July 5, 2008

I’m sure that most of us believe that aliens do exists out there in this great big universe. What are the chances that another life form crashing into our shores and deciding to take permanent residence? No, this doesn’t sound like one of those alien invasion movies or sci-fi horror films. Well it may at first, but I assure you the anime series DearS is more of a romantic comedy rather than to scare the wits out of viewers.
In addition, this series has some ecchi elements to begin with. An excuse for some fanservice. I guess it’ll be better to have hot sexy alien babes rather than oversized intimidating ones due to the nature of the genre. Yeah, I suppose we all hope to meet such friendly aliens if they ever come to our little blue sphere. If not, might as well create one which will satisfy our imagination. This quirky series was created by Peach-Pit, the same people who created Rozen Maiden, one of my all-time favourite series. Thus, it was 1 of the reasons why I decided to give this show a shot.
There are 13 episodes in this series. Actually 12 episodes and 1 OVA episode. So what exactly are these DearS aliens anyway? Earthlings have given the name Dear Friends to these aliens, hence shortened to DearS. Yeah, very creative. They look like ordinary humans but you can really tell them apart from the sexy cosmic tight body fitting outfits that they wear. Furthermore, all DearS have some sort of a collar on their neck. To show that DearS are superior to humans, they have the ability to learn customs and obtain knowledge very quickly, especially having flair for languages (an excuse to speak in Japanese, of course). Ironically, I wonder why would they stoop so low for us. There is a reason, in which we’ll find out later in the series. Thus in order to integrate into Earth’s society these peace loving aliens have created a homestay programme to enhance their relations with the humans until their ship is repaired.
As seen in episode 1, it has been a year since the spacecraft carrying the DearS crashed land off the shores of Tokyo. You can see their spaceship floating on the water’s surface and a half broken bridge leading up to it. Their arrival has created abuzz among the locals and international community. Even so, this has created 2 factions among the humans. So it’s either you’re a DearS obsessed, crazed supporters (yeah, there’s even an online fanclub setup for them), or you’re an anti-DearS, meaning you have that thinking that all their polite hospitality is just a facade and that their real intention is to take over Earth one day. Can’t believe that there are such thinking around. Like this high school student, Takeya Ikuhara. He doesn’t like DearS too much and is sceptical of them unlike all his other perverted classmates (especially classmate Hikorou Oihiko) who are all over DearS. Though Takeya is still a pervert but he doesn’t show it like the rest of his pals. Since Takeya works part time at a video store, he often gets some porn videos for Oihiko.
Another character I want to mention is Neneko Izumi. This bespectacled unkempt messy-hair girl is Takeya’s childhood friend in addition to being his classmate. Just living a block away from Takeya’s cramp apartment (by the way, he lives alone. Makes you think where his parents are), she’s somewhat plays the role of waking him up every morning. Yeah, that guy is a heavy sleeper and no amount of alarm clocks can wake him up. If you’re expecting any chemistry between these 2, don’t get your hopes high up. Why would Takeya fall for a tomboyish boring girl like her? Throughout the series you’ll see that Neneko’s body language may indicate that she does harbour some feelings for Takeya. But that’s just about it.
But the most amusing character of all in this series has got to be their homeroom English teacher, Mitsuka Yoshimine. This teacher is obviously over-sexed and has the guts to shamelessly ‘exhibit’ herself in front of her students! Overflowing deepest desires? I wonder how she could land a job as a teacher as she even come to class wearing lingerie! Why, she also has self made sexual fantasy novels and later on, videos of herself! Too much! Even the most perverted guys in class aren’t too fond or disgusted with the way she sexily says things. Ironic. Yeah, the class rep did tell her to teach more ‘legal’ stuff suitable for their age but it fell on her deaf ears. Anything she does or any non-sexual interaction can turn into 1 if she’s around. If she says or does anything wrong, she wants you to ‘punish’ her… How nice if we had such a teacher? Urm… Better not.
Also in the beginning of this episode, we see a transport carrying a capsule of a hibernating DearS crashed off a bridge. Awakened from her slumber, it seems this particular DearS is in some sort of daze, not fully aware where she is heading or of her own existence. Fate must be playing a cruel joke on Takeya because while he’s walking home from school, he spots a girl (that DearS) wrapped in a blanket in an alley, all shaken up and hungry. Because she isn’t able to communicate, it’s hard for Takeya to know what she wants. Before anything could happen, she accidentally kisses him and well, something cosmic happened. But of course everything went by too fast and Takeya isn’t aware of what’s going on. To show that he’s not totally a heartless idiot, Takeya takes her back to his home. It then occurred to him that this girl is a DearS. So why didn’t this anti-DearS just chuck her back out on the street? Well, to show that he’s not totally a heartless idiot lor… Takeya is having a hard time with her because she’s naked and doesn’t even know how to clothe herself. Furthermore, Takeya keeps feeding her that melon bread and in future episodes, you could say she has some sort of an infatuation with it. A rival for Shana from Shakugan No Shana? In order for him not to let others know that he’s having a DearS (or else he’ll be labelled as a hypocrite), Takeya tries his best to hide the DearS. It doesn’t help when she is acting all ‘dumb’. Though he manages, but Neneko still suspects something amiss.
Takeya has to leave for school in the morning and tells her to stay in his closet till he gets back. Well, she took that too literally and really did stay in there till he gets back. This DearS too has no qualms about hugging Takeya shamelessly anywhere but unlike Mitsuka’s case, she doesn’t even know what she’s doing. That night, Takeya tries to have a decent conversation with her and is trying real hard to ask her name. The funny thing is her name is so long that it sounded so funny. Really. It’s that long so much so I can’t remember but laugh. I wonder if the voice actress got some tongue twisting problems initially. Anyway, Takeya decides to shorten it to just Ren. After knowing that is her name, Ren gets all excited and jumps on top of Takeya. Well at least she’s more lively now. Meanwhile a high ranking DearS, Ruvi, and her assistant, Khi, is inspecting the crash site of the capsule and concludes that an unmodified Zero Number has escape. The way she says things that it’s a bad thing and that this DearS is a defective one.
Episode 2 sees how Ren tries to communicate with Takeya but the latter isn’t too fond of her still. However, Neneko discovers them and first things comes to mind is that if she wonders if Takeya did anything kinky on her. Another funny point about Ren is that when other people proceed to ask about them, Ren will tell them straight in their face that Takeya is the master while she is the slave. Of course, everyone will think that Takeya has imposed something kinky on this pretty DearS, with that staring back while Takeya refutes it all and at the same time tells Ren not to say something that weird. Not gonna happen. It’ll still always be, Takeya is my master and Ren is Takeya’s slave. You know Mitsuka’s reaction already, right?
Anyway this episode sees Neneko teaching Ren about their customs and with her help, Ren’s Japanese language improves overnight. Also, Takeya and Neneko decides to take Ren out to shop for some clothes. Who’s paying the bill? Kind ol’ Takeya of course. Well, that’s what Neneko said. Unfortunately, Takeya bumps into Mitsuka while Ren is in her undies trying out some clothes. Mitsuka misunderstood that Takeya has a ‘lover’ and wants him to spill all the details. Because Takeya says it’s a misunderstanding, Ren felt confused and hurt (though she doesn’t know it) and leaves. Half naked. When Neneko realizes that Ren is missing, Takeya goes into full scale search mode. Feeling responsible? He soon finds Ren stargazing at the park. After some chat, it seems Takeya allows her to stay. Next time, he has to be careful with what he says because she’ll follow it blindly. After all, Takeya is Ren’s master, Ren is Takeya’s slave. Argh! Enough of it already! Neneko still thinks it’s something kinky. Something more than just a misunderstanding. On another development we see Khi with and another DearS, Miu (another DearS with a ridiculously long name. But it’s funny lah), having a meeting with the school’s headmaster. They will be attending Takeya’s school shortly after all the paper work are done as part of their homestay programme. By the way, I kinda noticed that in each episode, you’ll see a short clip of the headmaster happily attending to his little private garden at school.
Episode 3 sees Takeya and Neneko continue to help Ren adjust to living at his place. Also, they teach her to do stuffs like cooking. Okay, so nobody (alien, rather) is perfect as Ren still needs some improvement. On the other hand, Miu starts her homestay programme by staying at an old couple’s house. Also, when Takeya and Neneko head to school, Ren decides to go out by herself and do some shopping. Can she buy some stuff with just a few coins in hand? Because of the shop owner’s fascination of DearS, you can really see some double standards here. Like how a vegetable and fish seller always give Ren huge discounts. Now this saves a lot. There are 2 ladies who always do their shopping there too. They also take advantage of the situation to get discounts on the items they by whenever Ren comes by. Another one is the bakery shop owner (run Oihiko’s parents). He’s always giving free melon bread to Ren and saying that it’s on the house. But when the wife catches him selling it for free, she gets mad and pounds her DearS-sizing (erm… can I use it like the term womanising?) husband. This always happen in every episode. After Ren has bought lots of melon bread, she decides to go to school to give it to Takeya but on the way bumps into another DearS of the Biter type, Nia. She’s a little klutzy, absent minded and ends all her sentences with "~Nii". Though she’s here to capture Ren, she instantly forgets her mission when Ren feeds her with a melon bread. Nia then happily walks away. What the? You’ll see Nia blissfully walking through town in each episode trying to find Ren but often ends up forgetting her mission and doing other things instead. Like eating.
Ren arrives at school and surprises Takeya very much. It’ll get worse with that master-slave line. Yeah, Mitsuka brought Takeya’s ‘girlfriend’ to the class. All the guys in class are absolutely jealous that Takeya is hiding a pretty ‘girlfriend’, what’s more a DearS! And they thought he was an anti-DearS. Tsk tsk tsk. Yeah, Ren is hugging Takeya. While Mitsuka is having her usual fantasies, suddenly Takeya and Ren fell out of the window. Ren then uses some special power of hers to float down. The next scene shows them in the headmaster room whereby he approves Ren to be their new transfer student in their class. Things are gonna heat up, especially for Takeya. Because everyone is so into Ren, it’s getting out of control. Takeya takes Ren’s hand and tells her to make a run for it. Okay, she’s really running across and on top of the buildings. Back at Takeya’s room, we still see Ren taking a bath with her clothes on. That night when Takeya is asleep, Ren comes in and says "Sexual desire detected" and proceeds to get naked and sleeps next to him. "What was that just now?". Perverts of the world, how you wish you’d switch places with him now. Another thing to note is that from now on, each episode will feature short clips of a playboy guy, Hirofumi Nonaka. You’ll see him dating or flirting with some girl whom he fondly calls ‘Koneko-chan’. I’m not sure of his presence and role in the series probably to provide some bishonen eye candy. Also, there are 3 classmate girls who seem to take a liking for Ren. Everytime Ren seems down, they’ll blame Takeya for doing something bad or mean to her.
In episode 4, Ren’s high school life begins (I don’t know what happened after that last night. Was it just a dream?). Though she doesn’t know the meaning of what she’s doing, all she knows that it’s just a step to being close to her master. As usual, everyone is bombarding Ren with questions. Though Takeya acts like he doesn’t care or know anything but his body language definitely indicates that he worries about her. Other than that, it’s supposed to be Miu’s first day as a transfer student, but to her surprise, nobody seems to be excited of her presence. Miu seems to be taking it in good faith. Then at the assembly to her horror, she finds that there’s another DearS, Ren, who is the transfer student. Now her entire politeness goes out the window. It’s quite funny to see Miu in jealous mode and doesn’t like Ren very much (probably because of her bigger boobs). Ren though, isn’t sure of what’s going on and all her hostility is all about. While the whole class thinks Ren is the legitimate transfer student because she was here first, they accuse Miu to be the fake one. Though the headmaster and the other students don’t have qualms about having another DearS around (based on Neneko’s suggestion), but I guess to Miu she can’t stand having to have another ‘rival’ around. So Miu proposes a challenge whereby the loser leaves. The challenges include academic tests (in which Miu won by scoring perfect marks in all of them) and a cooking test. Funny part was Ren’s cooking looks sinister. Anybody in their right mind won’t even put that in their mouth. Unfortunately, Takeya had the ‘honours’ because Ren made it for him. Is he crying blood?! When Miu tastes it, she got all excited. It was so bloody delicious that it’s akin to the taste of the cosmos! Oihiko, one of the judges, decides to take Miu’s word and has a taste himself. He gets knocked out. Well it proves that alien’s taste are much more different than humans. One alien’s meat is another man’s poison. Something like that. Miu concedes defeat and leaves. But Mitsuka says that she will allow both DearS to stay. Miu is happy and decides to U-turn her decision to leave. She’s gonna stay to keep an eye on Ren and to find out who’ll be a more suitable transfer student. Let’s just say it’s a revenge-in-the-waiting grudge match for a particular sore loser. Meanwhile, Nia has returned to the base and meets her master, Xaki, to tell him the delicious things she ate today. Yeah, he tells her to wipe her mouth.
In order to show who’s boss, in episode 5, Miu seems to be teaching Ren to do things the right way. Yeah, though Miu is in the next class, she barges in to Ren’s class just to teach her how to do proper cleaning. Funny part was when after Miu showed her how to do it, Ren wiped her own forehead and says how tough it must’ve been doing all that hardwork. And she’s only watching! Haha. Because Ren is a klutz, she gets criticized by Miu, which leads the former to be quite depressed. You know, if a slave can’t be useful to her master, what good is a slave then. That’s what Ren is feeling. She’s having thoughts that she might not be of use to Takeya. Of course Takeya thinks that with Ren having to spend more time with Miu, he’s off the hook needing to watch over her. But Miu too gives him a piece of his mind when she tells him that he needs to have a little sense of responsibility. Good thing this guy has that guilty conscience so in a way, he doesn’t totally abandon Ren and a little chat makes them get to know each other a little better. Also that night, Miu meets up with Khi at the park and reports to him (yes, that Khi is a guy. I initially thought he was a she) about Ren. Earlier on, Khi got some punishment from Ruvi when that whipping b*tch questioned Khi about Ren’s capture. She didn’t like it. Also, in their language, Ren means ‘nothing’ so Khi somewhat a little suspicious that this DearS may be the one that got away during the lorry crash. Meanwhile, Takeya gets another hot steamy seducing "Sexual desire detected" from Ren. She’s saying it’s her duty to nurse him bla bla bla. To cut short all those words, Ren is willing to get physical and do it with Takeya if he wishes for it. It’s really gonna be an out-of-this-world experience, I’d say! Can Takeya hold back his pervertness? Or is he willing to forgo his believe that DearS are aliens waiting to take over Earth and have a wild time.
Well, in order to prove that Takeya isn’t a wolf and has absolute control over his inner pervertness, he tells Ren that this sort of stuff is kinda unusual in episode 6. Yeah, right. Since Ren feels Takeya thinks it’s a bad thing, she understands and stops. And went back to bed. That simple, huh? Did Takeya miss the chance of his lifetime? Probably it’s better this way. But this episode is mainly about Miu’s depression not being able to serve her host family. It seems the elderly couple are self sufficient so in a way, it made Miu feel ‘useless’. And because of that carefree Ren around, we get to see her jealous side once more as she takes out her frustrations on that ‘blur’ DearS. Then at the school rooftop while Miu is having a chat with Takeya (more like blabbing about the wonderfulness of being a DearS, which Takeya doesn’t wanna hear), because she can’t believe that she has to be with an imperfect DearS, she decides to teach Ren on how to be one. So Miu’s first step is to pay Ren a visit. The place looks messy. Does Ren really clean up? Anyway part of Miu’s ‘training’ include going out to buy food ingredients (Miu must be surprised everyone is so friendly to Ren) and some cooking (again Ren wipes her forehead and thinks it’s hardwork after just watching). Miu and Ren chat about being in some Community of the DearS, in which Ren is unaware and doesn’t care too much as long as she’s with Takeya.
Meanwhile back at the DearS ship, we see Ruvi talking to Khi and Xaki about how that ‘defective product’ has finished its rite of certification (when a DearS kisses somebody else) so she wants it to be captured real quick. Ruvi seems to be serious as she even tells Xaki that he must do it even if it goes against his principals. Xaki says he’ll relay that order to Nia. Can that happy-go-lucky DearS do it right this time? Back at Takeya’s room, after the DearS finished cooking, they decide to redecorate the place. Unknowingly, Ren throws away an unopened letter for Takeya. When Takeya comes back from his part time job, he is shocked to see his entire room decorated like a girl’s room! Fancy all those teddy bears and girly designs? Ren in a fancy lace-filled dress? Miu goes home to take a bath and it’s kinda amusing to see how she ties up her huge plume of her hair. Feels kinda heavy… It’s late at night and Neneko wonders what Takeya is doing outside. Well, he’s throwing away all the decorations when some little girl comes by him and does a tackling move on him. She is Natsuki and is Takeya’s little step-sister. Great. Does this guy need more girls in his life?
In episode 7, big brother fetish Natsuki comes to stay with Takeya. It looks like Takeya is unaware of her arrival because he didn’t get that letter, which Ren threw it away unknowingly previously. Anyway Natsuki seems to like Ren and in a way grows attached to her. Sort of. The following weekend, Takeya along with Ren, Neneko and Natsuki go visit the site where the DearS ship crash landed. You know it won’t be pleasant when Mitsuka is around. Yeah, she thinks Takeya is planning to have an orgy with so many girls around. Innocent Natsuki doesn’t understand all that adult talk and proceeds to ask Mitsuka to take a group photo of them. Mitsuka disgustingly take the photos in suggestive positions and even quips "I put the entirety of my womanhood in that shot". Don’t say anything, or else she’ll come up with more adult lines. There’s a short flashback on how Natsuki came to like Takeya a lot. It seems when they were younger, she got lost in a crowded area but Takeya managed to find and comforted her. When they go back to Takeya’s room, to Natsuki’s horror, she finds out that Ren is living with him! Yeah, that master-slave line again. This causes Natsuki to be upset and do her submission moves on him. I kinda noticed that Natsuki loves doing so on Takeya whether it’s his fault or not. In that instant, all love for Ren goes down the drain and turned into hatred. Natsuki wants Ren to leave her Takeya because she thinks her brother is all hers and only hers.
Even the next day at school, Natsuki comes barging in to demand an explanation from Takeya. Still not satisfied with the outcome, she even went to confront the headmaster and tells him to cancel Ren’s homestay. This is too much. Takeya can’t stand her bratty attitude anymore and tells her off. Natsuki can’t believe that her beloved onii-chan raised his voiced at her and rushes off. Not before pounding him of course. Wandering in the streets, Ren goes after Natsuki and finds her. She tries to comfort her but Natsuki still isn’t too fond of her. Just then, Natsuki’s mom, Harumi, arrives and gives her daughter a submission move, entitled Harumi Driver. So now we know where Natsuki got her moves from, don’t we? After clearing up the misunderstanding, Harumi says that everyone is coming back to Japan soon but since Natsuki couldn’t wait, she ran away. So Harumi’s here to bring her back and finish some paperwork. As they leave, Ren gains an insight to what a family is. A relationship where people love each other. Meanwhile we see Khi and Miu talking together. Miu is kinda depressed and thinks of dropping out of school. From this point on, I kinda noticed Miu is more gloomy and doesn’t hate Ren that much anymore. No more jealous voice tone.
Though Natsuki and Harumi has returned overseas in episode 8, this won’t be the last you’ll see of them. But even if they do appear in later episodes, it won’t be so prominent. But this episode sees how Miu decides to challenge Ren once more through some traditional game played by DearS, with Khi as the referee. Though Ren doesn’t want to get involve, Miu isn’t listening and soon the challenge starts. I don’t remember the exact details but it’s just like trying to catch fast bouncy flying balls scattered throughout the area. The one who catches the most balls in the end wins. And off they go. We see them flying and jumping throughout town trying to collect as much as they can as the people watch in awe. Nia also spots Ren and tries to go after her but as usual she flops when she collided into some melon bread. Funny part is when Takeya who is running about to find Ren, 1 of the balls got into his shirt and he starts bouncing away. Miu spots Takeya and knows that there is a ball in his shirt and starts to grope ‘here and there’. Takeya made a funny expression "My… My balls…". Hahaha. When Miu finally gets hold of it, they both fell into some deep hole.
Once they come to, we find out a little about Miu’s past on how she was traumatized by the fact that she couldn’t save her master when he was bleeding profusely. Because it’s kinda dark and cramp, Miu is paralyzed and thus can’t fly out like she usually does. Ren has returned to Khi but notices Takeya is missing. She gets hold of the shirt of Takeya lost and screams for his name. Takeya then thought he heard Ren’s voice calling for him which made Miu think that he might posses the legendary Gift, a relationship which allows master and slave to sense each other. But that’s only a legend. How true do we think it is for Takeya and Ren? Takeya also find out that the DearS are actual slave-like aliens and their existence are merely to serve and please their master. Miu also mentions that the DearS who have crash landed here are abandoned. With the high advanced technology of other alien species, don’t you think they would’ve been detected and picked up in an instant? In order not to portray humans as selfish cold blooded creatures, as expected Takeya doesn’t give a crap about that master-slave thingy and gives Miu a good lecture. But their conversation is cut short when Miu’s elderly host comes peering into the hole. Looks like they’ve just fallen into the well at their backyard. Miu gets her courage back and flies out with Takeya. Miu is looking more confident now but before she could thank Takeya, Ren comes crashing down on Takeya, hugging him like as though she missed him for many years. Ah, a mood spoiler in Miu’s eyes.
Looks like Ren and Miu are on good terms in episode 9 but this episode is mainly on Neneko. After Miu has done her shopping, she drops by at Takeya’s place only to find Ren in a cosplay outfit for Neneko’s sketching model. In no time, Miu too dresses up and becomes Neneko’s model. Takeya comes home and is surprised to see them so. But sometimes Takeya can be insensitive. He said a statement which even made the DearS to feel a pain in their heart even if it was meant for Neneko. Something about how Neneko has no sex appeal and it would be sickening for her to even display it half heartedly. Even after Neneko left, Miu lectures him but I think he still doesn’t get it through his dense head. Besides that usual sexed-up fantasy Mitsuka has about herself at the video store, Ren dresses Neneko in a girly outfit. Her logic is that Takeya will praise her in that outfit. Huh? Takeya comes back from work and thinks about what he said to Neneko. Next morning, once he realized he was late for work, he rushed out but happen to spot Neneko sitting alone at the river bank where he and Neneko once played as kids. He comes up to her and they both had a nostalgic chat. A flashback of them while they were young had Neneko being bullied by a couple of nasty boys who were teasing her of wearing a girly dress when she had always dressed in boy’s clothes. Takeya then comes by and give those bullies a good beating. That dress was particularly special to her as it was her mom’s 1st anniversary of her passing. So by wearing it, she felt like her mom had come back even if it didn’t suit her. Then as she sat alone crying, Takeya sprinkled a bunch of flowers over her and says that the dress suited her as she looked like a princess. I guess that’s when their friendship took off. Back in present time, Takeya is blushing and says he didn’t really mean to say that but before he could finish, Neneko is already on her bicycle and wishing him to do his best at his job. Yeah, he’s gonna be late.
In episode 10, Takeya and Oihiko are worried that they might have to repeat next year if they flop their exams. Since Ren wants to be with Takeya, she doesn’t mind flopping too. Miu is devastated by Ren’s actions and fears that this could embarrass or bring shame to the DearS. So Miu decides to help those hopeless students with their studies. On the way home, the gang bumps into Mitsuka who thinks they are gonna have an orgy! Anyway putting that aside, the gang manages to start studying back at Takeya’s place. Except Oihiko, who is excited and taking pictures of the place. So can he study? At the same time, Nia is happily searching for Ren, thinking that this will allow her to graduate from her apprenticeship. But she got too hungry to continue. We then see Natsuki in town. Looks like she’s back. But she bumps into Mitsuka. Of all people. Mitsuka proceeds to tell her that Takeya is having an orgy party! Though Natsuki doesn’t know what it means, she has a bad feeling that it may be perverted. Leave it to Mitsuka to elaborate the adult paradise… I think Natsuki gets the idea. Child corruption!
Back at Takeya’s place, the gang takes a well deserved break and Takeya has to go out to get some refreshments. On the way he spots Nia unconscious and thinks she’s dead. After feeding her, she is revived! But before anything else could happen, Natsuki comes by giving Takeya another submission move. She’s saying that she saved him from going back to his room to do an orgy. Seems Nia takes a liking for Natsuki and clings on to her. Yeah, Nia wants to join in the orgy even if she doesn’t know what it means. Natsuki thinks another DearS is gonna take away her brother as the 2 tussle with Takeya, nearly tearing him apart. Just then, they heard a commotion about a little kitten stuck high up an electrical pole. Nia uses her agility to persuade the kitten to come with her. As the kitten jumps, it jumped short and is free falling. Natsuki then slides by and hurriedly grab it in her arms. With that, Natsuki doesn’t view Nia that bad. The gang are surprised to see Nia clinging onto Takeya when he comes back. But it seems Khi is also there to take Nia back with him. After apologizing, he leaves and tells Miu that ‘those 2’ may soon have to part. Back at the DearS ship, Ruvi isn’t too pleased of the outcome. Yeah, Nia is still happily clinging on to Xaki and wonders if those words Ruvi said were something delicious to eat. We can all interpret it as she failed.
Nia has been punished by Ruvi in episode 11 by being tied upside down. I don’t think Nia seems to comprehend her situation. Ruvi sends Khi to do some negotiations while assigning the job to Xaki. Meanwhile Ren is watching some lovey-dovey videos in order to enhance her relationship with Takeya but the latter isn’t too fond of it. At school, Miu tries to return a pencil to Takeya but somehow can’t bring it to herself to do so. There’s a funny part whereby Ren spots a soy milk spot on the corner of Takeya’s mouth and proceeds to lick his cheek while that guy’s being reprimanded by the 3 girls. Everybody watches in shock. Soon all the boys gulped down their food and wants Ren to lick their face! Is that whole onigiri on that guy’s face too obvious?! Later, Takeya ticks Ren off and tells her not to do any of that anymore as those stuffs are reserved for lovers. It gets worse when Ren unintentionally reads aloud the kind of girls Takeya likes, mature women with big breasted. Must be hot news for the class! And Mitsuka… Meanwhile Khi meets with Miu and tells her that the rite of certification between Takeya and Ren is to be annulled.
Later when Mitsuka asks Ren for some help to get some materials (hopefully not porn!), Ren got lost and entered a room where Hirofumi is sleeping. This is the only prominent part he has, though I feel that it doesn’t have any great impact as well. Hirofumi spots Ren crying and the duo chatted about Ren’s unsureness about what she wants for Takeya. She also did mention that she wants to get physical with Takeya. So Hirofumi wonders if she wants to ‘experience’ it. Leave it to a lady-killer to get all lovey-dovey with Ren. Just then, Takeya comes in and sees what’s happening. Ren in her happiness pushes Hirofumi off the bench to hug him but Takeya is angry. Though Ren apologizes, Hirofumi tries to help indirectly by saying isn’t Ren’s homestay is with him and that aren’t they going out. Takeya refutes and says it isn’t like that. So will Takeya mind if Hirofumi takes Ren for himself? "It has got nothing to do with me!". Takeya storms out. Later as Ren and Neneko walk home together, they bump into Hirofumi cycling in the opposite direction. But it’s not like he wants to steal Ren away so he just leaves after a short chat. Maybe he just likes her soft smooth hair, that’s all. After Takeya returns from his part time job, he finds Khi and Miu sitting in his room. Khi has come to officially apologize to him on behalf of the Community. Furthermore, he’s asking Takeya to return Ren to them and would offer a replacement DearS, surprising him a little. Meanwhile, Ren is alone in town when Xaki confronts her and says "I will retrieve you".
We learn more of that master-slave relationship that the DearS are destined to in episode 12. That this friendly homestay programme is just a facade to conceal this fact and to portray themselves just as friendly aliens. We also see a hibernating DearS in a tube back at the ship named Fina. Supposedly I think the leader of this batch of DearS. As Khi explains even further to a surprised Takeya (oh since when that guy has shown a very concerned face about Ren), Xaki goes into offensive mode to try and capture Ren but the latter does her best to avoid. The townspeople upon seeing Ren in danger steps up to protect her. Xaki has no choice but to back down. Ren comes back to Takeya’s room and it seems Neneko is there too. More of that Ren-is-a-defect-and-must-be-returned-for-the-Community’s-pride explanation and since Takeya is her master, he has to decide. Takeya has flashbacks of the times he spent with Ren. Though he says all those doesn’t have anything to do with him, but I guess Takeya has to show that he’s not totally bad by saying that they should ask Ren herself instead and not treat her like an object. Ren’s answer: "Whatever Takeya wants, I want". Now that doesn’t really solves anything and the ball goes back to Takeya. Well since it turned out like that, Takeya doesn’t mind if Ren is taken back. After all, he doesn’t want to be near this weird alien. How can he do such a thing after that cool statement? Anyway Khi won’t take Ren back now and will do so after school tomorrow to allow her to properly say goodbye to her friends. Miu’s heart is wavering as she has a talk with her elderly hosts on what if she were to be gone 1 day. This topic startled them a little but Miu assures them that she’s not going away.
The next day at school, everyone is surprised that Miu is going away and wants an explanation from Takeya. "These are alien circumstances", he says. Soon it’s time to go and Khi mentions that Ren will be retrained and reborn as a proper DearS. That is if she comes obediently. Or else, she will be frozen and locked away for eternity. So Ren’s speech isn’t anything special. "I love this school. I love melon bread…". You get the idea. When it’s done, Ren did the unthinkable. She escapes through the window. Xaki has been waiting outside in anticipation of this. Another chase ensues. With that, everyone tries to go after her before she gets captured. Yeah, nearly the entire town goes after them. Too bad for Oihiko’s dad, mommy won’t let him chase after a DearS. As for Takeya, he gets a head start when Mitsuka arrives on her bike and wearing those revealing leather biker outfit. This must be the ride of Takeya’s life (depends on how you view it) and remember people, don’t ride recklessly. Xaki has got Ren cornered at the broken bridge near the DearS ship. I wonder how everyone arrived at the same time as Takeya and Mitsuka. Did that girls got lost? Takeya tries to stop Xaki but was fling into the waters below. Ren then swiftly jumps in to save him. After resurfacing and some touching words, Takeya has to show viewers that human beings are not as bad and cold as they usually are. Yes, he finally said it "I AM REN’S MASTER!". Everyone is happy as Ren happily hugs him. Well, not everyone is happy. Ruvi can’t believe that this is happening. But I guess there’s nothing much she can do now since it turned out this way. The end scene shows everyone resuming their normal lives. Miu continues her homestay programme, Mitsuka now asking Ren to read aloud some adult lines in class (some things never changed), Nia is still clinging on to Natsuki, Oihiko’s still a DearS fan (if not bigger), and Takeya, Neneko and Ren doing their usual shopping in which the store owners still giving them good offers and discounts.
As mentioned, episode 13 is an OVA episode but I found out that this was the original unaired 10th episode of the tv series. It takes place between episodes 9 and 10 and is dubbed by many viewers as episode 9.5. Perhaps 1 of the reasons not to air this episode is because of the tremendous amount of fanservice and nudity here. Even when the episode starts, we’ll see Ruvi and Khi naked in some sort of hi-tech shower. I think Ruvi’s a sadist because she did mention she’s gonna punish Khi. But this episode is about how the store keepers fixed a lottery game to allow Miu to win 4 tickets to a spa resort. Since her elderly hosts aren’t around, you can guess who she’ll take along to the spa, right? But before that, I like the hilarious part whereby Miu visits Ren, who is watching porn movies?! Ren did mention that Takeya like big breasted women and I think she’s trying to get some insights. Though we won’t be able to see the movie, you pretty much guess from the sound it makes and the shocking expression on their faces and even their comments! "How acrobatic this technique is?!" and "It really fit inside?!". Woah! And if you think that Takeya is getting all romantic over Neneko, then it’s just her imagination. Must be soaking too long in the bath. I wonder how true is this dream-cum-desire of hers. But Ren herself has no qualms getting naked and in the same bath with Takeya, freaking the latter out. We also see Harumi and Natsuki enjoying an outside hot bath somewhere. Because Natsuki is worried that the alien is seducing her bro by doing this and that (there’re lots of beep words on screen), Harumi is pissed on where she learned such words and proceeds to give her an ultimate submission move.
The day arrives and the quartet takes a bus to the resort. Nia spots them and follows. At the resort, Ren follows Takeya into the men’s room but Miu finds her and drags her away. Everyone nearly had a nosebleed of their lifetime. So expect the gang to have their fun experience there. As Takeya is soaking in a pool, he notices Nia looking through the glass ceiling above. I think he decides to go to the sauna. Oh and Mitsuka’s there too. In the men’s sauna, she shamelessly flaunts and exposes her assets. Stop the erection! The heat has got to her head, but she’s always like this regardless of the temperature. At the same time, there’s a reporter covering the area but is having doubts after she bumps into Mitsuka and Nia. Nia is fascinated with the things around but is told by a lady to dress in proper attire at certain places. Meaning to say, get naked. Nia then spots Ren and starts chasing her. And if they run through the crowded men’s section, I think the crystal clear water is gonna turn into crimson red blood. Now Mitsuka is an exhibitionist with lots of perverted guys surrounding and staring at her when Ren comes by. They think she’s been hired by the resort company for such superb service. Because Nia is chasing Ren at high speed, she misses and smashes through the glass window. Another failed mission. Takeya is outside enjoying the bath when the window pieces comes crashing down on him. He has no chance to escape. It seems Ren is faster than the falling glasses and swiftly jumps down and grabs Takeya out of harms way. She got her face in his crotch. Anyway the reporter is doing her usual rounds when they caught all this commotion live. Everybody is watching. Ren then starts saying that master-slave line. Miu is worried that things might not go well if Ruvi sees this. But Takeya and Ren are ‘saved’ by Mitsuka when that woman now decides to do some free show and fanservice in front of the camera. The gang then uses this chance to escape and leave the resort. Back at the DearS ship, Ruvi indeed has watched that live report and doesn’t like what she sees. She’s gonna take out her punishment on Khi. What does that poor kid got to do with it? Lastly, we see Natsuki and Hiromi on a plane touching down in Japan.
I have to admit that I don’t really hate this anime but at the same time, it’s not one of those animes that will occupy my top 10 list. If you like aliens and sci-fi, and don’t mind a little sexy, ecchi, fanservice or nudity, then I guess it’s alright to watch this one. At 1 point it got me thinking that in the case of this anime, we humans may have the tendency to teach these DearS to be ‘naughty’. How ironic is that. An advanced life form having no problems of adapting to our society and customs. Ah well, they’re slaves after all. Oops. I sound so cold-hearted. But the series may get to be predictable after awhile because in each episode nearly the same things do happen like the headmaster’s gardening and Hirofumi’s flirting. I also kinda noticed that Ruvi doesn’t come into contact with any humans and mainly stays in the mothership. Even she hasn’t met Miu nor Ren. Since the anime end doesn’t amount anything much, I guess those who want to know more about Takeya and Ren’s relationship concerning that Gift, will have to read the manga.
The drawing, art and animation seems to cater for those bishoujo and bishonen look. Yeah, I hope aliens are that gorgeous too. Haha. But at times the drawing of the characters become chibi whenever the scenario turns funny (like the characters in shock or being incredulous) and it’s kinda amusing to watch them in that form. The opening theme song, Love Slave by UNDER17 (On an unrelated note, I think the show should be watched by above 17. Haha. Get it?), made my hair stood on ends because of the girly way they sing it. Hold your hand, kamatte… Touch and feel, amaete… Yeesh! And what is that part where Ren and Miu almost seemingly locked lips! An idea of what the show is like? It kinda made me think what if 2 DearS did the rite of certification on each other? Do they become both master and slave to each other? Anyway, the song sounds a little cosmic. The ending theme, Happy Cosmos by Poppins sounds like a happy song and has the female character in chibi form doing some weird dance of theirs. This kinda reminds me of the ending theme for the 1st season of Happy Lesson, Yume No Miyako Tokyo Life. Only thing is it ends with a bunch of melon bread falling on them. Hmm… Melon bread must be to food theme of this series. Some of the background music too have that cosmic feel like the title screen (each episode is named as ‘Contact’) and the mid-intermission (Ren eating a huge melon bread and gets whack on the head by Miu). I also noticed that there are a pair of Eskimo girls in the ending animation whom I’ve never seen in the anime. Manga-only characters or just random characters?
Speaking of the title screen, I noticed that there are some alien cryptic writings, which I think are supposed to be the language of the DearS. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be fancy and squarish hiragana or katakana writings because some of the pronunciations do fit some of those words. Perhaps it’s just coincidence. In addition, if you keep your ears peeled, you’ll notice that particular character who narrates the episode title will say that line somewhere in the episode. So the title isn’t a good indication of what that episode is all about. Yeah, some may sound sexy but that whole episode isn’t that ‘seductive’. Like episode 12 which’s entitled ‘Furthermore… It Was Hot’ is said by Ren while reading one of Mitsuka’s porn materials in class near the episode’s end.
My favourite voice acting is still Miu’s, who is voiced by Mai Nakahara. Her previous works include Mai of Mai-HiME and Noi of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge. I love how her voice tone changes when she becomes jealous or is in disbelief. Ai Shimizu who voices the soft-spoken Ren was unrecognizable at first because she usually voices little genki girls like Mikoto in Mai-HiME, Makio in Umisho and Koyori in Sola. So it’s a departure from her usual stereotypic role here. Other casts include Kishou Taniyama as Takeya (Seiji of Midori Days, Takayuki of Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien), Chiwa Saito as Neneko (Natsuki of Keroro Gunsou, Sumire AKA Perma of Gakuen Alice), Kappei Yamaguchi as Oihiko (male Ranma in Ranma 1/2, Usopp in One Piece), Hiroaki Hirata as Xaki (Gojo in Saiyuki, Sanji in One Piece), Megumi Toyoguchi as Ruvi (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist), Yukari Tamura as Nia (Misha of Pita Ten, Nanoha of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha) and Miyuki Sawashiro as Khi (Shinku in Rozen Maiden, Mint in Galaxy Angel). Kikuko Inoue who voices Mitsuka is probably the most ‘shocking’ one I find. Since most of her roles are ‘dreamy’ characters like Kasumi of Ranma 1/2, Goei of Ikkitousen, Mizuho in Onegai Teacher, Mami in Hand Maid May, and more famously as Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama. So when she voices some over-sexed teacher, it was really unexpected.
If such DearS exists in the universe, based on our human’s slave treatment history, I’m sure not only DearS would want to give our planet a pass, but other advanced life forms. We’re such sadistic beings by nature. Yeah, it made me feel that this anime was made just to quell or give some hope that the entire human race isn’t so. There are. So before we’re able to have good relations with aliens, we must foremost have good relations among ourselves. But that’s another matter. Now, I wonder if I could get a DearS of my own. It’ll definitely be the ultimate ‘helper’ around. Yahoo! No more household chores or other ‘troublesome’ workloads. I can laze around and watch animes all day long! And perhaps get a little kinky… HAHAHA! Just let me have my own dream…

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