Another anime that revolves around a group of boys? Did they make a rip-off from Kimi To Boku and mix it with Nichijou? Actually Daily Lives Of High School Boys is anything far from Kimi To Boku and the only similarity they have is well, the series focuses on a bunch of high school boys of Sanada North High School which is an all-boys academy. As you have guessed that this series isn’t only focused on the 3 main characters but the other odd characters that surround them in their daily lives. That’s what make their seemingly ordinary daily lives filled fun and excitement, right? Not so if you’re on the receiving end of the joke of course.

One of the few reasons that attracted me to watch this comedy was this funny line I read from Wikipedia: “High-school boys are really simple and curious creatures. They want one and only one thing: girls. But they haven’t got a clue about them. Male teenagers are dumbfounded by the girls’ thought process, actions, appearance and everything in between. They spend countless hours amongst themselves discussing and arguing their theories which are usually completely off base. If only they had the courage to ask them instead of screwing around and talking about nonsensical things, they might get somewhere”. That basically sums up what teenage boys are, eh? Ah yes. I was once at that age. And girlfriend-less. Okay, let’s not bring up my unfortunate past. Well, after watching this anime, I can say that seeing them talk about the opposite sex is like trying to get a Full House for your poker cards. Rare. There are incidents on this topic but the host of other random nonsense makes it seem insignificant. So you could say that this ‘plot’ is somewhat a little misleading.

And since this is a predominantly guy anime, is there gay or yaoi elements you ask? Even the title sounds a little gay, don’t you think? Well, it never crossed my mind when I was watching it because I was too darn busy laughing at the silly antics the boys had to put up and deal with. Even if there are, it is probably part of the joke and you won’t really notice it. Not that I realize any. Instead of a series whereby an entire episode is one straight story, this series is divided into very short and random skits. So short that probably the longest one only lasts about 5 minutes and the shortest perhaps only 2 minutes. On average you will have around 8 skits per episode. I guess this is a good formula if you want to keep your audiences ‘entertained’ with fresh skits that are independent of each other. But to say independent is not accurate because some of the skits do have a minimal impact on the subsequent and later ones. Don’t worry. That won’t spoil your fun in watching their antics. So can we start already?

Episode 1A: Prologue
If it’s not bad enough Tadakuni is running late with a bread in his mouth, his friends Yoshitake Tanaka and Hidenori Tabata are eating leftover curry and ramen respectively on their way too. Tadakuni isn’t happy that his friends are also mashing together mobile suits and adventure heroes seeing this is a collaboration work between Square Enix and Sunrise.

Episode 1B: High School Boys and After School
Tadakuni wants to know how to get a girlfriend so his friends act out in a simulation with him but end up doing several takes because someone wasn’t following the scenario or change of setting. When they’re just about to give up, Tadakuni remembers he forgotten something important and takes the hand of his ‘girlfriend’ (Yoshitake) and make a run to see the ‘scenery’. Hidenori is impressed he should be able to score with girls with that but the only problem is… They are in an all-boys’ high school!

Episode 1C: High School Boys and Skirts
Hidenori and Yoshitake bum in Tadakuni’s room. Hidenori wants their opinion on skirts and with Yoshitake though they didn’t like the idea of ‘just a roll of cloth around your waist’, he even got the guts to ask Tadakuni’s permission to wear his sister’s skirt. Not only that. They even want to wear her panties! Then as they put their leg into the skirt, they start arguing about leg hair so Tadakuni got so pissed off that it ends up they all agree to go change and wear the skirt. But… It seems Tadakuni is the one who came out wearing the skirt! Scammed big time!!! Noting how cute he is and that he could make extra money out of this, Tadakuni gets taken in by their praises. Then his sister comes in to see her brother trying on her bra next… Oh shiiiiiii…

Episode 1D: High School Boys and Ghost Stories
Hidenori mentions he saw something strange at a restaurant the other day. When a customer left, there were 3 chopsticks on her bowl. Thinking this is a scary story, Yoshitake proceeds to tell his about shaving his nipple hair with a razor. Do nipples grow back? OUCH!!! See a doctor damn it! Now it’s Tadakuni’s turn. His friend drank something non-alcoholic and doesn’t feel good. Taking him to the toilet, he saw squirming in his vomit is a centipede! His friends stop him as they need to go to the bathroom. Inside, they see Tadakuni’s sister puking like mad! Thinking she must have overheard their story, they also vomit out to see if it’s true! Of course, Tadakuni made all that up and there is no way he could tell them that now.

Episode 1E: High School Boy and Female Companion
Hidenori is shocked to see something through his class window: Tadakuni walking with a girl to school! The class is in a commotion! Delinquent Motoharu tells them to be cool and observe. He concludes the girl next to Tadakuni is someone he just met since they are gazing away from each other and their walking pace differs. He then rallies the class for an operation to maximize their virgin power! When Tadakuni reaches the gates, he is surrounded by Motoharu and the other guys. He is going to ask who this girl is when Tadakuni gives directions for her to the station and she thanks him. So she was just a lost girl asking for directions? Red faced!

Episode 1F: High School Boy and Literature Girl
Literature Girl sees Hidenori is trying to read a book at the river bank but it’s too windy. She then sits close to him. Hidenori’s mind is racing who the heck this chick is and the need to say something cool. After thinking the lines he should say, he spouted the embarrassing lines of “The wind is troubled today”. Literature Girl then replies with “But this wind is weeping a little”. Hidenori continues to put up a cool front but knows he can’t take this any longer and calls his buddies for help. Yoshitake arrives first and utters another wind line. Hidenori is going to walk away coolly when Tadakuni arrives. However he can’t read the atmosphere and mentions something about potato chips being half priced at the convenience store. Literature Girl got enraged and beats him up! The contents of her bag come loose as Hidenori realizes she is writing a novel. A love story of boy and girl meeting at a riverbank and the main character uses the power of the wind. It’s like she wanted her fantasy to become a reality and chose Hidenori as the protagonist (this explains her oddly contorted happy face). But what Hidenori can’t accept she gave the character a particular background and thinks he is an introverted lonely otaku.

Episode 2A: High School Boys and Morning Journey
Tadakuni picks up a fine looking stick on the road when Hidenori suddenly slashes him with his umbrella. Thank goodness Tadakuni was swift enough to counter it and slash him back. Tadakuni didn’t like it that his friends drag him into playing RPG journey with the ridiculous fast pace of the story but I guess he has no choice but to play along. Yoshitake realizes he forgot to bring his back so they all rush back as Tadakuni drops the stick. Soon Motoharu picks it up and plays RPG with his friends. After a girl passes by them, they got embarrassed by what they did, drop the stick and pretend all this never happened.

Episode 2B: High School Boys and Convex Mirror Girl
Tadakuni works part time at a pizza parlour with fellow co-worker Nago and Yasunori. Tadakuni asks what do high school girls find attractive about boys. Nago isn’t too enthusiastic in answering but mentions about the face. She finds it odd that they are talking about themselves and thought they wanted her to praise them. They think Nago should work on her appeal so she brings out a convex mirror and guess what? The light must have reflected this fat ugly girl into a pretty babe! Woah! Who the heck is this different person?! The guys couldn’t believe it was her and hope to meet the girl in the mirror again. Even if that’s impossible, they won’t stop trying. Just keep dreaming…

Episode 2C: High School Boys and Friendship Power
Tadakuni’s sister beats up her brother and accuses him and his friends for stealing her underwear. Hidenori denies it is them but Yoshitake saw something unpleasant: Hidenori is wearing her bra underneath his shirt! The culprit even did a stakeout to catch the culprit. Want to guarantee that person will never appear? Yoshitake is in a dilemma but decides to tell Tadakuni when he sees that bugger also wearing his sister’s bra!!! WTF?! Then he thinks deep about their friendship and decides to bear their burden of sins to lead them back to the right path. This means, putting on a pair of panties over his head. Then he realizes he has been betrayed because his friends catches him in the act and pins him down for Tadakuni’s sister to give him a super kick. In that instant, Yoshitake reveals the other culprits too. Screw friendship!

Episode2D: High School Boy and Literature Girl 2
Motoharu is at the river bank with Literature Girl. He says he hates the wind, causing her to be pretty much shock. He continues the wind is always taking away his precious things and hopes to stop it. He walks away coolly but gave in to his embarrassment because he said that to the wrong girl! It was supposed to be his sister, Mino who just returned from the convenience store.

Episode 2E: High School Boys and Traditional Events
Toshiyuki Karasawa shows tells the guys about the school’s event of picking up trash. They didn’t like how uncool it is and see the school pamphlet. They are horrified to see a 70 hour fast event and go confront the principal. Of course he doesn’t know a damn thing since he has been the principal for only 3 years but not wanting to disappoint them, he cooks up a story that back in 1984 when the school was facing a crisis of reduced enrolment, the principal at that time pleaded his case for 70 straight hours and thus saved the school. They don’t have to fast but as long as you love the school it is enough. However that moment of touching deep meaning comes to a crashing halt when Karasawa reads the pamphlet that points out this school was founded in 1989. Oh damn!

Episode 2F: High School Boy and Childhood Times
Motoharu talks to Mino about his friends who also have sisters but do not get along as well like they do. Sister tries to make him remember they use to play at this river bank but he disagrees the human spinning game she always played with him. She insists it was him who wanted to play it very much. She wants to play that now to make him remember but he isn’t sure about their height difference now. Amazingly she pulls it off and he remembers how much he was bullied.

Episode 2G: High School Boys and Ghost Stories 2
Hidenori mentions he spotted some crap on his eyebrow and plucked it out. But it turns out to be white eyebrow hair that had grown 3cm! Uh, that’s supposed to be scary? Yoshitake doesn’t want to lose out to ghost stories so while Hidenori calls Karasawa over (because that guy knows lots of ghost stories), Yoshitake relates how he was scrubbing his face so hard that he heard a crack. Then he started bleeding before the blood and pain suddenly stopped. In the end nothing happened. Was that a true story instead? Tadakuni continues that he saw once something in Karasawa’s head when he took off his cap. However he can’t tell the guys since probably that guy wouldn’t want others to know his secret. His friends decide to ambush Karasawa before he gets here and what do you know? He is outside the gate facing off with Tadakuni’s sister! She overheard the story too? Then they all start to chase him and it is obvious what Tadakuni said was just a lie…

Episode 2H: The Daily Life of a…
Lady Yukana wants to skip school despite her 3 handsome butlers telling her not to be selfish. She insists and forces them to come up with reasons for her to skip school. You can say they are all stupid and silly which includes fake tooth, catching a cold, dog died, massive amount salted fish entrails in her lunch and someone by the name of Imada. She got so pissed by their idiocy that her front false tooth came off! Then one of the butlers picked it up and used it to chase the other butlers. Yukana got so fed up with the ruckus that she decides to go to school. Yeah, whether on purpose or not, that got her ass moving to school, right?

Episode 3A: High School Boys and Summer Plans
Hidenori calls up his friends to gather so that they can make plans for the summer vacation. He starts reprimanding them like a general to get their spirits up before starting to chair the meeting. But the rest feel they want Karasawa to be the chairman and call him over. Then Tadakuni’s sister passes by and Hidenori asks her which of the guys she would like to date. After some thinking, she picks Karasawa! Say what?! So happy he allows her to sit on her lap but she got upset and wrestles with him. As for the rest, they continue their planning and since time is running, an outing to the beach will do.

Episode 3B: High School Boys and Beach House
The guys are at the beach but failed miserably in trying to pick up any girl. Then Hidenori thinks he knows why the girls are ignoring them. Motoharu wants him to spill it out and the answer turns out to be girls like hot ramen. I think it’s a play of words with ramen (noodles) and ikemen (handsome guy). He got slapped.

Episode 3C: High School Boys and Hotspring
After taking a nice bath, the guys decide to play penalty ping pong in the losers must punch the student council president. In addition, they are required to answer correctly to a topic and 3 strikes mean you lose. With topics like Uranus’ moons and foreign presidents, seems only Tadakuni is the only one who is ‘unknowledgeable’. He thinks the rest have pre-setup this. So he decides to go with one he knows and that is, the flags of countries with a moon on it. To his surprise the others know their stuff well and the plan backfires on Tadakuni because he only knew Malaysia! Safe to say, he lost.

Episode 3D: High School Boys and Radio DJ
Hidenori is acting out his own personal radio programme while Yoshitake isn’t into his character. So reading postcards and giving replies are all part of the pretend and when the show ends, Tadakuni who was reading his manga didn’t even bother to give his closing comments.

Episode 3E: High School Boys and Summer Memories
With summer vacation almost over, the guys decide to have fun till they puke. So over the music video, we see montages of the guys having fun at the festival, singing karaoke and kimodameshi (I hardly doubt it would be fun with all guys). Then Hidenori gets a call from Tadakuni about their plans for tomorrow. He checks his calendar to find it is already 4th September and summer vacation is way long over! Thus the guys start playing shiritori together though Tadakuni’s choice of words for rebuke seems to be a coincidence that has them playing the game going around in circles…

Episode 3F: High School Boy and the Train to School
Hidenori rides the train to school and takes interest in a girl in the same coach. Actually he wants to tell her about the hair sticking out from her mole on her neck. He wants to tell her so badly but doesn’t have the guts. Seeking advice from others also didn’t help as they tell him not to do so because it may deem rude. On another day as Hidenori is in his usual dilemma, finally he goes up close to her to tell her but experiences cold feet. Then he realizes something. Shouldn’t someone have pointed it out already? Does this mean she doesn’t have friends? Is the mole a proof of her loneliness? He decides he is going to tell her even though it will mean getting his head ripped off. As she steps off, Hidenori calls out to her and points to her mole. She gets embarrassed at first but eventually gives out a smile and thanks him. Thus the story of a foolish boy who seriously worried about something this stupid ended.

Episode 3G: High School Girls Are Funky: Uniform and Boyfriend
I guess it is inevitable that if there are high school boys, there must be their counterparts too. Ikushima wonders how to get a boyfriend but since she’s too annoying, Yanagin punches her and ends the topic! Then with Habara, they talk about the things high school girls could do. Yanagin gets passionate to do everything and feels pity for high school boys because this anime is about them doing stupid things in their everyday life. She gets an idea to borrow Habara’s brother school uniform, much to her dismay. Yanagin and Ikushima frolic in a guy’s uniform when Habara’s brother steps in. A moment of AAAAAARRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 4A: High School Boys and Eavesdropping
Tadakuni spots Hidenori and Yoshitake together and thinks they’re talking behind his back so he sneaks close enough to eavesdrop. First he couldn’t comprehend the odd story they’re talking followed by the dirty talk (lots of censors and bleeps!). This is followed by politics so Tadakuni wonders if he was close enough to them in the first place. He wants to be better friends with them so he steps out but it turns out they are different people despite looking close to his buddies! Who the hell are they?!

Episode 4B: High School Boys and Cultural Festival
The student council president of Sanada East High School, Ringo is going to confront her student council counterparts and isn’t going to let the boys look down on them girls anymore. When they enter the student council room, they got spooked thinking they entered a delinquent room because they consist of Vice President (let’s just call him that), Motoharu and Sanada. But quickly the guys treat the girls to tea and with much politeness. Ringo is shocked at them being perfect gentlemen and compared to their room which is clean and tidy, theirs is messy and unkempt! Role reversal, I’d say. Yeah, the girls use their room as a casual hangout place. Vice President thought Ringo is unhappy with the snack but actually she can’t let them know about her inferior complex. Then the President (let’s call him just that too) says he invited those girls here for a meeting because their schools are supposed to collaborate for the cultural festival. Because President mistakes Ringo’s friend as his counterpart, he got punched and she vows to beat him at the festival.

Episode 4C: High School Boys and Cultural Festival 2
President takes Ringo around the festival and shows them the horror house they put their heart and soul in making it the scariest. Because he claims she will scream so loud it will destroy her vocal chords, Ringo’s pride and ego kicks up and challenges him if she doesn’t raise her voice while going through the haunted house, it’s her victory. But why is she bringing her friends in too? Slowly her friends bite the dust when they meet a guy who is looking for his eyeballs on the floor followed by another whose guts and inner organs are visible and beating! Scream fest! Ringo comes into several scary ghosts as she tries to hold in her scream. Just when she thought she has reached the exit, she saw the scariest scene ever: naked President taking off his underwear! Actually he was trying to change into a ghost costume. Since he points out she screamed, she punches him.

Episode 4D: High School Boys and Cultural Festival 3
Yoshitake and Habara are tasked as the receptionist. Habara talks like as though she knows about guys but Yoshitake knows better and keeps quiet. She then nags him when he didn’t properly greet her friend. Soon Yoshitake switches place with Vice President and Habara starts to panic sitting next to this scary looking guy.

Episode 4E: High School Boys and Cultural Festival 4
After the drama club’s act, Ringo is having her confidence in their school’s light music club. She is confident she will beat President this time but he tells her to give it a rest because everyone is trying to have fun here and not ruin it with her petty ego. But he crosses the line when he says even if their school compete, the girls will never best them. This riles up Ringo as she makes a scene. President also has the same idea of fighting her and makes it clear who is wrong and who is right. Vice President fears this will tarnish the festival’s image but surprisingly everybody is enjoying the fist fight! Especially the girls! Well, seems Ringo lands every punch and kick on President and it’s like the guy couldn’t even touch her. Even if his excuse that he doesn’t hit girls, it’s probably a lame ploy for him to go down. Everyone cheers Ringo as the winner and though she doesn’t understand what’s going on, she revels in the limelight of victory but Karasawa treats it like another cultural programme and moves on to the next line-up, running her moment.

Episode 4F: High School Boys and Counselling
Tadakuni seeks Nago’s advice seeing lately he has been feeling distant with his friends. It’s not like she’s giving him a clear cut answer because eventually it is still him who needs to settle this his own way. Then he sees his friends but doesn’t know what to say. Nago says since they’re not fighting, just be normal. Tadakuni goes up to them and… Oh crap! It’s that Hidenori and Yoshitake look-a-likes! Who the hell?!

Episode 4G: High School Girls Are Funky: Humour
The girls are badmouthing the high school boys for even being alive and think they aren’t even fun to watch and just acting tough and cool. Noticing they have a high school boy living next door, Yanagin screams out to Karasawa for his meagre opinion. I guess after hearing comments like why high school boys don’t just die or why are they trying so hard to live, it’s best to ignore them and let those screaming b*tches shout till they get hoarse. Threatening him about cutting his screen time and without them they wouldn’t have got this far, Karasawa throws down several snacks and in an instant like the wild zoo monkeys they are, start picking up and eating them. Look who’s pitiful?

Episode 5A: High School Boys and Dubbing
Tadakuni and his pals watch 3 middle school girls having fun together at a park bench. For the heck of it, they start adlibbing their conversation with weird storylines that probably you won’t understand if you try to follow it. Finally they even adlib that the guys (themselves) are staring at them for a while and got depressed.

Episode 5B: High School Boy and Seniority
Motoharu meets Mino to go buy ingredients for tonight’s dinner. He didn’t expect to meet her friends as she introduces them to him. Then it’s like role reversal because her friends surround him and give that evil grin like as though they’re going to do something bad. First they tease him about his beard and since he tries to protect his pride by not giving a straight answer, Mino whacks him and warns him to watch his mouth around his elders. Seeing he can’t break the hierarchy when his sister is around, Motoharu holds it in all the humiliating torment they give him from forcing him to say words like a comedian and tying his hair up like twintails. Finally when it’s time to leave, he thought his reprieve is finally here but Mino wants him to come along with them. Why? They’re buying ingredients for dinner, right? Yup. Her friends are staying over tonight. Oh, that was the sound of his heart breaking…

Episode 5C: High School Boys and Saviour
Vice President, Motoharu and Karasawa plead to Ringo to lend them her school’s equipment. However she doesn’t give a damn. So desperate that when they corner her at the dark alley and spouting words like “Even 2.5 hours would be fine” and “It’ll only be for a little while”, it was enough for them to be mistaken as predators because some nice guy came up to them to tell them how they’re bothering her. The trio realize and no choice… They start getting violent! Guess what? They got knocked out! Actually they pretended to lose because if he ever knows Ringo knew them, it would be embarrassing for him. Now all that’s left is for Ringo to go away. Unfortunately she didn’t get the message and was going to tell him how she knew the guys. Vice President kicks her butt to give her a hint. Did she finally get it? Well, she gets rough with her saviour instead. Dumb…

Episode 5D: High School Boys and Old Friend
Hidenori and Yoshitake meet an old friend in the streets they haven’t seen for a while, Kiyotaka. However as they’re talking, they notice his girlfriend by his side giving them death stares! Is it because they’re interrupting their date time? They try to leave but Kiyotaka invites them to eat with him. I don’t know, they could’ve refused but joined him instead. So more worries because his girlfriend is giving them intense death stares while Kiyotaka is oblivious to the atmosphere. Even talking about group dating. So when they point out to his girlfriend, he explains she is his sister and her squinting is because she lost her contacts. He came to pick her home. Tension and worried for nothing!!!

Episode 5E: High School Boy and Biography of a Hero
While walking up the stairs to a shrine, Hidenori remembers 8 years ago before he met his friends, he was bullied right here. A masked boy claiming to be an ally of the weak gave him a whistle. If he blows it, he will come running to his aid. A few days later Hidenori again got bullied and at his limit as he was about to blow the whistle, the masked boy appeared and shot the bullies with his flying rubber bands. Upon knowing his fearful reputation, the bullies ran away. Hidenori asked why he came even before he blew the whistle and his answer was to help an important friend. After that he left and was never seen again. Ever since, Hidenori believed in his words and suddenly he heard the familiar tune belonging to that kid. Thinking he’ll be able to see him again, he rushes up the stairs only to see Yoshitake… Oh dear. He was that masked kid? Hidenori runs back down the stairs… I guess some things are better left unknown.

Episode 5F: High School Boy and Literature Girl 3
Once again Hidenori meets Literature Girl at the river bank. His heart is screaming “NOOOOOO!!!” as he knows she probably wants to live out her fantasy again. Yeah, look at that idiotic hopeful grin on her face. However being the entertainer he is, he doesn’t want to disappoint her and scrambles for cool words to say. He starts off with “The wind is cold” and but thought that sentence wasn’t cool enough and starts adding bit by bit. However Literature Girl doesn’t seem impressed. He finally spouts out a line believed to be his best, “The wind is sparkling” but Literature Girl fell into laughing frenzy instead.

Episode 5G: High School Girls Are Funky: Resentment
Yanagin is pissed off their song doesn’t match their movements at all and wants to redo it everything so they could earn enough to play a gig in London for a week. But taking it from the top once more makes them all out of sync instead. Later Yanagin is seen furiously punching Karasawa. Remember the sweets he gave them? They’re expired. Haha! Because Karasawa is blocking her punches and kicks, she has Ikushima hold him down. As she kicks, Karasawa turns around and lets her butt get kicked! Since that’s not working, they insult him about his insignificant existence. Karasawa takes off his hat and shows them a hideous scar. Speechless. Habara felt so pity that she gave him 5,000 Yen!

Episode 6A: High School Boys and Holy Night
Tadakuni and his friends barely escaped being hit by a brick thrown by Tadakuni’s sister! She’s totally upset! Flashback on Christmas Day, Hidenori casually asked her why she was always alone on this day. The rest is history. So as the mad girl chases them down the street, Yoshitake got kicked out of commission and Tadakuni thrown off the edge! Run Hidenori! Run!!! Then in the crowded shopping area, Tadakuni’s sister suddenly realizes she is the only one without a boyfriend because of all the lovers around her. She breaks down when Hidenori volunteers to pretend to be her girlfriend. He got punched in the face instead.

Episode 6B: High School Boys and New Semester
Yoshitake arrive in class for the new semester talking to Tadakuni, Hidenori and Motoharu about some video game. Then they joke about the wind blowing the window sounded like a miso grilled tofu. When the teacher comes in, she nervously said there was an error in the printout she handed at the end of last term. She tried to contact everyone but only couldn’t get them. Then she wrote on the board apologizing that the new school term actually starts tomorrow! I guess the reason why the boys chase her is because she’s running away laughing.

Episode 6C: High School Boys and Little Sister’s Troubles
Tadakuni’s sister visit the student council room seeking for Motoharu and Karasawa’s advice. Seems she was confessed yesterday and rejected him. So? He punched her. Oh sh*t! He wants her to see her again today and thought she needed their help. But when Karasawa learns it is her fault that they got into a fight and resulted her in getting punch, she has no choice but to solve this herself since the presence of older boys won’t help. With a heavy heart, she leaves. She goes meet her confessor and she resolves to beat him up if he punches her again. However he apologizes and leaves. Karasawa and Motoharu are watching from afar and relieved that they were worried over nothing. To their surprise, they also see Hidenori and Yoshitake nearby. They are disappointed because they wanted to play the hero…

Episode 6D: High School Boys and Ringo’s Troubles
Ringo comes to the student council room seeking for Vice President, Motoharu and Karasawa’s advice as she is bothered by people calling her tiny. However their answers are very considerate which makes her can’t trust their opinion. She wants to go ask President instead (who is in the next room) but the guys won’t let her because they know he’ll get his ass kicked. So they stall her with quizzes especially the one that had her stumped for hours (Japan has more slopes upwards or downwards – it’s the same, no?). When she realized it’s a trick, she heads next door but Karasawa imitates the sound of a cat. She starts searching it enthusiastically but upon knowing it was that bugger, she punches him and continues her journey. She sees President playing his handheld video game and asks her question anyway. His answer too is considerate that will make any girl swoon over but you know what? She got embarrassed and punched him! What the hell answer does she want?

Episode 6E: High School Boys and Motoharu’s Troubles
When a girl comes in to the student council room seeking help to find her lost dog, Motoharu blows his top and blames Karasawa for always helping people and wants him to say “No!”. He did say “No”. To Motoharu’s request. Haha! That’s not it. Soon Vice President comes in with the lost dog and the girl is so happy that she’s laughing like a maniac. Motoharu still wants Karasawa to say “No” so the latter makes a compromise. He wants the girl to pay up for their services. Not laughing anymore, isn’t she?

Episode 6F: High School Boys and Sure-kill Shot
Mitsuo wants to practice his sure-kill shots with Hidenori. He shoots a Standstill Shot that Hidenori could barely see him lift his feet. He thought this will be a goal when suddenly Hidenori catches it and notes how weak it is. Then Mitsuo uses the ace up his sleeve with his Reflection Shot but Hidenori again punches it away. So frustrated that Mitsuo grabs the football with his hand and runs straight into the goal! FOUL!!! In the end he got admitted into… The rugby club.

Episode 6G: High School Girls Are Funky: Past
Yanagin and Ikushima are arguing so Habara’s casual remark of them that they got nothing to show off has them turn against her. Calling her a flat chest and bringing her to a guy named Takahiro Matsumoto, they want him to date her since he has no girlfriend! However he just gives them 5,000 Yen in hopes they can let him off. Habara walks away depressed and it seems Takahiro can’t do anything about it. He explains back in elementary school, he was bullied a lot by her. So huge a bully that every high school boys would tremble upon hearing her name and Archdemon was her nickname. It even took every kid from the first to fourth grade to take her down. Scary…

Episode 7A: High School Boys and Gags
I’m not sure what gag Yoshitake is trying to pull off letting a crab pinch his mouth. Tadakuni tried shooting milk with his eyes but got the lactose spilled all over his face. Finally Hidenori seems to be doing some Incredible Hulk poser when he’s actually unzipping his pants without using his hands! Woah!

Episode 7B: High School Boys and Indoor Adventure
Since they’re bored, the trio decide to play Dragon Quest. However Tadakuni couldn’t follow the sudden pace of the story and the different odd characters that the duo used as party members to go defeat some demon king. It’s no wonder why he gets confused of which character they’re playing since Hidenori and Yoshitake are acting as a several characters. Suddenly Hidenori becomes a new mysterious character that appears before them! To be continued… Soon.

Episode 7C: High School Boys and Indoor Adventure 2
That mysterious person seems to be somebody seeking their help to find his lost child. So much for the tension and drama. As the confusing plot with characters continue (Tadakuni still can’t keep up with them), suddenly they hear footsteps of the demon king coming in. It’s Tadakuni’s sister. They need to tackle the ‘demon king’ now and pounce on her. However she is strong enough to hold them down. The duo plead for Tadakuni to do something or make a cool ending. His action? Just save at this point. I don’t think they can continue this anytime later.

Episode 7D: High School Boys and Older Brother
Yoshitake and Tadakuni’s sisters are talking to Yuusuke, Hidenori’s elder brother about their brothers. They want them to act their age now and assume Yuusuke as their leader should do something about it. Yoshitake’s sister thinks the girl standing there all along is his girlfriend and blows her top he should have realized her feelings for him! Actually she’s a senior from his club. Getting back on topic, she continues they stole her panties and did something awful to her on Christmas. Yuusuke realizes it’s when she ran through town bawling. Yoshitake’s sister then gets suspicious how he knew about that. It’s like he saw a picture of her. With Tadakuni’s sister holding him down (by his head), Yoshitake’s sister tries to take the handphone in his pocket but it turns out to be Tadakuni’s sister’s panties. In addition to his glasses, I think his head just snapped…

Episode 7E: High School Boys and As We Are
Hidenori isn’t amused again that Literature Girl is behind him. Even if she’s making that sad face, he’s thinking of not giving in. Suddenly the wind blows away her papers. As she tries to catch it, she trips and hurt herself. However she can’t open the bandage box and give up. Then drinking from her bottle, it tastes awful so much so she coughed it out, including her snot and all. Hidenori is trying his best not to give in and laugh because he thinks by doing these bloopers she is expecting some sort of reaction from him. As she takes out her tissues, it got blown away by the wind. Once more she trips and crashes into Hidenori. She starts crying out loud so Hidenori thinks it’s okay to be lame since that is who they are. He stands up but accidentally heads butt her unconscious. Whoops. He left his jacket with her while she ‘sleeps’.

Episode 7F: High School Boys and Careers
The teacher collects the career questionnaire the boys have filled in. She knows that they aren’t being serious and checks them. True enough, there are weird answers that piss her off (including frustrated comments). One wants to be a middle school student? A ghost? Sports adventurer? Teacher wife? Science entertainer? I don’t want to be a lawyer answer? The final straw has to be entering college so she just overturns her table. That bad, huh?

Episode 7G: High School Boys and Mitsuo
The guys are talking about Mitsuo’s bad habits that includes singing karaoke for kids, eating kiwi and getting hair stuck to his tongue, thinking electricity can flow into this room when one offs all the lights when he got his first handphone and the ultimate prank Motoharu played on him was to exchange his shoes with a girl’s during elementary school. They never realized it till they graduated. Mitsuo heard everything from outside and comes in, pretending to be cool and all. Guess what? The guys continue to talk more nice ‘info’ on him right in front of his face!

Episode 7H: High School Boys and Mitsuo 2
Continuing where they left off, Mitsuo chides them for turning his past into jokes but it seems when they continue their ‘respect’ with more stories, all of them seems to be from Yoshitake. That bugger thinks they are focusing too much on him and counters with another story on Mitsuo. Something about accidentally sitting in the wrong seat of a girl and apologized for hours without knowing what it was. Mitsuo points out that never happened. Then after thinking a while, Yoshitake realizes that it was himself… Duh.

Episode 7I: High School Girl Power
A teacher is giving the trio girls some quiz. Habara doesn’t know what that devil on a chair is while the duo answer correctly “Belphegor”. However the teacher scolds them they are wrong because high school girls shouldn’t know a demon’s name! Throwing a fit, she tells them that she came here to boost their high school girl power and that the duo aren’t that cute. Trying again with another one, Ikushima gets it right by no knowing the answer. But she blows her top once more when Yanagin gets the next one correct despite common knowledge. She chides them the need to pretend to be an idiot who doesn’t know common knowledge is what makes girls cute! WTF?! I think she wanted to take off her own skirt (to make a point that guys’ brain and eyes are directed ‘right here’) but was restrained and the segment ended.

Episode 8A: High School Boys and Motoharu’s Sister
Miho wonders if her brother has ever gone “Zukyun!” before. That’s her term for the sound of a heart being pierced. She has never felt it before and Motoharu thinks she’s always making fun of people. Then when they pass by a cute dog, she suddenly goes “Zukyun”! Is Motoharu going to slap her?

Episode 8B: High School Boys and Mitsuo’s Worries
Hidenori and Yoshitake are trying to cheer a very depressed Mitsuo sitting by the swings. The duo leave seeing there is nothing more they can do. Four hours later, Mitsuo is still wallowing in his sorrows and haven’t moved from his spot so the irritated duo kick him off the swing! Looks like they’ve been waiting all the time. Seems Mitsuo’s parents found his porn magazine and to that kid it’s a big deal. The duo just tell him to go die.

Episode 8C: High School Boys and Manga
Hidenori wants Yoshitake’s earnest opinion on his manga. Initially he was reluctant to comment seeing he isn’t into this genre but after much pestering, he lets his comments flow. Seeing he is persistent about someone getting punched in the face is weird, Hidenori beats him up and tells him off he doesn’t understand his manga!

Episode 8D: High School Boys and Balconies
A guy is asking his neighbour girl across the balcony to return his DVD. Hidenori spots this and is appalled since he’s here to lend his notes to his absent classmate. He feels jealous… A girl is writing peacefully in her room when she hears a loud thud. It’s her neighbour, Hidenori who has just jumped across over to her balcony! It’s 5 metres apart, you know. He wants her to lend her DVD. Seeing he is so persistent on it, she yells at him to go back. Another 5 metre jump back…

Episode 8E: High School Boys and Convenience Store
While Hidenori is making a purchase, he notices the rookie cashier making an error in returning his change. Realizing the line behind him has build up, he worries he’ll get panic if he corrects him, won’t be able to handle the queue and even may lose his job. He thought of telling the manager but he looks so scary. Then the manager opens the next counter and what do you know? He’s just a trainee who is having problems using the scanner too! Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Episode 8F: High School Boys and Towers
For some reason, Tadakuni’s sister has got her bag stuck up high in the tree. Hidenori and Motoharu only got involved because she said she wanted to go to the store. Hidenori steps on her shoulder to grab the bag. She’s at the bottom supporting his weight so we won’t have that you-saw-my-panties accusation. Since they are nowhere near, she punches him. Motoharu helps out as he steps on Hidenori’s shoulder who is on Tadakuni’s sister. Getting heavier, isn’t it? So close, yet so far. The only way left is to throw things to make it drop. Unfortunately the guys throw their bag and it got stuck up there too. Uhn… Has anybody thought of climbing the tree?!

Episode 8G: High School Boys and Cakes
Yoshitake asks if there is anything Hidenori wants to do now. There is. Pee in his pants! Other than that? Eat some cake. Speaking of which, there is one right now because they bought it knowing it is his birthday today. However he can’t handle sweet stuff and Yoshitake is about to punch him. Hidenori notes there is another thing he wants to do: Throw pie. Yoshitake throws the cake in his face! I guess it’s not wasted this way.

Episode 8H: High School Boys and Horoscopes
Yoshitake reads his and Hidenori’s horoscope (they are Virgo) and notes today they will experience the worst luck in an entire decade. Hidenori doesn’t believe in this crap when suddenly a bee lands on his mouth! I think he wants to spread this bad luck to Yoshitake and tries to kiss him! He slams the bee into his mouth (yuck!) and they fear Motoharu may have mistaken their act. He promises he won’t tell anyone and even prepares to pay them! They beat him up when they realize he actually knew it was a bee between their mouths and not considered a first kiss. Before they could recover, another bee lands on Hidenori’s mouth. Déjà vu? Why is he trying to do the same thing to Yoshitake?! Oh, Karasawa is there too. He uses a bug spray on them. Clearly the worst day of their lives…

Episode 8I: High School Boys and 100
Motoharu is narrating about humanity’s chances against ‘them’ since they are better in every aspect. Turns out to be a large centipede as Motoharu freezes it with a freeze spray. Continuing his narration on the bug’s traits, characteristics and other possibilities of more of its kind, he takes it outside to get rid of it. Heading back inside to make sure there are no more and making precautions not to open any small gaps in this season (Mino just opened the window to fan herself by the way), to his horror, more of those creatures turn up at his feet! Horror!

Episode 8J: High School Girls Are Funky: Ramen
Yanagin notes that Nago scored first place in the exams while she is second. Not happy, she challenges her to karate outside but gets a body blow that she couldn’t even see it coming. The vomit is flowing like a river… After giving all sorts of excuses and challenges her to finish eating a jumbo bowl of ramen. Before she could start, Nago already finished hers! Wow! In a panic and trying to come up with more excuses, finally Nago breaks her silence and wonders who she is. Oh…

Episode 8K: High School Girls Are Funky: Skirts
The teacher tells the girls their skirts are too long and to make it shorter. That is, pulling them up till their chest. But wouldn’t they look like idiots? Challenge the limits of society she says? Honestly, they look idiotic rather than cute. Ikushima notes this is when Habara’s brother comes in so teacher says he is a nice normal guy so he’d laugh it off when he sees their panties once or twice. That’s her concern? True enough Habara’s brother walks in. But he’s not alone. He brought his friends too and they see the inevitable! Shameful! AAAAAAAARGH!!! Regretting it now?

Episode 9A: High School Boys and Older Brothers and Sister
Yoshitake’s sister suddenly announces that she and Yuusuke are dating. Even that Yuusuke guy is shock. Yeah, first time he heard time. From the way she says things, you can tell if Yuusuke dates her, he’ll get eaten up! Hidenori has no objections about them dating but wonders if she can kiss him. She replies an instant no! So the guys discuss and think she must be desperate to find a summer boyfriend and finally cracked. Yoshitake can’t take any more of this and wants Yuusuke to introduce her to some of his friends instead. Looking at the list of friends he has, seems they’re all perverts. So he just picks one and calls him with an intention to introduce him to a girl. He is eager to meet her but wants to know if she’s cute. Then the guys panic because they don’t really know what her face look like (she’s faceless by the way).

Episode 9B: High School Boys and Drop Kick
Hidenori is by the riverbank when a girl named Emi lands a drop kick and sends him tumbling into the river. Guess what? She doesn’t know who he is! Actually she kicked the wrong person because Hidenori’s back looked like the friend she was supposed to kick, Kiyohiko. Hidenori doesn’t hold any grudge but wants Kiyohiko to kick Emi to let her have a taste of her own medicine. Of course he refuses and this makes Hidenori upset and throws them both into the river. Kiyohiko starts crying rather because there is someone else who understood his feelings. Then it’s like both guys suddenly bonded together and go away, leaving Emi bloody much confused what just happened at this boy-meets-boy encounter.

Episode 9C: High School Boys and End of Summer
Emi narrates how ever since the drop kick incident, Hidenori has become close friends with them and hang out for the remainder of summer. On the night of the festival when they meet up, Emi sends Kiyohiko to buy some drinks so she can tell Hidenori something important (I can guess what it is judging from her body reaction). She is relieved when Hidenori says he has no girlfriend. But she flusters when he asks about her and Kiyohiko though she mentions he is just the guy next door. Hidenori has something to say too. Mentioning his mom was disowned by her parents, he has never been to a family gathering and that’s why during his vacation he came to secretly visit his grandparents on his own. Yesterday when he asked his grandma, apparently they are cousins. Oh…

Episode 9D: High School Boys and Glasses
Hidenori comes into class in a panic because his glasses are nowhere to be found. Can’t anybody see it’s right on his head? Only Mitsuo spots this but is puzzled why nobody else sees it. They all go help him find his glasses at the toilet followed by the vending machine but couldn’t find it (obviously). Mitsuo thinks this must be a joke and the guys are going along to find a right time for the punch line. Just then, Motoharu spots the glasses on his head and everybody including Hidenori heave a sigh of relief. Not only that, they laugh it off! Were they really blind?!

Episode 9E: High School Boys and the Daily Lives of the Student Council
Vice President initiates the meeting for anything to be reported. However the incidents that are being reported are insignificant or irrelevant that it pisses off Vice President. All this upset is making his stomach hungry so they decide on where to eat and it is decided that it should be ramen. Then a teacher comes in to whisper about some scandal. Vice President and the guys head out to face the emergency while leaving President behind.

Episode 9F: High School Boys and Panties
Vice President makes a confession to Motoharu that the other day he saw the panties of a girl while she was climbing the stairs. He felt it was depressing. Don’t get the wrong idea he’s gay but rather he feels guilty for doing so. Motoharu on the other hand thinks that panties are the symbol of happiness. Wanting to prove who is right and to get a set of panties here, Vice President makes a call. So the enthusiastic eager beaver that comes by is no other than Ringo who is more than happy to help (show off rather that she is needed) them wire their internet. However that dumb girl took an hour to figure out that the cable wasn’t even plugged in! Then searching for the modem, how the hell is it stuck right up in the ceiling?! They give her a ladder to plug it in and so the guys take a peep underneath her skirt. See the expression on their faces… Once she’s done and left, the verdict is… Motoharu is suddenly overcome with guilt that they did something that can never be undone. He feels horrible for deceiving a stupid girl just to see her panties. Though his feeling is genuine, I can’t help feel he is over-reacting. That’s because he skipped school for 3 days as a result…

Episode 9G: High School Boys and Wiring
The student council guys come to Central High to help wire their computers. President’s counterpart thanks them for a job well done but still wonders why Vice President is working under this idiot. Vice President says that he was once a wild person but President gave him a chance to change and thus he is here and looking up to him as a father figure (is he that old?). She even goes on to make her vice president say he is something similar but it turns out to be all lies. As she leaves, Vice President tugs the cable to make her trip and both vice presidents feel good she deserves what she got.

Episode 9H: Archdemon
Yanagin narrates how they counter the tyranny of Archdemon who was Habara, the 10 strongest warriors of the elementary school was gathered. She and Karasawa were one of the little heroes. When the fight started, she couldn’t remember much except for waking up in the aftermath to see all her comrades beaten (probably that’s how Karasawa got his scar). However all it’s not lost because Habara too was down and this means both sides ended in a draw. Ever since, Habara lost her brutality and since Yanagin lived close to her, she was selected to monitor her. And now this is where they are now. Habara cries upon remembering this story but for Karasawa, he’s just vomiting like mad. I guess some fear can’t be easily forgotten.

Episode 10A: High School Boys and Limits
Hidenori can’t hold on any longer at the convenience store but it seems someone is hogging the toilet. No choice, he makes a move while trying his best to hold it in and think of a place he can do his business. Thinking the park has free public toilets, he heads there only to see Literature Girl reading her book nearby. He changes his mind to go look for another toilet. Can he hold on any longer?

Episode 10B: High School Boys and Consequences
The person who is hogging the toilet at the convenience store is no other than Mitsuo. Seems there were no tissue papers so he used a paper from his book. Then he experiences a string of bad luck. Slipping on a banana, an entire bottle of pepper spilled into his ramen and diving into the river to save a kitten in a box only to find out it’s a stuffed toy. He is frustrated of these manga-like incidents. Next day, another manga cliché is going to happen. You know the kind of girl-boy meetings whereby the girl who is late for school is rushing with a piece of bread in her mouth? Fortunately Mitsuo bend down to tie his shoe and avoided bumping into the girl.

Episode 10C: High School Boys and Winter
After hearing from Motoharu that Mitsuo jumped into the river again, Hidenori remembers he has something to do. He goes to the riverbank and sees Literature Girl standing there. Then it’s like she could felt his presence and turns around (with that angry look on her face). However Hidenori is nowhere to be seen and only left behind is a note: He wants his jacket back. Oh sh*t! She’s still keeping it after how many episodes already?!

Episode 10D: High School Boys and Run
Literature Girl bumps into her classmate Takahiro. Then she runs into Hidenori and panics like she saw the most unbelievable thing before her eyes. Then she chases him all over town like a mad woman! Don’t know what’s going on but better start running! Run so far that they got out of breath and even a point she was running ahead of him. So when they’re dead tired and stopped in their tracks, she grabs him by the collar and yells that Takahiro is just her classmate and not what he thinks! That was what she was chasing him for?!

Episode 10E: High School Boys and Mochi Soup
Hidenori flips through the TV channels but as he slurps his mocha soup, he didn’t chew properly and it got stuck in his throat. His family is away as he desperately calls out to Yoshitake for help like a psychic. Yoshitake too experiences the same thing. Mochi stuck in the throat because he didn’t chew it to smaller bits. Same thing but only he calls for Tadakuni for help. Oh, that guy too experienced the mocha in throat choke. But he’s lucky (or unlucky whichever way you look at it) because his sister punches his gut to make him spit it out.

Episode 10F: High School Boys and Ground
Tadakuni’s sister slips on an icy puddle. Hidenori spots this and approaches her despite her hoping that he wouldn’t. Then he slips too. Two idiots on the ground. She gets up and leaves in a hurry while Mitsuo sees Hidenori lying on the ground. He too approaches him despite him not wanting Mitsuo to come close. Then déjà vu. Because Mitsuo also slips. Tadakuni’s sister can’t take any more of this and return but slips too. Three idiots on the ground…

Episode 10G: High School Boys and Bikes
Yoshitake is just talking to Motoharu about snatch thieves when suddenly the latter’s wallet got snatched. Motoharu goes after him by borrowing Takahiro’s bike but it seems he can’t cycle! Yoshitake helps him by pushing from the back but crashes. Not wanting to give up, they repeat this get-up-cycle-and-crash process. It took him so long that the day is almost over. Then on the final try, Motoharu is able to cycle without falling down. Everybody is so happy that they celebrate his amazing achievement and forgot that important something… Oh well. Nothing beats this sensation, eh?

Episode 10H: High School Boys and Cooking
Since Motoharu insists he wants croquette for dinner, she punches him in the gut to tell him to cook that difficult dish himself. He makes the dish and when Mino tastes it, it is damn tasty! Better than what she could make! Not happy, she orders him to make her fried rice. Guess what? Bloody good! How about katsudon then? Incomparable! By now her stomach is bulging and she’s thinking he must be making her look bad since his cooking is good but made her do all the cooking all the while. When she has him make some hamburgers, she thought she could sabotage and find something to complain. However it turns out delicious so she punches him for being able to cook so damn good. He took that as a compliment.

Episode 10I: High School Boys and School
Hidenori and Yoshitake are bored in class. They play Green Light, Red Light followed by using the latter’s jacket to catch like baseball. Then Hidenori throws his shoe instead as they sit and watch. It seems their school is closed on its founding day. Why the heck are they hanging around instead and not go back or some other place?!

Episode 10J: High School Girls Are Funky: Women Who Left a Scar
Yanagin wonders what it’ll take for Karasawa to earn his forgiveness but eventually yells at her top that she too fought this crazy cold-hearted demon for his sake. Ikushima she could show him her panties but he wants her to do Kinniku Buster move. Believe it or not, she agrees as he does the crazy stunt while her friends watch in disbelief. It must hurt like hell for Yanagin while Karasawa is knocked out. Why not? Jumping down from the second level and landing on his feet.

Episode 11A: High School Boys and Fathers
Hidenori plays baseball with his father at the park in the dead of the night. Why is he using his golf stick to hit the ball?! So as they play normal catch, they talk about dreams when Yuusuke turns up. Seems he is locked out of the house and has no key to enter. Well, the guys too don’t have a key to enter, why else would they be playing catch in the middle of the night? And mommy is away on a trip for 3 days… Oh…

Episode 11B: High School Boys and Literature Girl 4
A girl (let’s call her Brown Hair Girl) comes to sit by the riverbank when she realizes Hidenori sits next to her. She panics thinking the need to start a conversation and probably he is totally into her. Hidenori realizes he was so engrossed in his manga that he didn’t notice he sat next to her. He too panics and feels the need to say something cool seeing getting up and leave would hurt her feelings. However he doesn’t give a damn, gets up and leaves, surprising her very much. Soon, Literature Girl taps her shoulder and it seems she is very angry. Did she steal her spotlight?

Episode 11C: High School Boys and Conflict
Hidenori is running away. He is in alert mode about Yoshitake out for his blood. When he thought he spotted Karasawa, turns out to be Yoshitake in disguise. So after a few tricks, they finally confront each other and vow to settle it. Yoshitake tricks him and this allows him to return to base and kick the can! They’re playing kick the can?!

Episode 11D: High School Boys and Kick the Can
Mitsuo joins in the game but it seems he didn’t expect the anything-goes rule (exception of poking eyes and hitting below the belt). Furthermore, they are using his precious Gunpla model as the can! They start off so Mitsuo gets tricked into Yoshitake’s Karasawa disguise but enough to counter this distraction to prevent Hidenori to kick the can. Realizing Motoharu is snipping from afar, Mitsuo takes him out with his marbles. However Mitsuo falls for the same Karasawa disguise trick twice and earns a punch. This allows Hidenori to kick and destroy the model. Boo hoo! However the guys gather and give him a new model set they have pooled their money for his birthday present. After buying it, they realized he already had one and thus played this game to destroy his old one. Mitsuo is touched by their kindness but realizes the set they bought is a knock off. Throw it away…

Episode 11E: High School Boys and Chit Chat
Takahiro is talking to his friend about girls who eat being cute. His friend narrates an incident that happened during the cultural festival setup day. A girl who was good in everything suddenly broke down in tears, confusing her friends. Then they found out she was too hungry to move. The point is, the fact that she tried so hard to hide her gluttony makes her cute. Takahiro then asks his opinion on the other types of girls. In the end, they sum up based on their findings, the cutest one has got to be a student council president that everyone makes fun of. Ringo happened to hear that but she scoffs off no such girl exists. She never looked herself in the mirror, has she?

Episode 11F: High School Boys and Love Letters
Yoshitake gets a love letter in his shoe box. Wait a minute. This is an all-boys’ high school, right? Consulting with his friends, they think it’s some guy trying to pull a fast one and decide to beat that guy up so he won’t do something like this again. Yoshitake waits at the park while his friends behind the bush. Then Mitsuo comes by and Yoshitake thinks he is the culprit and calls his friends out to pummel him. Mitsuo also fights back despite not knowing what’s going on. The real perpetrator is Motoharu and since he was too scared to confront them about the lie, sent Mitsuo instead.

Episode 11G: High School Boys and Distance
It is believed when a girl moves away from a boy she is next to, the boy would feel hurt. This is what Brown Hair Girl loves doing as she enjoys seeing the depression on Takahiro, his friend and a host of other guys’ face. Then when it comes to Yoshitake, it’s like he is following her around like a stalker. When she is about to ask him, he gets up and leave. Haha. How’s that for a taste of your own medicine?

Episode 11H: High School Boys and Annoyance
Hidenori narrates that he is so close with Yoshitake that everything he does annoys him. Even the smallest things annoy him. From randomly taking his time to select food, finish his food first, impulsive over-reaction, cry at movies (although it is a sad movie), doesn’t carry his handphone with him, expecting a comeback line, can’t handle carbonated drinks and one whereby he offered to help find his lost bicycle keys without being asked. You can say that just about everything he does annoy him. The ultimate one has got to be making the same joke all the time.

Episode 11I: High School Girls Are Funky: Conflict
Yanagin wants to find out who among them is the strongest. Ikushima agrees as they prepare to fight but Habara is against it as it is pointless. Yanagin is pretty confident and says back that they can’t be friends forever and for a monster reputation like her, she seems pretty relaxed. As they’re about to set the rules, Habara wants to know if they’re going to fight, why do they need rules. Then it hit them for an Archdemon where rules never applied, this mad woman would not understand the concept that rules were made to avoid the worst possible outcome. Seeing a deadly aura coming out from her, they start shivering in fear and call off their fight. I guess even without lifting a finger, they understood well who is the strongest. In that instant, Habara threw away a large rock she was hiding behind her back. Oh sh*t!!! Good thing they didn’t fight, eh?

Episode 12A: High School Girls Are Funky: Demons
Habara narrates each time she comes close to Karasawa or does something nice, his reaction will always to be on the defensive or act with extreme caution. She thinks he has special feelings for her but believes it must be an understanding. Yeah, understanding alright. More like fear.

Episode 12B: High School Boys and Lies
Motoharu asks Yoshitake what is Twitter so the latter lies that it is some Italian food and other mumbo-jumbo. He then proceeds to ask lots of other terms that include tsundere, KY and doyagao and Yoshitake clearly is making them up with his tall tales. However the final one he got MMORPG right and it seems Motoharu knew all along he was lying.

Episode 12C: High School Boys and UFO Catchers
Hidenori and Yoshitake suck playing the crane game. Then the prize they got fell close to the hole but since they’re out of money, they think of shaking the machine. Good thing it didn’t budge. Tadakuni’s sister comes by so they advise her not to waste her money on it. I guess she only took half their advice. With her monstrous strength, she shakes the machine and gets the prize!!! Kids, don’t ever try this.

Episode 12D: High School Boys and Store Employee
Hidenori is playing a crane game that has a girly figurine (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica?)as its prize. However he is trying to reason himself that it is not the figurine that he wants but rather to beat this game and the satisfaction that comes with it. To his dismay, he realizes a store employee had been watching him play all along and it seems she misunderstood that he really wanted it. Though he understands she wants to encourage the customer, now it makes him look bad like as though he’s a sissy. So when he finally wins it, the employee declares him out loud as the winner and congratulates him. So will he come back again? No way!

Episode 12E: High School Boys and Assertiveness
Takahiro and his friend watch a girl solely reprimanding a classmate guy for shirking his class duties despite having his own chores to do. So they discuss about their relationship and obligation and conclude the girl must be possessed by desire to push herself onto him like that. Then they ask Literature Girl for her opinion and without hesitation she replies it pisses her off because she will never do such shameful behaviour in public of causing the other person any trouble. But they shoot back that they didn’t expect to hear from a girl who chased down a boy from another school. She gets the shock of her life. Yeah, everybody knows about it.

Episode 12F: High School Boys and Getting Hit on
I don’t know why Ringo is hanging out with the student council guys. So bored that she wants to go have fun. I don’t even know why they bothered to oblige her. However she has this penchant of running of by herself to buy food and being hit on by several other delinquents. Well, chowing down the food is one thing but the guys had to come ‘rescue’ her and make the delinquents go away. So when another one pops up, Vice President punches the dude but realizes he just punched President!

Episode 12G: High School Boys and Frankfurter
Mitsuo drops his frankfurter so Yoshitake tries to save it but the stick stabs his hand and bounces off. Hidenori also uses his hand to save it but also gets stab (their scream is hilarious). Motoharu punches it away and it bounces off right Ringo’s face and into the back collar of Takahiro’s friend. After frantically getting it out, the stick stabs into Tadakuni’s stomach before dropping on the ground. Mitsuo picks it up and eats it as though nothing happened. All the drama for nothing.

Episode 12H: High School Boys and…
Tadakuni narrates this mundane day in his usual town will end today because it’s their graduation. Meeting with Hidenori and Yoshitake, they note the 3 of them will separate once they graduate as they are taking on a different path in life. So after graduation, Vice President is the most emotional one crying his heart out. He has taken over President’s post (he and Ringo graduated) as he gives the cry-baby some words of encouragement only possible from a senior. Mitsuo finds a birthday present in his desk and finally it is a real Gunpla model set. Yoshitake is at the shrine and digs up a time capsule he buried 10 years ago. It is confirmed he is that rubber band hero and a note he left for himself if he had become a hero 10 years later clearly didn’t come true. Hidenori and Literature Girl meet at the riverbank, spouting a few words of the wind as he extends his hand to her. I guess for once she put on a nice face. Tadakuni’s sister congratulates her brother’s graduation. I suppose it’s nice for her to be nice to her brother once in a while. Then a girl comes up to Tadakuni wanting to make a confession before he leaves for Tokyo. However Tadakuni ruins the mood because he doesn’t know who she is! Neither do we. I know it’s heartbreaking and rude to tell that to a girl but really, who is she? Have we met her? She says she came here because he said he wanted to meet her again. Did he? She is the girl in the mirror… Oh sh*t! Nago?! Suddenly Tadakuni wakes up breaking out in sweat and is annoyed it was all a dream. FFFFFuuuuuu… Lastly, Tadakuni’s notes his everyday life with his idiotic and hopeless friends is just the beginning (ironically it’s the end already) as Tadakuni runs to school with a bread in his mouth, Yoshitake upgraded to leftover cheese fondue and Hidenori slicing meat of his kebab. Well, have fun till you graduate.

Episode 12I: High School Girls Are Funky: The Movie
After graduation, the trio head to London but their archrival, Silver Demon awaits them and a heated power battle with Archdemon ensues. Of course this movie isn’t happening.

Special 1: High School Boys and Ideals
Yoshitake and Hidenori are discussing their ideals on what makes girls cute. Messy eaters? Clumsy? Having livers of steel? Broke her arm and wore a cast? Getting lectured? These are among the traits they see a girl as cute? They must have a screw loose in their heads. The duo note they’re on different wavelengths and quit this topic. Also noting there is no such girl in this world, if there ever was, they both say they would date her. Be careful what you wish for because here comes Ringo possessing all those traits! Yikes! Horror! Eat your words!

Special 2: High School Boys and Loneliness
Hidenori asks his pals if they are free for Christmas Eve but it seems they all have their own plans. So he is the only guy who is so darn free on that day and decides to visit a manga cafe. Inside, he is surprised to see Tadakuni followed by Yoshitake. Realizing the coincidence, Hidenori whips out his handphone and calls Motoharu. Over the next shelf, his ringtone is heard! Oh sh*t! Hidenori realizes why the guys acted if they actually had plans so he leaves the place immediately and pretends he didn’t see anything. I guess this is what lonely boys do, eh?

Special 3: High School Boys and Zippers
Takahiro and his friend discuss about what makes a man cool. His face? That can’t be the only trait. Since his friend falls silent, that really can’t be the only trait, right???!!! I’m not sure what his friend goes about ranting that a man’s duty is to protect woman and that makes them cool. Not like he understands that too. Then they leave and along the way, the wind blows up the skirt of a girl. Must be an eye opener for the duo, eh? For some silly reasons, Takahiro’s friend unzips his pants!!! Flasher! And the duo put up a fake act that his fly is open and can see his underwear! The girl is not amused and doesn’t give a damn and walks away. The duo thought they were so cool but in actual fact we just know they made a fool and embarrassment of themselves. Oh, hear the police siren closing in?

High School Boys Are Idiotic And Funny…
Oh yeah. Fun and enjoyable series. Too bad it has to be this short. So this is what their daily lives is all about? Nobody said anything about their abnormal daily activities, did they? The characters are lovable themselves but they do not possess enough quirky or unique traits that make them even more lovable. Basically they are quite generic. I thought Tadakuni is going to be the main character from the way things started out even if he is just 1/3 of the friends to be focused on. However I feel that his presence and role starts to slowly diminish like as though he is an unimportant side character. Heck, the anime itself makes a joke about it. There is one episode whereby he doesn’t even appear and in the next episode, it’s like he just make a couple of seconds insignificant appearance and that’s it. Maybe it’s because among the trio, he is like the most normal one. I also feel that Hidenori takes up the most screen time among the friends and he is equally the troublemaker and idiotic fellow with Yoshitake. It’s like the duo love teasing and making fun of Tadakuni too. There are dramatic moments and there are tense moments. But it all ends up as something humorous and plain silly.

I know that this show is for the boys but the way I see it, sometimes they are making some of the girls as though they are the bad apples. If not the troublesome ones. Yanagin and Ikushima already have their rotten attitude and it could’ve been the terrible trio if Habara wasn’t so demure nowadays and was her demonic self (she’s probably the only character who gets her own detailed past flashback). Karasawa is probably the coolest when dealing with those b*tches because he knows better than to fight back and just let them scream their heart out. After all, words don’t hurt like sticks and stones, right? He still fears Habara, though. Their lady teacher is such a crude lady teaching them the wrong things like it’s as though she’s making them better girls but the opposite seems true. Ringo is like someone who wants to feel of being needed and showing off. But in the process her dumbness gets in the way (it really takes her a long time to figure out something simple and even so if that something is just a trick). The sisters of Tadakuni and Yoshitake aren’t exactly your sweet onii-chan or ototo-chan loving sisters because they couldn’t care less about those monkeys. Mino is equally the same and if her brother does better than her, she beats him up (don’t even start about that particular scene whereby her friends were humiliating Motoharu). Nago, the way she talks is like she’s tired of talking and feels like someone who wants to be left alone though she will still try to offer some advice if you ask her. Literature Girl is a little mysterious and things indicate that she may have feelings for Hidenori. Why always go up close to him to hear him say those novelty lines? As for the guys, even if they are idiots at least they know how to be gentlemen especially for the student council guys. They may look like delinquents but their hearts and actions are polite and courteous. At least when they are talking to the girls. Among the guys themselves, boys will always be boys so you can expect the kind of insults and scuffles that they put on. I notice that President’s words to Ringo may sound mature but they also sting. However it feels like he is just all talk and when it’s time to walk the talk, he flops.

I guess one of the bizarre traits of this anime is to introduce several new one-off characters as the series goes by. There are too many of them and the series itself even pokes fun ‘advising’ viewers not to remember them all because it really doesn’t matter. So we have several characters popping up at the beginning and if you think about it, makes you wonder where the heck they have gone. Like, what happened to that fake tooth Lady Yukana anyway? But like they said, it doesn’t really matter. The way they introduced more characters halfway and at the end felt like those characters were going to be recurring (and I mean more than twice) but it’s just for that particular scene. The drawing and art of the series look simple and since the characters lack the fine details, I won’t say they look horrible but just simple. Hey, this is a comedy series. You don’t need beautiful art to draw you in. Just the jokes. My only gripe is that some of the characters drawn are faceless. If they are background characters that do not have any lines, then it’s fine but some of the side characters don’t even have a proper face. Okay, maybe that is a little inaccurate because you just don’t see their eyes as they are never drawn. Take for instance Tadakuni’s sister and even Mino. I don’t believe I ever see them having them having ‘the most important facial feature in Japanese anime’ despite being minor characters.

The jokes and antics can range to mild to silly that makes you go WTF. That’s why it is good to have short skits so that you don’t drag on the joke for too long and make it lost in translation or boring the audiences. The quick and fast pace of the skits will have you laughing right after as soon as you get the joke and when the segment ends. Some of the jokes break the fourth wall but this is just minimal. The sponsor screen is one of the few places for this kind of jokes and its style reminds us of Gintama (this anime was produced by Sunrise too). Just like how they proclaim a second season at the end but they’re going to do it with live action actors. Young and attractive actors, that is. Don’t know whether they’re joking and pulling a fast one or an announcement for really what is to come. Hey, anything is possible with these boys. Another amusing thing is the characters who narrate the sponsors on the screen who bring you this anime bla, bla, bla. Yeah, the sponsors who lazily bring you this anime. Or sponsors who may or may not bring you this anime. Or sponsors who bring to you this anime normally. Or sponsors who bring you this anime with a bang. You get the picture. Sometimes earning Tadakuni’s rebuke in the process. They love pissing him off, don’t they? In between the skits, a short still picture of the characters in the series as they say the name of this series. Mostly funny pictures and sometimes works as the aftermath of the skit.

I actually never thought about the fanservice in this anime. Come to think about it, they are very minimal and it won’t even cross your mind. Like when Tadakuni puts on her sister’s bra (a guy putting a bra on is fanservice?!) or Yoshitake putting panties on his head are some of the very few fanservice that comes by. But of course they serve as jokes and antics. However looking I was browsing through the web and accidentally saw a couple of fanservice scenes that I believe I had never seen them in the anime. I won’t say those scenes are tantalizing but enough for the most decent of viewers to realize it’s fanservice alert. For example, the part whereby the girls pull up the skirts high up till their chest thus the scene makes it visible to see their colourful panties and the time whereby the student council guys are looking up Ringo’s skirt while she is plugging in the cable. Was the version I saw censored? Of course as I have guessed, these few scenes come with the DVDs when you buy them. Can you blame guys for being perverts? That’s natural, right?

The best voice acting goes to Yu Kobayashi who is the voice of Yanagin. This is what her powerful loud voice does best and thus characters like Yanagin are best suited for her vocals. When she first appeared, it is like she’s screaming so loud in each of her lines that if you turn on your volume a little louder, your speaker may explode! I love it when she goes into this mode. So if you remember her roles like Ayame in Gintama or Kaede in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, you’ll get an idea how she’ll sound like here. Tomokazu Sugita as Hidenori, his character reminded me like he is a high school boy version of Gintama’s Gintoki. The way he speaks, rebuffs and make comebacks like as though he is that silver perm haired samurai. Only less the silver perm and the samurai part :). Other characters include Miyu Irino as Tadakuni (Syaoran of Tsubasa Chronicle), Kenichi Suzumura as Yoshitake (Kairi in Peach Girl), Daisuke Namikawa as Motoharu (Mystogan in Fairy Tail), Yuuki Ono as Karasawa (Kaname in Kimi To Boku), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Mitsuo (Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Ao Yuuki as Ringo (Madoka in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica), Chiwa Saito as Ikushima (Kirie in Girls Bravo), Yukana as Habara (Ai in Amagami SS), Youko Hikasa as Literature Girl (Mio in K-ON!), Akira Ishida as President (Hakkai in Saiyuki), Hiroki Yasumoto as Vice President (Sado in Bleach), Ayahi Takagi as Tadakuni’s sister (Noe in True Tears), Junko Minagawa as Nago (Ryouma in Prince Of Tennis), Shoutaru Morikubo as Takahiro (Shikamaru in Naruto) and Takahiro Sakurai as Yuusuke (Jenos in Black Cat). The opening theme is Shiny Tale by Mix Speaker’s Inc and I thought this pop rock outfit didn’t somewhat suit the kind of genre this series is. I felt this was the kind of song you hear for those animes with dramatic plot or action shonen anime. The ending theme, Ohisama by Amesaki Annainin sounds more like it. Like a funny but cheerful and stage play song with the singer himself singing it out with full of soul. It makes you want to go “babababa rarira ba ba”. Besides, the animation itself is quirky. We see the guys doing a stage play dressed in all sorts of weird costumes. Typical monsters, heroes, maids, animals and they even got an afro character. I don’t really know what’s going on with the hero fighting and taking out everybody (including the ‘girl’ he’s supposed to get in the end) but it’s funny watching this. Just like hearing the song. And the audiences… Some don’t really look too amused at what’s going on.

So the bottom line is, boys will be boys. As long you are around that age, those kinds of antics are expected for the growing and curious teenager. You have to go through all these kind of stuffs first before you can mature and be a wise man. But sometimes it could really take a long time or they don’t at all. I guess that’s why it’s good to have friends like these you can rely on, count on, help out, accompany with and sometimes make fun of. That’s what friends are for, right? Guy friends that are too goody-two-shoes? Sounds like he came straight out from the storybook. Non-existent. What are real friends for when you can’t even talk a little dirty joke or steal and wear your sister’s underwear? Haha. Don’t try this out. Ever. And even some of the antics they do like making a girl plug a modem on the ceiling no matter how silly it looks because it’ll make you look just bad. What about talking to girls at the riverbed? Sometimes silence is golden. If your cooking is better than the girl who has been making dinner as many times as you been to school? Just compliment her. Being friends with a girl who was once the biggest bully in town but now a very shy and reserved person? Still waters run deep. It doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious. And should they make a spin-off series about the daily lives of high school girls? Probably fill it with lots of fanservice and sexual innuendoes to cater for guys who can’t get a decent girlfriend. Just like me :(.

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