Demi-chan Wa Kataritai

July 8, 2017

Have you ever thought of interviewing with a vampire? Or a dullahan? Or a snow woman? No? Is it because you are afraid of your blood being sucked? Or get decapitated? Or get frozen? You see, we have heard so many stories about these creatures from folklores with its different versions from around the world and yet we know so little about them. At least to the common man. But how would you like to get to know more about them by interviewing with them? You mean just go up to them and talk like normal? Yes. That is how. Well, at least in Demi-chan Wa Kataritai, you don’t have scary looking monsters that would scare the hell out of you while you are interviewing them. Heck, they are cute looking high school girls! This very much helps. However don’t be mistaken that this anime is about knowing in depth about such creatures. It mostly tells of the bond and some of the issues that they go through being one in a human society. Because you see these girls could have been ordinary humans if not for a mutated gene that turned them into… Say what?! Let’s just get on with the interview show. The interview with the vampire… Dullahan, snow woman and succubus.

Episode 1
Tetsuo Takahashi is a biological teacher who is very interested in finding out more and interviewing demi-humans (demi for short). However he laments he has yet to meet one. That is, until the new maths teacher, Sakie Satou also introduces herself as a succubus. He tries to talk to her but she keeps keeping her distance in fear that she might evoke sexual thoughts. That’s why she is dressed so plain. As he laments his luck, Hikari Takanashi then comes to seek his help as she needs him to carry Kyouko Machi to the infirmary because she has no strength. Takahashi is pretty confident in his ability to tell a person’s health by the face. That is, if the student is a dullahan and has no head! With Yuki Kusakabe, a snow woman being stretchered in for heat stroke and Hikari admitting she is a vampire, Takahashi must be knocking his head that he never knew a bunch of demi are right under his nose. He talks to Hikari about his interest in the demi and is surprised she agrees to be interviewed as long as she could hang out in his lab. Later Hikari introduces to him her younger twin sister, Himari. However she is not a vampire or a demi. Say what? As explained, demi occurs as a result of mutation than genetics so it is possible for a twin to become a demi and the other a normal human. In the interview, Hikari debunks age old myths that vampires need to drink blood. It is more of anaemic. But they do still need blood and the government do provide them. What about her vampire teeth. Does she suck blood with them? Not really. She doesn’t want others to hate her. But it seems she only drinks blood from girls and not from guys because she has never fallen in love before. Takahashi quips it is seen as an expression of sexual desire. She is after all at that age. When Hikari leaves, she plays a prank on him by using pencils to stab on the back of his neck like as though she bit it. Later Machi’s body is seen delivering a letter to Takahashi. She thanks him for carrying her to the infirmary and heard from Hikari so she would love to be interviewed by him sometimes. He replies she can stop by any time.

Episode 2
Takahashi feels a bit weird out interviewing Machi since she has to be holding her head. He gets permission to touch her flames shooting out from her neck. Although it feels like air, it does put pressure on her nerves. Apparently Machi has trouble interacting with others and making friends. I mean, can you talk normally to a person without a head? He suggests telling jokes as ice breaker. Machi requests him to hug her. There isn’t anything scandalous about it. Unless if you’re talking about Hikari spying on them and when they realize too late, she is starting to spread this juicy news to everyone. Machi then quips Takahashi is now a dullahan. Because now his head will roll! First joke?! Takahashi zooms to stop Hikari spreading bad rumours. Next day, Hikari seems to be supporting Machi to go on a date. After making her reveal the person she would like to go out with is Takahashi, that devilish smirk on her face says she’s in for the ride. So Hikari sets up Machi with Takahashi but there’s a catch. He’ll only go out with the head while Hikari supervises the body at home. So called experiment. Isn’t it odd to see Takahashi walking around with a head? Nobody seems to be freaking out. Hikari observes Machi’s body making gestures she can’t understand. Cheeky Hikari then presses her tits. If she could only hear how her head gave out that squeal. Your curious question is answered. How does a dullahan go to the toilet? Yeah well, Machi’s body is bumping into furniture. After writing it down, Hikari slowly guides the body to the toilet and in the process freaks out Himari. The rest of the day wasn’t anything much but they had a great time. Takahashi also observed and learnt something. Because Machi has to always carry her head, she lacks that dynamic balance when she walks. Thus he requests the principal for her to carry a backpack instead of a regulation bag in one hand which is more dangerous. Machi is grateful for this consideration.

Episode 3
Sakie narrates her ‘disadvantages’ of being a succubus. She has to be very careful when men are around her due to her aphrodisiac effect of sexually arousing them. Since she can also affect dreams, she has to live far away and alone in a rural area. Thus her home is the only place she can hang loose. Of course this means a woman her age has a lot on her mind thinking if she could get married. One day she accidentally bumps into Takahashi. She flusters in fear of the effect but he is calm and cool. Maybe it has no effect on people with no strong sexual desires? In actual fact Takahashi was putting up a strong front in trying not to lose himself. Takahashi interviews Hikari about blood sucking and if it really has sexual undertones. She is flustering about the topic though she has never fallen in love before. Hikari tries to do a prank on him by lightly kissing him on the cheek. Then she quips kissing is easier than sucking blood. No reaction. Looks like the joke is on her as he writes it down in his memo. Takahashi tries to talk to Yuki many times but no luck this time either. Sakie is helping Machi to put back books in the library. They talk about the person they like and they both realize they like Takahashi. Sakie feels weird for being in ‘competition’ with her. They describe his good qualities and this only makes Sakie sulk and lament about being single. Is this what being a real adult is all about? Yuki hears a couple of girls badmouthing her. They are talking how arrogant that b*tch is since she turned down a guy who tried to invite her out. They think she thinks of herself as some kind of idol or something. Takahashi suddenly feels the air getting cold. He spots a depressed Yuki sitting in front of his door.

Episode 4
Yuki breaks down as she tells him about the rumours behind her back. He hugs her as he notices her tears become rock solid ice. This makes him resolved to protect her. Sakie admires Takahashi’s consideration for the demi students and really wants to do her part to help. Careful. Not so close those boobs… Later Takahashi sees Hikari bringing Yuki to confront those girls. Hikari is going to give them her piece of mind. She doesn’t condone to them badmouthing others just because everyone else is doing it but if they still want to do it, do it where she can’t hear them. I guess a little tears to make it all convincing? Apparently Hikari is saying all that because of a promise made to Himari. Now it’s Yuki’s turn to give her thoughts. Actually she just apologizes. Stunned, right? When Hikari goes home, she rewards herself by sleeping on Himari’s lap. Takahashi calls the demi trio for a meeting. Basically he is giving them an avenue to speak out if they have any problem. Since Sakie is a woman and easier to relate to, they can speak whatever they want to her. Hikari then suggests a hug from Takahashi. Sakie really wants one too but I suppose it’s a bad idea… The oddest hug is hugging Machi’s body. Her tits pressing onto his body is too much for him to handle. Because the rest are so flat, right? Himari on her way home bumps into Takahashi and talks to him. She is quite sceptical about him and wonders if he sees her sister as an experimental subject. She thinks demi are all that is only on his mind since he starts asking about Hikari’s vampire traits. For example, Hikari is not allergic to garlic as opposed to the popular myth. Takahashi’s logical deduction is that vampires have strong senses and that’s why they fear the stench of garlic. Himari then asks him straight if he is not interested in Hikari’s human side. It is true Hikari doesn’t act like a vampire but it is her human side that makes her like a vampire. This is what makes her unique. He tries to see something from both sides as seeing from one side won’t understand or solve problems for the other. She is satisfied with his answer and would trust him if not an ambiguous message from Hikari saying Takahashi hugged and attacked her! Himari rushes home after chastising that demi lover. Although that message was just a prank to get her home faster but Hikari didn’t know she was with Takahashi at that time.

Episode 5
Yuki worries she can puff out cold air enough to freeze hot water. She thought of living a normal life in high school without anyone knowing she is a demi. But ever since that overheating incident, she accidentally told everyone she was a snow woman to avoid them touching her. Previously she lived in a cold place with snow and had no problems with people knowing she is a demi. But with a change in climate, she is nervous and stressed out about it. That’s why she steered clear of others. Takahashi does more research on the snow woman legend and find the variations all end tragically. When he relates this to her and notices her feet giving out cold, he brings back a basin of hot water and has her soak her feet in it while reading the folklore. Then ice start to pop out from the water. He deduces it is her cold sweat that freezes when she is nervous and she sweats from her soles. Yuki is relieved over this but when Takahashi wants to take the ice samples back to his college for further analysis, she won’t allow because she considers that as sexual harassment. Yuki is cheerful enough to hang out with Hikari and Machi. With her giving permission to touch and hug all they want, Hikari instantly goes for one. And even nibbling? Takahashi talks to the demi girls about the friends’ way of calling each other. Hikari has a weird penchant of giving nickname to others. For Takahashi, status quo is the best. Yuki then talks to Yusuke Satake, the boy whom she turned down an invitation. She apologizes for that and would love to hang out with him. Satake is so happy but that turned into shock when he realizes he is the only guy around. Shouldn’t you be happy???!!! Unless demi girl harem isn’t his thing.

Episode 6
Takahashi visits Hikari’s house and talks to her father who is a househusband. He thanks Takahashi for helping the demi girls become friends. Because of that, their parents also keep in touch with each other. With the sisters back home, Takahashi can’t help notice they are like night and day. Yes, and they argue like this all the time. Sensei is here and they still continue arguing. Especially Hikari who is trying to act tough and make bad blood puns. Till she gets her hair messed up by Himari. They even continue arguing when mom comes home. Takahashi notes dad has bleached his hair. It is for Hikari’s sake so that she won’t be too obvious within the family. Even Himari has lightened her hair a little though she dismisses it as fashion. One morning, Hikari is in panic and needs Himari to do her hair. Annoyed sister won’t of course. In the library with Takahashi, Himari learns something devastating. Because vampires cannot see themselves in mirrors (and something about being connected to their souls too), this means Hikari depended on someone to do her hair, Himari is suddenly overcome with guilt. She has done something bad. She runs around school to find her sister. She needs to apologize. But it is ultimately her embarrassment when Hikari can actually see herself in the mirror. How can she even forget they can see each other in the mirror when she help did her hair? Jumping to conclusions… At least this incidents bonded the sisters closer together. And then back to normal quarrelling… When Takahashi returns to his room, he sees Machi sleeping on the couch. He puts a blanket over her and then falls asleep on his desk. Machi then wakes up and sees him. She does the same for him and at the same time, Hikari’s dad is here to pick her up (at this point Takahashi has awakened but pretends to continue sleeping). Machi doesn’t know anything about this. Dad says he texted Hikari personally to tell her but since she didn’t, it must be her prank. After they leave, Takahashi reads a letter left by Machi thanking him for the blanket. With the parents doing a lot for the demi girls, Takahashi is motivated to do more for them.

Episode 7
Sakie sees a boy crying in the hallway. She thinks he is a foreigner from his blonde hair. Talking to him, Kurtz is German and came here with someone but got lost. Sakie can tell when Kurtz is lying but knows he is overall a good person. When Takahashi comes to warn Sakie of a suspicious person in school (Hikari gave exaggerated details), Kurtz believes he needs to find this person to protect Sakie. When that suspicious person is at the corner, Kurtz beats him up! Turns out Sakie knows this guy, Ugaki. He is from the police force and Kurtz is his partner. As Takahashi takes Kurtz to register as a guest for the school, Ugaki talks to Sakie and hints Kurtz is their weapon against succubi (Sakie’s touch seems not to have an effect on him earlier on). They are here to investigate incidents caused by succubi. When Ugaki tries to offer his help to her to look for a husband, she tells him there is someone she likes but is oblivious to her aphrodisiac effect. He dismisses it so because it could have an effect on him but he isn’t showing it. This makes Sakie go into an unbearable rant about her feelings. Kurtz wanders around and sees Satake showing his friend a sexy picture of Sakie. He snatches the handphone and ticks him off about his shady voyeurism. But Satake argues about being a normal high school student and even if Sakie wasn’t a succubus, he still likes her. He screams out loud knowing this is shady. Kurtz likes his answer and gives back his handphone. Takahashi talks to Ugaki and has heard from blabbermouth Kurtz about their job. Despite they are in the demi-human department, their job has nothing to do with them. Back in the days when demi-humans were new and caused trouble, the department was busy. But with the government intervening and people accepting them, there has been lesser troubles. Those that are, are mainly from succubi who use their aphrodisiac affect for mischief. It is hard to tell if they do it on purpose that is why many succubi hate him as he interrogates them. There are some very rare good ones like Sakie. He hopes Takahashi can do his best to look after the demi in this school as they make a world where they can feel at ease.

Episode 8
The test results are up. Hikari is proud Himari is 2nd overall. However she is shocked that Machi is ranked 5th! She has always thought the dullahan was as dumb as her! This has Takahashi berate her on being jealous of others instead of improving herself. Hikari thought she can solve this with her hug but he’s not giving it to her. Now she is bugging Yuki to help her study. Later Yuki realizes she dropped her manga. As she goes to find it, she sees Sakie picked it up. They talk about several topics but it seems all of them has Yukie trying to control herself not to laugh. It’s giving her a creepy face… The ultimate one came when Sakie relates during her school days a school gangster challenged her to use her aphrodisiac effect on him. She gave him a judo throw and while twisting his arm, he turned into a masochist wanting for more. It destroyed his reputation and bad boys stayed away from her. Funny, right? With Takahashi asking about Hikari’s preference to suck blood or bite, thus Hikari holds the first ever arm biting championship. Huh? With Machi and Yuki joining the experiment, it seems Hikari is a pro and can give scores and describe the arm she bites like food. Maybe she is trying to get back at Takahashi since she gives him a failing score for an inedible arm. Yuki has the highest score and ‘wins’. This has Takahashi asking about Sakie. Apparently Hikari views her as normal and has no tendency to chew on her. This makes Takahashi think that sucking blood is based on eating based. But he is confused seeing Hikari did say it has sexual nuances. If you go by this logic, Sakie a succubus should be the best choice. Unconsciously this makes him blurt out Sakie should be the tastiest woman. The girls misconstrue his words and call him a pervert. Hikari does well on her next test. The results are out too. Hikari sees Himari has dropped a place to 3rd. She wants to know who knocked her off and falls into shock upon seeing Machi’s name. Yeah, she is ranked 1st! Traitor!!! Still think of her being smart was just a joke? WTF?!

Episode 9
Sakie is drunk at home and roleplaying her teddy bear as Takahashi. How is she going to be educated today? She gets a call from Ugaki who knows she likes Takahashi. He encourages her to use her aphrodisiac effect on him. Wouldn’t she like to see his embarrassed looks? And if she dawdles around, he might find himself a new girlfriend. So the next day as she talks to him, she takes off her jersey and glasses. No effect. Embarrassing. Actually he is really trying to hold it in. This guy is a good poker face. When she relates her aphrodisiac problem and doesn’t want men simply falling for her charms, Takahashi draws up a chart on the sexiness appeal of a normal woman compared to a succubus. This interesting topic has her join in as she notes this is why she respects him a lot. As Takahashi is trying to be sincere, she too will try to be sincere without using her aphrodisiac. As she zips up her jersey, her boobs got stuck. Takahashi almost succumbed to the erotic effect. His face almost gave way. Later Sakie calls Ugaki to relay the good news about their ‘progress’ and their common ground. Yuki sees Takahashi in hopes of controlling her cold air power. Because summer is here, she thought she could do something about it. So she is standing in a basin of water cursing and trying to create cold air? Didn’t work. But she did sweat and create lots of ice from her soles. Hikari and Machi join in to cool their feet. After a hot outdoor day, they can sure appreciate the cool air-conditioning in Takahashi’s room. So to cool themselves further, they think of telling a scary ghost story. But it involves Machi as a decapitated body so it sounds more funny than scary. The girls wonder why Machi always wears an extra vest despite it is hot. She’s sweaty too but as she reveals what is underneath, let’s say the girls are shocked to see huge melons… Just enough time for Machi to pull them back down since Takahashi is back with popsicles that they requested. He is confused why they are now ‘frozen’.

Episode 10
Hikari tells the girls that she kissed Takahashi on the cheek. Although that was just as a prank. This makes Machi think if she should try it out too. So on a pretence to help him carry boxes, she tries to do it but her nervousness makes it so awkward that they trip. Although no injuries, this makes Takahashi mad as he scolds her about being reckless. It hit Machi hard. She realizes she is in the wrong and runs away in tears. Hikari and Yuki learn about this so they bring Takahashi to talk and reconcile. Both apologize for being too emotional. As a dullahan’s body still remains a big mystery, Takahashi suggests getting an opinion from someone from a different field. So they head down to his college to meet with his old classmate who specializes in physics. He stayed back at college to do some research. Souma as warned is a weirdo since he only has 1 expression on his face. I bet that isn’t a mask either… From what I understand, Souma believes Machi’s dullahan existence is due to some high dimensional wormhole tunnel. Because if she puts food in her mouth, it will somehow teleport into her stomach. Plus, when Machi had her endoscope test, it is revealed inside there is skin around so she does have a neck. Just that perhaps her neck is in a separate space. So there are lots more mumbo-jumbo about quantum expansion, waves and particles… Not really understanding all that. What is this thing that it is us who are hiding her neck? Because it is like each time we try to see it, it goes into hiding? Huh? He also thinks her flame is some fluctuation in space since her emotions change with its flames. This makes Machi interested in knowing more about the dullahan. Due to ethics, not anybody can just make her an experiment subject. Maybe she’ll become a researcher herself to do more research on dullahans. Because the world is just more than solving answers to questions. It is beyond that. Things that could change the world.

Episode 11
The demi girls are hyped for Takahashi to draw up a plan for their summer break. Thus Satake quips he is the only one they can talk to about their bodies. However this has the vice principal wanting Takahashi to not be too hard working as it could cause problems. What is he saying? Because he focuses too much on the demi girls, he neglects other normal students. Because of that they rely only on him when they should be interacting with others to help resolve their problems. So please show some restraint. Can’t argue with that. So Satake and his friends discuss among themselves that despite Takahashi is doing a great job, it is also true that they are relying too much on him. Besides, the question is if they should treat demi as humans. If so, that is like discrimination. Although human, but they aren’t so to treat them equal like normal humans, isn’t that discrimination? Mind blown? Also, how much to they know about demi? Nothing. When the demi girls go to see Takahashi, they know something is wrong from the way he claims he can’t entertain them because he is too busy. As Hikari tries to find Sakie, she stumbles into Satake and co and is told what happened. She understands and will find a solution. While Takahashi is depressing over this issue and what should be the proper approach, he gets a video email from Hikari. The demi girls have done a thank you email for him. From nervous Yuki to eloquent Machi and textbook Sakie, well, Hikari ‘cheated’ and didn’t record her own. Before Takahashi can cry, here comes Hikari to deliver her own speech in person. Honest happy so Hikari-like. It’s hard trying to hold those tears. When Takahashi tries to talk to the vice principal the next day, it seems the vice principal apologizes for his lecture and wants his idea to be put on hold. After seeing Satake and co interacting well with the demi girls, he believes Takahashi should continue as he is. As long as there are students motivated by his actions, rejecting his efforts would be wrong. Oh Takahashi, you feel like crying again?

Episode 12
Because Hikari’s eyes reflect in the dark while a photo is taken, Takahashi deduces she might have eyes like nocturnal animals. Hikari then convinces Takahashi to act out in a play to attack like a vampire. WTF. Takahashi seeks Himari’s permission for Hikari to use the school’s pool during the hot summer. Surprisingly she gives her approval. Sakie thought Takahashi has finally asked her out when he asks if she is free weekend. Yeah, it’s to help watch the demi girls use the pool. So the teachers talk and Sakie almost let her guard down and let her pheromones get to her by almost confessing she likes him. Trying to cover it up, she then shows her swimsuit. Takahashi must really have strong tolerance level not to go berserk. Takahashi then talks to Machi about dullahan legends like they are known as the harbingers of death and cannot cross flowing streams of water. Because Machi has never been underwater, they agree to help her do so. Machi takes a deep breath as she opens her eyes into a new world underwater. Later Hikari is seen resting in the shade and Takahashi knows she has got sunburn. Even though it was Hikari’s idea for this outdoor pool, it could have been easier if they booked an indoor pool as everyone might have seen through her and the next time they play, the would have gone out of their way. When Hikari returns to school on a normal school day, she is reminding Takahashi of all the good times and everything. But you can’t fool him. Because she tells him to sign the form for being late. No excuses about Himari not wanting to fix your hair either. Takahashi feels he hasn’t nearly know much about these girls although there have been some progress. That’s why he wants to interview them a lot more.

Episode 13
Summer vacation is here. Only Takahashi and Sakie are patrolling the school. She is thinking of asking him out to drink and do some adult stuffs but he prompts her first by asking if she is free tomorrow. Tomorrow is the fireworks festival and he thought of asking her to patrol with him to keep students out of trouble. Is she supposed to be happy or disappointed? Of course the festival is nothing but trauma for her as people often have indecent stares (she calls it aphrodisiac terrorism) at her. Thus she is in a dilemma whether to wear her yukata and show it before Takahashi. Hikari joins her friends at the festival. They have lots of fun especially Yuki dominating the water balloon scooping. Takahashi sees Ugaki here. He is here to help patrol. Kurtz is causing his own trouble, a long line at the takoyaki since he is hogging it by giving his long ass opinion on how good it is. Takahashi is surprised to see Sakie in a bear mascot. She borrowed it from a worker for an hour. As she cannot see clearly, she hopes he would guide her. Though it doesn’t have any aphrodisiac effect on him, he looks weird holding hands with a bear. Everyone is staring… Hikari and co decide to check out a small shrine before the fireworks start. Similarly, Himari and her friends are also here but being cajoled to join Satake for a kimodameshi at the shrine. Himari is obviously scared despite trying to put up a (failed) brave front. Sakie is now in her yukata and meets up with Takahashi at the shrine. Himari thought she saw some lights behind and screams. Hikari heard a scream and as they go check out, they accidentally leave Yuki behind. On Himari’s side, they start to feel the air getting cold and heard a girl crying. As they try to check out, they see some face (Hikari) and get freak out. Time to run. Unfortunately Hikari got handphone lights flashed in her face (they were returning to get Yuki). The trio then continue but encounter a ‘monster’. They start throwing water balloons till they realize it is Takahashi. Everyone converges at the hilltop as the fireworks start. Back in Takahashi’s office, he is interviewing an invisible girl. She claims she is totally naked and not embarrassed. She knows how she looks and has a portrait. However Takahashi wants to ‘look’ at her face by touching it. He can tell how she looks like from the contours. This embarrasses her as she runs out while calling him a pervert. So being naked is not as embarrassing as touching your face?

Being Human And Humane…
Well, I can’t say that I am impressed. Sadly it was almost borderline boring for me. Didn’t fall asleep but almost. Yeah, what was I expecting? Slapstick comedy where they bring the roof down? An action packed series of a group of young demi detectives going all out to solve crime in their area? Horrific conspiracy theories in which secret organizations are trying to kidnap the girls to do inhumane experiments or sell them on the black market? A monster harem anime that is less scary than Monster Musume and much cuter because it involves cute high school girls? Oh yeah. If it were part of all of that, I think it would have lost that little dramatic and amusing charm that we have come to see for the past dozen episodes.

So if you are hoping to learn more and much deeper on what you know about vampires, dullahans, snow women and succubus, this is not the anime. Can’t blame you if you get misled by the title and thinking this would be an anime totally about talking and interviewing with the said creatures. If it was in such format, I think it would be as boring as hell. Imagine dedicating an episode talking all about vampires. Is this some sort of afternoon variety programme where the host interviews a celebrity or filed expert? Why not watch a real show in that case. So as you have come to expect, this series usually focuses more on the bonding and friendship of a very small pool of ‘unique’ humans in a certain school. I mean, it could have been something else, say aliens. It would still be the same thing and format. Just dished out to us in a different manner.

So it is curious as well as mind boggling to learn that these demi girls are so because of a gene mutation. We have always thought such creatures were born as part of that species. Because gene mutations only cause conditions like Down Syndrome. Stop putting ideas in my head that errors in the genetic level will turn you into some sort of folklore freak. Worse, a superhero with super powers. Having said that, therefore the oddest thing about Takahashi interviewing them isn’t so much about them being a vampire, dullahan, snow woman or succubus. Because from this they are pretty much just like any other humans. Because take a look at Hikari. Not really a vampire, right? Thus the interviews are mostly to see their characteristics and behaviours and observe how different it is from any ordinary humans. It might be a premature question and I know it’s silly but I can’t help ask why the demi people are only female? Yeah it’s dumb. There are only 4 demi people featured so far in this anime. Well… No werewolf or zombie demi girl yet… Yeah, I think these ones would look scarier.

I really do love the point that was brought up about equality for these demi people. Are we discriminating against them if we treat them like humans because they aren’t actually? Or would we be really discriminating if we treat them differently because they are different? A question on the level of the chicken or the egg. This is an interesting question that got me thinking. On what level do we accept them as different and same? Because with all the gender, racial, religious and political correctness of today’s standards, this one would become a bone to contend with. So should we treat these demi girls like how we treat other normal human beings? Everyone just be yourself. Case solved. However be noted that the setting mostly takes place inside school and although there are reports of other demi people over the world and normal people have begun to slowly accept them, it might still be a different case where society as a whole is concerned.

As usual, the main draw of the series would be the characters. If you are really not into such character development, you would find them boring. Besides, what are you doing here watching this anime in the first place? Oh. Maybe if the vampire, dullahan, snow woman and succubus would go on a rampage in school? It is up to our single teacher who has a history of understanding the thinking of such creatures to rein them in and bring them to their senses. Sorry. Not that kind of anime. Take a look at the anime title again. Also, not to be associated whatsoever with that Hollywood film in the 90’s by Tom Cruise, Interview With The Vampire. Damn. I should have made a pun out of this somewhere…

As we have come to expect of the characters, each of the demi girls have their own problems and issues to deal with like Sakie being too conscious about her seduction powers and going to very far lengths to avoid any such awakening in males. Machi had fears of not being able to interact with others because how weird would it be to be talking to others while holding your own head? Hey, my eyes are down here. There’s a joke I want to make about that regarding to tits but it is just slipping off my fingers… Yuki had to deal with being ostracized by certain groups also partly because of her initial fear that her powers would harm others (debunked by Takahashi later on). Finally Hikari. Uhm. She looks pretty normal and okay. Heck, she is the furthest away from the rest in displaying her creature traits. Prefers tomato juice, loves garlic, can see her own reflection, not afraid of sunlight (at least doesn’t turn into dust), stakes and crosses don’t scare the daylights out of her, on occasion perhaps likes to nibble others and frequently argues with her sister. So normal. You wouldn’t even think she is a vampire for a second and believe she is just some energetic brat with vampire chuunibyou.

Last but not least, Takahashi as a great teacher taking great strides to understand the demi girls and help them fit in. Sometimes it too begs the question if he is helping them too much since they are relying on him like forever. It is a good thing here that everybody understands Takahashi is passionate in doing his job to understand the demi phenomenon in more detail. Otherwise he might look like some sort of pervert with high school girl fetish. Which is even better than him being some sort of a demi maniac to a point he would conduct physical experiments and tortures on them. Yikes! What was this anime’s name again? The only thing I am interested to know about him is his threshold/limit until he gives in to his sexual desires. Only gays can withstand such immense amount of sexual attractive pheromones, right? So if you need somebody with strong tolerance for sexual desires and need to run through a minefield of sexy babes in bikinis, this is the guy for the job. And he will make it look like a walk in a park.

Drawing and art looks simple. Seeing the kind of genre this anime is, exquisite details aren’t really necessary. Plus, you don’t want to really freak out if they drew a real scary vampire, dullahan, snow woman and succubus, do you? And perhaps that is why there aren’t any werewolf or zombie demi girls as I mentioned before. Too scary to be humanized? I’m sure anime would have animated them in their cute form anyway. Animated by A-1 Pictures who did Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Senjou No Valkyria, Ao No Exorcist, Kuroshitsuji, Nanatsu No Taizai, OreImo, the Uta No Prince-sama series and Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata.

Voice acting is pretty okay with me identifying Junichi Suwabe being as cool as a cat as Takahashi, Kenjiro Tsuda as Ugaki and Youko Hikasa as Sakie. Other casts include Kaede Hondo as Hikari (Kon in Urara Meirochou), Minami Shinoda as Machi (Makoto in Flying Witch), Shiina Natsukawa as Yuki (Nonoka in Sora No Method), Lynn as Himari (titular character in Fuuka), Sora Amamiya as Kurtz (Elizabeth in Nanatsu No Taizai) and Natsuki Hanae as Souma (Kousei in Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso). The opening theme is Original by TrySail. Lively generic anime pop. Nothing that special. Fairy Tale by Sangatsu No Phantasia is the ending theme. A bit slower but still anime pop nevertheless.

Overall, this series is enjoyable with its light-hearted and funny bits. If you love monsters but don’t love them so much as to have them as a harem (looking at you Monster Musume), this should be a more suitable and appropriate show even for the family. Should we treat such creatures with the same equality or not is still up to debate. But we can all agree on that whatever you identify yourself as, please respect all life. Be it an ordinary human or monster, all lives matter. Right? Thankfully supernatural creatures don’t exist outside of our heads or else we’ll never hear the end of this new category either: “Don’t assume my species!”…

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