I guess there is only a reason why there’s an OVA or 13th episode for Code: Realize: Sousei No Himegimi. Yes and of course to milk some money off the DVD and BD sales. But I’m also thinking that because a certain super detective didn’t get enough screen time in the proper series and hence they need to showcase him in a proper light. I mean, what better way for the best enemies and arch rivals to work together for once and solve a crime, right?

Set A Thief To Catch A Thief
Taking place a month after the end of the TV series, Buckingham Palace is going to hold a celebration to celebrate the nation’s recovery and peace. This also has Lupin remembering they haven’t thrown a party for Cardia yet. Wait a minute. I thought they were married in the final scenes of the last episode? Unless you tell me that took place quite some time in the future and was a time skip scene. Anyway as Lupin shops around for a present, he realizes all his comrades have the same thinking and usurp him in buying that gift he had in mind. Yeah, great minds think alike, no? Then a strange peddler hands him a beautiful blue gem. You know it’s trouble when a suspicious person gives you something for no good reason because instantly Lupin gets arrested by Scotland Yard. You mean they didn’t see that suspicious guy holding it but the moment it is in Lupin’s hands they all jump on him! And there are dozens of them! Where the f*ck did they appear from?! So Leonhardt is kind enough to tell his pals back at the mansion about Lupin’s arrest. For theft. Surprisingly but not surprisingly, that is what a thief is supposed to do, right? Even more ironic is that if he is a super thief and has escaped from countless dangerous heists, he failed this one? Thinking the stress and desperation made Lupin resort to thievery, the friends decide to help Lupin get out before Cardia knows about it. Thank goodness she is dense, right? Lupin sitting nicely in his cell receives a picnic basket from his friends. The moment he opens it, there is a bomb powerful enough to blow a hole in the wall! So many questions… First, didn’t the police inspect it?! Second, had they do their job, they would have been killed since all it takes was just to open the basket. Third, if the bomb was this powerful, where the f*ck was Lupin hiding in his small cell for the bomb to go off? Clearly he couldn’t have escaped that unscathed. But he did. Surprisingly it is Herlock who stops a police from sounding the alert and save Lupin.

Herlock brings Lupin back to his home to hide. He explains that the queen wanted to award this gem to a brave hero but someone stole it. Scotland Yard has been secretly trying to get to the bottom of this and Victoria has personally asked him to help too. Of course for it to conveniently get missing and end up in Lupin’s hands is definitely suspicious. Like as though someone who knows him well has a grudge on him and purposely went to set this up elaborately for him to take the fall. Indeed. Loup Noir or Black Wolf is a notorious French group of thieves. Herlock believes they have recently infiltrated London. Lupin remembers playing Robin Hood with them. He stole what they stole from the public and return it to the public again. This happened many times. So Lupin didn’t actually think they would be gunning for revenge?! That’s pretty confident of him. Therefore Herlock wants to work together with him to take them down and also clear his name. Because they are rivals, he won’t accept any other groups to take the famous Lupin down. Part of the plan is for Lupin to stay low in his residence for who knows how long. Bad news is that his friends are searching all over and couldn’t find him. Poor Cardia. Must have thought something happened to Lupin. Good news is that Loup Noir too can’t find him. I guess bored Lupin has to become his ‘maid’ to clean up his messy room while he bide his time.

Then the wait is over and time to move in. Because the front page of the news reports on Lupin striking. Lupin’s pals even know he is fake because they thought the same as I do: Why the heck is he posing as though for photographers to snap a shot! Herlock explains his plan that since Loup Noir is targeting him, their patience is wearing thin so doing this is just to draw him out. That is where they’ll get back at them in their own game. Lupin has an idea of where they will strike and appear next because apparently you need to be a thief to think like one. True enough, the fake Lupin pops up. Lupin confronts him but the latter has brought his members along. Too bad we get a taste of seeing their incompetence as Lupin and Herlock team up to take down the sloppy goons. When their numbers get too troublesome to handle them, the police arrive. Too bad they too get ‘immobilized’ when a mysterious mist gets in a way. Herald Lupin’s pals to the fore. Yeah, you don’t want to mess with them either. Once the mist is gone, our protagonists gotten away, even nicely rounding up Loup Noir for the befuddled police to arrest them. Heh. Basically doing their job for them. In the aftermath, we see them attending the celebratory event at Buckingham Palace as Victoria awards this gem to Cardia. Should you be surprised? Oh well, I guess a gem looks better on a woman than a medal. Herlock is also here but promises he isn’t here to capture Lupin and is just to celebrate with him. Maybe next time they’ll resume their rivalry. Back home, Lupin explains to Cardia but still feels he is the only one who couldn’t give her a present (even Herlock gave her some beautiful roses). She says his best present is having him with her. This gives him an idea there is a present he can still give her. WTF is this small and short kiss?! Shouldn’t it be longer and more passionate than that?! Wasted!

There Is Honour Among Thieves
As cheesy this OVA might seem but I have to admit that because of those incredulous parts, I somewhat enjoyed it. So bad that it is good? But the worst part is that in order for Herlock to get slightly more screen time, Cardia now gets even less screen time. Heck, it is like as though she isn’t even the main protagonist in this OVA. And I thought Cardia was one of the main characters for this series but she is clearly side-lined like the rest in this OVA. Like she doesn’t matter at all. If you ask me, this OVA can be clearly be done without her since she had no hand whatsoever. Sighs, becoming ‘useless’ ever since she lost her melting ability, eh?

I suspect that this OVA is to satisfy some sick fans’ fetish of Lupin x Herlock. Too bad they didn’t get to kiss or even do gay yaoi stuffs during their short stint of cooperation. Haha! That would be a total disaster and I can imagine if Cardia saw this gayness, her melting ability would just come back and she’ll kill herself! Haha! Sorry if I went overboard with that but like I said with all the incredulous moments in this OVA that feels like forcing the plot, I can’t help think of something like that. After all, what else can we do after Twilight and Finis are gone? Best to put some unknown French thieves just for the sake of entertainment.

Worse, that final kiss between Lupin and Cardia which is supposed to be the ‘best’ moment that perhaps viewers were expecting and waiting for, we were given that ‘low quality’ kiss. Not sure if he will give her a steamier one behind the cameras because he doesn’t want us viewers to intrude on their privacy while he makes out with her. Cardia did hinted she could touch things now, so… Oh well Lupin, looks like you’re truly the master thief having stolen her heart too. In the end, like my sentiments of the overall series itself, it isn’t that good but it isn’t that bad either. Now, if they would only make another OVA that would satisfy my fantasy of including other fictional British characters like I have mentioned in my previous blog… That would be groovy, baby. And ta-ta, cheerio.

Imagine taking some of the famous fictitious characters from famous western works and combine them all into an anime. You get Code: Realize: Sousei No Himegimi. Crossovers are hardly new in today’s world but it is very rare to see the likes of Lupin and Van Helsing coming together into a single story or series. Oh right, there was that movie, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Anyway this series tells of a girl who has been locked away in solitude for so long because of a deadly substance in her body that melts anything that comes into direct contact with her. Of course being such a deadly potential of mass weapon of destruction, in no time certain parties are out to get her to fulfil their own agenda and goals.

Episode 1
The British Army led by Rempart Leonhardt storms into a building only to wake Cardia Beckford from her slumber. Thinking she is just an ordinary girl, one of them carelessly touches her but his skin instantly burns. It seems her body is made of poison and her special clothes keep her from burning everything upon contact. As they load her into their vehicle, this gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin makes his grand entrance and proclamation to steal her. The sleeping gas knocks them out. Cardia wakes up in his steam junk car driven by his mechanic buddy, Impey Barbicane. They pass through the outskirts of London which is a heavily industrialized nation. Under the reign of Queen Alexandrina Victoria, Britain is the world’s super powerhouse. Back at their mansion, she is introduced to another comrade, Victor Frankenstein AKA Fran (he has wanted posters of him being a terrorist everywhere). They note the other friend, Saint-Germain isn’t here but he is more like their patron supplying this base. Cardia is surprised they know her father, Isaac. Everyone should. He is the creator of this perpetual machine called Horologium. Infinite energy. For some reason he embedded it in Cardia’s body. That is why the British Army is after her. However they note the one pulling the strings behind this is a terrorist organization named Twilight. Cardia shows the Horologium embedded in her chest. It makes her question why her father did so. Lupin says their job is to protect her from falling into the wrong hands. As she rests and remembers how her father coldly told her to live in isolation since she is a monster, a cute dog, Shishi comes up to her. Of course you follow it. Soon the guys learn she is missing and look for her. In the forest, Cardia is attacked by wild dogs. By the time Lupin finds her, she laments the death of a wild dog who bit her. He brings her band and since she is still feeling guilty about staying, he tells her no one in this world should live in isolation (drawing from his own past experience). He gives her the motivation to stay. It is warm here and now she has a reason to look for answers why father left her with Horologium. Lupin throws in a bonus that in exchange for stealing her heart, he will grant her a wish. Well, she has none. Don’t worry. She has all the time to think.

Episode 2
Cardia meets Saint for the first time. She also learns Fran was the head of the royal alchemist but is now running from the government as they framed him. Their plan now is to stay low and gather info on Twilight since they lack the means to fight them head on. Meanwhile Finis, the leader of Twilight, has a chat with Victoria about their failed attempt to capture Cardia. Because of that, he has sent his men to finish the job. Fran examines Cardia and confirms the poison in her body is the result of Horologium. Surgery to remove it is not recommended as he couldn’t hear her heartbeat. This means she has no heart and Horologium is keeping her alive. For a change of pace, the guys take Cardia to London. She is confused about their kindness so Lupin tells about Shishi. Some stranger cut of his leg and Impey can’t leave it alone, made him a metallic leg and adopted him. Despite all that, Shishi is still alive. She is no different than them. Lupin senses danger and takes her away. But at the alley they are ambushed by Twilight men. They get unexpected help from Abraham Van Helsing. However he too is after Cardia. A greatly timed smokescreen from Fran allows them to escape but Van is a step ahead of them and cuts them off. Holding them at gunpoint, he confirms with Cardia that she has Horologium. Fran knows Van as an ex-member of Twilight wants to use Cardia against them. Van further reveals his goal is Finis and he will use Cardia to make him pay for all the atrocities he has done. Fran suggests joining up with them since they have the same goal. However Van refuses. He shoots Lupin but his gun backfires since Lupin initially tossed some ball into it to jam it up. Fran once more offers him to join them they will have a force to fight Twilight. The more they thwart their plans, Finis will eventually show up. Van agrees. Despite he is now on their side, Cardia can sense he is filled with sadness.

Episode 3
Van now hangs out in their mansion but keeps his distance. There is an article of a phantom thief that steals stuffs belonging to a vampire family and it isn’t Lupin behind it. Lupin returns with info that Finis will board a train to London in 2 weeks so what better idea than to steal him and the train. Van wants Cardia along this mission since she is Twilight’s target but that is precisely why the rest are against it. Agree to his terms or he’s out. Oh well, Cardia herself wants to join because they’re friends, right? So everyone trains Cardia what they are best at. To show the fruits of her training, they decide to stop this phantom thief and claim the fat reward. After all, they are running low on funds. Deducing from the phantom thief’s pattern, Lupin knows he will hit an auction house that is going to auction a pendant named Nosferatu’s Saber that belonged to vampire family. True enough, that phantom thief shows up. Everyone freaks out not knowing he is a kid but is a real vampire. He is Delacroix II and claims he will have his revenge on mankind. Apparently Delacroix and Van know each other and the grudge runs deep. Delacroix tells him to meet their meeting place to settle their business once and for all. Meanwhile the rest ponder about the history of vampires. It was wiped out by the British during a war. In actual fact, it was just a witch hunt to eradicate vampires. Van was a member of Twilight then and played an important role in Britain’s victory. More flashbacks from Van. As seen he was Delacroix’s teacher. Finis then told him about Britain’s upcoming witch hunt (just to show foreign nations of their might) in which he was against. However Finis held his family hostage and he is forced to do as he is told. Delacroix had the misfortune to see Van kill his father. He vowed revenge. Now Van is at Delacroix’s old home and fights him. Too bad vampire kid isn’t as good and Van owns him in every way. Asked to give up his revenge on mankind, where will he direct his anger then? Van remembers Finis murdered his family despite carrying out his orders. Van will allow Delacroix to kill him but only when all this is over. He has his word and Cardia and co are the witnesses. So end his revenge and hatred for everything else after he kills him. Cardia then invites Delacroix to live with them as she doesn’t want him to be alone. Who will look after the graves then? Van suggests to keep an eye on him and after he kills him, he can offer his body to his parents’ grave. As they leave, Van agrees to teach Cardia martial arts. Cardia still sees sadness in his eyes but now knows there is kindness behind it. Since Delacroix is going to live with them, he will go by his original name, Dracula or Drac for short.

Episode 4
Victoria hires super detective, Herlock Sholmes (that’s not a typo) to accompany Finis. He agrees as he has his own agenda. Lupin tells his members about their plan to abduct Finis. Sounds great in theory. Putting forth their plan into action, it begins with Van and Fran knocking out the train driver. Lupin and Cardia assimilate as train conductors as they make their way from the back to the front. Lupin drops a smokescreen to cause the soldiers to alert. Van then handles them for the duo to move on. Lupin’s plan is to use a bomb to destroy the coupling to detach the train. Once that happens and at the precise moment, they would have reached a fork and Impey would switch the train to another track. The train will then stop on a bridge over a ravine in which Finis will have no means of escape. However before them is Herlock. He has been following Lupin and dreams of catching him. Lupin fights him and has Cardia put the bomb herself. Don’t worry, she can fight those Twilight guys. I suppose they underestimated her. With help from Van, she manages to put and detonate the bomb. Once that happens, Lupin escapes on Impey’s weird mini helicopter. When Cardia and Van enter the room Finis is in, they are ambushed by his aide, Jimmy A. Aleister. Saint calls Impey and warns them not to head to the bridge because it is a trap and the mission failed. The bridge then blows up. Finis reveals he knows their plan because he was the one who leaked the info that he will board this train. So it was them who fell into his trap. It was a ploy to meet Cardia, his older sister. Say what? He further reveals they are related because of the same father. He wants her to come with him but Van won’t allow that. Finis mocks him that the old Van would have shot him by now and being unable to do so means he has changed. Lupin bombs a hole in the side of the train and tells Cardia to jump. She does and leaves Finis heartbroken. Yeah, she chose a phantom thief over some bratty brother. The British army’s airship picks up Finis before the train dives into the ravine.

Episode 5
The guys are now all wanted criminals. Fran is the hardest hit as he sinks into depression. Cardia goes to talk to him but she too has her own worries ever since Finis revealed he is her brother. That night, Cardia spots Fran sneaking out alone. Good thing she followed him or else Fran would have been done in by the British guards. It seems he plans to see Victoria and negotiate with her to revoke their wanted status. Man, he thinks it is going to be that easy? They hide from reinforcements but looks like Twilight is also after them. They find an unlikely ally in Leonhardt as he protects them from Twilight. He has orders to bring them back alive. There is only so far they can run before the British side corners them. Who is going to save them now? You bet Lupin and Van are here in great timing to handle the guards so they can flee via Impey’s helicopter. However the British airship starts firing at them right over town and they conveniently crash into Buckingham Palace right in the middle of a knighting ceremony. Don’t worry. Despite the helicopter is trashed, nobody is injured. With the guards surrounding them, Fran threatens to bomb the entire place unless he seeks an audience with Victoria. He gets his wish but she is not moved with his threat because she knows his detonator is just a toy. Fran then gets serious and takes out a liquid explosive. If he drops this, they both will die and Fran has taken steps to assure the spread of the Zicterium throughout the world, something Victoria fears. Seeing his resolve, Victoria announces to the public the rescindment of their wanted status and will now be under the British’s protection. Victoria warns him not to further anger her. Wow. That was easy. Back at the mansion, Fran reveals the truth to his comrades. He was part of the team tasked to create the Philosopher’s Stone. Some alchemy thingy that is associated with eternal life. However Fran discovered something even more terrifying: Zicterium. To his dismay, Victoria wanted to use it as show of strength against the vampires. The rest is history. After Fran defected, Isaac took over the project and discovered something else: Horologium. Fran blames himself had he never invented that, Cardia wouldn’t have been in this position. But Cardia isn’t mad. She is grateful that the events that transpired allowed her to be here now. Feeling better, Fran vows to find a cure for her poison.

Episode 6
Saint wants Impey to build an airship to enter a race called The Gathering. Its first prize is a posthumous writing of Isaac. Lupin thought he could steal it but learning that Herlock is guarding it, looks like he changes his mind. Impey works on the engine while Lupin goes to steal the exterior. Cardia learns Impey’s dream is to fly to the moon and his infatuation with the mechanical stuffs started since young when he saw the steam train. During race day, Impey is running late. He leaves it really late to come by and makes the rest really anxious. Nobody is appreciative of his work except for this mad gay scientist, Nemo. He even shows Impey around his airship. As the race begins, it seems firing at each other is also allowed. Wait a minute. They’re flying over London. Is this even allowed?! Anyway, Impey’s airship has no weapons since he took it out to enable them to fly faster. As long as they can avoid getting hit. The fake paint on the airship comes off due to the wind. This belongs to some company so you bet they are mad. Hence the race turns into one whereby a 20 million reward is given to whoever shoots it down! But the other airships are taken down by Nemo as he claims he will be the winner of this race. Luckily Impey’s airship is smaller to Nemo’s giant. He makes a u-turn to leave him in a lurch. However this means facing off with other racers as they fire back. An engine is shot down and if they lose another one, they’ll crash. This is when Impey unleashes his ‘secret weapon’. Van has to get inside this cannonball? It is then fired towards an airship! Van is going to make Impey pay for this but after he sabotages and takes out the enemies’ airship. Heck, Van even crashes one into Nemo and sends his airship exploding in the sky! He’ll be back, says Nemo? Metres away from the finish line, Impey’s airship is on the verge of crashing. Can he make it? Thanks to his awesome skills, they win. Yeah, everyone almost died. It’s a miracle they survive that last minute crash. After they get their winners’ photo taken, Impey hands the prize to Cardia. She keeps them as her precious treasures.

Episode 7
Following the writings, it leads them to a secret underground lab where there are many Cardia clones in the tubes!!! OMG! Cardia is a homunculus?! Naturally she falls into depression. Naturally this makes the guys worried. They believe it is all part of Finis’ plan as he knew Cardia would one day go to that lab. Fran always had a feeling was a homunculus because of the Horologium. He never said anything because he didn’t want to hurt a pure and kind girl. Lupin disagrees because it is better she should have heard it from them the truth and get hurt rather than being kept secret from those trusted. And naturally too, she runs away the next day. Where to? Her old home. She needs to find out about herself. While doing so, it brings back memories of a woman who took her in while she was on the run from authorities. Elaine and her young daughter, Etty sheltered her for a while. However soon the villagers led by an arrogant priest start knocking on her door, wanting her to hand over the monster. Elaine declined as they blamed Cardia for the village’s drought and everything. Eventually Cardia and Elaine were thrown into some rock prison. Because there is no ventilation, Cardia’s poison starts permeating the space. By the time she burns a hole in the rocks, Elaine died suffocated. The villagers saw the horror and Etty ever since blamed Cardia the monster for her mom’s death. Cardia finds a hidden compartment and a letter written by Isaac to her. Too bad those villagers are back to harass her. One of them saw her returning and alerted the rest. Yup, they blame her again for everything and by defeating her, they will have God’s blessing back. As Cardia is about to resign to her fate, guess who shows up to save her? You guessed it. Lupin. He tells them off for not thinking for themselves and conveniently blaming others. The villagers feel guilty and do not listen to the priest to go after them.

Resting in the woods, Cardia still feels guilty about everything and doesn’t want to return home. Lupin tells of his past. His master was a chivalrous thief stealing from the rich to give to the poor as atonement for his sin. He never understood what it meant until he tried to set things straight. Somebody ratted his group out to the police and they blamed him. He was killed. Lupin learnt his ‘sin’ was knowing of Isaac’s terrorist plot and running away doing nothing. Despite all that, Lupin regarded him as his father. That is why he is now in London. He has a past that can’t be erased nor does he want anyone else to know. Does she hate him now? No matter her past, it doesn’t matter to him or the others. At first he wanted to use Cardia as a connection to Isaac but after fleeing with her for the first time, he knew he just couldn’t leave her alone. That’s a long way of saying he loves her, right? Next day as they leave, Etty surprisingly pops up to warn them that the road ahead is blocked by villagers. She might not have forgiven Cardia for Elaine’s death but now doesn’t view her as a monster. On the way back, Cardia allows Lupin to read the letters. Mostly mathematical formulas. But there is one letter telling her if she gets lost, got to the underground of St Paul’s Cathedral in London where he will be preparing to wage war against God. He hopes she will join him for a new future in this plan called Code: Realize. She knows that term. Lupin too. Because it was written in his master’s notebook. It is the codename for Isaac’s terrorist plan. I wonder if it is too late because London now is on fire! Finis and his Twilight has begun the commencement of their new world.

Episode 8
The attack is more of a coup d’etat. Some of the British soldiers have defected to Twilight so it is utter chaos to see the soldiers fighting among themselves. Twilight’s goal is to kidnap Victoria. Our heroes reunite and are in the heart of London’s chaos and knowing Twilight well, their goal in stopping this havoc is to take Victoria first before Twilight does. Saint meets up with Guinevere. She gives him some sort of potion but Saint wants to put his faith in Lupin and co first. Lupin and Cardia storm into the palace looking for Victoria. Lupin manages to impersonate Victoria’s voice so well to fool some of the dumb soldiers. Thankfully they come into Victoria and Leonhardt first. They agree to work together for now to escape. But Finis is a step ahead of them. He and his side ambush them while they’re crossing the London Bridge. Finis mocks Cardia if she likes the gifts (the clones) he gave her. Cardia denies him calling her a monster. She asks what Code: Realize is. To put it in short, a plan to destroy the entire world! Oh, Cardia is an essential part of the plan who will destroy it. And he blames her as the one who will kill everybody! Naturally she is in shock. Lupin tries to shut him up but what good will it do him when he gets shot? Don’t worry. Not in vital areas. Oh, Lupin getting shot? That’s Cardia’s fault too! WTF?! All in great timing, Impey’s ship passes by. The smokescreen is enough to cause a little confusion as our heroes and the queen hop on for their escape. You tell me Twilight can’t go after that slow poke boat? At their hideout, Victoria hears Lupin’s plan to storm St Paul’s Cathedral to suppress the rebellion. He needs her to rally her British Army to do that. Seeing no case for objection, she agrees to work with him. After all, she needs to teach Finis a lesson. Meanwhile Saint talks to Cardia. At the end of all that heart-warming talk, he tells his intention that he is here to kill her. Gasp! What?!

Episode 9
Saint reveals he is from a secret organization called Idea. Their mission is to watch over humanity and guide them on the right path. Translate that as: Eliminate any errors and mistakes that mankind would make that will lead to their doom. Idea has deemed Cardia as one as well as Isaac’s plan. He gives her the potion that will grant her a peaceful death. She takes it but will not drink it. Cardia reunites with the rest at the makeshift British Army base in the woods. Lupin is still recuperating but Cardia doesn’t feel like seeing him. Instead, she talks to Van and thanks him for being her friend. But he has to remind her once this is over, he will no longer be alive. Yeah, that promise to Drac. Why you go make her feel uneasy? Fran goes over one of the notebooks Cardia found. There are missing pages but from what he could deduce, Nemo is deeply part of Isaac’s plan too. Guinevere once again sees Saint. She reminds him as a fellow Idea member, he must carry out his mission. Saint seems to be wavering and having second thoughts. She gives him a pocket watch now? Is it something symbolic like time to die? Van sees Lupin and makes him fluster when he points out he and Cardia are in some sort of love relationship. The point he wants to drill is that if there is something on his mind, tell her now. There is no telling if they’ll be alive after the battle. Wow. Van can give this sort of advice? Cardia makes friends with a soldier who is pinning for his family. But shortly he dies from his wounds and this only makes Cardia sadder. Oh no. Is this what Finis means when she will kill everybody? Lupin finds her crying alone. She throws a fit at him because he acted as though he wasn’t scared. She hates the fact he put himself in danger for her sake. If he dies, she can’t see him anymore. Her chest hurts when she thinks of him. Can it be love because you know, she has no heart. Anyway, Lupin promises to protect her and will not die. The rest of the gang unite to pledge the same. Saint rejects Guinevere’s proposal to join them. Wasted the pocket watch, cut in half… Drac for the first time makes himself useful by joining their cause. Though he gives the lame excuse he can’t let Van be killed by anyone except him. Tsundere? Cardia makes her heartfelt speech thanking them and to help her for a while more. Next morning, Victoria rallies the troops for a simultaneous attack from the inside and outside.

Episode 10
With Leonhardt’s group distracting Twilight guards outside, the rest sneak in. Of course, more Twilight guards. Drac proves his worth by fighting these low level guards. Heh. Even those with no martial arts skill can take on these useless soldiers. The path is blocked by Aleister. Van has a hard time fighting him since he is his former superior. Saint stays back to fight him so the rest could move forward. Inside the secret chamber, they are shocked to see a giant globe before them. And of course, Finis. Van tries to make him spill the details but Finis mocks him if he is here to find out how his family died and dares him to just admit he is here to kill him. The closer Finis gets to Cardia, his pendant starts affecting her health. When Lupin tries to help her, Finis gets mad about him for touching her. He tries to stab him but Saint stabs him from the back! Where the heck did he come from without anybody hearing?! Just like that Finis is dead? Why you’re not happy, Van? You were expecting some epic boss fight? Oh, be careful for what you wish because Finis still lives! Or at least his clone! In fact the entire area is filled with his clones! Finis reveals these are just puppets and the real one is inside the globe, which also houses Isaac. You see, after Isaac died, he was placed in this mechanical vessel. The crucial plan of Code: Realize is to combine Cardia’s Horologium with Finis to create the ultimate God. But why go so far to start a world war? You see, mankind can only make scientific advances via war. Therefore an endless war means infinite evolution for humanity! Hence a new world. Nice logic… This is Code: Realize’s true goal. Van tries to target the globe but hesitates when Finis says if he is killed, the cure for Cardia’s poison is no more. Yup, that really made him stop. But there’s more. Tentacles pop up from the globe and start whipping everyone while kidnapping Cardia! You think this wouldn’t hint something hentai until Finis says he will become one with his sister! You mean like incest? And with that, father will be proud? Lupin fails to retrieve Cardia but tells her to trust him. Tactical retreat, I guess? What choice does she have put to believe in him to come rescue her? The globe is then sucked up by the giant Nautilus piloted by Nemo. It also drops poisonous Zicterium bombs that kill everyone who inhale it on the ground.

Episode 11
With Nautilus needing time to recharge, Victoria has her troops reinforce as they plan to take it head on. Though it might destroy London in the process and its recovery taking longer as a result, Victoria has a duty as the matriarch to ensure the safety of her children (read: London citizens). Lupin blames Van for not taking the shot to destroy Finis then. Van reasons that he wanted to grant Cardia’s wish, to rid her of her poison. Even if Lupin is okay with Cardia still having her poison as long as he is by her side, has he not forgotten Cardia’s wish to rid of her poison so she could touch things? Lupin realizes he never said the important things to her. Don’t tell it to Van he loves her. In that case, Van’s job is to deliver him to Cardia. Saint introduces weird mages in robes. They are from Idea and despite they shouldn’t have assist Saint, their goal is to stop Isaac’s plan. The mages will provide magic support as the army attack Nautilus. Finis tells Cardia how his body is a vessel for her Horologium’s energy. When they combine, a new God and world will be created. All that is left is for Isaac to awaken. The result of their union is that Finis will die. Good news: Cardia will lose her poison. Bad news: She cannot live without her Horologium. Finis is fine dying because that is his role. He believes Isaac will love and praise him after fulfilling his duty. As the airships begin their attack on Nautilus, the magic barrier helps protect them from Nautilus’ gunfire. However it does not protect them from its tentacle attacks! WTF???!!! Impey crashes his airship into Nautilus. It’s the fastest way to get on board, right? Somehow Cardia runs away from Finis. He lets her go because where else could she run to? Conveniently she stumbles into Lupin. Unfortunately she tells him her poison is getting stronger and hence cannot be with him anymore. This is goodbye. Lupin doesn’t give a f*ck about that. Because he loves her. To prove that, he hugs her even if her poison corrodes his body. Sorry to cut short your romantic tryst but Finis doesn’t like this one bit. Destroying the pendant, not only Cardia goes into pain, her poison goes into berserk. Anything around few inches of her radius is melted even if she is not touching anything. Finis kicks Lupin off the ledge.

Episode 12
This is what happens with the ‘unification’. Cardia is transported inside the globe, Finis drops dead and Isaac awakens. Thanks to that, Cardia is now able to see Isaac’s past. Looks like a lovely family she had there. Isaac was a researcher trying to solve food shortage. Too bad people became impatient and when deaths of starvation happened, they blamed him and science for bringing God’s wrath. Naturally kicking him out wasn’t the only thing to do. They burnt down his house and family. And that was how Isaac turned to the dark side. Cardia now understands why father wanted her to live in solitary and would have believed that until she started thinking about Lupin. And what do you know? Calling out his name, here he comes busting in to save her! How the f*ck did he manage to survive that fall, break through thick tentacle wires and pull her out???!!! He is only human!!! Anyway, they noticed Cardia’s touch doesn’t burnt. Flashback last night when Fran told Lupin about it. Deducing from whatever theory, the timing must be precise for the globe to suck out her Horologium but leave enough behind for her to be alive. Exact timing is needed. I don’t know how Fran knows about this even if he is a genius scientist, can he deduce all that so fast and perfect? Screw it all. Anyway, now we have Isaac in hologram form. He is badmouthing Finis for being a useless doll and as expected, Cardia disagrees and argues how Finis fought all for his love. It is him who is the monster. Still, father doesn’t change his stand. Meanwhile Impey and Fran has placed explosives around the ship and apprehend Nemo. He isn’t much of a fighter so it’s easy.

Isaac has Lupin in his grasp (and lecturing how hopeless humans are and that they can’t change always to be counter argued by the hero) but that won’t stay for long because in perfect timing, Lupin throws his stick to light a fuse to a bomb he placed on the globe. PERFECT TIMING!!! The tentacles cannot diffuse it in time!!! Even more unbelievable, the globe is destroyed that easily?! They should have thrown lots of bombs at it. I know, tentacle barriers but still throwing bombs sounds a sure kill way. When bad guys die, why do they always lament the perfect God they should’ve become? Finis resurrects but is disheartened he won’t get the love he wants. As the explosion rips apart Nautilus, Finis falls but Cardia catches him. She wants him to love together with her but I guess he doesn’t have that much of a siscon. Sorry, sister. He drops himself to death and with that, Finis is officially finished. Sorry, bad pun. Just a while ago, Lupin said he won’t lose Cardia but now he plans to sacrifice himself and stay behind just because his wounds are now acting up? So he gets to play the hero? Cardia of course won’t and stays by him. Time for some quality time chat. I guess if they’re going to die, might as well go out with a bang. Because they are free falling from the sky, embracing each other so tight, confessing they love each other and even kissing! Man, the most ‘romantic’ scene ever! Amidst the decimating London backdrop. Fast forward to the aftermath as we see London being rebuilt. Guinevere confronts Saint to settle their score but for good ending’s sake, she backs off and warns him to keep an eye on her for the rest of his life or there will be no second chance. Yeah, giving this chance proves they’re willing to compromise. Cardia and Lupin are still alive and short flashback shows Impey’s mini aircraft came to their rescue. Cardia wonders how she is still alive because she would have died not from the free fall but the balance of the little Horologium inside her has ran out. Could it be Finis or Isaac giving her the remnants of their lives? Or as cheeky Lupin put it, it’s the power of love! Haha… Anyway, speaking of which, today everyone has gathered because Lupin and Cardia are getting married! That sure escalated fast. Now they can touch and kiss all they want and create a new world of their own.

If Your Heart Melts, Will You Go Into Cardia-c Arrest?
Meh. I just felt the final ending was just ludicrous in so many ways like as though they tried to fit a lot of things in just to end it. Throughout the series, other episodes had this feel but none as bad as the last one. Lots of things didn’t make sense especially how Lupin who could have died a few times could defy death and come back alive and kicking all because in the name of the plot. And yeah, he gets to save the girl and marry her in the end! I suppose if you are gunning for a good happy ending might as well go all the way no matter how ridiculous it seems. The world might still be a sh*thole and sh*tty place to live but at least we know there is going to be a very happy couple living out their beautiful life not caring what the world has to say about a gentleman thief and a homunculus do. Why care about the world that will eventually be ungrateful when you can put yourself first and be happy till death do you part?

Based on a visual novel game of the same name, somehow it made me think this series would have somewhat similar elements to another visual novel game that was adapted into an anime series: Amnesia. A reverse harem, a girl being surrounded by a few hot hunks. However on the surface that is pretty much where the similarity ends. Despite all the guys in the group do love Cardia and do have their moments with her, it seems they prefer the status quo of being friends with her. After all, how can you make love or even flirt when you have a girl that melts you at the mere touch? And it has been so obviously hinted it should be Lupin x Cardia (and the ending of this anime proves it) so I guess that settles the romance part for this series. I guess with Cardia losing her poison now means they get to have normal penetrative sex?! It would be some kind of horror-cum-comedy if you were to put your penis inside her only to find it gone a few seconds later. I can think of some silly sex puns of that but I think I’ll pass…

With only a dozen episodes, I believe that the main characters aren’t really fleshed out that well. I am sure that is one the big problems when you have a game adapted into anime. The game allows you to invest and learn more about the characters in depth but the anime doesn’t allow for such a liberty. Therefore the characters mainly stay the same as they are without much development. Even more so if you have read those western classics, I am sure you would find many of their traits similar to the original characters. Like Impey who is the greatest mechanic in Britain (if not the world) and Fran being a genius scientist. Van is supposedly the greatest vampire hunter but seeing vampires have been massacred, his role is simply to hunt down the main antagonist to find his closure. Lupin as a phantom thief may not look like he lives up to his profession save for a few occasions of stealing when necessary to the plot so I guess the biggest steal he needs to take is one where he wrests back Cardia from Finis’ hands. Sounds legit for the plot, I guess.

Of course some characters are slightly modified like Nemo who originally is supposed to be piloting a sea ship but Nautilus is now turned into a giant airship. Also, I didn’t read the original works but Nemo being casted as a bad guy and a crazy mad guy? And possibly gay too? Oh well, I guess having famous fictitious characters all on the good side won’t be that exciting. So I guess this series is missing a few other famous characters especially from the English legends like Robin and King Arthur… Maybe Oliver Twist and Mary Poppins won’t be so bad either. Ironically this series’ setting is in London and we have some main characters whose origins are from France.

I try not to look Cardia as a damsel in distress but it seems she cannot do much because of her circumstances. So she is like being a dangerous weapon trying to avoid making the biggest mistake that would end mankind in one fell swoop but at the same time trying to find her place of belonging. As expected, she’s not a monster like most people claim to be as she discovers the meaning of emotions and the likes. It’s a good thing she is in good hands under Lupin and co’s hands because imagine how devastated she will get if she were to be in the hands of other ordinary people. Name callings and witch hunts will not stop. And thanks to these guys, she can be said has more humanity than an ordinary person. Not bad for a homunculus, right? I wonder what happened to all her unconscious clones. Oh well, I guess they’re not alive so technically we don’t need to care about them. I mean, it’s not like they burnt the lab or handed it over to the authorities, right? I’m assuming it’s all still there… Heck, if other Cardia clones escape and come alive, will Lupin be accused of cheating Cardia? Oh boy. This sounds so confusing the more I think about it.

I feel Herlock’s role feels wasted despite fighting on the same side with Lupin and co in the end as the queen’s advisor. One of the most famous fictitious characters and this detective genius gets relegated to a secondary role and let a phantom thief take all the glory and even more so gets the girl? Due to my lack of reading habit, I thought Herlock’s name was a typo. But of all characters, why only his name is spelled differently unlike the rest? It couldn’t be copyright infringement, could it? Turns out that Herlock character too exists but in Lupin’s world and stories. Of course Herlock was created as a transparent reference to Sherlock Holmes to rival Lupin. Even though I thought using the original Sherlock would have been better and give more ‘variety’, thinking about it, Herlock isn’t too bad either because at least it gives and shows a sense of rivalry for Lupin. The original Sherlock stories do not have Lupin so there is this disconnection there.

One of the most annoying characters is Finis. In short, this kid seems to have daddy issues. He is so insecure and must have felt he never got enough of daddy’s love in his younger days and hence his twisted character and him playing the villain role to succeed Isaac’s plans in hopes daddy would love him forever. People, this is what happens if parents do not spank their kids. Assuming he never got one. Heh. I think Finis also has got some sister complex because he gets mad whenever he sees others touching her. Though he claims she is just a tool for initiating Isaac’s plan, he treats her well enough although his teasing of her being a monster poison killing everybody feels like a normal sibling love-hate relationship. You know, your sibling is jealous of you and starts mocking your bad sides or habits. That kind of feeling.

Victoria is supposed to be the queen of Britain but yet I feel her character lacks any sort of authority. She may be the head of state but there is this sense of disconnect of her and her people. I don’t know. Maybe it must be she never smiles sweetly. Like as though she is the queen because she is the queen. I mean, have you heard the people shout “Long live the queen!”? She looks and sounds more like a cold b*tch and could have turned into the series’ main antagonist as well had not Finis pulled the rug from other her feet first. From the looks at the end, it looks like the people has not lost their faith in her. So back to governing Britain.

Drac’s character feels the most useless in the sense of the overall plot. He is there just as a plot device so that Van could not be reckless enough with his life to achieve his goal. So that he could return with a reason to live because his life is in Drac’s hands. Huh? After his debut which is his most prominent feature, Drac has somewhat being relegated to the background. Heck, he is not involved in almost all of the group’s work. He is usually left behind. In that sense he gets treated worse than Cardia just because he is a kid. Do you not remember he is a vampire? Which means he possesses far better superhuman abilities than you ordinary humans! So I guess he only stays back to provide support role because we don’t want to get any kids hurt in this series, do we? Oh but Finis… He’s the baddie so it’s okay. So with Van still alive at the end shows Drac having a change of heart that he is merciful or he might just be delaying it to another time. Shishi feels like the series’ mascot. What is cuter than a corgi? A corgi with a mechanical leg and a top hat! I think this is what they had in mind when they designed this doggy.

Idea as the organization is basically a joke. (I suppose this is supposed to be some joke and reference to Idea Factory, the creators of this visual novel game). It is some shadowy secret organization that we know nothing more about except its vague mission to guide mankind on the correct path whose leader is some granny looking ready to kick that bucket. What correct path? Who determines what paths are correct? Are you telling me they are playing God? Having letting this terrorist plan get started itself shows the organization is a failure. No, allowing them to plan it for some time is already a big fail. And what freaking steps did they take to solve it? Just push it onto Saint and letting him shoulder the burden of giving a poison to Cardia. That’s it? Yeah, that sounded so easy and fail proof. I expected better. Cardia may have been the main ingredient for Code: Realize and they might be thinking among the logic of nipping the problem at the bud but when you consider she is harmless and in the safe hands of handsome hunks while the real terrorists are those Twilight guys, man, they have not been watching carefully over mankind. No wonder Saint left it. History repeats itself because they let him live. But then again, it’s their incompetency to begin with. You know what they say about those who fail to learn from history… And with Finis gone, what the heck would happen to Twilight? Would it just die a natural death since those dumb goons are too dumb to do anything on their own.

The action parts feel okay and if not mediocre generally. Because I believe the ‘coolest’ fighting goes to Van as he coolly shoots his bullets that are actually made out of salt pellets. But that even so somehow gets boring after a while but I guess it is better than how the others fight, which isn’t really much. Because the Twilight guards are just so annoyingly dumb and low level that they rank lower than the slime if this was actually an RPG. They are really a joke to Twilight that is supposed to be a feared terrorist organization. I have a feeling they are also homunculi since they are so easily disposable as they are great in numbers. Also, we don’t care about them.

One thing that really stood out for this series and attracted my attention are the visuals and aesthetics. More accurately, the steampunk designs of alternate London (did they take inspiration from The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen?). From the extravagant costumes of the characters to the weird inventions like the airships, personally they are really a sight to behold. Ironically the very colourful costumes of the characters makes them stand out against the bland and monotonous backdrop of London. Those intricate costumes look complex enough that you wonder if it is feasible for them to even move so freely in their everyday life. Even so, it also makes them look like they pop out from some fantasy dream. Of course the characters have this bishoujo and bishonen look but my only complaint is how Finis looks so girly in the sense that his voice sounds mismatched with his looks. Also another weird design is the Twilight soldiers. They look like some plague doctor. Seriously. I know they are a terrorist organization but they don’t look like they spread terror via biological warfare or something. Oh, maybe the poison thingy… Also, sometimes they look like that comic strip characters, Spy vs Spy.

Saori Hayami is decent as Cardia. Her voice suits the soft spoken character quite well. Yuuki Kaji as Finis sounds like he has to be a crazy one whenever he helms the role of a villain as seen in Dimension W. Initially I thought it was Satomi Arai behind Victoria’s voice. I was really convinced it was her since she sounded so close and I was on the edge of wondering if she would break out into that typical prankish voice that I know her for. At least she sounded like she was going to. Unfortunately it wasn’t her. Instead, Naomi Iida plays Victoria. Other recognizable casts include Junichi Suwabe as Van and Showtaro Morikubo as Impey. I didn’t realize it was Tetsuya Kakihara as Fran since he didn’t sound anywhere close like Fairy Tail’s Natsu or Kyoukai No Rinne’s Masato. The other casts include Tomoaki Maeno as Lupin (Reiji in World Trigger), Daisuke Hirakawa as Saint (Makoto in School Days), Miho Ishigami as Drac, Kazuya Murakami as Herlock and Youji Ueda as Leonhardt (Usui in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) and Daichi Endou as Isaac.

The opening theme, Kalmia by Mia Regina sounds weird. I mean, the song sounds flat. Like as though the singer wasn’t interested in putting in any passion in singing the song. Not to say that she sounds bored, just flat. At least the ending theme sounds better. Twinkle by Saori Hayami is a slow and lovely ballad. Hearing this piece makes me feel better than the songs she sang in Fukumenkei Noise. Yeah, those sounded horrendous even until today…

Overall, not really of that good a series but it’s not that bad either. Unless you’re a fan of the game and didn’t like how the anime didn’t do any justice to the title. The romance part is a downer if you were really hoping something out of it. If you like crossover fantasies steampunk style, you may find this enjoyable and passing at best. Perhaps it could have been more interesting had they include more recent fictional British characters like James Bond, Harry Potter, Austin Powers and God forbid, Mr Bean! Okay, the last 2 aren’t from literary works. But that will be straying too far from the original works itself. With so many adaptations and forms given to these characters, they have already poisoned our minds with all the crap and BS. Why go through all the trouble to physically poison and destroy the world when you can easily just poison and destroy the mind? That itself is as good as world destruction and the end of mankind that a group of fictitious heroes can’t save. You thought Cardia emitting poison to destroy the world was bad? Recently we had stupid people eating laundry detergent pods just to get views on YouTube… Mankind is so doomed even without the need for Code: Realize to be put forth…

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