It’s that time. That time of the year when you’re thinking about getting married! Yup, next step in life. But don’t worry. That’s not going to happen in Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai OVA 2. The pressing question that we all want answers to is perhaps answered in this second OVA. Uh huh. Which girl will Yuiga finally end up with? Put away your study materials and it’s time to study if such marriage can really work out in the end. Your guess is as good as mine already…

The Chapel’s Bells x Blesses You
We start off with Yuiga in his usual tutoring of his girls at the restaurant. Then Yuiga’s mom’s friend drops in. Since she is already over that lingerie and massage job gig, guess what new job she has now? She’s some sort of wedding coordinator now and the wedding venue will have some sort of bridal fair. So here’s the expected catch: She wants them to be models so she can get opinions of young ones before the place officially opens. Heh. So she is assuming she herself is not young enough? Or she thinks students their age are already fit for marriage? Now we see each of the girls back home ‘fantasize’ about this. Starting with Kominami, at first she fantasizes about being his cliché submissive wife. Embarrassed, she thought she needs to dominate him but that thought is still as embarrassing as ever. Then her father saw the bridal fair pamphlet and jumps to the wrong conclusion. He thinks his daughter is pregnant and is happy to be a grandpa! He wants to check the gender of the baby… Are daughters allowed to beat up their fathers in this stupid moment? For Kominami, it’s yes. Now we go to Furuhashi. She is snacking while thinking about this. Then she realizes she is too chubby. I don’t know. She looks slim and pretty but apparently that’s not her standard. So she starts exercising but gets tired easily. Then the snacks are just too tempting to resist. A little bit of calories wouldn’t kill, would it? Now it’s Ogata. She is at the bookstore when she sees this book on weddings. Sekijo passes by and like any other cliché characters, she jumps the gun thinking Ogata wants to marry her! I’m not aware that Japan allows same sex marriage but whatever. Look at Sekijo’s disappointed face when Ogata tells her the deal behind this. And so innocent Ogata spams her lots of questions relating to weddings but each time Sekijo starts fantasizing some lesbian thingy between them. Eventually some yuri sex fantasy ‘kills’ Sekijo. That’s enough explanation for today.

Takemoto seems to have forgotten what Yuiga taught her. Blame her mind for being too preoccupied with the bridal fair! On the way back, they see Umihara and a guy together. Then they see them kiss! OMG! Shocking, right? So in the bus, it gets awkward between Yuiga and Takemoto. The latter wondering if he has kissed before. Oh well, those ‘accidents’ with Ogata and Furuhashi don’t count, right? But Yuiga even starts thinking if he would ever have this chance. Yuiga dozes off and when he wakes up, it’s like Takemoto pecks him on his cheek! Oh sh*t! Wake up call! Just a dream? Though he frets having such dreams, perhaps in reality it wasn’t because we see Takemoto fidgeting her lips… Meanwhile Yuiga’s mom’s friend sees Kirisu. They were once roommates. She also hands the bridal fair pamphlet to her thinking she has someone in her life. Though, Kirisu denies. So back home, Kirisu thinks about it that maybe it’s time. Then she dreams of Yuiga giving her the best massage and ear cleaning service. Oh well, if such dreams can ruin her normal life… Better wake up then… So the girls are at the bridal fair and try things out before the big moment of getting into wedding dresses and to take photos. As Kirisu was here early, she gets dressed first. She is shocked to see Yuiga and co and becomes embarrassed. She tries to give an excuse that she was just helping her friend and dismisses this looks good on her. But on the contrary, Yuiga says she looks beautiful! Damn, the annoyed looks on the rest of the girls! I guess they want to hurry now and let Yuiga says those words only to them. And so the modelling gig begins but since they’re nervous and embarrassed at such poses, the photo shot turns out to be more of bloopers than anything else.

Epilogue: Mizuki stumbles upon Yuiga’s mock wedding photos with all the girls on his handphone! Oh sh*t! This cannot be! The killer is the group photo of Yuiga flanked by his unofficial harem. Sorry Mizuki. You’re not part of that harem. Sorry. That’s it. She’s going to die. But first, she’s going to let out a lot of fury. Onii-chan got lots of explaining to do! I don’t think she’ll be calmed by the truth either…

Wedding Bell Blues
Heh. It feels like this OVA could be a premonition of things to come but as expected it didn’t end with a very clear cut manner. However, after looking at the wedding group photo, I am more than convinced (at least for a big majority) that Yuiga will end up marrying Takemoto. Do you not see how Takemoto is the only girl who held her arm with Yuiga’s? Also, at the end of last season, Takemoto was the one who held his hand during the school festival fireworks. After all, Takemoto is Yuiga’s childhood friend and you know what they say about the pecking order and ‘authority’ of childhood friends. So the other girls there are just to throw us off and troll us. Until that real day comes, we’ll all be left guessing but as I said, I am pretty convinced that Takemoto would be the one even though I’m not even on the Takemoto camp. So don’t change my mind if you don’t like my conclusion, convince the author to let Yuiga end up with your favourite girl! So I guess that’s it for this series. Not sure if they will have any more OVAs or another season because we’re done studying this one. Another typical romcom harem series that is a dime a dozen if you look carefully throughout the anime catalogue for this genre. There’s no specific formula to learn in how to get a harem. By the way, is there a way you can officially marry your harem? Well, polygamy is acceptable if you’re Muslim. But still, Yuiga has to pick 4 and only 4. Oooohhh…

I guess the lesson from the previous season hasn’t finished yet. Or rather, we didn’t learn from the last time. That is why we got Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai S2. Can our trying students finally nail what they are aiming for? Or are they going to have to return to take the path that society expects them to take? Admit it. We’re not really interested if the maths genius becomes a literature expert and vice versa. We’re here to see if the lone boy tutoring them ends up with any one (or more) of them! Though, most likely we know what the outcome will be. But it doesn’t hurt dreaming and hoping. Ah, that’s why we never learn.

Finally a beach episode! We see Yuiga and Kominami at the beach simply because her dad has been pestering her about some lovey-dovey pics of them. When taking those pretend selfies weren’t enough, he suggested the beach before summer vacation ends. And here they are. Of course Kominami can’t help tease this pure boy and giving him weird nicknames. As expected, the wave capsizes their boat. Kominami loses her top. Yuiga already trying to catch his breath is going to have to catch a lot more. He lends his shirt but the thanks he get is still more teasing from her. Then they spot her top floating by some rocks. As she is about to get them, a few divers pop up. Not sure what the logic is that they had to hide until they’re gone. Hence cue for some very close moments of Kominami cuddling up to Yuiga. Once done, they also notice another top. Yeah, this one must have some huge tits. And then a pervy dolphin snatches it. How the f*ck did this even happen?! Kominami has to leave since she has work. Yuiga notices the queue at the changing room and decides to change behind the rocks. Then he sees topless Kirisu hiding. Oh my. Can’t lend him his shirt as he forgot he left it with Kominami. Flashback shows the teachers came here for BBQ. Kirisu didn’t want to interact and went off herself. Then a pervy crab untied her top, the pervy wind blew it away and the pervy wave washed it away. I guess you know whose top that belonged to now, eh? They can’t stay for long as the tide is rising. Then she steps on a sea cucumber. Short panic ensues. Yuiga slips and breaks his own glasses. Oops. Now can’t see. Kirisu now short of a hand as she has to guide him. Luckily there is a shop nearby so Yuiga goes to get swimsuits. Either extremely revealing one or this school swimsuit. He picks the latter and she’s not happy? Hey he can’t see! Is this the thanks he gets?! Then she has to hide because her male colleagues are nearby. They recognize Yuiga and wonder if he has seen Kirisu. Nope. Okay. Yeah, they really want to see her in a swimsuit. So I guess Yuiga and Kirisu have to continue hiding, huh? Then they talk about things, Yuiga thought she smiled and tries to have a closer look. She misinterprets he is trying to see something else but manages to hold back her fury. Kirisu manages to change back to her suit and her male colleagues are so goddamn disappointed. She leaves and will bring Yuiga home. In her car. Oh sh*t. You mean walking back half naked is safer than this option? You bet. Because Yuiga is half blind and her dangerous driving just amplified the danger! Meanwhile we see the other girls in their swimsuits. Can’t be left out, eh? Because they have to study and can’t go to the beach, this is the least they could do. Study in their swimsuits. Oh, you girls really will go this far to please us viewers, huh?

Episode 1
Ogata got E in her tests! So you bet there’s going to be lots of miscommunication with the other girls because they’re talking about bra size! We’re not on the same page here! Once they are, eventually they think all guys think about are boobs. So during Ogata’s next tutoring with Yuiga, she can’t help think if he is a pervert. Once more, they’re not on the same page as Ogata thinks he is talking about bra size while he thinks she is talking about her grades. Yeah, is there G grade?! Is her grade that bad?! Because he tries to encourage her but her words are really ambiguous (“Let’s grasp what we want!”) eventually Ogata allows him to touch and this confuses the hell out of him. Worse, Ogata’s dad thinks he is going to do something to his girl! Eventually they clear things up but since Ogata caught him looking at her boobs, she still thinks he’s a pervert. During the group tutor, because Furuhashi accidentally says Yuiga’s first name, this has the rest curious. She manages to blow it over that they were playing siblings (technically not lying). Though they bought it, now they want him to call them by their first names too. After studying, they head to the public bath. Why is it that the one responsible of switching the sign didn’t check if there are others inside? Because of that, Yuiga heads in only to see the girls naked! Did he? Can he see with all the steam? They are about to blame him but after hearing Kominami’s voice from the other side, they realize they are in the wrong. Better leave. Furuhashi is pouting because Yuiga claims he didn’t see her body and even so he didn’t know it is a girl! Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. But the girls have to jump back in because Yuiga’s male friends come in. Because of the small hole in the bamboo fence, they want to make it bigger and peek. The perfect chance for the girls to escape. But one of them wants to know which girl Yuiga likes! Curious to stay and know, huh? One of them says he likes Furuhashi because of her elegance. The only drawback is that she has no boobs! Taboo word! She throws the bucket at him. Suspicious that somebody else is in the bath, he is going to check it out. Luckily the hole is done so the guys resume peeping. They got their eyes poked by Kominami. Got what you deserved. The girls meanwhile make their safe escape. Yuiga leaves later but realizes a tiny problem: Somebody’s bra left behind! Later he asks if it’s hers and she is fuming how he knew that!

Episode 2
With the maid café doing special service of going to people’s house to clean, due to maid power shortage, I guess the rest set up for Yuiga to help Kominami for her rounds. First up is Kirisu’s apartment?! She won’t let them in and even pays them to go away. Kominami’s pride as a maid won’t allow it so Kirisu grabs Yuiga and has him clean her place for 30 minutes. Nothing much Kominami can do. Next on the list is Takemoto’s house?! Apparently her mom is sick. But once she realizes the maid service at the door, she panics and starts cleaning and cooking enough for them! Yeah, nothing to do too. Next on the list, you’ve guessed it, Furuhashi’s mansion. She flopped her cooking. But looks like it’s come down to this, she calls Ogata’s takeout delivery. At the end of the day, Kominami is vexed that she didn’t do anything. But don’t worry, there is still one place she can clean. And that is Yuiga’s house. Yeah, she even pampers his younger siblings before giving Yuiga a lap pillow service. She hints she can do this for free just for him every day but he isn’t going to fall for her trolling this time. Kirisu just lectured Furuhashi who started dozing off during her class about short term memory. That night as Kirisu is doing questions for tomorrow’s quiz, her laptop ran out of battery. So you bet the next day she is pretty tired but she looks menacing. Students better not get on her bad side! She almost dozes off and Yuiga notices this. Then a sudden afternoon assembly and the headmaster is ranting away. In risk of dozing off again, Yuiga purposely gives a loud sneeze to wake her up. Hell is not over for her because when she returns home, her keys are missing. Then Yuiga stumbles upon her and helps her to find. Nothing. Requesting to look in her messy unorganized bag again, what’s this? The key is inside her fancy USB holder! Flashback shows after burning the midnight oil to redo the quiz, she was worried she will forget the USB and held it in her hand, thus swapping the key in its place. And that is how we learn short term memories are unreliable. The moment she enters her apartment, she drops like a rock, sleeping on the floor. Yuiga the gentleman has to carry her to her bed. Next morning, Kirisu doesn’t remember what happened. She thinks it is willpower that made her go to bed and also cleaned the place! Impressive?

Episode 3
Ogata tries to trim her bangs a little but stupid daddy comes marching in with his loud voice and she snipped a little too much. Although Ogata doesn’t mind it, to Furuhashi and Takemoto, she does look a bit weird. Ironically when Yuiga comes by, Ogata tries hard to hide her face and even runs away. I guess she does mind after all. Because her short bangs even brought Sekijo to her knees, she decides to wear a mask. This has Yuiga think she hates him due to that public bath incident. Furuhashi can’t take any more of this and unmasks her. Guess what? Yuiga doesn’t even notice and believes it’s the same Ogata! Girls, you mad?! Heck, having him look at her face and guess… No, it’s not her ribbon!!! Ogata feels sad now that he didn’t notice but Yuiga pleads for a second chance. I guess random guessing won’t cut it. She won’t be happy even if he guesses right. However, he says what has changed is her facial expression because when they first met, she used to be more sullen. Not the correct answer but the one she approves. Sekijo notices Ogata’s worn out pencil case and offers to accompany her to go buy one. Sekijo is very excited for this but during the outing, it just seems normal. With Yuiga passing by, Sekijo purposely lets them hang out together. Inside, Sekijo is heartbroken. She thinks this is best for Ogata’s happiness. Flashback shows Sekijo is a smart girl. Because of that, she pulls up the class average and some dislike her for that. A teacher told her to take some prep class exam. She finished fast and noticed Ogata too did the same. Some candidates thought Ogata was showing off but Ogata who has no clue about human relations was brutally honest about what she did. From then on, Sekijo decided not to care what others think about her and follow Ogata. But it took her till her third year in high school to finally talk to her and that was the same time she heard Ogata was trying to change her study course. Yuiga wants to know the deal of Sekijo dumping Ogata to him. He knows she is looking forward to this day because he saw her Tweet. Yup, hourly Tweets of how she is excited to go out with Ogata. Sekijo then tells Yuiga the story. Apparently Ogata also heard it. As Sekijo wants to continue her outing with Ogata, Ogata is glad because she thought Sekijo hated her after running away. Sekijo tries to dismiss ever hating her but trips and has her hands all over Ogata’s boobs. Will this change Ogata’s mind of hating her? And Yuiga has a fine view of Sekijo’s ass… Is this what you call killing 2 birds with 1 stone?

Episode 4
It’s that season where girls have their makeover. Ogata is reminded by Furuhashi not to do it herself this time but go to the salon. And of course you can tell the passionate salon owner is going to give her a hell of a makeover. Ogata then goes to meet up with Yuiga at the library for a study session. This guy doesn’t recognize her and thinks who the f*ck this hot babe?! I guess he got so nervous thinking he is being hit on that he doesn’t even recognize her voice or her study materials. He gets nervous enough to text Ogata. Since he ambiguously put it as she is stuck (in traffic), Ogata misinterprets it as stuck in a question. Ogata’s response is due to the salon owner giving her twisted take of relationship advice so you bet it gets even more awkward. Yuiga then describes all the good points of Ogata (without naming her). Uh huh. Not even Ogata realizes that and wants to know more. In the end, Yuiga compares Ogata’s cuteness to a squirrel and at first Ogata is anxious followed by relieved but can’t help feel annoyed. When he goes home, he can’t even fathom why she is still following him and the real Ogata didn’t show up. And then when she tries to invite him to her house, he thinks it is wrong for a pretty girl just to ask any boy for that. He agrees to come in hopes of lecturing her parents to straighten her out. So what you going to say to Ogata’s papa, eh? Yeah, Yuiga is one big piece of embarrassment realizing who this hot babe is finally.

We see Takemoto confronting Yuiga with a serious expression. Confession time? Actually, they are speaking English passionately. It all started when Yuiga noted her English has improved. He suggested she should talk in English but after hearing her Engrish and chopping it up with lots of Japanese, he throws down a challenge for them to do so. And now, Takemoto seems to be talking good English. Despite it’s to a puppy. She misheard Yuiga’s ‘language skill’ as ‘lingerie’ and hence a little argument in English pops up. So this is how hentai sounds if it is dubbed… Eventually she loses because she starts speaking Japanese. As she waits for Yuiga at the convenience store, a couple of foreigners ask Takemoto for direction. Panic at first, she manages to give them decent directions. The foreigners are glad and even invite her to their friends’ party now. She panics. Yuiga just come out and misinterpreted this scene. He goes to defend her and the foreigners asks who she is to her. Yuiga meant to say his precious study friend but slips up and says his precious steady. The foreigners rejoice his hot chick and leave. Yuiga doesn’t understand what they said but apparently Takemoto understands what steady means. She gets the wrong idea and runs away in embarrassment. Damn, English such a hard language!

Episode 5
Furuhashi is studying at Yuiga’s house but receives a piercing stare from Mizuki. Oh no. How to focus? Once over and she is about to leave, Yuiga gives her a present since today’s her birthday. News for you buddy: It’s tomorrow! So embarrassing! But she is glad with anything she gives him. So what he got for her? A bra! NO KIDDING!!! OH SH*T! Furuhashi so conflicted! It turns out the present was meant to be a ballpoint pen and the bra was mom bought for Mizuki. Hence the next day it is very awkward for Furuhashi. Right off the bat, Yuiga asks her if she’s comfortable with it! Yeah, after sticking 4 pads into it! The other girls also got Furuhashi a gift and wants to know what she got from Yuiga. Since she won’t tell, they ask Yuiga straight. Each time he is about to say, she smacks him. I guess they need to talk to put an end to this charade. Of course you can tell they’re not on the same page as Yuiga gets depressed thinking their friendship is not close enough to warrant her buying a pen! And then they realize what they’re actually talking about. Awkwardness increases. Later Yuiga apologizes and gives her the actual gift. Somehow he mixed it up because both were put in the same bag design. I suppose you can’t ask her to give back the bra, right? Either way, Yuiga is damned because now she blames him for thinking about boobs.

It’s déjà vu again because Yuiga is once more called to help out mom’s friend opening a new massage parlour (they call it hand rub relaxation – hope they won’t rub this the wrong way!) in a mascot outfit. And then she gets a call that her daughter is sick and must leave. It’s all up to you, Yuiga! Oh yeah. Déjà vu really playing a cruel prank on him. Because as you would have expected… The first customer is Kirisu. Looking angry, huh? Not like a little hand job will loosen her up. Oh damn, she’s moaning and giving that orgasm face! Yuiga, you’re f*cking good! Folks, a preview of what this series would have been if it is porn! Next is Ogata and Furuhashi! Oh yeah. More ambiguous moaning and orgasmic faces. This is followed by Kominami who is here for a foot massage. You’re wrong if this is going to look like some dominatrix scene because Yuiga is dominating all over her! Kominami tries to hide her orgasmic voice and this has Yuiga think it isn’t enough so he applies more of his God’s hand! Is her orgasm going to spike through the roof?! And then Takemoto and friends are here. They notice a commotion coming out from a certain cubicle. To their horror they see this weird porn scene of Yuiga giving it all on Kominami’s foot! Yeah, somehow she unmasks his top. Oh sh*t! Now that it is Takemoto’s turn, I guess she’s not impressed. No God’s hand can ever heal the heart of hurt maiden. Oh Yuiga, better move your hands more than your mouth… The only consolation Yuiga has is back home where Mizuki gives him a shoulder massage. Oh, it’s so stiff and hard… And that’s it folks. Today’s preview of this series porn. Bokutachi Wa Hentai Ga Dekinai! Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai!

Episode 6
The gas heater’s under maintenance so Kirisu has to go to the public bathhouse. Coincidentally, also there are Kominami, Yuiga and his terrible twins, Kazuki and Hazuki. Right off the bad, the terrible twins comment how beautiful Kirisu is and wants her to marry Yuiga! If that isn’t enough, while preparing to head into the bath, the duo steal her lingerie!!! And then Kominami has her way teasing ‘sensitive’ Kirisu. Kazuki somehow snuck her way to them and bugs Kirisu to marry Yuiga. Because she is mad, Hazuki starts crying. Kirisu relents she will. One day. Oh dear. Hazuki then wants to go tell big brother so as panic Kirisu tries to stop her, she slips on a soap and passes out. Since Yuiga is the only young guy around, he is tasked to carry her out. Kirisu wakes up and sees this and another struggle ensues. Then he gets lectured for doing that. Yeah, not even his fault. Hazuki tries to defend her brother. By unrobing Kirisu’s towel?! Another knockout. I think we’ve seen enough today. Later Kominami explains what happened so embarrassed Kirisu apologizes. As they part, Kirisu whispers to Kominami that she is not wearing her lingerie because somebody stole them. Oh dear. The terrible twins still have them!!! Today is the day Ogata and Furuhashi will have a mock university interview. Unfortunately the kind Ms Fujita is not around and they got demonic Kirisu. Oh sh*t… Ogata is first and she gets chewed out so much so she is close to tears. Next is Furuhashi. Same thing. I think this is what her zombie mode looks like. It’s not over because Yuiga also has a go. Remember, he also trying for the recommendation. She starts off her harsh usual ways so Yuiga decides to calm himself by imaging her in different outfits?! WTF?! Can you even concentrate?! Eventually he apologizes and will do better next time. This is when Kirisu somewhat praises him for acknowledging weaknesses and that is his strength. Yuiga now imagines her in a sister outfit but points out he would fail the interview if he had really said that. Sister condemning him to hell… In the aftermath, Ogata and Furuhashi are fired up to get back at Kirisu as they study hard to ace university interviews. Good luck.

Episode 7
Coincidentally, Yuiga and Sekijo ask Ogata to an open campus this weekend. As Ogata waits, Sekijo thought to let Ogata be with Yuiga and texts she has a stomach ache. Apparently Yuiga also has the same idea and did the same thing! And what a big coincidence that both of them are hiding in the bush next to each other, surprised only to find out that they both had the same thinking! As they walk around campus, both even try to compete to go to the toilet so as to leave the other with Ogata! WTF?! Eventually Yuiga wins so Ogata and Sekijo sit in some maths class. Because Ogata is dozing and leaning on Sekijo, the teacher thinks they are fooling around and has them answer a high school question to see if they are worthy of maths. When Yuiga returns, he sees a commotion. The teacher trying to beg Ogata to join his department! Remember, she’s a math genius. However she dismisses him and says she is here for the psychology class. Teacher in despair… Now Sekijo manages to ditch Yuiga with Ogata. This psychology class talks about retention of memories so the teacher gives an example of first kiss. This has our duo being awkward after remember their ‘first kiss’. Ogata and Sekijo continue to ‘battle’ each other so Ogata is left with a few campus students who invite her over BBQ. When they return, Ogata is drunk! Apparently the fumes of alcohol is enough to make her drunk! As they bring her back, obviously she is throwing a childish tantrum due to her drunken stupor. She blames them both for being idiots for taking off one after another. It was a terrible experience. They apologize but apparently Sekijo is also a bit drunk and tries to strip as apology. Ogata and Yuiga spot Kominami and her maid colleague handing out leaflets. The maid café is holding some board game event. Ogata is excited because there are some board games she is interested. Because they are short on hands, they agree to give her those board games if they help out. And so Ogata becomes a maid… Why does her chest area feel so tight? Why must she ask Yuiga and not Kominami?! Ogata is so cute that lots of guys line up just to play her. But remember Ogata’s bad luck in games? Yup, she’s on a losing streak. 42 consecutive losses! Man, she’ll ruin the café! Kominami steps in to recoup some of the losses. Yuiga gives Ogata some advice to get her mood back. And that is when she wins for the first time! So happy that she’s kicking up a tantric fuss! But it’s a win-win because the customers despite losing, love how cute she is. The event is a success and later Kominami praises Yuiga for coaching Ogata well. Ogata still reeling from the shock now collapses… Gonna take some time getting used to this…

Episode 8
Yuiga is going to fail… Physical education! Especially swimming! Takizawa tries to train him but since Yuiga is obviously doing so badly, she has one of the swimming club girls take over. Yup. That’s you, Takemoto. Of course she’s bad at teaching so Yuiga understands nothing. When Kirisu reminds Takizawa to hand in something, she realizes she forgot all about that and leaves the training to her. Kirisu might not like it but she is a pro in teaching so you bet Yuiga learns something. Later Takemoto talks to Kirisu about her calm and collective demeanour. Takemoto also mentions about her worries, the responsibility she is shouldering for her swimming club at an upcoming meet. Though Kirisu might sound harsh, she is realistic about one being nervous and stressed during points of competition. This motivates Takemoto and when the swimming meet arrives, she wins it big. So much so an assembly is held to honour her! Thanks to this achievement as well as her improving English, the principal offers her an option to study abroad. Of course she can’t decide now. Later Takemoto talks to Furuhashi about long distance relationship so Furuhashi is shocked that she might be going overseas despite swimmer girl talking hypothetically in third person. When Yuiga comes by, Takemoto goes into hiding and doesn’t want Furuhashi to say she is here or about that overseas thing. Yuiga of course praises the amazingness of Takemoto but is also worried since Takemoto is recently avoiding him like a plague. Furuhashi then asks hypothetically how he would feel if she is dating someone. He isn’t sure but would hope they would be happy. Also, he might miss her a little. While Takemoto might be satisfied with that, Furuhashi isn’t. So she goes to hint to Yuiga that Takemoto isn’t dating anyone now but it is up to him to think about the rest. So confusing… In the end, it seems Takemoto chooses to study abroad but wants the principal to keep it a secret from Yuiga. Because she still wants to be tutored by him till she finishes high school. And when Takemoto hopes Yuiga to be tough on her with English, that guy is so happy she is finally taking her studies seriously. Yup, he cried. Such music to his ears?

Episode 9
During the PTA conference, Yuiga’s teacher commends how hard he is trying and hence gives him a list of good universities and the course they offer. Immediately he wants to know which has the steadiest earning power. After the conference, mom is worried and wonders if their financial woes is holding him back or something. He denies. Whatever it is, mom will support him. Yuiga also sees Furuhashi coming out. However she claims she is alone and her father is not here, giving all sorts of excuses. When they leave, they see Ogata in ‘trouble’. Remember that teacher from the open campus? Yup. He is here to bug Ogata to join his maths line! Persistent! Of course the big revelation is that this guy, Reiji is Furuhashi’s father!!! Reiji doesn’t bat an eyelid to think his daughter taking up maths is useless and that she is still better off with humanities. Yeah, back to bugging Ogata. Furuhashi holds him down so that Sekijo could take her to escape. Reiji continues to berate her dreams as delusion. He will not support her financially further and if she doesn’t like it, she can leave the house. Oh yeah? Furuhashi agrees and will leave! Oh, but where will she stay? How will she pay her rent? Who will be her guarantor? Oh sh*t… And with that, Yuiga offers to let her stay at his place. WTF?! DOES HE KNOW WHAT HE IS GETTING INTO?! And because of that, Mizuki can’t play his ‘wife’ anymore… Those piercing dagger stares… Yuiga’s mom hears her out and understands the situation so she lets her stay. Mizuki so annoyed now… I guess the only thing that Mizuki can ‘win’ against her are her boobs… Yeah… We learn Furuhashi’s mom is a maths genius and is said to be able to solve Millennium Prize problems. Hence it is a great tragedy when she suddenly died. Furuhashi tried her hands at maths and when she tried to show father, he slapped her!!! OMFG! At school, because Takemoto can somewhat tell Furuhashi is wearing the same clothes, I guess Yuiga has to become her porter and help carry her luggage. Is she going to bring her whole wardrobe back to Yuiga’s tiny house? As they leave, Reiji comes back! Oh no! At this hour! Why do they always pick the tightest space to hide? And in the most ambiguous position? Thankfully saved by the phone call as Reiji goes out. As they get out from their hiding, Furuhashi realizes this is where dad stored mom’s laptop. It must have some amazing theories in it. However it is locked by a password and they only have a single try. Wrong on the first go and all data is wiped out! But this fires up Furuhashi. She is going to show dad she can do it and not rely on him!

Episode 10
How do you like it? Furuhashi acting like Yuiga’s wife? Apparently the rest of Yuiga’s family is out, leaving them to guard the house. I wonder if this is mom’s doing… Anyway, Furuhashi fails in a lot of household chores. Like her cooking. But seeing she tried her best, Yuiga eats her food anyway. But she’s clumsy for the rest of the day… Then when she comes in to wash his back (don’t get your hopes up), mood ruined when she has flashbacks of happier times with her dad. Yeah, she fell asleep on his back? Later when she wakes up, she gets panicky to start studying so Yuiga suggests they go on a date. Don’t get your hopes up too. So in this open wilderness space, he shows her the starry sky. Trying to show off naming some of the constellations? Then the cliché moment of she slipping and he grabbing her. In the end, he gives her words of encouragement that he will always stand by her. When she returns home, once again she tells Reiji her dreams and once more he brushes it off. Despite her words now sound like what his late wife says, he still cannot accept her choice. Because it is like a waste of talent. In that case, why not ask mom? How? Furuhashi has unlocked the laptop’s password. Inside, there are no thesis but only a video confessing she is not good at maths! Because Reiji misunderstood and praised her, she got carried away. All that was left was to try her best until she succeeded. Hence mom supports her daughter in doing whatever she wants and loves. Another video shows how mother and daughter wanted to find a star and named it after daddy. Later Yuiga visits to check on Furuhashi’s progress. Furuhashi remembers a moment with mom (not recorded) that she told her she will one day find a man who will support her. Could it be? Furuhashi lies on his shoulder and hopes to stay like this for a while. Next PTA, Reiji accepts Furuhashi’s endeavour into astronomy. Yuiga also lets Furuhashi know that during her stay at his place, Reiji met with his mom to apologize for the trouble. He also admitted he had trouble raising her because he was at a loss after his wife died and felt guilty in taking it out on his daughter. Hence the person who called Reiji that time could be Yuiga’s mom. Reiji wants to know how far Yuiga’s relationship with Furuhashi is. I mean, they lived under the same roof for a few days, right? Oh dear. The toughest question that no maths or astronomy can even solve!

Episode 11
With all the girls’ future set on course, the issue is now Yuiga. What is his future? Yeah, this guy is having a sleepless night thinking about it. The school festival is around the corner and all are busy helping out with the preparations. Kashima then spew rumours that if a boy and girl hold hands when the first fireworks go off, they’ll be together. Of course Yuiga explains logically that they are already couples for that to happen. But you bet his girls are bent on trying something like that. Furuhashi is not happy that her class is doing a Sleeping Beauty play and she has been unanimously voted to play the leading role. Kashima assures her everything and that there is no kissing role. But behind the scenes, you can see that she and the other girls are really deep in the plotting. They really want to make Furuhashi kiss and that mysterious prince who will play that role is Yuiga. On the first day of the festival, Ogata’s dad who is bad with maths, screws up the order. Yeah, he brought 1000 udon orders. Yuiga being the freest guy, offers to help sell. Then he spots Kawase and Umihara. Oh, they’re in the Full Pure magical costume for a play later. However, this magical girl series has trio in the lead. The other is supposed to be Takemoto but apparently her costume has been misplaced somewhere in school. You bet Yuiga the free guy is going to also help look for it. When he heard a kid spotting a magical girl on the rooftop, his hunch tells him to worst. Yup, Kirisu posing in that Full Pure cosplay! Don’t get the wrong idea! This was what happened. She was picked to do this year’s teacher’s representation and the teachers already had a costume ready for her. Of course as we can see, it got mixed up with the Full Pure costume so she obviously wore the wrong one. I’m sure Yuiga needs to add a few more words before he just tells her to strip now! Since she can’t unzip the back herself, he has to help. Oh dear. He feels the costume might rip! Can’t go any further. He then listens to her lament how she never participated in any festival during her youth because she was so focused on her figure skating. Meanwhile Furuhashi is furious. She is looking for Kashima as she found the real script that has her do the kissing scene. Also, Full Pure show is starting. We present to you the magical girls, Kawase, Umihara and… Kirisu???!!!

Episode 12
Oh damn. Kirisu rocks!!! She’s dancing like a pro! Or is it? Apparently she could perfectly memorize the video after just watching it once! But if you’re wondering why the horrible CGI is even further horrible, that’s because Kirisu refuses to sing and not even play the part of lip synching! To add more spice, Takemoto drops in as a new Full Pure character that just debut this morning! WTF Yuiga had enough time with the leftover materials to sew this perfect costume?! Unbelievable! End of performance is even better with Takemoto help selling udon to all the starved audience. The gang celebrates backstage after a successful performance. Yuiga spots a loose thread on Kirisu’s costume and tries to pull it out. Damn the whole costume just fell apart! THIS IS NOT A TRANSFORMATION SCENE! Yuiga returns to selling udon but Kashima has him help out with her play. Can’t say no. He is made to change into this costume. Hmm… Cat Napoleon? Nyapoleon? So of course when he goes out, Kashima’s friends who were supposed to be on guard, didn’t recognize him. The other teachers then start chasing Yuiga, thinking he is Kirisu in that costume. You bet Kashima is distraught that the prince is missing. At this crucial time when the play is about to start? Find him! Meanwhile Kominami is also at the festival, helping out some light music club. Damn, this girl also rocks! She stumbles into Yuiga and offers to help him get away from the teachers. Since she is a graduate, she knows every nook and corner. Yeah, crawling through the ventilation? Is the school’s duct this big? Cue for Yuiga to have his face up her ass. Eventually, Kominami has to go ‘flirt’ with the teachers so Yuiga has a clear path to get into the gym where the play is held. At the same time, the play is already at its climax. The prince is nowhere to be seen and the crowd is restless. Hence the headmaster calls for improvisation. Would anyone of the guys like to step up and be the prince? You bet it’s going to be a chaotic mad rush to kiss Furuhashi!!! Yeah, princess already wide awake and in shock. Luckily, Kashima and her martial arts buddies kick them away. You want Furuhashi’s lips? Gotta get pass them first! Heeyah! Yup, the power of boners has those desperate guys try. And fail! Meanwhile Yuiga is already there but he can’t intervene. During the kung fu commotion, the backdrop threatens to fall on Furuhashi. Yuiga instinctively saves her. Probably Furuhashi wants to end this fast so she kisses Yuiga. Hey, technically the cat head gear is in between, right?

Episode 13
Yuiga escapes and Furuhashi does an ending improvisation so well that the audience is so touched. After Yuiga gets out from his suit, the teachers spot and confiscate it. They want to give it to Kirisu but she’s already conducting her speech and everyone is paying close attention. I guess the suit is useless now. Yuiga’s sincere apology to Kashima means she can’t be mad at him despite him ‘not turning up’. Yuiga realizes he must take his identity under the suit to the grave because there are many who want to know his identify and beat the sh*t out of him! Furuhashi goes to thank Kominami. She thinks she is the one in the cat suit because see saw her carrying her guitar. Unfortunately she claims she left her guitar somewhere and is looking for it. Cue for Furuhashi to panic whom she gave her first kiss! Yuiga returns to help Ogata. The crowd has increased because they think the mysterious person in Nyapoleon could be here. Because Yuiga and Ogata are eating together, this prompts a kid to note they look like lovers. This gives Yuiga an idea. Using this concept and Kominami’s PR skills, they manage to sell off the remaining udon. On a side note, the prince suit actually ended up in some haunted house. Did that ‘ghost’ become the main attraction for looking so princely? Anyway, with the end of the festival, the students gather for the fireworks. Time for the conspirators to push one last jinx. Hence as the first fireworks is about to go off, our desperate conspirators push our concerned parties, hence Yuiga ends up falling all over his harem. However this fireworks is a dud and didn’t go off! Saved? Looks like they have some explaining to do with the pushing. As the next fireworks go off, somebody takes Yuiga’s hand to help him up. Stupid lighting cover her face. I hope it’s not his mom! In the aftermath, Yuiga attends an interview with Kirisu. In short he passes. We also see the rest of his girls passing their desired subject. Everybody gets what they want! Hooray! After graduation, everybody sees off Takemoto at the airport. Yuiga is running late because the train broke down. Go on foot? Nah. Thankfully Kirisu is here to give him a ride! So driving safer means stepping more on the accelerator?! Thank goodness he reaches in time and in one piece. Probably all that excitement has made Yuiga trip somehow. Takemoto helps him up. The way they show this scene indicates she might be the one who held his hand during the fireworks.

Dakara X To Bokutachi Wa H Ga Dekinai!
So I guess this means everybody has gone their separate ways and it’s the end of the study-cum-romance jinx? Oh well, it was good (or bad, if you’re from Yuiga’s point of view) while it lasted. I guess in the end, it is still up to us to want to believe whoever Yuiga ends up with. After all, that is still very much up in the air. They’ve just started on their first step to achieve their dreams. Once they have settled down, maybe they can start thinking of romance. But don’t take too long or it’ll be too late, if you know what I mean.

This season doesn’t largely stray away from the usual formula. A lot of things primarily stay the same and this season could be just more of an extension of the first season than a ‘real’ sequel. Heh. Like I even know what that means. This second season doesn’t introduce any major new characters and perhaps I’m partly to blame for thinking that they would add at least 1 more girl into Yuiga’s (unofficial) harem. After all, some animes do add a new character in their new season just to spice things up but I guess if the original formula for the series works and isn’t necessarily broken, why change and make a total overhaul?

The ‘biggest change’ that this season has is for Furuhashi’s side. It is by far the most memorable story on focus this season (aside from all the cheesy shoehorned fanservice). It gives a closure, or rather the permission to the thorny issue that has been bugging her ever since she decided to do a major switch over to maths. Goes to show that being a genius in something is pretty much just perspective. Like they always say, genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. With Reiji giving his blessings to his daughter to pursue her dreams, hopefully Furuhashi will now have a clearer path and mind in achieving that goal. Doesn’t necessarily have to be the best rocket scientist that would shake and change the mathematics world. That’s not her original goal in the first place.

Of course not only Furuhashi has been closing the gap and is much nearer to her dreams than when she started, Ogata and Takemoto are also making the same strides as well. As long as they continue putting in the effort, they’ll surely get there. I’m sure this is also the same for Yuiga. So I’m not sure why he is fretting over his future because I thought he already had a set goal in mind. You know, the special VIP recommendation? Remember? Probably he is worried by comparing himself to the achievement of his girls. As many of the focus is on them and we see them make great improvements, what about Yuiga’s own achievements? From a general perspective, there seems to be not much change, right? Can’t blame him if he is worried that he can’t see any progress made at all. But that’s the thing about Yuiga being Yuiga. He puts the well-being of others first ahead of himself. Before he can achieve his own goal, he must see to it that others reach theirs first. This is evident as we see him more than often helping the girls in need even outside their studying needs (some may call it plot convenience). But thankfully in the end, everybody passes so it’s safe to say that Yuiga’s fruits of labour paid off.

Because he worries so much about others, who is going to worry about him? You bet his girls would. But for now, the ‘complication’ of them wanting to stay a little longer with him could be the biggest stumbling block for them to achieve their goals. It seems like romance would be the biggest hindrance that would threaten to undo all the effort they have put in. Like as though they’re trying to prolong the study session as long as possible. My conspiracy theory says that they’re just pretending to be dumb just to be with him. Oh my. What girls would do for romance…

Each of the girls has their fair share of screen time to be with Yuiga but your guess is as good as mine of how mostly it will end up. They get closer to him but not entirely close enough that you are dead certain that they’ll become an item. Just like in past seasons, all that romantic certainty is brushed away in some form of comical fanservice or something like that. Sometimes it feels like all the mishaps and accidental perversion that Yuiga and the girls get into, like as though some higher being is trying to test their mettle and see how they handle it all. So far so good. Phew? Last season we had the lingerie shop thingy, the OVA had the beach episode and this season we got all touchy with the massage job. Is there no one cliché fanservice scene that Yuiga has not experienced?! The girls didn’t report him because they like him so it’s like a free pass. If it was other guys, they’d be dead by now. So having that in mind, Yuiga is just like one step away from doing lewd stuffs with them! I’m sure there is a porn version of this series if you look harder over the dark web. It is one thing that the girls secretly like him, it is another thing if their fathers give their blessing for them to be a pair. With Kominami and Furuhashi’s dad already giving theirs (I can assume Takemoto’s friends are playing her substitute father), once Ogata’s dad also falls in line with this, then true hell begins. You know everything will be so screwed up by then.

The rest of the other characters didn’t really change nor matter much. I’m partly to blame for having such expectations in the first place. Like Mizuki, I thought she would be given more prominence this season since she has big brother complex. She would up the rivalry among the girls to fight for Yuiga’s attention (and affections) but unfortunately, she continued to remain a side character who is made to be remembered for her acute sense of her big brother. Basically, an onii-chan stalker. So any girls who want to get to her onii-chan must get through her first! I am the protector of onii-chan! Nobody gets through! Heeyah! Sorry Mizuki, even mom is probably vouching for her son to be with another girl. Just not you :’(.

Kominami also doesn’t play much importance here. Most probably she isn’t one of the front runners of Yuiga’s harem and her role is just to fill in the gap if the other trio are unable to. Otherwise she is still the same teasing senpai. Likewise, I was hoping to see a further elaboration on Kirisu’s past as a figure skater. But maybe last season’s fleshing out was all there is to it, explaining why she’s such a gloomy looking strict resting b*tch face teacher. Though, she won’t want the school days of her students to be robbed or stolen and hence she’ll still do whatever it takes to protect their most important days of youth. Well, you can only be young once. Still, it doesn’t spare her from Yuiga’s (Accidental Pervy) Hand of God! It’s like fate is testing her to just open up or something. But for better or worse, her strictness remains the same. And Sekijo, is she still not Ogata’s best friend already? How long her friendship probation gonna last?

This season’s opening theme is still sung by the trio of Yuiga’s study group. Can Now, Can Now probably reflects on the progress the girls made and the song also sounds a lot more bubbly and fun. Yup, definitely can now, can now. But this time the trio doesn’t sing the ending theme. It is halca now and Houkago No Liberty sounds equally as bubbly and fun. Probably with all the cute animations and the characters in chibi form, yeah, this sure looks like a fun series!

Overall, this season offers nothing relatively new and if you enjoy the first season, you’ll most likely enjoy this one as well. If you don’t like shocking changes or developments that are too hard to follow, this simple romcom harem comedy might be just your cup of tea. Even if everything is so filled with cliché, it is probably the safest because everything else is pretty much expected then. You know the kind of fanservice our characters will get into. You know the kind of ‘screen time romance’ that the characters will get. And you’ll definitely know the kind of status quo outcome at the end of it all. Ah, all so safe. Nothing that rocks the boat. All within expectations. That’s what I’ve learnt after watching countless of similar animes in this genre. And maybe that’s why I never learn too. That’s why they keep churning out such animes throughout the years. Looks like I won’t be graduating to a higher level and be staying back repeating the same ol’ stuffs… Boy, I really never learn, do I?

Hmmm… Last season we had a poor boy who has good and decent grades tutor quintuplet sisters and avoid any of them get any failing grade. Love happens in between. Sort of. Now, this season we have a poor boy who has good and decent grades tutor a few girls in his school in subjects which are poor at but they are very passionate about. Love happens in between. Sort of. Ah yes. What more can be more motivating than picking up your books and study hard with the possible love polygon sure to happen somewhere. At least in this sort of anime and genre. So folks, don’t be surprise if we don’t learn anything or two in Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai because it is going to get as cliché it can get when a nice boy of the same age starts tutoring hot beautiful chicks and then something else other than their improving grades blossom. I think we can see where this is going…

Episode 1
Rizu Ogata is a genius in maths and physics. Fumino Furuhashi has no rivals in literature. Nariyuki Yuiga isn’t a genius but he puts in enough effort that shows in his grades and his dream is to get a special VIP recommendation to an affiliated university in which all tuition fees are covered. He gets that chance when the principal summons him. He must tutor Ogata and Furuhashi and have them get into their choice universities. As he talks to them, it seems they want to go into universities that are a total opposite of what they are good at. Shocking, right? He lets them take a test and they score really bad. I mean, really bad. Even if they make a single increment point every day, it gets worse after a week. So why they don’t just teach each other? Because they don’t know what they don’t know. Eh? I thought that should be enough to teach the other? Anyway, when all else fails, Yuiga asks if they should just use their natural talents. They don’t like what he said. Because it’s like trying to live their life as dictated by others think. Before they could claim he is the same like other tutors who will eventually abandon them, Yuiga isn’t about to throw in the towel yet. Noticing they left their textbooks, he goes through them and realizes they left a lot of notes and are serious in it.

Yuiga remembers when he failed during his younger years, he was very upset despite trying. But his late dad encouraged him that one who fails can only understand of not being able to do something. Next day, Yuiga hands back their textbooks and added his own notes to help them improve. It sounds like a confession that he hopes they can get along together. Yuiga needs to do his own homework but does he need to sit sandwiched in between them instead of opposite them? Because of that, Furuhashi almost falls asleep and her head lean on his shoulder while Ogata is too close that her boobs are rubbing on his arms. This makes him too conscious to study since their faces are too close. Later he learns Furuhashi’s dream is to study astrology as loves the stars. She hopes to find her late mom’s star. Subsequently, he finds Ogata playing a card game that is meant for several players, alone. She challenges him and loses 20 consecutive times! She admits she is weak when it comes to anything with human emotions. That’s why she wants to study liberal arts and get into psychology. Yuiga returns home. His bother complex sister, Mizuki is worried since she could smell women all over him! Next day in class, Yuiga’s friends are shocked when those genius beauties are looking for him. They whisper in his ear to keep a secret what happened last night. Uhm, shouldn’t they be a little discreet about this?

Episode 2
Uruka Takemoto is Yuiga’s childhood and wants to borrow and copy his homework. Please do yourself… After Yuiga reports his update to the principal, it seems he has another favour to ask: Tutor Takemoto too. She might be a prodigy in swimming but the university wants an all-rounder this year. Yup. You know what that means. And Yuiga can’t say no when his special VIP recommendation is on the line. So he tries to get her to study but she runs away. And when he catches her, Ogata and Furuhashi just drop by and misinterpret this rape scene!!! Takemoto quickly gets acquainted with the genius beauties. Flashback shows because Yuiga is always lenient in lending her copy his homework, she starts liking him. And also his friends teased him that they like each other. Takemoto is karaoke-ing by herself and wants to invite Ogata. But when she refuses since she is at Yuiga’s home studying, instantly she rushes over! Was the karaoke joint nearby? I don’t think she has intentions to study either as she takes out all her snacks. Just then, a blackout. Obviously Ogata is scared and clings on to him despite her mouth saying otherwise. Takemoto thinks she can also jump into his arms with pretence of being scared but finds it too embarrassing. Yeah, really awkward moment in the dark. Yuiga then makes a makeshift candle. Impressive. Until it goes out. All hell breaks loose. Somebody touching somebody and when the lights get back on, they accuse him of being a pervert. No mood to study anymore. Going home. The ultimatum for Takemoto: She must do well in a test in which failing would result in supplementary classes and no club activities. Time to scream at Yuiga for help. So as they try to help Takemoto and motivate her, we can see that her attention span is so short that she can’t focus. Excuses, excuses. Then they just continue studying. I know she can’t take it anymore but does she have to spam that like every 5 minutes?! Yuiga then gets an idea. To help improve her English vocabulary, he incorporates swimming into it. She has to dive in and pick the correct answer. She gets it all correct! It goes to show that she can only give her full when swimming is involved. Later Takemoto thanks him for helping studying by giving him a gift. WTF, a female swimsuit?! Turns she mixed up her present and it was supposed to be a pencil case.

Episode 3
The principal tells Yuiga that the girls must score at least average in the upcoming midterms. Otherwise they must change their field of study. After he leaves, the duo pass by the office and conveniently overheard the vice principal, Mafuyu Kirisu saying that in addition if they failed, Yuiga will be relieved of his tutor duties. While it should be no big deal to them because they have experienced tutor changes every term and it is only logic since they are out if they can’t produce results, why are they so concerned about Yuiga? I think I know… Yuiga coaches Ogata in her family ramen shop. Dad trying to warn him about doing something funny to his daughter but gets shot down by Ogata for being creepy. Ogata still feels unconfident of not doing well so he cheers her up to review and put that effort in the next test. During the test, she starts to have cold feet. She remembers all her previous tutors (including Kirisu) telling her to just drop her weak subject. Yuiga never said that, right? So she isn’t going to betray him and starts doing her best. Amazingly, she scores above average. Yuiga is so happy she could cry but Ogata couldn’t tell him most of the parts she got lucky. Next is Furuhashi but she has a cold… Hence Yuiga visits her at home. Man, she’s got a big house. Sure, Furuhashi said nobody else will be in but can he just walk in without knocking? Because of that he sees Takemoto cleaning her naked back. Out! Though Takemoto thinks this is normal for him as a boy but gets embarrassed thinking about it herself. Cue to call him a pervert whatever. Amazingly, Yuiga’s motivational words make her really better. Yeah, it really blew her cold away. And with that, she too scores above average.

Takemoto’s friends, Ayuko Kawase and Chinami Umihara are shocked she hasn’t confessed to Yuiga yet. They are not okay with her being okay with status quo. So after school, they force her to go shopping. They make her wear a very frilly princess dress and just abandon her. Embarrassed Takemoto tries to get back and hopes this is one of those days she won’t bump into Yuiga. Nope. It’s one of those days fate wants to screw with you. When spotted, she lies she wanted to go to this bookstore. Okay. He wants to come along! Because of his close proximity, she feels very embarrassed and awkward. Cue for cliché bratty kid to point out how they look like a couple before mom takes son away. Then there is this competition only open for couples and there is a prize that Yuiga notes Mizuki would love. Hence Takemoto braves up to pretend for them to be couple and do this couple carrying contest. Who can hold their love the longest wins! I guess those who falter, that’s as far as their love goes, eh? Haha! I hope this won’t break them up… Yuiga seeing Takemoto close to tears realizes she is trying to hold so he summons his manly power to continue holding her. Yup, they win. In the end, Takemoto was able to naturally flaunt to him that she looked like a princess today. Before he could give his answer, she doesn’t want to hear it. At least not today. I guess she’s had enough for today. Back home, Mizuki is mad. If he won this prize via the couple contest, which girl did he paired up with to win? And it sure wasn’t her… Oh no… Can his explanation save the day?

Episode 4
Furuhashi realizes she has gained weight. Is it because her study pals invite her to snack a lot in between? Hence she tries to resist by not eating and concentrate on her studying. Damn, Yuiga bringing treats made by Mizuki, is God trying to test her or something?! The resistance is strong for a few days until Yuiga notices she doesn’t look too well. Furuhashi admits she is on a diet and despite Yuiga says she looks fine to him, she goes on ranting how she easily gains weight and fears what others say about her. To prove it, she wants him to touch her stomach. It dawned too late to Yuiga this looks like a perverted scene. Worse, Furuhashi misinterprets his words about this being dangerous. She thinks she is going to be overweight when he was commenting on this perverted scene. On their way home, suddenly she buys lots of snacks. She claims this helps her in her midnight studying and is confident she doesn’t put on weight easily. WTF… So when Yuiga allows her to only eat thin noodles, she returns to her desired weight. The president of the chemistry club, Sawako Sekijo doesn’t approve Ogata switching to humanities and blames she is in love with Yuiga. However she brushes it off because love does not equate to her in this sense.

Thus Sekijo goes to spy at them studying at Rin’s place. She thinks of riling Ogata up by getting close to Yuiga and asking questions like what kind of girl he likes. In turn, Yuiga panics thinking she likes him and because they’re so noisy, Ogata kicks them out! As they talk outside, Yuiga realizes Sekijo just wants to be her friend. Sekijo realizes Ogata really wants to do humanities as she sees her putting in a lot of effort but maybe to a certain degree Yuiga has got something to do with it. Yuiga invites them to come watch them study on certain days. Although she dismisses it, she is seen eagerly waiting there. Don’t mind her. It’s just coincidence. Takemoto realizes she forgot to wear her bra in her haste and fears Yuiga will find out. One of those days because she will be facing off against him in a basketball match. She can’t concentrate and her ball easily gets stolen. She tries to focus on the game instead of her boobs but it’s just too hard when Yuiga comes in too close for defence. During halftime with Yuiga giving some words of encouragement, Takemoto takes it as some twisted form of confession. Now she goes all out but the final blocking defence has Takemoto’s boobs fall all over his face. Did he find out? He comments Mizuki feels like that. Takemoto feels both embarrassed and insulted. His guy lacks further tact because back home he sees Mizuki wearing one and points out to her. Surely she beats him up for his straying eyes, right?

Episode 5
Boy, the school sure has a couple of days of mountainous retreat for their study. For some reason, Ogata can’t take her eyes off Yuiga. During a study session, she was too shy and slow to lend her eraser when he dropped it. Hence the other girls were ‘faster’. You only have yourself to blame for sulking like that. Then at the vending machine when he asks how’s her studying coming along, she gets flustered and tells him off to mind his own business. She walks out and decides to take her mind off by collecting mountain udo she thinks Yuiga loves. As expected, she gets lost. Yeah, it’s raining too. When Sekijo realizes Ogata is not around and bugs Yuiga about it, he realizes he last saw her heading out and she might still be out there. Poor Ogata doesn’t understand why she is thinking about Yuiga. She might be hallucinating to even hear his voice. Oh wait. It’s him! As he tries to help her up, thanks to the slippery slope, she slips and from this angle it looked like they kissed! Ogata just got up and left. Ever since she hasn’t looked at him in the eye then but you know fate, screwing around when it can. They are both tasked to clean the baths when the girls start streaming in. Apparently absentminded Ogata forgot to put the cleaning in progress sign out. He hides in the sauna while she tries to convince the girls to go away. Panicked and failed. Yeah, some of them enter the sauna. Yuiga is now hiding underneath the chair. It’s really getting hot from all sides now. When Furuhashi’s feet touched something, she is about to look under when Sekijo claims a meteor shower passing. After everyone runs out, Sekijo calls him out from his hiding. She knew something was amiss when Ogata was acting strangely and found Yuiga’s jersey. So as Yuiga sneaks out, he bumps into Takemoto. Her tower dropped. Is the view nice? Did Takemoto ignore him? While Yuiga is now in safe zone, Takemoto is disillusioned. Was that a hallucination of Yuiga?! Thank goodness? Later Ogata makes up with Yuiga. However she still accuses him of seeing her body. Despite he gave foggy glasses as an excuse, did he still see them foggily? It’s not like Ogata looks mad, right? Back at school, Yuiga explains the girls’ progress to Kirisu. He remembers the girls telling him she was their first tutor and a very cold one. Though she notes he is working hard and doing his best, she wonders if that mountain kiss with Ogata is part of doing his best. Oh sh*t!

Episode 6
Furuhashi is eavesdropping but she can’t hear properly. So she barges in in hopes of trying to clear Yuiga’s name. Too bad she spilled about that stomach touching incident and naked viewing while she was sick. Then it’s Ogata’s turn. Uh huh. The sauna incident… He’s dead. Oh f*ck, now what Takemoto?! Pinning her down at the pool?! Thanks girls. For making it clear those misunderstandings. However Kirisu decides to overlook this as she notes they are fond of him. Suddenly Yuiga takes her hand?! He notices the bruises all over it and realizes she too cares about her students. She was looking for Ogata in the rain and stumbled upon that fake kissing scene. With the principal praising Yuiga for improving their grades, however his male friends get the wrong idea he really kissed a girl and because Yuiga didn’t exactly deny it and said it was an accident, this only serves to worsen the rumours he did kiss a girl. So when Takemoto hears this, she can’t concentrate on her studies and even indirectly tries to ask Yuiga about this via a lesson. Did he kiss someone? Wow. Perfect English. Takemoto tries to stay positive and cheer for him but later feels sad about it. Later she talks to Furuhashi about it and it is clear to her that Takemoto likes her childhood friend. Furuhashi makes her day when she decides to support her. But all that happiness is blown away when the rumours get out of hand. Yuiga staying with his girlfriend? They have a kid?! Thanks to that, Takemoto’s score takes a plunge. Somehow Ogata too. Furuhashi is feeling so conflicted. Even more so when Yuiga talks to her for advice about this. How can she tell him that both of them likes him? Best excuse to go figure it out himself because it is a matter of a woman’s heart! Since Takemoto is still nervous about her chance with Yuiga, her friends decide to set them up. This means wearing a much shorter skirt and showing some cleavage. Sex sells, right? It just makes them embarrassed and awkward. So awkward that they walk together to the shrine and pray. No prizes to guess what they’re praying for. Unfortunately God is a cheeky one so he makes it rain for them to take shelter there. She pretends to sleep as advised by her friends in hopes of making Yuiga stimulated. When she feels her head being petted and her body being licked, you know it’s too good to be true because they’re just cats. Later she stands close to him to hear his heart beat. Can you blame him when she dresses like that? It was enough to make her day and thanks to that, her scores drastically increased. Maybe she should do this more often. The mini skirt and cleavage! XD.

Episode 7
Is Yuiga confiding with Furuhashi about women going to be a daily affair? With Furuhashi accidentally slipping into his arms, to her dismay Ogata sees this. Oh no. That pout. She clings hard to him. WTF suggesting he hold her hand while walking to ease her anger? Didn’t work. Later Furuhashi gets desperate. Thinking the only way left to appease her anger is to push Yuiga into Ogata. Too bad his face fell into her boobs. Later it is revealed Ogata’s dad accidentally broke her glasses and she was wearing an older lens, hence her squinting and mad looks. Later Kirisu sees Yuiga trying to help get a cat down a tree. As she tries to help, she sprains her ankle. Yuiga helps her home but as he leaves, he hears a loud crash. He barges in only to see her buried under her pig sty. To thank him for helping her clean, she helps tutor him. This has Yuiga think she does really care about her students. But more cleaning? This has Yuiga stumble into a cabinet filled with trophies when Kirisu was a figure skater in her heydays. However Kirisu laments such career is very short-lived and this is supposed to be a reminder the foolish path she took. That’s why as an educator, it is their job to guide students on the right path. Yuiga views it differently. Instead of telling them to give up, he tells them to hold their head up high if they fail. If Kirisu is an ally of the talented, he is an ally of those not talented. After Yuiga leaves, Kirisu heaves a big sigh of relief. She was holding in her nervousness all this time. It is the first time a man entered her room.

Later Furuhashi learns of Yuiga visiting Kirisu’s place. He doesn’t think much of it but of course it is for Furuhashi. She doesn’t want him to let word of this spread especially to Ogata and Takemoto. But it soon gets worse because her friend, Kashima spotted Furuhashi with Yuiga and thought she was trying to flirt with him. Hence rumours have started flying that they are dating. Despite Furuhashi trying to deny it all, dumb Yuiga didn’t look deep enough and gives an ambiguous answer that only serves to dig deeper their grave. Furuhashi tries to keep her distance with Yuiga at the library. But suddenly it gets crowded and they are forced to sit closer. It seems all the girls are with Kashima in some secret club that admires Furuhashi. They are here to determine if Yuiga is a guy worthy of Furuhashi. In the end, they only did some studying. Nothing happening. Might as well they do some studying too. In the aftermath when Furuhashi meets Kashima, the former is relieved when the latter wishes her luck in studying. And so the rumours died. Later Furuhashi tells Yuiga about the rumours and he is shocked that he didn’t even know a thing! She jokes about them dating for real and this puts them in an awkward situation. What are the chances when a girl tries to reassure herself she won’t fall in love with someone that her friends are in love with?

Episode 8
Yuiga finally gets a handphone and is an amateur in using it. With Takemoto suggesting studying in the bath because an article says it stimulates the nerve blah, blah, blah, everyone starts to get weird ideas… Yuiga is studying in his own bath and at the same time trying to learn how to use his phone. Accidentally her texts Furuhashi who at the same time is also in the bath. Weird ideas what if they’re both in the bath now. You don’t say… Yuiga continues to mess with his phone and accidentally calls Ogata! How to cancel?! Too bad for him, her dad picks up! Oh sh*t. No matter what answer he gives, dad isn’t amused of this punk. Until Ogata retrieves back her handphone and puts a restraining order on dad. Protecting her from evil isn’t going to cut it as an excuse. And yeah, she too is studying in the bath. The longer their conversation, the more embarrassing they realize their situation. Even though they aren’t together. Yuiga makes the same mistake and accidentally calls Takemoto this time. As you have guessed, she too is in the bath. Strangely, her twisted reasoning thinks he is as good as washing her naked body?! She accidentally turns on the video call mode. Oh Yuiga, is this the best live streaming porn ever?! Took her a while to realize this folly and when she starts accusing him of showing his junk, the panic causes Yuiga to drop his handphone into the water. Now he is without a handphone as it is undergoing repairs. Should have gotten a waterproof one…

As Takemoto is improving in her studies, she keeps pushing herself until one day she almost collapses at the hallway. Luckily Yuiga was passing by and helps put her in the infirmary. Strangely, she starts hugging him in her sleep. No sleeping beauty kiss yet as Takemoto’s friends come in to check on her. Yuiga is hiding under the bed when he hears the girls talk about Takemoto in love with Yuiga. Because of that, it is Yuiga’s turn to not have enough sleep as he becomes conscious about this. He can’t concentrate in his studies and flusters when Takemoto is close to him. He even overthinks when he thinks she is bringing him to a love hotel. Nope. Just a ramen store next door. But damn, seeing her eat ramen is sexy?! WTF?! Sexy meat?! Since when ramen is seductive?! Oh yeah. Slurp more of that ramen goodness! At the end of the day, somehow Yuiga asks her if the guy she likes is him. Of course she embarrassingly denies which of course we all know is false. Not sure if it’s a good thing if Yuiga is a dense guy because although he is super embarrassed in asking that, he now wonders who that guy Takemoto really like is. Oh well. At least now he can concentrate on his studies with this issue off his chest. Somewhat.

Episode 9
Yuiga sees Kirisu sitting outside her apartment. Better walk away. But why does he have to pass her? Now she reels him in. I bet something is more than just cleaning her pig sty. Yup. There’s a cockroach!!! Kirisu is paralysed in fear so much so she is clinging onto Yuiga. Cliché boobs in face moment. The bug escapes. After cleaning, Yuiga is about to leave but Kirisu won’t let him. She is afraid ‘that’ my return. She’ll do anything. Just don’t leave her alone! Anything? Get your mind out of the gutter because Yuiga has her tutor him. Kirisu has ordered some take-outs since their session lasted longer. Unfortunately it is Ogata doing the delivery. You can see that extremely sour face when she realizes what is happening. So why is Ogata staying now? Both women are giving him that piercing stare. Is he supposed to know what they’re saying?! I believe so. He thinks of playing a card game to break the ice but he forgot Ogata is bad at games and she ended up on a 30 consecutive losing streak! Is Kirisu enjoying this? It just got worse. Yuiga talks to Ogata about being a warm and caring person. Until she realizes he was actually talking about Kirisu. Back to that sour face. Suddenly Kirisu screams. The roach is back! With her clinging onto Yuiga, I’m sure he can’t do anything and Ogata is getting the wrong idea of Kirisu being ‘warm and friendly’. Before the cockroach gets cheeky, Ogata smacks it with a newspaper. Game over. Although a disaster was averted, the relationship between Kirisu and Ogata still didn’t get better. Later Ogata asks if there is a cockroach in her place, would he come to rescue her? He finds it odd because she just killed the cockroach with no problem so why need his help? Damn Yuiga, you just made her angry again…

Yuiga’s mom is sick so he is such a filial son that he decides to go fill in her job. Yeah, he doesn’t even know what she does! He realizes too late that she works in a lingerie shop!!! Good news is that mom’s colleague puts him in a mascot outfit. Still embarrassing, though. And don’t worry. Only old ladies shop here if he’s asking that it’s strange to let a guy work here. Suddenly she gets a call that her daughter is sick so she rushes off and leaves him behind. Oh dear. I can see where this is going. Because Takemoto and Ogata come in. Takemoto requesting Ogata’s boobs be measured since they have grown. Yuiga would prefer to get out from his mascot suit, explain everything and risk it. Just that he can’t reach the zipper. Takemoto guides him to measure her boobs. New experience, huh? Takemoto then chooses a few sexy lingerie and asks his opinion that a certain high school boy might like. Somehow Yuiga chose. After they leave, now Yuiga finds Kirisu seeking help! She can’t unhook the bra she is trying as it is too tight for her. He is taking too long because he doesn’t know how it works and this makes Kirisu suspicious. But thankfully, she thought the hook was broken. Yuiga manages to unhook it. You think nothing would surprise him at this stage but here comes Furuhashi. She turned down Takemoto and Ogata’s invitation because she doesn’t want to shop with those monster tits. As she tries several lingerie, the colleague returns. Furuhashi just finished trying when she sees Yuiga coming out from the mascot suit. Her face… So dead… So dead that it’s scary! Later Yuiga tries to soothe her by treating her to a crepe. Eat your heart out. She still isn’t amused, though. She lectures that it was a good thing it was her rather than the rest. Why? Not telling. Consider this another lesson to learn a woman’s heart! Can Yuiga figure it all out at this rate?!

Episode 10
Summer break is for fun, right? Not for Yuiga. He is taking cram school. So that’s his fun? Whatever. Also in the same class is a petite girl whom he thought is his junior. Too bad Asumi Kominami is a year older than him and failed her first entrance exam! Don’t say fail. It’s her taboo word. After class, Yuiga got lost in an unknown part of town. A few sleazy guys bring him to… A maid café! I approve! I suppose he needs to leave since he has no money but on his way out he stumbles into Kominami in a maid outfit doing her cutie maid charm. I approve! But this gets awkward for them. He hears her working in this place since it pays good. However Yuiga sees her horrible grades in science. Yeah. Really bad. Kominami reluctantly explains she is trying to get into medical school and prepares for the worst of him laughing at her. Good for her, he tutors her and makes it easy for her to understand. I guess the other maids want to set them up so they call Yuiga to come back for the next few days. When Yuiga leaves, he bumps into an old doctor. Kominami is seen chasing after Yuiga to return his commuter pass. Cliché moment because that doctor is her father and he is not impressed with her in that getup. Bringing Yuiga back to her place, her father runs a clinic outside their home. He is under the impression his daughter is doing some sleazy job to pay for her tuition. She denies and lies this maid outfit is her boyfriend’s fetish. That’s you, Yuiga! Father getting mad! I guess he has to play along. As Yuiga explains she is trying hard to get into medical school, father isn’t pleased either. He told her becoming a doctor isn’t easy and that she should do whatever else she wants. Kominami is adamant to get into medical school and take over his business. A shouting match begins and Yuiga gets stuck in the middle… Eventually Yuiga puts in some nice assuring words so father (or father in law now?) decides to be patient and put his trust in his, uhm, son in law? Man, this escalated quickly.

Later when the duo are in the streets, here comes Yuiga’s harem. They fawn all over Kominami thinking she is Yuiga’s relative or something. Time to rebuke them. Apparently the trio are also in this cram school as they don’t want to rely on Yuiga always. Of course they’ll be in different classes. Think this would be easy? The moment their break begins, they come rushing to Yuiga’s class for help! Save us! The teacher erased the notes too fast! Since Kominami is a cram school veteran, she dispenses excellent advice on the materials needed. The girls are so impressed that it makes her blush. When they’re done and about to part, suddenly it rains! Cliché. They take shelter in Kominami’s clinic. Yuiga feeling real awkward because the girls’ clothes are wet and can see through. Even more awkward the bra he chose for Takemoto, she’s wearing them! As Furuhashi talks to Kominami’s dad, she learns Yuiga is her boyfriend. Oh no. She then confronts him and with a punch in the gut, makes him spill the beans! Luckily Kominami explains the lie comes from her and Yuiga is putting up to it due to circumstances. She trolls them by saying she might have feelings for Yuiga. Just kidding. Then she whispers to Furuhashi that she might be the one having feelings for her since she brought up the topic. Probably Furuhashi’s best poker face to deny it. Okay. If she says so. Later as Yuiga studies at the maid café, he is thinking how cute Kominami actually looks?! I think it’s the maid outfit… Anyway, she poses a question that has him thinking: What will he do when the entrance exam is over? Gee, he has never thought about that since he was obsessed in getting his harem good grades. Then she trolls him about her true feelings before calling him a womanizer… This guy is so cute when he flusters. See why she can’t stop teasing him?

Episode 11
Kirisu was passing by and saw Yuiga entering a maid café. Of course she tells him off but look who is here? Apparently Kominami knows Kirisu as she was her ex-teacher. So as they’re arguing they are no longer student-teacher relationship, somehow Yuiga got involved in this equation. Uh huh. They are tugging him and in this struggle, Kirisu accidentally bumps into another maid. She sprains her ankle. Lack of man, I mean, maid power. Yup. Kirisu will have to be a maid and help out. I approve! Kominami has her practice her lines with Yuiga. Embarrassing? But since she lacks experience, Kominami lets her do the basics like cleaning instead of interacting with customers. Oh no. She might sound confident she can but she fails at first go. Damn, is she giving customers free fanservice with her clumsiness? I approve! Eventually Yuiga comes to help her and cue for his important lesson that we need to help everybody because nobody is good at everything. At the end of the day, Yuiga learns that Kominami was good in all her subjects except science, hence the same problem of Kirisu bugging her to drop her ambition to be her doctor. But thanks to that, she had a rebellious spirit to do her best. Let’s hope she will improve. Kirisu gets drunk just by a sip of alcohol so Yuiga has to carry her back. In this drunken state, he hears her praise him for always giving 100%. She also praises literally everything else… Good thing or not, next morning she wakes up with hangover not remembering anything.

During summer break, Kirisu didn’t manage to do her laundry and today she must go to school to pick up some documents. Well, there is only one clothes she could wear… Yeah, her old school uniform. You know it’s cliché when she doesn’t want others to spot her but right off the bat she gets spotted. By a policeman. Please show your ID. It’s about to get worse because Yuiga sees this. So dead. However he is a smart boy and can see what’s happening so he technically lies she is his drama club advisor. She thanks him by giving him a lift to school. Just hold on to your seats. She’s a hell driver! I wonder how she got her licence. It’s not easy getting into school without being seen. Because all the clubs are having their activities. It’s like a normal school day?! Miraculously, somehow they did. Time to go home. But now what? Car out of gas? Seriously?! So they walk home instead of trying to get gas? Whatever. Along the way, they stop for ice cream. But have to hide because Furuhashi and Ogata are there too. Damn they had to choose the bush behind. And as expected the duo sit there too. Sure, you want to tell them to slowly back away but remember, bad luck is Kirisu’s middle name. Damn she had to step on a twig! This causes them to huddle even closer and in an almost awkward position. Furuhashi and Ogata fear something is behind them. With Yuiga’s ice cream dripping on her neck, you bet a squeal is heard. Is that a ghost? Worse. Furuhashi looks harder only to see a couple making out! Luckily from her angle it is too dark to see although she can tell it is their school uniform. Okay. Show’s over. Time to get out and give them some peace. Of course Yuiga and Kirisu’s lips never met. While Yuiga heaves a sigh of relief from this panic, Kirisu maintains her coolness. Wanna bet she is panicking all over inside? It’s been a lousy day as Kirisu reaches home. What else could go wrong? Oh, Kominami is here. She teases her ex-teacher she is into high school uniform cosplay fetish.

Episode 12
Remember when Yuiga asked Takemoto if the boy she liked was him and she denied? Yup. Now being together alone is awkward Hence Yuiga sees Furuhashi’s advice. She can tell what’s going on despite he is referring to himself in third person. Subsequently Takemoto also tells the same problem to her. Also in third person. Furuhashi must be a real busy woman. So as not to demotivate Takemoto and make her lag in her studies, she gives her some encouragement. The next time the duo meet, the awkwardness is still there. Thankfully, Furuhashi in disguise sit nearby just in case. The silence is so awkward that both of them start whipping out their handphone to text Furuhashi for help! Don’t worry. Master Furuhashi will save the day. She gives ideas and topics to talk about. But each of them coincidentally has an embarrassing moment together they would love to forget. During the heat of the advice, Sekijo starts texting Furuhashi for hairstyle advice (friendship problems with Ogata, I guess). This of course has Furuhashi has her messages mixed up to the intended participant. Strangely, Yuiga compliments Takemoto’s hair and she likes it. The awkwardness is gone. Weird. But thank goodness. Next day, Yuiga goes to thank Furuhashi for her help. Obviously Furuhashi is spotting a new hairstyle and is fidgeting around for him to notice. He did notice. Notice he needs to pay her back but doesn’t have enough money! This guy still has a long way to go… Now does Furuhashi understand why it’s so frustrating being around him? Or not.

Takemoto’s swimming team is in a competition. However they are disqualified after a team member makes a false start. She is sad and blames herself but Takemoto gives her lots of encouragement. Later Yuiga feels bad about Takemoto’s loss (why is he tearing up too?) but Takemoto stays strong and believes as long as she learns something, all is not lost. Besides, there might be others who deserve to cry more than her. She teases him that he would probably lend his shoulders for her to cry on. And if he really wants to make her feel better, accompany her to their old middle school. It brought back lots of memories and of course from Takemoto’s memories, many moments where she was watching him like a stalker. Apparently when Takemoto lost big in a swimming tournament, she was so dejected and got scolded for being this frustrated. However Yuiga looked at it differently because he viewed that frustration as a previous gift. For her to feel this frustrated, it must have been really special. He was envious of her as he did not have anything of that sort. So that was the clincher to her heart and the reason why she swims well now. Oddly, Yuiga brings up that boyfriend topic again. Has she confessed to him? On no. Awkward time. She denies since there were so many chances but failed. Hence Yuiga wants her to confess to him as practice. This is worst! She thought she can stall him by making him say her first name but he says it with ease. Caught in the embarrassment, she naturally confesses to him. Definitely a good one. If only Yuiga didn’t tell her to do it again and cut out saying his name! Girl so mad that she pushes him into the swimming pool. She is still embarrassed when he easily calls her by her first name, though.

Episode 13
You’re not dreaming, Sekijo. Ogata invites her to a sleepover. So happy until she realizes Furuhashi and Takemoto are also here. So this is a study sleepover? Then they spam her with all the hard questions. Now you know what it feels like that Yuiga had to go through? The rest are all smiles when Sekijo praises how lucky they are when they have a tutor like him. But then she continues to point out that she’ll pity whoever becomes his girlfriend because of this burden he has to carry. We take a break from all that studying as Yuiga and his family go to the fireworks festival. Funny, why didn’t Mizuki tag along? Is it too early for some b*tch showdown? He sees Furuhashi and Takemoto there. As advised, he compliments their beautiful yukata that sends them blushing. Mom and little siblings can see what is going on and suggests he hang out with them. Furuhashi can see where this is going and excuses herself. Hence he is left with Takemoto. The date lasts for a while until they stumble into a crowded stall. Looks like Ogata’s family is running a business here. Hence the duo help out. With Takemoto manning the kitchen, Yuiga helps Ogata with the deliveries. Once done, they get some candy apple as reward. Ogata wants to eat it so much that when Yuiga feeds her, she looks like some cute little animal feeding? Meanwhile a masked beauty seems to be ruining a shooting stall, landing every target. It is no surprise that Yuiga recognizes Kirisu. She denies and tries to run away but trips and bruises her knee. Hence Yuiga has to carry her all the way to the nearby clinic which is being operated by Kominami’s dad. And since it is a little crowded, cheeky Kominami has Yuiga do treatment on Kirisu. He tries not to stray his thoughts but putting the iodine, Kirisu squeals in a cute voice. Is this pleasure or pain?

Meanwhile Furuhashi realizes she has bum out too long that the festival is almost over. But she stumbles into a lost kid. The same for Yuiga. A lost kid right after he leaves the clinic. Once done reuniting them with their family, the festival is way over and the duo bump into each other. No more rides home. Oh lucky, there is an inn. Too bad it only has one room. To avoid their identity as high school students, they pretend to be siblings with Furuhashi taking on Yuiga’s name. Yeah, this is how it will sound like if you get married to him. After lots of hesitation in sharing the futon, I guess they have to since it is getting cold. And they can’t sleep and being too conscious of sharing the bed together. But they can relax when they notice the starry sky outside as Furuhashi relays her awesome knowledge on the constellations. This has her remember her late mom’s last moments. She was told she wasn’t going to die but teleport to the stars and will be watching her from there. Thus whenever there’s a beautiful starry night, be sure to find her. Furuhashi didn’t realize she fell asleep dreaming about this sad dream. She realizes Yuiga has been holding her hand while she is sleeping! She just relents and draws close to him. Next morning as they resume their journey home, they are both very embarrassed because from what they say, it looks like they realize they were embracing each other while sleeping! Better make sure word of this doesn’t get out. Imagine the headlines screaming, “Yuiga and Furuhashi slept together…”. Yeah…

The Equation Of A Harem, When X*Y = SeXY
If all that doesn’t feel it has ended in a satisfying way, be glad to know that there is a sequel coming up! I suppose they need more lessons to learn about even more things that will not be literally tested in school test but the ultimate test in life! So fasten your seat belts, the ride is not over yet as you are in for yet another session of cram school! Think you are a master in such cliché harem rom-coms? Think again! You need more lessons!

Under the guise of the girls tutoring under a guy who has a slightly different outlook and approach in life, it gives us that typical cliché reason so as to why the girls continue to be tutored under him. Of course they have their academic goals to achieve but as you know, that would become secondary of nature in terms of the plot and the main excuse is to of course be with him, completing the harem trope. So yeah, the storyline isn’t the most original (remember, last season we just had something similar in Go-toubun No Hanayome) or as excitingly new and lots of cliché stuffs to expect from a harem and romantic comedy genre. But I guess this kind of slow snail pace love development beats the other kind of sleazy ‘love story’ and fanservice laden harem genre series in that same season, Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma. Yeah, that was really crappy.

Forgive me if I make quite a few comparisons with Go-toubun No Hanayome here, but that is only natural for me seeing I have seen that show and it looks almost awfully similar. For instance our main character is a boy who is from a poor family and because of that poverty status of his, he makes sure he needs to ace his grades in order to improve the quality of life of his family. Notice both guys also have a little sister? And then on to the harem girls whom he is tutoring. Calling them dumb is inaccurate and misleading. They might only seem so because of the weak subjects they are taking. Otherwise, they themselves ace in other subjects that they are specialized in. And of course over time while spending time with him, they realize he isn’t such a bad guy after all and soon the feelings of the heart will slowly creep in. They know the other also has a crush and try to be ‘considerate’ in supporting the other. Wow. It’s just like copy and paste but ditch that quintuplets’ idea. But to be fair, the manga that this series is adapted from actually came out 6 months earlier than Go-toubun No Hanayome. So who copied who?

The outline of students needing to excel in their good subjects and drop their weaker ones brings forth the debate of whether their talents are actually wasted or not. With so much diversity in our lives, it is only logical that as adults we start specializing in the things we are supposed to be good at. Not necessary things that we love. Because of this, there are lots of mismatches and hence I would go as far as to say unhappy people with their jobs and never fitting in. Therefore our girls here who are trying to take on a different route, subjects that they want to excel in so as to improve a certain goal in life but are hardly anywhere good at them. If you look at it, it could also go both ways. If the girls manage to pull off the incredible, good for them. All is well. But the girls can also actually end up failing hard and this puts a damper and only reinforces society to stick what you are good at. Of course we can say no pain, no gain or never try, won’t know. That’s why in the real world what if all of us were given a chance to actually take what we want instead that is expected of others. Would we have succeed and made the world a better place or would everything be worse off and let those disbelievers taunt in your face I-told-you-so? Unfortunately real life is not so kind so as to give us multiple save points where we can start over again from there.

Setting Yuiga as the main character, the only guy in his study group (because I am assuming all the other guys in school don’t like studying and hence aren’t as ‘smart’ as him) this sets him up for a lot of harem rom-com style clichés. I mean, that is the main method of how we are going to get our comedy, right? Typically too, being book smart doesn’t necessarily translate being romantically smart. I guess the latter is more of experience rather than easily learning it from some well-known love master author or some shady website online. How to make a girl fall in love with you in 3 easy steps! Yeah. Ultimate clickbait. But even if he is a dense guy when it comes to love, uhm, I mean friendship with his lady friends, I believe it is better for him to stay this way. Because this way he has a wonderful harem since when you’re married, you can only have 1 girl in your life!!! Being in a harem means girls will forever fight over you (at least in anime logic) unlike the married life where your wife is the only person who always picks a fight with you for no reason. Yeah… Take the harem route, always!!! So theoretically, the study group will never end?

What else can I say about the other girls in this study group? Basically from the looks of it after earning Yuiga’s trust, the slightest issue they face in their study, they will flock to him for guidance. Understandably their weak subjects are tough and they want to make this work because they have been given a strict chance to make it or else. But as you can see, slowly they are trying to take this study thingy to the next level. Though, very much subtly. Can’t say outright she likes him. That will ruin the fun. That’s why you have Ogata sulking with her cute puffy cheeks whenever Yuiga doesn’t respond the way she wants and Takemoto is very outgoing so as to conveniently hide her true feelings. And because you know, they’re childhood friends so she’s like that loud. So each of the girls having at least one episode in focus with Yuiga tries to build up their ‘worth and value’ and justify them to be part of the harem. Kominami sounds more like a cock teaser since she loves teasing and giving Yuiga high hopes that she wants to date him but quickly shoots it down after that. She gets her kicks seeing him fluster like that. It makes that boy oh so cute. She may be the greatest pretender among the harem and it is too early to brush her aside from the main pack.

Oddly, Kirisu feels like being borderline harem girl for Yuiga since she is a teacher. Poker face girls like her isn’t all that rare in the anime but with her putting up that snobbish b*tch attitude, one may hope to see her fall from her high horse and become smitten with Yuiga. It’s like the ultimate revenge to see her break character. Kirisu acts the way she does partly because she is weak in PR (she should take up this subject and I wonder if Yuiga could offer this) and there is this reputation she needs to protect. Imagine if everyone views her as a loose and casual teacher. It is either disrespect or be cold and strict and have students dislike you. Therefore many of her moments with Yuiga are like some sort of test from God to see if she would lose her character. Not perfect as she has shown her weak side (that cockroach incident) but can be considered as so far so good. Her b*tch-like character also stems from a trauma during her figure skating days. She is one of those ‘victims’ to the system whereby she was given no choice to pursue her dreams. Although she means good for Furuhashi and Ogata, she truly cares about them in the sense that she doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes as she did and carry that regret for the rest of their lives. Maybe that’s why the long poker face.

Some of the minor characters are amusing. Like Mizuki who seems to have this big brother complex. It looks like she is trying to train and become his future wife but ever since he got assigned to this study group, her womanly instincts ring like Spider-sense hell that he has been mixing with other women. There’s here anxiety. After all, he has been a virgin single for his (so far) entire life and does nothing but studying. What are women and love got to do about it? Then there is Sekijo who seems to just really want to be friends with Ogata. Yeah, this girl should also take some lessons in PR. Sorry, this anime not going down the yuri route. Also not forgetting the very overprotective father of Ogata who thinks he is doing all this to protect his little girl. Understandably, Yuiga as the outsider won’t have much say but thankfully Ogata holds higher authority than daddy so he better back down or she’ll hate him like forever!

Animation and art look simple and clean. Sometimes I think the characters look close to being cartoony than anime. Hence the characters have this one kind cute looks to it. Maybe except for Kominami. She looks kinda evil…Must but those eyes… And is it me or does Kirisu looks like she has a typical resting b*tch face? This anime is jointly animated by Silver and Arvo Animations. Not to be mistaken for Silver Link. No relations whatsoever. Oddly despite Silver being established a long time ago, this is actually their second animation overall! Their first being Akane Maniax way back in 2004! In between they have been mostly involved in 2nd key animations like Digimon Adventure Tri, Seiren and Tsuredzure Children. Even if they were key animators in others like Sakura Quest, Sword Art Online: Alicization and Zombie Land Saga, it was just for one or two episodes. So yeah, studios whom nobody has ever heard of.

Voice acting I only recognized Ayako Kawasumi as Yuiga’s mom, Yui Horie as Furuhashi’s mom and Kana Asumi as Umihara. Too bad veterans whose voice I am very familiar with are now relegated to such minor and cameo roles. For the rest of the cast, they are Ryota Ohsaka as Yuiga (Climb in Overlord), Haruka Shiraishi as Furuhashi (Asirpa in Golden Kamuy),Miyu Tomita as Ogata (titular character of Gabriel Dropout), Sayumi Suzushiro as Takemoto (Akira in High Score Girl), Madoka Asahina as Kominami (Nene in New Game), Lynn as Kirisu (Matsumoto in Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maiorita), Saori Oonishi as Sekijo (Aiz in DanMachi), Marika Kouno as Mizuki (Suzuka in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby) and You Taichi as Kawase (Dorothy in Princess Principal).

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Study. You guessed it, the main study group of Furuhashi, Ogata and Takemoto. Nothing says and hints more than you to go study by naming your temporary group as one. Is this pure dedication? Not. Anyway, Seishun Seminar and Never Give It Up as the opening and ending theme respectively sounds like your average anime pop piece. Honestly, they sound bland. Could even be manufactured pop for all I know. Yeah, it is a good thing that none of them decided to pursue a career in music because this one is a subject where they should definitely stay away from!

Overall, despite the pretty standard, generic and overused clichés of the harem rom-com genre, this one is still passable and enjoyable in its own way. At least for a person who likes to watch this genre a lot. That’s why I am predicting it is going to be a lot more or less the same thing come the next season. Maybe ramp up the tension a little but don’t expect it to really end with Yuiga picking somebody or going so far as Go-toubun No Hanayome to marry a girl. Hence for this season, it is just okay storyline, okay characters, okay harem, okay fanservice… Hmm… They should have put in a beach episode here since that is what I learn after watching harem rom-coms. But I guess they substitute it with that lingerie shopping so it’s a-okay. It has been said a lot of times that there are things that one can’t learn from textbooks in schools. Because if love and relationship were this easy, I don’t think there would be this sort of animes to begin with. The showbiz industry would be very much lacking and this particular genre would be non-existent. That is why with love being such a subjective topic that no glove fits all, it provides us with this sort of ‘entertainment’. Yeah, better to watch and criticize the actions of others than your own. So much fun and safer that way. I guess that’s why we never learn.

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