December 12, 2015

Man, humans sure know how to go forth and multiply. Because back in the 1800s, the population only peaked at 1 billion. It was only 2 billion in the 1920s, 3 in the 60s, 4 in the 70s, 5 in the late 80s and touching 6 right before the millennium. Now it has already surpassed 7 billion! Is there no way to stop this explosion? Oh wait. What am I talking about that have to do with this anime? According to DNA2 (pronounced D-N-A square), the future world has been overpopulated that there is not enough of everything. This population boom can be traced back to one single guy. Yup. This guy has some super playboy power that would naturally charm women and make them want to let him f*ck them! That’s a blunt way of putting it. Not only that, all the children of the women he f*cked also has this power and they continue f*cking more women and bear more children who also bear this power. OMFG! Do you want to be this guy?! And so to solve this problem, a DNA operator is sent back in time to alter his DNA to prevent this catastrophe and set things right. Will it be as easy as it seems? Your guess is as good as mine. Especially when you realize this anime is some sort of romantic comedy sci-fi harem genre, it’s hard to take things seriously. Seriously…

Episode 1
Karin Aoi, the girl from the future thinks she is a genius as she believes she has discovered some DNA altering formula and a way to travel back in time. Meanwhile, Junta Momonari believes today is the day that will change everything. In the home of his school’s beauty, Tomoko Saeki she is willing to let this guy be her first time! No joke! You see, Junta has allergies to girls and he is trying hard to hold it in not to vomit! Too bad he just couldn’t. Tomoko takes this as a sign he finds her unattractive and tells him to leave. Poor guy. Karin wonders if this is that same Mega Playboy and decides to observe him a little more. You can’t blame Junta for feeling depressed so his childhood friend, Ami Kurimoto tries to cheer him up. Seems he is the only girl who doesn’t cause his allergies. She thought he said something romantic but it just turned out what he meant was she is the only girl that he could talk normally to. Next day at school, Junta sees Tomoko talking to her handsome boyfriend that she is secretly dating, Ryuuji Sugashita about him two timing her. He seems to be giving excuses that it is his DNA that makes him attractive and despite threats from Tomoko to break up, again he gives that DNA excuse that she is still with him because of that DNA fate. He also heard she was seen with a guy yesterday so Tomoko says that she did that to spite him and just picked a loser to lead him on. That heart breaking for you, Junta? Karin is certain this Junta is not that Mega Playboy but confronts him to talk. He is smitten by her cute looks and wonders if she is someone from the future. Gee, why look so shocked, Karin? That futuristic gear sure did give you away…

She explains she is a DNA operator from the future and specializes in altering DNA using a bullet called DCM (DNA Control Medicine). 100 years into the future, the world has become overpopulated. It all boils down to a source of a Mega Playboy person. This guy impregnated 100 women and they gave birth to 100 sons. Thing is, the sons took after their dad and become Mega Playboys and impregnate another 100 women! You do the math. This gives a whole new meaning to go forth and multiply, eh? After confirming a few facts of Junta, she shoots him with DCM in the heart! She runs back to her time capsule, happily thinking of the reward she’ll get. However she receives a call from her boss from the future, Yokomori. Seems she has used the wrong DCM. Oh dear… Junta wakes up but his mind is still hazy as he wanders around till he is near Tomoko’s house. He thinks of going to apologize to her. Tomoko gets a call from Ryuuji to apologize but upon hearing another girl flirting in the background, she slams the phone. That is when Junta rings on her door. She lets him in. What is a broken hearted and lonely girl got to do? Junta must be having a hard time trying to hold in his allergy after seeing her cute butt and she hugging him. As she apologizes and comes clean about using him yesterday, something in Junta activates. He has turned into a handsome hunk and his words are like smooth operator! “You’re not pathetic. You’re just showing me your true heart”. Wow. Feel like falling in love all over again? Feel like kissing? Meanwhile Ryuuji has arrived at Tomoko’s doorstep. He is puzzled that no girls have ever rejected him thanks to his DNA. Unless… Has she found a guy with a stronger DNA than him? Karin confirms with her computer that she has indeed used the wrong DCM. So she is the cause of turning Junta into Mega Playboy and an overpopulated future?

Episode 2
Junta continues being cool. He won’t kiss her because she still has a boyfriend. Hope to see you in school tomorrow. So cool!!! After he leaves, he reverts back to his normal self. When Ryuuji comes by, he is shocked to hear Tomoko doesn’t want him anymore. He is in love with somebody else! Junta wants to show off to Ami that he is cured from his allergy. He snatches a porn magazine but vomits upon seeing porn. WTF… Karin is further troubled that the DCM she shot him is unregistered. This is a crime, you know? Oh sh*t! Better fix this. She goes to stake out Junta but sees Tomoko waiting at the school gates. Because Junta doesn’t have enough sleep, he didn’t realize Tomoko said hi. But he still looks cool enough for her to long for him. Ryuuji’s fears come true. Could it be this loser that Tomoko loves? Karin is also shocked that look on Tomoko’s face is the face of a girl in love. Could this be the start of Mega Playboy? In class, Ami’s friend, Kotomi Takanashi tells her about Tomoko trying to say hi to Junta. Ami brushes it off so Kotomi teases her to be Junta’s perfect wife. All our related parties can’t concentrate in class as they are pretty much preoccupied with deep thoughts. Junta gets an unsigned letter to meet at the café. He is surprised to see Tomoko waiting for him. She starts apologizing for the treatment the other day. Her tears turn Junta into his Mega Playboy version. The smooth operator weaves his magic. They are about to kiss but the waiter reminds them they are in public. Junta returns to normal as he tries to control his barf. This has Karin wonder if his DNA is still unstable. Ryuuji is not happy that Junta is the one. I don’t know which Hollywood action fantasy movie he hired those goons to make a move on Junta.

Ami and Kotomi are passing by outside and see this. Tomoko wonders if Junta is just playing around with her. Prove it to her with a kiss! He is tongue tied. Why is he not that cool person now? Suddenly those goons come in to beat up Junta. He is such a weakling. Those heartless bastards even throw Tomoko! Although this activates Junta, it is only temporary as he returns to being a wuss and continues getting beaten up. One of the goons now resort to stripping and raping Tomoko! Why is nobody helping?! Are they just standing there watching?! She’s screaming and crying to Junta for help! Although this moves him, he still gets owned. Ami can’t take anymore of this and although whacking a chair on him didn’t have any effect, at least better than doing nothing. When Ami is knocked unconscious, this is when Junta really powers up. Super Saiyan! He is fast! He’s got style! He is powerful! He whisks Tomoko away and tells her to stay back. He is going to end this in 3 seconds. It takes only 1 punch to knock out those Mad Max guys. So cool! Ryuuji? This guy despite complaining that his goons were hurting Tomoko, he did nothing but sat back in his limo and just watching. WTF?! Now he escapes. So he doesn’t care for her, does he? Karin has confirmed Junta’s awakened Mega Playboy. This is all the reason she needs to eliminate him. But one tiny thing is stopping her: She’s in love with him! Oh dear!

Episode 3
Ami has a lot to think about. The Junta she saw yesterday was like a totally different person. Junta is in another predicament. He doesn’t know why Karin is sleeping next to him in her underwear! OMG! Did he do something funny to her! He swears he didn’t but she’s not convinced. However, seeing her crying face activates his Mega Playboy version. His soothing words heal her heart. Karin finds it hard to resist the temptation. They’re about to kiss when Ami comes in to check on him. Nothing out of the ordinary in his room. But Ami feels suspicious as Junta’s body reaction is giving signs that he is hiding something. As Karin is hiding under his blanket and her butt is exposed, he tries to cover it up but ends up molesting it. Busted! I guess you know who is dead right now. Junta’s mom tells her son to stop this husband-wife argument. Junta disagrees with this but mama says Ami will be the one he is destined to marry since long ago he once said he will marry her. Yeah, very long time ago. If you’re wondering why mama isn’t freaked out to see a half naked girl in his room, it is because she was the one who undressed her! It’s just hard to sleep in those clothes, right? Yesterday, Junta found her unconscious and brought her home. Because he was tired too, he quickly fell asleep. Karin feels bad for suspecting him. Her cute face makes Junta want to confess to her but his Mega Playboy didn’t activate and he puts up a lame pathetic face instead. She tells him the complications of her botched mission that will turn him into a future Mega Playboy although the DCM she injected him seems to be unstable for now. She plans on using Ami as the girl whom Junta will marry to solve this problem.

Karin wants to talk to Ami who isn’t so keen on seeing her. Karin tries to play on those jealousy feelings and lies about Junta liking her but her rough personality makes it hard for him to confess. She tells her that Junta will be waiting at the festival’s shrine tonight. Now that she’s got Ami in the bag, how about Junta? Easy. You tell that guy if he wants to go out on a date. See his big freaking smile? So when Junta and Ami meet at the designated place, a long awkward silence. Karin is watching and anticipating with glee that once both of them hooks up, her mission is completed. However it must be frustrating for her to wait till Junta says those magic words. Romance veterans will understand the pain and suffering waiting for that moment… However when Junta sees Ami’s cute face, his pheromones start working. Here comes Mega Playboy. Just when the mood seems to be heading into a romantic direction, Ami suddenly punches his face! WTF?! She scolds him with this playboy attitude of his. She thinks he called her out here just to make fun of her. Karin is left in despair that Ami isn’t interested in that Mega Playboy at all. Looks like her mission will continue…

Episode 4
Karin tries to hide her screw up from Yokomori. Otherwise no pay, no future. Junta can’t get his mind off Karin. He really loves her and thinks a present will change her mind. But what to give her? So this guy got the guts to ask Ami for advice! And she even answers him. Go get a necklace. The more expensive, the better. But can a high school kid even afford a necklace with this kind of allowance? Way out of his league. Then he spots one just within his budget and buys it. It gets complicated when Tomoko enters the scene and thinks he is buying it for her. Hey wait a minute. Who gave her the right to put it on without permission?! Because she looks so pretty and this activates his Mega Playboy version, I don’t know what the heck spying Karin is thinking because she thinks of breaking them up by driving a cart into them? Anyway it failed. Junta needs to quickly get the necklace back and confess Karin is the one he loves. Easier said than done. He becomes Tomoko’s mule in carrying her shopping bags. Then as she is in the changing room, he thought this is his chance to tell her but he sees a little of her slip and tries to hold in his puke. It gets worse when she pulls him in and allows him to touch her anywhere! Red alert! Can’t hold in puke any longer… The saleswoman feels something is wrong when Tomoko is silent and taking too long in the changing room. She opens… Nothing out of the ordinary. Tomoko says she has trouble putting on the clothes. Junta is hiding behind her butt. I think he can’t take it anymore. Here comes the puke! It must be horror-like for the saleswoman to see this.

As Tomoko washes up, Karin believes she will hate Junta and everything will be over soon. Junta knows Tomoko will be mad at him. But does it make it easier for him to tell the truth? Oddly, Tomoko says he has no right to refuse where she wants to go. So where will he be taking her? To his room! When she asks if he hates her, Junta starts going back and forth between his Mega Playboy version. Is it going out of control? Karin fears Tomoko’s presence may be permanently activating it. She goes to get Ami (right in the middle of changing) since she is the only one who isn’t affected by his Mega Playboy. They eavesdrop outside Junta’s room how Tomoko is explaining to Junta that her body is telling her to fall in love with him. Putting it the way Ryuuji says it to her, it is like her DNA which is ordering her to do this. He has this strange charm and she is something caught between loving and hating him. But this only serves Junta to remember about Karin’s words about altering his DNA. For the first time without changing into his other version, he tells her off that this DNA thing is crap. He believes falling in love isn’t from the body but from the heart! Then he comes clean. He is in love with somebody else and bought that necklace for her. He is sorry for dragging it out this misunderstanding and letting it get too far. Tomoko agrees to give the necklace back. Right outside the room, she gives it to Ami whom she believes Junta is in love with. She realizes during the fight with the goons, Junta didn’t really fight back till Ami came into the scene. However Tomoko won’t give up on Junta yet. She’ll try harder till he falls for her. Karin is supposed to feel relieved that everything should be over soon. However she can’t understand this pain in her heart!

Episode 5
Nothing like running through your old album to think about your old days with Junta, right Ami? Still thinking you can’t be Junta’s lover? Karin continues to remind Junta that he must date Ami. As she isn’t affected by his Mega Playboy, it will keep him in check. But I don’t think he is listening, so much so he transforms to his hot version and almost takes Karin’s heart if not for his unstable DNA reverting him back shortly. However Kotomi was on scene and you can tell she has obviously fallen for him. Junta tries to tell Karin that she is the one he loves and the necklace was bought for her but she will listen no further. When Ami and Kotomi are changing, the latter hints that she has fallen in love with a guy. Who? She only indicates the seat location in a class that supposedly Junta is in. Gasp! So Ami goes to peek who this guy is… This seat number… She fears the worst… But thank goodness it isn’t Junta! So relieved that she is crying. But… Could it be she counted wrongly? Later Junta calls Ami to talk that he saw her peeping from the window. She dismisses it. When he is about to ask for the necklace, Karin quickly rushes to the scene to whisk him away. And then lecture him about the insensitivity of how Ami would feel if he asked the necklace back. Then she forces him to go confess to Ami. Her future is riding on this. Yeah. Her future. Ami and Kotomi are at the fast food joint. Kotomi is having doubts about confessing her love but Ami supports her and gives her encouragement. Ami also admits there is a guy she loves and wants to confess to him. They promise that they’ll both confess to their love. Karin then throws Junta there for the confession. Ami is about to confess to Junta when Kotomi starts to fear the worse. Her heart is aching. And then… She farts! WTF?! Is this a joke?! She says she farts when she is nervous (really? A girl farting?) but blames it on Ami. She tried not to hate her but couldn’t believe she would do this to her. Ami and Karin realize Kotomi is really in love with Junta. And that guy couldn’t understand what’s happening. Karin wonders why he was sitting in the wrong seat but he says they got their seats rearranged today. Oh my God indeed. More despair for Karin. Ami chases after Kotomi but loses her.

Episode 6
Once more, Karin is reminding him her future hinges on Junta hooking up with Ami. Yeah, we get it. But I don’t think he is interested about it. She throws him down to fix this mess. Ami sees Kotomi entering a beauty salon. So why don’t go in and look for her instead of waiting outside? With Junta entering the picture, she tells him about Ami’s fart complex whenever she gets nervous. Just like Junta’s barfing. It must be real embarrassing for a girl to fart in front of the boy she likes. She needs to tell him fast that he needs to go out with Kotomi. But Junta assures he won’t go out with Kotomi because he doesn’t like her. There is somebody else he likes. Before we can find out who (oh come on, we all know who she is already), here comes Kotomi. She’s got a total makeover that makes her sexier! She wanted an image change to cast her old self and hopes Junta would go out on a date with her. His Mega Playboy activates and he willingly does so. Hey wait. What did he say earlier? So he’s dumping old childhood friend for new sexy girl? Karin rushed into the scene too late and I guess she is desperate enough to tell Ami about this Mega Playboy and future thingy. However she stops halfway after remembering Junta’s words that he loves her. Karin remains stubborn that Ami is the one Junta loves. But Ami already has this resigned looked that she has lost. No matter how hard she tries, he doesn’t care about her. As for the necklace, it’s just a misunderstanding.

Junta and Kotomi end up in the love hotel area. She is serious doing it with him but that cool guy says they don’t need places like that. In the alley as they are about to kiss, Kotomi’s nervousness has her fart acting up. She tries hard to hold it in. Junta reverts back and it is his turn to hold in his barf. Kotomi thought he stopped because he was worried about her condition. Yeah, let’s go with that. So happy that she hugs him. Can he hold it any longer? Later she tells him about her condition that made her resigned to the fact she’ll never fall in love with a boy. This makes him realize they are the same. He vows to help her cure her condition and Kotomi thinks this date was him being considerate to help cure it. Meanwhile Karin is following her guts, opening every room in the love hotel to find Junta! All misses! Sorry to interrupt your sex. So when she finds him at school the next day, the usual chiding and reminding. But he plays cool and even gets to her that she is jealous. Then when he gets close to her face, it makes her heart pound. Actually it is just to steal her receiver as he knows she has been planting tracers on them (that’s how she knows where everyone is – but don’t worry, she has tons of replacement). He assures he isn’t dating Kotomi and is just to help cure her condition. Karin relays this ‘good news’ to Ami but she is still stubborn that Junta doesn’t like her. Junta receives a letter from Kotomi to meet at the gym. To his shock, she is in a leotard trying to seduce him. Sure, he might want to help cure her condition but Kotomi believes she can’t give up on him. Not when she has finally been this close to him, she’s going to make him hers.

Episode 7
I guess this reason is also a convenient excuse to seduce Junta. As Kotomi plans to participate in a rhythmic gymnastics tournament in 2 weeks, she wants him to watch her train as training to hold in her fart. That sentence sounded so wrong… But Junta couldn’t hold in much longer and vomits. This is when he reveals his embarrassing condition so it is suggested he watches her train so he himself can overcome his condition. Like killing 2 birds with a stone, right? Kotomi dances, Junta watches. Both trying to hold it in till the end. Ami can’t help space out watching them and starts worrying but when Junta casually talks to her, she ignores him. What is it that you want? Karin is bored watching them and although it is safe for now, who knows when his Mega Playboy will awake. As usual, she bugs Ami to take action but when a girl is already feeling so down like that, she doesn’t even care what this Mega Playboy thingy has got to do with her. On the day before the tournament, Kotomi manages to go all the way without farting and the same for Junta without vomiting. Don’t surprise him with a big hug… But the big shocker comes when Kotomi says if she can go the entire duration without mistakes again, she wants Junta to date her. You hear that Ami? You hear that Karin? Be very afraid… But Ami doesn’t care. It’s not her problem. Oh really? Are you sure? But it’s a big problem for Karin. As Kotomi starts her routine again, things are going fine and like usual she tries to hold it in. Then she trips. All the gas came out. Karin is counting her chickens because she thinks now Junta will not go out with her. She’s that confident, huh? Kotomi is crying she screwed up her chance to be with him. But after she cleans up herself, she returns only clad in her shirt. Yikes! What promise is she talking about he must keep? Oh. The promise of curing her condition before the tournament. As she gets emotional about her condition and thus her future of never falling in love, the Mega Playboy activates. Nice words, great atmosphere. One thing left to do. Karin, whose little flying machine crashed midway, starts having a bad feeling and rushes back. She is really praying to God that nothing has happened between them. Now for the moment of truth… They’re kissing!!! Oh, I take it as a sign that it’s game over. She thinks his Mega Playboy has become permanent. She’s sad. Why do I have a feeling that is not the reason she is heartbroken?

Episode 8
So why is Karin sulking like her future is a big failure? Why doesn’t she do something to stop them instead of wallowing in tears?! As it gets steamier, Kotomi can’t hold any longer and farts but she puts up the most beautiful smile. That is when Junta tells her she doesn’t need to change, she needs to be herself as it she is right now. Therefore she doesn’t need to be cured. Kotomi realizes that this was all part of his ‘training’ for the ‘cure’. So Karin, have faith in the Mega Playboy, will you? When Kotomi returns home, she finds a letter left behind from Ami. Who the hell leaves a letter on the ground outside the house???!!! When Junta meets Ami, the latter tells him not to be so close to her but obviously that guy is so dense and continues bugging her. Next day, Ami and Junta go watch Kotomi in action. She got third place. Later Junta is shocked to learn Karin was watching the entire thing last night. She praises him for not doing anything funny but couldn’t help wonder if he was in his Mega Playboy mode, how come he resisted a willing girl? Maybe he is a nice guy? Karin dismisses it and even threatens if he ever becomes Mega Playboy, he can forget about her! Soon Junta gets a call from Kotomi to meet at the playground. Seems Ami is also called. She thanks him for his encouragement but it also made her a little sad. She realizes in the end that all he cared was just to cure her condition. She was really happy about it but it also meant that he was never serious about her. It is a shame because she was really serious about him. Kotomi then slaps Junta! Feeling much better? She returns the letter to Ami. She has not read it but has a feeling what it is about. Especially from a person who is so good in hiding her feelings. I guess this is a sign to say that Kotomi has dumped Junta so that Ami can be with him. No need to hold back whatsoever. Best friends know best. So Junta must be one confused kid. Because he can’t understand why the entire world is trying to conspire them to be together. They’re just childhood friends after all. Yeah, he said it. And he still doesn’t get it. Ami is just thinking back about their childhood days. And although she just continues to say that they’re childhood friends, at least she’s smiling. At least in front of him. And Junta continues to ponder. Think and think… He just doesn’t get it… Of course back home, it is that typical doom and gloom face on Ami. She notes she can’t be Junta’s girl yet. Because Karin has been spending more time hanging out in Junta’s room lately, she didn’t realize Yokomori has sent her the real DCM bullet from the future.

Episode 9
Karin is being told by Yokomori about the real DCM bullet. She only has one chance to make it right because they have already run out of budget. Should she screw up and if they find out the cause is her fault, not only she will not get paid, she will be arrested on felony charges and executed! Tomoko’s ignores Ryuuji’s pleas. She tells him off using his DNA theory that her DNA now wants to merge with Junta. See you, loser! Junta gets a letter from Karin to meet on the school rooftop. This is her plan snipe him when he comes through the door. And here he is. So why is she hesitating? Why the hell are you talking about your future and his normal life now?! Why don’t you just shoot?! Ah, she remembers Junta saying he loves her… Yeah, a big excuse for you to hesitate. Ryuuji and Tomoko happen to be arguing at the rooftop too. The moment Tomoko sees Junta, she goes to hug him. Ryuuji devastated. Ami who is looking for Junta also sees this. Mega Playboy version activates. Then the unthinkable happens. They kiss!!! It’s now or never for Karin. Yeah, tears in her eyes. Can she do it? She takes the shot. Ryuuji is so mad that he is going to punch them but he gets hit by the bullet! Oh sh*! You screwed up, Karin! Your future’s over. Junta recognizes this wound and spots Karin across. Don’t worry, Ryuuji is still alive. I guess Karin is wallowing in depression that it gave Junta enough time to catch up with her. Yeah, you failed. So? It’s your fault, right? While Tomoko goes to get help, can you believe Ami is just staring at the ‘corpse’? Then Ryuuji wakes up! Surprise! Talking with Ami, he is trying to get her to understand that Junta is trying to steal his girlfriend. She saw that with her own eyes, did she? Well, Ami not saying anything. When Ryuuji starts to act strangely and in pain, only now Ami goes to look for help. Something inside Ryuuji is activating. He is transforming. The Hulk? No. A GIRL!!!!!!!!!! Hey. Did he turn into Tomoko?

Episode 10
While Karin continues to cry, Ryuuji continues to be shocked that he now looks like Tomoko. Of course the first thing he did is to examine the very body. But he’ll be in for a big surprise and disappointment because his body is still the same! Only his face and head changed! Tomoko and Ami rush back by bringing the nurse. When Tomoko opens the door, she is freaking shocked to see herself! When the nurse takes a look, she only sees Ryuuji. He walks away coolly like as though nothing happened. You can now see the big devilish smile on Ryuuji’s face. He believes he can change his looks just by thinking of that person hard enough. Time to plot a revenge. First thing, disguised as Junta, he calls Ami to meet at the storeroom and is going to rape her! Ami is sad and allows him to do whatever he wants so long she never sees him again. Just before he can start his rape, Ryuuji experiences another transformation. This time, not only looking like Ami but her body too. He escapes but no matter. There are other ways to get his revenge. I can’t believe was just ‘sleeping’ there and really waited long enough till everything is over. She didn’t even know what happen. Junta consoles Karin that he is still not Mega Playboy so her mission isn’t a total failure. All he needs to do is eliminate that personality, right? But when Karin tests every possibility with her computer, it always turns out Junta will turn into one. 120%!!! Face it. How can you easily change your personality when it is already in your DNA? Ever positive Junta argues he needs to control himself and as proven in Kotomi’s case, he didn’t do it, right? Just concentrate hard enough and he won’t turn into him. Easier said than done…

Meanwhile Tomoko is happy to see Junta at her doorstep. That evil look definitely isn’t the real Junta… Although he gets his way with her, he gets riled up hearing Junta’s name. Even more when she says she is willing to let him do anything to her just because he is Junta. Ryuuji is so mad that he hits her face and runs out! WTF?! Next day, Ryuuji calls Junta to talk in the alley. He tells him he impersonated him yesterday and had his way with Ami. She is a mad girl who hates him by now. Of course Junta doesn’t believe and starts laughing. Till Ryuuji demonstrates and transforms into Junta and Ami. Now you believe? He realizes he was hit by Karin’s DCM. Junta tries to beat him up but Ryuuji is clearly better. Ryuuji leaves it for today as he plans to finish defeating him before Tomoko. Junta tries t look for Ami but she didn’t come to school. When he returns home, he is surprised to see her sitting in his room! Silence. Not a good sign if it comes from a woman. Then his heart sinks when he heard her say, “Why did you do it…”. Holy sh*t. He can’t say about Ryuuji’s transformation because there is no way she would believe him. Then Ami beats him up with a… Pillow???!!! He continues to stay silent while getting whacked. Ami is not amused. She wanted him to at least say an excuse! Now you know why men can never understand women, eh? Late that night, Junta visits Karin and wants her to turn him into a Mega Playboy. Oh God! Look at that horrendous look on her face! Look at his serious face. He means it. She’s so dead.

Episode 11
After being told what the DCM bullet did to Ryuuji, Karin is trying to reason that it’s not her fault who messed up although she shot it. It’s the bullet maker’s fault! You think so? Though she disagrees with him turning into Mega Playboy to fight Ryuuji, after he says Ryuuji disguised as him and hurt Ami, Karin has this forlorn look on her face. Yeah, so he still cares about Ami so why the heartbreak?! Ami talks to Kotomi about what happened. The latter tells her to believe in him because Junta loves her like how she once loved him. Karin reports to Yokomori. He tells her to come back. No, she is not going to be executed but rather there is no way she can continue her mission. They have run out of budget to continue. What about Ryuuji? It is not her job to deal with him. As for Mega Playboy, it just means they have failed and history will repeat itself. But Karin can’t allow this to happen so she goes off to settle it herself. She wants to talk to Ryuuji at his mansion but looks like he has assimilated all the DNAs from the thugs. And he’s got a super villain costume to go with his new power. They both fight but with all the powers Ryuuji absorbed, he has become superhuman with super strength and super speed. In the end, Karin loses and got her DNA assimilated too. Ami sees Junta leaving his home that night and follows him to Karin’s capsule. Wasn’t she mad at him? She decided to believe in him. As Karin is not around, Yokomori communicates to check on her and sees them. Since it concerns them, he explains everything. Ami and Junta now rush to Ryuuji’s mansion. You can’t miss it. It’s that freaking huge mansion occupying the entire hilltop! By the time they arrive, Karin has lost and Ryuuji is waiting for them. Junta gets riled up seeing Karin’s condition and charges. Ryuuji throws her at him. He misses catching her! Was this supposed to be funny? Don’t worry. She’s still alright. Now Junta is mad. Very mad. So mad that he is starting to transform…

Episode 12
Karin warns Junta not to transform. Think of the consequences. What will happen to Ami if you do? I don’t know. But this distraction allows Ryuuji to punch him. Junta becomes chicken and starts running. Ami kindly explains that Junta always hated fighting and thus always ran. That’s one way of putting it. So while Junta cries and runs, Ryuuji is seething with anger thinking how in the world Tomoko chose a guy like him. Karin wants to take responsibility but what can she do but get beat up again? Ryuuji continues to pound Junta. Now Tomoko enters and sees this. Just the right timing. Ryuuji wants to witness him finishing off the wuss. The beat down continues. Ami cannot take this anymore. She says she will love Junta no matter what he becomes so just do whatever it takes to take down that bastard! Here comes the transformation. Mega Playboy is also a mega fighter. Ryuuji is no match. But he isn’t down for the count. He is so mad that his body turns into a monster. Looks like all the DNA he absorbed, his body cannot handle it. But even with that, all Junta need is a punch in his gut! He vomited green blood! Ryuuji reverts to normal. At least he still has concerned Tomoko by his side. How does Mega Playboy calm down Ami? With a kiss! But he reverts to normal shortly and Ami punches him! Was that for the kiss? Karin concludes her report that as long Ami stays by Junta’s side, his Mega Playboy will be kept in check. Now that her mission is over, she is going back to the future. Sad news for Junta because he really loves her. Karin won’t let him say that and leaves in her capsule. But behind the door, she cries her heart out. She’s gone. Junta’s sad. He leaves but Ami is waiting for him. She knows he loves Karin (why does he look so shock?) but also adds she too loves him. Then they give out a good laugh. Yeah, everything that has happened has been a big funny affair, no? Suddenly Karin returns! What happened? Seems her higher ups want her to continue monitoring him a little longer so her mission is extended. Junta couldn’t be happier. But not Ami. Here’s a kick to the shin for ruining the mood. Welcome back, Karin.

Continuing where the TV series left off, now that Karin is staying, does this mean she can have karaoke sessions in Junta’s room every night?! Even Junta’s friends and his mom are looking forward to it! I wonder if it is affecting Ami’s studies… Yup. Junta didn’t like this but Karin finds this hurtful. On the verge of crying that she’s lonely and bored, she suddenly gets violent. Ah, blame the liquor and getting drunk. No wonder Ami can’t have peaceful and quiet nights straight. Meanwhile a new time machine pops up in the middle of the city as they note the coordinates are a little off. The police are wondering how to deal with this ‘UFO’ but they don’t have to because it shortly disappears. Seems the future people have sent it back to the future. How will they get back? There’s a time machine here, remember? Although Karin’s computer shortly detected the presence of another time machine, she was too drunk and soundly sleeping. When she’s sober, she continues testing and analyzing Junta’s DNA. Seems it has stabilized and at this rate Mega Playboy will be gone. It’s a shame because Junta is starting to miss that guy. He’d better be joking. Ryuuji is recuperating in hospital and his condition stabilized. His relationship with Tomoko could be back on track if not for this grandpa, Mori making his move to test and see what Ryuuji has got. When Junta and Ami arrive at the hospital to visit him (how kind of them), Ryuuji is running rampage beating up the doctors (hey, they’re not fighters). Tomoko is slightly injured too as she pleads to Junta to save Ryuuji. Her voice has Ryuuji go berserk as he jumps out of the window. Don’t worry. With that super power, he can survive that fall. Meanwhile Yokomori is about to disclose something about the DCM bullet to Karin when communications are cut off. Looks like Mori has jammed the signal and he doesn’t want her to contact the future. She is surprised that he is the person who assigned her this job but is also breaking some law by bringing back a battle robot. Of course Karin didn’t hear anything about this since he is here ‘without leave’. He then introduces his faithful servant: Ryuuji! Junta and Ami tried to follow Ryuuji but before them is this girl, Lulara Kawasaki who calls Junta as her great grandfather!

Lulara is going to shoot Junta with her DCM bullet. Ami jumps to his defence. Then they have to run because Lulara is wearing a power suit. But they can’t get far. She’s fast too. Mori reveals his nefarious plans: To get Junta’s descendents under his absolute control. He has the data on DCM bullet because he is the one who synthesized it. The bullet Karin shot Ryuuji with contained that control factor. But instead that rich pretty boy is under his control instead of that Mega Playboy. When the future population boomed thanks to Mega Playboy, each of his descendents also carries that Mega Playboy power. What better way than to have an army of them under his control. So when he learnt about the plan to modify Junta’s DNA, that is where he cooked up this scheme. However Karin was so incompetent that his plains were foiled. First she screwed up shooting the wrong bullet. Then she shot the wrong person with the right bullet. It is no wonder Mori had to come back to see it through himself. Karin tries to escape but with Ryuuji, battle robot and bombs laced around the place, it’s going to be hard. Ami continues to protect that wuss. Lulara knocks her out and this makes Junta mad. As he transforms into Mega Playboy, this is where she wants him. She fires in the bullet. Game over. Karin is using her wits to hide and run around the maze-like area from the ‘hunters’. She manages to outsmart and take out the battle robot (I can’t believe it is easily destroyed after a few shots) and just when she thought she has Mori cornered, she forgot that the odds are still against her because Lulara returns from her mission to assist Ryuuji to corner her. Karin thought Junta is here to help her but that evil look on his face. Not good. Mind controlled. Game over. Mori orders Junta to kill her. How heartbreaking to be killed by the one you love?

Ami searches for Junta. Of course she can’t find him. He is busy beating up Karin who is reduced to calling out his name. What are the chances of him snapping out hearing her voice? As Junta’s DNA is still unstable, Mori orders Lulara to finish off Karin. Surprisingly, Junta protects her. He is back to normal although he has no memories of what happened or what he is doing. But he is back under Mori’s control when he activates his device. To his surprise, Junta is trying to resist the change but eventually succumbs to Mori’s control once more. Karin manages to escape by shooting the steam pipe. Mori orders his ‘underlings’ to find and kill her. Ami bumps into Karin as she is told what happened to Junta. The only way to return Junta back to normal is the real DCM bullet that she left 100 years in the future. Because she noticed the instability in Junta, the others too aren’t under Mori’s total control. Karin knows of a way and wants Ami’s help. Karin lures Lulara and Ryuuji into some high speed rail ride (I don’t know, this thing just feels out of place). Because this capsule has some jamming signal, Ryuuji and Lulara are freed from Mori’s control. But Lulara who has been Mori’s slave since birth is controlled by him in another way. The ladies wrestle till the ride comes to a crashing halt and knocks Lulara and Ryuuji out. Mori praises Karin for a fine plan but that’s as far as she can go as Junta has got Ami. With Ryuuji ordered to strangle Karin, she calls him a liar for saying he won’t let Mega Playboy control him. Now look what he is doing. I guess those tears are enough for him to snap out. You surprised, Mori? He maxes the control device but it overheats as Junta successfully fights off the mind control.

Karin thought it is game over for Mori but Lulara shoots her in the thigh. Before she can finish her off, Junta protects her. Karin then tries to wake up Lulara that she is not a bad person because she has Junta’s genes inside her. And just like that, Lulara breaks free as she hugs her great grandpa! That easy?! Mori is trying to get back to the future but he is confronted by Yokomori. Heck, he brought the entire police back! Hey! I thought it was expensive to send even a little bullet back?! I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m just wondering who is footing the bill at the end. Anyway, Yokomori is here to arrest him after his scheme has come to light. But Mori won’t be taken it. He shoots himself! Well, less one problem. In the aftermath, Yokomori has brought the real DCM bullet and wants Karin to complete her mission. No more blunders this time. But why does she look so sad? I know why… With a sad look, she tells Junta she’ll never come back and then fires the bullet into his chest. Ami wonders if she is okay with this. Is she really going to leave Junta? Doesn’t she love him? Why is she opening up a can of worms? As emotional Karin can get, she admits she does love Junta but she is from the future and that this is the only way. It can’t be help. That’s it? That’s your reason? Oh well. In that case, Ami will stay by Junta’s side forever. After Karin leaves for the future, Junta wakes up not remembering what happened. Ami says for a while, he was the greatest playboy in history.

It’s All In The Genes…
It was fun while it lasted. As usual because this is an old series coming out back in 1994, there are many things that I let slide from the silliness of the drama and the storyline to everything. But I have to admit that I pretty much enjoyed the nearly harem and comedy when Junta was trying hard to keep his Mega Playboy version in check until the future people came. Uh huh. Somehow when his great granddaughter and the old fart arrived, it took out all the fun stuffs so gone were the comedy and little fanservice and replaced with some sort of drama and little unconvincing action (something that could have been done in 1 episode but instead dragged it out to 3). Especially when Junta went under Mori’s spell for the entire final episode and didn’t know a single thing when he returns to normal. That’s like being the main guy but a big blur case on what just happened. Heck, isn’t that what most main male leads in harem shows are? And that kind of ‘abrupt’ ending that Karin leaves for the future and leaving blur Junta like that. It just doesn’t feel that satisfying. But overall, the series is still a fun watch especially if you need something retro and a bit ‘naughty’.

The characters are fun but sometimes they can be silly. Like Junta who is a big wuss and coward at most times and needs to usually rely on his other side to get out of his predicament. It is both a blessing and curse that every other guy would love to have. I mean, which guy wouldn’t want to have the kind of charm that will allow you to flirt and f*ck with any girl you want? And as usual, Junta the main guy tries to be the typical male lead by trying to keep his Mega Playboy suppressed or control it at his own will. Good luck in that. And as typical he is, he only sees Ami as a childhood friend and next door neighbour because the way he says or does things blatantly before her eyes are signs that tells us so. Actions that are deemed insensitive and worthy of being called a dick these days. I don’t know if the latest DCM bullet he is being shot with would cure his condition.

Best flop character goes to Karin because as seen she somehow manages to just screw up everything she does. And then when she fails big time, you can see her going depressed about it like she has failed big time. Yes she did. That’s what you get for counting your chickens. So do something about it instead of sitting there and cry! The person sent back in time to correct the future becomes the source of the problem. How can she even screw up the simple task of bringing the right bullet or shooting the right person? In a way, that klutz saved her from Mori’s plans. But that’s the only thing good about it. Otherwise, she’s just pretty annoying because she tends to bug Junta to get together with Ami while watching from afar and she has this irritating tendency to remind us about her dream once she finished her mission. Her wonderful husband, a cute pet and a sweet home. Yeah, yeah. We get it. Now if you could just do your mission competently and that would all have been yours. And she even got the cheek to sometimes say she has yet to find a husband. Well… Right before your eyes… At least it goes to show that Karin wasn’t totally influenced by the Mega Playboy effect about her love for Junta. Still bad enough, though. And finally she goes back to the future after shedding a few tears. Wow. Easily let him go, huh? What does she mean that it can’t be helped? I don’t get it. Oh, I want to mention that Karin’s computer is a fun personality. Whenever she talks, she is like grooving and hip hopping. It’s just fun to hear her ‘talk’. She should ditch Karin and start a new music album.

The rest of the girls in Junta’s so called harem are okay but I somewhat feel that Kotomi makes a greater impact among the girls. I feel that only because they had to ‘eliminate’ her from the harem race and thus a big focus on her. Tomoko also had her share but not as big. I thought she was going to make a comeback when she threw down the gauntlet to Ami that she won’t give up. But look what happened? She went back to Ryuuji. That jerk who tried to kill Junta (although it is not entirely his fault) and she goes back to him? The guy whose role is severely reduced to being an old fart’s mindless servant? Well, it shows that she already lost out and knows when to back out. Sadly, Ami and Karin who are the front runners in the harem race feel insignificant in this aspect because Ami is just being negative and worrying too much. Because with Junta really liking Karin, is there even a place in her heart for her to get close? Karin is the same. Just that she is just masking her feelings using this mission as an excuse. These girls are just being tsundere. Ironically with the storyline about a guy who f*cks 100 girls, we do not get to see him flirting around with other girls and creating a big harem mess. Hmm… I don’t think I would like that kind of shallow romance either. It would be so freaking weird if Lulara were to end up in a romantic relationship with her great grandpa! It’s just freaking bizarre, believe me. She returned to a time where she is the same age as him and would it be called an incest if they make out? Definitely.

Fanservice is nothing to shout about although there are a few scenes of it. Well, thanks to the art style and drawing from that era, I guess you can’t complain. But I suppose I noticed that some of the better quality are here for example when Kotomi is feeling flirty and wants to get down and dirty with Junta, you could see all the sexy curves, her boobs her butt curves. Yum. 90’s fanservice. What do you expect? I don’t know if this is intentional or not but I thought Lulara’s outfit is a little disturbing. Because her middle portion of her tight body suit is like skin colour, sometimes I thought she is running around with her parts exposed between her boobs and thighs! Even more so, there are no designs/patterns for that section. Just plain straight colour. It just really makes you think so.

If I want to start nitpicking, there will be a lot of things to do so especially when this series involves time travelling and trying to change the future via the past. But since this is just fun fantasy I’ll accept it. But for the sake of argument, I would like to bring them out and get it off my chest. We all know that time paradox thingy, right? So if Karin actually successfully went back in time and neutralized Mega Playboy, the human population would not have boomed and would Karin even exist in the first place? Well, this is assuming that she isn’t in no way related to Junta’s descendents and she must really be one really fortunate girl not to disappear if Junta didn’t go forth and reproduce. If it doesn’t affect her, what about the other people she knows? What are the chances they are not related to Junta and if he is gone, they’ll be gone too, right?

Another thing is how Yokomori communicates with Karin via ‘real time’. If you think about it, how the f*ck is this possible? Doesn’t it feel that Yokomori is just transmitting from some other location instead of time? Because the checks and communication come in periodic schedules. They gave us the reason that it is expensive to send things back or to even communicate back in the past so the infrequency. You see, if Yokomori wanted to check if Karin is successful, shouldn’t he just connect to her at the end of her designated mission timeline? Instead, you see him contacting her to update her from time to time. Besides, the best way to realize Karin has succeed or not is for him to look out the window and check if the population has significantly gone down or not. Simple as that! But the time paradox thing is at least true when you realize that Karin who is the one who is supposed to stop the population growth is actually the source of it.

Another point to ponder is Karin actually ended up with Junta. Say for the sake of argument she stays back and continues to live her normal life with him. They start dating and get married and have children. This is assuming his Mega Playboy is cured. So if you think about it, for the first time in history that there is a gap of 100 years of a married couple? How do you classify their child then? Dad is from the present and mom is from the future. Of course we follow the present’s calculation but don’t you think it is odd that when your mom tells her birthday which is almost 100 years into the future and that technically she is younger than you? Are you confused? Has your mind exploded? And then, this child would not have been possible had not Karin came from the future back to the past. Yeah, something like that time paradox in Terminator. So your kid is from the future technically. Getting a big headache now?

As said, this is a very old production worth over 2 decades ago so the art and drawing standard are not that as of today’s standard. At least from that era it is already considered good enough. But sometimes I can’t help feel that sometimes at certain angles, the characters do look odd and in certain scenes, the lack of quality is visible. Hmm… Maybe I wasn’t watching the DVD or re-mastered version. If there was any to begin with. So sometimes I feel odd when I see the girls’ face at certain points. With Ami already the plainest of the plainest, staring at her face for too long might just make you feel something off.

But the biggest ‘surprise’ came in the form of Junta’s appearance. No, not that in certain angles he look chubby (yes he does but that I feel is because of his baggy clothes), but the fact that he reminds me so much of Yugi from Yugioh!!! OMG! OMFG!!! I am seeing a very f*cking close resemblance! See those towering hair spikes? See those dual shades in his hair which are suspiciously the same colour as Yugi? Even when Junta transforms to his Mega Playboy version, this somewhat mirrors the true lanky form of the dark Yugi. Both their transformed counterparts’ personality is a total opposite of their current self too. So did Yugioh take after this Junta character? I have a feeling it is all coincidence but don’t you think this is too much of a coincidence? Karin also reminds me a little bit of Evangelion’s Rei thanks to her blue short hair and futuristic body suit but it is not as bad as Junta’s case. I thought Mori looked like an owl thanks to his long bushy eyebrows…

I think I have an affinity for songs from that era. Because the opening and ending themes somewhat appeal to me although they won’t end up in my all-time top 10 anime songs. L’Arc~en~ciel sings the opener, Blurry Eyes. Quite catchy for an anime rock song. Sharam Q sings Single Bed, the ending theme. A slow rock ballad. Not bad either. On a trivial and personal note, maybe back then anime themes weren’t given that much prominence like these days. So hearing the TV versions of the themes when they ‘suddenly end’, I don’t know, it just felt a little strange. Because today’s songs are tailored to near perfection to fit the theme and pace of just about everything in the series.

So remember people, to multiply responsibly. Sometimes things happen to fast in the heat of the passion, in the name of love, or whatever you want to call it. It is those strange emotions and pheromones that make us start thinking with the wrong head, especially guys. Only natural? Yeah, well… You can’t argue that love always comes first. And if something goes wrong along the way and you can’t help fix that personality, you can always blame the bad genes. Maybe that is why I always end up picking such anime series and watch questionable animes that would only prove how depraved I am instead of the ‘recommended’ ‘greatest animes ever produced’. Maybe that is why I consider such ‘deplorable’ animes to be some sort of enjoying entertainment and an amusing watch instead of watching ‘intellectual masterpieces’ or popular mainstream hits. I can’t help it. Really. It’s all in my genes. My chromosomes. My DNA.

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