Code Geass VS Guilty Crown

November 3, 2012

A versus between two epic sci-fi animes, Code Geass and Guilty Crown. I might not be a fan of animes with mecha elements but I guess the plot and interesting characters were fascinating enough to keep me attracted. Both series are original anime productions, meaning that they are not based nor adapted from any manga. Maybe that’s why it was so epic seeing that there weren’t any previous print media to tell its tale and it also keeps the suspense and excitement altogether so fans and viewers don’t really know what’s coming.

The main hero
Code Geass: Lelouch Lamperouge, born Lelouch vi Britannia – a castaway prince of the Britannia throne.
Guilty Crown: Shu Ouma – a normal high school kid.

His sidekick heroine
Code Geass: C.C. (pronounced shi-tsu) – an immortal “witch”.
Guilty Crown: Inori Yuzuriha – lead singer of Egoist and a member of a secret resistance group.

His Power of Kings
Code Geass: Lelouch’s Geass bends his prey into absolute obedience and will carry out the task unquestioned but limited to his/her abilities.
Guilty Crown: Shu’s ability to draw out and use Voids, items or weapons within people’s heart via his right hand.

How he got this power
Code Geass: Bestowed upon by C.C.
Guilty Crown: While trying to protect the Void Genome he is carrying, in an attempt to save Inori, the cylinder accidentally got injected into him.

How to use this power
Code Geass: Lelouch needs to directly look into the eyes of the person he is going to use his Geass on.
Guilty Crown: Shu needs to reach his hand into the chest of the person he is to draw his/her Void from while making that person think he/she is looking into his eyes.

Other users with such power
Code Geass: Mao – Geass ability to hear thoughts of others within 500 metre radius. Charles – to rewrite memories. Rolo – freezes time temporarily.
Guilty Crown: Later in the series when revived Gai and Yuu are able to use the Power of Kings.

Losing the power
Code Geass: Lelouch’s Geass went out of control in the sense that it will always be activated. This unfortunate event caused Euphemia to go on a massacre spree and as reluctant as he is, has no choice but to use this ill-fated event to his advantage.
Guilty Crown: When Gai returns, he cuts off Shu’s arm!

Japan’s setting
Code Geass: The world is currently divided into 3 super powers and Japan is now under the rule of the Holy Britannia Empire and renamed Area 11.
Guilty Crown: An unknown virus called Apocalypse Virus rages throughout Japan and plunges the country into chaos.

Who rules Japan
Japan somehow can’t rule itself…
Code Geass: Holy Britannia Empire.
Guilty Crown: GHQ.

Japan’s leader
Code Geass: Initially Charles zi Britannia. After his death, Lelouch takes over.
Guilty Crown: Initially Major General Yan. After his assassination, Shuichirou Keido becomes the newly inaugurated president of Japan.

Resistance force
You need a group to free Japan from the clutches of ruthless authority, right?
Code Geass: Black Knights.
Guilty Crown: Funeral Parlours.

Leader of the resistance force
Code Geass: Zero – Lelouch’s alter ego underneath a cool helmet and cape.
Guilty Crown: Gai Tsutsugami – the handsome long hair blonde.

Resistance force members (selected)
Code Geass: Kallen Stadtfield, Kaname Ougi, Kyoushirou Todou, Shinichirou Tamaki, Nagisa Chiba, Shougo Asahina, Kosetsu Urabe, Ryoga Senba, Rakshata Chawla and Diethard Reid.
Guilty Crown: Shibungi, Ayase Shinomiya, Tsugumi, Argo Tsukishima, Oogumo and Kenji Kido.

Ruthless antagonist
Code Geass: Schneizel el Britannia.
Guilty Crown: Makoto Waltz Segai.

First death
For a minor supporting character, that is.
Code Geass: Clovis la Britannia in episode 3. C.C.’s death in the first episode didn’t count since she was resurrected later.
Guilty Crown: Major Guin in episode 2.

The school our heroes go to.
Code Geass: Ashford Academy.
Guilty Crown: Tennozu High School.

School mates or classmates.
Code Geass: Suzaku Kururugi, Rivalz Cardemonde, Milly Ashford and Shirley Fenette.
Guilty Crown: Yahiro Samukawa, Souta Tamadate, Arisa Kuhouin, Hare Menjou and Kanon Kusama.

School cultural festival
Code Geass: In episode 21, Ashford holds their annual school festival.
Guilty Crown: In episode 13, Souta suggests to hold one to lift the gloom.

Dead friend
Why do cute girls have to die? Despite being minor characters and harbour a secret crush on our hero…
Code Geass: Shirley.
Guilty Crown: Hare.

Girl turned ‘bad’
Code Geass: Nina Einstein.
Guilty Crown: Arisa.

Wheelchair girl
Code Geass: Nunnally.
Guilty Crown: Ayase.

Back from the dead
Code Geass: Jeremiah Gottwald.
Guilty Crown: Gai.

Dead brother
Code Geass: Rolo – an assassin posing as Lelouch’s fake brother. Died when he uses his Geass (that overtaxes his heart each time he uses) to allow Lelouch to escape.
Guilty Crown: Jun – Yahiro’s little brother who has been affected by Stage IV of the Apocalypse Virus. Died when Shu severs his life line to save him from being consumed by hatred to kill his brother.

Hero’s sister
Code Geass: Nunnally.
Guilty Crown: Mana.

Hero’s parents
Code Geass: Charles and Marianne.
Guilty Crown: Kurosu and Haruka (Saeko Shijou is Shu’s biological mother).

Code Geass: Diethard.
Guilty Crown: Yahiro.

Coup d’etat
Code Geass: The political marriage between Tianzi and Odysseus was interrupted when Li Xingke and Black Knights staged a rebellion to place her back in control of the Federation.
Guilty Crown: Keido initiates coup d’etat to overthrow Yan by unleashing another outbreak of Apocalypse Virus all over Tokyo. Later, Arisa starts a coup d’etat with other students to overthrow Shu’s tyranny.

Mysterious kid
Code Geass: V.V. (pronounced bui-tsu).
Guilty Crown: Yuu AKA Daath Gravekeeper.

Code Geass: Nunnally was kidnapped by V.V. to Kaminejima. When Lelouch becomes Emperor, he kidnaps Tianzi and other UFN delegates as political hostages in his war against Schneizel.
Guilty Crown: Inori was kidnapped by Gai and Yuu while protecting Shu.

The blind
Code Geass: Nunnally is blinded due to a trauma after witnessing her mother’s assassination.
Guilty Crown: When Shu absorbs everyone’s Void to save the day, Inori sacrifices herself to save him but the results meant Shu is blinded.

No memories
Code Geass: When Lelouch was captured by Suzaku and brought to Charles, he removes his knowledge that has anything to do with his alter-ego, sister and royal heritage. Viletta Nu was left for dead but saved by Ougi. Though she survived, she lost her memories as a subordinate of Jeremiah till much later subsequently in the series she regains them.
Guilty Crown: Whenever Shu draws out one’s Void, that person will lose memories of the time surrounding the event.

Basic mecha models
Code Geass: Knightmare Frames.
Guilty Crown: Endlaves.

Featured mecha
Code Geass: Lancelot and Shinkirou (note that there are many other Knightmare Frame models).
Guilty Crown: Steiner and Gespenst.

Cute mascot?
Code Geass: Arthur the white stray cat found by Euphemia which eventually become an adopted pet at Ashford’s student council room.
Guilty Crown: Funell the little ‘rice cooker’ robot and guardian of Inori.

Code Geass: Rakshata, Lloyd Asplund and Cecile Croomy.
Guilty Crown: Haruka and Keidou.

Freaking powerful firepower
Code Geass: FLEIJA cannon.
Guilty Crown: Leukocyte, an orbital satellite laser.

Chinese connection
Code Geass: The other super power, Chinese Federation. Li Xingke the military officer, Tianzi the Empress of the Federation and the High Eunuchs that holds the true power.
Guilty Crown: The Ming Hua Group is a conglomerate from Shanghai. Its leader is in love with Arisa.

Being cruel to be kind
Code Geass: When Lelouch ascends the throne as Emperor, though he made great reforms, he also became a tyrant and ruled with an iron fist for his Zero Requiem plan requires everyone to concentrate their hatred on him to make past tyrannies forgotten.
Guilty Crown: After a death of a friend, Shu realizes that being kind is wrong and needs to separate the good from the bad. He becomes a tyrant, playing king among his little school community, ranking them based on their Void’s level to keep the order.

Tokyo decimated
The city is meant to be destroyed…
Code Geass: First the rebellion against Britannia Empire with Zero collapsing Tokyo and in the second season, the Black Knights launch their assault after cutting out power.
Guilty Crown: After the second Lost Christmas incident, Tokyo is reduced to a pile of rubble and the area sealed off.

In the end
Code Geass: Lelouch dies, C.C. lives.
Guilty Crown: Inori dies, Shu lives.

Product placement
Code Geass: Pizza Hut – the entire series is filled with this brand and is C.C.’s favourite food.
Guilty Crown: Dr Ginger – parody of the Dr Pepper drink but the brand is not obvious throughout the series.

Number of episodes
Code Geass: 25 episodes for the first episode and an additional 25 episodes for the second season. There are numerous OVAs released later and the latest ones being Nunnally In Wonderland and Akito In Exiled.
Guilty Crown: 22 episodes.

Year of Production
Code Geass: 2006 (first season) and 2008 (second season).
Guilty Crown: 2011.

Production Studio
Code Geass: Sunrise.
Guilty Crown: Production I.G.

Maybe (definitely!) I’m missing out a lot of other things so it’s a tough one to call which is better. Since I have seen Guilty Crown more recently, my memories of the show is still fresher as compared to Code Geass. However the ending of the former was quite unsatisfactory as compared to the latter albeit both series are of a tragedy theme. Because Code Geass has more episodes, more characters and more popular, I guess it has more flexibility and time in churning out the character development, twists and turns in making the storyline more interesting as compared to Guilty Crown. Both the main heroes with the powers they have (despite having differing personalities) tried to change the world for the better while pursuing the same dream. It isn’t smooth sailing as they have to endure heartbreaks, pain, suffering and deal with tragic consequences through trial and error. So you see, how mankind could turn the world upside down with chaos and while nobody is right or wrong in a war, it is the ordinary folks that suffer the most when nations clash. Dealing with the gruesome reality of war, both series also throw to us death of certain characters, whether we expected it or not. A grim reminder that no one is practically safe. As the saying goes, there will be no progress or achievement without struggle or sacrifice. Peace had better be worth it after all those bloodshed.


Zero Vs Zero

October 14, 2011

Yes, yes, yes. I probably had too much free time in between my anime session break to even come up with this kind of versus. As you have seen the title of this blog, I’m sure many anime fans will know which kind of Zero will be featured here, right? Okay, at least to me these characters that share the similar name are the most popular characters with the name Zero. Heck, how many characters are there with the name of Zero? More than zero, at least. Haha. Oops, sorry. A little joke there.

So on one corner we have this Zero guy from Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion whose real identity is Lelouch Lamperouge or rather Lelouch vi Britannia and in the other corner with have Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight. Both hot looking 17 year old guys each with their own dark and complicated past that would certainly make lots of fan girls swoon and drool over them. Unless you’re a fujoshi, that is. So in this little versus blog of mine, here are the comparisons of similarities and differences between these Zero guys:

His other hidden identity
Lelouch: The masked and caped defender of justice named Zero.
Kiryuu: A vampire.

Who knows of this hidden identity
Lelouch: He keeps his Zero alter ego a very heavily guarded secret. But later on, some his comrades find out about it.
Kiryuu: Initially Kaien and Kaname. Subsequently Yuuki.

Lelouch: A very strong believer in his philosophies and stands firm by them. Also the commanding type and with good leadership skills, he is able to manipulate and gain the trusts of others.
Kiryuu: Cold, distant, moody, impulsive and seemingly unfriendly.
But ultimately deep down within their hearts, we know that they are also kind, caring and gentle souls, right? Right.

Hair colour
Lelouch: Black.
Kiryuu: Silver.

Eye colour
Lelouch: Violet (original eye) and bright violet (when Geass eye is activated).
Kiryuu: Light lavender.

Blood type
Lelouch: Type A.
Kiryuu: Type A.

Lelouch: 178cm.
Kiryuu: 181cm.

Lelouch: 5th December.
Kiryuu: 24th October.

Lelouch: Black Knights.
Kiryuu: Cross Academy Guardians.

Offensive ability
Lelouch: His Geass grants him absolute obedience of his victims and they are to obey his command to their best. Also, his intelligence as a brilliant tactician and strategist.
Kiryuu: An anti-vampire gun named Bloody Rose.

Lelouch: Lacking in physical and athletic abilities.
Kiryuu: The temptation to drink blood especially Yuuki’s.

Lelouch: “Checkmate”.
Kiryuu: “What do you want, vampires?”.

The mark
Lelouch: A glowing ‘V’ symbol in his left eye activates when he uses his Geass. He got it when he received his Geass from C.C.
Kiryuu: The mark lines over his neck serve to contain his madness and falling into a Level E vampire. He got it when he was bitten by a pure blood vampire, Shizuka Hiou.

Adopted family
Lelouch: The Lamperouge family in Area 11 kindly sheltered him under their care.
Kiryuu: Kaien Cross acts as his foster father.

Lelouch: Younger sister named Nunally who is blinded and wheel chair-ridden due to an assassination attempt that left her traumatized. Well, if you want to count the other brothers and sisters from the Holy Empire of Britannia like Odysseus, Schneizel, Clovis, Euphemia and Cornelia, it’s going to be one heck of a big family.
Kiryuu: A twin brother named Ichiru whom he believed was dead but still alive.

Lelouch: Ashford Academy.
Kiryuu: Cross Academy.

Childhood friend
Lelouch: Suzaku Kururugi.
Kiryuu: Yuuki Cross.

Family background
Lelouch: The 11th son of the Emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia and the 17th in line to succeed the throne.
Kiryuu: Comes from a descendent of famous vampire hunters.

Family circumstances
Lelouch: His mother Marianne was brutally murdered in an assassination attempt in which his sister was also badly crippled.
Kiryuu: His parents are killed by a pure blood vampire.

Personal life mission
Lelouch: Seek revenge against his father pertaining answers to his mother’s death and to create a better world for Nunally to live in.
Kiryuu: To protect Yuuki.

Lelouch: Suzaku.
Kiryuu: Kaname Kuran.

Love interest
That person he probably likes.
Lelouch: Not that I can think of. And if it had to be one, I have to say she has to be Nunally.
Kiryuu: Yuuki.

Love interest 2
The girl who likes him but doesn’t get her love returned.
Lelouch: Shirley Fenette.
Kiryuu: I don’t remember her name (probably even nameless) but this bespectacled girl fell for him because he saved her from the ‘stampede’ of other crazy fan girls trying to give their Valentine’s Day chocolates to the Night Class hunks.

Usually seen by his side most of the time.
Lelouch: C.C.
Kiryuu: Yuuki.

Targeted antagonist
Lelouch: At first Charles, then subsequently Schneizel.
Kiryuu: At first Shizuka, then subsequently Rido Kuran.

Subsequent power up
Lelouch: Well actually, more like his Geass power went out of control as he cannot “turn off” his Geass anymore.
Kiryuu: After sucking the blood of several pure blood vampires and finally his twin brother, his Bloody Rose powers up is on the same level that can defeat pure blood vampires.

In the end
Lelouch: In order for his Zero Requiem plan to work, he becomes a tyrant to make the entire world hate him and then gets stabbed in front of the large crowd by his accomplice Suzaku disguised as Zero. His death allows people to create a new and better world while piling their past hatred on him.
Kiryuu: Though he plans to hunt down and kill all pure bloods (including Yuuki), he couldn’t so Yuuki leaves the academy with Kaname to forever run from him. Thus giving him a reason to carry on living.

Lelouch: Jun Fukuyama.
Kiryuu: Mamoru Miyano.

From my point of view, I feel that Lelouch is the better Zero seeing that the anime itself is epic. There are so many characters and other plots to keep you on your toes and you will never cease to be amaze with his genius and strategies. While Kiryuu‘s anime series is only half as long as compared to the former, Kiryuu isn’t really the main focus as contrast to Lelouch because Kiryuu has to share the drama with Yuuki and Kaname whereas Lelouch has a very big chunk of just about everything focused on him. So you can say he has more development there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have zero tolerance (mind the pun) for the latter. But based from my observation over the internet, I find that there are more fans for Kiryuu as compared to Lelouch. Maybe all those hot and sexy picture poses helped, eh? Probably it beats a certain hand over an eye or that mighty confident pose. So next time if you think number one is the best number, try thinking a number that may have no value on the surface but deep down it has lots of substance. Especially if they are being named after a character.


Code Geass

February 5, 2011

Finally after all this time pondering and waiting for reasons unknown, I am glad that I have managed to watch this series. Just like how many viewers gave their double thumbs up for it, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is one heck of an epic anime! Very epic indeed. Epic is the word for this show alright. Now I have no regrets and can die happy. Just kidding about the dying part. Unlike a big majority of animes that are adapted from manga, this series is purely an original anime created by Sunrise and the characters designed by CLAMP.

I just don’t know where to begin in this blog of mine because there won’t be enough space to put down everything. However do not despair because the Random Curiosity site has detailed episode summaries of the series. There is also Wikipedia for more information. That’s where I go when I don’t understand what is happening or need to read again and understand better what happened in that episode. This series is a good mix of drama, action, sci-fi, mecha and psychology. A little romance and comedy are still present but it isn’t overwhelming as the ones I mentioned earlier.

For the setting, it starts off on an alternate history note. Imagine if Britain never lost its power or cede its dominance that gave birth to the various countries known as Commonwealth today, instead it has expanded its influence so much so Japan has become under its territory! It’s a good thing that didn’t happen in real life or we wouldn’t have anime and manga today because otakus are busy fighting the oppressors instead of dreaming up plots and themes for their shonen and shoujo work to meet tight scheduled deadlines. On second thought, would that be any better? Anyway back to the story. Since Japan has lost the war in 2010 to one of the 3 super powers of the world (the other being Chinese Federation and EU – Europe Universe, that is), it has been renamed as Area 11 and it citizens called, well, Elevens. How would you like it if you’re being labelled as a number?

Our main character is Lelouch vi Britannia, a castaway prince of the Britannia throne, living a secluded and refugee life in Area 11 under the care of the Ashford family and taking the surname of Lamperouge with his blind (via psychological trauma) and wheelchair ridden sister Nunally. Lelouch is a smart person in the sense that he is a great strategist and real time tactician. But would that be enough of a reason for him to skip school as and his classmate Rivalz Cardemonde to go play a game chess at some high class area? That’s when his life is about to change. Of course with a country being occupied, there will be factions of resistance group trying to free their beloved country. Kallen Kouzuki/Stadfield (she’s a half-Japanese half-Britannian) part of a small resistance group has stolen a truck transporting something that the Britannian army wants. Treating it as a terrorist response, the army goes into full scale offensive and that’s when returning Lelouch gets caught in the crossfire. He meets his childhood friend, Suzaku Kururugi, the son of the late prime minister of Japan, now working as a Britannian foot soldier. However the superior on the ground decides to massacre just about anyone innocent or not, Elevens or Britannians and blame it on the terrorist. Suzaku was shot for disobeying orders. Before Lelouch could meet the same fate, a mysterious girl appears out from the truck. C.C. (pronounced shi-tsu) offers to grant Lelouch the power of the kings, Geass, the power to give absolute command to others. Well, it’s either this or you die. He accepts the Geass after agreeing to fulfil her contract. With the new powers, Lelouch looks in the eye of his would be executioners and tells them all to kill themselves. YES SIR! BAM! They shot themselves without question.

Lelouch then decides to rebel fight against the viceroy of Area 11, Third Prince Clovis la Britannia. Using a stolen Knightmare Frame, he give out orders to Kallen and her resistance group on the whereabouts of their enemies. Though they remain suspicious, but his strategies are making them win. So even if this unknown guy is suddenly commanding them, at least they’re making headway and it’s safer to put their trust in him. However Lelouch has to back down when a white Knightmare called Lancelot comes attacking swiftly, putting a damper on his plans. Unknown to Lelouch, Suzaku isn’t dead and has been treated for his wounds and is piloting Lancelot. Likewise, Suzaku doesn’t know the mastermind behind the resistance’s victory is Lelouch. Lelouch manages to enter Clovis’ HQ and under his guise to order a ceasefire when the Britannian army corners the terrorists. Lelouch uses his Geass on him to reveal the truth about his mother Marianne’s murder but is unable to get the answers he is looking for and shoots him! No mercy even if that prince begged for his life!

As news of Clovis’ death reaches the public, Lelouch returns to his Ashford Academy, he discovers that Kallen is leading a double life as a student of this academy as well. Of course she suspects him (from the same voice) but Lelouch’s smooth plan and foresight has her allay her suspicions of his identity (Lelouch used his Geass on Sayoko Shinozaki, Nunally’s maid to impersonate him at critical moments). We also see some of the other friends of Lelouch in this academy like Milly Ashford (the fun and loving granddaughter to the founder of this school), Shirley Fenette (has a secret crush on Lelouch) and Nina Einstein (xenophobic of Elevens). Then news of Clovis’ murder is caught. To everyone surprise and especially Lelouch’s, it is Suzaku! He is to be brought to justice and used as a scapegoat to rid of Honorary Britannians (Japanese who become Britannians). Lelouch needs a plan to save him without getting his identity exposed. With the help of Kallen and her resistance group leader, Kaname Ougi, Lelouch masquerades as the masked rebel known as Zero. He boldly appears in front of the convoy led by Jeremiah Gottwald and declares that he is Clovis’ true murderer. Then he uses Geass on Jeremiah to make him free Suzaku and go on a daring escape. In the aftermath, Zero offers Suzaku to join forces with him to overthrow Britannia but Suzaku refuses as he believes such a method is wrong and will change Britannia from within.

In most of the initial parts of the series, you’ll see Lelouch/Zero gaining allies in his fight against Britannia. It’s amusing and contradictory to see a Britannian fighting against his own country just to avenge the unjust death of his mom and to create a safer world for Nunally and on the other hand a Japanese fighting for the Britannian army. At times when Zero and Suzaku clash, they won’t be aware of each other’s identities. Where Suzaku lacks in brains and strategies as compared to Lelouch as a leader, he makes up for his tip top and fit physical and athletic abilities as a soldier. Also, there are limitations to Lelouch’s Geass as he will gradually find out. For instance, it can only be used once per person and must be made via direct eye contact.

C.C. mysteriously returns to keep tabs on Lelouch’s progress but much to his dismay. After all, as she mentioned, they’re partners in crime. After Suzaku has been pardoned, he meets Third Princess Euphemia li Britannia who is to be Area 11’s vice viceroy. After stopping an internal fighting between Britannians who are trying to take out Jeremiah, he pledges his loyalty to work with her to prevent more people of losing their loved ones (she lost her brother as he did lose his father). Meanwhile Second Princess Cornelia li Britannia replaces Clovis and is on the hunt for Zero and bring down the number one criminal high on Britannia’s wanted list. Lelouch is in for more surprise because Suzaku is transferred as a new student in his class. Then Cornelia sets a trap for Zero and Lelouch and his motley resistance fighters takes the bait. Though Cornelia’s tactics are superior, Lelouch is in danger of having his identity exposed if not for C.C. disguised as Zero acting as distraction. Soon, the largest anti-Britannia resistance group, Japan Liberation Front (JLF) takes a hotel hostage. Euphemia along with Nina are inside it so Cornelia cannot move rashly. Zero takes this opportunity to sneak in and use the Geass on the generals to kill themselves and save everyone while announcing his group called the Black Knights, allies of justice that champions the weak and protect them against from those with power.

Soon after, Cornelia sends her army to Narita to destroy the remnants of JLF. Zero and his Black Knights counter attack and help out JLF in hopes of capturing Cornelia alive (Lelouch was being told by Clovis that Cornelia may hold answers to Marianne’s murder). Zero once again encounters Lancelot and nearly got his identity exposed if not for C.C.’s touch. Well, at least some horrifying memories streamed through Suzaku’s head, allowing C.C. to escape with Zero. That’s when Zero’s plan of causing a large avalanche to bury Cornelia’s army. Black Knights retreat while having JLF and Britannia to duke it out. C.C. is introduced as Zero’s acquaintance to Kallen. Zero and Black Knights go see Taizou Kirihara of the Six House of Kyoto (an underground group of people opposing Britannia) and Princess Kaguya. Taizou is an acquaintance to Lelouch and Suzaku when they’re young so when he learns Zero’s identity, he understands why he can’t reveal it to the rest of his Black Knights but wants them to put their total trust in him. When Lelouch returns, he learns Shirley is greatly saddened by the death of her dad. He was one of the soldiers buried alive during the attack in Narita. Oh dear…

As Cornelia’s army tries to catch the fleeing generals of JLF, Zero and Black Knight are also on standby. Shirley is suspicious of Lelouch lately and follows him to witness that epic battle. Zero detonates the bomb he planted on JLF’s ship, making look as though they killed themselves when Britannian army starts to board it. Then another surprise attack by Lancelot has Zero ejecting from his mecha but becomes unconscious and crash lands somewhere near Shirley is. She is going to avenge the death of her father when Zero’s helmet fall off… Hey, doesn’t this guy look familiar? While Ougi finds unconscious Viletta Nu (Jeremiah’s assistant) at the site, Lelouch meets his match when he discovers another Geass user, Mao. He has the power to read minds and because of that, he can’t win. Not even if he is thinking several things at a time to distract him! Amazing. Anyway this Mao is looking for C.C. and played on Shirley’s feelings that Lelouch is Zero who killed her dad and even convinces her to shoot him. Good thing she isn’t a good shooter. Seeing the grief that he had brought upon her of his actions, he uses his Geass to make her forget about him! With her not remembering anything, Lelouch has his friends play along that they got into an argument and not on talking terms. Seems Shirley isn’t the one who has amnesia. Viletta too (she was at the site with Shirley and discovered Zero’s true identity but before she could report it, Shirley shot her). She is living with Ougi currently.

C.C. explains that she was the one who gave Mao that mind reading power but he was unable fulfil her contract and thus couldn’t turn it off. He couldn’t stop hearing voices of people around him and the only one he couldn’t read was C.C.’s, thus the reason why he seek her. Though Lelouch and C.C. did manage to lure Mao out and trap him, it was a mistake they didn’t kill him and let the police to take him in. That’s because he returns to torment them as he takes Nunally as hostage. Not wanting to raise an alarm, Lelouch and Suzaku join forces to find Mao before their time is up. In the end, Lelouch even used the Geass on himself so that Mao would be fooled by his thinking and Suzaku delivering the final blow. But it was ultimately C.C. who shot him. That’s when Lelouch learns of Suzaku’s dark secret: His dad didn’t committed suicide. That was just made up as Suzaku was the one who killed him! Dad wanted to go ahead and fight resisting against Britannia to the bitter end but had he lived and went on with the war, Japan would’ve been torn to bits.

The remnants of JLF known as the Four Holy Blades convince Zero and the Black Knights to rescue their leader Kyoushirou Toudou from Britannia’s capture. After their success, Toudou and his Four Holy Blades are absorbed into the Black Knights while Euphemia announces that Suzaku will be her personal knight. I guess this raise some eyebrows because you know, a non-pure blood Britannian holding such a post? On another mission, Toudou faces off with Lancelot and reveals its pilot to be Suzaku, shocking Lelouch especially because he was going to entrust Nunally in his safe hands. Well, you know what they say about keeping your friends and enemies closer, right? Zero orders the capture of Suzaku at the Shikinejima military base but the interference of Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia by bombing the place with his floating ship Avalon to sacrifice Suzaku to kill Zero, has the entire place in chaos. The next thing Zero knows, he is on a mysterious island and Euphemia on his side. She knows his true identity ever since the hotel hostage incident, the way he thinks and such. Suzaku is also whisked to that island but with Kallen. So when both sides meet, they fall into a crumbling pit, in which Zero and Kallen steal and escape in a prototype Knightmare. Soon, the exiled Japanese government is attacking the Kyuushuu island with the help of the Chinese Federation. Britannia is having a hard time and Suzaku’s Lancelot is out of power. With that, Zero and his Black Knights step in to help fight against the invaders and drive them out.

Euphemia declares a Special Administration Zone (SAZ) for Area 11 near Mt Fuji whereby Elevens get to be called Japanese once more both sides will have equal rights (hoping to bring back the peaceful days she spent with Lelouch and Nunally). This puts a damper on Zero’s plans because this would mean his Black Knights will be rendered useless. Everyone is taking up this offer as Euphemia requests for Zero to join in this programme. On commemoration day, Zero appears but wants to have a private chat with Euphemia. He admits his lost and is ready to go along with her plan when he jokes about his Geass to kill all Japanese. So happens his Geass went out of control and poor Euphemia as hard as she fought against her will, eventually succumbed to his Geass and orders the Britannian army to slaughter every Japanese on sight! Oh sh*t!!! The place turns into a bloodbath scene as saddened Lelouch has no choice but to order his Black Knights to intercept and make it seems as though this was a trap by her to kill everyone off. Lelouch faces off with Euphemia and shoots her right in front of enraged Suzaku. He takes her back and has her treated but it is too late as she passes away. Zero takes this opportunity to announce the United States of Japan and with Area 11 revolting against Britannia, Zero plans to take down Britannia by collapsing Tokyo. Zero’s strategies give his Black Knights the upper hand against Britannia as they also take over Ashford Academy and make it their HQ.

A weird looking boy name V.V. (pronounced vee-tsu) appears before Suzaku and tells him the truth about Geass. Now he is really mad and out for revenge. In the final attack, Zero manages to wound and capture Cornelia but to his shock, she doesn’t know anything about Marianne’s murder though the way she said things made her aware that there was an attack eminent on that day. Then V.V. kidnaps Nunally to Kaminejima. When Lelouch receives news of her abduction, he suddenly leaves the Black Knights to Toudou’s command and abandons the battle scene. The Black Knights are at a loss without his guidance and suffer heavy defeat and casualties. Zero arrives on the island but Suzaku and Kallen also tailed him. C.C. is trying to stall mad vengeful Jeremiah and they both get sunk to the bottom of the sea. Suzaku fires a shot at Zero’s helmet and sees his true identity, shocking them all. Both friends now become enemies as they both draw out their guns against each other.

Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion R2

The end of the first season definitely ended on a cliff-hanger. If I saw this back then, I would definitely by unsatisfied as there were so many unanswered questions left hanging. Thankfully it didn’t end there because a year later, a second season called Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 resumes from where it left off. Well, a year from the aftermath of the Tokyo war. Uneasy peace returns to Area 11 as Japan has lost yet again, twice to Britannia. So in this sequel we can expect more plot and more characters.

But wait! Something feels amiss at the start of the sequel. How and why is Lelouch living a normal high school life? He has a little brother called Rolo Lamperouge and Viletta has become a teaching staff at Ashford Academy? Woah! What’s going on? The first episode feels like history repeating itself and deja vu. Why? Lelouch once again decides to ditch his studies and go play a game of high stakes gamble at Babel Tower, this time with Rolo. Then the terrorists strike. But they aren’t just any ordinary terrorists. They are the remnants of the Black Knights led by C.C. and Kallen to retrieve Lelouch. As usual the Britannian army goes to engage the terrorists and at the same time slaughter everyone regardless of being a Britannian or Eleven. When C.C. comes into contact with Lelouch, that is when he regains his memories and returns to being Zero and commands his perpetrators to kill themselves. His back! And it feels good, doesn’t it?

We learn that following the events of the cliff-hanger at the first season finale, Lelouch was captured by Suzaku and brought to the Emperor of Britannia, Charles vi Britannia, who is also Lelouch’s dad. Suzaku is willing to sell out his friend and wants Charles to admit him into the Knights of the Round (elite soldiers under the direct command of Charles). Charles is also a Geass user as he uses it on Lelouch to alter his memories and implant fake ones. He also did this to his school pals thus Rolo and Viletta are posing to keep a watch on Lelouch to prevent his memories from returning. So now it all makes sense. As the attack on Babel Tower continue, Zero does his usual strategy and kills the current governor of the area and slick move has his team seek refuge at the Chinese Federation’s consulate where he meets Li Xingke, a strong military officer. After Zero announces his return and the formation of the United States of Japan, Lelouch goes back to school. But Rolo believes that Lelouch isn’t all that innocent. In fact they confront each other in a secret operations room underneath the school. Lelouch learns Rolo’s Geass power to stop time, though it has its own limitations. Lelouch manages to convince Rolo to spare him and even hand him over C.C. (Viletta and Rolo’s other main mission is to capture her). Note, C.C. is impersonating as Zero at the consulate so this dispels the fact that Zero and Lelouch are the same person.

Since Cornelia is missing since that aftermath, I guess her personal knight Gilbert Guilford gives Zero an ultimatum to show himself up or else he will execute the captured Black Knights, which include Toudou and Ougi. Zero appears right before the time is up and challenges Guilford to a battle. No one can match his strategy as he confuses the Britannian army as a diversion so that his team could free the captured Black Knights. Rolo is about to kill Lelouch for betraying him but in a very pre-planned setup, Zero takes a sniper bullet meant for Rolo (that soldier was under Lelouch’s Geass). Another round of smooth talking manages to soften Rolo’s heart and convince him to fight on his side. Now one threat is settled. With the appearance of Zero, Suzaku returns from his EU battle to resume schooling at Ashford to investigate Lelouch. To test him, he wants Lelouch to talk over the phone to the new Area 11’s viceroy: Nunally. He’s in a bind because if he acknowledges her, it would mean his memories have returned and if he doesn’t, oh well he can’t because he would never lie to her. Hey, wait about that Zero thingy and all? Luckily Rolo uses his Geass to stop Suzaku’s time to give Lelouch a little breathing space and tell Nunally to play along that he doesn’t know her.

Zero and his Black Knights plan to capture Nunally who is onboard a vessel. He meets her and is trying to convince her that Britannia is using her but to his shock, she reveals she volunteered for it. To make things worse, she plans to revive Euphemia’s SAZ and wants him to join. The vessel under heavy attack and damage is going to crash into the sea but it couldn’t break Lelouch’s heart more when Nunally starts calling Suzaku’s name to save her. And indeed he came to her rescue. As SAZ is announced, many Elevens are suspicious seeing what happened before. Lelouch falls into depression and is thinking of abandoning it till Kallen slaps some senses into him. When you’ve got great powers, comes great responsibilities, you know? Zero makes a deal with Britannia for SAZ. He will deliver a million Elevens for to SAZ in exchange to be exiled. On the day itself, Britannia expects the Elevens to rebel but instead gets a shock when everyone suddenly dresses up as Zero! Hey, they did mention Zero is more of a symbol than a person. Which means they’ll all be exiled? A million Zeros, where do they go? Fortunately the Chinese Federation prepared a giant floating island for their escape. At least any bloodshed and massacre are avoided.

The Black Knights now have their own island called Penglai in Chinese territory. Then Zero learns that the empress of China, Tianzi is forced into a political marriage highly orchestrated by the Eunuchs, to the First Prince Odysseus eu Britannia. Xingke starts a rebellion on the wedding day but Zero beats him to it and takes Tianzi as hostage. Zero and his Black Knights are ready to rendezvous with their Indian allies so the Eunuchs are prepared to forgive Xingke if he returns Tianzi and gives him a powerful mecha, Shen Hu. During the fight, Kallen is captured and Zero is adamant to bring her back. Xingke is also quite a strategist as he forces Zero’s team to hide inside the Emperor’s Tomb in hopes they will stop firing. But it seems the Eunuchs don’t care about Tianzi and just fire away. They even request Schneizel’s army to help but that prince is smart not to fire any shots so as not to get blamed. Upset Xingke goes against them and goes all out to protect Tianzi. Sometimes it’s never good to gloat your treachery. Since the Eunuchs were careless in revealing their evil intentions, lies and showed disrespect towards Tianzi, Zero has broadcasts their statement throughout the Federation and its citizens starts revolting. Britannia pulls back as Xingke kills off the Eunuchs but Kallen has been handed over to Britannia. In the aftermath, Zero and the Black Knights form an alliance with Xingke and his army. Lelouch returns to Ashford and it seems Sayoko is the one impersonating as Lelouch while he is out on his conquest. However, other Round Knights, Gino Weinberg and Anya Alstreim, have enrolled in this school. Because Sayoko has been making Lelouch like a playboy while he’s gone, Lelouch now has an impossible task of dating every girl! Did they notice how ‘Lelouch’ was athletic or say funny lines? So unlike him.

Cornelia has been searching for the Order of the Geass to clear Euphemia’s name. She meets one of the researches and learns that Charles may be destroying the world because he wants to kill ‘God’ with his brother, V.V. who by the way sends Jeremiah, now an agent of the Order with Geass Canceller to randomly cancel out people who are infected by the Geass. One of them is Shirley as she vividly remembers who Zero is and who killed her father. Jeremiah goes in search of Lelouch and they meet. When he learns of Lelouch’s revenge motive, Jeremiah pledges his alliance to him because Marianne was a person whom he greatly admired. Meanwhile Shirley runs into Rolo and when he finds out he knows about Nunally, he uses his Geass and kills her! Lelouch finds her lying in her own pool of blood. He tries to use his Geass and order her to live but it is of no use as she confesses how she had always fell for him even if she forgets him. Gosh, I can’t believe that she would actually die! When Lelouch learns Rolo’s role in Shirley’s death, he doesn’t blame him but instead issues a secret order to a few of his Black Knight troops to go on a Geass hunt. With Jeremiah on his side, they are able to find the place and confront V.V. Zero and Cornelia team up to beat V.V. but that immortal kid starts dying due to his heavy wounds because Charles took his immortal code at the very last minute.

Zero is transported to a place called Sword of Akasha as he meets Charles there. He is immune to all Geass effect and not even bullets can kill him. C.C. is also there and reveals her wish to die (being an immortal is a pain). He feels Lelouch can’t grant her wish unlike Charles. Lelouch is transported to C’s World whereby he sees her past on how she obtained Geass of making just anyone to like her from a nun. She got bored and targeted the nun since she is immune to any Geass. Soon C.C. got tired of being tricked and killed the nun and thus inherited her immortality, hence the never ending cycle continues. Lelouch realizes her true desire and will be the one to grant it. He returns to Sword of Akasha, attacks the place, rescues C.C. before escaping and trapping Charles there. But upon returning to the real world, C.C. has lost her memories and is now a frail girl. Other developments include Kallen having a chat with Nunally but was interrupted by Suzaku who is going to interrogate Kallen by using a drug to reveal the truth about Lelouch but can’t bring himself to do it because he’ll be no better than Lelouch. Ougi meets up with Viletta to confess his love for her but they’re intercepted by Sayoko.

With some of the countries forming the United Federation of Nations (UFN), Kaguya as the head requests the Black Knights to liberate Japan from Britannia (one of the conditions to join this federation is that the country must give up their army and the Black Knights are their only might). Lelouch gets another surprise when Charles manages to escape from Sword of Akasha and declares war on him. The world is now divided into Britannia or not (EU has weakened it seems). So it’s either he wins everything or loses everything. Lelouch gets desperate since this will involve Nunally and calls Suzaku to meet him at the shrine. Suzaku still isn’t going to forgive him even if he begs or even spill the beans about using Geass on Euphemia. Though he reluctantly agrees in the end, Schneizel and his men appear and arrest Lelouch. He learns of Zero’s true identity and makes it as though Suzaku had sold him out. However Lelouch is able to escape via Guilford, whom he has used his Geass on. Then the final battle for Japan begins and Tokyo is the battleground once more. Zero uses some device to blackout the area to give his team advantage. Some of the Round Knights are transferred here to fight like top ace Bismarck Waldstein and bloodthirsty Luciano Bradley. Nina, who is working for Britannia under Lloyd and Cecile, has developed a powerful FLEIJA cannon and wants Suzaku to use it since Lancelot is being equipped with it. He is reluctant to use it till his Geass effect to live kicks in. The blast was enough to create a massive crater over the crater. Nunally was one of the many victims caught in the blast during when she was being evacuated. Lelouch becomes frantic and loses his mind, prioritizing a search for Nunally but to no avail.

Lelouch sinks into depression and even chides Rolo that he hates him and had planned to have him killed but always fall short. Ouch. Schneizel meets the Black Knights and reveals the truth about Zero. They are shocked to find the number of people, dead or alive, being used by Zero’s Geass. Ougi agrees to betray him but in return wants Japan returned to them. Zero is called by his men and it’s a trap to capture him. He has gone crazy and is ready to die but Rolo uses his Geass for them to escape. He still forgives Lelouch even if he hates him because for someone who had no family, the time he spent was real. Each time Rolo uses his Geass, it takes a toll on his heart. With Lelouch at a safe distance, Rolo dies so Lelouch decides to drag Charles to hell with him. What’s he got to lose now, after his real sister and fake brother are gone? Suzaku himself is at a lost after firing FLEIJA and confronts Schneizel (seems Nina too realize the err of her actions and sinks into depression). He wants to make him the top Round Knights in exchange for assassinating Charles and install him as the next Emperor. Lelouch heads to Kaminejima and enters Sword of Akasha to face Charles. He destroys the exit and plans to spend trapped here for eternity together. He interrogates why he never protected his mother, when Marianne suddenly pops out. That is no illusion. Seems she was hiding in Anya’s subconscious all the while.

We learn Charles made a pact with V.V. and Marianne the same with C.C. to create a peaceful world and promised they won’t lie to each other but Charles realized V.V. lied when he denied his hand in Marianne’s death. I’m not sure about the world with no future they wanted to create but they needed C.C. to complete it. She left the Order when she found out about their plan. V.V. noticed how Charles was getting close to Marianne and killed her. Before Marianne’s death, she used her Geass to cast her consciousness into Anya who was a witness then. After that, Charles altered Nunally’s memories and sent her and Lelouch to Japan as political hostages. So the plan right from the start was to obtain C.C. ‘God’ as Charles was referring to in this world seems to be the collective unconscious minds of humanity. Suzaku and C.C. (she has regained her memories) arrive at that time as Lelouch disapproves of his parents’ plan to force everyone into some dead future and uses his Geass on ‘God’ and dissolve his parents. C.C. is spared because she didn’t agree to their plan. A month later, Lelouch makes his public appearance and announces himself as the new Emperor of Britannia! After playing God, he wants to be king, eh? Will anyone acknowledge him or take him serious? Easy. Just use his Geass on everyone to acknowledge him! And another surprise as Suzaku becomes his knight, the Knight of Zero!

Lelouch is serious in reforming Britannia as he abolishes all the aristocracy systems. Some of the other Round Knights do not acknowledge him and try to fight him but got killed by Suzaku’s new and improved Lancelot. So now it’s “All hail Lelouch!” rather than “All hail Britannia!”. Lelouch then wants to join UFN but Kaguya cautions this will cause him to have the most votes (voting strength depends on a country’s population) and this would make Britannia having more than half of the votes and thus automatic majority. Can you call this democracy? Lelouch then forces them to make a vote by using Suzaku and even takes them hostage. During it all, Schneizel who is previously in hiding, destroys Britannia’s capital with his new floating fortress Damocles equipped with FLEIJA. Then he tells Lelouch that he has a better person to stand as the next emperor of Britannia: Nunally! OMG! She’s still alive! Apparently she was saved in time during that blast by Schneizel. She declares Lelouch and Suzaku her enemies. Where has all that lovely feeling gone? So another epic battle of minds between Lelouch and Schneizel is at hand. The Black Knights are supporting Schneizel while Nunally wants the task of pressing the button of FLEIJA. Though Lelouch’s plan manages to destroy lots of Black Knights troops, some manage to get onboard his Avalon but Lelouch and C.C. escape. Nina surprisingly is helping Lelouch and due to some technical timing or whatsoever, manages to tone down a FLEIJA shot. This also allows him and Suzaku to break into Damocles. C.C. goes up against Kallen to buy Lelouch time but is ultimately defeated. Then Gino fights Suzaku but was enough to damage Lancelot so when Kallen takes over, he defeats him.

Schneizel knows Lelouch is trapped within Damocles and sets it to self destruct while he escapes. He also plans on abandoning Nunally. However Lelouch is able to outsmart Schneizel with a pre-recorded video of himself and uses the Geass on him to be a faithful follower of Zero. Lelouch confronts Nunally. She amazingly breaks free of Charles’ Geass and now can see. Lelouch reluctantly uses his Geass on her to hand over the FLEIJA button. A few months down the road, Emperor Lelouch unites the world under his tyranny. He plans to publically execute some of the Black Knight members caught. However another deja vu because Zero is seen appearing in front of them. Actually it is Suzaku in disguised (Suzaku faked his death after that battle) as he swiftly runs up to Lelouch and stabs him! This was actually all part of Lelouch’s Zero Requiem plan to have everyone’s hate concentrated on him so much so Euphemia’s massacre seems miniscule and even forgotten. His last words to Suzaku tell him he has to don this mask forever and this serves as his punishment. Lelouch collapses into Nunally’s arms as she and some of the Black Knights realize his plan while Cornelia and the rest initiate a rebellion as a sign for the people to rejoice the end of Lelouch’s tyranny. Lelouch dies smiling as Nunally is overcome with emotion. In the aftermath, the world indeed has become more peaceful as efforts are no focus on poverty and hunger instead of war. We see how some of the characters are doing like Ougi and Viletta married and C.C. continues to travel alone. Ougi becomes the Prime Minister of Japan and Nunally the Emperor of Britannia.

You Play With Fire, You Get Burnt
That was sure a tragic happy ending. Tragic because Lelouch had to die but happy because of his actions and sacrifice, the rest of the world doesn’t have to fight anymore. It was such a sad thing he had to go but I in order for the show to live up to its epic billing, I guess this was necessary. This isn’t a fairytale, you know. I thought at least many of the characters will die in the end seeing after characters like Euphemia, Rolo and Shirley (didn’t expect her to die!) passed on. There were a few characters that I presumed to be supporting roles, but got killed off so quickly the moment they make their first appearance like one of the Round Knights and Valkyrie Squadron. Then when Nunally presumably got killed, I was thinking that everybody was going to die. After all, what is there left when Nunally isn’t here anymore. So when they brought her back and even some of the characters that got killed like Cornelia and Guilford, it got me thinking that maybe there shouldn’t be any more deaths. But for a show like this, deaths weren’t limited to the main and supporting characters but the others in the background such as innocent people. We see even women and children got shot and slaughtered!

I have to admit that this series is very interesting so much so that it got me glued to the screen for every episode! For both seasons! Not many anime series can retain my interest and attention. Even if there are mecha action and fights which I am usually not fond of, it never got to me as I am basically in awe of the whole thing. Even if I don’t remember the different types of mecha or their special moves, it didn’t bother me to enjoy them. That’s unbelievable even to me. Not to mention that some of the plots and revelation are a little confusing, I had to go read up from other blog sites just to get more information or understanding better. Never have I did so much intense reading up during and after the series ended. Even if there are small fillers such as Lelouch’s mask getting stolen by the cat Arthur, the Ashford Academy throwing their usual cultural even with C.C. obsessed in making the biggest pizza or a little diversion of Kallen’s biological mom trying to use the Refrain drug to relive her happy past, each of them serves as an advancement to the plot. There may be too many characters in this series but since each have their own role to play (big or small), they don’t feel redundant at all. Kudos and many thumbs up to this series! Hmm… Have I ever praised a series this much before? Maybe I must be under Lelouch’s Geass! Even if the Geass user is dead, the effect still holds as long as the condition still exists like for Schneizel, he’ll forever support Zero as long as he lives.

Lelouch is a great character in terms of generating great strategies and a leader. It’s just too bad that the Geass power he obtained caused him to be isolated from the rest and he has to hide beneath that mask. It was very noble and heroic of him to take in all the hatred. Even if the truth of what he did will never be known to the rest, that’s what you call an unsung hero. At first you’d thought he turned into one of those power-crazy megalomaniacs when he became the next Emperor of Britannia and was just the same like the rest but that’s when he caught us all off guard. Eventually we see lots of change in many of the characters. For instance, Nina towards the end isn’t xenophobic anymore and has greatly learned to accept others as compared to her appearance in the first season whereby she was distrustful especially to those who are Elevens even if they are Honorary Britannians like Suzaku and her hatred to avenge Euphemia’s revenge has subsided after she herself turned into a ‘murderer’ after unleashing her FLEIJA cannon. Viletta isn’t a woman who seeks to climb up the social ladder nor seek fame and status anymore but rather the true heart of a person and she found that in Ougi. Ougi too turned from someone who lacks confidence into someone more competent. Likewise, Suzaku held highly to his principles and could’ve turned into a monster and did unspeakable things just to uphold them but most of the times, such principles are always in the grey area. It’s ironic that he felt guilty about killing his dad and always put his life on the line in hopes of getting killed as atonement. Till Lelouch cast his Geass on for him to live. At least he won’t recklessly throw away his life.

I have watched all the picture dramas from both seasons and though they may last 5-6 minutes on average each, they tell us a little more on the thoughts of the characters and some of the situation that happened in between the episodes. This series is quite popular enough so much so it has spawned several short spin-off manga such as Nightmare of Nunally (Nunally receiving the Geass power) and Suzaku of the Counterattack (with Suzaku as the main protagonist this time). It has been adapted to other media as well such as light novels, drama CDs called Sound Episodes, artbooks, internet radio broadcasts and video games. If you notice the Pizza Hut logos peppered throughout the series, it’s because they sponsored this show in Japan. So each time I take a bite out of that cheesy and chewy dough, it reminds me of a certain green haired woman…

The voice casting is stellar as each voice is played to their roles perfectly. Jun Fukuyama (Watanuki in xxxHOLIC) gives a commanding portrayal of Lelouch and nobody else could be more persuasive to play Zero as him. There are many other casts over the 2 seasons, some even taking up various but minor roles. Hey, you couldn’t tell the difference, right? Some of the seiyuus are Takahiro Sakurai as Suzaku (Yuri in Kyo Kara Maoh), Yukana as C.C. (Honoka in Pretty Cure, Rinslet in Black Cat), Kaori Nazuka as Nunally (Nadeshiko in Inukami), Ami Koshimizu as Kallen (Tenma in School Rumble), Norio Wakamoto as Charles (Onsokumaru in 2×2=Shinobuden), Junko Minagawa as Cornelia (Ryoma in Prince of Tennis), Norihiro Inoue as Schneizel, Tetsu Shiratori as Lloyd, Kikuko Inoue as Cecile (Belldandy in Aa! Megamisama), Mitsuaki Madono as Ougi (Dr Clive in Hare+Guu), Yuuji Takada as Toudou, Ken Narita as Jeremiah (Sesshoumaru of Inu Yasha), Akeno Watanabe as Viletta (Chachamaru in Mahou Sensei Negima), Fumiko Orikasa as Shirley (Rukia of Bleach), Sayaka Ohara as Milly (Rika in Honey And Clover), Omi Minami as Euphemia (Rika in UFO Princess Valkyrie), Saeko Chiba as Nina (Chika in Ichigo Mashimaro), Kazato Tomizawa as V.V., Takahiro Mizushima as Rolo (Nagasumi in Seto No Hanayome), Yuko Goto as Anya (Mikuru in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu), Hikaru Midorikawa as Xingke (Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi) and Satomi Arai as Sayoko (Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun).

There are a few lessons one can learn from watching this series. Firstly, actions and consequences. For every action that one has done, there will be some sort of chain reaction and consequence as a result of that act. Once done, cannot be undone. You are responsible for your own actions and must have the will to live with the changes even if it’s an undesired one. For instance when Zero thought it was okay for his plan to kill normal foot soldiers. But what happens when one of them turns out to be a father of a close friend? Could you live with that? For every action that Lelouch initiates, it brings more and more misery to the rest so much so it seemingly threatens to go out of control. And so it is true that he creates and destroys worlds. At least he finished what he started. Secondly, the effects of war are never good. For whatever reasons it may be, a country’s honour or liberation, it is ultimately the people that suffers. Why can’t we get along in the first place? What is this glory of conquering nations and to unite everyone? So it took a high school kid’s sacrifice just for the world to open their eyes and really unite? If that is the case, then I think it was worth it. A life sacrificed to stop even more possible bloodshed.

I guess there may be other things that I would like to say but I probably would have forgotten about them since I’m still amazed at this series. If the leaders of the world could watch this show and come to realize the betterment of the human race, I think that would be okay. Or maybe, they’ll get the wrong idea and try to emulate and build more mecha to enhance their military power! If you ask me, I don’t really want to be bestowed any Geass power because I don’t think I can shoulder the responsibility and results of my actions. While the world is out there trying to fight poverty, hunger and displaced people due to war, conflict and natural disasters, what am I doing here watching my animes happily? Maybe I’m under a Geass spell to begin with.

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