Is incest an acceptable thing in Japan? Well, I’m not really pretty sure about it. That’s because I’ve watched several animes and I’ve noticed that whether or not they are siblings or cousins, the lovey-dovey kinda relation in which lovers do, are done so ‘openly’ and ‘boldly’ by them. Yeah, as though as it’s okay to love your little sister or your older cousin brother just like your boyfriend or girlfriend.
It’s the same thing here in Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru. However, rather than going on for several episodes, this OVA is only 1 episode long and approximately 60 minutes. So I suppose there’s nothing much to it, huh. Well, that depends. If you view the length of the OVA, perhaps it’s nothing much then. But if you really like this kind of animes, well, then I guess there’s something to it.
The series revolves around the unidentical twins Yuuki, Yori and Iku. The movie opens with some sort of a flashback of the twins during their younger days. They’re witnessing a wedding in progress and was amazed by it. Ah… Such pure innocent love. I guess that they must have been very close to each other. Why not? They’re twins, aren’t they.
Fast forward many years later where the twins are now grown up and attending high school. We see the dashing Yori having some discussion about some entrance exam thingy with his school teacher. Once he has finished, a cheery Iku approaches him to ask how about it, but was shrugged off, much to Iku’s shock. It seems like Yori has changed. He’s become much colder. Must be those raging hormones teens get during their age.
Then at home, we get to see that Yori’s heart seem to ‘beat heavily’ when he sees Iku sleeping in her ‘sexy’ pajamas. That’s even the case when he even touches her. Oh oh, the signs are clear. He’s developing feelings for her but it’s more than just the sibling love kinda feelings. But he seems to be controlling his feelings. Also some tension between the two. Haih, how things changed.
Next day in school, we see even Yori has a girlfriend, Tomoka Kusunoki. Well, actually not his girlfriend outright. More like an admirer. Tomoka likes Yori and even confessed to him, but Yori doesn’t seem interested and just shrug off the whole thing and also thinks it’s a joke. And Tomoka seems to tolerate it. Like as though she’s willing to wait until he changes his mind. Sort of. Well, things take a little turn for the worse as Yori spots a couple of guys teasing Iku. As he can’t stand it, he proceeds to beat them up. Luckily his best buddy, Haruka Yano, manage to calm him down and stop him from hurting those guys further. However, Yori is still that angry-and-leave-me-alone guy just walking off without saying anything. Everybody’s wondering what has gotten into him, especially Iku.
Then Tomoka tries to comfort him. Yori has another of those ‘heavy heartbeats’ when she touches him. Don’t tell me this guy also have feelings for her. But he seems confused about his feelings. Anyway, before you know it, the 2 started kissing and ‘made love’. Don’t worry, you won’t get to see that part in detail. Just various clips shown here and there.
So over the next few minutes, it’s something like this. Iku tries to be her usual cheery and happy self and probably wants to cheer Yori up. But that Yori seems to be mean to his twin sister, emotionally hurting her. So sad. I felt a little pity for Iku and at the same time want to smack Yori right in the head. Even after that guy to guy talk with Haruka about is there any girl Yori likes, he seems spaced out with lots of anger and uncertainty.
Later at home, Yori saw how sad Iku is, crying alone in the dark in her bunker. Suddenly, he proceeds on top of her and starts to kiss her! And then he explains that he’s in love with her. And it’s not the sibling kind of love as said before. Yeah, he even said things like she’s the only girl in the world for him in his eyes. I guess he’s lost it. And she’s pretty confused and indecisive too about it.
Then as if things couldn’t get any worse, Tomoka arrived at their doorstep. Yup, she’s a little frantic as she found out that Yori is going to enter a far far away university. You know what that means. Iku, who’s eavesdropping, of course felt shocked and saddened by what she’s just heard. How would you feel if someone close to you your whole life is going away? And especially in the case of twins. And so Iku dashes out to try and stop Yori from going away. Well, actually Yori has just gone out a little while with Tomoka to talk things over. When Iku manages to catch up with him, Yori decided to delay their ‘talk’ and then carries Iku back home. Yeah, he carried her like newly-weds, if you know what I mean. And they had a little conversation like how twins should be always together even in the same school and university, how Yori needs to go away or else he couldn’t control himself over her. And also things like how Yori wants Iku to grow up faster so that he could love her as a woman and him as a man. Uh-huh, a little moment of semi-nakedness intimacy back at their room. Don’t worry, no sex scenes here.
The next day, the twins and Tomoka were walking together to school. And you could feel that undecisive feeling between the twins. Oh but what the heck, those 2 manage to give Tomoka the slip and ran away together, skipping school. Well, those 2 seemingly went on a ‘date’, having their time outside some clover field near a cathedral. Then there’s that smart remark by Yori about how to spell clover. "C" as in "she" and "lover", therefore "she is my lover, Iku is not my sister but my lover". Maybe I should try this if I wanna steal a girl’s heart. Hehehe.
Anyway, before you know it, those 2 are soon kissing and caressing inside the cathedral. Oh my, what a forbidden place to do such unholy act. But during that, Iku realized that what they’re doing is wrong and stopped Yori. I guess she felt impure now that she’s done it of all places in the House Of God. As she’s crying, Yori comforts her.
Next day in school, Yori and Tomoka finally had their private chat. This time, Yori said things in a way that meant ‘Tomoka, I’m in love with somebody else. And you’re not the one’. I felt it was like that. Of course, Tomoka wouldn’t just accept it without any explanation. She’s guessing that the ‘other girl’ Yori loves is his twin sister. Oh what do you know, Iku’s passing by and overheard about something like Yori and Tomoka making out at a love hotel meant nothing. What’s her initial reaction? She ran away of course, not before Yori noticed her.
He managed to chase and get a hold of her. Some bickering here and there. The next thing you know, they made up. Well, soon after school, Iku wanted Yori to take her to that love hotel and… well, you know. Okay, so they did a little here and there, reluctant at first, but you won’t see anything graphic. Later, Yori realized his guilt and is willing to take full responsibility of it. He just wished for her to be happy as she’s his precious little twin sister. Aww…
Soon that time has arrived. Yup, it’s their graduation day and Yori will soon be leaving for the university he applied far far away. So we see Yori’s parents and Iku sending him off at the train station, saying their last few words together, like the usual ‘keep in touch’ and ‘take care of your health’ lines. Iku tries to play tough girl by saying she doesn’t care if Yori’s going far away and how she won’t feel lonely. But her speech is interrupted when a tearful Tomoka suddenly arrived and hugged Yori, pleading him not to go. Hey, even Haruka’s there to see him off. Well, that’s what best friends are for. They stick with you through thick and thin.
Finally, just before Yori leaves, he gave everyone else a hug, especially, Iku. And then a little peck on her cheek. I guess Tomoka’s not too happy about that. Oh well, couldn’t help it as she just watched. Later that evening back at home, Iku’s still trying to get used to Yori’s absence. Seems tough at first. Then she discovered a note under her pillow which says "Please don’t cry". Do you think she can do that. Didn’t think so.
And the last scene shows Yori saying to himself that eventhough he asked her not to cry but she’d probably be crying now. Then a tear trickles down his cheeks. How sad. A final word from Yori saying that whenever he thinks of her crying, he felt like crying too. I also felt like crying too, but I manage to hold back my tears. End of story.
Overall, I’m not really fond of this incest type of anime. Perhaps I don’t know what they’re going through since I’ve never experienced such a case before. Yeah, I guess this anime is just another one of those where it explores one of the many kinds and aspects of the mystery of love, such as forbidden ones. But I’m glad Yori manage to foresee his problem and try and take steps to overcome it, though maybe it wasn’t a smooth one during the process. Yeah, love hurts too.
In conclusion, therefore, one should have an open mind in order to watch this. Or else, you’d be disgusted by it. Well, I was a little at first. But later on, I felt it wasn’t that bad either. I also realized that in a way love is something like God, works in mysterious ways, and like water, too little of it, you die, and too much of it, you’d drown in it. Hey, that’s a nice way to put things.

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