Crayon Shin Chan

December 25, 2005

I don’t watch this anime often. But at first glance, Crayon Shin Chan may seem to be a weird anime. Firstly, one may notice the really awkward drawing. And I mean it’s really really awkward and one kind. Especially those eyes. You wouldn’t think that this would be a Japanese anime with those kind of eyes (anime fans & addicts should know those traditional anime eys and how they look like ). Anyway, the storyline goes something like this. It’s about a very naughty and mischievious boy named Shinnosuke (AKA Shin-Chan) and his special ability is to annoy and irritate people, especially his parents (although sometimes his intentions are good). So usually he does and succeeds wildly causing maximum ‘kek sei’ and havoc to everyone while he himself seemingly have a good time. Another thing is, that at first I thought that this show was aimed for younger children. But then I noticed a little bit of hentai element here. For instance, sometimes they show Shin-Chin naked upfront and they draw his genitials like very ‘cacat’ and weird. I’m sure it doesn’t seem to be like the real thing but you can definately make it out. Also, he seems to talk back to his parents. Bad influence and not a good role model for kids isn’t it. Because of this, I read that there’s been some uproar by parents in Japan about this. But I didn’t follow up on that matter. All I know is that, if you don’t take this nonsensical violence and bad behaviour too seriously and to heart, I’m sure that this anime would be just another mindless-comical-just-for-laughs one. I think.

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