Chrno Crusade

March 18, 2012

I always thought the Great Depression back in the 1920’s and 1930’s were caused by the devastating collapse of the stock market prices in the USA. I didn’t know it was the preceding economic prosperity that had the wealthy and rich dabbled into something dark and sinister: Devil worshipping, that brought upon the Great Depression era. Actually, that was what I had in mind when I watched Chrno Crusade. Set in the alternate reality of New York circa 1928 AD, Manhattan is exactly what I had in mind back in those days. Bootleg liquor, mafia mobs ruling the streets, crime rates, the ever widening gap between the rich and poor. Ah, New York certainly indeed. Oh, let’s not get diverted from this blog shall we?

Being the action supernatural series this is, I guess that’s why they put demons into the picture. I guess if you have powerful demons with intentions of surfacing and wrecking the delicate balance between Heaven, Earth and Hell, you can’t have an ordinary Sunday church to stop these dark creatures, right? So herald a special organization, Magdalene Order that seeks out these creatures and banishes them to the deep depths of the earth to keep us humans safe and sound so they all can go home and have a good night’s sleep. Sometimes I always thought that humans themselves are the biggest demons. But let’s not get sidetracked again. You’re not going to just see this organization kick ass with all the demons they encounter. That would be tad boring. We have the main characters driven with their tragic and shadowy past, dark and bloody history and relationship, add a little mix of drama and comedy, you’ll have the crucial ingredients of a manga plot and development that would probably make you pray harder to God than ever before. Okay, I admit. I didn’t.

Episode 1
In 1928 at Brooklyn, New York, Sister Rosette Christopher and Chrno are rudely awakened by a phone call from Sister Kate Valentine to quickly get into action since they’re the nearest. I don’t know where Rosette got her driving licence because she crashed her car into to building! Rosette introduces herself from the Magdalene Order as they get ready to bust into the building that is under hostage situation. Let’s say these kids are like Ghostbusters of the 20’s. Trekking through the creepy hallways, they enter a room to see the culprit in some satanic ritual. Rosette removes the sheets but the ghoul is right above her. She manages to dodge and pump a few shots. The ghoul starts expanding as they make a run for it. It explodes and covers everyone in black icky gooey. And somehow the entire building comes crashing down. Back at Magdalene, Kate reprimands Rosette for the damage she has done (again). Yeah, she always goes beyond their expectations. That’s not a compliment! Kate wonders if it’s her assistant who is an inhabitant of the darkness who summoned the darkness. Rosette immediately denies and says it’s her lack of ability instead and will write an apology letter. Father Ewan Remington comes in, Rosette starts to blush. Says a lot, eh? Kate is not amused he spoils her but Rosette excuses herself to write the letter. Looks like she doesn’t listen to anybody except Remington. Meanwhile Chrno is having it tough as a bunch of sisters pester him for details of Rosette’s damage. A block? An island? Don’t let her catch you say that? Oops. Too late. During dinner, Rosette thanks Chrno and mentions that her image of her younger brother, Joshua hasn’t change and still dreams about him. Edward “Elder” Hamilton, the perverted weapon scientist appears from underneath, peeping under Rosette’s skirt. He shows her a magic bullet called Gospel, supposedly stronger than any Sacred but it’s still a prototype. He allows her to test it if she allows him to touch her tits. She allows him… To get beaten up, that is! The duo are called for another mission, this time onboard a British cargo ship. Thankfully Rosette didn’t crash the car this time. One of the survivors is seen but quickly turns into a demon. Chrno recognizes this as Calamity, the formation of overwhelming anger but this one is being controlled from somewhere else. Rosette starts firing several shots as they chase the demon into the ship. As Chrno tries to move the ship from the port, Rosette hunts the demon. Another round of pumping bullets but she is cornered and runs out of ammo. Chrno then throws her the Gospel that he stole from Elder and in 1 shot, the demon is dramatically destroyed and returns to its original form, supposedly some stolen artefact. Then they realize the ship just hit the Statue of Liberty! Oh, Rosette insists this isn’t her fault!

Episode 2
Rosette wakes up from a dream. One whereby her young self and Joshua first met Chrno and were excited of meeting a demon. Then Aion (in crow form) hypnotizes Joshua and he disappears. Elder is working on new bullets called Spirit, in which demons are inside it. More accurately when fired, it unleashes a tremendous amount of power similar to when you summon a demon. Joshua doesn’t like the sound of it as Elder instructs Kate to take this new bullets to Kate. Can she be trusted after that Gospel case? Apparently on her way, they are being called for a mission. So I guess this is perfect excuse for Rosette to ‘steal’ the bullets. At the scene, Rosette fires several shots into the flying horned demon. She is going to fire Spirit to finish it off. Chrno disagrees but that distraction has the demon creep out on her as she drops her gun into a nearby bush. Fortunately the demon has used up its remaining life energy and soon disintegrates. They search for the gun but can’t seem to find it. That’s because a suspicious guy among the crowd has already taken it. Rosette reports back to Kate and for once, she didn’t get yelled at. Actually she was lying. No wonder. But Remington can tell since she isn’t acting naturally in front of Kate but promises to keep it a secret. Elder and Chrno are checking out the horn Rosette shot off the demon. Elder is also building a sensor that detects Spirit’s demonic powers. Looks weird. But does it work? Urm… It senses one nearby. That suspicious guy breaks into the church grounds as everyone is on alert. This guy is emitting lots of dark aura and is not heeding orders to stay put as he trudges forward. To their horror, they see him holding a Government’s Exorcist Gun model (Rosette’s). He then points to his own head and pulls the trigger. The horned demon bursts out from his body and begins attacking. Chrno realizes it swallowed Spirit’s demonic power and replaced the power of its broken horn with it. Everyone fires but it has no effect. Chrno knows it wants to retrieve its horn and lures it. Rosette tries to settle this herself but gets whacked unconscious. Chrno goes berserk to see his contractor not moving and is about to lose it. His aura so powerful that it shatters glasses and on the verge of breaking his seal. But Rosette wakes up and manages to calm him down. She then fires Gospel into the demon and kills it for good. Kate wonders how she can trust that demon so Elder tells her Rosette doesn’t acknowledge him as a demon. For now they can only watch over them. Joshua is relaxing on a beautiful beach when her maid Fiore informs him of Aion’s call. Suddenly they are confronted with a huge iron dude named Bolso and his winged army. He is looking for that sinner Aion and wants to pass judgement. Joshua tells Fiore to make coffee and will finish this. By the time Fiore finishes making coffee, Bolso and his entire army are wiped out! Joshua has only a minor scratch on his hand. Now the entire beach and sea is bloodied! Who’s going to clean this up?

Episode 3
Back in 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, Mother Maria and whispered words of the end of the world war to 3 little shepherds known as the Fatima Prophecy. With 2 World Wars ended, the last one was a highly classified matter by the Roman Pope. But Magdalene’s investigations show the appearance of an Apostle: The Agents of Earth sent by God. They must be put under protection so Chrno and Rosette are tasked to protect one of them, Azmaria Hendrick, a 12 year old soprano singer from Fatima. Her guardian is Ricardo and the man next to him is Relye, a demon whom Chrno recognizes. Sneaking around in the casino, Rosette almost got spotted so she hides in the staff room only to see Azmaria hiding there. She promises not to tell but when they leave, they come into Relye who brings Azmaria away. They get distracted when Chrno comes crashing in while fighting a stone gargoyle. In this moment, Rosette and Chrno snatch Azmaria away and escape. They are being chased by more stone gargoyles so Rosette fires her holy gun at them and turns them back to stone. But they are sent crashing into the party below and this causes lots of damage and people got hurt. Oh dear. Whose fault is this? But Azmaria blames herself as the cause and starts singing to heal everything before collapsing. Back at Magdalene, Rosette pesters Kate about the Agents on Earth. Since she’ll eventually have to know this, Remington says just as she suspected, Joshua is also an Agent on Earth. The Agent of God, those who have been given a gift from God and must be protected. There are probably 7 Agents on Earth. The gift given to Joshua is probably hope while Azmaria is charity. Demons can gain even greater powers by acquiring the power of God and this applies to Satanists as well. Azmaria who has lost her parents before the war is currently living and doing chores at Magdalene. Because Rosette still sees Azmaria gloomy, she takes her and Chrno out of town to the lakes in the mountains. Of course without approval. She has her loosen up a little by splashing water on her and over a warm campfire drink Rosette believes she can laugh again and putting all the burden on herself is hard. Probably she got told off many times herself.  Azmaria starts laughing but Chrno is attacked by Relye. He is here to bring Azmaria back. Azmaria agrees to return if he doesn’t harm them however he doesn’t keep his promise and fires a lightning projection at them.

Episode 4
When Relye brings Azmaria back to Ricardo (with hideous life support wires sticking out from his body) onboard his blimp, Ricardo temporarily punishes him for disobeying his orders not to scorch the Earth. He reveals his original body was blown to bits during a bombing but can’t die due to the immortality contract he made with Relye, his body was reconstructed but imperfect as it lacks life. In the past, Relye’s power was perfect but now it wasn’t so because it was carved away by Chrno. Since demonic power isn’t enough to bring his life back, they need a much perfect power: The power of God. Rosette and Chrno wakes up to find Remington and some of the sisters by their side. Then they see the sky lit with Astral Line (an indication that Ricardo and Relye has started the process), a grand wave of spirits floating in the atmosphere. All living souls obtain their lives from it while dead souls diffuse in it. In short, the source of all lives. Rosette wants to unlock the watch seal but Chrno doesn’t allow it. She insists that they both want to save Azmaria and there is no other way. Though he still doesn’t like the idea, he allows her for 10 minutes. Unlocking it, Chrno transforms into his demon self as he brings Rosette up to the blimp. Seems Azmaria’s scream is summoning Astral Line and putting the life back into Ricardo’s rotting body. Now we know why they wanted an opera singer. However Relye shuts down the machine and betrays Ricardo. His true intention isn’t to bring life to his master, but collect all the Astral in his own Receptor. With the power of God flowing through him (ironically, a demon?), he lets Ricardo’s body rot away. One bad deed deserves another.

Rosette and Chrno hop onboard the blimp. Chrno will fight a transformed Relye while he wants Rosette to rescue Azmaria. Rosette dispatches the several Legions (low-level demons mimicking human form) to save her. They see the demons in an aerial battle as Azmaria learns about Rosette’s watch seal. It is the source of Chrno’s power and draws it from the contractor’s life. At this rate, Rosette predicts she won’t make it to her 30th birthday. Azmaria wonders why she can push herself so much so Rosette throws back the question at her of why she gives up easily. Rosette continues that the future is uncertain, all the more not to procrastinate so they must do what they can now and not give up till the last moment. Relye thinks Chrno has fallen so much but it is rather the latter who doesn’t want to unleash his true power and in actual fact has powered up a lot. Relye is going to destroy the source of his concern:  Rosette. He takes aim at her but I think he missed. Rosette fires a shot directly into his Receptor, cracking it. Chrno finishes the job to turn the demon into ashes for good. The blimp starts to explode as Rosette and Azmaria fall off. Rosette’s watch seal also locks itself so Chrno returns to his human version. As they free fall, Azmaria thought hard about Rosette’s words and this causes her to spread angelic wings as the trio land to safety. In the aftermath, Rosette is disheartened to learn Azmaria has lost her powers because she used up too much of it and it may take a very long time for it to return. Azmaria thinks she no reason to stay and nowhere to go but Rosette says there is an opening in the choir she can apply.

Episode 5
Rosette and Chrno are summoned to see Kate. She asks if Relye’s actions have any direct connection with Aion. Chrno denies but Rosette can’t forget the day Aion took away Joshua. After Azmaria’s case it is clear why Aion wants God’s powers. Most probably to create a rebellion against Heaven. Not by the will of Satan but of his own to recreate the universe. Thus the need for people like Joshua and Azmaria for that crazy battle. Chrno notes that Aion often said the goal of one born with an incomplete stigma is to become complete. If the wish is to create another ending to the Apocalypse then it’s something one must do yourself. Rosette wants to join the Apostle investigation mission since she has grown stronger (of course to find Joshua too) but Kate points out that she is too emotional and for now she has to stick with normal mission. Rosette and Chrno is sneaking around but is spotted by Remington. He offers her to join the First Class Militia. One of its privileges is independent investigations and some carry long term solo mission, something which fits Rosette. All she needs to do is convince Kate with her own skills. I hope there is no hidden meaning to it. Azmaria talks to Kate over tea. Kate thought nothing of Azmaria’s words will surprise her. But when she mentions how she wants to be like Rosette, see the amount of tea she spit out! Well, not the reckless Rosette she meant, the one whereby she never gave up and to be able to do something for others. Kate brings her to a chamber. A field created by Elder which uses machine to gather energy to create artificial spiritual forms. In short, this is an exorcist’s training field with artificial poltergeists. She tells Azmaria to wait at the bottom while she heads to the control room. But it seems Rosette is preparing to head into the field for a test initiated by Remington. She needs to pass this test of eliminating all targets in an hour to at least have a chance to convince Kate. Just leave everything else to Remington.

Chrno stays put as Rosette leaves for the battlefield. Chrno senses a real demon and Remington points out he let loose a real demon from the storage warehouse as a surprise. If she can’t clear this one, there goes her chance with Kate. Unfortunately Kate heard them and isn’t too thrilled about what just happened. Azmaria is cowering in fear while Rosette is firing at her targets. Remington contacts Rosette to cancel the test since Azmaria is below and they can’t contact her. But Rosette wants to go save her even after learning the demon is Mind Eater (a demon who can possess one’s mind and slowly eats into one’s soul). After losing contact with Rosette, she comes into contact with possessed Azmaria. Though the demon is stronger, she manages to pin it down. Chrno wants to go save them but Remington tells him to stay put as there is nothing he can do. For now, there is only 1 thing Rosette can do. To mind dive into Azmaria’s mind and directly exorcise the demon. Rosette sets up the devices and dives into Azmaria’s mind to see her standing alone and gloomy at a cemetery. She calls out to her but she doesn’t respond. Mind Eater tells her it’s useless since Azmaria fears her own powers that killed her loved ones. But Rosette isn’t giving any sh*t to the demon because she’s talking to Azmaria. While the demon tries to restrain her, Rosette makes her realize she’s not alone because everyone is here for her. Azmaria’s powers awaken and expel the demon from her mind. When Rosette wakes up in Chrno’s arms, they see Azmaria sprouting angel wings as she thanks her.

Episode 6
The mafia is smuggling crates with seals. What the heck are they tampering with? Satella Harvenheit AKA Hexen, a bounty hunter that specializes in hunting demons arrives and puts a foil to their smuggle. Oddly, the mafia sends in a request to Magdalene. Kate regrets that Rosette and co are on this mission simply because there are no other Militia free. Oh, looks like Rosette got promoted too. Hope she doesn’t do any flashy stuff. Oops. Wherever Rosette goes, there’s bound to be a bang. Yeah, just arriving at the warehouse, a big explosion occurs. A demon is on the loose as the gang go into action. Satella saves Azmaria from the demon’s attack with her summoned knight. They realize she’s a Jewel Summoner. Then more demons appear. Satella wants to go after the mafia but Rosette insists she clean up the mess she started. In the aftermath, Chrno realizes the mafia released some of the ‘merchandise’ to buy time for themselves to flee. But Satella threatens to kill Chrno because during the attack she saw how Chrno got injured when Azmaria accidentally poured holy water on him. She doesn’t trust demons all the more Magdalene using one. Azmaria pleads for Chrno’s case that he’s a kind one so Satella backs off for now. Rosette gets an earful from Kate via telephone that she wrecked another car during the attack. Now she has to go home by foot. Start walking! I guess the mafia never learn their lesson because they open their crate to release a demon but got devoured. Rosette and co arrive at the horrifying bloodied scene. Satella is also there. You know she and Rosette are going to be loggerheads when the former starts mocking her inefficiency. To put salt to her wounds, she’s bragging about the hot shower she took last night. Satella is on this smuggling case and is going to finish it even if she doesn’t get paid (since her employers won’t pay the bounty for corpses – the mafia).  But Rosette agrees to help her seeing that in the end both their goals are the same. Satella walks off but Rosette and the rest follow her, giving an excuse that she just happens to be walking in front of them. Satella makes a run, they too follow. Till they run out of breathe. Taking a break at the park, they learn Satella came from Germany to USA 10 years ago to look for someone. She is still searching for her. Chrno points out to Rosette that she has crossed the line with a comment she’s wasting her time whining like that and should quit. She’s not one to say herself, right? Rosette and Azmaria join a couple of local boys playing ball when the ball came flying into Rosette’s head. During that time, a Pharaoh demon and his mummy golems attack. The gang goes into offensive action. When the Pharaoh absorbs his golems to become a giant lion, Chrno jumps in to protect Satella and got a little injured. She quickly repays her debt when the lion attacks Chrno (because she doesn’t want to be a laughing stock if people finds out she’s in debt to a demon) before Rosette finishes it off with a special bullet. In the end, Satella walks away, still not trusting demons back then or in the future.

Episode 7
Suddenly the Sun is black and the Moon red like blood. All the churches are also experiencing a phenomenon that the statue of Virgin Mary is crying blood. Chrno knows this is a sign that Aion is here. Another phenomenon rains down on Manhattan. Hail of fire, that is. It is causing buildings and properties to be damaged and casualties. There are underworld demons coming out from the ground and black evil fog. Don’t touch them or you’ll die. That’s because the fog is made up of evil aura (malice of a person’s heart that became the source of a demon’s power) lingering at the bottom of Pandemonium. Kate attends a meeting with the Council as we find out Manhattan’s Central Park is one of the many key spiritual spots. This land was connected to Pandemonium and the former Magdalene attempted to seal it. Thus the hail and appearance of demons is a sign that they are attempting to break the barrier. Kate assigns her Magdalene team to reconstruct the Barrier of Seven Wings. While Remington leads the team in setting up the barrier, Satella helps them get rid of the demons. Apparently she was asked by NYPD. Probably they didn’t trust the Magdalene much. Maybe it’s Rosette’s reputation after all… Aion makes his appearance. Satella attacks him but her attacks were backfired. Chrno uses his body to shield from her own projectiles. He wants Chrno to rejoin him but he refuses. Aion throws him away without breaking a sweat. Rosette points her gun at him but Aion is playing it cool because she won’t find anything about Joshua if she kills him. Aion continues to play mind games with Rosette. He is saying that he saved Joshua instead. He points that all this happened and is the fault of God. Have you ever heard His voice? Where is He in their time of need? He isn’t looking. He isn’t saving anyone. He is just a scoundrel full of pride. But Aion can free them from all this agony. That’s why he saved Joshua. Rosette finds it hard to believe him but she still has doubts in her heart. Aion continues that their true enemy is in heaven. That’s why he is here for Azmaria as he needs her power to save them.

Rosette covers Azmaria but Aion knows she can’t pull the trigger. With her in that stunned condition, it’ll be a miracle if she did. Oh, she did. Either she was a bad shot at this really close range or Aion is one heck of a cool baddie not to take the hit. Rosette is paralyzed in fear so Aion kisses her. This made Chrno so mad that her watch seal breaks and he is emitting evil aura and on the verge on becoming a demon. To save Rosette and Chrno, Azmaria volunteers herself to go to him. But when Aion approaches her, it’s a setup to activate the Barrier of Seven Wings. The holy light vaporizes Aion and burns away every evil into crisp. When Chrno and Rosette are back to normal, Chrno notes that Aion isn’t finished yet as that was just his shadow. What? That awesome power was just his shadow? I guess we haven’t seen the real deal yet. True enough Aion is safe somewhere and notes how they resorted to innocent bait. He will leave Azmaria to Chrno. Kate and the Council discuss the successful set up of the barrier but note a problem that it’s closely related to the act of the Sinners (demons). They also want to study the Lord’s intention on the sealed third prophecy. Joshua seems excited that there is another apostle other than him and wants to go see but Fiore seems to be against the idea as his real sister would be better.

Episode 8
Rosette is driving back from an errand. Pissed as usual she has to do this kind of stuff. The phone rings so she has Chrno pick it up since she’s driving. But when it’s from Remington, she grabs the phone and chats away. People, remember talking and driving are bad! And she’s not even using a handphone! Remington wants her to pick him up alone at the Grand Central train station. She happily accepts so she speeds up back to Magdalene to deliver the goods. Well, the sisters aren’t happy the flour got soaked so Azmaria blames herself for dropping it but Chrno mentions it was Rosette’s dangerous driving that caused her to have motion sickness. The sisters continue to berate Rosette to get a proper driving licence and talk about her dangerous driving how she rammed into a bakery and destroyed both the shop and the car after getting distracted by the fruit shop. Wow. If Rosette was a real demon, she could’ve turned into one and whack the hell out of the sisters but she soon leaves seeing her beloved Remington is waiting for her. When the sisters learn of Rosette’s haste, they are puzzled because Remington also left by car. However there is more than meets the eye. Remington was forced to make the call as he is surrounded by ordinary but strangely acting people. Flashback reveals he was supposed to meet a messenger to retrieve some documents but some guy came up to him and told him he will never show up because he got eaten (though he passed the documents to him). Remington realizes that this guy and the rest of the people in the station are being possessed and that they aren’t aligned to Aion but ‘him’. It won’t take a genius to figure out he is Joshua as he is desperately longing for Rosette and even sees her in Fiore.

I guess Remington wasn’t counting on Rosette’s punctuality. Has she ever. Maybe this is the first so she really came on time. Remington was in the midst of freeing the possessed people by cutting some spider hooked at the back of their necks. They are being controlled by a demon known as Puppeteer. But since Rosette is here, she is being told she alone needs to ride a train to see Joshua because he is suffering, his body not in good shape and only Rosette can free him. Well, if you look at it from a psychological point of view, she’s correct in a way. Rosette of course is in a dilemma to see Joshua. She really wants to and the possessed people are persuading her despite Remington’s warning that this is a trap. Just when she’s about to board the train, Remington tries his final push to stop her. Puppeteer is going to kill him so Rosette hops off to go save him. Doesn’t she want to see Joshua? Of course. She will save him from them. As much as they fight their way out, they are overwhelmed by the number of possessed people. Have faith and don’t think that they’re done for because a large cross barrier suddenly covers the entire station. It is Chrno and Azmaria to their rescue after hearing the situation from Kate. Chrno recognizes Puppeteer as Rizel. She admits defeat today and retreats. In the aftermath as Rosette is resting, she vows that she’ll save Joshua as Chrno hugs her. Later Remington shows the documents to Rosette but isn’t sure of its authenticity since it fell into their hands first. Inside the file is a picture of Joshua. Remington has been investigating for Joshua for 4 years and recently found him a few months back.

Episode 9
Rosette, Chrno and Azmaria are at Seventh Bell Orphanage, the place it all began. Entering the building, Rosette and Chrno suddenly go off themselves, leaving poor Azmaria fumbling in the dark. She got the spook of her life when she bumps into several human statues. Then when all the lights turn on, her screams go higher as she sees more of those statues. Yeah, she even screamed at Rosette’s face!  Anyway the duo went to turn on the floodlights so Azmaria can have a good view of the place and the fight she’s up against. Seems this place has frozen in time courtesy of Aion 4 years ago. Yes, even the falling structures seemed to even stop midway. It’s like in the middle of a picture. Story time. Four years ago, Rosette and Joshua grew up at this orphanage. Rosette the usual brute tomboy. Either the naughty kids pissed her for their irresponsibility or they enjoy pissing her off. Even Joshua. But I guess she has to stop being a vengeful meanie when he starts coughing since Joshua was born with a weak body. Remington often visits the orphanage to try and adopt Joshua due to his special ability. Each time this happens, Rosette takes Joshua away deep into the mountains and won’t give up till that father does. Rosette fears they’ll do weird experiments on his body? Man, she’s got a wild imagination. They must have gone out too far so much so they start slipping down river streams, falling off little waterfalls and dropping into pit holes. Rosette hurt her knee so Joshua uses his healing powers. However he laments that even if he can heal others, he can’t heal his own body. Rosette promises to protect him as he protects others. As they trek along the corridors, they stumble upon a door and accidentally opened it. Inside, a grave and a weak Chrno sitting by it. But the kids aren’t afraid even upon knowing he’s a demon. Rosette feeds him with whatever food she got and Joshua is excited to be Chrno’s friend because he’s an occult freak. The grave lies the Holy Maiden, Mary Magdalene, the name that will cause the Sinners’ heart to beat each time they hear it. The duo get acquainted with Chrno and hang out with him as he explains to them the fascinating Astral Line. This serves to excite Joshua even more as he is more determined to become an explorer with his sister and go and record places no one has ever gone before. Later when Joshua’s asleep, Rosette tells Chrno that her real dream is to be a doctor for Joshua’s sake but knows that isn’t possible. God isn’t fair? Well… The trio continue to hang out more often and even Chrno starts enjoying it and wished these days would go on forever. One night Rosette rushed to Chrno. She’s in a panic because Joshua has decided to go to Remington. The reason was because he doesn’t want to be a burden to her. He wonders if he’ll become stronger if he goes. He’ll leave in a week’s time and needs to rest because Remington says his power is causing his body pain. Chrno is horrified to see Aion (in eagle form) and the latter wants to do it together again. Nothing yaoi, mind you.

Episode 10
As reward for freeing Chrno, Aion tells Rosette that a demon’s power source comes his horn and is called Astral Absorption System. Aion is the one who broke Chrno’s horn and made him powerless. But now he wants them to put their past behind and come have fun, just like how Chrno slew a hundred million demons at Pandemonium. Chrno of course refuses seeing that he has found something more precious and obeying him will render his existence meaningless. He can keep his horn. Well, Aion has already given in to somebody: Joshua. I guess with sweet talk like him being the chosen one, would weak kids like Joshua hesitate? Speaking of which, Joshua is in great pain, bloodied and a pair of horns growing out from his head. The other kids are terrified seeing him. But Joshua couldn’t get rid of those ‘noises’ in his head (unkind comments from the kids) so he freezes them. Realizing that this will stop his pain, he goes on a freezing spree. Chrno transforms into his true form to fly back to the orphanage with Rosette. But it’s too late as they witness firsthand how Joshua freezes everyone else fleeing the building. Meeting Rosette, Joshua tells her he felt better and stronger but Rosette is upset that this isn’t the Joshua she knew. Maybe those words hurt him so he starts hearing noises again. This time his freezing power is threatening to engulf the entire area. Chrno takes Rosette away to a safe distance. He mentions he lacks his horn and without Astral power, his body can’t recover. He has no power without a horn or contractor. Desperate Rosette wants to know more about being a contractor. He explains it’ a weapon a demon worshipper uses to summon a demon but in exchange they must supply the demon with a certain thing that human’s possess: The time of their soul. Though this would shorten the human’s life, this way a demon can use his powers without a horn. Chrno wants to find another way but Rosette is bent on saving Joshua because of her promise to protect him. Chrno agrees to make a contract with her and gives her his watch seal which marks the time left in a person’s life. In present time, Rosette vows to bring Joshua and everyone else’s time back. Azmaria tells her she needs to be more considerate of herself because everyone else is here. Aion visits Joshua to tell him that he has found another Apostle in Texas. But Joshua is still seeing his sister in Fiore so Aion wants her to let him know immediately if anything happens.

Episode 11
A detective reports to Kate about a recent incident in which a mysterious creature attacked and wiped out a couple of mafia family members. Those who survived described to creature as having blue eyes. Kate recognizes it as Black Dog and already has Rosette on its tail. I hope she doesn’t wreck the car. Even at 80mph, she still can’t catch up to Black Dog chasing a fleeing mafia car. Their bullets don’t seem to pass through it. Eventually it catches up and causes the car to burst in flames. Satella’s white knight manages to wound it but it escapes. Rosette helplessly watches the dying mafia. He didn’t make it. Back at Magdalene, Remington informs the rest that thanks to Rosette’s chase, they managed to identify Black Dog’s true form. The culprit who summoned Black Dog is Bianca Winger. In exchange for the summon, she used her life. Her goal is to wipe out all the mafia in New York. Revenge? For love rather. Her fiancé Richard J Smith died in a cross-fire between the mafia and police. Black Dog is an Astral demon born from the negative emotions of the summoner. Thus it has no substantial body. But each time it eats another person, its body gets bigger and eventually will materialize. Satella sees mafia godfather Don Gotch. He doesn’t seem too worried about Black Dog and is instead thankful the city is quieter with lesser mafia family. He leaves Satella to protect him and will pay her any amount of money. Rosette disapproves Kate’s method of waiting for Black Dog to materialize before doing anything because during that moment they can do nothing but watch people get killed. Later Rosette is thrilled when Elder shows a new motorcycle he created, Gabriel Hound. Hmm… How odd will it look for a sister riding a Harley? Well, it has boosters to speed up but this baby isn’t for Magdalene. However Elder can borrow it to her if she allows him to touch her tits. Well, he gave him her fist instead.

Off she goes on another Black Dog hunt. This time Don Gotch and his men are in a shootout with the police. Don Gotch thinks he’s safe in a building but he became Black Dog’s dinner. Satella fights off the Black Dog at the subway as Rosette arrives on scene to destroy it. But it’s not over yet because there’s another one and it escapes. Rosette seems to think it’s Satella’s fault that this happened. Something about its body isn’t complete yet. But they can’t go after it since the bike crashed. Aw man! Don’t give new vehicles to her anymore. Satella seems to have given up hope that the Black Dog is gone and the mafia deserves what they get. However Rosette isn’t going to give up yet and though the mafia may be bad people and committed lots of sins, people getting killed is never good. Satella chides her for being a hypocrite and should look out for herself first. Even so, Rosette doesn’t want to do nothing and watch people die. She is going to show Satella her willpower. She then asks her if has a jewel that can make her go fast. I don’t know if that’s a jet or a fish because it’s making Gabriel Hound zooming fast enough to catch Black Dog. While Satella takes over the steering, Rosette fires her holy bullets into it but realizes shooting from the back has no effect. Using the bike’s booster, she speeds up in front of the Black Dog and fires a shot into its mouth, disintegrating it for good. The shockwave was so great that every manhole along the path gets thrown in the air. Well, the ladies are alive and that’s a good thing. But for Chrno, he isn’t happy Rosette left him behind…

Episode 12
Azmaria is so nervous in her Christmas play practice that’s she’s yelling her lines! But she is taken away by Rosette to see Kate. There have been disappearances of 3 of their investigators at San Francisco. All of them were investigating Aion. Based on the evidence left behind, they conclude that a demon was involved. Since Rosette is part of the Militia, she decides to leave this place to go find Joshua. Rosette, Chrno and Azmaria pack their bags for the trip but the other sisters are sad that they are leaving. Remington understands their haste but wish they could stay at least till Christmas. Azmaria thinks back of her bleak past celebrating Christmas alone (even her foster family mistreated her). She is snapped out by Rosette. Seems they are collecting Christmas donations for the public. Rosette’s ‘persistence’ is ‘forcing’ others to donate. Can’t say no to the House of God, eh? Rosette then spots Satella and she learns she’s the daughter of a rich family. Did anybody know she’s the owner of the Harvenheit Technology Company? At least not to Rosette. Look at all the Christmas presents in and on her car. When they learn Azmaria has never received presents from Santa before, they felt bad. Azmaria thinks she was a bad girl but Satella denies. However she notes a certain wild nun and midget demon are a different story. Let the cat fight begin. Azmaria talks to the nun trio about giving presents. Rosette and Chrno are also preparing for Christmas and they wish to make this a memorable Christmas for Azmaria. Azmaria passes by a shop and sees a snow dome. But she has no money to buy it. Though the shopkeeper gives it for free, that won’t do for Azmaria and promises to pay him on Christmas Eve. He will hold it for her till then. Oh, look at Rosette’s ‘demon face’ when she amassed all the donation money. So happy to see so much, eh? The play goes well on Christmas Eve as Azmaria rushes to the store to get the snow dome. Soon, a guy comes in asking for a snow dome he promised to get for his girlfriend. However there are none left. He leaves disappointed so Azmaria decides to give hers. Seeing how noble she is, the shopkeeper allows her to choose a replacement present. Azmaria is picked up by Rosette and Chrno who are on their way to the orphanage to hand out presents. Later Rosette and Chrno thanks Azmaria for her Christmas present, a medallion each. But Rosette notes the main show is about to start. Back at Magdalene, Azmaria is surprised that everyone threw her a grand Christmas party. So much so she is moved to tears. Azmaria freaks out upon getting a present from Satella: A talisman amulet from Africa. Can it actually keep her safe? Won’t it affect Chrno? Quick! Throw it away!

Episode 13
Joshua is in pain. He is hearing those noises again. Fiore tries to calm him down but he got annoyed and freezes her. Luckily her barrier prevented her from meeting that fate. Aion notes how the real sister is necessary so Fiore mentions Rizel is on her way to get her. Rosette, Chrno and Azmaria are travelling by train to San Francisco. It’s going to take a freaking 70 hours from coast to coast! Since the coach is crowded, they offer a mother and her son, Jimmy their seats. But guess who is onboard too? Satella! This train is too small for a cat fight but I guess they can start one if they feel like it. Since Satella has bought an entire carriage herself, the gang including Jimmy’s temporarily make themselves at home in the spacious room. As thanks, Jimmy’s mom gives Rosette some snacks. However inside the bag, there is a photo of Joshua and a note to meet in the dining car. Rosette lies to her pals to go to the dining car and is sees Jimmy’s mom as the culprit. She remembers her as Rizel from the last battle. Everyone else in the car is under her control. Rizel then separates the carriage. She also mocks how troublesome Joshua and since he calls for his sister, perhaps Rosette could meet him, soothe him and put him out of his misery with her gun. Rosette doesn’t take that lightly and points her gun at Rizel. Then she realizes Rizel is controlling Jimmy’s mom and everyone else from somewhere else. She backs off seeing she can’t hurt her. Suddenly a field barrier activates in the coach and Chrno comes barging in from above. How does he know? Well, Rosette has always been a bad liar. But they realize Rosette’s watch seal is gone.

They see Satella knocked out and Azmaria being held hostage so they have no choice but to listen to them. She wants Rosette to shoot Chrno. Chrno orders Rosette to do so but aim at his axis. She better not miss! When she fires, Chrno falls back and Azmaria uses this chance to pour her holy water and free the captives from Rizel’s control. They also got back the watch seal. After putting the passengers safe in the back, they go hunt for Rizel. Rizel surprises Rosette by binding her with her web and dragging her to the top of the train. Rizel has the upper hand in the battle but she can’t let Rosette fall off and die. Because she’s mentioning Aion’s name too many times, this pisses of Rosette and she tells her off that she is the one who is alone. She makes Rizel’s blood boil by saying how Aion needs Joshua and not her, the reason why she is desperately doing this. In the end, she isn’t even loved by Aion. Rizel is blinded by hate that this allowed Rosette to reload and fire a point blank shot and break off her horn. The recoil has her falling off but luckily Chrno catches her while riding Satella’s, urm, yeah, that fish jet thingy. Rizel is totally mad now and is going to kill them but Rosette takes and stabs her with her own horn. This sends her falling off and into the chasm. Is she dead for good? Well, when demons disappear, it’s a sign they’re gone for good. And as Aion notes Rizel’s demise, he also remarks her final effort was useless.

Episode 14
Now the trio are walking through the Prairie fields to San Francisco. Seriously?! But good news: A car is passing by. Bad news: It didn’t stop. Ugly news: The car reversed and guess who is in it? Yup. Satella. Because Azmaria’s honest personality to suck up to rich people like Satella, she allows them to hitch a ride. As usual, Satella and Rosette don’t get along and continue their poor vs rich arguments. Upon reaching San Francisco, Chrno suddenly falls into Satella’s boobs! How daring! Though he got punched, the reason wasn’t because he turned into a demon pervert, but rather he caught fever. Satella’s butler, Steiner Munchausen thinks they should take him back to their villa since it’s close by. As Chrno rests in bed, Satella deduces that it’s probably the Legions have become active. Since Chrno’s body structure is same as other demons, when he receives damage, his body tries to recover quickly. Rosette and Satella go out to buy medicine. At a drug store, Rosette asks if there is a medicine that will work on a demon. Satella pulls her out of the shop and tells her that she can’t really say that with a straight face. Besides, will normal medicine work on a demon? Satella takes her to a rumoured voodoo-like store but they got freaked out by the creepy kinds of ingredients that were suggested. Rosette doesn’t want to give up and continues going from store to store to ask for medicine. Either she gets turned down, laughed at or kicked out. Thinking the need of a magic spell, she enters a shady Chinese fortune telling tent. The fortune teller sees something ‘amazing’ in her prediction but refuses to tell her. Instead, she whispers something for Chrno’s cure that has Rosette blushing and rushing out. In the end, all they got was just a normal medicine. Then Rosette collapses on Satella’s boobs! Oh, she’s got a fever too. Wow. I didn’t know her boobs were this useful. Azmaria offers to make food for them and starts off clumsily, breaking plates and dropping pots. Eventually she makes delicious food for the sick duo. Though Rosette may be down, her appetite sure remains. Yeah, she’s devouring like a glutton. Later Azmaria and Satella talk how Rosette and Chrno care deeply for each other. Then Azmaria collapses! Not her too! Good thing was she was just sleepy. Phew. Because if it was fever, she would’ve fell on Satella’s boobs ;p. Steiner comments how Satella has wonderful friends but she denies they are. Later that night, Rosette enters Chrno’s room and remembers the fortune teller’s words to cure him: A kiss. Seriously? Serious. She kisses him on the lips and deep in the night when she wakes up, she sees Chrno up and well as he thanks her. She too is feeling fine so it’s back to normal for the duo. Yeah, Rosette ‘wrestling’ with Chrno… A mysterious person shows up at the doorstep.

Episode 15
That person is Duke Duffau the Pursuer from Pandemonium. Here is not here to fight them but requests their alliance against a common enemy: Aion. He and Chrno are imperfect creations by Number 6. He wants to return Pandemonium’s head to the depths of the earth. Kate and Remington are trying to persuade the Council to work with Duffau but they refuse seeing it’s like being a Satanist and they don’t follow the Lord. But they remind them about Chrno’s great contribution to Magdalene and that now they have a perfect opportunity to gain a source of information especially on Aion. Kate has become so much like Rosette, eh? Well, she did learn a thing or two from that wild nun. Now she even trusts her judgment. The Council hope this doesn’t become the first major mistake since the Forbidden Fruit. Chrno explains to Satella about Pandemonium’s head. Those who fell from Heaven became Pandemonium. Thus, they are fallen angels. Pandemonium hated Heaven and granted intelligence upon the people who were created in the image of those in Heaven. After this world was created, Aion wanted to change the order whereby greed wasn’t a sin and whereby hope shines when greed is born. Citing an example how Heaven requires the existence of demons to display its glory, Aion wants to be free from Heaven’s grasp. Therefore Aion and those who believed him (including Chrno) to jump into the new world of freedom, started a rebellion. Aion cut off Pandemonium’s head as a result. Duffau and his demons were going to exterminate them but Chrno’s power prevent prevented him from getting his way. The nun trio will be going to San Francisco to support Rosette and co as order from Kate. Elder gives them a briefcase containing better Gospels and magazines. Because it’s getting lonely here, he smothers his face on all their boobs!!! Maybe that’s why the babes are leaving him. Consider it as God’s punishment.

Rosette and co meet up with Duffau along with Magdalene’s West Coast branch, Gilliam. Gilliam tells them the Council has decided to trust Rosette and Chrno. At least the Council aren’t so narrow-minded. Aion sees Shader as she is near completion to find a way for an incomplete being to become complete. According to the Book of Atonement, the forgiveness of a fallen angel, when the head of Pandemonium, the 6 Apostles and 7 Virtues are gathered together, a soul shall be born from within the ball of atonement. At that time Heaven will become Earth and Earth will become Heaven. Time will draw a spiral again. Now all that’s left is the Song of Benevolence. Joshua is still weak but Jenai gets rough with him because he isn’t happy humans like him are the ones that killed Rizel. Fiore doesn’t want harm to come to Joshua so Jenai beats her up. Joshua thanks his ‘sister’ for always protecting him. Only Aion can cool that hot-headed guy down. Duffau explains to Rosette since Aion took Pandemonium’s head, light is entering darkness. Satella still doesn’t approve of Rosette working with that demon because she’ll be just like a Satanist. So where does her faith lies? In her watch seal. She will fight together with all of them. Duffau commends her words and the reason she is worthy of being called Mary of Magdalene. Rosette doesn’t know what he is talking about so Duffau says she too received powers from Heaven like Joshua. Something about her true form has been distorted as darkness is trying to corrupt her. He warns that a mark that will protect her will be etched on her body. Satella still isn’t sure about Rosette’s cooperation but Rosette mentions demons are the greatest source of information for them now. Satella will be able to find clues for her sister.  So this also means Rosette is going to stay here a little longer? Just bill the costs back to Magdalene. As Rosette takes a bath, she suddenly feels pain and emerging on her wrist is a cross symbol. It’s bleeding!

Episode 16
Satella wakes up from a traumatic nightmare that a demon massacred her clan and family. Though lacking sleep, she takes up another job request to look for another missing person. Recently there are rising cases of people missing. Rosette, Azmaria, Chrno, Gilliam and Duffau meet and discuss their next operation in taking away his source of power. In other words, devil worshippers. One of them being Eliza Brown. She gathered all believers in every district she passed through. So the fact is people weren’t disappearing but being made as sacrificial offerings as devils operate by using the strength of people itself as their food. Azmaria is disheartened that humans would sell out their own kind so Duffau reminds her that being an Apostle herself, every human and demon would want her powers badly. This was enough to make Azmaria sweat and bring back traumatic memories. Rosette tells her to go back and rest. If she can’t protect herself, she can’t do her job well. Duffau feels that since this wrongdoing is done by humans, only humans can take care of it. They aren’t going to interfere. Satella enters a mine believed to be a place turned into devil worshipping ceremonies. She falls down a pit and gets knocked out by Eliza. When chained Satella wakes up, she finds Eliza performing the ritual and to summon the devil. To her shock, he is Aion. Eliza is so infatuated with Aion that she would do anything for him and even scorn Satella for talking back. I’m sure Eliza was over the moon when he kissed her. Aion continues to mock Satella’s source of confidence and breaks it by showing her charm in his possession, making her go berserk. Aion tells a little story. Long ago, there lived a clan possessing mysterious powers hidden in their jewels living in the black forest country. In short, they were easily destroyed by a single demon’s attack. But there was only 1 survivor among them. That girl (guess who) survived due to the fickleness of a demon (also make a good guess). Now Satella goes really hysterical upon remembering those memories. Yeah, Chrno’s mug was there. Satella tries to maintain her sanity that she will not forgive and will kill him. Of course cocky Aion knows she can’t do anything with her bare hands. Because Aion is getting to close to Satella, Eliza gets jealous and plans to kill that woman. But annoyed Aion, by just saying STFU, the deluded woman falls dead. OMG! Don’t play play! Rosette and Chrno blast in before Aion could do more physical molestation and mental trauma on Satella (“God isn’t going to answer you anyway”). Wanting to speak to Rosette, he easily flings Chrno away without touching him and evades all the Gospels Rosette fires at him. It’s like he had Bullet Time mode on. Rosette fires a point blank shot into his head but he regenerates in no time. Why? Oh, you got to love his best answer, “I don’t think God’s voice reaches devils…”. With that, he’ll meet her again some other day and disappears. When they free Satella, she continues to break down over her helplessness.

Episode 17
Shader has finished her work and all they need now is to insert the last key. Satella is still weak in bed, pondering about Aion’s words that her sister could still be alive. As Rosette makes breakfast for Satella, Steiner tells her about a cup that was the only ware that was unscathed when Satella’s family was massacred. He felt helpless but Rosette notes that sometimes one can support the other just by being with that person. As they visit Satella, Rosette starts bleeding. Chrno is appalled to see her bleeding forehead and wrists. He recognizes them as stigmata, marks that indicate those who are given unto Heaven. But Rosette and Chrno will soon have to join an attack led by Duffau on some hideout. Rosette wants Azmaria to stay back and watch Satella since she is in no form to fight. Can she say the same for herself? Duffau, Rosette and Chrno barge into the villa but find it empty. But it’s a trap as Jenai and Vido knew about their plan and ambush them. So the demons fight each other while the Magdalene reinforcements do what they can to support from the ground. Duffau gives Chrno a sword to fight because he doesn’t want him to unleash his powers here. Many of the Magdalene are injured (seriously, can they actually put up a fight with powerful demons?), Gilliam orders the activation of a large attack barrier. With all the demons being stunned, Rosette fires her Gospel but Vido fires back whatever he’s got. Duffau’s underling, Calv protects Rosette and sacrifices himself by blowing himself up with Vido. Furious Jenai retreats. Wounded Jenai returns to Aion and reports what happened. Aion wants to know how Chrno fared but after learning Rosette was somewhat injured, he realizes that ‘He’ has finally begun to move his pawns. He goes to see Joshua to bring him the good news but sees him in a deteriorating state, asking for his sister. Aion assures she’ll be coming soon to see him and need to give them a grand welcome for tomorrow’s ‘carnival’.

Episode 18
Gilliam reports to Kate about the heavy losses and also notes the odd activity in the Astral Line above. Rosette is impatient in wanting to help out but Gilliam needs her to rest. Azmaria notices her pals down so she plans to take them out to the carnival. They think they shouldn’t be having fun at a time of crisis but when you hear a little girl saying things like not wanting them to carry the burden themselves, let’s not turn this beautiful day bad shall we? Aion wants Shader to thaw out the Apostles. Joshua wants to follow him to the ‘party’ so Aion lets him. As Rosette and co have fun at the carnival, there is one thing I want to mention about her. As a person who uses a gun when fighting demons, she is sure a lousy shooter at the shooting gallery. SHE HIT NONE!!! At the dance, Satella accepts a guy’s offer to dance. Rosette thought she could see her falter but Satella’s a pro. Not wanting to lose out, Rosette forcefully takes Chrno to dance. So stiff, so odd. It’s only a matter of time before those amateurs step on each other’s foot. Oops. They already did. Soon it turns into a war of trying to step on each other’s feet! Is this the new version of tango?! Soon it turns into a wild but lively dance that they and everybody enjoy. Maybe somebody should incorporate this dance. Azmaria too has her dance with Steiner. After taking a group photo, Rosette goes look for Chrno who got lost. Satella talks to Azmaria and is amazed that never in her wildest dream would find herself supporting those 2, especially a human and a demon. Azmaria wants Satella to be happy too and will pray for her every day. Rosette finally finds Chrno but ends up realizing they are lost in the crowd. Then walking to the edge of the cliff, they see the beautiful night scenery of the San Francisco city below. The talk about life, living longer than the other, they need each other, grateful for each other. Especially for Chrno because he was wandering in darkness for so long (aren’t demons so?) till Rosette showed him the path of light. And because of Chrno, Rosette doesn’t hesitate because each moment is precious and is able to move forward and never stop. The fireworks light up as they both embrace. Suddenly Rosette spots an eagle in the sky. Alarmed, she chases after it and as it leads her to Joshua.

Episode 19
However Joshua doesn’t recognize her and insists he is waiting for his sister who coincidentally shares the same name as her, much to her shock. Realizing Aion nearby and the cause of all this, Rosette points her gun at him. He dares her to shoot but Joshua snatches it away. Then he starts squirming in pain, hearing all those noises. Fiore tries to calms him down. Rosette is shock to hear him call Fiore her sister. Aion tells Joshua that Rosette is their guest of honour tonight. Rosette is filled with anger that Aion destroyed everything. Aion reminds her about the ‘pain’ he carved into her. That’s when she starts to paralyze in fear but Chrno jumps in to Rosette’s defence. When Satella goes off to get drinks, Steiner tells Azmaria how Satella has been quite caring now thanks to them. Suddenly he is slashed by Jenai. Azmaria is kidnapped by him. Satella is shocked to see bleeding Steiner upon her return. She is told to rescue Azmaria and not mind him. He’s probably going to kick the bucket anyway, by age or the wound ;p. Shader throws Aion a sword, in which he uses to stab the ground and release miasma to begin the Ritual of Atonement. Within the miasma are the Apostles, including Joshua and Azmaria. Because Joshua could still hear those noises, he fires his gun at Rosette but Chrno takes the bullet for her and is out cold. With that, the noise in Joshua’s head stopped and he wonders if he should’ve killed him earlier. Aion then uses Pandemonium’s head to create chaos all around, even reaching the Astral Line. When Magdalene receives news of this, Elder wants everyone in San Francisco to be evacuated because the scale of events would far surpass what happened in Manhattan and at worst case scenario, San Francisco could disappear from the face of the Earth.

Rosette tries to stab Pandemonium’s head but was struck by the Astral Line. Satella comes rushing in. Fiore, a Jewel Summoner is ordered to stall her. Satella recognizes her as her sister. So she’s the missing person she’s been looking for? In a way, it’s a small world. The ritual completes with the achievement of Ascension.  Aion picks Rosette up and tells her this is a ritual to awaken her. With the 7 virtues to awaken her, they needed 1 more virtue of Heaven that demons desire: Justice. Rosette is also an Apostle so in order to ‘cultivate’ her, they needed her to have the power of faith. She, who is spurred by righteousness and inherited Mary Magdalene’s love, annihilated Pandemonium’s head and become Mary, one who bestows light. Though she embodies righteousness and love, yet she used her faith to pursuit unmatched hatred and vengeance, this she is no different that he is. He wants her to come to the land of salvation with him. A very weak Rosette refuses but Aion kisses her. She pleads for Chrno’s help to kill this bugger. Hearing her voice, Chrno draws enough strength to stand up and transform into his true form after Rosette’s watch seal is released. He charges straight for Aion but Joshua steps up before Aion. On a trivial note, I don’t know how Remington arrived so fast to free Azmaria from Shader’s grasp. He was at Magdalene’s HQ when the chaos happened. New York and San Francisco are at the opposite ends of the country, right?

Episode 20
Aion gives Joshua a sword to fight Chrno. Duffau keeps Jenai at bay away from Remington and Azmaria. Gilliam fires several shells into Fiore’s arm but it turned black instead. Is that a mechanical arm? Chrno was distracted by Rosette’s plea to stop fighting and got stabbed by Joshua. In turn, he pulls Joshua’s horns out. Though the kid is screaming in pain, he promises this will end the noises in his head and breaks them off. Joshua collapses and Chrno turns into stone. As Aion takes Rosette with her, Duffau stabs and kills Jenai while Remington does the same with Shader. Later Remington reports to Kate about their failure since Rosette has been taken. Joshua is saved only because Aion doesn’t need him anymore. Kate questions how he got to San Francisco in record time. Remington reveals he is an angel. Say what? Fiore and Joshua are recuperating in hospital. Azmaria wakes up and mentions about memories from Pandemonium’s head flowed through her mind. When demons were exiled from Heaven, they made a certain covenant with God. Humans possessing wisdom will someday fall. He therefore gave demons the role of leading humans from depravity to salvation by making them fear Heaven. The reason for them Apostles to exist is to make the greatness of Heaven’s will known to the people. That’s why demons are indispensible to Heaven as because their existence made humans worship God. And when the time comes, a saviour will appear to preach deliverance to the people amid the confusion. Rosette’s stigmata must have been a message. However Duffau says it serves more of deterrence to the rise of demons. A potent deterrent is also a potent force, that’s why Aion desired Rosette since justice comes hand in hand with violence and what Aion desired is a justice that manifested as violence. Remington notes that he is powerless and prohibited from taking any action. He has been watching throughout the ages and thinks all this may have been in accordance with Heaven’s scenario all along that the Sinner s gathered the Apostles. For now, they do nothing and carry on as usual.

Azmaria sees stone Chrno in the warehouse and sings for him, pleading that he will save Rosette. Aion shows Rosette the destroyed city as a result of Chrno and Joshua’s battle and their testimony of love for her. He also says that he needs not Sinners or Apostles anymore and it’s just the 2 of them. Many have died, gotten hurt or lost their futures because of her. Everyone is praying to God for their suffering but he is sure He will never answer. He knows Rosette wants to go help them now and wants her to choose to save or not to save since she is already an accomplice. She wants to save but not with him. Aion has been waiting for her justice to grow within her as they’re going to change the world and create a new era. What developed between faith and revenge was justice. It has caused so much death due to love. And that is who she is. This city was a sacrifice made for them to win their freedom. He asks if she has the resolve to leap into freedom. Chrno told her to live but what will she accomplish by living. In the end, Rosette dons Fiore’s specially made black dress and sets out with Aion, though she still takes the watch seal with her as it is her life.

Episode 21
Kate and Elder arrive in San Francisco and being picked up by Remington and Gilliam. They are being told of the situation and since many saw Chrno, this has sparked a frenzy of everyone across the nation to go to church. Wow. I didn’t know it was this effective. Fiore wakes up to go see Joshua. She doesn’t remember who Satella is and believes she is Joshua’s sister. After all this time and finally accepting that fact, Joshua wakes up and doesn’t remember who the hell she is. So shocked that she fell back into coma. Meanwhile the spirit of Mary visits the stone Chrno. It’s time for another flashback. Back in 1870, she was visited by Chrno in the library. Though the other Magdalene Order surrounded them, Chrno listened to her advice to make their escape. Somewhere away, Chrno knows that she can predict the future. She replies that she is fated to carve the 7 sorrows of Mary into the path she walks. A fate that he wants. But she knows he hates to hurt people but will one day do so and can’t avoid it. Nearby, Chrno sees Aion pulling off his horns. Bringing him back to the other Sinners, Shader has finished a device called Astral Collection Control Unit which serves as the horn’s substitute. However it still needs an astral power source. Like a human life. Later Chrno talks to Mary elsewhere and asks if she has seen the end of their dreams. She shows him her stigmata on her wrists and notes they are marks of one chosen by God. With this, her powers of precognition manifested and began to see the past and future. Of all the dreams, she saw one about Chrno. He will take her life and will fill the emptiness in her life. She is calm and came along with him knowing that her fate is sealed because she is with him. However she cautions him that his heart is swaying. She warns his dream will fail because of his wish not to hurt others. She also wants her to be careful of Aion because although he sees him as a friend, Aion doesn’t.

That night when Shader is ready to begin the ritual as all the preparations are in place, Aion doesn’t want to go ahead. He says Mary is a decoy set by God to fail their plan. Since she has told Chrno their future, this has opened up more choices. He wants Chrno to kill her. Chrno strangles her and wonders why she is still so calm. She claims they can’t change fate and wanted to know what kind of person will take her life. Then she confesses she likes him. Chrno can’t kill her so Aion impales him and sends them both falling off the cliff. Mary uses her powers to land them safely. Chrno says her premonition was wrong since he is critically injured and lost his horn. However she gives him the Unit (which is the watch seal). She makes a contract with her life to let him live. After Chrno buries her, on occasion Mary visits him via her spirit. Because Chrno wants to protect Rosette and her, he breaks out of his stone captivity. The watch seal on Rosette activates and causes great pain. Joshua wakes up but doesn’t remember who Chrno is. In fact, he doesn’t remember anything and all his abilities have disappeared. Duffau and his underlings confront Aion but Rosette unleashes her powers to destroy them all. Before Chrno, Azmaria and Satella set out on their journey, one of Duffau’s underling, Gulio limps in to warn that Duffau has been killed by her partner and to be careful of that Saint. Then he perishes.

Episode 22
When Satella was young, she was sad when mummy told her she would never be like a Jewel Summoner like her sister. But big sis was there to comfort and give her words of encouragement. Elder gives Chrno a special sword engraved with Eruku text to fight Aion on equal terms so that he doesn’t have to revert to his original form which will be dangerous for Rosette. Fiore blasts her way out of her confinement and takes Joshua with her to see Aion, injuring several Magdalene guards. The nun trio are running a camp for the wounded when they see Rosette. Looks like she is performing some healing miracle. They are happy to see her but Aion shows up with her and takes her away. Everyone who saw that miracle starts flocking around and seeking their help. I guess in such trying times, they’d truly believe in any miracles of God, even if Aion is just playing as one. The nuns meet up with Chrno, Azmaria and Satella as they couldn’t understand what is happening. Across the street is Fiore with Joshua. Fiore is bent on seeing Aion because she believes he can heal Joshua and will not kill them as he still needs her powers as a Jewel Summoner.

Satella wants Chrno to retrieve Joshua while she takes care of her sister. She creates a barrier that transports them to another dimension. Satella tries to convince that she is her sister Florette but Fiore insists she is a mechanical doll, a huntress. Satella doesn’t want to fight her but till she frees the barrier, Fiore relentlessly attacks. With childhood memories of how they spent time together till the day Florette lost her life when Chrno killed her family, Satella tries hard to make her remember those memories. But all Fiore can say is that Florette died 10 years ago and she is just the ephemeral huntress Florette left behind. Also, she is just a doll Aion created from Florette’s corpse. Satella gets sliced and slashed so she uses her last ditch effort. If they can’t go back to the way it was, at least she wants them to go together. Running up close and hugging Fiore, Satella materializes a jewel to stab them both together. Fiore mentions Satella’s name before her death. So she finally remembered those memories? Chrno and Azmaria go up to Rosette who is doing her blessing. Chrno isn’t happy Aion did something to her but he mentions he did nothing as this is what she wants to by bestowing miracles of the Magdalene and for her personal atonement. Then as they both leave, Chrno grabs Rosette’s hand but his palm was burnt. Aion uses this chance to tell the people that this is proof for those who oppose the Lord cannot even touch the Saint. Everyone believes Chrno is a demon (which he actually is) and tries to kill him. Better run away from the ugly mob. Chrno and Azmaria see heavily wounded Satella leaning on a tree. Satella wants Chrno to save Rosette for she is bound by her past like her. Break her bonds before she becomes like her. Azmaria sings to Satella as her final wish as she peacefully passes away. The unruly crowd are trying to break into Magdalene as they think they are hiding a demon and want this satanic cult to repent their blasphemy.

Episode 23
As Chrno runs around looking for Aion and Rosette, a kid pass a letter to him to meet them at a decimated church. Rosette demands Chrno to give back her life. Aion mocks Chrno he is a hypocrite of love because all the women he loved dies at his hand. Because if Chrno continues to live, Rosette’s lifespan gets shorter. Does her really want to kill her that bad? Since Chrno isn’t going to give it up, Rosette gets permission to kill him. She splashes her burning blood at him. Chrno remembers how he first met Aion. Chrno was depressed and Aion told him about the absence of God and how men only listen to them now. Heaven is pitiful now and since men was given wisdom and the ability to think, His light no longer reaches the world of men. Aion extends his hand to Chrno to create a new freedom in the name of sin. Chrno regrets shaking his hand then. Remington picks Chrno up in the aftermath. The people continue to riot against Magdalene and burn everything down. Chrno laments due to his weakness and inability to resist his thirst for freedom, he caused the deaths of others and wonders if he should be living. The photographer who took a group photo of Rosette and co came to deliver the photos to Azmaria. He also gave them a picture he took while he was in the city: A photo of Rosette. Remington theorizes that the riot in San Francisco was a test case for Aion. With people in despair, Rosette’s stigmata have become their hope. Aion will lead this country into chaos using hope as a weapon. The Fatima Prophecy, the second prediction realization will lead to an even greater war. So they believe this is a test from God? Well, looks like everyone is still revolting, killing and destroying things. None got enlightened and followed the path of God, eh?

Back in New York, Kate reports to the Council on what has happened. There was a case that a police inspector running wild too. When interrogated, he said he heard noises in his head and carved the stigmata onto his wrists to stop the noise he believes is from the devil. Calling those who did the same as Crusaders, they are followers of the Saint will annihilate those who oppose and obtain true freedom. Doesn’t that make them any different than murderers? What is justice then? Chrno continues to regret and feel guilty on how to make up to Rosette. Azmaria also feels the same but she says they can’t deny the precious moments they have spent together. Chrno gets his confidence back and is to look for Rosette but Aion’s eagle appears and leaves a message to meet at Central Park. Chrno heads off alone and Rosette is still bent on taking back her life as she points her gun at him. Chrno is okay if she wants to kill him but before she does that he wants to end his own fight with his past. He throws his horns at Aion to turn him to stone. This breaks Aion’s spell on Rosette (the price was her last stigmata). In Chrno’s arms, Rosette reverts to her normal self. However Aion stabs Chrno with his horn since he was able to overcome his power. Rosette decides to give her life to him because if many lives can be save through her life then she would willingly died even if this is God’s plot to revive this fallen world. Unlocking the watch seal, she says that is the reason why God gave them wisdom and soul. Chrno transforms into his true form and fights Aion. He fully understands why they are incomplete. After a few clashes, Chrno kills Aion. Hold on! The ever-powerful untouchable Aion just got killed so easily?! Just like that?! Maybe Rosette’s life really Chrno powered up. In the aftermath as Remington and co search for the duo, all they could find is Rosette’s gun. Azmaria believes Rosette is still alive somewhere.

Episode 24
A year has passed. In 1929 at Seventh Bell Orphanage, time has begun moving for the kids. Kate and Azmaria pay them a visit. Azmaria’s soothing song calms the children. As for Rosette, she is still not to be found. Meanwhile Remington and Elder visit the grave of Mary and see proof that those children were here before. The horns of Aion lie on the wall sculpture. Remington says since Aion’s horns have the power to move time, it was the only way to undo the frozen time. Seems Remington have severed ties with Heaven since he has no more lingering feelings for his broken wings. He is also no longer a reverend at Magdalene. Though the city is under control, there are still bits of Crusaders everywhere and some of the more dangerous ones are thrown in prison. One of the nuns thought she saw Rosette but it turns out to be the wrong person. Remington returns to Joshua and it seems he has a mind of a 12 year old. He is trying to be a novelist and writing a story that has a certain strong girl as the heroine going around destroying bad people who are after the Astral Line. Joshua thinks it’s his original idea but I guess it’s better this way. Remington feels Joshua is proof of his sins because that child destroyed his mind to protect himself. Far away in a secluded place and an abandoned hut, we see Rosette and Chrno still alive albeit very weak. They’re enjoying their pleasant time together. She thinks of unlocking the seal to heal Chrno’s wounds but he doesn’t want to since that is precious to him. Rosette breaks down because she is scared of dying and wants to continue living. Soon the watch seal stops glowing. Kate gets a call that Rosette has been found. Azmaria and the nun trio rush to the scene and it was heartbreaking to see them both lifelessly leaning against each other holding hands. There is this gentle calmness on their faces.

Kate informs Remington about this and confirms with him and to her relief it’s just superstition for those who made a covenant with the devil will wander in hell. She truly believed Rosette’s soul was the purest because she went as far to make a demon her companion. She offers him to come back but he can’t since he has to take care of Joshua. With that, Kate assures him that he will not abandon her faith. Remington narrates that soon after, there are big riots and uneasiness worldwide. The stocks in New York crash and caused a number of suicides. And there’s a certain German fanatic organization on the rise. Remington wonders why this era has chosen confusion as many people are going to die. Kate also wonders if this is His plan. Noting that Rosette and Chrno may be experiencing happiness since they will not see the Great War and the prophecy fulfilment. Then she gets word that another person with stigmata has been spotted in Miami. Azmaria is fully part of Magdalene as she visits Rosette’s grave. She hopes they will keep an eye on her and vows to be stronger. Fast forward to around May 13 in 1981. Remington is still bumming around like a homeless hermit but not in Vatican. He notes that he is just a spectator in this era till the day he atones for his sins and will live forever. He thought he saw Aion among the crowd. So was Aion the one who assassinated Pope John Paul II?! Well, it ends with a note that the Vatican revealed the third prophecy of Fatima in the year 2000 but was never fully disclosed since it touched about the Pope’s assassination. “We can do nothing but to see the times go by in the path which God has chosen”.

Where was God when you needed Him?
Oh my. What a tragic end. Well, I did expect something like this seeing the way things were going. It was sad to see Rosette and Chrno losing their life at the end but at least they go in a peaceful manner. It is one of the very rare animes that the main protagonist dies in the end. At the rate the series is killing off characters, I thought everybody will be killed off one way or another. I mean, the riots around the world and the people just going crazy with their own version of justice. It’s like hell on Earth. Armageddon. Apocalypse. But even if it did not come, the events that eventually happened thereafter are sure to suggest so. The real life wars like World War II, the Vietnam War and the more recent war on terror on Iraq and Afghanistan. Doesn’t it feel like the prophecy is coming true? Besides, this series is based on the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

The story slowly diverges from one that has Rosette looking for Joshua into a fight against demons who are planning to create their own version of freedom. Then ultimately into something that might involve something with God and His plan. Even though God works his mysterious ways and many zealots would look at the pain and suffering as trials from the Almighty, but as far as this anime is concerned, God somehow didn’t make His presence felt. It was like He never existed if not, did not care. It was as though only demons were present. No angels, no saviour from above. Maybe it is all part of His big plan for something. But as it shows, the misery and despair that was brought upon the human race makes you question why He let it happen. Part of a bigger plan that we mere humans couldn’t even understand, that’s why. I’m not a religious person nor did this series made me into one so there are perhaps lots of things that I want to say but rather not due to my ‘shallow knowledge’.

Rosette isn’t your perfect girl. Brute and rash, living up to her wild nun nickname, only it’s because she has a limited amount of time to live so she knows too well that by not doing anything or being pessimistic would not change anything. Her methods may not be acceptable to what most believers would, at least her heart and soul are pure. How many of us could actually make friends with someone else whom we have been drilled into our heads as an eternal enemy? Ironically we have been told that demons are the villains so to have Chrno being on the good side feels like he was born on the wrong side in the first place. A kind-hearted demon that doesn’t want to hurt others? Joshua is another sad case. He has been born with a weak body and his entire childhood he has grown up in pain and ultimately being used by Aion. So when he has been discarded as useless, the turn of events did not allow for brother and sister to meet. In fact, they never really did. By the time Joshua was in Magdalene’s hands recuperating, Rosette went over to the dark side. And by the time everything is over, Rosette is dead and Joshua has no recollections of his sister. So it’s truly sad that the trio will never return to those times before again. On an unrelated note, I really missed the early Rosette when she was crashing and wrecking the Magdalene cars. She was really funny… Forgive me, sister. After she got promoted into the Militia, she hardly drives anymore, doesn’t she?

Remington’s revelation as an angel was a surprise. Even if he was a fallen angel, putting him in the role as an observer doesn’t really quite cut it. We can always say that it’s part of God’s big plan or he can always reason it’s to atone for his sin, but what good can an angel do by walking on the same earth with men? It’s no different than being one except he lives forever in his case. I believe Kate who never approved of Rosette’s brash ways has slowly become like her. Not that Kate has turned into a wild nun too but at least she steps up for what she believes in and not follow blindly just because it is not what many consider as not the path of God. In the end, she fully trusts Rosette. Maybe all that scolding for that blonde did herself some good, eh? Another sad case is Satella. She spent years searching for her sister and only for them to end up dead together. Whether or not Fiore is truly her dead sister or just a mechanical doll created by Aion, all that matters to Satella is that she loves her sister very much. Over the course of the series, she too changed from a total demon hater to one that at least accepts Chrno’s existence. Well, not all demons are bad. And with 3 out of the quartet gone, this leaves poor Azmaria all lonely, huh? Well, she’ll get stronger so long as she holds her friends close in her heart.

But the best and coolest character of the series has got to go to Aion. He is one smooth talker and a very powerful demon that you don’t want to mess with. He is so powerful that it seems he doesn’t even need to exert any effort to discard his enemies. He doesn’t hesitate to tell you the straight and harsh facts especially about God. But of course if he was that powerful, he didn’t have to go through all that trouble in getting all the Apostles and getting the ritual right for his ideal. So when he easily died in the hands of Chrno in the end, it felt somewhat improper. Big bad boss like him must be tough and hard to take down so my idea was after only Chrno gets whacked and beaten to a pulp, only then he would do some final last attempt trump card risky move to kill Aion. By making Aion get killed that fast makes me think that Chrno is actually more powerful than Aion in the first place and the only thing which prevented him from using his true form was Rosette’s life which he held ‘hostage’. And I’m going to say this again. Making Aion the demon in nearly succeeding his plan may have been part of His plan all along as hinted. Though you can’t really get rid of the devil and even that end narration did suggest Aion, just like God is an immortal, I guess it’s all part of the balance and ying yang. If devils do not exist, so will not angels, right? So having good times followed by bad times is like one big cycle. You can say history is and will always be repeating itself. The evil rises, big fight and good always triumph. Repeat cycle once more. Isn’t it amusing? Come to think of it, after Chrno’s death, aren’t there any more demons left? Chrno slew everyone in Pandemonium, Duffau and his pursuers all perished, the same with Aion and his Sinners. So are there any demons left? Maybe low-level ones.

The voice acting are all pretty okay. With the late Tomoko Kawakami (Misuzu in Air, Athena in Aria The Animation series) voicing the tomboyish and reckless Rosette, Akira Ishida (Gaara of Naruto) doing the kind demon Chrno, Michiko Neya (Melissa in Full Metal Panic) as the conceited Satella, Kazuhiko Inoue (Kakashi in Naruto) as the calm and cool baddie Aion, Junko Minagawa (Ryouma in Prince Of Tennis) the weak and lost as Joshua, Sho Hayami (Aizen in Bleach), as the fallen angel-turned-reverend Remington, Yoshiko Sakakibara (Yuriko in High School Of The Dead) as the concern nun Kate, Tomomichi Nishimura (Masamune in Samurai 7) as the perverted Elder and who can’t identify with that low sexy voice of Norio Wakamoto (Onsokumaru in 2×2=Shinobuden) as Duffau. I find Azmaria’s voice very shrieky especially when she screams. So much so I thought that she could break glasses if she were to hold that note for a longer period. Then I found out she was voiced by Saeko Chiba (Dokuro in Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, Birdy in Tetsuwan Birdy Decode) and man, it never occurred to me that it was her voice. I am also not sure if she is the one behind Azmaria’s choir and angelic-like singing voice. They sound really different but hey, some seiyuus do surprise you. I have not heard Natsuko Kuwatani’s voice for a long time but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten her role as Suisei Seki in Rozen Maiden. Of course I couldn’t identify her here as she is the voice of Fiore and with such an expressionless character with no emotions in her speeches, I guess you could say that never in a million years that I would have guessed it was her.

Initially the name of the title bugged me. No, not the meaning but rather the spelling.  Chrno Crusade was indeed spelt that way for 2 reasons. One, it was a typo error on the manga and secondly as I have found out that name was copyrighted in Japan though I’m not sure in what aspect. Originally the author wanted it to spell Chrono Crusade like it should seeing that everyone has been pronouncing ku-ro-no instead of khr-no. Later when the series was license in America, only then the name was changed back to Chrono.

Well, I didn’t become more religious after watching this. Should I? Should you? Let’s just say if this is all part of God’s big plan, then I leave it to Him for whatever may come in the future. It’s no use trying to change destiny and the future when it is all set out, right? The more you think you can outdo and alter the change, the more you will find that you will end up back in the path of God. Whether you want to believe it or not is also entirely up to you. So if it’s my destiny to watch more animes before kingdom come, so be it. Hah. Using God as an excuse… Can I say that anime is my religion then?

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