Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge

November 10, 2013

Have you ever wondered if criminals were born or made? More importantly, what about the murder tools they used? If you have ancestors who commit brutal crimes against humanity and inherited such murder devices, what would you do? Theoretically if your ancestor is a murderer who kills others with knives, if you become a killer, would you be using that knife passed down too? Too bad I had no time to wonder all that even though watching Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge was the reason why I came up with such thought. Our protagonist kid has some sort of weird fetish. He likes to cut hair. Yeah. How many people in the world have that kind of freaky hobby? I bet he would want to grow up to be a barber and his favourite customers would be Rapunzel and werewolves because they are hairy all over. Haha! Jokes aside, this kid owns a pair of scissors that is not a mere ordinary one. There is a dark history behind it. Some sort of a cursed tool if you want to put it. After meeting a girl whose hair his scissors can only cut, he unwittingly enters a life and death game whereby other people with similar cursed tools want to rid of this girl and he is her only protection. Armed with the scissors of course.

Episode 1
Kiri Haimura got off the wrong stop and stumbles upon a girl with a very long hair in a greenhouse. Because of his love of cutting hair, he gets this urge of wanting to cut it. Feels like a serial killer taking out his scissors, eh? Their eyes meet and he fumbles, banging his head into the glass door. Iwai Mushanokouji notices the scissors in his hands so he explains his hair cutting fetish. He used to cut his family’s hair till they stopped and patron the salon instead. His fetish didn’t die out, though. He gets excited when she allows him to cut her hair. If he can but she doubts it because her hair is cursed and no scissors can cut it. Opening the drawer filled with scissors, she lets Kiri cut her hair but it couldn’t. He tried all the scissors but not a strand was cut. I guess he settles for caressing her hair then. He loves it. Just then twin sisters, Houko and Yamane Byouinzaka barge in and are surprised to see her with a stranger. After explaining, they tell him to leave right now. As he picks up his jacket, Iwai tells him the sisters are descendents of murderers and are watching over her via some scary organization. In the bus, the sisters laugh off Kiri’s question about them being killers. They add she has no family, her father died and the organization is taking care of her. Kiri is warned to stay away or he will die. On another day, Kiri visits Iwai again. He learns she has never cut her hair since birth and only went to elementary school because all the kids keep taunting about her hair. Feeling isolated, sometimes she feels she wants to die. When the sisters visit again, they continue to mock Iwai. Kiri won’t take more of this and slaps her hand off Iwai’s hair. When they say that her father is dead, Iwai mentions that he was killed by them and their inherited Killing Goods. They think she is taking her father’s place and acting tough so they beat her up and tell this Hair Queen not to impose the burden on others. Kiri is advised not to intervene or else it is a sign that he is going against them. Kiri goes home, upset he couldn’t do anything. Grandpa notices this and asks if it’s about his name he is upset about. He reveals their ancestors own a killing tool that has killed people. Grandpa also tells him that his name was named after a serial killer who likes to chop his victims up into parts with a scissors. Kiri realizes his scissors may be a Killing Goods. That night, Kiri heads to Iwai’s place ready to ‘kill’ her. Of course that meant cutting her hair. He takes out his scissors and snips a part away. It worked! Iwai is so happy that he is the first person to ‘kill’ her, she decides to call his scissors Crime Edge because it did a ‘crime’ of ‘killing’ her. Remembering the serial killers traits of chopping victims up to pieces, Kiri adds to its name: Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge (The Severing Crime Edge). Iwai requests Kiri to cut the rest of her hair and he gladly obliges. How does it feel to take all that weight off your head? Okay, he didn’t cut her bald. At least above her shoulders.

Episode 2
Yamane is shocked to see Iwai’s short hair. She calls Houko for help on what to do next! But she tells her off to decide herself since she is the Injection of Coma Death. Now with her hair cut, Iwai is able to go to school and with the paperwork done, she is in the same class with Kiri. Well, she looks like a kindergarten kid. But all the girls love her small size especially her hair and start rubbing it. Except for Kashiko Misumi. She’s probably jealous that she has such a beautiful hair. Why not? Her family runs a hair salon and she’s a model so it’s no surprise when there’s somebody else who has better hair than her. Kiri tells Kashiko not to lay a finger on her and this has the class misinterpret the kind of relationship they are in. Later Iwai talks to Kiri about the Killing Goods. As it is strengthened by its past, Killing Goods choose its masters termed as Authors. It will slowly taint the Author’s mind by recalling past killing sensations and turn the Author crazy. Also, Killing Goods cannot rot, break or be destroyed once it has chosen its Author. However she doesn’t feel that in Crime Edge. When they bump into Yamane, she seems edgy. She starts talking about her ancestors working as medics in the army. They administered drugs that weaken. However only a couple died and the curse remained. Yamane is about to inject her syringe into Iwai’s neck but Kiri stops it with his scissors. Yamane starts hearing voices urging her to kill. She can’t stand it. She wants to kill. Kiri is worried if he will be absorbed into such madness. As he fends off her syringe attack, he hears her saying that the owner of the Killing Goods that kill Iwai will have any wish granted. She adds her abilities include ensuring the effectiveness and increasing the potencies of drugs. Yamane stabs the syringe into his neck. She remembers how she killed her parents in the same manner. She was so distraught so Houko (after strangling her parents to finish the job), tells Yamane to stop listening to the voice and just believe in what she says. She vowed to lift her curse by killing the Queen. If it comes down to it, she’ll take her hand and do it for her.

Kiri wakes up and is surprised to find himself alive. He sees Yamane inserting her syringe into Houko’ arm (there are lots of needle points too) and licking it like a psycho while Houko grimaces and endures the pain. Professor Kanae Sumeragi comes in to explain Houko is Yamane’s Instead. Because Authors calm down by imitating murder on a regular basis, Instead acts as the ‘victim’. Otherwise, Authors will be ruined by the impulses of their Killing Goods and go on a killing spree. What was in Yamane’s syringe was just saline solution. Professor claims he is Iwai’s guardian and when he heard about Iwai’s condition, he came rushing to save her. But from what Houko puts it, he is just a lolicon. Iwai walks in and it seems her hair has grown back. It always does every night that’s why Kiri always comes to her home every morning to cut them. Professor takes them all to the library to show them a book that contains an ancestor of Iwai, Zewulfa the first Queen. She had 2 abilities. One, giving special abilities and curses to those possessions we now know as Killing Goods. Two, uncuttable hair passed down to her descendents. Thus the beginning of an endless killing game. Thus the only way to lift the curse if the Queen dies. But Professor quips it is no fun since Iwai can’t protect herself. He has been waiting for someone whom she can trust, take her out of the house, protect her with a weapon. Guess Kiri is that lucky guy, huh? Claiming to be from an ideological organization called Gossip, they get a kick seeing murder cases. And so the game begins. Kiri’s mission is to protect the Queen from those who seek salvation. Authors will come after her with their Killing Goods. Back home, Iwai wonders if her death can at least save someone so Kiri rubbishes her thoughts. Whose hair can he cut if she’s not around? For that selfish reason, he wants her to be around. She is happy that she has a reason to live and to be needed. Later on the news, a mysterious big hole has popped up on a thick concrete wall. Professor calls Kiri that a convict has escaped. He is an Author with a hammer as his Killing Goods. You can guess what this is all about. Although the convict doesn’t know where Iwai is, Professor hints wouldn’t it be great if he came here? I know Kiri won’t.

Episode 3
Kiri and Iwai visit Kashiko’s family beauty salon. Seems her mom has requested them to test out to be the salon’s test models but Kashiko asserts she doesn’t want to carry on the family business and wants to live a more colourful life. At first Kashiko seems to have low morale about her own beauty but when she hears her friends complimenting how beautiful she is (especially Kiri), she is encouraged although she still doesn’t want to inherit the business. When they leave, Kashiko asks Kiri if there is something wrong with Iwai’s hair. Because no matter how much care you put into it, the hair will still age. In Iwai’s case it is like as though she still shines like a baby’s hair. She finds it odd even if she has beautiful hair, she still admires hers. On their way home, the duo see a crowd gathering at a crime scene. Blood everywhere. Big hole in the wall. Oh no. Yamane is here (because Houko tells her to) and explains the Author of the Sledgehammer of Crushing Disintegration doesn’t know about the Queen and won’t come. Because he lacks an Instead, he is forced to randomly kill people to relieve himself and the impulse of his Killing Goods. However she cautions he should be with Iwai just in case. So he stays over at Iwai’s place for the night. What do boys and girls their age do over the night? We are tempted to think of something ‘wild’ but they just played Uno under a very tense atmosphere. When Iwai takes a bath, Kiri (they didn’t go in together, mind you) explains his ancestor is a serial killer named Norma Grayland, the original owner of Crime Edge. His great-great-grandfather was a foreigner and was forced to flee the country after being branded as a criminal. Why not? He has established himself as the greatest killer in history.

Then the place blacks out. What a convenience. Sledgehammer guy is outside too. Iwai is afraid of the dark and rushes to seek solace in Kiri’s arms. Naked. When the clock strikes midnight, her hair instantly grows long. I guess it’s like sex for Kiri as he caresses her hair and wants to cut it. But can he do so after she puts on some clothes. Then Kiri sees a big hole in the wall. What the? How can he not hear the crashing sound?! I know there was lightning but due to the vicinity, they could at least hear something as loud as the thunder. And there the big guy is, standing right behind Iwai. Kiri takes her and run. I thought I find it redundant that Kiri keeps locking all the room doors they hide into. Because that guy can just smash anything. Kiri strengthens his heart and resolves to protect Iwai. He would become a murderer to protect her. He charges but doesn’t know how he dodges the sledgehammer swings. Did he power up somehow? Seeing the convict isn’t listening to his warning, Kiri easily cuts him up like cutting hair. This is the power and true nature of Crime Edge. Though, Kiri lets him live. Next morning, Professor pays a visit and is glad that everything is alright. I think he got his kicks. However he notes the convict escaped without his sledgehammer and thinks the influence of the Killing Goods on him was weakened. Kiri admits he felt the evil in the cursed tool. Even so, he will continue to protect Iwai. He’s got bigger problems in school because everybody thinks his relationship with Iwai has progressed to a ‘dangerous’ level and bug him for details. What to do? Run! Lastly, the Byouinzaka sisters get word from Gossip that the convict is dead. Not because of blood loss but via suicide.

Episode 4
A month later, Kiri and co become third years. Everyone except Kashiko ends up in the same class. Tough luck. But Yamane is in the same class although she assures Kiri she won’t do anything dangerous. She won’t mix around either as she considers herself abnormal and shunned. Yamane and Iwai take the first step to become friends as Yamane tells her it wasn’t them who killed their father but another Author. Iwai invites Kiri to accompany her to a bar her late father used to frequent. Kiri didn’t expect Kashiko, Nigi Ubusato and Kotarou Naruto to come along. What was he expecting? Quality time alone with Iwai? I know her hair ‘belongs’ to him but not all of Iwai, right? ;P. The gang are greeted by Hitomi Karuko who is blind. Kiri notices a white piano in the corner so Hitomi offers to play for them after her colleague-cum-piano-tuner Houichi Koizumi finishes tuning it. Though everyone is enthralled, the beautiful piece ends halfway. Kiri notices a guy, Seigi Nakajima sitting as a customer at the next table leaving. He has an uneasy feeling with this guy and follows him out. It is then Seigi explains about a judge named Garibaldi. He was hanged for killing 20 people. Seigi laments every era is littered with souls pitying criminals and thus why filth of society can never be wiped out. He adds the beauty of the Hair Queen somehow attracts Authors to her. Kiri takes out Crime Edge just in case but Seigi mentions he is not after the Queen. He has no interest in any sort of wish and assures he just wants to convict brutal criminals who come after her.

A policewoman comes crashing into the scene (sorry about the bike she trashed). Kozakura Zenigata is here to arrest him because Seigi kills criminals before they can be brought to court. Though he claims he is the police’s ally, she views him nothing but a hitman. But why is she shivering while trying to arrest him? Seigi reads out his Killing Goods, Rulebook of Sentencing and Execution to her for abusing authority and disregarding traffic safety. A noose is formed around her neck as she struggles. However it breaks. Seigi explains Rulebook only judges those who commit crimes enough for capital punishment. Otherwise the rope will break. Kiri returns to the rest as Hitomi explains she never finishes her songs because it makes customers want more and thus will have to come back. Though Iwai prefers the song to be finished, Hitomi has already decided she wants them back and can’t finish the song.

Kiri sends Kozakura to the hospital and partly thanks to the help he got from the Byouinzaka sisters. I guess he doesn’t know who to call regarding those about Killing Goods. Houko thinks Kozakura is Seigi’s Instead. Kozakura explains what she knows on Gossip. They are higher ups the police department has connection with and consist of influential world leaders. Houko adds that they are just an observation group and although they don’t directly do anything to Authors, they control the flow of information and love encouraging Authors to kill the Queen. Kozakura thinks Seigi’s act of killing criminals is just a facade. In order to use his Killing Goods, he is trying to make Authors commit crime in front of him so he can catch them in the act and sentence them. She vows to stop him no matter what. Hitomi talks to Houichi about Iwai. She can tell from the touch of her hair she is the Queen. But Houichi cautions her that they don’t want to kill her to fulfil their wish. They know many parties are trying to get them involved in the game. Just like this corpse Houichi is getting rid now for snooping around. Ironically, Houichi mentions he is deaf. I know he can read lips but the way he interacts like as though he can hear. Get what I’m saying? Houichi allows Hitomi to play her Pianissimo of Ecstatic Symphony because he is her Instead. Later Iwai visits Hitomi and talk about stargazing. Although Iwai doesn’t like it, ironically Hitomi enjoys it despite being blind. She enjoys it even more if she gets to do it with her friends. She advises Iwai she should invite someone she wants by her side and it might just blow away those gloomy feelings.

Episode 5
Kiri’s school is taking an orienteering trip. They have to walk while the graduating seniors get the comfortable bus ride. I wonder how far the picturesque place will be. When student council president Romio Zaiga mentions about tomorrow’s event, his vice president, Ruka Shihoudou wonders if he is referring to the stargazing or killing the Queen. Romio takes out his Killing Goods, an S&M whip as he explains about a brutal murderer during the feudal era known as Lord of Pigs. The feudal lord will keep his victims in a dungeon under his room and they die a twisted death of love by making them subservient like pigs. The duo proceed to play their kinky S&M game with each other. Kiri meets Iwai in the woods after midnight so he could cut her hair. She talks about how she was always stargazing alone till Kiri came along. Kiri’s hope inflates when she mentions about stargazing with the person she loves. Could it be him? To his disappointment, that was a general statement and she hasn’t had time to think about love and such. It would be odd if somebody comes to ask her to be by her side. I think this just ruins it for Kiri. Was he trying to confess? Now he is all heartbroken and ends up sulking in his bed for the rest of the night. Or morning. I hope he doesn’t turn into a gay since he mentions all girls should drop dead! Meanwhile Nigi is scaring the girls with her story but Yamane can easily sleep through it. Seems Nigi is an occult and horror fan. Her favourite personalities include Hannibal Lector, Tobin Bell and Norma Grayland… Oh… She also mentions Kotarou not only her neighbour but her childhood friend.

Next day, Kashiko tries to ask Kotarou if Kiri had any plans tonight (hint, hint) but all that guy knows is he is sulking since last night. Iwai sees Ruka being asked out by other guys. Clearly she doesn’t want to entertain them so Iwai goes to tell them off to stop it. Ruka then takes Iwai out on a boating ‘date’. Meanwhile Romio visits Kiri because he heard he isn’t feeling well and wants him to come to the seniors’ cottage later. Ruka complains to Iwai about how boys always flock around her. She is sick and tired of it all. They don’t really love her and just want to flirt. All boys can drop dead! Then she pushes Iwai into the lake! Next thing Iwai knows, she wakes up back in her bed in the cottage. She knows the drowning did occur. Then she sees a message by the door from Romio, claiming it is her destiny to be alone and nobody will save her no matter how much she struggles. She goes to look for Kiri but finds the place devoid of people. She sees Crime Edge lying on the floor and picks it up. Then Kiri walks in. She realizes this is not the Kiri she knows because the way he touches her hair is different (also his cheeks are swollen red like as though he got slapped around in a comic manner). She runs away from him but is cornered by other seniors who are acting like zombies trying to rape her. When Crime Edge cuts one of them, she gets the resolve to fight back and escape. She believes Kiri is being unconsciously controlled like the rest but his soul is inside Crime Edge. He is still right here with here. Knowing Romio and Ruka are Authors, she needs to find Kiri, bring him back to his senses and escape this place. She kisses Crime Edge and makes her way forward. Meanwhile Seigi has just arrived on scene and can’t wait to judge the criminal.

Episode 6
Kiri can’t remember what happened to himself. He can’t control his own actions and can’t help listen to a voice which tells him to assault a girl. And right now he is about to strangle Iwai. If this guy doesn’t come to his senses even after hearing the loli pleas and loli tears, he’s one useless bastard. Well, he won’t have that chance of fighting back since Ruka whips him smash through the window. It is revealed Ruka is the Author if Pet Whip of Submissive Butchery while Romio is her Instead. A few hits from Pet Whip allow her to control minds and her wish is to dominate others. That’s why she is going to kill her because Iwai’s existence attracts attention away from her. Iwai knows they are trying to break her spirit so she stays strong. But when Ruka orders Kiri to cut her hair, Iwai can’t take it anymore and starts calling him names. That’s when Kiri snaps out of his mind control and pulls out Ruka’s loose ends. Ouch. First thing when Kiri and Iwai reunite is to start arguing about the name calling. Iwai makes it clear she wants him to save her so he goes into action but gets pinned down by Romio’s immense strength. He feels his head on the verge of being crushed. In order to get out of this, Kiri turns into a bloodthirsty killer to cut Romio all over till he is incapacitated. Ruka stops her attacks and head to his side. Suddenly a noose is formed around Kiri’s neck. Seigi wanted to judge Ruka but it seems Kiri showed his murderous intent (although it’s to save the Queen) and thus in agreement with Rulebook, they agree he is to die. Suddenly Kozakura through Houko’ handphone through a megaphone through Yamane disrupts his concentration, screaming he should resort being a vigilante and to give himself up. Kiri is broken free so Seigi has lost interest and leaves. Ruka confirms he is the one who sent them the message. Adding salt to her wounds, Seigi slaps her and calls her a loser.

She sits there dejected and it is odd the Queen goes to console her. At least that’s what she thinks. The Queen pitying her. Flashback reveals she couldn’t get the role of the princess in a school play. Romio her childhood friend was popular among the other girls. The class leader wasn’t happy about it and made all the boys vote for her to be the princess role. Ruka fell into despair and that’s when she first came into contact with a Killing Goods. Weak and miserable, she thought by becoming strong and dominant, she would get everything she wanted. She realizes Pet Whip only gives her the illusion of dominance. What she really wanted was someone who truly loved her. Romio says he always have and declares this victory to Kiri. Kiri notes how everyone under the spell of Pet Whip was never chained down although they never escape. The only one chained down was the Author. Iwai and Kiri are devastated that the stargazing event is long over. It’s cloudy too. That didn’t stop them to go watch the sky. At the same time, they apologize to each other for saying things they don’t mean. When they reconcile, the clouds clear up and they dance underneath the starry sky.

Episode 7
Romio and Ruka assure they won’t attack Kiri and Iwai anymore. Ruka only wants to ‘hurt’ Romio and that she has felt the corruption of the Killing Goods ceased. They have stated to pull out of this game to Gossip and return they were given a letter for Kiri. Inside is a pair of coins belonging to Gossip and the letter states of a party they are throwing to welcome them. The Byouinzaka sisters also receive the same. Kiri notices Houko in a bad mood and she tells him he can always keep his personality the same around Iwai. It’s like they’re carefree and have time to flirt with each other. Unlike herself who is an Instead, she tries to forget the everyday misery of being Yamane’s ‘victim’. Back home, Houko gets upset when Iwai calls her on what to dress for the party. Houko feels she doesn’t qualify to be her friend after all the horrible deeds she has done. But even before there was Kiri, Iwai was happy to see her. Houko breaks down. Despite saying she was just doing what the Professor told her, in a way she can’t stop caring for her. Houko lets Yamane’s usual killer instincts take over as she starts injecting into her arm. Yamane remembers how Houko always calmed her down when she starts hearing voices in her head to kill. Tonight, she looks much gentler than before. Meanwhile Kashiko is cutting Kiri’s hair. She doesn’t know he is going to a party and speculates it’s a date. Flashback reveals the first time Kashiko met Kiri in her family’s salon. I don’t know how he fell asleep and her mom got the guts to go out shopping and leave her customer snoozing on the chair. So when Kashiko returned and tried to finish the job, Kiri awakened and got fascinated by her hair and starts caressing it, pushing her against the wall. He wanted to cut it. Yeah. He sounded like a perverted stalker. Enough to think it is going to be a rape scene next. Kashiko thought he was a scary person at that time but as she got to know him, he’s just some ordinary and unreliable guy. She hints that sometimes they’re growing apart. Big hint… Professor drives Kiri and Iwai to the party at the posh hotel. The Byouinzaka sisters are beautifully dressed. Eye opener for Kiri. Jealous eye for Iwai. They show the coins as invitation proof and wonder how the people of Gossip will look upon them. They’re in this together and they’re going to find out the true meaning of what they possess and who their opponents are.

Episode 8
Almost everyone knows who they are. Who else has the longest and most beautiful hair? There is a play on stage depicting a queen jealous of a witch’s long beautiful hair and had her executed. Iwai knows this is a play of her story. The duo are led to the backstage by a hotel staff and put on some outfit. A wolf’s fur for Kiri and a pair of lamb horns for Iwai. They realize they might have to go out on stage an act! But Kiri recognizes a familiar voice in the corner. It is Seigi and he is the one who called them here. He wants to continue their judgment on that night. I wonder if this is just an act. Seigi drops a cage to trap Iwai. Then he reads out Kiri’s crimes of wanting to flaunt his scissors power and satisfy his lust for blood. A noose forms around Kiri’s neck as the curtain rises. The crowd thinks this is all part of the play. Kiri plays dead to fool Seigi so he can charge up to him. However the noose is restricting his movements and as long he is suspended from the rope, Seigi can’t kill him. Even so, the lack of air will kill him if he doesn’t end this quickly. Kiri’s blind swinging of his scissors didn’t do him any good since Seigi still has the upper hand. He continues to read out his crimes via scissors and thus killing him will only allow him to bask in magnificent glory. But Kiri won’t give up yet. Thinking back at all the times he has spent with Iwai, there is no way this is as far as he goes. He riles Seigi up by calling him a coward. Because if he wants to kill him so badly, do it with your own hands. Seigi charges towards him and Kiri cuts his side. Although this apparently isn’t enough because after all that struggling, Kiri drops his scissors and stops struggling. Seigi thought it was his victory when he suddenly felt a painful cut on his thigh.

Episode 9
Seigi tries to use his Rulebook on the person who tried to murder him but the curtain suddenly comes down leaving the crowd puzzled. In the dark, Iwai feels Kiri’s body before her but thank goodness he is still alive. Barely. Seigi drags himself away in the dark when he is confronted by Lady Violet Witchy, the leader of Gossip. She reminds him he was to just introduce the Queen to the Gossip members and to restrain himself. She also heard he has been less cooperative with the police lately and his actions have gone overboard. Because Seigi refuses to listen and cooperate, Witchy has her ‘hands’ pour some liquid into his mouth, causing him to bleed all over. Then she rains knives into his body. Kiri is appalled to see Seigi in this state. Seigi tells him to remember Witchy’s name and that he has been taken down by Authors under her command. He doesn’t want Kiri to take pity on him. He doesn’t want to die in misery and will hold his head high till his last breath. After he’s gone, Witchy appears before Kiri to tell him the play isn’t over. Zewulfa lost her sanity after that incident and went on to torture women with beautiful hair. Dissatisfied with just killing them, she started wishing she could continue doing it forever. When she turned into a brutal murderer, the curse came into existence. Gossip was put in charge of overseeing the Authors, their Killing Goods and the Queen every time she was reborn. She regrets having to kill him and sympathize with Authors and the Hair Queen as they are victims of circumstances. Her ancestors has been doing this since they’re part of the Witchy family line. Kiri understands she is trying to say the Queen is at fault. From what he sees, shouldn’t it be the witch the true culprit behind the curse? Iwai comes in between and hopes she doesn’t take the person she holds dear away from her. Witchy leaves and hopes they will enjoy the rest of the night uninterrupted.

Police arrive to investigate the crime scene of Seigi’s murder. Kozakura takes statement from Kiri and Iwai. Kiri thinks it must be hard on her the most thinking she likes him. But she laughs it off. She just thought of him as a little troublesome brother and feared he would get himself into trouble one day. Because he was really killing people, he didn’t need an Instead as there was no need to use surrogate actions to contain his urge to kill. But something was strange. Though he managed to keep himself under control, he didn’t kill many people. Kozakura thought she was his Instead. She always went after him and while she got lynched, he ran away with that sourpuss look on his face. Despite this short comical relationship, she enjoyed it. In short, she likes him, huh? And now it’s over. After she leaves, Kiri and Iwai talk about the lousy feeling of seeing somebody dead before them. Kiri hates to admit that he is like Seigi. When he first met Iwai, he was happy to have somebody to use his scissors on. He got upset when Seigi said the truth but also thought he was feeling high due to his Killing Goods, the reason why he pounced on him so eagerly. He fears if he continues to use Crime Edge, he might die and not cut her hair anymore. She also feels scared and hopes he could stay by her side. She collapses into his arms and that’s when he realized he only touched her hair but never her body. He was afraid he would end up doing something he shouldn’t. But now he doesn’t seem so scared, eh? Because he’s starting to lick her hair! His perverted switch must have turned on because he can’t hold himself back and stars licking her skin and biting her ear! Somebody arrest this guy! It’s a crime to sexually harass a loli! And after all that daring move, he can’t plant the ultimate kiss on her lips?! Just her forehead? What a letdown. Iwai embarrassingly mentions that her lips will be waiting for him so make sure he won’t die. Yeah. Sure. Who is going to cut her hair then? They make a promise as Kiri understands what it means to protect her.

Episode 10
Iwai wakes up a happy girl but realizes something amiss. Her hair is only waist length long! Shouldn’t it have grown till the floor? Because of that, she had to text Kiri that she had something to do so he can’t come over. What a sad morning for that lover boy. Elsewhere, another loli, Emily Redhand is cleaning her knives. She is going to get her revenge. Because Iwai starts being clumsy, she decides to go out herself to take a breather. She sees Emily sitting at a corner of a shopping mall and thinks she is lost. She got very happy when Emily calls her onee-chan and decides to take her around to look for her father but it seems Iwai is the one having fun while Emily is putting up that annoying face (something what Ixion Saga’s Ecarlate always have on her face). At the same time Kiri is also there and he thought he has having some sort of Iwai symptoms, thinking he is starting to see visions of her. In the toilet, when Emily tells her to stop treating her like a plaything just to distract her feelings, Iwai mentions about the shocking thing this morning. Emily replies the Zewulfa inside her is frightened. Iwai realizes she is another Author. Emily admits she is a professional killer and her target today is her. She inherited the Killing Goods knives from Papa and although she took great care of it, he ended up sleeping with the stars. Kiri has some sort of in-built Iwai-in-danger sense so he rushes over to the toilet (I guess he heard Iwai’s scream and realizes he wasn’t hallucinating) to stop Emily from slicing Iwai. Like an agile monkey, Emily flips out and escapes through the window. Kiri is glad to see Iwai alright but is shocked to see her hair. He understands why she wants to hide it because he too would have done the same thing if he couldn’t use Crime Edge. He tells her to stay put while he tracks Emily up to the rooftop amusement park which is closed.

Kiri confronts Emily and learns she doesn’t need an Instead. She claims she is different and can live without one as this is how her Killing Goods work. Introducing herself as Crimson Red Gloves, she puts on her, well, crimson red gloves and introduces her Killing Goods, Opener of Bloody Dissection. Unlike other Killing Goods, hers is specifically crafted and made-to-order. That’s why she is a specialist when it comes to killing people. Kiri is hesitant to fight or even kill her seeing she is such a young child. But if Emily is serious in killing Iwai, he won’t hold back. Emily will show her strength. She hides around the place as Kiri chases her and wonders if she is just imagining herself as an Author since the Killing Goods’ influence isn’t having any affect on her. The real fight begins to see if knives or scissors hurt more. Emily is a swift little kung fu kid that could be on par with Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. She is well skilled in handling multiple knives as Kiri is pushed to a corner and had he not been quick on his feet, he could’ve died many times. When he loses Crime Edge, he starts feeling scared. Then he picks it up and runs away! Uncool. Iwai brings the police and they see his arms badly sliced. Behind the door, Emily tells Iwai that Papa loves Emily. Whenever he talks about onee-chan, he always looked sad. Oh. What does this tells us? Kiri thought his injuries were just small cuts. Really? I think the wound is opening again. Emily notes how weak Crime Edge is and returns to the hotel where Witchy is. She notes she was to threaten Iwai only and feels she should kill her on Papa’s death anniversary. Emily is happy to be greeted by her pet dogs. She considers them her very important family. She is angry at Iwai because she looks so happy like as though she has forgotten about Papa and all she thinks is Kiri. She won’t forgive that and will kill her.

Episode 11
Witchy wonders why she is attached to Papa since she is made-to-order Author and doesn’t need an Instead to suppress her urges. Simple. Papa was always kind to her. Flashback time. Similarly, Iwai enters her father’s study to read his diary. Emily was born in the slums. So poor that she resorts to stealing and crime for survival. One day, a man whom she now calls Papa took her in and gave her everything. Something he believed she met the requirements of becoming the Author of some magical artefact. That artefact was given to her in hopes she will be able to cut his daughter, Iwai’s hair. Emily was happy whenever Papa who was also a businessman stopped by each time he was around the area. But one day all means of communication broke off. He must have died and maybe because of the Hair Queen. That’s when she started taking up the art of killing. Her wish is to resurrect Papa if she kills the Hair Queen. Witchy wonders if she can defeat Crime Edge for good but Emily is confident that he is incompetent and hopeless after their bout. She has used Opener on him and although he won’t die, he won’t be able to fight properly. Kiri has a lot on his mind. Then he realizes his bathtub has been soaked in his blood. It is Opener and the reason why Emily inflicted so many cuts on him. Because his wounds cannot heal, he will die a slow death of blood loss. Next day in school, he is accompanied by Yamane to the infirmary. She finds his wounds strange so he tells her what happened. Yamane wonders if he can stay strong before her next match with Emily. Who knows when that is. More importantly, can she beat her? Because Kiri and Yamane share the same blood type, Yamane uses her syringe to inject some of her blood into him. I guess it’s like killing 2 birds with a stone. Prevents him from getting more blood loss and she gets to satiate her fix.

Yamane couldn’t understand his feeling of wanting to protect Iwai because her own emotional growth is stunted. Like other Authors, they would dream of the original Author. They would approach you slowly and start whispering words to kill. Before you know it, they find it hard to maintain consciousness and succumb to their words. Although each effect is different for each Author, she can’t understand why Kiri seems fine. Yamane starts feeling dizzy because she too has lost some blood! As she sleeps, Kiri ponders if not having to dream of Grayland means he is and incomplete Author. If he starts dreaming of him, would it mean he would be stronger? Who is the best person (no Wikipedia) to ask about this Grayland guy? Nigi! She is glad to spill all the grotesque details and would happily rant about it because Kiri asked. She knows this guy so well like as though he is her grandpa! After school, Kiri goes to Iwai’s place. She sees her sleeping after a long tiring day of research. He reads the marked pages and the picture becomes clearer. He asks Professor the location of Iwai’s father’s grave. Regarding made-to-order, he doesn’t know much except it was some secret plan by some Gossip people with unusual tastes. He also heard incomplete ones were disposed. There are 3 of such Authors and their Killing Goods are knife, gun and poison. No prize to guess which one Kiri encountered. Kiri wonders if Professor is one of those people who want to kill Iwai. He isn’t. Why? Let me rephrase his answer: Because he is a lolicon! Speaking of which, he heard Emily is a loli too and wants a pic-… Kiri isn’t interested in that. As Kiri makes his way to the grave, he is surprised to see Emily preparing a tea party at the tombstone while she happily dances in the soft breeze. Like Alice In Wonderland, eh?

Episode 12
Nigi remembers she forgot to tell Kiri an info about Grayland. Because stories of him vary, he might not even exist and is fictional although all historians claim he does exist. I can’t believe Kiri actually snaps a picture of Emily dancing just for that lolicon. Kiri thinks Emily is like Yamane who has her emotional growth stunted. She probably can’t understand what death is. He will try to at least make himself look like a threat in hopes her desire to kill would waver. He starts playing the villain by trampling on the flowers. At least she can be mad. Now it’s time for their Killing Goods to do the talking. Kiri thought that hiding in the trees would at least give him an advantage. How wrong he was. No matter where he is, Emily will always find him. It’s one of her abilities. She reveals she is the one who killed Seigi and gives Kiri the choice of a slow or fast death. Anyway Kiri gets a taste of all her knives raining on him. Emily states her reasons of being strong as a made-to-order Author, blah, blah, blah. Kiri says he has the legacy of Grayland as the most brutal murder. However Emily rubbishes his claims that Grayland ever existed. Crime Edge is just an ordinary Killing Goods. Even if Grayland does exist, killing 200 people is definitely exaggerated. The scissors’ steel would have been dulled after cutting so much human flesh, fats and blood (I thought a Killing Goods do not get destroyed?). Therefore she thinks his title as the most brutal murderer is gravely exaggerated. Kiri loses his confidence and ultimately Crime Edge again from his hands. He feels weak. His mind going blank. He starts dreaming. Realizing this is the first person view of Grayland, he is forced to witness the gruesome cutting up of his victims! This would definitely give him nightmares. This is already far by one. Iwai wakes up and realizes somebody has read her notes. I think she too has this in-built Kiri-in-danger sense so she decides to head over to the graves. Emily thinks Kiri has died and tries to burn his body, believing Grayland’s legacy is just crap. To her shock, she sees Kiri getting up and picking up Crime Edge with his mouth. He’s like a wild beast and lost all common sense. He slashes her as she remains in shock she has never seen someone in this state before. Then she realizes another thing. If the special abilities of Killing Goods are shaped by the crimes of the original Author, Crime Edge would be taking pleasure in inflicting great pain. In other words, enhanced pain. She starts feeling great pain and perhaps the first time in her life never has she felt such fear. Now the tables are turned and roles reversed. Kiri the mindless killing machine while Emily the helpless loli. For every slash she receives, the amount of pain is immense. When Iwai arrives on scene, she is shocked to see Emily in a mess. It’s like she’s been through hell. A moment ago, she was cold and heartless. Now she is reduced to a sobbing snivel. She’s raging how the legacy of Crime Edge as the most brutal is true.  And it’s all thanks to Kiri. You heartless loli killer! That’s what I think Professor would say if he sees this…

Episode 13
As narrated by Witchy and Professor, there were only 2 successful made-to-order. All unsuccessful ones were disposed. Shortly after that, a third one appeared and no one knew how that happened. Emily is ironically rescued by the person she wanted to kill. Iwai caries her away and explains how Opener was given by her father to Emily, mistaking it as some magical artefact since he was searching for something that would bring about a miracle. Kiri appears before them. This mere sight is enough to send Emily into a traumatic bug. Iwai tries to reason with him Emily is no longer a threat but her words didn’t reach him. He crawls up close to her. Then he caresses her buttocks and tummy! WTF?! In a reckless move, he snips a part of her hair and leaving a flesh wound before collapsing. Did the spell wear out? Iwai notes that even though there are no nerves in the hair, she felt pain when he cut it. As though her body has been sliced to pieces. It was like she was being cut by a wild beast. When her hair stopped growing, she wanted to be cursed all over again because she was happy when Kiri was there to cut them. Speaking of which, her hair starts growing again. Iwai breaks down and cries like a kid. Ironically it is Emily who rescued them and brought them back to Iwai’s house. The girls take a bath and reconcile. Emily has made her peace with Iwai. She shows Opener, the only link to her Papa. Now that she is calmer, she always wondered why she is so angry. Perhaps it was the thought of Papa being stolen away by her. They talk how kind their father was. Because of that, he was respectable and always busy. The mere mention of Kiri’s name is enough to send Emily into trauma. I hope this doesn’t get worse. Iwai believes Kiri hasn’t really changed and will be gentle to her again. Speaking of him, Emily wonders if they have kissed or even go as far as having sex. What do you think her reaction is? Emily decides to give up her wish on bringing Papa back because if she kills her, it would be like denying her existence. Wow. You’ve never seen such sisterly love between them before.

Kiri wakes up in hospital and remembers Grayland’s memories especially his ability of pain augmentation. He realizes Witchy has eavesdropped and learns about that ability of his. She is here because this hospital is owned by Gossip. Noting Emily has been defeated, she explains about made-to-order. Her predecessors made them. Descendents of brutal murderers become Authors of Killing Goods. In order to create a Killing Goods, create a murderer first. They used drugs to manipulate and kill, leaving little sense of self control. The next step is to make them have children and then wait. Although the rate of success is low, there is still a chance of producing a child who becomes an Author. Unsuccessful ones are disposed. Of course if you produced hundreds of them, there is bound to be one there is successful. Witchy start calling him derogative names just to work him up (while pushing her boobs on him to seduce him). But Kiri isn’t fazed. He is going to fight with this ability. He puts on his mad killer face and wonders if Witchy wants to have a taste of pain. Witchy makes a surprising move by kissing him on his lips!!! Didn’t see that coming? There goes his chance of first kiss with Iwai. She admires his strong power and brute force and warns there are 2 more made-to-order. If he is still alive, she hopes to meet him again. Just to two of them. Witchy leaves and narrates Kiri’s journey is just the beginning. He must fight those who want to kill and to continue killing them in order to survive. No matter how many he kills, the journey won’t end because never has there been a Queen that has ended this journey alive. When Iwai visits Kiri, he is one happy dude because he gets to cut her long hair. Feels good to hear the snips of his scissors, eh?

A Cut Above The Rest?
Well, from what I can see, this series even though has interesting premise, certainly had some potential but too bad it had to end on such an unsatisfying note. A very big hint at the end credits of the final episode indicates several scenes in the future. Like as though there is going to be a sequel but so far I haven’t heard of any in production.  From the series’ synopsis, I thought I was going to watch almost every episode seeing Kiri trying to protect Iwai and taking out desperate and evil Authors. So far he only has battle experience with a handful and except for the escaped convict and Seigi, the rest didn’t die and somewhat gave up their goal to have their wish fulfilled. I supposed it would have been in a way boring if we would just see Kiri cutting and snipping through his enemies. So in order to build a strong foundation for the future, that’s why this season there are lots of drama and build-up. Thus, the slightly disappointing ‘ending’. But like I said, there are some potentials here so if they carefully craft this one, future sequels would be very much interesting.

Due to that too, many of the characters introduced felt like they were under-utilized. For instance, Hitomi and Houichi. Their appearance for this season might seem somewhat redundant but I am guessing that even though they are an Author-Instead pair who are not interested in Gossip’s sick game, I have a feeling that they will eventually cross paths and swords (Killing Goods rather) with Kiri and Iwai. Otherwise, why introduced them in the first place? I’m just wondering if it would be feasible for Hitomi to go around with her piano since this is her Killing Goods. I don’t think so. People will have to come to her instead. If they don’t cross swords with Kiri and Iwai, perhaps they will be their allies instead just like how Emily did in the end. Kiri’s classmates also too have this feeling of being under-utilized although they might just serve as minor characters. Take for example Nigi. She is a fan in the occult and hearing her having deep interests in Grayland means that there is more than meets the eye to this girl despite her cheerful outlook. I speculate there could be some twist that she may turn out to be an Author or one of the remaining made-to-order. Then there are the Byouinzaka sisters. After Kiri’s first battle with Yamane, they become quite docile later. They just bum around especially Houko seemingly hanging around Professor. I suppose Houko is in a dilemma whether or not to kill Iwai although she gives excuses that she is ‘protecting’ her from other Authors so she could kill her herself one day. When will that be? How many Authors are there in the first place? I think it won’t be soon because from what I can see the way she is Yamane’s Instead, she somewhat enjoys playing the victim. The look on her face tells us she is feeling ecstasy. It’s like sex to her. Really. So is she willing to give this up and turn her sister back to normal and risk losing this ‘pleasure’?

I thought Seigi would at least become a regular. Just like the sisters, he is neither ally nor enemy to Kiri but surprisingly he was taken out early. Unless you tell me there is a way to resurrect dead people. But that’s another story. With Seigi’s demise, I guess there won’t be that amusing cat and mouse game with Kozakura anymore. More like girl chase boy thingy. It was fun while it lasted. Is there any more reason for that policewoman to show up in future episodes? The people under Gossip itself are shady. Professor might seem like on Kiri’s side but the way he speaks and acts like as though he is not either. Same case with Witchy. Despite showing interest in Kiri, it makes you wonder if her feelings are genuine or just treating him as something part of the game. So it’s hard to tell with these characters and the rest on what is really going on in their mind. You can’t tell if they are really friend or foe but I am sure that they’re doing it for their selfish ulterior goal.

Mainly this season puts more focus on the relationship between Kiri and Iwai and before I knew it, it seems like they have advanced and ventured romantically with each other. Well, at least that is how I look at it. There are scenes to indicate that they are heavily on each other mind. Iwai’s jealousy when Kiri started staring at the Byouinzaka sisters’ dress. Kiri always looking forward to go visit Iwai at her home and I am sure it is just more than wanting to cut her hair. Although they might have not properly kissed, seeing Iwai allowing Kiri to caress her hair and sometimes do funny stuffs with her body (short of being hentai), it somewhat shows that Iwai has accepted him. They’re just short of confessing those 3 magical words to each other but I suppose that will have to wait for the appropriate time. I can imagine what will happen if Iwai finds out about his first kiss. Something deep down in my heart indicates I wish that would happen. I’m such a sadist… Kashiko isn’t to be left out in this love triangle. From the way she acts towards Kiri, there is a big chance that she has a crush on him.

Kiri as the main protagonist felt somewhat weak. I guess that is fine since he just an ordinary teenager with hair cutting fetish. You see him stumble in trying to protect Iwai but some mysterious and unexplained force makes him acrobatic and able to move and dodge faster. It’s like imputing some cheat code to make him do that. I figure his ‘downfall’ came when he had his fight with Emily. He knows he had no chance with her and I don’t blame him for going with his guts to run away like a loser dog with its tail between its legs. He has become quite reliant on Crime Edge to a point that he might be complacent as long as he holds it, he can protect Iwai. It’s going to take more than confidence and guts just to keep the loli safe. Then in the last episode whereby he transformed into a mindless sadistic beast, it sometimes made me wonder if he became stronger or not. On the outside he does look stronger since his common sense is casted away. But at the same time it makes him feel weak because it shows he is unable to control the power and easily succumbed to being dominated. In the end, he wasn’t the real hero and it took Iwai’s bravery to confront him. Even when he wanted to play the villain for Emily’s sake, his plan somewhat backfired. Didn’t think it thoroughly enough, eh? Emily is the best character especially when she displays her chops and acrobatic skills. I like it when she goes into combat mode because she seems pretty invincible and cool showing off those slick moves. I hope losing her killing intent doesn’t dull those skills because I do certainly look forward to see her do more of that if ever there is a sequel.

There are a few points that I started pondering at the end of the anime. If Witchy claims that no Queen has ever survived the journey, this means that Authors must have been successful in killing the Hair Queen and thus their wish being granted, right? Or unless the wish granting thingy was just a lie and to serve as motivation to kill so that those sick people in Gossip can enjoy their blood sport. Even so, Authors killing the Queen should at least have their name etched in a small part of history, am I right? Maybe they do. Just that Gossip doesn’t release such information. So who was the previous Queen before Iwai? Was it her mom? Don’t see her in this series nor was it mentioned. The only other probability I can think of the way the Queen dies without the Author killing them is via suicide. That seems possible. They can no longer take the pressure of people hunting them down and probably the weight of hair on their head is giving them lots of headaches and migraines. Just kidding on the last bit. So if Iwai is going to remain sane for the rest of her life, she herself really needs to be strong and Iwai more competent than he is now. Talking about suicide, the first Author Kiri battled killed himself. I felt something strange about it. After all this time, imprisoned and then released, after a short bout with the scissors kid and lost, he kills himself? Not so tough considering he is quite a hardened criminal, eh? So did he really kill himself or just another cover up from Gossip? After all, this information was from them. Then there is the case of Kiri not being influenced by his Killing Goods. Was it the tool that enabled him to move faster and fight better? As seen, because of his weak state, he might easily get corrupted by Crime Edge’s influence. Now that he has his first dream of Grayland, will he continue to have more dreams and succumb into madness like Yamane? Unless you tell me cutting Iwai’s hair soothes his soul and the Queen is like somewhat his Instead for this case.

One thing that I sometimes find annoying is when the action begins, usually Kiri begins his life and death game with another Author, the screen’s colour would turn into sepia-like or in shades of grey. Can’t I watch the fight in full colour, please? Probably there is one reason why they do this. Maybe it is to lessen the effects of blood. I won’t say that this series is going to be bloody but when you have Authors possessing Killer Goods, you expect blood to spill, right? Even so, not every scene is bloody or has the characters getting cut, sliced, slashed or incised. At first I thought it was my hardware but I soon realized it wasn’t. Maybe just one off? But happening in every fight scene makes it really irritating. I’m not sure if you buy the DVDs, they will add colour to it. If this is the case, this would remind me of how Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls did it. They make the great big battle in the last episode all black and white and put it in colour for the DVD and renamed it as an OVA. What shameless tactic. I thought the action was pretty okay but after seeing Emily’s one, the rest pales in comparison. Suddenly I want the next Authors that fight to display such cool moves. Otherwise, I would perceive the action to be bland. Thanks for getting my hopes up on this section (read sarcasm).

I never thought this series would have fanservice but it seems there are a few subtle ones in the beginning and when Emily made her debut, it went full force and became very obvious. Suddenly there are loli panty shots of Iwai. Suddenly there are light censors when ‘natural censors’ cannot be in place to block out those parts. Suddenly a considerably long bath scene time with Iwai and Emily in the end feels like to satiate lolicons. Thank goodness I’m not ;p. For those who aren’t lolicons, there is busty Witchy to satisfy those who prefer mature women with her gravity defying and unrealistically humongous boobs. Did she use some sort of Killing Goods to support it? Haha. Just joking. Speaking of censors, they not only work on the fanservice but for some violent scenes as well. For example, when Yamane injected her blood into Kiri, that part of showing her syringe being injected into his arm is obviously censored out. For me it’s a good thing because I hate needles and can’t stand them even if it is just watching someone else doing it onto somebody. Hey, at least I know this fear keeps me from being a drug addict. Haha. I also wonder if the DVD would take out such censors.

There is something about the drawing and art. I’m not sure how to put it but I won’t say that it doesn’t stray too much from your typical Japanese anime style. But something makes me feel that some of the characters look somewhat simple and lacking details. Or they just look odd (Seigi looked like he has shark teeth). Or maybe it’s just me. The more I see Kiri, the more I start to think that he is a chubbier version of To Aru Majustsu No Index’s Accelerator. Just less crazy. And when he becomes possessed with Grayland’s memories and going berserk, I thought he looked very much like those Hollows from Bleach or those BETAs from Mu-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. See those big white scary teeth? I also thought Iwai looked a bit like Kamisama No Memo-chou’s Alice. Just put in the smile and take away the mockery. The bags under Yamane’s eyes make her look like she can go crazy any time (she looks like one anyway). Perhaps yandere too. Not enough sleep because of her desire to inject others? So when she starts smiling or gives the slightest smirk, it makes her look weird because we’re not used to seeing emotions in her. When Houko first came into the picture, I thought she was a grown up and meaner version of Little Buster’s Rin. Romio like Ixion Saga’s KT. That’s the thing about watching too many animes. Characters start to look like they’re been ripped off from somewhere.

There is something about the next episode preview. While it doesn’t narrate anything about it (only pictures), the only words you will ever hear is the creepy echo of this series’ title. The way it echoes and is being repeatedly said gives this eerie and ominous feel. Well, thankfully not spine-chilling enough to frightened me. I think. Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge. Dansai Bunri No Crime, Dansai Bunri No, Dansai Bunri, Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge, Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge… Is this what Authors here in their heads? Who wouldn’t go crazy after hearing such repetitive words. Speaking of spine-chilling, I thought when Emily broke down after seeing the wild animal that is in Kiri, I thought that was creepy. More heat breaking in fact. I guess it shows despite being a very trained and professional killer, deep down she is just a little girl after all. Let me assert again that although I am no lolicon, seeing her (or any other girl) in such a pitiful state really breaks my heart.

It seems that the vicious cycle of killing and murdering will go on since Killing Goods cannot be destroyed. This means more people will become Authors and go on a crazy killing spree. More everyday items will become Killing Goods. In fact, anything can become a killing weapon. It is how one uses it. Since anything can become a weapon, I have outrageous thoughts of what happens if a certain tool becomes the choice of weapon. Say, a toothpick. Can you imagine how comical that would look? Having a bloodline and legacy of a famous murderer may not sit well in society but you can’t deny that it is part of you. It might become a social stigma like AIDS and LBGTs. Could you blame it all in the genes or in the tool then? Seriously, I wonder how a pair of little scissors would fare against a bloody raging chainsaw.

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