The nameless assassin with super powers from the future still lives… He has never really gone away and was lurking in the dark, ready for the right time to make the right move… And now that time is here. It is time for the revival… HOLY SH*T!!!! What the hell am I saying???!!! I thought I have done away with it for good and here it comes back up to freak the hell out of me???!!! Well… It would have died down and never to surface again if not for the sequel of Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren. Ah yes. That anime. The girl with the chuunibyou syndrome and living out her delusions way past her age. Embarrassing? Different? I didn’t really expect this to have a sequel since Rikka’s issue with the Unseen Horizon was somewhat resolved. But even if that was, this doesn’t mean her chuunibyou syndrome was. Uh huh. I guess that will never go away even if she seeks psychiatric help. So what is next in this season? We’ll be keeping an eye of her relationship with Yuuta and hope to see if there is any progress. Pray hard that this won’t be just some delusion… Because it is already hard enough to have a girlfriend with chuunibyou…

Episode 1
Yuuta should know better that waking up Rikka the ordinary way won’t do. Put on your Dark Flame Master act! The duo are living together for the time being. By right Rikka is supposed to live by herself since her mom moved away for her job. Due to a misunderstanding, her grandpa accidentally the lease. With nowhere to go, Rikka ends up in Yuuta’s place. It has been a week and Yuuta doesn’t’ want Rikka to let anyone in school know about this. The new school term starts and Shinka is trying a new image. She dyes her hair black. Even more shocking is Makoto’s blonde Goku Super Saiyan hairstyle. It’s like getting his revenge after that baldness last season, huh? Anyway nobody recognizes him. And don’t forget Kumin. Instead of being the sleepyhead she was last time, she’s trying out jokes? Let’s say she’s got a lot to learn. I take back what I said about the most shocking thing in Makoto’s hairstyle. The most shocking one is Sanae giving a speech as first year representative! So shocking that Shinka just fainted. Of course it is back to the usual Shinka-Sanae spat. Sanae lose out to her cheese. Don’t ask. Yuuta and Rikka need to solve their living problem fast because this might come to haunt them as Nanase is puzzled she cannot call to Rikka’s home. Each time the phone sounds disconnected. So the duo go to look for a suitable living place after school. Since they couldn’t find it in time, this makes Shinka and Kumin wonder if she has moved since her place was empty when they visited. Even Touka wants to know what is going on. Haven’t left for Italy yet? To get out of this sticky situation, the only way is for a fantasy battle! Here is your first delusion fight. Everybody gangs up on Touka (even Yuuta and Kumin). Too bad they get owned easily. You can’t beat this sister. And so the cat is out of the bag that they are living together in addition to dating. I’m sure the girls want to hear the juicy details but seriously, nothing much happened. Touka does not approve of a boy and girl living alone together. Do Yuuta’s porn magazines convince you? Either Rikka finds a place of her own or she follows her to Italy. Just then, Kuzuha returns. Didn’t anybody hear that she is supposed to start the new school term back in Japan instead of following mom and Yumeha overseas? Maybe not because mommy forgot to send that message. And with little sister around, I guess this is rather okay since she will be keeping an eye on Rikka. Later Rikka unpacks her stuffs and realizes she never gave Yuuta’s notebook back. Yuuta notices a new tenant moving in upstairs and thus the reason why they couldn’t un-cancel the lease.

Episode 2
Kumin and Shinka are discussing the things that Yuuta and Rikka might be doing alone but this has embarrassed Sanae knock them out. And so the trio end up spying outside their apartment trying to catch any sort of scandal. Meanwhile Yuuta sees Rikka bought a cool night vision goggle. Wait a minute. How much did that cost? Almost her entire monthly allowance! How the heck is she going to live?! He is so mad that he spanks her! The trio continue to stalk the duo at the supermarket. After Rikka goes off on a ‘mission’ with Sanae, Shinka approaches Yuuta about their no-progress in their relationship. What’s the problem? It’s not like she’s dating any one of them, right? Upset that they didn’t even hold hands despite the big events like New Year’s Day and Valentine, she takes him to see her friend, Kazari Kannagi who is somewhat a pro in relationships. She reveals everyone in class knows about their relationship because it’s so obvious. She takes Yuuta’s handphone and forcefully makes a date with Rikka. Come Sunday, Yuuta prepares to go on a date he never asked for. Rikka rides on his bicycle to the aquarium. Since he mentions that they’ve been dating and never even touch her pinky finger, she gets up and allows him to hold her hand. Rikka is ecstatic when she gets to ‘control’ the dolphins during a dolphin show. At the end of the day, the duo try to reflect what it means being a lover. Rikka doesn’t understand and is filled with confusion. She even researched about this ‘contract’ but still doesn’t know what to do. Although she is currently happy with their current contract, she feels something was supposed to change but didn’t. But what she does understand is that it is the end of another fun day. She will return to the same home as his and this makes her happy. He acts out his Dark Flame Master to add icing to the cake. Yuuta talks to Shinka about their date over the phone and she isn’t sure what really happened. She warns if they keep dragging out, something troublesome will come between them. Meanwhile Rikka is outside on the balcony when a weird girl, Satone Shichimiya starts abseiling down and asks if she wants to see her magic.

Episode 3
If that steamy dream Yuuta had of Rikka isn’t bad enough, he wakes up only to see her hanging on the ceiling and in her failed attempt, she falls onto his gut. You mad, bro? In the clubroom, Rikka has made some embarrassing t-shirt for him to wear to bring out his Dark Flame Dragon. Wait. Isn’t that his t-shirt she made a mess off? Yuuta makes a deal with her that if she scores higher, he’ll wear it. And she did! Eat your words! However they force him to wear a magical girl outfit! Complete with a magical girl act! What is Shinka’s reaction when she sees this? Take a photo! He throws her handphone out of the window! An announcement calls for Rikka to come out and do battle. Satone who identifies herself as Sophia Ring S.P. Saturn VII starts her battle with Tyrant Eye. Let your imagination run wild, girls. The battle ends when Yuuta recognizes who Satone is. As revealed, Yuuta first met her in middle school and she was the one responsible for his chuunibyou then. He was taken aback by her cool ‘fighting’. Looks like just like Rikka, she never grew out of it. He tries to tell her he is no longer that hero and she looks disappointed. She then brings him to her place, which is just exactly above his apartment and Rikka’s former room! Shinka learns about Satone from Kumin. She feels suspicious about this girl. Could she be his ex-girlfriend? For a girl from a different school to sneak into theirs and go home with him, isn’t it suspicious? Satone will be having dinner at Yuuta’s place since her parents will be working late. So put away your rivalry and be good girls at the table. Learning that Yuuta has Rikka as a new partner for his journey (that’s a fancy way of what we call dating), Satone will support them both in their new quest to awaken Dark Flame Dragon. She then rubs his nose with hers that sends shocking sentiments to Rikka. Satone couldn’t understand what the fuss is all about since they used to do it a lot when they were young. Anyway just don’t. It makes him remember she never really did say goodbye. Like when she transferred and disappeared back then. Her reason is that if she did say so, it will mean they have parted. As long as they are somewhere in this world and haven’t utter that word, they haven’t parted. Yuuta goes to explain to Rikka about that nose rubbing was some form of greeting of theirs. To cheer her up, he forms another contract with her, promising he won’t get closer to other girls than her. He rubs his nose with hers to bring a little relief.

Episode 4
Shinka narrates she has a dream to fulfil in high school no matter what. That dream is to become the student council president. Thus she reminds Yuuta not to bring up her past especially her ‘abuses’ to Sanae in her bid to run for president. She also pleads to him to take care of Sanae while she is out campaigning. Otherwise she knows better this nerd is going to sabotage it all. Yuuta won’t help her out no matter what till she mentions some magic word that sends shivers to his spine. Rikka told her about it while she was reading his notebook. That embarrassing, huh? Just for that, he puts up his Dark Flame Master act but Sanae already slipped past him. While Shinka is giving her speech from classroom to classroom, she is appalled to see Sanae hiding underneath the desk, tickling and drawing on her leg. The students must be wondering about her freaking funny shrieks. And so while Shinka and Sanae continue to torment each other and the former blaming Yuuta for not doing his job, that’s when Satone enters the picture and hugs Shinka. Uh huh. Another follower of this Mori Summer. Just embarrassing bringing up the past of how she joined, eh? Satone shows a picture that she still keeps of them together. Sanae still doesn’t believe this fake when she realizes the hand ornaments. Ever since, Sanae has been treating Shinka like her master (she was her first master before Rikka)! OMG! She loves Shinka so much now! At least it is better when they are at each other’s necks. Good girl Sanae is happily willing to help her in her presidential campaign. Shinka’s popularity shoots up thanks to her and Sanae even had to reject a mission with Rikka just to attend Shinka’s conference. Shinka shows Sanae her room. The latter made cookies and this made Shinka feel bad that she might have misunderstood her all along. Since she is such a nice girl, she dresses up as Mori Summer just for her sake and plays along. Sanae is overcome with emotion and snaps a picture of her for memories. During the candidates’ speech, Sanae goes up to the podium to read Shinka’s manifesto. But Shinka realizes too late where this is heading as Sanae takes out Mabinogion and reads out the chapter and verses to spread the gospel!!! She couldn’t stop squirming in embarrassment. Safe to say, her dream ends there. In the aftermath, Sanae and Shinka return to their old rivalry. Sanae couldn’t believe she was fooled that Shinka was the real Mori Summer since the genuine one wouldn’t act so tormented when words from the holy book is read out. Sanae returns to her one true master, Rikka but Shinka is obviously upset and struggles to take Mabinogion back from her. Kumin quips she likes it better like this. It’s more peaceful. You don’t say…

Episode 5
Nanase summons the gang. Due to the boom of lots of hobby clubs, there aren’t enough clubrooms to go about. There will be a meeting to discuss which club will be most deserving. Of course, Rikka is the representative but she chickens out by giving lots of excuses (the public can’t see her Tyrant Eye?) and passes the leadership to Sanae! In the end she is forced to join but acts like her usual that nobody could understand. She is forced to read the note Yuuta wrote for her but she murmurs all the way and feigns sickness to get out. Nanase even visits the clubroom as she was asked by the student council president what the club does. Yeah, she doesn’t even know. They are in risk of losing their clubroom since it doesn’t look like they’re doing anything useful. That’s the norm, right? Kumin says their club does napping activity. This prompts Nanase to remember that there are societies in Europe that take their napping seriously. Look up the website! A friend teacher of hers happens to supervise such a club so she emails for them to participate in a practice match. That way, they have a legitimate activity and won’t be disbanded. Since Kumin is the only pro, she shows it how it’s done. Uh huh. Fell asleep halfway while talking. They are greeted by Sui Nemuri, the president of the siesta club they are going to face. She really does have this sleepy aura. She is here to greet them since it will be their first battle. However seeing how they are fooling around and not trying to pursue the true art of napping, she wants them to pull out and not just request a match just for fun. Kumin counters it and says the club takes their activities seriously. Everyone pushes the hat around till it ends up with Rikka. She is willing to bet everything and if they lose, the club will be disbanded! Oh dear. What have they gotten into now?

The first order is to practice sleeping since it will be a team match. Not easy, huh? We’ve got Rikka having some paralysis cram thingy and Sanae and Shinka in their usual spat. How to sleep peacefully. Oh, Kumin the pro… Then they try sleeping outside and even at the pool. Makoto tries to show he can sleep (because he got word Kumin is doing it) but everyone ignores him (sorry, buddy). Back to square one. How to sleep? Yuuta gets a great idea. On the night before the competition, everyone parties and plays games throughout the night. No sleeping! Even Satone joins the revelry. Before they know it, they’re already sleeping. Rikka gets a rude awakening when she sees Satone lying next to Yuuta. But what is more shocking? Kuzuha pointing out that they fell asleep. Now they have to rush to school. They’re going to lose this one. See how wide awake they are compared to their opponents who are just dying to get to sleep. Sui is glad they will lose since the world needs less joker nap clubs like them. But Kumin is adamant they will win because she met Rikka. She might have chuunibyou but she is always serious in that and gives it all. That’s right. This is how they’re going to do it. Enter their delusions! So our friends go on their super delusional attacking spree and scare the heck out of their opponents till they wake up and get disqualified! Of course they too get their fair share of bloopers. In the end, it is Kumin against Sui. Kumin’s chuunibyou must be so good now that she is able to defeat Sui! Can you believe it they won? Kumin sounds like she just had a good nap. Sui admits defeat and leaves. With the club saved and everything back to normal (nothing changes, that is), Kumin is still able to sleep with all that ruckus since sleeping here makes her the happiest person in the world.

Episode 6
Yuuta and Rikka are going on a class trip. This means Sanae is bored to death… No master to be with and no fake Mori Summer to abuse… Worried what her master is doing with Dark Flame Master… Kumin is just sleeping right through it… Rikka has brought along her night vision goggles as part of her plan to awaken Dark Flame Dragon. Don’t ask how. Shinka seems to be worried that their relationship isn’t making any progress. This causes Rikka to be embarrassed and it’s like she’s avoiding Yuuta (their classmates tease them since they all know about it). Shinka talks to Yuuta about this and it seems Rikka doesn’t handle romance well as it doesn’t mix with her delusions. Each time it comes down to this, she doesn’t know what to do. She hopes Shinka can take care of Rikka during the trip. Of course he would love to be with her but he knows Rikka cannot handle it. The guys want to drag Yuuta to peek on girls. Dumb Makoto already get caught. Shinka’s friends talk about her because despite being a love guru, she doesn’t have a boyfriend or involved in a love triangle. Thanks to somebody, her Mori Summer webpage is uploaded again although Shinka denies it is her. Now this is the odd scene. The girls are fast asleep while the guys are telling ghost stories! However they are more interested in knowing how far Yuuta has gone with Rikka. They don’t believe that they haven’t done anything yet. Suddenly they freak out upon seeing some ghostly red eyes! Yuuta knows better it is Rikka in those goggles so he goes to check it out. With the teacher coming, everyone quickly goes back to pretend to sleep. This means Yuuta has to hide Rikka underneath his blanket. This sets up a romantic atmosphere with their face close enough for them to kiss. They would have if Shinka didn’t call out to the teacher. She distracts him so that Yuuta can bring Rikka back to her room. Rikka blames some barrier and dark denizens, the reason she can’t approach him. It wasn’t her intention to ignore or avoid him. Yuuta knows she is just embarrassed. He is too. He suggests they go sightseeing together. Just the 2 of them. After they part but halfway back to her room, Rikka turns around just to kiss him on the cheek. Shinka saw it. And so the duo won’t be joining their friends as they have their own plans together. Trying to seal the mountain?

Episode 7
The class trip continues. I don’t know why Shinka calls Sanae to wake her up from beauty sleep just to tell her to delete the website. However Sanae knows nothing about it but if she didn’t put it up, then who did? Sanae thinks it is the real Mori Summer! She puts up some question only the true one will answer correctly. Be surprised! Yuuta and Rikka are having a nice time together (nothing fishy lah) when they bump into Satone. Coincidentally she too is on a class trip but got lost and lost her wallet. Although it might seem she is like a third wheel interrupting their precious time, Rikka agrees to go help look for it. They finally find it but a monkey is examining it. Yuuta wonders if Satone remembers that formation they did before. Of course. What Yuuta does is he slowly approach the monkey and then suddenly kicks the wallet to Satone. Now they run like hell since the mad monkey is after them. They fall off a slope but it did lose the monkey. Satone explains her reasons why she still remembers as she refuses to change. She hands him an arcade coin. Rikka sees how close they are and starts crying before running away. Oh dear. Satone feels bad for letting this happen but Yuuta says he’ll be fine handling this by himself and that she should return to her class trip. Satone calls Kuzuha to check up on something. Yuuta then gets a call from Shinka because she spotted Rikka alone. She reprimands him after Rikka told her what happened. How could he let this happened? Fooling around with Satone while Rikka was around? However Rikka received a map and blasted off somewhere. Right after that, Kuzuha calls him for the same thing. Rikka follows the map to meet Satone alone. She thinks she wants a challenge but she is just here to talk. She explains why she will never change and forever remain the same since she felt her gradual decline in power and that she may not be some magical devil girl. She leaves at the right timing when Yuuta comes by. Now that she is enlightened, she feels shame to have doubted him and apologizes. Yuuta gives her an umbrella as her birthday present (he knows because it is on her old email address). She is happy and impressed with it. Then she confesses she likes him with that sweet smile.

Episode 8
Coming back from the class trip, they are surprised to see Sanae dressing up as a follower of Mori Summer. They tail her to see her meet up with the ‘real’ Mori Summer but find it creepy because she has Sanae close her eyes and in that moment she starts fawning and take pictures of her face. Indirectly they talk bad about the fake Mori Summer (that’s you, Shinka) and Shinka can’t stand it anymore and goes to confront them. She hates others using her name. However if Shinka is the real one, why does she hid her true identity? Can’t reply. So Shinka is going to bring proof that she is the real deal. However she has perfectly erased her past that there is no solid evidence. The next time they meet, Shinka admits she has no proof. Sanae waxes lyrical for the ‘real’ Mori Summer as she herself mentions she is the embodiment of Mabinogion. Yeah, whatever. But don’t you think this works in Shinka’s favour? I mean, she was working hard trying to forget her past. She is grateful for this because now she is finally free. And it feels great. But why isn’t everyone happy about this? Even Sanae isn’t happy about it. Tackling her at school and spewing the usual teases did not work. It’s like she has given up on it. Of course the rest of the gang also doesn’t feel right because as Kumin notes, that girl seems creepy like as though she is in love with Sanae. They talk to Shinka as they think Sanae wants her to be the real Mori Summer instead. Shinka doesn’t care and the reason she is mad is because that fake used her name and that idiot easily believed her. Then they see her fawning over a picture of Sanae. Isn’t this enough proof?

As suggested, the only way to end this as to fight her in a challenge and defeat her in front of Sanae. Yuuta can vouch for it from his embarrassing experience of getting Rikka on his side. Rikka somehow can’t unleash her magic so they call Satone over. Because she was once her follower, she starts saying all the embarrassing things that makes Shinka squirming all over the ground in embarrassment. This is training? It’s going to be a long night. Sanae is still worried about the development of things. ‘Real’ Mori Summer wants to purify her heart. She gets close enough to kiss her and this freaks Sanae out. So much so she calls out to Shinka to save her. And here she is. Dressed as one. They are going to settle this real or fake issue once and for all. Entering the delusion world, Shinka is able to best her with her determination of not allowing others to use her name for their own nefarious ends. However she bounces back, claiming she has found her true love and angel and won’t let her go. Shinka starts talking about the bad traits of Sanae and warns her of making this idiot her follower. Despite all that, she has the cutest smile you’ll ever see. ‘Real’ Mori Summer didn’t like the way she badmouths Sanae and launches an attack. Sanae protects Shinka. She believes in her because she is being true in being a fake (?!) unlike her whom know she knows is not the true one. Because the real one will never do something like this. Sanae finishes her with her hammer. In the end, this fake admits how she fell in love with Sanae at first sight and views her as a pure girl who has never dated guys, hold hands or even kiss. However the rest break it to her that she already had her first kissed last Christmas (remember that blooper last season?). This breaks her heart as she flees in tears. Sanae and Shinka are back to normal with each other. Scorning each other and not really wanting to remember that blundering first kiss experience they had.

Episode 9
Yuuta finds a coin in a letter. Rikka is acting strange. He couldn’t understand it since she touches his finger and is in gloomy mood. The gang is at Kumin’s aunt beach café to help out. Even Satone is here since Rikka called her. Shinka is getting really motivated to bring in the money. Everyone works hard but Rikka fools around. Touka makes her surprise visit. Even more surprising, she brought her 7 year old daughter with her. WHAT???!!! Just kidding! I’m sure those guys didn’t get that Italian joke. She is Cento, her head chef’s daughter who loves Japanese samurai and drama. So I suppose this visit was because she bugged her to bring her here. Learning that Rikka is the true Tyrant’s Eye, they have a showdown. Rikka will show her true power by catching her wooden sword with her hands. After all that build-up, the sword reached her head first. That night, Touka talks to Yuuta. She finds things are still the same but he disagrees. At least Rikka pecked him on his cheek. He is also playing along with Rikka and maybe they’ll find what he gave up on searching and to see where she goes with it. Touka doesn’t really follow all that but she is both disappointed and relief. Rikka is practising alone when Satone comes up to her and mentions about her losing her power, the reason she called her. Rikka becomes desperate that her powers are vanishing so Satone suggests she takes off her seal and in exchange her lovers’ contract will grow stronger. Rikka is still in a dilemma to revive Dark Flame Dragon or restore her Tyrant Eye’s power. Satone spots the coin Rikka found in Yuuta’s room. Satone wants her to show her true feelings and she’ll give back the coin. Just like she did, she must snuff out her feelings for Yuuta. She will wait for her answer tomorrow. Next day, Satone and Rikka are in some battle in the middle of the crowded beach. Satone is disappointed by her resolve. Rikka thinks about her memories with Yuuta and grows stronger. She is able to revive and reborn as a new Tyrant’s Eye called Full Armour. She realizes she nearly lost her powers to Dark Flame Master’s kindness and what they struggled long to find. Now that they believe in each other, her power is restored. Satone returns the coin and says if she gathers 3 of them and awakens Dark Flame Dragon, she may be forced to live as Tyrant’s Eye forever. Rikka disagrees their special contract means she is both eternally Tyrant’s Eye and his lover. She is going to make it happen. At that moment, Satone felt a little sting in her heart. Static discharge? I don’t think so. Satone thinks back if she didn’t take Yuuta’s medals but his hand, would they have been together? She cannot stop thinking about him and this causes her to fluster-cum-panic.

Episode 10
Satone cannot stop thinking about Yuuta. She flusters like a girl in love each time she sees him. Oh wait. Isn’t she? I don’t know about her training to stem this at the water park, but it’s not working. Maybe it’s because Yuuta is here. Shinka and Kumin are to man a booth for tonight’s festival. It starts at night so I don’t know why they are there so early. Shinka is bored but it won’t be since Sanae is here to attack her. Boredom alleviated. Shinka accidentally throws the water balloon into Touka’s face. Punishment… Anyway she is going back to Italy soon and wants the trio to do a favour. Satone talks to Rikka and it seems the latter is still searching for the final coin. She has not asked Yuuta about it because based on their contract it would not befitting. Shinka, Kumin and Sanae stake out Satone and they notice she is looking gloomy. They realize what Touka said is true: Satone is in love with Yuuta. They confront her about this and she tries all sorts of excuses but eventually her embarrassing body reaction is a dead giveaway that she likes him. She admits she once liked him but has sealed those feelings away and will eliminate it for good this time. They have to hide when Rikka and Yuuta come by. Shinka asks what Satone is going to do. She won’t change. At the festival, Rikka went off on her own so Yuuta goes to find her. Satone is going to face Yuuta head on. It starts raining so the duo take shelter at a little shrine. She makes him answer embarrassing questions like if he likes Rikka. Don’t worry, she has trained her mind to be strong. But I think she needs way more training after the way she reacts when Yuuta admits he likes lots about Rikka, although they never kissed but held hands and nuzzle their noses, the way Rikka believed in him and viewed him as something special although he was going to give it all up. Yuuta goes off to get Rikka when she texts him. Satone then dances in the rain, rejoicing that she didn’t cry. She has done it. She is victorious in this personal battle. Suddenly Yuuta returns to hand her an umbrella. She is not happy with this surprise attack. Everything in her starts falling apart. She cannot stop crying and runs away.

Episode 11
Yuuta could tell the reason why she asked those questions and cried. He suddenly realized she likes him. He did find Rikka but she got sick and had to nurse her the next day. The others are here to visit here but Rikka is concerned about Satone. She couldn’t contact her many times. Shinka then confronts Yuuta. She tells him they know about the love triangle thingy (because Touka told them). So okay. What should he do? How should she know? Then keep your nose out. She’s trying to help. He didn’t ask for it. Fine, you’re on your own. Shinka then does Sanae’s trademark slide tackle on him! They see Satone rowing her boat in the middle of the river. They pick her up and Yuuta scolds her how dangerous it is. From Satone’s conversation, she sounds like she is okay with everything. Shinka knows this is not okay. It is far from over. She pokes Yuuta’s eyes when he thinks everything is settled. Guys just don’t get it. Kumin explains about love like a dream. If it’s the latter, she’ll wake up after some time. Shaking her up will only hurt her. As for Shinka being nosey, Kumin believes she loves everybody. She also loves chuunibyou. Kumin would love to have chuunibyou like them then she would know how they all feel. Shinka then dresses up as Mori Summer to impart some advice to Satone. She must fight her other self and another door will open. On the night of the blue moon, Satone then challenges Yuuta to a fight. However Kuzuha alerts them that Rikka has gone missing. Because Yuuta doesn’t remember what all the fuss this night is about, she makes him read a note he wrote long ago in Rikka’s notebook. From that mumbo-jumbo, it is about the revival of Dark Flame Dragon on this night and having 3 keys. They go look for Rikka and it seems there are signs that she has searched the suspected areas (those beneath the electric pylons). It is then Yuuta realized she had been searching for it all this time. All of them. He has a feeling which pylon she will be and finds her. She thinks some leg cast he buried is it. However she gets scolded for doing something so reckless when she is sick. She mentions about being his eternal contractor, blah, blah, blah but Yuuta hugs her. Yuuta remembers where he stores the 3 keys. Under the bridge in a suitcase still left untouched are 3 coins and also an ordinary stone. They perform a ritual to awaken Dark Flame Dragon. Satone requests to fight it. And lost? Once Rikka is well, she is under strict supervision of Yuuta to finish her homework. Sorry, you can’t traverse space and time to finish this. Yuuta notes Satone has changed although she puts it in a roundabout way that she didn’t and just destroyed what built up in her. Then she says goodbye.

Episode 12
Not only their pet cat is acting weird but so is Rikka. Oh wait, has she always been? The school term resumes. Shinka trying to sound and look different again? Italian girl? And there is this Makoto. Still remember him? If not, it’s okay. Because he is so tanned that he could well pass off as an African! And he is crying about Kumin being the only one for him. Nobody cares, right? Yeah. Nobody even remembers him. Kazari notices Yuuta staring longingly at Rikka. She misinterpreted his summer was filled with ignited passion. But why are Shinka and Sanae eager to know too? Yuuta dismisses Satone had anything to do with it. In fact, they both became good friends. Cheeky Kazari goes up to Rikka and says Yuuta wants to whisper something sweet in her ear. Embarrassed, check. Fluster, check. Run away, check. Sanae and Shinka go talk to Satone to find out what is wrong. They both get the wrong idea when she mentions about Rikka thinking of forming a higher contract with Yuuta. They accuse the other of thinking dirty thoughts. It’s just a kiss… So the girls invite Rikka to the public bath house where they can talk their hearts out but all Rikka does is complain about nothing happening between them ever since and that he is just bossing her around (for her own good). She is careful enough not to go into details. Meanwhile Yuuta and Makoto are also at the bath. Yuuta congratulates Makoto when he mentions a person named Chihiro confessed to him. But he doesn’t look happy. He took up summer jobs to buy Kumin a present and look at the trouble he got into. Suddenly a handsome guy walks in. He is Chihiro. OH SHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!! OMG!!!! OOOOH MAH GAWDDDDD!!! No wonder! NO WONDER!!! Makoto, we all wish you happiness. Chihiro caressing his chest… So freaky…

The girls set up Yuuta and Rikka to meet under the bridge. Rikka still has doubts and is nervous to go through this but Satone gives her enough encouragement and needed strength. The girls go into hiding (and spying of course) when Yuuta arrives. Rikka while greatly blushing, wants Yuuta to form a higher contract with her. Yuuta could understand Rikka wants to kiss (heck, she even Google what boys wanted in a kiss) and when he is ready to do it, she backs out and puts on a defensive barrier. Does she want to do it or not? Okay, take two. He sees her shedding tears. Scared? He calms her down by saying that they don’t need to rush. But she insists Satone entrusted her with this and must see through it. Yuuta mentions his happiness comes from spending time with her. It makes him happier than hugging or kissing or anything lovers do because he could feel her heart close to his. He only has eyes for her. Well, now Rikka is full blown emotional. Crying and hugging him like he is the best guy she’s ever had in her entire life. Heck, he is the only one :). She pecks him on his check. He returns to favour. But now are they ready for the big one on the lips? From pinky swears to holding hands and now a real kiss. Yup, they’re slowly changing alright. And the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Yuuta and Rikka finally… OH! WHOSE GODDAMN HANDPHONE IS RINGING! Freaking interruption!!!! Kuzuha says their cat have given birth to 7 litters! Looks like their family has expanded. As for our spy girls, they are not happy it ended this way and want them to continue kissing. Especially Shinka. They’ve worked so hard to get them to this point and hell they better finish it. Guess what? Run! Maybe next time have better luck. Catch them if you can.

Episode 13 (OVA)
When Yuuta is seen receiving a pen drive from Makoto, the girls feel suspicious of its contents. So they tie Yuuta up and are about to check it out but Shinka and Sanae seem to fluster that it might be ‘dangerous’. Rikka doesn’t care and opens it. Pictures of a woman? More precisely an ex-idol that he was once a fan and Makoto got some visual data on her. Of course Rikka will not allow this despite all that delusional terminology and crap she is spouting about contract breaching, blah, blah, blah, we can summarize it into one word: Jealousy. Ah. Jealousy rearing its ugly head. Delete it now! Sorry it’s not his. Return it now! Tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Maybe he wants to see it first? Shinka gives an example what if Rikka starts looking at pictures of other men. Instantly Yuuta rebukes he won’t have it! See? It’s the same. So if he understands, he better return it quickly. As Yuuta meets up with Makoto, the latter knows what is happening and secretly slips it back into his pocket. The girls do see it is over but they can feel something is not right. Is it really over? Rikka seeks Satone’s advice and learn more about this woman who ‘stole her beloved’s heart before they made their contract’. It is making her heart feeling tight. Satone notes that is a good thing. That night Rikka wakes up from a nightmare that Yuuta is two-timing her. So she sneaks into his room to check his laptop. Pictures of random stuffs. Then she checks his cabinet where he keeps his secret stuffs (as Touka told her) and finds the pen drive. She returns to her room to take a look at it and there it is, all the pictures of that woman. She almost screamed out loud in her rage and this causes Yuuta to come check on her. She manages to pretend to sleep in time. But when morning comes, she realizes she slept on and broke the pen drive! Yuuta can tell something is off with her behaviour and with a little trick, he sees the broken pen drive.

Thanks to that, the duo end up fighting and not talking to each other, blaming each other for theft and not fulfilling one’s promise. Eventually the rest finds out and looks like they have to intervene and mediate. Since talking won’t do, Sanae suggests that they fight. Time to enter into those delusional modes. Rikka and Sanae hammer Yuuta with all their might but there is no effect since Yuuta is so used to it. Yuuta throws the ultimatum that he won’t forgive her until she apologizes. With Rikka seething in frustration, the girls gather in Satone’s room to discuss their next move. They even plant a spy camera and have Kuzuha help out. Kuzuha shows a note from Rikka saying she won’t come back. Yuuta is not fazed because she knows she will return. Even during bedtime as Rikka hasn’t come back, Yuuta didn’t bother go looking for her. This causes the rest to worry if their love is over. Then they see on the camera Yuuta comes back and puts Rikka’s dinner portion on the table. Rikka reflects on herself that she doesn’t want to fight with him but this nagging feeling tells her to not give in. Kumin advises her to tell the truth. Because they have been together for over a year, they understand each other better than anyone. She is sure Yuuta wants to talk to her again and if they end up fighting, it will lead to something good. So it is something like the more they fight, the more they get along. Sanae and Shinka immediately rebuke each other because definitely they’re not going to get along ever. Rikka goes to see Yuuta and talk. They apologize but also blame the other that what they did was wrong. The only way left is to ‘fight’. I don’t know what kind of fighting they had but it seems they tire out themselves. The girls leave our reconciled lovebirds alone, sleeping and lying on each other’s back.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren Lite

Just like last season, this season also has short webcasted clips (again this means grainy and low quality video), Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren Lite that last for around 3 minutes or so. As usual, the random antics of the gang for us to giggle and laugh and nothing much serious.

Lite 1: Kotatsu Snail
Shinka is trying to get sleeping Kumin out of the kotatsu. But each time she approaches, she goes back in and pops out from another corner. She then tries to lift the kotatsu but Kumin grabs her leg. Thinking of chopping her head, she hurts her hand when Kumin avoids it. Is she really sleeping? Once Kumin rolls out and to a corner, the kotatsu moves away by itself! WTF?! Ghost?! Shinka then lifts it up only to see Rikka and Sanae beneath it. Lots of snacks and comics too…

Lite 2: An Infection Called A Stye, A Hordeolum Or Perhaps Just Beauty
Rikka has an eye infection but gives excuses (her delusions, what else?) not to use the drops and claims she can perfectly see well despite now she has eye-patches on both her eyes. She seems to be doing great. Is she really using the eye of the heart? Then Yuuta realizes the eye-patch is slightly crooked and allows her to see. So he covers it properly and now she is all clumsy. Since she gets discouraged putting the drops, Yuuta will put it for her. Thanks to their ambiguous dialogue, Shinka and Kumin are eavesdropping outside getting the wrong idea… “I’m not ready yet”, “Hold still, it won’t hurt”, “I can’t do it with my eyes closed”…

Lite 3: Tyrant’s Eye – Before The Storm
Back in middle school, Rikka tried to develop he ESP senses. Yeah… That book looks fake! So she tests it out with her friend Tomo but fails to predict the random cards she picks. So she goes into her most natural relaxing form (sleeping like she always does in class?) and finally gets it right. Now she is going to work on her foresight and tries predicting the next person who comes through the door is a boy or girl. More wrongs than rights… Can’t feel your intuition? Finally she pinpoints the last person wrongly. She is their teacher. Rikka panics and says she is friendless too. The teacher takes this as an insult and is not too happy. Punishment time… Since then, Rikka stopped practising her ESP development. Good for her.

Lite 4: Dekomori Vs Nibutani 2
The gang are playing old maid and it all boils down to Sanae and Shinka. Because the loser has to go out in the rain to buy snacks. It is a tense match. Depending on how you view it, you can say they are lucky or unlucky as they keep on picking the joker. Yeah. How long is this going to drag? Each time they pick the joker, the other will taunt. And when it’s time to choose, they’ll resort to their ‘power’. Guess it isn’t working, huh? When Shinka seemingly picks the right card, Sanae won’t let go of it and tries to convince her to take the other one. Since both won’t give way, the card rips. Yuuta calls them both losers and they both have to go buy snacks. Now they’re arguing over the small umbrella space…

Lite 5: My Brother 3 – Camping
Back when Yuuta is still Dark Flame Master, his family are out camping. Geez, does he still need to act like that? Anyway he fights in the monster’s lair which is actually just chestnuts. Kuzuha can’t stop being a worrywart. You don’t know what he is going to do with the chestnuts… Later on he comes back bleeding! OMG! Seems he fell from the tree. Though nothing serious and bandaged up, he continues to act like a lone wolf, eating by himself instead with his family. Kuzuha’s friend really thinks he is such a cool guy. Kuzuha is on the verge of thinking that too when the chestnut he is roasting shoots to his forehead and he squirms in pain. She prefers her normal brother…

Lite 6: Angel Summoning
When Shinka was in her Mori Summer delusion, she and her friends (including Satone) make preparations to summon an angel. She draws an insignia in the sand, has them eat herbs (chrysanthemum?) and then say some chanting for the angel to descend on the vessel (paper human?). A wind blows, which is a sign that the angel has arrived. Isn’t it because they are outside? And you’re supposed to see the angel with your other eyes, not your earthly eyes. Then a bigger gale blows away the vessel. The angel has left. Yeah, it’s quite windy today. In present time, Satone is telling this to Kumin while Shinka is squirming with embarrassment. Final bonus: Satone’s magical girl transformation!

From Delusions To Real Love
To be honest, this season feels just rather okay. That is being me just sympathetic because mediocre would be the better choice of word. This season is mainly about Yuuta and Rikka trying to push forward their relationship but that would not have gotten anywhere if not for those meddling kids friends. It could have been status quo all the way. Therefore, in terms of if there is anything special about this season, to me there isn’t any. Even I feel that the chuunibyou effects are greatly diminished. Especially in the closing episodes as Rikka starts to ponder about love, those over the top exaggerated awesome fantasy magic summoning power battles stopped. Or at least lessen. It’s all in your head. So if you are here to see delusion battles from Rikka or Sanae, you might see more of it in the first season where their chuunibyou runs rampage. Come to think of it, this season’s delusions feel tamer than the first season although it still packs with its awesome punch.

Although Satone is the new character for this season, I feel that she hardly has an impact overall. Firstly, although she shares her chuunibyou past with Yuuta, she is from another school. This means she hardly is in the picture joining our usual gang in doing things together. It felt like she is just a side character for the first half of the series. And when it is confirmed that she truly does have feelings for Yuuta (we all could have guessed this from the start), it was a little too late and the series was coming to an end. Satone may not have a great impact on the series but she plays a pivotal role in helping Rikka and Yuuta come together. PS: I find her trademark laughter a little annoying… Cute but annoying…

Rikka still feels socially inept. She only comes alive whenever she goes into her delusional mode. Otherwise you can see her obvious reaction that she is a meek, unconfident and full of insecurities if it comes to matters in real life. She may make roundabouts about it but usually Yuuta will force her to come back. At least the OVA proves that she too has some human emotions. Getting jealous although she doesn’t know about it or want to admit it. I don’t know but Rikka looks cute whenever she flusters. She does it a lot this time. So for a girl who has spent her entire life living in delusions, it would definitely be hard for her to send the message across over what she wants. Thankfully there is Yuuta around to hold her hand and guide her through. Speaking of Yuuta, he may still be embarrassed by his past but he has learnt to adapt to it and use it whenever the time calls for it. Like getting Rikka to do something or spill the beans. So having a little chuunibyou isn’t that bad sometimes. You just need to know the right moment to use them. Of course preferably for him, he prefers not to have this brought up.

I am guessing Shinka loves hanging around with them. Even after her dreams of becoming student council president is shattered and to live a normal life and discard her embarrassing Mori Summer past, why the heck is she still with them? This proves she really likes to hang out with them, right? Or maybe she has given up hope that she will ever become normal and perhaps no other ‘normal’ girls want to befriend her and thus the only place left to hang out is with these weirdoes. Yeah… What to do? She can be as equally weird as them. So much so I think she loves watching the romance unfolding between Yuuta and Rikka. Sometimes getting frustrated that they are not progressing anyhow. See how she tries to play matchmaker and drop hints for Yuuta? Yup. Life is more exciting for her that way, doesn’t it? Though Kumin feels like her partner in crime…

And I am guessing that Sanae too likes Shinka a lot because ever since the first season, these oddballs have been at odds with each other for whatever reasons. Eternal enemies they may seem but don’t you think that this is a sign that they like each other’s company? That fake Mori Summer episode just proves it. Uh huh. If there is a fake Sanae wants to challenge, there is no other better faker than the fake Shinka. The fakest of the fakes. I really thought that when they made up and with all that emotional stuffs tossed in, this could be it. Finally they have made peace and will be able to move on as friends. No more meaningless tackles and fighting. How naïve I was… Though we won’t know if that would turn out better for them in the long run but at least we are all back on familiar ground now that they are back at annoying the hell out of each other. Yeah. In that sense they both share a special bond, right? That is why they had their unwitting first kiss with each other, right?

I feel that Kumin has spent less of her time napping this season and instead she is somewhat trying to carve herself as some sort of a stand up comedian. Although it is a good thing that she is not wasting the youth of her life, but you’ll find that the puns she makes are not impressive especially with her friends. So much so you think that she would be better off by sleeping and not opening her mouth. Really! As for Makoto, his presence and role has been reduced so much that I can hardly call it a running joke. But it still is one. Last time he was a joker and a comic relief. This time he doesn’t even command so much presence and was just forgettable. Heck, the running joke is that nobody remembers him! His presence is so minimal that the show can actually do away without him. It’s like he doesn’t matter anymore. Oh wait, did he? And when he actually has more than 5 seconds of screen time, I thought at least the producers were showing some pity and at least give this guy his dues even if it is just short and unimportant. Who knows he got the most screwed up ‘ending’ and attracted the attention of a guy!!! FFFFFUUUUU!!! Absolutely screwed!!! Well, at least he is a hot handsome guy. Good luck, Makoto. Our thoughts will always be with you. If we remember you, that is ;p.

The rest of the other minor characters were just okay and nothing more since they don’t really make a big impact in the overall show. Like I thought Cento is going to play some sort of important role too. Too bad she’s just a slight distraction since she went back to Italy with Touka. Then there is that fake Mori Summer. So is her case over for good? I hope so. Because this world doesn’t need 2 Mori Summers. She was just to let Shinka and Sanae hog a little of the spotlight. The same case with Sui just to give Kumin to take the lead for once. Otherwise, that sleeping contest was totally unnecessary and contributed nothing much to the plot. And certainly Yumeha doesn’t even make much more than that single cameo in the beginning. This means no more funny scenes of Touka playing reality house with her and in the process corrupting her young innocent mind about divorce papers and divorce attorneys.

All of last season’s seiyuus are retained. Juri Nagatsuma (Ichika in Onee-chan Ga Kita) is the only new addition for the main cast as she is the voice of Satone. Mai Nakahara (Mai in Mai-HiME) makes her cameo as Sui and Yuri Yamaoka (Choi in Tamako Market) as Cento. This season’s opening theme is also done by ZAQ, entitled Voice. It still has that lively exuberance of the first season. The good thing about this season’s opening credits animation is that it doesn’t have that annoying blinking effects. My eyes are saved! Black Raison d’etre, the quartet who voiced Rikka, Sanae, Shinka and Kumin who sung the first season’s ending theme does the same for the sequel. However Vanishment This World despite being an anime rock pop, lacks the oomph and excitement compared to first season’s Inside Identity. I still prefer that one over this many times over. For Lite, Shinen Ni Mau Senritsu Shanikusai by ZAQ dances to a samba beat. Festive mood? On a trivial note, the end card is as still as cute as ever, showing chibi Rikka in her various thoughts and actions.

Overall, I can’t say much since if I start thinking back and compare about last season, this sequel doesn’t quite live up to its mark because the comedy bits feel a bit weaker this time, the plot and pacing didn’t go anywhere and the mind boggling inclusion of Satone which doesn’t bring much impact. I read over the internet (translation: briefly skimmed through Google) that many didn’t like the sequel and feels it is worse off than the first season. Despite this is supposed to be a light-hearted comedy but those funny bits weren’t impressive. For example, I don’t really get Kumin’s jokes. Rikka’s embarrassment and socially inept ways may be cute and when she prances around in her delusions but that isn’t enough to save everything. I think the producers are under a delusion that they must have made a hell of a good sequel and could be a milking the cash cow dry. Dream on! I mean, if there is a need to make a sequel, it means the first season is a hit, right? Yeah. But not many animes can make the transition that a second season is better than the first. Sadly, this one doesn’t.

So it goes to show that for some people, such delusions are hard to die out. Even those who outgrow it will mostly continue to live their life in embarrassing each time such delusions are remembered. In a way, you are never freed from your past. And I hope that I can get over mine. It’s time to kill off that nameless assassin from the future and close this chapter once and for all. An epic battle that would result in his sacrifice just to save the world and the future. The long battle will finally come to an end… Oh sh*t! I’m just reliving those delusions right now! Oh heck, who cares? Nobody is reading this except me, right? RIGHT?!

I was once known as the nameless assassin with super powers from the future who travelled back in time to take out evil people and dispense my own sense of dark justice that is considered a heinous crime by many. In a future where evil has spread far and wide, it is only necessary and a desperate attempt for one to venture far back in time to nip the problem in the bud.  And so… The dark vigilante continues his struggle… Seriously… Just kidding! Hah! When we were young, I am very sure that many of us had such elaborated and grand fantasies cooked up in our heads. Be it some super hero or some cool character, there is one time in our young life that we truly believe and acted out such eccentric individuals. Now looking back at it, don’t you just feel embarrassed???!!! So embarrassing that you want to wipe that from your memory as though it has never happened before. You never want to think that you did all that before. Yeah, it might be a natural phase in life but really… Do you really want to remember those embarrassing moments?

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai is an anime series that has its main theme focused on this chuunibyou syndrome (which is loosely translated as eighth grade syndrome). I’m not going into details of this chuunibyou thingy and types as you can read it up over the internet. Many of us outgrow this chuunibyou thingy when we become adults and we would prefer to very much leave this embarrassing blot in our lives buried very much deeply underneath everything. Yuuta Togashi is one kid who had his experienced with the chuunibyou syndrome. He thinks he look cool as this dark hero character. He even acts the part. Then he had to grow up and suddenly realize it was all one big embarrassing mistake. It would have been easier and smooth sailing had he not meet a girl who is still under her own chuunibyou syndrome! You see, some adults never grow out of it. She is one and really thinks Yuuta is still that old character he used to be and tries to drag him into this delusional world of their own. Can Yuuta return to his path of normal life or will he be sucked back into this delusion and be trapped forever?

Episode 1
Yuuta once believed he was the Dark Flame Master. Now he believes all that was just something embarrassing and wants to lead a normal life. Yeah, trying hard to forget all that. It isn’t going to be easy. One night, a strange girl with an eye-patch, Rikka Takanashi abseils down through his balcony. At the train station, he sees her pulling off weird moves which makes him late for his train. Yuuta has starts his high school days in a faraway school so that he doesn’t have to live with the embarrassment of his previous friends who knew his Dark Flame Master identity. Starting all anew. Till that Rikka girl turns out to be his classmate and knows about his Dark Flame Master personality!!! She starts acting up and this is when Yuuta realizes she too is having chuunibyou. So taking her to the infirmary, she spouts more crap about her Tyrant’s Eye, corruption of darkness, blah, blah, blah. Yuuta is not amused. Apparently she heard him say Dark Flame Master behind the gym (sometimes he can’t help pull off those moves, It’s like a reflex). Then she reveals her eye underneath the eye-patch. Woah… Could it really have powers?! It’s glowing!!! Oh, it’s just eye contacts… In wanting an ordinary life, Yuuta makes friends with Makoto Isshiki who sits behind him. He wanted to follow them on an outing but their homeroom teacher, Nanase Tsukumo calls him. Since Rikka recently moved to this area, she isn’t familiar with the place and wants him to show her around. Just great. He has to put up with more crap jargons. Administration Bureau. Unseen Horizon. Judgment Lucifer technique. Whatever. He learns her sister Touka lives above his unit alone but Rikka recently moved in and is now living with her. I guess Rikka didn’t hire professional movers because they can’t even wait and dump her boxes of belongings at Yuuta’s place! Guess what? They’re all filled with junk. And they’re all very important. Oh God… He is forced to help move them all up to her room. Rikka has dinner with Yuuta’s family. Seems his mother and sisters love playing along with her chuunibyou despite Yuuta trying really hard to forget his. Later he tells Rikka acting like that isn’t cool and such powers do not exist. He feels stupid but Rikka disagrees because such powers do exist. He puts away all his equipment when he was Dark Flame Master. But why doesn’t he have the heart to throw them away for good? Feels like a waste? Going to auction and sell it? That will be the day. At least Rikka is glad he is holding on to them.

Episode 2
Yuuta is dreaming of having pool fun with his class rep, the beautiful and busty Shinka Nibutani. Then he realizes the excessive water spray on his face turns out to be Rikka spraying on him. Wet dream? What a bummer. What’s worse than bringing in a stray cat? Putting pink wings on it. Oh boy. This is going to be another long day. In school, Shinka seeks Yuuta’s help to put away some science equipment. She claims she remembered him from the train station. I guess he must have realized she saw him as Dark Flame Master. Keep cool… Yuuta is given the fright of his life when the anatomy model starts moving. It’s Rikka behind. Here she goes again… Mana… Chimaera… Shinka learns about the cat she picked up and reverts them to Kumin Tsuyuri because she lost her cat with similar traits. Rikka brings them back to her apartment. Inside her room is filled with junk! But Yuuta is impressed that has gun collections too. The Mauser type interests him. Kumin is really impressed with everything but as for the cat, nope it isn’t hers. Suddenly Touka barges in and wants to know whose cat this is. Immediately Rikka escapes through her room with Touka hot on her tail with a ladle. The ‘battle’ resumes in Yuuta’s room but Rikka’s blunder knocking her head on the ceiling knocked herself out. Touka talks to Yuuta and reveals she is allergic to cats and despite Rikka knowing this, she still brings them back. He wants Yuuta to do something about it. Why him? She takes out a tape recorder that replays his chanting of Dark Flame Master!!! HOLY SH*T!!! Blackmail! Guess what? She loves uploading to video sharing websites too. By the time their conversation ends, they realize Rikka has escaped. Reluctant Yuuta goes after her while Kumin is enjoying every bit of this adventure. When he catches up, Rikka explains Rikka is the Administration Bureau’s strongest priestess. Yeah. Whatever. Anyway she’s really mad. How mad? Touka throws her ladle and it hits Kumin in her forehead!!! Rikka then comes out to face off with Touka. What’s this?! Am I seeing this for real? Magic insignia. Magic summonses. Oversized weapons. Power aerial battles. Power effects. Are these for real?! Oh… It’s just in her head. Seems like two girls prancing around in the park. It ends with Touka knocking her head with the ladle. She lets them off the hook this time and wants to keep her delusions in check. I’m sure Rikka’s winning move was all just in her head… Yuuta keeps the cat and shortly Kumin found hers.

Episode 3
Rikka is making excuses the evil demon eggs this red fruit has and therefore can’t eat it. In short, she hates tomatoes. Yuuta reluctantly eats it for her and the class misinterprets the scene of Rikka feeding Yuuta. Makoto wants to join the light music club to flirt with girls when Yuuta gets a message to meet with Rikka. She wants to use this school as her base of operations and wants to form a club. Wait. Did she say the last bit for real? And if so, so? She wants Yuuta to sign up as a member. Forget it. I don’t know why he has to help her out in recruiting members for her Oriental Magick Society. Want to know why nobody’s joining? Look at her intimidating weird ways. What the hell is she spouting about the evil Bureau’s interference? Surprisingly setting up a booth next to them is Kumin. She’s in the napping club that nobody joins. So I suppose they both combine their clubs and it becomes the Oriental Magick Napping Society. I think they just made it harder for others to join. Yuuta and Makoto see Shinka in her cheerleading club. To his dismay, Rikka is trying the club out too! I don’t think she can stand the altitude… Noticing the drama club nearby, Rikka also tries out. Oh God. I think she’s spouting her delusional crap in their log exercises…  At the end of the day, Rikka makes a desperate move and calls her comrade to join. Yuuta finds himself in Shinka’s Heavenly dream only to be awakened by Sanae Dekomori. Who? She claims to be Rikka’s servant. Oh God. Not another weirdo. Not another klutz. If one wasn’t bad enough, here’s another. Guess what? She goes to their same school too.

Rikka hands in her application to Nanase to form this new club. They need 5 members at least (currently it consists of Rikka, Yuuta, Kumin and Sanae). Rikka claims the cat as the fifth member. Nanase not buying it. In another desperate attempt, she summons her other personality called Catherine! She’s speaking English! Nanase is fascinated and speaks back in English but since Rikka can’t understand that much, she returns back to her other self. I guess that means Catherine can’t join too, eh? Nanase will consider it if they clean the room that they will be using for their club. Sanae challenges Rikka to see if she is worthy of being her master. Another delusional power fight. Such vivid imaginations they’ve got. Reality check: Girls swinging broomsticks. Get back to cleaning! Nanase approves of their club’s formation but they still need to find a fifth member. To add to everyone’s dismay, Yuuta drops the bombshell that he never said he wanted to join in the first place. Sanae takes out some (suspicious) magic guidebook called Mabinogion to assure Dark Flame Master will always obey Tyrant’s Eye. Whatever. Shinka watches their revelry from afar. Next day in class, Shinka approaches Yuuta to tell him she has hand in her application to join his club. Is this true? Now do you want to join for real? I guess Makoto is devastated the chicks only flock to him. Rikka has renamed the club Oriental Magick Napping Society In Summer.

Episode 4
Yuuta is seriously wondering why Shinka joined the club. Could it be she seriously is in love with him? Dream on… He later goes to the club room to see Rikka and Sanae in the midst of some Black Mass summoning procedure. Kumin as the ‘sacrifice’? I think she’s enjoying her nap. Great effects. LED lights to light up the magic circle. Fan for windy effects. Flour for explosion. Better clean that up. Shinka arrives in the club room and because Sanae deliberately calls Yuuta the Dark Flame Master, he locks her up in the closet. Yuuta asks why Shinka joined this club. She seems reluctant to say. Wait a minute. She sounds suggestive. Could it be?! Sanae is devastated that her Mabinogion is missing and goes crazy. Yuuta tells her he mistakenly took it back with him when he was cleaning this room. Then Shinka asks if he is free this Sunday and wants to talk to him at his home. Could this really be?! As precaution, he asks Rikka if she has plans and since she doesn’t, he gives her a note containing the location and ritual to visit another world. I guess that Dark Flame Master notes he kept came in handy. As expected, Rikka buys it and off the eager beaver goes with Sanae. Now he can have uninterrupted time with Shinka. When he goes make tea, he hears a loud sound from his room. Checking on her, his room seems to be in a mess and Shinka acting strangely like nothing has happened. He leaves and spies from outside. She is rummaging through his stuffs! When she hits upon his ‘sealed contents’, Yuuta jumps in to stop her from opening. Shinka demands him to give her Mabinogion. He didn’t give it back to her at first and reads several lines from the book from this person called Mori Summer. Suddenly Shinka squirms in embarrassment not to read those lines. She wishes her old self would die! Could she be…?! Yuuta guesses from Shinka’s kanji name translates into Mori Summer. I guess that’s her. Shinka rips it apart and then burns the book outside.

Shinka reveals she can’t believe she wrote something like that years ago and went all the trouble to delete her posts online and didn’t expect somebody to keep them. I guess Yuuta is clear now that the reason she joined this club is to rid of this book. Not for you, boy. Rikka and Sanae appear before them (I guess they couldn’t visit the other world). Sanae learns Mabinogion is burnt right before her eyes but isn’t panicking yet. She kept duplicate copies! When Shinka reveals she is Mori Summer, Sanae doesn’t believe this rotten human to be her. Shinka regresses to her old self to put a curse on Sanae! She needs to recite it 100 times uninterrupted? Doesn’t she feel embarrassed? Yuuta thought he could calm her down by revealing his own embarrassing past. She’s not amused with this loser. Backfired. Woah. Sudden 180 reverse in attitude. Shinka demands Yuuta to tell her another way to rid of Mabinogion since her high school life is at stake. There is one way: Make her believe she is stronger than her in her own delusion. Shinka confronts Sanae at the bridge and their imagination battle begins. Remember, all the effects are in your head. Because Sanae recites Mori Summer’s lines, this causes Shinka to writhe in embarrassment. She lost. And so Shinka continues to stay in this club till she rids of every last trace of Mabinogion. You can tell Shinka and Sanae won’t get along well. Sanae considers Shinka the fake Mori Summer and Shinka mocks Sanae’s petite size. Let the fight begin! Or continue.

Episode 5
Kumin cheers Sanae to drink up a bottle of milk she dreads. Gulping it down, Shinka’s sudden appearance has Sanae spit it all out in her face! Smells like milk… And she thinks she has finally drank it all… But there is trouble brewing elsewhere. It seems Rikka scores a meagre 2 out of 100 in maths! We know the reason why she did so badly, eh? Fooling around in a certain hobby club… Nanase warns her she must pass the next exam or else she has no choice but to disband the club. So back at the club room, it seems Rikka isn’t doing any serious studying. See her drawing insignia in her book for the answer? I don’t think that’s going to solve anything. They take measures to extreme by praying at the shrine. To Shinka and Yuuta’s surprise, Kumin points out Sanae is actually tops in her grade. And she proves it by answering correctly a maths question! No kidding! Kumin gives Rikka her lucky pencil to help with her exams. Upon testing it once, it gave the wrong answer. Back to prayers… Rikka goes back to Nanase and pleads to let the club do something to increase their popularity. It’s an excuse not wanting to study. And so the entire club members are forced to clean the pool. You know, they’re fooling around more than doing their job. Especially Kumin who is sleeping on the job! Yuuta learns Shinka didn’t like the cheerleading club she joins. She joined it and become a class rep to get away from her chuunibyou syndrome. Eventually Sanae and Shinka clash in a water battle. After 3 hours… The pool isn’t any cleaner. The PE teacher is mad. They’ve wasted time. Their reputation down the drain. Yeah. Rikka just dug her own grave because Nanase now says passing maths won’t be enough. She must at least get the class average.

Yuuta coaches Rikka in her room. Even for a simple question, she gets distracted with her own delusions. She can’t answer them, can’t she? He won’t fall for her distractions either. As they take a break, Yuuta learns Touka often comes home very late on weekdays. Rikka wants to exchange electro-protocol codes with him. That’s her term for email. Yuuta accidentally gives his cool email address. The one when he used during his Dark Flame Master days. He won’t allow it nor will Rikka have it so she requests him to choose a name for her. Yuuta wonders the trouble of informing everyone with the change in address. Rikka replies that she only needs to inform Touka and Sanae because they are the only ones who acknowledge her existence. And probably Kumin and Shinka too. Yuuta felt sorry for her and gets serious in tutoring maths to her. Yuuta returns late to his room and is surprised to find Touka hanging out there. Well, she didn’t want to bother them studying so intensely. The odd part is, Touka is playing reality house with Yuuta’s younger sister Yumeha! What the hell is this document they just signed signifying their divorce???!!! So the exam day arrives. Is Rikka all set and prepared? Can she use her powers to see the answer? Didn’t think so… She’s so done for. Results are out and Yuuta realizes he didn’t do much studying and thus the dip in his marks (62 points). Rikka scores 52. Their club days may be over… But the class average is 50. Phew! Safe! On the way back, Rikka is still depressed so Yuuta had to put up his dramatic Dark Flam Master act to give Rikka her new email address: Black Raison D’etre. A black reason for existence. He might be embarrassed with this but Rikka is one very happy girl. Maybe it’s worth it.

Episode 6
Rikka gives Yuuta their club uniform. A black t-shirt with their nicknames on it. Dark Flame Master… No thanks! During art class, the girls are impressed with Yuuta’s drawing. He can’t say he’s good at them due to his Dark Flame Master days. Rikka also has drawn a cool masterpiece: Yuuta as Dark Flame Master! NO WAY!!! During that distraction, Sanae gives Shinka a sliding kick. But Makoto has a big problem. He’s got a love letter! Serious! And he is panicking over it and seeking Yuuta’s advice! So close to Yuuta that everyone may start thinking they are gay. Isn’t this what Makoto always wanted? Yeah, maybe he considered himself as a loser and never really thought he would get one. He is sure it is not a prank letter despite it doesn’t leave a name behind. Makoto doesn’t think it to be one of his classmates but nevertheless feels it could be Shinka. He sings praises of her. If he only knew… Yuuta knows better that it’s not her. In the club room, Yuuta sees Rikka, Sanae and Kumin happily putting on their t-shirts and acting goofy and all. They realize Yuuta is wearing his underneath his shirt. He claims he had nothing else to wear. Really? Shinka then barges in. She is going to exact her revenge by making Sanae drink a full bottle of milk! Sanae resists Shinka’s force when suddenly Makoto comes in looking for Yuuta. Sanae uses this distraction to have Kumin drink it up for her and recite a line from Mabinogion. This causes Shinka to squirm and roll in embarrassment. Makoto saw all that and is later blackmailed to never tell anyone about this or he will be cursed. Later Shinka helps Makoto look over his love letter and can confirm at least the handwriting is from a girl. She advises how this goes is entirely up to him. And she hopes he has already forgotten about today… He sure would. Makoto then leaves to catch his train. Unknown to him, he dropped his notebook.

Next day in class, it seems all the boys are being reprimanded by Shinka and the girls. The notebook contains rankings of the girls in the class based on their looks. Shinka wants the culprit to admit it but the boys are too scared to answer. Makoto knows this is the end of his love life if he admits it since he is the one who started this. However he sums up his courage to confess. Not only that, he tells the class this is entirely his idea and the boys are not involved. Yeah, they are so touched by his ‘bravery’. To atone for this, he will shave his head. Of course later we learn he lied about shaving his head as he just wanted to look cool and thought having the willingness to say it shows his determination. Shinka reminds him the girls did not believe a single word he said and must still shave his hair to show his sincerity or else he will be viewed forever as a coward. Yuuta reluctantly becomes the barber after locking the girls out. Last chance to say no. Makoto of course doesn’t want to do it. But he doesn’t want to apologize and change his punishment or else his confession will have no merit. Especially the secret girl who wrote the love letter might think lesser of him. He resigns to his fate and lets Yuuta know his dad went bald when he was 35 years old. If he got his genes, he has 20 years left. The last 3 years in middle school he went buzzcut and now he has to cut it again after growing it back. Sad, huh? Be a man and let’s get over it! Yuuta finishes his ‘surgery’ and hopes the girls will cheer him up. He wants them not to laugh. Upon seeing his shiny bald head, Shinka and Sanae instantly laugh like mad!!! Rikka gives him her mana. I think the lightning effects only make his head glow brighter! Shinka and Sanae laughing their ass off… The notebook incident draws to a close as Makoto waits for his secret admirer. Unfortunately she never turned up but all the boys did! They love him for standing up for them. Shinka tells Makoto even if he shaved his head to cover for the boys, there might be a girl or two who’d be impressed by that. Kumin seems to be fascinated with his bald head and wants to touch it. I guess all is not lost. That night, Yuuta gets a surprise visit from Touka. She abseils down to his balcony and wants him to come with her and Rikka for summer vacation. They need him.

Episode 7
Seems the other club members and Makoto are tagging along for the trip as well. Sanae fools around too much and got motion sickness on the train. Amidst the ruckus, Yuuta notices Rikka putting up a sombre expression for the entire trip. They are picked up by Touka who brings them back to their grandparents’ place. Grandma might be friendly but not grandpa. Especially he is not fond of Rikka’s chuunibyou. Touka tells Yuuta to go see Rikka in her room. From her usual complicated words, it seems that she was brought here 2 years ago and trying to break through the barrier of Unseen Horizon with her Tyrant’s Eye. The gang goes to the beach. While the rest have fun, Rikka wants Yuuta to meet her. She is going to bring him to Unseen Horizon with this bicycle. However Touka is around so Rikka flees. Touka then has Yuuta come with her to Rikka’s father’s grave. He died 3 years ago and told the rest not to tell Rikka. So when his death reached her ears, it was sudden and she could not accept it. To her, daddy is still alive. As for their mother, she left the family a long time ago. That’s why grandpa hates seeing Rikka like that. Eventually Touka had to leave town for work but 2 years later, Rikka remains unchanged. Makoto, Sanae and Shinka work up a tan. Sanae and Shinka wrote insult names on each other’s back. Sanae didn’t want to eat the salad bowl filled with cheese. Cheese = milk. But Touka’s glaring stare forces her to gulp it all down. Yuuta goes to see Rikka in her room. He wants to help her get to Unseen Horizon. You can see her expression lighting up after a long time. Like as though she longed to hear those words. Rikka wants to sneak out via window but Touka has well placed the traps. A washbasin outside her window? This alerts Rikka as she flips up on to the roof! Touka can’t believe Yuuta is aiding Rikka and considers him a threat. Yuuta jumps off the roof and into the bushes and encourages Rikka to do the same. How far does he have to peddle? 10 kilometres… Rikka explains she saw daddy on the day he died. She saw him over the sea’s horizon and believes he is still there watching over them. When they arrive at what supposedly is Rikka’s original home, she is devastated to see it an empty land for sale. Touka arrives in her car. She tells Rikka this is reality. Their father is gone and must accept it. With tears in Rikka’s eyes, she prepares to face off with Touka.

Episode 8
Amidst the hallucination and fantasy of the fight, Touka tries to make Rikka come to terms with reality. Just when Rikka ‘lost’, Yuuta comes to her defence. He feels Rikka understands what she is saying, the reason why she is acting so. Things happened too fast. She might not want to escape it. She might not want to accept it. Rikka runs away. Yuuta goes back to her home but doesn’t find her. He passes by his friends having fun with the fireworks at the beach but she’s not with them either. Rikka is taking a train home. Yuuta manages to get onboard. Despite how much he despises his Dark Flame Master past, he is forced to tell her how he got the idea to calm her down (it all began when he heard his friends talking about it). Yuuta texts the rest where they are heading so Shinka thinks they duo are going to hit it off. Kumin is oblivious to what she means much to Shinka’s dismay. Shinka sees the insulting nickname on her back in the mirror and goes to give Sanae her payback with the sponge while she is bathing. The sunburn still hurts, right? Since Rikka forgot her keys and can’t enter her room, she has to stay with Yuuta. Plus, his mom and sisters are away. What does this mean? What flag will it open? She rummages through his Dark Flame Master accessories before her stomach starts growling. After treating her to convenience store food, Rikka wants to bathe in the moonlight for a bit. Yuuta gets a call from Makoto asking about his advice on love. He thinks Kumin who asked him to accompany her to watch the moonlight is some sort of confession or something. Not that Yuuta cares anyway but he also dismisses any romance growing between them. How can Rikka be since she’s in her chuunibyou. Since Makoto was too long on the handphone, Kumin already left. Back home, Rikka can’t sleep and watches TV. Yuuta gets worried when she is watching a romance feel and she mentions that her heart is pounding! Plus, she wants him to close his eyes for a second. Can this be true? Is this really happening? Turns out she draws a magic circle on his back hand as a sign of their new contract and enhancement of his magic power. Well, at least she’s back to normal. In bed, Rikka can’t get Yuuta out of her mind and feels her heart still pounding. Next morning, she pats sleeping Yuuta’s head.

Episode 9
Shinka seems to have appointed herself as the boss of the club and is planning what to do for the cultural festival: A flash mob. That’s something unique. But what kind of flash mob? A fight between Tyrant’s Eye and Dark Flame Master. No way! Why not Mori Summer to do it then? Anyway Rikka didn’t elicit the usual response her friends would expect so they think something must have happened during summer vacation. Yuuta did mention about her sleeping at his place but that’s about it. He did not mention about Rikka’s dad, the old home and the likes safe. Even Touka knows something is wrong but why doesn’t she talk to Rikka herself? She says it straight: It’s embarrassing. At school, Rikka talks to Kumin about the something bugging her. We know she’s in love but she’s terming it in such a way that Dark Flame Master has been taken over by some evil being whatsoever and to eliminate it by force. Yeah, Sanae is enlisted to help too. So on the night of the full moon, Rikka calls Yuuta out to the shrine. She and Sanae start their delusional ritual to purge whatever was planted in him. Not working. Then they run around in circles to confuse him. Not working either. When Yuuta stops Rikka dead in her tracks, the moment she looks into his eyes, she emotionally runs away. Elsewhere at Shinka’s place, Shinka tells Kumin that Rikka is in love with Yuuta. In class, Shinka notices Rikka still hasn’t realize that she’s in love. She calls her out to talk and her body reaction is bloody obvious. She tells her straight she is in love with Yuuta and this causes some strange reaction. She tries to give those delusional answers. Shinka manages to get Nanase’s approval for their flash mob and in return will help her with whatever they want. This is part of her scheme to set up Rikka with Yuuta. Of course it won’t go well because Rikka is too stiff and nervous and always resorts to her delusional ways. This is going to be a long day. Shinka better have lots of patience. She’s going to need them. Finally placing them at the school rooftop seems foolproof in making them closer. Yuuta noticing Rikka is still down, gives her some words of encouragement. This brightens her up. However she slips and is hanging on the verge of the roof. Yuuta can’t reach her but Shinka yells out to save her from the floor below. Yuuta makes haste and manages to pull Rikka to safety. Rikka hugs him tightly in tears. Is this out of fear/relieve or love? What the heck. They’re embracing each other like lovers anyway.

Episode 10
Yuuta has never hold a girl like that before in his life. So why is he embracing the curtains like that? Anyway Makoto sees this. Embarrassed? Sanae enters the clubroom and sees Rikka meditating. Then Rikka throws her a surprise statement: She hugged Yuuta and is in love with him. Sanae couldn’t believe it. Is she a fake? Has she been infected? Rikka seeks Sanae’s advice on what to do. Likewise, Yuuta speaks to Makoto that he likes Rikka. Makoto tells him to do his best. It gives him motivation to go confess to Kumin too. So sleepy girl agrees to dance with him at the bonfire? Anyway Shinka isn’t amused with their act (it wasn’t by the way) and wants to start practising for their act. However Sanae is upset. Because Yuuta and Rikka went home together. So the duo want to talk to each other but the words can’t leave their mouth. Can it go on like this? Till the wind blows away Rikka’s umbrella underneath the bridge. She goes pick it up and sees the beautiful city lights. That’s when she confesses she loves him (inclusive of her chuunibyou delusions). So Yuuta had to embarrassingly to his Dark Flame Master act to seal their love contract. When Yuuta returns, he sees Touka still playing that divorce attorney game with Yumeha! WTF?! I guess reality is trying to tell us it’s a long and tiring process. Anyway Touka wants to talk. She brings him to a restaurant since she can’t let Rikka hear this. She shows him a letter of recommendation in which some Italian flagship store wants her to train there. There is no reason to say no. But you know what this means, right? When Touka leaves, Rikka’s mom will come to stay with her since she can’t live alone. About Rikka hating her mother, actually mommy did try to talk and apologize to her on many occasions but it never got through her.

Touka begs for him to tell Rikka to face reality since she will listen to him. Yuuta thinks Rikka is already facing them and understands everything but doesn’t know what to do with her sadness. Her eye-patch serves as a self protection. By acting so, she is holding on to something and if she accepts it all, she fears it might disappear. Touka tells him the reality that Tyrant’s Eye and Unseen Horizon does not exist and she’ll never see their father no matter how hard she looks. What good does it bring for him to let her continue this? Besides, it is irresponsible. The cultural festival is in full swing. Shinka is surprised her old friends, Suzuki and Satou are at the festival and they know about her Mori Summer days. Trying to bring back the embarrassment, eh? She too knows about their past delusions and brings them up. I don’t think we want to be around when they start arguing, eh? Rikka sees Yuuta in the clubroom as they prepare for their act. As Yuuta leaves, Rikka’s mother meets him. Understanding Rikka still isn’t ready to see her, she gives Yuuta her bento for Rikka and hopes he could give it to her. She goes home. Yuuta is left to reflect on Touka’s words. Is he being irresponsible? When the girls go get Yuuta, he wants Rikka to take off her eye-patch. At the end of the festival, a random talent show is hosted on stage. Makoto uses this chance to display his scream. His confession for Kumin, that is. WTF moment because Kumin is sleeping in the middle of the crowd (complete with futon and all!) while rejecting Makoto’s confession! Is she sleep talking? Big time joke? Meanwhile Shinka talks to Yuuta. Seems Shinka and Sanae had to replace Yuuta and Rikka for their act and they managed somehow. She says Yuuta did the right thing. Seems when Yuuta told Rikka, she went into a tantrum and didn’t want to hear about it. Rikka goes on stage to sing a lovely song which was her father’s favourite song. After that, Rikka takes off her eye-patch. No Tyrant’s Eye beneath?

Episode 11
Touka packs her bags ready to leave for Italy. She hands Yuuta back the tape recorder. How kind of her. I guess she can’t blackmail him halfway around the world. However she hugs and thanks him because now she can leave without worries. It seems 3 weeks have passed ever since Rikka stopped wearing her eye-patch and spewing her delusional crap. She’s like a normal girl! Holy sh*t! She cries when Touka leaves and accepts the fact her mom will be living with her. I guess Yumeha has played so many divorce lawyer cases that she is sad and hopes Touka will allow her to see the children! I fear what kind of person she will grow up to be. Of course Sanae still cannot accept this and thinks she is being possessed. She summons her barrier to fight and cleanse her but it’s not working. Rikka has already tossed away that side of hers. Not even Rikka herself could convince Sanae she has changed. She’ll be back. After seeing Rikka acting so weird, to see her trying to interact normally with friends is just, well, weird! But everyone applauds her effort to become friends with them. Now that she’s gotten over her chuunibyou, why isn’t Shinka happy? Sanae tries to convince Rikka again in the clubroom with some magic stones. Despite Rikka trying hard not to use the jargons, she lets everyone know that from today this club is disbanded and everyone is free to do what they want with their lives. That includes Sanae. She still won’t accept this so Shinka takes the tantrum kid out of the room and hugs to comfort her. Shouldn’t Shinka be happy too? She doesn’t look like it. Later Yuuta helps Rikka clean up her messy room and put away all the junk before her mom arrives. She tells him her mom wants her to visit dad’s grave together. They make a pinky promise. On the day Yuuta accompanies Rikka at the train station, here comes Sanae. Oh boy. Here we go again. She continues beating up Rikka in her delusions (with no effect in real life of course). Rikka just stood there and said nothing and left when the train arrives. Sanae is upset and despite speaking in her delusional crap, she is mad that Yuuta didn’t tell her not to go and the fact she was waiting for him to say that and believed in him. Yuuta ‘strikes’ back. He tells her off all those never existed. So what good would it do if he tells her? He even tells her Sanae’s delusions are just that. They don’t exist, damn it! Sanae is reduced to a teary cry-baby. Yuuta feels bad and knows this isn’t what he wanted to say but what can he do?

Episode 12
Rikka helps her mom wash her dad’s grave. Yuuta continues to be gloomy over what he said. He is concerned that Rikka never came back to her home or turn up for school. At the clubroom, he sees a cute girl cleaning up. Who is she? Don’t recognize her without her twintails, eh? OMG! Is that Sanae? She’s talking so normally that it’s just creepily weird! Has she really given up her chuunibyou for good? But there is another trouble brewing. Kumin is wearing an eye-patch and is acting like Tyrant’s Eye!!! People are switching personalities? The world has gone crazy! Even Sane is tempted to go back to her chuunibyou! One day, Yuuta realizes a note on Rikka’s door that she won’t be coming back. She has gone to live back with her grandparents. They seem happy and she thinks it is for the best. Yuuta feels guilty that he was the one who told her to cast away her chuunibyou. He then opens a letter addressed to his name. From Dark Flame Master? The contents state he would be a normal human being by the time he reads this but at the same time he still has the power within him because he was chosen by the Tyrant’s Eye. How the heck did he arrange this letter to be sent to him 2 years ago? But this made up his mind. He is going to cycle to get Rikka back. But along the way he is stopped by Kumin he brings him a message. Actually, a flashback of what actually happened. When Rikka’s dad passed away, she seemed cool although her heart couldn’t accept the situation and everything didn’t feel real. Then he met Yuuta around 2 years ago. She was still a normal girl then but spotted Yuuta acting out his Dark Flame Master alter ego. She watched him every day in that act and felt it was so much more honest and cooler than bottling up her feelings. That’s when she started trying it out. Rikka was saved by chuunibyou. She was drawn to his power and tried to imitate it. That’s why she chose him.

Rikka feels lonely in her room and starts crying when she hears Yuuta trying to get to her from her window. Not Yuuta, but Dark Flame Master. He wants to renew their contract and come with him. Grandpa thought he was a thief and goes to get his gun! Oh sh*t! Better hurry! But can Rikka leave just like that? Does she want to stay in this boring reality? She leaps into his arms. The policeman wanted to arrest them but it seems Shinka forces Makoto to become a molester so the policeman had to go after him! Sanae and Kumin give Rikka her eye-patch and then hold back grandpa so that they could escape. Stopping at the beach, Yuuta initiates his ‘magic’ to summon Unseen Horizon. Bear in mind that this is all their creative imagination. He wants her to say what she needs to say to her father. In tears, she bids farewell. As narrated, chuunibyou might be an embarrassing affair everyone wants to forget. The disease called self conscious may cause one to do so. Others may watch and say certain things but can this chuunibyou really disappear? That’s why people will repeat them, time and again without stopping. It may be sad and embarrassing but yet charming. This is an unavoidable part of life being true to yourself. Everyone has chuunibyou. It’s odd to see the police car chasing after Yuuta and Rikka on the bicycle!!! On a cold freezing night, Yuuta sees Rikka in her usual gothic outfit abseiling down to his balcony. Welcome back.

It’s time for that Christmas party. Makoto wants to invite the girls but is too afraid and enlists Yuuta to do it instead. Do it yourself. He tries to convince Yuuta this is his chance to go on a date with Rikka. Meanwhile Rikka seeks Shinka’s help to improve her relationship with Yuuta. She is yo-yoing between yes and no so does she really want help or not? Since the school will be closed on Christmas Eve, they can’t use the clubroom. That means they have to hold it in somebody’s house, right? I’m sure Makoto the volunteer is eager but is quickly shot down. Everyone expects it to be Yuuta, right? Well, apparently not. His dad just returned from Jakarta and Rikka’s messy room won’t do. And so they’ll have it at Sanae’s place. Nobody knows the huge mansion she lives in!!! Can you blame Shinka for not wanting to accept this reality? Yeah. She got chased around by her dog. Either dogs really love her or hate her. The guys are amazed with the big hall their party will be set in. The girls are dressed in weird costumes but the one that ‘amazed’ them is Rikka in PE clothes. Not her gothic outfit? Apparently Shinka told her dress like this thinking Yuuta has a thing for this. Says who? Says Touka. Whatever. As the gang play some card game (I don’t want to know the rules), Yuuta realizes Rikka missing and goes to find her. He sees her drunk and sitting on top a beam. She falls down on him. If dealing with a drunk girl is bad enough, dealing with two is worse! Yeah. I don’t know how but Sanae is drunk too. She blames him for always tricking Rikka. Rikka blames him for getting weak. Oh no. Poor guy is going to feel their wrath. And so they are transported to their delusional world. Candy land anyone? How screwed up can it get? The duo try to pound Yuuta with all they’ve got as he escapes by the skin of his teeth. Before they deliver the final blow, they collapse.

Shinka puts Rikka to bed temporarily and laments all she wanted was for them to be alone and somehow she couldn’t find the right time. Shinka knows it is hard for a girl to make the first move and tough to express her feelings so Christmas is the best time for that. Rikka gets embarrassed when Shinka mentions about kissing and holding hands. Rikka didn’t think Yuuta have that kind of thoughts. Yuuta comes in and decides to bring Rikka home. Shinka views this as the perfect chance for them to be together. After they leave, Sanae continues to throw tantrum about Yuuta taking away her master. Shinka holds her back so Sanae blows her top that she’s too close to her lately. She was always chasing after her but now she doesn’t care. Just like her master. This girl is getting too emo. Yuuta and Rikka stop by a docked ship to see the city lights. Yuuta tries to explain their relationship but he himself can’t put it in words. We all know he wants to say “I love you”, right? We hope. If words don’t get through, maybe actions will. They seem to be preparing to kiss each other but back off when the ship’s horn frightens them. They are about to leave but were confronted by Sanae (still drunk). Yeah. The usual grouses about them. In fact, the rest of the gang were spying on them. Disappointed that you didn’t get to see anything? Sanae attacks Yuuta but Rikka defends him. They trip and just when it looked like Yuuta and Rikka’s lips are about to meet, they miss. Though, he catches her. But what was the kiss sound they heard? Sanae and Shinka’s lips met instead. And their first kiss went to each other… And so Christmas party ended with Yuuta x Rikka going nowhere. Makoto x Kumin status quo. Just Shinka x Sanae, their rivalry just gone up. How much more do you think they hate each other guts can go?

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Lite

These are actually short random skits that have nothing to do with the TV series. Lasting only 5-6 minutes each, Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Lite is webcasted on YouTube (so forgive the very bad and grainy video quality) and are good for a few simple laughs. Think of it as something light to go complement with the main course. Enjoy.

Lite 1: Volleyball
Rikka sucks at volleyball because of her depth perception. This is what happens when you wear an eye-patch and play. Because of that, she wants Yuuta to help her ‘power up’. He saw this coming. He has her take off her bandage (that so called seal she used with a permanent marker won’t work on human flesh) but since she insists on her eye-patch, it remains. Rikka seems to be fooling around using her feet and umbrella to spike the volleyball. Of course they practice for real and when the time comes for her to show off what she has learnt, the girls decide to play basketball. Yuuta is needed again…

Lite 2: Tyrant’s Eye – Daybreak
When Rikka was in middle school, she came into class and her friend Tomo notices her left arm covered with bandages. Rikka of course starts acting out her chuunibyou, attributing it as sealing some dark denizens trying to destroy this world and she saved it. It is her destiny and fate. Tomo interpreted that as she hurt her arm at the train station and can’t use it. But during PE change, she nonchalantly takes it off! Getting heavier when it’s wet? Next day, her right arm is now with a bandage sling. The day after that, an eye-patch is added. A week later, her entire head is covered with bandages! The teacher takes her away to the teacher lounge for some serious reprimanding. From then on, Rikka only sealed dark denizens with her eye-patched right eye and left arm.

Lite 3: My Brother
As narrated by Kuzuha, Yuuta’s sister and the middle child, it is a time whereby Yuuta still thinks he is Dark Flame Master. He won’t eat his meals regularly and meditates underneath a makeshift pyramid made out of fluorescent tubes! One night Kuzuha is to do a night errand so mommy has Yuuta accompany her. Not Yuuta. But Dark Flame Master. Yeah. He dressed up the part too and brings along his toy shotgun! Along the way, Kuzuha bumps into her friend Mika. She wanted to get her away before she sees her brother but too late, he already spotted her. As they talk, Mika finds him cool! No way! She follows him too! NO WAY! For that moment, Kuzuha actually thought he was a little cool. But when a policeman passes, Yuuta quickly discards his garb and shotgun and bows at the officer like a normal kid. I guess he still got some sense after all. Dark Flame Master can never beat a police officer, right? Kuzuha takes back what she said and prefers this normal side better.

Lite 4: Let’s Make Beef Stew
Yumeha wants a favour Rikka. No, not world domination or a big pudding. She wants to be a good wife and wants to learn how to cook. Oh boy. Rikka is going to teach her now since she sees that sparkle in her eyes. I hope she won’t teach the wrong things. I know that won’t be possible. Anyway at the store as they pick up the necessary stuffs to make beef stew, Yumeha takes down notes on the seasonings and types of beef. I don’t know it was this complicated. At least Rikka’s chuunibyou makes it sounds complicated. Don’t believe what she says… They got the stock they needed and head home. Rikka gives a grasshopper as present for the cat. Yuuta can’t fathom what they’re making with all these ingredients they got. Rikka herself too isn’t sure…

Life 5: Sleeping After School Beauty
This one is narrated by Kumin. Like how she narrates her name may be written as May (the month) but read differently. Besides, she’s born in October. Just as we know, her favourite hobby is sleeping and she has no qualm taking good naps right in the middle of class. She loves it so much that she created a club (though she claims the original name of Oriental sh*t is way too long). Sleeping is big business to her because she has different pillows for different seasons and weathers! Even the position and the opening of windows are important to determine a good nap! She introduces the members and her views on them. Like Yuuta he contributed the most in forming the club but participates the least. Then there is Sanae who hates milk but she has her drink up so she can grow taller. Shinka may be the popular class rep but here she lets her true colours flow (read: Enemies with Sanae but they ‘get along’ well). Finally, Rikka and her chuunibyou. Kumin feels Yuuta never plays along with her although she believes deep down he wants to. As every day is as lively and fun as it is, Kumin thinks she is the only one doing some real napping. Oh well, back to catch some Zzzs.

Lite 6: Dekomori vs Nibutani
The rivalry continues… As Shinka leaves with a friend, Sanae trips her. She tries to endure all the stuffs Sanae throws at her face while explaining to her friend she doesn’t know who this kid. Apparently her friend knows she’s somebody whom she hangs out with… After her friend leaves, it’s payback time! That must be one powerful kick in her gut!!! And so the duo continue their battle with Sanae throwing water balloons at her. Shinka stopped one by grabbing it and throws it back to Sanae. But it bounces off her forehead and explodes back at her! The chase continues… Shinka finds a super huge water balloon and drops it on Sanae. Sanae won’t run as the impact of hitting the ground will explode and make her wet. So she’s going to catch it. And catch she does. But Shinka pops it with a dart. All wet. Achoo! I don’t know why they even had to take a bath at the same time. And so the rivalry continues… Don’t they sound like having fun splashing at each other?

Depth Of Field – Ai To Nikushimi Gekijo

These are actually short specials bundled together with the DVD releases. There are 7 of such specials. With only 3 minutes or so of running time of each special, there is no plot whatsoever that relates to the TV series. All we see here are Rikka and Sanae battling out in some elaborated Gundam style mecha fight in a post apocalyptic world. Rikka is on the run after betraying the army (she disobeyed a direct order to sacrifice innocent civilians) and Sanae is sent to hunt her best friend down. So expect to see lots of cool weapons preparation and zooming in with the usual mecha missiles flailing and swords clashing. Wow. Such a vivid imagination. It ends with Rikka sacrificing herself and losing the battle. Of course, it turns out to be the duo’s imagination. Girls in card boxes? Wow. Vivid imagination. The final special sees them discussing the possible endings of that imagination of theirs like running away together. Then it turns into a topic of Yuuta turning down making a contract with Rikka and making one with Sanae instead. Rikka took that seriously and won’t forgive Sanae. What is she thinking? Is she that serious?

Escaping The Harsh Facts Of Reality…
While having chuunibyou at such an age would really seem embarrassing in the eyes of society, sometimes there are reasons why one does not act their age. As seen in Rikka’s case it is to cushion the impact of her father’s sudden death. It was the only way she could stay sane. It was the only way she could carry on living. But wait. We saw that she was putting up with life quite well after her father’s funeral, right? Well, that’s what we see through our eyes. What we do not see is how her heart is crumbling with every passing second. It was like a time bomb waiting to explode. The more she holds it in, the more it will blow up and the effects would have been severely irreversible. However acting such delusions forever isn’t really going to help her situation. She would turn into a lunatic if she were to continue playing Tyrant’s Eye. There must be a time when she has to overcome her past and move forward. That’s where Yuuta came in. He was the perfect ‘antidote’ to ‘cure’ her and send her back to reality.

It was really hard for a guy who tries to leave his delusions as far as he could and with a girl like Rikka acting up, his chances of getting his normal life back to normal is pretty slim. But don’t you think he has done a good job holding out this long? Well, not that ignoring her would send her away since she keeps returning to bug him. However she is easily ‘taken care’ of. Notice when she gets too far or crosses the line with her delusions, all he needs to do is say, give a soft chop on her head so that she could return back to reality for a little while. So all is not lost really. That’s why Yuuta need not feel embarrass to relive his delusion days again because this time he helped saved a lost soul. It’s okay to put it up once in a while but not all the time. He plays along and tries his best to get least involved. But can he? Besides, even if Yuuta did say he isn’t going back to his Dark Flam Master days, you can feel that he has some sort of attachment to it. Like how he cannot throw away those accessories. Whatever reason he gives for not disposing them, it is a sign he hasn’t totally abandoned it yet.

The other characters are fun in their own way too. Sanae is the liveliest bratty troublemaker of the group. You can tell you are in for a long ride if you have someone as energetic and idiotic as her. I mean, she has her twintails so long that she can use it as a lasso. She must have such strong hair too for not having it ripped out the way she swings them. It is not known how she got into her chuunibyou or maybe she never outgrown it in the first place, but as Rikka’s partner-in-crime, I can say that despite being the idiotic duo in those chuunibyou heydays (which is probably a major comedy source for this series along with Yuuta’s comebacks too), Sanae’s presence also helps keep Rikka ‘sane’. And when Rikka did finally return to her original sane self, where would the fun be for Sanae anymore? She was happier in this form so why go back to that old self? Then there is Shinka who is like two-faced. Who says popular and pretty girls don’t have their embarrassing delusions? Nice and gentle on the outside but pretty twisted and brute on the inside. Her rivalry with Sanae is one of the amusing highlights of the series. As long as she can never get over her old chuunibyou, she’ll never be able to defeat and convince Sanae. Although entering the club at first to retrieve something embarrassing back, you can feel that she has grown somewhat attached to the club and the rest of its odd members too. She could have walked out when Rikka became ‘normal’ but she didn’t. Maybe she’s waiting for the day she can best Sanae once and for all. That will be the day. But don’t you feel that her relationship between Sanae has grown closer? Yeah. It’s that love-hate relationship. More on the hate side.

I thought Kumin felt like a useless and pointless character in the series. She serves as a little cute side distraction for us to smile a little and get some steam off Rikka’s delusions which may become a bore if you see her play out the same thing over and over again. Who among us doesn’t enjoy watching the face of a cute girl sleeping? Kumin spends so much time sleeping and hardly doing anything that the reason why she is part of the club is so that it could be officially recognized as a club. I know a few anime characters who enjoy sleeping rather than be concerned if the world is going to end but Kumin, so young already so sleepy. Like an old granny. So when she did play a prominent role reversal at the end, it felt like it was just so to make her character a little relevant in some way. And then there is Makoto, the accidental latest member of the club. Also feeling like an excess baggage and my opinion he is there so that Yuuta doesn’t get to hog all the girls. Though, this isn’t a harem anime to begin with. I’m not sure if Touka’s way of putting up with Rikka’s chuunibyou all this while is right. As her big sister, she is definitely worried about Rikka but what can she do to snap her out of her delusions? So being the cold and tough sister perhaps was the best way of how she handled Rikka till Yuuta came along. Of course the way she plays-cum-teaches Yumeha about divorce proceedings, that one was really too much. I hope the next time it won’t be how to take out your spouse! Yikes!

In the romance section, it is clearly that we would have guessed that Yuuta and Rikka would be the ones ending up together. But as normal selves or the ones in their delusion? Even people in delusions have the right to fall in love with those who do not. They are after all humans. They may not but so we think they are too. So the longer Yuuta stays with Rikka and the more he helps her out, it is inevitable that he would soon discover that he would develop feelings for her. He was just unsure if it was okay since was it her chuunibyou side or the true Rikka that he had fallen for. Too bad it’s not the pretty and popular Shinka he one fantasized so in the beginning. But after seeing her true colours, does he really want a girl like her? Better take Rikka over her any time. Rikka also had long developed some liking for Yuuta. Just that she couldn’t identify with it. Makoto can still keep trying to go for Kumin. But I don’t see any bright chances for them. How can you date a girl when she’s always asleep? Want to call her, she’s sleeping. Want to go out with her, she’s sleeping. Want to kiss… She’s sleeping. I wonder if there’s any prince charming she dreams of in her sleep. Yeah, probably one who sleeps too.

The drawing and art of this anime is by Kyoto Animation, the studio that brought to you lots of cute moe animes like K-ON!, Lucky Star, Tamako Market, Air and Clannad. Even weird shows like Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu and Nichijou. So it is no surprise the characters have that cute and moe look and a slight resemblance to the characters in such aforementioned animes. I also like the way they animate those delusional scenes, those grand and exaggerated power battles. It really takes you to a whole new fantasy and world. It’s so real and exciting that you would really believe that you have transported into such world and witnessing their ultimate battle. Although we know this is just in their heads, our heads. Nevertheless this is what makes it fun. Your imagination is the greatest tool for travelling to distant lands and worlds.

At first casting Jun Fukuyama as Yuuta I thought it was a little odd. With his mature voice, casting him as a high school kid like Yuuta’s size seems a mismatch. Although he may have voiced several high school boys role like Kakeru in Akikan and Tarou in MM! But I remember he also voiced Takaaki from ToHeart2. That character as I remember is somewhat the same ‘feel’ as Yuuta. Of course, he sounds most suitable when he enters his Dark Flame Master mode. Maaya Uchida as Rikka also seems fitting as her character role. She once played the zombie girl Rea in Sankarea and the fiery petite biting club president called Mao in GJ-Bu. Now it’s delusional girl, eh? Other casts include Sumire Uesaka as Sanae (Tamaki in GJ-Bu), Chinatsu Akasaki as Shinka (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby), Azumi Asakura as Kumin (Asia in High School DxD), Souichiro Hoshi as Makoto (Son Goku in Gensoumaden Saiyuki series), Eri Sendai as Touka (Yukari in Rocket Girls) and Kikuko Inoue as Nanase (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama).

The opening theme is Sparkling Daydream by ZAQ and sounds like your typical anime pop. The one very irritating thing about the opening credits animation is the visuals. The screen is vertically split into half, one for credits and the other for the animation. The annoying thing is how often both of them alternate between each other at an irritating pace. It makes your eyes go left, then right, then left, then right, and so on. You’re going to have a major headache if you have a weak focus. It’s hard to keep your eyes focus on either the left or the right hand side. Either you see the pictures or read the credits, thus the reason why your eyes are swinging from side to side. This is much worse than watching a tennis match. The ending theme is Inside Identity by the Maaya Uchida, Sumire Uesaka, Chinatsu Akasaki and Azumi Asakura. This rock piece is very worthy of being a K-ON! song. In fact, it reminds me very much of their style. In my opinion, I just feel that it sounds somewhat ‘evil’. I can say that this is easily my favourite song for this series. There are other songs? Yeah, if you consider the various insert songs. For Lite, ZAQ sings both the opening and ending themes. The opening piece, Kimi E is a pop ballad while the ending song, Shikkoku Ni Odoru Haou Bushi is a blend of pop and the typical festival beat. Fancy seeing chibi Rikka doing her festival dance while singing about being the strongest, etc? Delusional as always.

There is no need to get all embarrassed if people know about your past delusions, though it is natural one should get embarrassed. But really, every one of us or at least a big majority of us would have such fantasies that we once fancy. After all, there is always a kid inside of us and I don’t think that kid has ever left. Somehow the norm of society represses that so that we would act the way society perceives as acceptable and thus ‘brainwashed’ never to live out those dreams again. I’m not saying being delusional for the rest of your life is okay but to strike a good balance between reality and fantasy. As humans, this is what keeps us sane and living our everyday life. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That’s why we have lots of interesting humans on this planet. But some too interesting for their own good… Sometimes when reality is too hard on you, there is no harm in taking a step back and dive into the world where you are free as your imagination can take you. Sometimes too good a delusion that you might not want to wake up to reality. Maybe I should take a little break from reality as well. Erm, I’ve been going on watching animes for many years now so isn’t this my form of delusion? Can I snap out of it? Because I believe me watching animes will never end! And no! I am NOT the nameless assassin with super powers from the future who travelled back in time! I was never that! Really!

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