Looking from the name and poster itself, I thought Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku was the result of Zero Kara Hajimeru and Sword Art Online had some sort of crossover. I mean, the name is pretty serious and mean if you look at it at first glance. It might be some serious sh*t RPG thingy with real adventures and mysteries instead of some crappy overpowered character from our world somehow conveniently transported to another world who has everything in hand and a bunch of girls under his harem. Oh wait… Oh no! Too late. I guess I should not judge an anime by its name too nowadays.

Episode 1
Suzuki is almost hitting 30 and is a dedicated debugging programmer of a couple of highly popular online games, namely War World and FFL. We see him dropping in to office on a Sunday and then goes full steam ahead to do whatever debugging requests nonstop for 3 days! So when he finishes his last request, he finally gets his much needed sleep. I don’t think he had his NerveGear on and this could be some sort of dream. Or a bug in real life. Because when he wakes up he finds himself in a fantasy world that is a mix of War World and FFL. He realizes he can see and use interface although the setting to quit cannot be activated. Bug? He notices his high school years’ looks as well as the name, Satou which is the name he uses to test bugs. Looking through his weak ability, he sees several Lizardman enemies approaching. An arrow grazes his cheek. Real blood. Real pain. Sh*t! I’m surprised he managed to dodge and survive that rain of arrows. Suddenly a meteor rain wipes them out. A surviving Lizardman challenges him to a fight and loses. This allows Satou to max out many of his skill levels. Bug? Looking through his skills again, he tests the meteor rain ability again. This time it is more powerful. Thank goodness for his maxed abilities that enables him to run and jump the hell out of here. Better disable this skill just in case. Don’t want to be mislabelled as a megalomaniac. He then takes stock of his inventory. Lots of stuffs and lots of cash. Nothing to worry about. Bug? He rests for the night and continues his exploring the next day. He detects soldiers nearby and a wyvern attacking them. He feels the need to help them since it was his fault that he shooed the wyvern away. Don’t understand what they’re saying? Upgrade your language skills now! I wonder why some skill sets have enabled/disabled? Isn’t it inconvenient? Bug? Anyway the soldiers try all their might to ward it off. One of the mage soldiers, Zena Marientail uses turbulence to ward the wyvern off but it backfired and blew her away. Time for Satou to rescue the falling hot chick.

Episode 2
Zena introduces herself. But must she say she is unmarried and has no boyfriend? I know what flag this raises. Good vibes interrupted when Zena’s retainers, Lilio and Iona think Satou is the enemy. Thanks to his instant mastery of persuasion skills, he manages to convince them he is a merchant and lost his stuffs and paperwork that was on his horse. He is taken to Seiryuu City to get his papers in orders as well as his visa for his stay. With renewed freedom to explore, another hot chick, Martha quickly takes him to her inn. I guess new travellers that waltz in have that same look that they need a place to stay. With negotiation skills, he manages to get a room at a cheap price from Martha’s mom, Mosa who is also the innkeeper. She tells him about a hero defeating the Demon Lord 60 years ago and thankfully there isn’t anyone out there reviving him yet. You mean that is an option? Currently this parts of the city is more concerned with wyvern attacks. Asking about dragons, she relates they sleep a lot and their sightings are rare. The last time she saw dragons was 2 years ago. After finishing his lunch, Martha decides to take him to town to shop for clothes. Along the way, he notices demi-humans are treated as slaves. He goes to help a few before back to shopping with Martha. Back to the inn, he has more good food before retiring to his room. He recollects today’s event that has been totally awesome. However he feels something is off. There are some lore that do not match up with the original game. Like the language and foods he has never tasted anything like it before. This is too weird to be a dream. If this ‘game’ needs to be cleared so he can return to his world, it is going to be tough because there isn’t a clear goal in many MMO games. He goes for a night sightseeing and likes the city. He decides to make it priority to learn and have fun in his new surroundings. Going home is secondary mission. Next morning, it seems his ‘girlfriend’ is here to pick him up. Lovely Zena is eager of showing him around.

Episode 3
Looks like a pretty normal date… With Zena being part of the military, I guess she gets a free pass showing him some of the facilities. Is this okay? She brings him to a temple that has a mural of the hero fighting the Demon Lord. It is in blue because the holy sword glows so and if you are the chosen one, it will also glow that colour. Zena introduces him to Orna, the priestess of this temple. They know each other as her mom acted as Orna’s wet nurse. Satou checks his titles acquired. Man, he has got lots of them. From Dragon Killer to even God Killer! I guess using that meteor rain earned him that title? I suppose now this isn’t all just a bug. He is a walking cheat bug! On their way, they see a commotion. A priest of the Zaicuon temple is selling holy rocks for people to stone at the demi-human slaves. Zena tries to stop this cruelty as Satou traces the slaves’ master, Urs. We see him scanning the area for imposters and agitators, taking them out and acquiring loads of skills! He exposes this scam to the public but Urs turns into his true demon form. The people are evacuated as the military tries to take him down and Satou taking the slaves to safety. However they will not move without their master’s orders. Well, their master’s ‘dead’. The demon initiates some magic that sends Satou and the slaves to his labyrinth. They must find a way out now. But first, Satou becomes the slaves’ new master and names them Liza, Tama and Pochi. He gives them new clothes to wear and food to eat before making their move. A giant bug feeding on a corpse is in their way. What will they do? Don’t worry. Satou has a magic laser gun that kills! Too convenient! They use parts of the monster to make weapons and Satou acquires more skills. Man, this guy could become a real God someday at the rate he masters them. Every. One. Of. Them.

Episode 4
To level up his slaves, Satou delegates them tasks. They even have time to stop to rest, eat, bath and sleep! Yeah, take your time… They continue their journey and fight more monsters. They stumble into an area where several people are trapped in a cocoon. Looks like they saved a couple of important people. Except one who was earlier a bully to the slaves. He is still cocky so Satou doesn’t feel like cutting him out. But he isn’t that bad so he eventually he does if he shuts up. They finally meet up with the military side at the exit. They have a tough time fighting slimes? I guess they haven’t fought slimes before. The bully got cocky thinking he could take them out but needs some saving by the slaves. Of course the last slime has to be Satou saving Zena. Reunion cut short when the demon reveals itself. He hypnotizes everyone to fight each other. Satou is of course immune. He can’t reveal his super powers so easily so a well-timed fight with another monster brings him to another place. An excuse for him to return with a mask and hence masking himself as some mysterious hero. Seriously, in this labyrinth? I guess the few who know Satou don’t even recognize him. Okay, it’s a decent mask. Satou beats the crap out of the demon. He can’t take it anymore and then summons the Demon Lord! That easy? His resurrection reward is to eat him alive! That’s so Demon Lord for you. Obviously with everyone else getting owned, Satou is immune to all Demon Lord’s attacks. Somehow he has the holy sword in his inventory but since it isn’t shining blue, I guess he isn’t the chosen one. He switches to magic but the low end magic does a great deal of damage! Surprised? Me too. Demon Lord is confused because he is a person who is both good in martial arts and magic. You mean you can be either or only in this world? Satou then makes this logic connection. He cannot get the holy sword to work because he doesn’t have the title of hero. But he uses his God Killer title and it works! WTF?! Shouldn’t that be automatic?! With Demon Lord gone, everyone resurfaces from the labyrinth. Now Satou has earned the hero title. A little too late? A rescued slave trader registers the slaves to Satou. Oh, he has to take a few more that aren’t sold, Lulu and Arisa. If they weren’t this cute, I bet he wouldn’t have taken them.

Episode 5
Satou senses something wrong with Arisa. When she pronounces his name correctly, he whispers in her ear. She reacts. It seems she understands Japanese. He will find that out later since he has to take care of his starving assistants (because calling them slaves now feels so derogatory). He treats them well after hearing their appalling eating conditions and food during their slave years. Back at the inn, he asks Martha for more rooms but apparently it is full. With the people looking at them with disdain, it seems Arisa uses some odd persuasion to quell their scorn. Martha has the shed they can use so Satou has Liza, Tama and Pochi stay there while the rest with him. While sleeping that night, he realizes Arisa is on top of him and trying to seduce him! He manages to break out of her spell and orders her not to use it again and tell the truth. Using his interrogation skill, it seems Arisa’s reason for doing this is because she likes him! Apparently he is her dream guy and has all the qualities. And now it is even better that he is her master. She reveals the truth. Her real name is Arisa Tachibana and was a Japanese until she is reincarnated in this world. That means when one died in the other world, being reincarnated here starts you off as a baby although all your memories are retained. She thinks Satou is transported and summoned as a hero. Those in this category retain their current outlook or possessions they have at the time they transfer here. However Satou doesn’t think he fits that description (he did look slightly different and was a complete weakling). She notes he is the second Japanese guy she met here. The first being Lulu’s grandpa. It is a shame that nobody in this world considers Lulu a beauty because back in Japan she would have been idol material.

He wants to know how she ended up being a slave. She was born as a princess of a kingdom. She tried to use her knowledge to make her country wealthy but failed. Things take a turn for the worse with conflicts breaking out and it ended with a neighbouring country taking over. There was a culprit behind all this but she found out too late as she was wallowing in depression. After her country was taken over, many of the royal family was publicly executed. The survivors were forced into slavery. One day a demon popped up and burnt down the kingdom. Arisa and Lulu escaped into the mountains and when they were near death, that was when a slave trader picked them up. Next morning as Zena comes to get him, we should have expected and seen this coming when she sees 2 naked lolis sleeping by Satou’s side. So disappointed in him. But don’t worry. Satou knows what to do. Like a hero, he jumps out of the window and dances with her (?!) while using his persuasion skills to set everything right. If only real life was this easy. With everything in order, Satou gives money to his assistants and has them buy what they need. Life is so good indeed.

Episode 6
Zena accompanies Satou to see Nadi, the real estate broker so he could give his assistants a real place to stay instead of the shed. Unfortunately if you want cheap, I guess the locations are opposite a brothel or a shady place that could house a shady secret organization. As they wait for Nadi to do more research, they go watch a play. This tragic romance is based on a true story. A wizard and a princess fell in love with each other but torn apart by the marquis. It is twisted and gruesome in the sense the wizard was murdered by the princess’ attendant, the princess committing suicide, the wizard being resurrected as an undead to go on a revenge but being killed by a holy knight. Oh, the marquis subsequently died from a curse. The ending was confusing but Satou finds out from an audience there were multiple demands to change it and hence the confusion. Then there is this argument between Arisa and Zena about who was the root of the problem. Arisa owns Zena when she makes her think of her choice if she was in the princess’ shoes. Would she choose the one she loves or one whom her family decided? Then she grills her about women being attached to the household after being married and most probably Zena joined the military to avoid getting engaged. If she continues to play the good girl, the man she really loves will end up being stolen from her. No words to reply from Zena. Later Zena stumbles upon her comrades who just returned from skirmishes with ratman knights and Fang Ants who were seen trying to cross into the border. Guess what? Satou detects Flying Ants going to swarm into the city. Battle stations! Luckily they are low level and decent fighters can handle them. Just that they are overwhelming in numbers. Satou saves Nadi from one so she thanks him with a peck on his cheek. He is introduced to her manager, Yusaratoya “Yuya” Bolenan who is an elf. He is also told there is a difference between those with long ears. They aren’t elves but humans have always mistaken them to be so. Satou takes a night walk through the city and hears a commotion in the alley. After he fights off shadowy monsters, he takes care of a wounded ratman knight who wants him to look after the princess. He brings them to Nadi’s place because apparently the princess, Misanaria “Mia” Bolenan knows Yuya as she is also a fellow elf.

Episode 7
Satou returns the next day as Nadi reports they have been given medical treatment and are recuperating. Mia is just exhausted and just needs to replenish her mana. Since mana potions are quite expensive, the best is to take her to places with lots of them such as the count’s castle or the dragon’s valley. Satou talks to Mia for the first time as she thinks Satou is a spirit user in which he denies. Well, the night before, she saw Satou as some sparkly fluffy spirit thingy? Yeah, maybe that’s why she recovered faster. Satou returns to his assistants to educate them and then bring them to see Mia. The assistants quickly make friends with her but Mia is still more attached the Satou. Satou talks to Nadi who recommends him buying a cart with horses since he is a merchant. I guess it’s good to have loads of money because he makes his ‘estimation’ and then gives her a bag of money for her to handle the rest. While Satou waits for his carriage to arrive, we go on a camping trip and lesson with them! Fast forward this bonding part and back to Satou getting his new carriage. He learns how to ride it with Lulu. He notices she is still very nervous around him unlike other assistants. Probably she still fears men. He manages to break the ice by talking subjects she likes. On the way back, Satou notices a strange owl observing them but since it is not threatening, he doesn’t pay heed. Mia is now fully recovered so everyone wants to have a feast to celebrate this. Just more excuse to have good food. I suppose they might as well when they have a chance. Satou then joins Yuya to talk with the ratman knight, Mize. He explains his story of Mia being kidnapped and imprisoned by wizards. She escaped and stumbled into him. They try to take her into Seiryuu to see Yuya and those Flying Ants were probably sent by the wizards to get her. The storm is getting heavier and the thunder scaring the girls. Excuse to hug around Yuya? Fright night is only going to get creepier because that owl is now inside staring at them as it soon transforms into its undead form.

Episode 8
Satou detects this undead guy as Zen, the name of the tragic hero in the play. Since words will not sway him, Satou attacks. Zen is able to control the shadows and not be bested. Arisa tries a unique skill on him but is futile. She weakens from this as Zen realizes she is a reincarnate. He warns Satou to keep her from using that unique skill unless he wants her to become a plaything for the gods. Zen kidnaps Mia and leaves but challenges Satou to come to his Cradle if he dares. He does so and finds himself in eternal darkness. He easily breaks out of this mind trap and makes his way to the Cradle. Satou assess this huge labyrinth with 200 floors and finds it very much similar like an RPG, one that gamers would love to create. This means a hidden passage that will skip many floors and take him up. But first he has to give this dryad his mana. First kiss? Entering the portal, he discovers a secret room. Supposedly a lab of Trazayuya “Touya” Bonelan, an elf who created the Cradle to help instil a will to survive among elves but failed. He sealed it until his brethren could reclaim it again. Satou is sent up halfway through the Cradle. The homunculus babes need time to prepare to face him? I guess nobody has gotten this fare. They challenge him to face off with their iron golem. Because this is like a game, its obvious weakness is on its forehead and season RPG players can really tell. The homunculus babes retreat and leave one behind to fight Satou but nobody could beat this guy in anything, right? Satou is such a gentleman that he properly leaves this fallen homunculus babe in a room before proceeding his journey. He meets another dryad for another shortcut up to the highest floor. Does he have the right to face Zen now? Zen doesn’t see him worthy yet so instead gives him this holy sword, Gjallarhorn as reward. He leaves Satou fight to the death with his many iron golems and homunculus girls.

Episode 9
After fighting of the last of the homunculus girls, Zen tells him his wish. He wants a hero to kill him so he can join his wife in heaven. After he was betrayed and his family killed, he turned them and himself into the undead for revenge. But when that was done, he was unable to die due to God’s blessing. So only a hero can strike him down? Some logic. But here goes. Satou easily does so and before he becomes the next Demon Lord in spirit. With the master of this Cradle gone, the place starts to crumble. Satou wakes Mia up so she could teleport the other homunculus girls to safety. He then dives down to save the other fallen one halfway as the place crumbles into salt. He then gives enough mana to the dryad to teleport them outside. He would have taken her along too and add to his harem had not the opening and ending credits animation limit them. As long as the trees are around, the dryad will be alive. Bye. Phew. No need to add to his harem then. Now Satou has to carry this homunculus babe, run away from the tidal wave of sand, use fireballs to make vapour from the bog to slow its speed and manage to make it out alive! That’s just so unbelievable. He returns to his harem who start crying in their relief. See, Satou promised he will come back alive and he did. With Zen dead, the homunculus girls look to Satou as their new master. As he gives them Zen’s ring, they wish to find the grave of Zen’s wife and put it there. However they will leave one of them with him. For convenience, he names her Nana. Everyone returns Seiryuu and Zena gets overwhelmed with emotion that he is back. More worries for her when he tells her he plans to return Mia to her elf village. Why does she think he is not coming back? He promises he will and will tell her plenty of stories on his journey. Maybe that’s not why she is sad… Next day, everyone says bon voyage to Satou and his assistants. More goodbye drama with Zena seeing him at the very last minute just to tell him that she has spoken with her family and has gotten their permission. By next spring, she is able to join him. As his a fellow adventurer, harem or wife? All of the above?

Episode 10
While resting during the journey, Satou uses his sewing skills to make his assistants pillows and even puppets for everyone. Yeah, he is such a busy man. Hearing Mia playing the leaf instrument, he tries it out but sucks. He can’t even level up! OMG. Is this the first skill Satou cannot master?! Arisa shows Satou fallen slabs nearby. He is shocked to recognize them as shrine tori. It suddenly jogs his memories. His grandpa lived near a shrine and he had this weird conversation with a rainbow haired girl about reincarnation. However he is unsure if this conversation is real because he made a doujin game using such shrines as a setting so this conversation might be part of a game. Satou analyses it to be broken travel gate. Of course he can’t fix it so they continue their travel. Satou uses this time to go through the magic book left behind by Zen. He notices magic in this world works in a similar way as computer programming. Maybe it is because this is a game? Isn’t it?! Either it is too confusing for me to understand about him trying to experiment creating new magic with it. Along the journey, they stumble into the ratman people. They are happy to reunite with Mia as they helped her escape from the Cradle. But they have to do something first and went ahead. As Satou and his camp rests for the night, he uses this time to further experiment with his magic as well as his inventory. Conveniently he finds out time somewhat stops when he stores in here, hence he could deposit food his party hunted without ever worry about them going bad. Convenient. Next day, they arrive at the grave of the fallen ratman who died protecting Mia. Mia blesses and puts their soul to rest. Mize gives Satou a bell crafted by elves as he has earned the trust of Mia and his fellow ratmen.

Episode 11
Satou visiting a brothel?! I guess he can’t f*ck his harem since he is legally their guardian. Uhm, is it still a crime to have sex with a minor in this world? After witnessing a rude noble injure a peasant, Satou uses an expensive potion to heal him. With Arisa complaining that they might need it afterwards, he tries to make his own. He goes to town to buy some elixir for his potions and although he could trade some of his stock for its ingredients, somebody with a warrant and seal of the viceroy of Sedum City has bought them all. Satou then explores an unmapped area and is attacked by a loli apprentice, Inenimaana AKA Ine. Since he easily overwhelms her magic, she calls for her master who is the witch of this forest. She bows before him seeing that bell on his waist. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Satou learns that they are making potions for Count Kuhanou as part of their pact in exchange for keeping outlaws and hunters out of their forest. They make and deliver 300 vials of special potions to him twice a year. She can help teach him how to make potions but he must deliver a letter for her. When he returns, Arisa is waiting outside like a mad wife waiting for her husband’s return. As he delivers it to a guy at a bar, his keen hearing has him hear a couple of shady characters planning something shady. However his harem is here to pick him up. Don’t want him fooling around, eh? Since when does a master have a curfew? Next day, he detects bad people chasing after Ine. Although he manages to keep them at bay, an accident causes Ine to crash her cart and break many of the vials. It looks like more than half are broken. Even those he could salvage is not enough. So Satou goes with Ine to see the viceroy, Birkinz and his assistant, Dosan. He wants the pact to be strictly observed and will not accept any excuses. Satou is willing to get the potions from other sources but Birkinz insists they must be made from the witch. Satou is puzzled because the witch did not specify what kind of potions they are. He believes they want this pact to fail. He remembers them as the shady guys at the bar and this guy’s plan was to become the lord of his own territory. Using a little poker face to say he was the witch’s guest, Birkinz loosens his stance and will allow potions of the same quality or higher. Although later Satou and his assistants have picked up the ingredients, Ine says it won’t do because no matter how many potions they make, there are no vials to put them in. Now it makes sense why those were all bought up early. Uhm but can we just use normal pots or a big cauldron?

Episode 12
Satou manages to get a guy who is willing to lend them his kiln. Well, the girls aren’t finding making pottery isn’t an easy job. But Satou does it so easily on his first go thanks to his skills, maybe he should just make all of them by himself, huh? Even if it needs drying that would take days, thanks to Mia’s magic, it is instantly dry and ready for storage! Super wow. Once it is done, it seems Dosan and his men are here to break down all the illegal vials they made. And why is Satou letting them do it without stopping them? Yeah, previously he transported the real ones to his unlimited inventory and placed fakes ones there. So they go see Birkinz and to let him sign the delivery note. The court officials have confirmed the 300 vials. What’s this? Birkinz is wasting time and not wanting to sign? Yeah, technically if he doesn’t put his signature, this process isn’t complete. However Kuhanou will sign on his behalf. He has heard from the witch about Birkinz’s evil deeds and is disappointed. After relieving him of his duties and posts, Birkinz attempts to summon some evil magic and kill him. Too bad all spells don’t work on him since this is his home ground. Kuhanou wants to kill him but Satou knocks them out. Don’t kill in front of the children. Yeah, those ex-slaves have seen much worse I believe. The grateful witch gives Satou a lantern gift as parting and friendship token. Continuing their journey, we now take a fanservice detour as Arisa spots Satou trying to molest Nana. Of course we know it isn’t. He was just trying to calibrate her system but why does it always have to look so sexy? And there’s that time the girls bring back some strange plant that squirts out ambiguously strange liquid all over Satou’s hands and some started licking them… And there’s some legendary story Satou reads to his girls regarding the gods, demons and magic. Whatever. So as not to leave Zena out of it, Satou is kind enough to write her a letter of their adventures so far. Can’t wait to join him now, can she?

Isekai Wa Cheat Bug To Tomo Ni Crapsody
You know, something tells me that the producers read the flood of rebuking and stinging comments on that garbage series, Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni and thought that they wanted to do something similar but make it less obvious. Because this is what this series resembles closely too. In fact, I would even consider this one to be a spiritual successor to that. It reeks so much of that show that it stinks like a corpse found after 100 days later. So instead of making it so obvious of using a Smartphone, they turn it into some in-game user interface to make it less obvious. Yeah, I mean, people nowadays are having all the latest Smartphone and I’m sure they were pissed off seeing how godly that manmade tool was in the other world so they decided to change that but maintain the same effects via this method. But the end result is still the same. An overpowered character who can do everything easily and has almost unlimited stock of everything at his fingertips and disposal as well as a bevy of beauties by his side (more lolis than mature ladies this time). And yes, ultimately this makes this series another crap fest with all the BS and lack of explanations of everything else.

Although the interesting bits are how one from another world could be transported to this one (reincarnated or transported), this was never really explained throughout the series. Instead, we see Satou levelling up like hell, doing various ‘normal’ RPG-like stuffs and obtaining his harem of ex-slaves. This only makes that interesting bit useless and if it was never mentioned either, it didn’t matter. It feels like they only did so, so that they could catch viewers’ attention that there is something more to this world rather than some game Satou was making or the likes. As if to give some sort of background but at this rate it is as good as not even implementing it. Wasted potential. In fact, if we do not start off with Satou being a programmer in reality too doesn’t really matter. I figure they wanted someone new to the world who could awe locals with unexplained magic (cheat bugs, I call them) and become the new face of the land.

Therefore it is never explained why or how Satou ended up in this alternate fantasy world because I guess it beats being killed in his own world and then unrealistically being brought back by a repentant God to another world. Yeah, damn Smartphone that guy could only bring along. The fact that he is a game programmer somewhat trapped in another world that resembles an RPG sounds a lot better than the previous sentence about being killed and transported. Even his past with a mysterious rainbow haired girl feels like a troll at this point. Maybe it is all a dream from Satou? Who knows? If that really happens, it would be the biggest insult and ultimate lazy writing, making it far worse than that Smartphone crap show.

By the time this series ended, we don’t even care if he was from this real world or not. Like as though all has been forgotten and Satou is now accustomed to this new world that he has called his new home. Why not? Great harem loli. Being a single programmer back then feels like a nerd and has no life at all. That’s why at the end of a dozen episodes, I felt that the series has lost its way so much so we aren’t given so much of a proper ending to anything. Life and adventure goes on for Satou and his assistants. Happy ending. The end. What a let-down.

One of the most annoying things about this series is the constant and consistent pop ups. Actually the pop ups aren’t so annoying. Maybe it is. But the point is, it seems that in every episode Satou is able to easily earn titles for everything he does for the first time! Seriously! It is like some sort of participation reward or something. There is literally a title for just every damn thing he does. And once he does that, the pop up will display that new title he has just earned. Man, his inbox of list of titles is going to be a pretty long one. Longer than the encyclopaedia. Seriously. So much so in time to come, he would really be confused if he ever got that title in the first place. This also applies to the skills he acquired. Man, there is no ending supply stream of things he can do. At this rate, he will become God! God of all worlds! The pop ups will also display whatever he skills he is using at the moment. It is less irritating than the aforementioned one but still irritating nevertheless.

I am not sure about the programming of this world but we have seen that certain skills are locked and some require him to manually unlock and use it or even upgrade it. I mean, if he has such skill sets, why the need to lock them in the first place? It is not like he is not able to use it. Thus I am baffled why the need to do so. I am not even sure if this is for the dramatic effect. You know, Satou believes he needs a certain skill that he doesn’t have right now, checks through his list of things he has got and then sees it, realizes it is there, unlock and use it now or for later use.

I wonder if Satou is the only one who can see his cool user interface when he selects items, checks his skills, check general stats of the people around him or looking at the map. Yeah, that is one sure hell of an interesting interface because it has almost everything! Just that it isn’t in the form of a Smartphone or app… Suspicious… But this constant spamming of the interface might look cool at first but then I feel that this is partly to ‘remind’ us that we might be in a game. Yup, so much better than whipping out your Smartphone and do whatever you wish for. Do you not see it’s the same concept? Just a lesser impact of obviousness. But I think Satou could be the only person in this world to have such interface because if others have it, they would have done the same. In a way, this proves that they are like NPCs.

On to the characters. Yup. Disappointing. I have already mentioned that we do not know why or how Satou ended up in this world and giving him a background as a guy who has a decent and taxing job in Japan seems pretty useless. But I guess it is better than nothing. As usual, like any other main protagonist who is so good to the bone, he is so freaking considerate and kind to everybody that he should have been their new God. But being the nice guy he is, he probably won’t take up that offer. So yeah, it is totally unbelievable that he is able to do a lot of things because of a bug and while it seems cool at first, slowly you’ll realize how irritating and unrealistic it all is. It’s like he has a solution or a way around almost everything. Again, at least better than that Smartphone guy but still bad nevertheless. But to prove he isn’t a pro in everything, that is why he cannot master the flute. Yeah, it makes him so human that way since it looks like he isn’t perfect as we think he is. Not convincing. Just one small tiny negligible area compared to other millions of useful skills. This is nothing. I figure if enemies know his weakness and the only way is to hold a flute contest. Yeah…

Instead of many mature girls of the legal age, now we have lolis and semi-beast humans in his harem. I suppose some of these girls would serve as animal mascot for the series? From the looks of it, all his assistants do not have that romantic feel towards Satou and they love him because he is their master. It is that kind of love. Maybe except Arisa. After all, she is the liveliest among the servants and most interesting in my opinion as she is not originally from this world and has at least her own will to do things. Unlike others, they often follow what Master Satou says and do it. It’s like they’re robots with feelings. In this sense, they are less interesting than the harem in that Smartphone series. Also, personally these girls here not as hot and bishoujo as that one. Uh huh. Not a lolicon. Also, Arisa’s running joke seems to be b*tching about Satou seemingly getting hot with other girls. Like as though she has a monopoly over his libido or something.

Hence the real romance potential comes from Zena as there are several scenes to play this up. You can really tell how she would slowly fall head over heels over him over time. She is following that typical route of becoming one who is interested to be romantically involved with him. So her absence for now is to let Satou have his time with his assistants first before she comes back and steal the show? So far she has yet to prove her worth as we see most of the time it is Satou’s lolis who help him out most of the time since they are under his wing. Zena is usually not around but whether Satou needs something done, with or without the help of any girls, he can still accomplish it. What a guy. No wonder girls want to join his party. I will follow him/ Follow him wherever he may go... I suppose other girls like Martha would have also joined his party had they not been tied down to a job.

There are some action scenes too but they are just mediocre. When you have a main character who is so powered up that he could figure out anything in record time to overcome his opponent, there is nothing much to say. Even though there might be magic and effects, it is so that it won’t end in a flash and make irritated viewers go, “So that’s it?”. But we will still go something like that anyway. After all, Satou has all the skills he needs to tackle the situation. So don’t worry. It won’t even take long to overcome it.

Art and animation feel pretty decent. Leaning more towards conventional Japanese anime style rather than the slightly kawaii style in the Smartphone show. The reason why I thought this was partly Sword Art Online was because Satou looks a bit like Kirito. Heck, that Smartphone series too had its main character closely resembling him. At least the way he dressed. There are some dark scenes in which it is too dark to see anything. I’m not sure if this is my hardware problem because on bright sunny scenes, everything is normally clear but it is the dark ones like in the dungeons or at night that makes the scene somewhat obscure.

Looks like Aoi Yuuki is back being her usual shrieky-like voice. With Arisa, her trademark voice is so obvious and personally it’s a good thing because a few season ago I theorized she lost her voice after playing a part in that crazy Aho Girl and the following season she played characters who lack emotion and mellow sounding. So hopefully to hear her more like this? I also caught Yuko Gotou voicing Mosa. Returning slowly, but surely. Also surprised to hear Satomi Satou as Nadi as I haven’t heard her much in recent animes I have watched. At first I thought it was Yuuki Kaji or even Akira Ishida behind Yuya’s voice but it turned out to be Yoshitaka Yamaya (Sugino in Ansatsu Kyoshitsu). Damn his soft spoken voice confused me.

The other casts include Shun Horie as Satou (Nezumi in Juuni Taisen), Rie Takahashi as Zena (titular character in Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san), Airi Eino as Mia (Airi in Wake Up Girls), Minami Tsuda as Liza (Megumi in Wake Up Girls), Kaya Okuno as Tama (Kaya in Wake Up Girls), Kiyono Yasuno as Nana (Megumi in SaeKano), Marika Hayase as Lulu (Sena in Idol Memories), Hiyori Kono as Pochi, Nanami Atsugi as Martha, Rie Suegara as Orna (Shizuka in Marchen Madchen) and Shinya Takahashi as Mize (Noriyuki in Ga-Rei Zero). As you have noticed that many of the seiyuus are from the idol unit, Wake Up Girls, it is no surprise that they sing both the opening and ending themes. More accurately, Wake Up Girls sing the medieval-like ending theme, Suki No Skill while their spin-off counterpart, Run Girls Run sing the rock based opener, Slide Ride. But there is a special ending theme for episode 10 and it is a lovely slow ballad sung with an opera voice. Not sure what it is called as it isn’t credited. Instead, they only listed the insert song, Bishoujo Tenshi Magical Rose by Aoi Yuuki, Hiyori Kono and Kaya Okuno instead. Can’t hear that insert song properly as it is played in the background while Satou is speaking.

Overall, this is a disappointing series filled with lot of crap on par with that Smartphone crap garbage trash too. Its impact of being overly crappy is somewhat reduced thanks to the video game setting that might or might not be real. The same problems of overpowered super good main character (why do RPG adventure genres fail at this but superhero ones succeed? Refer to One Punch Man to know what I mean), his loyal kawaii harem, weak storyline, unresolved origins questions and just average adventure and action make us wish we have that button to press and reset and undo all that has happened. Go back! GO BACK!!! I have been watching tons of such animes that I should be given the title of Crap Viewer Master. I earned it. Used skill: Sarcasm + Mockery.

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