July 24, 2010

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Sleeping with the enemy. It’s just right underneath your nose. Ah, all those statements rang oh so true if you’re watching Dokkoida?! A science fiction action comedy also known in Japan as Sumeba Miyako No Cosmos-sou Suttoku Taisen Dokkoida. Phew. Now that’s really a mouthful to pronounce if you’re not fluent enough in Japanese. So how does this show have got to do with the statements above? As far as I remember from the synopsis that I read, it’s about a bunch of superheroes and super villains who like in many genres like this engage in a never-ending battle between good and evil. But there is a twist. As we all know even superheroes and super villains have alter egos and normal lives, in this anime when they aren’t fighting each other, they are living together in harmony in the same house without knowing each other’s other identity! How ironic is that?! I suppose that’s where the fun is.
In the near distant future where contact between Earthlings and aliens are possible and with the advancement of technology, as usual we have a galactic force that keeps the peace of the universe, Galaxy Union Police (GUP). Well, sort of. The odd part for these uniformed guys is to enlist the help of toy companies to test power-suits that will help combat universal crime. Don’t laugh. Toys these days aren’t child’s play and are serious business, man. Why toy companies instead of the serious dedicated research team? My guess is that they can make side income if they ever needed and since that even aliens are otakus, at least this would quell their suspicions. Oh, who am I kidding?
As episode 1 opens, normal Earthling kid, Suzuo Sakurazaki is searching for a part time job in Nakasora City since his last one has gone bust but to no avail. A little alien girl in a weird outfit, Tanpopo, is looking for an unemployed person and spots Suzuo as the perfect candidate. Suzuo spots a kitten crossing the road and saves it but causes a traffic jam. Tanpopo then whisks him away. She is eager for him to put on a transforming belt and explains she is from a famous 10,000 year old universe toy company, Otankonasu Co. Wow! What a long history. Never heard of it! She shows a picture of what he would look like when transformed. Named Dokkoida and supposedly designed by her. Just like any normal people would, Suzuo suspects something is wrong so he declines and flees. An A-Level universal Criminal, Dr Maronflower and his giant bug robot wreck havoc on the city. While doing so, Suzuo tries to call for any available part time job vacancies but there are none so he thinks it’s the bad economy. I mean, who would offer him a job now since the city is under siege? No choice, he goes back to Tanpopo and agrees to her offer as she puts the belt on him. He transforms into Dokkoida! Some robot superhero in diapers! And you thought Superman was bad enough. What kind of design is this?!
Tanpopo wants him to beat up and arrest that criminal but he is devastated to learn his superhero role because he thought it was just a toy and the job was a toy tester. Not fit to fight, Dokkoida tries to escape while Maronflower attacks but is intercepted by Nerloidgirl and her pushy talking rabbit. They are supposedly from a rival toy company, Emerald Co. Maronflower is thrilled that they’re here because he intends to reveal their identities and be free. Nerloidgirl is soon taken out so Maronflower shifts his focus to Dokkoida. Not even pleas to pay for his house utilities and other expense could change his mind to fight. Since Dokkoida is still running away, Tanpopo decides to use her final strategy by guiding him to push some button on his diapers. Something about selecting some music and when played, its hypnosis will change his character due to some alphapha thingy. Indeed his character is now like all those heroes you see in sentai shows, not to mention his heroic talk too. He destroys the robot but Maronflower escapes. Tanpopo gets a call from her chief about the music chip not inserted into the diaper so she guess that Dokkoida must have simply drawn in by the rhythm himself. She pretends she didn’t hear that. At the end of the day, Tanpopo takes Suzuo to the inn that he’ll be staying at: Cosmos House, which is provided by GUP. Due to some rule of those involved in testing of power-suits, they can’t reveal their identities. So Tanpopo transforms into a little Earthling girl, Kosuzu, and lives with him as his little sister. At the same time, Maronflower needs to hide till they have their next plan figured out. So he and his robot assistant, Kurika, transform into Earthlings, Kurisaburo and Kurika Kurinohara and their relationship are grandpa and granddaughter respectively. Both sides meet face to face at the gate of Cosmos House. Suzuo and Kurisaburo have a feeling they’ve seen each other before but cast aside their doubts and shook hands to be good neighbours. See how fun all this is going to be?
Episode 2 starts with a flashy ad to recruit members into the GUP. Safe? High pay? All misinterpretation and lies! The jurisdiction chief of GUP, Mogumoggle is trying to hang himself due to some report that GUP is suffering embarrassing and heavy casualties from some Mars Squad Annihilation but was saved by his secretary, Ogiwara. Who says this job was easy? Mogumoggle and Ogiwara talk about Dokkoida and testing of the 2 power-suits to fight universal criminals. Back on Earth, Kosuzu cooks for Suzuo but her cooking is horrible. Is this what it’s called universal delicacy? Not very appetising. Suzuo eats it all after learning she puts lots of effort in it. Don’t worry, there’s more. *Puking*. They receive a fax of 2 escaped A-Level universal criminals who happen to crash nearby at a riverbank. They are an S&M whip-wielding perverted lady, Hyacinth and her S&M tied-up blindfolded slave, Pierre, and a magical girl princess, Edelweiss (OMG! It’s the voice of Rie Kugimiya!). The duo start quarrelling as soon as they land when Nerloidgirl arrives at the scene. They even bicker who should fight her! It’s settled via rock-scissors-paper and the victor goes to Hyacinth. She mercilessly whips Pierre to unleash some ultimate animal power stored inside him. Meanwhile Tanpopo and Dokkoida are on their way and come into Edelweiss. She shows her ability to create and control golem but it looked more cute than scary. Dokkoida softly punches it to send it crashing behind. Edelweiss picks herself up, trying hard to hold back her tears while maintaining she isn’t crying or defeated (acting like a little girl now, eh?) as she goes away (and trips!). Is she really an A-Level criminal?
Meanwhile Hyacinth revels in her new unleashed monster as Pierre transforms into a… little harmless koala?! Nerloidgirl easily disposes of them. Tanpopo and Dokkoida arrive late so a quarrel between rival toy companies ensues. Dokkoida tries to solve it like a gentleman but gets hit by Tanpopo’s harisen each time when she finally drags him away. Nerloidgirl reverts to her normal form, Asaka Nogiku, and feels she will meet Dokkoida again. She can count on that. But you know what? Outside Cosmos House, Suzuo and Asaka come face to face. It’s that sinking feeling of seeing each other somewhere before. But they cast their doubts aside, thinking it’s the fashion trend or just deja vu as they shook hands to be good neighbours. Feel like smacking yourself? That’s why I don’t blame Mogumoggle and Ogiwara who are dumbfounded that they can’t even tell each other out. But rest assured because according to GUP rules, if their identities of those involved are found out, the test will be cancelled. They didn’t recognize each other, right? Yeah. And why put Nerloidgirl in the same inn? Well, it’s more economical that way, says Mogumoggle. Hey, ever heard of a millionaire policeman? After some thinking, it occurred to me that the reason why our heroes and villains in this series keep fighting each other is because of this test project. Therefore, the villains are ‘let out’ of their cell in order for our heroes to fight and test their suits. Some contract this is.
Some residents of Cosmos House meet a new family that just moved in, The Umegis. A father, mother, baby Jiro and young daughter Ruri who seems to be bitter and runs away. Suzuo is still poor and can’t afford a decent meal (damn low GUP pay). He meets Ruri shaving apples at the park as she accidentally cuts her own finger. It seems her bitterness stems from her past whereby kids avoided and left her out in some game called ‘hana ichi monme’. Suzuo tries to be nice to her but she still acts up and runs away. She goes back home only to find Jiro (her parents were out looking for her) as she plays with his clay toy. You can safely say Ruri is the alter ego of Edelweiss because heck, it’s the voice of Rie Kugimiya! Later that night, Edelweiss and her giant clay golem unleash havoc on the city as she reminisces about her painful past whereby the kids too didn’t help her when she was bleeding to death. Nerloidgirl is there so a fierce battle commences. Tanpopo wants Suzuo to transform and beat the crap out of them but he runs away citing he needs training to be stronger. Chicken! Heck, he just doesn’t want to die. But after seeing some otaku guy crying his heart out to a girl named Riko buried underneath the rubble, Suzuo got his justice sense kicked in after mistakenly thinking Riko is innocent Ruri. It’s revealed that Riko is some anime blow-up doll of that otaku guy. Dokkoida goes to fight the menace and easily defeats it. Nerloidgirl is impressed and even says she might fall for him. Actually it was just the clay monster’s own blooper that caused it to be destroyed while Dokkoida was just scared stiff the moment he got squashed. Later Suzuo finds Ruri at the refuge shelter. He puts plaster on her finger and this causes her to cry aloud. You can say she takes a liking for him and even wants him to be her coach to cut apples! Ruri and her family soon happily reunite. That’s when Suzuo realizes she isn’t Riko. Meanwhile a starving lady, Sayuri Yurime, crawls her way to the front gate of Cosmos House and meets Kurika.
Many of the Cosmos House residents are frightened by a spooky ghost-like sound in the night in episode 4. Next morning, they try to see the inn manager but nobody has ever seen his face before so Suzuo concludes this place is haunted. However Kurika tells them that a woman has occupied a room supposedly where the ghost-like voice came from but the rest remembered the voice was of a man. Meanwhile Mogumoggle receives a message from the head chief of GUP and he isn’t pleased about the unfavourable report on Edelweiss. Besides always failing to remember Mogumoggle’s name, he warns to mole will be cleaning toilets if he fails this time. Suzuo and Kosuzu are watching GUP TV reports about Hyacinth and Pierre unleashing devastating attacks. Sadistic and hentai, if I should say. Suzuo decides to go out and buy lunch (don’t want Kosuzu to make, eh?) and sees ‘dying’ Sayuri on the way. She pleads for help and I guess her charms worked on Suzuo as he helps her. Since she is hungry, he takes her to a ramen shop and her enormous appetite has her gulping down bowls after bowls like nobody’s business. He’s already broke, you know. Revived Sayuri walks back with Suzuo as they meet Kosuzu, Ruri and Asaka. I smell catfight between Ruri and Sayuri over Suzuo.
Meanwhile Maronflower is disheartened that some simulation game called Chiuri-chan is sold out. He goes to find the culprit who bought the last game and finds it in the hands of Umegi Papa. They fight for the game. Yeah, men and their fantasies. With the rampage, Asaka and Ruri go off somewhere to transform so that they could protect their loved ones. Sayuri takes this chance to seduce Suzuo but Kosuzu’s pestering for him to transform snaps him out of it so he leaves. Sayuri is pissed that no man has ever rejected her advances and takes it out on Pierre who happen to come by. Dokkoida, Tanpopo and Nerloidgirl arrive to face Maronflower but Edelweiss soon appears followed by Hyacinth-Pierre. Hyacinth imposes sadistic pain on Pierre so he could transform into a menacing space sabre tooth tiger but he turns out into a harmless seal. She kicks him away in her fury and with that the villains all retreat but vow to be back. Mogumoggle has resigned to his fate as a toilet cleaner when chief calls him. Seems he is interested in the developments of Cosmos House with its various weirdoes and plans to use the special 24 hours surveillance and coverage as exchange info with the media. So for now the mole’s job is safe. As for the rest of the Cosmos House residents, they’re still having sleepless nights over that spooky voice. Has to be that masochist Pierre lah. Who else? And if you didn’t notice by now, Sayuri has to be Hyacinth.
Being broke and not having a decent meal still bugs Suzuo in episode 5. That’s why it’s a sin to be poor. So he bugs Kosuzu for an allowance raise but gets an earful. He wants to take up a part time job but is reminded those testing the suits can’t do so under some contract rule. On a day when Dokkoida fights the usual A-Level villains with Nerloidgirl, he is disheartened to learn the baddies even got allowance from GUP! High ones! They use it to make better enhancement for their evil contraptions. They start comparing allowances and even Nerloidgirl hints she’s getting a high one too! So much so they call off the fight! Dokkoida rushes back home to pester Kosuzu about the double standards and demands a raise but she doesn’t give in. Suzuo sees Kurisaburo and Kurika earning lots of cash by selling their inventions to the public at high prices and even Sayuri-Pierre get to eat at places for free. Then he spots Umegi Papa who isn’t doing too well and is down on his luck so Suzuo gets motivated to work harder. That is, to go on a strike till Kosuzu gives in but as usual she doesn’t give a sh*t. Suzuo gets an idea by turning Dokkoida into an anime and earn copyright money and starts practicing an ultimate move. Though lame and unsuitable, he keeps trying. Tanpopo watches from afar and notes how hard he is trying and negotiates with her chief for his allowance raise. Dokkoida does several part time jobs including cooking, babysitting and public bath house guarding to earn enough money to afford a decent meal. Before he could sink his teeth in, his university buddies take him away on a blind date. To his horror, he learns his blind date is Asaka so she takes him on a drinking spree from one place to another till he’s drunk. Kosuzu waits for Suzuo to return and when he finally does with Asaka, she gladly tells him she successfully got him a raise. But Asaka misinterprets that he needed money for blind dates so Kosuzu also misinterprets and learns he did part time jobs thus cancelling his allowance. What a bad day. So near yet so far. Destined to always be poor.
The heroes and villains are in their usual battle in episode 6 but the hot summer has their suits overheating so they decide to call a truce. WTF?! The rabbit then suggests going to a gorgeous pool in the next town as everyone starts having their own fantasies. Dokkoida calls to find out the entrance fee but it’s too expensive. Thus everyone pool their money and decide to race. The winner gets to go to the gorgeous pool with the money enough for only 1 person. Dokkoida, Nerloidgirl and Maronflower are in the lead as Maronflower unleashes destructive beams to take out the competition and at the same time destroying the city. In the end, Nerloidgirl uses her ultimate move to silence Maronflower and Dokkoida but her power-suit malfunctioned and went out of control, destroying the gorgeous pool. Soon after, in their Cosmos House residents form, they decide to go to a cheaper but crowded public pool (what a coincidence all of them are there). Ruri wants Suzuo to teach her swimming but got Kosuzu as her demon coach instead. Sayuri has all the perverted men as her servants while Maronflower tries to hit on several young ladies. Then they see an ad about a team swimming competition and the prizes include those that they yearn for. They transform into their alter egos to enter the tournament and are surprised to see each other (duh!). They agree to work together for the race as Hyacinth whips Pierre to turn him into a vicious beast but he turned into a cute octopus instead. The race starts with Dokkoida first up but his heroic introductory speech was too long so he started late. And when he does, he did some super dive and got stuck at the pool’s bottom. Safe to say, they didn’t win because everyone has left and he’s still stuck there. How heartless. That night, Kosuzu gets a rude awakening when Dokkoida suddenly appears as she starts screaming when his power-suit starts leaking out water.
The Cosmos House residents are making their wish upon a shooting star in episode 7 as Suzuo wonders what Kurika’s wish is. Suzuo’s mom called and it seems she knows who Kosuzu is as the latter admits they did some mind altering thingy. Mommy sends them both new yukatas for the festival. As Kurika talks to Maronflower about the festival, she finds out he is inventing some machine that would reveal Dokkoida and Nerloidgirl’s identities without fighting at the festival. Suddenly an explosion occurs and it destroys the entire inn. The next thing Kurika knows, she wakes up in a field and finds Suzuo a little kid and she is his teacher. As they walk on, Kurika spots a tunnel and gets startled. Faint memories of the explosion came back but nothing more. Walking through the end of the tunnel, they appear in a zoo. Kurika gets startled to see Pierre and Sayuri but they run away. Suddenly the scene changes to outside the school. A bunch of kids are bullying young Asaka. They tease Kurika but soon leave. She consoles Asaka before the latter goes home. She spots Ruri sitting in the classroom and when she draws open the curtain, she’s in a spaceship dressed in a futuristic outfit with Tanpopo.
Another sudden change of scene as she sees young Maronflower battling young Suzuo with his dinosaur robot. The robot goes haywire as Kurika acrobatically saves everyone and ultimately got blown up with its self destruction mode in the sky. Several confusing scenes like Kurika finds her robot form staring at the starry sky in the fields. Next thing she knows, she is sitting beside Suzuo’s mom at the festival. She is grateful that she looked after her son and intends to send a new yukata as gratitude. Suzuo shows Kurika a pretty glowing ball and when she touches it, she finds herself back in normal time with the other Cosmos House people. Suzuo gives her a yukata he got from mommy via mail delivery. There is even a letter of thanks to Kurika for being a good acquaintance at the festival. Kurika is brought to tears as everyone gets startled but she is actually shedding tears of joy. Everyone soon wear their yukata and prepare to head to the festival except for Maronflower who is being tied up in his room. Kurika narrates her dream and wish is to live happily along with everyone else in Cosmos House. So did that meeting with Suzuo’s mom real? Did she go back in time? And was that explosion just an illusion? Do robots even dream? Whatever it is, I’m glad Kurika know what’s important to her although she may be an evil scientist’s assistant.
After watching a TV drama about forbidden love (siblings that aren’t blood related making love, etc) in episode 8, the girls of Cosmos House start having their suspicions because they have a pair that closely fulfils that condition close to home. Especially Kosuzu. Her mind is going wild with the doubts, suspicions and maybes. Her reaction like blushing and jumping the gun of what Suzuo might do to her during meal and bed time but that guy is so oblivious to what’s happening that you wonder if it’s a good or bad thing. Next day, the other girls spy from afar. This sister love thingy doesn’t go down well with Sayuri and Ruri since they think they’re more charming and beautiful themselves. Perasan betul. Asaka dismisses it but Maronflower strongly disagrees as he explains the technicalities of onii-chan-imouto-love (must be playing too much of these games). The desires that all men dream of! He even demonstrates by playing his imouto-moe themed game, 13 Sisters! Sister Princess parody! Ruri and Sayuri get motivated to do what it takes to make Suzuo theirs. When Suzuo returns, Ruri and Sayuri in a sailor and frilly Victorian outfit respectively go to great lengths to woo Suzuo with their dramatic over-the-top embarrassed-like sister-moe acting. Of course they fail as that guy is too blur and they even went to refer to their 13 Sisters guidebook! Kurisaburo lends Suzuo his 13 Sisters game to Suzuo. Kosuzu is horrified to see Suzuo being hooked playing the game and her suspicions increase further.
That night, she can’t sleep because she’s in a dilemma if Suzuo is that kind of person when she spots a cockroach and lets out a blood curling scream. The other residents barge in and to their horror find the siblings in a compromising position, confirming their fears about his imouto fetish. Panic Kosuzu nervously explains the truth but the rest don’t seem convinced. The next thing the siblings know, Edelweiss, Hyacinth and even Nerloidgirl are taking out their frustrations on the city. Dokkoida and Tanpopo appear to battle but the ladies ask him if he has a sister. Confused, he answers "Sort of". This makes them even more upset so Dokkoida gives them his heroic lecture that sisters are important as they’re part of the family. The ladies realized and feel relieved as they happily withdraw, thinking that is natural and Suzuo don’t have the guts to go after a girl. This leaves Dokkoida even more confused. Later, Kurisaburo and Kurika are watching a TV drama about forbidden teacher-student love. Onegai Teacher parody!
Episode 9 begins with a flashback of a lady being left behind by her love. Kosuzu initially refuses a request from Mogumoggle to find the universe’s number 1 actress but changes her mind since her evaluation is on the line and if she refused, the part will go to Emerald Co. That actress, Marilyn Mororoe appears in front of their doorstep asking for an address. She intends to take a break from acting and stay with the siblings who will also have to protect her. Marilyn seems to know Suzuo is Dokkoida. After they tour the city, they have a party with other Cosmos House residents at the park. Except for Kurika who is sent by Kurisaburo on an errand. Marilyn disguises herself as Mariyama Moroko as she and Kosuzu agree to keep their real identities a secret. They each take turns to do lame performances like Asaka’s drinking, Sayuri’s chopstick-breaking-breasts, Suzuo nearly revealing he is Dokkoida in some impersonation act and Ruri-Kosuzu duet. Later Marilyn meets up with Kurisaburo and it’s revealed that she came here to see him. She loved him and has always. She reveals she became a famous actress so that the ex-space pirate could know where she was and would come get her 1 day but he got captured by GUP (also that flashback in the beginning). She is willing to abandon everything and elope with him to anyway but that guy isn’t interested. Suddenly Maronflower’s ex-pirate gang members Same Shark appear to kidnap Marilyn. Kurisaburo does nothing and allows her to be taken away.
Kosuzu is looking for Marilyn but spots her being kidnapped and calls forth Dokkoida. He goes into action but his pathetic and feeble punch did nothing to the mothership and got blasted away by the engines. Mogumoggle contacts the other power-suit users and reveals info about Marilyn and to go rescue her. That’s because she’s to announce her engagement to some millionaire called James in 2 days so Same Shark gang was here to kidnap her for a ransom. However they couldn’t keep up with their pace as the pirates head into space. They are confronted with Maronflower who is in their way and an epic battle ensued. In the end, lots of wreckage and debris in space as Maronflower and Marilyn meet one last time on the moon. Maronflower tells her he isn’t the same pirate he used to be but Marilyn sees nothing wrong and that he is a kind person despite his appearance and is willing to follow him all the way. However he called the police and just like deja vu, Marilyn relives her painful past of being abandoned once more. In tears, she bids him farewell. I feel bad for her. Perhaps Maronflower too loved her deep down but just don’t want to drag her into all this mess.
Mogumoggle is drowning his sorrows at a bar in episode 10. His life is screwed. This was what happened. The GUP chief, thinking of increasing GUP’s popularity agrees to do a 24 Hour Close Surveillance reality TV on Cosmos House (like The Truman Show). Plus, he wants Mogumoggle to make sure everything doesn’t get busted. Tough, isn’t it? Mogumoggle disguises as Cosmos House’s manager. The TV stations led by Takeda (he’s got shaky legs?) starts filming the unsuspecting ladies of Cosmos House. Ambiguous close-ups and shots that send all those perverted otaku alien into nose bleeding and swooning frenzy over the moeness. Beware those numerous little alien cameramen! They’re everywhere! The ladies suspect they’re being watched but can’t pinpoint because the aliens are good in hiding. The station’s rating goes up to… 20%! Then it hit over 30% after showing Sayuri’s sexy and sadistic ways over Pierre. Is this what we all want to see?! Suzuo on his way back picks up a lottery setup by Mogumoggle and wins the grand prize to the hotspring (all-you-can-eat meals included). The catch is he has to bring along 8 people, 5 girls and 3 guys. WTF?! The Cosmos House residents fit that criterion! More hidden filming on the gang like on the train to the hotspring (Mogumoggle impersonating as a waitress) at the place itself (now as an inn hostess). The ladies think how familiar the impersonators look like their inn manager but dismiss it. As they soak in the hotspring, Kurisaburo turns into a dirty old man and decides to drill a hole to peep into the women’s section. The cameras are closing up on the ladies and the moment everyone is waiting for when suddenly they see Kurisaburo’s ‘little buddy’! Instant protests and calls of utmost dissatisfaction flood the station! Instant plunge in ratings!
Takeda has a plan to revive his ratings. Mogumoggle receives orders from his chief to impersonate as Maronflower so that Dokkoida and Nerloidgirl could show up and fight. Why him? Well, the chief blames him for not putting hidden cameras in the hotspring and this is ‘affecting’ his image at GUP. Some chief. Mogumoggle does so in a badly designed and flawed robot and tries to draw out the heroes. However jet fighters came instead and fired every darn missile at him, taking out the cameras too. As for the gang, they’re busy eating to even notice the ruckus outside. The food must be yummy. With the ratings plunged, Takeda’s hippopotamus chief tells how their sponsors have pulled out and punishes him by banishing him to some freezing bureau. GUP’s chief is blaming Mogumoggle that his failure has embarrassed him. But the mole snaps after he constantly mispronounces his name as Ogiwara tries to restrain him. The Cosmos House residents are back and wonder where their inn manager has gone to as they also notice how peaceful today is. It’s better for them not to know all that has happened. For their own good. Ignorance is bliss!
The heroes and villains in their usual slugfest when Maronflower’s robot threatens to fall on a harmless kitten in episode 11. Dokkoida saves it and earns the respect from both sides. Mogumoggle and Ogiwara are showing the results of both power-suits of the toy companies to a panel of judges which include his chief. However, Senator Woodpeck dismisses everything before he could finish and decides to put for his Judge Gear Project and Osabaki M5 to show them the true meaning of heroism and that this test is just a decoy for it. Suzuo, Kosuzu and Asaka are being contacted by GUP chief saying that their power-suit test is terminated. Ogiwara trying to restrain unsatisfied Mogumoggle in the background. Asaka too isn’t happy with the outcome and feels they’ve been messed around while a melancholic atmosphere befalls on the Cosmos House. Even the baddies are being told by GUP about this. That means it’s back to their jail cells. The Umegi family plans to move out and back to their countryside and work in their parent’s field since Umegi Papa’s company folded while Kurisaburo and Kurika plan to move to England. That night, everyone has a big farewell party as Suzuo can’t hold back his tears (and his vomit soon after). Next day, most of them have left. Suzuo talks to Kosuzu about her future plans when she whips out a memory-erasing gun. All those related to the test must have their memories erased. Suzuo is against it after all the memories and time spent together. But teary and reluctant Kosuzu eventually pulled the trigger. Suzuo finds himself alone in his room and goes about with his normal life as with Asaka.
Tanpopo returns to her toy company and working with her chief when beaten-up Mogumoggle stumbles in. He notes that only Dokkoida can save the galaxy. A group of militia storm into the building to take them hostage but Tanpopo escapes. When Suzuo comes back, he is surprised to see a badly bruised and weary Tanpopo but cannot recognize her. She tells how Mogumoggle did some research and revealed Osabaki’s ability to hack into systems and their plot to overthrow the government with the army, GUP and Woodpeck on its side via coup d’etat. She doesn’t think Suzuo will forgive her if his memories come back but he is her only hope and the only one she can rely on. She wishes for Dokkoida to come back and fires her gun to regain his memory but only fire blanks. She collapses but not till she calls him "onii-chan", Suzuo starts to regain those memories. GUP surrounds Cosmos House as Asaka rushes into Suzuo’s room to tell him to make a run for it. To her surprise she sees Dokkoida with Tanpopo in his arms and thinks he is Suzuo. But he denies and asserts that he is Dokkoida.
In episode 12, the news reports Tanpopo as a spy, traitor and a disgruntled employee of a terminated project. They also reveal Suzuo as the suspect behind Dokkoida. Dokkoida takes on the GUP but some barrier restrains his powers. That’s when the villains (after breaking out of their cells) appear to aid him. They realize Dokkoida’s real identity and can’t help feeling like a fool in some ways but Dokkoida is still blur and thinks his Cosmos House neighbours are dressing up as the villains! The baddies note that they are not here to help Dokkoida as criminals but as neighbours of Cosmos House. Woodpeck orders GUP’s withdrawal and initiates Osabaki (hundreds of laser guns in space) to obliterate the terrorists. The gang regroup inside Cosmos House and plan to take down Woodpeck by heading towards his Osabaki operation factory to gather his criminal evidence. How are they going to do it? It seems Cosmos House also doubles as a mighty spaceship! Woodpeck isn’t pleased as Mogumoggle prays for the universe’s final hope. The ship is taking lots of damage from the Osabakis so Maronflower and Kurika do a kamikaze to take out the main Osabaki server which will also cease the rest (something about saving costs – even bad guys are poor too). They finally reach the space factory. Hyacinth surprisingly gives Edelweiss words of encouragement to go on but they too soon succumb to their injuries in order to buy Dokkoida and Tanpopo time to reach the central area. Suddenly Woodpeck finds himself surrounded by Mogumoggle, Ogiwara and the GUP. Seems Ogiwara played along and recorded every careless speech he made. The one which reveals how he’ll rule the universe and is the law himself is solid proof for his downfall. Don’t people like him ever learn? No wonder the good guys always win in the end.
Dokkoida and Tanpopo reach the main room and battle tons of Osabakis. The news warns everyone watching to take refuge from Osabakis’ invasion. But everyone (especially the kids) eventually stay put because they believe Dokkoida will win and cheer him on. Tanpopo reveals that the alphapha music that powered him was misconstructed in the first place and it was himself all along. But she believes he had it in himself and feels she has chosen the correct person. Dokkoida is also glad he took up this part time job or else he won’t be able to meet all those wonderful people. That’s when they see Asaka as she reveals and transforms into Nerloidgirl. Seems her rabbit did her a favour by locking up their boss so that she can go help out. Or maybe the rabbit just want the universe to know it’s his power-suit design that saved the world. Together Dokkoida and Nerloidgirl combine their powers and finish the job. In the end, peace returned to the universe as Tanpopo, Suzuo and Asaka are awarded with the highest honour and treated as heroes of the universe. Suzuo has a request. That is, to continue living with the other residents of Cosmos House. Yup, the ‘villains’ are beamed down at the gate of Cosmos House and their happy days continue. Tanpopo is motivated to do her best even if it’s making bigger and better breakfast.
Oh yes. I love such a happy ending. But something at the end feels missing. Are the Umegi family going to move back too? Ruri is there but not her other family members. It would have been complete if they do but I guess on harsh times they have to go back to their countryside. And maybe if everything goes well in the end, hopefully they will rejoin the rest back at Cosmos House. So with everyone now living happily, I’m wondering if the project to test the power-suits is on. Even if they do, it won’t be effective since their identities are known. Besides, that rule of staying anonymous has been broken, right? Maybe Tanpopo will continue to be an employee of her toy company and design more toys from Cosmos House. But given some of the broke nature and cost-saving measure issues brought up in this series, I’m wondering if it’s a long sustainable and profitable business in the first place. But as we eventually learn, money is no substitute for companionship as Suzuo will come to realize that. Oh, who am I kidding? Money is everything! Money is justice! If not, why even house heroes and villains together, right?
The ironic part is how the villains are eventually the good guys and the ones supposed to uphold justice of the universe are ultimately the villains. To modify a saying, if you fight a villain more than enough times, the villain becomes your friend. Just like in shonen mangas and animes, eh? It’s funny to see Dokkoida spewing his heroic lines of justice every time he makes his appearance. They may sound morally right but it can be downright annoying if he does that every time. Not to mention many of his skills are useless. It’s also hilarious every time Kosuzu keeps Suzuo in line (at least from her perspective) by hitting him with a harisen. It’s like they’re like a manzai comedy duo, eh? I suppose Suzuo has no qualms about everyone loving to gather in his room. So it’s going to get even livelier than before. He’s got a sexy babe and a little kid fighting for his love not to mention a third one, Asaka coming into the picture. Well, she did admit in the final episode that she really could fall for him but I’m not sure if she’s serious or not. I mean, that guy is so kind to ‘lend’ her his fridge to stock up her beer cans so that she could come over and get drunk. A thing about Suzuo that quirked me was his t-shirt. Notice the Dokkoida face on it? It changes each time reflecting Suzuo’s expression and actions. Everyone should’ve got a hint that Suzuo is Dokkoida by that. Yeah, even Tanpopo is careless not to see this one. Haha. Maybe they didn’t bother much of this t-shirt design because it’s just well, a design. Hey, it’s by a toy company, right?
Kurisaburo may be an ex-pirate and a brilliant mad scientist but he’s got like another personality. And that is to like playing simulation games in which everyone would only think typical otakus would touch. A guy will always be a guy. Kind hearted Kurika must be some sort of a super artificial intelligence because she even develops thoughts and emotions as the series progresses that Maronflower doesn’t remember programming her for. So another question. How in the first place do these criminals get A-Level rank? Perhaps the same reason why the GUP may seem all powerful and righteous but just as useless and pathetic as the villains themselves. For instance, Pierre can never transform into a menacing beast Hyacinth hopes for (except in the final episode). Does he really have all those ferocious beast stored in him in the first place? I think it all cancels out each other. Can we trust a bunch of useless enforcers to protect the galaxy but at the same time a bunch of villains who aren’t so bad themselves? Yeah, it’s going to be such a peaceful universe. Mogumoggle isn’t so bad himself once you get to know him but rather his chief. I wonder if he has learned his lesson. Or more importantly, got that mole’s name correct.
I love the opening theme by Psychic Lover, Itsumo Te No Naka Ni. It is a very lively and catchy rock piece. I can’t help myself do a little jiggle every time the opening song is played. The ending theme may not be as attractive to me, the pop piece of Chikyuu Merry Go Round by Kana Ueda. The drawing and art of the ending credits animation here are like in sketchy-art on the Cosmos House residents. The next episode previews are nonsensical ranting that doesn’t really tell what the next episode is about. At least not directly. Seeing that this is a year 2003 production, the animation and art are of course of that time and aren’t anything to shout about. There are some fanservice elements in this series but they are considered mild and nothing provoking. Unless this is your first time seeing such skin.
So if you think Superman looks embarrassing with his red underwear outside or some female superhero wearing her lingerie out to battle, wait till you see Dokkoida’s diapers. If you think that there’s something wrong in the design, maybe it’s to make villains laugh and lose concentration so the good guys can swoop in for the win. And for you grownups who think toys are strictly for kids, those little plastic plaything play a great part in enhancing your child’s creativity and ingenuity. Whether it turns out effective and useful or not is a totally different story. Toys can serve as a model for greater future inventions! And if you ask me would I take up a low paying part time job to test a particular toy, well that depends. If it involves ‘checking out and thorough examination’ of figurines or test playing eroges and H-games, maybe I’ll consider it. As long as it doesn’t involve wearing diapers to save the world. Yeah, Dokkoi!

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