It’s been a long time since I have done another versus blog. I really wanted to do one between the ecchi themed animes of High School DxD (DxD) and Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai (Boku H) for a long time since I spotted several similarities but kept dragging my feet and that procrastination got the better of me. So one day I decided whether or not I have all the details I need to do this versus, I better do it now before I forget them. And so, not one of my best versus anyway but here goes.

School attended
DxD: Kuou Academy.
Boku H: Momozono Academy.

The main hero
They’re both perverted too…
DxD: Issei Hyoudo.
Boku H: Ryousuke Kaga.

The main heroine
They are both red heads and whom the hero is contracted to. Oh, they end up living in his place too.
DxD: Rias Gremory.
Boku H: Lisara Restall.

How the hero and heroine met
DxD: Issei noticed Rias looking at him from her club room after he got beaten up by girls accusing him of peeping.
Boku H: Ryousuke sees Lisara standing outside his house under the rain and offers her to come in and dry.

The hero almost died
DxD: Issei got killed on his first date by his first girlfriend but was revived by Rias.
Boku H: Lisara stabs him with a broken sword in his heart to take his energy. Later, Ryousuke learns he has got 3 months to live unless they find the special specimen to save his life.

Hidden power within him
DxD: A Sacred Gear called Boosted Gear in which he wears on his left arm.
Boku H: Half of a broken sword called Gram.

His expanding power
DxD: As the lowest ranking chess piece, pawn, his position’s specialty is Promotion whereby he can gain abilities of other pieces/opponents if he gets behind enemy lines.
Boku H: As long as he has got his perverted power, this will provide Lisara with the source of energy needed. Horniness = Love = Justice!

His pervertness
DxD: Wants to create his own harem by becoming the Harem King.
Boku H: His energy is derived from his ‘kingdom’, his ‘Cosmos’.

Her pedigree
DxD: Rias is from one the highest ranking families in the demon world, Gremory.
Boku H: Lisara is from the heiress of the highest esteemed family of Grimworld.

The club
The one that our hero joined.
DxD: Occult Club.
Boku H: I’m not sure what the official name of Ryousuke’s club is but he seems to be the emperor of this perverted club.

Other supporting friends
DxD: Akeno Himejima, Koneko Toujou, Yuuto Kiba and Asia Argento.
Boku H: Mina Okura, Quele Zeria and Iria Fukumune.

The classmate
Supposedly the hero’s friend or classmate.
DxD: Matsuda and Motohama. Perverted partners in crime with Issei.
Boku H: Ohira. Not much is known about him due to his short cameo appearance.

Main antagonist
DxD: Initially Reinare then Raiser Phenex.
Boku H: Galdarblog.

Antagonist’s plan
DxD: To marry Rias and attain ultimate control.
Boku H: To destroy the border between Grimworld and Earth so as to lengthen the lifespan of both sides.

Enemy types
DxD: Demons, angels and fallen angels.
Boku H: Grim Reapers and monsters.

The maid
DxD: Grayfia.
Boku H: Hild and Urs.

Emotionless girl
DxD: Koneko.
Boku H: Dalnia Earheart.

DxD: Ravel.
Boku H: Lisara.

DxD: Raiser.
Boku H: Hikaru Tamano.

DxD: Asia has a little dragon familiar called Rassei. It always zaps Issei if he gets too close to her.
Boku H: Ryousuke has a German shepherd dog named Caesar.

Hero’s parents
DxD: Issei’s parents know about his perverted nature seemed to have given up on him having to find a wife. Imagine their happiness when there is a girl they think ‘dumb enough’ to stay with him.
Boku H: Ryousuke’s single mother, Satomi is currently working away at Germany. His father has the same name as him and somewhat disappeared when Satomi was carrying her unborn son.

The big war
DxD: A three-way war between demons, angels and fallen angels that seemed to last for eternity ended with no clear winner and all sides suffering heavy casualties.
Boku H: A war breaks out between rival factions in Grimworld to take control of the Tuleslay tower that gathers and stores energy from humans and also the gate that links Grimworld to Earth.

Rescue mission
DxD: Issei and co go all out to save Asia when she is kidnapped by Reinare who wants her Sacred Gear.
Boku H: Ryousuke and the girls dive into Grimworld to rescue Mina after being kidnapped by Galdarblog. They might have saved her but it causes both worlds to fuse.

More rescue mission
DxD: Issei goes to confront Raiser in a one on one match at his engagement party to rescue Rias from being forever his wife.
Boku H: After Ryousuke goes into comatose state, Lisara has to separate her soul from her body and dive into Ryousuke’s mind to bring his soul back.

Games people play
DxD: Rias and her team play the Rating Game with Raiser and his chess pieces over their engagement. Rias surrenders and concedes defeat just to have Issei’s life spared.
Boku H: In order to keep Ryousuke from leaving home and to prevent him from finding out the truth of the world’s merger, they play a game of cards in which the loser stripes a piece of clothing. Guess who cheated and ended up getting busted with all the cards up his sleeve?

Training day
DxD: To prepare for the Rating Game, the 10 day period will be used to strengthen Issei for the game with the other friends giving him one-on-one lessons.
Boku H: Ryousuke does his training with an invisible dictionary! It replenishes his ‘kingdom’ power by associating perverted words and visualizes them.

Studio production
DxD:  TNK.
Boku H: feel.

Number of episodes
DxD: 12 episodes + 2 OVAs and 6 specials from the DVD. A second season started its run in mid 2013.
Boku H: 12 episodes + 1 recap episode and 1 OVA. No sequel has been announced yet.

Opening theme
DxD: Trip -Innocent of D- by Larval Stage Planning.
Boku H: Reason why XXX by Sayaka Sasaki.

Ending theme
DxD: STUDYxSTUDY by StylipS (consists of the seiyuus of the female members of Occult Club).
Boku H: Platinum 17 by Yozuca.

In many ways, I still prefer High School DxD as compared to Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai since the former has lots of potential in terms of character development and plot despite the various terms and many other characters that have yet to come in the fray. Just to cut a long story short, both animes have its own share of fanservice, action and romance but of course like I have said I still favour the former to be better in many areas than the latter. It goes to show that even being perverts, you can end up from being ero to hero and then maybe back to ero again. Haha! Once a pervert, always a pervert.

When an ecchi anime releases an OVA after its TV run, you can guess what kind of OVA it will be, right? And so without any surprises, Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai OVA is nothing more than another shameless attempt to capitalize in making sales and profits from DVDs by including an additional OVA episode for fanservice. You watched the TV series for fanservice, now you watch the OVA for more fanservice. And boobs too. Yeah. They are visible here too. The TV series I watched was the uncensored version so why should the OVA be censored? Whether you love big natural boobs, big fake boobs or even flat ones, they’ve got it all here.

Revealing! Swimsuit Contest
I suspect this OVA must take place before the merger of Earth and Grimworld. The time when Lisara just transferred to Momozono Academy and is trying to find the genius or special specimen she is seeking for. Before she can force Ryousuke to come help her search, Iria makes a special announcement that for tomorrow’s pool opening, they will have a special swimsuit contest. After conducting a survey, the finalists to participate are (guess who) Iria, Lisara, Quele and Mina. Who else? Lisara isn’t amused that she is dragged into this and confronts Iria. Why is she doing this? Isn’t it obvious? Iria wants to beat her and show the obvious victor between them. The winner will have the loser kneel before her and do anything the winner wants. The students will judge which of them is more appealing as the winner. Iria mocks Lisara she is trying to run away or scared. So what’s in it with Lisara if she wins? Iria will give her information about the special specimen she is seeking. Seriously, we’re not interested in that, aren’t we? Back home, Lisara instantly beats up Ryousuke before he could finish his poll of which the students favour. It’s Iria in case you want to know. It’s her boobs, right? But Ryousuke wants to coach her in doing poses that will steal the hearts of men. He goes on ranting the deeper meaning of men’s fetishes. Yeah well, Lisara sees that as him wanting her to do erotic poses, no? Lisara is right to pass up this chance but how can she after Ryousuke is determined to train her. And that, his smooth talk about her having a great figure and shouldn’t run away, blah, blah, blah. Of course she has a condition that he can’t do anything perverted to her. Can he?

Meanwhile Quele talks to Mina about their participation in this contest. Quele is in because this is her chance to see Lisara cry but she praises Mina having the necessary assets to woo the guys. She views her having natural weapons as compared to Iria’s fake tits and Lisara’s flat plains. Quele molests her boobs and will show her that her body is appealing enough. Then she lets her try several swimsuits and it seems it gets skimpier and skimpier. Can she really go out on stage in this? Ryousuke coaches Lisara to pose the best sexy pose that will turn every guy who sees her on. Well, I wasn’t. Haha. Maybe she’s not putting her heart in it since she is quite embarrassed. Ryousuke’s sweet words about her hidden potential and determination had some effect. Just when he thought they should start with something easier, Lisara wants to learn the toughest pose. She’ll go all the way. And so the entire night the master-student perfect Lisara’s sexy poses. Too sexy for our eyes? I think Caesar is enjoying it. See the smirk on doggy’s face? Because he’s a dog, I think Lisara could forgive him for jumping on her. See? Even the dog can’t resist. Finally Lisara perfects the crouching tiger pose.

Just before the contest begins, I guess Iria tries to play some mind games to demoralize Lisara. In the locker room, Iria waltzes in naked, proudly showing off her boobs. While she and Lisara are arguing, Quele rigs Lisara’s swimsuit. Muneyo hosts the first swimsuit competition and the guys (and even girls) are eagerly awaiting the participants. Who but Muneyo can be the best judge of breasts? First up is Quele. However she drops a bombshell by announcing she will be pulling out from the competition as it is too heavy a burden for her. However the crowd loves her since she puts up her moe act. Next is Mina but she is missing. Ryousuke has an idea where she is and rushes to her. She is sitting alone outside. She didn’t have the confidence to go on stage in her swimsuit. Ryousuke said some nice things about her so the most she did even with her regained confidence is to put on the swimsuit to show it to him exclusively. At least Ryousuke was straightforward to say if she wasn’t his childhood friend, he would have dived into those delicious boobs. Thank goodness she is. By the time he returns, Iria and Lisara are already on stage. Iria is commanding the crowd with her waving. Yeah, see how she is shaking those huge jugs to garner support? Everyone is bewildered that Lisara is wearing a t-shirt on top of her swimsuit. This is part of Ryousuke’s plan, right? It certainly is. He shoots his water gun to make her shirt wet. Everyone revels at the sight of seeing through her t-shirt and the slender sports swimsuit underneath it.

Both of them are to appeal to the crowd but it seems Quele’s plan is starting to take shape. Because of the water, her swimsuit underneath is disappearing. Lisara panics and becomes embarrassed. Till Ryousuke offers his hand to help her up. I don’t understand the implication of this because Lisara takes Ryousuke and jumps into the pool. She frees herself from the swimsuit but Ryousuke is drowning. She brings him out but the crowd is looking at her soak through t-shirt. She’s not wearing anything underneath. Iria mocks her that she is so indecent and bold and that she doesn’t have a swimsuit, this means she is disqualified. She’s counting her chickens and wants Lisara to bow before her. But Ryousuke stands back up and explains about Lisara’s appealing factor. Ranting about Venus and the primitive age, he is trying to convince them that the new appeal is to cast away their swimsuits and to be free! Be naked! Be a nudist! The ultimate swimsuit is to wear your birthday suit! The guys are enlightened and acknowledge him as their greatest villainous eroticism leader! And the rest of the girls leave the place seeing this has become unrelated. Iria can’t believe she is losing support. Yeah. Both the crowd and her boobs. Those fakes are not holding up… She vows to get back at Lisara next time and leaves the stage. This means she withdraws, right? And so the inaugural competition is won by Lisara! Back home, Ryousuke strips naked to live his up to his motto of ultimate swimsuit. Lisara can’t take this anymore and beats him up.

Let It All Hang Loose!
Ah… Nothing much… Unless you’re talking about the fanservice of course. So did you enjoy the fanservice? Yeah, we sure had lots of boob shots and panty shots. All those delicious close ups and angles. I’m sure all this has given a much needed recharge for Ryousuke’s ‘kingdom’, right? Enough to last him for days. Unless Lisara zaps it all. But don’t worry, his perverted powers aren’t easily depleted and easily replenished. There are some close moments between Lisara and Ryousuke but it doesn’t feel like it impacted and made their relationship deeper. Like the drowning part, I’m sure it was something along this line but I just couldn’t feel it. Besides, we have been so numbed watching all the boobs and fanservice, why do we need to care about the relationship between the characters and the plot of the story? And remember, if you want to try and test out to be a nudist and hang them loose, the weight you may feel that has been lifted off your shoulders is just probably your clothes. Otherwise, you don’t want to regret having to live with the weight of embarrassment after that.

Imagine if you could draw power and energy just based on your sexual power. Sounds like a hentai anime, right? Well, even as the title indicates, Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai should have given you a little hint that sex isn’t somewhat possible. So you can’t call it hentai without the sex part, right? Anyway, this doesn’t stop the series from being an ecchi genre with typical fanservice aimed at male target audiences. That’s why we guys watch this anime, right?

You can’t have an ecchi anime without the main guy being a pervert himself. That would have defeated the purpose of making the genre so. Just like any normal healthy boy his age, he enjoys looking at girls’ breasts, thighs, boobs, their underwear, you get the idea. But you won’t get to see him doing this very often. He has a ‘chance’ to put his overflowing perversion to use when he contracts with an elite Grim Reaper. Guess what? She has to use his energy to preserve herself as long as she stays on Earth. Guess what energy is that. Yup. I guess that is what fuels this dude and is what going to fuel her. But it’s all going to be a waste since this guy is going to die soon and what a shame that he has to die young and isn’t done with his pervertness yet. No choice, he has to help her in her mission if he wants to extend his life and continue his perverted lifestyle.

Episode 1
Like I said. Ryousuke Kaga is a pervert. To prove it, he is ogling at the breast of his childhood friend, Mina Okura and even notices she has breached the F-cup barrier. So is it no wonder at Momozono Academy, he has developed an infamous reputation for being a pervert? I mean, look at him admiring the bras of the girls in soaked clothes. I’m not sure about some showdown with another pervert, Hikaru Tamano because Ryousuke is claiming his horniness is evil. What’s the difference? Anyway, Ryousuke returns home only to see a girl, Lisara Restall standing outside his house. He must be loving seeing a girl in wet clothes and even offer her to come in and dry her clothes. Don’t lie. You want to get lucky with her rather than help her, no? Inside, Lisara seems to know all about Ryousuke, including his father’s death and mom who is now working in Germany. She takes a look at her bracelet and sees a number of 12,000 and is not impressed of its weak figure. Anyhow he’ll just do. She gets up close to him catching this pervert’s guard off and then stabs him a broken sword right in his heart and then taking some energy from him. After she finishes bathing, she kicks and wakes him up but I guess he must be having some perverted dream about seeing some red threads so when he suddenly gets up, his head ‘collided’ into her lower body part. She beats him up but I think he is an M because he is enjoying it and insists on seeing her panties. If she was wearing one. Even better! When their hands made contact again, it’s like some energy start swirling around. She demands to know if he had undergone some transformation but he’s lost. She introduces herself as the highest esteemed family heiress from Grimworld. Did he understand that? What about all living things having souls tied to their bodies with energy and in the event of death it is their job to gather them? That’s like a Grim Reaper, right? Yeah, he starts laughing. Since she set foot in the human world, her energy levels deplete rapidly and did a provisional binding ceremony with him to bind their souls together temporarily with the broken sword called Gram (it only affects the soul that’s why there is no bodily harm). How much did Ryousuke understand all that? She wants to have sex with him so much that she cooked up such a story! If beating this guy up doesn’t change his pervertness, maybe summoning her badass flaming scythe would change his mind. Yes. She’ll make him forget!

Suddenly little blobs start entering the house as they form into a tentacle creature. Lisara initiates a barrier around the house so the outside world will not get affected by whatever destructive moments they’ll soon be engaging. Ryousuke cowers in a corner while Lisara fights the monster and trashes the house. However she soon runs out of energy. So much so her clothes are disappearing! Stop staring at her boobs and help! Help indeed but why touch her boobs?! But she felt some power flowing through and makes a comeback to destroy the monster. That’s the good news. What’s the bad news? The house is totally annihilated! But sex is all on Ryousuke’s mind. Yeah, he thinks her energy revived in one burst after contact. He concludes his energy explodes from his body when he experience sexual thrills. Is he stupid? No. He’s a pervert! Horniness = Love = Justice! WTF?! He doesn’t really care about her quest to find a special specimen of some hero or genius and form a proper bond to increase her stature. As long as it’s against his horny policy, anything else won’t do! How does she get this guy to listen? Reminding him she is a Grim Reaper, she has the ability to see death. His life is fizzling out and will die in 3 months. Nothing can change that. Looking pretty worried for a pervert now, eh?

Episode 2
Don’t worry. There’s a way to save him. Help her find that special specimen and she will use it to save his life. Yes, please do. He’ll do anything to make his horny life last longer. Maybe he should die right now. Lisara predicts right a panda’s death so Ryousuke believes she is a Grim Reaper. Then she collapses since she runs out of energy but now that she has fallen into his arms, he replenishes her. So great his ero power that even his house is fixed back to as good as new! Next morning, Ryousuke is shocked to realize his ‘kingdom’ is gone! Thanks to Lisara using his energy while he’s asleep to replenish herself. Guess what? Whenever she does that, he can’t use his ‘kingdom’ for 2-3 days! Oh sh*t! There goes his ero life. Anyway to search for that special specimen, she has transferred to his school starting today (that uniform, did she borrow it from Natsuiro Kiseki?). Outside, Ryousuke introduces her to Mina and when she touches her hand, the bracelet shows 1,500,000! Lisara is popular with the boys. It’s part of her plan to touch their hand and get their reading. Even Tamano makes a move on her but she slaps him! Wuss boy threatens to tell his father and runs away crying. Yup. That’s all he’s made up. Lisara remembers her distant cousin, Quele Sellier gave her a pendant that reacted to this school having the special specimen though it has faded. After Ryousuke learns Lisara’s mission to become stronger to support Grimworld like her generations before her (otherwise monsters would come after her), he agrees to help her out. I don’t know why he introduced her to weird guys. Eating noodles upside down? Playing flute with his nose? Never change his underwear? Do you want to shake his hand?! Better wash it clean. The special specimen eludes her till Quele pops up. I’m sure Ryousuke digs those huge jugs. She is here because she has located the special specimen: Tamano. Serious? Suddenly a monster pops up so Quele tells them to head along while she stalls it. However this is also a setup because the monster is her familiar.

Quele goes to spy on Lisara talking to Tamano in the boxing ring. Prior to this, she also had setup Tamano to shake Lisara’s hand and planted something in his hand. To Quele’s dismay, Tamano is going to shake Lisara’s hand. If she wants to, get down on her knees and apologize. Ryousuke isn’t going to allow that and takes Lisara away. Tamano isn’t going to let this slip. Quele then butts in and doesn’t want them to fight and shake hands instead. When they do, magical chains start to bind Lisara. Quele inserts a bug into Tamano’s ear to make him unconscious and forget all that he saw. With Ryousuke’s power, Lisara is able to break free. Then both girls transform and set up a barrier, ready to battle. Ryousuke digs this transformation scene whereby he gets to see the girls go naked for several seconds. Quele reveals her true nature that she plans to take over her job in supporting Grimworld by getting rid of Lisara. She’ll take the special specimen while she’s at it. Lisara loses power quick but before Quele could finish her, Ryousuke touch their breasts to stop them from fighting. Feels like fluffy bread, huh? He wants Lisara to use his energy but has his ‘kingdom’ replenished yet? Hey, with his pervertness so great, he doesn’t need to wait that long! Quele is surprised that his horniness is a solid energy source. Lisara powers up and blows Quele away but the latter manages to escape. When they return home, they see Mina waiting inside the house. She wants to know if Ryousuke is hiding something. He thought she won’t believe him but on the contrary she does. Because earlier in the day, she saw Lisara disappearing into thin air in school. Lisara sets it straight that Ryousuke is just her business partner and their relationship is not like what she thinks. He’s not her type. But still, Mina can’t believe his horniness is an energy source. Believe it. Just like car runs on petrol, Lisara runs on his libido! Leave it to this guy to come up with erotic wise cracks…

Episode 3
Mina suggests Lisara to shake hands with the top talented students in this school. There are 8 of them and Muneyo Meshiyori is one of them. What’s her specialty? She can accurately detect the breast size of any girl with just a glance! WTF is this talent? Hell, it’s one for Ryousuke. Muneyo doesn’t consider any breasts below 80cm to be a woman. That means Lisara too, right? Therefore she won’t shake hands with her. So the one with the largest breasts is her goddess and that happens to be Iria Fukumune, a model for Merlot Life Insurance and Ryousuke’s top idol. Her breast size is actually 92cm instead of the reported 90cm. Wow. If Ryousuke doesn’t believe her, they can settle this because Iria will be holding a handshaking session at Merlot’s office. So Ryousuke throws a challenge if Iria’s boobs are smaller than 92cm, she must shake Lisara’s hand. Mina is still awake that night in her room when Quele pays her a visit. She has hypnotized her parents and they believe she is a transfer student who will be staying at their place. She starts asking about Ryousuke. Lisara and Ryousuke get a big shock to see Quele turning up with Mina at the train station and Mina is fully aware about Quele. In short, Quele has formed a contract with her to keep staying in this world. Illegal? Lisara’s doing isn’t any much different. Quele talks to Lisara that Mina really cares about Ryousuke because she heard her ranting on him last night. Lisara wants to confirm if it was her who sent the monster to attack her when she first arrived. She denies but after being threatened about her trustworthy info source, she reveals Merlot to be it. Ryousuke lines up with the other fans to get Iria’s signature. Seems Iria has that bracelet and is not impressed with Ryousuke’s low figures. She gets excited when she detects high numbers in Muneyo. Guess what? Muneyo admits she was wrong. Her bust size is actually 92.5cm! Before you know it, Iria and Lisara had a b*tchy showdown. Eh? Do they know each other? Apparently they went to the same school in Grimworld together and are rivals in just about everything. Lisara always topped her as Iria always come in second place. Great. So Ryousuke’s angel is a Grim Reaper? Hell, his fantasy is falling apart.

So great the b*tches hatred at each other that it’s enough to change the weather into a freaking storm! Better run for your lives! Iria initiates a barrier and transforms. We further learn that to further enhance Iria’s status, she plays pop idol in the human world and Merlot is a company in Grimworld to aid sufferers of chronic energy deficiency. Something as to steal energy from humans (Iria draws her energy from her zealous fans). Lisara says the royal family knows of Merlot’s existence but the Restall family still surpasses Merlot’s energy accumulation. Iria scoffs everything off and starts relating her hardship. She joined this company so that she can use this Frockie weapon to defeat her. She adds that she is not superior to her in everything. I supposed you could’ve guessed what that area is: Boobs. To Ryousuke, he is enjoying seeing Iria’s bouncy boobs in action. It’s his treasure chest. Get it? Chest! Iria entices Ryousuke with her sexy poses and this upsets Lisara. She makes it a point that if anything belongs to Lisara, she’ll want to steal it from her. Iria pummels her and Ryousuke wants her to use his ero powers but she refuses. Aside her pride, Mina understood that if her partner got energized from looking at another woman, she too would be disappointed. Iria is about to unleash her final blow but Ryousuke takes the hit. Then he starts lecturing. Yes. Lecturing about how men are always suffering because of getting aroused by boobs. Animal instincts, says he? He laments they are fighting over their breast size and that each girl has her own unique treasure. The variety of treasures brings romance to his life. The very existence of girls is his treasure! After finished getting zapped (porcupine hair as a result?), Lisara absorbs his power and blows Iria away. No match.

Episode 4
How can Ryousuke still be her fan when he knows her real identity? She’s still got the boobs! Is he trying to say Lisara’s boobs are inferior? Hope he prepared himself for that. Oh, guess what? Iria becomes the new transfer student in Ryousuke’s class! Looks like there’s a higher chance of b*tch fights with Lisara. Iria is shaking hands with the eager boys and Lisara knows this is her ploy to gauge their strength. So Lisara brings her to the rooftop for a private chat. Seems Merlot is trying to find the special specimen and it is in this school. She wasn’t interested at first but if it’s something Lisara is looking for, she would love to beat her to it. It makes her want to sabotage her more. There’s your cat fight signal. They’re going to duke it out when Ryousuke stops them. Girls shouldn’t be fighting over each other. Quele who is watching somewhat views Ryousuke in a different light. Lisara leaves as she doesn’t have time to waste with this foolishness. Iria then uses her seductive charms and big boobs to get Ryousuke to show her around school. He can’t say no, right? But what does Lisara has to say about it? Heh. She gave her ‘permission’ to do what he wants. Lisara goes off to gather clues about the genius and asking around leads her to the library. Before she could make her move, she spots the monster blobs outside the window and rushes back to the rooftop where Quele and Mina are. Meanwhile Ryousuke is in a heavenly place: The girls’ locker room. He’s already starting to envision all those juicy boobs. Because he wanted to see girls change so much, Iria voluntarily changes in front of him! It’s part of her plan to gauge his power and the more stimulated he is, the higher the numbers. Iria tries to convince him to make a contract with her (using her boobs is always the best answer). Since he isn’t sure about Gram inside his body, Iria explains it is a special item that protects the royal family. It is split into 2 and as we know, one of them is inside Ryousuke’s body. The other half belongs to the male of Galdarblog family though it is rumoured to be missing. According to legend, the sword half is only dormant and will awake only in a crisis. Ryousuke parallels that to a penis?!

Lisara and Quele have a hard time trying to take out the monster. Like always. If only her power source is here. Mina goes to call help from Ryousuke (she knows where he is because Quele told her). By this time, Iria is upset that despite all the fanservice she has given, his power is not rising and puts back on her clothes. Ryousuke rushes to the scene to see Lisara down. He lets her absorb his power it seems pretty weak. Iria recognizes this monster as something that Merlot created. She attacks the monster since she prefers to defeat Lisara with her own powers. Ryousuke gets more stimulated when he gets to see Lisara’s boobs. So he prefers smaller boobs? Not quite. It must just be Lisara. He gives Lisara all his sparkling ‘kingdom’! Here comes the power! In one slash, Lisara destroys the monster but the impact is so great that, how should I put it, it made Iria’s breasts smaller. Eh? What? So they’re smaller than Lisara’s? Lisara explains about Iria coming from province in Grimworld so she used some illusionary magic spell to increase her breast size and raise her class level. No wonder it was so big like as though it was unreal. Too good to be true, huh? Iria is sad that the folks back home won’t like her but Ryousuke reminds her that it isn’t the size that matters. It is the warmth inside that counts. You think Iria wants to believe his crap? Worse, he tells her to take a look at his ‘kingdom’ as proof! That earned him a slap alright. Lisara remembers about the school genius and goes to the library. He sees a group waiting for Ryousuke and putting on an emperor’s cap on him. They ask him perverted questions and since he remembers he had club activities, he gladly joins them. So… He is one of the geniuses?! As Mina puts it, he is known as the horniest and stupidest boy in school and Ryousuke himself doesn’t know about it. I guess this trims down their geniuses in this school to just 6, huh? Oh Lisara. She must be so disappointed.

Episode 5
Quele gets her energy replenished each time as Mina tells her stories of Ryousuke. Mina notes how Quele has changed and has come to like Ryousuke. If only he wasn’t such a pervert. But that wouldn’t be Ryousuke anymore, right? Quele still has doubts with her feelings over Ryousuke so as she takes a night walk, she sees Ryousuke and Lisara taking out another monster. Lisara only got a scratch but Ryousuke vows to prepare harder next time. So as Quele spies on him, this preparation of his turns out to be reading a dictionary? As Mina explains, he is good in manifesting images and words so remembering those words and even the page number will help him in ‘recharging’. He is so engrossed with reading the dictionary that he doesn’t pay heed to Lisara. Quele and Mina follow him around doing his training to a point he is using an invisible dictionary! That night Quele pays him a visit but she gets surprised when he is sleep talking. She backs out when he mentions about kissing. Lisara goes on her own to find all the geniuses and all of them on the list are not what she expected. Another big disappointment? Yeah, she should’ve guessed the list of geniuses may be some sort of bogus when Ryousuke is on it. She should’ve got the hint. When Lisara returns, she still sees him training with his invisible dictionary. Because he continues to ignore her, she blows her top that she isn’t doing this for fun and has not much time left. She runs away fuming as Ryousuke who got his concentration broken, goes after her. Lisara rests at the park. And good timing. Because there’s a monster. Ryousuke felt his chest in pain for a second. He bumps into Quele and Mina but continues to search for Lisara. When he finds her, she’s already in the tentacles of the monster. Ryousuke replenishes her power to free her. He then apologizes for making her mad despite not knowing what’s going on. He was training hard for this moment.

Then we see him going into Zen mode. What’s he doing? He’s reading from his invisible dictionary. Quele can’t see it so Mina says to see not with her eyes but her heart. Suddenly, she can really see the dictionary too! Because they love Ryousuke, is the reason why they can see it. Quele flusters and knocks herself out upon knowing she loves him. Hey! Ryousuke is a Centaur or angel in their eyes? Are they hallucinating? So we see Ryousuke reciting words from the dictionary and despite remembering normal words like papyrus, summer and room, all of them leads to some perverted meaning. Well, yeah. I admit he is really good in memorizing the pages of where those words are… Lisara realizes they can’t defeat the monster because of its water attributes. Lisara is fire. The monster grabs Lisara once more as Ryousuke tries to do another recharge. She doesn’t want him to risk his soul further but the monster grabs him too. Lisara thought he has died when his body becomes motionless. Perhaps he was just concentrating on his final recharge word: Impossible. There is no such thing as impossible when it comes to his ero! Protecting Lisara is his mission! A bright light emits from his chest as he uses this concentrated power to destroy the monster for good. Lisara is fine but wonders why the lost Gram reaction ended up within Ryousuke. Ryousuke soon comes to as Quele and Mina want Lisara to make up with him. Still don’t want to? Otherwise Quele would gladly take Ryousuke for her own. Ah yes. The all-too-familiar fight over a boy is finally here. Let the struggle begin!

Episode 6
In Grimworld, some war is raging on. Galdarblog insists this world must follow his path and rains his own destruction. Boom! Lisara explains the broken Gram in which the patriarchal Galdarblog and matriarchal Restall hold a piece each. Too bad Ryousuke already knows about it from Iria. It irks Lisara just to hear her name. Oh, she’s back from her nationwide tour and has even brought back snacks for them. Oh, her humongous boobs have returned too. So the baffling part is how Ryousuke already had the other half of Gram inside of him because Lisara sure didn’t know she was completing it as a whole when she made a contract with Ryousuke. Mina thinks there is someone who can explain about this. They contact Ryousuke’s mom, Satomi in Germany. I’m sure she’s more interested to see which girl he is interested. And I’m sure we’re more interested to see the girls introduce and fight over him. Even the topic changes to about boob size. What’s the fuss about boob size? I guess Lisara has the smallest among them… Anyway back on track, after Ryousuke explains what happened and how Lisara is staying with him, Satomi remembers how this is pretty similar to how she met his father. One rainy day, he was standing outside her house staring into space and had no memory of anything including his name. This scene is looking very similar, no? She got attracted by his good looks and took him in. You could say the rest is history. Because he doesn’t remember his name, Satomi called him Ryousuke. So his son is named after his father? Satomi reveals another truth. His dad isn’t dead yet as he believed. It was all made up, scattering his ashes in his hometown. More accurately, he is missing. One day when Satomi was pregnant with Ryousuke, daddy acted strange again. He then stabbed Gram into her and that’s the last she saw of him. His last words were to settle some score and will leave his sword with his child. Later Lisara and Ryousuke discuss about now Gram is a whole since he inherited it when Satomi was pregnant. Ryousuke’s dad sounded like he is one from Grimworld and there’s this legend that says when Gram awakens as a whole, Grimworld will be in a crisis and its wielder will rise up and stand against evil. That’s like a superhero, right?

Quele is irked that Ryousuke and Lisara may resort to horny stuff to power up. She feels she must capture his heart first and pleads to Mina for help. Iria also talks to Lisara about Ryousuke and the latter brushes off about being worried for him since he will die in 2 months. Iria during her nationwide tour talks to her manager about the special specimen detection at Momozono but she only mentions about that single burst of energy detected 3 months ago. As for Lisara’s failure, the higher ups in Merlot have decided not to take any action on that matter. Iria feels strange since she believes that monster was controlled by Merlot. Meanwhile Galdarblog has realized his lost Gram sword is in the human world, which explains why no amount of searching could locate it. Lisara and Ryousuke are about to face off another of those monsters. Quele jumps in to show how capable she is. She might be doing great at first but the monster turns into several mini blobs that easily suck their energy. Quele could’ve been a goner if not for Mina coming to her recharge rescue. Ryousuke uses his invisible dictionary mode but he too is at his limits. He vows to protect the girls and was doing this all for her and not because he wanted to save his own life. His touching statement made Lisara shed a teardrop. It drops onto his chest and suddenly he felt an enormous surge of power flowing through his body. The enormous blast destroys the monsters. Galdarblog who has been watching their action realizes that it is only Lisara who was the one able to unleash the powers of Gram. He must act now and not delay. While Quele is disheartened that she blew her chance to show off her good side to Ryousuke, suddenly Galdarblog drops in and takes Mina as hostage. He tells Ryousuke and Lisara if they want this girl back, they must come to him. So it’s decided. They’re going to Grimworld. Well, Ryousuke is going to need all the confidence he can get against this guy.

Episode 7
Lisara, Ryousuke and Quele are flying through a secret passageway to Grimworld. They have to take the backdoor since they don’t want to tell their enemies “Hi guys, we’re back”, right? Free falling from the sky, Lisara points out a tower name Tuleslay that gathers and stores all energy from humans. This energy is important to keep their sun burning. In the nucleus of Tuleslay is a gate that links Grimworld to Earth so when a human is about to die, they use that gate to travel and absorb the human’s energy before kicking the bucket. Gee, that’s very considerate not to waste any energy when we’re about to die. The Restall family was in charge of the gate to moderate the Grim Reaper traffic but Galdarblog revolted and started a war and are in control of the tower now. Quele’s water magic allows them to have a soft landing. Lisara wants to retreat to her home and make plans but Ryousuke insists on barging ahead to rescue Mina. He is confident he has Gram and that Galdarblog stands no chance. Meanwhile Iria gets orders from Merlot headquarters wanting her to destroy the targets because with Galdarblog’s influence, the Restall family will be destroyed. Iria realizes that the monster is sent by them and wants Lisara trapped. Mina wakes up in a room in Tuleslay. She meets Galdarblog who rants about this world needing to return to its former self and joining forces with humans. In order to reclaim the human world and take back the lost royal treasure which is Gram, an immeasurable power is needed. Learning that Ryousuke has taken the bait, he goes off to prepare for battle. Ryousuke fights the monsters with Gram and powers up with his invisible dictionary. Ketsudan ryoku = Decision power = Butt power! Oh, the play on words… Quele is injured during the monster’s rampage and Ryousuke starts to panic. He can’t see the words in his invisible dictionary anymore. Only with Iria dropping in and Lisara lending her hand were they able to annihilate all the monsters.

Ryousuke wakes up and thinks he is in heaven. Does heaven have a pair of beautiful maids? And the goddess can’t be Lisara, right? Because she’s got boobs… Enough to earn him a wake up punch! The goddess turns out to be Almeia, Lisara’s mom and they’re back at Lisara’s home. Ryousuke is relieved that Quele has been healed by them. Ryousuke realizes Lisara’s mission of coming to Earth to attain greater powers to fight Galdarblog. Lisara laments she couldn’t find that special specimen but Almeia points out she found a kind and gentle knight instead. Ryousuke feels he is not that great after remembering he let Quele get injured and apologizes for being cocky. Almeia has her maids, Hild and Urs to heal him. If this healing process looks and feels so horny, I’m sure everybody especially Ryousuke would gladly want to do it. However Ryousuke is not in horny mood because he is still traumatized by that. Despite his physical wounds healed, Amelia can feel there are still unseen wounds and wants him to rest while he can. Lisara talks to Quele that she and Iria (who has intelligence on how to infiltrate Tuleslay) will go face Galdarblog as Ryousuke is in no condition to fight since he won’t be able to unleash his perverted powers. In the worst case scenario if she fails, Lisara will leave it to Quele. Mina remembers how she was quite close to Ryousuke since young. He always helped her and it’s no surprise she took a liking for him. She even tried to confess once. The perfect setting. Sunset, alone after school with the sakura petals scattering. If only the train didn’t muffled out her words. Because it was then Ryousuke vowed to protect all girls as his treasure. So much about wanting her to pay extra attention to only her. Quele makes her way to Ryousuke’s room. She undresses herself and wants him to f*ck make love with her.

Episode 7.5
This recap episode is supposed for Lisara and Quele to access Ryousuke’s power and capabilities. Instead, we see them narrating the events up to Mina’s kidnapping before their departure to Grimworld. From the time Ryousuke met Lisara outside his house, the unleashing of his perverted powers to replenish her in their first battle, their fight with Quele followed by one with Iria, his training of using his invisible dictionary and Satomi’s back story of Ryousuke’s dad. It’s as though Lisara and Quele are being a pair of commentators, commenting their thoughts on certain scenes. Quele is like infatuated with Ryousuke and Lisara embarrassed about her fanservice scenes. Of course you can’t leave out those important and juicy fanservice scenes, can’t we? Ah, that’s why we watch the recap again despite learning nothing new. We just don’t get tired of those small and big boobs, don’t we?

Episode 8
Lisara rendezvous with Iria and looks like this is part of Iria’s plan as she is obeying Merlot’s orders to break Ryousuke’s contract. As they rush through the forest, it brings back fond memories of the training they went through. Lisara thanks Iria for everything for without her, she would have not been the top of the class. Lisara goes to seek the Restall army’s help to attack Tuleslay as a diversion. Quele starts getting horny with Ryousuke in order for him to get his horniness back. But Ryousuke is in no mood. Where has his ero power gone to? Then he realizes from Quele’s words that Lisara has left on her own and Quele was trying to seduce him to get his powers back to aid Lisara. No time to mope in the safety of this mansion when Lisara is out there risking her life, right? The Restall army attacks Tuleslay and Galdarblog isn’t going to just welcome them. Welcome them he did. A fiery one, that is. And Mina couldn’t have picked a better time than to escape from her room via climbing outside the window, tiptoeing on the ledge. So what do you expect when the attack between both sides really starts to shake things up? She falls off, of course. I guess when a person is about to die, their life flashes before their eyes and for Mina, the times she spent with Ryousuke and her unsuccessful confession. Makes her really remember how much she loves him, eh? As she screams out his name, a powerful energy flows through her. Galdarblog realizes the importance of this woman and orders his army to capture her.

Ryousuke and Quele see the bright energy light from the mansion and worry that something may have happen to Lisara or Mina. They want to make haste but were stopped by Almeia. Almeia clearly told Quele to stay put and not take care of Ryousuke so the maids coolly inch closer towards Quele to execute their punishment (whatever that is). Ryousuke won’t return to the mansion with her seeing Lisara is out there risking here life. But that is more the reason why he should. Because Galdarblog’s aim is to seize Gram from within him and must stop him at all cost. What Lisara is doing is merely a necessary action as Restall’s heir. That’s why she left without telling him. Iria guides grateful Lisara inside the tower but the latter realizes this is a setup when the door closes behind and all the monsters appear and surround her. Her fire magic doesn’t work so she is tied up as the monsters take turn to whip her like a punching bag. Ryousuke can’t accept this heir crap thingy. I guess seducing him by making sleep in her bosoms isn’t working either. He was confused at the start but now realized that it is because of Lisara that first brought his powers to light. He is confident Gram’s power will guide him and as long as he is one with Lisara, they can unleash Gram’s true powers. To prove it, Ryousuke pulls out Gram from his chest! Then he heads off with Quele to where Lisara is. I don’t know what Quele did to the maids but they end up in some pretty ambiguous fanservice position. Meanwhile Iria shows us she is no cold hearted b*tch because despite with Lisara’s downfall she can finally beat her, it’s no use if she is no longer her rival, right? What’s the use of beating her not with her own powers? Those few nice words Lisara said prior must have made her guilty, no? So screw Merlot’s orders. To hell with Galdarblog. Iria comes busting back and frees Lisara from her chains as they cooperate to destroy the monsters.

Episode 9
As Lisara runs through the corridors to search for Galdarblog, Mina has been captured and brought to him. He wants to know how she released that burst of energy but of course she doesn’t. Mina is so scared that it causes her to demonstrate that energy burst again. So that’s how. Lisara arrives on scene so Galdarblog unleashes his demon sword, Tyrfing and fends off her attacks. Then he holds Mina hostage. Guess what? She’s the special specimen! Who would’ve guessed. And for her to be so close to Lisara and she never have once guessed it. Didn’t the number on the bracelet when she first touched her give her an indication? Mina is on the verge of losing control of her powers but Galdarblog realizes he can’t seize it either because the mark of Sellier family is on her. As long Quele has a provisional contract on her, no one else can control her. Galdarblog orders his army to find Quele to undo the contract. So will Lisara undo hers and hand over Gram? Over her dead body! Well, she might want to take that back because Galdarblog defeats her and is moments away from making her a sacrifice when Ryousuke arrives on scene. I guess it saves Galdarblog the trouble to find him, eh? Gram versus Tyrfing. Who will triumph in the battle of power? Seems Tyrfing has the edge. But Ryousuke isn’t out yet. Galdarblog says even with its immense power, this sword cannot open the gate. That’s why he desires Gram and kept a lookout for the special specimen. If Gram is truly a sword that can defeat evil, he wants Ryousuke to prove it so that it’s not just a legend. Lisara doesn’t want Ryousuke to bear anymore of this responsibility so he hugs her and gets his motivation back. We see him fantasizing some dating scene with Lisara that eventually ends up with them in bed. I guess it’s his ero way of powering back. Surprise, Galdarblog? Yeah, when they are joined as one, they are the strongest. Get it? Galdarblog sees Tyrfing ‘quivering’ and realizes Ryousuke has awakened Gram’s power to such an extent. In the final face off, Ryousuke powers up Gram and fires at him. But Galdarblog didn’t resist and instead takes the stab. He admits he loves humans and is proud Ryousuke is able to overcome this obstacle. His kind was tasked with diminishing the human race to ensure future prosperity. But they pitied humans and lengthened the lives of humans who were supposed to die. This threw everything off balance and Grimworld suffered energy deficiency and this affected Earth as well. Their option is to wait for a dismal future. To avoid this, they must destroy the barrier between Grimworld and Earth and this is what Galdarblog was trying to do. He thanks and congratulates Ryousuke and should be proud of what he has done. The tower shuts down as Ryousuke emits a powerful energy while lamenting all this is his fault. When Lisara wakes up, she sees both worlds have been fused and Galdarblog’s army advancing through the devastated city. Hey! Notice something? Notice Lisara was semi-naked with her boobs exposed for this entire episode!!! Woot! The short fantasy didn’t count of course…

Episode 10
Ryousuke wakes up in his room but it’s his dog that greets him. Suddenly Mina is overcome with emotion when she steps into the room. As we’re being told, Ryousuke was out unconscious for a week after expending so much energy on Gram and the girls were really worried if he would ever open his eyes again. Lisara says the Restall army’s appearance has calmed things down for now. Though Ryousuke still feels guilty that everything is his fault, he can’t wallow in self guilt now since the girls especially Mina, are very worried. But he’s not out of the woods yet because he has only 2 weeks left to live. Hey, they’ve got the special specimen, right? Ryousuke gets superb service with Lisara and Quele serving him porridge in naked apron. Not 100% naked because Lisara is wearing a swimsuit underneath. I guess Ryousuke still loves it. Iria just returned as she mentions about everything being shut down, the trains, handphones and network system. She is being whisked away by the duo and to her surprise finds out they haven’t told Ryousuke the whole truth yet. Mina thought Ryousuke is searching for his porn books. Well, she was cleaning his room and found them and nicely arranged them in the shelves! What is she? His mother? Actually he is trying to find his handphone. His computer is missing too. Actually his handphone and computer were accidentally put in the washing machine. WTF?! How can you do that to a PC? Airhead excuse? What about his TV? Lisara sold it for money. Shucks. Because Merlot is in a mess, Iria can no longer return to her apartment and wants to stay here. Well, the more the merrier. Besides, who did she contract with for energy? Oh. His dog. Ryousuke wants to head down to the internet cafe to look up on happenings during his slumber but the girls want him to play cards instead. The loser strips a piece of clothing. See how fast he instantly walked back in? He’s game. Feast your eyes on the sexy colourful lingerie the girls are in. Looks like Ryousuke is the only one fully clothed. Wow! Sexy! Lisara has the ‘honour’ of being the first to remove her bra and go topless. Ryousuke anticipates in baited breathe till all his cards fall out from his sleeve. Busted. Can he fake airhead excuse? Nope. He gets beat up instead.

While resting in his room a Grim Reaper, Dalnia Earhart reminds him about his balance life and that she is here to do his job. Ryousuke is pretty confident the special specimen is around but Dalnia chides how unworthy he is after the destruction he caused. What destruction? She shows him everything. The other girls tell Mina that her special powers activate when she confesses to Ryousuke. Just thinking about him will enable he to release all that energy. When a special specimen was detected 3 months ago at Momozono, she was trying to confess to Ryousuke, right? After so hard in getting Ryousuke’s confidence back, now he’s back to trauma mode. He is not too happy the girls hid the truth from him. Iria knows who Dalnia is. She is also from Merlot and has reputation of completing all her job. Ryousuke wants to go out and fight but the girls won’t let him. Dalnia tells him the hard facts that the soldiers are laying down their lives by orders of the crown and that all humans are supposed to die anyway. Once Ryousuke expires, she will guide and secure his energy. Thanks for letting us know his grim fate, b*tch. Lisara is confident she can save his life with the special specimen but Dalnia knows Mina is in no condition to release her powers and not prepared to do so. Until the day Ryousuke dies, she’ll be living here. Great. After threatening to take his life, now she’s freeloading. Dalnia makes herself at home while Ryousuke just spaces out. Of course he has no mood to eat if you know your days are numbered. Iria talks to Lisara, thinking it’s best she should think about the best ways to spend her remaining days with him but she insists their relationship isn’t like that and would never fall in love with that pervert. Liar. Ryousuke can’t sleep too. How can he after all that guilt. I wonder how he got his TV back and got to watch some debate raging on TV about the Grim Reapers having the rights to take lives. Ryousuke feels it would be unfair if his life was only spared after all this. He wonders what he can accomplish in a week and if he used his remaining time in a way which leaves no regrets, is that considered accomplishment? He wishes he noticed Lisara’s feelings but she disagrees she feels the same about him and needs to accept Mina to save his life. She just wants to keep her promise. Really? Nothing more?

Episode 11
Satomi returns and is relieved her son is not dead. Yet. What do you mean by that?! He better not be dead! Urm, I think strangling him would just hasten his death, don’t you think? So when Satomi meets the other girls face to face and learns the way he can be saved, she leaves it in their hands to save him. Ryousuke and Mina are set up to go out on a date today. It beats me why do they need to wait for each other at some distant park when they just live next door to each other. Leaving things to them won’t see much progress so Lisara, Quele and Iria tail them just to give them a much needed push. Quele temporarily controls a stray dog to attack them so Ryousuke saves Mina by pulling her to his side. That gets the ball rolling. Whether it’s watching a movie, shopping, playing the crane game or having a meal, it’s pretty odd to see that they are the only people around! Where the heck is everybody else?! Like a dead town ravaged by zombies?! Satomi meets Dalnia and the latter as usual becomes a wet blanket on Ryousuke’s life. She pours cold water on Lisara’s theory that the special specimen can save him. Based on her experience, they will end in failure. But mama isn’t going to listen to her because she believes Lisara can do it. Based on her experience, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. Even death? I guess now the only thing they can do now is to wait and see. Lisara leaves as she feels the lovebirds don’t need her help but Quele and Iria continue to stay on. At the hilltop, it’s the perfect setting for a confession. Mina finally confesses she loves him and has feelings for him ever since young. Her powers start activating. But we know it didn’t work because we see Quele and Iria returning to Lisara and reporting the bad news. Why it didn’t work? Because Ryousuke turned her down! Bummer. That dimwit! Lisara is so upset that she is going to confront him. Oh, he’s back. How convenient. So why the hell did he reject Mina? Because he can’t lie to his feelings. Because he loves Lisara. Why am I not surprised? Lisara shrugs off she had feelings for him and remember the part about Ryousuke considering all the girls his treasure? Yeah, she may just be part of it. She wants Ryousuke to apologize to Mina, confess to her, become her lover, throw her arms around her, kiss her, make love to her, etc. Wow. That’s a lot of things to do. Isn’t this a sign that Lisara cares for him? Well, Ryousuke would love to hang around Lisara more. If only he didn’t collapse!!! NOOO!!! No funny! Wake up! So much about saving him. As the only guy around, how can you leave your harem girls alone?! The only guy around is dead. Or at least fallen back into comatose state. Satomi and Mina are inconsolable.

Episode 12
Dalnia is here to reap his energy and assures she is not taking his soul as they are both separate matters. But if she retrieves the energy, the bond between the soul and body will break permanently, right? So it’s like almost the same thing, no? Lisara wants Dalnia to give an extra day but she’s not listening and proceeds with her ritual. However she can’t extract his energy upon finding out Gram is inside him as this means his body and soul can’t be separated. She wants Lisara to remove it but Lisara begs to give more time. Dalnia chains her down and is going to continue with her ritual but Iria pushes her away. They both transform and fight. Mina receives an SMS from Ryousuke (he sent one before his collapse and due to the networking thingy, it reached her late). He reveals that he heard her first confession clearly but couldn’t give her an answer right away. If she wasn’t his childhood friend, he may have looked at her as another woman and married her. So for that reason, he apologizes to her but still likes her a lot. This was enough for Mina to release her special specimen power. This is timely as it interrupted Dalnia and Iria’s fight (the latter would’ve lost for good). The plan now is for Lisara to separate her soul from her body and use Mina’s power to bring Ryousuke’s soul back. First, Quele takes out the broken sword within Mina’s chest (the way she’s screaming in pain looked like as though she was going through labour!), then Lisara uses that broken sword to stab her own chest. Dalnia assures she won’t be taking any action and will just observe. At least till her curiosity is satisfied. However she notes if the soul is separated too long from the body by force, it will be rendered incapable of returning back. Lisara follows the chains as it leads her to Ryousuke. He is in a daze and doesn’t recognize who is calling him at first. He then realizes it’s Lisara but he doesn’t want her coming any closer or she’ll die too. Lisara is as stubborn as him as she tries to pull him back up but gets pulled down. Barely hanging for their lives, Lisara starts explaining her predicament. Since Ryousuke is too dumb to understand, she tells it straight to him that she loves him. It’s his perverted part that she hates and can’t let him die. If that isn’t reassuring enough, maybe this kiss will. So is he convinced?

Lisara returns to her body and to everybody’s relieve, Ryousuke is back alive! I think Lisara is the most emotional one. Ryousuke apologizes for making her worried and will do his best to make her smile from now on. Suddenly the special specimen power starts radiating massively from within him. How can this be? She gets an idea. In the aftermath, we see Dalnia explaining her Life Jewel concept. Grim Reapers and humans will start making regular contact with each other to develop a new two-way custodial relationship. This is because human energy can grow in exponential amounts depending on the person’s happiness level. That’s why they should support their lives and provide them with a way to elevate their energy levels till their deaths. This way, they’ll also acquire larger amounts of energy. Since then, Grim Reapers start living among humans in this world. Meanwhile Lisara won’t share bath time with Ryousuke even though they’re a couple now. You know what’s on his mind. However he assures her he still has the responsibility to make future of humans brighter with his power. His first big step for that happiness is to improve general birth rates! Oh. Can you see where this is going? Lisara doesn’t think so… Outside, Mina had this ‘evil’ thought that if Lisara continues to feel like this for Ryousuke, maybe there’s a chance she can steal him away. Here’s another rival to add: Iria is back and thinks of contracting with Ryousuke to create the best and biggest Life Jewel. For profit of course. After getting beaten up and bleeding all over, Ryousuke continues to revive with his ero powers and will keep on doing super erotic things to Lisara. For her sake. For her sake? The other girls won’t let him have his way.

Sexual Healing…
What a mediocre ending. Well, it’s not a surprise since I expected something like this too. So the world didn’t revert back to normal? Still fused? Wouldn’t it be strange now that humans and Grim Reapers are walking side by side? Won’t humans be always looking over their shoulder knowing that death can strike any time now? It’s closer than they think. Even if they’re going to keep up with this Life Jewel thingy and improve relations with humans, it still doesn’t dispel the fact that they are Grim Reapers, right? The ones who will take your soul when you die. Oh, what the heck. Why do I care? All I care is whether Ryousuke would have gotten lucky with Lisara or the other girls at any time in this series. Looks like it is safe to say that everyone continues to be a virgin. Keep trying harder, Ryousuke. Maybe you can use your immense perverted powers to overwhelmingly corrupt Lisara’s mind and change her opinion that sex is good for the soul. I mean, look at it this way. If Ryousuke replenishes via his erotic powers, then he transfers that power to Lisara, shouldn’t she too be ‘influenced’ by that perverted energy? Unless you’re telling me all energy in its raw form is clean and it’s just that Ryousuke’s thoughts are as dirty and impure as a garbage dumpsite. Yeah. Maybe that.

The characters are just pretty decent (oh, the irony) for such a genre. Nothing extraordinary. Perverted kid has some sort of dormant power within him which he can use for greater good when the time calls for it. How often have we heard the main hero having this kind of trait? Although Ryousuke is a pervert, however with the ability to power up easily with his erotic mind, it somehow just feels that the title of this series is somewhat redundant. I mean, as long as Lisara keeps absorbing his power, we are told his ‘kingdom’ won’t be ‘functional’ in a few days. That would normally be the norm. Thus he can’t play H. He can’t be ecchi. He can’t do hentai. He can’t have sex. Because there isn’t any erection! And then you see him using his invisible dictionary mode which replenishes his power and ‘kingdom’ so fast that it makes you wonder if you can stop his ‘little buddy’ from getting aroused. Speaking of his invisible dictionary, I also thought trying to remember pages of the dictionary that contains his favourite words is also somewhat redundant. Do you think it would be better to just remember the word? Why the heck do you need to go through all that number to flip through those imaginary pages and reach the right one when you can just recall a particular word straight? No need for flipping time. No need for extra memorization. Faster replenishing of power. Easier, don’t you think? Now that he has a little group of treasure on his own (called harem), he should be taking extra care of them. They are after all his greatest treasure chests, right?

Do you think we can consider Lisara as a tsundere? For most of the obvious part, she shrugs off her feelings for Ryousuke and insists that it is part of her duty or mission. I understand that girls would want to hesitate in declaring their love for him at first because of his perverted reputation. Imagine what others would think if a girl like you starts admitting to have feelings for a pervert. So what does this pervert have that others don’t which makes the main heroines in this series flock to him? Every main guy like him has his own principles too so that really feels kinda generic. Don’t tell me Lisara has been absorbing too much of his perverted energy and may have come to become ‘hook’ on them. Okay, she doesn’t look like it. Mina has been hanging around him for so long that it is only natural that she would develop feelings for him. Quele has heard so many wonderful stories of Ryousuke from Mina and if that doesn’t convert her into a Ryousuke fan, I don’t know what will. Iria initially wanted to best everything that Lisara had a hand in and though snatching Ryousuke is one of her agenda, it feels like she gradually develop some genuine feelings for it although it is not obvious that she has shown such feelings towards him. Yet. I guess with a girl like Iria around, it keeps Lisara on her toes because as the role of an eternal rival, where would the fun be if you’re no longer there t be taken down and defeated by your own hands? Absolutely boring. Absolutely no challenge. So despite Ryousuke being a pervert in which is a core of him they dislike, I guess they’d rather take the package as a whole and deal with it. Because as they put it, a pure Ryousuke is not Ryousuke at all. Yeah. Pervert = Ryousuke. So it’s like they’re in love with his perverted side too, right?

At first it baffles me to who this Galdarblog guy is. I was thinking if he was playing the badass villain the entire time just for that moment. Well, seems like it. If you don’t act like the villain, then heroes like Ryousuke won’t take you seriously. Then he won’t power up to his full potential and release all that immense power. Then I did some research a bit and to my surprise that he is supposed to be Ryousuke’s dad! I’m not sure if this is a troll or not because it was hard trying to get more information on this (maybe I was just plain lazy). If Galdarblog is indeed Ryousuke’s dad and Satomi’s husband, then there is one big issue that bugged me. If he was the one who inserted his broken half of Gram into Satomi, why the hell can’t he remember that it was there in the first place? It doesn’t make sense. Unless you tell me that his amnesia thingy is so bad that after he left Satomi and returned to Grimworld, he lost all his memories all over again. Yeah maybe. So what was his unfinished business he wanted to settle and left Satomi while she was still pregnant? This part of the flashback is still unclear so maybe if there was another season produced, it would address this issue. At first I also wonder why he can’t remember his son when they first confronted each other. Then I realized he has never met his son when he left. Therefore I guess he doesn’t know what he looks like when growing up. I was hoping that his fatherly instincts would kick in and do a Darth Vader revelation thingy and go, “Ryousuke… I am… Your father!”. Guess not. So is Galdarblog dead? When both worlds fused, we hear the Restall army were still fighting Galdarblog’s army. At least this is what I understand. Therefore what was their goal again? Was it to combine both worlds to save the hassle of collecting human energy and save Grimworld? Heck, get the energy source directly! As for Amelia, I thought she and her maids had too little and insignificant screen time to have any impact on the series. One thing odd about Amelia is that when she talks, you can see little flame sparks coming out from her mouth when she speaks. It’s like as though her guts are made of fire and she’s a walking incinerator!

The fanservice and ecchi scenes are the main motivation why one would even want to watch this show. Yes, sadly the storyline and characters weren’t that interesting enough to overwhelm the fanservice section so I guess for perverts like us, we revel more in seeing big tits and small tits in each episode. I’m not sure how many versions are there but the version I watched is the uncensored one. Yes, that’s right. In each episode, you’ll get your fill of bare tits in your face, especially Lisara. Are you turned on now? Well, after the umpteenth bare boobs, it just ‘loses’ its ‘magic’ feel. Take for instance this. You are a first timer stepping into a nudist colony. Your head will turn and your eyes open real wide when you see real tits in the flesh before your eyes. It’s like holy cow! Mamma Mia! Then when you’ve seen too many of boobs, your interest starts to diminish. I mean, it’s the same umpteenth boobs for heaven’s sake. But somehow we never seem to tire out, season after season for ecchi animes, right? What’s the magic attraction in that? :). Of course the uncensored version isn’t totally uncensored as there are a handful of parts that will be censored too with a streak of blinding light when it is deemed too ‘dangerous’ to be shown. The next episode preview is also amusing because it is where the characters rant about especially Ryousuke and his perverted lines. For example, honestly becomes horniest-ly, the girls wanting him to use their breasts and perhaps the best one was whereby he wanted to use his throbbing manly thing to shoot white stuff on his face. What white stuff?! The light! THE LIGHT, that is!!! If he had said that sooner, he wouldn’t have got beaten up by Lisara. Hehehe…

I can’t say that I am pretty pleased with the action although it isn’t that horrible. I just somehow don’t find them engaging enough. It’s already bad enough that I don’t remember the names of all those spells the girls spout during battles. My memories are worse than Galdarblog’s. I don’t know if this is a trend but whenever Lisara jumps into action with the monsters or her rivals, she tends to get beaten up first. Beaten to a point her clothes start tearing away. Fanservice, I know. Just reminds me of Ultraman. They fight a monster till their energy is dangerously low before making a comeback with some power up or help. One thing I want to mention about the monsters that Merlot keeps sending to attack Lisara, they seem to come in lots of shapes, sizes and colours. So much so they remind me of those colourful cute but dangerous monsters in Senki Zesshou Symphogear. No kidding. I thought the difference is that they don’t turn you into ashes upon contact. Then another funny point I want to point out is the suit that Restall and Galdarblog’s army wear. I don’t know. It made them look like bugs. So is this some fantasy world or a world where Grim Reapers come from? Even wearing in black cloaks won’t be as bad. Get what I’m saying? When Lisara was treated as a punching bag by the monsters and as a result her skin became bruised with burn marks, I thought it looked like she had contracted some sort of skin disease. I don’t know. It felt nauseating. It’s a good thing it was healed in the end.

In certain ways, I can’t help draw several comparisons how this series is similar to High School DxD. Both the main male protagonists are perverts and aren’t embarrassed in becoming one. The main heroine whom the heroine is contracted to is a red head from a highly esteemed family or clan who takes this guy under her wing and he becomes some sort of her ‘slave’. They are highly speculated to end up with each other and become a couple compared to the other girls. Instead of demons, angels and fallen angels, we have Grim Reapers and monsters from another parallel world instead. Both the guys too have some sort of hidden power that can be used to turn the tables on their enemies. However I feel that High School DxD is more superior in everything else compare to this series (except for the amount of boobs this one showed). While I do look forward to the sequel for High School DxD, I can’t say the same for this one as even if there is a sequel, I may or may not want to watch it. Most probably I will but even so, the enthusiasm isn’t as great. I’d only expect more boobs after all…

For the voice acting part, Hiro Shimono as Ryousuke feels like he is a perverted version of The World God Only Knows’ Keima Katsuragi or any other characters with angst and turn it into a perverted wave. Minori Chihara as the emotionless Dalnia reminds me of her other expressionless character roles like Chiaki in Minami-ke and Nagato in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu. Other casts include Aya Endo as Lisara (Matsu in Sekirei), newbie Arisa Nishiguchi as Quele, Misato Fukuen as Iria (Rika in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Kaori Ishihara as Mina (Kanna in Ano Matsu De Matteru), Aya Hisakawa as Almeia (Maya in Tenjou Tenge) and Shinobu Matsumoto as Galdarblog (Touma Amakasu in Campione). The rock outfit opening theme is Reason Why XXX by Sayaka Sasaki and the anime pop ending theme by Yozuca is entitled Platinum 17. Somehow both songs remind me of their respective themes in High School DxD.

What’s the use of having so much overflowing erotic powers if you can’t f*ck the girls in your harem? Haha! You can always do it yourself but I guess that defeats the purpose and beside the point. It’s like having the greatest library in the world with all the books within your collection but you can’t read. For decoration? I’m sure most guys have their ‘kingdom’ not for decoration. Is it the size or performance that counts? Remember, even if you are overflowing with such distasteful power, don’t go f*cking around to release all that pent up desires. But don’t wait till kingdom come if you know what is good for you ;p. Time to take out those Playboy magazines to replenish mine… Here comes my COSMOS!!!

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