Girlfriends come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, literally. Imagine having those little plastic models that is 1/6 in size of an actual human being as your girlfriend! Thanks again, Japan! For introducing to the world the weirdest sh*t ever and enriching our lives with them. Don’t be surprise to find people nowadays wanting to marry their virtual idols and even those little plastic models. Because life now is too hard and so convenient for all this. Enter Chou Kadou Girl 1/6: Amazing Stranger. Because nothing beats having that little doll as a girlfriend for a total otaku nerd. A dream come true!

Episode 1
Nona from Female Form Planetary Space Probe 9 travels the universe in search for intelligent life. She arrives at a planet of a lone giant as he carves images of her. But the next thing she knows, she is in the room of Haruto Bouida. We can hear this dude lecturing his friend on the phone that 2D girls are the best while 3D girls suck! No wonder his friend hangs up. Haruto notices his Nona doll in a different position. He checks her out and notices the seamless joints and what’s this? He can take off her pants?! Oh yeah… As he is about to try that, Nona’s self-defence activates as she fires at the enemy! He runs for his life and it gets worse when he somehow takes off her top. Incoming missiles! So as they explain themselves, Haruto wonders if the AI and technology have advanced so much for this doll to talk and act so real. But he realizes from what she said, it must mean her memories are only from the anime and that giant dude is from the last episode. Hence he can’t let her see the anime or near his merchandises (he is a big fan of her series). After a few close calls in preventing her to see those stuffs, he plays along and claims he is a scholar among giants (though he is just a programmer). Nona is amazed and agrees to do as he says since she is interested to explore this planet. In exchange, she will tell him about her travels. Next morning, Haruto wakes up thinking last night was a dream. But then, it’s not. He sees Nona trying to act like a doll but fails. She desperately tries to be one so Haruto says she doesn’t need to pretend to be a doll when he is around. That should make things easier.

Episode 2
When Haruto is about to pour hot tea into his cup, suddenly a strange creature jumps out. He is Ozma, Nona’s intelligence gathering ally. Apparently Haruto doesn’t really like him and doesn’t even remembering buying him despite coming in the same box as Nona. Ozma tries to threaten him that he knows he is lying to Nona about everything but since Haruto knows his habits of hiding in a jar, I guess the tables are turned. Or in this case, jar? Unfortunately, Nona has heard everything and she wants to know the truth. Haruto isn’t breaking down in fear but in fact happy that he gets to feel her true feelings. Then he lets her see all the merchandises about her. Her backstory, her specs, her adventures, everything written down so clearly. In short, she is a fictional character. Of course she cannot accept this since it means her life was all made up. Haruto says he loves her. As a fan. With so many people watched her anime, it proves that she is not forgotten and not alone. So as he lets Nona go through more of his merchandise, he realizes there is one section he shouldn’t let her rummage: Porn! Oh sh*t! WTF tentacle rape with Ozma???!!! Is that what he wants to do with her?! She bans the guys from coming close to her for now. A couple of weeks later, Nona is lazing around and only eating like a housewife. With Haruto talking to her about this, suddenly she asks if he loves her. Well, of course. You know, as a fan. Then she shows a paper she found: A marriage certificate that he wrote her name. He explains although there are other anime girls he loves, but none is greater than for Nona. So with both happily accepting each other, you mean this is their wedding ceremony? Because now Nona has got an excuse to laze around and eat like a housewife! Sneaky! Also, she lays down the ground rules he cannot see other 2D or 3D women! Wow. This is really like married life. Suddenly a girl walks in. Cracks in the marriage already?

Episode 3
Mikoto is Haruto’s little sister. She too is a fan of the series and she is ecstatic this Nona can talk and move. She interviews her on various questions but is baffled when it seems Nona is Haruto’s wife just for the sake of being his wife. As Ozma explains, since romance isn’t a genre in the series, Nona can’t possibly understand those feelings. Mikoto thinks they lack bonds of a married couple (didn’t they get ‘married’ a few minutes ago only?) and if they have it, they can overcome anything. Haruto returns and he bought more dolls. What if they start moving like Nona? Not to worry. He’ll have a harem! On Christmas night, Nona is disgruntled Haruto is going out. On a date?! What’s this anime convention he is going to since he hasn’t been watching any anime since Nona came into his life? So is he deprived! She points out that his otaku life is wrong! But he stubbornly ignores her and leaves. Actually, Haruto goes to meet his fellow otaku friend, Seijirou Kanmuri. This guy is not happy he is slacking in his otaku stuffs. However Seijirou starts criticising Nona since he never liked that anime. He has got some point and having a right to opinion is also valid. Haruto argues back he has been rewatching Nona every night to get to know her even more and he feels for her who is trying so hard. Too bad they are kicked out of the restaurant for being loudmouth nuisance. On the way back, Nona pops out from his bag. Looks like she heard everything. She admits she was envious about his friend who was able to say things from his heart and that he knew more about Haruto than her. She also doesn’t want him to date other girls. Meanwhile it seems Seijirou has his own talking doll. It was part of his plan to get him worked up over Nona. They also have sent another doll to infiltrate…

Episode 4
Haruto is playing one of his old video games as Nona notes the beautiful heroine on the box cover, Bellnoa. Since this game can play for 4 players, he leaves to buy more controllers. However Nona is attacked by Bellnoa the doll. She thinks by defeating her, she can return to her world. Nona then explains how everything is fiction and this makes Bellnoa sad. However she still wants to fight Nona as it is her instinct to fight strong people. As she struggles, Nona transforms into Shadow Nona. She is much stronger and faster. Although she almost lost to Bellnoa, Haruto returns as Bellnoa threatens Shadow Nona’s safety in exchange to return to her world. So what does Haruto do? He goes to change the game stats of Bellnoa?! Anyway it worked. With Bellnoa paralyzed, Haruto tries to reduce her powers even further. Funny, shouldn’t the skimpier the dress, the more power it should add? Anyway, Haruto is really curious to see some legendary swimsuit. Perhaps it’s some naked version. But with Bellnoa in tears and everyone calling him the worst, I guess it’s time to stop. Bellnoa gets more violated when she baths with Nona. Your obligatory bathing scene! When Bellnoa realizes they can go into her world via his monitor, she wants Haruto to fight with her. Nona and Ozma are shocked to see Haruto inside the video game. So how does it feel being a pixelated 2D?

Episode 5
It might look like top-down pixelated on the outside but it looks like 2D RPG from the inside? Bellnoa’s new aide is not accepted by her ally, Nazuna. She challenges him and Haruto runs away?! So how does he ‘subdue’ her? By knowing about her past! Since he is going to die, he requests to see her face. And also those small boobs. I think he is going to die now! Of course Bellnoa puts a stop to that. With Nona watching all this drama and worried about this affair, genie girl Kusabi offers she can send her in. But Nona believes in her husband and will wait till he gets back like a true wife. Can she say that when Haruto is going to have a threesome at the inn?! Fortunately (or not), nothing happened in the inn. What a waste. Haruto and Bellnoa continue their quest however Bellnoa has doubts of defeating the final boss because when everything is over, what will be of them? She wants to stay like this forever. Instead they go to fifth some hidden boss and Bellnoa thought she was strong but apparently lost her clothes. WTF?! The monster then berates her for not going on to defeat the final boss and instead linger around, making the world continue to suffer in chaos. With Haruto apologizing on her behalf, he accepts his fate to be eaten but here comes Shadow Nona to the rescue. She easily defeats the hidden boss in one blow. With that, they are thrown out of the game. Shadow Nona and Bellnoa might have gone at each other’s throat but they are stopped by Kusabi. It took a while for Haruto to recognize her because the real Kusabi source looks like crap! Since she has finished her job, she will return to her master and warns she might take Haruto away from them.

Episode 6
Bellnoa wants to return to her world but Haruto wants her to stay and chill. And they do so by playing video games? This makes Nona jealous as Mikoto realizes that Bellnoa is in love with Haruto. Despite Nona being pessimistic about her chances with Haruto, she still confronts him to choose between them. She even tells him bluntly that Bellnoa is in love with him. But what about Nona as his wife then? Hence she challenges Bellnoa to a fight to see who can truly win Haruto’s love. So the fight begins by sleeping next to him? Yeah, they’re arguing about their higher resale value… Haruto is feeling weird since he is experiencing the stereo effect of both girls arguing into his ears. Then they both decide to kiss him. Because they’re so small, their puny kiss doesn’t have any effect. Haruto is squirming at this moment and the girls think his weakness is to be whispered in his ear. Hence more of I love yous whispered and it just paralyzes Haruto with embarrassment. In the end, they call it a tie but the battle is not over. Haruto thinks they would just let it go? He doesn’t know how women will fight tooth and nail till the end for their loved one! But Bellnoa is shocked when Haruto and Nona seem to know what each other want even without saying it to each other. Just a nod as reminder and they know what to do. It’s not magic. They’ve been living together for quite a while. This gives Bellnoa the motivation to stay here longer and one day make Haruto look at her.

Episode 7
Haruto is shocked that Seijirou is in his room. How did he get here? He is the owner of Kusabi and she has portal abilities. It seems he wants Haruto to join him on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the moving figurines. To his dismay, Haruto rejects. Seijirou then presents Subaru Amanohara, a figuring based on a fighting game. Since she is strong, Bellnoa wants to fight her but ultimately loses. Seijirou thought this would convince Haruto to join him but unfortunately he thought Seijirou was here to give him Subaru. Yeah, this dude wants her and this doesn’t sit well with Nona. Suddenly Subaru goes missing. So why are the rest playing board games? Knowing Subaru’s character as an otaku, if they have fun, they might lure her out. Subaru is hiding in some ventilation and trying to suppress her temptation. Eventually Nona finds her and although in a dilemma to reveal if she is a figurine, Subaru has already accepted herself as one. Thanks to that, it makes things easier for Haruto. But Subaru is very embarrassed as Haruto knows everything about her. This means her deep and darkest secrets too. But Haruto shows her a letter that contains his deep and darkest secrets. They’re even. They both vow to keep each other’s secret a secret. Ozma then talks about all of them seem to be made by a small niche company, Takasago-ya. It is no surprise when revealed that Seijirou is the president of Takasago-ya.

Episode 8
As the girls are playing a video game, suddenly the screen is being hijacked by Seijirou. He has kidnapped Haruto and if they want him back they must fight and win best out of 3 matches. Otherwise they will also become his research samples. First up is Bellnoa against a secret boss character of a fighting game, Karate Mao. Because Bellnoa took too long to power up, time’s up, she lost. Next is Nona against Dragulious. Big bad guy wants to marry Nona because she’s cute?! Oh no. Is she going to get raped?! Luckily Haruto screams to her to activate some mode and Nona transforms into a champion version and defeats this pervert in a blink of an eye. The final fight is between Subaru and Rindo. The latter cancels out all of her moves as she reveals her goal is to be an idol after defeating her but it seems that because of all the game sequels, Subaru always returns and hence thwarting her dream. She is going to dispose of her once and for all when Karate Mao protects Subaru and reveals himself. He is Kaimon and also Subaru’s father. He wants Subaru to open her heart to the Amanohara style and when she refuses, he reveals her deepest secrets of BL volumes?! WTF?! The other guys aren’t moved since this is pretty normal by today’s standards. But Haruto punches him for trying to embarrass his daughter. Unforgivable! Kaimon isn’t moved and is going to read aloud those books when Rindo agrees to cooperate with Subaru to take down her dumb father. KO! Yay! She won! But back home, Nona and Bellnoa are spotting angry faces because Subaru somewhat confessed her feelings to Haruto. Oh dear. This guy is going to get his own KO when he gets back!

Episode 9
Oh my. Haruto is already an old fat and still with Nona? Yeah, their love do lasts. But wait! Suddenly Haruto dies!!! OMG!!! Apparently this is a nightmare that Nona had. Because of that, she has Haruto take her out on a date to make some memories. They did a lot of fun stuffs to appease her fears. However for the next couple of times, she still has that same nightmare. No choice, their dating routine continues. Ozma who has switched off her ability to dream (why is this feature even implemented?), believes the reason this is only happening is because Nona is lying. Probably she wants Haruto to give her some attention. However Haruto forgives her since she is only lying to him and not to the world. Nona’s super hearing means she heard all that and now she feels as guilty as ever. She wants to take responsibility for this and allows Haruto to do whatever he wants till he is satisfied. Gee, why does she have to sound so ambiguous? In that case, Haruto will go on a date with Bellnoa and Subaru. Is this guy literally trying to test her patience? But Haruto wants Nona to join them. She definitely won’t turn this down.

Episode 10
Hotspring fanservice episode! Haruto shows his ‘maturity’ by not looking at his little ones although he prefers to eavesdrop on them. Is this some high level perversion here? Too bad no sexy talk or boobs comparison. Because when Bellnoa talks how she is enjoying this world to the fullest, Nona’s memories only last until the final episode of the anime. There is this one guy in a straw hat whom she wants to meet as he was the one watching over her all the time. Though, she can’t quite remember his face or name. However this puts Haruto in an awkward position as he submerges himself pretending not to hear. With Nona also worried about this, suddenly she finds herself tied up on a tree branch. She recognizes the perpetrator as Rue Hitoma because this tank girl is Haruto’s recent obsession as he spent a lot of money to get this limited edition of her! Rue’s mission is to eliminate all the other girls in Haruto’s harem because of the sum invested into her, she will repay his love. Hence with no rivals, he will only love her! Man, that’s deep. Seijirou visits his worker, Kamiya Tatsutagawa and realizes she is the one who keeps continuing to make these dolls that come to life because she uses the legendary shards of Galatea. Say what?! Nona becomes Shadow Nona to challenge Rue. She cuts down Rue in her jealousy because unlike her, she has no happy ending and her true system is DP System that destroys planets. Bellnoa heard all this and subdues her with her dragon. Rue apologizes to Haruto for losing but he doesn’t mind. Besides, it’s not that he bought her or anything and believes Seijirou is the one who slipped her into his box. Meanwhile Shadow Nona complains to Haruto that she too wants to be loved. Haruto chastises her that her loves all of them and that includes her. However he still calls her Nona so I guess that’s not going to go well. She reverts back to Nona and since she heard everything, she is now determined to learn her true self. Only then she can feel she is truly loved by him. Haruto agrees. Let’s watch the final episode of her anime together.

Episode 11
As Nona is searching for life on a planet, she stumbles into another girl who looks similar like her. She too is called Nona. Both claim they are the original Nona so they theorize they must have come from very similar planets with similar cultures. What are the odds? I guess it’s possible in the infinite universes theory. However, they believe their destiny is to fight each other until only one is left. So they face off playing various games?! From reversi to poker, all ended in draws. I guess you can’t beat yourself, eh? When Nona decides to go home because someone is waiting for her, the other Nona knows about the straw hat guy, prompting her to break down. Those memories weren’t just vague. They were planted and fake. So the only way is to destroy each other that will not leave any trace and hope their future sisters will choose a different path? So all this is actually the final episode of Nona’s anime series. While Haruto is touched, Nona’s look is so WTF-is-this-crappy-sh*t. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Later when Haruto and Nona are out, suddenly Seijirou and Tatsutagawa putting up an emergency press conference in his room. They reveal to the others about the Galatea shard that allows them to move and how they are all carved by Tatsutagawa. I think everyone is shocked by the sloppy reasoning more than anything else. They believed love moved them and hence the reason they used Haruto in this experience since he loves those characters. But he bought them from the store, right? Yeah, they anticipated his arrival and made him picked their model. But this announcement is just one big setup to elaborately announce their marriage?! Yeah, looks like they have to do it again when Haruto and Nona comes back. Unfortunately Kusabi worries Nona might not be coming back. Here’s the note she left for home. We see Nona waking up from her stasis coma as her ship approaches another planet. She narrates of the weird dream she had of loving and being loved.

Episode 12
Kusabi explains Nona came to her to seek that power to enter the final anime episode. To show her determination, after entering, she destroyed the disc. This means nobody else can follow her as Kusabi’s power only allows exist from the same entry point. So where is Haruto? He went after her too! But how? He entered the penultimate anime episode! Because both those episodes are linked together. So when Nona wakes up, she can instantly tell this quack doctor is Haruto! After reprimanding him for doing this, he shows her that straw hat man that she supposedly created from her vague memories. Ugly as f*ck! Anyway, Nona wants to continue doing this for the other Nona counterpart known as Nona Equal. Something about Nona not really happy that she is the one having all the happiness despite being the same. That is when Haruto orders the computer AI system known as Ozma to turn around the ship and head for him. His theory is that if Nona doesn’t go on that planet, Nona Equal will also do the same action. Hence they don’t have to meet and end up with that tragic end. Unfortunately her nanobots start going out of control. Haruto hugs her and risks himself getting melted. With some feelings exchanging between them, the nanobots stop going berserk! Wow. So convenient. And then more great memories and when the feeling is getting good, Nona readies herself to kiss him. Only to be stopped by others. Yup, they have also arrived via penultimate episode. Uhm, so why did they only arrive now and not the same time as Haruto did? Argh! So confusing! I guess all is back to number with the plastic girls fighting over him. Back home, Ozma remembers there was another figurine Haruto bought along Bellnoa. Oh, she’s starting to awaken now. She is Nona Equal! And she too joins in the chase for Haruto’s love! How sweet.

Toy Story: Plastic Memories Of Plastic Little
Well… That was a cheesy final episode trying to ascertain Haruto’s feelings for Nona. Just like that cheesy final episode of Nona’s anime too! I bet Haruto says that to all his favourite figurines so Nona isn’t that special and only seems so because it’s the last episode and well, maybe she’s his ‘wife’. But it sure prompt up a lot of weird questions like how Nona is able to enter the anime and do whatever she wants. Gee, this must mean there are thousands of other Nonas in other households who own her DVD. And how is this episode thingy connected despite on different discs? Can their actions now actually change the entire plot of the Nona anime on the disc?! Because Seijirou and co are watching all that live on TV! Damn, this is so confusing. But don’t worry. I’ll say it’s because of Kusabi’s magic. So convenient.

The story itself isn’t really much. Just an otaku spending time with his ever growing plastic harem. Perhaps newbies might find this heart-warming and light hearted because well, an otaku trying to get along and develop some sort of ‘normal’ human relationship with his toy, uhm, I mean little girl, wait, sorry, uhm, plastic model? Ah damn. Hard to classify what Nona actually is without sounding weird. Yes, this series is still rather okay but you know me, now a self-proclaimed anime veteran, this doesn’t bring anything extraordinary to the table. I mean, this isn’t the first time there is a series about little plastic models come to life. Remember Busou Shinki and Frame Arms Girls? This one just adds the harem factor to it. Plus, I’m not really into those plastic models. So yeah, not really seeing anything favourable for this series.

In the case of Japan being Japan, I’m sure you’ve heard of the story whereby a man married his hologram anime character. Not saying that this anime takes its inspiration from there (it is after all based on the manga of the same name), but rather the thought of people now having really weird relationships these days instead of the traditional family. Now you know why Japan’s birth rates are rapidly declining, huh? Anyway, with Haruto frolicking with his plastic models, though he treats them kindly like as though they are his girlfriends (heck, he might be treating them even better compared to if he has a real life sized 3D girlfriend!), one might start thinking how far they will take this relationship. Will it just be that a status quo harem or is he going to marry them. Because eventually if they really get married, the weirdest thought of them making out will be mind blowing. Will Nona be considered a sex toy then? And if she does get ‘used’, isn’t Haruto just masturbating using a sex toy? Weird, right?! I mean, Haruto those have naughty versions of the plastic models and in a different medium. So this thought isn’t so far off…

As for the characters, they are considered shallow in my terms. Nothing really deep about them. You can instantly tell Haruto is a typical otaku and like how all otakus must be shown in a good limelight and because he is main character, he is a good guy. Despite some of his weird fetishes and hobbies (who doesn’t have them?), he treats his plastic girls good. Like I said, they have so much the same rights as a full grown adult woman. Nona is the weird one because she is acting like his wife. It makes you wonder if she is programmed that way. But anyway, with Nona having mild jealousy when Haruto is paying more attention to the other plastic girls serves as plot amusement because nothing beats a jealous girlfriend/wife than initiate some weird face off. Also cue to initiate the other side of Nona AKA Shadow Nona to give a variety that Nona isn’t just housewife material. I guess sometimes we need a little of plastic battles because it is a waste to have such characters crafted from various genres and not use their specialties. Bellnoa’s warrior might, Subaru’s fighting capabilities, Kusabi’s magic properties and Rue shooting from her boobs! Yeah, I guess that’s why she’s a tank girl.

The rest of the other plastic girls in Haruto’s harem feel underutilised. It only feels they are there as numbers because that is what is needed in a harem. That’s why Rue’s character felt so rushed like as though they needed to add more numbers to the harem. After all, Nona is the face of the series and you don’t want to usurp her limelight by giving the other girls more of it. Otherwise, pretty much redundant in terms of character development. They are given at least one episode in focus so as to justify why they are choosing to stay with Haruto. After all, if you want to hang around a guy like him, might as well love him too. Might not have the best job, status or money to begin with but I guess for plastic models like them if they are to ultimately be cared and loved, the best people to truly take care and love them are otakus, RIGHT???!!!! It’s really a strange way to have these girls started out as enemies, after fighting each other they become friends and ultimately Haruto’s harem. Weird shonen-harem genre mash-up… And then they add the final Nona Equal to the mix. What is better than one Nona? Two Nonas!!! I have this feeling Ozma is supposed to be the wisecrack know-it-all but more than often I find him sort of flat.

It feels like a lazy reason and writing as to why these plastic model girls come to life with their own thinking. WTF Galatea shard in Tatsutagawa hands just feels so flimsy a reason that it was probably thought up on the fly to satisfy curious people wondering why the girls suddenly become animated. I guess a reason is better than no reason at all. Hence Seijirou acting like the antagonist to get Haruto join in his experiment feels more like a distraction than any actual plot. No wonder Haruto tries hard to ignore this guy. But you know what they say about persistence. Still got him nowhere, though. Sure, he tried to shock us all with his engagement. Congratulations. But we are more concerned about Haruto and Nona, right? Last but not least, Mikoto. Her character also feels redundant and my guess is to fill in the little sister trope. After all, she doesn’t appear that often and only when the plot commands it. Even so, her role doesn’t amount to anything much.

Art and animation aren’t anything to shout about. They aren’t looking sophisticated and I might go as far as to say they look plain simple. Because the characters do sort of have that one kind look. They mix 2D animation with some 3D CGI and perhaps it is to justify that if these little plastic girls move in odd fashion, maybe that is why little plastic girls move so. After all, their joints aren’t exactly like humans. This anime is done by Studio A-CAT who also did Frame Arms Girls (with Zexcs).

For the voice acting, I thought Suzuna Kinoshita as Nona sounded a bit raw. I thought perhaps her character sound like that but considering her characters Ayaka in Dorei-ku The Animation and Misaki in Fumikiri Jikan sound somewhat similar, maybe she does sound like that. The other casts are Wataru Hatano as Haruto (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Sayaka Senbongi as Bellnoa (AnchoR in Clockwork Planet), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ozma (Sasaki in Gintama), Mao Ichimichi as Subaru (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Risae Matsuda as Mikoto (Kaoru in Toji No Miko), Sora Tokui as Kusabi (Niko in Love Live), Kengo Kawanishi as Seijirou (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion) and Yuu Sasahara as Rue (Akari in Tonari No Kyuuketsuki-san).

The opening theme is Soreyuk! Koigokoro by AOP. For some weird reason, even though I find this song pretty normal, I can’t seem to get it out of my head. I won’t go so far to say it is catchy but, uhm, is it catchy? I mean, that’s the only explanation. Why don’t I admit I just like this song? That’s why it just feels strange. Maybe it’s that synthesizer sound effect in the singing voice. Some sort of hypnotizing effect there? The ending theme is One by Haruka Toujou. Typical rock outfit. Sounds rather okay to me. Not infectious as the opener, though.

Overall, nothing that amazing in my books. Pretty average but I guess it beats having that ubiquitous isekai genre permeating the industry lately. Hmm… Come to think of it, doesn’t this feel like a reverse isekai in a way? Because Nona comes from another world and arrives in our world. Also, having a pretty average anime series these days feels like it speaks volumes due to the amount of sh*tty and crappy animes we get by the load every season. So yeah. Otaku guy having a little plastic model girl as his girlfriend-cum-wife? Pretty normal. Having a bunch of other plastic girls to live out his fantasy harem? Pretty normal. Because it’s Japan, people! Amazing Japan! Japan is amazing!

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