Cinderella Boy

October 26, 2012

When you mention about a boy who is able to transform into a girl and vice versa, the first anime you will think of about this is Ranma ½, right? Well, if you’re old enough to have watched that anime anyway. Despite having the lead character named Ranma, Cinderella Boy isn’t actually a sequel or spin-off from that said series. Though the theme of a guy and a girl swapping each other’s body is one of the main highlights of this series. But the body swapping ability similarity with Ranma ½ stops here. In this series, we have both protagonists fused into one body instead of the same person. Plus, they don’t conveniently ‘transform’ when being splashed water. It’s a time factor instead. You’ll understand once you see this show. And when they’re in one form, the other has no recollection of what happened while being ‘dormant’.

Ranma Hinamatsuri and Rella Shirayuki run a detective agency together called R&R Detective Agency in this very dangerous city called Kirin Town. Yeah, high city status must have the high crime rates to go along with it too, right? So bad that you can even be robbed by a kid. Ranma is an impoverished detective who has his own sense of justice but beautiful Rella is just a rich lady thrill seeker. How can they both work together when they are so different like night and day? Well, they say opposite do attracts. In a city so bad and dangerous and the police on the take, you’d wonder why everyday people come knocking on their doors to seek a job request (no matter how bizarre or boring it is). Well, if the authorities are corrupted, who else would they turn to? As long as there is this little hope and gives them a piece of mind. As they go along solving cases from, they stumble upon something big, almost got killed and though miraculously alive, find themselves in a troublesome pinch of sharing the same body. Talk about being one mind, one heat, one soul and one body with your partner. The ultimate team combo?

Episode 1
While Ranma is playing Blackjack, Rella is being tackled by a guy who wants to invite her to a super VIP gambling room at the top, where she can experience real thrill and excitement. A place where the amount of money gambled is insane. Rella orders rose champagne and if he can out-drink her, she’ll follow him for the night. Ranma loses big time and suspects the dealer has cheated (which was what happened). The casino manager and his bouncer tell Ranma to leave so he obediently goes but not without stealing the manager’s super VIP card in his pocket. Rella out-drinks the guy as he is too drunk to even stay conscious and she takes this chance to steal his super VIP car. Both Ranma and Rella are a pair of private investigators as they head up to the casino floor. The stakes are high. You win big or you lose it all (and end your life on the spot too). With a properly timed diversion that bursts the water pipe to flood the first floor, the goons guarding the main room leave their post to go mop up the mess. Inside the room, Ranma starts searching but Rella isn’t interested in helping him out since it was him who wanted to take this case. Switching on the computer, Ranma is glad to have found data on some loans of a client and relishes the big investigation pay off fee he’ll get. But Rella stumbles upon something even bigger. This is no ordinary casino and there are records of illegal arms trade transactions and in huge amounts. The casino manager has released his card has been stolen so he and his goons head back to the room to catch the duo in the act. They start firing but the unbelievable thing is, they are such bad shooters that even if they have unlimited ammo, they can’t even hit Ranma and Rella! Unbelievable! And they made the skeleton ‘dance’. But no… They can’t even hit the detectives. The duo reach a dead end and the only way out is to jump. Jump? Is she crazy? Rella dives down with Ranma but they don’t go splat because she has this string accessory that slides them down safely (the baddies are still such bad shots). So now it’s the car chase and the villains even have a helicopter to go after them. In the end, their car drives off the incomplete bridge. Crash and burn! Ranma isn’t really conscious when he thought he saw himself going under the surgeon’s knife.

When he wakes up, he is surprised to find his body in one piece with no scratches whatsoever. Asking a local person about the car, he realizes that it has already been a week! That dude even says nobody would have survived that crash since the burning was horrendous. Rella’s dead? Ranma bums around all day remembering his partner. She’s the kind of lady that teases him of his acrophobia and straight to tell him that she doesn’t want to investigate love affairs but thrilling and exciting cases. Ranma buys a bouquet of flowers and puts it on the site supposedly where Rella perished but is met by the casino manager. Surprising to see the detective alive, he forces him to come with them. Inside Kirin Tower Hotel, Ranma meets Son Tai Jin, a guy who is a charity worker by day but the boss of the bandits and mafia of this town by night. Though Son has gone through the trouble to change the locations of the trade, Ranma asserts he was only there to investigate on loan matters. Anyway Son is going to kill him via hotel fire accident. His men pour gasoline around the room and lights up a smoke in his mouth. Why go through all this hassle when they can just kill him in the alley and dump his body in the river where no one will know? Ranma uses his hidden file to cut his ropes. He manages to do it before the ashes fall. However the room is on fire so Ranma makes a mad dash out, stripping down to his underwear. So when the baddies see him, the goons go after him and it’s like déjà vu all over again since Ranma is hit with a dead end. The only way is to jump out the window and many storeys below. Can he? Well, he creeps his way outside the edge of the building. And what did I tell you about the goons’ bad shot? He’s such a slow turtle moving along and they can’t even shoot straight at him! Wasting all those bullets! Just when he thought he is going to slip into an open window, the clock strikes midnight and his body starts feeling different. He falls off and his body changes into Rella! Oh, the underwear came off too. Naked woman falling down!!! How often do you get to see this?

Episode 2
Rella falls into the pool below. The last thing she remembers was the high speed chase and the car crash. She wonders why people are staring at her. Is there something on her? Actually, she’s got NOTHING on her! The guy gives her a towel to wrap herself. Son and his men start searching the pool but don’t find Ranma. To avoid being seen, Rella kisses a guy, Alamis and sends his girlfriend into jealous. I guess that poor chap got dumped. The fire is causing a commotion so Son decides to search another day. Rella returns to the crash site and asks a local about the crash. He thinks it’s a joke because some guy asked that exact same question hours ago. Realizing it’s a week and seeing a flower bouquet at the crash site, she thinks Ranma is dead. Returning back to her mansion, her old maid, Dorothy is glad to see her alive though Rella herself doesn’t know what happened to her for the past week. When Dorothy hears Ranma is dead, she sounds rather happy. She thinks she shouldn’t befriend such scum. As Rella sleeps, she thinks how Ranma first hired her and they formed the R&R Detective Agency. Of course Ranma is the kind of detective who thinks justice must prevail and that to help those in need. Well, Since Ranma is dead, no use brooding over it so Rella remodels his office and moves out all his antique car toys and makes it her style. She receives a call from a father worried about her runaway daughter but Rella refuses to take up his case since it’s boring and only wants exciting and thrilling cases. The next call she got is from the president of a talent scouting agency, Miracle Production. He wants Rella to retrieve a model of his, Maya who has run away with their money and wants her back before any scandal could happen. Rella agrees to pick up this case. Rella sees the president to get more information and even logs on to her Fairy Chat website to see Tinker Bell and obtain whereabouts of Maya, who is working in a host club. Dorothy feels Rella shouldn’t be doing this detective thingy but since she insists, she gives her a wrist band that enables her to attack the enemy with just a flick of the wrist.

Rella is outside the strip club and gets entry under the pretence she wants to work here. She sees Maya and approaches her. Well, if you introduce yourself as a detective and with your aim of returning her, don’t you think Maya is going to run? Rella corners her but it seems Maya doesn’t know anything about the money. Suddenly a couple of goons try to kill them (again, they are such bad shots). They manage to give them the slip by hiding in a room filled with changing women. Maya thinks those guys are hired by the scary president and has hired them to kill him and pleads to Rella to protect her. As Rella goes to check outside, she feels something weird with her body. The clock strikes midnight and she transforms into Ranma. The ladies are appalled to see a guy and since Ranma only remembers falling from the hotel ledge, he thinks he is in heaven! Not! He gets thrown out and the baddies don’t recognize him. Only see him as a pervert. Realizing he is in woman’s clothing, he changes them and bumps into Maya who thinks he’s a killer. However he introduces himself and Maya is relieved. Ranma learns Maya wants to be a model so she lied to her parents and ran away from home. But the talent agency that recruited her was a scam and they’re selling girls in a black market auction. So she got scared and ran away. Thus the president is out to kill her. Ranma assures he’ll send her home but the maze-like alleyways got them lost and bump into those baddies again. They fire and being the bad shots they are, it ricochets off Ranma’s wrist band. Enough time for him to pick up their gun, fire back and run. A strange lady points the way out for them. So on the main road, Ranma hijacks a guys’ motorbike for their getaway! Do good detectives do this?! The president is appalled by his goons’ failure but the police detective marches in to arrest him as they have received reports from a private detective about his shady business. Ranma returns Maya to her home and she is grateful. Returning to his office, he is shocked to see his place remodelled. Father’s Maya comes by to show his gratitude of returning his runaway daughter. He is surprised because when he first called, the person who picked up didn’t want to accept his case. I guess Ranma doesn’t understand what he is talking but his monetary reward was enough to make him happy. So remodelling his office back to how it was, Ranma sees a note on the board and the writing belongs to Rella.

Episode 3
Some shady guy with a threatening message to pay up for his services or else he’ll clean out everything in his bank. Dorothy thought Ranma has returned as a ghost! If he’s a ghost, why can she still hit him? Ranma is relieved to hear that Rella is alright and has been doing investigations on her own. Dorothy would be happy if he doesn’t associate himself with Rella anymore as he’s been fooling around but Ranma can’t exactly remember where he was the day before and thinks he has some serious memory lapse. She thinks he is sick. He goes to see a doctor but he thinks he’s tired and needs a rest. So much for that diagnosis. As he leaves, an injured guy called Lou Cheng stumbles into him and passes him a bag and a bloodied paper. He wants him to take it to the police. Just then, the assassin shoots him. Ranma pulls out his gun his shot scrapes the shoulder of the assassin (he didn’t look like he was hurt) as he runs. Lou Cheng’s final word is “Joker”. Ranma picks up his ID to see he works at Electro Planets Incorporation. The nurse who came walking out mistakes Ranma as a killer (he’s still got his gun in his hand). I guess this is no time to explain. Maybe nobody will believe him either. So he makes a run for it and at the alley, he investigate the bag’s content in which they are just ordinary items. Ranma has become a prime suspect in this murder case and the police are on a lookout for him. Ranma gives the bag to Dorothy for her safekeeping before rushing off. With a cheesy disguise, he infiltrates Electro Planets as a business consultant to do some snooping. This company is doing internet business and Ranma is taken to Lou Cheng’s workplace to fix a PC problem. Yeah, he’s just hitting it. Then he hears Lou Cheng hasn’t been to work for 4 days. Suddenly the police come in asking the boss if he knows this person. Hmm…  Looks familiar. Ranma tries to sneak out but his cheap disguise fell off at the right moment, giving him away. He makes a run and loses those guys.

Ranma goes to see his informant friend who is washing windows. The height… With not much cash, Pinocchio only gives him the information of Club Papillion. It’s a gay club… But Ranma is trying to get information out of this Wendy girl but she doesn’t know much. Realizing a liquor bottle named Joker on the shelf, he enquires her and she mentions an ordinary salaryman has been recently coming here. But she can tell he’s no ordinary salaryman as one couldn’t afford such drink. She points Rose may know because he always requests her. Ranma wants to talk to Rose but Wendy forces him to drink. She’s using her mouth to transfer to liquid! So while Ranma pukes outside, guess who he bumps into? Son. Wendy quickly shifts side and blames Ranma he forced her into this and that. Son orders his goons to take care of him. Guess what? Even if they had machine guns, they’re still lousy shooters! Running here, running there, Ranma bumps into that mysterious lady once more. Introducing herself as Alice, she points him the way out. But it seems she also lets the goons know where Ranma headed because that place is a dead end. Ranma realizes he has been sold out when the goons corner him. Before they can do anything, Rose points her gun at them. She wants Ranma to handover the bag. Throwing off her wig, Ranma recognizes her as the hospital’s nurse. A gunfight ensues and Ranma uses this confusion to escape. Machine gun versus handgun? And nothing got hit? You got to be kidding me. Then the clock strikes midnight. Ranma turns into Rella and got almost hit by a car. She is shocked to find herself in the middle of the road (she was last in a strip club) and wearing Ranma’s clothes. The owner of the car turns out to be Alamis. He has finally found his angel and wants to date her. Rella gets into his car and changes into a more fashionable and sexy outfit. Then she leaves. What about dinner? She didn’t agree, did she? She returns to office and is shocked to find everything remodelled back to where it was before. More perplexing, a thank you video from Maya for helping her out. She thinks she has super powers for solving cases without realizing them! Heading back to Dorothy, she learns of Ranma’s predicament. Yeah, he’s very much alive. Taking a look inside the bag, she finds a CD. Checking it out, she discovers it’s a sophisticated hacking programme to steal any data and the programmer’s name is Joker. Realizing one can blackmail or fetch a high price for any data, she notes Ranma has gotten into trouble because of this programme. She is going to clear this false murder charge but needs to lure Joker out first.

Meeting Joker at a construction site, he turns out to be a worker at Electro Planets and that assassin (and of course that shady guy in the beginning). He is willing to pay any price to get the CD back but she isn’t in for the money. She wants him to give this up and surrender to the police. He further reveals his colleague discovered his identity and tried to deal with me by stealing his programme and killed him to seal his mouth. The same fate is about to befall on Rella as Rose points a gun at her head. Joker takes the CD back and says when he discovered his hacking abilities, he did it not for money but for the thrill of sneaking into stuff people try to protect. After he leaves, Rose tries to get rid of her but Rella knocks her out with the sleeping gas hidden in her high heels. Joker goes back to his hacking but realizes someone is gaining access and has rewritten the programme. How? It makes Joker in the video confess his identity and his role as the killer! The police sees this as this video is being broadcast everywhere. I guess this Joker guy is dumb enough to run out to the streets so it’s naturally everybody would start pointing “Hey! Isn’t that the killer?!”. Serves him right if he breaks down like a cornered rat. Rella is floating in her pool noting Ranma is still alive.

Episode 4
One of Son’s goons approach a group of gangsters called Bloody Sharks. He confronts the leader Billy and wants him to stay away from this warehouse area for the next 3 days. Or else, they will kill his brother Rex who is in their hands. Billy didn’t like it and sends his man, Charlie to tail him without being noticed. Along the way, they bump into Ranma who is trying to find a pet named Lily of a rich lady in the sewers. They think he is one of them who kidnapped Rex and threaten him. He falls back down the sewers and I guess it’s midnight so you know who comes out. Morning comes and Rella is attracting attention. The kind of attention she doesn’t want because she stinks! Cleaning herself up at her home, she is furious Ranma is never around when she’s back. Then at the office, the rich lady bugs her wondering if she has found her pet and Rella is again appalled Ranma took up another useless case. Soon a man from Handel Company who has been looking for her all morning comes knocking on her door. His company deals with jewels and precious metal and shows an Angelic Vale necklace to her as proof. However she can tell it’s a fake. He is astonished and shows her the real one. He says they have sold it to Queen Natasha of Anderson Kingdom and only realized later that it is an imitation. Though they’ve got the real one, there’s no way they can reveal the truth about the fake as they will have their heads roll. They believe she doesn’t know it’s fake yet. However the queen will be onboard a ship in town for a party tomorrow and if this is broadcasted to the world, they’ll be done for. He wants her to do this job of sneaking the real necklace in. Rella isn’t sure since it’ll be tough as she’ll have bodyguards and all. But he knows she’s the only one can pull this off. Showing her a picture of Natasha, well, Rella looks very much like her! I guess this is exciting enough for her to take this case up. I think she wants to wear the necklace too.

Rella is waiting outside the ship when she bumps into Alamis (his father had some business onboard). She uses him to get onboard and then dumps that loser. While Natasha is watching the fireworks, Rella dresses up like the real queen and sneaks into her room to switch the necklace. However she got knocked out by Charlie. I can’t believe a ruffian like him sneaked onboard. Charlie brings her back to Billy and once they dock, the necklace falls off and into the mouth of a crocodile. Rella wakes up tied up and gets to know Billy is going to use her as their trump card to exchange Rex. He thinks she is behind it all and even tried to get rid of them for her crooked exchange. Son meets Romel, a minister from the royal palace as the latter exchanges a genuine painting as agreed. He is a big crook himself and has been doing these underhanded dealings since it’ll be hard to suspect him and the royal room is well suited to cover up crimes. However the circulation of stolen artefacts is a different case as it’s hard to move so this is where Son’s organization comes in. Suddenly a dagger comes flying into the painting. Bloody Sharks come into the scene and they show their trump card. Son and Romel start laughing since they have made their job easier. Natasha is supposed to be assassinated in exchange for all the art works. Romel will then be promoted to Prime Minister. Rella tells them they’ve got the wrong person and shakes off her wig. Surprise? Son says it doesn’t matter since she knows everything and wants them all dead. Oh dear. The goons and their machine guns again. When will they ever learn? Still missing everything… Everyone runs but Rella’s dress got caught in the plank and trips.  She could’ve been done for if not for a crocodile popping up. Good thing the goons are scared of it and run off. As for Rella, she is cornered, her dress ripped and she fell into the water. Then it turns midnight.  With Ranma resurfacing, he is glad to find Lily. The crocodile. Bloody Sharks think he is Son’s men and don’t believe he is just a detective searching for a pet. But to proof he’s telling the truth, they’ll keep the crocodile and want him to return Rex who is being held by Son. So Ranma goes all his way out to get information where Rex is (there goes his cash to Pinocchio) and manages to retrieve Rex locked in a warehouse on the outskirts. Lily is pretty tame the reason why everyone haven’t been eaten yet. Billy trusts Ranma and lets him know about the queen’s assassination. Rama is going to solve this case but Bloody Sharks will help him out.

Ranma and Bloody Sharks sneak onboard the ship as logistic workers. Son and his men are waiting to assassinate the queen from his speedboat. The Handel guy is appalled to see the imitation on the queen. He’s dead meat. Ranma lets loose Lily in a container so panic ensues. The bodyguard start huddling around the queen and it disrupts the assassination attempt. Son sees Ranma foiling their attempts again and even if the assassination on the queen failed, he wants Ranma taken out. But someone is sniping at them. Son decides to retreat this time. The mysterious sniper turns out to be Alice sniping from the port. Ranma and Bloody Sharks discover a crate filled with treasures. They know Romel is the culprit because who else would be pointing a gun at them? Like typical bad guys, he rants about his plot that includes the queen’s assassination. Of course Natasha heard that too. He is going to shoot her but didn’t anybody realize Lily sneaking in and then BITE! It bit Romel’s leg. Odd, it didn’t snap off. Romel is arrested as Ranma retrieves the real necklace which has been inside Lily’s mouth. For his brave efforts, she has him request anything. Well, one sturdy cage for a crocodile. And that Handel guy, he drowns himself in liquor but sees the real necklace back on. Phew. Ranma is dismayed that for a rich lady, the reward he got was so little. He returns to his office only to find Dorothy waiting. She wants to know what happened to Rella because she saw the incident on TV. He assures her that the queen looks very close like Rella but Dorothy knows Rella has gone on a mission disguised as the queen. Ranma brushes her off, will talk to her about it in the morning and goes straight to bed. Then it strikes midnight as Ranma transforms into Rella right before Dorothy’s eyes.

Episode 5
Dorothy wakes Rella up to tell her Ranma disappeared before her eyes and turned into Rella. At first she didn’t believe but after thinking about her memory lapse, the fatal accident, the stroke of midnight and why she keeps missing Ranma, if she is him then everything makes sense. She realizes they are taking turns as each other every alternate day. Next day, no use thinking too much about it so she goes for some food. At a distance, Alice observes her. Rella makes her way to a Chinese restaurant and soon Son also comes in and sits right behind her. The duo start ordering almost everything so it confuses the waiter so much so he screws up the Mapo Tofu dish meant for Son but it went to Rella. Yeah, she can’t remember if she had ordered it and just ate it anyway. Son is feasting since he’ll be leaving for Italy soon and won’t be having Chinese food for a while. He hates pasta. After Son leaves to catch his flight, the waiter sees a note has instructions to be passed to the person who ate the Mapo Tofu. Rella reads the note and it says she has just eaten the tofu dish laced with poison and die within 24 hours. It is no use purging it as the poison has already spread throughout the body and the effects will be felt gradual. So if she doesn’t want to die, don’t go to Italy and wait a home for the antidote to come. So this note was meant for Son? And Rella got mistakenly poisoned. She rushes to the airport but the plane has left. That’s an hour wasted. Back to the restaurant, she tries to ask who put this note but nobody knew who it was since they were busy the note was already there when they noticed it. Rella contacts Tinker Bell to find out more about Son’s intention at Italy while she narrows down the suspect. Thinking only a specialist could make such a poison and the only one from Italy turns out to be Gulliver Medicine Company who is a major player in the industry and its president is Roberto De Panini. Alamis happened to pass by her and once more he tries to charm his angel to having dinner with her. She wasn’t so interested till she heard his family name. Yup, his father is Roberto and she wants to meet him. He thought she wants to be part of the family.

Upon meeting Roberto, she finds how similar they both are. Like father, like son. The passion, the idiocy. Asking if his company deals with poisons, he laughs it off since he only does honest business and probably Gold Medicine Manufacturing by Daibal Company are believed to deal in such things. About his connection with Son, they occasionally met at political parties and their relationship is cordial. Rella temporarily excuses herself since she has a reply from Tinker Bell. Seems Son is in Italy to see the Sicilian mafia boss, Don Margarita for a systematic agreement. Resuming her talk with Roberto, seems he also knows Don Margarita as they are childhood friends. Rella realizes the link. If Son and Don Margarita form an alliance, Gulliver will become Kirin Town’s largest pharmaceutical firm under Son’s control. With enough information, she leaves. My angel, come back! It was hard finding Gold Medicine’s location so Rella has only 30 minutes to the switch. She sneaks in but gets spotted by the guards who think she’s an industrial spy. Again, such lousy shots! Machine gun with unlimited ammo also no use. Rella hides and realizing her time is almost up, she records a video for Ranma to watch. So when it’s his turn, he watches to video but finds it hard to believe about the alternate day switch between themselves as they share the same body. She also lets him know about being poisoned and the need to find an antidote. Otherwise, he will kick the bucket this coming noon and this will be the last message he’ll here from her. So how? He might be dropped in the middle of the mess but no choice, he’s got to solve it. Entering a lab and hijacking a scientist to spill the details, he learns this is a rat poison lab and that they’re secretly conducting a new drug to gain market share against Gulliver since Kirin Town has the world’s worst rat problem. I think that statistics include scums and gangsters too. Haha! Then the guards enter and think Ranma is that lady spy’s partner. Those dumbasses start firing right in the middle of the lab!!! Fortunately their shots were so bad that all Ranma experienced was some tap dance. He even manages to escape the facility and Alice snipes from afar to let him get away. She is baffled and thought Rella came here by herself.

Realizing Rella’s info is way off, he decides to investigate more on Son. He meets up with Wendy who is just happy to see him. Wants to kiss her darling, eh? Wanting to know where Son lives, currently he is staying at his 4th lover’s place and has a cute young son there named Marco. Despite his lover’s house, he has got guards all over the place. But what’s the use when they’re so dumb that even Ranma can sneak into the study to do his search. However he has to hide since he hears Marco coming in. He thought it was his father had come home. Well, Son is actually home. Turns out his plane got engine problem and made a u-turn. Marco is happy that Son remembered his birthday. Erm… Yeah, sure. Whatever. He apologizes for the prank he played earlier on. What prank? The poison one. There was no poison as he only put sugar into his Mapo Tofu. He wanted to spend with birthday with him no matter what and didn’t want him to go abroad. Son doesn’t understand what’s going on but I guess he’s okay. Marco then points out a strange voice coming from his study so when Son sees Ranma, he blows his top and lets his bullets fly. Better  run! Heck no need to rush since he’s such a bad shot too. Next day, we see Alice informing to the person at the end of the other line that their targets are not displaying any special abilities. Dr Grimm has no contact with them either. She wonders what is going on with those two. Ranma leaves a video for Rella about how everything was a prank. He chastises her for just eating anything and everything. She doesn’t see what he’s so upset about. Well, making him run around like a wild goose chase and with his life on the line and time running out, I can see why.

Episode 6
Alice is let known by his boss that a wealthy family is murdered. Nobody is spared. Not even the staffs and bodyguards. Since the way they were slaughtered was with sharp objects and no guns were used, it could be done by the Mad Pig Brothers (comprised of Saute, Fry and Boil). They seem to be after the simulation data of their plan and must have copied it onto something and carried it away. The ones who hired them is probably a director of a European terrorist group who have acquired info on them and the deal is supposedly going to take place in a used house that was sold 10 days ago. The brothers were seen to board a plane to Kirin Town and arrive in 2 hours time. Alice is tasked to obtain and handle the data. Then asking about the target’s abilities, Alice thinks this is a good time to find out. Meanwhile Ranma tries to ask Pinocchio for more information about his body transformation but he can’t sell if he doesn’t have any info. Ranma takes a break at the café when Alice pops up. She has a job request for him. She tells him about the Mad Pig Brothers and wants him to retrieve a micro disc from them. Ranma is not sure if he could trust her because at times she helps him out and other times she tricks him. She explains the disc contains an article on environmental issues from her sister’s job as a geologist. Many companies will be in trouble if her article goes public and one company hired hit men to take the article from her. She wants to fulfil her sister’s request and have it academically published. In order to do that she needed to find a talented detective agency and thus the tests she put him up to. Ranma is convinced and takes up the job. Of course Alice was just putting up a very good act and crocodile tears. So good that it may have won her the Oscars. Ranma asks Pinocchio for more information on the Mad Pig Brothers but the latter advises him to reject the case as they’re the top 5 hit men in Europe and prefer killing over dinner. Ranma isn’t going to back out and asks for their location with the little cash his has.

When Boil returns from an errand, he hears the voice of Alice behind him. He attacks her with his mechanical arm but it’s just a decoy. The real Alice pops up from opposite pointing a gun at him. However she sells Ranma out by telling him about a certain detective will come here tonight to take the micro disc and he won’t know they’ll be waiting for him so it should be easy to kill him. Ranma begs Dorothy to give him a secret weapon. She agrees only because she doesn’t want harm to befall on Rella’s body. Ranma sneaks into the house that night with Alice closely observing. Ranma easily takes the micro disc but didn’t expect the brothers to be waiting for him. Ranma slips out and makes a run as the brothers chase him. From the highways to the subways, Ranma narrowly dodges his relentless pursuers’ attacks, especially that kill-crazy Fry whose Freddy Krueger claws can just slice about anything and Saute’s boomerang ball with sharp blades. I don’t know why windows of the train can be opened so easily because Ranma decides to escape to the top. Ranma uses the belt with gas to knock Fry off (amazing he didn’t die at the speed he fell off) while Saute had to dodge an incoming train. Boil kills the railway operator to shut down the train system (won’t the passengers panic or the people in power notice something since the rail network system went down? How the heck did Boil enter the control room so easily anyway?!). Ranma again narrowly avoids the trio once he gets out of the tunnel and goes into hiding in a building. His time is almost up so he starts recording a video of himself. Alice is baffled why he is doing something like this and when midnight strikes, she saw before her eyes Ranma’s transformation into Rella and realizes that they both share the same body.

Rella is confused in the new situation she has gotten into. She couldn’t finish viewing Ranma’s video because the brothers have arrived and destroyed it. Alice confronts Boil waiting downstairs. He is confident the job will be over but she fires a shot into his body. I guess it’s her nature to just backstab everybody. Since Fry has torn most of Rella’s clothes, she feigns to give her a good time and let his guard down. She uses this opportunity to kick his crotch and make a run for it but bumps into Saute. I guess her kick wasn’t that powerful because Fry is still able to get up and walk albeit his ego has been crushed. Rella is cornered but Alice rolls into the scene to pump bullets into Fry and Saute. Since Rella is still confused what is going on, Alice notes that their minds are separate despite sharing the same body. The ladies are being attacked by Boil. He is still alive because part of his body is robotic. He has Alice in her grasp so quick-thinking Rella remembers how Saute’s weapon works as she presses the ring on this dead man’s fingers to send the ball coming back. Since Boil is in the way, it stabs his neck and Alice is free to finish him off with a few more bullets into his body. Rella realizes this is the Alice that Ranma mentioned and wonders what she has requested him for. Alice replies that the job is already done and got more than she had asked for. As for the micro disc, she can keep it since it is empty. Alice reports to her boss that she has retrieved the copy of the data (recorded in her sunglasses) and that she didn’t find any special abilities in the target. She also refrains on reporting about the transformation of Ranma and Rella and will continue her investigation.

Episode 7
Ranma pays a visit to a grave of his old friend, Akira Dobashi. It has been 3 years since his death. In this flashback episode, we see Ranma just starting his detective agency. He was an ex-gangster and his ‘friend’ Rao seems to be extorting him for protection money in exchange for letting him snoop around his territory without raising his boss’ suspicions. A man named Lee pulls up before them and tells Rao of their usual meeting tomorrow night. Ranma plays pool with Akira and he narrates about Kirin Town’s soaring crime rate that it is also known as Killing Town. People die every day. Literally. A detective job is no different. It’s just to uncover the dirt hidden under the clean surface. Even if you get clean, you’d be smeared by other dirt. Ranma and Akira are no angels themselves as they even robbed from others when they’re just kids. Akira has a job for him. Ranma is suspicious since it has ties with Rao but Akira dismisses it’ll be completely safe and they’re not breaking any law. Seems there’s this guy with sunglasses who enter his bar and passes memo to his customers. Akira wants Ranma to watch him for 2 weeks and find out where these memo recipients stay. Akira found out the recipients are made up of 3 guys and a woman. He knows where the guys are staying but he lost the lady. This is where Ranma comes in. He shows him the photo of the woman, which turns out to be Rella. Akira mentions his wife is expecting and plans to expand his bar. Once Rao gets this information, he’ll be paid 5 million bucks. Ranma will get a cut of 1.5 million. So Ranma snoops around and his lead tells him she frequents the Casablanca Bar. It might just be his luck (or not) when Rella comes collapsing into his arms right outside the bar. She thinks he is here to challenge her to a drinking competition. Well, all the men who challenged her are out cold. Besides, Rella is drunk. Ranma takes her back to her mansion and meets Dorothy for the first time.

Akira goes to relay the information to Rao. Soon, they hear news on TV that the 3 memo recipient men have been killed. Apparently they are drug dealers and the police have their eye on them for quite some time. Akira wants to go talk to Rao but Ranma cautions he might be deceived and will do the snooping. Ranma thinks hard why Rao used Akira to do this job and not himself. Then he realizes if those 3 men were killed, that means Rella will be next. But he doesn’t need to find her because she just waltzes in. She is here to return his coat that he left when he brought her back to her mansion. Thinking she is a drug dealer, he asks if she frequents Akira’s bar. She admits she did once but it sucked. And the memo she got was just some guy who wanted to hit on her. He thinks of using her to lure that man out and offers Rella to help him out with his detective work. Rella declines seeing it’s a boring job. After all, all detectives do is just snoop around other people’s secrets. Suddenly Rao’s men barge and start firing at them. Guess did they hit or miss? They tore up the bar except their targets. Duh! Ranma and Rella make their escape and even hijack a taxi. During the car chase, the baddies continue to be lousy shots. Rella feels excited and borrows Ranma’s gun to fire a single shot. It flips up the bonnet and puts them out of commission. She agrees to help him out. In order to get more information, seems there are only 2 top informants in town. One is Tinker Bell whose identity is unknown and is only via internet. Since that is no go for Ranma, I guess he’ll have to go with the other one: Pinocchio. Rella laughs at his fear of heights while Ranma learns the quality of the information he can obtain depending on how much cash you can give. Let’s just say he only got the information that he has already met him. Ranma asks Rella for further traits of this sunglasses guy and she mentions about a scar. Ranma remembers Lee having one. He realizes in order for Rao to look good in front of his boss, he killed off his rivals in the organization. He can’t do the job himself since it’s against his own men. Ranma rushes back to tell Cathy to pack and wait at the airport and promises to get Akira back.

Akira is being tied up by Rao and his men. They have double crossed him and are planning to kill him. Rao goes off to his usual meeting as he and Lee meets Son. Son is not pleased that Lee still hasn’t found out the drug dealers’ killers but he praises Rao for expanding his territory. Ranma and Rella invade the place to free Akira. Stupid bad guys can’t even shoot straight. With the police siren in the background, Son notes how Rao has screwed up and kills him. Lee makes his escape and glimpses Akira in the opposite taxi and thinks he is the one who set up everything. Ranma brings Akira to meet up with Cathy at the airport. Before he reunites with her, he is shot in the back by Lee. Back in present time, Ranma isn’t shedding tears because it seems Akira’s graveyard is fake. He is still very much alive and has a son. Cathy is expecting another child. When Akira was shot back then, he was wearing a bulletproof vest. This way, the mafia won’t come after him anymore as they think he’s dead. And when Ranma thought he wanted to give up his detective job, Rella disallows him since he has got her involved and wants him to take responsibility.

Episode 8
A hitman named Angel kills some mafia guy. He finds a little girl named Maria sleeping on the bed. Ranma must be having a hard time trying to get away from Wendy’s kiss. He trips on an antique car toy model. Wendy got it from some mafia boss and is about to throw it away. Since he wants it so badly, I guess he can keep it. Ranma goes to bed without any food. How can he sleep on an empty stomach? I guess if he’s got the car, everything’s alright, eh? So when morning comes, Rella isn’t amused about Ranma not having anything to eat last night because now she’s famished. Worse, she thought he wasted money buying this antique car. She goes back to Dorothy for food but it seems she has news that her father is ill and wants her to return and see him. Rella refuses since she knows it’s a ploy to make her go back. Even if he is ill for real, she won’t go back either. Rella can’t get any decent food since her platinum credit card has been blocked courtesy of Dorothy. So she goes to sleep hungry. Yeah, leave it to the next guy to solve your hunger woes, eh? An old lady named Emily seeks Ranma’s help. She suspects her husband has been doing shady things with the yakuza and wants him to check it out. Good news: She’ll pay upfront. Bad news: He has to take a flight to Japan and she already has booked his ticket. Wow. How high can planes fly? Better summon up your courage because you’re in for a ride! Meanwhile the Coroccione mafia threatens Wendy about the toy car. Unless she wants a hole in a head, she better tell them. Arriving in Japan, Ranma gets his luggage stolen. Hungry and broke, he came hits an idea. Hey, how can you think on an empty stomach? He is going to sell his car to buy a kimono for Rella so that she can sneak into a restaurant where Emily’s husband is meeting, to pose as a geisha and investigate. However the antique dealer only valued it at 1,000 Yen since it has scribbles underneath it. Till an antique car enthusiast, Kantarou walks in and offers a million Yen! He also translates the Italian writing which says “Help each other as brothers”. He’s feeling good so he has the cash to splash as his daughter will be in for a marriage meeting. And guess what? The sneaky antique dealer sells Ranma the kimono for a million Yen. After discount from 3 million. WTF?! Total ripped off! This is not Japan!

At the alley, Ranma is ambushed by the Coroccione guys. They think Ranma is lying when he told them he had sold the car. Of course the goons are useless in the sense that Ranma could do a little kick and get away. He runs and hides in the restaurant’s toilet. Knowing his time is near, he records a video for Rella. She isn’t too happy to be taking on this case. Especially she has to pose as a geisha. But look at the bright side, she may get to eat all the Japanese food and sake she wants. Rella puts on the kimono and enters her room. She is surprised to see her father: Kantarou. Daddy is totally happy to see her and thinks Dorothy has finally succeeded in her persuasion. Rella realizes Ranma has been tricked since Dorothy was disguised as Emily. Kantarou has already arranged a marriage meeting for her but Rella shows her rebellious side. She makes up the biggest lie that she has a daughter who is now 3 years old with Ranma. That nearly killed daddy… The Coroccione boss, Carlo isn’t please his men let Ranma get away and wants them to get that car back at all cost. Receiving word about the traitor Angel, since he has arrived in Japan, he orders them to check on the Japanese yakuza group called Shirayuki since he was once from them. Rella returns to her Japan home but sees blood on the doorbell. Something is not right. The security has been disarmed too. Following the bloodied footsteps into a room, she is surprised to see wounded Angel, whom she knows as Amano, and Maria in his arms. He recognizes her too. The Coroccione guys are outside the house that belongs to Shirayuki’s boss. Do they need to fire a bazooka just to bring down the wooden door? Great. Just let them know you’re here, would you? Rella takes Amano and return, driving in one of Kantarou’s antique cars. Amano notes how Rella has changed. She says her old self died then when he betrayed her. Rella sees Maria afraid and tries to talk to her but Amano says she is deaf and came back here hoping Kantarou would look after her.

With the car chase on, it’s the usual: Bad guys never took their finger off the machine gun trigger and still couldn’t hit what is important. I clapped my hands when they hit the car’s body and the lamp post. But that’s so much about it. Amano, he just fired a couple of shots enough to send some of the baddies’ car crashing. I don’t know how but suddenly the steering wheel came off! Really! How the hell can Rella steer without it?! Brake or accelerate?! Before they could crash head on with the incoming truck, Amano shoots the wheel to send the car swerving off the bridge and into the water. The bad guys continue the search as Amano leaves the ladies in a safe place before making a run and let the baddies go after him. Rella dreams how she was happy being admitted to college. Her father, mother and Amano congratulate her. When she wakes up, she finds herself in her own room and Kantarou by her side. Then a different ‘angel’ walks into her room. Oh God. Not that annoying Alamis! “My angel!”. Carlo has arrived in Japan and won’t tolerate any more failures. He notes 2 artefacts are in this country right now and that the gold is within sight.

Episode 9
Rella gets another surprise. Alamis is supposed to be her arranged date. Why is he here? Kantarou views him as a hero who saved his life when in actual fact he was dejected after being rejected by a Japanese beauty. He kicked a stone in his frustration and his shoe flew off and hit the head of an assassin gunning for Kantarou’s life. WTF? She has had it off her father imposing his version of happiness over her and leaves. However she and Alamis get electric shock! Seems they both have this hand bracelet (made by Dorothy of course) and if they are 3 metres apart from each other, they will get shock. Rella has no choice but to live with it and takes Maria and Alamis with her. To calm herself down, she goes on an eating spree. How many sets did she wallop there?! From Alamis, seems he knows Amano because he is a famous hitman in the underworld. He is dubbed Angel because he never misses his target (with lousy shot bad guys, I can see why he is number one). But he is the Angel of Death rather than one who brings happiness. After paying a visit to her mother’s grave, Rella drinks all night with Alamis. I guess that guy couldn’t hold his glass. Rella remembers she first met Amano around Maria’s age and considered him her first love. Her world came crashing down when she was 15 years ago. Her mother was gunned down in front of her due to some gang related matters and would’ve been a victim herself if Amano hadn’t killed the assassin. That was when she found out Amano was secretly her father’s bodyguard instead of a live-in secretary. She became upset with all the lies and deceit her family put up with. Rella takes a shower and Alamis thought he could get naughty with her. However he hugged Ranma! Oh sh*t! Shock! Another electric shock for running away! Oh, it just turned midnight. Ranma sees the video of Rella telling him about Dorothy’s trick and this bracelet thingy. Because Alamis won’t shut up, Ranma just knocks him out with a bottle. Then Kantarou enters the room since he has word from his men Rella is staying at this hotel. He is delighted to see Ranma till he learns his name. Not that detective bug that Rella works with! I don’t think explaining about killing him will kill Rella will make him sheath his sword back. It’s amazing that Ranma can run faster than Kantarou while carrying Alamis and Maria. Corrocione’s men happen to see them and go after them. Ranma is cornered by the Shirayuki group but the Coroccione guys have business with Ranma. Since both groups can’t agree, they fight. During the brawl, Ranma dresses Alamis back, paints his hair black and shoves him into the fight. I can’t believe everyone fell for the trick thinking Alamis is Ranma and chase after him! Blind cows! Were they so intense in fighting among each other that they didn’t see Ranma slowly dressing him up? Definitely dumb. Amano then passes by and wants Ranma to hand over Maria. However due to his injury, he collapses.

Ranma treats Amano back at Rella’s house. Ranma is surprised to see Amano possessing the toy car he sold to Kantarou. How did it end up in his possession? Well actually not. The one he sold is still with Kantarou. This is the other pair of the twin car models. Noting Ranma is a good man for taking care of Rella, he needs to meet her. Yeah, it’s close to midnight. Rella drives Amano and Maria to Kantarou’s house. Since she is already involved, she wants Amano to explain everything. It began when the former boss of Coroccione got killed. Then his hidden stash came to light and both his sons, Tony and Carlo started searching for it. They realize from their father’s will that the only clue was in the twin car models that were given to them in their childhood. The engraving means nothing by itself and both cars must be together for the gold to be revealed. Tony and Carlo hated each other and the truce their father made between them backfired as they started to steal each other’s car. Eventually Carlo killed Tony but before he died, he hid his car somewhere. Amano has one of the cars because he killed Maria’s father. He was one of Carlo’s men who betrayed him as he wanted to get rich himself. Amano was sent to kill him. That’s when he saw Maria sleeping with the car. He wants to cure Maria’s deafness and take care of her. Since that surgery will take an insane amount of money, that’s why he betrayed the Coroccione family and went to see Kantarou. Outside the house, it seems Kantarou’s men are beaten and their boss being held inside. No problem. Let Amano do the job. See how those Coroccione goons standing around fall like flies? Man! He’s effective! Why need a group when you can have this single man? Carlo is threatening Kantarou to reveal the other car. Whether he knows it or not, he’ll never tell it to him. The tables are turned when Amano shoots the gun off his hand. Kantarou slaps Rella for being reckless because he couldn’t live with himself if she had died. Maria wanders into the room do Amano uses his body to shield her from Carlo’s bullet. Shouldn’t he have dived or kicked away the gun instead? Amano was quick enough to return the favour to Carlo. In his dying breath, he asks Kantarou to take care of Maria. He explains he left his group because he couldn’t save his wife. But Kantarou rubbishes it because Rella survived. So the reason why Amano picked Maria up was because she reminded him of Rella when she lost her mother. Rella flies back to Kirin Town and Dorothy is going to get what’s coming. However she relays a message from Kantarou about Maria’s surgery date so this cools her down. Rella solves the clue of the gold using the tires of both cars. Then she calls up a charity organization, reveals the location of the hidden stash and it donates all to them. Won’t they suspect a prank call? Who is this calling? Who would be so good to donate all the gold in the safe? Consider this a gift from an angel.

Episode 10
Rella is disheartened she forgot to pick up a dress for a party in 2 days’ time. She insists on that dress since it’s a party that gathers 10 famous chefs in a competition which will be an all-you-can-eat gourmet party. Yeah, Rella has her dress design with a looser waistline so as not to miss out any dish. So why not pick it up tomorrow? She’ll be Ranma. And so she explains to Ranma to remember to pick up her dress on her behalf tomorrow or else his precious car collection will be dismantled. Better get your ass moving. Ranma picks up the dress but a girl, I Lyan Rain quickly wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend to escape a land shark who is after her. They lose the guy as she learns Ranma is a detective and wants him to be his bodyguard for the rest of the day, claiming the bad guys want to kidnap her and use her as a tool to threaten her father who is a kung fu master to give up his property. Why not call the police? No use. They’re on the take. I guess she’s good enough to play on his conscious she may turn up dead and at least accompany her till she meets her dad later today. A pair of baddies from a secret organization, Kei (gypsy woman?) and her big baldy partner Bob are supposed to deliver a teddy bear to a girl and prove to Son that they are the best in their business. At the supposed café, they see I Lyan and think she’s the girl and give her the teddy. Of course she doesn’t know what’s going on. Kei and Bob are about to leave when they bump into Wendy. She’s supposed to be the one to collect the teddy bear as Son sent her on his behalf. Realizing the mistake they made, they try to get back the teddy but I Lyan and Ranma (who just came out of the toilet) are already gone. Find them and get the teddy back!

Doesn’t it look like a date? I mean, I Lyan dragging Ranma around going shopping. She looks happy. He isn’t. Each time the baddies get close enough to snatch the teddy, something else interferes. Then at the amusement park, I Lyan feigns land shark each time she wants to sit ride. I guess this way Ranma has no choice but to run with her, eh? Oh hell! He didn’t realize he is in the Ferris wheel or the roller coaster!!! What a scary day for him. As I Lyan goes to get drinks, Ranma sees a movie trailer of Lady Fighter 4. It’s about aliens called land sharks targeting a kung fu master’s dojo and it stars the action idol, I Lyan. Hey… When she comes back, Ranma strips her wig and glasses and realizes she is that actress in person. I Lyan comes clean. Everything was made up. She snuck out from her movie set and the guy who was after her is her manager. Ranma is not amused he was dragged around for her amusement and could’ve been arrested for kidnapping an idol. She doesn’t want to return to her workplace but he doesn’t care anymore. He thought she’s crying wolf again but this time it’s for real. Kei and Bob force I Lyan into their car. Bob is so stupid to tell I Lyan the reason why they want the teddy back is because it contains mould to forge money. Just great. Either way, I Lyan will have to die. Ranma drives a speedboat alongside the car and tells I Lyan to jump. She’s an action star, remember? The chase continues till Ranma grounds the boat and bad luck has it they end up in a dead end and cornered. Fortunately, Kei’s gun has run out of bullets so Bob is going to take care of this. At this instant, I Lyan starts posing some of her kung fu moves. The baddies were convinced she really kicks ass and ran for their lives!!! Man, she’s a really good actor. I Lyan laments her life as an action idol which is somewhat the opposite. She has stunt doubles doing the action and she is just good in doing those poses. Hey wait a minute. Then how did she jump from the car to the boat?! As an actress she feels like a caged bird day in day out but after seeing too much girls with their boyfriends, she got jealous and felt she too wanted to be an ordinary girl.

Ranma drives her back to her workplace and wants her to call her office and call it quits if she wants to stop acting and be an ordinary girl. It’s her life so she decides. The baddies haven’t given up yet and toss a dynamite to send the car turtle. Ranma has broken an arm and can’t do much except tell I Lyan to run. She runs inside the cinema but Kei starts shooting indiscriminately! Just when she thought she hit her, she actually hit the teddy and destroyed to mould. Then this unbelievable part, Ranma drops a sofa from the top level to nail those goons down. How the f*ck did he carry and push it over if he has one arm broken?! Unbelievable!!! When the lights focus on I Lyan everyone recognize her as the action star and thinks this elaborated setup was just a stunt to promote her new movie and applause her with cheers. In the end, the baddies are arrested and I Lyan thinks she wants to continue acting. Ranma is relief as I Lyan realizes he knew this from the start. Well, he says he is a fan of the Lady Fighter series and if she started to hate acting, she won’t look so lively on screen. Rella is grateful Ranma got the dress for her. However she’s got a surprise for him. Because she got a broken arm, she couldn’t attend the party. As a result his car collection was dismantled! Curse this body!

Episode 11
Alice gets word from her boss that there is a scandal involving the Secretary of Defence. This will mean their organization will lose their access to the military and needs to accomplish their mission fast. This means they need Dr Grimm. Ranma returns to office only to meet Dorothy. She is here to give Rella her laser beam ring but he’s not too interested. She demonstrates by shooting at his butt! See, useful, eh? Dorothy goes shopping and Alice picks her up on pretence to help her carry her goods. However she becomes her hostage as Alice calls Ranma to make him find Dr Grimm in 24 hours or else Dorothy’s safety cannot be assured. Of course the first person to get more information is Pinocchio as Ranma learns Dr Grimm is a very famous biologist. He retired and lived in a countryside house though he continued his research. However 2 years ago he disappeared and nobody knows his whereabouts. Not even this information master. But Ranma learns a surprising info that he might be the person who is able to pull off hosting 2 people in the same body. Ranma hopes he could help further in his case and he will contact him once he has more information. Dorothy seems to know who Dr Grimm is. At least they went to the same university though she majored in engineering. She is made to shut up when she realizes Alice might have something to do with putting Ranma and Rella in the same body. Ranma researches in the library and asks passers-by but doesn’t get much information. Then he gets a call from Pinocchio to meet up. At an abandoned bowling alley, Pinocchio mentions he has gone through lots of trouble to get this. A delivery boy has always been delivering medicinal stuff to a bunch of guys in lab coats from an old house in the outskirts. Probably it’s Dr Grimm and his assistants but that old house is now abandoned. That house is near the place his car crashed. The only remaining lead is a guy in this picture, Nero. One of the assistants who hopes from job to job. Meeting him won’t be easy as he is in prison now. Suddenly a group of armed men storm into the building and start firing away. Oh God. Not bad shooters. Wasting bullets! Pinocchio just threw a bowling bowl and fired a couple of shots to make their escape. Useless people. So what if they’re from the organization? Meanwhile some dude from the organization, Jackal meets Alice. Seems he has now been put in charge of searching for Dr Grimm instead of her since the scandal is making the headquarters restless.

Ranma is at his wits trying to solve this case. Then he gets an idea. He robs someone, makes him call the police to arrest him on the spot. I can’t believe he is thrown into jail that easily! Ranma kicks up a big fuss he doesn’t want to be put with Nero. So noisy the other prisoners are getting annoyed. This is a ploy to let the officers to assure him Nero isn’t in the same building, thus revealing where he is located. Once in his cell, Ranma regurgitates the laser ring (he had it in his throat?! Revolting!) and cuts the iron bars. I wonder why the other prisoners didn’t even notice this. Not even Nero himself till Ranma fully cuts and enters his cell. Nero knows him since he was there with Dr Grimm during the experiment. He will tell him everything if he busts him out. Then it turns midnight and everyone hears Rella’s scream. The officers run to Nero’s cell and she accuses him of kidnapping her. I don’t even know how that is possible but the officers believed it and gets rough on Nero. Maybe her pretty face and convincing acting did the trick rather than logic. In that distraction, Rella knocks them out and they make their escape. That’s it. So easy. Only 2 guards? How the hell they escaped the facility is a mystery to me. Nero brings her to the abandoned house which was the lab they used to conduct the experiment. Rella had this feeling she has been here and she isn’t entirely wrong because Nero says he’s the one who brought them in. That night when Dr Grimm has a mental block, he usually goes to the park to sort out his mind. Nero accompanied him and it seemed he found a solution to something. Driving back, that’s when the crash happened so Dr Grimm ordered to retrieve both their bodies. They’re barely alive and their injuries were serious. For that entire week, Dr Grimm locked himself up in the room and in the end managed to fuse both of them in a body. Then he released Ranma’s body at the crash site, curious to see his reaction when he awakes. Then he told Nero he is going to disappear. Since Nero liked that guy, he is not going to tell on him. Soon Alice and the organization storm the lab but found nothing and Nero claimed he doesn’t know anything. The organization gave this lab to Dr Grimm and fully funded him. He disappeared before completing his research that’s why they’re desperately looking for him. For what purpose he isn’t sure. So if she wants to know why he made them like this, she has to ask the doctor himself. Also, he saw a strange photo. It wasn’t human either. Something like a muscular monster. He has a feeling the organization’s leaders must have connections with the military and isn’t doing this out of goodwill.

Alice and Jackal get news about Nero’s prison break and more interestingly the new inmate of the day too: Ranma. Jackal curses she should’ve just killed him when she got the chance but she reminds him he is worth keeping alive. About finding Dr Grimm, Alice never put her hopes on Ranma to find him. She was merely using him as bait for Dr Grimm to contact him. She knows he will be near him as he can’t leave his own precious research behind. Jackal is going to kill Ranma but Alice says he won’t find him anywhere in this world. Not at least today. Call it a woman’s intuition. Dorothy wakes up and since she is alone, uses her gadget, mobile hands hidden in her spectacles to send a message to Rella! Amazing! How can she control those hands so efficiently and type a decent message without making mistakes? Hey, she took an engineering degree. Don’t play play. Rella returns to her mansion and is surprised to find a mail from Dorothy. She gives details of her surroundings’ sights and sounds so Rella could trace where she is being held: A water filtration plant. Rella is about to head in but she is being stopped by a painter who doesn’t want her to die yet. You know that painter we’ve seen making short unimportant cameo appearances throughout the series? Guess who he is? Yes, he is Dr Grimm!

Episode 12
Since Rella claims she has Dr Grimm, she is taken into the hidden base beneath the plant. However she is not going to hand over Dr Grimm easily and wants to make a deal in exchange for Dorothy. She knows they are desperate in looking for him since they deployed excessive armed force and if harm ever comes to Dorothy, they can bet their ass they won’t see the doctor again. Rella sets the exchange place and time. Both sides meet at the petroleum plant. Jackal thought Rella would be sneaky and has his men well placed in several buildings just in case. Who’s the sneaky one? The exchange begins with Dorothy and Dr Grimm walking opposite. Jackal gives orders once they’ve passed each other, to fire at will. But when they do, Dr Grimm tells Dorothy to make a run. That’s what they did and Rella runs with them. Jackal orders his men to get them but it seems Son, on an anonymous tip and his men surround the area. He doesn’t like Jackal stirring up his town with military presence. Jackal can’t fire because the area is filled with inflammable plants and they’ll all go to hell. So both sides fight using knives. Guess what? The specially trained operatives lost to a bunch of mafia! I guess they don’t have enough survival experience in Kirin Town. Alice from a distance fires a tracer onto Dr Grimm’s back. Rella and the senior citizens are at the office and Doris has already packed up the necessary equipment. But they’re not going to run. If they hand over Dr Grimm then they don’t have to. Unless he returns their body back to original. So he explains, this is mankind’s dream. He has Rella tell him what she ate the day before. Man, she describes all the food she ate! Amazing glutton! How the hell does she keep a perfect waistline?! Hearing all that food made his stomach hurt. Yeah, not even hungry. But hurting his stomach. What’s his point? He thought mankind had no hope. When mankind multiplied rapidly, the world’s food supply decreases steadily. So he came up with this idea called Personality Fusion Theory. If 2 people share the same body, this means the food intake is halved. Or in another perspective doubled because you only eat one serving instead of two. He doesn’t stop there. What if 3 people share the same body? How about 4? The whole town? The entire world? In the end there will only be 1 human! So wait. Is this organization out to solve world hunger? No. This organization, Neverland Group kidnapped him to oversee some evil research to fortify humans. Though they already have a prototype (called Peter), Dr Grimm refused to bow to them and used their funds to promote mankind’s future instead. So fusing Ranma and Rella is beneficial to mankind? Isn’t this the same? Rella complains about the frequent blackout every 24 hours and wants him to revert them back now or else she’ll surrender him to them.

Suddenly the office rocks. Jackal has towed the office away in his helicopter. This is the only way to escape. While Rella and Dr Grimm break and gather parts of the office, Dorothy melds them together and turns it into… A manpowered flying bicycle for 3! It’s amazing how she can put them all together in such a short time. More amazingly, it worked! Can such a makeshift junk outrun a high-tech helicopter? We won’t find out because they crashed onto the highway. Just when they’re caught between the helicopter’s gunfire, then comes Alamis’ limo. My Angel! Didn’t he see what’s going on? So what devil luck Rella has as she takes over the wheels and run rampage throughout town. Yeah, he lost half his car throughout the chase. Because of Dr Grimm’s tracer, I guess Alice knows where they are and even sends ground reinforcements. But you know, they are such bad shots that they fire and destroyed everything but their target. The town’s on fire! Not even the police can stop them! Rella gets this sneaky idea. All she needs to do is the use her womanly charms to persuade Alamis. Once the car is out of a corner, the organization people got it right and the bazooka hits and overturns the car. Only Alamis is caught. Seems the rest have dropped off before the corner and escaped into the sewer. When they emerge, they find themselves on Bloody Sharks’ turf. Since they are in debt to Ranma, they help her out by sheltering them in a shack near the port. Too bad because of Dr Grimm’s tracer (nobody noticed it still?), Alice is waiting outside. To her dismay, seems Jackal and the organization are also outside. Rella feels she wants to go back to Japan. She believes her father can protect Dr Grimm. I think she should have known better not to take a walk by herself (she needs to sort out her feelings since she swore never to return there). That’s because those organization dudes start attacking her. Don’t worry, with such bad shots they are, Rella can be as slow as snail and not get hit. However she realizes it’s midnight and needs to tell Ranma. Oops. Too late. Ranma is caught in the midst of the fire and despite confused, makes a run for it. He bumps into Jackal whom he doesn’t recognize. But Jackal thinks he’s playing dumb since his partner has caused them lots of trouble. Since he’s got Dr Grimm, he doesn’t need him anymore and shoots him. Wait? Just a shot in his shoulder? Though Ranma falls into the water, what are the chances he’ll survive that?

Episode 13
Dr Grimm is taken back to Neverland Group’s headquarters where he meets the boss and founder, Mr Hook. Now that he has the professor, he’s going to make him work his research. As expected, Ranma couldn’t be a goner because Alice dives in to save him. But why the heck is she naked?! And can a mere mouth ‘kiss’ give him enough oxygen? By the time Ranma wakes up, he is back in Rella’s mansion (because Dorothy’s around) and Alice by his side. Alice doesn’t reveal why she rescued him but now that Dr Grimm is kidnapped, Ranma won’t have it their way because he has just found a way to revert his body back to normal. Alice explains Neverland Group’s headquarters disguised as a floating island. Something mind boggling here. If the base is further hidden as a dense jungle, wouldn’t it be a dead giveaway since the island is well, floating? Duh! Anyway the place is a high-tech research and facilities centre and with an extremely tight security, not even the bug can escape its security robots. Yes, no flies. Because they’re all zapped dead as unrecognizable personnel. Wow. General sees Hook about the uproar in Parliament but Hook isn’t pushing the panic button yet. He takes General to see Dr Grimm forced to do his research because if he doesn’t he will start killing his former research team members. Man, he has the entire list!

Alice returns to the base and the only way for Rella to sneak in is via underwater. Didn’t they put any security there? I mean, there are lots of sharks but the funny part is the sharks couldn’t best Rella! Look, Rella may have Dorothy’s gadgets but the water is supposed to be their domain, right? It’s like as though they were drugged… Anyhow Rella sneaks in, plants some bombs and soon she is spotted and the security goes on alert to find her. Suddenly 5 simultaneous explosions rock the place. This draws Hook out of his room to go investigate while Rella sneaks in and did something with his computer. Rella leaves but is confronted with a security robot. It was going to shoot her but it strikes midnight and she changes into Ranma. Because of the gender switch, the robot gets confused and gets an error! WTF?! Because of this, Ranma lives. What kind of high-tech robot is this to get a simple error just because somebody changed its body?! Hook realizes the miniscule damages are just a distraction. Rushing back to his room, he is surprised to see Ranma on video sneaking around (since Jackal told him he was killed). No worries. Hook sends Peter to greet him. I thought Peter looked like a cross between a Mexican luchadores and Batman’s Bane… Normal bullets won’t hurt this big guy so how? Run! But Ranma manages to knock that monster out temporarily. He shoots the pipe and whatever gas knocks him out. That easy? Hook gets a call from General saying that he uploaded his organization’s video about bringing chaos to the world (clips of that rampage throughout Kirin Town). Of course Hook doesn’t know what he’s talking about but General says the video that was sent to world leaders was uploaded from his computer (Rella’s doing). Now that the world views Neverland Group as terrorists, nations are going to attack it tomorrow morning so General giving his last advice as friend tells him to run because he too will be participating in the attack. Some friend. Hook isn’t going to lose yet. He sets the island on self-destruction mode and vows to rebuild everything from scratch. Really? He has got that much time and money? Ranma manages to find Dr Grimm and takes him along but bumps into Peter along the way.

Soon the island starts collapsing (killing Jackal in the process) and as Hook makes his escape to the rooftop, Alice points a gun at him. She won’t have him exploit Dr Grimm for himself. Hook couldn’t care less about that professor now when Peter shows up. Hook orders him to kill Alice but she’s looking pretty confident. To Hook’s surprise, Peter bashes him. Peter then rips himself apart and we see Ranma and Dr Grimm inside the body! So that replica is just a special rubber foam? Where the heck did they get that to look like the real deal? What happened to the real Peter anyway? He was killed by the security robots since it didn’t recognize that secret creation. So lasers can do the work but not bullets? But scheming Alice isn’t ending this yet. She points the gun at Dr Grimm and threatens to kill him now if he doesn’t hand over his research. She has been waiting for a chance like this to outdo the organization. After proving that the gender switch can cause confusion in an enemy’s security system, she will fuse it with any country’s top post personnel and bring a nation under her control. Dr Grimm agrees to go with her but she is not that trusting. No choice, he hands over the mini disc so she lets them live while she flies away in the helicopter. Dr Grimm is not fazed on what he lost since that disc only contains photo of Toto (whoever that is). Since leaving his research would bring conflict, all his findings are in his head! The building is really collapsing and the guys hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Thankfully Dorothy arrives in time with her mini helicopter (at least it looks reasonable than the first one) to take them away from the sinking island. Back at Kirin Town, Ranma gets double crossed again since Dr Grimm steals the helicopter and escapes. He is going back on his promise to return them to their normal bodies. As his precious masterpiece, he won’t undo his work. Next day back at his office (open air concept in the alley?), Ranma gets an earful by Rella. Good thing about this is that he doesn’t have to listen to her video rant, right? Yeah, he goes take off for another job: To find somebody’s lost pet. But I guess he didn’t hear the part whereby Rella wants him to find Dr Grimm quickly so that once their bodies return to normal, she’ll go out on a date with him. Serious? Not pulling a fast one, isn’t she?

And They Lived Happily Ever After Together… In The Same Body!
Except for the happy part of course! So what the heck is this ending? Feels so unsatisfying. And I thought in the end there would be a way for them to get separated in the end but they remained in the same body. Whose body was it in the first place? Did the professor use Ranma or Rella’s body? Or did he use someone else since after the horrifying crash, their bodies should have been badly burnt, right? Thus the inconvenience for the detective partners continues. Making their appearance only every alternate day and ironically getting a rude wake-up call at the stroke of midnight. That isn’t the only thing left resolved in the end. What happens to Alice after that? Now that her true colours have been finally revealed in the end, she took the fake data and flew off to wherever she may go. I could imagine the face she’ll put up once she realizes she’s been hoodwinked by the old scientist. Beaten at her own game, eh? Now that Dr Grimm has pulled the carpet off everyone’s feet once more, it’ll be tough to find him again. I mean, he was masquerading as a wandering artist and nobody in town recognized him. Or maybe people just don’t care. Besides, what’s the use of an organization boasting high technology facilities when you can’t even find an old geezer? What happened to Son? So I suppose he’s just the big bad boss of the underground world. I thought we would see Ranma facing him off in the end but his nose wasn’t seen anywhere near the end. No connection with Dr Grimm and the final arc so no presence, eh?

Besides Alice whom you’ll never know what she is thinking due to her mystifying ways of doing things, the other characters are one dimensional and are basically predictable. Ranma, the poor good detective trying to make a decent living as a detective. No job is too small as long as you pay. But he isn’t totally an angel since he’s got himself dirty a few times over. Partly due to his job and that’s what you necessary need if you’re going to survive Kirin Town. For a detective to be afraid of heights, I guess it’s good in a way since he won’t be able to ride his high horse and his feet will be more firmly to the ground. Hehe… Rella, the rich, beautiful woman who seeks thrill in her life. Maybe it is something that money cannot buy. Not to be mistaken as a dumb blonde because she’s quite smart and resourceful if she gets down to it. However her huge appetite is quite worrying (and amusing). The way she devours food like there is no tomorrow is definitely contributing to world hunger and food shortage, don’t you think? She could be on par with One Piece’s Luffy. Dorothy isn’t to be taken lightly and despite an old lady, her brains are still functioning perfectly with all those crazy gadget inventions and her body is fit like a young adult. Don’t let that thick nerdy glasses fool you. Alamis? Ever since that decoy escape, that’s the last we ever heard from that “My Angel” doofus. It’s unlikely he’ll give up chasing after Rella. Unless some other pretty angel walks into his life. Looks like Wendy got to try harder if she wants to win the heart of her darling. It’s going to be tough since Ranma will always have the other woman (Rella) in between. Haha! Kantarou? Well, that guy’s in Japan so I don’t think he’d have some bearings in Kirin Town. Ever wondered Pinocchio and Tinker Bell’s true identity? Not even all the money in the world would buy you that information.

The biggest gripe that I have about this show is the action sequences. If I had to put it in a word, it would be ‘silly’. As you would have known if you have been diligently reading my blog on this series, episode after episode the bad guys can never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever and forever shoot straight or hit their target! At first it was funny but it became such as running gag that it got annoying. And when they are firing the machine gun, there is no recoil whatsoever to show the impact. So much so it’s like they’re just firing a paper gun, posing just for show! Even if you let them practice third person shooter games, I bet they’ll never shoot down their first enemy in a hundred years. Cheat code of unlimited ammunition and all-weapons-available activated too. Give them a bazooka or heck, a missile warhead and they can just miraculously miss the heroes. Or are they just lucky? So lucky that all the good guys need is just to fire one shot at them and the clone goons will go down. I know they’re trying to tell us quality is better than quantity but this is too much. If there is another word to describe the action, then it would be ‘unrealistic’. Crocodile bites leg of a guy and no serious injury befall on him? His leg didn’t even get bitten off! Girl swims among the dangerous shark infested waters and comes out tops. Injured man drops heavy object to pin bad guys down and save the day. Fight on speeding train’s rooftop did not cause any commuters to panic despite assassins out for a certain detective’s ass. Creating a workable flying contraption in just minutes. Security robots are stupid enough to get an error when people transform. I mean they scan the bones and eye retina so if it’s not in your database, then that person is an intruder lah! So why get an error? Does this mean if I am a clothes changing artist, I can escape this trick too? You get the idea. The other odd thing is that though they try to project Kirin Town as a slightly futuristic city, I thought it looked a little odd when the cars don’t have wheels and are floating. It feels like the wheels are invisible.

Another mind boggling thing is Dr Grimm’s Personality Fusion Theory. While it seems like a noble and great idea to reduce the issue of starvation, but think about this if he ever decides to put all the humans into just one body. I know, first you may think the body will explode since it can’t possibly fit everybody physically. But here’s the real issue. Seeing that humans have already reached 7 billion to date, even if this theory works and everybody is being put into a single body, how the heck are jobs and works are going to be done? I mean, that guy may be a farmer so if it is not his turn, who else is going to plant the food? Then this guy may be a construction worker so if he is not out, who else is going to construct the buildings? I know too many cooks spoil the broth but like they say, many hands make light work. So having one human means it will take forever just to complete a job. And you only have 24 hours to do so. Then there’s the case of sharing the same body between good citizens and criminals. You wouldn’t want that, do you? But the biggest issue if this theory came true is how long will you wait before it is your turn for just a meagre 24 hours? So this means you have to wait 7 billion times or 7 billion days just to come full circle! How old will you be then? Wow. That will be like 20 million years old! Will you still be alive? Yeah, feels like the dinosaur age just came and went in a blink of an eye. Considering that Ranma and Rella have no memories when they are in hibernation, does this mean time for them has stopped too? In the sense they don’t age when they are in sleeping mode? But if their stomach remains the same that means their body will still age, right? Too many loopholes and issues in this theory that’s why I say it won’t work. Besides, how do you undo the fusion? Do you need the original body or can you use another body? So does this mean this is like transfer of souls into different bodies is possible? Argh! Thinking too much is making me have a split headache. At least I don’t split my personality ;p.

Now here is another point to think about. If Ranma and Rella switch bodies at midnight, what defines and constitute midnight? What happens when the clock is a minute slow or fast? Will that affect their transformation? Although it should be implied that the internal biological clock will make the automatic switch by the next 24 hours, the reason why I’m bringing this up is because of Ranma and Rella’s travel to Japan. That means a different country a different time zone, right? And I am assuming that Kirin Town isn’t exactly in Japan because of the American-like city theme (with some typical China Towns in it). When they were in Japan, their transformation again happened at midnight. Shouldn’t they be switching bodies several hours later? Of course unless you assume that Japan and Kirin Town are in the same longitude. I doubt it since how many countries share the GMT +9 time zone with Japan. Korea? Indonesia? Some Pacific islands? I didn’t mention Kirin Town’s GMT time zone since we don’t really know where this fictional city is. Of course like I said, one would very much assume it is located in USA. So yeah, my theory is because we always see Kirin Tower clock as the reference each time it strikes midnight for their transformation, I bet if somebody stops time, the transformation will stop or if you delay the time, either Ranma or Rella will stay longer in their current state. Don’t you think it’s a good theory to test?

Though this show being a year 2003 production and thus the art and drawing are of that era, I can’t help notice how the characters have this close resemblance to the anime series Lupin III. Especially Ranma. This detective looks like that gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin III. I haven’t seen this old series but that world’s most wanted thief is famous enough for a person like me to at least heard of and know how he looks like. Then Rella also has this uncanny looks to Lupin III’s Fujiko Mine. Just dye the latter’s hair brunette. Then as I found out, both series were created from the same manga author, Monkey Punch. I guess that answers a lot of curious questions. Oh, I thought I should mention this trivial thingy too. The style of the drawing makes baddies look like typical villains. You can tell this guy is a mafia or some big bad boss just by looking at his weasel or vile face. Heck, everybody in town is so bad that everybody qualifies to be a criminal. The opening theme is the same title as this series and is sung by DOMINO88. Sounds like old school pop and it’s about the adventures of Cinderella Boy in Kirin Town. Well, not really fairytale material if I should say. The ending piece by TAKAKO is entitled Out Of Eden and sounds like a sultry R&B.

The next time anybody has got any brilliant ideas about sharing bodies to reduce world population, I think I would tell them straight that it is the same as putting you in a prison without walls. True that the increasing population is causing a heavy strain on the world’s food resources but this theory will only prove to be more troublesome than effective as I have already argued. Sure, it’s fun at first to confuse your enemies but once they know the trick, you can’t use it anymore and it will become a liability. How would you like it to be sharing the same body with your eternal enemy? Yeah, you can’t even pick a fight! Would you love the idea of sharing the same body with your lover? Hell, you can’t even have sex! Oops! And if there are still believers of this theory, I don’t want to volunteer or participate in it because I’ll be losing precious time missing my favourite animes. And you know what kind of animes they only show at midnight, right? Before it gets to the good part, I’d lose consciousness and the other person isn’t really going to be amused with my midnight tryst… Not so happy ever after, eh?

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