Will they still be able to make friends? But more importantly, which of the girls will get to be with the main guy in the end?! I guess this is what we are interested about in the next season of the series called Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai NEXT. After a group of ‘unpopular’ people formed a club called Neighbours Club to make friends, things have been going stagnant in their goal ever since the last season. But heck, they had a great time among themselves so doesn’t that count? So I suppose the ‘NEXT’ is to see where this club will head to or bring to the next level. Or maybe it hints something more about our sole guy, Kodaka. With a bevy of beauties around him in the club, is he going to take this mere ‘friendship’ to the next level or play status quo? Maybe he can’t make such big decision himself. That’s why there are friends around to help him. But that is going to take a little while seeing how quirky everyone is and how everyone is just having fun at the moment. Do we want to spoil that ‘peace’?

Episode 1
Sena is wearing a bald wig. This is her idea of making people laugh so that she could make friends? Oh, here comes Yozora in a blonde wig. See looks like Sena… Acts like her… Isn’t that very insulting? After all, watching Sena get angry and cry makes Yozora very happy! After being made to realize by Kodaka how embarrassing they look, he is going to demonstrate what a true comedian has to make people laugh: Talk. Anyway, they don’t get his joke and find it very lame. Later when Yozora talks about the current hairstyle trend called heaping (you heap and decorate your hair with things), she and Rika are trying to bait Sena in trying out this hairstyle. The simpleton easily gets tricked and wants that hairstyle. And off Rika goes to bring her equipment. Thinking they need a summer theme to it, they even get Yukimura to go buy the stuffs. Let’s say it is an abomination once their work ends. There’s a bikini, watermelon, melon bread and cuttlefish among many other things hanging on her hair. How the heck can she keep balance? Worse part, Sena thinks it’s cool! Kodaka knows this is going to be a disaster but doesn’t have the heart to hurt her. Next day, she comes crying to Kodaka because her father spanked her after seeing such abomination. Rika and Yozora apologize (not sure if it’s genuine) but Sena chides them that the leas they could do is let her laugh it off with them. Eh? What?

Later Kodaka is studying at the library as Sena texts to pester him to come to the club room with him. When he finally relents, she doesn’t need him anymore since Kobato is here. Suddenly Kodaka gets a distress call from Kobato to save her from maniacal Sena!!! The scream… Sounds like a kidnap case! Kodaka agrees to study with Sena at her home and since Kobato is still traumatized over that incident, I guess it is just him. Upon entering her room, Kodaka is shocked to see photos of Yozora paste on her ceiling! Is she a stalker?! It’s part of her plan to revitalize her revenge for Yozora. You know how seeing the person you hate more makes you want to get revenge even more? She got that blonde wig too. As they are studying, Stella comes to bring in refreshments. She hands to Kodaka… Condom!!! Oh no!!! Luckily his iron grip means Sena can’t see what is in his palm. Then she decides to take a break and play a video game. Kurogane No Necromancer is a game based on the anime Kobato loves. Yeah. It’s her ploy to get close to Kobato. She sounds like a pervert. Good thing he didn’t bring Kobato along. They played too long and he realizes it’s already evening. He is forced to stay for dinner and then forced to stay for the night. He takes a bath and is surprised when Pegasus comes to bath with him! We didn’t watch this show for the male skinship! Damn it! Pegasus washes his back because he wants to know if Sena is being bullied. Remember that dreadful hairstyle? He thinks Sena is being bullied so much that she has been convincing herself that she did it herself. Kodaka wanted to tell him his daughter had turned into a perverted stalker (since Pegasus didn’t step in to her daughter room) but I guess he had got no balls. Kodaka assures that if Sena is being bullied, he will protect her. Happy Pegasus leaves it to him. Did he just got himself into trouble? No turning back…

Episode 2
Rika lets loose her hair and tosses away her glasses for an image change. I think she looks pretty. Even Kodaka thinks so. Thing is, he said his passionate metaphor of her beauty out loud! The other girls must be jealous and embarrassed. Rika tries to be elegant but can’t help revert back to her perverted self. Since Kodaka is ignoring her, she decides to console her broken heart with a BL anime called Homo Game Club. Oh… Yozora didn’t like how lewd it sounds but when Kodaka agrees with Rika about judging a book by its cover, Yozora is forced to watch its contents first before commenting. And so everyone begins watching the anime in which Rika says have been re-edited so first time viewers won’t have any problems. As the show progresses, Rika and Sena got emotional and cried!!! Is it that good?! Till the last shocking scene whereby the 2 main guys kiss!!! Yozora feels embarrassed and asks Rika the expert if it’s okay if such a kiss is made by friends. To Rika it doesn’t matter who you kiss. You kiss and go to bed with anyone you like!!! Yozora seems to be happy. I don’t know. It’s hinting towards Kodaka… Anyway Yozora passes this show but Sena is not happy. How can she approve Rika’s taste when she doesn’t do the same for Sena’s galges? Yozora points out the perverted dialogues in it. To prove it, she has no problems reading out loud any scenes from Homo Game Club. She memorizes all the lines and perfectly utters them out loud. It makes her look so cool. Now it’s Sena’s turn. She can’t… Yeah. Too many lewd lines, right? So when she finally gets around to it, after all that stammering and soft voice, I think she really said that ‘P’ word. It causes everyone to go in shock because they didn’t realize how much of a pervert she was. They apologize (not sure genuine or not) and Sena is left running away in tears for the embarrassment she has gotten into.

A drunk nun, Kate Takayama pulls over Kodaka in hopes of solving his problems. I don’t think he has any problems. Then he realizes how familiar she looks. I guess he understands now when Maria comes hugging him. It seems Maria doesn’t like this elder sister of hers and continues to spout vulgarities like nobody’s business!!! Even after that painful noogie, Maria can still insult her! Anyway Kate is grateful to Neighbours Club because Maria has been livelier since. Hasn’t she always been like that? Kate explains before this, all Maria did was study. She became full of herself and looked down on everyone else and this worsened when she skipped grades. So apart from him, she also has Yozora to thank. Because she is the first girl that Maria could never stand up against. Someone who is ‘smarter’ than her. Yeah, she met her match. Remember how she was made to run around school naked? Yeah… Since Kate is only 15 years old, she calls Kodaka her onii-chan too. Later Kodaka and Yozora meet and the latter wants to compare answers from their recent exams. I don’t know. They’re just talking instead of using their test papers to compare? A history question that has Yozora perplexed because she doesn’t remember if she had written the kanji name correctly. Both kanjis are very similar and it is often easy to miswrite them. This even made cock sure Kodaka unsure. Sena wants to join in comparing answers. I don’t know how they’re able to do it by just mentioning the question numbers only. Since Sena’s answers are all correct, sore loser Yozora wants to stop comparing answers with her. And since Sena is being persistent, Yozora mocks her she would rather compare her answers with her air friend. Remember Tomo-chan?

Episode 3
Kobato seems to be shooing someone away from the door. Is it the newspaper? No. It’s Maria! Why is she here? She ran away from home. Why? She didn’t like how Kate made her work and complained Kodaka will never do such a thing and was told if that’s the case to go live with him. And she did. How did she know his place? She had Kate bring her here. Some running away… Of course this means Maria and Kobato would be bickering at just about anything. From saying grace to dinner and playing video games. Man, it’s sure ‘lively’. After every few minutes, Kate will annoying call Kodaka to check up on Maria. Is she that worried? But more importantly, is she a siscon?! Maria has no qualms stripping naked and run to the bath. Treating this like her own home, eh? The final insult for Kobato came when Maria wears her pyjamas but finds the chest area too tight. She blows her top. Maria wears Kodaka’s loose t-shirt and as the lolis continue their video game, Maria dozes off. Kobato decides to tug in too when Kodaka mentions sleep helps in growing up. Wow. Kodaka must be a patient guy because even if Maria is a sleepy head, he still brushes her teeth for her. Next morning, Kate comes to pick Maria up and Kodaka gives her the green light to come back again. I’m sure Kobato isn’t going to like this. So she goes to play her video games as preparation when Maria visits next time. Kodaka is glad because it shows Kobato is expecting her company despite being enemies.

The Neighbours Club throw a party to celebrate the end of their exams. As they drink to a toast, Yukimura can’t handle carbonated drinks well but drinks up anyway so that she could match with Kodaka. Since she can’t finish, Kodaka does it for her and prompts Rika to tease their indirect kiss. Then they decide to play King Game. Because the rivalry between Yozora and Sena are heating up with absolutely humiliating orders, Kodaka proposes a rule change. Everyone is to write their orders and the king picks the order from the box. Sena becomes the first king and gloats-cum-insults the poor victim who will wear a swimsuit. The one who will be doing it is Kobato. Oh no! King’s orders are absolute. No turning back! No nullification. Since they don’t have a swimsuit, Rika has a very revealing cosplay outfit close to that. Kobato… Hates… Sena… I think she ‘levelled ‘up a lot on that ‘point’ there… We have a glimpse of all the sick orders the rest wrote like Rika’s orgasm cry and one that has Sena going to a supermarket to make a Lupin face to the cashier. Yeah. Really WTF. And we have Kodaka showing his chest to everyone! The flattest of them all… When Sena becomes the king for the final game, she notices a paper stuck in the sides and decides to pull this one out, much to Yozora’s dismay. The order is for the king to kiss somebody. That somebody is Kodaka! They’re going to really do it but panicky Yozora stops them. I guess her plan backfired, huh? To solve this, Kodaka drinks from Sena’s cup for an indirect kiss. Aren’t we all relieved or disappointed? Late that night, Kodaka’s dad makes a surprise call. He asks if Kodaka is getting married to Sena. EEEEEHHHH???!!!

Episode 4
It seems Pegasus called him drunk and blab about fixing a date for their wedding. So a drunk man’s talk? Daddy is interested if Kodaka has a girlfriend or two but when Kodaka mentions Kobato has a boyfriend, the overprotective father is going to kill that boyfriend! Gotcha! Just kidding! Sena hopes to get into Kobato’s good books by inviting her to Yokoshima Wonderland whereby there will be a special event for Kurogane No Necromancer. Since Kodaka wanted to go with friends, Yozora decides that everyone should go. Besides, a ticket can admit 6 adults. Who is the kid? Maria. Later Kodaka asks Sena if Pegasus was acting strange. She tells him he was just drunk and rambled about something and gave her tickets to this Wonderland. When they arrive, everyone is so eager to ride the scariest ride: Black Dragon. As the roller coaster ascends, everyone seems pretty confident. But as it inches to the top, they start to panic. Maybe this isn’t what they expect it to be. And when it finally descends at full speed… All hell breaks loose! I tell you this scene is hilarious! Everyone is spouting out vulgarities while dropping! Rika said the ‘F’ word!!! The only calm one is Yukimura who is coolly chanting her meditation lines! Kodaka could have been cool too if not he had to witness the horror of Rika in the midst of breaking down!!! At the end when everyone is recovering from it, Maria had the cheek to say it was fun. Hmm… Did she recover fast? Kodaka and Sena accompany Kobato to the special event. Sena tries to appeal to her with her little knowledge on the show but is scorned by Kobato as she spills out the exact details and episodes of everything! She lost points instead of gaining them. So the typical stuff. Hostess goes on stage. Bad guys come out to take hostage. Sena wants to become to hostage to get the prize at the end but they don’t want the ‘mother’ and will take their ‘daughter’ Kobato. While Sena and Kodaka fluster at becoming Kobato’s parents, I guess Kobato couldn’t be bothered with all that and just went on stage. Kobato gets the director’s autograph and likes it very much. Though reluctant, she thanks Sena and this causes the stalker pervert to be turn on.

As everyone eats lunch, Maria expresses her desire to ride Black Dragon again. What? Serious? This has Yozora and Sena challenging each other to ride again after insulting each other how scared they were previously (Sena wet her pants by the way). So while the duo ride it again, Kodaka and the rest ride the other attractions. When they meet up, they see the duo all messed up! What happened?! It looked like as though they’ve been raped! And turned into a zombie! Apparently since they’re both stubborn and refuse to give up, they ride it 8 times!!! They’re going for a ninth one when they can’t hold it in anymore and vomit on Kodaka. So a good time to take a bath. Since Maria is a little girl, Kodaka and Yukimura allow her to follow them into the men’s section. Yukimura scrubs Kodaka’s back and the latter tries to reason that she’s a boy. Cheeky Maria points out at Kodaka’s dick. She is fascinated with this weird thing. It’s something every guy has, Kodaka explains. Really? So why doesn’t Yukimura have them? Say what? Kodaka accidentally looks back and realizes she doesn’t have one! I guess this really confirms it. YUKIMURA IS A GIRL! When he tells this to the others, Rika uses her molestation skill to ascertain that (doesn’t that look stimulating?). Because Yukimura will not believe Kodaka’s words that she is a girl, Rika is made to do so and I don’t know what she said but Yukimura is convinced. However she is saddened and on the verge of tears she can’t be a great man like Kodaka. Due to family issues, she always thought she was a man. There were people who pointed it out but she just ignored them. Kodaka assures her even if she can’t be a man like him, she can still be his underling. Now that Yukimura is a girl, Sena thinks she is pretty cute… Oh God. Yozora is left to rue her carelessness and laments things don’t go as plan and have the worst luck. Wait a minute. This Yukimura-is-a-boy thingy was a setup-cum-lie by her? Yozora, maybe.

Episode 5
Yukimura is now dressed as a butler. Well, all part of Yozora’s plan as she somehow convinced him that she’ll become a man. A true man transcends the concept of gender. Whatever. Kodaka notices Rika playing her game and not all of them are BL. In fact, this one GirlSuku is an otome game. It is galge for girls. GirlSuku has the characters turned to boys. It’s like a reverse harem thingy. Yozora didn’t like it but as usual, she is told about judging a book by its cover so she agrees to try it out first and then bash it up. At first she is unsure to put in her name so Sena hijacks and inputs a real funny name and laughs her ass off. But this doesn’t sit well with Rika so Sena got scared by her scary looks and returns the controller to Yozora. She decides to put in her own name and starts the game. The dialogue of the protagonist girl has Sena laughing her head off because it doesn’t match Yozora’s personality. Yozora plays the game and is annoyed by the guys that she is supposed to end up sleeping with and the best friend b*tch who is eager to befriend her (she believes she will betray her in the end). And so, Yozora increases all her stats without dating. What a poor soul. Till a character saves her from bullies did Yozora take interest in this badass dude. Maybe it reminds her of a certain person, eh? Since this dude is a charmer too, the girls sidetracked talking about change of hairstyle. It is when Kodaka compliments Rika’s change in hairstyle too. This surprises and upsets Rika because she thought he didn’t notice because he never said a word. Kodaka admits he always pays attention to her but stops short to say it’s to keep up with whatever she’s planning. She throws a tantrum and hints about increasing their love points together but since he is so dense, she falls into some depression and decides to ‘do a quickie by herself’ in her science lab.

Yozora continues the game and even gets emotional when this guy doesn’t want to see her anymore to avoid her reputation being tarnished. She ends her game graduating at the top of her grades but a lonely girl that has never made friends. How did this happen? Rika points out she may have missed an important flag in the game but failure is all part of parcel of such dating games. Yozora resigns to this fate if this is what is in store for her and hints of a particular delinquent with no friends in reality. She feels the game is not bad. Rika has changed her hairstyle and hair colour so I guess Kodaka somewhat learnt his lesson and makes a comment but she hints of something more. When she introduces some hair dye solution, he realizes the inventions she made are boring. Say what? They’re practical but lack some sort of romance. He suggests several big inventions that could only be possible in sci-fi shows. A giant robot? A flashlight that changes one’s size? Or even a time machine. Rika did make a time machine and though it won’t send your physical body back in time but just your consciousness. Don’t believe it? Try it out. Kodaka has to think of the time he wants to go back to and before he knows it, he goes back 10 years ago to that fateful day he had to part with Yozora. This time he breaks his silence and tells her he will be going away and never see each other for a decade but will still be friends. Suddenly Yozora turns into a horse monster and beats him up and won’t forgive him. Kodaka wakes up and Rika apologizes. This isn’t a time machine but a sleep assistant with hypnosis feature. She wanted to play a prank on him but it turned out he had quite a nightmare. Kodaka apologizes for calling her inventions boring and that this one was crazy because he felt he really went back in time. But the rest are not thrilled. Because if he was dreaming something 10 years ago, why is Yozora in his dreams? Remember, the others do not know of Kodaka and Yozora’s past connection.

Episode 6
Yozora explains to everyone Kodaka is he childhood friend. Because they were friends in the past, there is no reason for her to go round spreading it. With the mood of everyone back to normal, Kodaka asks what they are to do about the upcoming school cultural festival. Yozora puts his idea down because it’s a popular event made by popular people for popular people. I guess loners like them don’t need it, right? Sena disagrees because last she was a hit with the students. Whether it’s her participation in sports or play, she aces in them all! Rika remembers her too but points out the boys were totally into her because they enjoyed watching her boobs bounce in sports and during the play, her panties were visible the entire time. Bummer. Yozora’s real intention is to tour the festival grounds with Kodaka alone but since Sena wants Neighbours Club to be in it and Kodaka agrees as part of their plan to make more friends, Yozora has no choice but to join in. Now the question is what to do for the festival. Sena’s suggestion of a maid cafe is shot down quickly because Yozora can’t wait tables. Everyone teases Kodaka if he becomes a waiter, the customer will run away due to his scary looks. Kodaka wonder if Rika can wait so she gives a demonstration by borrowing Yukimura’s maid outfit. She looks great but Kodaka is not having any reaction. She is even disappointed that he didn’t peek at her while she was changing! Then she demonstrates her tsundere maid but she is physically abusive and foul mouthed! I think customers will never want to come back! Yeah, it’s breaking Kodaka’s heart. It’s Sena’s turn to demonstrate and she seems pretty good in it. Not to mention her well-endowed body has the girls green with envy because it makes her look like some western porn flick! When Sena casts her moe magical spell to make Kodaka’s tea better, Yozora becomes suspicious. Her scary stare has Sena run away in tears and in a way she admits something about going to maid cafes on weekends. Maybe that’s why she is a pro. So I guess they’re not doing a maid cafe. When everyone leaves for the day, Kodaka turns back into the club room. He is surprised to see Yozora dressing up as a maid! Not what he thinks? Slowly back out…

Having a fortune telling booth is what Yozora have in mind for the festival. It’s not that she is into fortune telling or believes them (despite doing her own research of reading every horoscope and comparing it with its outcome – which makes her seem like a horoscope freak, right?), she plans to make money by tempting brainless people who believe in them and spew random crap. Evil… To demonstrate, she decides to do fortune telling on Sena. Yozora effectively uses the Barnum Effect to convince Sena what she is saying is true. I mean, she knows her personality, right? And that gullible blonde actually believes what she said! True enough, she waltzes right into her palm. To ‘improve’ her life, she suggests a very embarrassing act. At midnight, stand on the rooftop with a basin of water on your head and shout out loud “Sexy Beam!” three times! Sena really believes her and will do it and I’m sure Yozora is finding it hard to contain her laughter and looks forward to seeing how silly she is. Late that night, Kodaka gets mail from Sena saying she got spanked by her father… Not again. He replies her to Google up on Barnum Effect. Next morning, Sena is really one pissed girl as she confronts Yozora who pretends she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. But Sena is really upset. Genuine. It is not the fact she got spanked by her father but rather she felt so happy when Yozora told her about it. Yozora feels guilty and the mood between them becomes awkward. But since Kobato is in the club room, all the gloom from Sena vanishes as she starts hounding that poor girl. Is it true that her fortune came true? Did Yozora’s magic crap really work? Actually Kodaka points out Kobato has finished her remedial classes and is able to come to the club again. Sena forgives Yozora this time. Rika has brought several books on fortune telling just in case and Kodaka picks up one on birthdays. This reminds him that Kobato’s birthday is next week. Happy Sena wants to throw her a birthday party. I think Kobato is starting to freak out.

Episode 7
After Kodaka gets mail from Sena to accompany her to go shopping for Kobato’s present, he gets similar mails but with a twist from the rest. A hidden message in Rika’s very perverted message, Yukimura’s ‘short’ message that turns out to be very long winded and Yozora’s beating-around-the-bush message. So, it’s like a situation when the harem guy agrees to all of them and all his harem girls meet right at the same place. Yeah. Annoyed. Disappointing, no? Kodaka comments Rika putting so much effort in her hairstyle but rarely changes her clothes. Well, because he’d just ignore it, right? Kodaka didn’t realize he said out loud that he would find Rika in cute girls more appealing. Really? Rika thinks of expanding her wardrobe and looks up to Sena. Too bad all her clothes and make-up are taken care of by Stella. As for Yozora, she depends on the internet site and wears what is fashionable. She didn’t realize the meaning of boyish because until she is told it is just a term to up one’s feminine’s charm. Now she feels embarrassed with those exposed belly and thighs. Yozora wants to go shop something else first so Yukimura and Rika accompany her. This leaves Kodaka and Sena to shop together. Sena wants to know what will make Kobato really happy. Don’t even think about giving yourself. Sena became happy for a second when Kodaka mentions meat will make Kobato happy. No, not you. The kind where you eat them, silly. In the end, Kodaka became fascinated with some high end frying pan and buys it. As they rest, Sena asks his opinion about the other girls. Nothing much. Does he want a girlfriend? It’s not that he doesn’t want, how can a boring guy like him have a girlfriend when he doesn’t have friends? Sena doesn’t think he is boring. As for Kodaka’s question about his past with Yozora, Sena panicked at first but realized there is no need to because the present is more important and doesn’t want to lose to her. She hints that if she likes someone, she won’t find them boring. When everyone regroups, Rika looks cute in a girly dress, Yukimura is hot wearing Yozora’s hand-me-downs and Yozora… Don’t even ask how she ended up in a tracksuit.

Kobato’s party gets underway and I think she could have enjoyed it better if not for Sena’s creepy presence. Yeah, there’s a little doll of Sena and Kobato on the cake… Everyone gives their present and guess what is Sena’s present to Kobato? Meat… She really bought it… But Kobato is one happy girl since with this meat, she can eat her favourite sukiyaki tonight. Kodaka spots Kate trying to peek into his home! Well, Maria is here. Siscon… And so, Kobato’s day is ruined with the sisters. When Kate talks to her about calling Kodaka her onii-chan and all, Kobato becomes mad that big brother had to add more sisters!!! Since Maria is dragging her feet, Kate explains they are here because Maria has a present to give to Kobato. It’s a key charm. Charming. But you know how this will end. Little girls’ fight… The girls sure can eat and wallop the entire sukiyaki. Feel bad for Kodaka. He did most of the work and only ate 2 pieces. Kate shows him a locket Maria got for her. There’s a cicada shell encased inside… But that’s her way of showing her love I guess. As they’ll be staying here tonight, Kate takes Maria to bath. Kodaka gets them spare clothes when he sees Kobato running out from the bathroom in tears. She must have been terrified by Kate’s superb proportions. Kodaka accidentally sees this and runs out. He apologizes and she forgives him since it wasn’t on purpose. Kodaka learns Kate and Pegasus are fishing buddies as they love fishing salmon. When Kate and Maria leaves, the former wished he was really their brother. But she doesn’t discount if he was something else it would be nice too. Hint, hint. However she notes he’s already got Sena. Big hint, hint. I’m sure Kodaka may not understand what she means now but he’ll soon find out.

Episode 8
Kodaka thanks the girls from the bottom of his heart because Kobato had a good time. Everyone gets excited to celebrate each other’s birthday but Rika is not amused. Getting back to the discussion for the festival, they wonder what Kobato’s class is doing. She is reluctant to say but after Kodaka ‘threatens’ with meat and games, she relents. She is to play a lead role in a play. So what is the leading lady doing here? Ran away, huh? Kodaka gives her words of encouragement to do her best and it doesn’t take long before she makes her way back to her class. This prompts Yozora to do a movie too but when she nominates herself as the scriptwriter, Sena objects. She has a bad feeling if she’s the one behind the pen. Anyway she has everyone contribute what they want to see in the movie. Kodaka: No rape! Yeah. I remember that relay novel and how terrible it went. I guess everybody else has their weird ideas. Back home, Kodaka receives mail from Yozora to accompany her to get ideas for the movies. This time she was a little prepared because she tells him the company of others are not needed. First, they stop by a cinema to watch what it seems to be a harmless French romance movie. Then… OMG! French porn! C’est si bon! That won’t do for their movie, no? Next, they stop by the cat shop and Yozora loves frolicking with the cats. She can’t have one since she lives in an apartment. Even if she did not, she can’t have one because of Night. Ten years ago, they both found an abandoned cat at a shrine. They used their pocket money to care for it and one day, it vanished. I guess this is where her trauma of somebody vanishing without notice started. If she is going to get hurt again, she doesn’t want to form any bonds. In the club room, Sena can tell this Kobato is fake! Yeah, it’s Rika dressing up as her. Anyway, Yozora has done the script and it looks good. She already has done to casting too. It’s about the main student (Yozora) who is old friends with the new transfer student (Kodaka) and the class boss who is against them till the end (Sena). Then there’ll be a girl who keeps pulling pranks on them (Rika), a boy who secretly admires transfer student from afar (Yukimura) and the transfer student’s sister (Maria). Doesn’t this feel familiar?

Sena objects since she is playing the villain but Yozora manages to put it in a way that she’ll accept it: She gets more screen time and attention. Rika too objects because based on Kodaka’s character, he has qualities that the real Kodaka doesn’t have! And Kodaka himself really thinks he is such a cool guy?! Such shocking truth, eh? Maybe this is what Yozora really wishes in him. She is basing all this based on her relationship with him as childhood friends. Since nobody agrees, everyone decides to vote which character they’ll play. It turns out to be messed up… Yukimura now the leading role and the worst one: Kodaka the little sister! WTF?! Can he play that role? Blame Sena and Maria for that vote. I don’t know why they can’t do a re-vote (probably the results will be the same) so Yozora rewrites the story to change Kodaka’s role as a little brother. However when she rewrites the script, it becomes worse than before. The best friends are no more friends. A friend of a friend is not a best friend? Because Yozora used her childhood friend basis for the change, Sena tells her off ancient history like that isn’t important. This riles Yozora up. She’s scary. For once, Sena isn’t daunted and reminds her that her job is to fix the script. Like a role reversal, this causes Yozora to cry and wish that Sena never existed before running away. When everyone leaves, Yozora returns to the room to get her bag but Kodaka spots her. She asks if the past or present is more important. He can’t choose and asks her the same. She views the past is more important but does that mean the present isn’t as important? Yozora fixes the script and this time it is much better and wins everyone’s approval. Now to start filming on it.

Episode 9
Filming gets underway and since Kodaka’s role doesn’t have much appearance, he is rather free. He goes to see the exam results on the billboard. As usual, Sena is tops. 895 out of 900 points! How the hell does she do it? But a petite girl, Aoi Yusa seems to not like the results. From the way she says things, this student council treasure who is in the same class as Sena is somewhat jealous of her success in every area. To add salt to injury, she thinks Sena has snagged a boyfriend for herself too. That’s you, Kodaka. He dismisses it but she doesn’t believe. But the thing that catches his attention is how she describes him as a cool person. He likes that, doesn’t he? Nobody ever said that to him before. He returns to the club room only to see Sena in. The rest are out scouting for a suitable location for their next scene. He talks to her about Aoi. She doesn’t recognize her. WTF. Doesn’t she even bother to learn her classmates’ name? Remember the previous ‘wise’ words of Sena: 2 types of girls in this world: Those who love her and the rest are all b*tches!!! So why bother to learn names of retarded b*tches? Kodaka is amazed that she barely puts in any effort in studying and yet comes out tops. Their study session together was her first time. Is it a wonder why many girls envy her? After filming, Kodaka passes Pegasus who asks him about his progress with Sena. When Kodaka mentions they’re not dating, this causes Pegasus to panic and flee. WTF moment. Next day, Sena ‘borrows’ Kodaka to talk about this dating incident. Seems Pegasus got the wrong idea. When he gave her tickets to Yokoshima Wonderland, Sena was infatuated that this is her ticket in making Kobato her sister. What is the fastest and legal way of doing that? Get married. Sena agreed to it all without thinking of the consequences. She talked to daddy about this misunderstanding.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s the real bombshell. No, not the blonde. Their engagement. SAY WHAT?! Apparently there is a photo of them playing when they’re toddlers and their arranged marriage was decided by their dads then. They don’t remember but it is claimed there is a document with their thumbprints to seal such agreement. They think they should forget about it since it is long story and Kodaka believes his dad might have forgotten about it (Sena seems to find it regrettable it had to end this way). Sena is worried about Yozora but Kodaka says there is no need to tell her since this doesn’t involve her. When they return to the club room and about to resume filming, Maria’s arrival has Kodaka remembering Kate’s words. Suddenly happy Maria asks Kodaka if he is getting married because she heard all about it from Kate. The secret is out. So Kodaka and Sena explain everything. Man, Yozora must be hard hit and in total shock. Really. So much so this annoys Sena as she takes her fly swatter and swats her face! The past doesn’t matter! All that matters is now! Still no reaction. She is devastated being a fiancée has a deeper relationship than a childhood friend. In Sena’s case, it makes her a childhood friend too. The filming continues and Yozora is in serious depression. No motivation at all… After finishing up, Kodaka passes by Kate and blames her for the tons of trouble. Though she apologizes, she mentions the teachers, nuns and some students already know of this because Pegasus likes to tell people whenever he gets the chance. But Kate feels somewhat relieved that Pegasus was just getting ahead of himself. Learning about the film he made, Kate recommends him to watch an old teen masterpiece movie that resembles closely to theirs. Guess what? Kodaka is absolutely pissed that this show is exactly the same as the one they are doing! The scenes, lines and all! Yozora ripped it off! Plagiarism!!!

Episode 10
Yozora is made to reflect on her actions. Repent! Sena wants to redo everything again but do they have time for an original movie? Thankfully she wrote one in case Yozora screws up. Now it’s Sena’s turn to bully Yozora and the latter can’t fight back! How does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine? She is forced to wear an embarrassing witch outfit as Sena takes over the directing role. This movie has everything cramped in it. School, friendship, singing, magic, super power, samurai, robots, space war, love between men, etc. WTF. I’m thinking how screwed up this is going to get. Kodaka accompanies Rika back to her science lab. Amazing she remembers the number of days it has passed since he last set foot here. 122 days… She shows him the special effects she put in and it’s amazing. She shows him photographs of Neighbours Club that she keeps in several albums. It may look like she’s a stalker taking photos of them secretly but it was as modelling reference when she first made the game for the club. Kodaka notes how she might be the one who is trying hardest to make new friends. Neighbours Club visit Kobato’s school to view her class’ movie. Although it turns out to be a retro silent black and white movie with no special effects and resembles closely to Princess Kaguya story, nevertheless it is amazing. Of course Sena is the one cheering the loudest while Maria fell asleep throughout. Sena adds to Kobato’s trauma after the show by hugging her (almost suffocating her to death with her boobs). Kobato is very embarrassed since they came and goes into hiding. Kodaka learns from her friend that Kobato is very popular and even has her own fan club. However she doesn’t seem interested in making friends despite others trying hard to be friends with her. Rika quips how similar Kodaka and Kobato are. It runs in the blood. Maria suddenly feels depress and it’s like all her excitement as a loudmouth carefree loli just evaporated. Totally different.

When they return to their club, Kobato makes her entry. Suddenly Maria is back to her lively self as the lolis argue. But notice how happy and smiling all the way when they ‘fight’? Sena is going to complete the final scenes and replace Kodaka’s scenes with Kobato. So he’s an extra all the while? After the opening speech by the student council president, Hinata Hidaka, it seems Yozora feels disgusted in hearing her. They don’t even know each other nor have they spoken so why all the hate? Hinata is like Sena who is good at studies, athletics and helping out others. Only difference is that she is a popular girl with friends. She wants her to become like Shakespeare’s King Lear and have a bad end! How deep can her grudge go? Kodaka notices Rika looking forlornly on the rooftop and goes to talk to her. Just wanted fresh air? He notices the bags under her eyes as she stayed awake all night to complete her work. Rika gets embarrassed when Kodaka praises her. Then it’s time she gets serious. She asks about his feelings for Sena. Nothing. Just club mates. She points out that is not how Sena sees it and adds he doesn’t like being lonely but is afraid of people expressing their affection towards him. He pretends not to see or notice and runs away or covers up. Even to the point of lying to himself to convince no one has any feelings for him. No, she is not talking about Kobato you dimwit. If he wants, she can always stay the same but she thinks it is time he takes a step forward. Kodaka tells her to stop it. She says something inaudible about them all for him. Kodaka whether or not really hears it, he somewhat knew the words she said. He had known it for a long time.

Episode 11
Rika isn’t here for the screening so Kodaka goes to see what’s up with her at her science lab. She’s collapsed on the floor! Thankfully it’s just a cold. Yozora will have the screening cancelled since there won’t be any meaning of the 7 of them don’t watch it together. As the gang goes around putting up the cancellation notice, Kodaka bumps into Aoi again. He still likes how she showers him with those cool words. Aoi is surprised that Sena has joined a club and way back in June. Kodaka goes to visit Rika in the infirmary and she’s doing fine. Though saddened the movie is completed, she is touched of what Yozora said. She feels sleepy and wants Kodaka to rape her!!! WTF?! If not, read her a book till she sleeps. Okay. It’s BL… Oh sh*t. Wish you had taken up the rape offer, eh? Just like Sena, he can’t really read it straight. What’s a yaoi hole? Don’t know? Neither do I but I can vaguely guess what it is. Rika is disappointed when Kodaka tells her guys don’t have that! She might want to ascertain if that’s true on him. No way. Can you blame her for never having a friend to tell her? Once Rika recovers and finishes the movie, everyone watches it together. Hmm… Lots of extravagant special effects. Lots of everything. So much so I don’t know what’s going on. One day, Aoi barges into the club room but once again, Sena doesn’t recognize her. Felt insulted, eh? Anyway she is here to chide this club for doing nothing but play around. Because she was interested in what club Kodaka and Sena’s joined, she did a little investigation. Yozora is back to her holier-than-thou attitude as she counters every damn slander or accusation Aoi throws at them. Even if Aoi quotes from her handbook, Yozora coolly counters that with another article. Give it up. You can’t beat her. Besides, everything she sees about them doing nothing is only her opinion, right? She even defends Kobato’s presence as a club member and that this church is on both school and public grounds and thus her membership is valid and not an outsider. Aoi is left retreating like a loser dog she is.

Unfortunately she came back soon and this time she has found something that will render the club illegitimate. Based on a rule that all clubs need some teacher or sister as moderator, the problem is that Maria is not really a sister as her name is not on the register. In other words, just a loli hanging around the chapel. Kodaka calls Kate to confirm and she bluntly admits Maria is not a sister! About calling herself a teacher? She made that up. About wearing the nun outfit? She thinks it’s cute. Damn. Aoi thinks she’s on the winning track when Sena stands up this time. She makes her move to call her father. Everything will be alright if she becomes an official moderator, right? Shortly, Sena returns to relay the good news Maria has become a special part time instructor. It’s something close to being a teacher. Aoi still isn’t happy despite it’s the chairman’s decision. Still got problem? Sena tells her off she could easily destroy the student council and have Aoi expelled from school if she wanted to. Neighbours Club is hers and if she keeps barking up her garden, she will crush her like a bug. See Sena’s scary face? You better give up. Hope you learn your lesson. And don’t come back! And so Neighbours Club is safe as long as Yozora and Sena are around. She may be misusing her power and acting like the villain but if anybody can be rid of by her power, she doesn’t really give a damn about that person. But Sena seems to shoo Aoi away in a hurry because she wants to continue her game? Suddenly Sena just pops the question to Kodaka. He should just marry her. Shocking! Though the engagement promise is a thing of the past, when they found out about it, it sounded they would never going to get married. She really wants to marry him because she loves him. Kodaka pretends he couldn’t hear her and before anything else could develop, Kodaka excuses himself out of the room. So typical of him.

Episode 12
Kodaka bumps into Aoi and helps her out putting away stuffs from the festival. He asks why she was so adamant in disbanding Neighbours Club. Her reply was she didn’t want a talented person like Sena to waste her time doing nothing. Thinking that she was doing it for her sake, Kodaka contemplates that everyone else are popular and smart too and there’s no need for them to be in Neighbours Club. Aoi admits the real reason is that she was jealous because Sena had everything. When Kodaka points out Sena doesn’t have friends, Aoi laughed so hard and thinks it’s a joke to cheer her up. Kodaka meets Hinata and she takes a liking for him (as a person). After finishing their task, Hinata offers him to join the student council since they could use a guy (the student council only have females). Despite Aoi commending Kodaka’s cool traits, he won’t take up the offer since it’s a heavy responsibility. However he agrees to help them out whenever he can. So for 1 week Kodaka helps them out as part of his excuse not to return to Neighbours Club. He thinks he can’t face his mates after running away. One day Yukimura finds him to bring him back since she heard rumours he has been ‘enslaved’. Because Aoi’s words are somewhat pissing Yukimura off, Kodaka tells her to go ahead first. Kodaka talks with Yukimura to find out the latest happenings in the club. Only Sena and Yukimura come in every day. Yozora and Rika stopped doing so while Maria only comes in to sleep (what else?). He asks why she continues to be an underling despite knowing his true face as a weakling. Simply because she wants to. Even if the club gets disbanded, she will still stand by his side and serve him. He feels unworthy of those words. Suddenly Yukimura’s chest tightens and quipped if she was a strong man, she would’ve plunged herself into his yaoi hole!!! Where did she learn this?! Remember how Rika convinced her she was a girl? Sad… Then Kodaka gets mail from Rika telling him to come to the rooftop immediately or else she will play that secret recording of him reading her that BL book over the PA system! Better get moving!

So what does Rika want? She’s upset (despite being cool). She wants to teach a sad delinquent for turning tail and fleeing the club. A lesson to make him realize the coward and hypocrite he is for even mumbling how much treasures the club. Kodaka allows her to beat him up so she uses brain controlled iron balls to toss into him! Yikes! He has to avoid it because it really will break your bones! See the marks it left on the wall! She’s serious. She understands how he feels after Sena’s surprise confession but what he did after that is unforgivable. She thinks he betrayed the club by helping the student council and let himself to be led away by Hinata’s beauty. Kodaka admits he likes her personality but that only means he respects her as a human being. Rika had asked Sena when she fell in love with him. It was when he saved her from delinquents at the pool (from the first season). The things they did seem to be heading towards a direction that they’ll be a couple. It felt like some sort of cheat code when Sena suddenly becomes his fiancée and childhood friend. This caused Yozora to lose all her nerve. She chides him for being a main character of some romantic comedy trying to get all the girls by being nice. Kodaka dismisses that. He loves to be one and give them all a happy ending. However he is not the main character as he doesn’t know what to do now. He has never gone through this and forming this club was a miracle because it’s a place for outcasts like them to be themselves. Rika accuses him of being a thick headed bystander. There is no point of protecting something if he is not going to be there. She doesn’t want this kind of cheap freak. He tells her back she is the one to say. She acts the lively pervert but slaves away behind the scenes for their sake. Even now she is playing the villain for their sake. So what is it that she wants? Rika says out loud that all she wants are friends. After Kodaka takes that final beating, they reconcile. Rika hopes he could rely on her. She is a genius and can make the impossible possible if he wants. Kodaka wants her to be his friend. But she dismisses that because they are all already friends. Kodaka requests for Rika’s help in which she will gladly provide. He records into the club’s logbook that he finally has made friends. Just as he goes back to the club room to make himself clear to Sena, all the Neighbours Club members suddenly get a message from Yozora. She has left on a journey and doesn’t’ want them to come look for her. Trouble is brewing on her side…

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
Oh my. This series could have been great if not for such an unsatisfied ending. Why are we forced to be left hanging at the end? Feels like there may be a third season but I’m just speculating. Things aren’t really finished yet the way the relationship between Kodaka and Yozora has been going. Don’t you feel that it has been going on a downward trend? I guess there is so much a girl can do and take and when she finally snaps, maybe she needs some time by herself to think and chill out. Overall, this sequel still lives up to its zaniness with the peculiar bunch of characters. It also had some development to go with and it was going great guns in the last episode as well with all that build up. Just sad that it had to end this way. They should have made a thirteenth episode, damn it. Ah well, maybe a single episode is not enough to solve Yozora’s woes because that girl seems to be holding on to her precious past and the thing that prevents her from moving forward.

The main development is of course the romance part. We all want to know which girl Kodaka would choose even though we know he won’t make a decision. Yozora and Sena seem to be leading the scoreboard and they are probably on level with each other as favourites to end up with him. However a series of blunders have caused Yozora to lose confidence and gradually I could feel that she no longer has that oomph anymore and just doesn’t really give a damn. Then suddenly comes Sena’s surprise childhood friend revelation and the shocking confession she wants to marry him. That was a real put off for Sena. Clearly there were many moments that hint the duo really like Kodaka. Especially Yozora mumbling to herself if it should have turned out the other way. I remember one of her mumblings after that French porn movie that she suggests to do that c’est si bon thingy too. If she had only said that louder. But in this romance segment, this season isn’t just about a two-horse race. Rika seems to be creeping up as a formidable contender too with hints thrown at us along the way (there are quite a few scenes that focus solely in Kodaka and Rika alone). Sometimes it feels that she might just come up from behind and snatch Kodaka away. That’s why she isn’t one to be dismissed yet. However if you think the girls interested in him are just confined to Neighbours Club, then take note that there are a couple of ‘outsiders’ that I would consider a worthy challenger to the race for Kodaka. 1) Kate – notice some of her words sound ambiguous like as though she hopes of wanting him as her boyfriend? 2) Hinata – she might say she likes him as a person but notice her body reaction when she said that? Her limited appearance doesn’t do justice but it was enough to tell us that it is more than just liking him as a person. It’s going to be a crowded field if Kodaka doesn’t make up his mind soon.

As for the other girls, I won’t say they won’t really fall in love with Kodaka as a woman but for now they don’t seem to be indicating or doing proactive things to make us believe they are so. Yukimura happens to me utmost admiration despite the last bit there may indicate she really wanted to do in his yaoi hole. Whatever. Same case with Aoi. Her interactions with him feel that she looks up to him as a cool person. Oddly, she is the first person to be considered by Kodaka to think how cool he is. Then what were Yukimura’s praises for? Sure, she never spouted the cool character he is and her speeches are like so samurai-like but they are still worthy admiration, right? As for Maria, this carefree loli nun just views him as a big brother and nothing more. With her around, you don’t feel that she is really interested about the subject of romantic love and is just glad Kodaka is someone she can call her onii-chan. As for Kobato, I know she likes her brother very much but I don’t see it to a point that she has extreme brother complex. The kind whereby she obsessively fawns over him (like Sena does towards Kobato) and worse, the kind of sister who wants to keep her brother all to herself and marry him! Don’t see it in Kobato, do we? So she’s just an ordinary girl living out as her favourite anime character. Besides, she obediently obeys what Kodaka says like a good girl even if she doesn’t want to at first.

One of the reason why this series is funny and it still is because of Yozora’s holier-than-thou attitude and the way she bullies Sena. In the first season, she was invincible and you can predict the outcome each time when the duo get involved in a spat. I know bullying isn’t good but the way she does it is amusing since Sena is partly to be blamed for being gullible. But hey, in a way if you think about it, that is because Sena considers her as a friend and shouldn’t friend trust and believe each other? But after so many times being conned, don’t you think she should have guessed her game by now? Ah well, Sena may be stubborn but in that sense she keeps her faith in Yozora. However this time around, no doubt Yozora dominated in the first half of the show with her bullying tactics, ever since her nerve starts breaking down, she seems to kinda lost that touch and surprisingly Sena could give her a taste of her own medicine. It felt the almighty sadistic queen’s rule has come to an end. And when Sena became assertive about her love with Kodaka, it felt like woah. She’s a totally different person. Like a role reversal. Sena improves while Yozora declines. Rika is still the horny pervert this season but she plays more important roles this time. As seen, she purposely became a villain just to open Kodaka’s eyes. This season, I feel Rika is more foul mouthed, bold and assertive than the last season too. Ah well, genius people are equally crazy. Rika too seems to be having the most changes in terms of appearance because I notice she experiments with different hairstyles and colours in some of the episode. In addition to that, she sometimes cast away her lab coat and wears other clothes. This is my personal opinion even though I feel Rika is cute whether she lets her hair down or ties them up like her usual pony tail, however I can’t say the same for Yozora. Even after a season, I still can’t get used to her short hairstyle although it is her boyish fashion theme. I still prefer Yozora when she had longer hair.

Yukimura is still the soft spoken one. So in this season it is really confirmed that Yukimura is indeed a girl. No more doubts about that. I have always had my reservations about her being a boy and now it all comes true. However I would have preferred her to stay in her maid outfit instead of a butler. You know how much I love maids ;p. If it is true that Yukimura one day can turn into a true man, then we will really be able to see a real yaoi hole! Get what I mean? No kidding! Maria and Kobato’s loli fight is still amusing. Maria the lively foul mouthed sister as always without a care while Kobato and her “Kukuku” trademark laughter. Of course if you realize, their last fight seems to be more amicable than their previous despite the vivacity of the argument is still there. Is it a sign that they have accepted each other as friends? Actually, fighting for a long time like that shows that they are friends in a way but now that they are smiling, it proves that they really enjoy each other’s company. Too bad Kobato is still doesn’t like Sena much. Either she hates her (hear her catty snarl) or she gets traumatized. There is no escape. Lastly about Kodaka, at first he seems like the guy caught in between everything and doesn’t bother to get involve in Yozora and Sena’s spat. So in truth he is just turning a blind eye and pretending everything had not happened so that things can be the same. I know it must be devastating to step out of one’s comfort zone since this club is a dream come true for its members. Since Kodaka has known this problem for a very long time, can I say that each time the girls whisper something about their feelings and he can’t catch what they say, is it he is just pretending not to hear? Seems like it. And he’s good at it. So I assume he clearly hears what they mumble but as Rika pointed out, just coolly pretends and ignores them. I’m guessing he heard Yozora saying about that c’est si bon too… Now everyone is at the crossroads. A decision needs to be made. Gosh. If only the series didn’t end like that…

I’m not sure about that Pegasus guy but although he didn’t seem to make much impact as he did in the previous season, I feel there is something fishy going on in him wanting to wed his daughter off with Kodaka. Maybe he is waiting for the day that they will be married just like how they made a pact in the past. Even that one seems fishy. Maybe there is no such document at all and just made up. I find this Pegasus guy to be somewhat a little gay. Notice the way how he talks and approaches Kodaka? Perhaps Kodaka’s dad has been overseas for too long and doesn’t come back frequently so he lacks the need of a male companionship. I don’t want to imagine the kind of route that will make Rika happy. Yeah, Kodaka ends up with Pegasus instead of one of the pretty girls!!! NO WAY! I don’t even want this to happen! Stella is still as quirky but too bad she just made only one appearance in this season. Who knows what kind of kinky tricks she will pull had Kodaka stayed longer. New characters like Kate provide something extra to the show. Just like how wanting to be friends but avoiding getting close runs in the blood of Kodaka and Kobato, I could think of the same thing between Kate and Maria. Because they are so uncouth and unrefined as ladies. Worse, they are shameful as sisters. Just that Kate is a siscon. Kate isn’t ashamed of drinking in the middle of the day (I’m not sure sitting on the bench outside is the result of some hangover), she also isn’t embarrassed about farting, burping and scratching her butt in public! It’s like being a sister is just a job and not her life’s devotion. Aoi and Hinata are great too but their late appearance in this season doesn’t do much justice.

For the fanservice part, I have a feeling Sena exudes most of the fanservice scenes due to her well-endowed body. I noticed it is usually by the way she sits because it’s like she is close to revealing her butt (oh, those sexy thighs!) but we won’t see anything up further and everything is just a teaser. On a trivial note, this time the mid-intermission doesn’t have any more fanservice. The one whereby a girl in a random sexy pose with the word “Haganai” printed somewhere on their body. This season’s mid-intermission is a little strange. It feels like those marshmallow/paper people skipping across the screen. I suppose they are the Neighbours Club members because each of them had some sort of ornament on their head that identifies them. But I’m baffled, is the one with pudding supposed to be Kodaka? Maybe they’re referring to his delinquent coloured hair. You know how Ten Little Indians song goes? Yeah. Seems like one by one they’re being picked off by something vicious. Whether it is getting chased by bees or getting devoured by sharks or getting snagged by a dog. But after reaching halfway and having only the last one left (guess who?), this restarts again by having a new line of marshmallow/paper people but this time they don’t get taken out but go away after being distracted with something else or help the previous fallen ones. And the last person got a basin dropped over his head…

More trivial notes: I observed that the episode titles parody some animes especially those with long winded names involving sisters. Like one that parodies a certain sister that can’t be cute, a sister among a group of ‘sisters’, one that has too much fighting between a girlfriend and a childhood friend, and the one about a sister who as long as she has love it doesn’t matter if it’s her brother. There’s one that parodies newer animes about a perverted prince and a stoic cat, and that SNAFU love comedy life being screwed up. I’m sure you know what anime titles I’m talking about. Of course there are those parodying short ones like Mayoi Neko Overrun or Mayo Chiki. At the end of each episode, there is the usual end card illustration by different people. I don’t know, the styles of all of them look somewhat the same. This season’s opening and ending theme are sung by the 6 girls of Neighbours Club. The opening theme, Be My Friend sounds very much like last season’s opening theme and of course about wanting to make friends. As usual the opening animation is as crazy but this time you see them dressed in costumes for their movie. And perhaps the craziness can be credited to Rika’s amazing special effects skill, no? This time the ending theme isn’t like last season’s rock outfit sung only by Yozora’s seiyuu, but Bokura No Tsubasa is more of an anime pop group. So no more air guitar this time and replaced with red strings.

A tinsy little bit still bugs me. In the final episode when Kodaka and Rika became friends, it made me wonder had not they been friends since they joined? Even when I briefly browse through Wikipedia, it stated that Rika became Kodaka’s first friend. So all this while what do the Neighbours Club members consider each other? Club mates? Maybe. Well, as far as I can remember, no one really said anything about each other as friends. Even if it seems that they are getting along fine (fighting and arguing are part and parcel of friendship), perhaps it is this perception that I thought that they had been friends since the formation of the club. They even do things and go on many outings together, right? With Rika and Kodaka saying it, I guess it is now official that they are friends. But who will turn out to be his lover is another story and might need to wait excruciatingly for a long time. Even if Neighbours Club has yet to fulfil its original goal of making more friends from outside, I think having close knit members within a club is enough for the time being. I mean, how many friends do you want? Of course as many as possible but there is a limit to how many friends you could actually have. Think Facebook and Twitter. Yeah. How many of them are real friends?

As you can see all those who like or admire Kodaka is because of what is inside him. Yes, the all important lesson of never judging a book by its cover. They know he is a good guy deep down inside despite his delinquent looks that they have all gotten used to. Besides, this season you don’t really see him ‘scaring’ people with his looks except for the opening scene in the first episode. That’s about it. Thus this club isn’t just slacking off doing nothing although it may seem so on the outside. Did you not notice that Yozora doesn’t speak to her air friend anymore? Had she not mention that little bit in one of the episodes, I would have totally forgotten that she had one in the first place. But now another problem has crept up on her and that will be a different story altogether. The bottom line of this story is to treasure your friends because nobody could live all by himself/herself in this world. There are times when you have to rely on others (but don’t do it too often). Then if you’re lucky enough, you can ‘upgrade’ to be more than just friends. Being childhood friends or having arranged marriage prerequisite is an added advantage. Or you could just be friends with benefits. Ooohh lala… That will be c’est si bon!

I guess no progress had been made yet. The Neighbours Club are still having the same old face and members. Don’t get your hopes up for anything new if you watch Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai OVA. Some people call this the 13th episode because it takes place after the TV series ended. One obvious note of that is that Yozora has her hair cut short. So what else is new in the club room? Nothing. Same old, same old. Sena is still playing her galge and since it didn’t end too well for her, she breaks the disc! Oh sh*t! She realizes there are 2 types of girls in this world: Those who love her and the rest are all bi*tches! Haha! I think some may classify her in the latter category. This OVA isn’t anything new except that the club members bum around doing things together. The odd way. So here, Kodaka suggests doing a relay novel (a page each) and has decided the turns for everyone to write one to pass the time. Oh dear. I wonder if they can keep track of everything. Don’t hope. My guess is that everything will fall apart right from the start.

This maid cross-dresser starts off putting Kodaka as the main character. What else. It’s always has to be that guy. He is a great man. A talented guy. A true samurai with charisma loved by all. And a rapist! WHAT THE?! And a repeat offender too?! How can a samurai be a rapist?! Well, Yukimura heard from Yozora that Kodaka raped 100 girls every day. I don’t want to know how she even believed that crap. So the story begins with Kodaka getting angry with his subordinate Yukimura, thinking she has sat on his slippers. However she shows him that she put it on her breasts instead and this made him happy. See, didn’t I tell you this was so screwed up?! There’s more. They swore eternal devotion and made love happily ever after. The end. WTF?! You can’t end it right now on the first page! Rika interjects and feels the need for them to strip and engage in sex. Yeah, the one who is aroused is only Rika. So aroused that her head could explode. Unfortunately it didn’t. She wanted to change places with Yozora but was rejected. So while she waits for her turn, till then she’ll just fantasize the indecency in her head. Creepy…

Continuing the story, Kodaka and his underling Yukimura is walking into town and spot villains raping women in the middle of the street. Guess what? The women she describes have traits that resemble Sena! Including all the badmouthing! Sena blows her top but Yozora points out it wasn’t her and only happened to have her characteristics. So is she admitting she is those raped pigs? Embarrassed… However as she continues, Yozora even adds Sena’s name into it! Now what reason is she going to give? They coincidentally have the same name. Yeah, right… But Sena is glad that she called her by her real name for the first time. Now she’s going to end it. Sena feels relieved that she’ll be saved by a hero but don’t count your chickens yet. Yozora writes Kodaka just let her get raped because he is only interested in little girls! And Sena had to get mad at the real Kodaka for not saving her…

Now it’s this guy’s turn to put things back on track. He turns around and slices the villains with his sword. Apparently his rape fetish was only a facade to deceive the baddies as he gets information of their hideout and heads there to defeat them all and bring peace to the town. Normal… Boring… Yozora thinks he’s projecting himself as the main character to escape the pain of reality. With people like them around him, I can see why.

So it’s this blonde’s turn. Guess what? She’s going to get her revenge. As predicted. She makes Yozora the fat ugly evil final boss. Describing right down to her traits and name. Each time, Sena gets smacked by a fly swatter on her head. It’s because Yozora felt the ‘meat’ is decaying and flies are gathering around it. Sena writes Kodaka gets into a galge trap and is forced to pray for rescue. Then descending from the sky is Sena the goddess who will give the evil Yozora a second chance in life if she begs for her life and goes down licking her feet. After she did that, thankful Kodaka also got a ‘reward’ with Sena stepping on his head. And he likes it. Yozora gives Sena the ultimate swat in the forehead. She is furious she has been insulted that she had to beg and lick feet. That scary look on her face made Sena scared. Yozora wants her to apologize now and since she doesn’t feel her sincerity, get down and lick her feet! Gosh. I didn’t know Sena was that afraid of her to do so. But then again, it’s Sena we’re talking about. Fortunately she won’t bring herself to do it and smacks Yozora with her swatter.

She’s going to let everyone see her infinite genius. I have a feeling that says otherwise. Once Kodaka kisses Sena’s feet, his memories awakened and we are transported back to the past whereby Kodaka and Kobato met in some Transylvania place. Lots of fantasy names and grandiose fantasy drama-cum-crap that I don’t care to remember. Thank God each person had to write only a page because Kobato could’ve continued the story for another thousand more pages! Go read it yourself!

When this nun takes over, she makes Kobato step on poop and the bird just released its droppings on her head. Because she stinks, Kodaka suggests they go to the church to accept God’s blessings. When the priest sprinkles holy water over her, she turns into ashes! Don’t be sad! For the vampire has been accepted into Heaven! The moral of the story is that you mustn’t hold your sh*t in when you really need to go to the toilet. Huh? Anyway the lolis start arguing.

She’s going to end this with a bang. Oh no. A bang indeed because isn’t that Death Star exploding? And how the hell did it turn into some sci-fi mecha thingy? Kodaka’s evil powers have awakened and he is going to destroy Earth only to be stopped by his underling Yukimura. That is just a setting so that she could write her story filled with sexual subtexts between them despite having lots of mecha terms in it. This girl is really on fire writing those mecha sex scenes! The raunchy story ends as they continued to enjoy each other intensely through the night.

It’s All In The Writing…
Kodaka can’t really accept this story. I mean, did we understand what was going on? Heck, I was only laughing at the silliness of it all. But as Rika puts it, you can end it with a sex scene in the BL world. All problems will go away with such scene. Just like in real life, as long you have love, you’ll have a happy ending. How I wish this was really true instead of some delusion. But Rika puts the question that has the girls blushing. Who will receive Kodaka’s love at the end of his story? Yeah girls, dream on…

So it was rather fun to see the gang doing another activity together which doesn’t really amount to anything big in the end. It’s just something silly to pass the time. After all, they’ve got nobody else to hang out with, right? Even if they didn’t make other friends, at least they made lots of progress being friends with each other. Of course the eternal rivalry between Yozora and Sena, and Kobato with Maria. They may hate each other’s guts but in a subtle way they are each other’s good friends too because who would be such a good ‘friend’ for them to let them insult and offense, right? It never ceases to amaze me the kind of slur that Yozora could come up just to tick Sena off. She’s really good at it and if you want somebody to stir displeasure in your enemy camp, she is the right person for the job. Rika still never tires over her BL fantasies while Yukimura is still admiring Kodaka too much that she doesn’t mind ‘doing it’ with him. And the poor guy Kodaka is the one who is caught between all the mess. Some friends they are, huh?

Well, the second season has been given the green light and already starting its run so till I’ll be waiting with glee what further antics that the Neighbours Club will hold in their quest to make more friends. Or more frenemies. I don’t think it will be a good idea to make friends by starting with an insult but you know what they say about keeping your friends close but your enemies closer, right? Hmm… As mentioned, the second season is already starting but it will be some time before I catch the entire series. I prefer to watch it after it finishes and in the mean time, go watch some other finished animes first. At least I’m glad to know that I don’t have to go off fantasizing some sick delusions while waiting for my turn to have a go at the sequel.

Remember the first friend you made? How about ever wondering the best way to make a friend? And I mean a real person in the flesh in the friend instead of just liking somebody over Facebook. As humans, it is natural for us to find a group with similar interests or personalities. And of course there are others who aren’t so ‘lucky’. Being an outcast without friends certainly is no fun and as they say, one is the loneliest number. I’m not saying that Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai (I Don’t Have Many Friends) is an anime teaching us loners how to make friends but this is what usually people with no association do when they get together. Okay, I made that up.

However if you think about it, if a bunch of people with no friends group together, then you can’t call them loners anymore, right? Well, if they can start becoming friends among themselves first. You know what they say about birds with the same feathers? I guess these people need to have their own sense of belonging too. So in this series, we have the motley crew of high school students doing activities in a club that is supposed to help them in making friends. Expect lots of the typical high school antics that involves a group of students somewhat shunned by others. They include a returning ‘foreigner’ with a looks of a delinquent, his little sister with a gothic fashion, a bully with only an imaginary friend, busty Miss Popular, a rocket scientist, a maid and a loli nun supervisor. It doesn’t get any weirder than this…

Episode 0
This 10 minute OVA is somewhat like an appetizer for what to expect of the series. Kodaka Hasegawa is one heck of a popular guy. Look how he spends time with his harem girls, Yozora Mikazuki, Sena Kashiwazaki, Rika Shiguma, Maria Takayama, Yukimura Kusunoki and little sister Kobato Hasegawa. We see them having fun at the beach, playing a co-op handheld game together, singing at a karaoke joint, having a swell time at the festivals, watching the fireworks and playing a card game. Oh yeah, it sure looks like good times aplenty. So if you keep wondering why the stress on “We have many friends” and the flashing of the nabe pot, now it’s time for reality to hit Kodaka. He is rudely awakened by Rika with a taser! OMG! She’s not going to let him drift off to his fantasy land alone. And they’re in this dark sinister room with Yozora and Sena facing off in a yami nabe challenge. Both are at their limits. Flashback reveals Yozora suggested a practice nabe so that they don’t fail at nabe parties. So… What does yami nabe have to do with making friends? Maria is already out cold (she’s seeing demons), same case with Kobato and Yukimura is probably halfway dead even though she’s just scooping whatever horrible food into her mouth. As soon as Rika collapses, Yozora and Sena vomit onto Kodaka. It’s black! He narrates the very unfortunate story for the heroines to puke in the first episode. Well I’ve got sadder news. This isn’t even the first episode! Haha! So Kodaka narrates the Neighbours Club that has them doing fun things, encouraging each other and making memorable memories together so that they can become someone others can trust. Oh yeah. Trust in thy neighbour…

Episode 1
Kodaka could even scare the girls as he walks pass them. He thought he saw Yozora happily talking to someone in class. His thoughts are she is not the kind who mixes around since his observations have him conclude she is a loner. His interest piques as he opens the door. Yozora realizes someone was watching and returns to her quiet and distant self. Since Kodaka did see her talking to someone and there is no one else in the room, could it be that she sees ghost?! Actually, it’s her air friend, Tomo-chan. WTF?! Hey, they have air guitar, right? I guess it’s another way of saying imaginary friend. Kodaka thinks she should get a real friend and not an air friend but Yozora lectures him back he is not the one to say since he too has no friends. They talk about suggesting paying people to become your friends, the basis of what stipulates one as friends and today’s society that views badly on those with no friends. Joining a club in the middle of the school term is out of the question and a new member at this point would be just a stumbling block to the club’s goal. Suddenly Yozora gets an idea and leaves with a happy smile. Kodaka narrates he arrived a month ago due to his dad’s change in jobs. Because he took the wrong bus to Saint Chronica Academy in Tooya City, he ended up late to class. Since he was tired, everyone thought his tripping was him assaulting the teacher. Man, even the teacher got scared. Not only that, when he forgot to bring his textbook, the girl next to him instantly gave hers and by noon, rumours spread that he extorted a textbook. That bad, huh? He hasn’t gotten over that ‘trauma’ since.

Next day, Yozora wants Kodaka to follow her. Seems she has started a new club of her own called Neighbours Club and its aim is to make real friends. Oh, Kodaka is also a member because she submitted his application on his behalf. Just great. Their club room will be the chapel’s lounge seeing their advisor, sister Maria is also somewhat a loner. Birds of the same feathers? Yozora has also created a poster but the words don’t make sense. Ah, but if you read the message in a slanting way, you’ll get the message of its purpose to recruit new members. Who the hell can see that? Plus, she drew a horrible picture in case for those who can’t get the message. What the heck is that too? So off they go putting the posters around school. Yozora wants Kodaka to call her by her first name. He finds it hard and wonders if she has a nickname. She once did but refuses to say since a nickname is only what friends call each other. So they aren’t friends despite in the same club? Seconds after putting up the poster, someone comes knocking on their door. Good response, eh? But upon seeing Sena at the door, Yozora quickly slams the door! Eh? Wasn’t she keen on recruiting new members? She explains Sena is a popular girl with flocks of boys always following her as she’s the only daughter of the board chairman of this academy. She also has good grades, good in sports and the humongous boobs that would make every boy fawn over. Yozora couldn’t tolerate anymore the knocking on the door and tells her off popular people can go die. But Sena is still stubborn and is adamant to join as she knocks on the window this time! She really wants to join because she too wants friends. Those tears enough to convince you? So when the girls sit down and start talking, actually, they’re arguing right off the bat! Starting with those boobs… Kodaka guesses that a popular girl like her would be ostracized by other girls since all the boys who hang around her are just ‘balls carrier’ (ironically she’s a girl). He thinks it’s their perfect chance to be friends. Of course we know they already don’t like each other and continue their arguing. Well, that’s one kind of friendship, right?

Episode 2
Now Sena wants Kodaka to call her by her first name so it won’t seem he is close to Yozora. Women… As the club’s first activity, Yozora suggests to play a game that will foster friendship and wants them to bring their PSP. This game, Monster Hunter allows players to co-op and rely on each other in this fantasy world to hunt monsters. Sounds like a tool to deepen your friendship, eh? Sena seems to have attained the highest rank. Upon closer inspection, she played for 53 straight hours ever since! See those bags under her eyes? So as the trio embark on their quest, Yozora and Sena sabotage each other. Kodaka wants them to help each other seriously. Oh, they’ll help each other alright. Oh no. The girls face off beating up each other as Kodaka notes how the girls are feeling lively when they’re killing someone!!! Freaking scary!!! In the end, they both knocked each other out and they fail the quest seeing time is up. With this failure, the girls start badmouthing that games like this sucks (and they were just praising it initially). Kodaka has no say in it all as usual. In class, Kodaka hears his classmates playing the same game. He goes over to ask for some help. But the way he says it and his scary looks make them willing to oblige his wish. And yeah, rumours already spread he extorted classmates in broad daylight.

Now there’s a big TV screen in the club room. Seems Sena has brought her galge and Yozora agrees this might be a good practice for conversation. But seriously. Girls playing galge meant for boys? It starts off with a hitch. The girls arguing whose name to put (definitely not Kodaka’s). Ultimately Yozora hijacks the controller and gives Semoponume name for Sena. For the first girl they meet, Akari Fujibayashi, the girls are in sync that they should ignore and be cold to her! They don’t think anyone can be this friendly on the first meeting! They continue calling her slutty b*tch and how high school girls these days on the internet are (have they look in the mirror recently?). The next girl they meet, the librarian Yukiko Nagata (I thought she resembled closely to Suzumiya Haruhi’s Nagato. Heck even their name is almost similar), Kodaka thought they were going to reject her too but surprisingly they accept her because they plan to ace the next exam. As they continue to make friends with her, Sena gets obsessed and starts liking her. She gets immersed in the world (Sena cross-dressed as a boy while Kodaka a girl?) but suddenly Yukiko’s route takes a negative turn. She is avoiding her because of her cold treatment to Akari. Bad rumours spread and affect other girls if a girl doesn’t like you. Though everything can return to normal by just apologizing, the girls aren’t going to that but put their faith in Yukiko. Unfortunately Sena finishes with a bad end with Yukiko running away. Sena becomes heartbroken and emotional while Yozora is off to find that Akari slut b*tch and kill her!!! Next day, Sena gives Kodaka the galge and wants him to continue playing finish Akari’s route. Now she’s singing praises about this slutty b*tch? I guess she got taken in by her sad past, eh? Not only that, Sena wants him to complete all the other girls’ routes as well! See the bags under Sena’s eyes? Galge isn’t just a game. It’s life itself! Oh well, at least Sena bagged 7 new friends. All 2D girls…

Episode 3
Kodaka and Yozora enter the club room to find Sena playing an eroge! I think it’s a hentai version of The Sacred Blacksmith. Sena and Yozora enter an argument about their differing views about porn so the latter starts insulting her with lots of porn equivalent nicknames. Seeing that Sena views it as some sort of literature masterpiece, Yozora challenges her to read the lines out loud. Sena stammers and is embarrassed while reading over the lines till the point she can’t take it anymore and runs out crying. Sneaky Yozora had secretly recorded her reading and plans to upload it on the net! Even if she was just joking, that idea was too much. Then Yozora starts reading her own literature aloud from Chuuya Nakahara. Kodaka returns home as Kobato interacts with him like a character from her favourite anime, Kurogane No Necromancer. Kobato wonders which is important to Kodaka, her or his club (because he can’t come back early always). Guess what? He chose the club. At least he isn’t a siscon. Kodaka narrates his dad bought this house 10 years ago and when he was to be transferred to America, Kodaka and Kobato decided to stay back in Japan in this house. Next day in the club room, Sena wants Kodaka to teach her swimming. Why? She has made friends with Natsumi and it would be troublesome if they go to the pool or beach and she can’t swim. Note, Natsumi is a 2D character from the galge she is playing… W…T…F…?! Sena doesn’t want Kodaka to let Yozora know about this. So come the appointed day, Kodaka teaches her all he knows and Sena is quite a fast learner so much so she can challenge him to a simple swimming race (he won, though). Taking a break, Sena panics when Kodaka mentions he should go greet the board chairman since he hasn’t done so. She thought he wanted to go out with her or something but he says that their dads are old friends. Kodaka notes how Sena easily responded to the nickname ‘Meat’ that Yozora always insultingly called her. Well, it’s her first nickname and she’s somewhat happy. After Kodaka relieves himself, he sees a bunch of guys trying to mess with Sena. The guys would have gone away without much fuss when Kodaka returns but Sena had to stir up more trouble by being cocky and wants them to beg for forgiveness. Could you blame them for wanting to punch her? Of course not! Kodaka is fast enough to grab his fist and when he shows his scary delinquent face, they back off for good. Sena is still cocky so Kodaka scolds her that there are bad people worst than this and that he won’t always be around to protect her. So why does he care? Because it’s his business! Sena didn’t talk to him on the way home but when they part, it’s like she’s forgiven him. Back home while Kobato throws a fuss about a conspiracy that the bath turned cold and will never bath again (WTF?! She’s clinging onto him naked!!!), Kodaka remembers who he was always beaten up due to his hair colour. A tomboyish girl helped this weakling but Kodaka didn’t like he was being labelled one. They fight and the bullies didn’t want to be left out and it turned into a free-for-all. In the end, they both become friends as the girl said mommy told her it isn’t necessary to make 100 friends. Just make real friends you care about 100 times. Kodaka wakes up in the club room murmuring those words. It caught Yozora by surprise as she notes how he still remembers. But he didn’t much to it and leaves, wondering if that ‘boy’ (yes, he thought that tomboy was a boy) is still in living this town. Maybe not. It was 10 years ago. Hey, maybe it’s closer than you could think.

Episode 4
Kodaka walks into the club room to see a loli nun sleeping on the couch. He pokes her cheek only to realize Yozora has snapped an ambiguous picture. Blackmail material… When Maria wakes up, she isn’t thrilled to see Yozora. She relates how Yozora came into this room, slapped her twice, and relate something from the Bible that made her force to sign the paperwork to make this her club room. Only thing is, there is no such line from the Bible! She blackmailed a nun?! Furthermore Maria is only 10 years old?! She wants everyone to get out from her room but Yozora plays reverse psychology on her that it might be too hard for an ‘adult’ like her to carry out this task. Maria is fooled into begging her to become the club’s moderator, swear to God that she’ll never quit or else Yozora will have the right to strip and post naked pictures of her on the net and blackmailed into become her slave. All without even her realizing she has been fooled… Later Kodaka relates how he has got this feeling that he is being stalked. Sena laughs it off that it may be his true love but Yozora agrees to help him nail the stalker. It didn’t turn out they way they wanted because everybody is staring at them. A delinquent flanked by a couple of hot beauties. What is there not to stare? So in a simple case of letting the stalker follow and catching the perpetrator in the act, Kodaka finds out it is Yukimura and brings her to the club (Yukimura is actually a boy but I’ll refer to him as a girl because he is so girly).Yukimura wants to join the club because she is being bullied. Yozora explains about the existence of bullying and blows her top (for real) when Kodaka jokingly lumps her as a bully. Yukimura was following Kodaka around because she thought she can be like a strong man by observing him. Kodaka may realize that the case of shunning Yukimura may not be bully (they run away when she starts undressing and no one would throw the dodgeball at her) but Yozora allows her to join and quickly lets her fill up the form. Hey, Sena didn’t get such treatment! With Yukimura as a club member, she can be Kodaka’s underling and follow and observe him wherever he goes. Kodaka’s reputation is on the line yet again when Yukimura brings lunch and gangster comics for him (thanks to ideas from a certain woman). He goes to find her but passes by a lab. The explosion catches his attention and he sees Rika unconscious inside. He brings her to the infirmary. When she comes to, she visits him in his class to thank him. She is grateful for saving her life despite her life wasn’t in danger (she was making some sleeping potion). That’s because if he had not done so, she might have been raped! The way she passionately explains the term has everyone really thinking Kodaka might have violated her! I can’t believe Rika loves this kind of thing… Kodaka takes her outside to avoid his reputation from plummeting further. Still needing to thank him, she thought he got a bad hair dye so he reveals his blonde is natural since his mom is from England. Taking a hair sample, she reveals this is the first time she is interested in a mammal. Is there a hidden meaning to it? In the club room, Yukimura wears a maid outfit and serves Kodaka. It’s Yozora’s twisted idea about specially training her to become a real man. Don’t ask. Then when they talk about Rika, Sena knows her as a genius who has been inventing lots of stuff since elementary. Her dad got her to enrol here and she is allowed not to attend class since a special lab is created for her. VIP treatment? Why the heck need to enrol here for then? Soon, Rika visits the club with intentions to join it. She knows all there is to know about the club and perfectly deciphered the message from the poster. She is confident she can join because she has no friends. Yozora accepts her application so Rika gets attached to Kodaka. Then she shows everyone her favourite dirty magazine that excites and drives her crazy. Uhm, looks like a battle mecha manga. But the words she reads out loud can be dirtily ambiguous. And she’s reading it with full passion! So if you have a wild imagination, it can really get dirty. Yozora calls her weird and Rika admits to it and that no one will understand her. Then she wants to try out sex with Kodaka!!! OMG!!! Of course Yozora won’t allow it but Rika is keen to try out all sorts of stuffs with him. She is so friendly with that guy that the rest are just having that prickly feeling in their heart. How does it feel to have the only guy (or rather someone they love picking on) being hogged?

Episode 5
Since Kodaka is cooking a proper bento for Maria (Yozora only feeds her snacks after doing things for her), Kobato didn’t take this too well. Because of Kodaka’s delicious bento, Maria starts calling him her ‘onii-chan’, a disciple of God and badmouths Yozora’s snacks (say that in front of her face, I dare you). Rika notices Sena into games so she introduces the gang to a prototype game that a company (Largehead?) plans to release in the future. Romancing Saga XIV is an RPG game as they need to put on a headgear to experience the full effects. Choosing their characters, Kodaka settled for a wizard but turns out to be an otaku. Yup, wizard is only a title and he has no skills. In other words, he is useless. Rika is a gunner (who is this Final Fantasy character again?) while Sena is a blacksmith (note the very revealing outfits). Yozora is a rose girl, which is, well, a girl dressed in a rose outfit. Completing the team is Yukimura the samurai and Maria the healer (have we seen this nun somewhere before?). The first enemies turn out to be low-level eel-like creatures called warasubo. Kodaka felt pity for them just because they look ugly, they shouldn’t be taking them out. The girls are touched by his kindness but soon starts blasting and cutting them all down! No mercy! To make things worse, they don’t have any attacking skills since their programming pattern isn’t complete. Don’t worry, their deaths will not be in vain because they will live on as EXP points within them! The gang face off with the final boss (looking so much like warasubo – heck all the enemies look like that. They really recycled it to the max, eh?). Maria went off to sleep, Sena and Yozora sabotage and took out each other and even Yukimura and Rika fall. Just when Kodaka thought Maria has returned and is going to cast a revival spell, she chanted too long and was taken out. Game over. As Kodaka takes off his headgear, he sees Maria still sleeping. Then who? It’s Kobato who is playing in her place! Seems she is suspicious that big brother always come home late so her curiosity led her to come here and find out he is frolicking with worthless humans (she’s in that vampire anime character of hers). Kodaka promises to take her out for the weekend but the word ‘lunch’ prompts a sad look on Kobato’s face. Then Maria wakes up and gets all clingy over Kodaka. When she starts calling him ‘onii-chan’, Kobato blows her top. She returns to her anime character and after all that ranting, all she wants is to join the club. Can she? She’s from middle school, you know. Well, there aren’t any rules that say otherwise and besides, Yozora finds no reason to object. So she really has no friends, eh? But Maria protests and they both initiate a confrontation. Well, do you really want to see lolis fight? Passing cooties? Uhn… Cute or eyes-rolling sight? As the rest put away the games, Sena and Yozora as usual argue but for Rika, she finds it fun because this is the first time she is playing games with others.

Episode 6
When Kodaka’s dad told him they were going to move, he met up with that tomboy wanting to tell her something. She too had something important to say and they promised to meet again here tomorrow. However she never turned up as Kodaka waited the entire day. So he left without properly saying goodbye to his friend. He wakes up from this dream to find Kobato sleeping next to him. In the club room, Yozora notes that summer vacation is starting and ever since Neighbours Club’s inception, none of them manage to make friends. In fact some of them had their reputations worse off (the blondes). Sena wonders if the rest have been to a karaoke joint. She couldn’t believe Yozora did (with Tomo-chan anyway). Sena makes an excuse she never did that because it is considered peasant-like activity. So while the rest make plans to go for karaoke, you can tell from Sena’s face that she really wants to go. But Yozora kicks up her devilish attitude and makes Sena admit that she wants to go. Well, she’s not going to let her in if she did. And after forcing Sena to spill out loud and beg to join them, she still won’t let her. Heck, why does she need her permission to join in the first place. Deceived. What to do? Run away and cry lor. As Sena tells her servant about the ‘appointment’ she’ll have with her club mates, her father remembers Kodaka’s name. Kodaka and Kobato meet up with the girls and the way they say the order of how they arrive make it sound like a quiz. Kodaka has Kobato figure out the order. Okay, I’m not smart so I can’t figure who arrived first (Is it Rika->Yozora->Sena->Yukimura?). Arriving at the karaoke box, Yozora feels something wrong with the pricing. She finds it odd they have to pay per head when they are sharing the same room (well, she never encountered this with Tomo-chan because…). Though this is practically normal, Yozora and Sena scheme together to bypass this scam. They both decide to go in individually instead of paying for a group. But Kodaka gets a room for himself, Kobato, Rika and Yukimura. Screw your scheme. So while the quartet have fun singing together (they sound pretty decent), Yozora and Sena are left to rue their missed chance to be with Kodaka as they start spacing out alone in their respective room. Feeling left out, aren’t they? But I guess they’re somewhat in sync because they chose the same sad song to sing at the same time. Once Kodaka and co finish, they see tired Yozora and Sena waiting outside. They were trying to outdo each other’s high score even though they were in separate rooms. Can you believe how competitive they can get? Yeah, keep arguing about who is the real winner. And once they leave the place, the counter guy must be real relieved. The rest think they won’t see each other again for the summer vacation but Yozora says the club will be in full force and to meet again next Monday to discuss why they weren’t able to make friends up to now. Guess what? Yup. Yozora and Sena start blaming each other. The rest has heard enough of this and just move along… Just keep walking… Because Yozora was nagging to look and attracted onlookers, Sena got embarrassed and run away (in tears of course). Kodaka thanks Yozora for forming the club though it has only been a month, it has been surprisingly fun. This reminds Sena that her father wanted to see him and to come to her place any time. Yozora didn’t like what is going on but Sena wants Kodaka to keep this a secret or it will get complicated (the fact her father used his power to specially transfer Kodaka to this school). Besides, it has nothing to do with Yozora. Now it’s her turn to feel worried.

Episode 7
It’s the hot summer so can Kobato stand the hit in her goth loli dress? According to her, she has conquered the flames of hell. I guess she couldn’t take the heat and return indoors. Because Yukimura continues to serve Kodaka, he thought so as not to make her commit seppuku over her uselessness, she should serve Maria too as she needs the food. But she can’t be serving 2 masters so Kodaka reasons Maria is like her sister so it’s okay. But serve healthy food, okay? And Kodaka may have learnt when Yukimura served just that, she may have forced Maria to swallow all the protein!!! Better add not to give her additives from now on. One day, Kodaka was the only person in the club room (the rest were ‘busy’) and to figure out who is coming and who’s not, he suggests using the message board. Yozora and Sena are against it seeing they both had bad experience using the online feature. One probably did lots of bad things online and the other probably didn’t like the insults she got. On her 2D girls, that is. Kodaka even suggests SNS or nixi but I don’t even know what that is and there are certain requirements so it’s out of the question. Till Rika suggests keeping in touch with their handphone. Why does everyone look so shock? They really never thought about this great idea, huh? I guess Kodaka and Yozora are like ‘dinosaurs’ in using their handphone as compared to Rika and Yukimura who are like pros using infrared technology to exchange detail. So when the duo even manage to type in their address and save it, it was such an accomplishment. Rika and Yukimura felt they ‘lost out’ because the duo seemed so close when they were doing that. Then Sena gets upset. Why? Because she doesn’t have a handphone. Of course she gives her cocky reasons why a high class princess like her doesn’t need it. Yozora calls Kodaka and talks to him (even though they are nearby). This is a prelude to tease Sena and work her up because from now on, club activities will be via handphone. Yozora crosses the line when she whispers too much ‘MEAT’ in her conversation, upsetting that poor Sena once more. She’s really good in pushing this kind of button, eh? Dead in the middle of the night, Kodaka gets a call from Sena through his house phone. She wants to know his handphone model. Next day as Kodaka takes the bus to school, Rika sends him a naughty email, dragging Yozora into the ‘picture’. When Kodaka comes to the club, tired out Yozora warns him the true pervert Rika is. Yeah, Rika is on to yuri now. As long as it’s erotic, she is sure energetic. That evening, Sena comes in to show her newly bought handphone the exact same model as Kodaka’s. She eagerly exchanges mail address with him but as usual she and Yozora try to outdo each other that they don’t need the other’s email and if you want to give, then just give. Of course Yozora is a person who is better in this sort of argument and wins, reducing Sena to tears once more. Sena SMS Kodaka for Yozora’s address so she can spam her. In view of this, Yozora thinks she’ll really give Sena her address after all. See that evil glint in her eyes? Sena soon rushes back and she’s in a frantic. The spamming won’t stop! She seeks Kodaka’s help and Yozora’s prank may have backfired seeing how they are interacting close enough to fix the problem.

Episode 8
The air-cond broke. Starting to feel the heat now Kobato? Yeah, she’s still trying to act like her anime character. Then watching the latest anime episode, she gets an idea from her character when she changes into her true (albeit slightly) scantily form. Kobato starts doing her ‘transformation’ scene right in front of big brother. I guess he has seen it so many times that he isn’t fazed when she strips naked in front of him. So feeling much cooler in this casual form now? Kodaka notes these clothes are from elementary school and wonders if she hasn’t grown. Well, she certainly did shed a tear before giving off that immortality and never-grow-old thingy as her answer. In the club room, Maria hugs Kodaka and gives her thanks because Yukimura is feeding her right now. Kobato didn’t like it and pushes her away. Another round of loli fight. Maria thought she will become a vampire since she was bitten by her. The silly part is that she really believes it especially Yozora’s cure to bath in the sunlight naked. How can she be a nun when she’s so gullible? Maybe that’s why she is one? Sena and Rika start hounding Kobato over their unholy fetishes so Yozora has to swat them with a fly swatter to keep them in line. Is this going to be her trademark ‘weapon’ for tsukkomi? Yozora takes a dig at another galge Sena is playing. She hopes sharks will appear. Suddenly, sharks do appear! Sena thought it was just some cliché thing when suddenly it really turns into a bloody massacre end! Rika realizes the galge she is playing and notes this game is notoriously famous for bloody bad endings. One wrong move and you’ll dive straight into that bloody end. And since all the bad ends are completely incoherent massacres no one would ever seen coming, it earned its reputation as a joke game. I can see why Sena thought this was a funny or comedy game. See her break the disc in half! Then Sena just wishes she wants to go to the pool. Not that she wants to become shark meat or something but the heat is killing her. Seeing Kobato wants to go to the pool too, Yozora feels they can use this club activity as a dry run to make friends. Oh, Maria got reprimanded for actually running around naked on the church grounds. I guess God really is watching… Kodaka and Kobato meet up with the rest only to find a long line of people waiting for the bus. When they manage to get on, the crowd is making Yozora and Rika sick. Yeah, they’re not used in crowded places. Rika fluctuates between getting queasy and aroused. Meanwhile Kobato has got her faced smothered in Sena’s boobs… Not even big brother can help… Upon reaching the pool, they also see a long queue going in. The 50% discount of the entry fee is the cause. Yozora notes that she would rather pay double rather than to crowd with these people. Yukimura goes to chance with Kodaka and the other boys are afraid. She thinks it’s her as a weakling. Kodaka tries to explain but his scary face scares them away. Despite being boys, Kodaka can’t help feel nervy about looking at Yukimura changing. Sp why wear a female’s swimsuit? Yozora’s idea to be manlier, I guess. When done, they meet up with Sena and Kobato. Yozora and Rika are still reeling from the sickness and are sitting this one out. The pool is darn crowded that there is no space to even swim. Only standing room. Kodaka things back how the Neighbours Club was just the 3 of them and now has more members. Though he can’t say they made any friends, they’ve definitely changed. Suddenly he gets message from Yozora and Rika that they can’t take this anymore and are leaving. It’s not joke. They see them board the bus out of the place. Then it hit Kodaka that Yozora has not changed. With the fun spoilt, I guess the rest also pack up and head home.

Episode 9
Kodaka is being told to bring his swimsuit to the club. I guess by now Kobato can sense Sena coming and hides behind Kodaka’s back. It’s now a reflex, eh? They are surprised to see Yozora wearing a horse mask and striped suit. This is to make up for the pool incident. But she feels relieved that Kodaka and co immediately left after them. As Rika tries to seduce Kodaka in her normal swimsuit, Maria comes in and gets spooked by the horse mask. Yeah, she even believes it’s going to eat her (despite horsey being vegetarian). Kobato fuels her fear by siding with Yozora. So when Maria realizes it is Yozora beneath, she thinks the mask is cursed. Yozora puts the mask on her and she panics of not wanting to turn into a demon. Kobato uses this chance to make her stay away from Kodaka but Maria at least didn’t give up on that. Then it descends into a loli quarrel that we won’t be interested to see. Sena suggests for the club to go to her private beach villa like as in a training camp. Yozora is confident they can pick any day to come (because Sena needs to inform her dad). Why? After all, no one here has friends. True. But she’s saying it with confidence! Back home, Kodaka gets a call from Sena to come see her father. Seeing she asked him about the villa, his name cropped up and he wanted to meet him. Thus Kodaka and Kobato will be skipping club activities as well as Sena. So with only Yozora, Rika and Yukimura in the club, one is reading her novel, the other reading it in a perverted way and another just waiting to serve… Kodaka and Kobato arrive at Sena’s mansion and are greeted by the adults. Sena’s dad is a bit quirky because he forgot to introduce himself and even if he did, he preferred not to use his first name of Pegasus but Tenma instead (don’t they both almost mean the same?). His servant, Stella is equally quirky because she notes she’ll get pregnant if Kodaka stares too long at her. Now we know why Sena is like that too. Over dinner, Kodaka thanks him for helping transfer them to his school. As gratitude, he gives them a box of spicy sauce. Then they talk about Hayato (Kodaka’s dad), how he has been running around Japan all his life and always good at finding strange food and spices. And now he has gone overseas, leaving his children behind to go dig up ancient cities. Kodaka is okay Hayato being labelled an idiot but not trash. But of course Pegasus was only joking. Since it’s late, they’ll have to stay over. Sena takes Kobato to bath together (probably she’s still sleepy that’s why she went along). Pegasus and Kodaka have a drink together (it’s grape juice for the underage kid). Pegasus may have gotten drunk on the first round but I’m not sure how many rounds he had before he collapses on the bed. Kodaka goes to find Stella when he sees Kobato traumatically running out from the bath naked! I guess Sena must have violated her this bad, huh? Then comes Sena. Running out naked in her own fantasy world. All that comes crashing down when she realizes Kodaka is there. Yeah, he got the full view of everything. Probably it was too much to handle that Sena ran out into the garden naked! In the outskirts of town, who is going to catch her, right? Stella notes Kobato will sleep with her in the servant’s room while he can sleep together with Pegasus. Rest assured he will not wake up till morning. Kodaka is rather reluctant but would rather choose that because Stella says she sleeps completely naked. As Kodaka properly puts him to bed, he notes how they have been so good friends, the reason Hayato could leave his kids in Japan in his hands while he travelled. Next morning as they leave, Kobato is traumatized by whatever bath time she had with Sena that she runs away screaming, not wanting to bath with her again!!! Kodaka pretends he didn’t remember last night due to the wine to make Sena feel relief. Pegasus hopes Kodaka will take care of his daughter. I think he means it more than just in terms of friendship.

Episode 10
The gang takes the train to Sena’s villa. They are captivated by the beauty of the villa and the sea. Because Kodaka has got his hands full in putting sun lotion on the girls (that scene Kodaka x Yukimura probably just ‘killed’ Rika), Sena requests Yozora to do it on her. Of all people, she should know better. Yozora uses her feet to rub the lotion over her back. So when Sena realizes, she can’t get up because Yozora is pinning down her centre of gravity. Yozora continues to mock Sena and probably try to turn her into a masochist with all that stepping and insulting words. So how does it feel like to be stepped on considering she always stepped on other boys with her ‘goddess feet’? So when Sena is able to overcome Yozora’s violation, she realizes too late that she has shown her front to everyone else. Oh dear. It’s that cry and run away again. And you thought it wouldn’t happen here. Kodaka notices Sena sitting by herself so he cheers her up that he didn’t see anything seeing he was concentrating on putting lotion on Kobato’s back. So while the girls have fun, Kodaka heads to the market to get some ingredients to make paella. Yozora notices his good cooking and it is given seeing he has lived so long with Kobato. But for Yozora, home economics wasn’t memorable. She always stood in the corner and the other girls ignored her. The other girls also piled food onto her out of pity and she would eat it all unhappily. Then it’s the last day of the camp and seeing they haven’t done anything camp-like, Rika suggests an orgy!!! WTF?! Not Yozora would allow that so they settle for telling ghost stories instead. Science girl like Rika believe in the occult? Well, she admits she’s a girl first, scientist second. A perverted girl, that is. And she’s so proud of saying that. So the gang starts telling their ghost stories but it sounded so lame or comical. Except for Yozora’s. Her story of best friends driven to suicide due to betrayal had everyone spooked in the end! So much so they don’t want to go for kimodameshi (test of courage) anymore! I think they’re even scared of the darkness too! That night Kodaka can’t sleep not because of the scary story but rather he can’t help think about the betrayal theme. He wonders if that kid back then thinks she was betrayed. Then Sena wants him to accompany her to the toilet. Not that she’d admit it’s because she’s scared to go alone. At least she learnt her lesson not to ask Yozora. So it’s somewhat ‘annoying’ because while she’s in the toilet, she kept asking if Kodaka is there! “Yes, I’m here”. I think that will be the line he’ll repeat the most in his entire life. That’s because when he returns, it’s Kobato’s turn to ask his company to the toilet. Same thing. “Are you there?”. “Yes, I’m here”. And yeah, before he could settle in his bed, it’s Maria’s turn. Ooohh, it’s a miracle he knows what she wants. And then Rika. But wait. She doesn’t want to go to the toilet but to sleep with him! Kick her out! After all that, Kodaka thinks he needs to use the toilet too and bumps into Yozora on the way out. Yup, she needs to go to the loo. Isn’t it ironic she got spooked by her own ghost story? Yozora wonders if he was scared by the story and he wasn’t. But he feels it’s not good to betray your friends.

Episode 11
Kodaka dreams of his younger days playing with that tomboy. Somehow the name of that kid was always blotted out. Maybe he can’t really remember after all. But we all know who, right? In the club room, Yozora brings up the topic of the festivals tonight but declines to go. Remember her fear of the crowd? Even the perverted girl Rika agrees as she reveals her fear of crowded place when she once tried to attend a doujin convention. Man, it’s bloody packed! Not even her sex power could stave that off. But she found her way around it and got companies to mail her the doujin instead. I guess she can still feed her need in that sense. Sena then brings up the topic of takoyaki stalls and seeing Kobato and Maria (sprung to life from her slumber after hearing that word) wanted to taste them, Kodaka agrees to bring them. Even Yozora and Rika want to tag along. I thought they were afraid of crowds? Well, they really want to eat the takoyaki. It’s all in the mind… As the gang meet up, Sena is unhappy that Kobato is in her goth loli outfit instead of a yukata. Seeing they are in a nearby shop that rents yukata and that this is a special event, Kodaka and Kobato change themselves. All that is left is Yozora and not even Kodaka’s persuasion is going to make her put those traditional clothes on. Sena criticizes Kodaka’s yukata fashion sense and also about his hair colour which makes him look like a delinquent. She thought he should dye it. Kodaka did consider it but reminded her that he once told her that his mom is from England. So by dying it black, it will be like cutting off all links to his mom since his other features resembles Hayato. So meeting up with the rest, Maria is already stuffing more food than she can enter her mouth! Thou shall not be greedy! And Rika is practising to eat the chocolate banana in an erotic way… Yukimura brought back some takoyaki for Kodaka and he finds it not up to mark and rallies the rest to go find better takoyaki stalls. However the girls are already full. Disappointed?

Yozora takes this opportunity to head home but Sena challenges her to stay by playing some activities. Or is she scared to lose? Yozora uses the lesser crowd as a reason to accept her challenge and to teach her a lesson. Maybe she should just be honest that she wants to stay longer. They start off with the goldfish scooping. In short, they both suck. Big time. Sena uses her money to buy lots of scoop so that it won’t break easily. Though it works, the stall owner tells her to take her business elsewhere. Yeah, he’ll be going broke if others use this method. Not satisfied, they continue challenging each other at the other stalls. Rika suggests leaving them alone while they have fun together. Say, that’s a great idea. Why bother sticking around watching them in heated battle? Rika wins a shooting competition (despite the owner playing cheat by sticking the target hard to the plank) and won a video game console. She gives it to Kodaka so that he can play with it every day and treat it like her!!! Well, he decides to use it as club equipment. Disappointed? Status update: Yozora and Sena are still at each other’s neck. So when the duo reunite (I don’t care who is keeping the score), they decide to give up for today after knowing the prize Rika won. While waiting to Stella to pick them up, they have fun playing sparklers and a mini firework of their own. Guess which pair is trying to outdo each other? At the end, they smell something burning. It’s Yozora’s hair catching fire! Quickly Kodaka splashes the bucket of water on her. It’s not pleasant to get wet this way (this is not a sex joke, mind you) but at least the fire is put out. Obviously Yozora is in no mood and leaves. For the rest of the summer vacation, Yozora never turned up for the club. As the semester begins, Yozora comes in late but she sports a brand new hairstyle. She cut it shorter. Then Kodaka remembers who she is. Yes, it is Sora. The nickname he used to call that tomboy girl. So now do you remember? Yozora is so happy he remembered (after 10 bloody long years, that is) that she cried. Good to be back, eh?

Episode 12
The first half is a rerun of certain scenes in the first episode. But this is only putting the puzzle pieces together as we see them from Yozora’s perspective. Yozora recognized Kodaka instantly when he came in late on his first day because of his hair colour and eyes. And yes, his terrible smile and inability to get along with anyone. It just backfires. Yozora was frustrated that attempts to make him recognize her by passing by him many times didn’t yield results. She talks it out with Tomo-chan till Kodaka spotted her talking to her air friend. That’s when she got the idea to create a new club and decided on a chapel as its place because she always went to a quiet place to read a book. She was polite in asking Maria for permission but it seems Maria was bloody cocky, foulmouthed and not even letting Yozora finish explaining her visit. Now why know why she got double slapped and tricked, right? She deserved it! Thus Neighbours Club is a club for her and Kodaka to be friends again. But along the way, others joined and they did lots of activities together. Each time Yozora can only hope Kodaka would realize but we it didn’t. So back in present time, Kodaka wonders why she cut an awful chunk of her hair when only the little bit at the ends were burnt. Well, he dumped that smelly water all over her head, right? It’s going to stink real bad and wouldn’t come out no matter how many times she washed. However the other classmates think Kodaka have done something despicable to her! String this in a sentence: Yozora resisted, dump all over her hair, weird smelling white liquid you can’t wash out. Okay, they may have misheard the white part… But get the picture, you horny pervert? Yozora takes Kodaka away so that he could tell her all that he wants too. Reactions included. He just says she looks pretty good with that hair? That’s it? But good enough.

Walking to the club room, Kodaka learns she knew it was him all along and pretended not to know him because she disliked the idea of her remembering him but not vice versa. Kodaka says he couldn’t have figured it out since she always dressed like a boy and get into fights (girls don’t do that, right?). Well, Yozora never said she was once a boy and on the day he was supposed to leave, the all-important she wanted to tell him was that she was a girl. But she felt too embarrassed to show up in a skirt. As we know, seeing is believing so probably why Yozora wanted to show him as proof she is really a girl instead of just telling him. If she had known he was going to move, she would have found the guts to say it. Yozora hopes that they should keep this between themselves. I can imagine a certain blonde teasing nonstop if this gets out. So what shall Kodaka call her now? (Remember the nickname Yozora once said in the first episode but will not tell him because it is only used between friends?). Well, just maintain and call her Yozora as always. In the classroom, Rika gets totally excited to see this new ‘guy’. She tries guessing who this handsome hunk is (all wrong – I think she’s climaxing just fantasizing about it). Sena instantly recognizes her and wants her to tell her why she cut her hair. Of course she’s not telling. But Sena insists. Back to the same old argument, eh? Sena even teases her she got dumped and rejected, earning her a swat in the face! Rika returns with a white male uniform and bugs Yozora to put it on. When Maria comes by, she gets afraid of this ‘boy’ and thinks will eat her! Yozora continues teasing her so Maria offers Kobato as the sacrifice! But Sena wants to ‘eat’ Kobato instead. Now she throws the swatter in her face. Okay, end of teasing. Sena notes how she is still the same no matter the length of her hair. This has Kodaka to ponder now that they know who each other are, it’s not like they can suddenly go back to being the same friends 10 years ago. Though he doesn’t know what will happen between them now, he’ll stick around in this club to find out. Yeah, lively with all the quarrelling and pervertness.

Ah well. I guess this is how it pretty much ends. But I won’t say that I am sorely disappointed because there wasn’t any much plot to begin with. All we see them doing each time they enter the club room, each doing their own thing. Sena and her galge, Yozora reading a book, Rika typing into her computer, Yukimura waiting to serve, Maria napping and Kodaka just bumming around. So where is the interaction and conversation between them besides the 2 main girls arguing and throwing insults against each other? Heck, they are supposed to make friends with others, right? And right till the end they have made none from the outside. Unless you consider mixing among themselves count as making friends, then I’d say this club is somewhat a successful failure. Though there are interesting bits brought up such as Kodaka and Sena’s dad as best friends, I think you won’t get to know more than what is being told. So if you are the kind who likes flashback storytelling to understand the characters deeper, don’t expect this one. The only flashback and focus we have here is Yozora and Kodaka’s childhood and it is mainly to see if that guy could remember her. Well, it took a dozen of episodes but it’s better than never remembering, right?

The most amusing pair has got to be Yozora and Sena. In addition to Yozora’s reverse psychology sarcasm, their spat never ceases to amuse me even if their insults and b*tchiness get too annoying. It always ends with Yozora being top and Sena reduced to a cry-baby. Though this cycle may get repetitive and predictable, either you’ll shake your head or just smirk. I’m not sure if this is Yozora’s habit all along and the reason why she never made friends but in the final episode it is hinted that this holier-than-thou, high-and-mighty bully attitude may stem from that spontaneous caught-in-the-act scene whereby Kodaka found out she was talking to herself. And I would probably guess that her imaginary air friend is also made up on the spot, seeing her body reactions and all. Although I might be inclined to say she is talking to herself instead of Tomo-chan. Ugh, duh… To put it in other words, it’s like thinking to herself aloud but making as though she’s interacting with someone else instead of herself. Get what I mean? In view of this, does this mean Yozora is like having another personality? Not so far as to say a split personality because she only acts this way when she is with her club members. I mean, she has no friends so there won’t be anybody to confirm if this is how she usually acts. But really, I’d love the way she uses her words to ‘bully’ Sena. It’s like she’s a natural when she comes to this. So if you say that Yozora and Sena can’t get along, you’re only half right. They do get along in a way because they always quarrel. If they really hated each other, they won’t even talk to each other or bother showing up in the club room. That’s why they are a good example of being frenemies. But mostly more towards the enemy side :). So the slightest opening chance, they’ll not hold back and let everything loose. Even in the next episode preview. At least they keep their squabbling to words and don’t get physical. Yozora’s swatter may be a little exception. What I mean was fist fights or pulling hairs.

Kodaka must really have a problem talking to others. It’s like his natural reflex for his face to contort and look like a scary delinquent whenever he talks to others. The only exception is when he talks to the club members. Maybe everybody should be part of this club so he won’t look so scary, eh? Otherwise, he’s just an ordinary guy, who is caught in the middle of just about everything and couldn’t be bothered to really fix it not because he doesn’t care but rather nothing would change. Why waste time and energy? He’s seen it all so it comes to no surprise. That’s why he could only watch on if Yozora and Sena keep bickering. That’s why he didn’t react like any lolicons out there when his sister strips naked in front of him. That’s why he has no qualms when a loli nun comes hugging him like her own daddy. Okay, maybe he may have some reaction to Rika’s horniness if she ever gets bold enough to cross the line. Speaking of which, that genius really is a pervert. And if you think rocket scientists are smart nerds, watching her will definitely change your perspective. Lots of guys would definitely want to experiment with her but I’ll say she’ll only allow Kodaka to do it on her :). Every time she starts going into her horny fantasy, her imagination is so wild that she could even turn you on. Serious. Her heavy breathing and stimulating screams are certainly most convincing. She can almost turn any subject into a something dirty. Is this what you call a genius? She can be the next porn star if she ever gets bored with science. Maria is annoying but because of her gullible character, it makes her funny and cute. No wonder Yozora loves tricking her because it’s easy to fool stupid people. I know Maria is still a kid (though she won’t admit it), but certainly she can’t be believing stuffs easily. Stuffs which are impossible if you have been living in this world. I mean, she’s not that all innocent either. She gets loudmouth and her favourite swear word is ‘poop’, which she will not hesitate to use on Yozora or Kobato. So when she gets tricked, she really deserves it. Aside Yozora and Sena, Maria and Kobato are the other pair of rivalry but seeing lolis quarrelling over a big brother isn’t as fun as the sarcasm and insults the older girls spew. Though Kobato acts like her favourite anime character in most of the time, I feel it’s to cushion to impacts of reality seeing she has to live only with her brother. It’s like running away from reality but I guess that beats having an air friend. Yukimura’s presence felt lagging. It feels like she’s just waiting in the background and not having much lively participation with the rest. Though she really does join in, just that because of her soft spoken nature, it doesn’t make her stand out more as compared to Yozora and Sena. The only thing funny about her is the tendency to take Kodaka’s orders to the extreme. Maria could’ve died being overfed and it was hilarious (in the next episode preview) that she got so traumatized by it that she doesn’t want to eat anymore!

Over to the romance side, you can tell that all the ladies here have a crush on Kodaka. It is not obvious and not stated anywhere in the anime but the way they interact with him surely hints so. So they may not be lovey-dovey or shy-shy when talking to him (some treating him like garbage, one like a sex object, another like a worshipping idol and the other like her total master), but don’t you feel that he is the reason why they are still in the club? If not for him, my guess is that the club could have been disbanded (since the club was created by Yozora with intentions to make Kodaka remember so him quitting won’t be an issue). But that is as far as the romance thingy would go. You don’t really see the girls fighting over him for his attention. Maybe the lolis do but not to an obsessive degree. You can say they have buranko (big brother fetish/love). If you were hoping for a love triangle to brew between Yozora and Sena over Kodaka (like me), you’d be disappointed. There are hints to see them concern when the other gets too close but that is about it. No cat fights pertaining to love that’s for sure. Because of this, one obvious thing that I realized about Sena is that she may be putting friendship first ahead of being in love. For instance when the gang were at the festival, when Yozora wanted to leave, Sena could have just let her go so that she could hog Kodaka. But she didn’t and went on to challenge her in the various stall games, giving the opportunity to Rika instead. Even for the private time she and Kodaka spent at the pool, it never crossed her mind it resembled a lot like a date and got flustered when that thought came up. Maybe she does want to make real friends after all. Being the board chairman’s only daughter isn’t easy when you have lots of guys flocking by your side putting up a facade just to get close to you and the other girls ostracize you due to your status. After all in the Neighbours Club, she gets to be herself. But at the rate she is going, she’s raking up more 2D girlfriends than real life ones… So with the lack of this kind of romance, can this series be considered a harem? Whether it is or not, Kodaka will have his hands full with a bunch of girls. It’s going to be tough with the only boy in the club.

There is something I want to say about the art and drawing. At first I thought the series was made by SHAFT because the characters especially the girls resemble closely to those in another anime series, Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko. Yes, I thought I am seeing shades of Erio, Meme, Ryuuko, Yashiro and Maekawa in the faces of Yozora, Sena, Rika, Maria and Yukimura. It was very close enough to make me think it was SHAFT but something else was lacking. The messy words and notes and the creative visuals that is this company’s trademark. Upon doing a little research, it isn’t SHAFT who made this series but rather AIC Build, the company who brought us Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai (on a trivial note, the characters from that series do make a cameo appearance. If you’re fast enough, you can see their backs during Rika’s flashback at the doujin convention). So maybe it is indeed just a coincidence that the characters from both series have this look. But even if they do, I could feel that I have seen similarities of the characters elsewhere. For example, I thought Yozora looked like Mio from K-ON! Only difference she is a bully and not a timid person. Sena I felt look like a cross between Seitokai No Ichizon’s Mafuyu, Fortune Arterial’s Erika and slightly from OreImo’s Kirino (especially her attitude). Then Kodaka reminded of Jun Satou from Working!! I was shocked and thought Misaki of To Aru Kagaku No Railgun had gone soft from a biri-biri tsundere when she appeared as Yukimura. Kobato’s goth loli fashion style made me remember Sola’s Mayuko while Rika had traces of Sawako of K-ON! And for Maria… She resembles a cross between that glutton sister in To Aru Majutsu No Index and Yashiro of Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko. Heck, all 3 characters are voiced by the same seiyuu! Coincidence? As for the fanservice, I would consider them mild but Rika’s crazy sex delusions may turn you on. If nobody stopped her, she may have hijacked the show and turned it into hentai :). So the ‘consistent’ place to get your fanservice fix is the mid-intermission in which a female character will be in a pose and a round mark with words “Haganai” (the abbreviated form of this series’ name) will appear somewhere on their body. An excuse to show some skin, I guess.

Marina Inoue as the voice of Yozora fits well as someone with an acid tongue discharging insults without hesitation. She is suitable playing girls-who-are-not-so-sweet like Chiri in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Kyouko in Skip Beat and Tsukimi in Sekirei. Kanae Itou as Sena was recognizable whenever she starts fawning over Kobato. That perverted mode had me thinking she might break out into that squid lover Sanae in Shinryaku! Ika Musume. Okay, if she didn’t enter this mode, I’d still recognize her because I’m just fresh from watching her as Ohana in Hanasaku Iroha. Kana Hanazawa as Kobato isn’t in her full retard modes (sorry) that she usually plays like Shiro in Deadman Wonderland and Nessa in Fractale. But she still sounds convincing as a loli trying to live out her anime character in real life: Cute. And remember how I just said that Maria, Index and Yashiro are voiced by the same seiyuu? Yeah, she’s Yuka Iguchi and she doesn’t disappoint when she starts her loudmouth and screams. I think I’m starting to pigeonhole her for voicing roles like this. Misato Fuken as Rika definitely deserves high marks when she starts fantasizing or gets excited by the mere thoughts of something horny. Those cries of joy are certainly convincing that she’s really enjoying them. A departure from her other roles which are less ‘noisy’ like Utao in Kamisama Dolls, Yami in To Love-Ru and Eve in Black Cat. She was also as that succubus in Rosario To Vampire, Kurumu but she isn’t as horny as this one. Kodaka’s easy going nature must be because Ryohei Kimura used to voice characters of this nature like Eichi in Full Moon Wo Sagashite and Yuuki in Kimi To Boku. Newbie seiyuu Nozomi Yamamoto voices Yukimura (Rie Kaishou in UN-GO). Ayako Kawasumi makes a cameo as Akari but I didn’t recognize her because she was putting on a very girly voice and not the kind that I can identify like her role as Saber in Fate/Stay Night or at least Nodame in Nodame Cantabile. The fast paced opening theme is weird. Don’t ask. I don’t even know if the lyrics are trying to make sense of anything. Heck, even the animation is fluctuating between crazy (falling off the cliff!) and sexy (red ribbons anyone?). Entitled Zannen Kei Rinjinbu (Hoshi Futatsu Han) by the seiyuus of the 6 ladies of Neighbours Club. The ending theme is My Feelings by Marina Inoue and is a rock outfit. The amusing thing here is we see Yozora and Sena putting up a duet rock performance. While Sena is holding a real electric guitar (whether she can play it or not is a different story), we see Yozora playing her air guitar! Does she look convincing? And what’s with that sister getup in some of the scenes? It felt like Yozora was trying to seek forgiveness for her bullying ways from Mother Sena. Haha. That’ll be the day.

While most of us need friends in life to get through bad and testing times, I guess some of us don’t. I’m guilty for being part of that. Sure I don’t have many friends in life and even those in my early childhood days are all forgotten by now. I suppose there are many lonely hearts out there but do be careful the kinds of company you mix in even though there are many organizations that offer their assistance in becoming your friend like Befrienders. It doesn’t matter if you are in some weird club or plain normal organization, the emphasize of this series is to value that beautiful thing called friendship. When you do things together, you’d find more joy than doing it yourself. Have you ever wondered why meals taste good eating with somebody as compared as by yourself? Well, I won’t go as far as to say two is a company and three is a crowd… There are good friends who are always there in times of need and there are bad friends that get you off on the wrong foot. And then there are friends like these… For good or bad, better or worse. At least you can count on them being around. I thought of setting up a club like here to make some friends (partly to get around my nervousness when talking in public) but I discarded the idea because I envision it would turn into a harem. Like how I thought if this show would if it turned into one. Boku Wa Harem Ga Sukunai (I Don’t Have Enough Harems). So really, 2D girls don’t count? Hey, better than an air friend, right?

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