Chio-chan No Tsuugakuro

November 25, 2018

There is a saying that goes, life is more of the journey than the destination. This is quite true for the anime series, Chio-chan No Tsuugakuro. If you think your daily life of going to school is so boring, well, maybe it is. But as for our titular character, every morning her path to school is filled with all kinds of ‘diversions’. Each time, she has to overcome them all in order just to reach school in time or forever be in the unwanted permanent records of being tardy. Sheesh. Makes you be at least thankful that your road to school is mostly smooth and plain sailing…

Episode 1A
Chio Miyamo is late for school. Suddenly there is a roadblock ahead. The detour is long and she is running out of time. Flashback shows she played her assassin video game till the wee hours of the morning. Yup, she brought this upon herself. Plus, her school has strict tardy rules and she doesn’t want to be grouped together with those delinquents. She thought of climbing the pole and walk on roofs like an assassin. She manages to do it but in less than spectacular fashion. As she walks along, she begins to feel good like as though she is the assassin. She tries to act like one when suddenly a guy opens the window to brush his teeth! Luckily she ducks and hides but his saliva keeps spilling onto her glasses! Gross! Finally that big spit! YUCK!!! When she wants to get down, she realizes she is in a crowded area. She fears to be seen because if word gets out some girl is climbing down, she’ll never see the end of the taunting. She notices a boy crying because his balloon is stuck up in the tree. A tall man walks by and his busty mom asks for help. However he looks down on poor people and walks away. Chio feels like wanting to teach him a lesson. Using he assassin game skills, she throws pebbles at him. Naturally he uses his bag to defend. At this point, she jumps and uses him as a launch pad to the other building. Everyone is stumped why this dude is passed out. As for the balloon, she tied a pebble to it so it descends to the boy who saw her and believes she is the legendary assassin! Chio manages to get down and out from a car park. But why is a pervy guy looking at her like that? She ignores him and joins her fellow classmates to school. Soon it is upload that a girl is seen walking out from a love hotel!

Episode 1B
Chio is shocked when Yuki Hosokawa waves at her. As she is a popular athletic person, there is no way they would mix and often Chio would get out of her way. She starts thinking if there is someone else behind her. But if she ignores her, Yuki might get offended if she was really waving at her. As she walks closer, somehow she trips into the garbage area. This allows her a chance to see if anybody was at her back. None. Yuki is indeed waving at her and is worried she fell like that. As they walk to school together, Chio starts overthinking. She tries to start a conversation but it sounded awkward. Luckily Yuki’s friends are here. Chio uses this chance to escape and dash into the convenience store to hide in the toilet. She waits and goes out thinking Yuki would have joined her friends but it seems she actually waited for her! Yuki thinks she has a weak stomach and agrees not to tell. Chio feels bad for doubting and deceiving her as she went out her way to be nice to her. So when they finally reach school and Chio finally ekes out a hi, Yuki has sprint ahead and the other (ugly) guys think Chio likes them. Luckily Chio sneezes so the guys think it’s just that. Phew.

Episode 2A
Once more Chio stays up late to play her video games. On her way to school, a gangster, Mayuta Andou parked his bike in the middle of the narrow street. Chio and an old guy try to pass without making a fuss but Chio’s thigh touches the exhaust pipe. So hot that she screams. Andou takes this as a challenge and tries to beat her up. As she struggles, her elbow accidentally hits his head. She takes this chance to escape but somehow feels the need to remove the bike so as others won’t share the same fate. Yeah, it’s heavy. She dropped it. Crash! When Andou wakes up, he sees Chio sitting on his fallen bike like a delinquent queen! In order to hide what she has done, she does some tough talking under the name of Bloody Butterfly (her online avatar). Although she sounds high and mighty, technically she isn’t lying as she is basing her experience from gaming. This guy believes it but I think it’s because Chio ‘jiggled’ his brain earlier on. So to pay his last respects never to park his bike like that again, he sends Chio to school. Man, this is embarrassing. When Gotou the teacher stops her, she lies her way out that she is a foreign transfer student.

Episode 2B
Chio walks with her friend, Manana Nonomura. The duo discuss about love but of course neither has zero experience. They see Yuki with a guy as Manana adlibs their conversation. Suddenly the guy takes her into the alley. Both feel curious of wanting to go see what happens. With their pitiful excuses, they accuse the other of being piece of sh*t. They see Yuki rejecting his confession. The rejection surprisingly goes smoothly. When Yuki suggests Chio’s name to be friends with, Manana becomes jealous. She thinks she intends to abandon her and enter Yuki’s circle of friends. When Yuki is seen coming out, Chio quickly puts her face close to Manana. From that angle, they look like kissing and their face can’t be seen. So the newly rejected couple make haste trying to be considerate and not interrupt their make out. So did they really kiss or not? Well, let’s say they agree for their lips never touched.

Episode 2C
What’s this? Manana is suddenly Yuki’s friend?! While waiting for Chio, Yuki learnt she is Chio’s friend and anyone who is her friend is also her friend! WTF networking? Chio listens to them as Manana asks lots of pretty bold stuffs (“Are you a virgin?”) and even very intellectual questions that she herself can’t understand. Chio realizes Manana has abandoned her and was using her as a stepping stone to be part of Yuki’s groupie, something Manana isn’t shy about hiding. When Manana tries to show off her coolness, like badmouthing that fatty with no future, turns out this Toshio Ushida guy knows Yuki and she is her running trainer! Yeah, with Manana being ‘abandoned’, Chio comes back to bite and tease her. So they come clean with all the lies they said as they smoke out Ushida who also reveals he isn’t a company president but a grunt who wants to look cool. But Yuki isn’t mad. She has also done her fair share of lying like acting unwell during meets to get out. So the cure for this is running? Yeah, they had fun running to school.

Episode 3A
Chio sees Andou and his gang. She would have easily walked away had not she overheard him telling how ferocious his encounter with Bloody Butterfly was! He claims he is living up to his promise to leave the gang as he paints Chio like some living devil. His gang want to see who this terror is and speaking of which, here comes Chio! Andou is scared but the guys feel disappointed to see a normal high school girl. After that build up, not surprising. Andou thought he is in sh*t when she wants to speak to him alone. It seems she clarifies what happened. Of course Andou felt like a fool now that the truth is out. But to think all that happened, he is amazed while slamming his own head on the wall. He feels the need to at least continue this clown act to the end with his buddies. He returns to them and tells them to running. They are shocked to see him bleeding (from the head banging) like as though he got owned by Bloody Butterfly. Eventually they run and Andou ends things with her. In the aftermath, Manana heard rumours of some bloody something defeated some bike gangsters so Chio pretends not to know anything.

Episode 3B
Chio is quite athletic so Manana fools her into doing some weird motion action while spewing kabaddi nonsense. Funny until Yuki introduces them to their busty senior, Madoka Kushitori who is the captain of the kabaddi club. She thinks they are interested and is going to teach them. I’m not into kabaddi but why does she sound like this game is like one elaborated tag game? Anyway, they are forced into a practice match in which if they lose, they will join the club. Manana loses after getting tackled by Kushitori-Yuki team. If Chio loses, she’ll have to shoulder whatever kabaddi responsibility for the rest of her school life. So she avoids Yuki’s tackling like hell. She then has the perfect plan to end the game. Something like making Kushitori touch Yuki’s back but her arm goes through her pussy. Chio has observed that Kushitori is into girls than the game. The way she looked a Manana as well as Yuki proves it. Plus, she prioritizes touching Yuki’s pussy than going after her. Chio dares challenge her to another game but can she let go of that pussy? Nope. Kushitori clutches her ass even further! When they make their way to school, Manana asks straight about those boobs. Kushitori reveals she wasn’t this busty before joining this club. She thinks because of its Indian origins that has some yoga element, that must have an effect on her body. And so we see Chio and Manana doing weird kabaddi poses while going to school… Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

Episode 4A
Manana hints about doing romantic stuffs before one dies. But for Chio, her bucket list includes flicking back the cigarette butt into the car of the person who threw it out! Oh good, there’s one happening now. Chio dives to grab the cigarette but crashes into the pole. The driver drove away. Dream didn’t come true. With the cigarette butt in hand, Chio knows she’ll get into trouble if she doesn’t throw it away. But Manana knows Chio is the kind of girl who thinks smoking is cool so she convinces her to pose with it because hey, it’s not lit so it’s just garbage. Chio loves looking like a bad girl while posing with the cigarette as Manana snaps away. Of course her true intention is to post them online! But now Chio convinces Manana to do the same. Once bitten by the cigarette bug… They hope to do more after this but at the school gates, Gotou stops all those who passed as he smells tobacco! Gasp! He sniffs out Chio. She admits her story and he believes her. However Chio is in disbelief he doesn’t think she smoked it. He saw lipstick prints on it and this brand is pretty strong. Not satisfied, she tries to convince him she did. Everybody laughs. That’s why. Desperate, she tries to show the photos! I think that’s it. Manana stops her. Otherwise she’s going down with her too.

Episode 4B
The duo make about whether or not working could be fun. Then they see a downtrodden guy about to quit his job. Hey. Isn’t that Andou?! He is delivering newspapers? When he sees Chio, he tries to act cool but still on the verge of quitting. Chio won’t allow that and will help him deliver all the newspapers. The girls experience rude unappreciative gestures from the old folks. Yup, these folks don’t like their papers late. But why was Andou late in delivering them? Apparently he was stopped by the police. He raised his voice and that only delayed things. With Chio trying to cheer him up, Manana thinks she likes him. The delivery reaches a point where Andou fears this old guy. Yup, he is waiting outside his door just to give his piece of mind for his late paper. The girls coordinate their effort to slip the newspaper into his door. A few close shaves and their mission is a success. Andou is grateful to Chio but Manana is sickened by this budding romance and breaks them up to return to school. When Manana tries to bring up if Chio likes Andou, it seems Chio bugs her for the 100 Yen. Because Chio won the bet. So that’s why she’s been so good to Andou… But Andou may start to like Chio…

Episode 4C
Not sure about Manana’s problem about one’s single vague expression which is enough to tell you’re aren’t greeting somebody but you are. So when one of Manana’s friends greet her, Manana probably went into shock mode (making that stupefied face too which I believe isn’t a subtle greeting whatsoever) so her stomach starts hurting. With the crowd gathering and wondering if something is wrong with her, Chio quietly runs away! Don’t want to have anything to do with this weirdo and weird situation.

Episode 5A
Chio suddenly feels the urge to pee! It feels like an eternity dragging herself across the road. When she finally spots a toilet, she barges in and does her business. All refreshed. But here comes the problem. She entered the men’s toilet. With men streaming in and doing business like as though they’re going to war, Chio realizes she is trapped. She can’t simply go out too as she realizes in front of the toilet is a bus stop so the crowd must have built up. Hiding in the store, she notices some of the tools. She thought of using a hose to strangle a man, assimilate in his clothes and walk out! This isn’t a game… Instead, she puts the cleaning in progress sign, splashes the area with her green tea that looks like pee colour as she peeks out the back window. There might be less people passing but still passers-by nonetheless. When the timing is right, she throws those urinal balls to distract the cat to distract the high school girls looking at it play to distract the dirty old men looking at their asses. Chio uses this chance to go through the window but is a bit stuck! Oh man, if they only turned their heads they would have seen the best fanservice twerking ever. Finally Chio frees herself but her sudden crash shocks everyone. She pretends the cat belongs to her and chases after it to make her getaway. And the girls thought those urinal balls are the latest cute toy… Yuck!

Episode 5B
Momo Shinozuka is part of the disciplinary committee. It is no surprise she likes Gotou and wants to be of use to him. Because he states the reports of declining moral standards of their students, Momo goes to observe some of them on her way to school. Yup, it’s those bungling duo of Chio and Manana. She is confused watching them. At first they’re like so friendly with each other. Then they burst into some barbaric rage fighting one another before returning to normal like as though all that madness never happened. Momo cannot stand watching them anymore and confronts them (after that water bottle fiasco that had the duo ended up arguing with each other) and lectures to them about friendship. She threatens to report all she has seen but the duo are going to show them their super friendship move: A lame (but annoyingly cute) cat dance!!! So how’s that friendship for you? Uhm, Momo is crying and believes their true friendship!!! So beautiful she won’t report and overlooks the other hideous parts. When she asks for advice about being close to someone, they can pick up that she likes Gotou. That embarrassed reaction just confirms it. Manana becomes interested to support her and gives her whatever advice. Momo returns to Gotou and is happy she gets to be with him. But a rival girl pops up seemingly trying to flirt with him. Momo decides to use Manana’s teachings to stem off her rival but it backfires since she has better physique and feminine charm than her if she were to take it all seriously. Dense Gotou doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Episode 6A
It seems Kushitori has been missing for a week. But Chio and Manana find her practising kabaddi at a park with a hobo dude as her master! Apparently she got lost hiking in the mountains. Near death, this dude saved her. Remember, this is just the neighbourhood park. Chio notices the practice dolls look like her so she forces Manana to go talk to Kushitori. Manana might say some weird things but Kushitori’s weird reaction is due to her withdrawal symptoms of not touching a girl’s butt for a week. She tries to purge her worldly desires but ends up thinking about Yuki’s ass. Master then tells his story. He was an office worker and a very tired one. One day on the train he saw lively high school girls talking. He felt their liveliness gave him some energy. So he thought he wanted some of that energy himself. Yup, he tried to grope them. He lost everything and became a hobo. So the lesson is touching high school girls’ ass is a privilege? Oh well, you’ve really got some good privileges there, Kushitori. Now that she is resolved to touch asses (going Super Saiyan?), she is gunning for Manana. So that traitor girl gave away Chio’s position (she in turn was trying to call Yuki to take all the credit). Kushitori grabs Chio and can’t stop groping her ass! With Yuki arriving, Chio paints a picture that her body is in healthy shape since a track meet is coming up. Kushitori now guns for Yuki’s butt as she runs for her life. Now Chio gets back at Manana by groping her ass. The winner of it all is hobo dude. Witnessing the best of girls groping each other’s butts!

Episode 6B
Chio successfully completed a game that saved America. Now she is acting like those stealthy heroes, checking the corners and all. She spots Manana and thinks of giving her a surprise. However trying to hang from the bridge is a lot tougher than it sounds. She can’t risk falling and wet herself so she calls out to her. Manana thinks it is a ghost and tries to exorcise it by saying how much better humans are? Eventually Manana finds out but she’s not going to help her. Knowing that this is one of her pranks, it is better she learns the hard way and take the fall. Chio won’t give up and uses all her energy to grab onto Manana’s legs, pulling her down. If not for the barrier, she might have gone down too. So Chio is grabbing onto her legs like a koala. Manana lectures her about everything but Chio starts crying for real. The friends put aside their animosity to try and help each other out. Just when Chio thought she is in the clear, she falls back but Manana quickly catches her. This has them end up in a very compromising and precarious situation. Do they have time to argue? If not for a passer-by to help them out, they would have been goners or stuck in that lesbian position forever.

Episode 7A
Chio is eager to get the western game magazine from the only convenience store that sells it. However it’s not there! She realizes it has been replaced with some BL magazine! She goes on to rant how she loves the macho manliness of western games and complains how gay-looking the designs of JRPGs!!! OMG! Somewhat true! Of course curiosity kills the cat as she takes a peek. Suddenly new awakening! She kinda likes it but when she tries to buy it, she realizes it is Andou at the register! She can’t put it back since she ‘damaged’ the magazine (doggy ear). She hatches a plan to camouflage the book by putting another book on top. At the counter, Andou takes interest in the book she uses to camouflage. It is a driving book and she thinks she is going to get her motorcycle licence. While distracting him to find a proper school for her, Chio tries to use the chocolates to hide that erotic guy on the cover page. I don’t know it works or not but Andou sees it and scans the code. Purchase made. As Chio decides to leave like that, Andou then calls her. It seems he knows about that magazine she bought and will not judge her interests. He takes the liberty to put the magazine in a paper bag since it’ll be dangerous to walk with it in public. Glad of how considerate he is, Chio? Back home, Andou plays a BL game in the name of research. With his male friend watching, damn is there going to be some sort of awakening?!

Episode 7B
A little girl suddenly does kanchou up Manana’s butt!!! She tries to aim for Chio too but not only Chio is swift but she tries to do kanchou on her as well. The standoff ends when Manana does a surprise kanchou up her ass. Taking her away for interrogation, she has a mouth tightly shut. Until she hints she is doing this not because she specifically targeted them. She has a grudge with their school and chose them because they look weak. They laugh at her and plan on how to embarrass her when she somehow gets back up to do kanchou on Manana’s butt again! The furious kanchou battle continues as Chio realizes they are in a public park. Chio tries to bring their fight away from the public eye but accidentally her back got ‘poked’ by a tree branch. Before the little girl could finish her off (and mentioning about getting revenge on her brother or something), Kushitori grabs her. Her little girl senses must be giving off the alert. Kushitori allows her to do kanchou but the little girl suddenly feels she might regret doing it. That is when Kushitori advises her about growing up to be a refine lady, etc. Too bad in the end she runs away while giving the middle finger. Manana has returned and is gunning for revenge. No little girl in sight. Unfortunately for the rest of the day she can’t sit as her ass hurts.

Episode 7C
Chio and Manana notice an old lady always sitting in front of a store. They think it might be that story they heard about a romantic couple who used to meet here when they were young. There were hydrangea flowers where the store is. They thought it brought back those nostalgic memories when they realize she is playing games on her Smartphone! Then the store manager scolds her for stealing their Wifi that is only for paying customers. He threatens to block her phone but she doesn’t care and will hack it! Oh sh*t. Old people are so scary…

Episode 8A
When Yuki meets up with the duo to go to school, she is dressed in her athletic getup. Can’t blame her since the meet is close and she’s excited. But you know how ‘sexy’ and ‘exposing’ the getup is, right? Hence Manana tries to make her realize this by having them walk through the convenient store with lots of people. Yup, lots of stares from the men. Too sexy for my eyes! But what’s this? Yuki is enjoying this? Because it’s like the people in a stadium watching over her. With this plan failed, it seems Chio has changed into her tennis club getup. She realizes this is her plan to avoid being the centre of attraction while being with Yuki. However this makes Manana standing out as the odd one. So to ‘get rid’ of Yuki, she hints the distance to the school is the exact distance she runs. Chio can see where this is going as they both tug Yuki. Eventually Manana uses a popper that makes it sound like a starting gun and has Yuki start racing. With Chio now standing out, she begs for a place to change back. But will Manana allow her? She manages to do so as Chio reminds her when they were young, Manana wore her swimsuit first before heading to the pool. Manana doesn’t want to remember that embarrassing incident.

Episode 8B
Thanks to a new game Chio played, she shows off using her legs to climb in between 2 buildings. Before she could show if off to Manana, looks like she got distracted talking to a barely recognizable Ushida. Fearing this dude might look up and see her panties, she climbs up further! You mean she’s not climbing down? Feeling like a game and before she could act it out, somebody opens the window! She hides and in time manages to climb up with all that strength and dexterity before that guy spots her. Phew. Close shave. Chio continues making her way up. At this point, Manana is done talking and sees this atrocity. She is going to get Chio as she walks up the building and even does a smart distraction of an office worker taking a break (sending lunch to her dad).At the top, Manana is so mad that she jumps over ready to beat up Chio? It is when Chio realized Manana with no athletic abilities had jumped over a building and could have fell to her death. Manana faints upon realizing this. Chio realizes the reward earned from this is true friendship. When Chio brings her down, they stumble into that office worker. Chio exaggerates whatever Manana’s story. So a moving story…

Episode 8C
Before Momo was part of the disciplinary, she tried to nicely advice others for their good but they ignore her and find her annoying. This includes an effective way for them to study. It really got to her when Gotou stopped her at the gates as she screamed out about being the only one singled out. He claims she had this look on her face that wanted him to stop her. He knows she has something to tell and listens out to her. He finds her ideas good and suggests she joins the discipline committee as she is the only one fit for that position. For the first time she felt needed and couldn’t hold back her tears. The rest is history.

Episode 9A
Chio was studying last night but when she tried to research online, she ended up playing her game and then ended up arguing with mom. Hence no study progress made. So today is the test, what now? Pray to God!!! I wonder how far she can pass with 100 Yen… But wait! A voice tells her she will pass! Nope, it’s not God. It’s that hobo guy who was Kushitori’s master. From his BS crap, he is saying that Chio can pass if she is pretty. And yeah, Chio falls for this sweet trap and allows him to do a makeover. Manana agrees to help seeing this is quite interesting… When Chio takes off her glasses, her face is pretty plain. Yup, her glasses ‘enhanced’ her beauty. First, he has her wear a wig and then stylizes it to Marilyn Monroe. Next, Manana applies her makeup. Chio actually looks decent but I guess they don’t have western taste and find her ‘ugly’. So they blame each other but since time is running out, another makeover. This time putting on a traditional geisha hairstyle, I think it looks worse. Chio can’t wait to see herself so hobo dude says her beauty level is at ‘porn magazine level’. Well, at least for that period. Chio is so happy she starts doing cringe sexy stuffs. Like pole dancing with disco lights! OMG. She’s good! Then the wig falls off and the rest try to give all sorts of excuses. Chio realizes it is a failure. Yeah, better rush to school before you fail that test too. Hobo guy is happy to have had fun with them as he reveals his bald head and relishes playing with wigs.

Episode 9B
Not sure why Chio is so infatuated and thinking how manly guarded water pipes above rivers are. Manana laughs at her romantic idea of a guy proposing to her standing on it! They see Andou doing a delivery throw. Chio is fascinated with it and this prompts Manana to think Andou likes Chio. As they continue, Andou again is seen up ahead but now smoking cigar. Is he doing this deliberately? Manana starts imagining if the duo become a pair, they’ll lead a very western and extravagant lifestyle compared to her meagre Japanese style. She breaks them up and move along. But yet again, Andou is seen feeding a cat up ahead. It runs as Andou chases after it. Manana is shocked to hear Chio asking if Andou likes her since he messages her a lot. Didn’t know they exchanged contacts, eh? Manana fears being left alone on her way to school?! But the next corner is the weirdest. Andou is seen in a BL position with another guy! Apparently he researched a lot on this BL stuff and managed to get a friend to help replicate this scene from the BL game. However both girls are not impressed and walk away. Other unrelated fujoshi parties recognize this. Chio feels embarrassed thinking about the thought that someone likes her. Andou laments his failure but seems his partner has a new ‘awakening’… Oh sh*t…

Episode 10A
Momo suddenly needs Chio and Manana’s help to buy sweets. Apparently Gotou said something cryptic about people eating sweets in the park and tossing them away instead of just sleeping in. Huh? Yeah, you me there too. So Momo thought a lot about it and put her in their shoes. Hence she thought of buying some sweets to eat but is afraid to buy it alone. As they lead her to a shop, the duo pluck flowers and suck. Momo admonishes them for vandalism but they let her taste it. It’s so sweet! Wow. Momo acting like she totally loves it. A side we’ve never seen before. Soon she regains her senses and this is the reason why she wanted them to come along. To stop her if she starts acting weird. In that case, why don’t just eat sweets that are salty? From that face, it looks like she really wants her sweets sweet. At the shop, as Momo pops the first one, I think she tries to sound like one of those exaggerated reactions in cooking shows but fail. The duo are so confused that they aren’t sure to stop her. Thinking this is her normal side, they join her. Yup, buy more sweets and enjoy the great taste! So we have 3 girls being loudmouths tasting how good the sweets are. In the end, Momo is filled with regret that they didn’t stop her. How could they? She looked so happy. They invite her to have a sweet party of their own next time. Momo returns to Gotou but he could smell sweets all over her.

Episode 10B
Chio spots that kanchou girl! Calling Manana for backup. As she tails her, she sees her trying to beat up Andou. So Chiharu is Andou’s little sister?! She is mad for him working because she prefers him as the cool badass gang leader. WTF. Man, this girl knows a lot of rude words. When Chio and Chiharu finally meet and learn their circumstances, Chiharu explains she knew something was wrong with Andou and tried to find out more info from his gang members. But they tried to keep it a secret and all she heard was that girl was from a certain school. That’s why she was finding that girl and wants to kill her! So that’s basically Chio, right? However Chiharu also wants to make that woman his wife seeing how she greatly changed his life. Normally Chio will not bother about this but as Chio describes ‘this woman’ as some sex crazy slut, she’s not going to let it slide. To prove it, Chio tries to whack Andou to dislocate his jaw but keeps missing and elbows his face. He accidentally grabs her boobs and they become comically embarrassed. That is when Manana knocks out Andou! She is back and gunning for revenge on Chiharu! Both girls get ready to face off when suddenly Andou gets back up to warn not to lay a finger on his sister or else! Wow. He is so terrifying even if he is unconscious. Manana feels scared and backs down. Yeah, it’s over just like that. The showdown is over when Andou returns to work. Chiharu is still rude to them but Manana is now more afraid of delinquents although she doesn’t remember punching Andou.

Episode 10C
Because of Andou’s past traumatic experience that his pet cat died, he decides to buy food for this stray cat outside this convenience store. However he sees the cat seemingly in trouble and tries to save it. However he bears all the brunt of the troubles but thankfully Andou is a tough guy. In the end, he manages to feed it (I guess the contents spilled everywhere during the chaotic incidents) and they got a little closer.

Episode 11A
Chio and her team successfully complete a group mission. However Chio betrays them and kills them all! But then she hears her mom calling and quickly goes to bed. Chio is perfect in her play that mom didn’t suspect a thing at all. Once she is gone, Chio runs back to ascertain if her (ex) teammates are all dead. They are! Yahoo! All the money is hers! So excited now, she couldn’t sleep. She thinks she is so good that she can rob banks in Japan. Yeah, Google it why don’t you? The best answer tells her it is impossible and only crazy idiots who played too much games could think so. Chio then dozes off and when she wakes up, panics she might have overslept. It is not 8am but 4am. This panic attack once again has mom barging into her room. In that semi-dressed state, mom is worried she has something wrong and wants to take her to the hospital. Although Chio manages to assure she is okay, the issue at hand now is that she cannot sleep. Because of the interrupted sleep cycle, it will be late by the time she wakes up or if she stays awake, she will fall asleep when it’s time to wake up. She is known not to wake up from alarms and mom has warned she won’t wake her up. Hence this idea. Manana is puzzled Chio texted her to meet up early at the shrine. She thinks she has been up late playing games again judging from the time she sent the text. A weird girl wearing some paper bag is seen waiting there. It’s Chio sleeping… Chio wakes up and this is part of her plan to let Manana wake her up. However her head starts to hurt like hell. While she was sleeping, Manana kept hitting her head with a wood. Lesson of it all: It doesn’t matter as long as nobody finds out… Also, something about karma being a b*tch…

Episode 11B
Manana has been worried about her own BO that she couldn’t sleep. So she has Chio help smell her. Good news. She doesn’t smell. Now she wants to smell Chio if she has BO. Is this friendship? I think Manana got a critical hit but as not to offend her, she says she is clear. Manana starts to overthink what if Chio’s BO is the reason why she has always stayed a low profile? Manana has always been with her and hence used to her smell. She is about to pity her but then realizes something more important. Manana had a crush on this boy, Kensuke Makiyama. However he then dated another girl. She was so sure she was his first pick. She thinks the girl told him that Manana was friends with that BO girl and hence the smell would spread. He chickened out. Now Manana is mad that Chio ruined her normal life and then she starts crying and feeling sad of the things she had to go through. Man, what an emotional roller coaster ride. Manana decides to be with Chio for life. This strange acting has Chio worried as she calls Yuki for help. Manana thinks it is good since Yuki is honest and will give a sincere reply. When she arrives, she is made to smell Chio. Nothing. Shocked Manana tries herself. Nothing. Then what about that bad BO then? Chio then smells her other armpit in which she receives a critical hit. She remembers her dog licking there this morning before she left. With this case solved, there is still one issue for Manana: Why didn’t Makiyama chose her? Yuki’s reply: He is only into pretty girls. Not sure if Manana is so happy because she is broken or because she was spared from getting hurt. Either way, Manana you still smell fishy…

Episode 12A
Nightmare is here! Chiharu is outside Chio’s house! However she isn’t here to fight but to ask if her grades are good. Pretty average. Below average to be exact. It seems Chiharu needs help with her homework. Chio thought she could show her supremacy but WTF is this tough maths question?! Then Chiharu retracts. It’s the wrong paper. She can answer that one easily. WTF. It is this social studies question of earning 500 Yen in 24 hours using your current abilities that she is stumped. Chio gets confident to show who is boss. So her idea is collect empty cans and compact them to be sold to the recycling centre? Unfortunately she got scolded by the guy for trying to be too smart because she shouldn’t be doing the compacting as it would ruin the machine’s alignment. With Chiharu suspicious, Chio tries to deny all that she has said to her. Then she starts crying! Because all the cans she collected was only worth 50 Yen. Weird, Chiharu has to console her. Then they pass a long queue in which Manana is standing in line for some crazy sale. Chio won’t allow her that since they have to go to school. But Manana throws tantrum she has been waiting here and wants to be compensated. That is when a few others start bidding to buy her spot! OMG. Since when did the auction begin? With Manana compensated, Chiharu actually looks up to her and gets an idea for her homework now. What about Chio? She has this jealous look. She wants a cut from Manana. Had she not been there, this would not have happened! Pay up now! As the friends struggle, Chiharu notes all of Chio’s worst habits and can’t believe she mistook her for the girl her brother likes.

Episode 12B
Chio and Manana talk about some naked running streak that was frequent in the 70’s. Before they can call it stupid, Yuki seems to love the idea! She really wants to run around naked! From that, they can tell she walks around her home naked. In order to be in her circle, Manana says she too walks around naked in her home. Technically she isn’t lying as she is naked during baths. However Yuki becomes serious and looks at her with scorn. Are you lying? Manana panics that she digs her own grave that she is willing to walk to school without panties. Yuki loves the idea and before you know it, both of them have gone commando. Chio relishes to see how Manana will screw up. As they both frolic and tease each other, almost exposing their nether regions, when Chio tries to be funny and join in, Manana brushes her aside. Chio realizes she has been left behind in this social standing. Seeing Manana laughing so happily like never before, Chio realizes the true binding power of panties. Hence to be free and join them, Chio also goes commando. Now we have 3 commando ladies frolicking around in the streets. Until Kushitori pops up. Time to be afraid. I want to say balls shrink but looks like it is inapplicable here ;p. She wants to play kabaddi in which Yuki agrees. Right at the start Yuki is already exposing herself so the others take her and run. They give excuse that they need to find a toilet and hence their frolicking. This only serves to skip Kushitori’s heart. Later as they chastise Yuki to be more careful, they learn that indecent exposure in public earns a hefty fine. But Yuki starts drooling thinking if that is all that needs to be paid, her New Year’s money might be enough to cover this once! Better stop her now…

Episode 12C
With extra time, I guess here are some random nonsense. Like Andou confessing to Chio on a pipe and then slips. Manana being arrested by a cop for in possession of liquor content and she hell knows she has been set up. Chiharu winning a kanchou match against a schoolmate of hers as she prepares to face off with her ultimate enemy, the Seven Spears! Equally weird nicknames for equally weird faces.

Detour Distraction
Woah! Hold on here. The final episode end credits sure were creative and took me by surprise. Because they are blooper skits of some of the scenes in this anime! So are they saying that this entire series are just actors and actresses acting and trolling us in one big show????!!!! OMFG!!!!! THAT’S TOO AMAZING!!! I am very sure they draw inspiration of this shock factor from those old Jackie Chan movies. And these scenes aren’t so surprising now that I think about it because a lot of the stunts pulled off here are virtually impossible and dangerous so it make sense that if this was all just part of acting, it would be one freaking dangerous stunt show. Yeah, these bloopers make it even funnier, though… But come to think about it, isn’t Chio a very good stuntwoman then? You see her pull off amazing and seemingly impossible athletic abilities and she didn’t even pull a muscle! It’s like her lifeline that got her through all the obstacles.

Back to the series proper, the skits are quite funny even though they are exaggerative. The whole plot is mainly about Chio trying to get to school safely in one piece. But with all the distractions along the way, you’ll soon forget that this is her goal because either the circumstances or Chio herself will end up prolonging the misadventure. The randomness of everything just shows you that you better be prepared for the unexpected. Because that is what life will always throw at us.

I know this series is straying true to its name. But there is one thing I can’t help ponder throughout the series. Why do Chio and the rest of her other friends have so much free time to be distracted on their way to school? I know this sounds trivial and unrelated but just think about it. Assuming this is not one big acting as indicated at the end, if you look at all the misadventures Chio and her friends go through in each episode, you’ll find that all of them would have taken a considerable time to overcome or get through with. And at the end of the episode, you’ll mostly see that they will always arrive in school on time! So it bugs the question they somehow time for school stopped for them? Or is Chio such an early bird that knowing she would encounter such misadventures, she left home early? This is quite the interesting bid to note because at times with Chio rushing, she always makes it to school on time and hence avoids getting that bad tardy permanent record. Or maybe this school starts a bit later than the usual…

Chio is the luckiest and the most unfortunate school girl ever. Imagine how ‘exciting’ her life must have been if she has to face this EVERY morning. No wonder she is such a plain and normal girl, someone who doesn’t really stand out. Safe to say that despite all the dangers that have gone her way, she still managed to come out in one piece or at least no long term injury. Thanks to her online games, Chio has quite the vivid imagination. This once again proves that video games have its positive aspects! Someday we shall use this excuse to overcome our adversities as seen by Chio. It is also partly that reason why she got into such troubles. Thanks to her adaptability and improvisation, I don’t think we need to worry about her. Okay, maybe just a bit. Chio is one of those few characters who prefer the western culture compared to her own eastern local culture. Evident in the game she plays and the type of men she likes. With so many uber sexual guys looking like anime gays, I guess bulging muscles of macho men like Arnold are so rare these days.

Manana is sometimes Chio’s partner in crime. It is hard to point if they are actually best friends or frenemies. Maybe more of the latter. There are many instances where they have their own ulterior motives and will not hesitate to sacrifice the other for their own gains. In the end they are still together as friends. Part of the give and take, huh? Perhaps life is much more exciting that way. Like they say, with friends like these, who needs enemies? Despite Yuki being a friendly girl, I just have a feeling that she is just waiting for that chance to burst and go naked. It’s like she’s waiting for some sort of cue to erupt into her exhibitionist mode. Can we stop the streaker then? Because she’s the fastest when it comes to running.

Because Kushitori is a girl, I guess she gets a free pass in molesting other girls. Imagine if her gender is switched. Totally different reaction from the crowd and viewers. But I guess we have no qualms watching her give into her desires of groping cute girls. We approve! Then we have a couple of characters who are just at the other ends of the pole. With Yuki being such friendly and honest girl, Momo on the other hand is shy and well, not so honest. At least with her feelings. Yuki just wants to run for life while Momo just wants to, uhm, run into Gotou’s arms. But for now she prefers standing still with him at the gates. Speaking of Gotou, this guy speaks in such mystery you probably need some sort of expert to decipher what he is saying. He is often seen standing at the gates deep in thoughts and his twisted observations led to him what is called crap to us laymen.

While Andou is trying to turn over a new leaf and a fresh start in life, Chiharu on the other hand wants him to remain as the badass gangster brother she once knew. Her whole life spent admiring and being influenced by that coolness suddenly comes crashing down after he was ‘defeated’ and hence trying to find that reconciliation with reality and turning into an aggressive kanchou master. I think Chiharu would make a better gangster leader than her brother if that ever comes to pass because of her uncouth ways. It certainly looks like Andou is trying to impress Chio most probably he has fallen for her. The irony of the duo trying not to make the other think they are into fujoshi or gays but end up having that impression.

Art and animation feel simple and decent. Nothing too complicated. Except the faces of the characters when things start to get incredulous for that exaggerated effect. Like Chio when her face goes into that dumb mode, I feel she could have passed off as a character from Pop Team Epic. Manana’s dumb sleepy face reminds me she came out from that Cathy comic strip. Seriously. I don’t know if it is true but Yuki’s character feels like it ripped off from To Love-Ru’s Haruna. Too uncanny a resemblance. Momo’s lack of femininity always had me wonder if she is a boy cross-dressed as a girl. I mean, just look at her. Even plain Janes like Chio and Manana have more femininity than her despite looking just average. If this is Momo’s way of wanting to attract Gotou’s attention by being manly enough for him, well, I don’t think it’s working.

Sometimes the series flash us with a little fanservice because in a very few scenes of panty flashing. You know how low the school girl’s skirts are enough to do a little flashing if you just tilt your head slightly. And there was one point perhaps the longest fanservice flashing of Chio sitting in her undies in her room while pondering. Is this our distraction? Animated by Diomedea who produced Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Mayoiga, Aho Girl and Boku No Kanojo Ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch Na Ken.

It’s nice to hear Chiaki Omigawa voicing as Manana since it is been quite a while I have heard her. That trademark ‘lazy’ voice certainly fits her character well. Also recognizable is Riki Koyama as Andou. The rest of the other casts are Naomi Oozora as Chio (Satania in Gabriel Dropout), Kaede Hondo as Yuki (Hitomi in Hinamatsuri), Minori Suzuki as Momo (Ema in Grancrest Senki), You Taichi as Kushitori (Dorothy in Princess Principal), Hiroki Takahashi as Gotou (Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter) and Saya Aizawa as Chiharu.

The opening theme is Danger In My Tsuugakuro by the trio behind Chio, Manana and Yuki. The rock outfit fits the wacky pace of the series well. The opening credits animation is so wacky that Andou forgot to zip his pants up. Nana Iroad is the ending theme only sung by the duet of Chio and Manana. This one sounds pretty normal compared to the cuter and weirder one is the insert song of Mananacchio. Meow, meow, meow… It is the epitome of feeling cringe and fawning over the bizarre cuteness altogether at the same time. Well, I’ll give them points for actually coming up with this and still be able to pull it off (almost) perfectly.

Overall, quite an enjoyable and entertaining watch with lots of dumb and funny moments that will make you laugh. Of course nice to watch but don’t ever imitate any of these stunts in real life. Exact or similar result not guaranteed. I want to guess that it is the irony that these distractions along the way to school provide more entertainment and education than the subjects itself in school. Do you not see how you learn to adapt and improvise when the unexpected is thrown at you? Something you don’t learn at school or even get tested in the exams… Chio might be an average girl in school but when she is taking the road less travelled by other students, she is the queen, king and master of life! Remember, not all those who wander are lost.

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