! And for the rest of the winter break, the duo are forced to work at the shrine. Oh Koyuki, your year is just starting to warm up… In school, Koyuki is worried that his failing grades means he might be held back! Oh sh*t. Better get serious on this. But something else is bugging everyone. Hanadori seems to be spacing out and not his usual self. To a point Koyuki has to ask everybody on this and of course a wide range of answers. Especially Suzuran believing he might be transferring away. On the way back, he sees Hanadori sitting alone and crying. Man, this is really serious. So I guess Koyuki is only thinking hard on this issue because Sumiso said he could be the only friend who can help him get over whatever. So yeah, please help him. Next day, Hanadori is not in class. Something feels wrong. Then Koyuki sees a vision on him at the rooftop. Better go get him fast or else… At the rooftop, Hanadori starts crying so Koyuki forces him to just say what’s wrong. It seems… He is disappointed that Koyuki has not taken his studies seriously and is afraid he will be held back a year at this rate. Rubbing it in even further, Hanadori shows all the A’s he got and lectures him about priorities! So his agony was to think of a way to tell him this without hurting his pride. Safe to say… Koyuki loses his sh*t and rips Hanadori’s shirt to pieces!!! OMFG!!!!! DARK GOD GONNA GET RAPED!!!!!!!! In the end, Koyuki uses the study materials from Hanadori (which is surprisingly so easy to understand) and passes. Then he realizes Hanadori taking and passing the entrance exam to all his choice schools… You know what this means… Koyuki’s future, that is…

Episode 11
Koyuki thinks he has gotten taller and good enough to date Sumiso. Until Tsukimiya breaks it to him that there are rumours Sumiso is dating a tall hot guy. Don’t look now but there they are! This scene breaks Koyuki’s heart. Thanks for the closet for him to bang his head… So as he sulks, Tsukimiya advises him to ask her directly. Of course he can’t and cries! The rest try to console him. Yeah, short and ugly people have their role too! Koyuki snaps and beats them up! Then when he really starts hating that guy, Tsukimiya slaps him to his senses for jumping to conclusion. Also, taunting him that he really thinks highly of himself. So the gang congregate to devise a plan to help Koyuki beat that guy. Don’t look now because here Sumiso comes in with that hot guy, Hatsuyuki Masaki! Turns out he is Gorio’s little brother. Turns out he is interested in Hanadori and Koyuki’s alter egos and wants to know his own past life! With Hanadori accepting him, this makes Koyuki snap. Don’t you betray me because there won’t be anybody left! Huh?! WTF?! In the end, Sumiso apologizes for not telling him sooner that she is childhood friend with the brothers and that they’re not dating. Ah, those magic words that Koyuki wants to hear. Happy now? Yeah, but he now has to endure the teasing that he may be in love with Hanadori… So sad… Suddenly! Tsukimiya whisks Koyuki, Hanadori and Mogami for a mock interview. Yeah, need to prepare you for the future, eh? And so Tsukimiya asks the questions, Hanadori and Mogami answer in their usual honest way. Koyuki does so but only gets chided. Heck, they even need to do some special talents. Hanadori and Mogami have. But Koyuki none? Then it dawns to Koyuki that could all this be just to make him realize his weakness and to re-examine his goals? Certainly it looks like Koyuki despite having a dull uneventful life, he less talented than those blokes! And then finally Hanadori makes are really heart-warming speech about changing the world, etc. Again, Koyuki snaps and beats him up for making worry for nothing. The further nail in his coffin is that they assure him that they will always be with him if he flunks, gets no job or drops to the lowest ladder of society… I’m so worried for Koyuki…

Episode 12
Hanadori is late and blames Koyuki for everything? Tsukimiya and Mogami also join in blaming him. So as Koyuki tries to figure this out in the toilet, he overheard the gang talk that all this mean talking is part of their plan to throw him a surprise birthday party. And as you can guess, it has all the elements of stupidity and failure. Koyuki even wonders if they’re taking a jab at him. But seeing they are earnestly trying to hold one for him, I guess he has to play along, huh? So after school in which the surprise party is supposed to be held, Koyuki has to even pretend to play along since those goons are incompetent. Then he arrives too early at the room and sees everyone preparing. Cue for havoc to try and cover up. Yup, Hibiki smashes the cake and claims they are doing some pie eating contest. More helter-skelter as they try to salvage this party by getting on with their planned surprise while Koyuki just watches dumbfounded. You think everyone crying and repenting of this tragedy would earn Koyuki’s sympathy. In fact he smacks them all for having such a sh*t plan in the first place! He is the real victim! This is most embarrassing! Never speak of this day ever again! Well, only Tsukimiya had fun. Laughing his ass all the way… Remember the mock interview they had? Now they’re going to check out a model house in anticipation of the college life they’ll have. Yup, mock college life. Of course Koyuki is dragged into this as they take a look around the house. As expected, from their shenanigans he feels they are making a fool out of him. He really wants to go to a college far away from them but what about Sumiso? Which college will she go to? Then Tsukimiya brings up the question if Koyuki brings home a girl. Hanadori dismisses he’ll never have a girlfriend and they all laugh about it! With more stupid antics, you bet Koyuki is dead tired. So much so he starts fantasizing killing them all! Oh sh*t! But suddenly! Things get serious and heavy when Hanadori talks about how things won’t last. That’s why he wants to enjoy his time with all of them as much as he can. Oh sh*t. Something’s wrong. Is he going away or something? As expected, Koyuki has been trolled for the umpteenth time as this was just a prank. Hanadori not going anywhere! Koyuki so mad that he pushes him down the stairs! OMG! First victim?! Don’t worry, he still lives. Later Koyuki secretly tries to change his college choice but somehow it leaked and everybody got to know it. He resigns to the fact there is nowhere to run from them in this universe. Not even heaven. Sighs…

The Disastrous Life Of Seri Koyuki
That was such a pretty random ending if I should say. More or less the same thing like in every episode and just when you thought it would be different, it all goes back to square one. I wonder if Koyuki is cursed or something since he has to relive this nightmarish life of his over and over again. Poor guy. Well, at least it’s not me in his shoes so I’m outta here! Haha! Good luck, Koyuki. You’re going to need it a lot. The day Koyuki stops rebuking Hanadori and co is the day where real serious sh*t hits the fan like the real dark god of destruction raining death upon the entire world! Holy sh*t! But don’t worry. Seeing this is a comedy genre, it will never become that sort of dark tragedy. I hope.

So never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes even your stereotypical biasness can be wrong. So I’m really glad that I get to watch this series seeing I was laughing my ass off. There were no signs that of me being in danger of turning into some shota BL gay lover. Even the series has very subtle hints, it is so subtle that you have got to be a delusional or strict moral religious nut to even notice. Yeah, hints of BL are just for the funny and comical parts and they work like a charm. Koyuki may not be getting screwed or losing his chastity but he certainly gets screwed in every other aspects!

Sometimes I feel like drawing comparisons of Koyuki’s life with Kusuo Saiki. You know, that psychic dude who wants to live a normal life but surrounded by equally weird weirdoes? Despite the parallel similarities, both are also at polar ends. Koyuki doesn’t have any psychic powers and unlike Saiki, he usually bears the brunt of the pranks from his close friends, uhm, sorry, weirdoes around him. I suppose he has no super psychic powers that can get him out of his predicament. It’s like an alternate version of each other’s life. Because making my conspiracy theory even more suspicious is that note how both Koyuki and Saiki’s name have the same initials?! Hah! And both are facing some sort of disastrous lifestyle thanks to their classmates while dreaming of the ideal normal life that they always wanted!

So yeah, the best funny parts of this anime is ‘unfortunately’ watching Koyuki being played around by all his delusional pals. I fear at this rate, he might grow up to be a psychopath or serial killer! But seeing how sturdy is that Koyuki is, I figure that he could make it out just fine. Or not. Poor Koyuki. This guy has died from his embarrassments and failures so many times that we have lost count. You would notice that each time he ‘dies’, a sketch of a grave (complete with words RIP Koyuki’) will be displayed on screen. Accompanied with a bell ring for the finishing touches. Each time, this increases and by the time the series ends, who knows how many graves and bell rings he has already accumulated. He really gives a new meaning to die over and over again. Literally, a dark god doesn’t just sits next to him. A god of misery too… Watch how they slowly destroy Koyuki’s life…

We have to give credit to his weirdoes who add to his pain and insanity of his daily life. Firstly, Hanadori whom I figure is just playing chuunibyou is only because he wants to be friends with Koyuki (his dark god of destruction title just feels like for show). Yup, all that acting and having some split personality whatsoever is so that Koyuki won’t be a lonely guy! You might think that Hanadori wants the attention and friends. While it might be true but it could also be the other way round. What if Koyuki is actually a depressed and lonely guy and the only way out was to just become friends? And not just any ordinary friends. Get what I mean? So with Hanadori around, Koyuki gets to play the straight man over and over again. Next, Tsukimiya who is supposedly the most ‘dangerous’ among the group. Because it’s like as though he can read your mind! No, wait. He actually does! Like as though he is reading out from the script! This guy is a total sadist and it feels like his existence is to torment and laugh at others (more often Koyuki). Because when he opens his eyes, you know sh*t is going to happen. He is God who sees all future! Nobody gets the better of him. Maybe except Suzuran. Is this the only person he can never win over? They’re never in the same place for long. And it’s like a rock and hard place for Koyuki. Because if Suzuran is around and this makes Tsukimiya ‘disappear’, now he has to follow her whims to go find him. And if she is not around, he has to put up with Tsukimiya’s pranks. There’s no way for Koyuki to win this.

It gets worse when you have a masochist in the name of Mogami who just wants to be tormented in every way. This guy isn’t as bad as Tsukimiya or Hanadori. Okay, maybe he is. Just that he isn’t as much of a main character as that aforementioned duo. He is only tolerable because he doesn’t bug Koyuki 100% all the time. Like as though he is biding his time and patiently waiting for the moment Koyuki snaps and gives him his due punishment. Well, Koyuki does snap a lot. Only, he takes them out mostly on Hanadori. Then there is Hibiki who brings bad luck and you can bet Koyuki is also dragged into this. I guess having a bunch of weirdoes is bad enough, what is having one more? Oh yeah. Even worse, eh? So is Koyuki the one who is attracting bad luck? And then there is Tokimune. Oh God. Please. Not another psycho… And now with Hatsuyuki around, thinks are indeed heating up, no? A further test to Koyuki’s sanity!

So it is with much disappointment that we can all expect not to see Koyuki getting together with Sumiso, the only person who keeps his sanity in check. Ah yes. They want to fool us that Koyuki might have a crush on this girl but there are a few hints that tell us that Koyuki may harbour more feelings for Hanadori than her! True! Remember, this is some mild shot BL gay thingy so no straight romcom between a boy and a girl is ever going to get in the way! So think back at all the times why Koyuki has the chance not to bother himself with Hanadori. And yet at the end of the day, he worries about him and goes to him. Although the end results might not be what he expected but there you have it. Koyuki putting his friendship more than his crush over a girl? If that doesn’t scream mild BL sh*t, I don’t know what is. And you noticed that Sumiso puts up with this because… She may be another weirdo who loves watching BL gay sh*t!!! OMFG! How much do we really know about Sumiso actually?! Just because she looks normal and sweet, but remember, still waters run deep!

Hence I have this conspiracy theory that this school is not an ordinary school but a mental facility! Hear me out. Firstly, you do notice that many of the weirdoes do not dress like other normal students in the school. I mean, why the heck is Hanadori allowed to wear his leather jacket and eye-patch to school? Why does the school even allow this?! You mean to tell me that they give in to his god of darkness threats and would rather play it safe by letting him be? If Hanadori’s dressing wasn’t bad enough, Hibiki and Mogami’s uniform is literally some Halloween garb. I mean, do they really actually allow Hibiki to carry a scythe all over school?! Seeing that these characters do have some sort of personality problem, do the teachers really allow them to continue acting like this? At this age, it could be already a sign of problem because once they graduate and get integrated into society, it is going to pose a lot of problems. So letting these kids do as they please feels something is wrong. Even more so when Koyuki gets ‘bullied’ and he isn’t even taking any counselling! Does nobody care about the sanity of this kid and his future?! And Sensei isn’t really a teacher but a mental patient acting like a teacher! Koyuki only stands out because he is ‘normal’ and tries to act normal. It will soon be, if you can’t beat them, join them. Aitsu is just an imaginary friend of Koyuki! I mean, is that really his real name?! Really?! And Sumiso could be the mental facility caretaker because she is only ‘observing’ everyone… INSANE CONSPIRACY THEORY!!! Anybody care to refute?

Another conspiracy theory of mine is that Koyuki perhaps is the one who is the most problematic and not the rest of his weird comrades. What they are doing, gathering around him is so that to help him out from his depression or whatever problems he is facing (he could be a failed fusion of a human-cat experiment!). It is only because Koyuki looks and acts more normal than the rest, it looks like he is being bullied. Case in point, Koyuki isn’t very good in his studies. Now, it might seem tempting to pinpoint that the shenanigans of Hanadori and Tsukimiya might contribute to him not focusing on his studies. Considering that both are actually smart people and they have proven with their high and perfect marks in exams, their pranks could actually be the reason Koyuki studies and gets decent marks! Without them, he might not even touch his books! See, Hanadori made really easy simple notes for him to understand and pass! Hanging around those weirdoes also helps Koyuki rethink and reconsider about his own life and abilities. So can you see how these pals are helping Koyuki regain his own life?! So his life isn’t going into a downward spiral in actual fact! WE NEED TO TALK MORE OF THIS CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, those past life of Gestober may not be as fake as we think it might be!

The art and animation are okay. Cute boys at the fore would make you really think this is some shota BL gay sh*t. Everything is bright and colourful to add to all the craziness but not enough to be considered as something like an LSD trippy drug trip. Heh. Perhaps the next episode preview at the end can be considered. Maybe. We see the anime in sketches, keyframes or just still pictures or just a picture of hot babes just because they can’t get it done in time. Weird. Because we see the chaotic narration of the problems in the production room. This anime is done by EMT Squared who did Renai Boukun, Alice Or Alice, Ame-iro Cocoa, Urahara and Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu. So if you wonder why there are cute looking characters and some potential BL factor, you now know why.

A few recognizable seiyuus lending their talents here including Jun Fukuyama as Koyuki, Takahiro Sakurai as Hanadori, Tsubasa Yonaga as Hibiki and Ai Kayano as Sumiso. The other casts include Ryohei Kimura as Tsukimiya (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Shinnosuke Tachibana as Mogami (Tomoe in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Yoshiko Ikuta as Suzuran (Ruby in Ange Vierge), Kousuke Toriumi as Tokimune (Acnologia in Fairy Tail), Takayuki Kondou as Sensei (Oishi in Prince Of Tennis), Takaya Kuroda as Gorio (Dagger Morse in Show By Rock) and even Chinatsu Akasaki doing just yapping little doggy voice as Cerberus (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby).

Oh, the opening theme is so epic. Take Mo’ Chance by All At Once sounds sexy enough and the opener will really make you think that this is indeed some gay BL sh*t! Even more so it wants to make you impersonate Barry White’s low sexy voice and croon along singing, “Yeah…”. Oh yeah. So epic and gay indeed. The ending theme is crazy. Freedom De Muda Ni Muteki by AOP only solidifies that this whole setting is a mental facility. Aside from the crazy sounding song, we see all the crazy things in the animation like as though this is inside of Koyuki’s mind. Spooky or having fun aren’t we, everybody?

Overall, this is purely a funny and entertaining series if you can stomach the fact that you enjoy watching a guy’s normal life being screwed by his psychotic friends (some may refer to this as intriguing characters with unique personalities). And it also teaches you all about friendship! Yeah, you can be close friends with another guy without looking gay! So once again, don’t judge a book by its cover, there aren’t any obvious gay stuffs since you’ll be laughing your ass off with all the chaotic slapstick moments. We’re all like Tsukimiya. As long as it happens to others, we’re okay laughing and having fun. So can we have another season, please? Oh, why do I see and hear another grave and bell ring for Koyuki?

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