This must be an otaku guy’s ultimate fantasy show. It has everything they dream for. Sexy hot girls in tight revealing outfits. Big robots. Epic mecha battles. Music. Dragons. Sex. Oops! Just kidding about the last bit. But wait. Didn’t it have… Oh gosh. I think so! Anyway… If you are looking for an anime that contains all that elements you ever dream of, then look no further because Cross Ange: Tenshi To Ryuu No Rondo is exactly all that and possibly even more. Initially I was going to give this anime the pass not because of the ultimate all-in-one requirements it had. Heck, they had a maid here but I am sure that is not a reason strong enough for me to go watch. Maybe it is but that’s not the point. The mecha factor should have been a factor turning me off but you know sometimes my closet mecha ‘admiration’ may work a little funny from time to time. So what was it that made me decide to check this out? I noticed that this anime employed lots of recognizable seiyuus to voice the myriad of characters! Oh really?! That’s it?! That was my bloody reason?! Sheesh. The maid reason would have sounded a lot better. Despite that, even more disappointing was that Mamiko Noto wasn’t part of the cast list!!! Boo hoo! WTF?! Oh well, just got to take whatever I can. Girls. Sexy. Tight outfits. Robots. Fights. Music. Dragons. Sex. Oh yeah. Let me have ‘em all.

Episode 1
Ange is seen destroying monster dragons in her Paramail mecha. I guess it’s the only way if she is to survive. Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi and her team are trailing by a point in some futuristic lacrosse final. She saves a comrade instead of going in for the win. Although her team lost, everyone is amazed by her noble gesture. On the way back, she sees a mother whose infant seems to be rejecting Light of Mana. The baby is classified as Norma and to be quarantined. Mother is of course frantic to be separated from her baby but the police keep her at bay. I am sure Angelise means good when she explains how Norma will become monsters and hopes she’ll forget this and have another baby. Mommy doesn’t take that lightly and tries to attack her but the police restrain her. Back home, she talks to her mom about the existence of Norma. They don’t understand much about it except it only occurs in females. She hopes to exterminate them so the world can become more beautiful. Mother gives her the family’s royal ring. Soon, Angelise 16th birthday is celebrated nationwide with all the ceremonies and rituals as this means she will now enter adulthood and participating in politics. During her Baptism Ritual, a sensor detects her as Norma. Everyone is in shock. Her brother Julio, I don’t know how he could usurp the king’s speech so that he could reveal the monstrosity that the royal family had been hiding for 16 years and having a Norma in politics is akin to treason. Angelise’s mom helps her escape although in the end she got restrained by the police and further proof shows she rejected the Light of Mana. It’s confirmed. She’s a Norma. How does it feel to be one now? Still in denial, she tries to attack the officer for pointing his gun at her but her mother protects her and takes the shot. Too late to apologize now. Everyone starts hating this princess now. Angelise is taken away, mother is dead and father arrested, Julio proclaims himself as the new king and will have to rebuild this tainted royal family with his shocked little sister, Sylvia. I hope he isn’t some lolicon. Angelise is sent to an isolated detention facility, Arzenal. Still fussing about who she is, she is made to shut up that she has no more royal or human rights by Arzenal’s commander, Jill. She is no longer all that fancy princess Angelise. Just Ange. Here is another glimpse of reality for her. Jill strips her and proceeds to do what it looks like rape! Welcome to hell!

Episode 2
I’m sure Ange won’t fit into a class of lolis being educated about their role as Norma to kill dragons. So Jill ends her ‘education’ and puts her into the First Squadron. She is being introduced to Captain Zola Axberg who is quite the harasser herself as wells as the rest like vice captain Salia, assault soldier Vivan, Erscha, Chris, Hildegard Schlievogt AKA Hilda and Rosalie among others. Ange is still in denial that she isn’t a Norma like them. Some of them want to beat up this b*tch while some want to give her a chance. It’s training time as she is given a dead Norma’s suit to wear. It’s bloodied all over. She’d rather be naked. Really? Guess not. Heck, Ange doesn’t even know how to dress herself! She gets a crash course in learning how to pilot Paramail. Panic at first but once she realizes how similar it is to that lacrosse game, she rides it with ease. Ange toughs it out through training and her results are pretty impressive, above average. But this doesn’t mean Ange is free from discrimination. Like Rosalie and Hilda taking her food before her eyes. But Ange is not cowed and leaves although is given warning. Like she gives a damn. Fortunately, a couple of young ones, Miranda Campbell and Coco Reeve admire her especially the latter who is eager to hear stories from her ‘magic kingdom’. But Ange is still not going to stay here forever and drafts some petition to Jill to hand it over to her royal family. Zola is going to re-educate her about her position. Uh huh. Another rape scene. Ange slaps her and her fake eye fall out! Before the rape can get real, the alert sounds. Dragons are detected and everyone makes a sortie. When they make their way out, Ange sees this as a chance to break formation and return to her rightful kingdom. Salia goes after her and warns her of her disobedience. Surprisingly Coco wants Ange to take her along too but suddenly a dragon’s blast rips her in half! OMFG! Ange is freaking shocked! The dragons are coming.

Episode 3
Priority is to destroy the dragons. Ange continues fleeing while not heeding Miranda’s words that she might not have enough fuel or even know where her country is. Suddenly a dragon bumps into Miranda’s Paramail and as she falls off, the rest rip and devour her!!! OMFG! What a violent death. Zola is up against the big boss dragon when Ange turns back and in her fear she bumps into her, pleading to be saved. In this confusion the dragon attacks. By the time Ange wakes up, she is in a wreckage and Zola’s corpse right above her. Oh sh*t… Back at Arzenal, some are blaming Ange for Zola’s death but Ange remains defiant that she didn’t do anything wrong. All she did was try to return to her country and didn’t do murder because Norma aren’t humans. Feel like killing her? Jill makes Salia the next captain and Hilda the vice. Their orders are to seek out the dragons that escaped. Ange is still fussing about her petition. Jill shows them how they were all rejected. Her country is no more and they do not recognize such a princess. Her family are finished too. Ange is made to put up the graves of her fallen comrades. Jill fills her in on the harsh reality. Because of Norma fighting dragons, it is the reason why people with Mana can live in peace. Ange doesn’t know all that and tries to prove herself she has Mana. Not working. Maybe she just can’t produce it now. Get real. Even more insulting is how it was her kind who decided the rules on Norma. Now she’s at the receiving at of it. As a dragon is detected, Ange must now get up and avenge her comrades. Kill or be killed. Guess what? Ange wants to die now! She can’t take this anymore. Jill won’t allow her and if she wants to die, die in battle like her comrades. There is an extra Paramail she can use. Villkiss is old and unstable. Suitable for a person with a death wish. As the girls ride out, the dragon ambushes them and Salia starts panicking because she has never seen this attack pattern before. More so, the weight of being the captain lies heavily on her shoulder. Ange is really bent on doing kamikaze! But she can’t even steer the thing right! Not so easy to die, eh? When the dragon catches her, all the deaths flash through her mind. Don’t want to die now, eh? Make up your mind! She gets so scared to the point of wetting her pants, her ring starts activating and turning Villkiss into one kickass robot! Suddenly like a pro, she kills the dragon! She becomes hysterical over this confused feeling of hers. Did she enjoy killing it? That denial again. In the aftermath, Ange has casted away her past and everything. She has nothing. She vows not to die as easily as her family and will live on. She cuts her hair short.

Episode 4
Jill and some are impressed Ange handled Villkiss so easily when no one else before could. She wants to initiate Libertus. Salia is worried and believes she should be piloting Villkiss but Jill wants her to focus on her duty. Ange continues to be the object of torment of Rosalie and Chris since they believe they must teach this b*tch a lesson over Zola’s death. Even if they ripped her uniform, she is unfazed. Can she walk around in that? Even Arzenal’s second in command, Emma Bronson wants her to cover up (you don’t say, how come she dresses like a slut?). Ange plays cool and even has a witty line or two back at her. Rosalie and Chris continue to sabotage Ange but karma always finds a way back at them. Yeah. Ange won’t be intimidated by their cowardly tactics. She goes to buy a new uniform. Vivian suggests buying other cool stuffs since she earned lots from killing dragons. The shop owner, Jasmine explains because the Paramail they ride is like their casket, Norma are given the freedom to accessorize however they want it. She even hints of using money to buy out her bullies or hire someone to take care of them. No thanks. Ange is fine on her own. Rosalie and Chris are being reprimanded by Salia. Although Hilda clashes with her, Salia puts down her foot as the captain. Hilda brings her subordinates back to Zola’s room. She has earned enough to buy everything that was hers. Now it all belongs to her. Including them. So does this mean she’ll be the new lesbian queen? Salia is studying about leadership and seems she is a bit bitter about Jill’s decision to give Villkiss to Ange when it promised to be hers. Vivian tries to be friendly with Ange and give her key chains as friendship. Unfortunately she smacks them away and asserts to be left alone. Now the lone wolf, eh? Another alert of dragons detected. Everyone sorties. Ange knew those b*tches has sabotaged her Villkiss and in a crucial moment whereby she decided to go fight alone instead as a team, Villkiss malfunctions (whatever Hilda planted in the air intake). Villkiss is in a struggle with a dragon as they crash to the sea below. Water is seeping in fast. The next thing Ange knows, she is tied up naked in a bed and a man sleeping next to her. Don’t tell me they’re doing 50 Shades of Grey here!

Episode 5
After the dragons are destroyed, Ange is missing but Salia wants to search and recover Villkiss. Hilda disagrees since they’re tired and low on fuel. Jill agrees and they’ll send a recovery team later. Tusk wanted to explain himself but thanks to an accident, he ends up in a lewd position with her. She manages to struggle and break free. Running back to Villkiss stranded on the beach, she sees all the lingerie stuck in the air intake. Damn that b*tch! Tusk tries to explain himself again that he is not some sort of pervert who would do those sort of things (the way he could give in detail all that must mean he really is a pervert?) when another accident makes him trip right onto Ange and in another lewd position. I wonder if Ange’s handgun has unlimited ammo. As she tries to fix Villkiss, a storm builds up. Even taking shelter underneath a tree, a snake bit her thigh. Pervy island… Of course, Tusk has to come save her and suck out the venom. It looks like a hentai scene… Even that scene cleaning up her naked body on his bed… She’s fine but still numb. Despite calling his broth horrible, she still eats it. And then when she learns how he sucked out her venom, she bites him! Well, he was told not to punch, shoot or tie him up. Didn’t say about biting, eh? Salia and her team are on a search and rescue mission but to no avail. Hilda talks to Erscha about siding Ange. She believes somebody needs to or she’ll be alone. Besides, Ange reminds her of Hilda once. Hilda disagrees and warns she will kill her. Ange is surprised Tusk is fixing Villkiss so she can contact her comrades and get home. However she says nobody will be waiting for her if she comes back. He suggests she stays here for a while. And so it’s like a couple’s paradise. Some perverted hijinks, Ange’s cooking disaster (how the hell can she make a pot blow up?) and a nearly kissing romantic scene had not for that damn convoy transporting a mother dragon hovering above. Suddenly a baby dragon destroys the convoy as it crashes (seriously, that’s all it took?). The dragon now confronts Ange and Tusk. Their only hope is Villkiss. Tusk tries to fix it as fast as he can while Ange fights it. When Ange is in a pinch, her ring shines and Villkiss activates its machine gun to shoot it. Then Ange stabs it repeatedly like a yandere. It’s dead for sure. Now that they can’t stay in the forest, Tusk suggests she come with him. Heck, he is hinting she’s pretty, seen her naked body, did ambiguous stuffs (he did all that?!) when the radio requesting for Ange is heard (reply if you are dead?). Ange is relieved and requests for rescue. So now she has a place to return and going back? She threatens him to forget everything they did. Even the venom sucking. But thanks for saving her. After being rescued, Ange requests Vivian for those key chains. Tusk also leaves the island and rides his Paramail from a hidden cave after paying respects to the grave of his fallen comrades.

Episode 6
There is an intruder at Arzenal. Momoka Oginome the maid is here to see Ange. She couldn’t recognize her at first but is glad when she does. However she is in for a real shock. Ange puts up that bitter face and isn’t fazed by Momoka’s arrival (Ange is tasked to look after her). I mean, you thought she’d be jumping with joy, right? Well, looks like she’s gotten used to the harsh life. Although Momoka is sincerely here to assist her, Ange says she has no place to return. Her kingdom is no more all because of her. She also points out Momoka knew she was a Norma all along, the reason father sent her to do things on her behalf. Momoka doesn’t know how things work here so she is appalled at the unhygienic and improper things Ange has to do (at least for a princess). This means crossing swords with Hilda and co. They don’t give a damn about whatever disrespect whatsoever. They are Norma after all. The last straw came when she learns about the hunting they do and how some end up losing limbs and undergo painful mechanical limb replacement. Ange has resigned to her fate that it is a question of when it will be her turn to be like that. Momoka vows to save her. I really don’t know how but Momoka managed to replace her locker, remodelled her room and cook great food just like the way it was! Unbelievable. But Ange is not amused and tells her to return it all and stop bothering her! Thanks for nothing. Of course this sets up the perfect troublemaking excuse for Hilda and co to ‘discuss’ how Momoka will be killed because they can’t risk a human who knows about dragons and what Norma do to expose everything once they return. After all, all those associated with her will get killed. Coco, Miranda and now the maid… While bathing, Ange sees an old scar on Momoka’s hand. Momoka was touched when Ange treated it after she accidentally broke her porcelain doll because Momoka is irreplaceable compared to dolls and dress. When Momoka says she’ll always be by her side, Ange tells her to leave. What she meant now is escape right now! But Momoka wants to be by her side as long as she can. The alert is sound as the Norma sortie to fight dragons. Ange is still frustrated over Momoka as she takes it all out on the dragons. Yeah. She killed all of them by herself and even got time to kick Rosalie and Chris’ butt! Next morning, Jill and Emma see off Momoka but they know she is going to face the firing squad. Suddenly Ange comes running with bags of cash. She is buying Momoka! Well, you can buy anything here with the right amount of money. Jill calls off the ‘transport’ and thus Momoka is happy to become Ange’s property stay by her side.

Episode 7
Ange disobeys orders again to kill all the dragons herself! Because of that, she rakes in the bounty and leaves none for others. How are they going to survive? Hey, she’s doing her job killing all the dragons and with no casualties, right? She doesn’t give a damn and dares them to execute or punish her! Jill and her team learn that Tusk is still alive and the one who saved Ange. She puts Jasmine in charge to contact him. Salia is more concerned over Ange’s disobedience and suggests Villkiss be taken away for her arrogance. However Jill tells her to solve it another way. She better find it soon because Hilda is also mocking Salia that all this would never have happened under Zola. Care to transfer the captaincy to her? To de-stress, Salia dons a magical girl outfit in the dressing room. Then Ange accidentally walks in. Oops. Sorry. Wrong room. Her stress levels just went up. Salia thinks she’ll be the laughing stock when everyone finds out. How now? She is going to kill Ange! Seriously. In the bath? She’s blaming her for everything, blah, blah, blah (even her bigger boobs?). Well, since this fight is so girly, Erscha and Vivian throw brooms to them to fight. Eventually they got reprimanded and need to write an apology essay. The next morning, Ange falls sick. She will be on standby till then. I guess Hilda and co are happy b*tches right now. Salia talks to Mei (the one who maintains Villkiss) and she mentions about Ange taking everything upon herself because she doesn’t want others to die. Didn’t you notice? Ever since she piloted Villkiss, casualties are zero. Salia thinks it is just coincidence? When another dragon alert is sounded, Salia leads her team minus Ange. This time there is a new dragon appearing and if they can take it out, they’ll get loads of money. Hilda and co rush in first without listening and they got trapped in its gravity field. The rest soon too. Vivian notices its horns are creating the field. They are about to meet their doom when Villkiss arrives. Momoka allowed Ange to pilot as long as she dressed up in thick clothes. Since she wants to do it herself, Salia puts her foot down and tells her off about team work. Well, at least it woke Ange up. Salia then guides Ange to destroy one of its horns and free them before everybody kills it. In the end, everyone earned big bucks except Ange who only got a meagre since she only destroyed a horn. She wants Salia to compensate for following orders! Or else that magical girl secret… You b*tch! Salia then tells everyone about team work and for Hilda and co to stop targeting Ange. Also, Ange need not hoard everything to herself. Surprisingly, Ange agrees as long as she is not dragged down. Chris and Rosalie also feel grateful that if not for Ange, they would have been dead. Everyone is happy except for Hilda. Traitors. Momoka and Ange get a secret transmission from Sylvia but before she could finish, looks like she got assaulted.

Episode 8
Ange is spacing out so much about her time with Sylvia that she didn’t hear orders to launch. Mei had to force launch her. What a rude awakening, eh? Coming in to Arzenal is a transport for the Festa. It’s the only day in the year where Norma can take a day off on this beach festival. How kind of them. Misty Rosenblum, whose royal family are the administrators running Arzenal, visits Emma. She wonders if Angelise is here but Emma lies she there is no such person. However Misty wants to find her as she wants to meet her. Momoka gets a call from Emma to meet Misty but Ange remembers her from that lacrosse game and doesn’t want to see her. She puts on her bear mascot and doesn’t want Momoka to be near her or her cover will be blown. As she hangs out alone at the hangar, she remembers her time with Sylvia. While they were riding a horse, Sylvia fell off and became wheelchair ridden. Momoka is looking for Ange but Hilda has business with her. Ange decides to see Misty and kicks all her bodyguards’ ass. Misty is happy to see her and mentions how she wanted to ascertain the truth about the mistake that she is Norma. But Ange cuts her short and tells her the truth she is Norma. That’s all to it. Now, Ange has a request. She wants Misty to help get her off this island. Where is everybody else? Well, they’re participating in the festival’s contest in which Chris the dark horse was the winner and Emma who was running around looking for Ange realized Misty’s bodyguards are out when she got back. Hilda wants Momoka to help her get off Arzenal but the maid will not listen to anyone but her princess. So she is willing to die? Then come Ange and Misty. Since they have the same interest, why not cooperate? Ange refuses as she doesn’t trust her. However Hilda says she has been waiting for this day and the only one who knows how to unleash the landing gears without sounding the alert. When everyone is watching the fireworks, the runaway girls put their plan in motion. Momoka pilots the transport and as it moves, Ange wants her to shut the door hatch. She is going to betray Hilda? This is payback for all the harassment! Hilda will not give in and jumps into the hatch. She has been planning this moment and even became Zola’s plaything just for this day. She will leave this place and return to her mother. Ange has a change of heart and pulls her in. By the time Jill and co arrive, they’ve already blasted to the sky. Jill wants Jasmine to contact Tusk. By the time some royal guards secure the transport, only Misty is tied up in the mascot suit. The rest are gone and parted ways to their respective destination.

Episode 9
Hilda was once a happy girl who loves her mama’s apple pies living in the countryside. It all came crashing down when she was taken away because she was a Norma. Now, Hilda steals necessaries from stores in order to get home. She gets nostalgic when she returns. Her happiness of seeing mama turns into sadness because mother doesn’t recognize her and thinks she is her daughter’s friend. Her daughter will soon be back. Ange and Momoka sneak into the former’s old friend’s home, Akiho. Just like others, Akiho is terrified to see her despite assurance Ange is still the same. No choice, Ange has to tie her up as she has called the police. They steal a transport to head to the imperial palace. However the police are already waiting but they can’t turn back now and barge their way through. No amount of Mana or net could catch her. Yeah, she’s literally slippery. They manage to escape via sewer that leads to the palace gates. Before them are the imperial guards but it seems they have Sylvia hostage! WTF?! Just when Hilda thought her mom recognized her, it turns out to be another girl named Hilda. What is the meaning of this? When Hilda mentions she is her real daughter who was separated 11 years ago and now returned to see her, mother tells her to leave! She is not her daughter and this mini Hilda is her only true daughter! Mini Hilda thought she had a sister but once she sees how Hilda destroyed her Light of Mana, she gets so scared that she fainted! Mother begs for her to leave and promises not to tell she came. Just when she had forgotten that nightmare and achieved happiness, she had to return. She wishes she had never been born! Oh, Hilda. So sad :’(. Ange defeats the guards so that Sylvia could reunite with her. But the moment they get close, Sylvia takes out a knife and slashes her arm! Oh dear. Looks like Sylvia is also one of those Norma haters. She accuses Ange of everything. If not for her, her family will still be living happily. If not for her, mother will still be alive. If not for her, she will still be able to walk. Everything is her fault. She took away everything! Ange is so shocked that she didn’t resist arrest. Even more insulting is how Julio planned all this and knew Ange would fall for this bait. Now that she is captured, all that is left is to put her on trial for her existence is her very crime. Hilda can’t even walk in the rain sad. The cops beat her up with no mercy. Police brutality!

Episode 10
Sylvia must love whipping Ange in public and blaming her for everything. Sure, why not blame the economy while at it? Oh wait. They’re not in any downturn or anything. Anyway, Julio reveals how he was waiting to hear news of Ange’s death at Arzenal. To his surprise she survived, that is why he sent Momoka there. Otherwise, do you think a normal person would be allowed to meet a Norma? Julio announces Ange’s execution and will start a new chapter in their new kingdom. The crowd cheers for Ange’s execution. She realizes who her true friends are and starts singing her mother’s song. Julio is not impressed and wants the execution hasten. When she is dropped, Tusk flashily enters the scene and save her (it’s that déjà vu feeling of his face in her crotch again). Then Ange and Momoka free each other to take out the guards. She thanks her siblings for revealing the true ugly side of humans. Goodbye. As parting gift, she throws something that slices Julio’s cheek. On the way back, Ange asks Tusk for his reason. He says he was sent by Jill not to let her die. He only lets her know he is the knight of Villkiss. Any more information, she needs to ask Jill. If you’re wondering why he is commending her beautiful blonde hair, because it was the same colour ‘down there’ too. Kill this pervert! Also, he commends her beautiful singing voice and hopes to hear her sing again. Once back on Arzenal, Jill greets her. She punches her in the gut. Time for some reflection. In an isolation cell, Salia reads to her the punishment that includes confiscation of all her belongings. This includes Villkiss. Erscha is sad that she deserted them. As some of them were born here, they do not know the real world and have no reason to leave this place. Also in the same cell is Hilda. Her face is badly beaten up by 50 guys but she took them all down. Hilda seems to be reeling from depression about her mom. She thought she would be the only person who would accept her even if she was Norma but was wrong. She now has no friends. Not even Rosalie or Chris. Because when she told them she was just using them, Chris spitted on her and told her to die. Chris bought over Zola’s place and becomes the new lesbian queen? Ange and Hilda talk about this sick and rotten world and even suggest that they destroy it. Well, sounds good. What else is there to do to a world that oppressed, humiliated and degraded them? And so that is how an unlikely friendship between them was formed. Ange’s singing soothes the souls of all those on Arzenal.

Episode 11
Julio is having sexual relations with his advisor, Riza Randog. I’m not sure about this sick mother-son role play they’re doing but Julio hates Angelise because mother always favoured her. When Sylvia goes to see him, she is horrified to see a pair of wings sprouting out from Riza’s back. Spotted, Riza seizes her and the ironic part is how Sylvia is screaming Ange’s name to save her! How dare she after all that?! With First Squadron relegated to backup duties (this means no income), Salia pays respect to Fei Ling’s grave. She is Mei’s sister. Realizing that young ones are already calling her big sister and looking up to her, she realizes she is now Alektra’s age. She remembers Alektra was the only one who returned from a mission that took the lives of her comrades. She was piloting Villkiss. Salia vowed to get revenge and defeat those dragons. However she never understood what she was lacking to pilot Villkiss. What does Ange have that she doesn’t? Suddenly dragons appear right above Arzenal. Everyone prepares to engage close quarter combat. Somebody’s singing has the dragons flee. It sure wasn’t Ange. That song powers up some Paramail and turns half of Arzenal into crater! Thanks to a dragon crashing into the cell, Ange and Hilda break free. Jill wants all units to sortie and this includes putting back Ange into Villkiss. However Salia is not happy. She will pilot Villkiss instead. Jill forbids her. Salia has had it. She worked hard but she chose that deserter? That’s right. Salia disobeys orders and pilots Villkiss. However it doesn’t move as she wishes. She gets her ass kicked while thinking too much about what she is supposed to do. Ange riding with Hilda wants Salia to switch but she still won’t. Ange makes this reckless move of jumping onto Villkiss. It was enough for Villkiss to activate up. Then Ange throws Salia off for Hilda to catch! Freaking scary move!!! Ange and the mysterious mecha battle. When it starts singing, Ange also begins hers. Both Paramails power up into some golden crisp! In some alternate dimension, both pilots meet. Salamandine wonders how a false citizen can sing the true Star Song. There are visions of them together, like as though in every different parallel world and era, the duo are always by each other’s side. She tells Ange the truth she seeks lies with Aura. Then she retreats with her dragons. Jill realizes the final piece of the puzzle to activate true Villkiss is a song. Salia realizes Ange is on a completely different level than her. It’s the sad truth, eh? Thanks to the attack, Arzenal has lost some plant.

Episode 12
Julio and some higher ups discuss about the dragons and Arzenal. Till Lord Embryo suggests either they surrender to the dragons or eliminate them. However there is a third option: Destroy everything and rebuild it again. Julio likes this idea and since there is no other way, the rest agrees. Tusk is spying on this and goes to relay this important information. Arzenal is undergoing major restoration. Jill makes Hilda the interim captain as Salia is in detention for violating orders. As agreed, Ange wants Jill to tell her everything. Since she wants to hear everything from the start… In the beginning, God created the world… Oh God… Anyway Jill puts it in a way how God created a new species of human beings with Mana because the humans of the old love fighting and killing each other. But there are those who cannot use Mana, God sneakily decided to use this to have them discriminated. With the rest of the humans discriminating against Norma, stability was achieved. Of course there are other humans with old genes who cannot use Mana. They are called Predecessors and fought current humans to claim their place. Finally after all that bloodshed, they seized the ultimate that was Paramail’s prototype which is Villkiss. However those who piloted it couldn’t control it and died. A handful of survivors learn about Norma and Arzenal and they became allies. Alektra Maria von Loewenherz was the first Norma born of royal blood and Jill’s former name. She was able to pilot Villkiss with her royal ring. Many came to her side and supported her and formed Libertus. However during a fight she lost everything and her right arm. She couldn’t afford to let Libertus go to waste. That is when Ange came in. That’s why she kept her ring and needs her to be stronger for Libertus. Ange thanks her for making her realize for spoilt pampered life but she wants to walk her own path. Vivan overslept and thinks she is taller now. But she freaks the hell out of Emma and when she looks in the mirror, she sees herself as a dragon! Soon Arzenal is alerted of a lone dragon and Vivian is forced to flee. However Ange suspects something amiss when she is humming a song she knows. Ange sings along with her and won’t let her comrades shoot it down. At the end of it, the dragon turns back into Vivian. What is the meaning of this? They notice a big hole where Jasmine dumped all the dragon bodies and being burnt. To their horror, they saw human parts in it. And as Jill reveals, humans are the real monsters. Ange gets sick that she was killing humans all along and won’t pilot Villkiss anymore or join Libertus to kill dragons. Suit herself if she wants to die as God’s pet. Later Jill is shocked to see Embryo here. She shoots him but is just a hologram. He says he never called himself God although he is a creator. Then an announcement is made. All Norma are to be relief of their duties. They have plenty of water, food and clothes for their evacuation.

Episode 13
Jill orders to ignore that bullshit and to fight back. She moves her operations to a deeper underground and orders Salia to take Ange. Because the Norma start fighting back, Julio considers this as treason and orders their elimination. Several weird machines kidnap some of them while troops infiltrate Arzenal with top priority to retrieve Ange, Villkiss and other Paramail riders. Everything else, destroy! Salia guides Ange to where Villkiss is and needs her to escape unharmed with it. Ange mocks Salia and this causes her to slap her for not understanding. Momoka drops gas bombs for their escape. They reach a room where burnt bodies of humans-cum-dragons are lying everywhere. It is that sick feeling again. Embryo appears before Ange and he too doesn’t approve of this. He lets her know that Julio is the one ordering this attack and is going to make mincemeat out of everything. When Momoka is in trouble, Ange takes out her anger by emptying her chamber on the soldier! Overkill! Vivian is kidnapped but Tusk singlehandedly killed all the soldiers to retrieve her. Ange takes Villkiss to the skies. She creates her own runway by blasting the debris in front and where all the troops were firing from. Now why didn’t the rest think of that? Salia goes after her and she’s upset that as the chosen one, she is running away from her duty, blah, blah, blah. Ange says she likes this sh*thole place but is going to bring justice to the guy who is destroying it. She powers up Villkiss and disarms Salia. Hilda and co take off but a hidden soldier snipes Chris with a headshot. Ange is on a destroying streak, sinking ships. Now that she is face to face with Julio, she shoots him in the leg and orders him to stop the attack in which he does. You know what? That look on Ange face seems like she is going to kill this piece of sh*t anyway. That coward pleads for his life and even offers her a deal to be reinstated to the royal family. Ange is not amused. Before she can kill him, Embryo stops her in his Paramail. (Seems he has healed Chris and other Norma). He admires the beauty in Ange’s rage and doesn’t want her to be tainted by doing such worthless things. He will carry her sin instead. He sings the Endless Song and blasts Julio away. Holy sh*t! A crater in the middle of the ocean! Overkill! Riza is in half dragon mode and isn’t appreciative of what Embryo is doing. Tusk tries to warn Ange to get away from him. Embryo is going to get rid of him and starts singing again. Ange rushes to save him. The survivors of Arzenal are making their escape via boarding a submarine, Aurora.

Episode 14
Is it déjà vu? Ange, Tusk and Vivian find themselves in another strange land. Looks like an abandoned city overrun with overgrowth. They cannot make contact with anybody and their communicator isn’t down. Ange rides Vivian (in dragon mode now) to scout the area and sees what is left of her palace. Did they go into the future? Or did they sleep that long for civilization to end? Villkiss is a special machine and it is no surprise it could do that to protect them from Embryo’s attack. A passing robot relays information about a safe shelter. As they head there, they only see rotting corpses. Ange wants some answers so the AI starts off with something like a war movie. Nope. This is real. Fighting between countries again. World War 7???!!! Anyway to put an end to this, Ragnamail was created (black version of Villkiss?). Despite it was successful, its weapons reacted with some reactor and caused some freaking explosion that made life on Earth inhabitable. Yup. They are the only 2 human survivors on this planet! When did this happen? 538 years ago!!! So the world ended, eh? Ange still refuses to believe it and might be some sort of trick. So she’s working Vivian like a slave driver and even badmouthing everything like how their fight for freedom was garbage and everything. This is the last straw for Tusk. He snaps. So his parents and friends all died for a garbage cause? Ange starts feeling guilty she said too much. To make amends, she gives him a cute necklace from a shop (it’s not like anybody is buying it anyway). But what is more surprising to Tusk is that he never knew she could apologize! It is getting colder but thanks to Vivian, they manage to find a room that is well maintained and with running water and electricity! I don’t know but let’s not think too much. She asks about Embryo. He is their greatest enemy, a puppet master who controls civilization from the shadows. Since it would be a pity for him to sleep in the hallway and the sofa is broken, Ange lets him sleep next to her. Hold still our beating hearts. She feels a sense of ease and maybe because Villkiss freed them from that war. She hints of ‘allowing’ him but it’s not that he is gay or anything. When his parents and friends died, he became lost and scared of his duty so he secluded himself. Till he met Ange and he saw the fighting spirit in her. It gave him the strength to move forward and a purpose of being a knight. So if he can protect her, it is good enough. She stars undressing herself! She is already tainted by killing others so is she going to add this to the list? No matter how tainted she is, he will always stand by her side. And finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. An unforced kiss. But a damn dragon (not Vivian) had to crash in and interrupt this steamy scene! WTF?! Why now?! The ladies piloting it detected their help signal and welcome those fake citizens to their world, the true Earth. Could they have at least waited till they finished? Bummer.

Episode 15
The trio are taken to see the high priestess. Ange screws all that formal protocol and blasts away with her questions anyway. Everyone calls for her head but Salamandine wants to keep her alive since she knows how to pilot Villkiss and learn its secrets. Salamandine treats them as guests and mentions about the possibility of 2 Earths. Thanks to war and pollution, many of the humans here abandoned this planet to go to the other. Ange thinks this means there is a way back and takes her as hostage! The underlings do the same to Tusk but Ange doesn’t care since he did say he was willing to lay down his life and die for her, right? Oh sh*t! Salamandine wonders why she is so eager to go back to the killing and is going to show her the truth. Bringing her to the Aura Tower which is supposed to be Dracunium (some energy source) facility, underneath it is supposedly where the real Aura lies, some big mother dragon. In their terms, the first ever dragon. It adapted its flesh to this polluted world. Ever since, everyone here chose to live their life for cleansing and redemption alongside Aura as they adapt and turn into dragons. Males turn into bigger dragons while females are smaller ones. However, Aura is taken by the person who discovered Dracunium and created Ragnamail: Embryo. From where Ange comes from, Mana of Light seems infinite and like magic, right? That is because Aura is providing this. However it needs to be replenished and thus dragons are killed to extract their Dracunium and supply it to Aura. That is the truth of their war they risk their lives for. Salamandine’s people are killed to sustain her world’s energy. That is why they call it a fake world with fake citizens fighting a fake war. Ange still wants to go back since she is from that world so Salamandine will have to restrain her from killing more of her people. But what about the attack on Arzenal? That was to test out Dragonmail as they view Ange a threat to Aura’s liberation. She believes Ange would have done the same if she was in her shoes. Salamandine knows all about her thanks to Riza. They fight but Ange loses. Next thing she knows, she is in bed and Vivian back to being human. Thanks to some DNA alteration they did, she doesn’t have to rely on medication. Meanwhile Tusk is being used as a model for sex ed for the curious dragon girls… This time Ange slips and got her face on his crotch… And she’s making it sound like it is all his fault! Don’t cut it off! More surprise in store when Salamandine reunites Vivian with her true mother. She must have been separated 10 years ago while chasing her mother heading off to a fight. So they celebrate this by releasing floating lanterns as tribute to Aura. Ange wonders why they are being shown all this and as explained, it is to better understand them and vice versa and move ahead. Now it makes them think if they really want to go back to their own world.

Episode 16
When Lizardia (known to us as Riza) discovered Aura is among the fake humans, the high priestess gave orders to initiate the battle to reclaim Aura. Ange is still sceptical of their hospitality and thinks it is a ploy to let their guard down. She even believes that is not Vivian’s mother despite they look so genuinely happy together. Salamandine wants Ange to team up with them and fight Embryo. Help them get back Aura and they get back their freedom. Ange of course views this as a ploy to use her so Salamandine suggests a competition. If Ange wins, she walks free and can do whatever she likes. Otherwise she becomes her property. So they play ‘ancient’ sports like tennis, ping pong, golf and baseball. Heck, even formula one! WTF?! When you have hot sexy ladies in such heated battle, surely the obligated Twister game is a must, right? And despite the intense rivalry, weirdly some sort of bond is formed because the duo start laughing together. Then there’s that shower bonding scene too. They respect each other and talk about the discrimination of being a Norma. But Ange despite all that has happened, she is no longer a princess so talking about duty and leadership is none of her business anymore. In the end, it is them who want to change the world so Embryo and Aura has got nothing to do with her. But now that she has known the truth, will she not do anything? Suddenly some sort of dangerous portal appears and is destroying the town. Seems like it is blending both worlds together and those who get caught in it will be assimilated into the rocks. Tusk believes this is the work of Embryo who has the power to control space and time. Vivian’s mother is pinned under some slab after she saves her daughter. Salamandine goes into action but the high priestess wants her to retreat because she views her Dragonmail pivotal to recover Aura and cannot risk it. Ange helps out and suggests using that super weapon that destroyed Arzenal. Salamandine opposes due to negative effects so Ange lectures her about her duty as a ruler to save her people. Salamandine starts singing as well as Ange too and eventually put a stop to the menace. In the aftermath, Salamandine is grateful to Ange for helping save her people. She is surprised of the song Ange sang because it was what Embryo sang to destroy this world. Ange learnt it from her mom and likewise Aura taught Salamandine and the rest theirs. Salamandine apologizes for her immaturity to try to own Ange and wants to be her friend to walk and learn alongside her. Well Ange, you can stop calling Salamandine weird nicknames like you are doing throughout this episode.

Episode 17
Riza has located Aura beneath the palace so their plan is to raid the place and take Aura back. Ange is free to do what she wants but of course Salamandine prefers her to fight alongside them. Tusk gave Ange some hope that it is up to her to do what she thinks it is right. But that face crotch accident had to ruin everything. Tusk can guess its implication when Ange literally bites off that phallic shaped mushroom… It’s got to hurt. Ange has decided to go back to her original world since Momoka is waiting there. Salamandine respects her decision although this means they will be enemies again. Her subordinates oppose since Ange knows a lot of this world but Salamandine trusts her friend. Also, Ange will not fight them when the time comes. Vivian also wants to go back but promises to come back. A full force of dragons gather as the portal opens. In the calm of the storm, Tusk can even reveal his dream of opening up some café he’ll name after Ange once the war is over. As the dragons go through the portal, it seems they are very far away from their intended location and over the ocean. They are ambushed by a rain of missiles and many black Villkiss. Embryo has captured Riza and used her information to lure them into this ambush. Ange helps fight the enemy and wants Salamandine to retreat as they can’t take back Aura at this rate. She won’t but Tusk supports Ange that they should regroup and devise another strategy. With a heavy heart, Salamandine calls for a retreat. Ange fights the other black Villkiss and learns they are being piloted by Salia, Erscha and Chris. They are working under Embryo as he wants them to capture Ange. She puts up a lot of resistance and even yells at Villkiss to keep moving like before or else. I think the machine got scared of her and powers up. They teleport and crash land back on Arzenal. The place is decimated and abandoned. That night, some strange apparitions pay them a visit. Ghosts? Monsters? Water spirits? Wow. I didn’t Ange was this freaked out. Turns out to be Momoka, Hilda and Rosalie. Momoka is glad that Ange is back. But the most shocking event is how Hilda grabs Tusk by the balls to confirm he is a guy!

Episode 18
Ange is back onboard Aurora as she tells the rest about the parallel world and suggests they team up with them as they can reason unlike their fellow humans. However Jill rejects them and couldn’t care less about Aura or whatsoever as their mission is to kill Embryo who is playing God and destroy this world. She ticks off Ange for being brainwashed by dragons and if she wants to play boyfriend, do it after the war. But Jasmine reminds her ever since Salia and some defected, they do not have the required strength so an alliance is not so bad. Jill will make her decision when she has analyzed all the information. Ange learns about Aurora being built by Predecessors and fought Embryo. Jill has also revealed her secret to the rest and Rosalie is proudly introducing a handful of recruits trained under her: Nonna, Marika and Mary. The trio are more interested in admiring Vivian anyway. So much about gratitude. Emma has been a drunkard ever since because she was almost killed by her fellow humans and Jill was kind enough to let her onboard. Then there is a big hint about Hilda’s yuri on Ange. First, she sounds jealous Ange went missing, never bothered to contact (like she could) and came back with a man. Then in a shower scene, she’s got her hands running through her body and worried if Ange has done it with Tusk. Relieved that she didn’t, she kisses her back as sign of welcoming her back. If that isn’t yuri, I don’t know what is. Jill gives Ange her first mission to make contact with the dragons and demand a formation of a united front. Jill explains her ambush on the palace where Embryo is. However it seems her plan is to sacrifice the dragons as diversion so Ange could use Villkiss to kill Embryo. Ange is against this so Jill shows the ‘insurance’ she got to get Ange to obey her. Do it or Momoka dies! Ange still won’t and wants her maid freed but Jill overpowers her and mentions everything is for Libertus. Everything is a tool for Libertus. Momoka a tool to get Ange going, Ange a tool to pilot Villkiss and Villkiss a tool to kill Embryo. Tusk initiates Plan B by releasing some sleepy gas. They escape and free Momoka but before they can ride their Paramail, Jill is strong enough to stay awake and confront Ange. She is still bent on making Ange obey her command so Ange suggests a fight. Jill must do as she says if Ange wins. Ange cannot accept Jill’s way of doing things or else she can’t have Café Ange (she is really serious about this?). This is no different than how humans treat Norma. Jill loses as Ange sets out to contact the dragons. Despite Jill’s way is wrong, she will still carry out Libertus and wants to free Norma. She’ll do it with the people she trusts. Before they can teleport, they are attacked by Salia and co.

Episode 19
But their target is Aurora. Ange helps stave them off till Aurora submerges. Ange thought it is over but surprise, Salia turns back and shoots her in the chest. The next thing she knows, she’s back in her bed in her palace. For real? Is his a dream? Apparently not. Momoka is with her. Salia shot her with a tranquilizer and brought her back here. Ange tries to get some stationery as weapons but Salia and her guards won’t allow her. Salia explains how Embryo saved her unlike Jill who abandoned her after her lost to Ange. He treated her preciously and she now that her eyes are opened, she has found someone to truly protect. Embryo truly loves her, so she says. Salia is made his personal bodyguard and the commander of the Order of Diamond Rose. Ange still has a knack for sarcasm and this upsets Salia but she can’t overpower Ange. No use trying to find her because this is Ange’s home ground and she knows all the secret passages. Outside, Ange and Momoka see Erscha tending to a group of children. Erscha reveals she is the principal of this kindergarten Embryo established. These children were once dead but Embryo revived them. Erscha wanted so much for them to have a better life and this couldn’t be better. Therefore she will kill others who will take this away. Even Ange. So what is Chris’ reason? Left for dead, nobody cared about her, till Embryo saved her. Yeah, the same story. Then there is Sylvia whipping Riza the pet dragon slave mercilessly for bringing the wrong book! She’s upset about Riza’s poisoning that night and would have been done for had not uncle Embryo saved her. Sylvia is shocked to see Ange here and thinks she is here to kill her. With all that screaming and ruckus, I’m sure Embryo can’t read in peace. Guess it’s time to talk to Ange. He brings her to where Aura is but Ange threatens him to release it. If he refuses? She shoots him! But how can you kill God? Besides, he hates that term and would prefer the word conductor as he directs the ebb and flow of epochs. Ange starts feeling queasy. Did Embryo do something to her? He tries to brainwash her to abandon everything and accept him. He can be what she wants and can grant her desires. That’s like God, right? But when he says abandon, I didn’t think he would mean taking off her clothes too! Ange resists but falls into his hypnosis. I am guessing it is because Embryo isn’t such a great kisser as Tusk that Ange snapped out of it and bites his lips! She’s back to normal and will kill him as many times as it takes to destroy the world. Guess what? He is so freaking impressed with this drama! Meanwhile Hilda goes to see Jill but sees her sleeping. She is having a nightmare. Something about her relationship with Embryo. She was in a dilemma to abandon him to save her comrades and by the time she does, it’s too late.

Episode 20
Tusk and Vivian are captured onboard Aurora. Jill beats up Tusk for his betrayal that because of him, they lost Ange and Villkiss which is vital to Libertus (Tusk said he isn’t the knight of Villkiss but Ange!). Hilda suggests assisting Ange but Jill thinks it is useless as Ange won’t listen to her anymore. Salia is against Embryo’s suggestion to make Ange part of Order of Diamond Rose. But he assures he is just using her as a toll and that Salia is the one most important. Sweet words… Ange is brought to see Embryo who wants her to become his wife! Oh dear! Salia must be seething in anger! Ange is the most beautiful and intelligent woman he has ever met and wants her to be goddess of the new world. The old humans only knew how to fight each other so Embryo created this new breed. However they stagnated and cannot think for themselves. As Ange has seen herself, humanity has not changed and is still evil and foolish. So how are they going to destroy the world? Amplifying the song via Ragnamail using Aura’s energy to merge both worlds. The one Ange saw was just a test. Ange stabs his hand and shoulder. She’d rather die than become his wife. But then again, you can’t kill him, right? She amplifies her pain 50 times and then pleasure. Horny Ange? It’s easy for Embryo to manipulate her so if she doesn’t want to suffer anymore, accept his proposal. Meanwhile there is some yuri moment between Hilda and Rosalie but the former is not in the mood. Rosalie knows Hilda likes Ange so they both hatch a plan not to go rescue Ange but the rest of their friends. She busts Tusk and Vivian out and wants them to assist. But the place is lockdown as Jill is trying to ride a Paramail out. Hilda intercepts her and nails it when she claims Jill is trying to head to Embryo’s side. Eventually Jill is restrained. Momoka who is looking for Ange stumbles upon a dungeon where Sylvia just finished torturing Riza. Momoka helps her up and although she has not forgotten her betrayal, she wants her to live till she apologizes to Ange. Riza tells her where she could find Ange. Jill reveals she gave in to Embryo’s love because of the fear she couldn’t live up to her mission. As a result, her comrades perished. Now that everyone knows the truth, Jill cannot lead anymore and is relieved of her position. Hilda is put in charge and Jill is sure she won’t make the same mistakes as her. Ange is going through hell, experiencing a myriad of extreme feelings. After Embryo goes to start his task on Aura, Salia comes in to let Ange go. It’s not that she pity her or anything. Embryo is all she has left and doesn’t want her to take it from her. Ange repays that kindness by knocking her out so she won’t get into trouble when her escape is discovered. But now she has to deal with Erscha and Chris. Ange summons Villkiss but gets reinforcements when Salamandine returns to repay the favour.

Episode 21
Hilda’s plan is to infiltrate the palace and rescue Ange. Simple enough? Salamandine buys time for Ange to escape. However Villkiss is shot down by Chris although its shield helped protect Ange. However she is weakened as Momoka tries helping her make their slow escape. Chris fights her old friends Hilda and Rosalie and she is still bitter about how they abandoned her. Her grudge even goes way back to when they were young, how Hilda suggested she tied her hair into a single pigtail instead of having double braids. She hated it but put up with it all the while. WTF. Ange is having a hard time escaping Embryo because he can possess anybody remotely and control them to go after Ange. Heck, why don’t just possess Ange and make her come back? Oh, he can only possess those with Mana… Salamandine realizes she cannot win with her current strength and calls for a retreat. She picks up Riza but prison warden Sylvia won’t let her go. Riza doesn’t give a sh*t. That rifle of hers doesn’t threaten by a bit. Marika comes to assist Rosalie but gets killed by Chris. Ah well, I guess I know why the newbie was introduced. We aren’t going to miss her, right? Rosalie is freaking pissed but Chris retreats when Salamandine arrives. Everywhere Ange turns, Embryo’s zombies are there. Eventually she runs back into Embryo. Tusk has finally found her and starts killing Embryo. He knows it is futile since he can resurrect but it’s to buy time for Ange to escape on his Paramail. Embryo ends the match by shooting himself. Then he controls Momoka to steer Ange back to him. He can’t understand why she rejects him so much. Simple: You’re a jerk! Tusk returns to fight but this time Embryo controls Momoka to fight him. Nobody can escape the command of their absolute master. But Ange is Momoka’s master! Some flashbacks and memories of them together and you guessed it, Momoka snaps out of it. It’s like she’s making a dying wish for Tusk to take care of Ange. She attacks Embryo but gets shot. I don’t know who was driving the truck since they both got rammed and dropped down the cliff. What a way to die. I understand why Ange is so distraught. HOW CAN YOU KILL OFF THE MAID???!!! Tusk then chains Ange to his Paramail on autopilot for her getaway. Now it’s his turn to play hero. Uh huh. He becomes a martyr by blowing himself up! But does he need to blow up the entire villa? Maybe. Oh, Ange… Alone again, naturally…

Episode 22
Salia in some spanking punishment?! Still, she is not happy that Embryo chose Ange despite she swore her loyalty to him. He says intelligent and strong women only interest him because they are the ones who will create a new world with him. He doesn’t want foolish ones. This means Salia has to bite the bullet and bring Ange back. After Riza explains Embryo’s plan to merge both worlds, Salamandine suggests to Hilda they form an alliance. She agrees but only on a condition that Ange comes back. Yeah. Who knows where she is now. Embryo possesses Emma to find Ange here but she’s not around. This proves he is desperate to look for her. Erscha’s kids are killed during that attack and she wants Embryo to bring the back. However he won’t as his new world is only for new humans. Erscha pleads to him but he won’t entertain her. He is disappointed he expected her to be more intelligent than that. Ange is sent back to Tusk’s island hideout. She feels sad not having Momoka by her side. Salia is close to being yandere. She believes if she kills Ange, Embryo will see no need for other women except her. The world’s destruction begins when everyone can’t use their Mana of Light anymore. Chaos everywhere. Those high executives think it is time to escape this but Embryo tells them they are going to take responsibility for plunging the world into chaos. Hah. Serves them right. They’re screwed. Erscha realizes she has been manipulated by Embryo because he used those kids to make her work for him. However Chris doesn’t share the same sentiments as she is willing to kill Hilda and Rosalie.

Ange reads a diary from Tusk detailing the times he spent with her. Felt you should have appreciated him, eh? She wants to kill herself but is too sad to do it. Thinking back of all the things he said to her, she really regrets not appreciating him. What’s the use now that he is no longer here? And what is the point of confessing she loves him now that he is dead? But Tusk pops up to hug her, happy to hear her say that! Ange slaps him twice! She can’t believe it is him and must be Embryo’s illusion! Tusk is dead! She is going to make sure he is real. How? Having sex with him!!! Wow! If this is what gets a girl to sleep with you, I also want to be dead!!! So this is real because it must be the best sex ever, huh? Seconds? Ange tells him a certain perverted stalker wanted to destroy and change this world with her. She likes this world despite how foolish and incomplete it is. Tusk too, not because he is her knight but because he loves her. They’re going to protect this world. Ange gets another surprise because Momoka is still alive and has cooked a decent meal for them. I don’t know how she survived all that and don’t care. Because the maid is back! But thank the frying pan for stopping the bullet. Momoka says she can’t use Mana anymore and then they see the dark storm in the horizon ahead. Embryo is starting his destruction. Tusk wants Ange to ride his mom’s Paramail to retrieve Villkiss but that isn’t necessary. Using her ring, Ange summons Villkiss right before her. Wow. Just like brand new. Erscha surrenders and defects back to Hilda’s group.

Episode 23
The space-time merger is happening. Chaos. Dead people. Before it is completely destroyed, they must get Aura back. It couldn’t be better timing for Ange to return to Aurora. She gets updated about everything (including Emma who finally has decided to stop being a drunkard and join Libertus). Ange then goes to see Jill to ask for a way to kill Embryo because Tusk told her each time he dies, he switches place with a multiplex entity in undefined space. Seems Embryo’s real body is hidden in that space. The only way to get there is using Villkiss via a song. Ange didn’t like how Jill is acting like a loser so she slaps her to make her not run away from her responsibility. She reveals Salia was the one who let her escaped and she has chose to fawn over Embryo to forget her. Later Hilda is trying to confess she likes Ange in a roundabout way. It’s weird, right? A woman falling in love with a woman? Before you can answer that, Ange quickly kisses her! Oh right. The world is already so screwed up. So what the hell anyway. Anybody is welcomed in her new harem world. If you think that is the weirdest you’ve seen, you’ve seen nothing yet. Because when Mamoru asks her for some sort of charm before they go into battle, she gives him her panties!!!!!!!!!! WTF???!!! TUSK YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!! Now I’ve seen everything. The big assault begins but Embryo won’t let them waltz in like that. Yeah. So we’ve got one big messy fight with everything firing at everything and the setting up of grudge matches. Round 2. Chris vs Rosalie and Hilda. Salia vs Ange. Several selfish nobles are trying to get Sylvia to help them. What can she do? Ange accidentally crashes in. Now they want her to help them and cite that royalty duty to help her people. First of all, she tells them off she doesn’t care about them. And if they make further noise, she shoots and kills one of them! Yeah. Run like the wind you pigs. Sylvia is so scared the wet her pants (skirt actually). It might seem heartless that Ange is telling her to run when she can’t even walk. But can she? She too is still no different, blaming her she can’t walk, blah, blah, blah. Ange tells her off her injury is actually healed and never even bothered to try. She fires a few close warning shots to send Sylvia up and running! There you go. Goodbye forever. Ange returns to her fight with Salia but it seems Jill is joining the fight to see if Salia has been worthy as Embryo’s knight. Disappointing.

Episode 24
Jill is trying to open Salia’s eyes that Embryo doesn’t really love anyone. He might seem to love you now only because he’ll use you later. That is how Jill lost everything. But Salia’s heart is closed. She won’t believe what Embryo’s ex-lover says. Salia continues to be bitter that she wasn’t chosen by everyone no matter how hard she tries. Embryo gave her that chance. That is why she doesn’t need her anymore. Similarly, Chris is trying to tell her ex-friends how Embryo made her stronger. But more interestingly, Tusk is ‘bragging’ to Embryo that he knows Ange more than her. From her myriad of emotions to how many moles he has on her thigh! Ah, yes. Then he indicates how they’ve had sex. For 3 days and nights!!! WOW!!! You mad, bro? Tusk nails it that Ange accepted everything of him and thus he has nothing more to fear. When you have such great sex, any man can die happy, right? Ange meets up with Salamandine to free Aura. Salamandine starts singing. Aurora becomes a sitting duck after it takes on lots of damage. As both worlds are merging, the high priestess contacts Aurora and tells them the dragons will be cooperating with them to take down Embryo. Embryo then summons his knights to be as bait and buy him time so he can go fetch his bride. Some of them get killed. Chris becomes disillusioned that she has been betrayed and abandoned again. Everybody should just die! She starts shooting everything while her pals try to open her eyes in this dramatic emo talk. When all else fails, Rosalie jumps out of her Paramail to grab Chris as they free fall. She doesn’t care if they die, at least they die together. She can’t live without her. Luckily Hilda provided some soft landing. I guess Chris is the kind that needs lots of emo assurance to be convinced and after all that promises, she’s back being friends with them. Salamandine’s song has charged up as she blasts to free Aura. Jill confronts Embryo that she still loves him and wants to go to the new world with him. He is not amused and that he never loved her and only saved her. This is a ploy by Jill to freeze him. But she guessed wrong if she thinks he won’t be able to switch bodies. His Ragnamail shoots Jill through the gut. Goodbye Alektra. Embryo doesn’t need women from his past. He then announces how Aura’s energy will serve as the detonator to destroy the world. After that he snatches Ange and they quickly disappear.

Episode 25
Salia is back with us? Wow. She’s really repenting that she went and did something stupid. Blame it all on love. But at the expense of Jill? Don’t tell me she died just after they reconciled! Yes, but it’s true :’(. Suddenly the merger stops after it intensifies. They hear Aura’s voice telling them where to locate Embryo. The only way to get to that time-space rift is via Villkiss. But only Ange can pilot it, right? Not necessary. As long one has a strong will, Villkiss will respond. Meanwhile Ange wakes up in Arzenal. The original one. He wants to watch the end of the world with her in this premium seat but she’d rather have him screw himself. It’s time for Embryo to bore us with his story. This was the place where it all began. He and his team experimented with whatever and time stood still. He then used Ragnamail to experiment and create new worlds. Yeah, so he says he is the conductor but from the way I see it, he is playing God. Ange tries to run but no matter where she goes, Embryo is always there. And he is the wife beater he is, abusing Ange with his slaps because he is jealous a certain monkey tainted her. Now it is time to purify her with his love. RAPE SCENE!!! Embryo you horny bastard! Hilda wants Tusk to pilot Villkiss because as much as she hates to admit it, he is closest to Ange. Tusk is screaming to the machine to go save Ange. Yeah, maybe all that made Villkiss resonate. Time to go. Tusk, Salamandine, Hilda and Salia venture into the rift as lizard girl starts singing. Similarly, Ange does the same (probably to also annoy that horny bastard). They hear her voice as it guides them. Good timing to interrupt the rape (Embryo forcefully trying to open Ange’s legs?!). Tusk rescues Ange and she is so glad to see him that she doesn’t mind that face crotch move. He hands her back her panties. Got to wear something, no? See Hilda irritated in the background. Tusk lets Ange handle Villkiss while he goes to have a sword fight with Embryo.

They have to destroy his Ragnamail which is causing this merger as wells as Embryo himself as he controls Ragnamail. But Embryo has cloned several Ragnamail for the Paramail girls to fight with. Embryo even tries to play mind games with Salia. Tusk is able to wound Embryo and since he didn’t switch bodies, this means this is the real one. Embryo is still bitter that Ange didn’t choose him after waiting a thousand years for this. The girls side with Ange he was trying to force control her and that Ange is not slutty enough to fall for a coward like him! All the girls won’t allow to be controlled by him anymore and their Paramail resonate with their feelings to power up. Get this. Embryo is still puzzled why Ange won’t let him control him! So he wants to be a wife controlling husband? Well, simple. Ange is human and it is in their genes to rebel, disobey, etc. Salamandine now understands why Norma exist. To avoid being manipulated by him. They are all women so they can bear children to reject his love! So is Embryo finally ready to give up and dump Ange because he doesn’t need a woman who won’t understand his love. Ange has the best reply ever. He calls that love? He is just a f*cking narcissist who doesn’t know how to treat women and she doesn’t want the genes of a pervert who hid himself for a thousand years! It is 10 million years too early for him to even hug her! I guess she is mad enough that her blast is so powerful to rip Ragnamail apart! Impossible? Believe it! Tusk then cuts him in half! The merger stops and everyone lands back on the original Arzenal (which is bigger than the one they knew) in the original Earth. Ange and Tusk can finally hug all they want. Now that there is no reason to go to war, what is Ange’s next plan? She’ll found Arzenal as a new kingdom just for them. Of course everyone will follow her but what about the other Earth? Ange doesn’t care about it. It is like dystopia and chaotic. Ange feels they should learn to fend themselves if they want to survive. Embryo is no longer there to guide them anyway. Wah! Sylvia is the badass leader of a small resistance force! She’s taking after so much like her sister. In the aftermath, we see everyone working hard to rebuild Earth, a sombre visit to the graves of their fallen comrades and Café Ange did happen (that weird bear is the café’s mascot?).

Crossed Up, Caught In The Crossfire, Crossing The Line, Crossing Swords And At The Crossroads…
Well, it feels a bit rushed but I supposed this is the best ending that I can agree with. Because no use that they go back to that sh*t discriminating world and it is right for Ange to establish a new kingdom of harem girls for Tusk (because he is the only human male in this new world) where Norma, humans and dragons can live in peace. Let those puny ex-Mana humans learn a thing or two about survival. If they can’t adapt, then they go extinct. Simple law of evolution and survival of the fittest. Watching this series somewhat reminded me of Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Girls in tight outfits and some of them using music as part of their battle to unleash a powerful force. Furthermore, Nana Mizuki is the star of both shows so there are similarities drawn from both series. The mecha factor also reminds me of Valvrave The Liberator but personally Cross Ange feels closer to Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

Characters are great. Enough said. Despite there are a lot of main and supporting characters, some you feel may not have enough screen time (if you’re a fan of a certain character, that is), but the dynamics and relationship and interaction of the characters make it work. It is mainly Ange who steals the limelight as the most badass and changed character of the series. She is perhaps one of the main reasons why this anime rocks. Because nowadays independent, strong willed women who kick ass are definitely the in-thing today. We see her changed from a spoilt sheltered princess into a bitter, tough survivor who even has learnt to talk back with some witty lines and sarcasm! This is definitely not the same princess you knew like before. She is not perfect, though but she does learn along the way (and sometimes the hard way) what it is that is important to her. She definitely has come a long way from where she was and you could say she’s earned her place in where she is right now. If there is anybody you want to look for as inspiration whether be it business survival or something, you can look up to Ange as motivation. Despite her cold exterior initially and her less feminine ways, Ange is still very much a likeable character. She might be no angel now but I guess it is better than that God playing Embryo (or conductor or demon or whatever we want to call him).

Many of the other characters also undergo some sort of change. They start out differently and due to circumstances along the way, they change. Like Salia who is always trying her best and all she ever wanted was to be acknowledged. After so many tries, you can’t really blame her for taking the wrong path by turning to the dark side. Thank God she came back although it cost the life of an old mentor. It be nice to see her in a magical girl outfit again ;p. Then there is Hilda who started out as many would think to be the rival of Ange thanks to her b*tch attitude but halfway she becomes her ally and even admirer. You thought Chris would be the slow retard of the group, till she turned to the dark side. You thought Erscha would always be on Ange’s side. But she temporarily defected before coming back. You thought Rosalie would continue to be obsessed in getting her revenge on Zola. Then she realized being friends with those alive right now is more important. You thought Tusk was somebody whose role is to be Villkiss knight. Since when did he changed that and become Ange’s knight? Ah, I see it’s the power of love. Or maybe too many face crotch bumping. Same colour, huh? You thought Sylvia would never be able to walk again. All you need to do is scare the sh*t out of this brat and then see her run like the wind. And now she is running free like a badass survivor. See, even little girls like her can change. You thought Jill was the irreplaceable strong high commander that nobody would doubt. It took a scandal to bring her down. Sex really killed it all in her case. Haha. Oops.

You thought Emma was just a freaking useless person with huge boobs. Yes, she is still that. Haha! And there are a handful of others that don’t change like Vivian and her spunky and energetic ways even before and after the revelation that she can be turned into a dragon. After Ange, I think she has the best quips too with her straight forward lines. Salamandine never lost touch of her side of humanity despite being a dragon person. Not even losing her cool when Ange starts calling all those weird nicknames. Those dragon race bring shame upon humanity when it comes to character and personality. In fact you can say the former are being more human than the latter. Momoka too has been a loyal maid by Ange’s side ever since the start. You could say she is the only person who believed in her and stick with her through thick and thin all the way even when Ange finds her annoying. I wonder what happened to Misty. I guess she wasn’t that important of a character to the entire series and only significant for that short period.

Finally, Embryo the guy whom everybody would love to hate as we come to love and support Ange. Because nobody likes an antagonist even if he is a good looking guy to rape our favourite girl. At first he exudes this mysterious feel because not much is known about him. You wonder if he is some sort of higher being or even God himself because he seemingly cannot die and is ‘everywhere’. I feel his obsession with Ange is probably what brought a downfall to his character. Because the more he tries to force her into becoming his controlled wife, the more it seems desperate this guy is. Because it is just outright rude to not give up when a girl constantly rejects you. I know never giving up is good but not in this case. The final straw came when he starts raping Ange and the way he says things it is as though he is jealous of being beaten to be the first one to f*ck Ange. So what makes him think he can control her if he taints (I don’t think that act would be near as purifying as he claims to be) our heroine? Yeah. He’s got no style in tackling Ange like how Tusk did to let Ange have sex with him. Is the key to this ‘heaven’ the numerous face crotch accidents? And when Embryo meets his demise, we can all rejoice that he will never be coming back again.

As said, this anime uses a great number of popular seiyuus in voicing the characters. Most notably, Nana Mizuki staring as Ange. The rest (for those I recognized, that is) include Mamoru Miyano as Tusk, Yukari Tamura as Hilda, Eri Kitamura as Salia, Yui Horie as Salamandine, Yui Ogura as Chris, Kana Asumi as the high priestess, Ami Koshimizu as Erscha, Minori Chihara as Miranda and Nao Touyama as Sylvia. I thought initially Nao Touyama was behind Vivian’s voice but that turned out to be Houko Kuwashima. I know it’s not many but that is already a lot in my books. Including other veterans I should have recognized but didn’t like Megumi Hayashibara (Ange’s mother), Michiko Neya (Zola), Megumi Toyoguchi, Mai Nakahara, Akeno Watanabe and Takako Honda (Jill). It’s just sad Mamiko Noto wasn’t in :'(. This show would have been greater even if she had a small cameo part. Really. But overall, voice acting is great and they fit the characters they play well. For the rest of the cast, they include Toshihiko Seki as Embryo, Kaori Ishihara as Rosalie, Sumire Uesaka as Momoka, Mai Fuchigami as Mei, Sakiko Tamagawa as Jasmine, Yukana as Emma and Riza, Mariya Ise as Misty and Kousuke Toriumi as Julio.

Music also plays a big part of this series. When you have big names like Nana Mizuki and Yui Horie in it, you can’t expect their singing talent to go to waste. Therefore it is expected that Nana Mizuki handles the first opening theme, Kindan No Resistance which has a little Celtic feel in this rock piece. With her powerful vocals, I am pretty sure that is why this song works. She also sings the second ending theme, Shuumatsu No Love Song. Although personally I still prefer Kindan No Resistance over this slow-moderate rock piece. Well, Eri Kitamura also had a singing role in this show. The first ending theme, Rinrei is a slow rock and a beautiful piece in its own right but you can feel some sort of sadness in it. I guess when you break the singer-seiyuu combo, the song doesn’t sound so good. Because the second opening theme, Shinjitsu No Mokushiroku by Yoko Takahashi sounds so weird. I think they want to try and make it sound epic with the choir voices in the background. I think that itself is just the saving grace of the song in otherwise a weird tune and singing piece if you ask me.

There also a handful of insert songs in this series but it is mainly the Towagatari (Endless Song) and its other variations. So this is where Yui Horie is relegated to in the singing department? Kaze No Uta has this traditional oriental feel in it. Personally I prefer this version the most. Likewise, Hikari No Uta is Nana Mizuki’s solo and a bit of Celtic feel. To combine the awesomeness of both songs, that is where the El Ragna version comes in. Both singers come together and do a duet by mashing both songs together. If you hear the full version, sometimes it may feel odd because it is like both songs overlap at certain points throughout the song. You don’t know which song you are listening to but the one that I heard, Nana Mizuki’s voice seems to dominate… It could be my hardware. Or not. There is also a Hikari No Uta version sung by Embryo but personally, I think his voice doesn’t suite well with this song. Really. He shouldn’t be raping other people’s girls and he certainly shouldn’t be singing too. Really.

Art and animation is gorgeous. That includes the girls looking as hot as ever despite coming in a variety of coloured hair and hairstyles. Why not when you have a bevy of beautiful babes in tights that provides eye candy and fanservice. Otherwise, why do Norma go out in battle wearing such embarrassing outfits? I know I want to say the power is in their outfit (like my Superman theory) but think about it, would it be more comfortable to pilot the Paramail in frilly dresses. Or in a magical girl outfit? Sure, it is their casket and they may decorate it like they want to but you don’t want your laces get caught in between the controls and jamming them at crucial moments, right? So it’s a win situation for the Norma to pilot the Paramail more effectively and a win for us viewers to gawk at those delicious boobs and butts. Yeah… As for the mecha design, I’m not a huge mecha fan so they really look majestic and powerful. That’s okay with me. As for the dragons, the bigger ones look more like monster with wings. Perhaps my stereotype of what a dragon should look like gets in the way but at least they look better than the ‘dragons’ from Seiken Tsukai No World Break. If you see that show, you’ll get what I mean. CGI is also used especially for the Paramail and some of the larger dragons. Not the best but at least it is passable.

Action is also okay with lots of mecha action and power blasting effects to keep those wanting to see robot fights satisfy. It gives an excuse to see sexy ladies riding boys’ toys and fight dragons. There you have it, all in one action and fanservice. Yeah well, it goes without saying and I’ve said it for the umpteenth time that the sexiness of their outfit is a blatant excuse for fanservice reasons. Bathing scenes and especially that tantalizing sex scene between Ange and Tusk (I guess nobody wants to see any steamy sex scenes between Salia and Embryo – because nobody likes this guy). Do we hunger more for that? I wonder if that will be uncensored in the DVDs… I think it is meant to be a fanservice-cum-running-joke too because the face crotch that Tusk and Ange always end up getting into from time to time… Something tells me that this is a fanservice ‘trademark’ of the series…

I know the romance isn’t a strong point in this series but when you have action, fantasy, drama, fanservice, comedy (Ange’s sarcasm is funny) and everything else, why not put in romance as well? And so you can see how Ange turned from a non-believer into a tsundere into someone who completely puts her trust in Tusk to let him f*ck her! At least it is better than that world destroying narcissist. And don’t forget the yuri elements too. It is ironic that straight guys do not tolerate gay but accept lesbianism. I don’t know those under Zola tend to turn lesbian. There might be no men on Arzenal so where else for romance hungry women to satiate their lust? And now with Hilda totally into Ange who in turn accepts her, does this mean she is a bi? Heck, any girl pairing with Ange looks good. Salamandine, Momoka, Erscha and even Vivian… Don’t forget others like Rosalie x Chris (or is it Chris x Rosalie like she wanted?) and a big possibility that Salia’s admiration for Jill could turn into some sort of yuri relationship had she not been rejected too many times. Too bad the latter is gone now.

One of my favourite sections is the next episode preview. Basically this section is where they tremendously break the fourth wall and speak with no holds barred. It is funny because you hear the characters say things that they would never really say during the show and some of them are witty or silly enough that it really sounds funny and amusing. Like how from the first episode Ange was complaining about her unfair treatment and the lack of presence of any robots despite a bevy of beauties. Some of the memorable ones include Ange complaining the next episode reviews have always been lies and not living up to expectations and that the next episode too will not, Ange really thinking would have actually died this week and if not next week, Ange complaining nobody died in recent episodes and that the friends she makes are sure to die only for Hilda to quickly rebuke she is her friend, Salamandine complaining that when she finally made her debut she has more lines in the preview than the actual episode itself, Ange sick of doing previews with Tusk and decides to leave (like she can), Salia lamenting the kind of fate her character was being given (like being thrown into the ocean and returned as a bad guy) so Ange replies the staff hates her but Salia fires back that it could be her that they hate more, Hilda fears of losing more screen time again but Ange teases her that is what she get for calling her names in the first place and finally the final episode preview that has them making a pun of the show’s name.

Overall, this is a great show to watch and don’t let the sexiness cloud your vision. Just take the sexy parts as added bonus while you watch this impressive series. Because don’t forget it also has big robots, big epic mecha fights, music, dragons, and sex. Whoops! You can learn a lot about human behaviour and the tenacity of what it takes for one to survive. It gives us hope that even the most unlikeliest and unlikely person can still change for the better (sometimes for worse). Because nobody would have ranked a princess to be in the top 100 types of people to survive an Apocalypse. But Ange changes all that and shows it to us how it is done. It may be hard at first but the first step is always the hardest and need some getting used to. Because when humanity comes crashing down, don’t come running to Ange for help. She won’t give a sh*t about you. If you don’t take care of yourself, who else will? We are all not so lucky like her to have a good loyal maid… Or multiple face crotch incidents.

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