Minna Ga Ii Ne

September 26, 2008

  Kawara no shamen nekoronda,
  Teashi wo nobashite,
  Atama no ue wo,
  Tori-tachi ga tobidatta
Another one of those nostalgic anime songs which I recently had the mood to belt out again. Taken from the anime series Boys Be, this is one of the several few anime songs that I really liked in an instant when I first heard it. For those who have watched the series, you’ll know which of the songs I’m talking about. Yup, it’s the ending theme entitled Minna Ga Ii Ne.
  Futo miageta kyou no sora,
  Doko made mo hirogaru,
  Donna yuutsu na koto demo,
  Chiisaku omoeru yo
Depends on how you want to translate the title of the song, it could mean ‘Everything is all right’ or ‘Everyone is all right’. Perhaps, you could even say that ‘Everything is wonderful’. The word ‘Minna’ and ‘Ii’ in Japanese can have a wide meaning and usage. Thus ‘Minna’ can mean everything or everyone (to my knowledge, it is more inclined to the latter) likewise ‘Ii’ can mean good, okay or all right. Quite versatile, don’t you think so?
  Riyuu nanka nakute
  Suki na uta kuchidzusandetari,
  Sonna toki ga ichiban,
  Kimochi ga ii ne
Of course one reason you might have guessed why there was a long lapse in time for me to sing again this wonderful song was not because I became bored of it, but rather there was no karaoke or even an instrumental version of it. Not that I can find it now and then. As usual, to help ‘cure’ my addiction to this song, I have to do a duet with the singer of the song herself, the one and only Aki Maeda. And if there was a karaoke version, I feel that I can do well for this piece. Yeah, I feel that I can sound as close as her. This piece doesn’t require me to do the impossible like straining my vocal chords, scream for the top of my voice, nor does it make me go out of breath. How I wish most of the other songs were like this.
  Itsuka konna hi mo,
  Owattari shite shimau no ka na,
  Zutto tanoshii hibi ga,
  Tsudzukeba ii no ni
One thing real nice about this pop music is the solo part, whereby the violin play is swift and creative. I can never get enough of this part. There are some cool guitar strummings in the background too, but it isn’t that obvious. But the strings play the main role here, especially in-between the verses and chorus, albeit not during the verses. Nevertheless, with all the other music instruments coming in, the whole song sounds great.
  Riyuu nanka nakute,
  Isshou nara ureshiku nattari,
  Sonna toki ga ichiban,
  Minna ga ii ne
And after all that lively music and strings, the song finally ends with a nice acoustic guitar strum. Hmm… I kinda notice that there is almost an overlap voice at the last two chorus (meaning before the second chorus could end, the singer starts singing the lines of another chorus). When I initially first sang this song, I usually fumbled this part as the transition is a little too quick and since the real song itself is totally void of any background vocals. Also, since it was sang in such a way that those 2 lines became 1 long sentence, without proper timing, I find myself out of breath back then. But after a while, I have mastered this part and now it isn’t a problem anymore. Hehehe… Isn’t everything so wonderful?
   Minna ga ii ne… 
Boys Be

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