April 14, 2013

High school Japanese boy as the main lead. So typical and boring. Becomes a God Slayer after defeating a full God. So yesterday. Gains godly powers as a result. Been there, done that. This is the story of the man who has become king of kings and his women surrounding him… Say what? Wow! Count me in. Better check this out! And so… That was how it was decided that I should watch Campione. Please don’t stare at me with those piercing eyes…

So the story isn’t anything extraordinary. Just about our protagonist, Godou Kusanagi whom by fate defeated a God and becomes a Campione. A term that describes mortals who have defeated Heretic Gods that caused havoc (or planning to) at the expense of the locals in the area. While I’m not really interested in the mythologies and some of the Gods that are shown in this anime, I have to admit that I am more interested in his ‘difficulty’ in attracting and keeping the women around him. What to do when you have attained such a status? Call me a pervert if you want to. But I’m sure it is more ‘problematic’ to deal with women than Gods, right? Please don’t stare at me with those piercing eyes now filled with rage and anger…

Episode 1
Godou arrives in Sardinia, Italy trying to return a stone tablet grimoire as requested from his grandpa to an Italian friend. Till he meets blonde bombshell, Erica Blandelli from the Cooper Black Cross who wants him to hand over that grimoire. The standoff is cut short when a large boar deity rampages through the city. Erica goes off to stop the boar with her maid, Arianna Hayama Arialdi. Godou meanwhile encounters a boy. Unknown to him yet, he is the Persian God, Verethragna. Godou didn’t really understand his goal of reviving other Gods and challenging them. Verethragna learns of the grimoire he is holding and lets him keep it. Erica falls off the edge while trying to push back the boar but is caught by Godou. The boar soon disappears. Not without leaving a trail of destruction. Erica explains the disasters Heretic Gods bring and only those with power can see them. Ordinary humans can only explain such destruction as a natural disaster. Godou is determined to finish his mission to send the grimoire back to Lucretia Zola and Erica will accompany him since she can’t turn a blind eye to it. Arriving at Lucretia’s place, the sexy witch asks him if he had met anyone else along the way. Then she lets him keep the grimoire. He came all the way here to return it and now it’s his? What God’s wish he should have it? They stay for the night. Erica gets drunk. He has to help her get to bed. They got locked in the room together thanks to Lucretia. Perhaps she wants to know if Godou had the same ‘talents’ like his grandpa. Morning comes, Erica nearly kills Godou. Did something happen last night while she was asleep in her underwear? It’s natural for her to think that.

Godou gets to live longer when they sense a God passing by: Melqart, the Phoenicians’ king of Gods going into battle. Erica needs to stop Melqart because if she doesn’t stop the strongest God of the Mediterranean, the entire Sardinia island will disappear. Erica and Godou are on their way as Godou remembers Lucretia telling him about the grimoire. Something about Prometheus and its abilities to steal a God’s divine right resides in the grimoire. He was also told that Erica as the prodigy of her organization is facing tremendous pressure to prove her worth and is requested to help her. One of Verethragna’s powers, the Stallion resides in this grimoire and he purposely gave Godou that weapon so as to enjoy the fight. Verethragna and Melqart prepare to face off. You think they would listen to a mere blonde to back down? Godou saves her from a God’s lightning. Godou got the guts to request Melqart to team up with him. Though Melqart views his offer as using him, he allows it since he finds it amusing. Godou forms a barrier to protect them from Verethragna’s lightning attack. Verethragna summons his Golden Sword, a sword that takes away a God’s divinity and reduces him to a mere mortal. Godou has his responsibility to protect the grimoire and won’t run. Erica admires his valour and pecks his cheek as good luck charm. Verethragna begins his strike when Godou uses the grimoire to unleash the Stallion and steal his Golden Sword. Unsure of what to do now, Erica kisses him. Romance right in the middle of a godly battle? Well, as I found out, it is easier to transmit tons of knowledge and history on a subject via kissing. Better then reading up or having someone teach you, right? Yeah. The entire field turns into one with Golden Swords scattered throughout the ground and air.

Episode 2
Godou is in a dream-like state whereby he meets a loli Demigod, Pandora. She confirms he has killed Verethragna and will be reborn as Campione. Even with his new status, he returns to his normal life in Japan. Just one problem, though. Why is Erica lying naked with him on his bed???!!! To make things worse, she’s clinging so close to him that Godou’s sister, Shizuka ‘interrogates’ him about what happened. Erica isn’t helping either since she is twisting the facts and saying ambiguous words. In class as he remembers how Verethragna gave him all his incarnation powers, more trouble is piling up for Godou. Make a guess. Erica becomes a transfer student in his class. Hot babe walks into class and declares love for him. How would this sit with the rest of the loser guys? Not pretty. Later Godou meets fellow classmate, Yuri Mariya and also a fellow from the Committee for the Compilation of True History, Touma Amakasu. They explain to Godou that Yuri is also a shrine priestess and since Godou has become the seventh Campione, they are responsible for establishing contact for individuals relating to magic within Japan. Amakasu also warns him about Erica because she is believed to have alluring eyes that could steal a man’s heart in an instant. In short, her organization might be using her to seduce him and bring Godou to their organization.

So of course Godou confronts Erica about this and since he wants proof, he’ll get it. But he didn’t see this one coming. Why go all the way back to Italy just for that?! While waiting for Erica to show up, Godou is visited by a loli God, Athena. She wants to retake the Snake. Godou’s goal isn’t that nor does he know of any other Campione so Athena takes her leave. Erica introduces Godou to Italy’s representative of the Society of Magicians. Then she draws her sword and forces Godou to fight her so that he can draw out his true strength. When Erica summons her lion, Godou in his reflex summons one of Verethragna’s incarnations, the Bull to hold the lion back with its tremendous strength. While Godou evades the lion’s attacks, Erica explains the avatars Godou possesses though some have conditions that need to be fulfilled before he can fully utilize them. Godou tricks Erica to lure her out into the battlefield so he can summon the Boar and stomp her. I hope he won’t destroy the Coliseum. Erica cautions him he better plan the usage of his avatars because he can only use each once per day. Godou suddenly pins her to the ground and though it wasn’t elegant, she passes him. The representatives are convinced why Erica placed her faith in Godou. They accept him and note how there isn’t much time before Princess Alice’s prophecy of the Starless Night. Since Godou had won, he wants to know Erica’s real motive. She assures him she never acted out of deceit and all decisions are made based on her own convictions. In short, she is truly in love with him. She gives him a Gorgonian medallion.

Episode 3
Now back in Japan, despite Erica being a popular girl (love letters are flooding her shoe box!), she is still cool and she only has eyes for Godou. I don’t know what the other girls’ problems are because they get jealous seeing Erica and Godou together. Hey. It’s not like THEY like him, right? Or do they? But as Erica puts it, she herself alone is enough for his life. How can she understand that one woman is NEVER enough. Later Yuri meets Godou and by the request of Amakasu, asks him if he possesses any divine instruments. He assures after that painful lesson his grandpa made him go through, he didn’t bring another one back. Really? So that Gorgonian medallion Yuri describes must a replicate, no? Damn it’s real! Guess what? This medallion will bring great peril to the world! Yuri lashes out at him for being careless that his actions may affect everything around. Japan might become the focal point of the prophecy. Oh boy. Yuri explains some of the stuffs to Godou and Erica is placing her faith in him. He is after all the king of kings and if the prophecy does come true, only a king can stop it. Yuri uses her magic powers on the medallion and she sees a vision of Athena. Godou and Erica rush to where Athena is. Athena will fight them to retrieve the medallion. She freezes Erica in a barrier and then kisses Godou. Wow. That was a long one. Unfortunately that was the kiss of death. Though he still lives, it renders him unconscious. Erica breaks free from her prison and fights Athena and manages to slightly wound her. It has no effect. Erica traps Athena but the latter flees. Yuri is on her way to seal the Gorgonian when she encounters her old friend, Liliana Kranjcar of the Bronze Black Cross. She wants her to hand over the medallion. Amakasu seals her and takes Yuri away. The Ram brings Godou back to life and he finds himself on Erica’s lap. She needs to impart the knowledge of Athena to him. They may look indecent in public but what choice do they have? Are they willing to risk Athena gain her true form and bring disaster to the world? The choice is obvious. Both parties must be willing if any information is to transfer and fully knowing Athena’s background and history will enable Godou to use his Golden Sword. Here comes the kiss. Use the tongue too! Godou receives information on Athena and among them she was the daughter of Zeus and was the goddess of the snake Medusa. Hurry. Because Athena is moments in reclaiming Gorgonian.

Episode 4
Athena is close to awakening and causes the area to blackout. Anything electrical fails to function. So is this what the prophecy is? Yuri is in the midst of sealing the medallion when she gets a call from Godou. He tells her about one of his Divine Rights. Whenever she needs him, all she has to do is really wish for him to be here and he will come. Soon Athena comes knocking on Yuri’s door. Her barrier didn’t work. Obviously. She’s up against a powerful God. She could’ve been roasted if Liliana hadn’t butt in. Still, the blast is too strong for her to handle but Yuri loses the medallion. Athena transforms to her true form. Yuri wishes so hard for Godou to be here and the next thing she knows, she is in his arms. He’s got the Gale to thank for that. Godou summons his Golden Sword and wants Erica to protect Yuri. Erica kisses him to give him the remaining bits on Athena. In the field of Golden Swords, Godou fights Athena with all the knowledge he’s got. According to what Godou revealed about Athena’s true past, what I understand is that Athena was once the queen of Gods, a rebellion by the male Gods led by Zeus had the myth to be rewritten as Athena becoming Zeus’ daughter and Medusa a monster. Her snake form is mentioned in countless tales over the world as in some cases, she was mentioned as a dragon. Thus her real identity is actually the degraded form of a defeated goddess of Mother Earth and a fallen queen. Athena didn’t like him bringing up her true past as Godou cuts through her divinity. However it wasn’t enough to defeat her as they’re sent back to the real world. Now that Athena has known Godou’s powers from Verethragna, she knows the trump card he will use. As expected, he uses the flaming Stallion but she didn’t expect him to use Erica as a backup because her spear can pierce through her. Athena is reduced to her loli form and wants Godou to finish the job and kill her. But he won’t because his job is to kick her ass and get her to leave. Athena finds him a strange man and leaves. Erica is upset that he ended it this way. The reason she setup everything in Japan was that so no other Campione could interfere and had he killed Athena, he would’ve attained Athena’s powers. We know Godou isn’t that kind of guy. But the big problem now is the huge crater left behind from the final blow!!! Who is going to fix that?! Amakasu is relived that the prophecy is averted but feels it is too easy especially for one that is of Princess Alice’s prophecies.

Episode 5
After defeating another God, it’s back to the romance hijinks that we all love! Erica still sleeps naked next to Godou and wants him to help dress her up. Yuri tries to cook for Godou and Shizuka gives her approval to use her feminine wiles to make Godou hers. Yuri may be the shy type and if she wants to stand a chance with Erica, I think she better be more aggressive. See how Erica has no shame in flirting with Godou in public? Yuri talks to Godou if he trusts Erica. She has saved him several times and has an honest heart. She also learns that Godou once played baseball but gave up during middle school due to some injury. Erica challenges Yuri to a match and naively she took the bait. Poor Godou got involved too. All Yuri needs is to hit her pitch once and she’ll win. Well, already two strike outs. And for the final strike, she thought she really hit it. Instead, her bat hit Godou’s head in addition to Erica’s ball at his crotch. Just painful beyond words. Then lunch… Clearly Erica is dominating the atmosphere…  Erica notices Yuri has no handphone and has Godou help her buy one. It’ll be of great use in times of need (she borrowed Amakasu’s during Athena’s crisis). Buying her one is one thing, teaching her how to use it is another. It must be tiring just trying to get her to record just his name into her handphone, eh? Like a country bumpkin, she’s so happy when she finally did it. When Godou comes home, he gets an unexpected call from Salvatore Doni, the sixth Campione from Italy. He is pretty interested in Godou and considers him his fated rival after their duel (I hope he isn’t gay). Because he wants Godou to become stronger, he tells him about some fearsome old guy who can destroy towns with his power. Oh, he’s in Japan too. Just one sh*t after another, eh? While Yuri is taking a bath, she is kidnapped by Liliana and brought to her master, Sasha Dejanstahl Voban, the old vampire-looking dude who happens to be the first Campione. I guess if you live as long as him, you must be really bored so he wants Yuri to assist him again since 4 years ago Yuri risked her life to complete a ritual and is now his property.

Episode 6
Amakasu informs Godou and Erica that Yuri has been kidnapped by Voban. Yuri tries to turn down serving Voban to summon a rogue God and will take her own life. But after he summons his undead warriors to show her the possibility she will serve him forever with her powers, she uses her powers to see the God he once slew, the Egyptian God Osiris. Voban senses Godou and Erica crashing in so he sends his undead army and golem to fend them off. Of course those small fries are no match for Erica as she slashes her way through and wants Godou to save his powers for Voban. They enter his room and Godou demands he hands Yuri back. If there is a proper compensation he might. Can he find somebody who has the ability to summon a God? Erica boats (or may be even exaggerated) Godou’s relationship with Salvatore and this doesn’t sit well with Voban. Maybe she’s fuelling the fire too when she puts it in a way Salvatore wants Godou to teach this old bastard a lesson. Voban reveals that 4 years ago he summoned a rogue God but Salvatore stole it from him. Now his ‘friend’ has done the same. He feels humiliated but proposes a deal to play a game. They can take Yuri and run how far they want. If they manage to outrun him till daybreak, they win. Yuri thinks they should just hand her over to Voban since she is the only thing wants to perform that ritual. Erica disagrees because that infamous ritual to summon a God sacrificed nearly 30 lives and some suffered severe psychological effects. The only ones emerged unscathed for some reason or by luck are Yuri and Liliana. Now that Godou has decided he is going to take down Voban, you can’t say no to a king. Soon, Voban’s wolves come hunting them and they’re closing in. Arianna drops them at the building of the Committee for the Compilation of True History. They fight and defeat the wolves. Voban makes his appearance and summons the undead warriors, all great knights of history. Godou uses the Stallion but Voban transforms into a werewolf and swallows the horse’s flames. While Erica fights the undead army, Godou takes Yuri away using in lightning speed via his Raptor avatar.

Episode 7
While Erica prepares to face off with Liliana, Godou has injured himself using Raptor but Yuri’s healing magic won’t work since Campione is immune to magic. With the exception of directly injecting into the body. That’s what the kiss is for. Yuri thought she saw a vision of a God that gave Voban his powers in his wolf form when Amakasu interrupts them to tell that Erica is in trouble. She’s still holding her ground against Liliana who blames her for just about everything. Even seducing Godou. Yuri pleads to Liliana to stop lying to herself since she is only furthering Voban’s agenda. She is about to land a strike on Erica when Erica mentions about her embarrassing romance novel she writes. If she promises to be friends, she won’t tell. Killing her won’t do because people will start seeing that novel that is written in her will. Just like that, their fight ends. Too easy. Liliana even defects to join them against Voban. Voban mocks Godou’s attitude as a king because he doesn’t stare down on his enemies. Godou says he has friends he could rely on. Erica kisses him so he can pull out his Golden Sword. Knowing that Voban slew Apollos, his field of Golden Swords strike Voban and his wolves. However he only defeated Voban’s Apollos’ Divine Rights and since he still has others, he continues to stand and summons his undead warriors. Yuri advises Godou to remake his Golden Sword since Apollos and Osiris are similar. However he lacks the knowledge so his Golden Sword couldn’t materialize. I guess there’s no other choice. Yeah. Yuri kisses him for the much needed information. A second round of field of Golden Swords stab all the undead warriors. But Voban is still standing and now summons the weather deities. Voban strikes him with lightning. Since Godou could hear the voices of the people to save them, he is able to use the Goat to fire lightning back. His powers grow stronger when the girls and the undead warriors willingly lend their powers to him. It caused another crater but at least it wasn’t that big. Voban wants to move on to the third round but daybreak is here. Voban gives him this victory and vows he will be back. The undead warriors thank Godou for freeing them. Yuri weakens since one of the conditions of using the Goat is that the life force of others are drawn. Erica gets back at Yuri by kissing Godou as reward.  Let the rivalry begin!

Episode 8
Finally the harem fanservice episode we’ve all been waiting for! Godou is having a tough time with his harem girls in Italy. Even Lucretia wants a piece of him. How did this happen? Erica forced him to come for a summer vacation trip. He made a mistake by contacting Lucretia to hide him till he realized both of them were in cohorts. And innocent Yuri tagged along. Erica even handcuffed him for their boat ride. Once she releases the shackles, he quickly dives and swims away! On shore, he accidentally sees the other girls soaking in the hotspring. He gets ticked off by Yuri for being a big disappointment when her towel comes undone. She should cut down on the admonishing. It’s bad for her skin. That night, Godou sneaks out from Lucretia’s house (I understand why he wants to get away from those women) but comes into Athena. It’s not she has come to see him but he has entered her territory. She tells him he should consider the possibility she is here to avenge his actions. But she felt excited lately and wants to play. Don’t expect anything hentai. She takes him to Napoli. At the same time, Salvatore has entered some ruins in Napoli and despite Liliana’s advice not to do anything rash, he destroys the seal and unleashes a divine beast in the form of a dragon. Nearby, the Heretic God named Perseus gets ready to slay the dragon because it’s his destiny to do so. Liliana sees Perseus slaying the dragon and pleads not to continue because it will cause this land’s vitality to wither as the dragon is born of this land’s energy. Would a God listen to a mortal? No way, Jose. He slashes the dragon but Athena protects it. Technically Athena was Medusa and all dragons and snakes are hers, right? Liliana accuses Godou of bringing Athena here but he says it’s the opposite. Perseus and Athena are about to duel but Godou comes in between. Athena has this idea to train Godou so she lets Perseus fight him. But Liliana takes Godou away so they could come up with a plan to counter Perseus. He hardly knows anything on Perseus. There’s that only way, right? Godou is embarrassed to tell clueless Liliana. But since he mentions Erica’s name, Liliana will do anything and won’t lose out to that b*tch. If she can do it, I can do it too. So can she kiss? Eh… What… Didn’t see that coming, didn’t she? Now her face is so red that you might think she’ an apple. Perseus finds them so Liliana becomes his sword. Of course she is no match. Godou summons the Boar to trample everything. The Boar goes berserk for a moment, not heeding Godou’s orders to stop. Perseus returns and negates Godou’s power and Divine Rights with his sun power. Then he fires his arrow right into his heart.

Episode 9
Though Perseus would like to finish the job, Athena stops him and tells him Godou will revive. It will be more interesting when he does. Perseus agrees to fight again once their wounds are healed. Godou meets Pandora once more but as she is about to give him the all-important hint to defeat Perseus, he comes back to life. Liliana is somewhat upset of the emotional roller coaster ride she went through. He died. She cried. She didn’t know he had this resurrecting power. One refreshing thing you might ‘love’ about this episode is the lack of Erica and the rest. I know she’s still the best but sometimes it required you take a break once in a while. Plus, we get to see Liliana’s unstable emotion as she tries to deal with her feelings for Godou as a king and a boy. Yeah, we’re going to love this alright. Karen Jankulovski is Liliana’s personal maid just like how Arianna is to Erica. And she loves poking fire to see Liliana’s reactions. See those devilish eyes? First, she makes Liliana go crazy by lying about Godou having a wild orgy with Erica and mistress Yuri as well as Lucretia. Going around the world to collect beautiful women? However Liliana herself reluctantly strips to give her body to him despite noting he won’t have her heart. It’s too late when she realized she embarrassed herself. She changes the topic to discuss a way to defeat Perseus. Karen personally talks to Liliana it’s her chance to make Godou her own. Her defection from Voban and failure to contain Salvatore doesn’t sit too well in her records so if she manages to snatch Godou from Erica, it would also give their organization a heads up since Copper Black Cross and Bronze Black Cross are rivals. Godou accidentally finds a novel and reads it. Guess whose romance novel is it? Yeah. Liliana is going to kill him. Then herself. The novel is her way of secretly relieving her stress but now since he has found out, there’s no turning back.

Lucky Godou gets to live longer since Athena pays them a visit. Athena isn’t going to directly tell them how Perseus could negate his power. She shall do that in exchange for a favour. Godou wanted to accept that but Liliana declines on his behalf. Athena leaves the offer open should they change their mind. Godou learns that Liliana turned down the offer because they must be careful in making deals with Heretic Gods. Being rash would seal one’s fate. Liliana has another swing of emotion and starts apologizing on her knees for being rude to a king. She starts crying for all the bad luck that had befallen her so far. In public. When she calms down, Godou thinks it isn’t embarrassing to write a novel and is pretty cool. She took it the wrong way and runs away in embarrassment. As the duo try to research more on Perseus, Liliana’s mind can’t help but wonder into romantic scenes with Godou! Don’t you just love this girl when she flusters? But don’t take it out on the book! Liliana prepares mint tea for Godou and he unknowingly drinks a medicine that temporarily paralyzes his body. This confirms her theory that magic can only indeed work from inside. She tells him that she has considered Athena’s offer and it isn’t a bad deal as long he isn’t the one making it. That’s right. Liliana will make that deal with Athena herself. Suddenly Liliana sees a vision of a God. Athena is surprised she can receive her divination power and ponders if she should allow her to return to Godou. I don’t know why but it looks like Athena is going to yuri rape Liliana! Make that hot yuri rape! Luckily Godou was strong enough to fight against the paralysis effects and wants to make the deal with Athena instead. He’ll beat the crap out of her if he has too but she won’t have enough strength to fight Perseus. Athena lets him know a piece of information in which the God connecting Perseus to the Sun God is the ancestor of his who founded the empire. It means it is not a Greek God. Meanwhile Salvatore ties up Erica and the other girls because he doesn’t want them to interfere with Godou’s growth. Perseus lets Godou know the location of their next battle.

Episode 10
The stage is set whereby Perseus brags to the local (hypnotized) people of his achievements. They all cheer him on. Flashback earlier in the day, Karen still tries to persuade Liliana to kiss Godou since she received divine information from Athena. You know how many books it will take just to tell him? Let’s take the short cut. Liliana wants her first kiss to be with the one meant for her so Karen goes off impersonating what Erica would say to her in this situation. Liliana still has her doubts because Godou has Erica and Yuri so and Karen reminds her about the dark side of humans to steal from others. Liliana talks to Godou about the duties of being a king but Perseus picks them up for their battle. With Salvatore watching from afar, Godou uses his strength to toss pillars but Perseus easily negates them and sends him crashing to another building with an arrow. Godou’s perseverance perhaps finally moved something in Liliana’s heart so she kisses him. But that was just to ease his anxiety. She offers her support and loyalty. For the real deal, she wants him to take the lead in the kiss. Since she wasn’t prepared, I guess a third round is needed. It’s not enough so here is the fourth one! I think she just really wants to kiss him. Liliana flustering… Cute! Godou is able to draw his Golden Sword and the golden field. From what I understand about Perseus’ origin is that because his name means hailing from the east, the Romans mistaken the man coming from there to be their Greek God and thus a new hero was born. So he isn’t the Greek hero but the Roman God, Mithras, deity of the sun. That’s why he is able to negate his powers. Godou only succeeds in breaking Perseus’ bow as he now fights his sword and stabs him. With the right conditions in place, Godou uses the Camel for stamina and incredible leg strength to kick him away.

Because Perseus also slew Medusa, he uses that power to hypnotize Liliana to kill Godou. Can Godou’s words reach Liliana? Perseus gives her his bow to finish off Godou but his voice finally reaches her. She snaps out and fires the arrow at Perseus to wound him. The duo cooperate to corner Perseus and Godou finishes him off with the Boar. Victorious Godou is injured so Liliana is weighing if she should heal him. Magic on the exterior won’t work, right? Yeah. Kissy, kissy. However she waited too long so Athena seizes the chance and gives Godou not one but two kisses! First one to heal him and the second as reward. Liliana, no use crying over spilt milk. Perseus turns up elsewhere heavily wounded but vows to bounce back. Unfortunately Athena cuts off his hand and devours him! Salvatore arrives too late to steal the spoils. Godou is recovering well at Liliana’s side. But he has got a bigger problem to deal with now. Erica and Yuri aren’t happy he ran off to play hero and defeated a God. How did they know this? Karen. But of course. Godou is going to taste their punishment anyway. Because Erica did clearly tell him to only limit his mistress to one (Yuri) and since they kissed (how else would Godou receive the knowledge to defeat a God?), they’re not going to accept his answer of Liliana being his knight because Liliana’s face seemed ‘perverted’ just thinking about it. Don’t worry if he is killed. He’s got an avatar to revive, right?

Episode 11
Finally! The last of Godou’s harem girl has appeared! Yuri’s friend, Ena Seishuuin returns and meets her. Amakasu had told her all about Godou so she knows what’s going on. Even Yuri’s feelings for him despite her denying it. Besides, they Japanese women can’t lose out to their Italian counterparts. Ena has been ordered to be one of Godou’s concubines. She even suggests splitting their duties. Yuri can handle sex and childbearing while Ena does the rest. Is she serious? As for Godou, his problems keep piling up. Now Liliana has transferred to his school because of her fate thingy to protect him as his knight. How would the class react to that? More importantly, how will Shizuka take it all? He went to Italy for a holiday and he comes back with another woman. How do you explain this? Despite Liliana acting like a loyal maid, Erica assures Yuri no matter how much Liliana offers herself, she’ll never get through him since she’s doing this as his knight, he’ll take it at face value. Godou is summoned and meets Ena for the first time at the tea club. She says they’ve been assigned to marry him but not officially. Polygamy isn’t accepted by law, right? But he’s king so he can rewrite the laws anyway if he wants to. But when Godou points out Liliana and Yuri are just his friends, perhaps he just stepped on a landmine. Ena takes this chance to ask Yuri about her feelings for Godou. She’s hesitating. Ena warns to make it clear. If she backs down now, she won’t give her a chance. Otherwise she’ll support her with all she’s got. With Erica coming into the picture, Ena goes off to talk with her about ‘politics’. When it’s over, Liliana and Yuri don’t seem to have the mood to join Godou and want to be alone. But Erica won’t be joining him too because she’s letting Shizuka doing the honours. She is somewhat upset of the potential new girl he will be adding to his harem. How did she know? She’s part of the tea club. Oh. And later in class, Shizuka storms off when Erica butts in to ask Godou out on a date. She’s serious. To stop Liliana from following Godou like a shadow, she blackmails her about her ever-improving novel. I don’t even want to know how she got her manuscript.

Godou has to think of places to take her out or else Erica will be hanging around longer and spewing ambiguous stuff while he waits at the lingerie shop. The outing seems pretty generic like what couples do and go. Except that Erica visited the places he ‘destroyed’ while playing king. Liliana can’t help feel worry but Yuri is cool. Although being labelled as a friend is shocking, it is important to Godou so they trust him. Besides, Erica is the only one who understands Godou best. Godou and Erica’s date ends when Ena enters the fray to square off with Erica in a one on one sword fight. I think it will be a catfight since no men are allowed to interrupt! Hehe. Of course Godou won’t want to see girls fighting (even if he doesn’t realize it’s over him) so he dangerously gets in between them. He could’ve had extra holes in his body. Godou’s earnest words of not wanting to see anybody get hurt interests Ena. But that’s going to stop her. Ena can use divine magic and has a rare ability to channel Godly powers through her body. Godou is suddenly pulled into a wormhole and as speculated by Ena, probably her grandpa pulled him into some intermediate world between life and death. The girls continue their clash as Ena explains that her sword was wielded not by true heroes to fight rogue Gods, but one who would not hesitate to trick the enemy. She reveals her grandpa’s name, Haya Susano Wo No Mikoto and the sword’s name, Ama No Murakumo. But Erica isn’t going to go along with her and jumps into the wormhole. Ena also follows suit. Meanwhile Shizuka must be annoyed but worried about her brother’s whereabouts when suddenly Athena comes crashing down through the ceiling. She’s looking for Godou. Who else?

Episode 12
If Shizuka hasn’t had enough trouble worrying about Godou not returning home and the hole in her ceiling, she’s got to put up with Athena’s ambiguous words that her brother may have just laid her. I know. Shocking. Godou is wandering around the intermediate world when he stumbles upon Susano in a hut. Susano refers himself as retired and no longer a rogue God who was good at hiding and stealing things. Godou is able to get knowledge on his background and thus the materialization of his Golden Sword but Susano shows him Erica clashing with Ena who is clearly being possessed by Ama No Murakumo. Erica is losing badly. Godou wants to go to their aid now but Susano needs to finish a little business first. After Erica heaps praises on Godou, it makes Ena want Godou more so she lets Ama No Murakumo fully possess her and absorbs Erica’s power, weakening her. Yuri sees visions of Godou in the intermediate world and the only way they can get there is via some potion but Liliana doesn’t have it. Amakasu offers to help because he needs Godou back in this world badly. Yup. Something bad is happening. It’s like a dark eclipse has befallen on the entire world. Meanwhile Shizuka hears more ambiguity from Athena and how this loli God tells her she has been burnt and played by Godou. Shizuka is in danger of getting the wrong idea her brother may be a lolicon! When the TV news reports of the strange eclipse phenomenon, Athena disappears. Godou manages to block Ena’s strike before she hits Erica. He summons the field of Golden Swords but because Ena’s body is at her limit, Ama No Murakumo flees. Godou can’t go after her since Erica is badly in need of medical attention. Godou tries to use his imagination power to transfer them away but it looks harder now than he did at first.

Erica’s body won’t heal since it’s being attacked by this astral plane’s air. She wants a last kiss. Godou is not amused by this joke. She puts it in a constructive tone to take care of Yuri and Liliana and also to rely on her uncle Paolo who is the head Copper Black Cross once she is gone. She reiterates she loves him so much, the reason why she cares for him and wanted to stay by his side ever since they met. I guess Godou is not going to allow that. She had to say all that so that he could kiss her without hesitation? Man, that’s the most passionate kiss ever! Godou now blows his top that he has to lose her and won’t accept this screw up reality. So mad this guy is that he gets to meet Verethragna again. He tells Godou if he can’t accept this, just destroy it. He’s going to do just that and takes his power. Godou now has Verethragna’s Youth avatar and is ready to use it on Erica. He wants her to promise to stay by his side even if the world ends or all the Gods become his enemy. I take what I said back earlier on about the first passionate kiss. This one is even more passionate! Yikes! The most passionate kiss ever for a non-hentai series! Looks so hentai. Oh Godou! You’re such a kisser! I don’t know if he bit her lips that it even starts to bleed! Erica receives Godou’s power inside her. She couldn’t have made it sound more ambiguous, couldn’t she? She felt his warmth inside her body as she rubs her tummy. That was good, wasn’t it? Have another go? This one seems gentler, romantic, so true. Liliana and Yuri prepare to open the portal when Athena ambushes them. I’m sure Godou and Erica would love to lie on the sands watching the quietness go by. Yeah, nobody is going to bug them. Too bad Ama No Murakumo returns to finish them off and has transformed into a giant monster. Ena may be trapped within it but she’s free from his mind control. Even so, she’s being carefree and easygoing. Erica fights the monster using Godou’s power as he uses Raptor to free Ena. Ena is grateful he saved her and kisses him. After Erica kills the monster, I’m sure she has lots of things she wants to say. I think that will be tougher… The fight is interrupted when Athena has found them and sends everyone back into the real world. She absorbs Ama No Murakumo but everyone is surprised to see 2 Athenas. What’s going on? Godou realizes the one who absorbed the divine sword is Metis, the other Athena.

Episode 13
Godou knows Metis thanks to Susano. She is Zeus’ first wife and Athena’s mother. Because she is the snake goddess and the goddess of darkness and the underworld, this means she is the true prophecy for the Starless Night. In fact, the world is once more engulfed in total darkness. It will be even darker than this once she regains her true form. That is, it’s game over once Metis swallows Athena. Erica wants Godou to take Athena and run. His powers have not healed yet and they can’t afford to use their trump card yet. His harem will deal with Metis. Amakasu and Arianna drive Godou and Athena to the sacred shrine in Mt Fuji even if it only helps in hiding their presence a little. Along the way, it seems Athena has lost her memories because as explained, Metis has taken it along with her power. Therefore Athena is like an old empty shell of a God. Athena doesn’t even know the meaning of God so Godou explains about the omniscient beings with crazy powers. But once he gets to know them, he feels they are childish like kids and sometimes more humans than humans themselves. So much so he considers them his friends. Erica is on par with Metis and feels very happy that Godou’s power is flowing through her. Despite the other girls chipping in to help, they can’t hold Metis down and are defeated. Metis makes her way to Mt Fuji and flattens the mountain! Oh sh*t! Thankfully Godou and Athena still stand. Godou’s power has restored and he gives Metis a chance to back down for good and return the world to its normal state in exchange he won’t do anything to her. Rejected. I guess he has to do it the hard way. He summons several avatars to fend Metis off but it is futile. Athena got slashed by her scythe and not even the Stallion could burn her power away.

Metis then absorbs Athena and turns into her true form. That’s also when Godou’s harem come into the picture with Yuri starting off first in line the kiss chain to heal him. Next up is Ena. Her kiss enables him to draw knowledge of Metis and summon the field of Golden Swords. Once her scythe which contains Ama No Murakumo is taken away, it’s Liliana’s turn to kiss him for more Godly knowledge to strike her down. From what I understand, Zeus swallowed Metis in fear she would give birth to a son that would surpass him. Athena was born as his daughter identical to Metis and she endured as her father’s loyal daughter. Because of her hatred and desire for vengeance against Zeus, she tries to swallow the heavens Zeus rules and this is the nature behind the Starless Night prophecy. I guess now it’s Erica’s turn to kiss but since he needs no more knowledge on the God, her kiss is of pure love! Borrowing the powers of his harem, Godou strikes the finishing blow but Metis won’t give in easily and fights back his Boar. Then she targets to swallow Athena again. Godou races to her but can’t make it. Athena then awakens and with the Gale, Athena is whisked next to Godou. I suppose his harem didn’t see this one coming: Athena kissing Godou! She’s back. Her memories and powers. Together with Athena, they slash the giant golden scythe across Metis. Light returns to the world and Athena is glad she had lots of fun. She hopes they can meet again and disappears. Godou collapses due to exhaustion. And now Godou’s true challenge comes… How is he going to explain to Shizuka that four, yes four lovely beauties are clinging close to him right in their home. No shame. Got excuse to be with him. Shizuka… So… Pissed… Yeah. Slaying Gods were a much easier task, eh?

Campy One…
So the legend of the God Slayer continues… Another sequel in the near future? I don’t know. If you ask me, I wasn’t really interested in the Gods or the fights but the harem… In that sense it seems a little disappointing. Sure, Godou has got all the girls as introduced but I guess I have myself to blame for expecting high school romantic hijinks rather than Godou discovering and learning how to use his power and fight rogue Gods. Ah well, as long as the guy gets the girls in the end, everything is alright. On the contrary, everything isn’t alright for Godou. If you know what I mean ;p. Despite having decent action, drama, fanservice, harem and some cliche stuffs, I guess this series still passes in my books.

I suppose one of the highlights of the series is the explanations about the origins and tales of certain Gods or heroes. Due to my lack of knowledge in this area, I am not sure whether some of the explanations spun are for real or made up entirely. Take for instance Athena’s case and her actual relationship with the God of Gods, Zeus. I didn’t really do my research this time because I was really put off with it all despite the ‘knowledge’ of the Gods seemed interesting. Maybe I was afraid that I would turn into a mythology freak and spend more of my time trying to learn more about the Gods, which will lead to reading up on many other Gods from other parts of the world. It is going to be a daunting task just to read them all up and to ascertain if what Godou said about them is true. To cut a long story short, I’m lazy. Guilty as charged. I didn’t want such knowledge to ruin the ‘enjoyment’ of the harem factor. I’m not trying to be a God Slayer. A lady killer maybe. Haha! Just joking. There are also some technical stuffs like how a Campione can or cannot receive a God’s power based on the circumstances the God is killed (weakened or cooperation will not bestow the power) or how Campiones age very slowly (in the case of Voban). If I hadn’t read up on these, I would have been further lost and not understand slightly better the actions of the characters and flow of the story. Maybe I should go read up on the Gods too… Nah. Maybe one day. If I remember.

The action sequences are also rather okay but nothing to shout about. Because Godou still has problems trying to control some of his avatars, he is limited to what he can do or else the toll of the pain would be aggravated. He doesn’t really want to end up as a dead hero, wouldn’t he? I went to this site to understand better about his avatars’ abilities. Well, one thing bugs me though. If he needs to use those powers, he has to chant a really long incantation line, doesn’t he? I suppose it’s better than having just 2 or 3 words to avoid mistakenly activating them but I feel that they’re slightly longer. I’m sure the enemy is not going to wait till he finishes his incantation to attack, right? Maybe all that chanting happens in a second. The field of Golden Swords is a magnificent visual to behold but I’m not sure of why Godou has to blab about the knowledge of the Gods he has found out. Other than the fact to explain to us viewers what he has learnt. Maybe words are like swords. Say the right ones and they’ll cut through the God’s divinity like a sharp blade. And if it takes a kiss to transfer all that knowledge, how can Godou say it all with his mouth in those crucial moments? I suppose you don’t need to reveal from head to toe about everything. Just the main points will do. The other girls provide good back up as well whether it is by the sword or magic. So as long as they work and cooperate together, they’ll still be able to take on the baddest of the most baddest or the most rogue God materialized to bring disaster to Earth.

Now that we’re done with that, I can talk about the harem part. Yay! Erica is most likely to be everyone’s favourite for Godou’s number one. She is strong willed, intelligent, independent, passionate and lets nothing stand in her way. So for such a skilful lady to even willingly give herself to Godou, that guy must be one heck of a charmer even if he doesn’t realize it. I get a feeling that it is not his God Slayer status or the King of Kings ranking that made her fall in love with him. It’s his brave and simple righteousness personality that is the main attraction. His heavenly status is just icing to the cake. Even Yuri who was shy and hesitant in the beginning, now had no qualms in declaring that she will not waste any opportunity to be Godou’s main woman. Liliana is the most amusing of the pack in the sense that she really feels like a joker when she had to initially deal about her duty and romance with Godou. We enjoy seeing her go crazy like that, do we? So it’s just a matter of time before we see that inner feelings of hers overtake that duty excuse. Ena made a very late appearance so not much is known about her except that she seems carefree even in times of danger. I think Athena could have been Godou’s fifth one the way she takes an interest in him. Really. How often do you have an anime which features an episode whereby 5 different girls kiss the hero?! Godou isn’t really a normal human now so I guess having the love of a God is like having God’s blessing. So can his other harem girls win over this if Athena becomes serious in being Godou’s woman? I bet Lucretia could be part of his harem too. She’s not that old, isn’t she? She’s also interested in him too. In a way. Having diversity is best. Arianna and Karen would’ve been nice too but I guess they’re better off serving their masters for now. So all that’s left is Shizuka. I’m not sure if his sister has always been strict on him but I guess she’s going to be stricter now that more women are coming into the household. In that case I have only one thing to say to her: If you can’t beat them, join them! Why do I get the feeling that Shizuka may be jealous with the other women surrounding him because she may not be able to get the only attention from her brother. She can still sway him if she puts up that cute onii-chan act. Provided if he has siscon fetish. So you see, if all these women become part of Godou’s harem, he would have them from all ages, young and old. Even eternal ones too.

Since this series is only one season, there are lots of other characters and Gods that Godou have come into contact as the light novel which this anime is based on is still ongoing. You know that I don’t read so if I ever am going to find out more about them or the developments (or any more girls added to his harem), I would sadly have to wait if the sequel gets animated. Even some of the characters appearing in the anime aren’t properly fleshed out like Salvatore. All of a sudden, we know he has some sort of relationship with Godou. There are other Campiones too and though Voban may have appeared as an antagonist in his little arc, we certainly haven’t heard the last of him. Arianna and Karen’s role felt they have little impact on the series. While Karen was simply amusing in trying to ‘trick’ Liliana in stealing Godou as hers, that’s about it. Arianna on the other hand felt like she’s just a personal driver. I suppose with Erica being self sufficient, she doesn’t really need a maid to get in the way. What about Pandora? She appears in Godou’s dream every time he is close to dying. So why the loli getup? Maybe trying to convert him into a lolicon. Haha! Just joking. The question of if Gods are killed, then slowly there won’t be any Gods in the realm anymore at this rate, right? Godou is the seventh Campione and I’m sure there will be more Campiones to come and the previous ones may have slew more than one. As I discover, even if a rogue God is killed, as long as humans still believe in its myth, they will continue to exist.

Fanservice. There are a few but not so much to bombard you in every five minutes. Erica’s lingerie while she slept in her bed after getting drunk, the hotspring vacation, the near Athena-yuri-raping-Liliana scene and the very erotic kissing scene between Godou and Erica are perhaps to divert our attention away from the main stuff for a little while. Just when I thought the hotspring scene was going to be a non-serious one, it ended quickly and the story gets back on track. As the series mainly focuses on the plot of coming up with strategies, tactics or knowledge in trying to fight against the rogue Gods, I guess that is why there is no time for the harem hijinks that some like yours truly anticipated. No time for in-house cat fight too because if you’re not one against a rogue God, you’re as good as dead. Where would the fun be if there are no rivals after that? Thus you don’t really see any sort of physical tussle over Godou to get his attention. Maybe some piercing words here and there (Erica is a pro on this) but that’s just about it. The lack of such isn’t really a bad thing since it doesn’t dilute the value and direction of the storyline and make it cheap. If only there was a balance between them and maybe I would be a little more satisfied. Guess not. On a trivial note, the next episode preview at the end is just a narration but it feels like a grand proclamation to tell Godou to go forth and do his job. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a joke because some decree tells him about the many laughing and love yelling that awaited him and thus to stay indecisive. And another one that tells him to go forth and follow his lust because it’s the beach, the hotspring and swimsuits. He doesn’t need to emphasize on the hotspring twice. We get it.

For the voice acting department, it seems recently Youko Hikasa is beginning to voice more strong willed and independent ladies. As Erica here, it reminds me of her other anime roles like Rias in High School DxD, Brioche in Dog Days and Lynn from Mouretsu Pirates. Kana Hanazawa as Yuri puts up her cutie voice mode like Nadeshiko in Bakemonogatari and Shiemi in Ao No Exorcist. At first I couldn’t recognize Eri Kitamura as Liliana. But once she starts flustering like a teenager in love, her trademark voice becomes more familiar like how I recognize her as Kotone in Softenni, Eve in Needless and Rin in Kodomo No Jikan. Yui Ogura as Athena once more made me stereotype her voice as someone who is suitable in playing loli characters like Alice in Kami-sama No Memochou, Hinata in Ro-Kyu-Bu and Kuroe in Cube x Cursed x Curious. Only difference is that she sounds more ominous and lacks more emotions in her character. Other casts include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Godou (Kirito in Sword Art Online), Yuka Saitou as Ena (Chizuru in Seitokai No Ichizon), Takuya Eguchi as Salvatore (Yoshiharu in Oda Nobuna No Yabou), Atsuko Tanaka as Lucretia (Hisahide in Sengoku Collection), Sachika Misawa as Arianna (Cafe in Yumeiro Patissiere), Shinobu Matsumoto as Amakasu (Galdarblog in Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai), Junko Minagawa as Verethragna (Ryouma in Prince Of Tennis), Nobutoshi Canna as Perseus (Makoto Waltz Segai in Guilty Crown), Unshou Ishizuka as Voban (Bunta in Initial D), Kaori Ishihara as Metis (Kanna in Ano Natsu De Matteru), Rina Hidaka as Shizuka (Last Order in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Kanami Satou as Karen (Sumika Inaba in K) and Yuiko Tatsumi as Pandora (Riko in KissxSis). Both the opening and ending themes are rock based, Brave Blade by Megu Sakuragawa and Raise by Yui Ogura respectively. Maybe it’s just me because I find the ending song to be somewhat a little ‘fast’. Maybe it’s because of some of the lines she sings. Though it doesn’t sound like she is rapping but it’s to a point that it sounds a little funny.

So there you have it, a guy who almost had everything and yet isn’t really everything he wanted. He’s got the power, he’s got the status, he’s got the girls. But being a God Slayer isn’t perfect. The downside is his harem girls. As for now it may seem they’re having a peaceful truce and aren’t really at war against each other for him. When that happens, I guess heaven will fall and hell will freezes over. That’s like the end of the world, right? Not even a God Slayer could stop them. That’s why if I ever wanted a harem of my own, I would rather just get them playing those dating simulation games. Slaying Gods seems to be too much work. Unless it becomes a trend to impress chicks.

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