Code: Breaker

June 15, 2013

Have you ever felt times that the law wasn’t sufficient to deal the perpetrators justice? Have you ever felt that sometimes you want the culprits to get their deserved justice that you pray that they die a horrible death? Yes. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. It’s like fighting fire with fire so sometimes it is necessary to fight evil with evil. And since many of us ordinary people lack the power to do just that, that is why all around there are secret vigilante groups bringing in justice from the shadows. They don’t give a damn about the law and will bring swift and rightful justice to all those who have done wrong. Sounds like a lot of escapism fantasy story, eh? Yeah well, we have lots of them in today’s TV, movies, comics and video games. Code: Breaker is one of these. They are a group of secret people with supernatural powers that go round dispensing evil that the law is unable to do so. An ordinary girl somewhat gets involved with them and learns more about the truth about these Code: Breakers as well as the dark and hidden truth about its operation. Hey, they are vigilante groups. Nobody ever said they were angels sent by God, right?

Episode 1
Sakura Sakurakouji is on her way home by bus when she sees several people at the park being burnt to death by blue flames. Being the responsible citizen she is, she gets a police officer to the site. However there are no traces of any burn marks on the ground. Is she dreaming? At school, Sakura is quite a popular girl, admire by both sides of the gender. Last night’s incident is still bugging her and before everything could sink in, the guy whom she saw burning at the park, Rei Ogami becomes her classmate as a new transfer student. Funny isn’t it, life? I guess she can’t hold it in and asks Ogami to meet her. Rumours spread throughout school that she is going to confess! So as all the busybodies try to eavesdrop, Sakura questions Ogami about last night but it seems he doesn’t know anything. He takes off his glove and there is no burn scars as she suspected. The glove is a reminder for him never to hurt others again because he hurt someone with this hand a long time ago. Sakura feels embarrassed but Ogami walks away coolly, hoping they could become friends. Sakura’s friend, Aoba Takatsu thought she got rejected and again the rumours spread. All her fan boys become enraged and Ogami earns their wrath as public enemy number one. Sakura continues to observe Ogami but it feels like she’s stalking him. Thinking he will return to the crime scene, Sakura waits at the park and fails to befriend a stray dog. Ogami shows up and surprises her by easily befriending it. He learns that its owner, a homeless person was killed by a ruthless crime syndicate called G-Falcon. They have a tattoo all over their body and commit crimes whenever they like. The police turn a blind eye to them and nobody can punish them. It’s not that she wants to become a vigilante, she feels sorry for the homeless man who died the same way he lived: Nobody noticed him (but she did, right?). Ogami tells her he won’t forget, no matter what happens and believes in the eye for an eye justice. She thought he was referring the Code of Hammurabi and they both ease up.

At school, Sakura learns Ogami’s part time job is taking out the trash. Well, at least that’s how he puts it. Speaking of which, he gets a call from his employer now. Guess which ‘trash’ he is supposed to eliminate? Sakura. As Sakura tries to befriend the dog, she hears a scream of a homeless guy. He is being beaten up by G-Falcon members. I guess calling the police won’t help. They want information seeing that their buddies went missing a couple of nights ago at this park. Sakura then realized what she saw was true. The thugs sense she knows something and surround her. But she won’t spill anything so they fight her. Isn’t it shameful? A group of guys losing to a girl armed with only her aikido? Of course they play cheat and zap her with a taser. The dog jumps to her defence but was beaten up badly. Now it’s Sakura’s turn to jump to its defence. The result? She got beaten up further and they’re on the verge of killing her. That’s when Ogami pops up. He analyzes the dog’s remaining life and then strangles it to death! I guess that will ease its suffering… Then he metes out his punishment by burning one of the thugs with his blue flame. I guess this confirms it. The rest of the G-Falcon guys think they can defeat this guy. How wrong. They all got burnt. Not a single trace. Ogami then approaches Sakura and starts to burn her!

Episode 2
Sakura wakes up in her own bed. Did everything happen last night a dream? Her parents found her lying outside the house and are happy that she’s fine (they look young enough to be her siblings!). Sakura asks about punishing evildoers but father says it isn’t right even for revenge. At school, Sakura continues to ponder about last night being burnt. At class, there’s that Ogami devil sitting nicely in his place. Ogami butts into Sakura and Aoba’s conversation. Sakura panics when he puts his hand on Aoba’s shoulder. Thinking he will burn her, she comes between them. Everybody thought a love triangle is going on. Sakura wants him to tell the truth about last night but he feigns he doesn’t know. Sakura realizes he is trying to shut her up because if she does tell, he’ll burn everyone. Sakura tries to keep her distance with Aoba, fearing Ogami will burn her. But Aoba takes it the wrong way and thinks she is avoiding her because she likes Ogami. Once again, Sakura confronts Ogami to tell him to come with her after school. Round 2 of misunderstanding. After school date… Sakura hopes Aoba can wait because once it’s over, she’ll explain everything. Yuuki Tenpouin must have saved every Nyanmaru cat plushie from the crane game. He doesn’t want to take them home and gives it to the storekeeper. He asks what colour he likes if he was going to burn. For Yuuki, he likes blue since it’s the most beautiful. Later Yuuki glomps on a cat mascot who is tailing him. Turns out to be his employer who sends him the picture of his next target.

Sakura takes Ogami to a crowded street so that he can’t make his move. Asking him straight, Ogami didn’t bat an eyelid to confess he did those killings. Because it is his job to take out trash. Useless vermin. So does it give him the right to kill? Yes, because he is evil. Sakura thinks he should turn himself to the police to atone for his sins but he starts laughing like a maniac. Sakura is worried he doesn’t understand the magnitude of what he has done. Still, she wants him to turn himself in and let the law judge in. Unfortunately that isn’t possible. As laws exist to judge a person, he is not a person so the law cannot judge him Even if this means burning down everyone here now. Ogami takes off his glove and prepares to burn Sakura. Luckily she swings her bag so that is the only thing that got burnt. She tries to run away but he caught her hand. Sakura thinks she’s done for this time but Ogami withdraws. Then he messes with her face. WTF. Seems he wants to observe and not kill her. He adds that his wish is the same as hers. Wanting useless vermin to get a taste of their own medicine. Killing those who deserve who die. He is the evil who judges evil that the law cannot. He is that does not exist, Code: Breaker. Asking if there is anybody she wants dead, all she needs to do is to say their name. Sakura becomes terrified and says he can’t do that no matter what (flashback of something horrible). Sakura allows him to observe her. In exchange, she’ll also observe him so that he won’t kill others. Ogami warns her if she tells a single soul about him, he’ll not only kill her but all those she told and those around them. To show how serious he is, he shatters the glasses to send the crowd into panic. Back home, Sakura’s thought are heavy on the kind of eyes Ogami had when he kills. Ogami gets a call from his employer about Sakura. He decided not to dispose her because she is a rare specimen. The kind that won’t burn. Elsewhere Yuuki confronts his target, Hitomi who is fresh off in disposing an SP. So he wants to destroy the world? Yeah, whatever. A big power fight is coming up.

Episode 3
Yuuki’s fiery sonar power is stopped by the ice powers of Yukihina. Hitomi disappears along with him and Yuuki wonders if he is planning a massacre. I guess if Sakura and Ogami are going to keep watch on each other, it means walking to school together, right? How do they look in the eyes of the public. Especially Aoba who is already misinterpreting the entire situation. It’s worse when Sakura isn’t really clear in her words. But Ogami will have to face the wrath of a jealous fan boy. Hands off her! Sakura thought Ogami might burn him so she quickly steps in to disarm him. She makes her stand that nobody is to touch Ogami. If anybody wants to fight, they should fight her. All the fan girls: So cool!!! All the fan boys: Sh*t! NOOO!!! Later Sakura takes Ogami around school. Her friend, Nenene Fujiwara has a penchant of giving names for Sakura’s twin peaks. Since Ogami sort of agrees with her, Nenene considers him her friend. She decides to let in a little secret and takes off her glasses. She has different set of eye colours. This causes Ogami to grab her head. Once he calms down, he apologizes for mistaking her for someone he knew. After school, Ogami gets a call from his employer for another job. Sakura comes by and notices in his basket is a puppy belonging to that stray dog. She feels guilty. Had she been stronger, its mother would not have died protecting her. Sakura follows Ogami to what she thought is where he lives. Turns out to be a yakuza office! They’re in the midst of some dealings. So he is here to take out the trash? Sakura points out the police are already here so he doesn’t need to be a hero. He points out, the police in this room are on the take. Ogami gets straight to the point he is here to kill them. Though the yakuza members don’t take him seriously, their boss Nitta wants to hear him out. He even invites Ogami to work for him since it is easy money and that they are short of manpower since he took out the G-Falcon guys. He shows him bottles of drugs and an addict. To ensure ‘repeat customers’, all Ogami needs to do is to kidnap his family via persuasion. And with the police on their side, he doesn’t need to be worried of getting caught.

Sakura chides them for the despicable thing they are doing but they all laugh at her. They are going to kill her but that’s when Ogami starts his burning spree. There is no need to waste time to reason with these fools. Once everyone is burnt to a crisp, Sakura is mad that he shouldn’t have killed them because there are other ways. What other way? If he hadn’t killed them, the number of victims will keep growing. Besides, Sakura’s words fell on deaf ears. What else more is there to say? In the next room, another drug victim lies around like a zombie. Sakura wants to help her but she feels so useless that she prefers to die. Ogami grabs her neck and is going to strangle her. Then she reverses her decision and wants to live. Ogami ticks her off for being spoilt. She should crawl and suffer through life and shouldn’t act spoilt if she wants to life. Even after all that if she still wants to die, then find him. He’ll definitely kill her. Sakura then hugs him. Can he feel this warmth? She can feel his. She knows he is fighting for his own reasons. That’s why she will also fight and won’t give up till her words reach through him. Unfortunately he doesn’t understand people nor does he care if they understand him. He knocks her out. Ogami then knocks on the car window of the police chief Takata who is waiting for his cronies. When he mentions he has killed them, Takata immediately recognizes him as a Code: Breaker and flees. He calls Hitomi for help but he doesn’t give a sh*t. Ogami catches up and is about the burn him but Toki Fujiwara drops in and uses his magnetic field powers to kill Takata.

Episode 4
Ogami is before some council. They note he was appointed as the sixth and final Code: Breaker and are impressed with his timely manner on how he carried out his duties. They want him to eliminate some politician but all Ogami is interested if he has anything to do with Hitomi. They say it’s his job to find out. Ogami burns them and despite just being robots, he doesn’t like it when someone orders him around without showing their faces. He asserts he takes up the jobs he wants. He is not their lackey. Just a part timer. Sakura finds herself sleeping outside her house again. She lies to her parents that she has joined the outdoor club and this is part of her training. Though they support her, they know she is lying. Because of that silly looks she pulls. And they know she’s doing it for the good of somebody’s sake. When Sakura leaves, she sees Toki waiting for her. Do those different coloured eyes look familiar? Toki is here as Ogami’s replacement since he screwed up. Noting that they are friends, Sakura hopes he could tell Ogami to stop killing people. Toki is getting too close to Sakura when Ogami butts in. He tells Sakura not to listen to a word this liar says. Of course guys with egos like these means they are going to let their fist do the talking. What do you know? All it took is a woman to stop their power fight. And her grasp is much more painful than their element. On the way to school, Sakura questions Ogami about what they talked earlier on. Something about ‘work’ and Lost form. He didn’t reveal anything. Sakura sees Toki waltzing into school so she had to excuse herself from class to go confront him. Even the teacher is suspicious of this kid from another school. Seems he is here to check out this school and they can call his school if they don’t believe him. Sakura sees his school emblem and realizes it is a top school for the rich in Japan. She’s fascinated. And so Toki sits in Sakura’s class. Another hottie for the girls to fawn over.

Sakura wants to have lunch with the guys and talk things over this Code: Breaker thingy but the rest of the class sees it as some love triangle. Sakura hopes Toki can talk Ogami out of killing people because each time he goes do his job, he hurts himself. Toki says all Code: Breakers have their goals. In order to achieve that, they are willing to take on dirty work. Like protecting someone. The mood is ruined when Toki gropes her boobs. Instant beat down! Why is it okay that his sister could do it but not him? Sister? Yes. Nenene. See the similarity? Oh, there she is now, groping her boobs like as though she owns them. She tells her that her brother is here to see her but Nenene says she has no siblings. And with Sakura’s senior, Masaomi Heike is having his tea on the rooftop, the talk is called off. Sakura continues to follow Ogami to his job. She learns Code: Breakers do not exist in this world. Even if they have families, their identities are erased and no one knows of them as long as they are one. Meeting up with Toki, he says that sister thing was a lie but Sakura can tell it is the truth because of what he said earlier. He became a Code: Breaker to protect his sister. The guys begin infiltrating in what looks like a normal residential house. Toki’s magnetic field ability easily disarms the security and bends open the door wide open. But the SPs are waiting for them. He is able to stop their bullets but Sakura distracts him before he could return the bullets to them and kill them. All the SPs suddenly turn into stone and crack. Out comes a couple of weirdoes with weird powers. As noted, this is actually a government facility that researches special abilities. It’s time to rock. Literally.

Episode 5
Suddenly the big baddies run out of power and they retreat inside the building. Worse than Ultraman… Sakura wonders why the government is doing such research and to her surprise, Code: Breaker is also part of the government acting under the Prime Minister’s orders. That’s why politicians and policemen can’t run from them. They stumble into a room filled with children in bed and drops. Seems they are children with special powers that the government has gathered from across Japan for some purpose. In the basement, there is an operating theatre and the chair is filled with blood. The head of this facility, Shigeru Tabata makes his entry and this convinces Sakura that the government has a hand in this because he is part of the Diet. Toki breaks open the wall to see lots of strange foetuses. Seems Tabata has been doing illegal organ harvesting on them. Now our big baddies have returned and all powered up, they quip how they’re saving people because those children are weak and useless and thus harvesting their organs for a greater good. Ogami agrees with them. But are they useful to him? If not, he doesn’t need them. And he doesn’t need their organs either. At least this power fight lasts longer. Sakura notices something odd about their cylinder. The guys try to power up more but finally run out. Then inside those cylinders is a kid each! They criticize them for being weak. The kids hate those guys so much that they want them dead (because they killed their siblings before that) so Ogami and Toki kill those heartless bastards. Sakura is devastated when the kid dies in her arms. Before they die, they are relieved that the baddies are dead and thank them. Now all that’s left is to kill Tabata. Sakura wants Ogami to stop but Toki tells her the reason why heroes are called so is because they kill baddies in the name of justice. Before Ogami could burn Tabata, his daughter Chisa appears.

From the way this happy little kid is talking, Sakura realizes Tabata was harvesting organs all this while to find those compatible with Chisa’s. Tabata says his daughter can’t wait for years for donors and since these children are going to become murderous dogs of the government in the future, might as well stop them now and harvest their organs for good. But does that give him the right to kill others even if it’s just for his daughter’s sake? It still makes him a murderer. Before Ogami can burn him, Sakura punches Tabata. She is upset that he trampled lives of others. He sacrificed people to a point that a kid wished somebody’s death! Then she hugs him. That kid was warm before his body became cold. She believes he was warm too. There’s no good reason for someone who’s alive and well to die. Tabata agrees with her. He decides to become the villain and attacks Ogami the hero. Chisa couldn’t believe daddy is the bad guy going to be burnt by the super hero. Just like that, Ogami burns him. Chisa becomes enraged he killed her father. Despite being a villain, he is still her father. She wants to kill him but lacks the strength and passes out, Ogami tells her to keep living and come and kill him because he won’t forget her. Sakura despite knowing his method feels wrong, feels he acted in a heroic way because he gave her a reason to live by playing the villain. Ogami asserts he is evil and no matter how wrong a person is, once he has killed them, he is no longer a super hero. Tabata’s secretary, Tsuno contacts Hitomi, assuring the research data is safe. Toki confronts him and knows he is the one pulling the strings on the other end. Tsuno pleads for help but it seems he has outlived his usefulness so Hitomi did something that made Tsuno killed himself. The Prime Minister learns of the research facility and his team moves the other children out to another facility. Out of the frying pan into the fire, if I should say.

Episode 6
Tabata’s death has been passed on in the news as a fire. Toki sees the Prime Minister and is disgusted with his special ability research. He thought he wanted to ease the burden on Code: Breakers. He says he is only acting as a father for him. Toki is still angry about Nenene because it was a promise he become his dog to kill evildoers and Nenene will be left alone. Ogami’s Code: Breaker colleague, Rui “Ouji” Hachiouji comes to see him to deliver him a message. Eden is unhappy that he put Sakura in danger by taking her to Tabata’s mansion. His new mission is to protect her. Ouji will do her own investigation on Sakura as to why Eden assigns a bodyguard to a rare species. Noting he has been overworking himself lately, she cautions he might go Lost at this rate. Sakura is relieved that he has some friends within Code: Breaker and should make some friends with his classmates too. Ogami dismisses they are his friends although they share the same goal. And he’s not interested in finding friends. When they enter class, everyone is acting strangely. Like they’re hiding something. Aoba takes Sakura way to the one place where Ogami can’t follow: The girl’s toilet. He is suspicious his cover might be blown. Meanwhile Heike is having tea right in the middle of the corridor and reading aloud his erotic novels (he calls it fine art). He sees Ogami passing by and notes he is in his dead zone. Sakura stops Ogami from entering class. After he forces his way through, the class gives a surprise welcome party. They hope he can get along with them. At the rooftop after Ogami reads all the letter presents from his friends, he is about to burn them but Sakura stops him. He says when people die, objects remain. That’s why he likes the clean them up first. Don’t worry, he has memorized every one of them.

The Prime Minister receives report that the number of missing agents has risen to 43. He knows Hitomi is behind this. Speaking of that guy, he has all the missing agents in his placed. All turned to stone. Something about starting a new world. Ogami and Sakura see those missing agents forcing themselves into their school. Ogami burns them and it seems they are already dead. These corpses are being controlled by somebody else. He knows only Hitomi is capable of that. However Ogami starts to grow weak. They are saved by an SP lady. Hey! Isn’t that their teacher, Miyuki Kanda? She’s part of this too? Some of the agents are heading deep into school and they need to evacuate their unsuspecting classmates. Ogami wants Kanda to protect Sakura while he stops the rest. Ogawa has run out of juice when Yuuki comes to his rescue in the speed of sound and knock them away with his sonar power. Now it’s Heike’s turn to join the fray as he binds the agents in light strings. So I take it. He’s a Code: Breaker too. Why am I not surprised? Once the attack is over, Ogami passes out for real. As Heike points out, he has already become Lost. That is the unavoidable destiny of all Code: Breakers. Looks like Toki too has become one. He has shrunk into a kid!

Episode 7
Thankfully Ogami’s life isn’t in danger. Kanda explains when a Code: Breaker overuses his ability, he becomes Lost, their ability will disappear and cause anomalies in their body. It will take a full day for him to recover. Kanda introduces herself as an agent of Eden and tasked to support Code: Breakers. Sakura learns the pecking order of Code: Breaker and Ogami is at the lowest, 06. That’s why he has special support staff assigned to him. Heike = 02, Yuuki = 03, Toki = 04 and Ouji = 05. Before Sakura could talk who is 01, Kanda changes the topic. Sakura suggests her place to let Ogami rest. I didn’t know she’s the daughter of a famous Japanese yakuza!!! How ironic!!!! Her parents welcome Sakura and her friends and bring them to the guest room where Toki is waiting. He is still a kid. Different Code: Breakers have different Lost form. Sakura’s mom throws them a party. Little Toki gets drunk even on juice (maybe it’s his Lost form) and went too far teasing Heike he has no eyebrows. Punishment time… Because Sakura’s righteousness sounds like Yuuki’s favourite Nyanmaru character, he takes a liking for her. That night, Heike and Toki discuss about Hitomi’s action. It is indeed strange he sent his zombie agents to attack Sakura and Ogami. Something feels wrong. If he wanted to kidnap Sakura, there would have been many other easier ways instead of doing so before Ogami’s eyes. If he had wanted to attack Ogami, he would have concentrated his army on him instead of dividing them. Next morning, Ogami wakes up and is fine. Kanda apologizes for not being able to protect him but he knows those agents were controlled by a special ability by ex-Code: Breaker, Hitomi. Oh, he is 01 by the way. Ouji gets orders from headquarters to head to Sakura’s place. She feels odd because there are many Code: Breakers there. It’s like gathering them all.

Sakura’s dad notices Ogami admiring a katana blade so he lends it to him. He can tell from Ogami’s eyes that he has killed many. He too once walked that path. He has lost the fear of taking lives and this means he also lost interest in life. However if something happens to Sakura, he’ll make sure he’ll pay dearly for it. A lightning bolt strikes the house. Hitomi is kidnapping Sakura. Yuuki certainly couldn’t hold him back so what makes Ogami think he can with this katana? Well, looks like he has unfinished business with him. Heike and Ouji manage to distract and steal Sakura from Hitomi’s grasp. Now the entire line-up of Code: Breakers are here. Ogami wants to know why Hitomi turned evil. He wants revenge against Eden. If that’s the case, he’ll cut him down. Hitomi says he is still a dog of Eden. He doesn’t even need to lift a finger to keep Ogami at bay. Yeah, he seems to have a pretty hard time getting near him. Not even Ogami-Toki combo could work. Ouji and Heike steps in. They’re not going to let him have the rare species. Hitomi shows why he was worthy of his 01 code as he creates the largest electric ball and fires at them. Sakura jumps to their defence and surprises everyone by absorbing it. How did she do that? Wasn’t that shocking? (Pun intended). Did she know what she was doing? After seeing something so interesting, Hitomi decides to give up on her for today. After all, there is no reason for him to fight them anymore because the outcome was decided when all the Code: Breakers were gathered here. This is just a distraction as Yukihina has frozen all the agents and kidnapped the Prime Minister. On a side note, Yuuki turns into a cat in his Lost form! Cute?

Episode 8
Toki isn’t so interested in saving the Prime Minister who is his father and leaves. As they plan their next move, Sakura announces she is fine despite taking in all that current. Ogami didn’t like how reckless she was because she could’ve died and her reason she jumped in like that was because she doesn’t want to see anyone die anymore. Sakura learns a little more about Hitomi, the ex-Code: Breaker who went missing 3 years ago. If he wanted revenge, he could’ve killed the Prime Minister instead of kidnap him. There must be some other plan. The other Code: Breakers lament Hitomi has changed so much because the old him would never do this. It’s like as though he is a different person. They once respected him as their leader. Toki went to see his sister and that brief moment she recognizes him before reverting back to who-the-hell-are-you. Ogami sees a photo album of Sakura and her parents. Most photos have them entwining their hands. It’s their custom of handshake and to cheer each other up. Noting there are no photos of her as a toddler, she says she was adopted. How’s that for revelation? Later her father fills in Ogami with more details. Sakura was found covered with blood at their doorstep though unharmed. That’s why she becomes extremely sensitive to death. He pleads he can keep her safe. Ouji and Yuuki also had some nostalgic talk. Ouji was the only survivor when her family was killed. She felt guilty each time. Till she met Hitomi and she realized she couldn’t sleep because of being emotional. After that she felt like an idiot each time she broods over her past. Sakura feels guilty for bringing Ogami here and brought harm to her yakuza guys. Well, it sounded like they were talking big. Because no doubt they claim their injuries are sustained, but back then they got their ass whipped so bad that they didn’t stand a chance. The guys feel they are at fault for not being stronger would have felt guiltier if Sakura hadn’t brought back her friend when he’s being chased by baddies. Sakura wants to become stronger and on the spot starts her training. The other Code: Breakers feel nostalgic that this was how it used to be when they gathered around Hitomi. Ouji and Yuuki believe they can bring him back.

With Toki reuniting with the gang, they spread out and search for any clues they can find, including old places where they did their jobs. Anyway it’s all cleaned up without a trace since it is Eden’s job. Kanda is summoned to some of her superiors who are actually the teaching staff. They never told her Sakura is a rare species because she used to be Hitomi’s subordinate and there’s a risk that they might come into contact. Their job was also to keep an eye on her so that she won’t collude with Hitomi. Kanda is upset that they didn’t trust her because she is now Ogami’s subordinate. To prove she is loyal, she is determined to eliminate Hitomi. Ouji meets Heike and she suspects him of something because he has never been careless before. Heike shows his true colours as he prepares to fight Ouji. Suddenly the bridge explodes followed by a building in a distance. Ouji is forced to use her shadow ability to keep it together. Heike says this is where Hitomi’s plan starts and now that it is her cue to exit the scene, he takes her out. Yuuki can only watch in horror. Sakura wanders in the street and chances upon Heike. He brings her to what he calls the Code: Breakers’ secret base. Excited, isn’t she? In the room, there are clocks all over the wall and the Prime Minister is tied up! What is the meaning of this? Heike plans to betray Code: Breakers and join Hitomi. Now that he has brought the rare species to him as offering, he asks Hitomi whom he addresses as Ace, if he could join him now.

Episode 9
The news report the terrorist bombings around the city. Though Hitomi doesn’t reveal his plan to Sakura, he assures he won’t do anything to her since she is a rare breed. He’ll keep her secure her here while the explosions continue. Would you believe? He wants to save Code: Breakers. Kanda and Ogami receive a mysterious mail to pinpoints Hitomi’s location. Hitomi doesn’t trust Heike 100% yet because he was able to sniff out this place easily. Heike credits his information network and since he knows his intention, he doesn’t want Eden to capture him and will assist him. Because he understands his anger and grief more than anyone else. Sakura gets upset to learn Ouji got hurt so Heike pins her down and tells her off that she doesn’t know the feelings of someone who does not exist. Kanda is on the scene first so Hitomi sends Heike to do his first job. Ogami learns from Yuuki that Ouji has been done in. They head to the building only to find Heike waiting for them. Yuuki stalls Heike so that Ogami could go face Hitomi. Kanda is under Hitomi’s control. She tries hard to resist but it’s no use. Ogami is going to burn every bullet she shoots at him till her clip empties. However Hitomi has already instructed her to kill herself once she reaches down to the last bullet. So it’s either Ogami gets a bullet in his head or Kanda. Ogami won’t let that happen because he’ll finish her off with his own hands! Kanda fires, Ogami burns. Now it’s down to the last bullet as she turns the gun on herself. As usual, Sakura can’t let this happen and with the puppy’s help to loosen her ropes, Sakura jumps to the rescue. It’s like she neutralizes everything and frees Kanda from the mind control. So now the reason why he is scheming this. The clocks in this room represent all former Code: Breakers who died while on duty. That is when their time stopped. They dispense evil that the law couldn’t judge and nobody notice them. They don’t even get a tombstone erected. This is the least he could do for them. And all of them were acting under the orders of the Prime Minister.

More explosions will rock the place. This will cause the people to be in fear. This event will climax after more people have died along with the Prime Minister. Once these people living in the fake peace realize from the bottom of their hearts, they want to kill those who brought them this atrocity. It is then a hero will appear and save them and dispense justice. That’s right. Code: Breakers will eliminate the evil. By doing this, Code: Breakers don’t have to die without being unknown. Ogami understands his idea of judging evil in the open. He too doesn’t like Eden and before you can think he is going to jump ship, Ogami refuses Hitomi’s offer because Code: Breakers who judge evil are still killers. There is no need to reward that. Ogami burns all the clocks and tries to drill into Hitomi’s head that he doesn’t understand because he involved innocent people in this. Ironically, he is the one who hated most when innocent people died. Ogami and Hitomi are going to lunge at each other when Yukihina enters the room to tell Hitomi they have no time for this. Ogami can’t burn his ice. Yukihina targets Sakura but luckily Toki makes his late heroic entry. Too bad Hitomi and Yukihina are leaving with the Prime Minister in their hands. Our heroes have to make haste and leave too because this building is fitted with bombs. Sakura is adamant that they should release the Prime Minister and goes after them. Well, it’s a surprise she willingly follows them in their car just to protect the Prime Minister.

Episode 10
When Hitomi was 16 years old, he was appointed as a Code: Breaker 06 by the Prime Minister. Over the years, he diligently took his job seriously and was dedicated. He also saved others and among them included Kanda. He had a dream where a world, children could continue smiling and no one had to suffer. Till one day a fellow Code: Breaker 05 got killed in the line of duty. He is upset he couldn’t do anything and despite his death, Hitomi got promoted to take over his place. On another mission with his fellow Code: Breakers, an ambush killed his entire team and although one baddie got away, the terrorist group got disbanded and the mission was deemed a success, Hitomi becomes distraught that such victory is meaningless if they sacrifice too much. Hitomi observes that one of his colleagues got done in by her own powers rather than the enemy. There are a handful of cases such as this. He wants Heike to investigate how much Eden knows about their powers. Now that Hitomi has been promoted to 01 and the Ace, Hitomi won’t let anyone else die. So the current group of Code: Breaker that we know are all those he rounded up as they go around eliminating evil. Hitomi was the respectable leader he was. He observed Ogami as having incredible talent but thinks he is dangerous as he is too wrapped up in destroying evil. Even in a mission, he went to pursue the baddies instead of rescuing a kid. Luckily that mission ended in success. Hitomi talks to Ogami that although it is Code: Breakers’ job to eliminate evil, it is not all they do because they are to protect others. That’s why they are given special powers. Even if they lose their lives in the midst, he is okay with that as long as someone’s life can be saved. If Hitomi dies first, as long as Ogami remembers him, he will live on in his heart. What if Ogami dies first? He assures that will not happen.

One day, the lone baddie who murdered Hitomi’s ex-colleagues returns. They go into action and Hitomi is obviously out for revenge. The baddie still notes he is a dog for Eden despite having so much power. He offers them to join him and live the life they want with their powers. Of course they refuse because if they turn evil, other Code: Breakers will hunt them down. Hitomi is clearly superior this time and controls the baddie to kill himself. At the end of the day, Hitomi is pleased that everyone did well in their job. If they keep this up, they’ll be the greatest team ever. When Heike returns with information about special powers going berserk, Hitomi becomes upset to learn the interval between an ability user’s Lost form becomes wider and wider in time and when they are unable to go Lost, they will lose control of their ability and die. This is what Eden termed as Code: End has happened many times before. What upsets Hitomi more is that Eden knew about this and kept it a secret from them. What a cruel fate to be dealt with. Hitomi calls Ogami out to meet. Seems like a pretty normal conversation. Ogami hands him their next assignment tomorrow. That’s when Hitomi thought these kids can’t run away from Eden. To tell them the truth would mean delivering their death sentence. He is going to let them live a normal life even if this means going to negotiate with the Prime Minister personally. But he next morning, Ogami learns from the reports that Hitomi has attacked the Prime Minister, killed many of his bodyguards last night. This Hitomi has been stripped of his Code: Breaker title and labelled as a criminal. Ogami felt betrayed that he broke their promise. In present time, Hitomi ties the Prime Minister up the Sky Tower. In his bid to fix this broken world, he announces to the public that in 60 minutes, he will be executed along with 50,000 of the citizens as he has planted bombs all over Japan. Escape is futile.

Episode 11
The series of explosion begins. Yuuki uses his sonar to detect the locations of the bombs across Japan. How is he going to disarm 1,500 bombs???!!! Toki and Kanda soon get a mysterious message revealing the exact bomb locations and of course the Sky Tower where the Prime Minister is held hostage. Yuuki wants to stay behind to disarm as many bombs he can. Ogami is first to arrive inside Sky Tower so Hitomi goes to face him. The usual reminder. What you’re doing is wrong. This isn’t justice. Blah, blah, blah. Not listening? Let’s fight. Well, Ogami is going to cut him down with his katana. I suppose he powered up because the katana doesn’t get burnt by his flames. He also wises up in using the flames as conductor to divert Hitomi’s lightning to the ground. But is it enough to stop him? Sakura has the little puppy bite its ropes. But since they were hung from high above, I guess the puppy can’t reach Sakura. So how? Sakura bites hers! Don’t worry if she’ll mess up her teeth because with the help of the power fight, Sakura is blown free. Once the power fight is over and miraculously both sides have not become Lost yet, Ogami questions why he attacked the Prime Minister that night. What actually happened was Hitomi went to talk to him. He didn’t approve of his request and knowing Hitomi won’t back down, all the SPs surround him. So the attack on the Prime Minister was a lie created by Eden. True, Hitomi had to kill some agents on his escape but that was enough for Eden to label him a fugitive and casted him as a villain.

Hitomi’s request was to have Code: Breakers live normally in society. As this means exposing their existence, the people would probably panic. Eden feared this and thus he was hunted. In order to change Eden, his only choice is to change it from outside although this method may seem cruel. But he’s not doing it for just Code: Breakers. There are many children with special abilities in Japan quarantined. Strong ones grow up to be drafted into Code: Breakers. As long they are confined in that state, they’ll never be free and he wants to save them. Sakura still feels he is wrong to do this. What about the people he protected? He says they weren’t worthy of his protection. He considers those who devote themselves for peace as foolish so it’s unworthy to give up your life to protect such people. What’s so bad about that? Of course Ogami won’t accept this side of his because all those he protected and tried protecting are fools. Toki arrives at the Sky Tower and is faced with Heike who will do all he can to prevent Hitomi from being interrupted. Toki’s motivation to beat him is that he will take over his 02 position if he kills him. Heike has a trick up his sleeves as he uses his light powers to clone himself with equivalent strength. I think Heike got distracted by the puppy that allows Toki to destroy his clones. Meanwhile the yakuza are doing something good for once as they locate the bombs and prevent the public from getting too close to it. Guess what? Not all the police force are bad so they too help to evacuate the people. Yakuza and police working hand in hand? I’d like to see that in real life instead only in times of crisis. But time is ticking down and Yuuki is still doing his best leaping from building to building to disarm the bombs with his sonar waves. Ouji has returned from hell to face off with Yukihina.

Episode 12
Toki arrives first to greet the Prime Minister. However he has thoughts of abandoning him instead of saving him. Ouji is preventing Yukihina from taking the children with special abilities. She vows to save everyone. Including Hitomi. Ogami continues to make Hitomi realize where his old self went. Hitomi ends up telling him as a Code: Breaker he is just a dog of Eden. All those he had killed were under Eden’s orders. Each serving to give them the upper hand. They ignore all sorts of evil and choose to label those who are inconvenient to them. Once more he offers his hand to bring justice to the world together. One more Ogami refuses. Though he knows Eden is evil but Hitomi is evil too because he involved innocent people, killed many to achieve his own goal. Taking those words from his mouth, Ogami will fight till his last to protect those people. I guess all that talk has fallen on deaf ears. Hitomi blasts him away. Ogami now has entered Lost mode. Time is ticking down. Sakura’s father and his gang have found the locating where bomb signals are being sent out from a van. They are surprised to see a couple of young kids with special powers guarding it. Sakura’s father doesn’t want to use force and instead tries to persuade them to give up. Likewise, Sakura does the same for Hitomi. Considering her a pest, Hitomi strangles her knowing his powers won’t work on her. He is going to let Ogami feel the helplessness unable to protect. When the time is up, the final explosion didn’t occur. Seems Yuuki has already destroyed the van. Heike reveals himself as the one transmitting all the information. Defected once more? Just as planned… Yukihina realizes the explosions aren’t happening and wonders if the mission has failed. He enters the room to find it void of the children. Ouji was buying time to relocate them to another location. This was also part of Heike’s plan. She pretended to be killed to fool Hitomi and put a stop to his plan. Yukihina disappears when Yuuki enters the fray.

Hitomi is now upset and lets loose a burst of electricity. He assures he won’t go Lost. There is one reason why he held this ‘final stage’ in the Sky Tower. Because if all else fails, he can detonate the bombs by emitting his electromagnetic waves from this spot. The Prime Minister wants Toki to quit stalling and save him but Toki lets him have a little taste of looking death in the eyes by dangling him on the edge before pulling back. Then he gets cocky. He knows Toki will always be Eden’s dog and won’t have the guts to kill him. Otherwise he would have used Nenene to replace him as a Code: Breaker. That was the deal. Toki kills on Nenene’s behalf to keep her safe. Although frustrated, Toki says he can kill him any time but he won’t to prevent himself from becoming the same as him. Hitomi charges up when the tower is engulfed in dark shadow. Ouji and Yuuki burst into the scene. With everyone bugging Hitomi why he has changed, I guess he has to tell them he missed those days they were working as a team. As long as Eden is in charge of Code: Breakers, their fate to die like dogs and pawns will never change. But to involve innocent people? Hitomi doesn’t consider them innocent at all. The people who continue to live in peace do not know their existence while they fought for peace risking their very lives. They don’t even realize they’re being protected. Kanda still remembers the kindness he did for her. But Hitomi isn’t swayed. Once again, Sakura tries to stop him. Since he didn’t strangle her fast enough, Hitomi realizes his power is gone. Ogami takes off his ring and a very powerful flame discharges. Holy smokes! That ring was like his limiter, no? He is going to burn every evil out of him.

Episode 13
So powerful Ogami flames are that he can even dispel the most powerful electric attacks. Finally Ogami burns Hitomi. Probably he didn’t have the heart to do so after saying all that because Hitomi is still alive. Hitomi realizes he is reaching Code: End and his powers are going berserk. He also realizes his buddies know about Code: End. At least he doesn’t get to die alone. When he first noticed symptoms of Code: End after leaving Eden, he knew he had not much time left. To live and to reform Eden. What can he accomplish in such a short time? Even if his plan is now in shambles, he is going to kill the Prime Minister. Ogami stops him. It descends into a powerless fist fight as Ogami gives him his piece of mind about doing things all by himself but ended up sacrificing many. Hitomi notes that there were agents of Eden everywhere watching not only Kanda but the Code: Breakers as well. Had he contacted them, they would have tried to stop his plan. Then once they get involved, they too would be hunted down. Just like those who are about to die, Hitomi becomes sentimental. He thanks them. He apologizes. Have good things to say about them. Ogami didn’t like how pathetic he has become (I guess he got the most emotional too) because if he dies, he can’t become the champion of justice and it would be like dying in vain. But Hitomi considers everyone here as champions of justice. Because they stand out under the light of the sun, he is sure no one else will die in loneliness. The mood is ruined when the Prime Minister rebuffs it all. He is sure that with such few deaths, this incident will soon be forgotten. Sakura wonders why he couldn’t just listen to Hitomi. After all, he chose him. That’s right. He admits choosing wrongly and hints of choosing a better Code: Breaker next time. That’s when Hitomi snaps and goes berserk. He won’t let him play around with people with special abilities anymore. He is about to kill him when his buddies restrain him. They don’t want him to pile up more evil and to let them handle the rest. Hitomi feels relieved and with his own power going berserk for one last time, Hitomi closes his eyes forever. Ogami reasons that Hitomi has took too many lives and in the end paid with his. Toki gives his own father a punch when he comments the good grief that Hitomi is dead.

In the aftermath, the police got all the credit for handling the situation while the people are relieved the ‘terrorist’ got what he deserved. The Prime Minister brags of the success to Heike. He praises Heike for planning this and making Ogami cornered as much as possible to make him display his true power. Heike isn’t amused and doesn’t consider this a show as he claims. But the true fight now begins because he wonders if Ogami is powerful enough to counter The One Being Sought. His power worked smoothly this time but it isn’t guaranteed it will run wild in the future. He’s not worried since they have the rare species with them as she could easily kill those flames. Noting the plan is going on smoothly because Hitomi was only chosen as a Code: Breaker because of Ogami and Sakura. Pitting Hitomi and Ogami together went well since it was able to draw out the latter’s power. Just as planned… Now he feels ready to stand up against The One Being Sought. You use poison to fight poison. Just when he feels safe that nobody could injure him, a sudden burst of electricity within his body sends him vomiting blood. Don’t worry. He won’t die from that shock. Hitomi’s parting gift? Sakura leaves for school and doesn’t see Ogami but Yuuki instead. All he tells her is that if she ever needs help, don’t hesitate to call him. Later a short meeting with Ouji reveals that it was Yuuki’s way of saying goodbye. Now that things have returned to normal, all Code: Breakers have been reassigned to other areas and this includes Ogami as well. I guess that guy left without saying a word. Maybe he’s not good with goodbyes. Then it’s Toki’s turn. He has information on Ogami that interests her. Sakura passes by the park to see it filled with flowers and the children playing with them. Ogami’s parting gift and tribute to the fallen? Sakura narrates that even if nobody knows about Code: Breakers, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. She knows he does exist in everyone’s heart and is not alone. And as long as everyone in Code: Breakers is around, Hitomi will live on. That’s why nobody is alone.

After all that dark and serious theme, it’s time to let loose some steam. Divided into several segments, the first one starts off with Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you can guess where this is going. Sakura has several missions on this day. Firstly, she is going to prevent Ogami from throwing away all the love letters he receives. How? This means she will PREVENT anybody from giving it to him! So everybody else takes it as a sign she’s overprotective of her ‘boyfriend’. Fan boys: F*ck you Ogami! F*cking lucky bastard!!! Why are they thinking he’s going to eat Sakura? Toki got a sack full of chocolates while Heike receives one from Nenene, in which big brother disapproves of her giving to this pervert. To punish him, Heike is going to make him eat a chocolate sculpture of a naked woman! Kanda meanwhile slips and gives free fanservice to the boys as she tries to make chocolate. In the end, she joins Heike eating his chocolate sculpture. Sakura gives her chocolate (that has her face on it) to Ogami as well as a scroll that conveys his feelings (“KILL!!!!”). Then she becomes pushy and forces him to eat the chocolate! What does this scene look like, especially to those heartbroken fan boys? By the way, the chocolate was made by Sakura’s mom. So why so aggressive wanting him to eat now? Because she remembers he said he hate to leave things behind. So if he eats it now, today will become an unforgettable memory for him. So is he going to eat it now? No way! She’s not giving it up… In the end, the one who receives the most chocolates is… Can you guess… The stray puppy!!! Put you human guys to shame! A month later, Sakura drags Ogami out to the cafe just to discuss what he should give in return to her parents for White Day. Anyway she can’t think on an empty stomach so she orders. Lots of food. Toki invites himself to join them. He suggests Ogami become her butler or host and even mentions about giving his body warmth as present for White Day. Not interested. Heike comes in with candy for Nenene. What is this super see through candy? Big brother no approve! Turns out to be floss candy instead. Ogami decides to treat Sakura to this meal and the rest could understand the implication of this. Meanwhile Sakura’s mom got a bunch of lovely roses but her dad gets loads of chrysanthemum!

Going back in time when Kanda was serving under Hitomi, she goes to see him after finishing his job of zapping baddies. He notices the bracelet she is still wearing. It had a symbol of a little bird and he gave it to her when she was crying over the loss of her parents as consolation. She has treasured it ever since. Heike then arrives to report that Code: Breaker 06 has been killed in action. Hitomi is saddened by his death because he was only 17 years old. He wants to take on more jobs, especially the dangerous ones but Heike doesn’t like the idea to take additional burden because a Code: Breaker’s death is of his own doing. Hitomi wants a replacement and Kanda vows to leave it to her. Speaking of which, Eden has just given orders to Kanda to be in charge of the new 06. Hitomi realizes she has matured and displays an electric bird as symbol that ‘she has left the nest’. She wanted to confess something but Hitomi stops her and advises never to have feelings for a Code: Breaker because they’ll end up leaving her. Then he falls asleep (his Lost form). And so Kanda recruits Ogami as the new 06 and vows to pass Hitomi’s wisdom and beliefs to her new master. The final segment is a short TV episode of Nyanmaru. We see Nyanmaru having a tough time against the baddie duo of Time and Lime. So some goddess, Tengyou appears from the sky to give Nyanmaru the green light to use his Great Nyanmaru Punch. After all that dramatic power up, all we see is Nyanmaru singing and dancing a children’s song! It lasts for over a minute when suddenly Nyanmaru punches!!! What the hell is with that sudden song end? Is it a wonder why the punch is so stamina draining? Yeah, so the baddies after all that big talk finally decides to resort to fleeing. Maybe next time. And so, once more peace is upheld thanks to Nyanmaru! On a side note, the duo asks if he has a shorter punch. Yes he does. It’s called Nyannyan Nyanmaru Punch (what a long name…). He is going to demonstrate it. Well… Just after into the first sentence of that children’s song, Nyanmaru suddenly punches! Definitely very much shorter time taken.

One Bad Deed Deserves Another…
Meh. That’s how I felt when the series ended. Not to say that this series sucks but there are lots to be desired from. At least from my perspective. Browsing briefly from Wikipedia, I saw the other characters and numerous Code divisions and other types of rare species. So you can say that what happened in this TV series was just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. Probably if they feel like making a sequel anyway since there is quite a potential. From what I can see this season, after Sakura gets introduced to the world of Code: Breakers and their operation, the story arc quickly focuses to that of tracking down Hitomi as a terrorist and taking him out. Then when it ‘suddenly ends’ in the sense that Ogami suddenly leaves and didn’t say a word or two about goodbye, doesn’t it just feels hanging? I mean, mission over, time to move on to the next. Not even a word and there you have it, Ogami’s vanishing act. So can he suddenly just leave Sakura and his classmates just when they are about to get close and warm to him? I don’t see anybody getting worried and I’m hoping it is not implied that they got brainwashed by Eden or something.

Sakura may start off as the main protagonist. However I feel that as soon as the storyline moves to that on focusing on Hitomi, she became very much a secondary character. Sometimes it feels like she is just tagging along for the sake so that we don’t forget who she is. Of course there are moments when her appearance does make an impact but it still boils down to that feel that of a secondary character. I mean, what can an ordinary high school girl do? Of course, she is no ordinary girl because she is deemed a rare species. Although it is not mentioned in the anime, by the way her special ability works, one could have guessed that she is a rare breed because of her nullification powers. Yup, she cancels out the powers of other Code: Breakers. That’s why she cannot be burnt. That’s why she cannot be zapped. Nothing happens to her. Therefore it may be a hint that she is also one of those children with special abilities (that short flashback in one of the early episodes if you recall). Otherwise, how do you explain she was left at the doorstep and covered with blood? And those ‘dead eyes’ she had then was pretty much similar displayed by other special ability children. Sakura has a strong sense of justice but sometimes it is sad that the way the world and society operates, any other normal people would have been easily put down and turn a blind eye. So how strong can Sakura stay true to her principles and beliefs? Let’s hope always. An amusing thing about Sakura is that she may be dense when it comes to trying to express herself in public. Right till the end, she doesn’t seem to realize that her actions in trying to shield Ogami makes everyone think that she is in love with him and very protective of him. I guess nobody is perfect. Perhaps this is the comic relief of the series. So for those hoping for some romance brewing between them would be sorely disappointed. There is none. Never going to be any. The fan boys are just driving themselves crazy. Blame yourself for not being as cool as Ogami. Speaking of the stray puppy that always follows her ever since, to me I thought it felt like excess baggage. You know, it is just following Sakura here and there and at points I’m sure it tried to be helpful but how powerful can a puppy’s bite be? Thus it is something that follows Sakura around like her shadow but doesn’t do anything that leaves any great impact. Maybe this is the series’ mascot. Nyanmaru? For those who are cat lovers, maybe.

Each of the Code: Breakers have their own past and goals to achieve, the reason why they stay pretty much in this business. For Ogami, it was a little ironic that at first he started out as someone who is calm and cool but then when Hitomi gets into the picture, he shows more emotions than anyone else. Like I said, nobody is perfect. They may be possessing super powers but they are still human beings. Indeed it is sad that he was unable to reform Hitomi in the end but at least he knows the truth. All Hitomi wanted was recognition. How would you feel if all the hard work you put in goes unrecognized? There could have been other ways but will it be effective? What would you have done if you were in his shoes? The other Code: Breakers are quiet okay. Toki serves to balance up the interactions with Ogami with his livelier personality. What’s the use of having good looks when you don’t take advantage of it? You’ll never know what goes on in Heike’s mind even if he displays his perverted fetish of erotic books. His goal has always been for the benefit of Code: Breakers so it won’t be so appropriate to label is defection as something to suit his own goal. Kansai-ben Yuuki acts and talks stiff but his heart isn’t because he’ll protect his friends and what he treasures most. I don’t know what else to say about Ouji to round up the gang of Code: Breakers. Nothing really that stands out (not referring to her flat chest lah – the reason why many had problems wondering if Ouji is a man or woman) and shares the same bond with the other Code: Breakers. Then there is the mysterious Yukihina. Who is he? What is he? What is his goal? What temporary alliance did he have with Hitomi? Now that he is gone, I’m sure this isn’t the end of Yukihina yet. With the short appearance of The One Being Sought, it goes to show that everything isn’t over yet by a long shot and the small puzzle pieces are gradually falling into place into the big picture.

The main theme of this series is of course justice and evil. However as from what we can see, how much justice is considered justice? How evil is considered evil? From Code: Breakers to the typical villains and ordinary citizens on the street, all of us have different perceptions of beliefs on what constitutes justice. So to say what someone is doing is called justice won’t be 100% accurate. Some will say that what the Code: Breakers are doing to weed out evil is justice by meting out punishment via eye for an eye. But to some (like Sakura), can you see it is also in a way wrong? Even though it is true that in your quest for revenge or justice, an eye for an eye is justified. But remember, two wrongs don’t really make a right. You can’t take a life no matter how rotten a person is and how much he deserves to die. Isn’t that supposed to be God’s job? But then again, you can’t ask God to do a man’s job, can’t you? That’s what I think. That is why what amounts to be right or wrong totally depends on how strong you hold your principles and beliefs. However if there isn’t anyone going around to kill baddies, the crime rate would have multiplied and wrongdoings will spiral out of control. Even so, is that the right way? Which brings us back to square one of this question: What is the right way? Due to human nature to favour conflicts, I say it is going to be tough because even though it might seem the most peaceful way, I guess nobody is going to sit in class to listen to your lecture about doing good. I know educating is a power tool but practically is it possible? But one thing is certain: You do the crime, you pay the price. At least in this anime. All corrupted government officials and police on the take got sent to their maker after they were found out or outlived their usefulness. If only this would happen in the real world. But with so many villains being taken out and the number of crimes still high, it only goes to show that crime is such a thriving business and nobody learns from it. So do you think Hitomi was in a way right that he wants to wipe out almost everyone? Well, start everything on a clean slate.

And the most important lesson of all: If the top government is corrupted, you can be sure that the system downwards will also be corrupted. As we viewers have been told what Eden is about, it doesn’t seem to be a rosy picture. After all, if you are in such powerful position, you can control information and influence the way you think. That’s why don’t you think the Prime Minister from this point of view is the most corrupted and vile bastard that we viewers would love to hate. He shows no sign of remorse in what he does. If he really did, I don’t think he would have been so suitable to be in this position. So that’s why while he is still holding his post, go and do things the way he deems fitting for his ends and Eden’s. Until the day he gets busted for good, enjoy it while it lasts. So where’s the justice? Is this his justice? You go think about it. Of course, Eden being viewed as the bad guy is from the point of view of the Code: Breakers. To be fair, we need to hear their side too but since we don’t, I guess we have to make do with whatever information has been told to us about Eden that they use Code: Breakers to do their dirty work. I mean, you are the government and supposed to govern with righteousness. You can’t soil your name (or else you lose in the election – but that’s another story) so you use somebody else’s name, a hidden dark organization to dirty your hands. Even if Code: Breakers know how corrupted Eden is, what can a handful of them do? They probably have more super power agents that have a loyalty of a dog to go after you. So if you want to play safe, go with the flow for now. Then maybe after working their way up, they can try to change Eden from inside. Provided if they haven’t given in to the temptations of their version of justice.

There are a few things that continue to puzzle me even after watching the end of the series. If Code: Breakers are told that they cannot maintain a normal social life, ironically don’t you see that they are doing just so? It is just that their real identity of Code: Breaker and what they do is not known to the public. When I say social life and it was mentioned that nobody knows of them, I mean, NOBODY should really know them. Sakura may be a rare species so it is an exception that she gets to continue to interact with them. But then when you see Ogami transferring in as a new student, he might want to choose not to be sociable but can’t you see his other classmates were more than happy to be his friend? So… Shouldn’t he not have any friends or anybody should know him if what is stated that Code: Breakers cannot have a social life is true? Doesn’t a fair amount of people in school know about Heike too? Aside from his Code: Breaker identity, that is. So how come only Nenene got her memories mixed up? Maybe she was an ex-Code: Breaker, that’s why. Maybe I’m missing some point. Like Sakura said, nobody may know about Code: Breakers but they didn’t say anything about not existing. And even if the latter part is true from the higher ups’ point of view, it doesn’t necessarily need to be true.

Youko Hikasa once more voices strong willed ladies and as Sakura, it is no different than her other roles like Rias in High School DxD, Erica from Campione and Houki from Inifinite Stratos. Nobuhiko Okamoto as Ogami also sounds somewhat similar to his other role as Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama. Both may sound suave but in the case of Ogami, he is not out to attract the attention of girls. Other casts include Kenichi Suzumura as Toki (Sougou in Gintama), Shinichiro Miki as Hitomi (Urahara in Bleach), Subaru Kimura as Heike (Kanba in Mawaru Penguindrum), Toshoyuki Toyonaga as Yuuki (Shun in Kimi To Boku), Mitsuki Saiga as Ouji (Phantom in MAR), Yuko Kaida as Kanda (Ryoumou in Ikkitousen), Jouji Nakata as Prime Minister (Giroro in Keroro Gunsou), Kenjiro Tsuda as Yukihina (Inui in Prince Of Tennis) and Yukana as Nenene (C.C. in Code Geass). The rock outfit opening theme, Dark Shame by Grandrodeo seems to be to my liking as it sets the pace and mood for this series. The ending theme, Shiro Karasu by Kenichi Suzumura is also rock based but I didn’t quite like it.

The drawing and art of the series seem to cater to hot bishonen and bishoujo. Many of the main characters are good looking. But I can’t help feel that some of the characters have this familiar look to some other anime character. For example, I thought Sakura looked very much like Akiha from Tsukihime. Maybe it’s her hair band and long hair. Besides, I feel that her eyes are bigger and rounder than your typical anime character. Or perhaps it’s just me. When Heike made his first appearance, my mind went, “OMG! What the heck is Kyousuke Hyoubu from Zettai Karen Children doing in this series? Is he so cool and big that his own series spin-off wasn’t enough (speaking of which, both shows were running concurrently in the same season although the spin-off series continued to air when Code: Breaker ended) that he needed to make his appearance here? Or is he just a clone?”. I thought Toki looked very much like that Tamaki guy from Ouran High School Host Club too. Doesn’t Nyanmaru look a bit like President Aria from Aria The Animation? I have a feeling I have seen the similarity of the other characters somewhere too but just that my mind is to cluttered with anime, thus I can’t recall them when I’m writing this. Besides, if you put all the good looking people of Code: Breakers together in a row, I thought they had this uncanny similarity to the main guys of Starish from Uta No Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%. On a trivial note, the mid-intermission serves as an eye-catch. Although it is just the name of this series, they have various patterns and creative designs. Reminds me of how Bleach did it for every episode. Man, hundreds of episodes which translate into hundreds of different motifs. I won’t say this series’ design are mind blowing but at least it is something different and unique rather than the typical ‘single design’ we see in many anime series and those that shoots a random pose of the characters.

People in power and authority are supposed to protect us and what happens when they misuse and abuse their power? You need some kind of watchdog in this world to keep tabs on what they’re doing. So even if you have vigilante groups formed and bringing in their own justice to watch over the authorities, what happens if they turn bad? Are there any other groups to keep them in check? And so the vicious cycle of violence goes on. I guess this is only human nature. Imagine if everybody in the world had such good nature and no criminals exist. You don’t even need vigilantes. You don’t even need the police or army. Wouldn’t life be boring? Peace or excitement, you decide. So if you ask me in the event if I have super powers and would go around doing such vigilante acts, let’s just say that I’d rather show mercy instead of justice. I’m more of a peace lover and pacifist after all :).

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