Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

January 14, 2012

It has been mankind’s dream to develop technology to the extent that robots provide us with lots modern conveniences to ease the burden of our everyday lives. Seems pretty cool to have machines do those tedious and ‘boring’ jobs for you but really, is this the real meaning of living? Many cartoons and animes back in the 80’s and 90’s that tackle the futuristic human lifestyle with robots genre always seem to have this one-kind feeling. At least that is what I felt. Whether it is the Jetsons or Robotech, there is just this feeling of futuristic-but-yet-primitive experience. Hmm… Maybe the animation at that period isn’t that good yet.

So it’s the same case with Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, a year 1998 remake and retelling of the OVA called Bubblegum Crisis that first appeared back in the late 80’s. As usual, in the near distant future, mankind has advanced and learned to live with robots termed as Boomers. I guess it must be humans’ nature to get arrogant and step on the head of those they deemed weak so Boomers even if they have limited artificial intelligence, are a bunch of under-appreciated and discriminated lot of machines being made to do ‘dirty’ jobs that we humans don’t really want to do. Of course there are more dangerous jobs which are more suited for these automated machines but that’s beside the point. Having these Boomers with near-human-like characteristics, there are times their circuits may just go haywire and they snap. Going berserk and attacking their surroundings. So these Mad Boomers need to be constantly being kept a close watch on especially by the AD Police to prevent the livelihood and safety of the citizens from being threatened. Of course with the recent increase in Mad Boomers, the AD Police seems just like for decoration so we have a mysterious vigilante group that cleans up this mess faster before you can say, “OMG! Is that a bird? Is it a plane?”. Herald the Knight Sabers, a group of women in robotic-like hard suits to save the day. But they too have their own issues to deal with as the line between humans and Boomers further blurs.

Episode 1
As narrated, the Genom Corporation’s Showhamm Project, an ambitious endeavour to save the world and solving their energy woes is steadily progressing in orbit. Saleswoman Linna Yamazaki is going to have lunch with her female colleague when a biker lady zooms so close that she falls and causes her to spill her lunch. She confronts her but all she did was point to the scar on her forehead before riding away. She must be that desperate that she chases the biker down the steps (in high heels!) and even slides down the pole! Biker lady plays it cool by just going away into the opposite direction. Is throwing her high heels going to help? Nothing she can do but cry, right? Because of that, she gets reprimanded by her Boomer (robot) employer for being in a mess. She is made to clean up when her male higher-up offers to take her sightseeing tonight since she is new in Tokyo Megalopolis. Nene Romanova finishes her watch at the AD Police Intelligence Agency Management Centre while her colleague Leon McNichol continues to patrol the streets for Mad Boomers (robots gone crazy and dangerous). As Linna dates her higher-up she spots a poster that bears the same eyes of the biker lady. At a bar, the higher-up tries to caress her thighs and even threatens about her future career when a Mad Boomer starts destroying the place. Guess what? The jerk is the first one to run out for his life. As the other bar patrons panic and stampede to the exit, seems the Mad Boomer is targeting Linna. If she can’t get out, she goes up. Bad move because the Boomer destroys the stairways and leaves her hanging on the edge. Just then, a couple of suited Knight Sabers appear to come to her rescue and totally destroy the Boomer. Linna recognizes one of them as the biker lady due to her gesture. Once Linna is safe on the ground, they quickly disappear into the shadows as Leon arrives but it’s too late (seems he doesn’t like the Knight Sabers very much). Next day in office, Linna decides to show her appreciation to her higher-up by giving him a good punch. He deserves it. The biker lady, Priscilla S. “Priss” Asagiri a bar but she sees Linna in front of her. She’s not here to settle the petty grudge. She says she wants to join Knight Sabers but Priss just zooms pass by leaving her standing behind in her wake.

Episode 2
Leon is being reprimanded by his boss, Nick Roland because he was beaten to the scene by illegal armoured groups to handle the Boomer. As for methods to control the Knight Sabers, he gives excuse it is out of their jurisdiction. Outside, Leon’s partner, Daley Wong mentions about their hard suits which has more mobility from their K-suits. Though Leon things that they are only targeting Boomers and not getting into criminal activities, they are a bunch doing it not for justice but violence. Daley thinks that they may be doing it as tests for the suits and may be part of a larger organization. However Leon refuses to acknowledge them. Priss goes to see her superior, Sylia Stingray for her last gig’s pay. She also wonders if she can make another hard suit but reveals nothing further. Linna gets reprimanded while trying to search for info on Knight Sabers at work but her search is futile. Then she goes to use her higher-up’s PC in hopes she may find something. Nene detects somebody trying to access AD Police’s server and decides to scare the other end with a death threat warning. Sylia’s butler, Meisio Henderson advises her about not trying to increase members of the Knight Sabers too quickly but she’s in no haste. Sylia receives a message saying that Tower personnel are spreading counter claims that Boomers are safe. Sylia gets upset and smashes her screen. Seems she views Boomers as monsters and are a threat to humans. The chairman of Genom, Quincy Rosenkreutz talks to his vice president Brian J. Mason on how much he loves Boomers because they bear all of humanity’s burden. He despises humans for looking down on others to justify their existence. Even with the declining market and overproduction of Boomers, he wants the production of Boomers to continue as part of his Showhamm Project. Linna confronts Priss after her band rehearsal and is adamant she wants to join Knight Sabers because she always looked up to them. However Priss plays dumb and leaves. This time Linna follows her as she has placed a tracker on her bike. Can her scooter keep up? Of course not! Even if Priss is testing her, it broke down. Miraculously, Linna manages to push all the way to a place and spots Priss talking to Sylia. She enters the building after them. After following a secret pathway, she meets the Knight Sabers. Sylia seems interested in her after Linna explains her enthusiast in the Knight Sabers. Sylia tells her that the hard suits must be tailored made to fit the body and there isn’t any for her now. She has Linna do a simulation on past Knight Sabers’ action recorder to get a feel of what she’ll be experiencing. Linna seems to learn fast and she gets violent in destroying the Boomer. Though trembling at the end of the simulation, she mentions the incredible sensation of it.

Episode 3
Priss sees Nigel Kirkland to get her bike fix and also tell him that Sylia plans to create a new hard suit. Leon visits Nene to find out more on Knight Sabers but she feigns ignorance and tricks him with false info. Nigel goes to see Sylia and has brought along equipment to make the hard suit for Linna based on the data that she has and then conducting a test on it. Linna and Nene are at a cafeteria together as they talk about how and why they join Knight Sabers. Nene joined as she was scouted by Sylia for her hacking abilities. Their conversation is interrupted when a Boomer waitress accidentally spills a drink on a guy customer. He becomes furious and tells the Boomer to lick it dry. Linna can’t stand it and tells him off and embarrass the guy till he goes away. Meanwhile Mason sees Rosenkreutz about Knight Sabers but the latter is okay to let them roam free since they are taking care of the menace voluntarily. Plus, he has invested a lot in AD Police and that their most important thing is that they are being hated by the public. He also has pressured the media on not reporting the vigilantes. Furthermore, he notes that there is no such thing called Mad Boomers and it’s a non-existent threat. Nene and Linna return to HQ as they see Nigel leaving. Just in time for Linna to try on her hard suit. Yeah, lots of power ups and upgrades that even Nene would feel jealous. It’s a new model, remember? The inner suit is already so tight but it fits perfectly as Linna gets a feel of the suit and is having fun. Just then, Priss calls in to report a Mad Boomer incident. Yeah, it’s that Boomer waitress at cafeteria going berserk… Terrorizing by licking? Sylia has Nene and Linna blast right into action since it’ll take longer to send the suit to Priss. Priss takes on the Mad Boomer herself to free the captive but since it morphs its shape into a stronger one, she goes into hiding. Sylia tells Priss to get out and let Knight Sabers handle it. Leon and Daley just arrive at the scene in time for some Boomer-kicking action.

Episode 4
The Knight Sabers enter the scene exactly the same time with Leon and Daley. Leon goes to cover Priss and thinks he has seen her somewhere before. Priss uses this chance to escape so that she could get into her hard suit in Sylia’s mobile truck. Nene gets hit by the Mad Boomer so Linna charges and grabs it. Before she could crush its core, her suit malfunctions and shuts down. Now she’s a sitting duck. The Boomer starts crushing her when Priss returns in her suit to destroy the Mad Boomer once and for all. Because of the bungling AD Police backup charging in when the show is already over, the Knight Sabers manage to escape. Back in the truck while Linna is catching her breath, Sylia and Nene commend her actions but Priss is upset that Sylia sent a rookie into battle. Though Linna thanks Priss for saving her, she mentions she doesn’t want to be on a team with an amateur and leaves. Next day Linna goes to visit Priss at her trailer home in some rundown street to apologize. She wonders why she joined Knight Sabers and her reply is that it isn’t anything to do about upholding justice and she’s only in for the money. Linna vows to get stronger than her. Meisio is worried for Sylia but the latter insists that everything is alright and that she isn’t doing this to avenge her father’s death nor does she have any ulterior motives. Obviously a lie. When he mentions Jill’s case, Sylia suddenly cuts him off and raises her voice saying that it was an accident. Then she receives report from Nene saying she managed to find info on Genom’s server that all Boomers that have gone mad have serial numbers. However the thing that puzzles her is that those that didn’t went mad are on the list. Sylia fears that it is possible to choose which Boomers to go mad. She is further frustrated by the fact that her father couldn’t have made such algorithm that would be easily understood and that the core of the Boomers can’t be touched. At some factory, several suspicious MIBs inject some virus capsule into a Boomer. Linna trains hard to be strong while Linna continues her stage performance. Leon seems to be a patron at the bar and has found her. After her performance, Priss’ band-mates wonder if there’s something bugging her since she’s not really concentrating but she didn’t say anything. When she leaves, she sees Leon waiting outside but ignores him. Then she gets a call of another Mad Boomer case so she leaves a scathing remark (since Leon refused to be ignored) that she hates stupid idiots at AD Police and leaves him eating her dust trails. Then Leon gets a call from Daley of a Mad Boomer’s appearance.

Episode 5
AD Police along with Leon and Daley arrive on the scene. They barge in assuming that there are no survivors since the factory’s situation is getting dangerous. Yeah, the Mad Boomers are fusing with other Boomers. Sylia dispatches her Knight Sabers and though they also arrive at the scene, they just keep watch behind the shadows. They feel they need to cut the electricity power that is feeding the Mad Boomer power but Nene goes to take care of the AD Police’s spy cameras first. Mason talks to Rosenkreutz about letting the AD Police move first since their goal is to capture the Knight Sabers. Rosenkreutz the possibility of making Boomers go berserk on purpose but Mason denies and the current one was because they saved a core of a previous Mad Boomer (those MIBs) and planted it into this one. Rosenkreutz asks if Mason hates Boomers but he didn’t answer and leaves. Rosenkreutz wonders why Knight Sabers hate Boomers and wants them to love and respect Boomers since they are the ones who revived the megalocity. Once they do so, humans and Boomers can co-exist peacefully. Mason is passionately kissing a lady outside. He mentions that he hates Boomers even though he is kissing that zombie’s ass because he likes Boomers (WTF?!) but is searching for his own Boomer. The AD Police are having a tough time and are getting slaughtered. They never learn that their weapons have no effect. They call in the K-suits and though it seems they are successful, however the Mad Boomer begins to fuse with them! Once Nene cuts off the power supply shrinking the Mad Boomer to normal size, the Knight Sabers go into action to take out the Mad Boomer. Amidst the action, Sylia reminisces how she and her mom watched her dad creating a semi-human. Mom wasn’t happy because it’s like playing God. Of course mommy got upset that daddy considers his work more important than his family. So when mommy died, daddy promises to take care of Sylia. That is, by asking her to work for him. Yeah, use your child as your experiment, eh? What is a confused child to do but to agree all for the sake of her father. Though all she has to do is ‘sleep’, daddy was pretty happy that he can give life to a Boomer. Linna was in the best chance to destroy the Mad Boomer’s core but was paralyzed by shock. She sums up enough courage to crush it. With mission accomplished, they prepare to escape but the K-suit guys start firing at them, though it’s just as a threat. Linna slips down when a beam gives way. Her powers are exhausted so she continues to free fall.

Episode 6
Nene and Priss find that AD Police have surrounded them when they reach the top. But they go back down to save Linna from a rampaging K-suit who has a grudge against the Knight Sabers. Though Priss fights them, her hard suit soon loses power. AD Police has them cornered but suddenly a white Knight Saber appears before them. She is Sylia and she kicks AD Police ass so hard and fast enough to avoid their gunshots, she makes them reeling in defeat. This must leave another black mark in the AD Police records. Yeah, everything is showing on live telecast. Sylia gets a surprise guest: Mackey. He is her younger brother. Even Meisio is surprised by it but she welcomes him with open arms. Sylia sees Nigel repairing the hard suits. He needs at least a week to restore them back to normal. She blows her top thinking that period is too long and there may be possibilities of Boomers going mad. She apologizes after realizing her outburst and tells him about Mackey. Mason discusses with Rosenkreutz about the increased frequency of Boomers going mad lately but their Showhamm Project is on schedule. He wants Mason to focus on the project and let Yoshikiri handle all matters relating to Boomers. Mason then asks his lady to laugh for no reason. She laughed so long that it sounded so creepy. Mackey visits Nigel repairing the hard suits and admires what he does. Sylia then says he has no permission to enter here and wants him to come eat with her. Mackey praises Nigel and that he likes machines too. Sylia gets upset and yells not to consider machines like human beings. She soon apologizes for her outburst and assures him that he’s her real younger brother and will live together. Linna talks to Nene and she is envious that she didn’t need to put in much effort to move in the hard suit unlike her who has been going to the gym but feels her efforts are wasted. Nene comforts her by saying she too doesn’t understand how the suit functions too but if they don’t work hard, the hard suit will just be a heavy suit. Mackey brings food for Nigel and continues to watch him repair. Nigel slowly opens up and gets him to help out. Since he notices a part missing, he wants him to go upstairs to find it. Mackey gets excited and jumps at the chance of doing it. Thing is, he doesn’t know which room. Call it bad luck because the first room he had to pick was where the Knight Saber girls are changing. He panics and rushes back down but the girls follow him. Nigel tells them about Mackey being Sylia’s brother. But Nene is still upset and wonders how much of her he saw. He assures he left the room quickly so he didn’t see her pink panties. Oops…

Episode 7
Bill Nordberg operates a remote slave Boomer called Moto in the deep seas of Atlantic. He calls his wife Erin but she is furious that he only came home twice this year and even so that was only for 5 hours. She hangs up. Bill replays the video and his eyes must be bloody sharp because he zooms in the reflection of her watch and sees a naked man in her bed. Oh sh*t. He goes crazy. Nene tries out her fixed hard suit which has much more improvement. Though Nigel mentions that tuning has become faster due to Mackey’s help, Sylia wants Mackey to stay out of this since she wants him to be an ordinary boy and all this has got nothing to do with him. Later Sylia sees an informant, Kuzui and is upset that the production of Boomers will be increased. Something about exploration to the next frontier for resources like Jupiter and Saturn. Then she learns that Moto has been sighted in Tokyo. Kuzui reports to Mason the appearance of Moto in Tokyo for about a month since the reflector controlling it has a wife living there. Mason will have the AD Police take care of it. While Erin is frolicking with her lover, she spots Moto outside and is shocked her husband has returned. Nigel and Daley with the AD Police surround Moto but it escapes. Then they storm into Erin’s house but finds the situation under control (that lover is stark naked!). Daley does some investigation on Bill and thinks Genom is hiding something. Based on the video clip on Bill operating Moto, that latest clip is one month ago. Suddenly water bursts into the room and the transmission is cut. Moto starts rampaging on the streets and it seems to have memories of Bill spent with his wife. Nene and Priss only are dispatched to the scene since Linna’s suit isn’t ready yet. Nene gets pumped up to test her new improved skills on the Mad Boomer. Lucky Priss is still around to save her butt. Mackey learns that Priss’ suit isn’t ready yet and Nigel is lethargic in telling Sylia since he considers his job only to maintain and fix the hard suits. When Mackey is able to get through to Sylia and tell her about the problem, Sylia panics and feels guilty that all this is her fault. Too late because Priss’ left arm starts malfunctioning. Mackey then gives instructions on how to overcome her problem. Nigel makes this a special exception and helps out. Erin comes running frantically to the scene, thinking Bill has come back to see her. She is restrained by Leon and being told that her husband died a month ago in an accident. Priss manages to untangle herself and destroy the Boomer before they escape. In the aftermath, Erin is being consoled by Leon and Daley. They even went far enough to investigate how much her husband has been planning to come back to see her for his 3 week vacation, a trip to the southern islands that he is planning with her and a gold watch gift! Wow. Erin realizes how much Bill kept thought about her and breaks down. Well, too bad he’s gone.

Episode 8
A video interview on pensive Priss about her singing life and one if she wasn’t. Is this episode for Priss? We see her surprised that Nigel has taken on an assistant but he insists it’s more of Mackey finding his own comfortable place. After her performance, we see her ride her bike. Nigel spots her and gives chase. Stopping by somewhere (I guess Priss was too fast, so she stopped to admire the scenery), Nigel comes up to her and starts ranting how he was once a traffic cop chasing crazy bikers. However Priss knows what his intention is and asserts she hates the AD Police whether they’re corrupted or honourable. She ranks them lower than bugs and doesn’t intend to be his friend before zooming off. Daley teases him for being rejected. Mackey eats with Sylia as she notices he still continues to frequent Nigel’s place. Mackey goes on talking about Nigel working on a super bike and is amazed by it though he doesn’t understand it well. He says Nigel and Priss are similar. Though they don’t talk much, they love machines very much and somehow communicate with it. Sylia is upset and tells him not to chat during meal. She soon regrets her actions but Mackey says he’d always love her and thought if he came to live with her, things will be the same. However he is the only one who hasn’t changed. He is going to live with Nigel. Linna sleepovers at Nene’s place. Nene did invite Priss but she prefers to be a woman. Linna wonders if Priss likes women but Nene laughs it off but says Priss once loved a man but he died, the reason she’s singing in a band now. A Mad Boomer in the form of a race car goes berserk. Nigel and Daley dispatch to the scene. Nene and Linna are rudely awakened from their slumber by Sylia to quell the menace. The duo have a hard time keeping this fast machine at bay. Mackey contacts Sylia and says Nigel has completed his super bike called Motoslave and will have Priss use it since it is able to keep up with the Boomer. Sylia orders the duo to back off since Priss will ram into the Boomer head on. Playing chicken? Priss has full confidence in Nigel’s creation that it won’t break easily. They collide. Priss and the Motoslave seem okay. But the Boomer… It’s still going on. Priss turns around and catches up before successfully taking out its core and sending it crashing off the bridge. Priss sings alone on stage in her empty bar. She notices Linna, Nene and Mackey clapping while Leon watches from a distance. She continues her performance.

Episode 9
A reluctant maintenance worker and his Boomer conduct underground tunnel repairs. Then something starts to go wrong because he starts panicking. Linna learns from her colleague some office gossip (somebody got demoted for receiving kickbacks from Genom) and recently there are several Boomers going missing. Sylia is also investigating this case and finds it suspicious since there are several similar cases and though no humans were harmed and no Boomers went berserk, the news did not report anything on it. Also, Kuzui reports to Mason about the missing Boomers and thinks they may have been destroyed on site. He believes that many of the disappearances occur in Area 28, an area with a lab company called Bioscape is located. Suddenly somebody tries to hack into the data so Kuzui cuts intermission to catch the hacker but failed. The hacker turns out to be Nene. Leon almost finds out what she’s doing. Then they talk about that live house Priss performs. Nene could guess that he’s interested in Priss but he denies and says Priss was the one who invited her, surprising Nene. Since he doesn’t know much about her, she teases him if he wants to know her address but won’t give it to him. He ‘panics’ when he wonders if Priss has a special guy. Later Nene contacts Priss about Leon and teases her that she is after all a woman. She brushes it off. I guess Nene still couldn’t let this hot topic go so she tells Linna about it. Yeah, something about being a late bloomer and needing somebody to give a little push. A Knight Saber and AD Police as a couple? A group of maintenance workers discuss about not going to underground areas in outlying areas because everything below a certain level was Deep Underground, a forbidden and secret place whereby some companies and even the government built secret facilities. Those facilities did experiments like P4. He advises that if they ever hit one of those labs, never go in further. Meanwhile Sylia realizes that she may not hate Boomers but fear them. But why is Mackey still around? I thought he is living with Nigel? Unless Nigel lives here too? Sylia asserts that she will protect him. Later as Nene shows some hacking technique to Mackey, Sylia comes in. When she hears about Leon who is Nene’s colleague at AD Police and is interested in Priss and thinks of helping him, Sylia blows her top and ticks her off. She warns if she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she’ll get fired for dragging everyone down. Nene sulks every since. Linna sees Priss at the bar and asks why she hates AD Police. Priss thinks Nene may have said something so she replies that she just didn’t like the way they do things. They get a call from Sylia that a Boomer has gone mad. Nigel and Daley arrive at a facility in Area 28 where a Boomer is running rampage. I guess they couldn’t take care of it soon because the Knight Sabers kick into action. Nene charges straight to prove that she’s not a burden but her plan backfires. Suddenly the ground gives way and emerges a large Boomer (or is it a monster from those Ultraman shows?). It grabs Nene and the Boomer with its tentacle and starts devouring the Boomer!

Episode 10
Seems the monster is only interested in eating the Boomer and tosses Nene away. As usual the AD Police arrive late but the monster returns underground. Since the Boomer threat is gone, the Knight Sabers have orders to return to base. Kuzui reports this to Mason and that he has taken care of the media (covered up, that is). Leon and his boss are in a heated argument. Leon isn’t happy they have received orders from higher ups to drop this investigation. He is worried that no one will take care of the monster but the boss reiterates their job as to keep the city safe from Mad Boomers. A little trivia: Leon is so upset that he punches and destroys a button at the vending machine. I noticed the machine has the words “Coffee Breaker” on it. Breaker. Geddit? However they both have an idea. They visit Nene at AD Police in hopes of getting some information. She thought it was regarding Priss and tells Leon to do it himself. I don’t know how, but he managed to persuade to give him a top secret map of the underground of Area 28. Mason too has his own personal team who believes in him that Rosenkreutz isn’t aware about. The team descends into the tunnel to search for the monster. Mason he is not interested in the monster but rather the possibility that Boomers may have been born at the same place with it. Priss goes to see Sylia and tells her straight about what’s bugging her. She doesn’t want to suffer the mistake of others (though she doesn’t care if they get hurt) and wants Sylia to use her authority to withdraw Nene from the battlefront. But Sylia makes a bet. If Priss wins, she will have Nene withdraw but if Sylia wins, she must do whatever she is told to. The next mission will be the next bet. If Priss performs better than Nene, she wins. Vice versa. Mackey apologizes to Nene for Sylia but Nene feels that she’s been dragging down and that Linna is also surpassing her. But Mackey still thinks she’s incredible due to her hacking skills. As Nene takes out her little hacking device, she realizes the AD Police duo are missing some important equipment before heading to that place.

Leon and Daley are underground and see with their own eyes the monster devouring Boomers. Mason’s men arrive and attack. The monster backs away but they follow. Knight Sabers are also at the scene. Daley and Mason enter a place they think was once a lab but now the monster’s lair. The see all of Mason’s team dead on the ground. Then they are caught by surprise by the monster. It uses its sonic wave but it is only effective on Boomers. Though if you’re not careful, its enormous strength can still kill you like what it probably did to those guys. Leon is in the path of its direct hit when the Knight Sabers arrive to save him. Nene on the other hand hacks into the data to find the monster’s weakness. Because of so, Mackey and Mason’s professor is able to see the data as the latter tries to collect as much as possible. Then Sylia realizes the sonic waves only affects the formation of the Boomers and wants Mackey to prepare her hard suit. Linna and Priss are in a pinch since their suits become powerless. They are freed by Sylia who in turn gets captured (do we see a trend here?). Then she starts having this vision of her young self. A tidal wave is about to engulf her but she saw her dad (very gigantic) in the background. She snaps out when Nene calls to her. Seems she has found its weakness as she fires into the monster’s mouth and destroys its core. After it collapses, the Knight Sabers escape. Mason’s professor reports that the place was definitely Bioscape Lab and there were Boomer developments there. When he starts ranting about the monster’s origin, Mason cuts him off! Not interested in that kind of details, eh? Meanwhile it’s Priss loss so she has to keep her promise. That is, to wear feminine dress and make-up in a photo shoot. Nene can’t help herself to help Priss smile as she pulls her cheeks for the camera.

Episode 11
Another Boomer attack. Because Linna had to work overtime, she is rushing over to the scene in her mini scooter! Can she get there in time?! Unfortunately it breaks down. Nene and Priss are at the scene and took out the Boomer. By the time Linna pushes her scooter all the way there, the crowd applause the Knight Sabers. Mason reports the recent incident and status of the Showhamm Project to Rosenkreutz. Seems some Dragon construction of an underground stream is behind schedule. Rosenkreutz reminds him about the project’s goal to create unlimited energy. Then he adds that he is able to continue living without organs due to machines and these machines depend on energy. He bought all the Boomers and facilities created by Dr Stingray because he thought Boomers were a new form of humanity. But he was wrong. They are friends of mankind and he can’t be one of them. In short, he plans to become the system of this planet and guide humanity and Boomers to the true path. Forever. Oh uh. That doesn’t sound good. As Mason leaves, he comes into Kuzui who starts asking him several questions but he does not reveal anything. Kuzui reports to Sylia what he knows on Dragon construction and the use of outside specialists. This has Sylia remembering who Mason is. When she was young and her dad was busy with work, Mason told her to be a good girl and not disturb daddy at work. She wonders what his target is. Mason is researching the recent clip of the Knight Sabers in action and notices it is not an ordinary suit. He wonders if they are inherited from Dr Stingray. He pulls a list of staffs from Wiz Lab who aren’t dead and notices Nigel, an engineer in the Boomer facility, among them. Meanwhile Linna has taken leave from work to return to her hometown. She can only stay for a day but her mom insists to stay at least till the day after tomorrow. Linna could guess she wants her to attend a marriage interview. Damn right she is. She probably didn’t like the idea very much but when the other family and his handsome son come in, she starts blushing. Heh. Masaki seems to be quite a nice chap as they chat about things like Tokyo and what they want to do. He suggests that they start becoming friends to know each other better. Nene leaves her shift sharp but Leon and Daley wants her to work overtime to research a video clip of the Knight Sabers attacking a Boomer. Seems some good citizen has captured it on his video camera. Nene loathes it but she has to do it. While watching the clip, she notices how the Knight Sabers were perfectly recorded. But she senses something amiss. She wonders why the film was rolling even before they got there. Like as though someone was waiting for them. Then an alert of another Mad Boomer. As Priss rushes to the scene, Nene can’t seem to leave her office. She contacts Linna in the middle of her conversation with Masaki and wants her to take action now. You mean, really now? She is having a nice time with her date and you want her to leave him to take care of some Mad Boomer?

Episode 12
As Daley finds out, the Boomer just escaped from the hangar of the Ministry of Defence. The place is turned into a warzone as there are lots of missiles fired, destroying the homes. Civilians are being evacuated while the place is being cordoned off. I guess Linna can’t stop worrying so she had to excuse herself. Nice guy Masaki understands and lets her go do what she has to do. Because Genom isn’t releasing info on the Boomer’s specs, Nene uses her sophisticated virus to hack into the Ministry of Defence’s site to download all the necessary in a blink of an eye when the firewall’s down. Priss is the only one arriving on the scene as she watches the Boomer transform before her eyes. She is having a hard time finding the core and using up too much of her energy. So much so, Leon had to fire shots to back and cover her. He’s never done this for a Knight Saber, eh? Then Linna arrives on scene. Man, she must have taken the express train back and rushed into her hard suit. She gives Priss the much needed booster so they both combine their attacks to rip apart its core. In the aftermath, Rosenkreutz is reprimanding that Mason didn’t do anything to censor the media before it turn into this mess. He is not too happy knowing that the AD Police too didn’t do much. He worked so hard to get people to accept Boomers and also opposed to military Boomers and this is the result he gets? Well, Mason said he left it to handle it. Rosenkreutz got so stressed he starts coughing like mad. But Mason is smirking… While Sylia and her gang are having a nice meal down at the pool side, Mackey is impressed with Nene’s hacking and wants her to help him with the system downstairs. She shows him what she can and their face got too close and almost turned into a romance drama. As Mackey leaves for Nigel’s place, he is shocked to see him with Mason. So shock that he dropped his bicycle. Mason recognizes Mackey as Dr Stingray’s kid but Nigel dismisses it and says he has the wrong person. After Mason leaves, Mackey hounds Nigel for answers on what Manson wants or told him about Sylia but he didn’t respond. Sylia is being informed by Kuzui that Mason is searching for the Wiz Lab (supposedly Dr Stingray’s lab) underground which using his team of engineers of Dragon project. Sylia shivers in fear upon knowing that and mentions the name Galatea. Seems all this was part of Mason’s ploy. Kuzui sells out information to anybody who can give him the highest price. Simple economics? As a reward, he has his Boomer assistant strangle him! I guess he deserves it too. As Nene thinks about Mackey (nothing romantic lah), she runs a search on Sylia’s family. But she gets alarmed when she realizes the picture of Sylia and Mackey was taken 10 years ago in 2030 and wonders who this boy is.

Episode 13
Sylia goes to see an old acquaintance Dr Shan and needs his help. However he already knows the situation of Mason boring underground holes in Mega Tokyo to find Wiz Lab but kept missing. Though he too doesn’t know its exact location, he thinks the reason why Mason keeps missing is may be because of the old data. He notes the dots data Mason has and the lines data they have. And if they can find the right variable, they may know where the lab is. He gives the data to Sylia as a form of atonement since they’ve invested a lot in this study. Nene goes to talk to Priss about Sylia. She is curious about her and the reason why she created the Knight Sabers and her hatred for Boomers. Priss can tell she’s pretty bothered about it. Nene at work, hacks to find more information about Dr Stingray and finds something shocking. Sylia uses Dr Shan’s data, some sonar and the hard suit to narrow the possible locations to 27 places. She thinks of using Genom’s help to seal it and she’s confident now since technology now has made it possible as compared to 7 years earlier. Later Nene goes to talk to Mackey to find out more about his past with Sylia. Seems pretty much ordinary. Mason receives report that Dr Shan has been contacted. He notes that Dr Shan’s organization who’s active behind the world economy is quiet now because Genom had pushed them away. Since their history is longer than Genom’s, he thinks it’s worth using them. He also used Kuzui’s leak data after considering Dr Stingray’s past personnel network. And the reason he is negotiating with Nigel is because he wants to use the inheritance left by Dr Stingray. Sylia calls her Knight Sabers to check the undergrounds for Wiz Lab and will pay double. But Priss has a question and wonders if there is something dangerous since it’s her father’s lab. Sylia requests not to ask any more questions but Priss accepts the mission. However Nene ponders why she won’t let Mackey know about the mission. She goes on revealing that she did some personal search on her background. She found out that there are no records that Dr Stingray had a son. She thought it was a mistake in the family registry or reports on his birth or adoption. It’s like there’s no trace of him whatsoever. So who is that kid? Sylia remains silent. Nene continues if he is related to the lab accident. The year before the great earthquake, the company Dr Stingray was working for, Bioscape was bought by Genom who took over the Boomer project and it underwent mass production since Dr Stingray managed to create the core. Suddenly a mysterious lab accident happened and though police were called in, they failed to secure the situation and all lab personnel were killed. And since that situation is judged to be impossible to be saved, Rosenkreutz ordered the creation of an artificial earthquake which was in trial in that lab. Yup, so that killer earthquake that caused many lives was indeed artificial. Sylia can’t say anything. Not even what secret the lab holds. However she can say that Mackey has nothing to do with the accident. Because of that Nene can’t trust her anymore and walks away. Sylia feels remorseful that she didn’t tell them anything and took them for granted. But Priss and Linna are sticking with her since they can’t leave something dangerous like that. The duo start their mission as they blast off into the sky but a spy outside reports to Mason that they have begun their move.

Episode 14
Nene continues to be gloomy as Leon even notices this. But she changes the subject concerning his progress with Priss. Even Daley joins in teasing him, much to Leon’s dismay. Priss and Linna continue their underground work for Sylia. After that as they treat themselves to a well deserved hot spa and massage, they talk about their job. At one point Sylia seemed desperate. When Priss wanted to go off track and explore a region herself, Sylia was yelling at her to come back like a mad mother scolding her daughter! When they returned to her, Sylia wanted to continue on her own from this point but since they’ve come this far, Priss just can’t let it slide. Sylia agrees for them to help out further. Mackey is looking for Sylia but as Meisio points out, she’s not around. The butler says how she cares for him but it seems Mackey is rather feeling something strange in his body. Like as though somebody’s calling him. Sylia continues her investigation and even gets a gigantic cannon from Dr Shan. A spy reports Sylia moving out to Mason so he has them standby in action. Nene at AD Police receives a report of an underground explosion at the south area. She remembers this is where Whiz Lab is as Sylia had mentioned. She wanted to rush off but her superior gave orders for them to standby and do nothing since the decision came from top management. Nene contacts Linna at work, informing her that Sylia has gone alone to the lab and those agents from Genom are chasing her. Priss picks up Linna shortly as they rush to base. Sylia in her hard suit descends to the underground at the south area. Soon Mason and his team arrive and follow. And shortly after that, Mackey too sneakily climbs in. As Sylia wades through the underground maze, she enters a room and activates the power. Wait a minute. Power is still running in this area?! Continuing her journey, she passes by a machine that she identifies as Guinea Pig. Finally she reaches a room with a big blob in the centre and sets her microwave cannon to destroy it. Before she can do that, Mason and his team arrive. Mason thanks her for guiding her here and knows she intends to destroy the contents without unsealing it. He notes that 7 years ago, ‘she’ wasn’t affected by a destructive power like that. Sylia is confident because that’s 7 years ago. She isn’t going to let him have ‘her’. Then Mason realizes Sylia is using the power from Skyhook (some electric train/plane transport) to fire her weapon. I don’t know why, but everybody just stood there in shock while Sylia fries the blob. Shouldn’t Mason at least order his men to stop her? Nooooo. Instead they all just watch her. Then Mackey comes in. And he’s glowing! Oh, shortly after that, the Knight Sabers too. So hey, everybody’s here. Sylia is shocked that he is here. But the blob starts to crack and Mason notices ‘she’ is awakening. The Boomers in Mason’s team goes berserk while those in hard suits find it hard to control or command it. Mackey in a trance walks towards to blob as it opens and reveals a young naked but glowing girl. She looks like young Sylia? Since Mackey collapses, Mason has her come with him instead. As they leave, Sylia calls out to her ‘Sotai‘.

Episode 15
The Knight Sabers eject themselves from the hard suits but since Sylia is still in shock, Priss has no choice but to free her. As they head upwards, Priss went ahead to scout but comes into Leon. He realizes that Priss is part of the Knight Sabers. However he doesn’t take any action since he says top management has ordered AD Police to stay out of this and that he is off duty. Plus, reports are said that the Knight Sabers are committing some sabotage here. Mason talks to Sotai and notes she is not a golem but a true Boomer. He decides to call her Galatea. He continues that Dr Stingray wanted to create a new species beyond mankind but changed his mind. Not only had he sold his technology to that old fart, but his mind as well. He notes he is different and wants her to give him the power to awaken the Boomers. Nene visits Mackey and Nigel comes in shortly. They talk about Mackey not being a Boomer but he’s not human either. Mackey reveals that Sotai is the same age as him and that they are Sylia’s younger brother and sister. Nigel explains that he is more accurately a part from Sylia’s body but separated from her. These are called doppelgangers. Clones? Not exactly. When Sylia was young, her dad implanted some mechanism within her. It had been copied by synapse conduction from a human brain and integrated into her brain. Sylia is the only one how has it since her body didn’t reject the nano-mechanism. Of course, it was created by copying her mother’s Corpus Pineale. This is what gave birth to Mackey. As a doppelganger, he can’t grow. As for Sotai, she’s the archetype for all current Boomers. Since Mackey resembled too closely to a human, he was rejected. Mackey thought she was buried under the earthquake so Nene notes how cruel the earthquake was killing many people. However Nigel says that causing the earthquake was just the lesser of 2 evils.

Flashback 7 years ago when Sotai tried to escape from Wiz Lab. Anything that was machine related went berserk. Mason reported Dr Stingray’s inability to contain the Sotai Phenomenon and suggested Rosenkreutz create that earthquake. Though Dr Stingray managed to persuade Sotai to return to her room, all the wires bind and killed him although he tried to explain that he didn’t create her to do things like this. After she enters the room, the earthquake soon happened. Nigel says that he is the only survivor from Wiz Lab. Mackey explains that this is the very reason why Sylia hates Mad Boomers because at one point, he too went out of control. He is grateful that he is able to spend some fun times with the gang and shouldn’t have come here. He blames himself for making a bad decision to see Sylia and thinks he shouldn’t exist in the first place. But crying Nene disagrees very much because she feels that Mackey is Mackey. Linna talks to Priss at the bar. Priss indicates that she isn’t going back to be a Knight Saber. Thinking back at the events when Sotai appeared, anything Boomer related went out of control. Seeing that only real humans weren’t affected, this means that their hard suits are also Boomers! Isn’t it any wonder that their powers were more than ordinary? Mackey and Nigel knew about this. Only the Knight Sabers don’t. Then Leon comes in. He has eavesdropped them. Actually, they were talking so loud, anybody in the room could’ve heard them. Well, he’s not going to arrest them since he’s off duty and is here because he thinks there’s some live performance. As Linna leaves, she is confident that everything isn’t over yet. Priss invites Leon out to ride with her to some place. They talk why Leon didn’t report them earlier on (AD Police weren’t supposed to be there in the first place so there’s nothing to report). Priss thought he hated Knight Sabers. He agrees since they’re making a fool out of the AD Police. But with them disbanding, it’ll be hard to get any motivation to work. They also note how everyone from the government, AD Police and Genom tried to hide the truth from the public. But with the recent increase in Mad Boomers, it’s going to be tough to hide it anymore. Suddenly Priss is paralyzed like as though she has seen a ghost. She starts seeing visions of Sylia’s horrifying experiment. Not only her, but Linna, Nene and Mackey as well.

Episode 16
Sylia collapses and is unconscious. All the Knight Sabers rush back to HQ. Seems there is some glow on her chest. Seems she is resonating and reacting to with Sotai. Mason enters a dome to see Galatea ‘calling’ her friends but notes it’s too early to do so. She wants to go out and play. Sylia wakes up once the phenomenon is over. They talk about the same dreams they saw. Sylia reveals that she formed another group of Knight Sabers before them. One was a martial arts specialist and another an American Special Ops. No matter how good they were, they were too ordinary to use the hard suits. A hard suit can only maintain its shape & special functions by forming to a female’s body. Though the hard suits were originally from Boomers, the cores in their hard suits were copied from clean ones so the hard suits could never have a mind or move on its own. But another factor to successfully use the hard suit is that Sylia must like that girl. Nene panics upon thinking she’s a lesbian. Thus that person must not only get along with her but on the same wavelength as well. Priss isn’t amused that she manipulated them so now it’s her turn to get upset and leave. Sylia wants Mackey to call Nigel so that he can make new hard suits themselves. If the rest refuse, Sylia will do it herself. Daley teases Leon about his midnight rendezvous with a certain singer. But that soon turns into a conversation that AD Police will be absorbed into the normal police. Looks like Genom has decided to do them away. Leon goes to see Nick to confirm this. Leon says the only reason why he applied for AD Police because he hate those normal police sh*t. Nick notes that an excellent policeman can only be a policeman. Rosenkreutz warns Mason for hiding something and will lose his life if he betrays him. But Mason gives an excuse of some energy overflow experiment. Nene is bored at work. She receives email from Mackey to take measurements for the new hard suit since Sylia’s body has already matured and the core can’t be kept pure. Nene learns that the entire AD Police office is empty because they’re on strike against the merger. Suddenly somebody hacks into the system so the building automatically goes into a lockdown. Nene bumps into Nick and another couple of guys, Yano and Haruma. They are the only ones left in this building. To make matters worse, countless Boomers are swarming the place. Mason is pleased to learn some phenomenon spreading through at the Dragon Lines. He notes it is Galatea allowing the Boomers to show their true self. This means all those Boomers that are stored in the warehouse previously recovered by frontline officers. As Sylia takes measurements for the new hard suit, suddenly she collapses in pain as the resonance occurs. Mackey also feels it and seems to be losing herself, noting how Galatea wants to come out. But Nigel snaps Mackey out and tells him he is not a Boomer. Nick and the guys are pushed back by the swarm of Boomers. You can’t kill them all. Also, the lockdown has severed all communications to the outside world. Nene got the scare of her life when she sees a Boomer popping out from her book! Then she gets a call from Mackey that Nene is in danger. But how to help when you got no hard suit?

Episode 17
Leon and Daley talk about their possible future. Leon is puzzled why Genom decided to throw away AD Police since it’s their ‘shield’ to evade taking responsibility on Mad Boomers. Leon gets a call from Maria, Nick’s daughter, who is worried she can’t contact her dad. They learn that AD Police has been cut off from the outside world. Nick and the guys are trapped in the elevator as the countless Boomers are hot on their trail. Nick tries to open the door with his knife and climb out when a Boomer emerges. No matter how much they shoot and run (even with Nene’s guide), the Boomer waves are endless and many times nearly become Boomer victims. Very close shaves. On a floor stocking up their ammo, they discuss the downside of their firewall security system which ironically locks them out rather than protecting them. Something about till it rids of all the intruders, they can’t lower the firewall system. But Nene already managed to turn off all the internal sensors and shut down all the security systems. How is it even possible? Nene isn’t a hacker girl for nothing. But cutting off the sensors means she’ll be blind to Boomer movements. After Nene lowers the firewall, she starts the emergency call but the system blacks out. It is then taken over by Boomers and anything machine related goes berserk. Nick and the rest have no choice but to go higher and get better weapons at the substation at the top. Four more floors shouldn’t be a problem, eh?

Mason confronts his Boomer secretary as she is searching for data on Galatea. He asks if she will ever betray him and her reply is that she wasn’t programmed for treachery to the person who registered her. He points his gun point blank and asks who gave her the order and since her answer is the same, he fires several shots into her. Mason notes how the chairman is like a naked king protected by dolls since no Boomer will ever betray him. Rosenkreutz have discovered Galatea and is appalled that he wants to be evil but is confident that in this place he is God. Mason sees Galatea and she is quite close to him. However he is shocked to hear that she has made a new friend: Mackey. Priss, who was in practice with her band, couldn’t hear her handphone call. Once it’s over, she finally realizes it’s ringing (I wonder how long has it been ringing). It’s Linna and it’s about Nene in trouble. Priss rushes back to HQ and they discuss on how to save Nene since they can’t communicate with her. Nigel says the hard suits will take a week to complete and the fastest in 5 days.  Even so, Priss isn’t going to wear that Boomer thing but thinks of riding Motoslave. She wants Nigel to install an adapter so she can ride it without a hard suit. She’s going there by hook or by crook. Nene is hiding somewhere and makes a run for it when Boomers start invading the place. Everywhere she goes, she sees Boomers. She picks up a gun and fires. Well, not bad. But it’s just 1 Boomer. She is to meet up with the rest but the shutters come down, trapping her. Leon and Daley are outside AD Police HQ and soon all their other colleagues arrive. Something really is happening inside there and they need to get in. Priss then comes by and wants Leon to help her out.

Episode 18
Daley and his team are going to raid the tower via underground. After a colleague blasts a hole in the wall, Priss rides her Motoslave into it but she has to bring Leon along since he knows the place. Nene thinks she’s a goner when a Boomer corners her. Turns out to be Nick in a K-suit. Phew. But don’t count your chickens yet because Boomers soon swarm them. Just when they are caught in between, the Motoslave ambushes on one side. Nene is very much relieved to see Priss. Leon tells her to get Nene out first. As the guys continue defending against the Boomers, a stray Boomer (with a creepy maniacal laugh) fuses with Nick’s K-suit and causes it to malfunction. If Yano had not chopped it, Nick wouldn’t have made it out in time. Priss rams through a group of Boomer but skids and crashes. I don’t know how but they are reunited with the guys. How did they get down so fast? Unless Priss was riding and speeding around in circles. She wanted to pick up the Motoslave but it was too heavy. Ultimately she had to ditch it and barely dives through the closing gate to safety. Well, even if they’re safe from this side, there are more Boomers on the other side too. The gang are climbing up the Electronics Core Centre, which turns out to be some giant cooling system using Liquid Nitrogen. At this point Daley has restored power to the tower. The Boomers are catching up and fusing fast so Leon wants Daley to do something about it while they continue climbing to the top of the building. What the hell can he do?! Just then, Sylia, Mackey and Linna pop up behind Daley. They’re going to the top of the building as well via her helicopter. When the Boomers catch up to the gang, Nene’s conclusion was right as she mentions it’s not chasing after them but fusing with the core. At this rate, the entire tower will be filled with Boomers. But Nick gets an idea and he wants Yano to help him out and a little task for the rest. Nick is going to freeze the whole tower by turning the temperature down. Leon and the rest are at the top of the tower. Daley pilots the copter but he can’t get close since the taken-over-tower is trying to fuse with it! Yeah, now the AD Police tower looks like one big bad ugly mother monster. When Yano reduces the temperature to negative 140 degrees Celsius, Nick gives the signal for Leon to push the button to blow up the bombs he placed at the reservoir. The water that gushes out instantly becomes ice and in no time, the entire tower freezes. Now it’s like a giant ice tower. Now you can all relax and heave a sigh of relief as the copter comes to their rescue. One thing that boggles my mind is that when the ice turned into water, how the heck did the humans stay alive without getting frozen themselves? Meanwhile Rosenkreutz is going to teach Mason a lesson to make him remember that he is just his pawn when the female Boomer Mason shot dead enters the room. Unheeding his orders, she starts unplugging his life system.

Episode 19
Leon hijacks the TV transmission to warn everyone to evacuate as Boomers have taken over the city. Well, looks like everyone heed his advice because no humans are in sight. Only dead ones. Even that Rosenkreutz guy has been fused with Boomers. A narration of the brief history of Boomers. Created by Dr Stingray not as machines imitating humans, but a living metal forged with intelligence, how its seed was implanted in his daughter, how Rosenkreutz commercialized Boomers without making humans feeling guilty, how a Boomer’s date should be and their tendency to go mad recently. Also the huge investment of Genom in the formation of AD Police from an urban anti-terrorist force to specially deal with Boomers and the start of the Showhamm Project and the Dragon Lines which is believed to cause Boomers to go mad. Leon thinks of doing something about it and uses the remaining weapons to destroy the Dragon Line. The closest one connected would be the north of Nerima. Then they get a message from front line officers awaiting their instructions. Looks like they haven’t left. Priss is bumming at Sylia’s place. Perhaps the safest place in town? Unless it gets a direct nuclear hit. They talk about the Boomer’s controlled core in their hard suits that allows them to function it perfectly. Though Sylia hates Boomers, she is the most intimate with them since Mackey and Galatea were both born inside her brain. She thought as long as they used the purest core, the Boomers won’t go out of control. But they did. She concludes as long as Boomers can change shape, they can have a self conscious and logic that is totally different from humans. Thus a real Boomer is a Boomer that changes shape. That’s why she wants to exploit this feature aggressively and had Nigel and Mackey implement it in their new hard suits. Whether they go out of hand depends on the strength of their minds. Then Sylia starts feeling pain because of her resonance with Galatea.

Mason is lying on Galatea’s lap. She doesn’t understand lots of things especially Mason’s act of doing unreasonable things when he is human. He says he is not a perfect human. As revealed, he has artificial organs implanted in his body since young. Unlike Rosenkreutz who hated implants and thus chose to live a disgusting fashion with all those hoses, Mason believes humans can’t evolve anymore and the downfall of living organisms. He wants to see with his own eyes the complicated future brought upon by her kind. Galatea notes the Boomer parts has blended with his body and since it was made in an early stage, it won’t wake up. Mason asserts he is neither a human or Boomer, but an observer. Leon, Daley and Nene plan on how to destroy the line while waiting for the current and former front officers to show up. Nick arrives first and though he wants Nene to stay out (since this mission doesn’t use her incredible message), Nene tries to convince him with her strange kiddie talk. Then all of the front officers arrive so they can start their mission. Priss visits Mackey and Nigel working on the more powerfully enhanced and faster hard suit. Linna tires on for size. To see the biggest feature of this suit, Nigel leaves her to see it for herself. They receive a call from Nene about the pinch they are in. The front officers are attacking a large Boomer but to no avail. Leon and Daley get an idea of ramming the car into it but the Boomer stops it dead in its tracks and is going to devour it. It was a ploy to get it closer to its core and fire on it. We see how Leon is panicking while Daley is playing it cool. The Boomer is starting to fuse with the car but Daley wants Leon to wait a little more. How much more? A little more? Can we shoot already? Just a little more? Even they can come up with some wise crack. Leon is shouting if Daley wants to go back to his hometown farm. He replied he already did but didn’t like it so he came back here. Hah. With precision, they fire right into the Boomer’s core and escape from the car before the explosion rips it apart. However the Boomer still lives as another monstrous head jolts out from its body.

Episode 20
As Nene guessed, the load from the Skyhook has disturbed the Dragon Line and since the Boomer is connected to it, it’s like an immortal. Linna arrives and after being instructed by Nene to cut its connection to Dragon Line, the Boomer is successfully destroyed. Mason doesn’t want Galatea to talk to machines because he wants her to make his dream come true by changing the world. She thinks he wants to be God so technically in a way, yes. He mentions about Dr Stingray implanting seeds into Galatea to have some human traits and waited for a miracle to happen but didn’t as that was just a clue. Mason did it to himself and a Boomer core in his artificial organs as a control factor as he wanted to be an advanced human. Galatea notes that even so, he is still human. Then his chest starts glowing and in pain, Mason realizes Galatea has done something to him. Soon Mason is really in pain and in big trouble. It’s like he is being fused with machines as Galatea tries to awaken Dragon Line. Well, he did say he wanted to be God, right? And God watches from all those he creates below, right? Right. Sylia is with Nigel and she thinks he thinks she’s only been using him. I think what she’s trying to say that she’s in love with him. Nigel changes the subject and wants her not to wear to new hard suit since she has reached her limits and already a mature woman. When Priss returns to her trailer, she is attacked by… Little clown Boomers?! WTF?! There are too many of them and before she can become a laughing stock, Leon shoots them all away. After cleaning herself from some of the bitten wounds, she notices the city void of any citizens. Leon shows her a clip that Japan has been occupied by the International Organization Army, Boomers and other countries. Suddenly, Leon tries to kiss her! I understand Priss is stunned by why isn’t she resisting?! Where has that tough chick gone to? This proves she’s still a girl deep down, eh? But that moment is interrupted when she gets a call from Linna and Nene that monsters are on a rampage. As Leon gives her a ride back to HQ as fast as he could, the rest get suited up. Hmm… This new suit seems bulkier and they have to get totally naked to get in. Plus, there’s this yucky inner metal they’ll be covered with. What I understand is that by using the command from their brain, they can transform this inner metal and use it to their desires with most effect. As the trio leaves, Mackey hopes Nigel will continue to help Sylia although Mason did ask him to leave her. Also because he feels he can’t stay close to Sylia for long. Nigel assures him that he will continue remaining as the same person in the future as he is now. Priss just arrives and she intends to get suit up despite her pain. Sylia and co arrive and see the Dragon Line like a semi-living thing and its phenomenon is spreading rapidly. All underground equipment have been fused and turned into Mad Boomers. They attack but it is futile as the Boomer grabs Linna and Nene. Sylia is disheartened that it wants to become a living thing that badly and Galatea’s goal of covering the entire world with Boomers.

Episode 21
Priss returns to Leon all suit up and with a newly upgraded Motoslave, supposedly with the ability to merge with her hard suit. Priss doesn’t want Leon to go since he’ll be in the way so he wants her to promise to come back alive. Of course. She’s not going to do kamikaze, right? He then kisses her! If only her helmet wasn’t in the way. So with the girls out fighting, the guys are just hanging around, waiting and believing the ladies will come back. Yeah, Leon joins Mackey, Nigel and even Meisio for a drink. What a gender role reversal. Sylia fights hard against the menacing monster and realizes she needs to cut its line to stop it. She searches and attacks but the monster just wouldn’t allow her to get closer. Even if she manages to do some damage, it regenerates. Priss arrives and Sylia tells her to back her up but is soon ‘eaten’ up. Priss merges with her Motoslave to fight off other Boomers. Then Sylia tells the rest that with their new hard suit’s ability, they need to impose their own logic into this monster since it is rampaging without one. They manage to stop the monster and this allows Priss to fly into it and destroy its line and free the rest. Back at their HQ, everyone have their own little celebration. Leon talks to Priss the irony how he once hated the Knight Sabers because they easily cleaned up the mess the AD Police were having a hard time dealing with. He is impressed with them now. Well actually he was impressed with them for a long time. Just that he was envious. He then tries to remind her about their promise. You know, that one when she returns and without the helmet on. But Priss just flicks his forehead and calls him an idiot. Mackey is also feeling the irony that with Tokyo desolated and turned into hell, he feels like he is having the fun of his life with the gang. Then he goes to back up all the data to the media. That’s going to take some time but he’s going to use the remaining time he has to do so. Deep into the night, Sylia wakes up from a nightmare of an army of Boomers. But that’s no dream either because Boomers are invading from the rooftop! The alert is sounded and everyone is rudely awakened from their slumber. Mackey is so engrossed in backing up he didn’t even hear the siren? As everyone converges in the computer room, Nene informs that Boomers have invaded the building. However security cameras don’t show any visuals of Boomers. As safety precautions, Sylia orders the complete lockdown of the building. However Boomers continue to advance till they are just a wall away from where they are. But where are they? Nobody can see anything on the screens. Then it hit Sylia. They are invading from the top of building’s swimming pool. See them knocking on the aquarium glass? It took her this long to realize that?! Besides, how big and deep is her swimming pool anyway?!

Episode 22
Say hello to all the ugly Boomer mugs staring through the glass! No peace for the girls when they strip to get into their hard suit. Boomer staring happily… Like they should care about that. In no time, the glass breaks and water starts gushing in. They wait till the room is filled before making their swim to the top. It’s odd to see the Knight Sabers fight the Boomers underwater. Slow and floating like in suspended animation. Now if they just played a waltz piece here… Reaching the top, they are devastated to see their HQ fused with Boomers. Worse, the entire Tokyo has been fused! Apparently the HQ sits directly on the Dragon Line so it was directly affected by the phenomenon. Mason is having delusions seeing the ‘beautiful city’ so much so he sheds tears of joy. Ah well. At least that’s the only part he is left a human. And at this rate, the city may even become Cybertron. The gang rides through the transformed city but Sylia has an idea of a safe place. They reach the park filled with greeneries and true enough, there is not a sight of Boomers. That’s because they are busy fusing with machines. Can’t be fusing with Mother Nature, right? They are surprised to see several survivors staying here. But they get scared upon seeing the Knight Sabers and mistaken them for Boomers. Luckily no untoward incident happened. See, it’s good to sit down and talk. As the ladies get out of their hard suit, they learn these odd 50 survivors tried to escape when the city is being engulfed by Boomers. They ran everywhere but couldn’t escape till they reach here. However many more died along the way. They apologize for their earlier hostility and quickly get acquainted. How do they get food supplies? They take turns to go ‘hunting’. That’s a fancy term of pillaging unmanned shops. Hey Leon, how does it feel for a police officer to steal goods from an abandoned convenience store? That night, the rowdy bunch eat and drink like as though there is no tomorrow. Why not? Is there any? Nene goes to see Mackey typing something incomprehensible at the computer in the truck. Then she gets stunned upon seeing Mackey laughing like an idiot and glowing.

Episode 23
Leon talks to Priss about the International Army arriving and will disintegrate Tokyo since it is deserted. He wants to know who she is going to fight for and what to protect. She notes how talkative he is. Then it’s like they have this Mackey-in-danger sense. They rush back to the truck to see Galatea taking over Mackey’s body and implanting her data in him by deleting his human information and memories. How to solve this? Well, Priss takes a wrench and smashes the computer! There, fixed it. Okay, so Mackey’s out cold. The girls get the resolve to finish things off and especially Nene, she’s going to retrieve his memories back. I guess Leon got spurred from one of the survivors so he kisses Priss before she leaves (and the rest of the guys evacuating the area for good). He says he’ll give her a better one when she comes back. She calls him a coward and kicks his shin. Since when did he get so bold? The Knight Sabers prepare to infiltrate Genom but the fog made out of nanomachines is preventing them from penetrating. Mackey comes to for a moment and with his little memories barely intact, he contacts Nene and is going to do a risky move to send his human information to confuse Galatea since he is connected to her. At that short moment, they will break through. Nene is against this self-sacrificing move but Mackey is already prepared and says his farewell. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but the entire truck is shaking! The confusion is successful as the Knight Sabers pierce through the fog and into the tower. Inside the truck, it’s like everything is decimated. But why is Mackey like unscathed? Anyway, he is so robot-like now. As they fly to the top, they see fused Mason sticking out like a sore thumb. Priss was about to destroy him to put him out of his misery but Nene pleads not to since their enemy is not the Boomers. They just let him be. Yeah, his suffering will continue then.

Inside the tower, seems there is no gravity. They see Galatea but she unleashes several of the phenomena to attack them. They can’t touch it or their hard suit will become Boomers. Priss pulls off a risky stunt by ripping a power line. This results in her hard suit temporarily being fused with the Boomers. With Nene cascading the power, Priss blasts and disintegrates all the phenomena. Sylia confronts Galatea and says her birth is a mistake and her father’s murderer. But Galatea is confused why she looks like her even if she was born as an anti-seed of her brain, she was supposed to copy her brain functions only as she is neither her child nor clone. Well, she still came out from part of her body, right? Oddly, Sylia gets upset when she starts talking in robot language and orders her to speak in human tongue and stabs her. Hey, she’s a Boomer, remember? She gets her wish but she’s impersonating the voice of Mackey! Now do you wish she hadn’t talk? In his voice, Galatea tries to screw around with Sylia’s mind, saying Boomers are all connected in here and since they are born from her, therefore humans can also be connected. She wants her to become one with her or else she will suffer. The rest know those words belong to Galatea and not Mackey but Sylia can’t move as she is being fused. Nene fires several shots to separate them. But Sylia is still traumatized and feeling guilty for what happened to Mackey. The tower starts shaking and it seems the tower is becoming Galatea. Wow. That’s one big Galatea alright. And it’s flying too! I wonder which part on her Mason is sticking out from.

Episode 24
Galatea flies into space while the Knight Sabers retreat back to base. Worried Sylia stays by lifeless Mackey’s side so Priss tells Nigel to stay by Sylia’s side. Nene hacks into some spy satellite to see Galatea heading for the Umbrella, which is part of Showhamm Project. What I understand is that she intends to turn every machine in the entire world into Boomers and doing it from space is the fastest way. However as Leon notes, if others find out about Galatea’s plan, they may rain a nuclear attack on Tokyo. So they better get there first before she does. Yeah, see all the nuclear missiles attacking Galatea instantly turned into Boomers? You can’t kill her that easily. I didn’t know Leon has turned into some kind of romantic, saying how he wants to be with Priss till the end and don’t mind putting on the hard suit to fight with her. If Sylia ever made one for men, that is. I don’t know Priss was that receptive of Leon because she puts her finger on his lips and they both kiss. I guess this feels much better than all the words said, right? Too bad they have to be interrupted by Linna and Nene (probably they enjoyed spying on them) to tell them a way to launch to space. That is, to ride the Skyhook’s line via its cargo pallet. So only Priss, Nene, Linna and Leon make their way to Skyhook. Priss tells Leon the reason why she hated the AD Police. Seems a Boomer went mad at a place she once lived. The AD Police arrived and rammed through the place like nobody’s business. Priss wasn’t injured but ran away. However, a disk containing her favourite song and her dream to sing at the Wembley Stadium was destroyed. That’s it?! Don’t laugh… Leon has her sing it to him. When they arrive, they are shocked to see the pallets being thrown into the sea as they’ve been taken over by the phenomenon. Leon wants them to promise that they will come back safely (but of course). So the Knight Sabers trio ride Motoslave to match Skyhook’s speed. Priss may need more power seeing it’s a little heavier with additional passengers. Please don’t take it as an offence. I guess with that kind of speed, even Motoslave is able to blast off into the sky, enough to land inside Skyhook, though it is trashed. Inside, they see an operating Boomer not affected by the phenomena. It even can make a comeback by telling them off for not having tickets to ride Skyhook! Since the Boomer has no contact with its master and isn’t able to accomplish its mission, Nene tweaks a little to give it a new mission. Nene and Linna talk about fulfilling their dreams (Nene wanted to be an astronaut but was rejected due to her height, not intelligence. But now her dream has come true in a way, eh?). Priss pays her last tributes to Motoslave for all that it has done. Notice how Linna and Nene resemble more like a pair of jokers here? See their incredulous facial expression and action when they interrupted Leon-Priss’ kiss and explained how to get to space, the time when the pallets crash and Priss’ commented on their weight?

Episode 25
A narration of Galatea of how she came to be. A creation from Sylia’s brain despite being planted in the brains of many, it was only Sylia’s brain that has taken root. Her existence only serves as a focus for other human beings to hate and love and thus the creation of Boomers. All the while, she only watched mankind’s actions via the Boomers till her awakening. The time Mackey was rejected and her rampage through the facility and decided to be a good girl when Dr Stingray told her to go back because her mind wasn’t mature enough to revolt. She questions the things she is about to do and why she exists, why humans won’t accept Boomers for the soul that exists in them and to destroy her would mean severing every connection to everything inhuman. That’s why she thinks of becoming their God. Skyhook reaches Umbrella but breaks up upon contact. Luckily the trio got off in time. They rush through the corridors before sunlight could activate Galatea’s plans. While Nene heads to the control room, Linna and Priss follow the voice of the goddess (Galatea) to find themselves in the energy centre. Linna’s hard suit almost got taken over by the phenomenon and all she needs to do is stay focus. Nene tries her programming but is unsuccessful. Seems the phenomenon has already taken over Umbrella. Galatea creates clones of the Knight Sabers for them to fight. Not only they mimic the real ones, they can also mock. As in the case of Linna, she mocks her as a stupid living thing for trying to destroy her.  With all her flashbacks from the time she first met Priss, her higher-up’s harassment and failed marriage meeting, Linna isn’t swayed by her words.  After all, she accepts her destiny isn’t that good and the only thing she can do is to change it herself. She destroys the clone just as her pals did with theirs. But it’s too late because the solar power has powered the cannon as it fires its first shot down to Genom’s base. The only way is to destroy the energy centre before it is completely recharged for another shot. At first Priss plans on going alone since she thinks the rest will just be in the way but I don’t think the rest are going to let her get the good parts. As they are destroying the energy balls (looks like they’ve been overtaken by the phenomenon too), I’m not sure what Nene is doing because it looks like she’s trying to shift the direction of the cannon. Linna helps to distract her mind and prevent her hard suit from becoming a Boomer, but there’s only so much they can take. The cannon explode into pieces as Linna and Nene fall down into the atmosphere.

Episode 26
So are they going to really crash and go splat? Maybe. MAYBE???!!! YOU KIDDING ME?! Well, there is a way. Accept the hard suit as the Boomer, concentrate on changing its shape and wahlah! Is that a human plane they turned into? On second thought, it looks like a shark. But re-entry into the atmosphere is no easy feat. They’ve got to withstand the burning but thankfully they end up on a deserted island. Their hard suits destroyed for good and yes, they’re totally naked. Hey, who’s around to see? So Priss is all alone facing off with Galatea. She has Priss enter her memories as Galatea notes that the Anti-seed is now within her and her vital organs have been taken over by the Boomers. This means her mind and body have been dedicated to the Boomers. Her hard suit turns into a Boomer as Priss hang around lifelessly. However she breaks out with lots of determination because she knows she is very much different from Galatea. Her hard suit returns to normal as Galatea resume her attacks. I find Galatea’s low howling to be somewhat annoying. Unfortunately Priss’ hard suit runs out of energy. Then she hears a voice. It is Motoslave and he wants to combine with her to give her more power. I didn’t know Motoslave had a talking function? Besides, I thought it was really trashed then. Guess not. Motoslave considers Priss its master and not Galatea but even so Priss insists she is not that kind of person. With new firepower, Priss fires all she got at Galatea. With an even louder and more annoying howl, Galatea speeds up her evolution. A lump of Boomers start covering Priss but she focuses and transforms them into part of her body. Then she pierces through her core. Yeah, this is humanity’s gift to God. The explosion is so bright, you can’t tell which is the real sun. Even in her final existence, Galatea mentions how she found the right path of evolution. Her existence became eternal when Priss entered her and her consciousness was born from Sylia. Calling that as true assimilation, she will be everything and thus God’s real form. Galatea explodes into, well, ray of beautiful lights? It showers down onto Earth but it seems harmless. To Sylia’s happiness, Mackey is back to normal and is able to move. Galatea’s last words is that she wants Priss to accept her and allow to enter her. Probably she did or else how did she end up back down on Earth safely? Sure, her hard suit is totally done for (in a shape of angel wings?). Priss treks through the desert naked, singing. Hey, nobody is around to watch, right?

Bubblegum Burst…
Uh… What is this sudden ending? So abrupt. I don’t like it. It didn’t wrap up things. The battle to turn everything into Boomers around the world ended. That’s a good thing because we won’t have a machine to serve as a God. But I wish that the series could have wrapped up things by seeing how the main characters are reunited and even if life goes back to ordinary. But it may take a while for Tokyo since it will be an awful big mess to clean up the Boomer mess lying around just about everywhere. Somebody has to do it. And it won’t be Boomers. Aw… Now humans can get a taste of what it is like to work their ass off without much appreciation.

Maybe that’s where the OVA sequel called Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2041 comes in but very unfortunately that OVA was cancelled even before production started. I thought it would be the aftermath of it all and would glimpse what happened to the main characters. As mentioned that this is the remake of the original OVA series, I had a thought of wanting to watch it, but after seeing the animation and drawing style, it was a turn off and decided to shelve the idea. Yeah, just like that 2041 OVA, eh? You can say that the females here are drawn and look way much better than its predecessors so I would prefer the 2040 version of Knight Sabers as compared to the original ones that has that from-the-80’s-or-90’s typical look. There are other prequels and sequel spin-offs based on this series as well like AD Police and Parasite Dolls but I too didn’t have much interest in watching it. But I can pretty much guess it’s about the same thing. Boomers and vigilantes clash. Villains down, heroes win, world is saved till the next time.

Back to this TV series, the story changes from a mere Mad Boomer hunting to the awakening of Galatea and her obsession in turning the world into Boomers. So it still beats me how Boomers can go berserk if Rosenkreutz did mention that it’s a non-existent problem. Maybe to him. Though his intentions may be good in wanting to make humans and Boomers co-exist, but he is oblivious to the problems that the Boomers are causing the ordinary humans. I’m not very sure but I think he’s dead. Same case with Mason. I don’t know what kind of future he dreams about Boomers but he got more than he bargained for and perhaps the short end of the stick. Now he’s God. A dead one. There isn’t any interaction between the Knight Sabers themselves that makes it memorable or the impact that shows them they are really close to each other after being in battle for so long. It still feels like they’re a rag-tag team put together in the end. Just with a little more trust. Linna as a newcomer easily settles in, Nene still the perky hacker genius, tough girl Priss is after all a woman beneath her tough exterior and I find Sylia has these mood swings if you push her wrong buttons.

Chemistry and romance-wise, it was rather disappointing. But what would you expect from this kind of genre, right? Leon and Priss’ love may have progressed but it still feels that they haven’t gone up to the next level. It’s like hot and cold between these couple. While Leon clearly loves her, Priss is like playing hard to get. So with that kind of abrupt ending, do we get to see Leon and Priss reuniting and that guy who promised her to give her a better chuu~? Yeah, the last time we saw him in the final episode, he was just waiting. Waiting for Priss to come back. She’s stuck in the desert lah. Initially Nene didn’t quite like Mackey but as the series progresses, you can see her opening up more towards him. True or not, but I think Nene really does like him in the end because she truly wanted to regain his memories. You can’t love a guy if he’s being a vegetable, eh? So will Linna and that Masaki guy get back together? I think that case has already been closed because they both decided to walk their own path. But the most intriguing and puzzling one is Sylia and Nigel. I didn’t really notice she had feelings for him. But after that short outburst, they just went back to how their relationship was like in the beginning as we know. Why and how she came to like him is still a mystery. And that Nigel may be a cool guy who walks his own path and talks his own mind but I guess when it comes to women relationships, you don’t really want to hang around this ‘no fun’ guy. You know, every time he speaks, he gives off that feeling that he isn’t interested or it’s-just-too-troublesome impact.

The action is rather okay but sometimes I find it a little hard to believe. But then again, it’s one of those old animes from that era. When Boomers are involved, you can expect to see lots of mashing and explosions big time. I just keep wondering why the AD Police still continue to fire normal weapons when they very well know their pea shooters won’t even tickle them. Stall for time? Don’t they have better weapons to invest in? Oh yeah. Budget limitations. Along with corruption and red tape bureaucracy, is it hard to see why they don’t get things done and thus the formation of vigilante groups like Knight Sabers? It also boggles me how hard metal and iron that the Boomers are made of (including the hard suits) can suddenly turn into flexible flesh-like skin when they go mad. Maybe it’s science and technology. Too advanced for me to understand.

The series subtly takes a look at the prospect of men and technology. This is what happens when we decide to play God and not nurturing it good enough till it gets out of control. Kinda reminds you like the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, doesn’t it? So Galatea wanting to be God, can you say that mistake stems from us who created the artificial intelligence? Machines are supposed to do things based on what we programme, right? So if it develops its own logic and rationale from there, then we only have ourselves to blame since we’re the root of it. Our intelligence is reflected in the very essence of the machine’s programming. On a trivial note, whenever Galatea speaks in computer language, I find it pretty funny because it sounds like as though she is scatting! Don’t know what that is? Go Google it! Man, I thought she was going to break into a song. Technology is like a double edge sword. It can strike and it can also backfire. Especially if it ends up in the hands of the wrong people, you can tell that sh*t is going to happen. A very basic premise and ingredients for genres like these. Technology is supposed to enrich our lives, right? Here, Tokyo seems to turn from utopia into dystopia so did life for normal citizens improve?

So show a little appreciation for all the machines that make your life easy. They may not turn into Mad Boomers but if you don’t take care or treat them nicely, they can still get back at you by malfunctioning or just completely stop working. It may seem like the norm to hit your TV when something goes wrong. Well, it always works, right? At least on TV (oh, the irony) but have you ever thought that you may be just aggravating the problem? Strange as it seems, do you feel that it is the machines that control our lives instead of us? I have to admit that I am pretty much hook on this computer even as I am typing this… But in the event if machines do go mad, it’s much better than humans going mad, right? Because we’re more dangerous, unpredictable and harder to handle.

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