May 20, 2016

Hmm… Another short anime series based on a yonkoma series. But I can tell what is going to happen in Danchigai when you have a household with only one brother and four sisters. Yes indeed. I think. When you are the only guy in the house, these girls make you look like you are running some sort of pimp house brothel, doesn’t it? Holy cow! Just kidding! Ahem… Let’s take that from the top again. When you are the only guy in the house, things won’t seem as monotonous as you think because when you have four lovely girls by your side lecturing you on just about everything and not give him a single opportunity to rest. That is what the synopsis says. Poor guy. I can imagine the pain he goes through in a house where women won’t just stop nagging…

Episode 1
Haruki Nakano is in a pinch. He can’t get up because his sister, Yayoi is sleeping on him. I’m sure he is being a gentleman trying not to push her away or wake her abruptly. Otherwise I would be thinking she must be that heavy for him! When twins, Uzuki and Satsuki come by, Haruki requests their help to wake her up but instead they take this chance to tickle Haruki. Yayoi wakes up and gets the wrong idea and chokes him thinking he did something pervy to her. Eldest sister, Mutsuki warns them not to be too noisy and disturb the neighbours or else no breakfast. The twins ambiguously describe their ‘hugging all morning’ and although Mutsuki understands what is going on, Haruki and Yayoi continue to make faces at each other. Mutsuki threatens to cut their allowance. That should put a stop. The twins cause more trouble by hugging and clinging on to Haruki before they head off to school. Yayoi helps clean up Haruki while making statements he would look cooler if he’d knew how to take care of himself. Is she being tsundere? Good thing or not, he didn’t hear her words clearly.

Episode 2
Yayoi felt piercing stares when she was changing. Turns out to be the twins. Apparently they are doing homework about their family. But does it have to be this intimate and details her favourite underwear colour? And so they read aloud what they have written about the rest. Like Haruki who is a lazy bum who is glued to his games. Haruki wants them to write something cooler that sounds like his chuunibyou but they simplify it as some saving the world crap with lots of screaming. They write about Yayoi’s good points as Haruki tries to influence them the violent tsundere she is. He got a wrestling submission move done on him. Conclusion: They get along well. Mutsuki? Everything about her is perfect. The twins get a score for their essay but it seems everybody is interested in Haruki’s chuunibyou.

Episode 3
Mutsuki loves sleeping on Haruki’s bed in a skimpy dress. It’s like she is inviting him to something horny but luckily this guy has very high tolerance level because every position she turns to is just freaking tempting. When Mutsuki is ready to leave for school, Haruki spots one of her socks dropping. Quickly he flips it up but also accidentally flips her skirt. Oh dear. Guess who is going to mete out the punishment? Despite getting beaten up, Haruki takes heart that he has protected his sister’s perfect image. When Mutsuki goes to bath, Haruki takes the liberty to hand her the towel before she goes in because when the last time this happened, she forgot to take her panties and requested him to bring it. Then Yayoi thought he was being a pervert rummaging through Mutsuki’s underwear drawer and got beaten up. Why doesn’t she just ask Yayoi to do it? Even after bath, Mutsuki frolics in the towel on his bed. Is she trying to let him see her natural self? Then she just falls asleep. Can’t blame this guy if he ever starts going into incest.

Episode 4
The siblings head to supermarket to buy food ingredients. Haruki teases Yayoi for being dumb because she suggested taking the rice first. If you do that, wouldn’t you have to carry the weight around? But you can always take the trolley, right? The problem is carrying it onto the trolley. Mutsuki and the twins taste the free samples. Thanks to their ‘enjoyable’ face, this is like a great advertising effect as other customers also feel like wanting to try it out. Haruki thinks of getting mild curry for the twins. However they don’t want to be looked down upon and stubbornly wants to try the medium curry. But why do they sound scared before eating it? Luckily it just tastes right. Unknown to everyone, it is actually the mild curry as Mutsuki bought it just in case.

Episode 5
Satsuki eagerly waits for Haruki to come home so she could read the manga magazine he bought first. And she won’t let others read with her. Uzuki used to tease Satsuki but the teacher said bullying was bad. However she has no qualms putting clothespin all over Haruki’s hair. Then she just leaves him to go play with Satsuki once she is done reading. Satsuki has an anime clock in her head and she knows when it is time to watch her favourite anime without looking at the clock. Once done, the twins go away to play. Yayoi tells Haruki that despite Satsuki’s love for anime and manga, she loves Uzuki more. Satsuki watches the same anime again and again. Haruki wonders if Uzuki is okay since she is not paying attention to her. It’s okay. She won’t do anything that Satsuki doesn’t like.

Episode 6
Is it sexy time when Mutsuki will teach Haruki anything he wants? Well, if he wasn’t her brother, I’m sure he’ll take the offer. But anyway to her dismay he turns her down since he can study for the test alone. Mutsuki feels even dejected since Yayoi did the same. After all, Mutsuki wasn’t a good teacher in the first place. Haruki and Yayoi study together and he discovers that her multiplication is not that good and the reason she fails her math test. She even makes mistakes in the simple multiplication table so he is going to have her multiply till she drops! I hope there is no sexual innuendo in there. Even more insulting is how the twins score perfect for their maths test. When Yayoi returns home after her test, Haruki bugs her to see her results. She won’t show it to him and during the struggle he falls on top of her. Mutsuki sees this and gets the wrong idea.

Episode 7
Yayoi wants to go to the beach so much but the cold season doesn’t permit it. With Mutsuki, they get an idea to wear their swimsuits in the house. Imagine Haruki’s surprise when he sees them… He thinks it is a bit immodest but Yayoi beats him up for his pervy thinking. She blames him that when they were supposed to go during the beach season, last minute they had to cancel it because he failed his test. Then they force him to join them. I hope they didn’t really strip him. The trio sit inside the small inflatable pool (seriously, I don’t think their butts even fit) and remember similar memories of their younger days. When the twins return, they see their older siblings having flu. Fun’s over.

Episode 8
After Satsuki finishes reading a manga, she is convinced she is adopted! Uzuki plays a prank and claims she is her daughter! But seriously, if they are twins why don’t they look alike? Gloom… Haruki shows proof, a picture when they are babies. What if they were switched at birth? Another picture of Mutsuki at their age, a splitting image of Satsuki. Uzuki is still not convinced so she goes to find proof by rummaging through the closet. She happened to stumble upon a bag of Haruki’s chuunibyou stuffs. With his embarrassed reaction, she is convinced she is not part of this family. But Mutsuki shows a picture of their grandma, a splitting image of Uzuki. Too bad girl, you’re not a lost princess after all. Now it’s Yayoi’s turn to be gloomy. Because everyone does well in tests except her (again, yet another dismal showing), she is crying she must be adopted!

Episode 9
Uzuki has a habit of playing pranks on Haruki so you bet he is cautious when she closes up to him. During dinner, she sits next to him instead of her usual place. He thinks he has spiked his food but it turns out okay. Uzuki points out there is a rice on his face but he quickly cleans it, leaving her frustrated. He thinks she has another prank when she wants to read to him but nothing untoward happens. Before he can be labelled as siscon or lolicon, Satsuki brings him to see an anime about a sister who loves her brother. Uzuki saw this and tried copying it. Next day, Uzuki tells him everything was a prank so he plays along that he got tricked. However he remembers that anime’s plot is about the sister having trouble confessing her love to big brother. Could it be? Nah.

Episode 10
Definitely it would be hard for Haruki to keep quiet when Mutsuki is on top of him on his bed. At night! She needs a favour. She wants him to kiss her! This is not a dream. Care to explain why? Because she likes him. Maybe she should be more specific. It seems she needs this kiss before she goes to school so she thought of practising with him. He argues a kiss is supposed to be with somebody she loves like her boyfriend. But she thinks it is okay with siblings. This kiss is necessary because her class will be doing a play for the festival. She took on the princess role and has to kiss the prince. If it is just a play, could she just pretend? Well, she hasn’t kissed anyone before. Haruki remembers her kissing various objects… That was practice? She is serious in kissing him but apparently his mind is going bonkers whether or not to oblige. He pushes her away. It seems to have upset her as she returns to her room. Feeling sorry, he goes to apologize. Actually she isn’t mad the least bit. She realized she mixed up Cinderella’s role with Snow White and thus there is no kissing scene. She hurried back to confirm this. Sorry to bother, you can go back to sleep now.

Episode 11
Haruki is sick and he collapsed while returning from the bathroom. Yayoi must be one ‘good’ sister because she just left the pillow to let him sleep on the floor! WTF?! Eventually she feels bad for her onii-chan so she puts him back to bed. Naturally he skips school the next day and when he wakes up, it is already past 3pm and Yayoi is by his side. She is even blaming him for waking up without giving warning. WTF?! What were you doing to him?! She tries to be good by wiping his sweat. When the other sisters enter, from their position they see as though Yayoi is kissing him! She beats him up and then dismisses what they think. I think Haruki is going to take a lot longer to recover.

Episode 12
There is a sign clearly outside Haruki’s room to not enter. No, he is not masturbating! But Yayoi enters anyway. She bugs him to play a game. Not a hentai game, mind you! While he is looking for the game, she falls asleep on his bed and doesn’t want to move! Thinking she is sick, he quickly brings her back. The twins play a prank on Haruki by making him watch them take a dump! WTF?! Because he isn’t ‘cooperative’, they start crying and ‘hating’ him. He thought he could sleep easier but Mutsuki is hogging his bed. It gets worse when she grabs him and suffocates him under her boobs! He has to continue hiding as the other sisters come in to sleep with him. What the heck is this sleepover party?! Haruki narrates his worries about his sister’s future but he feels spending the night like this once in a while isn’t bad. Next morning, he is ready for them to rely on him but they pack up and leave. So now they’re treating his room like a hotel?

The siblings go to the public bath. Because the girls are being noisy so much so the men’s side can hear all the ruckus, Mutsuki had to give a stern warning or else. Haruki is having a relaxing time in his bath but his thoughts seem to drift towards fanservice scenes of his sisters! After finishing, the twins are rewarded with milk coffee. I’m not sure why but they don’t like the carton version that the public bath only has as they wanted the bottle version. Is there a difference? Haruki wonders why Yayoi is drinking it too so he figures it must be to help her boobs grow. Instead of beating him up, she runs away in tears and calls him an idiot. So was Haruki expecting to be beaten up because he was shocked by this reaction? After all her punches, it is no surprise he might be a masochist.

Man Of The House
It wasn’t anything special to say the least. I won’t go so far to say that the sisters are total b*tches but it is just that they love their brother so much that the only way to get his attention by the way they know best is to bug him. He puts up with it all because they are family. I mean, if he shoos them away, what will there be left, right? Besides, this is a slice of life comedy so nothing really extraordinary happens. No shocking twists and revelations. Just plain boring daily life of a brother and his sisters. Sometimes you wished you were thankful you’re not in his shoes, right?

If you want some little short laughs, I guess the 3.5 minutes length of each episode would keep you occupied. To say that it is entertaining would be an overstatement. Because as you can see, the jokes mainly comes from Haruki putting up with the quirky bugging characters of his sisters and that is all. Maybe it looks funny in the anime but in real life if you have a sister this annoying, some may feel insulted or just dreaming to have this kind of relationship. So if you want heavy laughs, look somewhere else. This one is just light and bite size. Even whatever ‘problems’ faced in that episode is ‘solved’ in that episode. No need to bring over the issue.

Character wise, they aren’t anything special either. Haruki is a typical typically normal boy and brother (unless you count his chuunibyou past but that is pretty normal too). He puts up with their shenanigans because he is their brother. I think I am repeating what I said but seriously, there is all to it. It is good the anime focuses only on the family because usually in animes when you have the male protagonist living with an extremely cute babe or having sisters that are too adorable, usually his jealous classmate guy will get all envious and start ranting nonsense. Yeah. Thank goodness. And thank goodness he didn’t turn into a siscon character either.

His sisters on the other hand, we have the sexy and flirtatious elder sister Mutsuki who is the boldest when it comes to bugging Haruki. With such great body and sex pheromones, it is not hard to get a boner when she starts being flirty. I have to respect Haruki because he holds it in greatly and doesn’t succumb to his urges to rape her. I mean, come on. This is anime. There is no ‘immunity’ that brothers and sisters cannot like each other. Incest is okay! Then there is Yayoi playing the tsundere. Somebody for Haruki to ‘fight’ just because she is the most tomboyish among the sisters. Her running joke is her bad score in maths. Finally the twins. You have the cheeky Uzuki who is more hyperactive than her twin Satsuki who seems to have this deadpan expression stuck on her face.

In a nutshell, Haruki is surrounded by so many girls despite being his sister and their pranks, he doesn’t turn gay! Another point of respect! True! Because we don’t see his other life, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is still a straight guy. Despite all the shenanigans, he doesn’t come to hate women and turn to guys for solace. I know this is creepy and I myself am surprised to have come up with this what-if conclusion but thankfully, remember the genre of this anime, then you have your usual happy ending for everybody. Too bad no incest happened either ;p. In spite of all that sexy delicious teasing from Mutsuki. Damn you, cock teaser!

Voice casting seems pretty normal. They are Atsushi Abe as Haruki (Mashiro in Bakuman), Satomi Akesaka as Mutsuki (Esdeath in Akame Ga Kill), Mikako Komatsu as Yayoi (Neko in K), Sayaka Horino as Satsuki (Mayotama in Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken) and Sora Tokui as Uzuki (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes). Despite being a short series, it has 4 different ending themes, each based on a sister and tailored to their personalities. Nothing that attracted my attention, though.

Overall, this series has its good and bad points being short. Despite being straightforward and simple, it feels somewhat boring although you have some cute laughs here and there. Like many of such short series, it is something you want to watch when you want to relax, don’t have any high expectations for anything and have a little more time to spare. And then it makes sister-less guys want to crave for such sisterly harem or like me, I’m happy I still dream of my maid harem from time to time. I know, there is a danchigai (big difference, literally) with reality and fantasy.

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