What a bloody fine gory mess. How many animes do we know could make a hilarious combination of blood and comedy? As far as I am concern, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan does it in its own bloody way and they have came out with a sequel called Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Second. Yeah. Which means more blood and more gore, all in the name of comedy and laughter.
Initially, I thought this year 2007 OVA sequel had 4 episodes just like its previous season. So I actually waited patiently for all the episodes to come out first before watching. Well, only half of it came out so I wonder if the production for the remaining episodes has been stopped. Then I found out that there were actually only 2 OVA episodes. Since each story is only about 15 minutes long, which means 2 stories per episode, that makes up to 4 episodes, right? Yeah, silly me.
So a short recap of what this story is about. It’s about this guy named Sakura who created eternal youth thingy which makes girls to stop aging once they reach a certain age in the future. So God didn’t like it very much and sends 1 of his angels, Dokuro, back to the past to kill him. However, Dokuro thinks that she can persuade Sakura to change his mind without killing him. The ironic part is that why God is sending his angel to a job which He could easily do. Ironic, isn’t it? Second thing is, the temperament Dokuro seems to kill Sakura each time over tiny little things but she is able to revive him with the same weapon she bludgeons him, the thorny club named Excaliborg. Very ironic, isn’t it?
Thus in the previous season, we see that Sakura has come to terms with living with his bloody hell life with Dokuro. Uh huh. I remember in each of the episodes, he at least would die once and we could see blood gushing out and sometimes his internal organs splattering out. Disgusting but hilarious. It leaves a one-kind feeling in your gut. Sometimes I’m not sure if it is that pain in the stomach for laughing too much or the feeling of wanting to hurl. So what is in store in this season for poor Sakura this season? Well, you can count on more bloody deaths, that’s for sure.
Episode 1
This episode starts off with Sakura getting his usual pain from Dokuro. She bumps into him. It seems that they have a sketch outing for today’s class. We also see Dokuro’s sister, Zakuro, now living with them and she no longer has that tough attitude. Uh huh. Looks like she has become a shy and gentle character. What happened to her? Did that Korean trip in the previous episode changed her? Anyway on their way to school, Dokuro misinterprets Sakura of having his sketching utensils as something ecchi and kills him in her fit. Ah, that’s death number one for you. With her trademark "Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi" revival line, Sakura returns to his good old self. Though Sakura continues to explain but it seems Dokuro still misinterprets it and throws her Excaliborg at him. What a bright sunny bloody day.
As the class meet at the woods, I’m not sure why but the teacher seems to be appointing Sakura for something which he is very reluctant to do so. Something to do with Thursday (hey, that monkey head class rep is still there! Remember Dokuro turned him into a real picture of a monkey head back in the 1st season). Because of that, Sakura is ruing his fate as he heads to his drawing spot with Dokuro. It seems Sakura has a ploy to draw together with the girl he has a crush on, Shizuki. Yeah, Sakura seems to have that perverted looks on his face. So that guy still harbours some love for her. Then as they watch the magnificent waterfalls called The Fall Of The White Crows, Sakura gets a nasty idea of pushing Dokuro over the waterfall to scare her and then make up. But when he does so, he passes through her body before realizing that this was just a hologram image and the real Dokuro is standing on a tree branch. It’s a long way doooooown.
After resurfacing and catching his breath on the river bank, he spots Shizuki and puts his plans into action. But it’s not going to be just 2 of them because Dokuro and their other classmate, Minami (looks and sound ominous), joins them. As they sketch the scenery, Dokuro is drawing a side profile of Sakura and well, her drawing seems to look like a real time celebrity. Then as they take a lunch break, Dokuro shows Sakura how she has made a meat stick in Sakura’s image and violently eats it. Sakura then realizes he lost his lunch when he fell down the waterfall. Though Shizuki offers him hers, Dokuro too offers him a Binkan Salary Man Sausage. Yeah, it comes with its own theme song! Now ‘binkan’ in Japanese means sensitive so when Sakura eats it, he experiences painful allergic reactions. Almost killing him. Here’s another way to die. The gang continues to sketch and Sakura is horrified to find out that Dokuro’s painting of the scenery has lots of people dying in a blood-filled river! So is this how the scenery looks like in the eyes of an angel?! Then they look at Sakura’s one. But since it wasn’t shown what he had drawn, Dokuro started crying. Must be that beautiful or sad.
Shizuki decides to go change the water in the pail and Sakura takes this opportunity to approach her to ask her out by giving her tickets to some exhibit this Sunday. Then it turned out that she’s actually Minami! How on Earth did she have the same hair style as Shizuki? Dokuro then comes by looking for him and spots the duo. Just then, Minami rush behind Dokuro and tells her this is what he told her: "I want to lick the plastic of that student cap you wore during 6th grade of your elementary years". She totally twisted everything! Why oh why! I think she loves seeing Dokuro kill Sakura. Yeah, that’s what that poor chap got. As Minami runs away, an upset Dokuro throws Excaliborg and sends Sakura flying through the woods and into the waterfall. Yeah, he re-coloured the waterfall into blood-soaked colour. Yeah, there are even 2 rainbows! Phenomenal. As we see Shizuki washing her pail at another area, we see Sakura’s lunch has drifted ashore to Sabato’s place. Remember that homeless angel who is living in a card box near a river bank. She looks so dirty and messy. She quickly eats the food but experiences allergic reactions (yeah, it’s that Binkan Salary Man Sausage) and wild hallucinations. Another poor sad soul destined to continue suffer.
Episode 2
Sakura tells Dokuro to go take a bath before his parents come home. Later Sakura goes to check on Dokuro and Zakuro in the bathroom only to find the place covered in ice! It’s like a dark frozen cave! He spots the angels hugging themselves in fear (and also cold) as Zakuro says it’s her fault that it ended up like this. It seems they were reading an encyclopaedia of Japanese demons and they became afraid to know of one called Waremehime. The kind of demon who lives in little hole gaps or cracks in the wall and if anyone stares through it, the demon will pull the victim inside which will ultimately lead to death! Scary. Ironic that the angels are scared of such demons. Sakura plays a naughty prank on them by saying that the Waremehime is behind them. The duo then took out their fear in a combo wrestling match and killed Sakura, before Dokuro revives him.
Dokuro and Zakuro are still scared to take a bath as Sakura suggests for them to take a bath together. Then Dokuro suggests that Sakura too has to bath with them, he tries to decline but I guess the temptation to bath with 2 busty angels is too great. And Sakura thinks he has no power of winning over angel’s persuasion but I think it is his inner pervertness which gave in. So the angels soon come in with their skimpy bikini and you can tell that Sakura is having an eyeful of them. Uh huh. It’s all written over his face. Hard to control himself, isn’t it? That bloody pervert. You can see a metaphor of his happiness as several chibi versions of him go wild and bravo. Well, I don’t know if Dokuro seems to want Sakura to get intimate with her because of her shy shy behaviour. She gets a little ‘stimulated’ (the shy way) when Sakura tightens her top bikini strap. Soon the 2 ladies give Sakura a wash with Dokuro handling the front and Zakuro the back. Let’s just say it’s too much for him and that it sucked the life force out of him. Yeah, when Dokuro accidentally slipped because it was slippery, she gave Sakura a ‘full body-to-body’ scrub. Must be the best thing which has ever happened to him.
Then when Sakura scrubs Dokuro’s hair and mentions about how he usually scratch the centre of an itchy point, Dokuro starts to blush. Sometimes I don’t know what that angel is thinking. Surprisingly, she didn’t kill him. Then when it’s Dokuro’s turn to scrub his head, she scrubbed too hard until it tear the skin of his head! A bloodbath, literally. Then the trio got into the tiny bathtub and as expected, they got stuck. Then the angels spot a crack in the wall and their fear of Waremehime comes rushing in. Yeah, the atmosphere suddenly gets cold. Then they heard something knocking on the window and Sakura fears it may be that pervert-flasher-exhibitionist punk angel Zansu. He splashes a pail of water out but only to find Sabato. The reason she is here is to return a racquet to Dokuro, which they played a game earlier on in the day and Dokuro forgot to take it back.
Because Sabato started sneezing, Sakura invites her to join them in a bath. Though she is reluctant, looks like her body action is otherwise. Uh huh. She climbs from the window and into the bathtub. If 3 people are already in a tight spot, imagine 4. Real tight spot. Can’t even move. As they struggle to get out, I don’t know if it’s true or not because the angels are saying how Sakura is touching their sensitive part and well it looks like Zakuro is going to… I’ll leave that to your imagination. Of course he denies doing anything. Then, Zakuro got an idea by saying how Dokuro should use her weapon and turn Sakura into little versions of him so that they could get out. Zakuro soon apologize for saying such things but you know, that twinkle in Dokuro’s eyes means it’s another painful moment for Sakura. Another bloodbath. Sabato returns to her card box home and is lying in cold covered with old newspapers still snotting. Yeah, she’s lamenting her fate and wonders when her mom will bring her back to her warm home. Too bad girl. Nobody is going to take pity on you.
Episode 3
Sakura is having a nice warm bath but his nice day is about to be ruined when Dokuro drags him out, banging from corridor to corridor, just to watch some postcard joke she sent, which is being read out on TV. Yeah, Sakura is only clad in a towel. By the time they reached the TV, it has already passed and Dokuro blames him for being slow. Dokuro then realizes that he is naked, gets embarrassed and kills him. After being revived, Sakura spots Zakuro watching afar and tries to tell her that this is a misunderstanding. He enters the room only to be instantly pinned down by another angel woman. She is Babel, Sabato’s mom and the chairwoman of the Assembly Of Divine Martial Law AKA Rultea. The reason she is here is to take Sabato back to the future. Thus she wants Sabato to say goodbye properly to them. During the discussion, Sakura requested that he put on some clothes but Babel says that it is unnecessary. Yeah, still naked.
However Sabato is reluctant because she still wants to stay here. And I thought she always wanted to go home because of her pitiful conditions. Her strict mother decides to imprison her in a Sealed Prison Sanctuary called Lurnelg because she refuses to listen to her. The dark ominous portal starts to suck Sabato inside when Sakura grabs onto her, followed by Dokuro and Zakuro, who then grabbed Babel into it. Oh great. Now they’re all sucked inside. The gang awakens inside a dark walled place inside Lurnelg and Babel mentions how she can only open it from the outside and not the inside. However she continues that there has been a legend which says of only 1 angel which managed to escape from Lurnelg, which means there must be a way out from the inside.
Then they spot several levers on the wall with symbols and common sense would tell that those symbols indicate what kind of trap it would unleash when it is pulled down. Dokuro seems to want to have her fun of pulling the levers down as Sakura tries to tell her to use caution. Because of that, Dokuro use her sexy charm by saying "Sakura, won’t you let me touch this erect, rigid, hard thing even though I want it so much" (note her finger caressing movements on the lever!). Yeah, remember Sakura is still only clad in a towel so I suppose he has to give in. So the traps unleash included the ceiling coming down and water filling the room. Sakura manages to restore things to normal by pushing the lever back up. Then there’s one symbol which resembles a sticky sea anemone and when Dokuro pulled the lever, yeah, it’s like some tentacles grab Sakura and you know, like what you see in all those hentai and ecchi shows. Sakura is wondering why he as a guy is getting it. "Don’t put that there!". As far as I’m concern, he’s the first guy who gets it! All the while it has been girls and only girls. Is he bad luck or what. Must be feeling very violated.
Finally a lever which may indicate a giant iron ball. A whole appears in the wall as the angels go into defensive mode. Surprisingly, just a tiny ball bearing dropped in. Nothing threatening, really. Then they heard the voice of Zansu and he is amused to see the Lurnelg. Sakura requests him to get them out and we see the side wall slowly opening with Zansu making his grand entrance. Oh the saviour has cometh. But the wall behind shuts instantly and now they’re all back to square one. All the angels take their frustration out by beating that punk angel up. Sakura then thinks if Zansu’s voice could reach them, there must be a connection to the outside world. Zakuro uses her Angel Eye to scan but the opening in the wall is too small. Then Zakuro once again blab about how Dokuro should smash Sakura into pieces and revive him outside before apologizing for saying such words. Yeah, Dokuro must be relishing this chance. Babel holds Sakura down as Dokuro prepares to smash him but Sabato tries to stop Dokuro when she accidentally hit Sabato’s halo, causing it to fly through the small gap. With that, it’s like Sabato is experiencing some super pain as she transforms into some undead (reminds me of that part in Total Recall). Now we know why angels have a halo on their heads. To make them look good and keep their sanity. Okay, maybe the last one isn’t so accurate since most of them here have a screw loose in their head.
Sakura then notices 1 more lever and pulls it down but a hole below appears as he and Dokuro fell through. Now that guy has lost his towel and is hanging on dearly for his naked life. Then the ambiguous part is when Dokuro climbs up face-to-face with Sakura and says how she’ll let him do anything on him. The camera focus is on Sakura’s butt while Dokuro has wrapped her legs around him and that movement is so ambiguous! Probably because of that ‘shock’, Sakura starts to lose his grip but luckily Zakuro uses her towel to catch and pull them back up. As Sabato is still in pain, Zansu wakes up and tells the gang that he has the keys to get out from Lurnelg. He receives another round of beating. After everyone gets out, Babel notes that Zansu was the legendary angel who escaped from Lurnelg. Sakura tells Babel how Sabato is an important friend and that he’ll somehow help with her training and pleads for her to let Sabato stay. Hey, Sakura is still naked. Anyway Babel agrees. So when Sabato returns to her card box home, she is in despair she has found out that she had earlier recycled it after she learned that she was returning to her future. Now she has to start making a new one. Poor girl. It could’ve been better if she had returned.
Episode 4
Sakura is seen rehearsing some lines for Valentine’s Day alone in the toilet cubicle in order what to say to Shizuki. Suddenly Excaliborg breaks through the door killing him. Okay, at least rip off his arm. His blood is still gushing out! The whole toilet will be covered in blood is she doesn’t Pipiru him. Soon after, Dokuro shyly asks Sakura what day it is today and the latter is thinking whether it’s her vaccination day. So after slapping him in a shy way, Dokuro presents him 1/10 scale of Sakura chocolates. He thinks eating it would be like cannibalism so Dokuro tries to force feed him. He dodges and the chocolate breaks. Just like in horror movies, the chocolate starts to reassemble itself and climbs its way into Sakura’s mouth!
The chocolates must taste real bad or they did something to his stomach because Sakura awakens to find himself lying in the infirmary. He gets more shocked to see Dokuro semi-naked sleeping next to him. However he is having a violent body allergic reaction (partly because I think it’s Dokuro’s sexy pose and well, ambiguous other ecchi stuff). He finds out that Dokuro has put Hard Core Binkan Salary Man Sausage into the chocolate. It’s that ooooh theme song again! Dokuro tries to warm him up seeing that he’s still in pain but the silhouettes on the curtains indicate that all of their classmates may be watching them! Sakura tries to cover up Dokuro but when the curtain is opened, his classmates find him in an awkward position and thinks he may be doing something ecchi. They all walk away pretending that they didn’t see anything although Sakura tries to explain the truth. Well, I guess they decide to leave him to what ever kinky stuff he’s doing. Sakura then spots Dokuro communicating with Zansu through some hologram thingy when Sakura conceals Dokuro with a blanket and snatches away that hologram thing. He wants Zansu to do him a favour.
Back home, Zansu is seen waiting for them and Sakura jabs his head with something sharp, causing lots of blood gushing out, when Zansu almost exposed to Zakuro that his body is over sensitive. It seems that part of Zansu’s plan to heal Sakura, he needs 2 angels, the reason why he wants them to tag along. I’m not sure of this Japanese folklore but Zansu has Sakura play a part of a man called Tarou Urashima. Then he blabs on the theory how angels will help him cure his sensitivity. Not that I understand. So part of this ritual is to perform this Tarou Urashima thing. Dokuro is seen in a penguin suit while Zakuro in a sexy mermaid outfit. So the loose story goes something like this. This Tarou guy is going to kill himself by jumping of a cliff when the penguin comes rescuing him. Anyway they both plunged down the cliff. he finds himself in some palace place which looks like a red light district and mermaid Zakuro wants to show her gratitude for saving the penguin. Zakuro is breathing so hard while Sakura is trying hard to control himself. Anyway, he has to open 2 chests (the box lah!), a big or small one. Since there’s something weird in the big one and a voice sounding so much like Dokuro, I guess it’s natural for Sakura to choose the smaller one. Yeah, she might screw things up.
Before he can open the small box, Zakuro stops him by saying that if he do that, they’ll be separated and she doesn’t want that to happen. But Sakura needs it badly and after opening the box, a smoke of powder fills the room. When Sakura open his eyes, he finds that he is back to normal and his over-sensitiveness is gone. As he thanks Zansu, he finds out that he has lots of sexy pics of an unsuspecting Zakuro in the mermaid outfit and realizes that this play is part of his ploy. Yeah, so this is the angelic view during that theoretical blabbing earlier on. Sakura is mad and is pulling Zansu’s hair. Suddenly it came off and Zansu is afraid that his soul has been taken away. Uh huh. He starts flying helter-skelter in the air like as though a balloon is loosing its air. The next morning, Sakura finds that Dokuro and Zakuro are making Valentine chocolates and is horrified to see Dokuro trying to put the Hard Core Binkan Sausage into it. As she throws the sausage into the pot, Sakura tries to intercept it but he swallowed the whole thing. Over-sensitiveness back again. Because Sakura is making such a noisy fuss about stopping his body outside his house, Dokuro whacks him with Excaliborg. Ouch. Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi! Yeah, Zansu is till flying around in the sky.
Death is such a vicious cycle
Ah, Sakura’s life has indeed turned out to be a bloody fine mess. Still experiencing the same bloody pain all over and over again. I think at this rate, he will never get to invent that so called anti-aging thingy. Not with Dokuro staying by his side. So technically, nothing seems to change since the first episode, right? How many characters do we know has died and then resurrected back to live many times, over and over again. Yeah, it’s like Sakura would seem to live forever. Now he wouldn’t need to invent the anti-aging device if it keeps on going this way, right?
Initially I thought the 4th episode was going to end something with Sabato since the initial 3 episodes did end that way. And I was hoping that there would be something more concrete between Sakura and Shizuki but I guess you can’t do much with only that little episodes and besides, the focus was more on Sakura and his numbered days (ironically) with Dokuro. As for Dokuro, she gives a whole new perspective to the word tsundere and I guess nobody in their right mind would want to have such an angel sent from the future or Heaven. Makes you think whether she’s a real angel or not. Why, she could actually be a devil in disguise! I know it’s hard to hate her when she’s looking so cute. As for Zakuro, I’m still wondering how she turned out into a shy girl. And man, Zansu is still the pervert he is. Is that allowed in Heaven? So really, are they really angels at all?
Though the second season maintains the same opening theme which is the same name as the title of this series, as the previous, however the chorus has added a few more new bloody lines for Dokuro to show her ‘eternal love’ to Sakura such as to accuse, to choke, to destroy and such. Love can be really such a pain. Yeah, Sakura now has become a skeleton at the end of the opening animation credits. Nevertheless, the song still maintains its overall naughty and upbeatness. Meanwhile the ending theme Bokusatsu Ondo De Dokuro-chan sounds more like a festival song with the characters walking and dancing in line. As usual in the end, Sakura gets a bloody bludgeon. It always ends this way.
Even if there is a sequel, we all know what to expect to Sakura. Another bloodshed for him. He should go for a blood donation drive seeing that he’s gushing them out on a frequent basis. I don’t mean to sound like a bloody sadist but I find it real funny everytime Sakura dies and sometimes even looking forward for Dokuro to creatively use her Excaliborg on him! Thankfully I didn’t turn into a bloodthirsty sadist. Is this the kind of nonsensical bloody entertainment that we want our kids to watch? Hey, I noticed I have been saying the word bloody several times. Well yeah, this is one hell of a bloody series alright.
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Bloody. Violent. Nonsensical. These are the words that best describe Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of the character, Dokuro-chan, at first. Because behind that cuteness is a very violent and temperamental character. But in a cute way of course.
So what’s this anime all about? Basically, it’s about this guy Sakura whom in the future is destined to create some anti-aging technology invention which stops women from aging once they reached 12 years old (but we never get to see that device). So God (whom we also never got to see) decided that this isn’t to be allowed and thus he sends his angels back in time to kill him. Yes, kill him.
But one of these angels, Dokuro-chan, felt that she could change it without having to kill him. Yeah, easier said than done. So this series actually takes place in the present time when Kusakabe Sakura is still a school going kid.
Although this is a very short series, with only 8 episodes of 15 minutes each (meaning you can finish watching this whole series in a 2 hour sitting), the episode are sort of bloody and gruesome. Uh-huh, because of Dokuro’s temperamental childish character, Sakura tends to get killed in every episode at least once. And since he gets bludgeoned by Dokuro’s spikey club, Excalibolg, you’re gonna see alot of blood spewing and gushing out from his head or body parts scattered all around. But the good part is that she can bring the person she killed back to life by saying the magical words ‘Pipiru Piru Piru Pipiru Pi’. Now this brings a whole new meaning of dying over and over again a thousand times! Most of the times, she swings her club too fast and very rash without thinking (because she gets angry or doesn’t have certain things the way she wanted), and she feels guilty and sorry soon after.
Plus, Dokuro-chan has a tendency to do weird things and say funny kind of stuffs which has no relation whatsoever to what they’re doing. Like at one point Dokuro-chan was reading an ‘adult book’ but she despises her modesty being outraged. Maybe she sees both points differently. And whatabout that wood-glue club (something like that) she forcefully formed with only 2 members in it, she and Sakura (by force too). And that part where she and Sakura played the Ouija Board. Don’t know whether she’s making the movements up or not.
Yeah, you might wonder too how Sakura actually tolerates all this despite Dokuro’s inconsiderate nature. Well, he’s actually having a tough time. You see, his whole class hates him because they’re jealous that he got such a cute angelic-like girl living with him (they really don’t know what she’s like). Plus, Sakura seems to bear the grunt of unfortunate events. Sometimes I felt pity for him getting killed just like that. But I also find it funny lah. Err… I wouln’t want a girlfriend like her (really! Believe me, you wouldn’t too).
But the whole class seems to be blur case or that couldn’t-care-less attitude. I mean when Dokuro uses her magic, nobody seems to be awed or surprised or even shocked to see it. Especially when she changes the class monitor and some other guy into a monkey and a dog respectively.
Other characters add a little spice to this short anime. Like that assassin angel from the future Sabato who’s suppose to kill Sakura, but she failed and ended up living like a hermit in some dirty shack or under a bridge. Or Dokuro’s sister, the serious Zakuro, who came back to the past to bring Dokuro back to the future. And she manage to get Sakura’s classmates to help bring her in (another jealous case). She manage to do so at first. But don’t know how, Dokuro manage to escape and come back to the past. In order not to fail her mission, Zakuro went back again to look for her, but this time to be misled by Sabato saying that they’ve escaped and crossed the peninsular (looks like Korea to me) to make time for Dokuro and Sakura to escape. Yeah, so dumb, she believed her and went looking for them in the wrong direction.
Then there’s that punk genie, Zansu. I’m not really sure what he is to Dokuro-chan except for the fact that he’s some weird friend of Dokuro who tries to warn her of any impending danger. What’s with that hentai video-shooting-self in the forest? By the way, he did died at the end for good, right? I mean, when Zakuro tried to bring in Dokuro, Zansu tried to fight off Zakuro to buy them some time. Of course he eventually failed. Then the wall collapsed on him. You could see his blood splattered over the floor. No ‘Pipiru Piru Piru Pipiru Pi’ or any other form of ressurection, huh. Yeah, dead. But I think his well-being wasn’t so important.
What about Sakura’s love interest, Shizuki. It seems at first he was having problems trying to confess his love to her or be close to her because of Dokuro’s constant interruption. But in the end, did Sakura give up his love for Shizuki? I mean, when Dokuro was brought back to the future, he seemed unfazed and spaced out. Although it seems quiet and no more bloody deaths, Sakura seems to miss her already! What lah! First don’t like all that getting killed, now miss her killing. Hmmm… And I was beginning to think that Shizuki was starting to like Sakura at the end when this happened. Aiyoh… guess that’s not important too. Maybe she just wanted to give him some time to sort things out.
In the end, Dokuro and Sakura are reunited once again (not before Sakura gets another death blow from Dokuro) and he begins to accept all this as part of his life (and death!).
Overall, I kinda find this series amusing and funny. Yeah, even the opening song is funny. There’s a line that goes something like ‘I’ll beat you, I’ll kick you, I’ll hang you, I’ll stab you, I’ll toy with you, I’ll hang you, I’ll punch you, I’ll drip things over you… But that’s how I show my love for you’. This brings a whole new meaning to a love-hate relationship. Hahaha!!!

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