At the end of the TV series, it was announced that there would be 3 additional episodes. And so I was happy that Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Extra would answer some of the more serious questions like those Nikai people that the TV series didn’t and ended abruptly, hence somewhat ruining my fun. Unfortunately these extra episodes aren’t that and instead are random standalone episodes that served like OVA style episodes. Oh well, as long as I can see more kickass and fun dynamics within Seven-O, I’m alright with that.

Special 1
Taking place about a month after Kirill joined Seven-O, we see the duo on a long stakeout shift but it was a waste of time since the lead was false. Back at HQ, we hear the ladies talking about taking a company trip together. But it’s not possible for all of them to go at one time. Kay explains why she joined the force. When she was young, she saved a kitten up a huge tree. They both got stuck and could have stayed there forever had not a police woman came to her aid. Although she tumbled, she protected Kay. No injuries whatsoever and this spurned Kay to become a strong woman like her. As for Max, she was already a pro boxer when she was an officer and at that time Travis scouted her. All this talking makes them thirsty so they head to Derick’s bar to drink despite saying earlier on they don’t want to go there. I guess he’s such a nice guy to bully because they disregard his no outside food and drinks policy too. Sophie continues talking how she joined Seven-O. She was looking for a new job and the ad Travis put up was too good to be true. Indeed. It was mostly lies and initially Sophie rejected this sleazebag (he was more interested to see what kind of cute uniform would fit her) but when she returned, she received a letter saying she is already hired. Damn that guy is good. Kay insists Deana tell hers. She started out as an orphaned who was trained to be an assassin. Her first mission was to kill some VIP but couldn’t because she heard his beautiful piano. Travis?! That guy supposedly died last year. While Kay is sobbing over her story, the rest are unfazed. Because it’s fake! Gotcha! Kay is mad as she really believed her story but she only has herself to blame for falling for it.

Meanwhile Kirill is unhappy that Doug doesn’t treat him like a partner. He complains to Derick about it but there’s nothing much he can do. On the way back from the stakeout, they stumble into Mark Belgar. He and Doug know each other as they joined the force at the same time. They go out drinking and jealous Kirill won’t be left behind and joins in. Shortly, Doug receives a call from Derick as he left something in his bar. So this guy abandons Kirill here just to go back to Derick’s bar? Oh well, Kirill gets to get acquainted with Mark. He finds out Mark is the same rank as him but is terrible at his job. Doug is a total opposite. So good that the next thing he knows, he already joined Seven-O. Kirill wants to know how Doug ended up there since Travis only hires girls. Sure, he is lazy when it comes to hire men but he only does so if they are not popular with women! When Doug leaves, Derick advises him to talk to Kirill because it’s like he has some trouble on his mind. Doug returns only to see Kirill and Mark getting on well together. Drunk too. Mark leaves since he is on house arrest. Kirill continues talking to Doug about Travis’ hiring requirements. If Doug got in, what about Jefferson? He’s married. Kirill fears he got accepted because he is unpopular with ladies but Doug reminds him that it was because of his recommendation. But why? He thought it would be fun to team up with him. I guess those are the words Kirill wanted to hear. So happy that he dismisses any problem on his mind when Doug asks about it. Of course we hear the actual truth of why Kirill was drafted into Seven-O. Travis thought he was a cute woman and immediately approved! Oh my. Kirill is Travis’ type?! Oh sh*t.

Special 2
Originally the ladies are supposed to infiltrate a party as a suspected Anthem trade will be done. However Kay is called to the HQ and Travis wants Kirill to cross-dress as a woman. Of course he objects but with Travis putting in twisted logic, Kirill accepts because it will somehow turn him into an elite force. I wonder why this cross-dressing is necessary. Isn’t it a running joke that Kirill looks like a girl???!!! Anyway, is it me or is Kirill as a woman looking a bit ‘ugly’? So much so, Travis didn’t even notice ‘her’ but Apple does. Immediately recognizing Kirill but didn’t recognize his getup. Weird. Because he lacks femininity, he undergoes harsh training from Milla. Yeah, being a woman is hard. Eventually, it is because Kirill is forcing himself to be a woman. Just let it flow naturally. So once the training is done, Kirill is able to attract Travis’ attention and not even make that idiot suspect a thing. Now he is good to go for the job. Ready to go, Olivia? Deana briefs him that they have 2 targets to observe. Guillermo Galvis who is the Anthem dealer and Yusef bin Saeed Al Atal, son of a rich financier who owns the hotel. Their main mission is to arrest Guillermo when the Anthem trade is done. The ladies disguise as waitresses. Kirill must be so beautiful that a pervy old man wants to flirt with him. Luckily he is saved by Yusef. Later as Kirill tails him, Yusef can tell he is doing so. Kirill gives excuse that he wanted to thank him.

At the rooftop, as they talk, Kirill learns that he is quite a shy person and doesn’t like mingling in crowds. He is only putting up a brave front so as not to betray the expectations of others. It is not wrong for Kirill to lend him some advice that he should be who he is and not force himself to pretend. With Deana calling in since Kirill didn’t answer for quite a while, Kirill has to get her off his back, exposing his crude side. In this struggle, Kirill falls over him. OMFG. Almost kissed???!!! Yusef laughs and realizes he too is putting up an act. Kirill admits it and with Yusef feeling better, he returns inside. The agents then observe him meeting Guillermo. But Yusef wants to deal to be off because he doesn’t need Anthem to change himself. However Guillermo won’t let him off so lightly now that he knows he is an Anthem dealer. The Seven-O agents bust in as Deana fights and apprehends Guillermo. In the aftermath, Yusef is also arrested but he is glad Kirill is unhurt. Damn, did Kirill just blushed?! Next day, Kirill thought he is lucky Doug wasn’t on this case but he knows all about Olivia! Damn Deana spread those cute photos of him! Kirill learns that Yusef will get a lighter sentence since there was no Anthem trade that happened although he is charged with possessing illegal drugs. But with Yusef relaying his thanks to Olivia, the Seven-O agents start teasing Kirill that this might be his true love. Yeah, he gets to marry a rich man after all. Kirill will not accept this and rushes down to prison to clarify this once and for all. He vows never to cross-dress again. Later Deana passes a photo of Olivia to Milla. Keep it. It’s previous memories of his little brother. Next time, she hopes to see Kirill in a wedding dress! Man, Deana is having a blast. Derick sees the photo and wants to know who this hot chick is. Milla’s little sister you say, huh?

Special 3
Seven-O are going to a hotspring inn. Well, Travis is feeling down. Why? He begged Sophie to come but that girl doesn’t want to spend her free time with him! Boo hoo! It seems Kay has created a very strict schedule that everyone must follow. After all, she was put in charge of organizing this trip and she’ll see to it to the very end! Like this ping pong tournament. Yeah, the guys want to prize as to swap rooms with Travis! They don’t really like him, huh? Before the tournament is over, Kay moves on to the next programme. Because Derick still thinks Milla is a girl, Kirill tries to tell him but finds it hard. Better hurry before things get out of control. During meal time, Max was supposed to sing but instead gave a heartfelt speech of how grateful she is to be with everyone. Cue for Travis to think this is a good time for a Japanese style bonding to have everyone dip in the hotspring together. He better be joking if he doesn’t want to get beaten up by Deana. Speaking of her, she passes out from getting drunk. She didn’t have that many, by the way. The men take a bath first. Apple being gay weird as he wants to touch Doug’s muscles?! Travis thinks Sophie is regretting this but on the contrary she is enjoying a luxury life to the fullest! Yeah. She doesn’t need Travis. Just his wallet!!! When Kirill tries to talk to Doug, the latter takes his special lemon soap but it’s so slippery that it flew into the women’s area. With Kay getting drunk too, she rants about how she didn’t have fun when she first came here and hence why she got so enthusiastic to stick to this schedule so as to have fun memories with everyone. I’m sure everyone heard that. Right, Deana? Doug and Kirill then see a poster of a panty thief. Yeah, 300 panties stole in a night!

As Milla and Kirill take soak in the hotspring, they hear the screams of the ladies. Derick is dead!!! Actually, he passed out. They catch the most suspicious suspect: Travis! He explains he didn’t do it. He was trying to break the pipe to the women’s area in hopes they would use the mixed area but someone was approaching so he ran. When Derick wakes up, he says he was supposed to be in the men’s area. So how did he end up in the women’s area? Yeah, everyone wants to take the easy way out and just blame Travis! With Doug figuring out the details, they all head to the cliffs because this is where all murder mysteries at the hotspring is revealed, right? He points out Kirill! You see, Derick wanted to ask Milla for a night walk and followed him. As Milla entered the male section, Derick unwittingly also entered the female section. As he ponders, Kirill’s soap knocked his head. Doug then reveals Milla is a man. Derick is disappointed but not as disappointed as Deana who wanted this charade to last another 6 months! Derick picks himself up and is glad he didn’t ruin the trip. But what about Travis after being treated as a criminal? No one cares! When they return, they realize their bags have been rummaged and their underwear missing. It’s the panty thief! Make that 6 of them! Luckily they are easily captured. Turns out these are sextuplets who are in competition to see who can steal the most panties! Sick. No wonder they could score 300 per night but 50 per person is still devastating. Everyone enjoys the morning hotspring. Milla hopes he can still work with Derick. Of course he welcomes him. Gender doesn’t matter as long as the person is nice. But it’s back to Kay’s tight schedule. Hope everyone had fun.

Trouble Pecker! Smug & Free Zeal
Yeah, the episodes are fun in their own way. So much so it took my mind off about the Nikai thingy. Uh huh. I didn’t care about it anymore. They are nice episodes to showcase the dynamism of the members in Seven-O and although not much, but I suppose this is why they are such a close knit unit. Except maybe for Travis. If there is one thing that all the other members of Seven-O can agree on about their most disliked thing, it would be their idiotic boss. Poor guy gets stepped all over by his subordinates and even got his wallet swiped. I hope he has very deep pockets. It’s the only way that Sophie is ever going to feel ‘needed’ of him. Haha!

The first 2 specials focuses more on Kirill with the first one trying to have him get closer and understand his dick partner while the second has him change the heart of a young rich but directionless Middle Eastern hotel tycoon heir! I guess in a way it helps Kirill better understand himself that sometimes acceptance comes from the heart and must be earned instead of demanded. That sometimes the best way is to just be yourself instead of acting like somebody else to impress others who don’t really see the real you.

The third special shows the little bond between Kirill and Milla but it is mostly about Derick as the final member of Seven-O has come to realize that Milla isn’t really a woman. And also turning Travis into one tragic fool whom nobody cares. What’s with Apple turning gay for Doug? I think we assume he is some peeper as the ladies accuse him of so thanks to his technologies but what if he is gay for people like Doug? Thankfully, Derick is still straight, right? Milla’s the same nice person so I hope that doesn’t awaken some twisted side. It is bad enough Derick is the butt of jokes that nobody patrons his bar and this gay sh*t? Come on, can we leave all the blame on Travis?

Overall, the extra episodes provide a little more entertainment and well, a little extra to those who want a little more of the series ever since the TV series ended (like yours truly). Perhaps 3 extra episodes were not enough for that Nikai or another story arc (because then it certainly needs another season) and therefore suffice as random standalones. If they are thinking of adding more extra episodes, may I suggest the cliché high school spoof setting? Yeah… I’m glad that I find this enjoyable thanks to my simpleton ways rather than relying on Anthem to enhance my pleasure in watching this. Yes, people. For the umpteenth PSA time, don’t do drugs. Do anime instead!

After several movies and specials to Tiger & Bunny (which I didn’t watch at all), looks like they’re getting a sequel. Make that spinoff sequel. Double Decker! Doug & Kirill isn’t exactly about superheroes but somewhat a buddy cop series. Yes, you have somewhat a team of cops with seemingly opposing traits that come together as they fight the drug menace and taking down the big drug cartel that is plaguing the otherwise peaceful city of Lisvalletta. And of course there is a lot more conspiracy going on beneath that other than the drug problem. WTF… Aliens?! Technically… Don’t think. Just go and feel so good…

Episode 1
When the police cannot handle a baddie with inhuman powers, this is where the special crime unit of Seven-O steps in. Doug “Veteran” Billingham is here to arrest suspects who used the super power induced drug known as Anthem and who has gone into Overdrive mode (that inhuman form). Although he missed, thank goodness for his colleague, Deana “Pink” del Rio covering for him. Meanwhile Kirill Vrubel is a lowly constable of the local police department. He gets reprimanded for some minor order violation. That cocky attitude won’t help you too. Unlike his associate, William Jefferson who is very popular with the colleagues, his boss likes him and has a nice family. Kirill refuses to work outside his working hours but since his landlord threatens him with some shady photo, I guess he has to start looking for her cat. As he follows the feline and realizes it has started a family in an abandoned factory, Kirill waits for it to finish its business? He falls asleep and when he wakes up, only to realize a hostage situation is going on! Worse, Jefferson is beaten up and incapacitated. Kirill has always dreamt of becoming a hero in such situations. Too bad he doesn’t know what to do! Lucky for him, Doug is here. He can help promote Kirill if he helps. Yeah, Doug somehow got his foot stuck in the pipe while sneaking around. All Kirill needs to do is to identify if the baddie has taken Anthem. You can see a mark on the neck. Once he does, activate the switch. So this is what happens. Kirill distracts the baddie by claiming he is a time traveller. In his birthday suit! Baddie not impressed. Going to kill him. Kirill cannot spot the mark but he sees him going into Overdrive. The switch just releases some smoke? But Doug is ready to fire his medicine at the baddie. In the aftermath when Kirill emerges with the hostage, the police arrests him thinking he is an accomplice! Too bad his boss doesn’t appreciate it and thinks he has tarnished the precinct’s reputation. He isn’t fired but transferred to Seven-O. Travis “Boss” Murphy welcomes him to his new unit. Originally they scouted for Jefferson but he declined. Kirill was recommended thanks to Doug. As their unit operates in pairs, Kirill will be Doug’s partner. But the next day, the unit gets another newbie, Kay Rochefort and all attention is on her. Kirill no longer ‘popular’. And then they argue the nickname he is supposed to get. Because everyone else does. Like Yuri “Robot” Fujishiro and Max “Boxer” Silverstone. Because Travis prefers Perm as Kirill’s nickname, Kirill rather choose the insulting Okappa one instead. Like he has other options anyway. Okappa it is?

Episode 2
Kirill is called by Travis… Because he is fired! WTF?! He apologizes that there was only an opening for his post and it was supposed to be for Kay. There goes his hero dreams. But Kirill won’t accept this yet. He challenges that if he could accomplish anything within a week, please reconsider. But many days passed and it’s nothing but desk jobs and boring stakeouts. Until a random old guy hints he shouldn’t give up did Kirill realizes he still has a chance. He sees his personal informant, Morgan and is told that the petty thief he caught, Billy is now out of prison and might be doing something to smuggle Anthem. With Doug, they bust into the place but the container only contains monkeys. Depressed Kirill bums out and reveals to Doug his reason of becoming a detective. He and his sister were orphans. But 10 years ago his sister disappeared and he became a police to look for her. That’s how he met Morgan. For Doug, his reason to become an officer is because he wants to rid of something. They are then contacted by Seven-O’s communications officer, Sophie Gainsbourg that there has been a riot on the prison island. Henry Glen has been suspected to be given Anthem and used this chaos to escape. But Doug doesn’t head for the island even though there is only 1 road there. He believes the prisoners have already escaped and swam away. From the currents, he believes they swam to the warehouse where the container was. If he is right, it is for the prisoners to hide and escape.

When they get there, they see infamous prisoners all gathered there. This might be their big break but Doug notes Henry is not here and they have no business with anything that is non-Anthem related. Doug further deduces that this is a decoy and Henry might have escaped via the road. The only vehicle to have left is an ambulance. So they track down the ambulance and as Kirill takes statements from them, Doug knows the driver is Henry. Immediately Henry steps on the pedal. Begins a wild car chase. Doug explains how Henry used Anthem to make himself more handsome. Because Anthem also removes a human’s natural limiters and is poised for evolutionary advantage, it means he was ‘chosen’. Doug manages to corner Henry (turning into a monster at this point) and fires the medicine. In the aftermath Kirill felt he didn’t do anything so Doug tells him it isn’t wrong to be a hero but the dramatic ones dies first. That was what happened to his previous partner, Derick Ross who was set up in an ambush. Kirill is motivated to help Doug rid of Anthem. Please be his Double Decker! Doesn’t that sound embarrassing? Doug corrects him that it isn’t Anthem or evil but 2 things: Poverty and class. Kirill now further admires him. After a week, Kirill anticipates he will be fired as he meets Travis. Shockingly he is handed his gear and badge and is now a full member of Seven-O. Thank goodness things worked out, eh? So with this, he gets a new nickname? Buzz-cut?

Episode 3
Kirill tries to impress Doug but he isn’t making any impression. Travis briefs his team about some shady dealings of Anthem at the industrial zone. It is believed the man behind it is nicknamed Bamboo Man but he wears a mask and has jewels for teeth. Travis wants the newbies to work on this case. Deana conveniently dumps Kay to help Doug and Kirill. So Kirill is still trying to get to Doug’s heart. He sure sounds misleading when he says it to his landlord. Yeah, he is given some food discounts. Doughnuts? Too bad Doug doesn’t want them so he gives them to Kay. You mean this dude wants to impress a guy instead of this cutie girl?! Does he want bromance?! Back to the case, the trio go undercover as journalists as they cover a union strike led by Harry Bottoms. They are on strike to protest against the factory ignoring their health conditions as Harry has a lung disease from its poisonous gas emissions. Then they go down to the factory and the foreman, Tommy shows them to low oil production. Nothing serious. My, is Kirill going all out to impress Doug that he wants to stay back and do stake out? Yeah, he really wants to fight for the workers’ case. So as he waits, finally he sees loads of trucks moving. Time to catch them. Too bad they are just shipping oil drums. That was embarrassing. With this blunder, Kirill starts thinking if Doug prefers his old partner. So he calls Apple Bieber (Seven-O’s technology officer) to ask about their past. Great buddies of course.

Later when Kay takes Kirill out to eat, Kirill thinks he got her heart instead and went to great lengths to find places of good food. Actually, she is just a food enthusiast. Oh well, these young ones are so in their own world. It is revealed that Harry is part of this Anthem dealing. Doug snuffs them out and learns where they cleverly hid it to avoid the checkpoints. Doug has suspected Harry by leaking that shady photo of Bamboo Man, thinking he will act when he thinks somebody is on their tail. The earlier oil delivery trucks were just to divert their attention. Although Doug subdues his men, Harry flees. Harry calls Tommy to get all the stuffs out. Do not even try to burn it all he will be killed. Tommy is unaware of this Anthem thingy Harry is dealing with. That is when Bamboo Man forces him to take one as he turns Overdrive. Kirill and Kay seem to have finished their ‘date’. Coincidentally fleeing Harry almost crashes into them! He takes them hostage and back to the factory. Doug is also here but Tommy the monster now attacks everybody. Kirill tries to be a hero and be the bait so Doug can fire his medicine. In the aftermath, this industrial company is just a subcontractor used to put Anthem into pouches. Doug shows his appreciation by giving Kirill a funny looking gun. But Kirill is touched and hopes he could one day tell him about his ex-partner.

Episode 4
Kirill is shocked that Derick is alive! He just got discharged from hospital and the nurses are sad. They hope he gets shot again so he could return! So will Kirill be fired? Actually Derick is leaving the force and decides to go with his dream of opening a bar. Deana and Kay go to a host club to catch an Anthem dealer. She is splashing the cash like nobody’s business. Yeah, she swiped Travis’ wallet. So when the target is spotted, they search him. All kinds of illegal drugs but no Anthem. This is cumbersome because there is a clear division of jurisdiction between Anthem and other drug department despite under the same umbrella. They often clash. The dealer runs away and Kay interrupts Deana otherwise she would have shot her gun in public. This causes them to argue and Deana mad at her for not only being useless but getting in her way. And so Kay rants her woes about Deana’s recklessness and fashion sense to the rest (she’s not drinking anything alcoholic and she is already drunk). Doug tells her that Deana is highly skilled and sought after. It was a condition she has no partner if she were to join Seven-O. But the question remains why she took on Kay recently. Meanwhile Deana is doing the same rant on Kay but at Derick’s. He believes there is something that Deana lacks that Kay can cover. Kay goes to see Gary of the drug control division. He helps and teaches her how to do stakeouts but eventually it is a trap as Gary is in cohorts with the Anthem dealer. It seems Gary is selling Anthem to people. Despite its high risk, people still want to buy them. However he only chooses who gets the stimulant while others get the poison. Those who survive after using Anthem will think they are the chosen one and hence rumours of this will spread. Yuri and Kirill are captured by the goons as they were keeping a watch on Kay.

Gary wants Kay to get a sample of the special bullet drug or they will die. Kay manages to see Deana to get the bullet, giving excuse this is bait to lure the big bad organization, Esperanza out. After doing so, Gary breaks his promise and fires at Deana. Luckily she survives by hiding in the sewer hole and not the car he riddled with bullets. Deana goes after him. Cornered, Gary uses Anthem on himself and instantly goes into Overdrive. Then he starts blaming Deana and it turns out he has always been jealous of her. He wanted to join Seven-O but Deana got it instead. Kay isn’t a useless hostage this time as she blinds Gary with her flashlight so Deana could pump the bullet into him. Once this is over, she contacts his goons who are in shock. That is when Yuri easily breaks out of her chains and contacts Max to arrest them. Them playing the hostage was just a ploy to keep them occupied here. Kay learns a few important lessons from Deana. She never trusted Gary because of his warped sense of justice, that’s why she knew it was a trap. Kay gets motivated and wants Deana to be her teacher. This reminds Deana of her old partner and had the same name. She has a partner? I’m confused. Later it is clarified that her ‘old partner’ was a dog named Kay. So this is the real reason Deana accepted her? I don’t think Kay is going to be as obedient as her pet dog. Meanwhile Kirill is ‘sad’ Doug didn’t come to his rescue but tells him a secret that Yuri is a robot after he saw that amazing breakout. Doug being the dick he is decides to play along. Because it is common knowledge that Yuri is a robot.

Episode 5
Zabel Franken is about to be executed when he pleads he has more information about the killings. But he only wants Doug to hear him. Zabel’s story is that he was a drug dealer and when the deal turned sour, he started shooting. A few innocent people died including a toddler. He is sentenced to death and today is his execution. He requested Doug because he was the one who arrested him. So it seems there was one more thing he never told anybody: He killed the boss of Esperanza, A! Esperanza uses alphabets for its leaders so you can see why a small general like Zabel is screwed. That time Zabel was working for B and wanted him to take over the leadership of Esperanza. When Zabel was caught, he was assured B would come save him but now he feels betrayed and will do anything to get out alive. To prove what he is saying is the truth, Zabel tells them the location of A’s body. Seven-O members start digging and they find a right leg with a metal piece. Although this belongs to A, they want to know where the rest of the body is. Zabel will only tell them if there is an official plea for his life. Thanks to this big case, the authorities are able to bend the rules. Kirill is not impressed with Doug’s ‘hypocrisy’ because despite telling him not to get so obsessed with a case or else it will swallow you, Doug himself seems to be obsessed with the Esperanza case as he has a thick notebook with notes all about his findings on them.

After making arrangements for Zabel to show them where he hid the rest of the body (because it would be faster to find), they arrive at an abandoned school and start digging the spot he points. Yup, there is the rest of the body. Kirill seems to have an uneasy feeling all this while and he feels that whatever Zabel says is starting to jinx their situation. And true enough, here comes B! He starts attacking the police and it’s like he can do bullet time and dodge all their bullets. Damn this guy is so overpowered and he isn’t even using Anthem! With Zabel fearing for his life that B is going to kill them all, Doug points a gun at Zabel and wants him to confess all the important things of Esperanza. He manages to eke out their hideout when Kirill interrupts. A timely reminder not to let the case swallow him up. He orders the police to take away Zabel as they will figure out a way to buy time. Well, they’re going to need a lot of luck on their side because the Seven-O duo are having a tough time fighting B. It is only at his mercy that he lets them leave as he escapes. Like as though he accomplished a mission? In the aftermath, it seems Zabel attacked his police entourage and escaped. His whereabouts unknown. But thanks to his info, they managed to nab a few Esperanza generals and confirmed the body of A. Kirill is in no mood to celebrate. Doug comes by to apologize. He lets him know that his first partner was killed during an Esperanza case. It’s probably why he is obsessed. Kirill is motivated to take notes too? They’re going to get to the bottom of this and nab everyone. We see Zabel is actually the true boss of Esperanza, Agapetus Kroyd! The prison guard was in cohorts with him to setup the ‘treasure hunt’ for Seven-O. Agapetus kills off the prison guard so as to make it look like Zabel is dead.

Episode 6
While Doug and Kirill are doing a stakeout for some drug deal exchange, they get a call from Travis. It seems the police has requested some backup as there is a drunk mad making a fuss outside a casino. He claims he is from a ‘big syndicate’. He could be an Esperanza boss or just flat out drunk. Since the duo are nearby, what better way to confirm that. But Travis doesn’t like this one bit and has every reason to be worried. Because this is recorded by some reality TV programme albeit their faces are mosaic out and their voices changed to chipmunk. So Doug and Kirill interview this drunk guy who seems to be switching back and forth between fantasy and reality. He claims he is from ‘above’. No, not some building or organization hierarchy. You know, like heaven. He also claims everything here is a lab experiment done by the ‘above’ and hence he wants to see the mayor to tell this important announcement. Then he realizes missed calls from his wife and is starting to get scared. After some tests, he is found negative for drugs and sent home to his yelling wife. Yeah… While this programme is cheesy in the eyes of others, it seems Kirill loves it! Yeah, he is playing a video of it again! And then he sees something… OMG! Is that his sister, Milla passing by?! He goes to tell Doug but apparently he too has been watching the video and knows. Wow. Doug doing all this for Kirill? Of course as you would soon know, they aren’t talking on the same wavelength. So while Kirill is very touched he is doing this and help find his sister, in actual fact he is tracing a drug mule who appeared in the background of the video. They go bust the guy and Kirill must be damn disappointed to realize this wasn’t about Milla in the first place.

So when they are finally on the same wavelength, I guess Kirill jumped to gun too soon because how would Dog have known how Milla looked like? With the help of Apple, he can help trace the footage of the surveillance camera all over the place and track the whereabouts but it will take time. So as Seven-O hang out at Derick’s bar and hear Kirill’s story, suddenly Derick introduces his new part time assistant. WTF?! Isn’t this Milla???!!! It gets awkward between the siblings. Kirill doesn’t say anything because of what Doug said that he probably wasn’t interested why Milla disappeared in the first place but rather why she didn’t take him along. So it is shameless Deana asking on his behalf as Milla explains she was working here and there part time and took up jobs that doesn’t attract much attention. And so everyone agrees that this bar is so low key enough for Milla to join?! Are they saying it will never get popular?! Oh dear. Kirill breaks his silence. Since it’s the first time they’ve met, he will not force her to tell her reasons and can do so when she’s ready. Deana tries to tease Kirill for nearly crying but it is Kay who is bawling and getting emotional. WTF… Milla is glad Kirill has made great friends but Derick corrects her. They’re not just friends. Comrades. Later when the party’s over, Kirill takes a leak and is shocked to see Milla doing the same! OMFG! You mean Milla is actually a guy?! No wonder he sounds like a man… His real name is Valery. Wait. Isn’t that a girl’s name too? And Apple came in too late to tell the rest this. Yeah, he was checking out toilet footages and saw Milla entering the men’s toilet. Why was he watching toilet footages…?

Episode 7
Deana doesn’t want anybody to tell Derick that Milla is a cross-dresser. Just when he thought he got a nice cute female assistant, how do you think he will feel when he finds out the truth? I thought Deana just wants to get some kicks out of this… Meanwhile Doug is visiting the grave of his ex-partner, Pat Morino. It has been 8 years… Doug then visits an ex-convict who has turned over a new leaf, Paul. He learns that Good Looking Joe is making a comeback. Seeing his old retired boss, Dennis, he knows nothing of it but he thinks it is no good to get involved now. With Doug acting strange, he is even doing a Batman interrogation against Joker, beating up a convict to make him spill everything about Joe. Kirill is worried and sees Morgan for any info. The only thing he dug up was that his ex-partner was an information broker he was fond of but was killed. It is believed Joe killed Pat but there was no evidence. Because Doug is hot on Joe’s heels, Joe doesn’t know who this detective and summons Paul for answers. Paul pleads for his safety and will tell anything he knows. When Doug returns home, he finds his place vandalized with messages to stay away as well as one to visit Paul. He is in hospital in coma. Doug doesn’t heed the warning and arrests one of Joe’s drug dealers. This has Joe calling Doug personally to talk. But there is nothing Doug wants to talk. Until Doug realizes he has Dennis captured.

Kirill sees Doug heading out like as though he is going to war. He tries to stop him but is passed out by some sleeping gas. When he wakes up, he tells Travis about this. He believes his agents will not kill and has high moral standards. Too bad he soon u-turns his decision and goes with Kirill to rescue Doug. Doug is at Joe’s place and is told to surrender for Dennis to be freed. Turns out Dennis is now a drug addict and Joe’s regular. This is of course a setup. Now we hear the real story behind all this: Pat was not only an information broker but was a shoe shiner and a 12 year old orphaned girl! She was killed when shining Joe’s shoes just because she shone the wrong shoe polish colour! Joe disappeared after that and Doug became obsessed with Esperanza. Joe takes the Lady Joker gun Doug hides in his coat. He shoots a few times but nothing came about. Until the final bullet turns out to be a flash grenade. In this commotion, Doug steals a gun, shoots out all the lights as well as the goons. Lady Joker was a gun Doug gave to Pat for her to protect herself but she refused and returned it to him as she didn’t want him to break the rules. This is why Doug is by the book cop. Sort of. With Joe pleading for his life, Doug shows no mercy and pulls the trigger. By the time Kirill and Travis arrives, Doug assures them he did not kill anybody. The last shot misfired and it scared the pants out of Joe. Everyone is arrested and more good news, Paul comes out from coma. It is unsure if Doug knew the gun misfired since the gun is old but Kirill believes it misfired because Pat didn’t want him to kill for revenge.

Episode 8
A few prom queen candidates have been poisoned. There is suspected use of Anthem and the perpetrator might be a minor who goes to that high school. Therefore some protocol prevents them from investigating the school (because it is the alumni of many higher ups). But Travis manages to pull some strings to allow his Seven-O to investigate under the guise they give a drug awareness talk. During the talk, Hannah suddenly hijacks the stage to prompt for signatures to cancel the prom for putting too much emphasis on appearances. She is of course booed off. Later Elle and Camila approach Max and Kirill to tell them that Hannah is the one behind all this. However Max finds it suspicious that they simply try to accuse others without solid evidence. Furthermore, Elle is speaking and dressing oddly like as though she is hiding something. Elle feels hurt since she is being treated like a criminal but Camila assures her the prom will still go on tomorrow. The rest question other students. They talk about Chris who is in the lead to become the prom king as he is athletic and the smartest guy in the grade. Then a scream is heard. When the officers arrive, they see Hannah and Camila injured and Chris stunned by it all. It looked like he is the culprit and even though he says he didn’t do anything, he made it worse by running away but is soon captured and interrogated. Although he has possessions of Anthem and a weapon, he still maintains his innocence. He saw the girls this way when he arrived. Plus, he doesn’t do drugs and ran because he panicked. He also sided with Hannah and wanted to sign the petition to ban the prom.

On the prom day, there are police guarding the area heavily. Camila talks to Elle and doesn’t want the police to ruin the prom. They can hold it another day and even outside school. However Elle is not amused. All she wanted was to dance with Chris and with him treated as a criminal, it’s off. Elle then starts to berate Camila for trying to act like she is one of the cool kids. She was in fact one of those ugly ones and used Anthem to make herself beautiful. Sad Camila reveals Chris’ intention to ruin their prom by cancelling it. As he is popular, he might just get enough signatures for it to be cancelled. That’s why she tried to get rid of both of them. All that matters is Elle becomes prom queen and Camila will be her second. Elle tries to run away from this crazy b*tch as Max comes in to arrest Camila. She had always suspected her since she is the only one who is so obsessed about the prom. Camila uses Anthem on herself and turns into a monster queen bee, taking Elle hostage. As Max gives chase, Yuri tells the rest of Max’s background. She was once a shy and feminine girl who liked cute things. She had a best friend, Connor who was a total opposite and a mechanic. When he asked her to the prom, he had a favour to ask. It seems he wanted them to cross-dress. She accepted it but the crowd did not. They weren’t even allowed to attend the prom hall. Connor fell into depression, used drugs and left town. She continued to keep this hairstyle in memory of him. Max manages to shoot the cure into Camila. In the aftermath, the school will continue to have its prom but without a king or queen. They will investigate how the students got their hand on Anthem. Seven-O throws a surprise prom party for Max. All thought up by Kirill. With this, at least Max doesn’t hate proms as much as before.

Episode 9
William Dorman, a mayor candidate has his daughter kidnapped. So what does Seven-O have to do with this? As explained by Brian Cooper, the military’s secretary, a ransom is asked and the kidnappers are believed to be from Esperanza. As they are both good friends, he hopes Seven-O can help solve this case. All Seven-O are stationed to stakeout Dorman as he brings the ransom in person. However it seems like there are things getting in their way like traffic jams and arson fire smoke to block their stakeout. Eventually Doug has to personally follow Dorman and when he tries to save him from Esperanza thugs, he gets knocked out. In the aftermath, Doug is kidnapped and we see Dorman in cohorts with the thugs. But this is not how the plan was supposed to be. Kidnapping an officer would make things worse when this should be a heroic story of a father saving his daughter. Agapetus couldn’t care less ab out all that since it’s time to move to the next phase of the plan. He has his goons beat Dorman up since he wanted the heroic father story. When the daughter is released, she was told to relay the message that Doug is alive. This has the rest think that this kidnapping is just a ruse to kidnap one of their officer. Because what Esperanza wants is how the special bullet works (the right dosage is needed, more or less will kill you outright). True enough, this is what Agapetus is trying to get out of Doug as he tortures him to make him talk. Luckily Apple manages to hack his way into Doug’s visual apparatus in his eye to give an idea where he is (in some parking lot). Kay uses Morse code to communicate and Doug replies the same via blinking. But they have to move fast as Agapetus is thinking of resorting to Anthem to force Doug to talk.

Kirill has an idea to rescue Doug. Travis approves it since the military will be taking full responsibility. I guess we don’t qualify to hear it but better to judge it ourselves when we see it. Kirill gears himself up with several of Apple’s gadgets. Deana snipes the cars to make them explode as distraction while Kirill zooms past them in his hi-tech roller blades. The Esperanza thugs are about to take Doug and leave but he manages to break free and jump off the storey! Not part of the plan but thankfully Kirill is in the vicinity to ‘collect’ him. I guess lady luck is actually on their side for them to really have this awesome coordination. Don’t tell me it’s that Double Decker system! With Doug sitting on his shoulders, Kirill gives his last push to ‘fly’ into the helicopter piloted by Max and Yuri. I don’t think Doug is that heavy… Oh shoot. Ran out of fuel. Don’t worry. Doug has got them covered. The rescue and escape mission is successful and Dorman’s bluff is eventually exposed as a ploy to make him win the mayoral election. Kirill visits Doug recuperating in hospital. Although Doug thanks him, he did mention if he was in his shoes, he wouldn’t have come to save him. Speaking of which, there was that one incident, right? Oh boy… Meanwhile Cooper ponders about Kirill’s lucky charm quote of “Don’t think. Feel so good”. He said it was his grandpa’s words but could have been some corruption of another quote. True enough, that line is part of some Nikai’s prayer.

Episode 10
Doug is ‘running around’ the hospital to avoid doing paperwork that will discharge him and putting him back on duty. Yeah, that guy needs some rest too. Meanwhile, there is this kid, Gus going around the hospital, flashing his cash to girls to date him?! He must be so disappointed learning Kirill isn’t a woman… I guess Gus even tried on Deana but he was aiming for Kay. Speaking of them, they are here to interview a doctor because there are former patients of his died after using Anthem. Wait. Aren’t those ex-patients Ghostbusters???!!! He claims those patients were near death and when one is in such dire situation, one would turn to anything, including Anthem just to live. He questions if they even know how Anthem affects the human body. Then this is the biggest surprise… Kirill explaining how Anthem effects the DNA and genetics! OMG! You’re not dreaming! It’s real! Deana thinks this is an imposter! Sorry, girl. This is the real Kirill! OMFG! Unbelievable! The doctor is so amazed that he wants Kirill to introduce him to the military. Because he wants to put forth his proposal to use Anthem as medication. Just like how marijuana is used for medical purposes? Even back at the base, Deana and Kay are still in shock that Kirill is not stupid! When Apple tries to show him some genetic engineering journal written many years ago, guess what? It was written by Kirill! OMFG!!! Not trolling! It seems he needed the money for scholarship and studied and wrote this. But once he got the money, he forgot everything. Later Kirill sees Gus staying at the hospital’s park so he brings him back home. Gus tells his sad story that he wasn’t flashing his money to date but to find a good woman for his father, Jeffrey before he dies. His mom died when he was born and dad worked all his life just to support him. Gus doesn’t want dad to die living such a pathetic life. But Kirill emotionally disagrees because it is bad enough if a family member thinks so. All dad needs is his son to smile and be assured he is okay. Yeah, he is speaking from experience.

Kirill is called by Doug who is of course out by himself illegally. It seems he is tailing a man who has taken Anthem but is on Overdrive. Too bad the system cannot detect it is an overdrive. He knows this man because he saw him this morning on his deathbed at the hospital. When confronted, he tries to attack them and rants about the hope he has been given. Despite injured, he feels no pain and flees. When they return to tell the doctor about this, he claims there is not enough info to substantiate their claims. Later that guy returns all bloodied and is panicking. It seems he cannot feel or use his other senses anymore. Doug makes a deal with him that if they tell him who gave him the Anthem, they will help him. Meanwhile, the doctor is giving Jeffrey the option to use Anthem since he has a few days to live left. True enough, he is the one behind giving Anthem to his patients. He also has a secret lab where he is using other Anthem users as lab rats to find the correct dosage of the cure. You see, the special cure is a tightly kept secret only known by the military. The other guy gets desperate to use another Anthem but Kirill shoots the cure into him. Now he feels all the pain. Don’t want to die (again) now, eh? The doctor tries to get Jeffery to use the Anthem and coaxes him he is his saviour, blah, blah, blah. However Jeffrey squishes the Anthem. He would rather die as Gus’ father than a monster. In the aftermath, Gus holds a mock wedding for dad. So Kirill putting his femininity to good use for once as Gus’ bride???!!! He promises to work hard and not become a failure. Emotional father and son hug! Where’s the tissue when you need them?! Cooper approaches Kirill and asks if he is interested to join the military.

Episode 11
Kirill is on cloud nine thinking about joining the military. Sure, Cooper gave him time to think but why is he hesitating? With the recent case, the military is now getting involved to smoke out Esperanza. Hence Seven-O has so much free time that they’re even thinking of going to the hotsprings? Kirill then gets a call from Cooper to meet. Yeah, he’s taking too long on his decision. Cooper tells him top secret info. Ever wondered why there are 2 suns but only 1 moon? That’s because the brighter sun is a colony called Nikai and there are beings from there! So there really is heaven? The military has been trying to contact them but those people ignore them. They know about Nikai because a couple of children escaped 18 years ago (don’t they suspiciously look like Kirill and Milla?). So if Kirill joins them, his safety is guaranteed since his existence is special and puts others in danger. If he wants to know more, join the military. Back home, Kirill asks Milla about this and he confirms they come from above! He doesn’t know the details but mom had them escape the hell hole up there. Grandpa was a local who took them in and care for them and carried this secret till his grave. Milla never said anything just to protect Kirill. That’s why he cross-dressed. But being together made them even more stand out so he left. Milla never intended to see him again but after meeting again, he decided to protect and support him all the way. Kirill then asks Doug indirectly about what to do if a job puts people around you at risk. Well, that’s what partners are for, right? To protect the other. This clear Kirill’s mind as he calls Cooper and decides to meet and give his answer. But he’s not answering. It seems the military has discovered Esperanza’s base and everyone is down on the field to smoke them out. When Kirill calls Apple for reinforcements, that is when he hears Apple being kidnapped by Agapetus and his men. Kirill realizes the operation is just a setup and Esperanza’s goal is to find the cure of the special bullet. He calls Doug about this. Since everyone else is busy rounding up the baddies, Doug returns alone.

Agapetus threatens to kill Sophie so Apple has no choice but to reveal some juicy secrets. Doug and Kirill bust into the room. But this hold up scene feels weird. Everybody is pointing a gun at everybody so much so Agapetus has got enough time to bomb the wall and make his helicopter escape. When a subordinate shoots at Kirill, Yuri gets in the way. I guess this bomb must be special since she has enough time to analyse the situation and the necessary actions to take. To minimize the risk, she jumps off the building. Cue for the bomb to explode. YURI!!! NOOOO!!!!! In the aftermath, it is a gloomy mood at Seven-O with Kirill being emotionally desperate to fix Yuri. Yeah, he ‘reveals’ she is a robot and they can replace her. Apple doesn’t think her core survived the explosion. This hurts Max more than anybody but she knows even if Yuri gets a new body, it is not the same Yuri. It’s like a new person with Yuri’s memories. Kirill leaves upset and Cooper’s words now rang so true. Meanwhile Agapetus surprises Bamboo Man as he is still alive. Agapetus accuses Bamboo Man of trying to set him up and kill him during the helicopter escape but he shot the pilot first. Though Bamboo Man denies it all, Agapetus continues his mission is to lead and give others a purpose so that the poor will survive without resorting to crime. He believes Bamboo Man is trying to take his place and hence giving kids Anthem was a way of getting back at him. He is disappointed in him for being blinded by power. A power struggle soon begins and we see Agapetus bites the dust. Bamboo Man then shape shifts his face into Cooper! Just got a call from Kirill wanting to join the military to ensure his friends’ safety.

Episode 12
Max hands in her resignation but Travis holds on to it. Soon Travis calls his Seven-O members and they are being sent home. Recently the police discovered numerous bodies believed to be from Esperanza. It is unknown if it is due to internal power struggle. This means with Esperanza losing its grip on power, Seven-O loses its significance and hence they are technically on hiatus. Milla is worried he hasn’t seen Kirill so when talks to the Seven-O ladies, Deana can sense he is hiding something. Thus Milla spills out the beans about Nikai. Speaking of Kirill, he is now with Cooper as he is shown his secret lab where they research and gather more info about Nikai. He believes they are humans’ missing link as they left the wasted planet. Of course Nikai also had their own problems and conflict. With their side being outnumbered, hence the enhancement of individual soldiers using drugs. To Kirill’s shock, Cooper reveals he is also from Nikai. He goes on explaining about GMS (Generically Modified Soldier) that was a success but it took lots of time and resources just to create one. Therefore they miniaturized the drug but the problem was getting the ratio right. With limited resources on their side, they turn to using Earth as experiment. That’s right. The hymn and prayer that will lead soldiers to victory is no other than Anthem. Esperanza was used to distribute it and the military the means to treat it. At the same time, there was somebody born from Nikai who could naturally neutralize Anthem. However the parents refused them to be tested and sent them away. Cooper was only sent to collect data but never thought to find Kirill alive. Kirill realizes too late that the military wanting him was a lie and just a setup to get him. Kirill can’t fight back since Cooper is a GMS. Doug calls other Seven-O members and he has some juicy details. From Apple’s hacking of the lens in Agapetus was wearing, they are able to see Bamboo Man shape shifting into Cooper. Because he still had his lens on, they knew he was still alive so Doug went to see him as Agapetus revealed the natural antibodies in Kirill. The plan now is to save Kirill but doing it the official way will take a long time. So I guess they’re going to get some weapons illegally from the black market?

Kirill has no choice but to agree to Cooper’s terms. He is then shown an empty rocket that serves as some sort of smoke signal to Nikai. If launched, they will send something down. Suddenly the base is under attack. Doug then comes in to evacuate the duo. Of course this is part of Doug’s plan. They forced Derick to turn his bar back to its original bus mode (there goes his dream) and play the terrorist attacking the base. Deana and Max pretend to attack it and evacuate the scientists. Yeah, they even get Kirill’s old landlady to hop in on the action. Grandma kicks ass! Cooper spots Doug’s fake gun and realizes this is a trap. Doug and Kirill manage to escape in time but Cooper is hot on their tail. Doug reveals a special cure bullet to defeat Cooper. They analysed Kirill’s urine sample (?!) and managed to make an antidote from it. Doug further reveals Cooper’s obsession to destroy Agapetus’ bullet research was out of fear he would lose his own abilities. A person like that makes them fragile. But here is another catch. Doug will use Anthem on himself. Kirill is against this of course. Doug believes there will be a cure one day. But what if he dies soon? Better than sitting here and waiting to die. Cooper returns with Milla as hostage. Nosy brother wanted to help but became a liability instead. Kirill doubles down and threatens to kill himself. However Cooper plays psychology. All he needs is to present something to his Nikai bosses. Since nobody knows Kirill is alive or dead and that Kirill is a threat to him, go ahead and kill yourself. Doug admits their loss and throws down his weapons. But right after that, Cooper shoots Doug.

Episode 13
After Kirill goes with Cooper, he is shown a secret switch in which Cooper activates for the base to self-destruct! Overkill when the military is also called in to bomb the hell out of this place! As long as Cooper has Kirill, he is willing to destroy all the military secrets. When Kirill tries to inject to antidote, Cooper sees this coming and evades. Luckily Milla had a spare and injects. Didn’t see this one coming? Cooper feels weakened and ironically he still could get away from Kirill and back to Doug’s corpse to take his Anthem and get buffed up into some greyish Hulk. Don’t worry, lady reinforcements are here. While it looks like they’re taking pot shots at him, suddenly Doug wakes up. Yeah, he’s wearing a bullet proof vest. Of course you would have somewhat guessed all this was just a setup. You see, the antidote is fake and just some sort of a stimulant. Remember, you can’t make a cure for Anthem that easily. With this placebo effect, Cooper panicked and decided to use Anthem to maintain his power. Of course this means overdosing and going into Overdrive. After shooting the cure, Cooper still thinks the base will be destroyed. However Doug explains that they have caught Cooper using Anthem on camera (the entire plan all along to get evidence) and Apple has hacked the system into showing all this live. With this, Cooper has violated the laws and hence is relieved of his position and duties and Kirill who is technically his assistant is now in charge. Meaning, the bombing is cancelled. Still, the self-destruct cannot be override. Cooper uses this chance to escape and as much as Kirill wants to go after him, Doug reminds him their main mission was to save each other. So you mean exposing Cooper was the secondary mission? Anyway, Derick ‘sacrifices’ his bus to hold the closing gates for them to escape. I wonder how Doug and Kirill got lost and took enough time to get out somewhere else. I guess we need time for them to narrate about being heroes and the likes. Them, heroes? They’re just detectives.

I don’t know how they know where they’re going to appear but isn’t that Yuri piloting the helicopter?! When it looks like Doug is going to die again to sacrifice himself to let Kirill get away, damn illogical bomb explosion ‘pushes’ Doug up flying towards the helicopter. No injuries were sustained?! WTF?! Don’t wanna ruin this happy ending. Yeah. Don’t think. Feel so good! Cooper still wants to take everything down with him via this rocket. But Agapetus manages to pin him down. This isn’t revenge. It’s for wasting food. He shoots him and he himself goes down with the building. When Seven-O returns, Travis has got to explain about Yuri. This is the real Yuri and not her clone. You see, a few episodes back, Travis spilled his coffee while she was in maintenance mode. Panicked, he did the unethical cloning secretly. So the Yuri that sacrificed herself was the clone. Phew, right?! I suppose a deep apology isn’t enough. He gets beaten up and his wallet swipe (treats are on him tonight). Oh well. We got Yuri back. Now what is Kirill’s problem? He wants to resign, thinking Nikai will still come after them. You’ve guessed it, nobody cares. They agree to keep this a secret and if they do come after them, they’ll just kick their asses. In the aftermath, even though Esperanza is no more, the threat of Anthem is still relevant and hence Seven-O is not disbanded and this is also thanks to Dorman who has turned over a new leaf, promising to rid the city of crime. His popularity is soaring with the elections nearing. And Derrick continues his bar dream although it’s just in some alley. Better than nothing. Meanwhile Nikai realizes contact with Cooper is lost but he is the weakest of the 144 GMS. WTF is this shonen cliché?!

Super Cop: Project A(nthem)
Be glad to know the series isn’t technically over yet. Yup, as announced at the end of the final episode, a few more extra episodes will follow. Oh boy. Looks like I get to continue my feel good factor for a while. So what is with anime these days? They run an entire cour and at the end of it, decide to release of few more episodes later? At least they are doing this for series that I enjoy (like High Score Girl). But until then, it was really a fun ride and there were parts of me that wished this had gone a bit longer like another cour.

Although the story generally seems ordinary, but it was interesting enough to get me hooked. Firstly, the dynamism between Doug and Kirill is very amusing and is never a bore to watch. You have characters who are totally different from each other although they are not necessarily at the opposite polar ends of a spectrum. Many of the early episodes feel episodic like standalones and some of them feel like to showcase some of the characters in Seven-O and give them a bit more depth and background. I did expect some sort of twist because it couldn’t just be something straightforward, a fight between Seven-O and Esperanza. But I didn’t really see it coming about aliens! Or rather, those Nikai people. That caught me off guard. Now it isn’t just a drug problem and now you have ‘divine intervention from above’. It would add a whole lot of epic plot if the Nikai decide to bring their war down to Lisvalletta.

Making it as fun to watch is the very lively and ever positive narration in every episode that helps break the fourth wall and tongue in cheek humour. You think you know the plot or whatever that is going on? Hate to break it to you because the narration will soon tell the obvious in our face. Like as though they know what we’re thinking. They’re on to us…

Thankfully, the characters help make the series a fun watch. As said, the dynamic relationship between Doug and Kirill makes it more than just a simple and clichéd buddy cop series. They’re not perfect and have their own flaws but I guess that is why they work because they somewhat cover up for each other’s weaknesses when the time calls for it the most. So I guess that’s why their partnership works? Like Doug who may be mostly taciturn and sometimes a dick, sometimes he looks a bit like a scheming fellow because of his tendency to go into his ‘thinking’ mode by tapping his fingers on the side of his forehead. He isn’t as emotional as Kirill so when he somewhat makes deadpan jokes, he just looks weird. You wonder if he is being funny or not. Or maybe he is just like that. Let’s hope he lives up to everyone’s expectations of eliminating class and poverty before he retires. Otherwise he won’t be able to retire ever! And yeah we have Kirill his other half who is more passionate than his partner. It’s a bit cliché that he is that sort of main character that holds a special something and is hence coveted. Feels like plot convenience but whatever. And for those who judge characters by their appearances, Kirill sure had us dumbfounded when he knows his stuffs in genetics! Damn I still can’t believe it that this is Kirill!

I thought it was a bit disappointing when Milla suddenly popped up like that. It sounded like Kirill’s search for his ‘sister’ was going to be some side plot or perhaps incorporated into some twist in the final stretch of the series. Perhaps it was to get back at us first. Before we know it, the bombshell and truth is dropped before us. Also to let our guard down because with Milla as Derick’s assistant, we think there is no more going on for Milla. And of course that Nikai thingy but still, Milla overall doesn’t feel that significant. I suppose I have only myself to blame for hyping up this and expecting something else.

The other members in Seven-O are cool but I wish that some of them would have a little more screen time to showcase their past and background. We certainly have one for Max but the rest didn’t. Blame the single cour for that. Anyway, I would have love to see how Yuri came about and join the force as well as Kay. Speaking of Kay, with all the flashy weirdoes in Seven-O, Kay seems to be so normal and it makes her stand out like a sore thumb. I thought Kirill was the most emotional but I take that back seeing if you hit your sob story right, Kay surpasses Kirill as the emotional queen. Is that normal? I think Travis is portrayed to us as a laidback boss and Kirill’s partner in crime in terms of a comic relief character. But behind the scenes I believe he is doing a tough job of trying to pull strings for his agents. Otherwise you think that Seven-O which is one of the many divisions under the military could have so much freedom in going about to deal with the Anthem menace?

Even though Derick feels like a distraction we don’t need, but I guess we need this character for another running joke because nobody else goes to his bar except his Seven-O buddies. And they even make blatant jokes in his face about that! Oh Derick, you did say you wanted to achieve your dream by opening your own bar. But you didn’t say to have a SUCCESSFUL bar! Ah, technicalities. Hence Derick’s bar feels like a place for Seven-O to chill. I guess he serves decent food. Oh wait. There is a joke too that they don’t want to taste some of his special food he comes up. Thank plot convenience of something coming up for them to leave.

I guess Apple can be a comic relief character if you look at him in another way. Firstly his name already is weird and I wonder if he is taken inspiration from a certain Canadian teenage heartthrob. Like baby, baby, baby, oh… Other than being a technological genius of Seven-O, I guess we are more inclined to remember him as the guy who keeps reminding his comrades to call him doctor instead of his first name. Yeah, they do in serious times but other times, it feels like they’re trolling and ignoring him by calling him otherwise. And what’s this hobby of his that Deana likes to tease him? Peeping on others because he can hack into surveillance cameras? Last and not least, Sophie… Do they want me to remember her as the short girl with puffy lips and keeps saying “Oh… “ in her sentences?

Esperanza being the antagonist at first impressions feel like being one dimensional villains. Agapetus being the mastermind and boss of Esperanza feels formidable enough to be Seven-O’s villain as he is always a few steps ahead but ultimately it turns out to be a power struggle between him and Bamboo Man for more plot twist. Agapetus’ real reason for distributing Anthem sounds interesting and it would be nice to see his side of the story but alas, we’re running out of episodes. Bamboo Man has always had that suspicious looks and I had a hunch he was the real boss even when Zabel became Agapetus. So he’s like playing everybody into the palm of his hands since he is like controlling the military and Esperanza. It’s mind boggling to think that an important industry like the military had such a conniving top guy and nobody knows about it. Yeah, the military is so secretive that they don’t even know about themselves!

Anthem looks like a convenient tool to turn normal people into monsters with super strength and speed. The mixture for its cure is highly top secret and sometimes it sounds like simple ploy to keep the mystery because if everybody knows the cure, it would make sense for everybody to use it freely. There would be so many cases of people using Anthem running rampant because they can use it for a while and then revert back by injecting themselves with the special cure. So easy. You wouldn’t need Seven-O for that. Hope you don’t die of overdose. It is still debatable to use drugs for medical purposes and it would have been good if this series explored that. It would also be nice to see Anthem being used by people whose desperate circumstances fall into grey areas rather than making them look like simple low level villains. In any case, don’t do drugs.

On a trivial note, this isn’t brought up or an issue in the series but it makes me wonder if there is some sort of subtle trans issue here. A few characters seem to have this ‘feel’ with Max and Connor being the obvious. Then you have this running joke in Kirill that he has the face of a girl but I have seen anime for so long that it never occurred to me that Kirill looks like one. Sure, he has a pretty face but I never would have doubted his gender. Same case for Milla because when this guy popped up, all my alarms were ringing that are you sure this is a woman? Again he gives off that feel that Kirill did and sounds a lot like a man. And what do you know, he is a man. His gender was never in doubt except for the confusion that we were told he was Kirill’s sister. But I guess it is not as ambiguous as Apple. Oh boy, this is what you call ambiguous. Although Apple is definitely a male, his looks and voice are what make it ambiguous that even ‘veterans’ like me can’t tell at first if Apple is a guy or girl. I was still thinking there would be a twist somewhere in the mix whereby he comes out and makes a surprising announcement that he is a she…

The action scenes are quite entertaining although some are really over the top and exaggerated. But I guess that’s why it is fun. For example the first car chase that Doug and Kirill had. Yeah, it seemed over the top that the car feels like a futuristic Knight Rider on drugs with all the buttons and mind blowing gadgets. It’s a waste that they used this only once. And Max’s bike… Did they take inspiration from the bike version of Batman’s Batmobile? Still looking kickass, though.

I’ll say that the art and animation are quite high quality. Sunrise who did Tiger & Bunny also did this sequel spinoff and you can see some of the visual similarities in both anime series. Lisvalletta looks gorgeous as a western city mixed with both current and modern designs. In one corner you have the high-tech high rise and buildings of the future but at the same time you have the slums and alleys that are very much common in such big cities. There is also the use of CGI in between the scenes. Yes, even normal scenes if you look closely enough, you can see that very robot-like CGI movements of the characters. Thankfully it is not that obvious nor it is that jarring in a sense it would ruin your watching experience but I guess that one thing that helps us being distracted with this CGI effect is the details and colourfulness of the animation. That is why I said the animation here feels of a high quality. Lisvalletta is indeed a very colourful place with colour characters even in terms of visuals.

Some of the characters are weirdly designed. For example, Bamboo Man looking like as though he has a bad makeup day and he really looks like a wilder version of KISS member! If not for his jewel teeth… Some of the minor subordinates in Esperanza also look weird. Because you have some fatty leprechaun Irish dude, some macho gay punk and a mean version of, uhm, Tifa Lockhart? Or is it some sexy female pirate swashbuckler? Seven-O members aren’t better themselves. Like Max is definitely the weirdest with her SJW gothic look. Deana feels the same but she is much hotter. Yuri looks like a character who came out from a visual novel. Travis, this guy’s moustache why does it make me feel he is some pervert? Speaking of moustache, why does Cooper somehow look like a distorted Batman logo?! My eyes must deceiving me. Kirill’s landlady looks like an Indian native… Seven-O’s jacket that is equipped with stuffs to deal with Anthem, why do they feel like they are only fit for fashion walkway models? What was I expecting? To look like a fully geared military with bulging pockets?!

Voice acting feels decent as Rikiya Koyama and Saori Hayami as Travis, Deana and Shinichiro Miki as Joe are the only seiyuus I recognized. Saori Hayami here trying to break out from the stereotype I often casted her as because as the loudmouth Deana, she’s like really going all out and making Deana one hell of a badass lady. This isn’t her first time though, since she did voice weird characters too like Yumeko from Kakegurui. The other casts are Satoshi Mikami as Doug (Aubest in Grancrest Senki), Kouhei Amasaki as Kirill (Haruo in High Score Girl – no wonder that boyish voice sounds familiar), You Taichi as Max (Anzu in Prison School), Atsumi Tanezaki as Yuri (Natsume in Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun), Chika Anzai as Kay (Juri in Kokkoku), Aya Endo as Sophie (Tchaikovsky in ClassicaLoid), Takuma Nagatsuka as Apple (Hotaru in Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari), Tsuyoshi Koyama as Derick (Youhei in Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho), Yuuki Fujiwara as Milla/Valery (Liang in Nanbaka), Daisuke Namikawa as Bamboo Man (Rock in Black Lagoon), Yutaka Aoyama as Agapetus/Zabel (Hannibal in Drifters) and Tesshou Genda as Cooper (Warrod in Fairy Tail).

The opening theme is Stereo To Monologue by Kirisame Undertaker. The rock theme of this song fits the series nicely although somehow this song seems to remind me of another rock opener, more specifically Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens’ opener, Stray. Although both songs are sung by different groups, somehow the pace and beat of the song sound similar enough to make me feel that they are connected. Even though there aren’t any. Bluntline Special by Vickeblanka as the ending theme fits is another rock piece and feels very ‘American’ considering the ‘hip’ way they sing this song. Yeah, doesn’t sound that bad actually. And for some odd reason that I am still baffled today, hearing this song somehow makes me think of wanting to listen to that American rock group, KISS. No, seriously.

Overall, I highly enjoyed this series with its entertaining action, witty and funny moments and the dynamic characters. Too bad that I have some ‘high demands’ and suggestions that I would have loved to see incorporated into the series that it made the series looking less like a masterpiece. Even clichéd lessons like don’t do drugs, crime doesn’t pay and always having a partner to trust and cover your back, this is still a good series nevertheless and I hope it does get another season (no, the extra episodes don’t really count as another season). Or another spinoff sequel. I really do. I know I shouldn’t be too obsessed with a series or else I will be swallowed by it (and be bogged down with extreme disappointment in worst case scenario). But whatever. Because. Don’t think. Feel so good.

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