Oh no. Not again. Here we go again. Not another isekai genre with overpowered characters. Heck, not just one or two or three characters but 7 of them! Yes. Count them. Seven high school kids! However, Choujin Koukousei-tachi Wa Isekai Demo Yoyuu De Ikinuku You Desu (AKA Choyoyu if that’s too freaking long for you to pronounce) can’t be considered a typical isekai just yet. Using that roll safe meme, why, you can’t be considered as overpowered characters in the isekai world when you are already freaking overpowered in your own world!!!!!!!!! So it’s not technically cheating, right?! Yes, people. And so these high school kids who somehow got teleported to this new other world, they’re going to save the oppressed people with their talents, fight the oppressors, bring down the oppressive and feudal regime, bring democracy and freedom!!! We’re going to change the world, people!!! Oh yeah. Typical isekai ingredient from then onward.

Episode 1
We are introduced to the world’s top prodigies despite only being in high school. Folks, meet Ringo Ohoshi (world’s top inventor), Aoi Ichijo (samurai), Keine Kanzaki (doctor), Masato Sanada (entrepreneur), Prince Akatsuki (magician), Shinobu Sarutobi (journalist – holy crap! You mean it’s not ninja?!) and Tsukasa Mikogami (politician – yikes! He just got re-elected for a second term as Japan’s Prime Minister?!). So where’s the top gamer?! Anyway, one day God decided to pull a prank on them because that’s what happen when you put all your eggs in 1 basket. Yup, a plane crash. Tsukasa wakes up and is being treated by this bust elf girl, Lyrule. He is glad that all 7 of them survived. I take it that the plane was on autopilot. I wonder if this is the village’s custom to feed a sick person via mouth AKA kiss? When horse girl, Winona enters, Tsukasa’s suspicions are confirmed. Yup, those animal parts are real. What’s this? They’re in Freyjagard and all of them are speaking the same language known as Altan? Requesting them to take him to the crash site, boy, the wreck is nasty and it’s a miracle that any of them survived. A month later, the magnificent 7 are recovering and blending well with the villagers of Elm. Only Akatsuki seems to have troubles accepting reality. Yeah, too many illusions he has dealt with in life… What better way to get on the good side of the villagers as Tsukasa introduces them to mayonnaise! Tasty! We learn that Byuma are those with animal traits and have strength. Those without are called Hyuma (human?) and some have magic properties and Hyuma are rare in this world. Winona talks about the legend of 7 warriors being summoned from another world to fight an evil dragon. Though, that is just merely a fairytale. Unfortunately, Elch, Winona’s son despises the guests as he considers them as useless mouths to feed. Hence Tsukasa discusses with his team the need to find more info about this world, find a way back to their own world and help rebuild this village’s finance. Soon, arrogant Imperial Knights come looking for trouble. Tsukasa tries diplomacy but I guess they only understand violence. Aoi and Shinobu easily defeat the lowly soldiers and Tsukasa himself overwhelms the captain. They are forced to flee and just to be safe so that they don’t rant on their lord, Akatsuki does some cheap magic trick to scare the sh*t out of them. That should keep them quiet.

Episode 2
Masato rejects the deal given by Jaccoi of Neutscheland Company. Jaccoi warns Elch if they do find another business partner in Dormundt, do tell because it is illegal to do business here without a permit. Elch is puzzled over Masato’s actions. Of course he is lectured about doing business 101 and Masato wants to take charge of this business trip and teach Neutscheland a lesson. Masato easily sets up their own company, Elm Trading Company (ETC). Thanks to Shinobu’s info, Masato went to see the mayor directly and some little blackmailing of his shady accounts got him this permit. With Masato giving more money lectures, this attracts a poor girl, Roo. She is desperate to learn in making money because she is tired living off others. Masato likes the greed in her eyes and accepts her. Masato then talks to a few villagers that ETC will set up shop in the central plaza and do consignment sales. In short, ETC will allow them to sell whatever goods through them with 10% of the cut as hosting fee. Masato explains it really nicely to those business illiterate folks and of course when compared to Neutscheland, ETC is giving them a better deal. You bet they want in on this and will tell their other friends. Thanks to this, ETC now has got abundance of stock without even spending money. Business lesson 101: The most important thing in business other than stock: Trust. In addition to having no risk and not spending a cent, ETC as a small company can expand as part of the rules is having a man manning the stalls. They make a killing on the first day that Roo must be in seventh heaven never having seen so many coins in her life! When Jaccoi learns of this, he brushes this off and believes they will go out of business soon. ETC’s top selling product: Mayonnaise! It’s a sell-out! This attracts the attention of Klaus, commander of a maritime merchant fleet, Sea Serpent. Jaccoi starts to worry when Sea Serpent has switched its trading partner to ETC. Too late thinking of going to war with ETC at the central plaza now. Masato has anticipated this move that they will come and buy up all the goods and sell them with profit. It wouldn’t be a bad move had they gone with it from day one. Because now ETC has the ‘blades’ that will kill off Neutscheland.

Episode 3
Jaccoi’s plan to buy up all products fail because he can’t get anything at all. The merchants who are now siding with ETC are those who were laid off by Jaccoi so that he could cut cost and monopolize some routes. Even if Neutscheland will sell them at a better price than ETC, the merchants will not accept because they’ve lost their trust. They think once this war is over, it’s back to the same old tactics again. With Jaccoi’s loss, Masato won’t completely crush him yet and wants to discuss their future economic plans. It seems there are more drawbacks than completely destroying Neutscheland because ETC might not be able to handle more merchants and he intends to throw some back to Neutscheland. When some guards try to take back Roo because she is supposed to be a slave and property, when Masato asks if she wants to be saved, she says yes but only after she breaks free and proclaims how she wants to be a merchant so she could buy back her parents. With that, Masato buys Roo a 100 times the market rate. Roo’s willpower is worth a thousand times more than the money they earned and this would be a splendid investment in the future. Shinobu reports to Tsukasa on Masato’s victory. She also reports what she has discovered such as the elements of this world. Communicating with them allows miracles to occur. Mages are rare in this world and those who can now reside in the territory of Marquis Findolf. Regarding about the legend, there was a faith called Seven Light Faith but they were routed by the empire centuries ago. Also, other religions were destroyed because the empire believes nobody should be above them. Even more troublesome for them is that if they want to leave this area, they need the permission of Findolf who himself is a real sh*tty person. Elm villagers who were out hunting are attacked by some monster. Nothing that Aoi could handle, right? See? Easily decapitated. But Mayor Ulga is fatally wounded and close to death! Nothing that Keine could handle, right? See? She easily fixes all ruptures, broken bones and sews him back to life! Good as new! Now comes the sh*t part. Guardian Knights under Findolf led by Inzaghi are here to burn them all. They view peasants touching gold coins as treason to the state! But don’t worry. How to get out of the burning house? Akatsuki’s magic! Voila! Although everyone is safe, Tsukasa realizes that Lyrule is missing. Yup, bad guys got her.

Episode 4
Sure, we want to rescue Lyrule but going in without a plan is suicidal. Even if they manage to rescue her, the empire will send a stronger force to crush all of them. Tsukasa guarantees he will do negotiation but since Winona is pleading for his help that they too want to help out, Tsukasa agrees they will lend their power if they are willing to take responsibility of the consequences. With that, Tsukasa hereby proclaims they will advance this world’s civilization by 500 years. They are going to destroy this old world and rebuild it with new economics, politics and values. Findolf looks like a typical perverted fat ass. You wonder why Lyrule is easily submitting to be his whore and that’s because Inzaghi made a deal with her that if she does so, he’ll never touch her village again. At the moment before he kisses her, some spark blows him away. Findolf is so enraged he is going to punish her. Thank goodness for auto virginity protection? Tsukasa and his team as well as Elm villagers raid Findolf’s domain after Ringo’s rail canon blows a hole in the wall. Don’t worry, they have very light and durable aluminium shields and swords to easily overwhelm the guards. Even their arrows are made of the same material and snipers can shoot from a great distance with great accuracy. And then the greatest show time with Akatsuki dropping coloured poisonous smoke bombs to send the remaining guards running. Shinobu has great knowledge of the secret passages as she leads Tsukasa in. But first they have to take care of Gale Stafford, the imperial mage officer. Of course his magic is so basic that even Shinobu defeats him easily. Tsukasa enters Findolf’s room to see Lyrule crucified. And then Findolf shoots him from his hiding! So now he wants to take out his perverted fancies on her? If you’re wondering why Tsukasa stepped right in like that to get shot, it’s because he is wearing a bullet proof vest. If only Findolf aimed at his head… Findolf being the coward he is, pleads for his life and is willing to give riches. Tsukasa doesn’t want all that. He talks about the new democratic nation that he will be creating for all. Justice for all! Equality for all! Findolf laughs at this idea as the emperor will not accept and would have them all killed. In that case, they will just kill the emperor first. Tsukasa fires right in Findolf’s forehead. Don’t worry. It’s just rubber bullet. As Tsukasa gets Lyrule, a strange voice possesses her. She claims the world is on the verge of being destroyed by some evil dragon and hopes the 7 summoned heroes will save it. Lyrule then reverts to herself and learns what has happened. She feels everyone has done something terrible but couldn’t be happier. Ultimate victory when Tsukasa emerges before his comrades with Lyrule secured.

Episode 5
Akatsuki puts up a magic show to charm the crowd and then gives them mayonnaise! Yeah, that will be the clincher to make them worship this new God! This is part of Tsukasa’s plan to use religion to unite everyone. They will be calling themselves Seven Light Faith and hopefully they may come into contact with the real deal. Walter Von Haizerad as the mayor of Dormundt knows he is numbered and tries to flee. Ah, but Tsukasa confronts him and wants him to continue serving as mayor and pledge his allegiance to Seven Light Faith. It’s better than running away and living in some unknown land in fear of repercussion. With the mayor doing that, the people rejoice. The guards of Dormundt also welcome this but it seems their captain, Zest Bernard calls it quits. It’s like Tsukasa knows what he’s thinking and goes to talk to him so as the request him to be the captain of the knights. Sorry no can do. He made up his mind to quit as there is something he needs to do. So has Tsukasa’s plan fail? He is no politician if he has no backup plan! Yup, this means going to talk to him again the next day. This time outlining the details. Bernard still sticks to his guns because of his daughter. His wife died of an epidemic so I guess he realized that with the Seven Light Faith ‘bringing trouble’, the empire will launch an attack. If this place becomes a battlefield, he won’t be able to live with his daughter anymore. Hence, there is no more reason to remain as a knight. Now it’s Tsukasa’s turn to put in some smooth operator convincing. We’re not after loyalty, just comrades who will fight alongside them. He can always put his daughter’s priority first and that is never something pathetic. And they need people like him to drive this revolution and change this world. It is their world after all. Their freedom! Oh yeah. You bet he is now in. But all is not going smoothly as Tsukasa expects some opposition especially the nobles who are losing grip on their power. He will keep a close eye on them. Shinobu uses her sexual appeal to get info from soldiers about Oslo El Gustave. A merciless perfectionist who kills all those who oppose the emperor. Yeah, nothing like doing more research by going to meet that guy. Speaking of which, Inzaghi pleads to Gustave for help to restore the lands from the rebels. However he got decapitated for shameless clinging to life despite being an Imperial Knight. Time for Gustave to go burn things down himself. Oh damn, he’s got fireball power???!!!

Episode 6
Tsukasa puts into action his reform plans. Haizerad wonders if he does get any rest because like the rumours say, the Seven Light Faith do not sleep. Tsukasa assures him he does rest but only after the work is done. Technically a politician’s job is never done so… Of course Tsukasa is making the nobles work hard so he has to play his part and can’t be taking rests, right? Ringo has finished creating the power plant and weapons factory. Tsukasa hopes her aerial defence will be ready because they need to be prepared from attacks from the sky. He heard some disturbing news from Shinobu regarding Heaven’s Flames that could obliterate an entire city. It was used in the last war by Gustave. Lyrule tries to help around but there is nothing Tsukasa has for her. This makes Lyrule wonders if he hates her because recently he has been distant too. Oh please, don’t cry… So what a desperate girl to do than to barge into his quarters to convince him that he is a special person. He tries to scare her off that he killed his own father. Flashback shows Tsukasa admired his father who was a politician. However he found out his wealth and power were made via corruption and deception. With the help of Masato and Shinobu, Tsukasa brought him down and he was sentenced to death. Naturally mom hated him for that but Tsukasa still cannot forgive his dad’s crimes. After Lyrule sheds some tears, she assures him she will never come to hate him. And like how politicians must bend their will to their people, he relents and gives in. So he starts off by sleeping on her lap. Hope no scandal… Oh dear, Ringo is watching and she looks pretty jealous! Roo is having a hard time with the multiplication table so Akatsuki, Keine and Aoi motivate her with stories of their own childhood, how they memorize and practised things and became good at what they are now. To further motivate her, why not visualize money? And with that, she can actually make multiplications faster than a calculator! Future merchant guaranteed… But Roo is soon depressed. Why? Now she has to do divisions. Money all going away… Sad Roo so sad…

Episode 7
Shinobu and Elch are being treated to great hospitality in this small village. After they retire to their room, Shinobu then drops he drunkard act and reveals her observations. She noticed the villagers are starving and have signs of malnutrition. Yet they didn’t touch the food they offered to them and pestered them to keep eating. Shinobu then leads Elch to the basement of the inn to reveal this village’s true nature. They kill and steal from travellers and sometimes even eat them! The villagers are rounded up for an inspection by Silver Knight, Jeanne Leblanc. Everyone puts up a nice smile and greeting. After everyone is dismissed, she spots a child having a small dirt on her clothes. Because this is a violation, she has her punished. Her mom begs for leniency but is only told to smile. Elch wants to rescue her but Shinobu reminds him the villagers tried to kill them. But of course they can’t wish death upon their enemies, right? So Shinobu pops up and offers a deal to Jeanne. Let the child go and she’ll surrender to them without resistance. Thinking she is from the Yamato Empire of the east, Jeanne agrees. Later that mom thanks Elch but he cannot forgive them for what they have done. The mother explains this was a small wheat growing village but ever since it became under Gustave’s domain, he enforced a beautification plan upon it and worse, the villagers do so out of their own pockets. Naturally they starve as they cannot get their hands dirty to farm so they had to eventually resort to this dark tactic. Jeanne is about to torture Shinobu but of course she slips out easily. However Jeanne thanks her for saving that little girl. She reveals she is from Azure Brigade and in service to Count Blumhardt and is worried for the future of Gustave’s region. Because it seems the Yamato Empire also views Gustave as their enemy. So the enemy’s enemy is my friend? She wants Shinobu to help he alleviate the suffering of the people. Gustave is amazed with this huge golden statue of the emperor and wants 4 more statues to be made. However his attendant advises the people will die as they will not have enough to eat. Gustave doesn’t care because it is their role to die for his majesty. But when he learns the uprising on Findolf has not been quelled simply because they are waiting for winter to be over, Gustave goes into rage! Hey, don’t taint the statue with your blood! Hence he takes his hot burning spear and throws it at Dormundt’s direction. Ringo’s radar detects it in time. However her anti-air missiles fail to stop it. Tsukasa has researched Heaven’s Flames and believes it to work like a bomb and wants her to change its trajectory. Well… the spear evaded that too! Brace for direct impact!

Episode 8
The spear hits the centre but the entire Dormundt didn’t explode. Just go up in flames first. And there’s a giant fiery spectre of Gustave cursing everybody. Thanks to the fast action of the people, the damage is limited for now. The fire stops spreading thanks to the wider streets but that won’t stop Gustave as he sends fire zombies to attack! Don’t get touched or you’ll be engulfed in flames! As everyone retreats, Lyrule mentions the only way to stop all the fire is to destroy its source, the spear. That is what is binding the fire spirits. Unfortunately she doesn’t know how she knows about this and the moment the fire started, all the details were ‘downloaded’ into her head. Tsukasa’s idea is to use a guided missile by Ringo’s AI mascot, Kumausa to destroy the spear. Aoi volunteers to guide it there. You’re wondering why she is running along with the missile instead of riding it. Ah, I see it is to brake and turn it whenever there is an obstacle. I’m still amazed that her bare feet isn’t f*cking destroyed by all the braking yet!!! When she gets to the centre, she has to deal with Gustave’s spirit. Hey, she can ride it and guide the missile as well?! When she locates the spear, all that is left is to let the missile lock onto it. When Gustave’s hands try to stop it but Aoi cuts them down with her wind slash. Wait a minute. Won’t air feed the fire?! Whatever. A direct hit and instantly all the fire is doused. The real Gustave is reeling from this painful defeat. Uh huh. His real hands are cut off! But he is so mad that he materializes a pair of fire arms???!!! Tsukasa thanks Lyrule for her help and even quells her worries that it was somehow her fault (because there were a few casualties). Hey, if this is the future and freedom you’re fighting for, it isn’t going to be 100% flawless victory, you know. Lyrule then reveals about that strange voice in her head that told her everything. Because of that, she wants to study magic to be useful in the future. Later, Shinobu calls Tsukasa and is ashamed of herself that she didn’t know Gustave would fire the spear so soon. But she assures him that he won’t be doing that again soon or firing multiple times because of the amount of time he needed to bind the fire spirits. Tsukasa also wants her to investigate more on Azure Brigade since they aren’t entirely certain if they are their allies. With Bernard’s modernized armed forces ready, Tsukasa is ready to strike back.

Episode 9
Gustave is so mad that he is ordering the soldiers who are supposed to march into Dormundt after winter, to march there right now or die! Hence Marquis Arclide and Marquis Buchwald are forced to take their soldiers and trek to the next checkpoint in this brutal blizzard. But before arriving, they are being sniped by Bernard’s team who have already taken over the checkpoint. Arclide immediately calls for a retreat. He also makes a false report that all his troops are dead to deceive the enemy so that when they are lured out into the open, they will encounter his heavy armoured cavalry. So if bullets can’t harm them, what can? Grenades! Yeah, everything just as planned by Tsukasa… Arclide has no choice but to really retreat this time. You think his own kingdom walls are safe? Then drones fly in to demand their unconditional surrender or else you don’t want to be like this tower taken out by their homing missile! Meanwhile Gustave gives a rousing speech to his troops to kill every traitor. That is when Jeanne tries to assassinate him but it failed. However Jeanne then calls her Azure Brigade to rise. You mean the entire Gustave’s army belongs to Azure Brigade? Jeanne and Shinobu fight Gustave. You can tell he is never going to surrender. A tough fight. Jeanne’s stab can’t kill him. Chandelier couldn’t kill him. Well, so as not to make our heroines dirty their hands, Gustave uses his own blood as bomb and self-destructs! Of course our heroines escape in time. In the aftermath, Shinobu reports to Tsukasa. It is unsure if Gustave is really dead because his body was never found… Arclide humbly joins Seven Light Faith. It’s the only way. They have superior technology and all the strategies he thought he had, Tsukasa read him like a book. Yeah. Like as though he is God! Our reward for watching all this: Seeing the girls getting a good massage in their birthday suit! I guess Ringo is the only flat one around so she doesn’t want to lose out and allows Shinobu to do some breast enhancing massage on her. Not sure if it works but it’s a win for all of us! Banzai oppai! Not even sure why Akatsuki is forced to join in. You’re supposed to rejoice and not complain! Are you gay?! Tsukasa and co meet to discuss the current situation. Lyrule is progressing well in learning magic and there is this trust issue with Azure Brigade. They might be on their side ever since but it is hard to tell. Even Tsukasa lays down the truth: It is impossible to get along with them.

Episode 10
Rommel Von Conrad, the leader of Azure Brigade may look like a nice guy but Tsukasa realized he has lied. The statue from Gustave that they need to rebuild the lands, when asked, Conrad says he didn’t know its location. Judging from all the tell-tale signs, the statue must already be in his control. This is bad as Gustave’s death is not confirm, he might come back for it. Also, publicizing Azure Brigade’s corruption may not do them any good as the public’s opinion is in favour of them. For now, they will work hard to earn the people’s trust and then expose them when the time is right. Let Azure Brigade line their pockets as much as they want. After all, money can be taken back easily unlike people’s hearts. Before they can move on to their next plan, Keine wants Tsukasa and Ringo to rest up because she can even tell if they continue to work like a horse, they will fall ill of a certain disease! If that’s what the doctor says… Ringo is flustering since Tsukasa asks her out. Like a date? Hence she seeks Aoi’s advice on how to get close to a man. The shocking thing is not how Aoi is very good in dealing with men and that she is also a good kisser, it’s how her method of dealing with them: Grab them by the balls!!!! OMFG!!!! GRAB THEM BY THE BALLS!!!!!!! Ringo seeks Keine’s advice next. What sounds like a slow romantic act, turns out to be some rape scene of taking off his clothes and then… Uhm… Uhm… Sex ed? You bet Ringo is confused. All that is left is Shinobu. Love is like hunting, eh? Okay. Sounds most plausible. Next day, Ringo’s date with Tsukasa begins. They dress up like lovely Byuma nobles and they’re turning quite the heads. She’s trying to apply what Shinobu advised. No such luck… And now we get a flashback of Ringo’s tragic genius life. She was born a prodigy and won many consecutive awards at a very young age. Unfortunately her mom got jealous till a point she left! Worse, she regretted giving birth to this ‘monster’! Poor girl. She started questioning her own existence and that is when she met Tsukasa who was also her same classmate. In short, he gave her a reason to exist and that her talents are not a waste. At the end of the day, it probably wasn’t the date Ringo had envisioned but at least it was good enough as she got to be with him. And then suddenly it gets serious because in Tsukasa’s bid to protect this town further, he needs something that only she can do. Back to work so fast?

Episode 11
Some Hyuma are being infected with a fatal disease. With Keine running out of antibiotics, some are pleading to Akatsuki to save them but can ‘God’ really save these people? Then herald a group of wicked men from the medical guild that serve under Gustave. Led by Count Serentius, he offers to relief their pain via opium. Of course this is banned under the Seven Light Faith. He dares them to resent that faith if they want this medicine. Akatsuki gets mad and tells them off that he will save these people. His angel Keine will do it. And yes, Keine has found a way. This coal? Those guys laugh and will let her do what she wants. If she fails, they must lift the opium ban. And so we see Keine with Lyrule making this super medicine. Sounds like making poison. Sulphuric acid, ammonia… Damn, they make this without wearing any mask or gloves? Oh well, she’s a super doctor. Eventually everyone is healed from this super medicine. You bet those guild guys aren’t happen and plot to do some threatening and poisoning. Don’t bother. Keine is here to give them a few lessons. After paralyzing them, when called a demon, she relishes in this nickname. Because she thought of killing God for making human so weak. Hence her plan is take down God and help create better bodies for human where everyone is free of flaws and deficiencies! Damn, she’s so scary that Serentius becomes so scared of her and now becomes a goody-goody wimp follower of her. Yes, ma’am. Anything you say! Meanwhile Conrad reports to General Neuro. Knowing that Azure Brigade has no capacity to fight Seven Light Faith and the reason they are just cooperating now, Neuro intends to crush those fakes by lending his forces. His adjutant, Tanganika is even more powerful than Gustave. Jeanne is surprised Raisenach isn’t with Conrad for the meeting. Change of plans. He tries to kill her! He also admits he killed Blumhardt. Jeanne is defeated and you know their weakness is never killing on the spot. Because those horny men want to rape her, this allows Shinobu to kill them all and Jeanne delivering the fatal blow to Raisenach. Shinobu then shows Jeanne a secret room underneath the castle. This is where the golden statue is located. Jeanne is enraged Conrad lied to her. She is sad that the ideals of Azure Brigade to fight for the people have changed. They have to hide since Conrad and Tanganika are coming in.

Episode 12
When Conrad says he broke down the statue, Tanganika is not pleased. Does this guy sound familiar? You bet. He is Gustave! Damn, I knew he wasn’t dead. He burns Conrad alive for this blasphemy. Now he is going to burn everything else. Shinobu and Jeanne better run. Gustave so mad that he burns everything in the castle, including his own men! I don’t know how long Gustave has been ranting about long live his emperor and burning everything but it was enough for Dormundt. To send a ballistic missile to blow up the entire place!!! WOAH!!! When Tsukasa talks about diplomacy and all, Ringo now understands why he worded things in such a way. So that he could take the blame for being useless that he could resort to such action. Ringo assures that he is always working hard for the sake of others. Next day, everyone gathers as Tsukasa announces that Azure Brigade has surrendered the lands Gustave ruled over to Seven Light Faith. Now that they have the northern states, Tsukasa wants the people to form a new nation: Elm Republic. Sorry to rain on your parade but Gustave is back! Not again! After evacuating the people, Gustave turns into a monster to kill them. Oh look. That giant gem in his heart. Gotta get rid of it. I guess only Aoi and Shinobu have the skills to tackle him but clearly not quite enough. With Aoi’s sword broken and stuck in the gem, Gustave now charges at Tsukasa who is taking pot shots at him. Finally his last bullet destroys the gem. Rampaging stops. Phew. Looking at Tsukasa, Gustave knows he is a leader and a fake. He mocks his ideals of equality and men like them cannot save the people. He will eventually come to realize that everything is to be ruled by the emperor chosen by the heavens. Gustave disintegrates. Good riddance. Later Tsukasa reflects on this. There is some truth in Gustave’s words. Tsukasa views himself as an imposter. Unlike his comrades who possessed true skills, Tsukasa as a politician only uses methods anyone else could use. Is he implying politicians are useless and only good for using others?! So true! He is worried because he is not a prodigy, how can he beat the emperor? But don’t fret over that. Because he has friends with him as they all celebrate to Ulga’s newly renovated house. With mayonnaise! Lots of them!

Isekai Cheat Geniuses
Oh shucks. Thank goodness it ended. It is just too bad that it got just slightly interesting when Gustave made his final words that were actually food for thought. But that’s about it. Unfortunately no really big foreshadowing of the next threat and from the looks of those oriental babes trio at the end, they look more sexy than threatening. Yeah sure, looks can be deceiving but whatever. They also kept this emperor a big mystery and we have not seen his face a single time (sorry, that statue wasn’t clear enough to make things out). You’d thought this guy who rules the land with his iron fist and his fearful reputation echoing throughout the land would at least let us have some visual on how he looks like but I guess if we have to settle all the generals first before coming to face the man who is chosen by the gods. There is an order to everything. Including democracy. Hence, no point for Tsukasa to be worried about this first. Better discuss the governing policies for Elm Republic first. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there. Meanwhile their original world must be crying where their geniuses have disappeared too… Uh huh. The economy has collapsed! Nations destroyed! People dying! Riots everywhere! Oh dear. How fragile our own world is. Seven Light Faith is going to have another tough time on their hands when they return to their original world. Yup. Round 2 to fix this wretched planet.

Sometimes I feel that this is like Danganronpa but with all the flawless cooperation and coordination they put together without all the killing among each other. Not the first feeling I had. Also had that same feeling when I saw the recent Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]. We have a super duper politician, a super duper businessman, a super duper doctor, a super duper samurai, a super duper inventor, a super duper magician and a super duper journalist all together in one basket. I guess there isn’t any super duper gamer. Uh huh. It is one of those super professions not needed when you actually want to change the world. Sorry gamers. Your talents of being champions of Fortnite or Call of Duty are not appreciated in the new world order :’(.

And as you can see, the plot of the story is pretty much cliché and predictable. Powerful foreigners from another land (world in this case) breaking up the ironclad rule of the nobles and royals and giving the people the voice. And they are continuously being successful at it. Sure, they look like making it so easy and putting in effort that doesn’t seem to make them break into any sweat. For this kind of strategy to work so well, this world has to be primitive and backwater in almost every aspect. Primitive technology, primitive science, primitive thinking and ideals. Voila. Even if this world has magic, it is still quite primitive if you think about it. Because if technology can actually overcome your magic, you’re pretty much screwed in the end. So you’ve got the perfect setting for ‘more advanced culture and civilization’ to bring about tantalizing changes. And of course the common people would jump on board. Sounds like a fair deal to them. They’ve been oppressed for as long as their ancestors have existed so what have they got to lose by jumping on this bandwagon?

So now you see why our other worldly geniuses are so successful? If this world was some futuristic dystopia, they would be the ones having their backs against the ropes. No doubt that they will eventually rise with that kind of super talents but it’ll take a much longer time compared to this one. I might be wrong but I’ve got a hunch when our magnificent seven came to liberate the people of this world and have them believe in a new faith, doesn’t this feel familiar like when white men went to conquer and spread their gospel through other parts of the world? You know, that White Man’s Burden?

Sometimes you want to think that it is all nonsense and garbage that our heroes can pull off solutions and miracles so easily but then again, remember the primitive setting of it all. Also, it is a good thing and in a way mind boggling that the basic sciences in their original world as well as this world work the same. Phew. Thank goodness. Otherwise, how would they ever use their knowledge and create such simple solutions that we take for granted every day? This is why Tsukasa and co are able to build such huge modern complexes out of nothing. Thank Ringo for that too. Somewhat. Incredible yet incredulous if I should say. You have modern day amenities and facilities sticking out like a sore thumb in this primitive world and with all that in hand, it kinda makes them look invincible. Oh, so convenient about the legend talked about the Seven Light Faith coming down to save the people. Just wow. Everything works in favour of our geniuses. I mean, how can Tsukasa and co make mayonnaise in this world so easily? I am guessing they have those ingredients and raw materials here. But the people never actually figured this out? Seriously, no? Something wrong… Yeah, blame the oppression for impeding their creativity!

Personally if you ask me, the character development for our septet feels weak. I guess with limited number of episodes, there is a need to balance between the heroes as well as what they are going to achieve in this world. We have short and brief narrations of Tsukasa and Ringo’s past. It feels just like skimming through and it could have been elaborated further had this series had more episodes. And because of that, the rest of the other characters feel like they don’t really have a back story to their name. I’m sure we want to know how Masato became such a ruthless business. You want to know if he can top Bill Gates or Warren Buffet without a fight. Same thing I want to ask about Keine, is she the new Black Jack or something? What about Aoi and her exceptional swordsmanship? Was she born with this talent or did she hone it through years of training? (But because she is a genius, it shaves a lot of years and that helps). What is Akatsuki’s real name? Does he even have one? Is Shinobu’s intelligence gathering skill that good? Maybe she could read minds, you know. While all these characters do have their moment, it feels insufficient. Like when Masato had his turn early in the series, after his business venture was successful, that’s the end of his role. That is the most prominent part you’ll ever so of him ever. He may be running his business thingy in the background but as far as the progress of this series is concerned, he turned into a background supporting character after that.

Interestingly, Keine sounds like she has a hidden personality. Especially about her goal in wanting to make the perfect human and hence she wants to kill God. Not sure if she was just putting up a show and trolling us or if this is her dark nature that nobody else never knew. It is a shame because it sounded like it had a lot of potential since Keine is one of the very calm and cool characters of the group. Like as though still waters run deep.

It’s hard to believe that Tsukasa is being such a good politician. In today’s era, such good statesmen are equivalent to unicorns! They’re a myth and impossible to find! Haha! I really want to believe that Tsukasa is such a talented policymaker but my sceptical guts prevented my otherwise. Because if he was that good, why is Japan now still a mess? Sure, he won a second term as Japan’s (possibly the youngest) Prime Minister but nothing else is said about his achievements back in his home world. Maybe Tsukasa is not one to gloat. But still, sceptical guts remains… So in this world, it’s like he can test out his resolve and resolution before tackling on the harder issues back home. Yeah, it’s like this world is on easy mode and for practice.

But there is some truth that Tsukasa might not be as a great prodigy that we all think of him to be. After all, what is a politician’s role anyway? Tsukasa just has the charisma to rally people on and this could be debatable if you want to argue if this is a real skill or not. But as long as Tsukasa is doing a good job and stay clean, I guess nobody is going to complain. Yet. Just like the rest, Tsukasa has some sort of past that is clearly not explained and the one shown here is just merely the tip of the iceberg. Like as though Gustave saw through him that he is hiding more than meets the eyes. Something a typical politician always has.

Somehow Akatsuki feels like the weakest among the septet. Because among the septet whose skills and expertise are very relevant and useful, I suppose performing magic tricks and illusions might feel like just some sort of entertainment but I’m guessing that Ringo could have created video games and Disneyland amusement parks if she wanted too. Had she not being busy herself with whatever Tsukasa entrusted her. Hence Akatsuki now becomes the figurehead and poster boy for Seven Light Faith. So to speak. Thanks to Aoi and Keine always accompanying him as his angels, even into baths, now I am having doubts if Akatsuki is actually a boy. What if he is a girl and his shy-shy reaction when those bold busty babes dip in the same bath with him is because he is trying to hide his tiny boobs and vagina? Holy sh*t! I don’t think I want to know any further…

Even some of the denizens of this world feel like they’re somewhat forgotten. At least for now. Like Roo. She is now Masato’s disciple and steadily making progress as a trader. What happens to her after that? Like, why do we even need this character for? Is she a stepping stone to show us why Masato is such a good guy, a successful businessman despite also being a ruthless trader? I thought you can only be either one. Hey, maybe in this world you can be both! So what is Roo for again? Maybe we need a cute pet mascot to show us how to eat mayonnaise in a cute adorable way! Then there is something about Lyrule. Ever since after kidnapping incident, her role too has somewhat become insignificant. More accurately, taking a backseat for now. Because we are sure curious to know what that mysterious inner voice is. Something that we all believe that could link the heroes with this world. For now, let’s just keep that at the back of our minds.

The antagonists are also one dimensional and predictable. After all, this is a feudal world with backwater thinking. Because a big majority of nobles and royals want to keep their stranglehold on power, that’s one some of them like Gustave are turned into manaics. Wanna bet he is still very much alive even after that disintegration? Maybe ghost mode… Due to the primitiveness of this world, understandably those in power do not understand how powerful the heroes are. Until they come face to face with their technology. What else is there to say? So far, Seven Light Faith has encountered not so powerful foes and even Gustave himself despite powerful, their technology thankfully still wins in the end. So imagine if they finally come face to face with the emperor. It could be a whole new different story. That’s why Seven Light Faith should not be carried away with the liberating victories they have so far. It’s like they’re also trolling us to get used to their victories and when they face off with the final boss, we’re going to be in for some real shocker.

Art and animation are pretty standard. There are some blood and gore in the few fighting scenes but nothing that will cause you to be traumatized for the rest of your life. Unless this is your very first time watching TV. This anime is done by Project No. 9 who did Ro-Kyu-Bu, Ryuuou No Oshigoto, Netoge No Yome Wa Onnanoko Ja Nai To Omotta and Saikin Imouto No Yousu Ga Chotto Okashinda. Maybe that’s why the character designs look a bit one kind and similar.

Voice acting, because I was just fresh from watching To Aru Kagaku No Accelerator, Rina Hidaka who was the voice of Last Order, lends her talent here as Ringo. That is when Ringo speaks, she reminds me of that character. Albeit minus all that spunky loli attitude in Last Order. But then again, since Rina Hidaka also voices Kumausa, yeah, this sounds pretty familiar to Last Order. I don’t know. Last Order reincarnated? The recognizable seiyuus include Jouji Nakata as Gustave, Mai Nakahara as Winona and Hiro Shimono as Elch. The other casts are Yuusuke Kobayashi as Tsukasa (Subaru in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), Junji Majima as Masato (Kinji in Hidan No Aria), Hisako Kanemoto as Keine (titular character in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Sayaka Kaneko as Aoi (Sora in High School Fleet), Natsumi Hioka as Shinobu (Tsukuyo in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), Shizuka Ishigami as Akatsuki (Renge in Kyoukai No Rinne), Yuuki Kuwahara as Lyrule (Konoha in Gamers), Sayaka Senbongi as Jeanne (Shuna in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken) and Chinami Hashimoto as Roo (Chiyo in Prison School).

One of the weirdest things to happen in this anime is the opening theme, Hajimete No Kakumei by Dialogue+. This song is such a lively fanfare that it doesn’t fit the theme of the series at all. This is a song that feels like when you’re doing a show opening or something. It doesn’t reflect the grim struggle, the setting and the pace of the series in any way. Sometimes I feel it’s like an insult. You know, our main septet are so powerful and godly. Hence this proclamation song that feels like they can just bulldoze over everything with ease. Yes, it is that bizarre. At least the ending theme, Dear My Distance by Akari Kitou sounds better suited even though it is just generic and not really attractive to me.

Overall, Choyoyu somehow sounds close to a Cantonese saying of fried squid which means ‘fired’. My final sentiments for this series. And once again we decided to show how capable and reliable we are by flexing our muscles and imposing that our idealistic ideals are always the best (even though in reality we rarely preach it – do what I say, not what I do, literally). There is this dilemma for this kind of genre to really go beyond the bias perception that it has already gotten and do better. We want to show that that we can really free the oppressed but at the same time, we make it look so easy and effortless. I think most of us will be sceptical no matter how pure the ideals of these characters are. Maybe this will work in a world where anime doesn’t exist. And to the rest of us, these geniuses are just arrogant and conceited. Oh yeah? I dare you to change my mind (meme)!

P/S: When everything fails, just… GRAB THEM BY THE BALLS!!!!!! Best advice ever!

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