Comet Lucifer

June 5, 2016

It is that dilemma again. Because Comet Lucifer has both elements of fantasy and mecha, I was torn if I should watch this for the former. But then you know me by now, I have watched a handful of mecha genres throughout the years based on silly reasons and so as not to have some sort of regret bugging me for the rest of my life, that is why I am willing to let that mecha part slide and watch this just for the fantasy. So what is new in this original anime? Planet has lots of crystals that are highly sought for. Boy loves collecting some rare crystals. Boy wanders too far into mine. Stumbles upon girl amidst crystals. Boy meets girl. She has some sort of powers. Other parties sought her powers. The battle to fight and protect her begins. Complete with mecha hype. Yeah, original alright…

Episode 1
Sougo Amagi is mining for minerals in some ruined mine when a bright light hits him. Whatever it was, seems he has gotten the Giftdium crystal he wanted. He is so happy he rides back like crazy back home to analyze. True enough, it is the real deal. For a moment, he thought he hallucinated something because it looked like a girl smacked into him during the bright light collision. After he returns from buying his bread lunch from Vee, some inner burst of power makes him collide with Kaon Lanchester. Before he knows it, he becomes her accomplice in running away from Roman Valov and his butler Otto Motto in a high speed chase. Seems Roman wants her to try out a wedding dress as their parents have arranged for their marriage. Kaon like the rebellious kid she is, is of course against all that. I suppose Roman gone overboard in trying to take them out that they accidentally bump them down a deep mining crater. Don’t worry, they’re still alive. Meanwhile, a military unit is digging and blasting rocks so this naturally affects the underground area with all that shaking. And like always, this leads to the kids discovering they are nearby a shining lake. The water recedes to show a huge Giftdium pillar. Curious, they head up close. Sougo’s Giftdium reacts with it and the pillar breaks. An unconscious girl falls into his arms. How convenient. And then a military mecha unit storms in and with orders to retrieve Lima. How convenient too. Why do they always have to act in aggression? As they are helplessly cornered, the biggest convenience comes when the unconscious girl (Lima) activates a big giant bipedal mecha to fight off the menace. Time for Smackdown! It’s like watching Godzilla fighting other versions. Only it is mecha version.

Episode 2
Now the mecha seems to target Sougo and Kaon. Before that can happen, the military’s Captain Gus Stewart joins in the fun to beat up the behemoth. Sougo and Kaon take this chance to run but each time the mecha tries to go after them only to but stopped by Gus. Too much underground fighting causes the floor to collapse. Just when the kids are about to be doomed, the mecha conveniently saves them before disappearing. Conveniently too, Roman and Otto found them and conveniently head to the exit before the place collapses. Back at Sougo’s place, they are discussing about Lima and if the military is somewhat involved. Hajime Do Mon, the café owner and Sougo’s caretaker lets them eat some desserts to freshen up. I guess it’s so good that it woke up Lima. She mimics Kaon as she digs in to this delicious pie. So now she’s acting like a curious active monkey. Roman suggests she stays with Sougo here along with Kaon while he sorts this out by asking his parents for advice. Yeah, he is willing to put his wedding on hold. Gus is called back to HQ and what does he get? A new mecha to play with?! I suppose with his status as a great war hero, he gets to have this privilege. He sets a condition that he gets to choose his own team. So first up he visits a prison housing a very secured prisoner, Patrick “Pack” Young. Well, the guards abused him and somehow he could slip out from his chains and dodge bullets (or rather tensing his muscles to heal wounds) to kill all of them. Gus praises his skills and Pack is happy to be reunited with him. When Sougo tries to dissect a strange stone, it turns into a strange bug as it tells him off. He wants to transform into its true form but can’t. He is surprised to see the crest on Sougo’s hand. Felia (Lima’s real name) is learning words and things fast. When she tries using her telekinesis power to move things, the bug tells her not to use it recklessly. She suddenly quits using and when the curry is going to fall on Sougo, the crest works up and the bug turns into that huge mecha. So she has a name? Moura? Oh, there goes the roof.

Episode 3
Big = powerful and mighty. Small = cute and annoying. Like how Moura is stealing Sougo’s breakfast but paid the price by falling into the curry, pissing Do Mon off. No use bumming at the café so they head down to town to have fun. We learn from Moura that Felia is some being that controls this planet and sustains its nature and life to ensure the planet’s prosperity. Moura is her guardian to keep her powers in check. I guess nobody is listening to all that when they’re having fun. Because it is more fun seeing Sougo and Moura butt heads with their petty arguments. I suppose Felia was so happy that she accidentally drops her cake. She uses her power but once again Moura warns her and when it stops, it comes crashing down on some guy’s face. Little do they know, this psycho guy, Alfried Macallan has seen her wonderful power and will now display his own show for her. He starts off by hacking all the electronics in town go haywire, in turn causing lots of accidents. This guy is also a sadist as he initiates a few near mishaps near Felia to see her terrified expression. When he hacks a construction mecha to go after her, Sougo becomes the bait to lure it away from them. The girls hide in a cable car (of all places?) but Alfried has spotted them and takes control of it. Even creepier he materializes a creepy avatar to talk to Felia, making him sound like a lolicon. Moura can’t do anything because she can’t transform if the crest isn’t nearby. Once Sougo gets rid of the mecha, Alfried hacks another one to shake things up. As Sougo is now nearby, Moura is able to turn into her mecha form and fight. I guess heavy mechas fighting on a tight wire rope is not a good idea. The wire snaps. The cable car is falling. Felia uses her power for a soft landing. The day doesn’t end badly because Felia gets to see more of those cat pigeons. The backlash of the cable wire almost hits where Alfried is and he’s got a portion of his hair shaved off! What a close shave? Alfried is confronted by Gus who wants him on his team.

Episode 4
Felia is helping out as a waitress. Everybody must be impressed with her ‘magic show’. Except Moura… When Do Mon hears the typhoon is coming, he panics greatly and initiates extreme measures to protect his café. He explains the fearsome typhoon he once experienced but starts ranting about his stormy romance. Kids not interested… The rest help out but Felia looks like she is frolicking and having misusing her power that includes turning the entire garden into… Dancing vegetables? Roman too offers his help as he initiates his mecha. Since he doesn’t know how to pilot it, he is going to crash into the girls. Sougo’s crest activates Moura and turns her into a giant mecha to block and protect them. However he loses his balance and crashes into the café. Didn’t they just fix this part? Luckily they finish in time and treated to a BBQ party. Moura once again learns Felia tried to use her power. She can’t hide it and turns the BBQ fire into fireworks. Next day, Sougo and Kaon have to go to school and this makes Felia upset because she wants to party with them! No can do. She almost burst her power if not for Moura suppressing it. Poor snakey gets thrown through the window. When Do Mon leaves to check on Vee, he lets Felia look after the café. It’ll be okay since the shop will be closed. Too bad Gus and his team arrive to kidnap Felia (Alfried tracked her position by hacking the city’s CCTVs). I believe Moura is trying to stop them but can a little bug prevent a charging humvee? Smashed to pieces! Then it’s like Sougo’s inner danger sense tingled because he sensed something wrong and rushes back in the rain. He is shocked to see the café in a mess. Just in time, Moura informs Felia is in trouble.

Episode 5
Alfried tries to feed his princess but since she keeps calling Sougo’s name, he gets riled up and vows she’ll never see that pipsqueak again. Moura is able to trace where Felia is thanks to her necklace so Sougo plays catch up with Gus’ moving fortress making its way through the abandoned mines. When Sougo is detected, Pack starts firing at him. Cue for Moura to transform for some mecha action time. This means Gus is going down to settle their score. But after all that punching, Moura gives him the slip and Gus is left frustrated with their unfinished business again. Sougo tries to sneak in but Pack and his men are waiting. Gotcha. He is beaten up and locked in a room. Thanks to Moura sneaking via the vent, she cuts open the door for Sougo as they go find Felia. Felia expects Sougo opening the door but it is Pack instead. He brings her to the top where he is supposed to hand her over to some rendezvousing craft but due to bad weather, it is being delayed. With Sougo confronting him, Pack threatens to kill Felia. As Moura snatches his knife away, a little struggle ensued that has Pack punch Felia in the face! She falls off but mecha Moura saves her. I guess Gus who has just returned to the bridge, sees the mecha again, now he has to go back to fight it. I guess he really wants to settle it. From punches to laser beams, Gus loses when Moura unleashes a flurry of beams to immobilize him. I don’t know what Sougo has been doing the entire time because it was enough for Pack to return in his own mecha to kill him. If he was looking for Felia, shouldn’t he have noticed that bright purple ball in the sky? As Pack is about to kill him, Felia’s burst of emotions knocks away the bad weather as she picks up to save Sougo and bring him to a safe place. How convenient. Now she is in her grownup version, sounding less a retard. Is this what happens when she uses up all her power? Mmm… Nice body. Nice racks. No wonder Sougo can’t recognize her.

Episode 6
Felia dreams of a red castle and a shining ring. Moura thinks it is the Altar of Abyss. Its fountain is believed to contain lots of Giftdium and replenish her powers. If only a certain snakey did his job in keeping Felia’s power in check… Well, I guess they’ll be going to find out. Because Roman and Otto are against them, they got tied up while Sougo and co steal borrow their car for the ride. Eventually Do Mon unties them so looks like they’ll be going on a chase. During the journey, they stumble upon a wedding procession and with Kaon flustering about that wedding disaster, they almost crash into them! Since a flower boy was hurt and traditions cannot be broken, I guess Sougo has to replace him. There is also a tradition that if the flower boy and flower girl are close, chances are they might get married. Kaon thought she would shoulder the ‘responsibility’ but Sougo asked Felia instead. So why the lashing, Kaon? We know… During the midst of the wedding preparations, a group of military guys led by Vincent Dudley crashes the ceremony to capture Felia as ordered. Time for your fix of mecha fight for this episode. I can’t believe Kaon could even best some of them and take Felia and escape. While hiding in the shed, Felia suddenly says I love you to Felia. I believe she was trying to understand and put to use what she has just learnt about love from the bridesmaids. Kaon apologizes to her and also says she loves her. Woah. Wait. Turning yuri?! Thanks to a mecha guy for interrupting and capturing Felia before it really turns into a lesbian scene. I’m sure Kaon’s rake won’t do damage to the mecha but thankfully here comes Roman in his. If he could just cut out his lame poses… I think he isn’t sure in controlling his mecha. Well, whatever works. His clumsiness frees Felia and Dudley meets his match when Moura uses her lasers to incapacitate the troop. With the villagers throwing stones now, they are forced to retreat. Yeah, military guys lost to a bunch of normal backwater people. Bride and bridegroom are so happy and beautiful together. Sougo and Felia look similar like that. It just breaks Kaon’s heart seeing this.

Episode 7
Flashback shows Do Mon and Gus were partners and best friends during the war. The gang are on their way to the Alter of Abyss when suddenly Moura gets an afro???!!! Well, looks like they’re reaching the place. While taking a break, Felia thought she saw a glowing butterfly. As they continue, the engine bursts. Time to put up a camp for the night. Roman thought he could show off his cooking but he gets high eating mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms! Now we all know what happened to Mario, eh? Sougo fixes the engine late at night and since Felia can’t sleep, they talk. Again she sees the glowing butterfly and they follow it. They are ambushed by Pack and with Moura summoned into the scene, he relishes this grudge fight. Too bad Gus wants to hog the action to himself so he has Pack go after Felia instead while he tackles Moura. Roman is here to assist in letting them get away while he stalls Pack. But Sougo and Felia are cornered at the rapids when Alfried inches closer in his spider mech. Call it bad and good luck, Pack throws Roman and slams into Alfried. But the impact means Sougo and co fall down the waterfall. Vee is asking Do Mon why he’d open a café. A friend once told him he makes good coffee. Unfortunately she disappeared from this world to cover up a top secret case. That’s why he swore to protect Sougo as the legacy she left behind. Do Mon points his gun at Vee and wants her to drop the act. Apparently she is a spy agent that has been feeding Gus information about Sougo and Felia’s whereabouts. Sougo and co wake up at the bottom of the waterfall. Felia and Moura are missing. They are awed at this beautiful land. They see Felia dancing amidst the glowing butterflies. When she remembers the dream, her body starts to glow and a shining ring forming in the sky.

Episode 8
Seeing the ring, they believe it leads to the Altar of Abyss. But how are they going to get there. Roman deduces via river since it flows there. Wait a minute. Isn’t the ring in the sky? While the guys gather wood to make a raft, the girls try to force Moura to eat mushrooms? But their food woes will be over because in the middle of the jungle there is a pot of curry! From whom? It’s Do Mon! I guess he figured the kids need to eat. While picking ingredients, he remembers during his military service, Gulf Zoneboyle assigned him to protect Ena, Sougo’s mom. Before the kids depart, Do Mon tells Sougo to stop this and go back because he is dealing with the military and will die if he pursues this. Of course he is stubborn and won’t listen. He promised to protect Felia and if he dies, it’s his business. Do Mon has no business in this. This makes him mad and punches the little rebel. He lectures him about throwing his life away easily and protecting someone isn’t as easy as he thinks. He thinks he wants that red crystal badly to risk his life. It is the same reason why his mom died. So everyone camps for the night. Felia thinks deeply how everyone loves everyone in their own way. More flashbacks from Do Mon. When Ena’s research finally reaches success by developing Lucifer, somebody stole it from her and she put up a fight till the end to try and protect it. Unfortunately for Do Mon, he was away on military duty and when he heard what happened, he rushed back only to find her place in flames. Next thing you know, everyone is at her funeral. Do Mon became a dark vigilante as he goes to great lengths to find and kill the culprit. Moura in her true female humanoid form talks to Sougo about the seeds of life floating through space till it finds a planet. An angel grows from it to nurture the planet. Felia is this planet’s angel and thus Moura is her fated servant. Do Mon confronts Gus to steal his pass since he has business with the bureau. To Gus, Do Mon is still the greatest soldier but Do Mon considers that guy he knows dead in that operation. Gus won’t accept this nonsense and screams something about fighting his own war. Deep in the night, Sougo, Felia and Moura leave for the ring while they leave their sleeping friends behind.

Episode 9
Because Felia has the wrong idea about Do Mon being Sougo’s dad, a little flashback tells us as Ena’s friend, he took him in when he had nowhere to go. Naturally Sougo was sad over his mom’s death. He didn’t want to eat his favourite curry made by him and wanted his mom’s. Do Mon worked hard to replicate Ena’s cooking but it was still like day and night. Kaon and the rest continue to go after Sougo instead of going back. Because they need to punch this jerk and teach him a lesson. Do Mon tries to enter the bureau using Gus’ card but since it is already blocked, he had no choice but to kill all the guards. Though, he gets shot in the guts. Too bad Zoneboyle isn’t around so he leaves a message to his secretary, Lillian Anatolia for him to meet at the memorial. Sougo is under attack by Dudley’s force (is this place a replica of Stonehenge?). Moura transforms to fight them and buy time for the rest to move ahead. Once again Gus enters the fray but this time he is furiously looking for Do Mon and blaming him for retiring before him. Gus blasts Moura away with his super cannon. Pack grabs Felia hostage. Gus is willing to free Felia in exchange for Do Mon. He blames Sougo as the reason why his mentor turned from a razor sharp knife into a dull one. Sougo protests to that. Do Mon didn’t become weaker, he became kinder. Gus thought Do Mon is here. No, just Roman. His smoke screen causes some confusion. Alfried panics when he can’t see his mademoiselle he bumps into Pack as he drops Felia. Don’t worry. Kaon caught her. Sougo then goes to Moura and revives him by piloting her. Super fast, super powerful. Gus could have died had not Pack rescued him. Do Mon is talking at Ena’s grave about Sougo’s growth. They had their first fight and he hates it because he loves that kid. Zoneboyle probably took his time coming because it’s already evening and Do Mon might have told his entire story. To his surprise, he sees Ena before him. He goes to hug her but gets stabbed. Turns out to be Lillian in disguise.

Episode 10
Looks like Kaon’s group catch up with Sougo and Felia. They’re trekking up the stairways with weird floating stones. Felia thinks she is sick since each time she touches Sougo, she starts to feel hot. Felia (and us) assures her that this isn’t any sickness of the bad kind. She’ll eventually figure it out. Somehow Vee freed herself and to her horror sees Do Mon in his own pool of blood. She relays this info to Gus and in turn he becomes crazy. While resting for the night, Roman tells Kaon a big news: He is breaking up their engagement. I’m sure Kaon welcomes it. However Roman still loves her and after this is over, he will start anew and court her again. Felia and Sougo seem to have a penchant to wander off by themselves. I guess it’s the much needed cue for them to have quality time. You know the usual. Sougo thanks everybody for everything. If not for you I won’t be here, blah, blah, blah. When this is over, I’ll take you somewhere, yada, yada, yada… Sighs… Arriving at the temple that they believe the altar lies just behind this huge door, conveniently Felia falls through a trap door. She is trapped in the middle of some crystals that begin to activate and materialize a dark version of mecha Moura. It forces her to become its pilot. And that folks is today’s mecha action with dark Moura versus white Moura. When Moura takes a big hit and is causing Sougo lots of pain, Felia pleads for dark Moura to save his life and she will do anything. And because all it wants is her, she tells Sougo not to follow her. Just like that, this kid falls into shock and depression while Felia is flown away. Trying to eke more answers out of Moura isn’t going to go anywhere because that bug doesn’t know a thing. It gets even more depressing when Vee calls to tell Do Mon is dead. No use reflecting on his warning now. Sougo blames himself for being naïve. He can’t do it anymore. Roman is going to shake him to his senses if this is how far his resolve goes. Surprisingly it is Kaon who slaps him. She is calling him pathetic because the childhood friend she knew is the embodiment of justice. She is going to save Felia. What about you? The answer is obvious.

Episode 11
Felia is having tea with Zoneboyle? He likes her so much that he will have to destroy her? Indeed this old man is senile. Sougo and Moura are attacking the bureau. They manage to breach through the force field with their pure might. But upon entering, Moura loses power. She then takes on a form of a humanoid girl. I guess what is shocking is how she looks like a cosplay girl. No wonder Moura herself is shock. Since dumb guards and mecha guards are hindering their progress, this is where Vee steals the limelight to keep those goons away to let the kids move forward. I love the way she hides her guns in the baguette and grenades in the melon bread! Holy crap! And while she is firing away, she can still reminisce about her atonement to Do Mon and Sougo. Look where you’re firing! Zoneboyle considers Felia as a tainted stone because she has taken a human form and obtained unnecessary feelings. Therefore with this device he is going to turn her back into her true and ultimate form called Lucifer and help prosper this planet further. Sougo and Moura are besieged with more guards. You think it would be even more trouble when Gus jumps in seeking revenge. But he is here not to fight Sougo and helps him instead. Revenge indeed he is here. He is going to find Do Mon’s killer based on Alfried’s intelligence. When Zoneboyle learns Sougo is the attacker, he wants him to be treated properly since he is Ena’s son. However Lillian stabs the old geezer! Lillian will kill Sougo so that Felia will fall into despair. Losing hope means Lucifer will be completely purified and thus she will unleash her true power. While Moura fights Lillian, Sougo climbs up to save Felia. I don’t think his pipe can do even a scratch on this giant machine. Lillian transforms into dark Moura. Just in time, Roman and co destroy the force field generator allowing Moura to transform into her mecha form and protect Sougo from dark Moura.

Episode 12
Felia is reunited with Sougo. Too bad he says everybody has died and they are the only ones left. He wants her to come and live with him in a new world. You would have suspected something amiss by now and so does Felia. Because Sougo is saying that her special power is needed to go to that planet and there must be some kind of trigger. Before you know it, Sougo turns into some sort of hulk but is ultimately smashed by the real Sougo and Moura. The battle is still raging on outside but Moura manages to break through dark Moura’s core and rip Felia out. Dark Moura turns into a trilobite?! The happy reunion is short-lived when some God-like voice realizes Sougo’s crest and that he is the one who wields the true power. So once again dark Moura is materialized but this time absorbing Sougo inside. It flies off seeing that Felia the useless shell is no longer needed. Of course she is going to save him. In the mean time, another planet is going to crash into this one and is causing a great turbulence! I doubt the underground shelter could do anything. When Felia catches up to dark Moura, it’s time for a little history lesson to understand and sympathize with the circumstances.

It seems dark Moura is a fallen angel. His master died aeons ago. Because the people ‘bite the hands that feed them’. That planet is Earth. Overpopulated, they killed themselves along with his master. So dark Moura has been lonely ever since and seeing this planet filled with life made him jealous. He must have gotten crazier and weaker from all those aeons of waiting so he thought it would be a good idea to create his new ideal world of utopia by slamming a lifeless rock into one filled with Giftdium. Oh, he’ll be the new archangel! Playing God? Felia fails to beat him so she is resorting to praying to big father? Didn’t work either. She regrets coming here and ruined all these lives but Moura tells her had she not, she would not have given life to this planet in the first place. Yeah, like duh… And with this renewed determination, she crashes into dark Moura. A calm scene as we see Felia and Sougo reunite. Sougo doesn’t want her to go but she assures they’ll always be together and she’ll be watching him. Last words for him: I love you. Yeah, same words from him too. Next thing we know, the planet is still there, everything is just decimated. Everybody lives. Sougo lives. The little Giftdium in his hands must be Felia. He knows. Aftermath montage that takes place many years in the future because the characters all look so old! Roman and Kaon married and have a lovely family, Gus continues Do Mon’s café as a happy hippy, I’m not sure what Pack is since his mug is on some poster, Alfried is some big corporate bigwig, Vee living the farm life milking cows, while Roman is a rocket scientist, Otto is a renowned spaceman and finally Sougo is a professor but prefers to spend most of his time outside looking for crystals. A picture of Felia on his table to remind him of the good ol’ days.

Stone Cold Luci-fail
Meh. What just happened? I don’t know. Everything at the end just felt like so rushed or to put it in another way, it seemed like everyone is starting to lose interest and ran out of decent ideas and thus that bitter sweet tragic but happy ending of Felia sacrificing herself to save the planet. Well, it isn’t all that bad since she turned back into a rock like what she had been in the first place. I thought with Do Mon killed, Zoneboyle murdered and Felia somewhat ‘dead’, they should have just killed off everybody because I don’t think that will make a difference anyhow. Really. But instead, we get a little time skip to see how everybody aged well and lived a peaceful and prosperous life. Where’s the fun in that? Like some comments that I read online, it started out great but ended in a lacklustre way. For me, it didn’t start out great. It was just ordinary. Although, I share the same sentiments that ended in a dreary way that it wasn’t anything special.

I don’t know where this anime is going. I guess this is one of the risks of being an original anime. There is no manga reference to fall back on and although it keeps things fresh because there is no such pressure and expectations, it can either turn out good or bad. In this anime’s case, more of the latter. So if I am to summarize what the entire anime’s direction is about, the first half dedicates in Sougo and friends keeping and protecting Felia from parties who want her, the second half is a journey to the altar to replenish her energy before being abruptly interrupted to the final arc of rescuing her and then rescuing him.

Character wise, I don’t really feel their impact. Basically many of the characters feel like could be done without as they are forgettable. The entire show is just one big series of Sougo and Felia sorting their feelings out. I don’t know. Since Sougo loves Felia and Felia is the embodiment of this planet, then would it not be wrong to say that Sougo is a planet lover? That aside, both felt generic and nothing really special. Sougo is quite plain himself without anything special. You’d think his strange hobby of collecting rare crystals would come into play but it doesn’t. Yeah, he sure got the big catch when he landed Felia. And a whole lot of big trouble after that. The world almost got destroyed. I don’t even know or remember why the crest got on his hand. It is an excuse so that he could have some sort of power up. Even the part of piloting Moura came much later in the series and prior to that he was just like a spectator. Felia on the other hand is almost like a retard given her nearly child-like behaviour and Moura serving like a joker because this snake doesn’t do anything useful in her little form except being annoying.

Sougo’s friends that come along with the chase feel even more redundant. It feels like they are in the series following him so that Sougo would be portrayed as somebody imperfect and to show that even the greatest heroes need friends and sidekicks. They are largely forgettable and don’t do anything much. Nothing that would leave a lasting impact. Sure, Roman’s funny mecha might deal some distractions but it doesn’t really steal much of the limelight or change the course of the plot even if it wasn’t around. Otto is much worthless as a butler because I don’t see him doing anything like a butler should do except following Roman around like an excess baggage. And then you have Kaon for a little love interest but that doesn’t really matter. No, it doesn’t. Really.

Gus, this guy… It feels like his entire role in this anime is just to initiate a mecha fight with Moura. Yes, people. The big chunk of mecha battles you see here is from them. So it is either with his silly quest for rematch or revenge for Do Mon, I can hardly think of another reason why this guy exists in this anime. Sure, he has his military orders to retrieve Felia but given the fact that he always appears in this way makes it hard to think otherwise. And I thought it was going to be something big when he picks his own crew. I knew it is just a small one and I was expecting more crazy sh*t people other than Pack and Alfried but even the duo don’t do much here. They feel pretty mild despite Pack is some bloodthirsty crazy kid who slaughtered his jailers but can’t even decently catch a stone and Alfried is just some crazy stalker material with information at his fingertips. These guys ultimately turn into evacuee staffs in the final episode. What a waste of potential.

Do Mon is a great teacher and has got a great violent and turbulent past but I guess his purpose and role in this anime is to get killed so that it would wake up Sougo. Really. His relationship with Gus during the war felt shallow because even if they were complete strangers, it still wouldn’t mean a thing. Their ‘friendship’ felt like a convenient excuse to change his goal when the time calls for it. And Vee? I don’t know why she’s working for Gus in the first place and when she decided to turn over a new leaf after Do Mon’s death, I don’t think we even care. Zoneboyle has been making cameos in every episode seen as some old guy watching through his gigantic telescope for who knows what. Sure, it has something to do with his fascination for Felia and thus the mobilization of the military to go get her. Or something like that, I can’t really remember well. And when I thought he is going to be the end finale antagonist, he gets killed off in the penultimate episode. I know it is for the twist factor but honestly, I wasn’t really expecting much from him either. Good riddance.

They try to put in a little of that romance stuff especially between Sougo and Felia. You know how typical it is. Boy finds girl. Spend a little time together. Naïve girl doesn’t understand what love is. Doesn’t know how to explain it well. Time for parting. You figure out the rest. It feels like this cheesy romance is a slight distraction and drama we don’t need. In the case if this chemistry is missing between them, then the entire story would have been even more boring because what is the point of having such a show when you don’t have the main characters liking each other? Even the unrequited love as in for Kaon’s case feels painful to watch. We know, girl. Same for Roman. And because we all know Sougo will never let his love go, he stayed unmarried and thus we are back to square one with Roman x Kaon again. If you can’t have the best, second best is not to bad either. It could have been too for Do Mon and Ena if not for the latter being dead. Well don’t worry. He followed her after he got killed ;p. Then they trolled us with Do Mon and Vee prior to that but we forgot all about it and didn’t care in the first place.

Even worse than the romance stuff is the so called subtle environmental issue reminder in the final episode. I know, we are destroying our mother Earth as we speak and at the rate we are doing so, in no time we will all kill ourselves. Yeah, yeah. We get it. We know. We heard it. But nobody cares! And the irony of it all is how the baddie is going to slam planets into each other like slamming big heavenly balls so as to create a new kind of paradise. What kind of f*cking crap is this?! You talk about saving the environment and yet you go destroy a planet brimming with lives despite the fact that humans are polluting it but even destroying them isn’t ethically correct even from an environmental point of view. Can this fallen angel at least come down and play Jesus to at least save these pitiful humans? Oh f*ck that. Killing them off is much easier. I doubt watching this would make our conscience feel guilty and take great care of our planet because we all know a dark Moura will never happen and do a Nibiru cataclysm conspiracy. Or will it?

Mecha fights? Uhm… Okay, I guess. Like I have said the umpteenth time throughout my life, I’m not a mecha fan and you can even accuse me of being a closet mecha fan but something in my guts tell me that it falls flat. Moura’s fighting abilities as a mecha are also uninspiring and boring. She can fly, she can fire beams, she can do close quarter combat, but nothing really extraordinary. So what if Gus received a new upgraded mecha? I don’t see any different in it. It just looks different so you can tell it is that dude piloting the red one. Oh, and the purple one for Pack, which doesn’t do any much difference too. All other generic mechas only have the ability to fire their machine guns till they get slaughtered and put out of commission.

Drawing and art feels mixed. The world especially the main town itself might not have that fantasy setting but nevertheless it still looks different and perhaps this is the ‘best’ in this department. Because the character designs feel a bit bland and simple. Like Felia, she just looks a bit one kind. I know she isn’t technically human but taking a human form, well let’s just say that I wouldn’t consider her to end up as a candidate for my year end blog of bishoujos. Really. Then there is Moura’s design that is so cartoonish rather than cute it feels hard to take this bug/snake/seal seriously. It’s like as though Moura is came up after the producers played a few video games and mashed certain mascots to develop her design. Really. It’s like they think it is okay to pass her off as that. Yeah, I thought Moura looked like one of those robotic enemies from Sonic The Hedgehog… I’m not a mecha fan so the mecha looks ordinary. With the military’s mecha looking so bland, it is a reason why Moura in mecha form looks majestic. And seriously, Roman’s roundish mecha even reminds me of that fat bird in Tamako Market. It feels like a joke especially you see the way it runs and operates. I’m not sure whether to laugh at it or not. Really.

The voice acting didn’t really inspire me. I didn’t recognize anybody except for that one single person. Yup. I was happy at least this anime had Mamiko Noto in it as Ena although it was just cameo. But then you know, that silly trauma inside me started to resurface when I realized that she is playing yet another character who is dead or killed off. Sighs… Why oh why… If you’re interested, the other casts include Yuusuke Kobayashi as Sougo (Marui in Shokugeki No Souma), Ayaka Ohashi as Felia (Momoka in Sabagebu), Inori Minase as Moura (Chino in Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka), Rie Takahashi as Kaon (Futaba in Sore Ga Seiyuu), Takuma Terashima as Roman (Shiroe in Log Horizon), Ayaka Suwa as Otto (Ikumi in Jinsei), Kenta Miyake as Do Mon (Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku), Kenji Hamada as Gus (Enishi in Hanasaku Iroha), Suzuko Mimori as Vee (Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Mutsumi Tamura as Pack (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Junji Majima as Alfried (Ayumu in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka), Hidekatsu Shibata as Zoneboyle (Dragon in One Piece) and Tomo Muranaka as Lillian (Yuuma Kuga in World Trigger).

The opening theme by Fhana is Comet Lucifer: The Seed And The Sower. Is it me or did I find her voice is a little bit too high for this song? For an anime with only a dozen of episodes, there are numerous ending themes. The first one is Oshiete Blue Sky by Ayaka Ohashi has a bit techno in it and could be suitable as a dance song. Personally I feel this is the best of the lot. Not to say the rest are bad but if I were to pick which is to my liking, it would be this one. The second one is Evolve by True which only lasts for 1 episode. Ayaka Ohashi does the third one, Hadashi No Mama Demo Kowakunai as well as the fifth one, Hitotsu Ni Naritai. Fhana sings the fourth one, Tsuioku No Kanata, which is my second pick.

Overall, sad to say that this is one of those animes where expectations were expected and it started off reasonably well for you to continue into the second half but then it starts losing steam once it is obvious that everything starts to fall apart with its poor execution of character, plot and even the mecha battles. It had potential but failed to capitalize on it like as though they ran out of interest and ideas. Many end comments I have read really felt disappointed to the point that they ask you never to touch this show and regretted watching. I am much ‘kinder’ because I wouldn’t have known all about it had I not watch it myself. Disappointing, yes. Regrets, no. It is my only hope that they should have had the Giftdium or Lucifer crystals to help made this anime successful and prosper.

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