Bokura Ga Ita

May 8, 2009

I’m sure there are many countless series on teenage love romance. Bokura Ga Ita is one of them. As it was a year 2006 anime production, I was initially reluctant to watch because I read that it was one of those slow-paced love stories. And slow it is indeed. So for those who are really not into this kind of love stories, whereby you know kids at that age are uncertain about their feelings, coupled in some angst and bickering moments, this may not be your cup of tea and you’d definitely want to give this one a miss.
I have to admit too that I caught myself yawning at least once while watching the series. Is it that boring? To a certain extent. But that doesn’t mean I should just straight away drop it from my watch list. I have this conscious at the back of my head telling me that if I don’t finish what I started, I’m really going to regret it in the future. Just like love and life itself. Don’t want that to happen, would I? But it’s true and let me say it again that if you don’t dig this kind of slow-paced anime, it’ll be definitely hard to sit through 26 episodes of it.
But don’t despair as there are some comical scenes albeit not much. But I’m going to try and keep my blog on this series simpler than most of my anime blogs because I don’t really remember much. Thank goodness I managed to pull through and finish watching this series. So as seen in episode 1, our main female protagonist Nanami Takahashi, a cute 15 year old freshie, has a crush on one of the hot guys in school, Motoharu Yano. Who wouldn’t? I mean, he’s quite good looking and his carefree smile is enough to melt any girl’s heart like a hot knife through butter. You just got to love his smile. So much so all your anger, upset and disappointment will instantly subside once he flash those trademark smiles of his. If only real life could be that simple. And yes, since Nanami is relatively a shy girl. She too has a hard time confessing her feelings to him. With many girls liking him, it’s hard to think about being rejected, right?
This episode also introduces other characters like Yano’s best friend, the kind and considerate Masafumi Takeuchi, who is always on the lookout for his best buddy and sometimes give him advice. Then there’s a seemingly quiet and unsociable bespectacled girl named Yuri Yamamoto. She has some hatred towards Yano, a reason which probably contributes to her unfriendly behaviour. Also, there are Nanami’s best pals, whom are fondly known as Mizu-chin and Taka-chan. You could say those duo are somewhat ‘experts’ on the love area and would gladly lend some advice to Nanami as they go along.
Other developments in the first episode include Nanami getting a complete zero in her test (woah! I don’t think she is that dumb… Besides, she’s the class rep you know…), and the gang taking a school field trip whereby Yuri fell ill halfway while trekking and Yano took charge and brought her to the nearest clinic for treatment. Also, Nanami finds out from Yano that he did have a girlfriend, named Nana. She is Yuri’s elder sister and she died last summer. Gasp!
So in episode 2, Nanami finally has the courage to confess her feelings to Yano that she likes him. But I’m guessing that probably Yano had too many other girls saying the same thing, that he just gave a casual answer to agree and ask go out with her then. But as for Nanami, she must be real surprised that he accepted her feelings just like that on the first try. As the series progresses, Nanami tries real hard to understand Yano’s character even if she knows that he is generally the irresponsible type but still caring and gentle deep down. Men, they are real hard to understand. Pfft! I’m the one to say! Then of course during an outing with their other classmates, Yano made some remarks which upsets Nanami as she storms out. She then scolds him "Moron! Idiot! Jackass! Son of a bitch!". Ah, lover’s quarrel so fast already? But I guess she has to forgive him since she dropped her wallet on the way out and Yano managed to gave it back to her. Nanami finds another shocking discovery that Yano’s mom was an ex-prostitute and his ex-girlfriend was with another guy on the day she died. You could say she was cheating on him right till her death. How would you feel if your girl does that? The rest of the episode sees Nanami trying to get their class a room for the upcoming school festival (their class is doing a play, by the way) but was unsuccessful. But leave it to Yano’s smooth PR to get the job done.
Thus in most episodes, you’ll see the roller-coaster ride of Yano and Nanami’s relationship. The high and lows of what they go through to keep their fragile love intact. Of course there are other obstacles which would prevent them from moving on such as Yano’s past with Nana and the other characters which later would have some feelings for them. Therefore it’s quite interesting to see how it will all turn out in the end and what kind of path they choose to walk.
Summer holidays in episode 3 as the gang also work on their school festival. Here we get to see cute Nanami in her yukata. She also finds out from Takeuchi that today is the anniversary of Nana’s death so probably why Yano is feeling a little depressed. Looks like he hasn’t really gotten over her death yet. So Nanami makes a surprising visit to Yano’s house and since he didn’t allow her to enter and was just watching from his room window, she rings the doorbell like mad as Yano call her a degenerated woman and a stalker. But Nanami gets embarrassed when Yano’s mom soon opens the door and ‘sarcastically’ apologizes for making her wait. So it’s a little dangerous situation for a guy and a girl to be alone in the room and they nearly got caught because Yano’s mom just barged into the room without knocking. We also see a flashback of how Yano and Nana were an item. It seems that Nana’s ex-boyfriend, Kagawa, is an abuser, always hitting Nana. Gosh, she has the bruises and bumps to prove it! Why couldn’t she just leave that jerk? I don’t know, even she doesn’t. So after Yano beats the crap out of Kagawa and before they know it, they’re going out and even had sex after her graduation ceremony. But even if Yano made Nana promised him not to cheat on him, she didn’t hold on to it when that fateful day occurred. What a way to receive such horrible news on the day the accident happened. So I suppose it’s no surprise that Yano asks Nanami the meaning of happiness is.
The school festival is getting closer in episode 4 and Yano shows his irresponsible side by not showing up for practices. But I’m not sure if he’s a genius or not seeing that he did quite well on the first try of the practice when he finally show up. So on the day itself, Yano seems to have forgotten his lines, which sends everyone into panic because all their hard effort will be wasted! But never fear because Yano improvised his lines although they are so bloody comical, the audience had a good time laughing and enjoyed the play very much. You could say it was a successful failure on his part. After the festival ended, everyone did some parade outside school. The usual Yano teasing and Nanami "You’re a jerk" response and attitude. But they got separated and Nanami finds herself looking for Yano. He finds her and glues back a crystal ring (which she bought for herself earlier on) that broke off. She then says "I love you" before the duo kissed. Is such public display of affection illegal or embarrassing? Oh heck, seize the chance while they can.
Of course by now, word has spread to Mizu-chin and Taka-chan that Nanami has kissed Yano in episode 5 as they pester her for details. Jealous? Also, Nanami is to go on a council meeting but since she overslept in class, she completely missed it but luckily Yano covered and went on her behalf. Later the duo go on their first date which includes the mandatory going to the movies. Then she asked him what he wanted for a Christmas present and his reply was her. Is he joking? He can’t be since he sounded so serious. So later as they hold their warm hands, Nanami asks him once more what he really wants for a Christmas present. So he tells her that as long as she is with him, he doesn’t need one. Because of that, Yano makes her promise never to leave him and never to betray him as they hug.
Nanami waits for Yano for another outing in episode 6 but since she arrived too early, she takes a look at a nearby jewellery shop. Nanami is being assisted by the shop’s pretty assistant, Ayaka, when Yano comes in and recognizes her as Takeuchi’s elder sister. Since they are Takeuchi’s pals, she offers them a discount on a ring which eventually Yano buys for Nanami (even if Yano is still broke or will take many years to clear of its instalment payments). In school Nanami finds out from Takeuchi that Ayaka is a guy! Holy cow! Probably why Takeuchi never had a girlfriend. And Nanami though he had sister complex (while his other buddy thought he was gay!). Meanwhile Yano and Yuri had a little confrontation when Yano notices the scarf on Yuri which once belonged to Nana. Well it was Yuri’s to begin with since her sister had a bad habit of borrowing and never returning things. Yano grabs her scarf and says how both sisters are the same when she tells him how Nana was the one who threw him out. But Yuri responds back by telling him not to group her the same as her late sister. Later as Yano and Nanami are waiting for their bus home, they kissed not giving a damn about the on looking public. Later in school, Yuri lost her balance on the stairs but luckily Yano caught her. A short flashback sees that Yuri and Yano did have some sort of relationship albeit a short one. Yeah, they kissed and even held hands while burning that scarf…
In episode 7, Yano decides to stalk Nanami after she said she can’t go out on a date with him because she’ll be accompanying Mizu-chin and Taka-chin to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Actually, Nanami had asked Takeuchi to go out with her so that he could help her choose a gift for Yano. Because of that, Yano ignores her. Like when he was walking too fast for her to catch up, Nanami got fed up and threw the birthday present at his back. Tears swell up in Nanami’s eyes so Yano had to go comfort her as he finds out his present is some hat and wears it immediately. In school, Nanami is feeling worried since the new sitting arrangement has Yano sitting next to Yuri. Previously, Yuri sat next to Nanami. Everyone is surprised when Yuri lends Yano her textbook when the latter forgot to bring it because everyone was pretty sure Yuri hated him. Then Nanami invites Yano to her home this coming Sunday since her parents won’t be around. Would he miss this opportunity? Come Sunday, Yano must be disappointed because Nanami’s mom is there too. So much for privacy. Of course in the room together, they’re nearly busted when Nanami’s mom barges in without knocking. Hehe. So after really leaving them both alone, Nanami asks Yano about his past relationship with Yuri since that topic is troubling her. But since he didn’t say anything, this is making her feel uncomfortable.
Yano is ‘saved’ from answering that question when Nanami’s mom barges in once more in episode 8. I’m sure Nanami must be feeling jealous due to his suspicious behaviour. There’s this funny part in class whereby the teacher is asking Yano to translate a Japanese sentence "I want to make friends with her" into English. Yano had a hard time and after a few tries he finally said "I want to f*ck her!". OMG! He actually said that F-word, sending the whole class bursting into laughter! Nanami must be feeling embarrass because she thinks he’s really trying to hold in his perverted side (yeah, part of the meaning of love is sex to that guy). So because Nanami thinks that Yano has had sex with Nana before, she acts cold towards him (there’s a short clip which shows Yano probably doing it with Yuri after her sister’s demise too!). Later when Yano and Nanami goes back to the latter’s house to study, Nanami’s mom is out shopping so Nanami is horrified that the duo are alone and thinks Yano has tricked her as part of his scheme to get back at her. The usual bickering and tenseful distant atmosphere when Nanami says how she knows of Yano’s sex with Nana. He admits it and Nanami didn’t blame him for it. Yano wished that he could rewrite history if he’s able to stop Nanami from crying. Then when Nanami says how she’s willing to have sex with him, Yano is taken aback and thinks she’s joking but that deadpan seriousness on her face tells it all.
Episode 9 continues with the duo stripping and preparing to have sex. Funny thing is that Yano is already in his boxer’s while Nanami just took off her outer jacket. You call that stripping and getting naked? So with Nanami’s advice to undress her, he did just that and he tells her if she feels pain, just raise her hand and he’ll stop. Is this heaven? Nanami has lots of things going through her mind when she suddenly felt some pain and is brought back to reality. She raises her hand but Yano just tells her to endure it. What the?! But that is cut short when they heard Nanami’s mom opening the gates as they quickly put back their clothes back on and Yano leaves straight away. Sex, interrupted. Later Yano tells her that he didn’t penetrate her at all. So I guess it must be all in her mind. In class, Yano is trying to sell his stuff to other classmates so that he could save some money and bring Nanami to a love hotel. But Nanami wanted to go somewhere special like Disneyland to ‘do it’ so I guess the cost just went up, eh? Better start saving at this rate. I don’t think Nanami’s piggybank savings will be enough too. Later in class, Nanami accidentally drop Yuri’s books and notices a photo of Yano and Nana in it. She wonders why Yuri has it when the latter comes back. Yuri goes over her stuff and notices her precious picture is missing and it seems Nanami has taken them.
Yuri tries to search for that photo high and low in episode 10. Nanami feels guilty about taking it during the spur of the moment but fears Yuri’s wrath if she finds out. Yano then comes by to ask Nanami to lend her a textbook which he has forgotten to bring. Nanami realized too late that the photo she stole was in that textbook and during class, that photo fell out. Yuri then says how that photo is hers and requests Yano to give it back. But Yano think this is some sort of harassment and rips it instead, leaving Yuri in tears. Later Nanami tells Yano how she was the one who took that photo so Yano gives her a good lecture on the bad points of taking things from others without their permission. Another low point in their relationship. Then Nanami gets a call from Yano’s friend to head over to Takeuchi’s place to celebrate his birthday. But when she hears Yano’s voice telling her not to come before immediately slamming the phone down, this pisses her off and she has got to come to tell of that jerk. Nanami arrives with Mizu-chin as she has bought a sea urchin strap for Takeuchi. Yano is still acting up and throws it out of the window. Nana splashes a glass of water in his face and tells him off before storming out. Yano chases her and manages to calm her down when he tells her what he threw out was just a peanut. He admits he was jealous and that he didn’t want her being friendly with other guys. Meanwhile Yuri is seen pasting back that torn photo. As Yano chats with Nanami at the former’s house, Yano’s mom tells him that he has got a visitor. To his surprise, Yano sees Yuri standing at the gates asking him whether he wants to know why Nana was with Kagawa on the day she died.
We are told of that flashback in episode 11. It seems earlier on that day Yano and Nana had a fight. Yuri noticed how Nana was eagerly looking at her handphone hoping that Yano would call or message her but it never happened. So when Nana was out shopping, she happened to meet Kagawa who gives her a ride after wishing her happy birthday. So it was her birthday too. In present time, Yano is sceptical and thinks Yuri has some revenge on her mind. Nanami wants to come out but Yano locks her in saying that she has nothing to do with this. It’s confirmed that Yuri and Yano did engaged in sex but perhaps she thought she was a substitute to her sister which Yano couldn’t forget nor let go. When Yuri leaves, Nanami comes out but she is unhappy since Yano treated her like an outsider and leaves too. Yano chases her but she smacks him in the face with her bag. Nanami feels he has betrayed her and calls him a liar but Yano begs to differ because he didn’t throw her away. Nanami left and it seems Takeuchi has witnessed it all. Next day at school, Takeuchi advises Yano to tell Nanami the truth. Yano tries his best to break the ice with Nanami which he eventually succeeds. Finally he tells her which one of the 3 statements are true. The 3rd one turned out to be Yano had sex with Yuri. Nanami starts crying and Yano starts to feel regret over what he did.
Because of that, Nanami doesn’t want to see Yano as she ignores him in episode 12. But of course she can’t stay mad at him forever so they eventually made up. So to make things up, Nanami has Yano take her out to the beach. It seems like they’re the happiest couple in the world and all those problems never occurred until Nanami feels something tickling her hands. She thinks it’s Yano at first but lets out a scream after finding out it was a sea bug. Yano then remembers how Nana too hated bugs. Memories of Nana began to flow through his head as he shed a tear, Nanami realized that Yano hasn’t really let go of Nana and still loves her deep down in her heart. He then says how he wished she was here so that he could forgive her. Bad move. Nanami then knew she couldn’t keep up with it anymore and dumps him. Uh huh. So much for her earlier pledge about making Yano happy. Looks like she can’t if he still clings on to the past. Even later when Yuri asks Yano if he wants any comfort, he just sarcastically smile and leaves.
So they’re now separated in episode 13 even if Yano didn’t agree to break up. Even if they have not talked to each other for a week and acting like total strangers, you can feel that awkward feeling between them. Takeuchi notices Nanami’s gloominess and invites her to his house to cheer her up with some puppies. He tells her to take one home since his family doesn’t allow pets. Yano on the other hand went to some hook-up party organized by his other pals and a naughty girl accidentally erased his handphone pic of Nanami. The one he took after the festival and in her yukata. Obviously he’s pissed. Then the odd thing is that, in 2.30 in the morning, Yano sneaks into Takeuchi’s room to blab about those horrible girls and bug him if he has a spare picture of Nanami in a yukata! Can’t believe how desperate this guy is. Sleepy Takeuchi says he doesn’t have it anymore. Since it’s been a year already, the time has come for another round to discuss what they should do for their upcoming school festival. As usual, Yano gave a good suggestion. To do a Disneyland. Impossible? What the heck, it sounds better than the usual cafe or haunted house. But the episode ends with a shocker because it seems Takeuchi tells Yano how he is serious in making Nanami his girlfriend too! All the while I guess he has some feelings for Nanami but chose to protect his friendship with Yano instead. But now it’s a different story…
I guess Yano is starting to panic when he learns that his best friend too has a liking for his girlfriend, even if they’ve broken up. So we see in episode 14 Takeuchi talking to Nanami at the riverbank while Mizu-chin plays with the puppy. Yano tries all sorts of stuff to try and find them and even resorts to calling Ayaka. But Takeuchi knew of Yano’s tactic and hung up when Ayaka called. So when Yano eventually meets up with Takeuchi and issues him a stern warning that he’ll personally kill him if he lays a finger on Nanami, Takeuchi isn’t worried because he’s prepared for it. As everyone prepares for the school festival, we find that Yano’s Disneyland proposal has been shot down and will do a cafe instead. Yano tries to be helpful around Nanami but she ‘exiles’ him to help out faraway for the cafe. Looks like Nanami still feels uncomfortable around Yano but I don’t think that guy is willing to give up just yet.
Nanami and Mizu-chin are at the night festival trying their hands out at the tortoise scooping in episode 15 and are impressed by a man who does 1 try and gives it to them free. But Takeuchi appears to bring them away after saying not to disturb his girlfriend. Later he reveals that it was some sort of scam to get them buy expensive feed to maintain the tortoise. After Nanami goes back to her friends, Yano and Takeuchi had another chat about Takeuchi’s going to make his move on Nanami and Yano is not going to lose to him. But I’m not sure because of their rivalry because Takeuchi even mentions how he views his friendship with Yano is more important than his family. The school festival starts and we see Yano’s rip-off cafe menu raking in the profits! Ayaka visits their cafe and offers some advice to Nanami about how a new love is required to replace and forget the old love (Yano tried to interrupt but was unsuccessful).
Takeuchi is going to confess to Nanami in episode 16 but Yano plays dirty by getting some of his pals to lock Takeuchi up in a class! Yano tries to find Nanami but she is in fact hiding from them both because she doesn’t know what kind of answer to give them. Eventually Takeuchi manages to break free from his imprisonment and goes to find Nanami. Who will find her first? Well, both the guys found each other. Since neither is going to give way, they broke into a fight. Luckily Mizu-chin was there to stop them as she tells them how Nanami is unable to give them an answer now. Nanami is hiding in a classroom and it seems Takeuchi knows she’s in there so he tells her from behind the door and advises her to follow her heart and go find Yano (is he giving up?). Nanami finds Yano lying on the grass outside and tells him that they could get back together if he’d just tell her everything about Nana from his own mouth. That’s it? That’s all it’s going to take? Takeuchi then turns up and says that if he isn’t serious about it, then he doesn’t deserve her. Not only that, Takeuchi surprises Yano by showing that handphone pic of Nanami in her yukata. Yeah, he lied and has it all along.
In episode 17, Yano convinces Nanami to go out on a date with him because he’s going to tell everything about Nana but to his disappointment, Takeuchi too tags along. Due to that, Yano didn’t spill a thing. Noticing that Nanami was just making Yano telling all about Nana was just something to make her feel better, he tells her to go back to Yano. Yano goes to Nanami’s place and shows her the puppy he got from Takeuchi as part of his plan to win Nanami back. He named in Lalami? As they took a stroll at the riverbank, we find out that Yano has never met his real father before and was probably born out of wedlock. Which means his current dad is his stepfather instead. This made Nanami even more indecisive and confused on what to do. Yano goes home to see his mom doing some gardening. He has a flashback of how he tried to train himself to be the best swimmer like his dad but he eventually gave up. Yano sends Nanami a message to meet up as he is ready to tell everything.
Their date in episode 18 begins at the movies but just like the bickering couples they once were, they’re arguing about the popcorn toppings! During the movie, Yano tells Nanami Nana’s profile but it seems they aren’t the answers she’s seeking for. But rather his feelings for her and any impressions after going out with her. On their way home, they got into another argument as Nanami feels that he’s still not answering her question. Nanami leaves in her upset but slips on the autumn leaves and feels how she doesn’t understand his feelings anymore. Once they reached Nanami’s doorstep, Yano reveals everything on what happened that day. How they quarrelled on the smallest thing on what to do on her birthday. But he never got the chance to reply back because she died so soon. He also says how the woman he always wanted the most kept running away from him (referring to both the Nanas, I presume) and that the most important person now is her. As Yano leaves, Nanami then says how she thinks Nana still loves him a lot, how she’s regretting for leaving you behind, how she’s watching him from heaven. She rushes over to him as they both hug. She also says how Nana did love him but lost the chance to do so. As Yano stood crying and apologizing how he couldn’t make her happy, Nanami says, "Yano… you passed…". Looks like she has forgiven him and he is free from his past.
Yano and Nanami are back again in episode 19. But that’s not the end of their problems yet. Yano bumps into Takeuchi on the bus and there is an awkward atmosphere between them. It seems Takeuchi isn’t giving up on Nanami either. So much so the duo had some horse vault jumping competition among each other. Yeah, they’re trying to outdo each other with super flips, spins and somersaults during gym class. It could’ve been a tight finishing if not for the teacher stepping in and Takeuchi having a backache. Back at Takeuchi’s home, Ayaka comes to give him some advice on love, which sometimes isn’t really a fair game and that one may sometimes have to resort to stealing other people’s love. Yeah, if you really want something, you have to go all out and fight for it. But Ayaka leaves him to figure out something about it and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t deserve it. But at the end of this episode, Yuri comes in to class without wearing her glasses and is on contacts. Everybody must be real surprised. Even a person like her which everyone least expects to, do undergo some changes. I must say she does look different and a little cuter.
Takeuchi unwillingly goes out to accompany another buddy of his for a hook-up party in episode 20 and finds out a girl named Chisa is quite interested in him since she didn’t get to talk to him at the previous one. Takeuchi agrees to go out with her for test period of 1 month. Then a funny part is that Yano is sleeping and probably dreaming something kinky on Nanami as he sleep talk. But when he opens his eyes, he saw 2 of his friends in his room, trying to prepare his place to celebrate Takeuchi’s new girlfriend. Can they just go in as they like as though it’s their home? Of course Yano leaves for his date with Nanami which includes taking her to a pet shop. In school, I’m sure people have some annoying comments about Yuri’s new look but Yano calms her down with his suave talking and tells her how contacts don’t fit her as it is causing her eyes to be red like a rabbit. Then during gym class, Yano and Takeuchi got physical over the latter’s girlfriend and could’ve gotten worse if Nanami didn’t come in. Yeah, they’re both trying to fake friendship and cover up their lameness. Uh huh. Takeuchi’s got strands of Yano’s hair in his palm while Yano licks Takeuchi’s bleeding arm. That night, Yano meets Nanami out in the park as they talk over Takeuchi’s new girlfriend. He notices her wet hair and gives her his sweater before hugging her and realizing she’s not wearing any bra. After more romantic talk like how they’d wish they’d be like this together forever, they kissed under the starry sky.
The duo plans another date in episode 21 and this time they may just ‘do it’. Yeah, Yano is seen buying some condoms at the mart as precaution. While Yano waits at the bus stop, he gets a call from Yuri who is frantically saying how her mom suddenly collapsed. I’m not sure what this guy is thinking because he decides to go accompany Yuri at the hospital and ditch his date with Nanami! Of course Nanami who is waiting out in the cold snow is pissed off that he has chosen someone else over her even if there are no romantic feelings. After all the hard work to get their relationship to this point, it’s going down the drain again. Even if Yano tells Nanami to go home, she tells him to come this instant and that she’ll not be budging till he arrives. Yano knows that Nanami is a stubborn girl and gets Takeuchi to call her on his behalf (after getting some scolding from him too, that is). Yano arrives at the hospital and Yuri seems shaky, though her mom is in stable condition now. She is grateful and wants to do something in return for him but Yano declines. As Yano leaves, Yuri then blurts out how she has always liked him all these time. OMG! Yano couldn’t believe his ears as he walks away looking stunned while Yuri could only weep. Meanwhile Takeuchi is dating Chisa but tells her that he has something important to do (read: he dumps her) as he goes to Nanami still waiting out in the cold. He vows not to make her sad. By the time Yano reaches the place, Nanami is nowhere in sight. Too late boy.
Takeuchi brings Nanami home in episode 22. Yano soon arrives by taxi and tries to explain but the damage is done and Nanami doesn’t want to hear anymore. He stood outside her house ringing her doorbell but she continues to ignore him so he finally gives up and goes home. Next day in class, Yano tries once more but Nanami shoves him and since he was weakened due to last night’s cold, he collapsed. Yano is recuperating at home when Yuri comes by to visit him but Yano isn’t amused and tells her to leave. As she does, she meets Nanami who is just coming in. Nanami then tells her not to see Yano anymore but Yuri raises her voice back at her saying that she knows more and longer about Yano than she does. Yuri leaves when Takeuchi comes by. Yano spots Takeuchi and talks to him (Nanami hidden between the leaves so he couldn’t see her). Yano says how he had hurt Nanami and for the first time is nervous and had no confidence about their relationship. After closing his window, Nanami rushes off with Takeuchi chasing her but she says not to take advantage of her during her weakest moment by being a nice guy. Takeuchi then says how he’ll make her happy and protect her (figuring out what Ayaka had meant to tell him). Finally, Yano gets to know from his mom that she is getting a divorce and moving to Tokyo as a friend of hers offered her a job there. Oh no. Does this mean Yano has to move too?
Yano finds out that Takeuchi did confessed his feelings to Nanami while the former’s out sick in episode 23. Meanwhile Nanami is getting some advice on what to do from Mizu-chin. The rest of the episode focuses on Yano and his mom as they talk on how mommy was never a good planner in life. Just like giving birth to Yano. But even so, he was the reason she was happy and glad that she didn’t decided to abort him that time, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Thus she always wants her son to be happy. Then at school, Yano asks Nanami to walk with him back home but she refuses so he goes off alone. But Mizu-chin tells Nanami that she shouldn’t make things worse as it is now because one day there’ll be somebody else who will take Yano away. And speaking of which that day may come too soon. As Nanami watches through the window, Yano is ploughing through the snow, she spots Yuri trying to catch up to him but trips. Yano then offers his hand to help her up. Better act fast Nanami or he’ll be gone…
In episode 24, Yano finds out that his mom couldn’t afford to move to Tokyo with such high living expenses so he suggests doing part time to help out but she disagrees and wants him to concentrate in studying to enter a university. Later Yano speaks with Takeuchi and doesn’t want him to tell Nanami of his moving as it will make her even sadder. Even Yano’s moving seems to worry Takeuchi. Ayaka thinks it’s good since Nanami will be all his with Yano gone. In class everyone are discussing their preferred universities and to Yano’s horror, Nanami seems to have chosen one in Sapporo instead of the one in Tokyo (because at that way, they could still be together. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone…). Though Nanami is upset by Yano’s words, Takeuchi goes over to Nanami’s place and tell her that Yano is moving and says that she is the only one who can prevent him from doing so. Because of that, she heads over to his place to confess that she still loves him (you don’t know what you’ve got till you lose it) and will respect whatever decisions he made as they reconciled. The next day the duo continue to discuss what universities they are to attend and Nanami vows to do her best to enter it and support Yano too.
It’s good to see Yano and Nanami spending some time together in episode 25. But even if Yano’s mom is moving (on 24th December to be precise), it’s not like Yano will be following her. So at first. There’s lots of uncertainty between Yano, Nanami and Takeuchi in this episode and Nanami is certain that she can’t imagine a world without Yano and probably regrets telling him to go as she breaks down. Even Yano has a weird dream about Nanami saying she regretted something and asks her about it but she just brush it aside saying that it was just a dream. Later when Yano asks Nanami out on a date to the zoo for Christmas, she is delighted because she thinks Yano decides to stay. But her hopes vanished when she finds out that their Christmas is a week early. Then Yano tells her that he is following his mom to Tokyo. Nanami starts to cry as they hug each other.
We find out that Yano made a deal with his mom that he will go to Tokyo with her if she gives him an allowance of 20,000 Yen to spend on his girlfriend for a day in episode 26. I guess this his last chance saloon to make memories with her. So on the night of the date, Nanami spots a new haircut. Yeah, she’s cut it short and got it a little wavy. Yano thinks she looks very cute (I still prefer Nanami with her long hair, though). So the duo do what couples do on their dates. Hold hands, eat, play that toy crane machine and took a photo of themselves. They should’ve been doing stuff like this all the while and not because somebody is leaving. At the end of their date when Yano says how he loves Nanami, she gets teary and makes a promise with him to meet at Tokyo a year from now. Until then, she also promises not to fall for anyone else. The next day, Nanami tells Takeuchi her answer. Sorry boy, Yano won. Though he doesn’t look disappointed, but the way he says things indicate that he isn’t giving up yet. Also, Yuri is telling her mom how she’s going to study in a college in Tokyo because there’s something she want more than anything else in the world. Not going to give up too, eh? The day for Yano to depart soon arrives as his friends gather to bid him farewell at the train station. The usual friendly rivalry chat between Yano and Takeuchi with the latter saying that if Yano lets his guard down, he’ll not hesitate to steal Nanami away. Finally Nanami gives an emotional farewell speech as Yano hugs her before his train leaves. As the train moves, Nanami starts chasing after it as tears well up in her eyes as well as Yano’s. It’s such as heartbreaking scene. Even their pals could only look on and Yuri is even to watch them albeit from a distance and behind a pillar. Thus the final narration of why this series is named so. With all their countless feelings, leaning on each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as they lived here, yes indeed, they were here.
Well if you really want to find out more about what will happen to our lovebirds and their pals around them, you’ll just have to continue reading the manga. For me, I’m stopping here. So Yano and Nanami decide to do some long distance relationship? I’m just glad that in the end it worked out find between those two. At times it was really heart wrenching to see how Nanami and Yano deal with their emotions. I’m sure they’ve learned a lot through their ups and downs. Yeah well, love isn’t an easy thing in the first place. If it was, we wouldn’t be fighting with each other through meaningless wars for ages, wouldn’t we?
Yuri was the least person that I would expect to have feelings for Yano. It never really crossed my mind. Probably all the while she was just in denial, hiding her feelings for him until it couldn’t hold anymore and thus boom, it explodes. Some viewers dislike her character and view her as an obstruction between Nanami and Yano. Just like her dead sister too. Maybe it’s because Nana gave a cheating impression just before her demise and that’s why viewers hated her and wish she’d just die. Oh wait. She’s already dead in the anime ;p. It’s a good thing Yano managed to overcome her eventually. Hopefully Nanami could be the new and even better Nana in Yano’s life. Hey, Nanami and Nana are 2 different people and I shouldn’t view Nanami as Nana’s replacement. Though the near similarity of their names sometimes confuses me. As for Takeuchi, I suppose he’s facing a dilemma whether to protect his friendship with Yano or go with his feelings for Nanami. Can’t have both, right? Although Nanami made it clear at the end, there is no sign he’s giving up just yet. Can he willingly wait for 5 years or possibly 10 if Nanami and Yano ever breaks up? Is he willing to wishfully wait and hope that day of his will never come? Anyway I find he’s a nice guy and that’s what friends should generally be.
I like the voice acting of Nanami, who is voiced by Nozomi Sasaki (Patricia in Lucky Star). She did quite a good job in making her sound cute, dreamy and shaky at times. You can’t help that even if she’s confused, upset, in panic or starts scolding, she sounds very cute! The other casts don’t really have a long list to their resumes and are relatively unknown seiyuus like Hiroshi Yazaki as Yano, Erina Nakayama as Yuri (Lily C Sherbet of Galaxy Angel Rune), Takujii Kawakubo as Takeuchi and Yurin as Nana. Mizu-chin is voiced by Kaori Shimizu (Akira in School Rumble series) and has a slightly longer voice acting roles than the rest.
The opening theme is called Only You by Mi and sounds like a generic pop song for such a generic series. However, I noticed that there are many ending themes for this series. Nine of them actually. Each taking turns being played for each episode. Some lasting for several episodes (may not necessarily be in consecutive episodes) while some just for a single episode. They can range from slow ballads to faster beats. You can tell that the ending is coming up because it’ll start during the several final few seconds of the episode and even spills over till the next episode preview is over. However I want to note that some of the ending songs are being used as insert songs during the episodes. The thing which caught my attention was that most of these insert songs were going just "La la la la la la la…" the whole way! No other words!
The drawing and art may not appeal to those who prefers contemporary Japanese drawing as this one seems simple and the colouring a little light and thus ‘bleached’. Because of so, sometimes I have a little problem of differentiating between Yano and Takeuchi because they look close to each other in a certain light. Another thing I want to mention about the drawing is that I know that animes usually have the habit of not drawing the character’s eyes due to certain conditions. But here, at times they just draw only 1 eye of the character even though viewers have a full view of their faces. It looks odd at first and seems like they forgot to draw it. But I got used to it. Of course there are moments when the characters go chibi during comical moments, that’s to be expected.
Though appearing in only a handful of episodes, there is a comical mid-intermission hosted by Mizu-chin and Taka-chan entitled Watashi-tachi Mo Ita (We Were Here Too). In terms of the comical aspects, this is the best one and I’m always looking forward to it as it features how the duo rant about the relationship between Yano and Nanami to Mizu-chin’s unrequited love and desperate pleas to get a boyfriend. Haha. I just love the one whereby Mizu-chin sang a short outburst of the "Come On My Love" doo-wop.
For those who don’t mind a slow paced romance theme, maybe this anime is worth checking out. There are several slice of life sayings relating to love in this anime but I can’t really remember them. It goes to show that love itself isn’t a smooth ride. It takes a lot of trial and error, perseverance, give and take. Even so, one may not fully understand it. But I guess that’s what makes life interesting. Since I haven’t experienced it myself, can’t really say, "Been there, done that". All I can say is that "I was here", watching this anime…

Bokura Ga Ita
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