Cube x Cursed x Curious

June 10, 2012

What happens if you are in possession of a cursed tool? You would instantly want to get rid of it, right? Any normal human wouldn’t want bad luck befalling on them. But ironically cursed items and instruments exist because of ourselves. Because of our nature to hate, envy and despise, such torture devices are created to hurt other people so that our hearts will be at eased. So when a cursed tool has been used millions of times to a point that it manifests itself with human characteristics and appearance, are we going to be in real big sh*t? Take Cube x Cursed x Curious for example or C3 (pronounced ‘C. Cube’) as it is known.

We have the main protagonist who may look like a giant docile iron cube but in fact, it is a compilation of 32 greatest torture devices ever created during the Inquisition period. I’m sure every interrogator would love to have her in their hands. Imagine the pain you’d put one into by using one of these babies. Erm… Well okay, back to the story. In short it is something like this. High school boy receives a cursed tool personified as a human. They live together. Cursed tool tries to undo her own curse. Not without having to face several obstacles from different organizations, each having their own reasons why they want or do away with that torture instrument. Add a little fanservice with some romance and what do you get? I hope it’s not a cursed predicament.

Episode 1
Haruaki Yachi receives a giant iron cube courier from his dad. Since it’s so complicated to open it, chuck it away in the store room! That night, he heard somebody snacking and it turns out to be a naked girl eating his senbei. Senbei thief? She accuses him a pervert. Once he realizes she is that thing, he treats her to more senbei over tea. Mmm. She likes it. This girl, Fear took that cube form because Honatsu (Haruaki’s dad) told her it was easier that way for her to get here, though she didn’t like that shape. Fear is a cursed tool powered by humans’ negative emotions. Because of being used too much, the curse began to gain human characteristics and her human form is her proof of existence. She was cursed and given consciousness. Because of that, it in turn activates another curse. One that makes her owner to go mad. Honatsu told her if she came here, she can undo the curse without harming anyone. Haruaki says this place is filled with orderly energy that gathers in this house. He is special and immune to curses. I hope so. A way to dispose of the curse is to think positive thoughts. Haruaki’s childhood friend, Konoha Muramasa visits with a ready-made breakfast. You can tell the girls don’t like each other as they piss each other off arguing. Like each other’s boobs about living together. Since Haruaki and Konoha need to leave for school, he leaves Fear with a… Rubik’s Cube? And also the remote for the TV (WTF is this kiddie show Nyan Nyan Paradise Hell?!). The programme ends and becomes a weather channel. Fear feels gloomy seeing the dark ocean. Not wanting to stay at home, she goes out to town and gets afraid of the many people. However she bumps into several nice shop owners who treat her to senbei and tea. Fear tells about Haruaki and Konoha the shopkeepers think it is Yachi’s son, Kuroe’s landlord and perhaps Nakajima know where that is since he is the president of Kuroe fan club. Fear couldn’t let them take care of her any longer (because it’s their policy to treat everyone like a customer) and leaves. Not before thanking them for the senbei.

Back home, she thinks of doing some cleaning up. This is where the trouble starts. She throws everything into the closet! The table! The TV! It exploded!!! On to washing, she dumps everything into the washing machine! Next is vacuuming. She’s hitting and breaking everything! It gets worse when she spots a spider and in her fear tries to smash it with the vacuum stick! Everything got demolished except for the spider who escaped into a tiny nook. So much for that. Back to the washing machine. It’s overloaded. She throws whatever clothes out on the floor and only manages to hang a shirt (almost got blown away by the wind). Then she realizes the disaster she made. It’s no surprise when Haruaki returns, he thought Apocalypse just came to his place. Fear even tries to lie her way out that a yellowish green three legged alien came by! Liar! Fear scoots off to bed while Haruaki wonders what the hell he did to deserve this. I guess he’s cursed :). He and Konoha go shopping at the district and learn from the shopkeepers about Fear’s outing today. He realized not wanting strangers to take care of her was the source of this mess. On the way home, Konoha wonders if he still remembers the first time she came here and she did equally weird things. She thinks he should tell Fear what he told her back then. Of course he can’t remember. Anyhow, just tell her how he feels and everything will be okay. Haruaki sees Fear and apologizes. He acknowledges she needs time to get use to things. He gets her to help him make dinner. Fear is sure she felt positive thoughts from the shop owners today but doesn’t know what to do to undo the curse. Haruaki believes in her though it will take time. No rush and don’t kill herself by overdoing things. Yeah, that’ll be cursed.

Episode 2
Fear gets a surname: Kubrick. No relation to a certain director. But why? Seems Honatsu has already arranged Fear to be enrolled at Taishuu High School with Haruaki and Konoha. Fear pesters Haruaki to comment about her school uniform so much so she fell over him. Imagine what would Konoha think when she sees this ambiguous ‘cursed’ position. Better dispel this misunderstanding quick. They meet the superintendent Gabriel Sekaibashi and he is one weird dude because of his gas mask. His sob story of his breathing disorder may have moved Fear but Haruaki and Konoha heard different versions the last time round (having a scar? Religious purpose). Gabriel’s secretary, Zenon Houjou comes in with a mask for Konoha to determine whether it is cursed or not. The result is negative. Fear introduces herself in class and instantly becomes loved by everyone. Things go downhill for Haruaki when Fear starts referring to him. Yeah, everyone wants to know how they’re related (they live together, right?). Even the class president, Kirika Ueno wants to hear more about this. Soon everyone bugs Fear to join their club. Fear feeling fear? “I’ll curse you all!”. Since Haruaki and Kirika have some lunch battle, Fear is roped in as judge along with Kana Miyama and Taizou Hakuto. The end result has Haruaki triumphing over Kirika, 3-1. Oh, Fear gave her votes to each of them. Kana takes a liking for cute Fear and can’t stop harassing her. Elsewhere in a dark warehouse, cigarette smoking blonde with a pair of large claws, Peavy Barroy (her favourite word is “B*tch!”) destroys some artefact and is not too happy they think she is weak. She notices an Auxiliary, Amanda Carlot watching and the latter mentions she has been supporting Peavy ever since she entered this country. Peavy asks if she has anything to do with Indulgence Disc and seeing she knows nothing, they go off to begin their operation.

Fear is happy with today’s class. She somewhat told off the maths teacher Sunao Himura the purpose of doing fractions. She thinks she’s so smart, eh? Looking over town, Fear feels she likes this town and its many kind people. She notices the calm ocean and it isn’t like the one she saw on TV that day. Haruaki notes it is dark and cold probably because of a typhoon. Fear asks if he really wants to know everything about her. Before he could say anything, Peavy would gladly answer all that. Introducing herself who is also known as Balancing Toy, she is part of the Knights of Gathering organization that opposes the existence of Waas (cursed tools) as well as against Honatsu’s stance supporting them. Fear was asleep and hidden in some old castle, probably why she eluded detection. Peavy wants to destroy all Waas and attacks Fear-In-Cube (what Fear is known as). Peavy also reveals the darkest secrets Fear hasn’t told Haruaki yet. Fear has killed thousands throughout the centuries. All kinds of people and status, innocent and guilty. Created during the Inquisition, she is a mere tool for torture and execution. Fear dismisses she was being used and didn’t like killing. Konoha didn’t like the way Peavy runs down Fear and attacks her with her hand blade, though she gets beaten up a little. Haruaki also steps in and wishes for Konoha’s help. She transforms into her true form: A sword. Haruaki uses her to attack but with the sheath on since they both don’t like bloodshed. Calculating Peavy’s weapon’s weakest point, they destroy her claw. She becomes upset as Haruaki realizes she is not wearing a cursed tool but steel so every attack hurts her. She loves the pain as much as she hates Waas. Peavy starts bleeding, Konoha starts getting the chills. Haruaki then realizes he himself is bleeding and all this blood turns Fear into a crazy mode (hear her maniacal laughter!). She’s going to hear their screams of horror.

Episode 3
Fear unleashes several of her torture mechanisms to battle Peavy. She cuts off her hand with a guillotine! Though weakened, Peavy is upset she was being ‘raped’ like this. She could’ve got herself killed if Amanda didn’t pull her back and escape. But that’s not the end yet. Fear now attacks Haruaki and doesn’t recognize him. He fights back and knocks the cube off her hands, returning her back to normal. But Fear is overcome with guilt that he has seen her true form as what Peavy said was true. Ironically being cursed and gaining consciousness, she learnt the concept of sin. It happens often enough that her curse is to drive her owners crazy, thus forcing them to use her. She feels she is bearing the sin of the curse and wonders if she can be forgiven. She can’t accept Haruaki’s kindness and flees. He tries to chase but collapses due to his injury. He wakes back in his room being treated by Konoha. She wants him to go to a hospital but Haruaki wants to go after Fear. He thinks she is not running away but trying to end this in an even worse way. She gives in when he calls her Koto-nee. She signs off by letting him know Fear is the same like her. She used to think like her before and didn’t have an answer. And yet, Konoha has always been at his house. Fear is walking in the rain, and she can’t get all the kinds of nostalgic screams out of her head. Kirika sees her acting strangely and calls her but Fear materializes a torture mechanism and attacks her (she can even remember how many times she used it!). Eventually Kirika’s voice reaches through but Fear only walks away with more remorse. Elsewhere, Amanda puts on a cursed item on Amanda: Chupacabra bandage. This is to save her bleeding arm and since they are living things, they suck on blood and causing her pain equivalent to death in order to prevent a fatal wound. Peavy feels she could still fight and their retreat then was necessary. Amanda shows how weak she is now by pushing her off balance with a bandage strip. She notes that Auxiliaries may not have combat abilities but they provide the best support for their Knights so they can complete their mission. If Peavy dies, Amanda would be deemed useless so her decision to take her away then was for the best.

Haruaki is frantically looking for Fear in the rain when he gets a call from Kirika. She tells him she bumped into her but is confused about what she saw. He hopes she would forget what she saw and will explain everything once this is settled. She agrees. Fear continues to wallow in guilt over her sins and thinks of sinking into the bottom of the ocean, the endless darkness just like the place she came from. She feels Haruaki won’t come after her since she tried to kill him. Fear plummets into the deep cold waters. Haruaki finds her dropped cube and jumps in to pull her out. Fear is surprised Haruaki is carrying her. She almost cursed him for commenting on her weight (hey, she’s a giant iron, right?). However he warns her he will curse her back if she says that. Like her boobs will stop growing. Haha. Anyway curses don’t work on him, remember? If she tries this again, he’ll drag her back as many times it takes. Fear lets him know that she is afraid of screams of the people she cares. If he gets hurt and scream like then, she may become her true self. So this is his chance to get rid of her for she doesn’t deserve his kindness or have the right to be here and rid of her sins. But does Haruaki care for all that? No. What’s important if she wants to stay with him or not. She thought he’s mocking her because he can’t be cursed so she tries to put a cold curse on him. Yeah, everyone gets that ever year. Back home, Fear tries to help wash Haruaki’s back. She’s already naked so she wants to strip him before he really catches a cold. The struggle has her trip over him. Hey, doesn’t this feel like déjà vu? Oh it is because Konoha sees this a second time. But it’s double trouble because Kirika is there too! Oh sh*t! It doesn’t help when Fear’s choice of words are ambiguous. “This is my first time so I might not be very good at it. I was going to use my body the best I can to make you feel good”. Konoha blows her top and is going to live with them from now on. Hah. This guy’s cursed.

Episode 4
Peavy wants Amanda to take off her bandages but the latter feels her body scars are ugly. Like she cares. If she doesn’t, she won’t let her assist her or forgive her. Kirika learns Fear and Konoha aren’t human. There is no other way than to believe it after what she has seen. Fear wanted to apologize for showing her strange side but Kirika wonders which side of hers is considered strange. The crazy one or the one as of now. However Kirika acknowledges her as her classmate making Fear feel happy. Suddenly they see Amanda hanging outside their house. She is not here to fight them but to advise them. Seeing their mission is to destroy that cube, she gives them a few options. First, destroy Fear themselves. Second, render it powerless and hand it to them. Third, let them capture Fear without any disruption. In return, they will not hurt anyone or any Waas unrelated. Haruaki won’t accept this crap but Amanda notes this is to prevent both sides from shedding unnecessary bloodshed. Fear is going to accept those options but Haruaki didn’t let her. Amanda gives them till tomorrow afternoon to make their decision and throws them a card as communication. Kirika takes the card seeing that they’re not going to comply with her orders. That night, Fear is attacked. Konoha thought she was fast but Fear was faster in counter attacking. She’s in her crazy execution mode. Though the attacker got away, Fear is breathing hard like as though she had a tough time calming herself down. When Peavy wakes up, she finds a large box with a card on top. Inside, a giant axe Waas that she thinks they want her to use. Next morning, Konoha confronts Fear and has a simple request: She wants her to die. Konoha starts attacking so Fear concludes she has been the enemy all along. Fear snaps and uses her drill to attack. Konoha wants to know what is on her mind and all Fear wants to know is her scream. Suddenly Konoha points out to Haruaki and Fear suddenly returns to her clumsy self. Actually everything was just a lie. Last night Fear seemed like a broken child and yet attacked with everything she’s got. She concludes she is still haunted by her past and there’s no telling when she’ll repeat this murderous cycle. Therefore she can’t allow her to fight alongside them because there’s no telling when she may attack Haruaki.

By afternoon, Fear feels it’s the best thing to head to enemy’s base because she’s still dangerous. Haruaki reminds her he has never found her troublesome or unpleasant so Fear tries to change his mind and threaten him with a weapon. Not working. Haruaki tries to hide a bleeding scratch on his finger but Fear finds out. And sucks it… Ooohhh… That sweet moment is interrupted when Peavy fires several bullets at them. Thankfully Konoha was swift enough to slice every one of them in half. They think she can’t win without her armour but on the contrary if she wore her armour, she wouldn’t be able to summon and use this giant axe she has named Dance Time. Though she hates Waas very much, this is needed to destroy Fear. She also lets them know Amanda is dead. When Amanda returned, Peavy cuts her with Dance Time and didn’t like her negotiation note. She didn’t want a peaceful settlement because she wants equal destruction to that cube, kid and sword for hurting her. With Amanda’s demise, her blood awakens Dance Time. Konoha becomes Haruaki’s sword to fend off Peavy’s Dance Time. Fear is reminded to stay out. They thought of destroying the axe seeing it will continue attacking them even if Peavy dies but to no avail because the axe is moving on its own as they can’t read the user’s chi from her movements. Peavy wants to know why he goes so far to protect that cube so he tells her that it isn’t the cube who is cursed but rather humans who are the ones who curse them. It is humans’ fault they ended up like this. He wants to help them in every way they can because he wants to. Then it made fear realize. She can’t accept this. Haruaki getting hurt and all. Right or wrong, hesitating isn’t her style. She’s going to do it because she is selfish and yeah, because she wants to. Watch out! Here she comes!

Episode 5
Fear joins in the fight and whacks Peavy away. She is willing to put her entire trust in Konoha and Haruaki and if she acts strange, she wants them to destroy her. It may sound stupid to them but Fear feels she is no longer a tool that is being manipulated and must take responsibility for her actions. Seeing it’s like this, Haruaki also wants to be selfish and ignores her request. He too will trust she will not go crazy. She assures she won’t because she is betting on her pride. However they need to regroup and plan since Haruaki needs time to recover. Kirika is at the gates of Haruaki’s house. Since no one answered the door bell, she comes in and gets knocked out by Peavy. She then uses her as hostage to draw them out. Fear comes out so Peavy is stumped she did this for a hostage as she is not human, pretending to be human and suck up to humans. She goes crazy blurting she won’t forgive her, what the tools that did to her parents. Fear doesn’t mind her cursing her because she can’t tell if the curse is the sin she committed or is cursed because she sinned. Peavy didn’t like what she say, how she said it and cuts Kirika! Fear tries to control herself from turning crazy. Holding it in will be tough. Then out of the giant weapon comes Haruaki and Konoha. In the surprise attack, they break Dance Time. Peavy still has a gun up her sleeves (in her boobs rather) and is about to shoot because Haruaki is busy attending to Kirika. All of a sudden, Kirika lets loose her whip to bind Peavy. Fear uses her weapon to hit her. Peavy starts panicking and in her fear calls out to Amanda to save her but realizes she has killed her. Kirika assures the gang that she only knocked her out and will be taking her. They see her wearing some sort of dominatrix outfit underneath her clothes. She seems pretty used to it and not embarrassed. The rest are confused how she survived the cut so Kirika takes out an Indulgence Disc from Dance Time and hands it to them. Though she doesn’t know much, it seems to be related to Fear.

Kirika and the others meet after school as she reveals all they need to know. The dominatrix outfit she wears is a Waas called Gimestorante’s Love. It causes its wearer never to die from external injuries and heals every damage. The curse is that she cannot take it off or else she will die. Thus she has to wear it for the rest of her life. The trouble is she didn’t choose to wear it. And to protect herself, this whip is also another Waas named Karen Kurokawa. Apologizing for hiding everything from them, she knew Fear’s identity when she first enrolled in school but that evening when she ran to her and Amanda’s visit changed things and she felt she needed to do something. She rewrote that card and tossed it back to Peavy’s hideout to cause conflict. But I guess too much conflict happened. Kirika also reveals she was the one who attacked them that night before and tried to kidnap Fear as she thought it was the best way to protect Haruaki. Seeing how Konoha and Fear were serious in protecting him, her actions were unnecessary. Konoha wants to know her ultimate goal. Would you believe it that it’s normal for a class president to help out her classmates? But seriously, she wanted to protect them from the shadows. She would’ve told them everything if not for the organization she is in that restricts what she can do. No, she’s not from Knights of Gathering but an organization that researches Waas and curses and her mission is to observe Haruaki and Konoha. She wishes for them to forget about all this and Haruaki is willing to do so with a condition that she tells him that organization name. What difference does that make? Yamimagari Pakuaki’s Laboratory Kingdom. What? The name of the unthinkable miniature country Kirika’s brother made. Back home, we are in a treat because we’ll be hearing ambiguous steamy sounds of Fear allowing Haruaki to ‘insert it’ into her! Yeow! Could’ve been a horny 2-minute sex scene if you let your imagination run wild! Till Konoha couldn’t take any more of it and reprimands Haruaki for ‘touching’ and ‘feeling’. Hey, even if Fear is in her cube form, he still touched and felt her, right? So actually he is trying to insert Indulgence Disc into her and the good news is she is unable to transform into her Iron Maiden form. The conclusion is if they insert more of such Discs, she won’t be able to turn into other forms and hurt others.

Episode 6
Kirika loses again to Haruaki in another lunch battle. Kana and Taizou want Fear to spill the details between Haruaki and Konoha. All she has to say about her are her tits and being an eyesore. The duo thought this could be a love triangle but Fear doesn’t know what it means. Yeah, she thought it’s something edible! Haruaki, Fear and Konoha are being called by Gabriel because his late friend who is an antique shop owner wants him to send a cursed doll belonging to his daughter (she is enrolled in this school but do not frequently attend classes due to an illness) to a certain place (Haruaki’s house). However as Zenon opens the trunk, it is empty so Gabriel has them go look for it, something that Fear is fired up to do. Zenon gets a call that several students have passed out and are being treated at the infirmary. Thing is, they were found at secluded places and it seemed their life force has been drained. The trio rush to start finding and they end up in a secluded building whereby a kid has his life force just drained out. The culprit is a doll taking on a human form. Calling herself Sovereignty Perfection Doll, she isn’t used to moving about in this form. Her owner, Shiraho Sakuramairi (the antique shop owner’s daughter) comes by to check out but Sovereignty tells her she isn’t going back to the confinement of that trunk. Sovereignty hates humans because she believes once humans receive payment for a doll performance, they will be chuck to a corner. Sovereignty controls all the other stuffed dolls to attack. Konoha wants to know why she drains life force but didn’t run far. Sovereignty didn’t reveal much. Only that she’ll come back to drain the students’ life force, which is better than wrecking havoc on the city. Sovereignty escapes while Fear and Konoha had to protect Haruaki from menacing anatomical models.

Once it’s over, klutzy Shiraho tells them how her dad found out about Sovereignty began talking and moving and took her away to somebody he knew. She thought it was Gabriel and came to school to look for her. She wants to know what they’ll do if they catch her. For Haruaki, he’ll keep her at his home till the curse is lifted. She feels she doesn’t know there’s a way to lift her curse and thinks she’ll be destroyed or lock away if caught. That’s why all they need to do is to tell her. Shiraho is willing to go with this and sees Sovereignty as a friend but fears the doll may not see her as the same. Fear promises she will find that doll. Fear instantly goes looking after classes and runs into Zenon. She gets a call that yet another student has his life drained. At the bench, Shiraho bumps into Fear (more like her boobs bumped into her face). After that initial boobs massaging talk, Fear lets her know of another victim and apologizes for her inability to stop the incident. Fear understands how Sovereignty feels because just like her, she is an object. That’s why she needs to tell her that curses can be lifted. Shiraho hugs her as a sign of thanks. Meanwhile Taizou thought Haruaki has moved on to pretty boys now because he relays a message of some guy wanting to meet at a certain place. Actually it is Sovereignty who called him. She admits she did the life force draining but it isn’t life threatening. But Haruaki lets her know she misunderstood that Shiraho’s father didn’t send her away to be destroyed and that Shiraho is worried about her. He wants her to come with him to lift the curse. However she responds by asking does anyone truly wish to lift their curse. A commotion is heard and it seems Konoha may have fallen victim.

Episode 7
Konoha is taken away by Zenon as Kirika confronts Haruaki for what has happened. Remembering how she wanted him to forget everything, he couldn’t tell her. At least later. Konoha wakes up in her room with Haruaki staying by her side. She has a request that will heal her faster: Hold her hands. No harm, right? Till she jerks and puts his palm on her breasts. She is able to sleep better and though panicky Haruaki manages to take his hand off once she’s sound asleep, her tossing and turning threatens to unbutton her pyjamas! And when it did, she turned into a sword. Phew. What were you expecting to see? Disappointed or relief? Meanwhile Fear is guilty that she failed to live up to her promise so Haruaki takes her shopping. See how excited she is looking at the shelf filled with varieties of senbei. After Haruaki teaches her how to choose fresh cabbages, she acts like a cabbage master parting her wisdom to old ladies. On the way home, she notes that hearing someone say “thank you” feels good so Haruaki tells her to rely more on others. That in itself can help people and make them happy. The reason is if someone is happy for being relied on, that means you’ve helped someone. That’s why he wants to help. Enough motivation for you to cheer up? Kirika shows up unannounced and she seems nervous. Because Haruaki is being dense, she blows her top that him saying nothing is enough that it was aggravating her. She says she is not involved with any organizations anymore and would like to know if there is anything she can help out with. If turning a blind eye to her secret changes his attitude, she’d rather have him acknowledge it and stay the same. Konoha wakes up and joins the trio in a discussion about the recent events. Konoha knows it isn’t possible that Sovereignty met with Haruaki because if she was, how could she have been attacked? Though she didn’t see the attacker’s face, they think Sovereignty may have a friend who can also drain energy. It gets complicated when they realize when and where did Sovereignty got that friend. Did they call out to one another and gather to one place? In order to answer all that, they need to find out about Shiraho.

Nobody knows much about her since she is often absent. Gabriel is away on some trip and the only place left is the infirmary which houses records of the students. The lazy school nurse lets them help themselves and the shocking discovery is that Shiraho’s picture looks like Sovereignty! As they rush to her home, more questions start to pop up. Who is that student who calls herself Shiraho? Why was she walking around that room? They find the house in a mess and somebody trying to strangle the real Shiraho. This somebody transforms into the fake Shiraho which is of course Sovereignty. She explains that she is androgynous so as to satisfy any desires her owner may have. Fear isn’t happy she was lied to and betrayed. Sovereignty goes out of control and attacks them even if she doesn’t want to. Kirika takes the stab but don’t worry, we know she won’t die. Konoha confronts Shiraho and the latter doesn’t want Sovereignty to be killed even though she tried to kill her. She reveals Sovereignty’s curse isn’t to drain energy but to make her owners love her to death. Till death do us part, eh? Shiraho remembers when she first met and talked to Sovereignty. She invites the doll to her room but she warns of her curse if she falls in love with her. She has this mechanism called Killing Organ and when their love reaches a certain point, Embrace Only Once activates and this will be the first and last embrace since she can’t draw the blades on her own will. So why did Sovereignty talked to Shiraho? She was lonely. Still, Shiraho invited her to her room as she wonders if dolls can fall in love.

Episode 8
Shiraho continues explaining that stealing the hearts of unrelated beings may be a way to slow the process. That explains why Konoha can still feel love yet there’s sadness left behind. Sovereignty was constantly feeding on hearts of her owners and measuring their love from within. Killing Organ activated when a certain limit is reached. However feeding on the love on others is what temporarily distorts her ability to measure love so she was feeding on the hearts of others so she could stay with her. Sovereignty could’ve run but decided to show herself to them. A reason she limits herself to school because it only works with strong feelings that come with puberty. So she got everyone fooled. Fear wants to know despite all that, why didn’t they want to try lift the curse. It’s because their love and curse are the same. Lift it and what would become of their feelings? Would it all be a lie even if it came from a curse? Well these feelings… You know how complicated it is especially you’re human. Fear apologizes if she has said something offending but comes up with a plan that she only tells Konoha, leaving everyone else in the dark. Outside her house, Fear has called Sovereignty and is sure she will turn up. That’s because suddenly Konoha takes Shiraho as hostage and will kill her! Haruaki is against this but he can’t do anything. Fear turns into her crazy mode and is bent on killing Sovereignty. The doll is crying in pain as blades spikes out from her body. Fear sends her into more frenzy when she mentions after she kills her, she will kill Shiraho. This causes Sovereignty to fight back as she summons wooden dolls to attack but they are easily take care of. Fear traps Sovereignty in a torture device and is going to tear her body into several parts. Shiraho begs not to kill her but the doll continues to crack. Fear challenges Sovereignty to show all her true love for Shiraho, thus extending all the blades and the final big one. And with her last drop of tear, Fear signals Konoha and Haruaki to cut out all the blades from her body. Shiraho and Sovereignty emotionally reunite.

After Kana manages to molest and harass Fear into becoming her partner for the sports festival, Haruaki, Fear, Konoha and Shiraho go see Gabriel. He needs to go apologize for knocking out students as well as to attend school. Shiraho doesn’t like him but he finds her insults beautiful. Whatever. The other reason he called them here is to show Sovereignty who is working as Zenon’s clumsy maid assistant. I didn’t know she had some fetish. Lastly Gabriel wants Shiraho to know that despite her father’s ailment and bringing her here, daddy thought her as something precious. Mentioning Shiraho was part of a famous theatrical group by her mom’s recommendation, Shiraho’s performance mesmerized the audience and though Shiraho thought daddy never had much interest in her when he went to see the play, he was the one who asked mommy to let her stop acting because he saw the real her and just that he wasn’t good at expressing how he felt. Konoha and Sovereignty make up and become friends. Sovereignty hands her Indulgence Disc to Fear. Shiraho is in class and a girl instantly strikes up a conversation. What else do they talk about? Love. Even to the point if Shiraho has a boyfriend. Without batting an eyelid, she says she has one. Shocking, eh? Fear has this feeling in her heart which makes her feel a bit gloomy, happy, embarrassed and envious so she goes to have a girl take with Sovereignty. Fear wonders if she could steal it from her. Sovereignty takes it as if she wants to know whether or not it’s inside her. Her answer? Maybe. Maybe not. Does she want it or not? Fear gets embarrassed and drops the question so Sovereignty advises her that time isn’t important because she is cheering on them both. I guess Fear didn’t understand what that means either. I bet it’s Fear x Haruaki.

Episode 9
Fear is practising some dance poses (she sucks) for the dance contest but she finds herself entangled in the hairs of Kuroe Ningyouhara. Yeah, she thought Fear is the suspicious person. Looks like Haruaki and Konoha know her and welcomes her back. Yup, she’s going to live with them. As apology to Fear who doesn’t seem to take a liking for her, she allows Fear to do anything to her body. What? Anyway Kuroe has returned from her travels and it seems she isn’t cursed anymore and won’t drain her owner’s energy to death. Fear is motivated and encouraged that it would help lift hers to. One reason she is back is because she thinks of reopening her beauty parlour shop again and also someone is after her. Speaking of the devil, that pursuer is right at their doorstep. She is Alice Bivorio Basskreigh of the Bivorio Families. Ironically these bunches of chasers are polite and has tried to kidnap Kuroe in the politest way possible. WTF?! Seeing Fear and Konoha getting defensive, Alice agrees to give up on inviting Kuroe but in exchange wants Fear to come instead. Of course that’s a big no. Alice leaves but promises will be back to invite her again. Elsewhere Kirika confronts Himura as the latter admits he was the one that let Sovereignty out of the trunk and escape. His reason is that as a member of the Laboratory Kingdom, the members thirst for knowledge and that Kirika is also a partner in crime. He gets dangerously close to her so she tells him to back off or die. He reminds her that she’ll never have a normal love life. Every guy she likes will never be able to love her back.

Haruaki, Fear and Konoha are distributing flyers of Kuroe’s beauty parlour reopening, Dannoura. I guess Kuroe’s famous because of her amazing hair stylist. They give a flyer to Kirika but notice she isn’t her usual self. Haruaki talks to Kirika about the pamphlet for the sports festival and hopes she could slip Dannoura’s in and would do anything like help out with her work. This attracts her attention so she enlists him as part of the committee assistant. Back home as Fear takes a bath, she feels she can’t lose out to Konoha and will pass out a billion flyers to best her. Kuroe comes in to join her and instantly splashing into the cram tub, she falls asleep! Is this her idea of spending quality time? This is Fear’s chance to check out an important part… Haruaki thinks he misplaced his handphone so he checks the bathroom only to hear a steamy conversation between Fear and Kuroe. Let your imagination run wild! Of course she was just checking out Kuroe’s hair. But when they come out, Fear didn’t like a certain pervert looking at their bodies while Kuroe is just the total opposite. Yeah, he could’ve joined them if he wanted to. But better not because Konoha’s killing aura says everything. Time for a family discussion! Everyone in the shopping district rejoices Kuroe’s return. They even give gifts as their token. Man, she’s raking the goods even before she opens. Even that Nakajima guy who is her number 1 fan club has his presents. One including a 24 hour surveillance camera over her shop. Stalker or what? Zenon on Gabriel’s behalf also sends flowers. Seeing Kuroe and Sovereignty are so in sync, they instantly hug and become best friends! WTF?! Zenon also has a gift from Gabriel: A Chinese qipao. Uhn… Zenon also gives them a maid uniform as her personal fetish. Fear dresses up in the maid outfit and because Konoha’s qipao is too revealing and threatening to bust any time, they swap clothes and start competing to hand out flyers. At the end of the day, Shiraho takes Sovereignty away so they can have their own date. Then, Alice pays a visit but as a customer. She even pays a huge sum of cash and to keep the change but Haruaki just couldn’t accept it. Mo yi si. When Alice leaves, she remembers something. Since it’d be a bother to cause a misunderstanding, she clarifies that she is the culprit.

Episode 10
Kirika gets a warning call from Himura to stay out of anything to do with Bivorio Families or else he’ll tell a certain someone about her something. Meanwhile Fear continues to practice her dance and she still sucks with those stiff movements even if Konoha is training her. All Fear see is her bouncy boobs and she gets backing from Kuroe who rants about their normal flat chests, that they lack nothing, humble, hiding their true image. Uh huh. Instantly they form a Humble Breast Alliance and try to ‘deflate’ Konoha’s monstrous boobs. But their fun time is interrupted when the news reports a body of a mutilated woman found on a curb last night. They think it is Alice’s doing and that she’ll continue harming innocent victims till Fear comes to her. They go confront her and though she didn’t really say it straight, she leaves them with a riddle because the woman last night and all those yet to come have something in common. She wants them to figure out what it is before escaping. The trio give chase till an abandon building in the forest. The ladies fight and Alice is just cool with her double bass. However she is concealing some tool within it. Alice activates it and decimates the vicinity. Haruaki is safe thanks to a torture device iron box Fear hid him inside. But Fear is not happy she failed and let Alice get away. As a result, the next day there are talks of another victim being found. Fear seeks Kirika’s help but she can’t help her this time. Plus, Kirika doesn’t look well. Like she’s in pain. Fear tells Haruaki to look after Kirika while she handles the case by herself. As Haruaki helps Kirika with the paper work, she mentions the sports festival may be cancelled due to the serial killings. Then she talks about the selfishness of her heart because she should’ve let him go with Fear to help out instead of hogging him so that she could be happy just by being with him. There’s a term for that: We call that love. When Kirika collapses, Haruaki rushes her to the infirmary. He can’t let the nurse take off her clothes. So in the end he takes her home via taxi.

Back in her home, he understands her whatever reasons if she’s trying to do something and trying to hide it because he considers her his friend. Because of that, she reveals she is being blackmailed and has been holding it. She wants him to look at what she’s going to do. Something naughty. Painful rather. In a slow process like a slithering snake, Karen starts wrapping around her body tightly and breaking every bone and muscle! OUCH!!! Once it’s over, Kirika feels much better as she explains Karen is cursed. It makes its owner want to choke, bind and harm someone. She is perfect for it since Gimestorante’s Love makes her invulnerable. So sometimes she would do this. Every day if needed. A filthy game she plays by herself. I guess she’s saying she’s an M. Haruaki understands she took all this upon herself because she didn’t want to hurt others. He wants her to give Karen to her as curses won’t affect him but she declines seeing if she lets this go, she’ll be nothing but an immortal burden. She wants to stay as his friend who can help. Haruaki leaves her to rest and meets up with Fear in the streets. Fear realizes something as she watches the news of yet another victim. She vaguely remembers the faces of the victims as customers of Dannoura. So people who patron the beauty parlour are being killed? To ascertain that, they view Nakajima’s security camera and see a customer giving Kuroe a bag which contains her hair as gratitude. Fear concludes the person who took the hair was absorbing it and that she suspects Kuroe as the culprit.

Episode 11
Alice remembers about her shabby church. Her home that no longer exists. She feels pain must exist in this world. Kirika turns up at Haruaki’s home to offer a third party view on the case. As pointed out, Fear has evidence Kuroe is involved in the killings and has also witnessed her eating the victims’ hair. In addition, according to the news, some body parts of the victims are missing. Kuroe suggests locking her up till their suspicions are gone but this upsets Fear that Kuroe still may have her curse. She leaves the room and Haruaki wanted to go after her but was told by Kirika to just let her be. Kuroe explains, eating her customer’s hair is a way of refuelling her powers. When she learnt the customer is dead, she also ate their hair in their memory. It would’ve been easy to tell Fear about this but she doesn’t think mere words would convince her. Suddenly they sense Alice’s visit. Haruaki tells her the common trait of her victims is that they are all Dannoura customers. However she tells them they are far off the mark. With Fear coming into the fray, Alice attacks but soon escapes with Konoha and Fear hot on her heels. Kirika doesn’t want Haruaki to rush because she senses something amiss. She deduces Alice’s tactic to split them all up. She is dead on because Alice returns and paralyzes Kuroe (leaving her eyes and mouth free to move) and wants to take some hostages. Kirika has no choice but to oblige because Alice is pointing her tool at Haruaki’s neck. Any moment, she can have fresh ‘juice’. In a dark room, she handcuffs them and makes a video message. If Fear wants them back safely, she must come with her. Knowing that Fear doesn’t understand the meaning of it all, Alice elaborates that there is no salvation without suffering. The Families just want to invite her to be with her. They wish to become part of her family because family brings salvation. In short, their stance is that they fully accept Waas, including their curses. As higher beings, they feel they can use curses to deal with humans however they deem fit. If they want to kill, then they shall kill. If they want to drive their owners mad, then they will gladly go mad. Seeing total acceptance and love of Waas is a key to being accepted, she had some family members die with no regrets. That is the common trait of the murders. It wasn’t Kuroe’s customers were being killed. They were coming as customers to be killed! The other common trait is that they were all wearing a cross. As for the mutilated bodies, the curse of Cannibal Cooker feels the need to kill and eat someone. With this, Alice invites Fear to come to this location and will welcome her with open arms.

Alice leaves the trio locked up. After a few tiny blushing moments between Haruaki and Kirika, inclusive of Kuroe’s cheeky remarks on them, Himura enters the room. His helmet-like Waas, Il Est Dans Bastille has the ability to make its owner detached from this world and lightens your existence and actions. Himura has already warned Kirika to stay out and since Haruaki doesn’t know him, he makes a little introduction. Then he lets them know about Alice. Also known as Mother Canonical and the founder of the Families. If the founder of this madness is here, there’s no telling what will happen. Haruaki didn’t like Himura as the cause of Kirika’s pain but Himura gets rough with him. After freeing Kirika, she punches him and warns him never to lay a finger on Haruaki. But Himura has no interest in saving him. With the helmet only able to erase only another person’s existence, he knocks her out with a taser and brings her away. Desperate Kuroe wants to be freed and allows him to touch her! However he isn’t a pedo… Haha! Kirika wakes up in Himura’s car. He can’t obey her request to turn back and rescue them. However he is only interested to see the interaction between Families, Yachi household and Fear as his research because his job is to observe them. Kirika didn’t like how they’re being used as tools. She gets sick of everything and steers the car out of control. I can’t believe it crashed and exploded this easily. Injured Kirika limps away noting that if she can’t even save the man she loves, she doesn’t know what she’s living for. Fear and Konoha has just finished watching the video message when they see injured Kirika plonk at the doorstep. As she slowly heals, Fear wants Konoha to hit her for suspecting Kuroe but all she did was pinch her cheeks. Kirika asks if Haruaki had a power, what it would be. The ability to never be curse? Be a total pervert? His kindness? Well, it’s to have friends like them. So the trio are taking their next step of action as they confront waiting Alice at the harbour. A showdown over Haruaki if Fear wins and if it goes Alice’s way, Fear will go with her.

Episode 12
Alice’s tool, Cannibal Cleaver can remember any action it has taken. Thus it can re-enact the process of chopping up a human into beefy bits all at once. Fear and Konoha slice and dice with Alice as Haruaki realizes he is in a different predicament than Kuroe. He frees himself at the expense of till his hands bleed. Taking Kuroe and regrouping with the rest, Alice shows them SBR (Suicidal Beautification Reflector), a transcendent Waas. It has 3 abilities. First, it makes its owner beautiful. Second, it renders its target immobile (Kuroe’s paralysis). And third, as she is going to show them know, creates a perfect mirror clone of herself. Though they will disappear in 10 minutes, they are exact duplicates. So this is how she got the extra cash and herself appearing up suddenly. Unfortunately she just can’t clone the mirror. Seeing this is going to be an all-out brawl, Alice clones more of herself. Now she has an army. Fear tries to destroy SBR with her drill but one of the clones got in the way and enjoys being drilled through. Fear is traumatized and her crazy side threaten to be unleashed. Kirika attacks but gets seized by Cannibal Cleaver and Alice discovering the Waas outfit she is wearing. She tortures and mocks her (she her hand grabbing her innards!). Konoha is also traumatized but Haruaki begs for her to be his sword. He didn’t put up much resistance. Suddenly Shiraho makes her grand appearance inclusive with her grand insulting speech. That grand mood is ruined when Sovereignty is late on her cue to make her grand appearance. More embarrassing, she is klutzy. So why are they here? Do they consider them as friends? Well, they do owe a debt to Haruaki and co. Putting that out of the way, Sovereignty controls Kuroe as her doll and smashes SBR (I’m surprised Alice was caught off-guard). Kuroe uses her hair to hold all the clones till the 10 minute period is up so Haruaki will have to deal with the real one. Fear returns to normal and resumes fighting. She didn’t like Alice trying to force her to remember who she was. Accepting her curse doesn’t mean she’s accepted her past. It means she’s denying her present self. Alice is confused that she refuses to accept them. Fear says even if humans are weak and powerless, they always smile and are happy. She wants to be like that and humans are her transcendent. Fear and Haruaki’s combo cracks Cannibal Cleaver as Fear unleashes a Virgin Mary-like torture device. Alice is further confused because no human helped her back then, that’s why she can’t possibly believe humans to be transcendent. Praying to God what she has done wrong and why He did not save her, Cannibal Cleaver breaks while she gets engulfed by the torture device.

Though she is still alive albeit injured, Fear’s words did not reach deep into her heart. In a seemingly suicide jump off the pier, she lands in the arms of her beloved Abyss sailing away in a boat. They both have a passionate kiss. Fear and Kuroe are about to tow her back but Abyss transforms into a Waas to stop their attacks. Abyss notices Kirika from the Laboratory Kingdom and understands what is happening and decides to back down for now. He tells Fear to take the Indulgence Discs left behind by Alice’s broken Waas as her token of love. The discs she will take but she can keep her love! And yeah, don’t ever come back again! In the aftermath as Fear practises her dance moves with Kirika and Konoha, Kuroe notes Haruaki a pervert because last night she saw him inserting something into Kuroe’s ‘crack’. Ahem, ahem. She even got it on video tape! She then hands Fear and Konoha their payment for helping out at Dannoura. Fear got teased because she initially got 500 Yen as compared to Konoha’s 5,000 Yen. So she gets the same amount as Konoha too. Fear notes Kirika has left Laboratory Kingdom and gives her payment as her token but she says she left on her own will and to keep the money for herself. Then she undresses herself down to that dominatrix outfit (because it’s hot) and they continue practising the dance. Later Fear is still confused and asks Haruaki about Alice and the Families using people as tools. As there are people like tools and tools like people, she wants to know what the difference is. And if Konoha is nearly cured and Kuroe is completely cured but both have the same powers from when they were tools, are they humans that were tools or tools that became human? Are you confused? For Haruaki, he doesn’t think there has to be an answer. Konoha and Kuroe are just like her. With or without the curse, they’re the same. A mere tool shouldn’t worry about its own existence, right?

Episode 13 (OVA)
What do you expect OVAs to be these days? Fun fillers that has nothing to do with the plot. For this OVA, the gang takes a school field trip to the woods. However Gabriel via video message has a job for them. Not looking forward to it, aren’t they? He believes there is a cursed monster lurking near the camp grounds they are staying and wants them to investigate since it may have something to do with a cursed tool. There’s a small shrine inside a cave and it is said the monster also wields immense power. But Zenon suggest of putting it as low priority or optional because if it was that important, this field trip wouldn’t even be possible. Just treat this mission as optional and report that nothing happened. Wah. Like that also can. I think the kids would opt for Zenon’s option. The gang are also surprised to see Kuroe and Sovereignty at the camp since they have been requested to help out by Gabriel. Fear is trying to set up her tent but I don’t know how she screwed up so much so it looked like a piece of fancy art. Haha! Clumsy Sovereignty trips and I’m not sure what the heck is the implication of this because it’s like Shiraho freezes time and puts Sovereignty back on her balance. And cover her skirt to avoid us viewers from having the pleasure for any panty shots. Boo! The gang play in the river and cheeky Fear makes herself wet and ultimately Konoha. I know it’s for fanservice but you can’t really see anything. And the girls had to punish Haruaki for his eyes are looking anywhere else but their chest. Then Fear tries to splash water on Sovereignty but Shiraho once again uses her bullet time to use Kuroe as some substitution and block the water. WTF. After having a delicious curry steak meal, the usual quartet take a stroll and partly to look into Gabriel’s request. Suddenly they hear a scream and when they arrive on scene, they see fallen trees, cuts on some of them, big craters and oozing slime. Back at the camp as Fear takes a bath, she gets a feeling something is not right. Everyone was present during roll call and none seemed scared or anything. Kuroe thinks it’s the kind of monster that snaps people’s head when they get too close. When Konoha comes in, the Humble Breast Alliance couldn’t bear looking at all the ‘hot air’ in Konoha’s boobs and tries to shrink it! I’m not sure if the force of their palms will work. Embarrassed Kirika comes in but the rest know about her cursed tool so they watch her clean herself without taking it off. Again Sovereignty gets clumsy and trips onto Kirika. But this time Shiraho wasn’t fast enough to do her usual. She just enters the scene, breaths so hard and takes Sovereignty away. Huh? Returning back to the topic of that strange occurrence in the woods, Fear feels something odd about the place and could feel and eerie aura permeating from it.

It started raining that night so they further discuss what would the monster look like if it really exists. Imagine this. Fear feeling fear. Yeah, she must’ve imagined it would be a spider, something that she is really scared of. She really doesn’t want to think further about it but as the lightning casts a shadow over the tent, she may have seen the monster spider’s shadow! Haruaki wakes up to take a leak but he is being ambushed by the monster. His scream alerted the girls and when they get there, all they see is his jersey lying around. The trio make their way to the cave of the mouth whereby Fear is starting to tremble in, well, fear. Thinking about the times she spent with him, she summons her drill and thinks of getting over with this quickly. She is charging straight in like a bulldozer. As they advance deeper, they are being attacked by sticky threads and traps such as pit and falling logs. Konoha and Kirika realize something amiss. They finally reach Haruaki being tied up next to a little shrine. He is surprised Fear came to his rescue (though she seems like a scared victim). Konoha cuts him loose and Fear thinks the shrine is the cause of this bad luck and is going to cut it. But Konoha notes that the shrine is too new to be a cursed item. Then she throws her blades and pins the culprits down to the cave wall. It’s Kuroe and Sovereignty! They know it’s them because they saw a towel in a pit and noticed the logs made out of paper-mache. So they explain everything was a setup and that the incident in the forest was their doing. Yeah, they used familiars to dig up holes, scratch the trees and pour slime all over. As for the spider, you can thank Kuroe’s hair for doing that. But the big mastermind of all as they reveal is Gabriel himself. He wanted this to happen so that they could make some thrilling memories for themselves. I don’t think they looked very thrilled. He also wanted Fear to overcome her phobia of spiders. I don’t think they’re convinced with that either. Oh, Zenon mentions the best part. The video player is real cheap so don’t hesitate to go all out. I think that will help make them feel better, right? Yeah, see Fear smash it! Outside the cave, Haruaki is glad that she came to rescue him despite her arachnophobia. But Fear acts big and insists she isn’t afraid of them at all. Then a real spider hangs right behind her… Ready? Hear her scream! The gang return to Sovereignty’s tent but she hears strange noises coming from within. Could it be a monster? However to everyone’s surprise, they see Shiraho rolling about smelling the scent of Sovereignty’s pillow. She misses her and is somewhat in some withdrawal since she hasn’t had her daily fix of her. So what happens when both sides see each other? You thought Shiraho would scream in embarrassment and run away, right? Wrong! It’s the other way round! Since they have seen everything, she is going to MAKE them forget everything! Run for your lives! Yeah, she may be the real monster after all.

Cute x Creepy x Crazy = Cool?
It was fun watching this series. Yes, I’m surprised that I said that too. Not because of the torture devices and cursed tools that bring pain, mind you. I expected this show would end like this but the ending wasn’t so bad. The series divides itself into small arcs so it was manageable even if it was a short one. The flow of the story is also smooth and nicely fit in to the pace so you won’t really feel lost. Of course there are some explained parts which I still do not understand like Sovereignty and Shiraho’s case. I’m still confused why they were both acting like the other at first and such. As the episodes progress, you’ll find out more about Fear as well as the many organizations that are after her. Be it the want to totally annihilate the existence of Waas, using them as research materials or completely accepting them as the tools they are. Everybody have their own agenda in using Fear for their own ends. So in this sense you can say she’s quite the popular tool she is, eh?

Fear as the star of this series is of course the most amusing character as well as the one being given the most development. Because of her naivety of mixing in society and what is going on in the current world, it is fun to see her interactions with others especially with Haruaki. It never fails to bring a smile to my face whenever she starts spouting or acting haughty. Or whenever she and Cow Tits (her nickname for Konoha) interact. But her funny side is often shadowed by her darker side. As a tool who has taken a human form, it is at first odd to see her feeling guilty over her sins and having emotions. I mean, a torture tool that hates torturing people? It’s like saying a pilot who has fear of heights. But I feel it is better that she takes responsibility of her actions despite it is not her who was in control when people were made to suffer. It’s better than a tool turning crazy and wanting to see blood and hear screams, right? That is what makes Fear worthy of a place in Haruaki’s home. She has lived long enough to see all kinds of pain through her own eyes and hands so I guess it is high time she did something to undo the curse. It might take a while for her to get over her traumatic past but she is making huge steps to make a difference like not turning into her uncontrollable crazy self each time she sees blood. She also learns to rely on her friends and just like them, wants to see others happy, make others happy and be happy herself. Ah, if only the world shares the same sentiments like her.

Haruaki is your typical lead guy. He may not be perfect but loves to help others out and that’s why some of the girls like him. Yeah, the harem factor was just a side distraction for the plot of the series but I suppose you can’t have it serious all the way and having some comedic bits here and there would prove to be a good break and nice formula to keep fans in between the suspense, action and funny parts. So it still boggles me why Haruaki can’t be cursed. I am highly speculating here but he may be a Waas too. Of course as he has mentioned that his home is where positive energy gathers so perhaps by living in his home for a long time, he has become a natural curse averter. But there is one curse that I can see that will bother him for the foreseeable future: His harem. Haha! With 4 girls around him, each having their own feelings for that guy, it is going to get noisier and complicated. Perhaps if they are not fighting or in a case about something, they’d be fighting among themselves. That is truly a curse he can’t repel! So in the mean time, he has to put up with lots of ambiguous positions and get caught in misunderstanding situations. It’s better than fighting mad foul-mouthed b*tches and crazy nuns, right?

Konoha and Kirika are the calm and supporting characters to Haruaki and Fear. They calmly assess the situation before jumping in especially each time the latter duo get their emotions in the way. Kirika is a little taciturn in nature (except probably when it comes to the lunch battle) due to her involvement with an organization and cursed tools she possesses. When she is serious, there is a hint of sadness in the way she speaks, like she is hiding a sorrowful past or secret. You can’t blame her since she is wearing a burden and something that she is made to against her wishes. I guess if there was a sequel, they would expand her past as well as Konoha’s. Kuroe is a nice addition to the team and her honesty sometimes makes her a funny girl. She is not afraid to mince her words. Peavy and Alice as the antagonists may have stark contrast in their personalities. But each have been deeply affected by the cruel side of humans so can we entirely blame them for turning out the baddies they are? Their organization’s presence were never really felt in this anime and though just mentioned by name, it doesn’t mean it is the end of them yet. Because of so, I often forgot the organizations they belong to and always thought they were fighting as their individual self. I’m sure the Knights of Gathering, Laboratory Kingdom and the Families aren’t going to let Fear go just yet. There may even be more weird organizations out there for all you know.

At first when I saw the kind of visuals and angles this series presents, I thought it was SHAFT because some of them reminded me of how they did it in Bakemonogatari and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Then upon researching, I found out it wasn’t them but rather Silver Link, the same people who brought to you the Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu series. Now come to think of it, I guess some of the visuals do seem familiar from this latter series. Another reason why I thought it was SHAFT was because of the end card with different illustrations from different people at the end of the series. As for the action, I could say that they are enough to keep you glued to the screen but beware because some of the fight scenes are bloody and gory. I mean, you can’t really have a clean fight if you are using torture devices, right? So if you can’t stomach limbs getting cut off right before your eyes, you know what to do, right? Yeah, one way, close your eyes for the entire duration of the fight! Of course you can’t deny the little fanservice here. Konoha’s boobs and the panty shots, all too common. Not much but it is spread out sparsely whenever they get a chance to show us viewers.

I have to give my hats off to Yukari Tamura as the voice of Fear. I would never have thought that she could pull off a crazy maniacal laughter that befitted Fear when she turns into her crazy mode. All the while my perception of her voice is to suit high squealing cute girls so with her portraying all the different moods and emotions of Fear, it was something astounding to hear her voice the character like that. Just reminds me of Togame from Katanagatari but with a much higher level. Sayaka Ohara also did a good job in voicing Peavy. She really sounds mad when she sets her sights in annihilating out heroes. She’s like the crazier version of Erza from Fairy Tail and you’d be surprised if this is what Aria The Animation’s Alicia would sound like if she goes mad and snaps. Even if Rie Tanaka (Saki in Steel Angel Kurumi) didn’t go into her screaming crazy mode, fortunately I still recognized her as Alice. Despite her polite speeches, you can’t help feel there is a twisted logic from it. Hmm… When I first heard and saw Kuroe, I thought she was somewhat similar to Kamisama No Memo-chou’s Alice. Well, they both are voiced by Yui Ogura but really, there are some striking resemblances in both the loli characters. Other casts include Yuuji Kaji as Haruaki (Akina in Yozakura Quartet), Minori Chihara as Konoha (Nagato in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu), Eri Kitamura as Kirika (Rin in Kodomo No Jikan), Chiwa Saito as Sovereignty (Rebecca in Pani Poni Dash), Yuka Iguchi as Shiraho (Index of To Aru Majutsu No Index), Mako as Amanda (Yurie in Kamichu), Shuuichi Ikeda as Gabriel (Shanks in One Piece), Ai Orikasa as Zenon (Naoko in Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo) and Jouji Nakata as Abyss (Giroro in Keroro Gunsou).

For both the opening themes, I thought the tune felt very Chinese-like. The first one being the rock pop, Endless Story by Yukari Tamura and the second one, Hana by Eri Kitamura. I thought the animation for the second opening credits felt like one for a Chinese martial arts serial drama! In contrast, the ending themes are to a slow beat. The first one by Eri Kitamura is Shirushi while Yukari Tamura does the second piece, Sympathy of Love. It makes you wonder after all that action violence, gore and blood, suddenly they play this, it feels a little out of place. There are a variety of the background music and they can range from funny (as in odd) to battle themes to sad piano pieces to creepy. Though some are quite catchy. Like for instance Dolls and School Life are surprisingly to my liking. I briefly sampled a majority of the soundtracks and I thought it reminded me so much of Rozen Maiden. At least it brought me back to those days when I heard the background music.

Maybe the underlying theme for this series is about humans’ nature to curse others. Because of our selfishness, tools of torture are created to inflict pain for our pleasure and to get what we want. Some of the torture tools shown by Fear are in fact real and not just made up. Of course some like Dance Time and Cannibal Cleaver are just made up for this series. It is sad that such tools get used and blamed when we are the ones who use them. And because of our endless ‘creativity’, it is no wonder as seen in this series, we could create several cursed tools that have a devastating effect on both the victim and owner. If you want to use a cursed item on others, you must be prepared to face the wrath of your own consequences too. After all like Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo once said, “When one is cursed, two graves are dug”. Ultimately everyone loses when cursed tools are used. Humans never learn and are doomed to repeat the same mistakes as how it happened in history. The world would have been a much peaceful place if such tools were never created. But what to do? Currently the so called curse tool in today’s era and generation is what we know as Weapons of Mass Destruction. No prizes for guessing what will happen if that falls into the wrong hands.

I have just realized this but I have been hooked in watching my animes for many years. Could it be that animes are my cursed tool because I can’t go on living without them (which otaku could?). I can give all sorts of reasons why I can’t give up but does it really matter seeing that I happily enjoy them? To others who aren’t into it, they may of course see it as a lifelong curse. Yeah, my social skills may be lacking because of that. But not being able to watch animes would be a far worse curse and ultimate torture. So I better continue watching more animes or else as Fear says at the end, “If you don’t watch, I’ll curse you!”.

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