D-Frag! OVA

January 9, 2015

It is good to play games but playing them indoors all the time isn’t really good and there is a need to have outdoor games to exercise the body so that the body and mind continue to stay sharp. Oh heck. Who the heck am I kidding? Certainly the gang in Game Development Club (Provisional) wouldn’t care much about it. And so D-Frag! OVA is mainly about Kenji getting dragged (as usual) by his crazy club girls to participate in some outdoor race over some ‘normal’ prize. That’s crazy, right?

Sakura challenges Kenji to a fighting game and if she loses, she’ll tell the secret of other girls. He thinks it’s a great idea to learn their weaknesses and use it against them one day. Guess what? Sakura is so weak that Kenji wins perfect! Secret #1: Chitose has a great body. When Noe comes in to remind big brother about doing errands for mom, she is dragged in to play a match with Sakura. I guess Sakura is that weak… Secret #2: Roka’s body is also great. Absolute lie! When Kenji is back home, Sakura surprisingly pops up and requests for his help. There is this spring race competition that offers some special limited spring water Sakura would love to get her hands on. Hey, water is her element, right? But why need Kenji’s help? She’s smart and strong enough to win it on her own, right? Because the rest of the competitors are weak old men. Well, there is this beautiful and busty lady whom she considers her biggest rival. Does she seem familiar? She was a host for that superhero show at the shopping mall rooftop that got on fire. The one where Sean saved Kenji while this lady immediately bailed! Yeah. That’s her. Noe is not happy that Sakura is getting too friendly with her brother. She starts getting upset. Sakura fuels the fire by proclaiming she’ll win the race and become Kenji’s sister! Noe doesn’t want to do this and go home but Kenji says that since they are here, might as well take part. Oh, guess who are also here? Chitose and Roka! Somebody needs water for her earth and the other for her barley tea.

As the race starts, Noe accidentally loses a sandal. Now they are at the back of the pack. Old men beating them in this race? Along the way, they see several ‘defeated’ old men because Chitose and busty lady are engaged in some fearsome rock-scissors-paper duel and I supposed their aura knocked them out. Kenji, Sakura and Noe try to tiptoe pass them but they finish their duel and continue racing. To stop busty lady, Chitose and Roka throw their souvenir hats at them. Two against one, sure to win, right? Till busty lady mentions her hat is no ordinary hat and one that she won last year. The duo lost… I don’t know. Don’t ask. Noe continues to be annoyed at the crazy girls because Kenji is acting weird with them and all. Sakura believes she should join their club and make it more fun but Noe refuses. There is a big ‘traffic jam’ ahead. Because the old men are trying to cross a flimsy wooden suspension bridge! Roka tries to use her secret love jump technique (couples can really ‘fly’ when they are in love, right?) but falls like a rock! Luckily Kenji got her hand but she accuses him of trying to kill her! Noe has had enough and wants to quit. They don’t have to follow through with their antics. But Kenji wants to carry on with this race seeing his stubborn side not to lose. Noe can go home if she wants to. If that’s the case, Noe isn’t going to lose too. She crawls underneath the legs of those old guys to cross over to the other side. The rest? Make one big leap of faith! Kenji falls short and is about to fall into the abyss but Sakura pulls him back but in turn will fall. If not for a rope, she could have fallen to her doom. Kenji scolds her for that reckless move but she wasn’t worried. There is river below and water is her element, remember? But where did the rope come from? It’s Sean! Seems he has something of importance to do.

Sakura has sprained her ankle and Noe shows her concern that she can’t have a fair race if she is injured. Roka threatens for her to go on first or else she will get mad. Little sister takes the bait but it doesn’t work on Kenji since he won’t leave her behind. He carries her with the help of the other girls. But where did busty lady go? She fled the scene and abandoned the race after seeing Sean. The way Chitose talks as though they know who that lady is. They once saw her at a PTA meeting. I suppose it’s a small world after all because that busty lady turns out to be Takao’s mom. Those huge racks… See the resemblance? Eventually the ‘cavalry’ carrying Sakura catches up with Noe. Little sister won’t give in and starts running like hell. Roka and Chitose use their ultimate pushing strength for more speed and it makes it as though Kenji is a slow poke. The sibling won’t give in to each other as they start taunting each other. Since when did the race descended into a sibling showdown? As they make a final push for the finish line, Chitose and Roka usurp them and cross it first. Sakura isn’t sad because she had fun. Let’s try again next year. No way! Keep Kenji out of it next time!

To their surprise, Sean is also there and has tied up the race’s organizer. Seems the spring water is fake and is just ordinary tap water. Sakura goes into extreme shock and collapses. I guess it was that bad for her. In the aftermath, Noe tries to reconcile with Sakura but the latter still can find ways to annoy her. In fact I think everything she says and even her existence annoys the hell out of her. Sakura comments the siblings are close and are both airheads. Noe on the other hand comments the fake water doesn’t taste too bad either. As promised, Sakura must buy her ice cream for not winning the race. She agrees to it but also suggests drinking water to flush out all that sweet sensation. Noe disagrees and would prefer drinking milk after eating ice cream. Sakura would beg to differ… Noe won’t change her mind… Kenji sees them arguing and is somewhat happy that they get along fine. Really? Do they?

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Despite only a single episode, this OVA is still amusing as ever and brings back memorable memories of the chaotic hilarity that the TV series brought. Kenji is still the loudmouth rebuffing character thanks to the quirkiness of the girls and he looks like he is doing a fine job carrying on this traditional role of his. Another interesting point of this OVA is that the featuring of Noe. I won’t say that it is a very prominent focus but at least it’s better than her single episode appearance back in the TV series. She is still very irritated that her big brother has joined a club filled with weird girls and despite her constant anger (which looks like a permanent feature on her face), at least she is more tolerable. Because if she really hated those girls, she wouldn’t have continued joining the race and wouldn’t have tried to make up with Sakura in the end. So could you say it is like trying to bridge their bond? All because over some water thingy. And I think Sakura has a liking for Noe too because of the way she teases her and that everlasting smile on her face. It’s like she could never get mad. Oh wait. Do you want to see Sakura mad? Well, seeing Kenji mad is already hilarious enough. Care to do it again, girls?


July 27, 2014

Clubs are usually associated with high schools in many high school themed animes. Some clubs you have members who do look stereotypically like the clubs they join in and others don’t. When it falls into the latter category, it could only mean that everyone is probably an oddball or a weirdo and doing things that aren’t really true in the name of that club. Uh huh. Names can sometimes be misleading. Take the case of D-Frag! Heh. I thought it was an anime going to be about computing. You know, defrag? Speaking of which, when was the last time I defrag my PC? Oh hell, who cares? Although this anime isn’t really about computing, it’s about a game development club whose members aren’t really developing video games. Who knows what they’re actually doing. Yeah. Oddballs. Weirdoes. And when a delinquent is made to join the club, you can tell it gets weirder. It’s like he is the much needed tonic to keep their already bizarre club even livelier than before. Yeah, driving him crazy. So people, be careful of what clubs to choose and join. Or you can simply hand in your resignation if you don’t want in anymore. But would it be so easy?

Episode 1
We are introduced to the Kazama Family that includes shorty cartoonish Yokoshima (I thought he came out from that Old Master Q comic), the tall and tanned Nagayama (I thought he looked like School Rumble’s Harima) and the leader whom nobody remembers, Kenji Kazama. Their goal is to become delinquents and conquer the world. Whatever. Meanwhile the Game Development Club is in risk of being disbanded due to not having many activities and not meeting the minimum member requirements. Think fast. Kenji sees a fire coming out from that club room and rushes in to put it out. Suddenly his buddies are knocked out cold. Yokoshima got zapped by lightning (taser from Minami Oosawa) and Nagayama out by water (Sakura Mizukami chugs the bottle of water down his throat). Roka Shibasaki is going to use her fire elemental on Kenji. If you thought it was burning him down, well, more like some cutie moe words. Moe is like burning which is like fire, right? Didn’t work. She crashed and burn instead. Kenji almost got punched by Chitose Karasuyama. How does her punch qualify to be earth element? She just made a sand castle… When Kenji sees an escape chance, he dashes through. Roka manages to catch up but surprisingly thanks him for putting out the fire since they were playing fireworks in hopes it will attract potential club members. After introducing herself as the club’s president, she proceeds to recruit him and reveals her fire element was a decoy and darkness is her true element. Suddenly everything goes black. Sack over his head. So the girls are threatening him to join the club or else. When you’re in that scary sh*t situation, you’d join for your life, right? He signs the form to join without fuss. His actual plan is to steal it from whoever takes it to the club advisor and shred it. Turns out that Minami is the club’s advisor! Holy cow! Couldn’t have guessed. He snatches the form and runs away.

Again Roka catches up to him and since her ‘fire’ didn’t work on him, it’s back to darkness. She unleashes drapes around the area but since Kenji knows her trick, he darts out. Only thing is he dashed through the wrong side and falls out from the window. Roka catches him and won’t let go. She doesn’t care if she falls down with him and this is the real her not putting up her cutesy act. But her stamina is going to give way and she’s already complaining how the pressure will affect her womb… Luckily her friends help to pull him up. After such drama, Kenji joins the club anyway. He must have got caught up in their pace. He later explains it to his pals but it seems they don’t remember what happened. Then comes in another of their friend, Ataru Kawahara (probably a perverted masochist). He heard Kenji joined the club and warns the danger of Chitose who is also this school’s student council president. She is so dangerous that not only teachers but other delinquent groups (yeah, there are quite a handful here) are keeping away from her. Since they’re talking so loud, Chitose heard them from the floor above and wants to join in. She seems to be mocking Ataru as he lost the presidential election to her before (he is the vice president now). Chitose is going to rid them using her saliva and Ataru wants to catch it?! Seeing this won’t work, she tries to drop a locker on them! Ataru won’t run because it would mean of returning to those days of servitude. He also wants to save Kenji. So they form a human totem pole to push the locker back as Kenji delivers the final kick. In the end, Chitose who was doubtful of them, now acknowledges them and now understands why Roka is fixated on them. But they are in trouble because they just landed inside the girls’ changing room. Just be thankful all they got was just a suspension.

Episode 2
Kenji and Ataru are being lectured by the teacher for trespassing the girls’ changing room. Till Kenji hears Roka calling him a pervert, he wakes up from this dream. At the park, Kenji is surrounded by some cult people in strange mask and robe. Actually they are the real Game Development Club as put by club president Takao. So the club he joined is fake? Takao blames him that the fake club was to be disbanded but thanks to him joining in, he somewhat ‘saved’ it. He doesn’t want to have any part in this but they won’t let him escape. Since he can’t lay a finger on girls, this means Takao and fellow Tsutsumi Inada are out. Hmm… How about Sakuragaoka? As Inada tells us, he is just a pretty guy who looks like a girl and thanks to that, he is saved as he is wearing a girl’s uniform he hated so much underneath. Nose bleeding fanservice for Inada! What about this last huge person, Yamada? As Inada says, despite his large demeanour, he is actually a gentle and nice person. Yamada tries to be convincing wearing makeup but he looks so hideous as Kenji punches him out. Another nose bleeding fanservice for Inada? Takao threatens to call the police just to best him as the conversation takes a turn that Kenji is a leg fetish instead of boobs fetish (a nickname Chitose gave him and now its permanently stuck). The police really come as they got a tip off that a civilian was being assaulted by some cult member. Yamada looks like the part so everybody abandoned him to save their skin. Uh huh. Yamada got taken into custody.

When Kenji returns to school, the first thing he sees in the club room is some random role playing by them. He really didn’t want to get involved but they force him to. As they’re about to discuss what to do for the cultural festival, Takao barges in and confronts Chitose about having them to be disbanded. Of course she can’t stand up to the might of this dangerous woman so she curses them to break up as she runs away. While Roka goes after her, Kenji asks Chitose why there are 2 Game Development Clubs. Seems Takao holds a grudge for almost driving the club into oblivion. Roka was a strange person. Wearing a sack in class? You get a picture. Because of that, she was treated coldly and slowly many left the club and eventually Roka herself left. Although mainly it is Chitose’s fault for burying those people in earth. Chitose being Roka’s friend suggested to form a club with her. Kenji is made to go after them (because the rest will only make things worse) and he sees them, erm, pushing each other but in a stalemate? Kenji thinks Roka wants to apologize but Takao is not amused. It’s too late for that. She wasn’t even in the wrong but quit. Why couldn’t she stay in the club with her? Roka can’t disband her club as she formed it with Chitose. Takao thinks back all their good moments spent together and then throws down a challenge. A duel between their clubs during the festival. The loser club will be absorbed. Isn’t the outcome the same? Roka seeks Kenji’s advice on what to do next but he tells her she already knows the answer. She accepts the challenge. So as they go back to get their brains racking, looks like they’ve got a long way to go… They’re going to lose at this rate…

Episode 3
As explained by Chitose, the real Game Development Club that was on the brink of disbanding made a comeback and even won awards. Because there is no way to beat them fair and square, sabotage is their only answer! Yeah. They know nuts about making games and the most is just know how to play games. Kenji is forced to spy on them (since he lost the game bet anyway) to see what they’re doing. Takao spots him but lets him in to see what they’re doing. He apologizes to Yamada for punching him the other day and barely recognizes Sakuragaoka who runs away just to change. Inada and Yamada talk about Takao’s boobs pressing against Kenji’s head for a soft cushion but his spikey hair may be getting in the way. Cheeky Roka pushes Takao forward and her boobs got pressed in his face. Roka gets kicked out, Kenji gets slapped. Takao tells Kenji to join their club since they are doomed to fail. However after thinking back all those events, he thinks settling via duel would be interesting. When he heads back to his own club room, he sees the rest playing some space porno board game. So Kenji didn’t go and crush the other side? Well, Chitose can use her ‘authority’… Better don’t! Kenji then gets an idea. By the time Sakuragaoka returns dressed as a girl, Kenji has already left. But it gave Inada a great fanservice. Enjoy it while you can.

During the festival, both clubs renew their rivalry. Takao fears the deadly aura from Chitose who would have loved to kill them instead. The penalty for the real Game Development Club remains the same. Win and the fake ones get absorbed. But for those fakes, if they win, Takao boobs will be descended into some vulgar finger play in which Chitose and Inada only understand. They’re looking so forward to it. Kenji visits the real Game Development Club to see how they’re doing. Quite well. Yamada and Sakuragaoka dressed as maids? Kenji then brings Takao to see how his own club is doing. A long queue outside this huge ‘castle’?! And they’re not playing computer games inside but physical games such as basketball and bowling. You could say Chitose used her authority and used all the guys as labour to build this huge thing overnight. Takao calls this is foul play but Chitose argues that the bet was to see which club get more visitors. In terms of originality, technically their ideas are taken from somewhere, right? Made theirs from scratch? So do they. What now Takao? She starts crying… Suddenly Chitose hugs her and starts apologizing (no crocodile tears) and hopes she won’t take this away from Roka as she feels at home here despite how everyone is an oddball. Speaking of Roka, she is acting as a director for people who come in to role play in her games. Takao asks if she is having fun. Since she does, Takao admits defeat. Roka says although she is the club’s president, she can’t join hers but would like to be her friend. But she ruined it when she cockily says she doesn’t mind her joining her club. Smack! At the end of the day, Takao chose not to destroy the fake club because it looks like Roka is doing her best in her own way. And then here comes the penalty… Whatever Chitose is going to do with Takao’s boobs…

Episode 4
The fake Game Development Club now calls itself as the real club, pissing off Takao a lot. And so she participates in their ‘brainstorming’ to suggest a new name for the club. It all sounds too cute and cool for Takao, therefore rejected. Kenji comes up with The Second Game Development Club but because it sounds too plain, they reject it. But Minami finally speaks up that their club does have an official name: Game Development Club (Provisional). WTF. One day, the Kazama Family meets the delinquent group, Evil Orchestra 14. No, they don’t use musical instruments to attack but rather they hog the music game arcades. Arcade freaks… They are going to teach the Kazama Family how fearsome they are. Ataru rushes back to Kenji’s club girls to tell him he has been kidnapped. Actually they don’t care or give silly excuses. Till Takao head butts Roka in the gut to tell her to go save him because she is his club president. No buts about it. And so with this excuse she needs to go to toilet, the rest follow her. Meanwhile Kenji is beaten and tied up (Yokoshima buried and Nagayama hanging). They must have gotten better with their fingers after playing so many music games. Yeah, all to reign supreme over the school one day. When they spot that space porno board game in Kenji’s bag (the girls have got to stop treating his bag as garbage bin), the gang members get so eager to play that they’re quarrelling who should go first!!! However everybody is singling out their leader, Odahara. Even though he gets this idea to split into groups to fight for the right to play, he himself gets left out (though the gang has 14 members, 5 are currently MIA). Then both groups continue to have a showdown by betting their idols, some loli housewife named Funabori and Takao. I guess that girl has some sort of reputation among the delinquents.

Odahara gets desperate enough to form a group with Kazama Family to fight back but Kenji doesn’t want to get involve and tells him off to solve it since he is the leader. Guess what? He takes the board game and breaks it! Yeah. It breaks his heart to see them fighting like this. And suddenly everyone gets emotional and mushy. For some reason, Kenji tries to attack Odahara but before the rest could fight back, the girls have arrived. Odahara thinks Kenji planned all this. It doesn’t help when the girls also accuse him of having a hand in it. Lies of course. The delinquents freak out because they never knew the powerful Chitose is Kenji’s woman. Dare say that again? They think Takao is Kenji’s woman because she’s the only one who is refuting like a tsundere. Odahara doesn’t want to fight but his underlings think this is chance to defeat Chitose and reign supreme. Odahara remembers a fellow member who got injured in battle about cooperating together and rule the school. So you wanna fight? Let’s go! Evil Orchestra 14 versus Girls Who Lost Their Way From The Toilet! Needless to say, those small fries got owned. Everyone thinks of taking out the weakest chick, Roka. But when she sees Kenji all roughed up, she becomes the evil dark master! Kenji had to stop her before she does any harm on Odahara who is sweating in his pants after realizing who this petite girl is. She is the one who brought the battle between the current and former student council president to a halt and is thus the secret ruler of the school, she is The Ultimate Darkness! Say what? Kenji just feels everything is so wrong… Roka is wide open so Odahara goes in for a sneak attack. Kenji swiftly blocks that wood smashing move and punches him out. Don’t you dare raise a hand against his club president! And with the day is saved, what is their next course of action? Play an updated version of that space porno board game! Kenji feels like he has wasted his anger…

Episode 5
The gang demonstrate how to play the space porno game to Kenji. He’s not interested. Here comes Chitose’s foot for him to think about. Takao is also here to keep an eye on them. Or is it she doesn’t have any friends? And no, she doesn’t want to play the game. Roka is disheartened and wants Kenji to force her to play. He thinks that since the game is for 4 players, if she takes his place, he’ll be scot free. In his desperate attempt to make her join, he will do anything for her. So once that is settled, he learns the game has evolved to 5 players. Goddamn it! The duo need to select their characters, some goody Buddha or perverted alien. Of course they scramble to take the Buddha so Roka wants to join in too and will wager her Joe character. It will be decided via rock-scissors- paper. Roka is like being a sore loser because she puts in weird hand signals which are supposed to be house rules. One that freeze the game for 2 minutes just to intimidate them with her swan pecking finger? The duo also do the same thing and Takao seems to be asking Kenji about his likes and dislikes (hint, hint). In the end, Roka does the hand signal that signals the game is postponed till the next time. Roka wants a new character created then but the duo are smart enough to use this hand signal each time so they never actually get to play the game.

Kazama Family’s reputation has gone up as rumours spread they have defeated Evil Orchestra 14. Also, they think they are the dogs for the student council. Speaking of which, here comes Chitose and Roka to come have lunch with him in his class! They strike a fearful presence among the students! Kenji doesn’t want to eat with them and wants to go somewhere but they spot his bento and think his sister made it for him. Checking it out, it seems normal (no heart shapes or anything). Yeah, they even take their time eating it. Noting he isn’t acting like a delinquent like skipping class, it seems the next class which is helmed my Mr Sean Conecone is somewhat his saviour. Many years ago when the Kazama Family are attending a superhero show on the rooftop, the building caught fire and they got trapped. Till Sean came and saved them. However Kenji didn’t want to be indebted with an old fart he didn’t know so Sean told him that if he helps out other people in such situation, they can call it even. Ever since, he has been inspired by him. What is Kenji going to eat now that everyone has finished his lunch? Roka can’t give hers as she ate her own earlier on. Chitose feeds him but the food fell on the floor. Not going to eat that? Till she mentions this Funabori girl whom amazingly is in his class (he didn’t even know it) cleans it every day so clean so you can bet it’s hell of a clean. Everybody starts worshipping her as thanks. After Kenji eats it, Chitose points how the floor is dirty since everyone stepped on it ever since. Lunch time is over and Kenji hasn’t had anything to it. Thanks guys for the company. Funabori wants to share her little lunch with him. Sean enters and sees this. He knows what is going on and gives an excuse he needs to go back to get the papers he forgot so it’s self study for 5 minutes. Everybody admires how cool he is. Later, Takao who has eavesdropped on everything, hands Kenji a bread. She picked the last one from the school store and he can repay her later. Tsundere? Sean spots them and tells them to appreciate their youth while minding his business. They find him cool.

Episode 6
Roka hides behind Kenji as she is running away from an enemy! This girl has somebody superior?! He is Hachi Shiou and is a bit of a school celebrity since his father is from some big company. He was taking time off to work in it so now he’s back. So? Oh, he is the other member of the Game Development Club (Provisional). Shiou narrates the first time he met Roka during the first year of high school. Let’s say he got enveloped by her darkness bag and that’s when he takes a liking for her. Oh God. Not another freak. But when Roka points out Kenji also had this treatment, it makes Shiou break out into some love triangle song. Kenji throws them away and probably too hard that Roka banged the wall. It’s darkness time. Shiou wants to share the darkness… Not just mad, freaky too. Back at the clubroom, Roka wins another tug of war against Shiou. Only thing is, they’re shoving the cabinet. Oh yeah. Roka’s winning streak continues. 82-0. Kenji continues to retort everyone of their misunderstanding about them. Isn’t he tired? When Funabori returns the bag all washed and clean, Shiou throws a challenge to Kenji. Not over Roka, but her bag. Disappointed, Roka? Kenji doesn’t care about it but he can never turn down a good challenge. Roka is upset that they’re fighting over her things that doesn’t involve her and wants in. And so Chitose proposes to invite others to join in this open entry battle. The more the merrier, right? Suddenly Takao who was eavesdropping also wants in.

Chitose and Inada become the commentators of this battle as Inada introduces all 48 competitors. Seems like a bunch of freaks with freakish nicknames if you ask me. Takao is reeling from some emotional pain after she found out they’re fighting over a bag and Kenji wasn’t the slightest interested in it. Chitose and Inada make a detour to condemn Takao’s boobs especially how those over-sized racks causes her not to zip up her jersey. Show off! Takao then forces to zip it up and everybody rejoice. Huh? When Inada introduces the prize, she is even surprised like the other contestants on what the hell this is. Till Chitose adds it was washed and cleaned by Funabori, everybody will die to get it! Yeah, even new contestants want to join in. For the first round, everyone have to push each other out of the ring. Those who manage to stay in after the time is up advances. So we see all the freaks clashing with each other while Roka is intimidating everybody with her Velociraptor hand signal. A freak is going to ‘bully’ Takao but Kenji comes to her rescue but he too almost gets kicked out by her. She doesn’t want him to win. I have a feeling why. Suddenly her jersey’s zip breaks and it becomes a projectile to hit at Kenji’s face. Time is up and Takao couldn’t believe she is still in this game…

Episode 7
When Kenji wakes up, Funabori already treated him. He is currently in the middle of the semi-final finger wrestling match with Shiou! How did he progress so far unconscious? Everyone agreed to seed him since he was out and promised to battle all they’ve got when they reach him. But unfortunately none of those freaks reached the semi-finals. This means the other semi-final is between Roka and Takao. Everyone’s attention is on them. At first it started out as a simple musical chair but they keep provoking each other and now it turns into some sort of showdown. When Funabori asks which of the girls Kenji would love to face in the final, he doesn’t mind since the one who wins means the strongest. He will beat her and become champion. The girls must have really sharp ears to hear this and Roka isn’t too pleased hearing that. She emits deadly aura and is about to release all she’s got at Takao. Then she charges! Suddenly! She grabs the chair and wins it. Disappointed fellow viewers? It wasn’t some kind of deadly move you were expecting, no? Thanks to that distraction, Kenji also wins his match and pins Shiou’s finger under his. The final match will be king’s game. Seriously, you can play that with 2 people? Whoever gets the king wins. Kenji and Roka seem like they’re ready to kill each other. It’s making Yamada the stick holder between them cowering in fear. Worst position to be in. Before the game begins, they start intimidating each other about the luck they have and that they are luckier than the other. Roka asks what he will do with her bag if he wins. He’ll treasure it as much as he can. That answer is enough for Roka to get serious. However Kenji like his badass attitude won’t let this game go down to chance or luck. He snaps off both sticks to send them flying in the air. Now they’re even. He then dashes backwards to escape Roka’s darkness and uses Yamada as a springboard to grab the broken pieces in the air. Everyone is shocked at first but it soon turns into cheers as Kenji is declared the winner. Roka admits defeat and hopes he’ll take care of her bag or he’ll hear from her. It makes him sound like he lost. She hopes to compete on something other than luck next time. She tosses him back her broken stick and it fits the king. She could have won so Kenji personally calls it a draw. Shiou is so thrilled over the events that he starts giving him a handshake and won’t let go. He relishes their eternal rivalry forever fighting over Roka and her bag. Just creepy…

Episode 8
Takao and Kenji are called to the teacher’s room. Seems it wasn’t the battle ruckus that they were summoned. It was the zipper boing incident! Takao even feels sorry that she has grown fat! That’s not the point. Although this brings the issue about the safety of zippers, the thing is, ever since that, many students have tried to emulate it and some got seriously hurt. Uh huh. So hurt that one didn’t turn up for school at all. Doesn’t it mean her zipper is working well? Then they ask Chitose back since she is always wearing a jersey. Story time. She got it from a student whom she can’t even remember her name. Since she was always wearing torn clothes, the student gave her jersey to her since she doesn’t need it after graduation. Takao is so touched that she wants her to take her jersey after graduation. Nobody asks the other teachers but they butt in about it. Kenji ends it that nobody is at fault. The jersey is safe and there is no need to change it as Chitose has proven how durable it is (it’s not torn and dirty). Outside, Takao apologizes to Kenji for causing lots of trouble. To make it up to him, she wants to treat him out this Sunday. So got spare time? Oh, I see where this is getting at. But come Sunday, you’d expect Takao to be treating him to food or the movies, right? So why the heck are they waiting in line for some retro game release???!!! Uh huh. She forgot all about it till this morning and since she summoned her courage to ask him out, she doesn’t want to waste it. WTF.

Kenji wants to leave but Takao uses that promise made during the space porno game to have him do what she wants and that is to accompany her till the game goes on sale. In the mean time, she tells him the history of the game which ranges from boringly stupid to incredible stupid. I don’t know. That’s how I see it. They see a familiar tent at the front on the queue. Their fears come true when it turns out to be Roka! She’s heading this way. Takao is so afraid to see her that they hijacked the clothes of the guy in front who is cosplaying as the game character. So Roka sees Kenji in the robe with Takao hiding behind it. Hot and stuffy. For Roka to get back in line, she wants him to do some character stance. The other guys join in which makes it a real pain for Kenji. Takao had to hug him as so to hide her legs. Something is pushing against his back… Before Roka leaves, she asks about the bag. He’s taking care of it by carrying it around with him. Roka is a happy little girl. Once she’s gone, Takao doesn’t seem happy. Must be Roka’s bag thingy again. So much so she runs away claiming she is sick. How can she run so fast if she is sick? Kenji is left behind and everyone just stares at him. At a distance, Takao feels guilty for abandoning him and regrets not buying the game. Suddenly Kenji returns and gives her the game. After she ran away, the store opened and all the guys in line voluntarily make way for him so he could go after his girl. Takao is very grateful and would like to treat him for real this time. However she has spent all her money on the game that she can’t pay for the meal… Seriously…

Episode 9
Shiou joins the Kazama Family for lunch. He asks about Roka’s bag he is keeping and assures he won’t do anything so low to steal it. He will at least stuff his head inside his bag because he likes tight places. Ataru won’t lose out and will protect his bag! Just great. Two perverts to deal with. Kenji is having a hard time fending the duo off so he requests Funabori to take it away. Why choose her? Such an easy target. With all the panicking, Kenji wants her to move and hide while he holds them off. She unloads the things in his bag and hides her head in it. There. Who looks like the bigger pervert? In the end, Ataru and Shiou give up and declare her the winner. You mad, sis? Meanwhile there is a strange girl outside the Game Development Club (Provisional). They bring her in and when they touch her spikey hair, it brings that familiar sense. Even the way she retorts… Too familiar… She gets pissed off that they are treating her hair like some sort of weapon. Of course you would have guessed she is Noe, Kenji’s little sister who is checking the club out since she finds it strange that her brother joined one. With all the big fish here, is this a place where big shots gather? She gets pulled into their weird pace when they think her element is ice (because she likes ice cream). Sakura thinks they’re sisters. Noe is surprised that Takao is the normal one. Maybe she doesn’t really belong here. When Takao gets a call from Inada, Roka sees her handphone strap. It is a limited edition of the game character that you can only get during that sale. Takao fears she has given herself away that she was there in line on that day but Roka mention that it was Kenji who was waiting. Noe vehemently objects that her brother would do this while Takao feels the need to save Kenji’s reputation and that they won’t get the wrong idea. So she tells them she was ordering him to stand in line to buy that game because of that promise. She just made it worse for Noe. Big bother doesn’t take orders from anybody so for a woman to be pushy with him, it must mean she has to be freaking awesome, right? Yeah, big awesome boobs, that is what she was told about.

She’s freaking out over those huge racks that she accidentally touches them. Takao’s turn to freak out and pushes away. She hits the cabinet. A couple of books fall on her head. Noe turns into a little girl, crying for her big brother and running away, blaming the boobs that sent her flying. Fear the boobs… Later when she meets up with Kenji, when she tells him she visited his club, he didn’t say a single word on their way back and bought her the most expensive ice cream. He knows, he knows… She must have suffered, right? Noe is to deliver Kenji’s forgotten lunch but runs into bad luck because it’s that big tits woman again. Before Takao can say sorry, Noe starts getting down on her knees to apologize! It’s like she fears her! She wants to show she is not scary and hopes they can eat together. Of course, her ulterior motive is to get closer to Kenji f she is close with her. Noe declines and says she has to deliver his lunch. Change of plan. Takao offers to deliver it instead (sounding like a robot. So obvious). Noe fears she will hijack it, change its contents and force feed Kenji! She starts crying and Roka thinks Takao is being a bully. Learning what happened, she offers to take it to Kenji. And so the tussle between them to deliver the lunch begins. None is giving way. Takao pulls too much that the lunch gets pressed into her boobs. Then it launches away like a springboard! Wow! It went 27 metres far!!! Awesome boobs! Oh… Everything is spilled. Feeling guilty, Takao hopes she can deliver the bread she bought. But Roka doesn’t think it will be enough and will use hers. When Kenji finally gets his lunch, he is surprised to see the 3 girls together. But his stomach can’t wait for his brain to think whatever their antics are. Opening up his lunch, he sees words of “I love you big sister” written in the rice. Everyone misinterprets he has a big sister doing that for him. As for the trio, they awkwardly eat their lunch in the clubroom.

Episode 10
Kenji should have figured it by now that if you’re playing poker with those girls, don’t even expect it to be ordinary poker. Uh huh. Everybody has got a flush of some weird character. Since he is the loser, he is made to go buy drinks. Suddenly Kenji is given a judo throw by Tama Sakai. Ataru comes running in to the girls to report Kenji has been kidnapped. Again? What a pain. This confirms it. His nickname shall be Princess Pinch. Kenji is in the hands of the ex-student council members consisting of Tama, Shisen, Azuma Matsubara and Naganuma. He is bait to lure the Game Development Club (Provisional) members. Kenji doesn’t remember about meeting Shisen. It was during that battle for Roka’s bag. Remember that big odd robot in the tournament? Yeah. She was hiding inside it. Don’t even ask. The girls are heard coming so Shisen is going to face them first. In that robot. Those girls pretend to be cleaning the floors so as not to raise suspicion that they are here. Why are they in the seniors’ area in the first place? They talk about Chitose’s bad relationship with them. They just hate each other. They are faced with the robot and Shisen is inside it. Everybody recognizes her as Pukey and she got this nickname when she vomited in front of the stage. Besides, it was Tama who first coined that nickname. The girls start attacking by hitting their broomstick on the robot. It must be ringing like mad inside. The science club president, Tennouzu is fighting with the guys over the controller. He gets mad when his precious robot is taking a beating so he sets the controller for the robot to spin. Poor Shisen… The only to get pass it is to tiptoe at the corner. But can Takao do it? Her boobs are sticking out like mad. When she drops her handphone, she gives the robot a super push to stop it dead in its tracks. Nobody messes with her handphone. That’s the end of the fight. That’s the end of Shisen. She’s vomiting all over inside. It’s going to stink.

So when everybody arrives in the classroom, it has been a long time since Chitose and Tama seen each other. Actually they saw each other at the cafeteria yesterday. The thought of Chitose in front of her at the queue makes her blood boil. And so that’s how this showdown began. Chitose throws dirt at her but Tama evades. This is a combo trick to trap Tama in Roka’s darkness. However Roka spreads her twintails and it effectively prevented her head from being covered by the bag! Shisen is back as she explains how it is thanks to her she developed this move. Back when they were young, Tama used to let her hair down and since she always plays kabuki with it, Shisen always vomited (I guess she’s been prone to puking since then). To seal it, Tama tied it up. But also did double kabuki! Anyway Tama cannot let the club do what they want anymore. Especially how Chitose’s tyranny during the festival used the student council as manual labour. She can’t have people forgetting about them because of her tyranny so she wants the club shut down to be taught a lesson. She tries to persuade Takao to agree with her since she did have a history of wanting to shut them down too. Although Takao is scared about her scary face, she manages to keep calm and reply that she needs a rival club for hers. Good for competition. Kenji doesn’t want her to get those unrelated involved and if there is something she doesn’t like about the club, they’ll face them head on. It is agreed to have a battle. Four on four. Since the Game Development Club (Provisional) has got more people, they have to choose. Initially Shiou wanted to participate but they lock him in a locker and that’s how Kenji made the cut. So as for what game to play, this one is going to be a headache. It’s either to weird or too plain. And can somebody please untie Kenji already?

Episode 11
As Takao suggests, both sides will write a question in their handphone. The opponent will try to snatch it from them and answer it correctly to eliminate them. The last team standing wins. But the thing that motivates them is stealing their handphone… That’s all they need to know. If the Game Development Club (Provisional) loses, they’ll be disbanded. Otherwise, Tama will give them 10,000 Yen. Although the game officially starts in 10 minutes and everybody can hide anywhere in school, Chitose has an early pre-game face off with Tama. Because Roka has been weakened by Tama’s grasp, she wants Kenji to take her to the infirmary where she’ll recover. Oh, he has to carry her princess style for her strength to replenish faster. Sure she’s not making this up? Takao sure wishes that was her. Kenji is obstructed by Evil Orchestra 14 at the hallway. They are siding with Tama because thanks to her, they get to hog the arcades again. However the Kazama Family and their freaky allies get into a brawl with them to let Kenji and co pass. Along the way, Roka explains the other ex-student council members. If you ask me, they sound like goofballs… When the game officially starts, they run into Matsubara. Sakura engages her. They’re both swift with their hands. Meanwhile, things are heating up between Chitose and Tama. Chitose using Ataru as a human shield. She’s not breaking any rules since Ataru is an ‘object’. Yeah. He even likes it. With Naganuma in the picture, however this anime nerd is ‘paralyzed’ and cannot attack back since Roka and Sakura sound like very familiar seiyuus. Roka has healed a lot and she wants him to use his secret attack to head to Chitose (from Takao’s call, it sounded like she’s in real trouble). Kenji puts her down and then jumps out the window to use Yamada’s body as springboard to jump high to the next level. This is his secret move? It attracted the basketball club players as they bug him to join their club. Naganuma is hit by Roka’s darkness. She steals his handphone and can easily answer his anime question since he was too dumb to leave the hint on his wallpaper. He’s out. Kenji calls Takao and puts her handphone on loudspeaker. He has heard that Chitose has never defeated Tama. Speaking of which, she is beaten up quite badly. He apologizes for getting them involve and wants her to hang in there till he arrives. Chitose gets back up and tells him to hurry and become her second human shield or she’ll clean everything up before he arrives. She ties her hair into a ponytail. How is this supposed to beat Tama’s twintail?

Episode 12
Chitose senses a chilling battle taking place and makes a bet with the other teachers whose side will win. But all that is irrelevant as we go back in time to see how Chitose and Tama met. At the park where meek 4 year old Chitose was building a sand castle, Tama came to destroy it. Chitose’s sick sister who is desperate for Chitose to make friends because from the way she sounds it’s like she has not much time left in this world and her little sister is of the loner type, she wanted Tama to be her friend. Unfortunately Tama was cocky and didn’t need her. That’s when Roka came into the picture. Roka taught Chitose how to make a sand castle but jealous Tama destroyed it. Roka punished her with her darkness (pail over her head) and told Chitose about the need to dirty her hands to accomplish something. So that’s how Chitose turned badass. So that’s how they continued their rivalry throughout the years. Yeah. It was sure a nice composition written by Roka with the help of Sakura and Matsubara. I wonder how many of it is pure fiction. Don’t tell me all… And then they got into an argument of which hairstyle is the best. Of course Kenji sides with Chitose since he is not going to let her crush the club and mentions the twintails on Tama makes her look ugly. He’s going to pay for that. Ataru seems to be begging to be used as a shield. Needless to say, he enjoys getting all the sumo slaps and kabuki hair swings from her. Kenji also gets pushed around but Takao so happen to prop up his back. Giving excuse that she just happened to be passing by on her way to the toilet, blah, blah, blah. Plus, it would be troublesome if he loses so if the club gets shut down she won’t let them join hers. That was supposed to sound convincing? Oh heck, it motivated everyone to finish this fight so she can go to the toilet. Speaking of toilet, Matsubara and Sakura just finished using them. Their match ended in a tie and now they’re good friends.

Chitose slams a mud ball into Tama’s face to enable Kenji to get up close with her. He quips she looks better with her hair down and lets them loose. This is his favourite hairstyle? Of course this is a setup so Roka can put the bag of darkness over her head. Chitose takes her handphone and answers the relatively easy question. It’s like as though she never had any intention to fight them all. The Game Development Club (Provisional) is declared the winner and Tama admits her defeat. So let’s play again another time, okay? Makes it look like they’re good friends, eh? Have we forgotten somebody? Shisen is feeling okay now and barges back into the scene. Yeah. One more pipsqueak to finish off. Then her vomit syndrome comes back. Hurry up and end this game! Eventually Tama becomes a habitual visitor to the Game Development Club (Provisional). Because this place got lots of candy? Oh, she sucks in the board game too. Roka suggests Tama join their club in which of course the latter decline with insults. Then here comes the other habitual visitor. This time Takao has her hair down! What’s the occasion? Doing it on a whim doesn’t sound convincing. Minami then comes in to tell them about the staff meeting regarding their recent tag game. They’re all suspended till further notice! Lastly, Minami won the bet and gets the other teacher’s prize. Including Sean’s cursed diamond skull. Noticing the missing eye and that the banana she is eating fits it, she puts it in and suddenly… What the hell is this blinding light?! APOCALYPSE UNLOCKED???!!!

You Have To Be Insane To Have Fun
Well, this was absolutely hilarious! I have to admit that everything was so nonsensical, random and anything goes that even though there is hardly a plot, character development or the story not going anywhere (heck, is there one to begin with?), everything is forgivable since they made me laugh like mad. As long as there is the nonsense no matter how silly or illogical it is, as long as it is funny, this anime passes with flying colours. I suppose these days if you really want to stand out in the comedy genre, you really have to go to extreme lengths and make it look real funny. But not going too far that it looks more stupid and silly than funny. Therefore this anime seems to have hit the right combination and mix of comedy and silliness that if it wasn’t being confined to just a high school theme, I dare say it could have rivalled Gintama.

Oddly the Game Development Club (Provisional) doesn’t make any computer games but nothing in their title ever said a game should be of the video type, right? What we see them create (or improvise madly if you want to term it that way) are games that do not require any programming or inputting of Java commands. They ‘create’ traditional games that can be held or experienced by our own 2 hands. So in that sense, that is why I think 2 types of game clubs exist in this school. They could have easily take the crown of being the most innovating board game creators for many years running if only their rules do not sound so perverted or one-sided. Uh huh. Fair play is literally thrown out and non-existent. Everything goes and is possible as long as you win. Who doesn’t want to win? When there is a winner, there is always a loser. Maybe that’s why they brought Kenji into the club. Somebody has to lose and make the winner feel superior. But of course I doubt that would be the real reason. The important part is not making the game but the time spent together and that’s where the bonds between the members are created. Driving you crazy comes with it. That’s why no matter how much the girls piss Kenji off, he still stays and defends the club.

The best part in being a nonsensical comedy genre is the characters. Every one of them here including those minor extra characters that you wouldn’t really care about are so memorable and some likeable because of their quirkiness. Uh huh. It’s like everyone has this hidden potential to be a clown or joker. Uh huh. Everybody in this anime is just plain crazy. Take for Kenji for instance. He might be your normal delinquent wannabe guy. But at times when it matters, he gets serious and protects those that are important to him. Sounds like a fail delinquent wannabe, right? Sounds like a typical lead male protagonist guy, right? So what is the best part about him? His retorts! It’s like his role in this anime is just to retort all the silly antics everyone around him does. And he says it with so much passion and freaking annoyance that he sounds funny just doing that. Because of that, the comedic effect doubles up and laughing becomes inevitable. Even if you don’t laugh at the silly antics of the rest, his instant retorts will. At least, it had that effect on me. The retorts could be the best dialogues in the series as some are really funny and witty. But mostly funny. This guy is so good that he could be the king of retorts and maybe challenge Gintama’s Shinpachi for the title. If ever one exists. He can’t help it since everybody loves pulling pranks and making dumb statements just to make him retort. Yeah. He is such a fun guy to make fun of too. Being called nicknames and even being kidnapped twice. Which male protagonist gets this kind of treatment? Not unless you’re in this crazy show. Yeah, they drive him crazy.

Then you have Roka who borders between cute and dark (which resembles more like yandere mode). But either way she looks cute. Despite her darkness and ‘fire’ element, I think she has one more element: Chibi mode! Because I see her go into this mode quite often so I think it could be another ability of hers. By now we should already know that Takao hangs out in Roka’s club more often than her own simply because of a guy she has a crush on but can never admit to. Her humongous boobs are supposed to be for fanservice but the way it is made out of a joke in certain scenes, we tend to forget the fanservice part. Then again, maybe not. Because it feels like her boobs are made of jelly… Chitose is badass and Minami uses the clubroom as her personal bedroom. She shouldn’t be a teacher and should get a job as a pillow tester. Then again, she doesn’t need a pillow to just fall asleep anywhere. Sakura I feel gets the least focus among the Game Development Club (Provisional) members so if there is something I need to describe her other than her quirkiness, it would be her cheerfulness. For the real Game Development Club members, seems Sakuragaoka can never get the chance to tell Kenji he is a guy, Inada nose bleeding at the fantasies right before her eyes and Yamada the gentle giant. Shiou and Ataru can be good masochist buddies-cum-rivals but the former seems to prefer tight and dark places. As long as they can feel the pain, they’re alright with everything. In this world, there must always be someone who loves to receive than to give.

Tama has this crazy look in her eyes and sound that it feels if you let your guard down, she can quickly snap your neck before your know it. I take it that Chitose and Tama’s long standing rivalry is just that they want to become friends? Not like they would admit it anyway. Other minor characters are equally memorable too like Noe who only made a single episode appearance. I guess it is enough to give this little sister a lot of trauma after meeting those weird girls. She might even break and turn into a crazy person worthy to be sent to an asylum if she stays with this pack. Other than Roka, Funabori is another character exuding lots of moe charm (or for those who prefer flat chests). Who wouldn’t want to have a good woman with good housewife properties? Sean exudes an aura of coolness since of course he is a mix of Sean Connery and Indiana Jones. What? You don’t find Sean Connery cool? Or you’re not old to know who this first James Bond is. I wonder if this school is some sort of alternate reality for Hollywood actors because besides the Sean Connery look-a-like, there is another teacher that looks very much like Grease’s John Travolta. Even his name is suspiciously close: Boruta Torada. Okay, close enough.

There is a hint of romance in it but don’t get your hopes up too much. You can’t put in a decent romance theme when you have oddballs and slapstick comedy sticking out like a sore thumb. Roka and Takao are mainly seen as the front runners who have a crush on Kenji as we can see their reaction just to get his attention or to impress him. But you know, Roka is just being an oddball and Takao a typical tsundere, a dense guy like Kenji would never get it. And it makes us viewers frustrate that you just want to yell at them to just say it already. But then again, who cares about the development in the romance area when the comedy makes up for the rest of it. It’s either you laugh like mad or swoon your heart out at the swirling romance. You can’t have both. I am not sure but I am having a hunch that Funabori has a crush on Kenji. And probably Tama too. Otherwise, what other reason would she be hanging out in that club especially when there’s a rival she ‘hates’? Am I seeing a trend here? Other people not originally from the club hanging out just to be close to Kenji? So if Funabori gets serious, she too might be making her housewife rounds to the club. Yeah. But I don’t think this anime would currently develop into a harem although technically having the minimum 2 girls liking a guy constitutes a harem. But as with times, the more the merrier to be qualified as a harem. The other girls in the club also do take a liking for Kenji but my guess is that it is just as far as for someone to tease about instead of someone who is seriously gunning for romance.

At the end of most of the episodes, there is an additional short nonsensical footage like how the theme of this manga came about (seriously, it was supposed to be some wrestling themed?) and a short-lived tale of the school’s nocturnal baldies. But the one mainly hogging this section is the Legend of the Masochistic Hero Ataru. Perhaps it’s the only segment he gets to be a ‘star’. See how this masochistic guy goes about in his masochistic ways. On second thought, you might not want to unless you want to laugh at his failing ways. Also amusing is the end card illustrations illustrated by different people for each episode. Some funny, some cute.

Art and animation wise, it isn’t the best there is but it is standard and conventional that casual viewers won’t have any big complaints about it. Things are filled with lots of colours (for example, Shisen’s puke ‘represented’ using colourful flowers) and my guess is to symbolize the vibrant and colourful characters and their insane personality. But I guess we couldn’t care less about that seeing we have the main characters looking like your typical bishonen or bishoujo while the other minor ‘not important small fries’ characters looking very much like freaks to match their freaky behaviour and equally freaky nickname. Brain’s Base is the studio production for this anime. They also made ‘colourful’ animes such as Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru, Mawaru Penguindrum, Akikan, Blood Lad, Kurenai and Kuragehime.

Katsuyuki Konishi as Kenji certainly fits his role as the retorting delinquent well. Maybe it’s because he voiced a leading delinquent as Oga in Beelzebub before. And perhaps other cool badass characters too like Laxus from Fairy Tail and Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Kana Hanazawa is identifiable as Roka since she sounded a bit like Inu x Boku SS’ deadpan Karuta but with more lines unless she is in her ‘fire’ element mode then she sounds like her typical cutie trademark. Other recognizable seiyuus include Shizuka Itou as Takao (sounds like a more emo version of Hinagiku in Hayate No Gotoku), Jun Fukuyama as Ataru (just like another pervert he voiced, Toori in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), Mikako Takahashi as Sakura (Rushuna in Grenadier), Kana Ueda as Tama (Rin in Fate/Stay Night), Aki Toyosaki as Funabori (Ai in Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi) and Akira Ishida as Naganuma (Gaara in Naruto). Not so recognizable for me is Chiwa Saito as Chitose since she was putting on a lower voice than usual. Heck, not that I could recognize the voice of Rebecca from Pani Poni Dash from time to time. Other casts include Ami Koshimizu as Minami (Horo in Spice And Wolf), Kouki Miyata as Shiou (Fujisaki in Danganronpa), Eri Sendai as Shisen (Touka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yuko Sanpei as Matsubara (Chizuru in Kimi Ni Todoke), Megumi Toyoguchi as Inada (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist), Ryoko Shiraishi as Sakuragaoka (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), Emiri Katou as Noe (Akatsuki in Log Horizon) and Jouji Nakata as Sean (Kirei in Fate/Stay Night).

In line with the crazy and mad theme of this entire anime, the opening and ending themes are aptly crazy and infectious. You want to find it annoying but can’t help find it amusing at the same time so much so you can’t hate the song. Get what I’m saying? The crazy rock opening song of Stalemate by IOSYS jk Girls, sets the tone and pace of what to expect of this series. If words like high tension and hallelujah in the lyrics should give you an idea on just about everything there is. Despite the ending credits animation having the characters in chibi form, don’t be fooled by their cute looks because the ending song is equally crazy with video game-like synthesizers spamming all over and the seiyuus of Kana Hanazawa, Shizuka Itou, and Aki Toyosaki singing Minna No Namae Wo Irete Kudasai with equally hilarious lyrics to go with.

The only downside to this anime is that while I was having fun watching this anime… It ended! Uh huh. Too short? Maybe they should make another season of this and put more crazy characters and insane activities that will get them suspended. But in a way it is a good thing this series was short because if it stretches to who knows how many episodes, the weariness will set in and unless they can pull it off like Gintama, the fun and insane factor will be gone. It becomes plain, boring and the norm. I guess it is true that only in a mad person’s world, being insane is just like being normal. The reason why the characters in this anime don’t see each other as mad. And they are mostly high school students. Imagine the percussion if they are working adults. I highly recommend this anime to be watched just for laughs. But be warned, you may lose your common sense if you laugh too much because I feel I am a bit influenced by their antics when the series ended. Laziness is my element as I am too lazy to get out of my chair to do anything else but watch animes. And I have created a pass card that stops time just to let me watch all the animes I want while everybody else loses a turn. So far so good… [Insert scathing retort(s) here… If you have a retort pass card. Otherwise go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200. And watch this anime while you’re doing time :)].

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