Burn Up Scramble

January 28, 2011

Continuing my ‘fling’ with the Burn Up series, this time I caught the final instalment called Burn Up Scramble. However this 2004 production isn’t a direct sequel of Burn Up Excess and is more of a remake more than anything else. Call it rebranding of the series if you will. Though the basic plot of the series of a small group of highly elite police women officers taking on crimes that couldn’t be handled by the ordinary police department, a big majority of the series has undergone a major revamp. Be it the visual art or the character designs.

Take for instance the blonde bimbo, I mean heroine of the Burn Up series, Rio Kinezono. Here, she isn’t he money-hungry poverty stricken officer but instead someone who is desperate to find love. Just like the previous Rio, she flops in her love life. But other than that she is still a top skilled martial artist. Then Maya Jingu isn’t a sniper-crazy girl but someone who is rather quiet. But she has a habit of pointing out Rio’s bad habits and mocks her from time to time though both Mayas are still excellent marks(wo)men. Then there is Lilica Evette. A total makeover from her predecessor and the only thing remained is probably her name. This Lilica is a shy, insecure and clumsy psychic rather than the upbeat computer expert as her predecessor. As for Yuji Naruo, he may not be a voyeuristic pervert, but he is still a womaniser and tries to court Rio in his so called gentleman style. That wasn’t a compliment. What about Maki and Nanvel? Heck, they don’t even appear here. Ever.

Episode 1
Yuji is out with colleague-cum-girlfriend Matsuri Tamagawa at the bar when he sees Rio tearing the place apart because she’s not happy about being duped by love (the guy she was supposed to date turned out to be gay!). He tries to calm her down but she kicks his face. Must be his annoying sparkling smile. The bar explodes soon, by the way. Such destructive force. Meanwhile Maya is too good at playing arcade games so much so a group of thugs take her to an alley to play a different game. When they realize she has guns all over her body, she starts shooting and trashes the place to arrest them all. Can you believe those thugs lost to a girl? Not so tough now, eh? The police Supreme Council are meeting and discussing about Evil Frenzy‘s increasing influence in the area. Considering how hard they are to handle, they have no choice but to dispatch ‘them’. Police head chief Yuji is giving one of his speeches to his comrades. He is surprised to learn Rio is also on his force. She is more surprised too because she kicked this womaniser. He then calls her to his room and forgives that incident but tries to hit on her! Rio gets a call and since he is persistent, she beats him up and leaves. Rio and Maya meet their chief Commander who assigns them to handle an armed motorcycle gang case. Rio tries to refuse and gives excuses that she’s going to some place with her boyfriend but Maya knows better because she has no boyfriend. They both argue. Rio confronts Evil Frenzy’s gang on the bridge. She tries to persuade them to stop but they laugh at her. With Maya backing up as her sniper in the background, she manages to scare them with her ‘finger gun’. Since Maya prefers to answer her call, Rio’s ‘finger gun’ didn’t work so the gang gets cocky and mocks her an old lady. Rio snaps and beats them all up with her brute force and takes them all out. She’s so fast that she can even dodge bullets! Don’t need bullet time. Rio eats ramen with Maya at a store and laments spending another year all alone. What the heck is happening to her life, she asks? Maya’s answer: Misery. Damn right.

Episode 2
As Rio is biking one morning, she has not enough money to buy a can drink. She takes out money from an ATM when a truck comes smashing into it, crushes her bike and nearly killed her. But instead of going after it for stealing the cash machine, she ran after her money blown away by the wind. She lost it. She laments some horoscope thingy she read because she believed it would bring her good luck. Who ask her to read it in the first place? After reluctantly taking a thankless request to get an owner’s cat out of a well, Rio meets Maya doing road traffic safety. She teases him for being boyfriendless so she gets back at her. Since the serial ATM robber is getting out of hand, the Council approves the use of their trump card again. Yuji tries to seduce Rio once more and since he has heard of her ‘situation’, offers her to be his right hand person. He wants her to stay by his side and tries to kiss her! Why isn’t she resisting?! Jealous Matsuri watches from afar as Rio gets a Warrior call but since Yuji is persistent, she beats him up and leaves. That night as the serial robber goes into action, Maya snipes from afar to lead him to Rio. She takes on the truck head on and gets her determination from her lost bill. Her kick was strong enough to detach the machine’s arm!!! See what (lost) money can do? After the truck turns turtle, she takes out her frustrations on the guy. But she sees money scattering about and can’t resist the urge to rake them in. However Maya warns her not to or else she’ll shoot her. Too bad for her short-lived happiness, she has to let the money fly. Next day, Rio takes out money from the ATM and nearly got into an accident with a scooter. Deja vu? Because her skateboard broke and her money flies away again.

Episode 3
Rio and Maya are being called by Commander to stop the Green Knights terrorist from blowing up the Bay City T-XO theme park. The bomb is to go off by noon and they don’t have much time and manpower to evacuate the people and must do it quietly. Rio doesn’t want to die in duty due to some excuse of going to some holiday with her non-existent boyfriend. Commander introduces a 3rd member to help track the bomb: Lilica. Seems she’s handcuffed and each light bulb she passes explodes! She was once stationed in the secret service of a country but it was shut down. Her psychic power is needed to predict the bomb location like how she did for the ATM thief. Though Lilica seems shy and apologetic, Commander wants her to shake hands with Rio to show her true powers. Upon contact, Lilica reads Rio’s life details and achievements including her failed and fantasy love story! She was about to spill the losing her virginity part so Rio kicks her away! Sad Lilica apologizes and blames herself for bringing trouble so she tries to run away. But Commander wouldn’t allow that and will have her complete her mission first. She further adds her other powers of reading minds of those she comes into contact. Should’ve said that earlier.

The trio gather at the building as Lilica tries to locate the bomb with her pendant. However a group of rowdy middle-aged bargain-sale-crazy women stampede over them causing her to loser the pendant. Next she tries telepathy to find the culprit but again those broads ruined it when Lilica locked on the possible suspect. Then it’s spiritual visualization to draw the bomb’s location that comes to her head. Unfortunately that is some unrecognizable doodle. Again those broads come stampeding (do they have some sort of a magnet?) so Lilica absorbs their rude horrible memories. Nightmare! While resting, Rio sees the doodle and recognizes it to be an art monument on the next building. Thinking the terrorists plan to bomb that monument and use it to crush this one, they head over there but have no time and can only go by air via this building’s balloon. Rio on her way meets flirty Yuji and beats him up once more. With Maya taking care of the wind directions, Rio is able to make the structure fall into the ocean before it explodes. As the trio head home, Lilica accidentally touches Rio’s face (she was giving her a piggyback ride). She almost continued her lost virginity story so Rio tosses her into the sea! Scary!

Episode 4
A serial thief is causing public nuisance at night. Rio wears and has anything yellow for good luck as mentioned by the horoscope but gets into all kinds of trouble. Matsuri confronts Rio and tells her to stay away from Yuji. That night as Rio is changing, she sees the serial thief outside her window though he escapes. The Council approves the use of warriors since the thief has become a nuisance (WTF?!). Rio is devastated her room is being investigated like a crime scene and Yuji is heading it. He wants her to recreate the scene when she met the thief and even to take off her clothes! She punches him away. Rio gets her Warrior call and rushes to Commander. She is relishing a chance for revenge. Lilica uses her pendant to predict the thief’s next target but a fluke one almost revealed Rio’s time capsule of love! Why is Maya taking down notes of it?! After ascertaining the thief’s next strike, they go into action. Rio chases the hapless thief throughout town and each time stripping him a piece of his clothes. In the end, he’s naked and crucified on a building. Sweet revenge. Next day, Rio wears all pink due to the horoscope’s predictions and as usual gets into those troubles again. Never believe everything you read or see on TV.

Episode 5
Rio loses to Maya in a game exercise so she has to buy ‘that thing’. Commander has Rio and Maya take Lilica out for the day since she’s cooked up inside all the while. Lilica gets into all sorts of trouble like men hitting on her and easily getting lost. So Rio always has to beat them up and stay real close to her. A convenience store is in the midst of being robbed but the girls ignore them because Rio has to get that thing for Maya. After they beat them up and scare them away, Lilica’s telepathy has her select that thing (a little bear memento?) for her. They return to Maya’s place for dinner as we see Maya having lots of guns in her cabinet! Do not touch them! She even has names for them! Rio talks about love, Maya disagrees otherwise. Lilica gets drunk, strips naked and accidentally has Rio in her handcuffs. Then she goes out in just an apron to buy stuff. Again at the convenience store, the same robbers are trying to rob it. They see Lilica but she leaves shortly since she has no money to buy stuff. Rio and Maya are on her tail, come in, beat the robbers up and continue searching. They see Lilica on a bridge as she slips and falls off. Rio dives in without thinking as she still has the cuffs on. As she is drowning, Lilica uses her powers to break the cuffs free. Back home as Lilica rests, the robbers still haven’t learn their lesson and decides to shift their focus on robbing houses. Yup, of all the houses, they had to enter Maya’s. I don’t know why Maya is cooking bullets so her whole apartment explodes! The robbers are apprehended and Maya hands Rio repair bills. Seems everyone put the blame on her.

Episode 6
Rio is out drinking with Maya and Lilica. She’s drunk and upset her love life didn’t come true. They learn Maya just returned from her hometown in Hokkaido and listen to her story. She was a survivor in a war torn city. A mercenary saw her pitiful eyes and they both escaped. He raised her and thought her self defence though she excelled in using guns and surpassed him. One day he left without saying a word so she searched high and low for him, including joining Warriors. After 4 years, she was able to find her Master and spent time with him. A baddie named Dil meets Master and tells him he will have his revenge. Master sent Dil to jail when he was a bounty hunter then and knowing his character, must make a strike first. Dil’s men surround the place but Master and Maya duo put a shame to those amateurs by ambushing them first. Why is there an alien, samurai and weird characters among the hired killers?! Variety is the spice of life? Master uses his body for a bullet meant for Maya. He knows he isn’t going to live long and wants Maya to kill him and die by her bullet. He mentions the reason he left was because she became shining too bright for him. After burying him, vengeful Maya heads over to Dil’s place and guns everyone down without mercy! In present, Maya tells her colleagues they shouldn’t take her story seriously because nobody said it was true. While Lilica is still brought to tear, Rio gets upset and starts yelling. Is that Master in the bar too?

Episode 7
Rio and Maya are escorting Princess Harnes of the Aman Kingdom on a civilian plane. But she’s rather loud and bratty. So much for keeping her identity a secret of visiting Japan quietly from her politically unstable kingdom. A couple, Rosan Graph and Monica Gree give Harnes a takoyaki box but Lilica predicts it to be danger (sleeping gas). The couple are from the anti-government in Aman. Maya and Rio realize they’re under siege but find the plane suddenly void of passengers. There’s a plane flying nearby to let their comrades in and change their course. The couple attack Maya and Rio. Harnes wants in on the action but her bloopers causes lots of nuisance. Almost killed Rio (hanging outside on the plane for dear life!). Another one of her bloopers leads to her and Rio being tied up. Harnes reasons why she was rash because many died the last time trying to protect her. Maya has a standoff with Monica and manages to knock her out with sleeping gas. Rio pulls an unbelievable feat, shooting a gun with her legs to blow up a bomb and hole in the craft to suck out the terrorists! Though Maya manages to get to the cockpit and regain order, Rosan holds Harnes hostage. He escapes with her via capsule but rash Rio dives in. As the capsule falls, Rosa and Rio are hanging on the edge. Rosan falls off because he tried to climb up on her but slipped off when he pulled down her panties (?!). Rio’s panties fell onto Yuji’s face (he’s out with Matsuri on the beach) and thanks God for this blessing. Rio and Harnes wait for rescue in their capsule. On a side note, the actions here are so exaggerated, ridiculous, unbelievable and defy laws of physics! And for the fanservice parts, Warriors were running around in their panties for most parts of the episode.

Episode 8
Rio beats up another guy on her date because he tried to sell her something. She’s upset she spent lots of time doing her hair and even made arrangements to get hitch. Every guy she bumps into seems to be only interested in selling things or her money! Maya and Lilica tail and spy on her. Frustrated Rio goes home to sleep and doesn’t care if the world goes to hell. Next morning she wakes up to find the entire world being invaded by alien UFOs. Police trying to shoot down UFOs with heir pee shooter? Zap! The alien robots are trying to stamp the humans with their mark. Rio barges to her police station via force. Robots don’t even stand a chance. She sees Yuji in a weird space outfit and since he tries to flirt with her, she beats him up. Then she sees the alien mark and the rest of her department colleagues have them. They corner her but Maya in a space girl outfit comes to her rescue. They go see Commander (also in another space outfit) to handle this case. While Rio is taken away to be given her own suit, Maya and Lilica handle the menace outside. Rio’s outfit seems to be her normal police uniform as she fights the robot boss. Everyone is watching in awe. Her pink undies, that is. Though it got her in its wire-cum-tentacles, Rio destroys it with her sabre-like weapon. Turns out she was just dreaming. Next day as she fixes her broken bicycle in the streets and laments her bad luck, Maya treats her to a vitamin drink.

Episode 9
Warriors are to catch a drug syndicate target, 19 AKA Dragon Tail, supposedly going to do a drug deal on a cruiser. They spy him arriving as he is being attacked by mobs demanding money. But his pill-eating girl assassin deals with them swiftly. Lilica can’t read his mind on the person he’s supposed to deal while Rio is to spy on him. Unfortunately she bumps into Yuji and that guy tries to kiss her! She knocks him out. Then she bumps into 19. Matsuri is coming by and he can sense she’s in trouble and takes her away. Later she accepts his invitation for dinner in hopes she can find out more details. During dinner, Rio spots Matsuri and goes into hiding under the table (Matsuri’s intuition can actually sense that bimbo!). 19 does the same and kisses her! Spying Maya notes Rio won’t be useful anymore and tells Lilica that it’s her turn. As they’re alone outside, Lilica uses her telepathy to read 19’s mind but could only see his thoughts only on Rio. Thinking something is wrong because 19 seems to be genuinely in love with her. 19 takes Rio to his room and things are about to get steamy. Maya then realizes the same killing eyes he had and that he is going to kill Rio. 19 pulls out a gun but what stunned Rio more was that he knows she is part of Warriors. He mentions the drug deal was just a decoy to lure them out. He shoots a couple of bullets into her as Maya barges in and makes him stick his hands into the air. Luckily Rio is wearing a bullet proof girdle. The girl assassin fights Maya while Rio takes on 19 in a fist fight. Because the assassin ate too much pills, her body temperature overheats and she collapses due to overdose. Rio also manages to land the final blow on 19. He mentions that he has been hired to kill them and before he could say more, a missile head straights for him, killing him as the girls escape. Seriously, a missile? I’m surprised the whole ship didn’t blow up. Commander is seen adhering to an order of a higher up.

Episode 10
Rio and Maya refuse to barge in on a bus hijack attempt gone awry though Commander orders them to. Because of that, she despatches a couple of New Warriors to finish the job. They seriously wound Rio and Maya and killed the terrorist and people on board! Rio wakes up in hospital as Lilica tells her they’re both suspended indefinitely for disobeying orders. Maya is ‘paralyzed’ due to the mental shock. Yuji visits Rio but he isn’t flirty. Lilica gets a call from Commander and learns she has the New Warriors as her new comrades. However they don’t click. New Warriors get the mission done faster but cause more damage and even injure the criminals. The Council seem to approve this but will cook up some story so as not for the media to suspect. Rio is discharged from hospital and Yuji gladly takes her out to dinner. She is considering if she should settle down with him since he has the looks, money and status. Noticing Rio spacing out, Yuji takes her home and tells her he’s not a man of convenience. He prefers to spend time with the real Rio and leaves. Not flirty this time?! He sounded so serious! Rio receives a letter from Lilica who has snuck around gathering info. Seems the New Warriors are genetically modified human with superhuman strength via drugs. Their data are based off Rio and Maya’s past training, testing and missions all this while. The project is collaborated with the underground world and even conducted illegal human experiments and funding. She also mentions the 19’s mission as a challenge and test case for them. Next day Rio visits Maya and tells her what she has learnt. They decide to put a stop to their plan.

Episode 11
Rio and Maya create new weapons and devices for their showdown. New Warriors are in another one of their destructive missions (they blew up a building!). Rio and Maya lure them to a building under construction filled with traps to fight them. Though New Warriors put up a good fight, eventually they are defeated. The Council aren’t pleased with the results that the superhumans were defeated by mere humans. They start arguing and blaming each other that the public may know about this. But they’re not going to let it end like that. Warriors head into their police HQ and Yuji is back to his flirty self after seeing Rio’s normal self. But she ignores him. They head straight down to see Commander but she just shows herself on the monitor. She reasons their actions to protect citizens and decrease crimes with their super cops to uphold law and justice. But Maya reads a long list of unjust acts by them as proof. Are the police supposed to protect the citizens? Nope. The most important thing is solidarity. Mutual support to those with power and to control the system. What about innocent civilians are killed and used? Mistakes are all part of the experimentation to become better. Twisted! Warriors aren’t going to listen anymore so Commander invites them to her last ‘party’. A final slugfest at the car junkyard. Commander in a power suit fights the trio and overwhelms them with her speed and strength. Maya and Rio are beaten to a pulp as Lilica foresees they will die this time. Commander is going to drop cars on them when Lilica suddenly emits electricity waves to blast Commander and the cars away. Lilica then powers up Maya and Rio’s attacks to defeat Commander. The Council have been watching this all along and we see their room void of them. They are concerned of which course of direction to take now since it turned out like that. The tired trio are having a nice time lying down together but it’s ruined when Lilica accidentally reads Rio’s mind of some virgin novel.

Episode 12
Lilica appears on a TV show to find a missing girl but her doodle was a real turn off since she herself doesn’t know what it means. The police are having an open day since the public’s trust towards them has diminished since the Warriors incident. Though Warriors are disbanded, they’re still sceptical that the police may have several secret Warrior teams. Maya and Rio are driving along when they crash into the rear of a newly wed’s car. It’s Matsuri! And the groom isn’t Yuji. Did he dump her? Nope. She dumped him because he took too long. About time. He never had eyes on her in the first place. Took her long to realize that. So happen Yuji is passing by and gets thrilled to see Rio and wants to marry her right away. Thank God they manage to sneak away while he’s daydreaming. Maya, Rio and Lilica dine out together that night and Lilica is disheartened that she’ll be returned to the facility. Since Maya and Rio think she’ll be a danger to the public, Lilica purposely gets drunk and even kisses Rio! She was too noisy that the other customers learn they’re the original Warriors. Lilica gets rowdy and turns the tables! Outside at the roadside stall, Maya tells Rio that she’s leaving on a journey and came to say goodbye. Next morning, the police take Lilica into custody as Rio drives Maya to send her off. On the way, they hear a radio call of a hostage incident at a train station. Rio decides to go check it out though Maya thinks they should just ignore it as this has nothing to do with them anymore. The train starts to move by itself. Yuji as the head of the team is daydreaming nothing about his wedding with Rio at exotic places rather than focusing on his job! Idiot! Rio and Maya go into action. They enter the train and see the little girl hostage safe. They note the kidnappers aren’t onboard and have left before the train moved. Lilica hears about the runaway train and it’s amazing how she manages to escape from her custody so easily.

At the next train station, she uses her powers and communicates with Rio and Maya, telling them that the train is being controlled somewhere else. The duo find a control computer nearby and manage to bring the train to a stop. The incident was well received by the people so Rio and Maya leave. Lilica is back in her facility, Rio lying on her bed and Maya visiting Master’s grave. Next morning, Rio doesn’t seem interested in her fortune telling horoscope when she hears the news. Reports of the reestablishment of Warriors but this time whatever they do will be made public and there will be transparency. Seems all this was planned by the Council (new meeting spot at a casino?). They also set up that train incident. They say it has just begun and still have a long way to go. Rio learns she is back with Warriors and her post is now known to her other colleagues. She is surprised to see Maya and Lilica returning. Then they discuss who will be their new chief since their previous one has been punished and suspended. As they argue, they get to know Yuji will be their new head! The nightmare continues for Rio! At least she doesn’t have to deal with that annoying ‘no-career’-line from Matsuri anymore. And yeah, Yuji starts to get flirty again. Their first mission? To stop a strategic missile accidentally launched from an unnamed country. You know whose job it is right? “For those who are defenceless!”.

Crash and Burn…
Though the ending is one of those ‘and-so-it-goes-on’, at least it didn’t hang on a complicated cliff-hanger (at least that’s how I viewed it). However I have state something about the animation and action quality. I find it to be jerky and stiff! So if you ask me as compared to the previous Burn Up series, the predecessor is way much better even if both have exaggerated elements, this one just doesn’t feel convincing. Some of the episodes here are just mind boggling and not even possible to pull off no matter how much fiction you’d think about. Even if the updated graphics look better but still in a way the characters here are stiffer whether it’s their facial expression or motion. I won’t say that the fanservice here is over the top but they’re still enough to keep ecchi lovers happy. But because of the animation of the characters as said, I felt it took a little fun out of it.

The characters here may differ from their predecessor but they’re still likeable due to their different behaviour. It’s funny and amusing to see Rio a big failure at love. Sheesh. I’m the one to say. At this rate, she can never find the man of her dreams. I don’t know why guys she dated always have an ulterior motive. They think they can take this dumb blonde for granted? Better think twice. Maya is also likeable when she mocks Rio and she’s quite a cool character. Therefore it’s fun to see Rio getting mad or pissed and sometimes taking it out on Maya who doesn’t fight back. Yuji may not be as lively as before but he is still annoying with his flirty style. It bugs me if he’s a masochist because he loves it when he gets beaten up by Rio. As for Matsuri, I find her dense in the sense that she could never see the truth about Yuji’s interest towards Rio. She’s always blaming Rio for everything that has happened to Yuji when in fact he actually brought it upon himself. Not even if she witnessed first hand that Yuji’s trying to hit on Rio. A b*tch that viewers would love to hate, I guess.

Somehow some of the episodes I feel are a remake or modified versions of the previous Burn Up series. For instance the plane hijacking episode with Harnes as escort seems to resemble closely to the one whereby Rio need to escort a super intelligent tank across an enemy’s desert kingdom. The highly improved New Warriors are somewhat similar to the Mecha Cops in the previous series. There was no main villain in this series and even if I had to point one, it would be their own Council and Commander. There were other terrorists or thugs but they just appeared for one episode (some just by name) and that’s it. So it goes to show that in both Burn Up series, the real culprit is always closer to home and that it is right under one’s nose. So who defines justice and the law is up to those holding powers, eh? In this series, notice that Commander is never seen outside with other people nor do the Council?

I have to admit that a reason I watched this series was because of Mamiko Noto who voiced Lilica. However she sounded a little different than her usual voice. At first I really had to strain my ears to hear her and was even wondering is it was really her. Perhaps this was how she sounded during her younger days? Forgive me! I didn’t mean anything else! At least Rie Kugimiya was recognizable as Maya even if she didn’t break into her tsundere loli voice. Even if her character sounded monotonous and soft-spoken, perhaps her trademark shrieky pitch still gave her away. Rie Tanaka is as usual very convincing if she’s screaming like a mad and jealous woman and in this case as Matsuri. Megumi Toyoguchi also sounded pretty okay as her role as brute Rio while Hiroki Takahashi does Yuji.

So would it be ironic that the city needs a bunch of elite female officers to keep the peace when the higher ups are the baddies themselves? Just as long as these girls keep true to their hearts (their personal lives and weird fetish/interests are a different matter), they can face any adversaries that come their way. Hey, they beat a couple of heavily modified human beings, right? It’s like Windows 7 losing to Windows 3.1. Oops. Said it. I hope they just don’t burn out.

Burn Up W & Burn Up Excess

January 7, 2011

This isn’t a diet blog by the way though it may ambiguously sound like it. Instead, this is another one of those retro animes that somehow caught my attention. Why not? Sexy babes in tight outfits as elite crime fighters. Sounds cliche these days but bear in mind, Burn Up W was released way back in 1996 and based on the 1991 movie called Burn Up. That’s even a longer period though the movie and this 4 episode OVA do not share any connection or continuity.

Set in the near futuristic Neo Tokyo, team Warrior is a bunch of elite police personnel led by the mysterious Maki Kawasaki as their commander. Their job is to take on any criminal act that the ordinary police can’t. Of course they’ll be rewarded with their fair share once the mission is successfully completed. If you think that all of them are strict and no nonsense, then think again because their quirky personalities is what makes the team colourful. Firstly we have close combat specialist Rio Kinezono who is always having money problems and in the poverty. You can says she’s in for the money. She spends her money like water and it’s a wonder how she can survive the next 30 days. Then there’s the gun specialist and sniper Maya Jinguu. In short, she’s a trigger happy person. Dangerous. Next, a pink haired computer specialist Lilica Evette and the tech expert responsible for many devices Nanvel Candlestick. The only guy in the team, Yuji Naruo specializes in piloting crafts but his obvious trait is his voyeurism in which he will not hesitate to peep or record any girls to satisfy his sick fantasy. How can this loser be part of such an elite team?

The episode opens with a bang. Terrorists have taken over Hotel Kingdom and are holding VIPs of the International Peace Forum as hostage. Rio of the Homicide department isn’t happy because she’s stuck in office to do paper work with Special Riot department colleague Yuji Naruo. The terrorists identify themselves as The Falcon Claw and want their demands met within an hour. The demands themselves seem questionable. Wanting a baseball manager to prostrate himself, rename some game and an idol Yumi to bungee naked. Lilica broadcasts this to Rio and Yuji to see what’s happening at the scene. Maki has received orders from her Chief to dispatch Warriors. Rio does a fake seduction to let her supervisor let her take 1/2 day off (that burning desire was to go to toilet and not sex). Yuji, Rio and Lilica meet Maki as they analyze the terrorists are more of thrill seekers. Aside accepting their demands, they can’t confirm if they have ulterior motives nor the conditions of the hostages. Meanwhile the real terrorist head makes the VIPs put on virtual goggles. She tells them they’ve just experienced virtual drugs and wish to sell this system to them. She wishes them not to reveal this to the public yet and their ‘salesmen’ will contact them later and leaves. Time’s up and the thrill seekers are excited to see their demands granted. However it isn’t up to their expectations. Till the final one: Yumi’s bungee jump from a helicopter piloted by Yuji. It’s actually Rio pretending to be her and jumping naked. The terrorists and policemen below are having a nice view! But! She’s just wearing an invisible suit. Realizing they’ve been had, Rio confirms there are no hostages and sends the signal to Maya who has been waiting at the same position and relishing to fire her gun. They easily apprehend the fakes as the police secure the hotel while the real ones escape. Maya isn’t happy because she wants to shoot more! Maki has her suspicions on how everything ended so easily since they seemed to storm the hotel like pros. When Rio finds out Yuji has video taped her naked bungee jump, she gets upset and nearly causes the helicopter to go out of control.

As Warrior get their pay from their last mission, Rio isn’t happy since it isn’t enough to cover her expenses. They learn about a virtual idol Maria who has gone missing and the case reported to the police. Yuji is passionate to save Maria (because he plays that virtual game) but the rests ignore him. The terrorist head is meeting a drug syndicate on her virtual drug. Since they don’t agree to her terms, they pull out their guns. The head calls forth a female attack android, Axia and slices them all to their bloody deaths. She then gets a call from her professor that Maria has escaped. Seems she was transferred to a physical body but didn’t like it and wanted to go out to the real world fast. She wants Maria captured since her data is essential in developing the virtual drug. Rio is transferred to handle Maria’s case and soon gets a random call to secure Maria’s release. Actually it’s Maria who is faking her own kidnapping. Maki meets Nanvel to show her scenes of that bloodbath and thinks an attack android was used. Nanvel shows her gigantic attack android, El-Heggunte but due to limited funds, control programme of it was delayed. Rio meets Maria with the ransom money. They argue when Axia turns up and attacks them. Rio fights back but is no match. Then her Warrior colleagues show up. They learn the other android is Maria since she’s pleading for help. Then Nanvel arrives with Heggunte but it goes out of control and crumbles, wrecking the bridge, taking out Maria and Axia with it. Maki talks to Chief about the damage done and budget thingy. Rio gets reprimanded by her supervisor due to all the claims files. She seduces her way out by asking his opinion what price would he buy her panties. Seems she’ll sell it online instead. As Nanvel repairs Heggunte, seems Maria’s data has been temporarily transferred into that mecha. Nothing she can do about it.

Rio tries to sell her panties under a fake ID at a shady store but the owner has his reservations. Yuji seems to be a frequent customer as he steps in, both colleagues are shocked to see each other. Before her real identity is busted, Rio escapes with him. Outside, Yuji wants her to sell her panties to him instead! Her debt collectors soon approach. She leaves him to deal with them while she flees. Is he really going to die for her?! Looks like it. Rio goes back and gets another lecture about managing her finance from her roommate-cum-colleague of the police’s accounts department, Chisato. The terrorist head is upset her virtual drug plan is nearly given away. She wants Cerebus to open the gates of Tartarus. Warrior analyzes the drug goggle the police team got from a computer smuggling operation a few days ago. At the police HQ, Policetown, Chisato’s supervisor Asahara goes up to her and shoots her point blank! Then he goes on a crazy shooting spree, killing some of his colleagues. By the time the alert is sound and the policemen pin him down, Asahara vomits blood. Rio rushes over and is devastated to see Chisato dead. She becomes depressed and upset. Next day, Maki reveals that the autopsy reveals that there’s some drug in Asahara’s brain. It makes him high and seems to be brainwashed and mind controlled. Suddenly a van crashes into Policetown amidst tight security. A couple of punks slaughter everyone! Warrior sees this from their private monitor. Make notes the security and alarm system didn’t go off and thinks it’s an inside job. Maki presents 2 options: Stand and fight or retreat and regain their ground. Angry Rio won’t run away and is going to fight them with all she has.

They’re going to fight back as Maki gives them specific duties (Yuji relegated to praying for them). Nanvel gives Maya a special shotgun while Rio a special power suit. Maya’s happy because she can shoot to her heart’s content even if the damage comes out from her pay. Rio is going to defy Maki’s orders not to kill to avenge Chisato but eventually cools her head and obeys her. Maya takes on the big and strong chaingun totting Wolfhead while Maya duels the agile knife wielding psycho Jackalhead. Doberhead controls those from the shadows while the terrorist head watches in her secret place. Maki gets a call from her Chief to pull withdraw as he isn’t happy with the unauthorized use of Warriors. She refuses and tells him to come to the battlefield to see for himself their bloodied and dead comrades. Maya and Rio have a hard time fighting their adversaries. Maya manages to beat Wolfhead after pumping several shotgun shots into him. Rio is able to knock out Jackalhead but worried Yuji comes rushing in to look for her and got held hostage. Jackalhead wants her to strop or else. She obidiently does so but after thinking about Chisato’s words, she stops (plus, chicken Yuji says not to worry for him) and swiftly picks up her power suit to beat him unconscious. Rio thanks Yuji and kisses him. Rio and Maya confront Doberhead. Rio is going to kill him but he knows she can’t and mocks her. Though she pulls the trigger, her gun was empty so she subsequently knocks him out. Then they hear a voice from his ring (the terrorist head) saying that they won’t spill any details. She further adds this is just the beginning and prays on their behalf. The ring then malfunctions. In the aftermath, the incident was reported as an explosive accident and the real truth kept hidden including Chisato’s death. Rio and Yuji visit her grave.

Burn Up Excess

Perhaps the series was famous enough to warrant its own TV series at the end of 1997 with 13 episodes. Entitled Burn Up Excess, it is a direct continuation from the events of the OVA.

Episode 1
It starts off with another bang. The new communications tower of Neo Tokyo is having a grand opening and Governor Tateyama is to grace the event. Suddenly swarms of robot insects hover over the place and the Dawn Mirage terrorists storms in and takes everyone hostage. Doesn’t this seem familiar? Deja vu? They want their demands to be met: Release all their jailed comrades, get them 1 billion Yen and a big helicopter with fuel for their escape. At least this one sounds more terrorist-like. Maki persuades her Chief to take drastic measure or his reputation will be at stake. She calls forth her Warriors. They analyze a terrorist’s mug and find him to be a petty criminal so it doesn’t add up. They also catch a drone and analyze its weakness before making a plan to disarm it. That is, using some pulse wave. However they’ve to be careful since Tateyama just had a mechanical heart implant surgery. Rio doesn’t care till Maki smoothly tells her she may get to marry his rich son if she saves him. Lilica broadcasts to the terrorists all their demands are met with more goodies thrown in, making them happy. That distraction signals Maya to shoot a bullet with pulse wave to disengage all the drones. Rio crashes in and easily takes out all the amateurs while Nanvel rushes in to save Tateyama via debrifillators. When Rio learns Tateyama has a daughter instead, she changes her mind to save him! Say goodbye to her dream rich life. “Let him die! He’s going to raise sales tax anyway!”. Heartless! After Warriors leave, the rounded up terrorists’ suits start electrocuting and killing them all. One of the terrorists assimilating as the hostage, Ruby, has successfully planted a drone in the tower. This allows her to activate some Scrambler Code as she reports to her boss, Harry. Warrior celebrates at a ramen store when the store owners’ kids bring in a couple of drones found at the site. It explodes and damages the store. Rio is upset because she hasn’t paid off her new clothes. Forever poor and miserable.

Episode 2
There’s been cases of jewellery heists whereby a fake fire is made causing panic. The robbers barge in disguised as fireman to scoop the jewellery before fleeing. Rio reluctantly accepts a case from Maki to catch an underwear thief. She sets the traps (how many undies has she got?!) and though attracted lots of people, eventually catches the culprit. Turns out to be a ronin student doing so to release his exam stress. She interrogates him and the amount of panties and other illegal stuff he’s got enough to fill a hall! Yuji comes by and you can tell he and Ronin clicked. He spots a photo with a pair of nice legs. Seems Yuji recognizes it of the one taken from the security cameras from the jewellery hesit (he can identify beautiful legs?!). They even match it with the police database file! Amazing! Rio gets them both to help her out secretly. She promises to give Yuji a ‘Royal Maisonette Suite with cafe au lait at daybreak’ and Ronin her bra. Yuji is fantasizing too much that eventually the other Warriors force him to spill the beans. Ronin takes Rio to an transvestite bar under pretense to work here (Ronin likes legs of okamas?! So those sexy legs in the picture are…). The okama boss, Chimama takes a liking for Rio while the other Warriors spy from afar. Ronin spots those familiar legs in the heist photo, Mama, and tells Rio he’s the one. She follows him to the toilet and via a secret passageway, sees the exchange of jewellery with Ruby. It’s ludicrous to see Ruby flying her jet plane underneath the sewers. How can it fit?! Chimama is actually part of the crook and has Ronin and Rio tied up. After the successful exchange, Ruby leaves and allows Chimama to rid the nuisances. Chimama and her okama group are watching in excitement to drop Rio and Ronin onto a spinning cutter. Ronin is happy to die in Rio’s bossoms but she’s not too happy about it. Warrior barges in to save and free them. Rio knocks out Chimama by kicking his crotch. In the aftermath, Rio has been given heaps of bills as cost for saving her. As for Yuji’s promised reward, Rio gives him a canned coffee with a daybreak pic on it. Haha.

Episode 3
Rio dreams of being crucified by debt collectors till her prince charming saves her. Unfortunately, no happy ending because he makes her sign a loan contract! Chief informs the arrival of an oil kingdom’s oil company vice president Hassan (looks like that prince charming) and his secretary Abisham. They’ve received threats he’ll be attacked and thinks it’s from a rival company. To prevent events that’ll lead to a civil war, Maki and her Warriors are assigned to guard him. Rio is happy she can marry a rich oil king but it seems Hassan isn’t interested in company matters and flirts with them! That night while on duty, a jet fighter fires into the floor Hassan is on! (Just like True Lies!). Luckily it was just a mannequin since Hassan sneaked out earlier on and Rio caught him. Now they’re out in the streets and Hassan wants Rio to take her around. Oh yeah, he forgot to bring his wallet. Rio getting poorer. Since she forgot her transmitter, Warriors can’t trace her. But Maki’s deduction and calculations has her analyze her whereabouts and possible next destination. However the baddies got to them first. They are tied up in a tanker. Abisham isn’t happy with the guarding but has to leave for business matters. Maki notices some frequency transmittor thingy in his passport and using that info, she’s able to trace Hassan. Abisham is the real culprit as he meets Hassan and Rio. He plans to take over the company and kill them by blowing up the tanker along with the unsuspecting crew as sacrifice. So flashy? Wouldn’t a bullet suffice? Abisham leaves on his helicopter and contacts Ruby. She doesn’t agree to his petty share and her intention is to create more weapons from the prolonged civil war. She blows up the helicopter, killing him. Innovative Rio improvises to free them, warns the crew, moves the tanker a distance and manages to get off before it blows!!! Just wow. Ruby isn’t happy that report of Hassan still lives. In the aftermath, Hassan thanks Rio and has learnt his lesson and decides to succeed his company and be more responsible. He gives Rio 500 acres of his land as reward but she declines thinking it’s a desert in the middle of nowhere. Till after he left, she is told that it is a rich abundant oil field. Stop that plane!

Episode 4
Maya receives a telegram to return to Osaka to see he dad in critical condition. She remembers her dad kicked her out of the house because she wanted to be a policewoman. She learns about the real estate speculators and that Gondo Construction is trying to make people leave their property. Maya returns home and is greeted by her other members. Seems her dad is well, considering the fake coughing and trying to see or touch her boobs. Just like how everyone else, man or woman who tries to have a feel of her big city. Slap! Gondo Construction crashes into their home and the motley group (love snapping their fingers?) introduce themselves. Turning wasteful land into efficient ones? They’re trying to persuade them to sell their land. Maya vows to protect their home as the local police are on the take. They stumble upon a smuggled weapons auction on their website. Some crummy password they have. That night they easily enter the giant blimp. The auction starts (Ruby the organizer) and Gondo makes the highest bids. Maya and her family goons plan to sneak around but are so pathetic you even wonder why nobody notices them. Maya and her dad are being made by Ruby to go onstage to perform during the intermission and it’s pathetic! Duet singing? Lame tongue twister? Boobs fondling? Gondo boss recognizes them and says that the daughter is a cop. This has them use smoke screen to escape and rendezvous with the rest who brought in weapons (they stumbled into a secret room filled with it). They decide to bring the blimp down. Maya goes insanely trigger happy while Ruby has left on her plane and leaves things to the blimp’s captain. The blimp crashes into the sea, Gondo boss and the captain arrested for smuggled weapons were found and crazy Maya has her mug on the front page of the news. Maya’s members bid her farewell as she returns to Tokyo and her dad sends her off with a ‘V’ sign.

Episode 5
Yuji and Rio investigate a stalking incident for idol Anna Kitagawa in episode 5. Seems the obsessed stalker threatened to kill her as he believed she should only sing exclusively for him. Rio tries to cheer her up since she’s stressed but Anna still acts b*tchy. While Anna’s manager tries to quell the reporters, Anna bumps into Ruby. Seems they both dropped their pen and retrieved the wrong ones. Ruby realizes the wrong pen and goes to search in Anna’s apartment but couldn’t find it. To Rio’s dismay, Anna requests Rio to be her bodyguard. She ends up following and doing errands for her. Yuji wants an autograph from Anna so she obliges. He takes it back to Lilica to scan another copy seeing Rio has found out the monetary value of an idol’s autograph. However they see shady footages of some Super Stealth Missile deal priced at 60 million Yen. At the park, the stalker confronts Anna. Rio comes to her aid when she screams but he escapes as fearful Anna clings on to Rio. Maki and Chief view the footage and he authorizes Maki to use Warriors to handle this to keep their reputation intact. Rio takes Anna out for a drink and gets drunk so she turns off her handphone. Anna feels her idol life is fake by singing fake songs. Rio encourages her to sing what she wants. On the way back, they meet Yuji and Maya on stakeout duty but Ruby attacks them. Warriors take her on but she’s too skilled as Anna’s apartment caretaker brings her in to safety. Rio and Ruby trade blows but in the end, Ruby escapes with the pen. The stalker’s real identity is that caretaker as he corners Anna. But she doesn’t have to wait till Warriors finish their fight and rescue her because she knocks him out by throwing a can. Next day Rio is disheartened there will be no rewards because Ruby escape, they lost the pen and the stalker is well, just a stalker. Anna soon becomes an enka singer. Some guy approaches Rio and she accepts his idol deal to be rich. Turns out she has to be a strip idol! No way Jose!

Episode 6
Rio reluctantly takes 3 petty jobs from Maki to earn extra but little rewards. Maki remembers how she first met Rio when she singlehandedly subdued a robber at a convenience store Rio worked part time. She dropped her ID as Maki picked it up. Rio returned to Policetown and chats with her colleagues and ex-Police Academy roommate, Miyuki. That’s when she first met Yuji, Miyuki’s senpai and he’s filming Rio’s beautiful legs. Maki analyzed Rio and you wonder how she graduated since she scored almost everyting ‘D’. But she noticed something unique about her. Rio is on her way back doing errands for the cops when she is attacked by a sniper. Rio is quick to face off with her but the sniper eventually escapes. Turns out to be Maya as she reports to Maki that Rio has passed the test. Maki eventually calls Rio to her office and offers her to work part time with higher pay rewards under the secret elite team called Warriors. Rio turns her down citing she isn’t a team team player. Word has it that a group of bank robbers has taken a female police officer hostage. She’s Miyuki (her b*tch partner ditched her!) and was cuaght in the middle while issuing a parking ticket to a vehicle (the robber’s). Maki is authorized to use Warriors to bring the menace down. Rio can’t sit still so she rescues Miyuki herself by ‘borrowing’ a sports car and rams it into the building. Maki decides to improvise her plan to back Rio up. With team work and cooperation, they defeat the baddies and rescue Miyuki. Later as Maki states Rio’s good points which will be an asset and benefits of being a team player, she gives Rio her share of the reward. Rio gets excited after seeing the amount though this is just the minimal. Rio pleads to Maki to take her in. Always money talk. Back in present, Rio captures the 3 petty criminals as Maki gives her the deserved reward. She is happy she can go to a sale so Maki feels pity for the guys that they lost out to a bargain sale. Miyuki later leaves a pair of apprentices in Rio’s hands. She should’ve known better than to do so since she persuades them to dress in swimsuits and do sexy poses. She collects money from the perverted cops watching behind a one-way mirror. Exploitation! On an unrelated note, I love this episode’s title: “Rambo Bravo! Rio Bimbo!”. Haha!

Episode 7
Maki is on a 3 day paid vacation leave to Hong Kong. When she’s gone, a case of what may seem to be a murder incident happens at the women’s toilet at Policetown. Rio takes up this case herself and drags the rest along, thinking she’ll get rewarded when solved. Then an old granny seeks Rio’s help to search for her missing child Takuto but she’s not interested since the reward isn’t big. Soon the computer data of Policetown starts going haywire and subsequently everyone has their belongings stolen. Maki is at the cliff throwing a bouquet into the sea. Seems on her wedding day to Masato on a cruiser, it exploded and took her soon-to-be husband’s life. She is being observed by people in the shadows. Rio rounds up the gang and gives her twisted long-winded analysis of what happened. More like making a big thing out of something small. Aren’t those just her opinion? Something about a love affair gone wrong and the suspect killed the victim and covered his tracks. Sounds like a serial TV drama. However Matsuoka of the Profiling department was listening to her story and explains his own analysis. His conclusions are more rational and based on the occurrences and analysis of the events, the suspect seems to fit a person: Rio! Due to her alibi, they inspect her locker and find all their things in it. They throw her into the cell. However analysis of the DNA at the crime scene didn’t match so the real culprit is still roaming free. They continue to search and finally corners the real culprit: A crow. The bird named Takuto is granny’s lost pet, took some bone from the ramen shop and ate it at the women’s toilet. It came tothe computer room to play before stealing shiny things to make a nest in Rio’s locker. Granny is grateful and treats them all to as much as they want as Maki returns from her trip. Oh yes. Rio is still locked up. Boo hoo! Missing out on all that good food!

Episode 8
Chimama is released from prison and is reunited with Mama, Josephine and Caroline to hatch a plan. Warriors are celebrating at the ramen store over Nanvel’s diet changing machine (appearance changing machine) that won the Great Innovation Award. Seems she’s not happy they didn’t celebrate at a more posh place. Rio is pestering to be her bodyguard thinking she’ll get lots of money when they’re being kidnapped by Chimama and co. Now he’s an exhibitionist? They want them to cooperate by using her machine to change their appearance so they can rob a bank. Nanvel refuses but gives in after Chimama tortures Rio by rubbing his scruffy face on hers. Nanvel has a condition: She wants them to serve her favourite snacks. She fixes her machine and names it Pinzou. When they test it out, their face seems to be the same. Due to cheap parts, it explodes. Nanvel tells them to get better parts and more of her favourite food. Mama thinks this as an investment and reluctantly spends money to get what she needs. At this rate they’ll go broke before robbing a bank so they need to cut cost. They ‘release’ freeloading Rio into the ocean. When Nanvel finishes her new Pinzou, it turns them invisible instead. But Mama uses this approach to easily rob banks since the cameras can’t catch them. While Nanvel seems to be used to the gang, Rio is ‘fished’ out from the sea and returned to Warriors. They try to get Nanvel’s whereabouts but all she spew were words of Nanvel’s favourite food and location of the stores. Maki analyzes them and deducts the baddies’ next target. Warriors manage to corner them while in the midst of their heist. But they’re still invisible so Maya fires at Pinzou to damage it but Nanvel protects her precious invention. Pinzou goes a little haywire so Rio and Chimama turn into giants and fight like Ultraman. Maki manages to persuade Nanvel to switch it off as Rio knocks Chimama out again by kicking his crotch. Nanvel gets off lightly since Maki surpressed the case as the rest draw marks on her face as penalty.

Episode 9
A secret mission requested by UN has Warriors to escort Mr Henry from Japan to Switzerland quietly. Henry is supposedly to be very square (literally) and a VIP influentual to the balance of the military world. Rio is in the escort plane and thinks the Scientist is Henry and shares her bento. Upon finding out he isn’t, she takes it back! Stingy poker! The real Henry is a super AI tank. Suddenly the plane goes a little off course and several terrorists board the plane. Yuji and Maya are kept busy with enemy fighter jets. Rio has her hands full when Henry suddenly activates itself and unleashes a super blast, crashing the plane. Rio wakes up in the desert of the enemy’s territory (Desania) among the plane ruins. Nobody else survives. Mind boggling… Scientist is heavily injured so he passes her a self destruction watch before he dies. He wants her to press it if Henry falls into enemy’s hands. Rio decides to take Henry to the border in hopes of getting rewarded. Why is she walking instead of riding it? It’s fun to see their hot-cold relationship. Rio thinks she’s the boss and threatens to press each time it gets cocky. Henry on the other hand seems to shoot a Rio to keep her in line when it’s actually to save her from perils unknown to her. Desania’s General gets note that Henry is missing and is adamant to get his hands on the tank. Ruby is with him and makes him a plan to retrieve the tank but isn’t happy to see with it. His tank division discovers their location and starts firing at the duo. They are baffled Henry didn’t counterattack so Ruby suggests to fire closer. When a blast sends Rio flying, Henry fires a super shot to wipe all the enemy out! The other Warriors get info that Rio is still alive via Lilica’s hacking of Desania’s satellite. Maki plans to cover their escape. 100km more to go.

Episode 10
Ruby is seducing General to follow her suggestions by sending his army to Henry but they all get obliterated in an instant. As Rio continues to trek across the desert with Henry, she naturally bonds with it. Why not? Since it saved her life when she slipped and fell off a waterfall. Henry can fly too! Rio sees an oasis and hut filled with food and rushes in to to eat. But it’s a trap set up by the enemy. Rio is captured and comes to face Ruby. She is keeping her alive as hostage because she knows Henry is programmed to protect her so it’s not moving. They analyze Henry but are stumped it has no brain or computer parts to make it move on its own. They figure that a memory chop filled with combat info may be the key. Rio is locked in a room but seduces a dumb guard to get out and don her suit. She is in a dilemma to press the self destruction button after remembering numerous attempts Henry did to save her. She throws the watch away but the guards enter to kill her. She fights them but gets beaten up badly. A satellite in space fires a beam onto Henry. It starts moving and attacking the enemy. General orders his army to counterattack but was no match. Rio gets emotional when she sees Henry protecting her even if it’s badly damaged. General tries to escape from his failed operation but Ruby shoots him, takes the memory chip and flees. Grateful Rio manages to escort Henry all the way to the border. But after she got her 1.5 million Yen reward, she’s back to her normal money-faced self. It’s mentioned that Henry protected her because Rio accidentally turned on its VIP Guard Switch while messing with it on the escort plane. And Henry’s brain is the satellite in space.

Episode 11
Mecha Cops are deployed as experiments to handle crimes. They’re so successful that they’ve solved 10000 cases! Not to mention popular merchandises on them! It revived the economy too?! Put those human cops to shame. Nanvel has her suspicions since the American prototype counterpart is 1/3 bigger and even needed a CPU for it. Remember, computers those days weren’t that small. They manage to sniff around and discover the use of a black diamond in its core. Nanvel notices its complexed process and needed 1000 diamonds to make 1 of this. Maki remembers how Masato was investigating black diamond smuggling case before his demise. Seems Maki suggested that they disguise themsevels as newlyweds on a cruiser to investigate it. It’s illegally manufactured in Hong Kong and smuggled into Japan. But then the explosion occurred. The police covered it up as an explosion accident and everything else was buried with it. Back in present, Ruby initiates Scrambler Code. During another Mecha Cop’s round, it tries to kill the criminal who has surrendered. Rio intercepts by breaking its arm. The makers aren’t happy she obstructed with police work and will lodge a complaint. Soon the Mecha Cops go crazy and start terrorizing Policetown and the city. Warriors are called in to stop them. Maya is happy as she gets to shoot her guns even if they had no effect on them. By fluke shots, Warriors subdue the menace. Why do those Mecha Chops act as if they have emotions like getting mad at being teased or blush like perverts? Were emotions programmed in them previously? Due to the damage done, the Mecha Cop programme is postponed. Maki analyzes the events that has happened and though nothing conclusive and just speculative, she thinks all this was planned.

Episode 12
The Warrior girls disguise as ditzy school girls on tour to infiltrate the manufacturing plant of Mecha Cops. Chief wants her to pull out seeing this is unauthorized by she doesn’t listen. Maki tells her Warriors the plant is owned by ex-Prime Minister Shigeru Tonoyama. Chief reports to his boss, Tonoyama about Maki’s snooping (his men were the one observing Maki at Hong Kong). Flashback reveals Maki tried to tell Chief about Masato’s covered up death but he gave her another mission: To assemble a special squad called Warriors. This was to serve as a distraction for her. Fashion designer Marionne Bardo arrives in Tokyo with her companion and models for a fashion show. During a televised interview, Maki sees a familiar scar on Bardo’s hand. She remembers how she was saved by Masato when a psycho started shooting in public. That’s when she decided to join the police form and became close to him. Bardo is revealed to be Ruby and her companion is Harry. Later Ruby meets Tonoyama and exchanges a suitcase of black diamonds. Rio and Nanvel’s snooping has them spot Ruby and Tonoyama in the plant. To make things worse, Tonoyama plans to sell the robots to terrorists since the police have put a freeze on them! This was the Prime Minister of Japan?! Maki confronts Chief that she has strong evidence of the black diamond case but he tells her to back down as he will handle this sensitive case personally. Maki refuses because she has been waiting for this chance and though she was alone then, now she isn’t. She assembles Warriors and gives them a choice whether to join this non-paying illegal secret mission. Surprisingly Rio decides to join them. No money talk? Maki receives a strange letter and the contents seem to indicate it’s from Masato. She’s surprised he may be alive. She follows the letter to Tokyo Tower as Warriors sneak in to try to take a robot back as evidence. Suddenly the robots move on their own and start attackign them. Though they have a hard time, the Armoured Riot Squad comes in to back them up but they’re shooting like nobody’s business. In the elevator, Maki gets another shock because Masato is alive. Yup, he’s known as Harry now. He tells her she’s going to watch her Warriors who have been branded as traitors/terrorists being taken out in a crossfire. Chief orders the squad to kill them all.

Episode 13
At the end of the fashion, Ruby turns her models into humanoid assassins and slaughter everyone! Even the Riot Squad are no match for the super healing and agile machines! Maki is saddened that Masato has changed so he explains after that explosion, he was saved by a fishing boat. He gave up on personal justice and turned to the underworld, rising up the ranks fast. Insisting Masato has ‘died’ in that incident, he tries to play mind games with her like she’s alone now. Warriors survive and pops up at the ramen store. Then they see the slaughter on TV and go cofront Chief to make him spill everything. Well, there’s only 1 team who can save the city, right? Ruby brings Tonoyama to Harry. He further reveals Tonoyama a greedy man who dabbled on black diamonds. Due to its high experimental cost and unwilling to use his own money, he misappropriated government funds to do so. But someone was on his tail (Masato) and when he rid of him, his girlfriend (Maki) took over and created Warriors as a camouflage. Warriors’ idea was originally suggested by Masato but since it has become a hindrance to Tonoyama, he had them destroyed. Harry gives Maki a gun to shoot that corrupted bastard as revenge but she can’t so Harry shoots Tonoyama himself! Harry couldn’t care less with revenge, etc and only wants Maki to come with him. Now he’s into world conquest? Maki still believes in the old Masato and slaps him to wake him up but gets punched instead. She’s put in a room but feints unconscious and manages to escape to meet her Warriors. She tells them to stop the life core controlling the machines at the tower top.

Maki is confronted with Ruby who isn’t happy that another woman should come between her and Harry. Maki is prepared to die by her hands so Ruby thinks of making her suffer by killing her Warriors first and crush her hopes. Warriors reach the top but face the humanoid assassins. Maya and Nanvel take them on so Rio could head inside. They’re tough to handle but eventually destroyed with teamwork. Rio reaches in and plants a timer device. Soon Ruby comes in and they fight. Though Ruby has the upperhand, Rio plays dirty by squeezing her boobs (teasing her that’s the only unworked body part!) and knocks her out. Rio rushes out to her pals waiting in the helicopter. Harry and Maki are in another face-off. He still wants her to come with him but she is adamant to stop him. The timer reaches zero and the bomb goes off. Did Ruby got caught in it? Well, Maki and Harry still in a stand-off. In the aftermath, Tokyo Tower is in a huge mess, the incident is reported as the most brutal terrorist act, the police trying to link the terrorist act to Tonoyama’s murder and we see Warriors resuming their normal lives. Chief has resigned so does Maki but she goes missing shortly after. They get a new chief, a red head lady.

Burn Out
I have mixed feelings of how the way things ended. It was good to see that Warriors manage to overcome all obstacles and put an end to the terrorizing on Tokyo. However it is unclear if Maki, Ruby or Harry still lives. Well, Maki should be still alive because we see her resignation letter on her table, right? Unless she wrote it before she went into action. And that red head lady, I’m not sure if she’s really a new person or Ruby or Maki in disguise. It’s hard to tell no matter how hard I tried to stare and compare their looks. It could be Ruby seeing that she herself is a master of disguise. Or it could be Maki starting anew. Who knows?

Considering this is an old school anime, I guess I could say that I’m pretty satisfied with the action and even the plot even there are inconsistencies. There are lots of explosion and gun blowing action to satisfy adrenaline junkies though it won’t be as over the top you would see today. The plot may not be original as those who are veterans to this genre may find the real baddie to be a dead loved one to be cliched, etc. But at least the story flow unfolds at a steady pace and the important details all revealed in the end. The inconsistencies I’m referring to would be when certain stuffs were brought over from the OVA to the TV series. For instance, Ruby was never named in the OVA and thus we will never know if she is that same person. What happened to the drug simulator too? Then some of the other henchmen we see shortly appearing in the OVA too didn’t turn up here. So again it might indicate they may not be the same terrorist group.

Rio has got to be the most amusing character because of her mind which thinks nothing about money. She should have become an business woman instead of a cop. Probably she’s more brawns than brains, that’s why. Has she ever thought of hiring a financial consultant? Guess not because it will cost her extra. Is there a way to cut down her habit of buying everything she sees she likes? The way she spends money is scary. See how many debt collectors she’s got. I wonder if she has ever faced a menacing loan shark. Even if she did, she’d beat them up for their harassment. Maya is another amusing character especially when she has to go into withdrawals after not shooting her gun for long periods of time. Good thing this gal is on our side. It was funny in the initial episodes to see her try to keep her sanity in check after several no-action or fast finishing missions that gives her no chance to fire at all. Maki is probably the only serious one but she too has a ‘wicked’ side and that makes it her specialty: To take advantage of others’ weaknesses with her smooth persuasion. That’s how she got Rio to join her team, right? Ruby as an enigmatic character is definitely not someone you could easily toy with. A smart and adept woman, we see her going places from episode to episode and if you think about it, she’s like connecting all the dots to her plans. Unfortunately for most of those baddies who deal with her, they get killed. Lesson: Crime never pays.

I need to mention the fanservice elements here. Yup, they even existed way back then. There’s a large amount of them thrown in especially you know when the girls go into action or the likes, you see their boobs bouncing and swinging so much that you may start to think that they’re made of jelly! An ironic part is that when they don suits that are skin tight, their boobs still move freely, defying gravity. Maybe that part is only loose, eh? That’s why the Warriors team is made up mainly of girls, eh? Yuji’s role serves more like a comic relief. That guy will never learn to get over voyeurism since he usually bears the brunt of it. During that later part of the TV series, Yuji has several short segments of his own. What is it about? You may have guessed it. It’s about him doing some perverted reports like peeping Rio sleeping in her apartment, using Pinzou to make the girls’ clothes turn invisible or cloning himself so he could experience 1000 times more erotic voyeurism. His perverted wolf howling is annoying and his nose bleeds is enough to fill a hospital with a year’s worth of supply the way he’s getting turned on. And even at the end of his segment, he has a cheek to tell viewers that if you have any complaints, you can contact Yuji. Hell, like I will! You’re the main complaint if I must say!

So this proves that even within the police department themselves, there are conspiracies and the people who are given the power to serve justice and protect the public are the culprits. Sometimes having a renegade an independent vigilante squad may not be a bad idea to keep such things in check. Hope Rio’s money-minded personality won’t tarnish the force. Like they say, being poor is a sin and even though I may not be a rich otaku (ironically, all otakus are poor but they spend all their money on their obsession) at least I’m happy with what I have. Could have a little more would be better lah :). If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, you know who to call, right? NO! NOT YUJI, PLEASE!

Burn Up
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